Gulliver & Stacy

Chapter One

Gulliver is walking Stacy home from another amazing day together. It’s been six months since Stacy tugged on Gullivers arm to get his attention. The drive he got from wanting to be with Stacy helped him master being able to hold a human form. Last month he became able to even hold it through the night with no effort atall. He moved in the village that same day because there was an empty house available. Stacys reaction when he moved in helped confirm his love was reciprocated. She was over the moon with excitement and happiness that Gulliver was going to move in so close to her.

The house he was able to get was only three houses from hers. The day he moved in he collected most of the beautiful things he had collected over the years and set them in the living room to figure out what to do with them. Stacy and Sophie saw them and decorated his house with everything. Together the three turned an empty house into somthing stunning. Gulliver was glad he had collected so much. He could tell Sophie was confused as she helped decorate. He knew she wasn’t stupid which is why she was confused seeing all his things in the living room. She didn’t question it though.

Among the things he didn’t bring into his new house was Karas belongings. He had a chance at having a life with a woman he loved tremendously and he planned on reaching for it. He was finally moving into his future instead of mourning the past. He was sure Kara would’ve wanted him to move on sooner but he hadn’t been able to until his eyes met Stacys. She sewed his heart back together with her every laugh and touch until she was his entire world. His thoughts were always filled with Stacy and most his dreams at night were about her.

Gulliver wanted to be much more than Stacys friend but he had to tell her the truth before he could move forward with her. He could lie to Stacy forever but he loved her way too much to do that. Gulliver wanted Stacy to know what and who he really was. He had been practicing how he’d tell her and praying she would forgive him for the few lies he had to tell her before she knew what he really was. When she’d ask him about some things he couldn’t be completely honest without telling her the truth about him.

He was terrfied of her being angry and not loving him anymore once he told her. He didn’t know if his heart could take loseing another woman he loved so deeply. He was crazy about Stacy and he feared her never wanting to speak to him again would kill him. He decided he would tell her the truth after her birthday since it would be the day after tomorrow. Her family would be coming in the morning and she invited him to come along with them to a large lake a little bit out of the village for a picnic. They were going to stay until the morning after her birthday so would be around for two days. Gulliver hoped he could make a good impression on the family coming from another village. Her family in Tresnia liked him but he wanted her whole family to like him since he planned on marrying Stacy if she’d have him once she knew he wasn’t really human.

Just incase Stacy did decide she hated him and never wanted to see him again he planned on taking her to the most beautiful place he knew near Tresnia once her out of town family left to spend a couple days with her. There were many beautiful creatures that he knew she’d love. He wanted to have days filled with her gorgeous smile before he risked their whole relationship by telling her the truth.

“I had a lot of fun.” He said when they made it to her front door.

“Me too, thank you so much.” She kissed his cheek and he waited until she was inside before turning and going home. He crawled into bed and lay staring at the ceiling for awhile before allowing himself to drift off.

There was a knock on his front door the next morning and he got quickly out of bed, pulling his boots on. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. His human face looked so handsome. He had become accustomed to it, actually didn’t mind it. Stacy loved this face too. He sighed and walked over to the door and pulled it open. He smiled warmly down at Stacy.

“Hello beautiful. To what do I owe the pleasure of such a visit?” He asked as he leaned against the door frame.

“I needed a break from everyone staying at my house. It’s so overwhelming. Can we go somewhere?” She replied with a pleading look in her eyes.

“Sure, we can go wherever you want.” He stepped out and closed his door. She slipped her hand in his and they walked out of town and into the woods. It took everything he had not to pick up some pretty stone or feather he came across. Stacy was already wondering about his obsession with collecting. Maybe he would make her a bracelet or necklace out of some of the stones he already had.

“It feels so good to get away for awhile.”

“That bad huh?”

“I’m just so used to be alone that it’s to noisy. I might have to hide out with you and pretend my birthday isn’t coming up.”

“You’re doing just fine.”

She wrapped her arm around his waist and he put his over her shoulders. He enjoyed being this close to her, being able to hear her heart beating. She was so beautiful and loving, her eyes always lit up with happiness. He wanted to spend every day looking into her eyes. “I wanted to strangle my cousins last night.They’re twin girls, eighteen years old and hormonal. They saw you walking home and wouldn’t stop making lewd remarks about you. I fantasized about holding their heads under water.”

Gulliver laughed and gave her a squeeze. “They were just talking, don’t let it get to you.”

“I’m sure they’ll be all over you at the lake. Especially when you get in the water.”

“That would be impossible since I’m always right beside you”

“Not in the water. I can’t swim”

“and I thought I knew everything about you. Why haven’t you learned?”

“I’m afraid of the water” Gulliver smiled “would you let me teach you how to swim? You know you’re safe with me. I wouldn’t let you drown.” Stacy didn’t answer but Gulliver could feel she was tense. “It’s fine, would you get in if I just hold you and promise not to let you go?” Stacy nodded “maybe I’ll let you teach me. I’d hate for you not to have fun because I’m being a baby”

“It’s impossible for me not to have fun when I’m with you” Stacy looked up at him and he looked back at her hoping she felt how much he loved her. They ended up in a field of flowers and sat down together. “when are we going to the lake?”

“It’s not far so about twenty minuets before lunch we need to be back at my house to meet everybody. Sophie and Charles are coming too.”

“I’m surprised with how he’s been since they found out she was pregnant”

“She needs air and was very persistent”

“I look forward to seeing them” Stacy sighed “it smells so nice out here”

“I thought the scent would help you relax. I’ve enjoyed meeting your family. I like them a lot”

“They like you a lot”

“Good, I can’t have my best friends family not liking me”

“If only my cousins didn’t like you quite so much” Gulliver laughed and pulled her into a hug. “don’t go getting stressed again” he kissed her head then let go. The brief contact with her making him euphoric like always. She was like a highly addcitive drug. There wasn’t a single thing about her he didn’t love. He kind of liked she didn’t know how to swim so he’d have a reason to hold her in the water. He also imagined how cute she would be. As he entertained himself with the thoughts he didn’t realize he was smiling like an idiot. Stacy snapped her fingers “earth to Gus” He jerked out of his thoughts “sorry Stacy”

“What were you thinking about?”

“You at the lake. I do hope you’ll let me teach you how to swim” Stacy wanted to change the subject “did you eat breakfast before we came out here? It seemed like I woke you up”

“I didn’t but that’s fine. I’ll wait until lunch”

“No, lets go to your house and I’ll cook you somthing for being nice enough to get out of bed and take me somwhere so calming.” He smiled “if that’s what you want then ok” Gulliver stood and offered his hand to Stacy. She took it and he pulled her up. Gulliver kept her hand as they walked. He needed it as sad thoughts crept in about her reaction to what he’d be telling her. He knew these next few days were going to speed by and he’d be at the point where he needed to tell her the truth. He was glad Stacy couldn’t sense his feelings like he coudl sense hers.

He pushed open the front door of his house and let her in first. She went straight to his kitchen and went through his pantry and refrigerator. “Hmmm how about pancakes?” She asked.

“Whatever you want.” He answered as he sat backwards in a chair.

“Can I put banana in them?”


Stacy smiled and made the batter then peeled a couple of bananas and grabbed a sharp knife. She sliced them lengthwise then lengthwise again. She started cutting them into smaller pieces and she heard Gus sigh. She brought the knife down on her finger and yelped. He was up in an instant and grabbing her hand. “You didn’t cut yourself, good. Here let me help you.” He stood behind her and slid his hands over her, wrapping his fingers around hers and the knife. “You have to go slow like this. I’m not dying or anything so take your time.” She blushed, trying really hard not to lean into him. “I don’t want you hurt because of me.” He said softly when they had cut up all the banana. He let her go and sat back down so she could dump the banana in the batter.

“Thank you for helping me.” She said shakily and then cleared her voice.

“No problem.”

Gulliver stared at her as she made pancakes. He enjoyed having her cook for him. He could only watch her when she wasn’t looking. He couldn’t believe how bold he had been, but pressing himself against her like that had just felt right. Her scent had washed over him, her warmth had seeped into him, bringing him so much joy. If she had been able to hear his heart in that instant she would have known it was racing. She made him feel nervous and excited all at once. He needed to ask Sophie about the best approach with Stacy. Maybe Sophie could find out how the love of his life felt about him. If she really, truly loved him then maybe there was a chance she wouldn’t flee in terror when he told her the truth. He knew she would probably be really upset that he had lied to her, but he hoped she understood why he had lied.

“Are you listening to me?” Stacy asked and he jerked his head up.

“Sorry, I was in deep thought again.”

“How many do you want?”

“Three is fine.” He smiled and turned around in his chair. She made their plates and sat his down on front of him. She sat next to him and they ate. He caught himself watching her out of the corner of his eye. He shook his head and tore his eyes away from her. He didn’t want to creep her out.

Stacys heart was still pounding from being so close to Gulliver like that. She felt a little bad she was wishing for her family to go away so it could just be her and Gus again. Her family from another village would only be here the rest of today and tomorrow for her birthday so she shouldn’t be wishing them to leave. Stacy just felt insecure about her cousins. They were only eighteen and she was turning twenty four tomorrow. She didn’t want her cousins taking Gus. Her insecurities about being older than him had not wavered in the slightest even though she knew she was the only woman he gave any attention to besides Sophie. Stacy didn’t worry about Sophie because she knew how madly in love she was with Charles. They made her yearn for Gus even more when they were around. They were always so cuddly and sweet with eachother. She wanted to have the same kind of relationship with Gus.

They finished and Gulliver said “can I give you one of your presents early Stacy?”

“One of my presents?” Gulliver smiled “Yes, one of. I couldn’t decide what I was going to do for your birthday so I just went with multiple things.”

“I’d love to get a gift early”

“wait for me in the living room then” Stacy got up and went to sit on the couch. Gulliver went and pulled out a bracelet he made for her. He made it from crystals and seashells. The crystals took him the longest. He wouldn’t put them on the bracelet until they were perfectly smooth and rounded so they wouldn’t hurt her. He thought it was one of the most stunning things he had ever made. He knew she’d love the necklace to match it when he gave it to her on her birthday tomorrow. Gulliver came down the stairs excited for her reaction. He sat as close as he could to her then placed it in her hand “happy early birthday Stacy”

“This is gorgeous Gus!” She put it on then wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a couple kisses on the cheek making him smile joyously. He held her, not wanting Stacy to brake her hold. He didn’t want the feelings that stirred in him when they were touching to stop. “did you make this? I think I recognize these shells.”

“I did, you’re too good to just buy things for. You deserve beautiful things that only you have.” Stacy was drawing him in with the way she was starring into his eyes. They looked so touched and happy. He was glad he took the time to make it. He had many late nights trying to finish it between learning to keep his form and spending so much time with her. ¬†Gulliver had to break the eye contact before he kissed her. He wasn’t worthy of a real kiss until she knew the truth.

Stacy just smiled at him. The way he looked at her was so sweet and warm. He was always so polite and got along with her family so easily. People were usually intimidated by how loud they could be. Even though she had grown up with it she still found the noise to be to much. Gus had become her closest friend. She ran to him when she needed somewhere peaceful. No one ever followers her to his house, no one came to nag her. Sometimes she would curl up on the couch with him with her head in his lap while he read to her just so she could sleep peacefully for awhile. She was always so restless when he wasn’t around. She knew it was an insane feeling, but there was just something about him that called out to her, that steadied her even during her saddest days.

“We should probably go see your family now.” He said, his gaze still turned from her. She wondered if she had done something wrong.

“Okay, sure.” Was all she could say. They stood in unison and she took his hand in hers. She lead him out of his house and to hers. She pulled him through the front door and the twins practically attacked, nearly knocking her over as they both hugged him. He managed to wiggle free and steady her, his hand gently gripping her shoulders.

“Are you okay?” He asked as he brushed her hair out of her face.

“I’m fine.”

“We’re so happy you’re back Gus.” Chaza said with a blush.

“We’re planning on going to the river, will you come too?” Dee asked.

“I promised Stacy I’d take her so sure.” He said and rubbed his neck. Her cousins looked disappointed that they wouldn’t be getting any alone time with him, but he didn’t care. He didn’t need them trying to get in his pants. “Would you like to go Stacy?” He asked and smiled down at her.

“Sure, I would love to. You remember you have to hold me right?”

“Of course I do, that was part of our agreement.”

“I’ll just go put my bracelet in my room and change.” She took off, leaving him alone with her cousins. Gulliver really wished that the girls parents were around, but it looked like they had gone out.

“Did you give that bracelet to Stacy?” Dee asked.

“Yes, I made it.” He answered.

“So not fair, why do you only hang out with her. You could hang out with us too.” Chaza pouted and he thought it very unbecoming.

“Because I greatly enjoy her company and she enjoys mine.”

“You know people are saying you two are lovers right?” Chaza said icily.

“We’re not, but even of we were it wouldn’t be anyone’s business but ours.”

“She’s inexperienced you know. She’s had boyfriends, but she’s way to prudish to ever do anything but kiss.” Dee said and crossed her arms over her chest.

“That just means she’s not a whore.” He said it bluntly, calmly and it shocked the girls just like he planned.

When Stacy walked back down the stairs Gullivers serious face turned into a smile. She looked beautiful as always in her swimsuit. The twins grew even more jealous with the way he was looking at their cousin when he was just looking at them like they were bothering him. They were showing more skin than her but yet she’s the one he was happy to see. “don’t you need to change?” Dee asked as they exited the house. “No, we don’t really have a long time at the river since we’re going to have a picnic at the lake when lunch rolls around. To leave we will have to walk by my house anyway so I’ll just wait until we walk by it. I’ll just take off my shirt and my pants will dry.” The twins looked too excited at the prospect of him taking off his shirt. They all walked down to the river where Philip and Kaji so happened to be aswell. Gulliver hoped two other men might distract the twins from him.

“Hey Stacy and Gus!” Kaji said then put a hand behind his head “I’m so sorry you two but what’re your names again?” Chaza seemed offended “I’m Chaza and my sister is Dee”

“sorry” The twins ran into the water while Stacy just seemed to have frozen in place. Philip spoke “I’m shocked you made it ths close to the water. Good progress Stacy” Stacy just looked away embaressed. Gulliver picked Stacy up then smiled down at her as he had her cradled. “It’ll be fun once you get used to the water. I won’t let anything bad happen” Gulliver walked up to the edge of the water then asked “Are you ready Stacy?” making the twins roll their eyes. They wanted to be held by Gulliver. Kaji and Philip watched curious to see if he could actually get Stacy to go into the water.

“I guess I’m ready” Gulliver slowly walked in. Stacy held tightly to him as he started to move to where she’d actually be touching water. Gulliver got on his knees “I’m going to reposition you ok?”

“Ok” Stacy said softly. He took his arm from under Stacys legs then pulled her against his chest. The water gently flowed by them as Gulliver just held Stacy in a hug. He could tell she was still afraid but she was more at ease than she started. The twins started splashing around with Kaji and Philip once they quit staring in disbelief. Stacy actually started blushing from being held so long by Gulliver and so sweetly. She couldn’t describe the hold he had on her right now. It was tight so nothing could take her away but it was so caring and soft at the same time. This was just another feeling to add to the list of feelings that were impossible to describe when she was around Gus.

“Do you want to go deeper?” He asked and she nodded. “I want you to try to walk on your own.”

“Okay.” He stood and took her hands in his. He walked slowly backwards until the water was up to his chest and she could barely touch bottom. She started to panic, her breathing erratic and her heart beating wildly out if control. He pulled her into him and she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck.

“Are you okay?”

“No, not really.” He laughed softly and she glared up at him. “What’s so funny?”

“Just that this is really the only thing you’re afraid of. There are much worse things in this world, but only the prospect of being in the water terrifies you.”

“You’re supposed to have at least one great fear. Mine is water. What’s yours?”

“He swallowed nervously. “Are you mad at me for laughing?”

His voice changed, sounding almost worried. She stared up at him. She wondered if that’s what scared him, the idea of her hating him for anything. “No, not anymore.” She kissed his cheek and his eyes brightened.

“I won’t laugh at you again.”

“Stop worrying. This is a very stressful situation and I lost my temper. I’m sorry, just be happy okay because I am.”

They played in the water until a breeze through, making Stacy shiver. He carried her out, ignoring the looks of jealousy from her cousins. “Lets get you warm.” He carried her away from the river, not even waiting for her cousins. He had not wanted to spend time with them, but had felt a sense of obligation because they were her family. He took her to his house and she pushed open the door for him. “You can take a shower here. Your lips are blue.” He carried her to the bathroom and sat her on the counter. He turned on the water and made sure it was the perfect temperature. “I’m going to go and get you some clothes. If you get out before I get back feel free to borrow one of my shirts. It should be big enough to cover everything. You might have to roll up the sleeves.”

“Thank you Gus.”

“You’re very welcome.” Stacy sat there until he left then jumped down and pulled her swim suit off. Her skin was like ice. She stepped under the warm water, uncomfortable at first because she was so cold. She slowly started to warm up and finally enjoy the water. Gulliver walked to her house as quickly as he could. He tapped on her door and Stacy’s aunt opened it.

“Oh hello Gus, Stacy’s not here.” She said warmly.

“I know ma’am. She’s at my place. We went swimming and she needs clothes. Could you maybe grab some for me please?”

“Of course sweety, come in.”

Gulliver walked in and sat on the couch to wait. Her uncle had been sitting there reading “Did Stacy get in the water?”

“Yes, not long but she did” Her uncle smiled “impressive but then she’d probably do anything for you from what my brother says” Gulliver smiled then her Aunt came down “here sweetie. I’m finishing up the baskets for the picnic. I’m so excited to get to know you better. You seem like a good man.”

“Thank you, I’m looking forward to it aswell” Gulliver walked back to his house happily as he carried Stacys clothes. Her uncles comment filled him with hope. Stacy was just stepping out of the shower as he came back. She was wrapped tightly in one of his towels. Gulliver leaned against the wall by the door “you still in there Stacy?” he asked even though he knew. “Yes.”

“I’m setting your clothes by the door then I’ll go make you some hot tea to drink.”

“Thank you Gus” he smiled then set her clothes down “I’m walking away now” When she heard him leave she quickly grabbed her clothes not wanting him to see her. She finished drying then quickly tugged her clothes on before drying his floor and setting his towel on the sink. She walked down the stairs and into the kitchen then sat on Gus’s counter.He turned and smiled at her “Feel better?”

“Yes, you didn’t have to make me tea.”

“I want to make sure you’re warm.”

“There’s only about two hours until lunch now. You’ll be warming me just for me to get wet again.”

“well then I can just warm you all over again.” Stacy smiled making him sigh happily. “why do you sigh like that when I smile?” Gulliver blushed “I don’t know, I’m sorry” Stacy laughed “It’s not somthing to be sorry for. You look and sound cute when you sigh like that” The water began to boil and Gulliver finished making Stacys tea. He set it on the table then lifted her off the counter. When he set her down she thanked him again then drank. “This is perfect Gus”

“You sure? Nothing you could imagine being in it to make it taste better?”

“Nope, it really is perfect.” Gullivers smile now hurt it was so big. He finally made her the perfect tea. Every time he’d make her some he’d ask her to imagine what could make it better and she’d tell him. He made it himself and added what she thought would improve it. Now finally she couldn’t imagine anything more. He had the ingredients written down so could make it for her for the rest of their lives if she stayed in his life. He had already decided that if she did decide to hate him he would make sure she got the recipe so she could keep having the perfect tea for her.

He pushed that thought away. This could be one of the final days of being with the woman he adored and he wouldn’t think sad thoughts. He was going to bask in everything about her that he loved and admired while he could. Stacy finished her tea then he said “I should change now.” Stacys couldn’t believe she forgot he was still wet “Why didn’t you change sooner Gus?” she said sounding upset “I wanted to make sure you were warm and comfortable first.”

“Gus, hurry and change please. I hate you’ve been sitting there in soaked pants”

“They’re not that soaked.”

“Go take a shower right now before you freeze to death.”

“Yes ma’am.”

He left her alone to drink her tea. He tugged off his pants which turned out to be a real test of his strength since they were wet and stuck to him like tree sap. He jumped in the shower, and pressed his forehead against the wall. Being close to her and not being able to touch and kiss her like he wanted was agonizing. He hated himself sometimes for befriending her, for loving her. He was asking to have his heart broken just spending so much time with her. He couldn’t stop himself. He was a man obsessed. He laughed at that. He wasn’t a man, he was a monster and a liar. “I don’t even know who I am anymore.” He said to himself.

Stacy wondered why Gus was taking so long. She sat her cup in the sink and hopped off the counter. She headed to his room and could hear the shower going. She knocked on the door, wanting to make sure he was okay. “Gus, is everything alright?” She asked. When he didn’t answer she slowly pushed the door open and covered her eyes. “Gus?”

“Sorry I didn’t hear you.” He switched off the water and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around his waist and stepping out. “Did something happen?”

“No, I was just checking on you. Sorry.” She blushed. “Are you covered?”

“I’m in a towel, but if you go back downstairs I can put some clothes on.” He sounded amused and she dropped her hand to glare at him.

“You’re laughing at me again.”

“I’m sorry, but the face you are making is so damn cute. You’re embarrassed.”

“I am not.” She crossed her arms and turned around, nearly running into the edge of the door. “Don’t you dare laugh.”

“Yes ma’am.” She went into the living room and sat down, covering her face with her hands. She knew she should have stayed in the kitchen, but she had been really worried. He had seemed so stressed lately, his mind was always somewhere else. She hoped he wasn’t getting sick.

There was no keeping away from Stacy. He was helplessly captured by her from the second her heard that sweet, angelic voice. Seeing her in the bathroom with that adorable embaressed look chased away the negativity he had begun to feel in the shower. Stacy was so nice and loving. If anybody could look past the fact of what he really was and forgive him for his few lies it was her. All he had to do was tell her the truth when the time came to hopfully get to be with her and show her how madly in love he had fallen. How taken he was with everything about her. Gulliver pulled his clothes on then grabbed the towel she had used to put it in his laundry basket. Gulliver walked down the stairs to her. He felt bad seeing Stacy sitting with her hands on her head but she still looked incredibly cute. “Stacy” he said to get her to look up. She tried to smile “sorry”

“you were just worried about me.”

“Yeah, is there anything going on Gus? You haven’t been yourself for a little while now. You’re always getting lost in thought and somtimes you seem so sad.”

“I’ve been fine, just a lot oin my mind. I mean I’ve just moved and started a new life and everything.”

“Yeah, I guess I should have thought of that” Stacy said looking away from him. He could feel her sadness and quickly went over to her, wrapping his arms around her body to hold her “don’t be sad and please don’t worry about me. In fact I have plans after your family leaves. I’m taking you somwhere beautiful as another birthday present. That is if you don’t mind traveling with me. It is only a days journey to make it there so we will have to sleep outside together.”

“I’d love that. You are so sweet. Thank you. I’m sorry I made you tell me before the surprise”

“It’s fine, you’re birthday is tomorrow anyway and I plan on leaving with you as soon as your family leaves the following morning.” He felt Stacys aura return to happiness and he relaxed. “why don’t we see if your Aunt needs any help before we all leave?”

“sure” They walked back to Stacys house. Stacy got excited when they walked in. Charles and Sophie were already there. Sophie jumped out of Charlies lap and the two girls hugged. “Look at your belly” Sophie laughed “I know, I’m so excited.”

“I bet” Her Aunt came out of the kitchen “well since everybodies here now do you want to go ahead and go to the lake?” Stacy laughed knowing Gulliver had only just showered to get clean and warm. “sure, I’ll go put another swimsuit on. Gulliver and I went to the river earlier with the twins.”

“yeah, they came back huffy that you two left them but they had fun with Kaji and Philip. Those two boys are now coming aswell if you don’t mind”

“Of course I don’t mind” Stacy said happy her cousins would have a distraction. Stacy ran up and Charles said “do you ahve a swimsuit Gus?”

“Yeah, I’ll run back to my home and throw it on. I’ll join you guys when you walk by”

“ok, bye Gus!” Sophie said then Gulliver took off running. Cold didn’t bother him since he used to live in a cave. He did find it just as comical as Stacy that right after he showered he was going to get back in the water again. He had wanted to help Stacys Aunt to cool down before his heart made him kiss Stacy without the permission of his head. He was worried about holding her again in the lake. He wasn’t sure if he could forgive himself for kissing Stacy without her knowing what he was. It would only make everything harder when he had to tell her the truth

Chapter Two

“Is Gus okay?” Sophie asked as Stacy came back downstairs.

“I guess. He says he is, but he seems so sad sometimes. I know he’s worried about something. I can see it in his face.” She sat down on the stairs and Sophie sat next to her.

“You love him don’t you?” Stacy nodded. Of course she did. She couldn’t imagine what life would be like without him. “Then why don’t you tell him?”

“Because I’m a coward. I want him to love me back.”

“You goofy girl. He spends all his time with you, his eyes see you and only you. He loves you very much.”

“He never says anything though. Is he scared too?”

“Probably. Loving someone means exposing yourself completely. Everyone is afraid to do that. Charles didn’t tell me how he felt for a very long time. He kept it bottled up inside because he was afraid of being rejected and ruining our friendship.” They both stood as the others came down from changing clothes. “Just give him time Stacy.”

“Thank you Sophie.” They hugged and then headed out. Gulliver waited patiently and stepped I beside Stacy as the group came to his house. She grabbed his hand sending warmth coursing through him. He loved how soft she was and how amazing she smelled. He listened to the beating of her heart, that steady peaceful rhythm that he wanted to fall asleep to. They made their way to the lake and he helped stretch out a blanket. Stacy’s aunt sat the picnic basket down and followed her husband into the water.

“Ready for some more swimming?” Gulliver asked.

“I’m ready for anything as long as you’re here.” He picked her up and waded into the water. He wanted her to feel what it was like to float. He walked out until the water was up to his chest and she clung to him tighter.

“I want you to try floating on your back.”

“I don’t think so.”

“I won’t let anything happen to you, I promise.” He smiled down at her and it gave her confidence. She forced herself to let go of him and stretch out in the water. He kept his arms underneath her for a few moments so she could get used to the feeling. He moved them slowly out from under and held up his hands so she could see that he wasn’t helping her. “Just remember to stay relaxed and breathe. I’m right here.” She stayed like that for a few minutes then reached for him. He grabbed her before she sank and pulled her against him. “Calm down, I wasn’t going to let you drown.”

“You make me feel so brave.” She noticed they were being watched and blushed. She pressed her forehead against his chest so no one could see her face. “They’re watching us.”

“Maybe they’re waiting for us to make out.” He teased.

“I hope not.”

“Do you want to get out of the water?”

“No because then my stupid cousins will stare at you like the hormonal teens they are.”

He laughed and kissed the top of her head. “Let them, it won’t catch my attention.”

He slowly took her out then they sat by Sophie and Charles. Gulliver could feel how upset the twins were he chose to sit with Sophie and Charles instead of them but he didn’t care. They were making Stacy uncomfortable and it was highly annoying him. He didn’t have much patience for people who made Stacy upset in any way atall. It was a trait he very much shared with Charles. He actually had a harder time with patience since he was half a demon unlike Charles whose demon blood was barely even there. “How’s the pregnancy” Stacy asked “not bad atall. Charles spoils me and once you get used to morning sickness it isn’t that bad.”

“You can get used to that?”

“well I have and Charles is always there.”

“good, you better take care of Sophie” Charles smiled “always, I wish she’d let me take care of her more” Sophie kissed his cheek then said “I can’t believe you let Gus take you into the water. I’m glad he’s helping you get over that fear”

“Yeah, me too” Gulliver smiled and wanted to reach for her hand but kept himself from it. Charles smirked recognizing that look of longing. He noticed from the first time he saw Gus with Stacy that Stacy was to Gus what Sophie was to him. he decided to have a talk with Gus. “Hey Gus, come with me. I want to talk to you about somthing private.”

“ok, bye girls’

“Bye Gus” they both said then went back to talking. Charles lead him off until they were out of earshot. “So, when are you going to tell Stacy you love her? Don’t waste your time being an idiot like I was. I hate all the years I wasted not asking Sophie. They were still amazing years but they would have been better if I ahdn’t been chicken. I hear Sophie and Stacy talk somtimes when you aren’t around Gus. Stacy loves you too. I promise she does so just tell her. I want to spare another man years of driving himself crazy like I did.”

“she loves me?”

“I’ve heard her say it. I wouldn’t lie” Gulliver smiled “thank you for telling me. I actually plan to tell her after I take her on a trip when her family leaves. I’m taking Stacy somwhere really beautiful and when we get home I’m going to tell her how I feel”

“I’ll hold you to it. Tell her before I kick your ass” Gulliver laughed “Thanks for dragging me over here and giving me some assurance. I’ve been really nervous about telling her”

“I could see it all over your face. Like I said, I’ll spare any man what I went through. It’s torture not being able to show the woman you love how you feel.”

“It really is”

“well lets go back over before our loves get suspicious”

“It’s not polite to talk about people behind their backs.” Sophie teased with a loving smile.

“What makes you think we were talking about you two? Maybe we were talking about secret fishing holes.” Charles replied as he sat down next to his wife and Gulliver sat down next to Stacy.

“Right, fishing holes.”

They ate lunch at noon and dried off in the warm sun. Stacy rested her head on Gus’s lap and just watched him. He stared out across the lake, his mind drifting away. He was thinking again, the wheels turning in his head. She could give him the time he needed to tell her how he really felt. She was excited about the surprise he had for her. She knew to would be wonderful. She would love any gift he gave her. She couldn’t wait to see the rest of her presents. The bracelet had been so beautiful, to beautiful for someone like her. The fact that he was always thinking about her had moved her beyond words. She wanted to kiss him. He sighed, that sound he only made when he was with her and she smiled. He looked down at her and he heart nearly jumped out of her chest. there was so much love and need filling them that it was nearly overwhelming. He gave her the warmest smile and then went back to looking at the lake.

“I think we should probably get back to the house.” Stacy’s aunt said. “Your mother should be coming over to help me with your cake.”

“I’ll walk you home.” Gulliver said.

They got up and Gulliver folded the blanket. Stacy grabbed his hand and he smiled. Charles lifted Sophie into his arms and they told everyone bye. They could see that Sophie was exhausted even though she didn’t say anything. If Stacy accepted him for who and what he was he was going to give her as many children as she wanted. She had seemed so happy talking to Sophie about being pregnant. The thought of her carrying his child warmed his heart. Even though right now it was just a fantasy, he hoped she would make it real. They made it back to her house and he handed her the blanket.

“I’ll be over in the morning.” She said.

“Just come in and wake me up, no need to knock.” He replied and she kissed his cheek.

“Goodnight Gus.”

“Goodnight Stacy.”

She disappeared inside and he walked slowly home. He went inside and up to his room, catching a glimpse of himself in the mirror again. The face he had now, his human face, he wondered if this is who he really was. He thought that this face was a physical manifestation of his soul. He had not chosen this face, it had appeared on its own when he started learning to change his form. It was an odd thought. He flopped down on his be and let his mind drift to Stacy. He took the image of her smiling face with him as he drifted off to sleep.

Stacy sat on the counter as her mother and Aunt baked her bithday cake. Stacys mom said “are you excited about your party after lunch tomorrow?”

“Very, I’ll be going to Gus’s house when I wake up though. We’ll be here for the party”

“Keep track of time.”

“I will, I think he’s going to go ahead and give me my presents while I’m there. This bracelet I’m wearing is an early birthday present.” Stacy held her arm up and her mother gasped “wow that’s gorgeous. I need to ask him where to buy that.”

“He made it”

“That is so sweet. You need to nab him honey. You’re getting much too old to be single. You can’t let your looks fade before you get a husband. You’re turning twenty four in the morning”

“I know” Stacy said looking at the floor. She hated when her mom did that. She had been bugging her since she turned twenty one. All Stacys friends were engaged or married and she was still single and hadn’t even had her first time. She knew Gus was the one though. If she had gotten engaged quickly she would’ve been married before she met him and missed out on how amazing he is. ¬†Stacy got excited again that Gus was taking her on a trip the day after tomorrow. She wished she could skip her party and just have them leave so they could run off together. She spent so much time day dreaming her mom shook her back to reality. “The cakes done honey. Go up to bed so you can get to Gus’s bright and early.” Stacy ran to her room and quickly fell asleep.

When morning came she quickly dressed and brushed her hair before running out the door. She planned on eating with Gus after he gave her her gifts. She just walked in his house like he told her to and walked up the stairs. She smiled when she pushed open the door to his room and he was soundly sleeping. Stacy put a hand on his cheek and moved her thumb across it “wake up Gus” she said softly and his eyes opened. For a breif moment his¬†eyes were yellow with a red cornea in one and a blue cornea in the other. She gasped because it took her off guard and she jerked away. With how she jumped Gulliver worried he may have shifted over night in some way. He looked over at his mirror and he still had his full human form. “what’s wrong Stacy” he asked with his heart pounding. “Nothing, I was seeing things and it surprised me for a second. I’m fine, sorry to scare you awake like that. I meant to do it gently.”

“It’s ok” he said giving Stacy a hug. He could heart her heart thundering and wished he knew what she saw. “are you ready for your presents Stacy?”


“Then sit on my bed and I’ll give them to you” Stacy sat down happily. She had always had an active imagination so she was sure she imagined his eyes looking different. He took out the matching necklace first and held it out. Her face instantly changed into awe. “Oh Gus” she stood quickly “please put this amazing and gorgeous thing on me!” He smiled, ready to burst out of his skin that she loved it so much. “How did you find time to make both of these? I only told you about my birthday two months and a half ago and we’re together a lot”

“It’s amazing what you can exchange sleep for. Before you say anything you are more than worth it Stacy. The only way to give you gifts worthy of you was to stay up nights. I wasn’t willing to give you anything less than you deserve” Stacys lip quivered with want to cry. She slammed into Gus to hug him tightly. He giggled “I’m so happy I’ve made you this happy. It was worth every second of staying up late.”

“You are far too wonderful Gus. Thank you so much.”

“Thank me with that stunning smile” he said softly. Stacy looked up at him and smiled sweetly making his eyes fill even more with happiness and love. “I’m not done yet so please sit back down Stacy”

“Oh gus, there can’t be more” she said even closer to tears. “don’t cry on me Stacy.” he said with a smile. “you seem happy I’m forcing back tears”

“well they are tears of happiness that I caused so of course I’m happy. I live to make you happy Stacy” Stacy almost fell to the floor. His eyes and words were so filled with how he felt about her she could barely speak or keep herself up. She went over to his bed and sat down before she ended up looking at the cieling. Gulliver left the room and came back with a bundle of flowers. He had one of every flower she loved. “Three days ago I spent the whole night going around to hunt for every flower I knew you adored. I wanted who I adored to have all the flowers she adored.”

“These are so beautiful and they smell so good.” She held them against her chest and a tear slipped down her face and dripped off her chin. Gulliver reached over and wiped it away with his thumb. “Please don’t cry Stacy. I know they’re happy tears, but you’re breaking my heart here.”

“I’m sorry, no one has ever given me such wonderful things. All my mom can talk about is me getting married before I’m not pretty anymore and my stupid cousins can’t keep their eyes to themselves and all men ever wanted was to sleep with me. No one, but you and Sophie and Charles have ever done anything for me. You especially make me happy. I’m so glad you wanted to be friends.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and he held her tightly to him. “You make me feel so special.”

“You are special and you will always be beautiful to me. Don’t let people get to you. I promise I will always be here for you, no matter what. Even if you get mad at me, I’ll hold you until you can smile again.”

“Thank you for always being here when I need a place to run to.”

He kissed her cheek and then pulled back to wipe her face. “Better?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Since your party isn’t until later, what would you like to do?”

She shrugged. “I don’t really know. I guess just spend time with you. We could go out to the apple trees since you have not had a chance to eat.”

“If that’s what you want then lets go.” They walked hand in hand out to the edge of town where a grove of apple trees had been planted. He plucked a couple off then sat down with his back against the tree. She sat down between his legs and leaned back against him. Birds flitted around in the tree above them, chirping happily. Gulliver chewed a little bit up and spit it into his palm. He held his hand out and one of the birds dropped down and rested on his thumb.

“Wow, you really are something.” Stacy said dreamily. He brought the bird closer. “Can I touch it?”

“I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.”

She reached out slowly and ran her index finger gently along the top of the bird’s head and down to its tail. “Wow.” She said again, that one little word making his heart skip a beat. The bird chirped happily then flew back up into the tree.

“Thank you, this is already the best birthday I’ve ever had Gus”

“Good, I plan to make all your birthdays amazing. That necklace and bracelet look so stunning on you. You shouldn’t worry about getting ugly. Someone as gorgeous as you could never be ugly Stacy.”

“stop before I cry again Gus” Gulliver finished his apple then wrapped his arms around her. He took in her scent and relaxed. Even Stacys scent was indescribably amazing. He hoped one day she’d live with him and make his house covered in that intoxicating smell. Gulliver wanted to bury his face in her hair but decided that would be too much since they were still friends. Time flew as they sat like that. It was now time to go to her party. They got up and walked to Stacys house to meet everybody. When they opened the door everybody yelled happy birthday. “Thank you!” Sophie grabbed Stacy by the hand “come on! The cake look amazing” Gulliver of course followed close behind.

Everybody talked and laughed. Much to Stacys horror her father told a bunch of stories about when she was little. Stacy wished she could cover Gus’s ears but she loved how amused he looked hearing about her when she was little. She also loved that he was trying not to laugh. She would have kissed his cheek if everybody wouldn’t pick on her for it. Stacy was sad when Sophie got tired and Charles was making her go home to nap. “Thank you two for coming. I really like my present” Sophie hugged her. “I’m glad, you have fun with Gus on your trip”

“I’m sure I will” Charles smiled knowingly. He hoped Gus had taken him seriously and was going to ask Stacy out so he wouldn’t have to knock sense into the man.Things wound down early since Stacys family was leaving in the morning. Gulliver decided he should probably just let them have family time tonight. He hugged Stacy tightly then said “Come to my house after your family leaves in the morning and we’ll head out ok.”

“Ok, goodnight Gus.”

“Night” he then hugged each member of her family. He even hugged the twins because he had to since he hugged everyone else. “It was nice to meet you all”

“Nice to meet you too!” they all said. Stacys Uncle took all her presents up to her room then came back down. “who wants to play a few rounds of cards before bed?” Everybody thought that was a great idea and sat in a ¬†circle on the floor. There was too many of them to sit at the table and play. Stacy lost every game because her mind was on her journey with Gus tomorrow and how he acted today. Gus was always sweet but today he seemed extra flirty and clingy. Much more than he normally was. She had loved every second of it and hoped he would be the same tomorrow morning.

The next morning Gulliver jerked awake to the sound of footsteps. They were quick, but light. He knew that sound well. He smiled and closed his eyes as she pushed his door open. He listened to her feet move across the floor, knew the moment she reached for him. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her onto the bed. She yelped as he pinned her down. “You faker, how could you?” She said, tryng not to smile.

“See what happens when you walk to loud.” He pushed himself off of her and she sat up. She punched him in the arm and he feigned pain.

“I’m not that loud. I could always be louder. I thought you would be up before I got here.”

“The past couple of days have been exhausting.”

“I understand. I didn’t even want to get out of bed this morning to say goodbye to everyone. I’m so glad my cousins are gone.”

“I’m going to shower real quick then we can get going.”

“Go on then stinky.” He grabbed her head and shoved her over. “Hey not nice.”

“At least I didn’t push you off the bed. All you got was my pillow.” He grabbed clean clothes and went into the bathroom. He showered quickly, dried and dressed. When he came back out she was laying on his bed, staring up at the ceiling and singing. He paused to watch her for a moment, enjoying the sound of her voice. He broke away and quickly put what he needed into a bag. “Ready? He asked and she practically jumped off his bed.

“Yes, let’s start our adventure.” She replied excitedly and they headed downstairs. She grabbed her bag from beside the front door and he took it from her. “I can carry it Gus.”

“I know, but I want to carry it for you so please let me.”

“Oh fine, if the manly man must.” She grabbed his hand and pulled him out of his house. She waved at everyone they past, giving them her brightest smile. She looked so happy in that moment that he almost didn’t want to tell her the truth. He would let this moment be forever embedded in his memory so if she rejected him he would still have something wonderful to look back on. All of their time together had given him such peace. He had finally been able to let go of his sorrow and find someone to love again.

Stacy was giddy with excitement. She wanted so bad to know where he was taking her and what it would look like. Her heart swelled with all the love she had for him. She wondered how long he had been planning this. He sighed, making her heart flutter. “You look really happy.” He said and she smiled up at him.

“I’m more than happy, I’m ecstatic, overjoyed, excited. I hardly ever get to go anywhere and you planned this trip just for me. I couldn’t be any happier than I am now.”

Gullivers smile grew wider “I wish I would have know you’d be so thrilled. I could’ve taken you on a longer journey but I wasn’t sure how you would feel about traveling with me so I decided on this place because it was the nearest thing I hadn’t shown you”

“well we have the rest of our lives to go on adventures together Gus. I’ll go anywhere with you.”

“well then I’ll have to plan more stuff for us.”

“How’d you find this place?”

“Before meeting you i wandered around a lot looking for gorgeous things and places. This is one such place i found.”

“So you’ve always collected things?” This was another tuff question. He had always been one to take in beauty but he didn’t get such a habit of collecting until Kara died. He was so close to telling her the truth he didn’t want to lie yet again. He just decided to try and give a short answer. “Nope, just the past few years” Atleast that wasn’t too much of a lie. The only lie was how many years. It had been atleast twenty years since his wife died, way more than a few but then to Stacy he would’ve had to be married when he was one. Then he’d have to explain being married before and everything. He sighed and shook it out of his head. It wasn’t time yet to tell her the truth. He still had this one last thing with her before he risked it all.

His need for collecting had faded quite a bit. There was a time he wouldn’t be able¬†to resist taking things home but now somtimes he could even walk by¬†things without the urge atall. He fully expected it to disappear completely if Stacy would be his. He knew collecting was his way of filling the void. Now it was about stress. He worried daily Stacy would find him out and panic. Pretty things kept him calm. Stacy noticed Gus’s expression change to sadness and she frowned. Gulliver caught it out of the corner of his eye and asked “what’s wrong?”

“Whatevers wrong with you. You’re lost in thought again”

“I’m so sorry Stacy. I wont let it happen again.”

“It’s ok”

“No it’s not, this is for your birthday and I need to stop that. You deserve my full attention and you are going to get it.” Stacys smile returned and he relaxed. It instantly tensed him any time Stacy wasn’t happy. “Could I ask you a favor Stacy?”

“anything Gus”

“sing for me please. Your singing was so beautiful this morning”

“What should I sing?”

“anything, sing as long as it pleases you because it is a very pleasant sound”

Passing the time listening to her voice was wonderful. The only time she stopped singing was so she could eat lunch. Afterwards she started up again, this time with a sad lilting song that gripped his heart. Her voice sounded so sorrowful. He wanted to tell her to stop, but didn’t want to seem mean. He really loved listening to her, but this song nearly broke him. “That’s a very beautiful song.” He said, hoping his voice sounded happy.

“My mom used to sing it. It’s about a woman whose lover died. Every day she goes back to their favorite place and imagines he is there with her. It’s very sad.” She replied with a little frown. “If I ever lost you Gus, I would be very heartbroken. I’d probably spend all day at your house, looking at everything you collected.”

“I think you would be just fine. You are a very strong person.”

“What about you, would you be okay?”

He looked down at her and shook his head. “No, I would die. I would not want to go on without you.”

“That’s how I feel. You have become very important to me, so promise you will never leave me. No matter what happens, promise you’ll always be here.”

“I promise.”

“Good, make sure you keep it or I will never forgive you.”

“I would never break a promise to you.”

“Good.” She yawned and stretched. “I am so tired.”

“Would you like me to carry you?”

“You don’t have to do that.” He grabbed her and swung her into his arms. He loved having her this close. She rested her head against his chest and he kissed the top of her head since he couldn’t bring himself to kiss her lips. “You are so wonderful Gus. The way you hold me and talk to me and look at me are all so sweet. Even you collecting things is absolutely adorable, different, but adorable.” Her voice became a soft whisper. “I really, really need you in my life forever.” It was the last thing she said before she fell asleep.

Gulliver just looked down at her a few moments then said in a whisper “I hope you still mean all of that once you find out I’m a liar. That I’m not even a man atall and I’ve been deceiving you all these months. Please understand Stacy, I love you so much and have lied as little as possible. I’ve hated and agonized over every lie I’ve spoken to you. I’ve fallen so deeply in love Stacy…..so deep I really wont recover this time…I can’t live without your beautiful voice and laughter, without the way your singing caresses my ears, I can’t live without seeing that gorgeous face or the warmth and rush I get when you hug me. Please understand and forgive me” A few tears escaped Gullivers eyes but he forced himself to stop crying. He didn’t want to jerk and wake Stacy.

He concentrated his hearing on Stacys heart. Letting the steady rhythm relax him as he walked. He loved being able to hold her and was glad she got sleepy. These few days may be his last so he hoped to get to hold her a lot. Gulliver began to go over in his head every lie he had told Stacy in the past six months. He wanted to correct her on every single one once she knew the truth so she wouldn’t feel like she didn’t know him atall. Stacy actually knew him very well. The only things he could recall needing to fully lie about was being married before, how old he was, and that his parents were very much alive instead of dead like he told her. She wanted to meet them and of course he couldn’t introduce her to a demon and a monster. Neither of them could take human forms. He could only do it because Chthon helped him.

Gulliver was glad if Stacy did have children with him they would be born into human forms. His children wouldn’t look as disgusting and horrible as he did before. Gulliver hoped she didn’t ask to see what he looked like before. He didn’t want those sweet and pretty eyes to see what a monster he truly was. He worried it would taint the handsome image she had of him. He smiled thinking once again of being married to Stacy and having babies with her. He hoped she would even let him turn her into a demon with his demon blood and the book if she did decide to forgive him and be his wife. He wouldn’t push it though. If she chose to remain human he’d just stay by her side until her human body couldn’t go on. Even when that human body grew old he would still think she was stunning.

He decided to stop thinking about that though. He knew he shouldn’t get himself worked up and excited over a future that he wasn’t even sure if he’d have yet. Before he could even consider giving her eternal life he had to get past telling her what he was. Holding her like this was only making what he had to do harder. Thise closeness was amazing. It felt so perfect and the sound of her heart so comforting. He loved the rhythm it had. He looked forward to listening to it as they slept outside together. Gulliver wasn’t even sure if he would sleep during this trip. He wanted to take in and enjoy every second he could.

Chapter Three

Stacy found herself laying in the grass. It was so soft beneath, it almost felt like fur. The opening in the canopy let moonlight shine down on her. She wondered if she was dreaming or awake. “I’m so sorry.” The familiar voice sounded so sad, so broken. She turned her head and smiled at Gus.

“Sorry about what?” His eyes were different again, one red cornea and one blue. She thought they were beautiful. She reached for him and he disappeared. Her heart gripped painfully in her chest. He was gone. She jerked awake, her heart hammering fearfully on her chest. She could heart a heart beat that wasn’t hers. It was such a beautiful sound. She slowly raised her head and was instantly relieved. She was laying on top of Gus, his arms wrapped tightly around her. He looked so peaceful in his sleep. She ran her fingers gently over his cheek. He jerked awake, inhaling sharply at the contact.

“Is something wrong?” He asked and slowly sat up, his eyes searching the darkness around them.

“No, everything’s fine. Where are we?” She moved so she was next to him.

“We’re close to where I wanted to take you. I stopped because I wanted to wait until you were awake.”

“You’re very sweet.”

“I try to be.”

He pushed himself to his feet and held out his hands. She took them and he pulled her up. He laced his fingers through hers and pulled her deeper into the woods. The sound of flowing water caught her attention as he pulled her out of the woods and into a very large, circular clearing. Moonlight shone down, making the beautiful white flowers that blanketed the ground shine brightly. It smelled so sweet. A small stream ran through the center and sleeping next to it were a pack of creatures she had never seen before. She didn’t know if they were predators or not and became nervous.

“Don’t worry, they are not dangerous unless startled. These are moon leopards, they sleep here every night to absorb the moon’s energy. They are normally black, but they glow blue when they are absorbing moonlight.” He sat down and pulled her down between his legs. He wrapped his arms around her waist and rested his chin on top of her head. “Just watch.” She sat there staring at the leopards and they started glowing a very soft shade of blue. It was amazing. She had never seen something so beautiful in her life.

“Wow, how beautiful.” She wanted to run her hands through their fur.

“You can touch them in the morning when they are awake and can see you coming.” He said as if reading her mind.

“Thank you for bringing me here.”

“I have a lot more to show you when the sun comes up. Like these flowers.” He plucked one and held it up in front of her face. “They are only white at night, but in the daylight they are the most wonderful shade of pink.”

“I can’t wait to see them and everything else you have to show me.” He kissed the top of her head then went back to resting his chin on her. He enjoyed this even more than carrying her. “I can’t believe I slept so long” Stacy said softly “me neither but it was alright. I didn’t mind carrying you. I hope you didn’t mind being on top of me. I just wanted to make sure nothing happened to you while I rested”

“I didn’t mind atall”

“I’m glad, there is still a lot of night left so you can just enjoy looking at the flowers and leopards until you fall asleep. I can sleep as we are right now.”

“Thanks again Gus”

“Stop thanking me for doing somthing fun with my best friend. I’m enjoying this too” Stacy smiled then let her weight rest against him as she took in the sweet smell of the flowers and how pretty the leopards looked. The stars even seemed prettier from where they were but she was sure most of this was so amazing because she was looking at it while being held by Gus. About an hour passed and she was so relaxed she fell back asleep.” Gulliver gave her another kiss on the head “goodnight again beautiful. Have sweet dreams for me please. I only want that beautiful mind to have wonderful and happy thoughts.” Gulliver liked holding her too much to rest again. He was addicted to how it felt to hold Stacy. If she did become his he planned on cuddling with her every chance he got.

When the sun began to climb over the horizon Gulliver woke Stacy. She rubbed her eyes and saw the moon leopards getting up. They stretched their magnificent bodies as the stood. “You can pet one now.” Gulliver said getting up with her. They walked slowly over and caught the attention of them all. Gulliver stopped Stacy then they walked over to them. When one got close she ran her hand along it’s body. She loved how they felt. She was surrpised how soft they were. Just seeing these was worth coming out here. Gulliver loved how happy she looked and was glad they seemed to like her so much.

Stacy then noticed the flowers. “They really are gorgeous Gus”

“do you want to see more things Stacy or are you still happy here? We aren’t in a rush.”

“I think I want to enjoy these guys for a while longer”

“Then just tell me when you’re ready to move on” he said with a smile

Stacy played with one of the cubs, it ran its sandpaper tongued over her cheek and she laughed. Gulliver lay on his stomach with his chin resting in his hand. He basked in the sunshine that was her smile and laugh. He was actually a little jealous of these animals. He wanted to touch her and kiss her, not just flirt. The leopards finally bounded off into the woods, leaving them alone. “They went to hunt.” He said as he pushed himself to his knees.

“To bad, I guess I’ll see them tonight.” She leapt at him, her arms going around his neck. “Thank you.”

“Come on, I’m sure you’re hungry.” He stood, taking her with him. He carried her to the other side of the clearing to a group of trees with red leaves. There were a bunch of grape sized crimson colored berries dangling from their branches.

“What are those?”

“Valkoinen fruit. They are very sweet. They have a different taste from other fruit that is hard to describe.” He lowered her to her feet then reached up and plucked off a bunch. He plucked one of the berries off and held it up to her lips. She bit into it, juice seeping out and surprising her. She laughed as she ate and wiped at her face.

“I guess I should have just eaten the whole thing. They are very delicious.”

“You can wash off in the stream and eat as many as you want.”

She rinsed her face and hands then they walked around as they ate. He pointed out many different plants and beautiful animals. There were birds moving around in the trees with bright orange feathers that really intrigued her. One flitted down and landed on her shoulder. She gently touch it and it made a happy little sound before flying off. She came across some beautiful purple flowers and he grabbed her arm, pulling her back.

“Do not touch those ever.” He said, his voice all of a sudden serious.


“They are extremely toxic. Their petals are covered in an oily substance that will seep into your skin and could potentially kill you. Look, but never touch.” His eyes and voice softened again once they moved away from the flowers. She had not realized how protective he could be. “I hope I didn’t scare you with my outburst.” He said softly.

“Not at all, but it was a little surprising. You’ve never sounded like that before.” She replied and he looked ashamed. “Hey don’t make that face. I knew you weren’t angry Gus, please don’t be upset. You were protecting me and that makes me happy.”

“Does it really?”

“Yes, you are my guardian.”

Gulliver smiled “Yes I am, I will never let anything happen to you Stacy. I’d die before i let anything take you away. I didn’t mean to get so serious though. I just panicked with the thought of somthing happening to you” Stacy hugged him “I love how much you care about me. How long can we stay out here?”

“until I run out of things to show you or you decide you want to go home.”

“So I guess when you run out of things to show me” Stacy said making Gulliver chuckle. “I guess so then” Gulliver laced his hand with Stacys as they walked. He remembered how nervous he was the first time he tried to hold her hand and how relieved he was when she was ok with it. Stacy started to sing again. The sound soothing his soul from the panic that he had felt with Stacy near those flowers. Even small dangers terrified him with her so that threatened to give him a heart attack. Stacys head and eyes were constantly moving as he took her through beautiful landscapes and viewed the scenery around. He stopped for a second “right about here is where I want us to sleep tonight. When the sun goes down this spot will be covered in pixies and lightening bugs.

“I’ve never seen pixies”

“Good, then it can be a first with me” Gulliver said smiling and joyous then continued walking. Gulliver slowed their pace when he knew he was coming up on a large lake. He said “have you seen hippocampus’s?”

“I’m not even sure what that is” Gulliver smiled. He loved being able to show her things she had never seen. “Come up this tree with me and just wait. One will come out of this lake. It runs very deep. I’m not even sure how deep” Stacy smiled at Gulliver climbing the tree. He had more trouble with it than most boys and Stacy thought it was cute. Gulliver only suggested it because it would be a good view point and they didn’t like to be touched. Atleast the ones here didn’t like to be touched. Gulliver wasn’t used to climbing trees because he could fly so never had a reason to learn to climb. Once they made it high in the tree Gulliver put and arm over Stacys shoulder and she put ¬†hers around his waist causing him to sigh again as they waited.

After about twnety minuets one came up out of the water and laid down on the ground to relax. Stacy gasped in awe. Gulliver smiled locing that face “It’s like a horse with a mermaids tail. They all vary but that’s the best way i can describe it. I think they are more beautiful than regular horses.”

“They are, I want to thank you again but I don’t want to annoy you”

“Your thank yous could never annoy me. It tells me you are happy and pleased with the things I’m showing you”

“I know Sophie would love to see this”

“I will tell Charles about it then so he can bring her somtime.”

“Good” Stacy said then wrapped her arms around him again. Gullivers heart was going wild with how affectionate she was being. Once again he just wanted to put his hands in her hair and give her a passionate kiss that burned with his need for her. A few more came out to rest with the first Hippocampus and it drew Stacys attention away. The look of awe on her face never wavering. Gulliver wanted to sit up here for the rest of today if she wanted to. The less he showed her in a day the longer he could make this trip since she was willing to stay until he ran out of creatures and things to show her over here.

“I love all the colors you can see on them when the sun hits them just right. It’s like they have a rainbow trapped inside of their bodies.” Stacy turned her attention back to him. “Don’t you think it would be amazing to be something so beautiful and free?”

“You already are.”

“I’m only free when I’m with you, but at home when I’m alone I feel locked in a cage. I know when you are there, if I fall you will catch me. I can really count on you.” She cupped his cheek and brushed her thumb over his skin. “You make me so happy, you’ll never truly know how happy.” Stacy hoped he understood that she was saying she loved him. She wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, being free. He looked sad and happy at the same time. He pulled her into a tight hug, his face buried in her hair. He started shaking, making her worry. “Are you okay Gus?”

“Let me just hold you for awhile.” He said softly.

“Okay.” She wrapped her arms around him and ran her hands up and down his back. She had never seen him like this. She kissed his cheek, trying to comfort him as best as she could. They sat there until her muscles started to cramp and the Hippocampus had vanished back into the water. “Can we get down now?” She asked softly. “My back hurts.”

“I’m sorry Stacy.”

“It’s okay.” Gulliver lowered himself to the ground first and then reached up for her. She jumped out and he caught her. “See, you’re always there to catch me.”

“You look hungry.”

“I brought some pie for us. I know you said you liked it before.” They sat down in the grass and she grabbed her bag. She pulled out a white package and opened it. She handed him a piece of pie and then smiled before taking a bite of her own.

“This is the best pie in the world.” Gulliver felt happier when he ate something she made. It was like she had poured her heart and soul into it.

“I don’t know about the best in the world.”

“I bet I could take this pie anywhere and everyone who ate it would say it was the best.”

“You are far to sweet. I think you just say that so you can get free food.”

“What? No way, never in a million years.” He said with a laugh. She giggled, raising his spirits even more.

When they finished eating Gulliver said “let me rub your back since I made it hurt.”

“Thank you” she said moving to sit between his legs. He gently worked out every muscle in her back and shoulders then locked his arms around her to watch the sunset over the horizon. Gulliver couldnt’ help but think how romantic this was and how amazing it would be to be kissing Stacy right now. Her words earlier sent such a rush of emotions through him. It was waves of both happiness and sadness. He didn’t know if he could wait much longer to talk to Stacy. He needed to know what his future was with her. The only bad thing about telling her here is she’d have no where to run if she was afraid of him. They were far away from her village and he didn’t want her to panic out here and separate from him. She could run off and encounter somthing that actually wanted to hurt her. He chastised himself for being tempted to just tell her now. He needed to wait until they were back in the village so she could just run home if she felt like fleeing from him.

“the suns going to be gone in just a few minuets. Come with me so we can see the pixies and fire flies”

“Ok” Stacy said then they both stood and walked to the point he told her he wanted to sleep at earlier. “Want to sit like we were over there?” he asked semi shyly even though he was confident he’d get a yes. “I love sitting that way.” Gulliver smiled then they both sat back down. Soon the sun was gone and fireflys started to appear. Not too much later Stacys began to see different colors mingle with the fireflies. Gulliver held Stacy a little tighter and without thinking gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek. He loved how sweet she even tasted. He kissed her cheek again closer to her mouth then quickly jerked back when he felt the his hand move to turn her head so he could really kiss her. Stacy was left blood red with how close he got to it.

“I’m sorry” Gulliver said embaressed. Stacy turned “don’t be embaressed Gus. I want to kiss you.” Now his heart was going painfully fast in his chest as his body and mind fought against eachother. He wanted to kiss her but he didn’t. He stood quickly “I can’t Stacy”

“Why?” Now he didn’t know what to do. Stacy was obviously upset and hurt he jumped up.He sighed knowing that he’d upset her no matter what so he might aswell do it with the truth and pray she would find it in her heart to forgive and understand why. He tried to look Stacy in the eyes but couldn’t. “I haven’t been absolutely honest with you Stacy. I’ve wanted to kiss you for a long time but I couldn’t let myself until you really knew who and what I am”

“what you are Gus?” He frowned for a brief moment then said “starting with my name I guess. I’m not really named Gus, my names Gulliver.”

“why would you lie about your name Gus?” Stacys wounded sounded voice almost ripped his heart in two as he continued “I’m sure you know Sophie doesn’t just befriend people but she also will make friends with monsters and demons too.”

“Yeah she’s told me about a few but what does that have to do with you Gus…well I guess Gulliver.” Subtle relazation in her voice but she wasn’t as freaked out as he thought she would be. Her heart rate was only slightly elavated and he could tell it was only out of hurt she had been lied to. “Let me finish this part of my explanation please because it’s a bit long and I just need to get it out in the open”

“Ok, I’ll just listen”

“Stacy…I’m…I’m not really a man…I’m the son of a monster and a demon. Sophie met me oneday and we became very close friends. She met me before I became able to look like a man. One day this demon decided to grant me the ability to look human. That ring I wore all the time when we first met is what I needed to keep this form until I could hold it myself. Last month I finally moved in because I became able to hold looking like this with no effort. He told me I couldn’t tell Sophie and he is a very powerful demon, not one you go pissing off. He holds more power than I could ever tell you Stacy. To keep the secret I had to lie about my name and my age. You aren’t really older than me, in fact I hope you aren’t repulsed just by the simple fact that I’m 91.”

Gulliver almost thought his senses had to be decieving him. Stacy wasn’t scared, she was hurt and confused but he couldn’t detect any hint of fear from anything. “I wasn’t seeing things then when i woke you. Your eyes aren’t really blue.” Now Gulliver was the one confused “when you gasped the other morning my eyes were different?”

“Yeah, They¬†were yellow with a red cornea in one and a blue cornea in the other”

“But why didn’t that scare you? You were only shocked.”

“It’s still you Gulliver….I mean i guess..do I know you really then? What all ahve you lied about? Is everything a lie?”

“No, no of course it isn’t. You know me better than anybody else. I’ll tell you everything I’ve lied about right now if you will listen to me”

Stacy’s mind was a whirlwind of emotions, anger, sadness, confusion and even love. She still loved him very much, but being deceived really stung. “I’ll listen to whatever you have to say.” She finally said.

“Before I knew you I was married to a woman named Kara. She was a wonderful person, you would have liked her. She died and something in me broke, I mean I was a mess. I collected things to help fill the void, stones, plants, butterflies. I didn’t know what else to do and it kept me from crying. My parents, who are still alive, tried to get me to go home, but I couldn’t be around others. I was afraid that in my despair I would hurt someone.” He paced back and forth, afraid to look at her.

“Then you met Sophie.”

“Yes, she wasn’t afraid of me like everyone else was. She didn’t care about my monstrous form. She comforted me and told me everything would be alright. I came to her wedding just to see her on her happiest day and you came up to me. You pulled me in and wouldn’t let me go. You made me forget all the bad things, the sorrow, the pain. You made them all go away.” He stopped and dropped down on hands and knees. “You can hate me if you want to, I’ll understand if you never want to see me again.” Tears dripped off his nose, but he held his sobs in.

“You idiot.” She whispered and he looked up at her. “You can’t disappear just because I’m angry. You made a promise. You said you would stay with me no matter what. I told you if you left me that I would never forgive you.” She moved closer and slapped him. “That’s for lying to me. You should never lie to your loved ones no matter how bad the truth might be.” Her lip quivered and he pulled her into his arms.

“I’m so sorry Stacy. I hate myself for doing this to you. Please don’t cry.”

“How could you even think I would be scared of you. You are so generous and sweet, you never complain or hate anyone. I don’t care what you look like, I didn’t choose you because of your face. I chose you because something in me told me you needed me. You’re such a moron, I just want to slap you again.”

“You can hit me as many times as you want. I deserve it.”

“Yes you do, you deserve a black eye and a bloody nose and maybe a few broken ribs, but I’m not going to give you those things. Instead you are going to spend the rest of our lives making up for lying.” She jabbed him in the chest with her finger.

“You’re not making me leave?” He was so shocked and wanted to make sure he wasn’t imagining this.

“If I wanted you gone I would have told you. I would have made you take me home and sent you packing.” She crossed her arms and stared angrily up at him. “So what do you really look like?”

“I like this face Stacy. I think this is my true face.”

“Okay so what does your not so true face look like?”


“Men are so stupid. If I thought for a second that it was going to be hideous I wouldn’t ask to see it.”

He didn’t want Stacy to see him that way but she deserved to see it if that’s what she wanted. She was being more understanding than he thought he deserved. He almost wanted her to hit him a few more times. “I’ll show you if that’s really what you want”

“It is” Gulliver stood and let out an unsure breath before allowing himself to shift. Suddenly he was¬†6’10, with three rows of pointed teeth, he was covered in orange and dark brown hair everywhere except his face that was thin and long. Gulliver stretched out his wings so she could also see them. Shocking him even more Stacy hugged him. He picked her up and wrapped her tightly in his arms. “Can’t believe you get taller” she said trying to make him crack a smile. All it did was make him cry. “I can’t believe you still love a monster like me. I don’t deserve you”

“Don’t cry Gus, I mean Gulliver. It’s going to be hard calling you by your name. I’m so used to Gus”

“You can call me whatever you want Stacy. Besides you can’t call me Gulliver in front of Sophie or Charles. Chthon is a wonderful man but he is vengeful when you anger him.”

“Why does he care so much?”

“Let me shift back and I’ll explain. I’m really more comfortable in my human form now. I feel like it’s really me. Close your eyes so I can pull clothes out of the bag.”

“ok” he set her down and she shut her eyes. Gulliver shifted back then quickly pulled clothes on. “Can I hold you while I talk?” he said still trying to stop streams of tears. She nodded and he sat on the ground. Stacy leaned against his chest so he could wrap his arms around her again. He could tell she was still feeling hurt and angry but he didn’t expect that to vanish so quickly. “do you really want me to hold you Stacy? I can tell your still angry. Demons can sense peoples feelings.”

“Yes I do, help me understand better why a demon would help you and not want Sophie or Charles to know. Maybe it will help me understand more why you felt you needed to lie to me” Her words were daggers but he refrained from sobbing. “Charles doesn’t know it but he’s a descendant of Chthon. Years ago he lived in the village like I’m doing now and fell in love with a human woman. They got married and had children. Charles is a direct descendant of his which is why he came to Charles and Sophies wedding. They don’t want Charles to know he has a small amount of demon blood so Charles knows Chthon is a relative he just doesn’t know how he is or that Chthon is a full blooded and very feared demon. Chthon can cause earthquakes, tornadoes and many other destructive forces with a wave of his hand. He can snap his fingers and make your lungs fill with water and drown you. Charles probably has power locked deep within him he isn’t even aware of. Charles does tap into his demon strength though. Stories from Sophie have told me that.”

“I can see why you wouldn’t want to make him mad…I may have lied too…. I’m still hurt but I guess I can see…I wish you would’ve come clean sooner”

“I know, I’ve been a coward…I was so afraid you’d hate me and I love you so deeply and madly. It would’ve destroyed me if you pushed me away and didn’t love me any more.”

“I love you with all of my heart. I am so angry at you, but it’s because I love you. Someone as wonderful as you should never have to lie. If I had been you I would have told Chthon to go to hell. He put such a burden on you like a selfish idiot. If I ever come across him, I will show him the wrath of an angry woman.”

He laughed because he knew she meant it. She would slap Chthon the same she had slapped him without a hint of fear in her eyes. He tipped her head back and smiled down at her, this wonderful and forgiving woman who had stolen his heart. “I really want to kiss you.” He rubbed his nose against hers.

“Then kiss me or are you afraid?”

“It’s not wise to taunt a demon.”

“You are about as scary as a box full of abandoned kittens.”

“I can be very scary when I have to be.” She rolled her eyes and he kissed her, his mouth moved hungrily against hers. He pulled at her bottom lip with his teeth so she opened her mouth and let him play his tongue around hers. He moaned and kissed her harder, accidently knocking their teeth together. She flinched and he jerked back. “Sorry, I got a little excited.”

“It’s okay, just slow down. We have all the time in the world and no prior commitments.” She wrapped her arms round his neck and pulled him into another kiss. She could spend all night kissing him.

“Can I touch more of you?” He asked and her heart nearly leapt into her throat. “Never mind, sorry I asked. You’re not ready for that yet.”

“I’m sorry, I’ve never had sex before or anything else really.”

“I know.”

“What? How do you know? Who told you? Tell me now.” She gripped his shirt.

“Your cousins told me because they thought it would make me stop hanging out with you. I don’t care if you’re a virgin or not, that’s not why I fell in love with you. So stop being angry and just spend time with me.” He grabbed her chin and kissed her again before laying down and pulling her down next to him.

“I guess I can let it go for now.” She pillowed her head on his chest and he gave a soft, happy sigh.

“I promise I will never lie to you again Stacy. I’ll do anything to make up for it, all you have to do is tell me what you want. If you want me to beg for forgiveness I will, if you want more jewelry I’ll make you some.”

“You make it hard to be mad when you talk like that. It’s completely unfair Gulliver. I think I’ll call you that forever. It’s a wonderful name.”

“I love the way you say my name. I can really tell how much you love me.”

Chapter Four

“good, I’m glad you realize how much I love you too”

“I want to be with you forever Stacy. I truly do”

“Me too, it must be nice to never grow old. Are you still going to love me when I get all wrinkly?”

“Of course if you choose to stay this way.”

“what do you mean if I choose?”

“That’s a very serious talk Stacy. It isn’t one for now.” Stacy sat up “Gulliver” he sighed and tugged her back down “please can it wait until tomorrow? I’m in no position to ask but tonight I just want to lay with you under these amazing colors and hold you. I want to enjoy finally being able to kiss you and keep you close without worry.” Stacy kissed Gulliver again “Ok, I’ll wait until tomorrow to talk to you about what you meant but only if you promise to take me into the sky somtime since you can fly.” Gulliver smiled “I’d love to do that. I’ll do anything that makes you happy” Gulliver placed another gleeful kiss on Stacys head.

When Stacy fell asleep Gulliver wrapped himself around her and silently cried again. He was so happy and relieved to have that off his mind. It was such a tremendous weight lifted to not be lieing to the woman who meant everything to him, to know she wasn’t afraid and loved him as much as he loved her. He was excited to tell people Stacy was his girlfriend and hopefully soon his fiance. He wanted everybody in the world to know Stacy was his. He wished he brought the ring he made for her. Gulliver left it at home thinking he wouldn’t be telling her until they got back. He hoped she loved the ring as much as her necklace and bracelet.

Gulliver quieted his mind and just let himself become one with Stacy. He deeply inhaled her scent and tuned his hearing into her heart breath and slow breaths as she slept.It was so relaxing and euphoric. He fell into a very restful sleep. When Stacy woke up she smiled at how Gulliver had draped himself around her during the night.

She admired his face and how peaceful he looked in his sleep. She hated when he was worried. She scooted up and kissed him softly. He smiled and rolled her beneath him. “Were you faking again?” She asked, a blush moving up her neck.

“I wish I was that devious, but no you actually woke me this time and what a nice way to wake up it was.” He kissed his way over her chin and down her neck to her shoulder. He pulled down her dress strap and bit her gently. She jumped and let out a little “ah” sound. “I like that sound, you should make it a lot more.”

“You’re supposed to tell me about choosing to stay with you forever.”

“I’m to distracted right now.” He nibbled his way over her collar bone and she giggled. “I wonder where else you’re this ticklish.”

“Everywhere, now please talk to me.”

“Only of you touch me too.” She swallowed nervously, but nodded her head. He moved so he was setting with his legs crossed and pulled her onto his lap so she was straddling him. He pulled his shirt off and she slid her hands shakily over him. She had been pressed against his shirtless torso many times, but now it was way more intimate.

“Talk or I’ll stop.”

“Oh, sorry.” He cleared his throat. “I have this book that has this ceremony in it that will allow you to be like me. You won’t be ugly or able to shift shape, but you’ll live forever and gain some powers.”

She leaned forward and bit him on his shoulder just like he had her. His body jerked and he inhaled sharply. “That’s for calling yourself ugly. You are far from ugly and I mean both forms, not just this one.”

“I don’t like my other face.”

“Well I do. So is this little ceremony of yours complicated, do you need some special plant or something?”

“No, but it will hurt.”

“Love is always painful at some point. I don’t mind a few minutes of pain for an eternity with you.”

He grabbed her wrists and stilled her hands. “Do you really mean that?”

“I always say what I mean Gulliver. I want to spend forever with you.”

He smiled and his heart gave a stutter. “I’m so happy Stacy. I fell in love with you so quickly and so deeply that I’m completely lost in you. I couldn’t bare life without you. I want forever with you two. I swear to never let anything take you away from me.” He kissed her shoulder then grabbed her face to kiss those wonderfully soft lips again. He kissed her passionately. “Your kiss is irresistible Stacy. I wouldn’t have been able to keep from it so long if I knew just how amazing it felt”

“I love you, you are the sweetest man.”

“You deserve it.”

“what’re we going to do today?”

“I have more I can show you if you’re ready to go now. I’ll try to keep from stopping to kiss you. I’ll use all my willpower.” Stacy giggled. “Kissing me can’t be that amazing Gulliver”

“It can and it is” Gulliver said before kissing her one last time before lifting Stacy into his arms “would you let me carry you today? My heart longs to have you near it” He looked down at her so sweetly she couldn’t say no. Even his voice was pulling her into him. As he walked with her she asked “so when did you fall in love with me?” Gulliver smiled “I started to from the moment our eyes met. I think I must have been meant for you. I’ve never been so taken by a woman so quickly. I was helplessly in love with you after a week. You own my heart Stacy and have since that very first week.” Gulliver felt a brief second of doubt in Stacy “what was that?”

“what are you talking about?” Stacy asked confused. “I felt a second of you thinking somthing unhappy or doubtful of me. What was it?”

“Don’t worry about it. It was nothing.”

“what was it Stacy?” She sighed knowing he wouldn’t let it go “I just thought that you’ve been married before so how is it you feel like you were meant for me. Its a horribel thing to pop in my head which is why I banished it quickly and moved on. It’s not fair for you to read my emoitons.I should be able to keep things to myself” Gulliver stopped and sat down with Stacy “I will try and stop so you can have private thoughts. It will take me awhile to make my senses duller so be patient. Now as for the fact of me being married before, I loved Kara very much Stacy but to be honest I’ve imagined kids with you. Kara and I were together eleven years and we didn’t have kids because I didn’t want any with her. In fact I wasn’t always the best husband but I did love her just, things were different I guess. I wasn’t as passionate about her as I am with you which should really tell you somthing because I mourned her for about nineteen years. I loved her but with you it’s inexplicable…I hope you’re able to understand atall.”

“You’ve imagined kids with me?” Gulliver smiled “when you talk to Sophie about her pregnancy I just can’t help it Stacy. I want everything with you.” Stacy hugged Gulliver. “I’m sure you were an amazing husband to Kara.” Gulliver laughed “Sophie told me the very same thing when I’d have regrets about how I treated her somtimes.”

“everybody does thigns they regret Gulliver”

“I hope to always make you happy Stacy and never do a thing i regret to you”

“I’ll beat you up if you are ever an ass” Gulliver laughed “good”

“I want to fly.” She said with a big smile.

“I don’t know if I want to shift back to that form.” He looked away from her and she grabbed his chin, turning his face back to her.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“I want to take you up, I do. I just…hate that face.”

“I don’t, I love both faces.”

“Just let me get these clothes off so I don’t ruin them.” He put her on her feet and she covered her eyes. Even though she couldn’t see him, she still blushed. She wanted to see him, she wanted to touch him everywhere, but she was still to shy. She knew she could get over it if she just tried, but she didn’t want to ruin their trip with her nervousness. He lifted her into his arms and she dropped her hand, smiling up at him. His powerful wings kicked up dirt as he took to the sky. She giggled as she snuggled in close to him. He turned her so her back was pressed against his chest and she stretched her arms out and closed her eyes, enjoying the wind blowing through her hair.

“I love this.” She yelled. He turned her around so she was facing him then twisted so she was on top of him. She kissed him and his heart slammed against his chest. She was kissing his beastly form so lovingly. He dropped back to the ground, shifting back to his human form as his feet touched the ground. He tipped her slowly back into the grass, his mouth moving hungrily over hers. He nibbled his way down her neck to her shoulder. “Gulliver, please slow down.” She whispered.

“Sorry, I can’t help myself. I’ve wanted you for so long.” He pressed his forehead against hers, taking a deep breath. “Your smell is intoxicating and your skin tastes amazing.” He grabbed her chin and kissed her, his tongue moving in her mouth. He pulled back with a sigh and tucked stray strands of hair behind her ear.

“I’m sorry, I don’t want to leave you frustrated, but…”

“Hush now, I’m not frustrated, I’m very happy right now. You give me the strength to control myself. I love you very much.” He rubbed his nose against hers then kissed her one more time before getting up and pulling his clothes back on. He pulled her to her feet and hugged her tightly. “You are one amazing woman Stacy, absolutely captivating. The way you kissed me while were flying, warmed my heart.”

“I needed to show you that no matter what you look like I will always love you.”

This moment made him want to just propose right now even though he left her ring at home.  She was such a spectacular woman and he wanted to spend the rest of his life doing everything he could to make her happy and to deserve her. He would never be able to explain to Stacy how much it meant to him when she kissed him while he looked like a monster. That form sent most people screaming but she actually asked to see him that way and pressed her perfect, beautiful lips against his face.

“Would you mind if we started traveling home now and I brought you back here another time?”


“I have an important question I need to ask you. I need to be home to ask it. Please don’t make me explain. It’s a surprise but we need to be in my home for it.”

“sure then Gulliver. You’ll bring me back though?”

“right after if you desire it”

“lets get going then” she said with her jaw dropping smile. “will you ride on my back?”

“Get down for me then.” He dropped down and she latched herself on. Gulliver stood very excited and happy “I’m going to run. Now I can run at my full speed since you know I’m a demon.” Stacy was confused at first but once he started to run she understood why he couldn’t run as fast as he could when she didn’t know. It was inhuman the speed he had. Stacy closed her eyes and pressed her face into his shoulder. She was surprised he could see with how hard the wind was hitting them.

He slowed to a jog then finally a walk “you aren’t getting sick are you?”

“No, thanks for asking though”

“good, I’m going to walk the rest of the way.”

“I’ll walk to so you don’t get tired” Gulliver laughed “I wont get tired.”

“But you’re holding our bags too”

“I wont I promise. Can I hold you in my arms now?”

“sure” Stacy got down then he moved the bags to his back then scooped her up. Gulliver leaned down giving Stacy a long and loving kiss. “How close are we?”

“About three hours away”

“Jeez” Gulliver smiled “Yeah, it’s just a long trip walking. Now that you know about me I can make a lot easier for you.” Gulliver walked along on cloud nine. His heart soaring, he wanted to be home but he was afraid of making Stacy sick with the fast motion. He was surprised she didn’t throw up from just what he did before.

She rested her head against his chest, a look of pure bliss on her face. “Sing for me please.” Gulliver said. “It’s far to quiet.”

“Some day I won’t have a voice because you ask me to sing so much, but that’s okay. If it makes you happy, I will gladly lose it.” She sang softly, a beautiful song about unrequited love. In the end the woman in the song was happy even though she never had the chance to be with the one she wanted.

“Why is she so happy?” He asked, confused as to why the woman wouldn’t just go after who she loved.

“Because the man she loves is happy. In the end his happiness is all that mattered. Love is about sacrifice, that’s the theme of the song.”

“It’s very sad.”

“Let me ask you this. You would do anything to make me happy right?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Even if it meant me being with someone else?”

The idea broke his heart, but he would do anything to make her smile. “Yes, even if it meant you being with someone else. I just want you happy. Even if it killed me to see you in the arms of another man, I would grin and bear it just so you could be happy.”

“Sacrafice. You opened yourself up to me, knowing that just maybe I might hate you and wish you away because you love me. You were willing to sacrafice everything to be honest with me, to make me happy. That means a lot to me.”

“You are so wonderful Stacy. I am very undeserving.”

“You are perfect for me in every way. I love you from the tip of your toes to the top of your head and I always will.”

They passed the rest of the time on silence. When they finally made it home, his heart was in overdrive. He was scared of wht she might say. Even though she had already devoted herself to him, even though she loved him for who he was, he was still afraid of overwhelming her with a marriage proposal. She opened his door for him and he carried her in, placing her gently on the couch. He leaned down and kissed her before hurrying upstairs and grabbing the ring he had taken so much time to make. He had scrapped so many because it had to be perfect.

He held it in his hand for a moment just staring down. He couldn’t believe how nervous he was. Gulliver took a deep breath then walked back down the stairs. When he was in front of Stacy he said “We’ve had some big conversations yesterday and today. I’m sure it’s been a lot to take in and you are an amazing woman for being so understanding and still loving me to spite the fact I had to lie about a few things when I was first getting to know you. I really do mean that I will never lie about anything again. I have one more big thing to talk to you about.”

“I’m ready” Gulliver smiled “I hope so” was all he said before he got down on one knee in front of Stacy. “From the moment my eyes met yours I felt a connection between us Stacy. That first day was amazing with you and there aren’t words to describe our first dance at Charles and Sophies wedding. You kept complaining about how horrible you were but I thought you were absolutely adorable and it gave me reason to hold you close daily afterwards as I taught you different dances and helped you improve. Every second I’ve been with you these past six months have been a wish come true. I want to spend my life showing you how much I adore you in every way Stacy. Would you please be my better half?” Gulliver said as he held up the ring to her.

These past six months Stacy had been longing for Gulliver so much and now not only did he want her to be his girlfriend he was asking to be her husband and to live with him forever as a demon. Stacy wanted to answer but she couldn’t quit crying. Gulliver hugged Stacy happily since he knew they were tears caused by how overwhelmed with joy she was. He began kissing each tear as it fell until she said “nothing would make me happier than to be your wife Gulliver. I love you so much. Please put that gorgeous ring on me.” He smiled against her cheek since he was just kissing another tear drop. He grabbed her hand and slid it on her ring finger. “I will always be there for you. I wont let anything hurt you or take you away from me Stacy. When I change you so you can live forever it will be the only time I ever hurt you.”

Stacy wrapped her arms around Gulliver “I love you so much” He’d never tire of those sweet words. He hoped when she was ready to make love to him she’d be saying that during once she got over being nervous. “Can I carry you upstairs and cuddle with you a little while before I make dinner?” Stacy nodded and he lifted her up. Gulliver admired Stacy as he walked up the stairs. She loved how his eyes seemed to sparkle when they looked at her. He always looked so happy when he was looking into her eyes. Gulliver pushed his shoes off as he approached the bed then sat down against the headboard. Gulliver rested his head on top of Stacys, holding her as tight as he could against himself without hurting her.

“To me this is heaven.” Stacy said as she laced her fingers through his. “I love being here very much.”

“I love you being here. I love that you spend most of your time with me.” He kissed her cheek and she smiled.

“I was thinking about something on the way home. People are going to notice that neither of us age. Sophie might ask questions. You know that lying to her would make me sad right? She’s such a good friend. Someday you might have to come clean and deal with Chthon’s wrath anyway. What if something happens and you have no choice but to shift shape and they see? Maybe Sophie falls off a cliff and you have to fly to save her. You can’t hide what you are forever. Even if that jerk comes back and gets angry at you, I will stand up to him. He deserves a slap for making you keep such a secret from Sophie and Charles.”

“If and when the time comes, I will tell them everything. I don’t want to force you to lie to them anymore than I want to lie to them. Every time I look at them I feel guilty. Charles deserves to know his heritage and that he should be proud of it. His demon blood protects him. Someday I will tell them, just not now.”

“I understand your apprehension. You fear Chthon. He’s powerful, but he doesn’t scare me. Maybe it’s because I’ve never heard anything important about him or maybe it’s because I know that he’s not really a monster, but he does not scare me. I promise to defend you, to stand between the two of you and tell him how things work around here. He should know that to lie to your family is just as bad as betraying them.”

“Every time you talk like that, you make me fall more and more in love with you. Can you feel how fast my heart is beating right now? It’s because of your love and devotion to those that mean the most to you. With you by my side I think I could stand up to Chthon no matter how outraged he may be. You chase those stupid, irrational fears away and make me feel steady.” He tightened his hold on her a little bit and buried his nose in her hair, taking on her sweet warm scent. He kissed her neck and she was instantly covered in goosebumps. “Let me go cook Stacy before I rip your clothes off.”

She blushed and found herself ¬†at a loss for words. He let her go and she scooted forward so he could get up. She really wanted him, but didn’t know how to go about it. He went downstairs, leaving her there to think. She wished she wasn’t so nervous. Her hands were shaking and she clenched them into fists to make them stop. She could do anything for him.

Stacy decided there was no other way than to simply do it. She took off all her clothes with her shaky hands then walked to leave Gullivers room. She paused at his door, unable to move past it she was so nervous. She grunted in frustration and forced her legs to move but once again found herself motionless at the stairs. “Gulliver” Stacy called and he answered “yes beautiful?”

“Have you started cooking?”

“I have the stuff out but I¬†havent started, why?”

“Don’t start cooking but don’t leave the kitchen” Gulliver could hear her heart racing and worried somthing might be wrong but he obeyed. Stacy forced herself to slowly walk down his stairs and then into the kitchen. She was in a full bodied blush with her eyes clenched shut. Stacy was afraid of his reaction and didn’t know if she wanted to see his face. Gulliver was at a loss for words as he stared at her amazing body. He had grown hard the very second she walked in the kitchen. “what’re you doing Stacy?” he said weakly as he struggled not to take her. She opened her eyes but looked away. “The only way to get over this is if we do it. I’m so sorry I’m nervous but I want you to make love to me Gulliver.”

“are you really sure Stacy? I’m not in a rush baby”

“I know, I really do want you” Gulliver crossed the room then lifted her into his arms “well then lets go back upstairs then I’ll make us dinner when we’re done” His eyes were filled with so much adoration and love once she could make herself look into them. He laid her on the bed then pulled his clothes off. Stacys grew hot with her blush. Gulliver was ridiculously sexy as he approached the bed again. She couldn’t believe how hard he seemed. “I really excite you that much” Gulliver grinned “Of course, you are the most beautiful and sexy woman to ever exist. You have been so hard to resist” He began to kiss Stacy and push her slowly back down. He lifted his head slightly and said “You canask me to stop at anytime Stacy. I don’t care if I’m inside of you, you get too uncomfrotable please tell me to stop”

“Ok” Stacy barely managed to respond. He started to kiss her again and let his hands explore her soft skin. He instantly got covered in goosebumps when she started to feel his chest. He hated she was still shaking but he knew she did want him and that there was no helping how nervous she was. He prayed she’d relax though, it was hard to truly enjoy her when he knew she wasn’t fully comfortable. He kissed across Stacys cheek and down her neck to her breasts. He gently bit at her nipples and teased them with his tongue before sliding down her stomach. Stacy let out another moan and he almost couldn’t support himself with how much he enjoyed her sounds.

He slid his hands down her legs to her knees and pushed them open. He kept his eyes on her face as he ran his tongue over her. She gasped and covered her face to hide her reaction. “Please look at me.” He said and she shook her head. “I want to see your face while I do this.” He reached up and pulled her hands away. He dipped his tongue inside her and she moaned loudly. “You taste so good Stacy.” He moved back up her, his hands sliding over her so she was quivering in anticipation. He tangled his fingers with hers and thrust into her hard. She screamed his name and he froze. She had tears in her eyes.

“I’m okay, please don’t stop.” She said softly.

He thrust into her again, his hips taking on a fast pace. He watched her face, his own moans of pleasure mingling with hers. He had wanted to be gentle, but the way she clenched around him drove out all reason. “You feel so amazing.”

“I love you Gulliver.”

He captured her mouth with his, afraid if he kept looking into her eyes he would cry. He felt her quiver around him as an orgasm moved through her. He spilled himself inside her, smiling happily against her lips. He cupped her cheek and brushed his thumb over her soft skin. “I love you so much Stacy. Thank you for giving yourself to me.” He moved off of her and pulled her into his arms. “Are you okay?”

“I feel amazing.” Her voice sounded tired.

“You might be sore tomorrow.”

“I’m sure. You were so wild.”

“I wanted to be gentle, but you drove me crazy. I love being inside of you.”

Stacy turned red and covered her face. “Why do you have to say things like that?”

“Because it’s true.” He pulled her hands away from her face then tipped her head back. “Look at how red you are, it’s sexy.”

“Your eyes changed. Their color is different again.” She kissed him and he sighed happily. When she pulled back his eyes were blue again. “I like that I can make you let go of your control. That’s sexier than a blush.”

“I really love you. Now let me make you dinner.” He got out of bed and stretched. She couldn’t help but stare at him. She reached out and ran her fingers over him, making him inhale sharply. “If you don’t stop that you will never get to eat and you won’t be able to walk in the morning.” She snatched her hand away. “Does the idea of not eating really scare you that much?”

“Oh yes, what if I starve.” They both laughed and he leaned down and kissed her once more.

“Relax up here okay. I’m going to make you something delicious.”

Chapter Five

Gulliver practically floated down the stairs and into the kitchen to cook for Stacy. That was honestly the best sex he had in his life and he could only imagine how great it would be once Stacy was comfortable and he didn’t have to feel bad. He put back the stuff he originally took out and decided to make one of Stacys favorite meals. Gulliver quickly chopped up the ingredients then put them all in a pan. Once the food was ready he put the food on two plates. Gulliver went up the stairs as quickly as he could, anxious to get back to Stacy. Gulliver gently nudged the door open and her beautiful eyes turned to him making him smile. He sat down beside her and handed her a plate. Stacy took a bite then thanked him.

“Would you like tea after this?”

“aw, that’s ok.”

“I want to make you some. I’m not tired. How could I be after such an amazing day and finally getting to make love to my beautiful goddess.” Stacy smiled then set her plate aside to hug him. “It truly was amazing. I wont be so nervous next time”

“I hope not, I want you to enjoy it as much as I do. I’ve never had such amazing sex. I revel in making love to you. Your every sound making the experience even better”

“Have you had sex with very many women?”

“You and my previous wife.” Stacy smiled “I love you Gulliver”

“I love you too Stacy, truly madly and very deeply”

“Can I meet your parents?”

“I’d love for you too. My dad will be easier to find than my mom so you’ll probably meet him first.”

“Why don’t you know where they are?”

“They both don’t really live anywhere and I rarely see them. I’ve maybe seen them ten times since I turned twenty”


“That’s just sort of how it is among demons. Some stay in touch with their children but for the most part, once they think you can handle yourself you’re alone.”

“That’s sad”

“It’s alright, it’s always happy when I do see them. Now I will have my own family. We’ll get married and have children and I will never leave you or my babies. I’m very happy you’re willing to do the ceremony with me so that you can live forever. I’d hate to lose you to old age…I’d hate to lose you to anything. I’m unwilling to let anything happen to you. No matter what I will keep you safe Stacy” They finished then Gulliver picked Stacy up and carried her downstairs. “counter or chair?”

“Chair please” Gulliver set her at the table then kissed her. He held their lips together until Stacy giggled. “Sorry, I love how your lips feel against mine” Gulliver turned and started getting the tea ready for himself and Stacy. Once it was done they sat together and drank happily. Gulliver enjoyed not having to stop starin at Stacy. He could admire her beauty as much as he wanted. Stacy noticed he looked happiest when he glanced at the ring on her finger. Nobody had ever made her feel so special, so loved. He truly seemed to be lost in his love for her and Stacy hoped he always stayed that way.

“So how does this demon ritual thing work anyway?” She asked as she ran her finger around the edge of her cup.

“There is this spell that I have to read while driving a knife through our hands. Our blood will mix together and it will turn you into a demon.” He answered nervously.

“Ouch, I’ve never been stabbed before.”

“That’s good, hopefully it will be the only time.”

“So do many of you choose humans for husbands and wives?”

“I don’t really know. Chthon did and I think it left him a little bitter.”

“Did she die?” Gulliver nodded. “How sad, the poor man. How does he feel about relationships like ours?”

He shrugged. “I don’t really know.” He frowned and grabbed her hand. “I never want to lose you.”

“You won’t I promise. I’ll always be here.” He pulled her onto his lap and she wrapped her arms around his neck. He rested his head on her shoulder and she ran her fingers lovingly through his hair. She could tell he was scared. She kissed the top of his head and he tightened his hold on her.

“I love you so much Stacy. My grief would kill me if I lost you.”

“No you wouldn’t because if you tried I would come back and haunt you.”

He kissed her neck and she shivered. She blushed at how her body reacted to his touch. He smiled against her neck and she pinched him. “Ow what was that for?”

“For turning me on then silently gloating about it.”

“I can’t help it. Someone seems to think I am an amazing lover.” He licked her neck up to her ear.


“I can live with being a pervert as long as it’s with you.”

Stacy laughed even though she had been trying for serious. Gulliver whispered in her ear “may I make love to you one more time before we go to sleep?” Stacy blushed and he carried her back to their room “was your facial expression a yes my beautiful bride?” Stacy nodded, she was nervous but not as nervous as last time. He set her on the bed then began giving her small bites all over her legs, stomach and neck. Stacy squirmed occasionally moaning. He once again got lost in his lust as they were kissing and his eyes changed. Gulliver lifted Stacy up and began to thrust inside of her as he held her close. His moans in her ear and hers in his. “How are you so tight baby” He moaned out. When he was about to burst he kissed Stacy again. They were both gasping as he kept her against him. Gulliver laid down with Stacy laying on top of him “Goodnight Stacy, you are my universe.” They both fell asleep quickly. When morning came Stacy was excited to announce to everybody they were getting married. She shook Gulliver awake in her excitement “Morning to you too.”

“Lets get dressed and tell my parents and then Sophie and Charles that we’re getting married” Gulliver loved the excited tone in her voice. “Ok, just give me a second baby” The two speedily got dressed then Stacy drug Gulliver out the door. Stacy knocked excitedly on her mothers door. She answered with a smile “welcome back you two! How was your trip?”

“Gus porposed to me”

“Darren! Come down here now!” Her mother screamed up the stairs. He came down “what?”

“Gus finally proposed to our little girl!” Darren pulled Gulliver and Stacy into a firm hug “That’s wonderful news. How soon do you want the wedding?” Stacy looked at Gulliver “that is up to you Stacy. I want you to be happy. It doesn’t matter to me”

“How about in four months?”

“Four months it is. I’ll get everything together” Darren said cheerfully. “I want to tell Charles and Sophie the good news too! I just thought you two should know first!”

“Run along then before you explode with want to tell everybody” Gulliver picked Stacy up after they said bye and ran to Sophies and Charles door. Stacy knocked and Charles answered. “Hello you two. How was your trip?”

“Gus asked me to marry him” Stacy said almost squealing “He what!” Sophie said pushing past Charles “yep, we’re getting married in four months! Look at my ring” Stacy said as Gulliver put her down. “Gorgeous Gus!” both men smiled. “Don’t just stand there, come in” Charles said and they entered. “Have you two eaten breakfast?” Sophie asked. “No, I was ecited to tell everybody. I’m sorry Gus”

“It’s fine, It makes me happy how excited you are”

“I was about to make Sophie pancakes. You two are welcome to them aswell”

“Thanks Charles”

“No problem” They followed Charles into the kitchen and sat at the table talking about their trip and Gulliver proposing. After breakfast they went back home. When they were out the door Sophie said “So is that what your chat was about by the lake?”

“Yep, I told him I’d kick his ass if he didn’t tell her how he felt.” Sophie laughed then kissed her husband. “I’m so happy they are happy. Gulliver and Stacy make such a perfect pair.”

“Gulliver honey?”

“Sorry Gus, lack of sleep I guess” Charles kissed her head “lets take a shower then I’ll massage you baby. Afterwards I’ll read to you”

“Sounds wonderful” On their way back to the house Gulliver asked “are you ready to do the ceremony Stacy?”

“If you are”

“It’ll hurt pretty badly. You sure you’re ready?”

“You’ve already warned me and I’m sure. You’ll be there for me so I’m not afraid.” Suddenly behind them they heard “I’ll help you” They jumped and turned around “Chthon” Gulliver gasped. “Hello Gulliver. nice to see you again Stacy. Lets hurry to your home and talk where I wont be in the open. Abraxas will give me hell if he knew I was here” They hurried back to Gullivers home and sat on the couch. “Don’t look so shocked Gulliver. I saw you confess to Stacy. You actually had me crying too. Romance still makes me into a baby it seems.” Stacy suddenly walked over and slapped him. Chthon looked shocked and Gulliver looked nevous. Chthon laughed “I was waiting on that.Just didn’t expect it to sting so much. I only asked him to keep a secret because Charlies parents made me swear not to tell Charles. Knowing about their demon heritage has been a burden on my line. They didn’t want to burden Charles too.”

“You are nothing but a selfish, egotistical, idiot. Every family has some weight they must bear on their shoulders. Charles is strong enough and Sophie is understanding enough. His parents should be ashamed for putting the same responsibility on you. Lying to your family is just has bad as putting a knife in their back.” She glared up at him, her hands place defiantly on her hips.

“You really aren’t afraid of me are you?”

“Why should I be. You are a sweet man with a big heart, but you are also an idiot.”

He rubbed his cheek again. “That was a mighty powerful slap.”

“It was electrified and there was a lot of anger behind it.”

“You humans never cease to amaze me. Especially you women. I will talk to Charles’s parents about telling Charles the truth because you have shamed me. We should never lie to one another. Am I forgiven now?”

“I guess.”

She turned her back to him and grabbed Gulliver’s hand, pulling him back to his house. Chthon followed close behind them, making sure not to look directly at anyone they passed. They went inside and Gulliver grabbed the book off of his bookshelf and handed it to Chthon. “Do you have a knife?” Gulliver nodded and hurried into the kitchen. Stacy sat down at the table, wishing he wouldn’t look so worried. He handed Chthon the knife thn sat down next to Stacy and placed his hand on top of hers.

“I’m sorry for the pain.” Gulliver said as Chthon started reading. He raised the knife up and drove it through their hands. Stacy whimpered and clenched her other fist. Chthon kept reading as their blood mingled and a hot fire moved up her arm. He withdrew the dagger and a searing pain tore through her. She screamed and Gulliver pulled her into his arms as she convulsed, her muscles clenching. Gulliver cried as she screamed and clung to him. The agony drove her into unconsciousness. “I’m so, so sorry. Please forgive me.” He whispered.

“She’ll be okay. I brought you something.” He pulled open the front door and reached outside, grabbing a sack. He pulled out one bottle and poured it over their hands. “She’ll need to drink the rest of these when she wakes up because she will be in a lot of pain.”

“Thank you so much. I’m sorry she slapped you.”

“I’m not. She is right. You should never lie to family. Try and get some rest. She’ll need you tomorrow.”

Gulliver nodded then Chthon left. He had been semi stalking them so he could help Gulliver go through that. He knew how hard it would have been to watch Ruth go through changing into a demon. He quickly pushed her out of his mind before he cried again. Her memory still brought him to tears somtimes. He wanted her in his arms again so badly. He was working at moving on but she had made such an impression on him. From the day he had met Ruth she was all he thought about so it was proving difficult to give her up, even after all these years. He decided to walk to the first place he ever took her to think back on their life together before she ran out of her human years. His lip started to quiver as he held back his tears seeing this village yet again. He would spend the night collecting himself then go to see Charles parents and hopefully get their blessing in telling Charles the truth about why he was so skilled.

Gulliver carried Stacy upstairs unable to quit sobbing. He could still hear her heartbreaking screams as he laid with her in their bed. Gulliver kept placing loving kisses all over her face and repeating that he was sorry. He eventually took comfort in the fact she’d be his forever and she’d soon feel better. He was glad she passed out and didn’t have to be consious with the pain racing through her. When morning came Stacy said weakly “Gulliver” His eyes snaped open and he said “do you need somthing for the pain?”

“Yes please” Gulliver jumped up and grabbed the bag of bottles. He handed her one and she drank it quickly. He agve her as many as she wanted then held her again “I love you so mcuh Stacy…Thank you for doing that last night. Thank you so much…I’m so sorry it had to hurt”

“I knew it would Gulliver, not that bad but I knew it would. Please don’t appologize. Thanks for grabbing me so quickly. It helped being in your arms” Gulliver kissed her head again “I love you so much baby, so very much. Do you want to soak in the bath to help ease your pain?”

“That’s a good idea.”

“I’ll go run the water. You yell if you need anything or for me to hand you another bottle”

“Thanks Gulliver”

“It’s the least I can do for you Stacy” Gulliver quickly went to the bathroom and got a bath running for Stacy. When the tub was ready he undressed Stacy then himself before lifting her up and taking her into the bathroom. He sat down in the water then laid Stacy against him. He briefly smiled when she let out a contented sigh. :I could fall back asleep this is so comfortable”

“Fall asleep if you want. I will take you out when the water gets cold.”

“You are such an amazing fiance” Just as she thought she fell right back asleep. Gulliver just laid there until the water became cool. He stood with Stacy then carefully got out of the tub. He grabbed a towel and dried her before putting her back under the covers of their bed. Once she was tucked in he went downstairs to make her somthing to eat. He made two omlettes and poured some orange juice for each of them. He went back to her and set the stuff on the dresser before gently shaking her awake. “You need to eat baby. I made you an omlette” Gulliver grabbed her plate and juice then handed it to her after he situated her against the headboard. He sat by Stacys side and ate even though he didn’t feel like it.

Chthon stood outside Paul’s and Drea’s house. He had to do this. He knocked and Paul pulled the door open, glaring at him with open hostility. “What are you doing here?” He snapped.

“We need to talk, now.” He replied.

“Go away.” Paul tried to close the door and Chthon slammed his hand against it, holding it open.

“I am not in the mood Paul.” He shoved the door open and stepped inside. Drea poked her head out of the kitchen and smiled warmly.

“You’re back.” She hugged him and he smiled down at her.

“I need to talk to both of you.”

“Of course, let’s sit in the living room.” Paul and Drea sat on the couch and Chthon stood in front of the fireplace. “What is it?”

“I have decided that I am breaking my promise. I want Charles to know who he is, what he is.”

“No fucking way.” Paul said angrily.

“Yes, we must tell him. We are betraying his trust by hiding such things. I was told that lying to the ones you love is like stabbing them in the back. It is an act of betrayal on our part. I want both Charles and Sophie to know everything about me, you, and Gulliver. I want him to know that it his blood that is protecting him. He deserves to know. I want them to know about…” his voice cracked and he balled his hands into fists as tears threatened to spill over, “about Ruth and how much her family meant to her.”

Paul softened at the sight of a strong creature like Chthon about to cry. He sighed and stood, crossing the room and giving the demon a hug. Drea joined him, wrapping hers arms around both of them. “Are you sure this is for the best?” Drea asked worriedly.

“All I know is we owe them the truth no matter what.”

Gulliver ran his hands over her bare skin, massaging every muscle. Stacy moaned, exciting him. He had to keep telling himself she needed rest and that he had been selfish enough already. “Feeling better?”

“Even though you let me drink all of that stuff and you’re rubbing me, I still feel sore in places.”

“I’m sure it’ll go away soon, just take it easy today. I can do all the cooking and cleaning.”

“You are far to sweet. You know after all this, having babies is going to be a piece of cake.”

Gulliver smiled happily at those words. “when do you want to start having children?”

“Right after we get married if you want”

“I want that very much Stacy. I’m really excited to have children with you. I just wish that wouldn’t be another pain for you to bare. I will take really good care of you during that time.”

“I know you will and stop feeling guilty about this Gulliver. I wanted to be a demon so I could live forever with you. I’m very happy even though I’m in pain.”

“I’ll try, it just crushed my heart when you were screaming. I never want to hear you scream again”

“what if it’s your name?” Stacy joked and Gulliver smiled “well that kind of screaming I’d enjoy.” Stacy laughed but then took a sharp intake of air “we shouldn’t joke Stacy. Want me to make you some chocolate pudding?”

“Sounds delicious”

“You go back to sleep and I’ll wake you when it’s ready” Chthon, Drea and Paul went over to Sophies and Charles house and knocked on the door. “Chthon!” Sophie said excitedly then hugged him. Chthon lifted her into a hug and walked inside. “Look at you, you’re going to be a mother.”

“Yeah. we’re so excited”

“I bet, I know you’ll make a great mother. Where’s Charles?”

“In the shower, he got blood all over him but he should be out soon. I thought I’d never see you again Chthon! I’m so pleased you’re back.” He smiled then they all sat down. ¬†When Charles came out he was shocked to see everybody “hey”

“Hey Charles” the three said. Charles picked Sophie up off the couch and put her in his lap “what’s going on?” Chthon cleared his throat “I have somthing very important I need to talk to you two about. Your parents thought it was best to keep somthing from you and I agreed with them until recently. The three of us decided we should be honest with you.”

“what is it?” Charles said holding Sophie closer. “My name is Chthon. you met me briefly during the time of your wedding. You are a decendant of mine. In fact to you I would be your Great Great Great Great grandfather.” Charles looked at him like he was crazy but Sophie didn’t seem very shocked. “That’s not possible, is this a joke?” Charles responded. Chthon sighed “I’m a demon, I feel madly in love with a human woman named Ruth. Demons can turn humans into demon if they want but she didn’t want eternal life because that meant being without her family. Family was absolutly everything to Ruth. She was a very kind and amazing woman. The best example I can give you of her is Sophie. Sophie could almost be a copy of my Ruth. I know this is shocking but I’ve always kept in touch with my family. In fact i used to get monthly visits from all the generations that have followed my line but when I came to visit you when you were two your parents asked me to promise never to tell you you had demon blood. Paul and my grandchildren saw it as a burden since they had to fear being hated and thrown out of the village. Even my children hated being different even though it gave them amazing power.”

Charles was speechless in shock at Chthons words. “I knew it, Gus is Gulliver too isn’t he!” Sophie said. “Smart girl” Chthon smiled then continued “He wanted to go to your wedding so I gave him the gift of looking human since he meant so much to you. I asked him to lie to you so please don’t get angry at him. He was probably too scared to go against me.”

“I’m not, I figured him out too. I knew he was Gulliver the second week he was coming around” Chthon smiled more “well I’m sure you’re a hard woman to fool.” Chthon brought his attention back to the very shocked Charles “You have great strength in you. It’s helped you a lot through your life I’m sure. When you get angry your demon blood takes over and gives you power to get through whatever is happening. Your children will have the same thing but when they have children the demon blood will be too watered down by human blood to have any affect. I’m sorry we havent told you the truth for so many years. It’s been very hard for me too. You and your parents are my only pieces of a woman whom I loved so deeply. Nobody ill ever replace her in my heart. I’m trying to move on now but it’s very hard. My heart only wants Ruth to this day”

“You know dad instead of lying and making mom lie, a nice big be careful would have sufficed.” Charles said angrily. “I don’t lie to you.”

“If someone had found out, you might not have lived long enough to marry Sophie.” Paul replied.

“Gus, I mean Gulliver, is a demon and no one in the village knows. There was no reason to lie other than selfishness. At least now I know why you’re always so I’ll tempered about everything.”

“Calm down Charles, just let it go. Besides I lied to you too.” Sophie said as she grabbed his arm.

Charles took a deep breath, knowing she was right. “It’s nice to finally get to talk to you. Please feel free to visit any time you wish.”

“Thank you, I look forward to getting to know you more.”

Gulliver admired Stacy as she slept. After finishing her pudding, she had fallen immediately back to sleep. He didn’t blame her. He leaned down and kissed her cheek, smiling when she mumbled his name in her sleep. It warmed his heart that she was dreaming of him. There was a knocking on his front door and he hurried downstairs, throwing it open and holding his finger to his lips. He was a little shocked to see Chthon standing there with Sophie, Charles, Paul and Drea behind him.

“Uh hello.” He said and Sophie pushed around Chthon and wrapped her arms tightly around him.

“Hello Gulliver.” She said with a bright smile.

“I’m glad he finally told you. I’m sorry for lying.”

“I already knew and we’re not mad at you. We just wanted to let you know.”

“Please come in. Stacy is sleeping again.”

“Is she feeling okay?” Sophie asked.

“I made her like me, into a demon. It was hard on her body. She’ll be okay.” He ran his fingers through his hair. “I am a little nervous being around Charles and his parents.”

“Don’t be nervous, we don’t plan on hurting you or anything.” Charles said and squeezed his shoulder.

“Thank you. If you would like I can make some tea for everyone. You are also welcome to eat with us.”

They visited and talked until Stacy was awake. Gulliver ran upstairs to get her and bring her down to everybody. Gulliver sat her on the couch then Sophie gave her a tight hug. Sophie explained to Stacy how she knew everything about her and Gulliver then proceeded to tell her about Chthon and how Charles had demon blood in him. Stacy was happy her best friend knew now and wasn’t very shocked about Charles since she had seen his strength and speed many times. “It only makes sense you have demon in you Charles” Stacy laughed softly. She still felt really weak. “you sure you don’t want to go back to sleep Stacy?” Sophie asked. Gulliver had wanted to ask her that too and was glad Sophie did. “I’m fine, I’m tired no matter how much sleep I get. I want to spend time with you guys.”

“did it hurt?” Sophie asked. “Yeah but it’s worth it to get to be with Gulliver forever” They spent the rest of teh evening talking and laughing. Chthon hadn’t felt this happy in a very long time. He almost cried when Charles and Sophie offered to let him spend the night in their home and told him he could visit as often as he wanted to. Chthon was finally going to be able to spend time with his decendants and be wrapped once again in happiness. The only thing that would make things better for him was if Ruth was still around but instead of letting the thought get him down he just basked in the happiness of having his family back.

By the time everybody left Stacy was actually feeling better. Gulliver sat in bed with Stacy just holding her and thanking her over and over for agreeing to be his wife and becoming a demon so that even death couldn’t part them. They stayed up late into the night discussing their wedding and agreeing that Charles should be his best man and Sophie should be her maid of honor. They would have made Chthon best man but they knew he couldn’t show himself to the other villagers. They hoped he would atleast attend though. Sophie, Charles, Stacy, Gulliver, Chthon and Drea all went to sleep with happy smiles on their faces.

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