Hadrian & Fahim

Chapter One

Fahim and his sister dashed through the woods, following a crystal their mother had given them to track down the gargoyle that once helped her tame a beautiful orange snake. Nahia wanted one for her own and her brother was only along for the fun of going somewhere with his sister and meeting the gargoyle of legend. The Crystals glow grew almost blinding so Nahia knew they were close. She walked slowly, beyond eager to make her request. Finally it stopped her at the bottom of an apple tree. She looked up and saw him sleeping soundly but she was unafraid just to yell “HEY HADRIAN!” It startled him so badly he hit the ground and the two siblings almost fell to their knees with laughter. He was supposed to be so cool and mysterious and here he was being startled out of sleep.

Hadrian got to his feet and swept his fingers through his black hair. His eyes, a deep red stared back at them. He sniffed then let his eyes move back and forth between them. “You smell familiar.” He said, his voice calm, his demeanor cool and collected as if he hadn’t just fallen out of a tree.

“You probably smell our mother.” Fahim replied and the gargoyle looked him over, causing him to fidget a little under the scrutiny.

“I wanted to ask you to help me get a snake like our mother has?” Nahia chimed in and Hadrian forced his eyes away from Fahim.


“A snake like my mom’s.”

He smiled. “After you scared me like that?”

Nahia’s face fell and Fahim looked a bit embarrassed. He knew that had not been the nicest way to wake someone up. “We’re sorry.”

Hadrian gave a little laugh. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Thought I’d have a little fun at your expense as payback. I’ll help you.” He reached up and plucked an apple from a low hanging branch. “But, you have to do what I saw when I say it. Finding the snake is hard enough as it is, but the taming is even harder.” He took a bite of the apple and smiled, making Fahim blush. “I’m sure your mother told you how it went.”

“Yes she did and it’s why we’ve come to you for help in doing it. She told us it would be foolish to try on our own”

“still a wise woman, why didn’t she come?”

“She doesn’t have much free time on her hands”

“she is well then?”

“very, so is our dad”

“Glad to hear it.” He tossed them each an apple then bit into one of his own “come on, lets get going”

“wow, just like that?”

“I honestly have nothing better to do, come before I change my mind” As the two followed him Fahim tried not to stare at Hadrians handsome profile. As a gargoyle he would be perceptive and he didn’t want the embarrassment his sister would inflict if she realized he thought Hadrian was attractive. She’d spend more time being a pain than trying to find and tame a snake.

“So why did you come?” Hadrian asked as he looked over his shoulder at Fahim.

“Well, because I wanted to see my sister tame her snake and…um…”

“He wanted to meet you, our mother told us quite a bit about you.” Nahia interjected, saving him from embarrassing himself.

“Hmmm, you don’t have any power.”

“How did you know?” Fahima asked.

“Gargoyles are good at sensing magic. It’s a gift.”

“That must make me look pretty weak.” He looked at his feet so he didn’t notice Hadrian had stopped and collided with him. Hadrian steadied him and chuckled.

“You shouldn’t put words into my mouth, especially untrue ones. You don’t need magic to be strong.”

Fahim blushed and his sisters smile widened. She knew her brother too well to miss his attraction. She decided to be more of a wingman than a tease. She often hassled her brother when he liked someone and her mother had given her grief about it. Her mother had a point, she could tease him when they were alone, she didn’t need to embarrass him so much around men. Hadrian kept pace with Fahim instead of retaking the front. It was nicer to talk side by side where he could see him rather than continuously looking ahead.

“Are you liking it here so far?” Hadrian asked, the question directed at Fahim.

He blushed, feeling incredibly nervous under the gargoyles stare. “Um…well it’s beautiful.”

Hadrian grinned. “You should stick close, there are many dangerous things here. Snakes like the one we’re looking for can fall right out of the trees and onto your head.”


“They’re also good at hiding in the grass, just waiting to strike.”

Nahia giggled. “Fahim, you look about ready to run.”

His blush turned a deeper shade of red. “I don’t and I won’t. I don’t have your gifts so talking my way out of an animal attack won’t work.”

“Just stay close to Hadrian, he’ll protect you.”

Hadrian grinned and laid his arm across Fahim’s shoulders “This should do” Fahim wished he had the self control to stop blushing. This gargoyle was just as forward as their mother had told them. After a short time Hadrian couldn’t resist teaseing Fahim again while simultaniously giving him a little more payback for his sisters scare. He jerked slightly, gasping as if in panic causing Fahim to move into him. Nahia laughed when she realized he had been just been trying to scare her brother. Fahim was near overwhelemed with embaressment and jerked free of Hadrians arm to walk further away from him. “come on Fahim” Hadrian tried and he said “I’m fine”

“You mad?”


“You’re not very good at lying.”

“I said I’m fine.” He spun around to glare at him and wound up tripping over a tree root. He fell back, hitting his head on a rock and sat up with a groan, clutching the sore spot.

“Are you alright?” Nahia asked, reaching for him and Hadrian suddenly grabbed her.

“Don’t move.” He said softly.

“Very funny, jerk.” Fahim said and Hadrian held up his other hand, silencing him.

“Don’t.” Fahim could see Nahia was looking behind him and he very much wanted to turn and look over his shoulder, but he couldn’t move. “Nahia, can you catch its attention while I get your brother?”

“Yes, just hurry.”

“Never hurry, move slow.” Nahia spoke softly and Fahim felt a shiver move up his spine when something slid around behind him. “Fahim, look at me.” Fahim raised his eyes, staring right into Hadrian’s. “Trust me.”

“I do.” Fahim whispered and Hadrian reached slowly down, taking Fahim’s hands. He pulled him slowly up and into him, his arms wrapping tightly around Fahim as he backed up. Fahim dared to glance at the creature and saw it was a very large teal colored lizard with spines from its head to its tail. The sliding sound had been the creatures tail dragging across the ground.

“Nahia, come this way now.” He looked down at Fahim’s shocked face and couldn’t help but smile. There was something cute about his wide eyed fear. “Stay close.”

Thanks to Hadrians guidance they got away from it scratch free. Fahim’s new found fear weighed more than his current pride so he allowed Hadrian to keep his hand. Hadrian decided to quit horsing around. Fahim could have gotten seriously hurt or killed back there because of his games. “This time a year you can find them right here. You two stay put and together until I raise my hand and give a thumbs up. If I don’t give the thumbs up I mean stay still and don’t speak. If I give the thumbs up you need to come to me Nahia to catch him. Your snake will never respect you if he is given to you and I want you to have a real bond with him or her like your mother does.”

“Okay” Nahia answered. Hadrian looked into Fahims gorgeous emerald eyes. He wanted to hear from him that he understood. Hadrian knew he couldn’t bare to see Fahim hurt. Not just out of respect from the friendship he had with his mother but also because he truly cared what happened to him. Somthing inside of him felt a need to keep Fahim safe.

“I understand, I won’t move.”

“Good, even if you think I might be in danger, stay here.”

“I will.”

He turned away and Fahim fidgeted a little. “How cute.” Nahia whispered and Fahim’s face flamed red.

“Hush.” He whispered back.

“You like him, it’s totally normal. He’s a good looking guy.”

Fahim looked at his feet. “Let’s just be quiet.”

Nahia smiled as they waited. It was almost too quiet and Fahim’s heart beat faster as he wondered if Hadrian was alright. He might not have powers, but he wouldn’t just leave him if he was injured. They saw his hand shoot up and Fahim let out a breath he hadn’t known he was holding. Nahia went forward and Fahim stayed still, doing his best not to move around or breathe too loudly.

He could hear them talking now so he knew Hadrian and his sister were okay for the moment. He stayed on his toes, ready to run in until he saw his sister walk out proudly holding a beautiful white snake like their mothers. “You did it” he said with a proud smile “Thanks to Hadrian but it’s not over” she said, lifting the hand that was holding the snakes neck “he isn’t quite fully willing yet”

“still” she smiled back and looked at Hadrian “what do I do now?”

“Lets get away from this area and we’ll start taming him. He’ll need a name so start thinking as we walk if you haven’t picked one”

“i need to think. I wanted to get a feel for who I caught. I want nature to tell me his name” Hadrian smiled “You take to your elven heritage huh?”

“Yeah, our mother has taught us all the ways of the elves. She never wants our line to forget the elven ways even if our elf blood gets totally watered out. I mean, if I’m like my mom and don’t marry an elf either then my children will have even less elven blood than me and if they aren’t even supernatural like you my children might not even be immortal anymore”

“Heritage is important, but remember it’s important to pick up new things along the way.”

“I know, my father and mother’s culture mingle together so well. They love sharing foods and dances and songs from both sides.”

“Good. I hope someday I get to do the same. I’d love to teach someone what it means to be a gargoyle.” He glanced at Fahim who blushed and looked away, redirecting his attention to the snake.

“I can’t wait until he’s tame enough for me to hold, I love mom’s snake.”

“You could always try for one of your own.” Hadrian said with a warm smile.

Fahim held up his hands. “No, it’s fine. I’m more of a dog and cat and horse person. Even though I can’t talk to them, I really enjoy their company.”

Due to Nahia’s gift of talking to animals she had an easier time than Hadrian had ever seen when it came to fully taming her companion. She talked it out with him and she, along with her snake decided his name would be Tenjou. When she decided it was time to return home she said “I’ll go home. Why don’t you stay here and get some one on one time with Hadrian. Don’t you dare say anything but okay. You both have the hots for eachother and I wont hear any denying it. It would be cool to have Hadrian in our family so have fun you two and don’t come home single brother” she winked and ran off, leaving her brother blood red and unable to look at Hadrian.

Chapter Two

“She’s just like your mother, never sparing words.”

“They’ve always been like that.”

Hadrian chuckled and gently grabbed Fahim’s chin, tipping his head up. “You must be the odd man out then.”

“Y…yeah. No gifts and too shy.”

“I like the way you are.” Fahim rubbed his arm and shifted back and forth from foot to foot. “How about I show you around. There’s more than just venomous animals, I promise.”

“Okay, I guess.” Hadrian slipped his hand in Fahim’s and pulled him back into the woods. Fahim stayed close, his heart beating hard in his chest. Hadrian did his best to conceal his smile, not wanting to embarrass him too much and send him running.

Hadrian showed him gorgeous flowers, animals and landscapes until the sun started making its descent. “Should I go home?” He asked Hadrian nervously. He looked so nervous and adorable yet again “No, you’ll stay with me. Let me hold you and I’ll fly you to my home.” The expression on his face told Hadrian he had never flown before. “I swear I’d never let you fall and I’ve been flying since I was a little boy”

“Are we going really high?” He shamefully asked. He had no idea why someone like Hadrian was still talking to a rattling, nervous, powerless man like him. Hadrian closed the distance between them and lifted Fahim effortlessly. “Yes but I can’t help that. I live up in a mountain. It’s normal for my kind to like high or darker places to call home”

“I guess we can’t stay here, I’d just end up getting bit or lost or both.”

Hadrian took Fahim’s face in his hands, making him look into his eyes. “I promise there’s nothing dangerous up there but me.”

“You’re hardly dangerous.”

“You’d be surprised.” He smiled. “Ready?”

“No, but I trust you.”

Fahim felt his whole body grow hot as Hadrian pulled him as close as possible, his arms wrapped tightly around him so there wasn’t even a breath between them. His wings took them up and he squeezed his eyes shut and clenched his teeth so he wouldn’t yelp. “Open you eyes, it’s alright.” Hadrian whispered in his ear and Fahim swallowed as he slowly opened his eyes. They were already really high off the ground and he felt his heart leap in his chest. “I’ve got you, just breathe okay or you might pass out.”

Fahim breathed in and out slowly until they landed and Hadrian showed him his home. “Not what I was expecting” Fahim said and Hadrian asked “what were you expecting? A lair?” Fahim blsuhed and Hadrian laughed “It’ okay” Hadrian eventually said and pull Fahim into him again. “wha what are you doing?” Fahim asked and Hadrian let go “sorry, I just really like you and don’t always have the best self control. If I get out of hand make sure I know. I don’t want to upset you”

“what do you like about me?” The way he said it made Hadrian sigh “You’re handsome, have the most beautiful blond hair, those eyes are amazing. You also seem geuinly sweet and good natured. I don’t mind that you scare a bit easy. It’s understandable. We live among dangerous creatures” Fahim really didn’t want Hadrian seeing him as a complete coward so decided to do something brave and kissed him. When their mouths met Hadrian stumbled a bit. He felt that firework feeling so many people talk about. It sounded so stupid until this moment when he felt it with Fahim.

Hadrian smiled, it was still his usual kind smile but it had a seduction to it. “You surprised me and that wasn’t fair” he pushed Fahim against the wall, holding his shoulders to it as he began kissing him. Fahim felt himself grow hard and began blushing profusely.

He turned his head, parting their lips so Hadrian went after his neck, giving him gentle bites. “Ha…Hadrian, please.”

“Please what? Please more?”

“No…I…I haven’t…” Hadrian’s hands pushed at his shirt, fingers skimmed his skin, leaving goosebumps and he let out an embarrasingly loud moan at the contact.

Hadrian smirked as he left a bite mark on his neck and then down across his chest. Every time his lips and teeth made contact, Fahim shivered, further exciting him. “You’re so innocent Fahim, do you know what it does to me?”

“I was just…I wanted…I’m not a wuss.”

Hadrian chuckled. “But I like that you need me so much. Maybe I’ll keep you here helpless forever.”

“You can’t.” His voice was breathy and not at all convincing. He tried hiding his face, but Hadrian grabbed his wrists and pinned them against the wall.

“I like see your face, especially now.” He leaned in, meeting their lips so Fahim’s legs nearly gave out and his heart danced uncontrollably. “I want you Fahim, not just now, but every day. I’ll do anything.”

Fahim was speechless, his face hot and he couldn’t quite get himself to breath in any sort of rhythm. Hadrian gave a gentle smile, holding back his lust for a moment “This isn’t just your normal nervousness. You’re a virgin aren’t you?” He didn’t have to answer for Hadrian to know, Hadrian honestly didn’t even really need to ask. “I..” Fahim started and Hadrian asked “Stay with me. Be my mate and let me have all of you” He was just as hard as Fahim though Fahim didn’t notice it. “I do..want you” Hadrian bit his lower lip, his eyes burning with lust. Hadrian unfastened Fahims belt, admiring his blood red face and Fahim stared back. Fahims length stood straight up and without a word to Fahim Hadrian slid his length into his mouth and began devouring him.

Fahim gripped Hadrian’s shoulders, his head thrown back as a loud cry was ripped from his throat. He was sure he was going to fall over his legs were shaking so hard. Tears filled his eyes as he flowed down Hadrian’s throat and he would have fallen if the gargoyle had not lifted and carried him into the bedroom. He was completely weak and helpless. Hadrian leaned down and kissed him, hungrily exploring the inside of his mouth. Fahim was panting when he pushed off the bed and went to his chest of drawers, leaving him confused. “What?”

“I don’t want to hurt you.” Hadrian came back and moved Fahim onto his stomach then pulled his hips up. “Trust me.”

“I do.” He felt something cold drip on him and gripped the blankets when Hadrian started to loosen him up. Hadrian soon had him moaning then leaned over him, fingers tangling with his.

“Are you ready my love?” Fahim could only nod and Hadrian pushed slowly forward, teeth clenched as he fought to control himself.

It felt so incredibly good but Hadrian kept himself in control. This was Fahims first time and he’d feel like the biggest ass if he got carried away. When Hadrian released he pulled himself out and cuddled with Fahim on the bed “was it good?”


“You’ll stay with me?”

“We will need to let my family know”

“Tomorrow, for now I want to hold you” Fahim didn’t last long before he fell asleep in Hadrians arms. He wasn’t surprised. Fahim had gone through quite a bit recently, flying, helping his sister tame a snake, and Hadrian knew he could be a lot to deal with when he was attracted to someone. With Fahim asleep Hadrian allowed himself to drift off into the bliss of having a mate.

~ The End

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