Halcyon & Fane 2

Chapter One

“Hey Fane, did you hear me.”

Fane looked up from the file he had been so engrossed in and Halcyon smiled. “Sorry.” He felt embarrassed that he had been ignoring him. “What did you say?” He held up and pretty cream colored envelope. It had already been opened and Fane took it, pulling out the card inside. He read it then looked back up at Halcyon. “It’s a wedding invitation.”

“My sister Lark’s getting married, she wants me to come and I want you to come with me.” He could see Fane’s worried thoughts and he reached out gently stroking his cheek. “Tell me.”

“You already saw.”

“But I like when you tell me.”

“What if I have nightmares? I’ll wake the whole house.”

Halcyon shook his head. “I’m getting us a room, our own space. It’ll be just me and you unless we’re hanging out with them.” Fane started to say something else and Halcyon leaned in and kissed him. “Nothing happens without your consent, going on a trip doesn’t mean anything.”

Fane didn’t know why he was so nervous. He spent most of his time at Halcyon’s place, they practically lived together, so much so he was thinking of asking to move in, he just hadn’t found the courage to yet. “I know, I’m sorry. We should go, besides I’ll get to meet your family.”

“It’s been so long, I mean last time I saw them, we were leaving the lab and heading out into the world.”

“Do you think they’ll like me?”

Halcyon gave him another kiss. “I think they’ll love you.”

A month later they were double checking their bags before going to the airport. They had decided to fly instead of drive and already had a car lined up for them when they got off the plane. Halcyons family had offered to pick them up and let them borrow a family car but Halcyon knew Fane would feel better if they truly had their own transportation. He didn’t want him to feel self conscious in the least about whatever he needed during this trip so Halcyon was doing everything he could think of to make this easier on Fane. Fane wasn’t as nervous as he expected to be as they rode to Larks home.

So far everything had been smooth and he knew if these weren’t all good people Halcyon wouldn’t be bringing him. He had been such an amazing, thoughtful boyfriend so far, there was no reason for him to be any different now. Fane just really wanted this to go well. When they parked instead of unlocking the doors Halcyon asked “are you ready? They’re excited to see you”

Even though Halcyon had had nothing but good things to say about his five “siblings”, Fane was still nervous to meet them. He nodded and they got out, Halcyon taking his hand and giving it a squeeze as they made their way to Lark’s home. They weren’t even to the porch when the front door opened and a man taller than Halcyon stepped out. He cracked a big smile as he called back into the house and met them at the bottom of the steps. “Halcyon.” The man wrapped Halcyon in a big hug and squeezed him tightly. “It feels like it’s been forever.”

“It has Fletcher.”

Fletcher chuckled as he pulled back and then turned his eyes on Fane who swallowed. “And this must be the boyfriend. Nice to meet you, I’m Halcyon’s baby brother.” He held out his hand and it took Fane a second to shake it. “He looks shocked.”

“Well you are as big as a bear.”

“Bigger and I’m better looking.”

“The ladies been lying to you again?” Halcyon teased and Fletcher slapped his brother on the back.

“Jerk, now come on, the others are excited and you know Chase will give me an earful if I don’t bring you in.”

“Chase is the oldest.” Halcyon explained to Fane.

Chase seemed the most normal so far. Fletcher really was intimidating and large and Halcyon, while not as big was still obviously someone you didn’t want to mess with even before you knew they had allowed themselves to be science experiments. Chase on the other hand, looked like your average guy which took Fane off guard since he had expected everyone to look about like Halcyon. He seemed to be about his height and had an incredibly kind face. Truly the only abnormal thing about him was his hair but it really wasnt that wild of a style.

Fane wondered what ability he had gotten from what they all went through together. Chase offered his hand just like Fletcher did and Fane shook it, glad nobody was hugging him. He guessed Halcyon, being the amazing boyfriend he was had asked them not to be too affectionate since already Fane could tell they were an affectionate group with each other. “I’m so glad you two came”

“Me too.”

“Where are the girls and Derrick?” Halcyon asked.

Chase sighed. “Derrick, I swear if you don’t come out, I’ll kill you.”

Fane was startled when someone was suddenly behind Halcyon, his arms coming up to put him in a choke. He started to open his mouth when Halcyon ducked and spun around, his arms going around the other man’s waist as he took him to the floor. “Good one, Halcyon.” The man said with a laugh. “You’re still so fast.”

“Derrick, it’s good to see you.”

“You too.” His eyes moved to Fane. “Sorry about that, I was just having a little fun.”

Halcyon got to his feet and pulled his brother up. “Derrick this is Fane, Fane this is my other older brother Derrick.”

“Nice to meet you.” They shook hands, Fane taking him in. Derrick had the brightest red hair and even brighter blue eyes.

“And as for the girls,” Chase said, “they went out to get dinner.”

“And the lucky guy?”

“With the girls.”

“Poor man.”

They all chuckled and soon Chase’s attention had returned to Fane “I could show you around. I know you two wont be staying here but you should still be familiar with Larks place.” Fane was taken from room to room and shown where everything was in the kitchen. They were still in there when the girls and Larks fiance returned to the house, the smell of food hitting all their noses. Lark gasped, both girls looking over joyed at the sight of Halcyon and Fane “you two made it!’ Lark hugged Halcyon and almost reached for Fane then paused “oh, I’m sorry. I’m just so excited to see you two.” she offered her hand and it confirmed to Fane Halcyon had definitely talked to his family about touching him.

“don’t be sorry” he shook her hand, then her fiance’s then the other sister who introduced herself as Roshia. She surprised him almost as much as Fletcher had but not for the same reasons. She looked like she belonged dancing in the woods somewhere. Like she may be some sort of elf or fairy. Her features were so delicate and her eyes, along with her hair were creamy white. She may have looked more undead if she wasn’t dressed the way she was. It was her choice in clothes that really pulled the whole some sort of fantasy creature in with her.

“I’m guessing you’re trying to figure out what we can all do.” Derrick said with a big smile.

“Yeah, a little.” Fane replied. “I mean I know Halcyon can read minds and you can turn invisible.”

“We should show him.” He said.

“After dinner, Derrick, let them relax before you start overwhelming him.” Chase reprimanded.

“Spoil sport, but fine.”

“Don’t mind him, Fane, Derrick’s always been wild.” Lark said.

“It’s fine, really. I’m a demon, so I should be used to stuff like this.”

“We know how overwhelming we can be.” Fletcher replied. “We’ll try not to drive you too crazy. I mean we’re surprised Warwick hasn’t completely lost it yet.”

“It helps both my parents are in science careers.” Lark’s fiance said.

“So, food?” Halcyon knew if he didn’t say something they would all get distracted. He enjoyed how erratic his family could be, but he wanted Fane to be comfortable.

“Yes, yes, sorry. Roshia, Warwick, give me a hand.” Lark said and she, Warwick and Roshia went into the kitchen while everyone else settled down in the living room.

“we want to know more about you if you’d like to share Fane” Chase said with a friendly smile. “Did Halcyon tell you how we met?”

“yeah but it’s escaping me what exactly you do”

“I just help out with cold cases. I was first hired to straighten and organize things down there but eventually it lead to me solving what I can or giving them new leads. I’m glad to have such a useful job” He didn’t add that it had always kept his mind not drift back to his years of abuse. It helped him not worry about the beings he had been forced to turn into demons. It helped him forget all the beings the Popobawa killed in front of him. “You must bring so much comfort to families. Even if it’s twenty plus years later…to get that closure”


“Is it okay if I ask whether or not all of them have been tragic?” Derrick said.

“I’ve had some that weren’t so bad. There was a missing persons one. A little girl had been missing for ten years. Halcyon helped with that one a lot.”

“She was eighteen and living under a different name when we found her.” Halcyon added.

“But she was really happy to be back with her family.”

“That’s amazing.” Fletcher said.

“So, what is it that you all do?” Fane asked.

“I’m an artist.” Fletcher answered first and it was the exact opposite of what Fane thought he would say. Apparently he looked shocked because Fletcher started laughing. “I know, unexpected, a big man like me doing art. I sculpt statues and stuff out of large slabs of stone if that makes it easier to believe.”

“can you show me anything?” Halcyon smiled at how much that seemed to peak Fanes interest. “yeah, I should have some pictures on my phone” Fletcher pulled his cellphone out and began flipping through pictures until finally he walked over and leaned down so Fane could see “woah, you’re good”

“I’ve been doing it a long time. I really enjoy this work. I don’t even really feel like I work honestly. Now sometimes I get wayyy too close to a deadline being a perfectionist which gets stressful but in general, I love it.”

“I’d imagine clients would rather it be done right”

“You’d be surprised how petty people can be in reviews and reviews can make or break you” Halcyon had to stifle a chuckle at Fanes thought. Fanes thoughts told Halcyon he was surprised anybody would dare leave such a large man a bad review. He wasn’t normally always listening to his boyfriends mind but right now he was especially worried about his comfort.

“Fletcher’s a teddy bear.” Halcyon said.

“Oh hush.” Fletcher replied.

“You’d have to push him pretty far for him to actually hit you.”

“And what about the two of you?” Fane asked.

“Food coming through.” Warwick said as he and the girls came into the living room carrying plates.

“I hope you don’t mind something a little spicy, Fane.” Lark said as she handed him his plate.

“Not at all, thank you.”

“Anyway, I do personal security.” Derrick said as he took a bite of his food. “And I know, it’s something you’d expect from Fletch. My last job was for some celebrity. I had to quit.”

“What happened?”

“She got handsy.” Halcyon said, picking up the thought from Derrick’s mind.

“Yeah, she wouldn’t stay out of my bubble. She acted like just because I worked for her, she could put her hands on me. I told her I wasn’t interested, she pitched a whiny fit and I quit the next day.”

“I’m sorry.” Fane said.

Derrick shrugged. “It’s fine, being part of a security team is fun other than that and I still got paid.”

Chapter Two

“Do you often work for celebrities?”

“She wasn’t my first one but not really. They tend to have consistent people they like guarding them. I can see why she can’t keep anybody consistently”

“Is there anybody you’ve missed working for? Like you got along really well with them?”

“No, the one person I really enjoyed being around ended up being my friend so I still talk to her, no need to miss her”

“why were you guarding her?”

“She had a stalker she just couldn’t shake. I kicked his ass twice and that was that. Thankfully he hasn’t been stupid enough to bother her again but she knows all she has to do is call if he shows back up. I’ll do it for free this time since she’s my friend”

Chase laughed then looked over at Fane and said in a teasing way “yeah, just because she’s his friend”

“Oh shut up before I throw something at you”

Fane learned that Roshia was a professional dancer and owned a studio along with Lark, which he thought matched them perfectly. She had apparently met Warwick there when he went to pick up his niece. Chase had spent some time in the military, but was now a college professor, another profession Fane hadn’t expected. Warwick was currently working on his degree in biology, having taken after his parents.

“That’s all so interesting.” Fane said. He was finding himself becoming more comfortable with them and Halcyon smiled as he read his thoughts. He thought they were all fascinating and couldn’t wait to see what their powers were. He was so proud of him. There was a time, that Fane wouldn’t have been able to be this close to so many people at once.

“So, Lark, are you and Warwick planning on kids?” Halcyon asked. “I know it’s still early, but I want to know if I’ll ever be an uncle.”

Lark laughed. “What do you think, love, kids?”

Warwick smiled lovingly at her. “I’d love to, as many as you want.”

“Probably six then. I want my kids to have what I have. It obviously wont be the exact same thing but I would have loved to grow up with a bunch of siblings.”

“You’re really fine with six Warwick” Chase asked with a chuckle “yep” Halcyon laughed as well at the fact names were already flying through Larks head. She had to stop herself because she almost playfully threw a decorative pillow at him when she realized. Lark felt a little embarrassed now. First she tried to hug Fane and now she almost threw something around him. Halcyon gave her a look that he hoped she understood. He was trying to tell her she was fine, he appreciated how hard they were all trying to be mindful of Fane.

After dinner, Derrick insisted the others show of their powers and Fane had to admit he was really curious. They decided on going outside and Fane was both curious and nervous when Derrick pulled a knife. “Me first then?” Fletcher said with a big smile.

“You know yours is one of my favorites, it’d come in handy when some’s throwing elbows.”

“Yeah, but you can turn invisible.”

“I can still be stabbed. Now, go stand over there.”

Fletcher moved across the yard and held up his hand to tell Derrick to hold on while he took his shirt off. “No reason to ruin it.” He then stood completely still and Fane watched as he took aim at Fletcher with the knife. He wanted to say something, but Halcyon pulled him closer and pressed a kiss to his cheek.

“Just watch.” He whispered in Fane’s ear.

Derrick let the knife fly and Fane jumped a little when it hit Fletcher in the chest, but was even more amazed when it bounced off and fell to the ground. “Ta-da.” Derrick said as Fletcher bent down and picked up the knife.

“I can manipulate my skin’s durability.” Fletcher said. “Knives and needles can’t penetrate it unless I want them too and I’m better at taking a hit than most people.”

“That’s amazing.” Fane finally said.

“Thank you.”

“Alright, now Chase, his is the scariest next to Halcyon’s.” Derrick said.

“It’s not that scary.” Chase said then walked up to Halcyon. “May I?”

“Of course.” Halcyon held out his hand and Chase took it. “Now, Fane, I can do this from a distance, it’s how I stayed alive during the war, but if I’m touching someone, I can see further.”

“See further?”

“I have precognition.”

“You can see what’s going to happen?”

Chase nodded and turned his focus to Halcyon. He then nodded. “Don’t step back when it comes to Fane, brother, he’s fragile, but it’s okay to push a little.” He cocked his head. “And stay away from the man in the red hoodie, call the police instead.”

Halcyon nodded, planning to obey him when the man in the red hoodie appeared regardless of what he felt in the future. “You are all so amazing” Fane said and Chase grinned “I think us allowing ourselves to be experimented on was the best thing we could have done for our lives. It wasn’t always a comfortable experience, in fact it seldom was but we all enjoy our gifts”

“Have the people who experimented on you all started with anybody else?”

“I heard a rumor they were working on two more people but I haven’t checked it out. I dont see why they’d stop so it’s probably true” Roshia spoke “I’ll go next if you’re ready Fane” Fane grew excited again and wondered if her ability would be just as surprising or if it would fit her. “Have you planted anything recently Lark?”

“Yeah, some roses” Lark showed Roshia where and Roshia stood in front of it and a few moments later, they began to sprout up, going until they were fully grown “please dont kill them” Lark quickly added and Roshia said “I figured you wouldnt want me too but yeah, I can manipulate nature. I can make things grow or I can make them wither”

“Give her an hour and she could have this whole yard looking like it’s been abandoned for years” Chase said and Roshia nodded.

“Alright, my turn.” Lark said. “It’s actually a lot of fun using mine.” She walked up to Fane and held out her hands. “Would you be okay with holding my hands?”

“Yeah.” He reached out and she smiled, taking them in hers.

“Trust me okay?”

“Okay.” He was nervous, but he wanted to do this, especially for Halcyon. This was his sister and Lark was so nice. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. It took Fane a moment to realize anything was happening, until he looked down and realized they weren’t touching the ground anymore. His body felt so light and they were still going up. He squeezed her hands and she opened her eyes, stopping their ascent.

“Pretty cool, right?”


“Thank you for trusting me, Fane, I know it’s hard.”

Lark slowly brought them back down and they spent the rest of that day talking about the ways they had used their abilities Time flew by so quickly Fane was almost shocked when Lark needed to head to bed for the night “I’m sorry but I have a few last minute wedding details to handle in the morning since the big day is the day after tomorrow”

“she’s heading over to her best friends house in the morning to try her dress on one more time with a seamstress who can alter it for her if need be. We aren’t keeping the dress here so we can stick to the tradition of me not even seeing the dress itself until the big day. You two should come over as soon as you wake up though, we’ll all be around. Thankfully, as far as I know everything beyond the dress and something with the brides maids is ready for the day after tomorrow”

“If you two need any help, let us know.” Halcyon said as he hugged Lark. “You know we’ll do whatever you need us to.”

“All I want you two to do, is have fun. You don’t need to be working when you’re out with Fane.”

“Still.” He went around to hug his other siblings and Fane thanked them all for showing him their gifts. He knew they didn’t expect him to hug them, but a part of him felt bad. Halcyon could see his worried thoughts and once they were in the car and on their way, he took his hand and brought it to his lips. “Stop worrying, they love you.”

“I just don’t want to offend them. They’ve been so understanding.”

“And that won’t change, I promise.” He smiled. “Besides, I like that I’m the only one allowed to be close to you right now, I might keep it that way.”

Fane couldn’t help but laugh. “Be good, Halcyon.”

“I love you, Fane.”

“I love you too.”

They checked into their room and easily passed out for the night. They were both worn out from the flight and hanging out with Halcyons family. In the morning Fane waking up woke Halcyon so they went to get breakfast together then drove back over to Larks where everyone else was. Roshia answered with a bright smile “good morning, so far it’s just Warwick and I up” They stepped in and Warwick said “It’s a shame you didn’t get here a few moments earlier, you could have seen my fiance for a second”

“we’ll see her later” Halsyon said and Fane added ‘I wouldn’t want her to be late because she was talking to us anyway” Warwick smiled “well why dont we play a card game while we wait for the others to wake up”

“Uno?” Roshia suggested and Fane said “sure…but uh…I dont know how to play that”

Final Chapter

“So, are you two planning on getting married?” Derrick asked Halcyon and Fane. Fletcher elbowed him. “Ow, what?”

“Don’t be so nosy.”

“It’s a normal question.”

“Well, we’re already mates, that’s like being married.” Fane explained. “But…if Halcyon wanted to then I would.” There was still the matter of living together though and how little progress he felt he had made as far as everything else went, but he would definitely marry Halcyon in an instant.

“Oh?” Halcyon said teasingly. “What if I asked right now?”

“It has to be a surprise, Halcyon.” Lark reprimanded.

“And romantic.” Roshia added.

“Then I guess you’ll have to wait and see.” Halcyon said and Fane’s heart did a little flip.

“Well, if he does say yes, then you definitely have to let us help plan it.” Roshia said. “We all know you’d get married in your sweats if we let you.”

“Hey, sweats are good for any occasion.”

“I know, why don’t we go to the mall. They have a bunch of wedding stores in there.” Lark said.

“You want to?” Halcyon asked.

“You’re really not tired of wedding stuff Lark?” Fane asked, looking over at her. She smiled “Not at all, it’s been amazing planning my wedding and I want happiness for all my siblings. It’s exciting to think of you two getting married as well because we all really like you Fane. I hope you’ve felt that”

“ye…yeah I have” They were soon all heading out to their cars to go out to the mall. Once there Lark lead the way since she knew where everything was. When Halcyon saw Fane move closer to him he draped an arm over his shoulder so he’d feel safe around the bustling people around them. Fane enjoyed the closeness or he may have moved away at the thought of how ridiculous it was to be nervous when he was with these six. He already felt they wouldn’t let anything happen to him.

“This where I got my invitations.” Lark said as they walked through the first store. “We could always custom make them though, if you don’t find anything you like.”

“Do you have a favorite color?” Roshia asked.

“I really like green, I guess. I never really gave it much thought before.”

“Green would look perfect next to your eyes.”

Fane felt his face heat. “You think so?”

“I say black and green.” Derrick chimed in. “You’d look cool. Instead of a tux, you could wear a green vest. You could get everything custom made.”

“That sounds expensive.” Fane said.

“You don’t have to worry about price, my love.” Halcyon said softly. “If you say yes, you’ll have everything you want.”

“And if it does get too expensive, we’ll help.” Lark said and Warwick nodded his agreement.

“I sell enough sculptures that it wouldn’t be a problem.” Fletcher said.

“And I can do the flowers.” Roshia added. “If you want flowers, I mean.”

“And we’d send you wherever you wanted to go on your honeymoon.” Chase said.

Fane didn’t know how to respond. He had so many thoughts and emotions sweeping through him that Halcyon had to jump in. “Let’s go to some other stores.”

“And then the food court.” Derrick said. “Fane, they have this place with the best hand churned ice cream, you’ll love it. I go there every time I visit Lark.”

Another day soon flew by them between the interesting shops, talking of Larks wedding, the wedding Halcyon and Fane might share and the amazing ice cream that the food court had. Fane could see why Derrick got this every chance he had. That night in their hotel room Fanes head was resting on Halcyons chest while Halcyons strong arms held him both loving and protectively. “Halcyon” Fane spoke his name as a question. “yes Fane” Fane was even more embarrassed because his mate always knew what he was thinking but he gave words to it anyway, knowing Halcyon wouldn’t do anything if Fane didn’t actually put words to his thoughts.

“I like your family a lot” wasn’t what he wanted to say but it was true anyway. Halcyon chuckled, embarrassing Fane further “I’m glad” he kissed Fanes head. After a few more minutes of laying there Fane said “I’d like to try going further with you Halcyon…like…I want us to have sex like a normal couple and I don’t know what I can handle right now but lets see okay…you’ve been patient long enough” Halcyon didn’t have to ask if he was sure, Fane had been thinking about this all evening. “alright but just know…no matter what little progress we make tonight it will be the world to me. I love you Fane and I can be abstinent the rest of my life if thats what you end up needing”

“what do you think we should do first?

“I think you should tell me Fane. It will be best if you have absolute control over everything. We can even dabble in a little bondage if it would make you feel better to have me tied up” Fane blushed I…n…no thats fine” Halcyon smiled and kissed his forehead. “I could take my shirt off then you can instruct me to take off more as you’re comfortable”

“okay…should I?”

“we’ll start with me” Halcyon took off his shirt and Fane felt his torso “god” Fane whispered and Halcyon smiled. Fane eventually told him he could take off his pants which Halcyon got off the bed for then slowly came back on. Fane was surprised how calm he still felt but this was Halcyon, a man he knew loved him completely. Fane took off his shirt and it touched him when he had to tell Halcyon he could look at his bare torso.

“You can touch me too” Halcyon carefully moved closer and allowed his fingertips to trail feather soft over Fanes exposed skin. It felt incredible to Fane and soon his skin was erupting in goosebumps. Halcyon kissed his head again and it brought Fane out of his relaxed, almost sedated state from Halcyons touch enough to start touching him again. “can you stop a second” Fane said and Halcyon instantly pulled his hands away “I’m going to try to take off my pants too Halcyon” Fane could tell Halcyon was studying his mind a few moments before he said “Okay”

Fane got off the bed, for the first time feeling nervous. After a bit of Fane just standing there Halcyson said almost seriously “Hey” causing Fane to look over at him “don’t you take your pants off for me if you’re not ready. I’d never hurt you Fane and that includes emotionally by letting you do too much. Come here, can I hold you with us like this?”

“I do want to do this…I trust you”

“I know you trust me sweetheart but you suffered so long with that monster. You’ve been through…theres not even proper words to describe how much you must have suffered. I want this night to be wonderful, you’ve given me enough right now. Come back to bed with me. I’d love to end tonight being able to rub your skin” Fane rushed back into Halcyons arms “I just…you know how much I love you right”

“of course I do” Halcyon kissed his cheek and they soon were laying just as they had been before. Fanes head was on Halcyons chest while Halcyon held him with one arm and rubbed him with the free hand. It was incredibly relaxing, it honestly felt good just to be skin to skin with him, when it came to their chests anyway. If his mind wasn’t so busy he may have fell asleep but the want to be able to even just take his pants off tonight came back into his mind so he whispered “I can do it and I’ll be okay Halcyon”

A short silence fell and Halcyon sighed “Okay but I mean it, it will not make me happy for you to do too much”

“I know…because youre so amazing and good to me” Fane got back up and near instantly just took his pants off so Halcyon wouldn’t stop him again. It did however take him a second to come back to bed “I can still hold you?” Halcyon asked and Fane snuggled up to him “yeah”

“Still okay?”


Halcyon kissed his forehead. “Get some sleep.”

“I’ll try.”

“Wake me if you need me.”

Fane nodded and Halcyon let his hands run lightly over his skin, hoping to ease him into rest even as he enjoyed the feel of him. Fane’s thoughts didn’t slow until he fell asleep and Halcyon stayed awake for a little while longer to make sure he was completely out. “I’m proud of you baby.” He said softly and smiled when Fane snuggled closer. He let out a little sigh as he closed his eyes and allowed himself to drift off.

Fane woke first the next morning still wrapped in Halcyon’s arms. He felt his skin heat when he remembered they weren’t in anything but their underwear. He told himself to stay calm, not wanting to wake Halcyon by worrying. He took a breath, then slowly raised his head. He couldn’t get over how handsome Halcyon was, not just handsome, but sexy. He couldn’t help but wonder what someone like Halcyon saw in a broken man like him. He wanted to touch him and before he could stop himself, he was running his fingers over Halcyon’s torso. He had a few scars here and there and Fane wondered how many were from experimentation.

“All, but two.” Halcyon said, startling Fane. He tried pulling back, but Halcyon grabbed his hand. “Sorry, you don’t have to stop on my account.”

“I…I wasn’t…” he swallowed, “um…which ones?”

Halcyon smiled as he guided Fane’s hand to one just above his bellybutton. “This one,” he move his hand to another that was lower, just above the waistband of his underwear and Fane’s heart stuttered, “and this one.” Their eyes locked and Fane found himself frozen. “I was stabbed.”


“Before the experiments. I got into it with some guys who were harassing this guy and his girlfriend. One of them liked to fight dirty. I broke his nose and a couple of his ribs though, so he got his.”

“That’s…that must have been terrifying.”

Halcyon shrugged. “I was more irritated than anything. He actually stabbed me, asshole. He’s one of the reasons I went through the experiments.” He chuckled. “If I could, I’d thank him, now I get to wake up to you trying to be sneaky.”

“I wasn’t trying to be.”

“It’s fine, I’m happy. The fact you wanted to touch me is exciting.”

“You’re so handsome”

“You are too” Fane snuggled back into Halcyon since the wedding wouldn’t be until the afternoon. They just ran their fingers over one another and it felt incredible to the both of them. Even when they dressed Halcyons heart felt warm at the knowledge Fane would probably be able to sleep like that with him for now on since he had been able to lay like that all morning. Larks wedding was gorgeous and the newly wed couple looked like they had both won the lottery in one another. They could only stay one more night after the wedding but they already booked another to come the following month which excited everyone and had them all arranging their schedules so they could be around too.

Fane moved them all when he actually gave everyone a hug before leaving. “It was really nice to meet you all” Fane said shyly and Lark gave him a second hug “you’re already family to us Fane. We love you and how happy you make Halycon. You two seriously let us know what you want us to do when you’re ready for your own wedding”

On the flight home Fane fell asleep with his head resting on Halcyons shoulder so Halcyon rested his head on Fanes. He was eager to get home, to hold him like he’d been able to the past two nights. He was also eager to buy a ring and figure out how he was going to propose to this amazing man beside him.

~ The End

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