Harlan & Carrie

Chapter One

Carrie was already a renowned author even though she was only twenty one. She began her first book in High School which took off almost as soon as it hit shelves. What stirred up a lot of the public was when she went for her first interview and explained how the Charles and Sophie Radkey stories came to her in dreams. Most other authors thought she was lieing about that for the extra publicity but ti was true. The two books she had published and the one she was currently working on she had seen in her dreams at night. It almost wasn’t fair she was so rich because really all she had to do was invest the time to write down what she saw in her head. Tonight she was reading and responding to fan mail yet again. it seemed no matter how many she did the pile never got smaller but she promised herself when her first book made it big she would read and respond to every letter she got even if the writer had to wait a month or so for her to be able to respond.

She opened a letter yet again from a woman who claimed to be shaman. She seemed to be always opening letters from this woman named Carol Rose. Her editors told her to quit responding to this crazy woman who claimed that she dreamt these books because she was Sophies reincarnation. She also claimed that she knew where Charles reincarnation was and if she’d agree to come to her house in Kentucky she would be happy to introduce the two. Apparently who Carol claimed to be Charles reincarnation was her nephew and he lived in the same town as her. The only reason Carrie kept reading these letters is because half of her believed the old women all her staff claimed to be crazy.

She knew of nobody else who just dreamed up books and wrote them effortlessly. Would it really be so crazy to say she was Sophies reincarnation. It was just as crazy as the fact she dreamt whole novels and wrote them with such ease. This time Carrie decided to write back telling the woman she would be coming to visit her. Her curiosity was killing her and she hoped that maybe, just maybe this woman was right and she would have some explanation for these dreams she’s had all her life. She wouldn’t tell the public, in fact she believed herself to be slipping but she had to meet Carol and this supposed reincarnation of Charles Radkey. Carrie lived in South Carolina so Kentucky was eight hours away.

She decided to drive the distance and told Carol in her return letter she would be leaving this coming weekend. It was Wednesday so she would be leaving in three days. She wanted to leave sooner but wanted to make sure the letter made it to Carol before she just showed up at the door. This way it would probably arrive the morning before she did but it would still be warning none the less.

Carrie was so excited about her upcoming trip that she was having trouble concentrating on the rest of her fan mail. She had been staring at the same letter for ten minutes and had only read the forst two words. She sighed, folded it back up and sat it on top of the pile of unread letters. She went to her computer and sent an email to her publisher and her editor to let them know she would be gone for the weekend. She then sent one to her mother. She glanced at the clock and realized she needed to make dinner and then get to bed. She made steak fingers and mashed potatoes with salad. She was to tired to take a shower so she just stripped down and flopped down on her bed. She stared out the window at the cloudy night sky as her eyes slowly drifted closed.

He was smiling down at her, those eyes so full of love. She wanted to touch him, to kiss him, but it was just a dream. He looked so carefree. In her dreams he was always sweet to her even when he was forced to kill something. He never looked at her or spoke to her in an angry way. She found herself hoping more and more that Carol was telling the truth. She wanted to see his wonderful, handsome face and hear him tell her that he loved her. The sound of her alarm jerked her into consciousness. She rubbed her eyes and quickly switched it off. She had not dreamt anything other than him so she had nothing to write about. She decided to get a shower then get to work on more fan mail.

She quickly scrubbed herself clean then rinsed, dried and dressed. She booted up her computer and checked her email. The one from her mother titled “WHAT?!” immediately caught her attention. She opened it and starting laughing at her mother’s worried rumblings. She wanted to know if this had anything to do with the dreams she had been having. She also didn’t like that her daughter had decided to just drop everything to go to Kentucky. It’s not like she actually had anything to drop. She hadn’t been writing or made any real plans to spend time with anyone. Her mother always worried to much. She typed a quick email back reassuring her mother then picked up the letter she had been reading the night before and opened it back up.

This time she was actually able to read and respond to it. She decided instead of writing she would spend the next few days just trying to catch up on her fan mail. She was still making more money than she would ever need on her first two books and the third one was half way finished. She felt a lot of gratitude towards her fans and hoped that maybe if she devoted three days to answering fan mail she may see the end of the constant mountain. Doing this would also allow time to hurry itself along so she could meet Carol and the man she so often dreamnt about. Carrie knew that reincarnations look almost identical to who they once were so if Carol was correct she would be able to recognize Charles right away and he her. His spirit would know her right away and they should click. Carrie sighed, she didn’t need to build herself up like this. For all she knew Carol could be just as batty as her staff thought she was. Carrie responded to letter after letter and prepared it to mail before placing it in her carrier bag. She got so much fan mail daily that she dropped her letters at the actual post office so her mail box at home could just be what was sent to her.

Carries mom Jocelyn also didn’t like her fans had her address at home but Carrie figured if someone was going to stalk her they could figure out her address regardless. When lunch rolled around she was pleased with the amount she had gotten through. She could have responded to more but there had been a few that were so sweet she couldn’t help but read them multiple times. Some letters even made her tear up. She would never forget the letter she received from Molly Heus. She was a fourteen year old with cancer who wrote her saying how much reading her books helped her during her hospital stays and that she had read the first one multiple times.

She received a letter from Mollys mother a month after, asking Carrie to come to her birthday party April seventh which was now only twenty days away. Her mother had written that she knew asking was a long shot but she had to ask for her daughter. Carrie had every intention of going and giving that girl a wonderful birthday. Carrie also wanted to know how her treatment was going but she would ask her parents and not Molly. She wouldn’t want to ruin her day with somthing like that. Carrie also planned to give her an autographed copy of the third book for free once it was finished. She couldn’t imagine being so young and having cancer. A girl her age should only be worried about boys.

It wasn’t until she was about to leave that she realized she had not eaten anything. She decided to take her bicycle and stop by a bagel shop on the way home. She grabbed her house keys and stuffed them in her pocket, slung her bag over her shoulder and left. She took the long way since it almost completely bypassed traffick and allowed her to enjoy the fresh air rather than a mouth full of exhaust. In her dreams she was just as much a lover as nature. She sometimes found herself getting lost in the sound of birds chirping or would set by a lake and watch fish swim and wished she could dive in and follow them to whatever secret passages might be hidden beneath the water. She hit the main road and some guy running a red light barely missed her. He screamed at her and she turned and flipped him off. If she had not had a bag full of letters she would have stopped and given him an ear full.

She made it to the post office a few minutes later and the man behind the counter who was named Richard greeted her with a smile. “So what have you got for us today?” He asked.

“A crap ton of mail as usual.” She pulled the bag off and held it up. “I think it must weigh at least ten pounds.” He laughed and took the bag from her, emptying it out and looking wide eyed at the pile.

“Holy shit.”

“It’s not that many.”

He laughed. “If you say so. When is that third book going to be finished?”

“I’m half way there. I have some business to attend to this weekend, but after that I will be fully focused on writing.”

“Good, both me and Beth are getting antsy.” She laughed as she left and got back on her bike. She headed over to Bagel’s Inc. and grabbed her a toasted onion bagel and cream cheese. She rode away, heading for the park. She wanted to relax by the lake as she thought of what she would say to the supposed reincarnated Charles. She had tried multiple times to come up with good lines, but they all sounded stupid. She was worried that maybe he wouldn’t want to talk to her or that he would feel obligated since it was his aunt that had asked him to.

There was a few families by the lake but Carrie didn’t mind. Childrens laughter only made this place more relaxing. She sat down and sighed thinking of the man she saw in her dreams. She doubted a modern man would be quite so built but she was sure that if he looked anything like the man in her dreams he would be gorgeous. She wondered if this nephew of Carol read her books. She would make sure to ask Carol before actually meeting her nephew Harlan. Carrie kept going over different things she could say to this man until it gave her a headache. She allowed herself to relax and become one with the nature around her. Nothing soothed Carrie like nature. It was one of the million ways she was like her heroine Sophie Radkey. The more she thought about it, the less crazy Carol seemed. Carrie stayed out there until the sun began to go down. She hopped back on her bike and rode to Five Guys to grab somthing.

A few girls who liked her book noticed her and came over asking a million question. Carrie answered up until it was her turn to order then kept answering until she had her food. This was one of the times her fan annoyed her but she would never show it. She owed owning her own house, car and life to them so the least she could do was give them her time in return. Once she finished eating it was dark which worried her a bit. She hated riding her bike in the dark but it was her own fault. She shouldn’t have let herself stay by the lake for so long. Carrie ran outside and rode her bike as fast as she could home. Once her bike was locked up she ran in the house as fast as she could. Carrie breathed heavily then went into the kitchen to grab a Dr Pepper. She chugged some of it then went into her living room to watch television until she was ready to sleep.

As soon as Carrie sat down she realized she hadn’t checked the mail today but she wasn’t willing to brave the dark again. She would just make sure to get the mail first thing so her carrier would have room for the new mail when she arrived. After a few more hours Carries eyes were heavy so she turned her TV and the lights off before heading into her bedroom. She stripped down to her panties and crawled into bed.¬†“Only two more days until you meet Charles”¬†Carrie thought hopefully to herself. She fell asleep hard, not dreaming atall because of it. Just as she promised herself last night she threw a dress on then went out to gather her mail. Like always, nearly all of it was fan mail.

One of them was a letter without a return address. She sat down and just stared at it for a moment before tearing it open and pulling out the piece of paper. All it said was “See you soon. Love C & R.” She eyed it suspiciously and wondered how these people had got her address. She wanted to ask Carol if she knew them, but didn’t have the woman’s email or phone number. She shrugged and slipped it back in the envelope. She couldn’t bring herself to throw it away. Something stopped her and she sat it on her dest instead. She went through the fan mail again. She went ahead and answered them since she didn’t have very many. She decided that she wouldn’t take them to the post office until the day before she left that way she could tell Richard to hold her mail until she came back.

She went to her computer to check her mail. There was another from her mother, which she quickly answered. The other two were from her editor and publisher, both telling her to be careful and have fun. She had excluded the fact that she was going to visit a woman they believed to be insane. She didn’t need them fussing over her. She already had one mom and didn’t need two more. She made herself pancakes for breakfast and ate in the living room while she watched animal planet. Dogs 101 always interested her and it had her thinking of getting a dog. In a couple of her dreams she had a pet wolf named Sjena of course he had also died. She had woke up crying that night and hugged her pillow tightly to her as she mourned the death of a lost companion. It tore at her and she wished the Charles from her dreams was there to hold her and tell her it was okay.

Dogs 101 ended and she changed the channel. Earthsea was on and she watched it intently. Magic was something that Sophie could do. Carrie had tried a couple of things and had actually been disappointed when nothing happened. She wondered if reincarnations were not given the abilities from their previous lives. She loved the idea of doing magic. It was exciting and different. She loved the idea of doing something others couldn’t do.

Before she knew it night had befallen her again. This day had gone by much quicker. Tomorrow was her final day at home until she made her promised trip. She happily checked all her locks to make sure she was secure for the night then almost bounced upstairs. Carrie settled herself in bed before slowly falling asleep. Her phone ringing woke Carrie at seven am. She groaned when she saw it was Lance. He took her to prom which she only went to by her mothers insistence. She wasn’t interested in him then or now. He had been after her since the day they met in ninth grade but he was never appealing. She honestly hadn’t dated very many boys. Even the ones she did date were never very serious. She had sex with her last boyfriend but it was only twice before she broke it off with him. Lance never seemed to give up no matter how hard she tried to make herself clear. Carrie hungup on Lance then went downstairs to make a bagel.

After she had her fill she managed to answer the rest of the pile she had stacked up and was proud of herself. She answered the newest mail yesterday and the rest of her backed up mail today. Now she wouldn’t have to feel guilty about her waiting fans any longer. She put the newly completed letters with the ones from yesterday then decided she could write a little more of her book since her fans were tended to. Her pen seemed to fly through each page as she recounted her current story. She had to stop once a sex scene came into play. Her cheeks flushed thinking about her trip to Kentucky. Carrie set her pen down and realized it was three in the afternoon. She hadn’t eaten lunch so she decided to hit up her favorite sushi place for a light meal before dinner.

Carrie decided to take her bike again. She only used her car when she had to. When Carrie arrived at Kimyos she placed her order. Since it was an off time to be eating nobody else was there so her sushi came out quickly. Once she was done she went back home to pack for her trip. When she returned home she pulled out her suticase and looked through her clothes. Carrie decided to pack a weeks worth of clothes just incase she decided to stay there longer than the weekend. Her suitcase was huge anyway so it wouldn’t hurt to stuff a bit more clothes into it.

She was giddy by the time she zipped up her suitcase and pulled it over to set next to the front door. It was going to be such an amazing trip and even if nothing came from meeting Harlan at least she could say she had experienced something wonderful. Her phone rang again and she rolled her eyes when she saw it was Lance. She answered and said, “Stop calling me.”

“Come on Carrie, I still love you.” He replied.

“No you don’t, you’re just obsessed. How many times do I have to tell you I don’t feel that way about you? We went to prom, we danced a couple of times and that was it.”

“Please, just go on a date with me.”

“No, now cut it out.” She hung up angrily and switched her phone off. She was so tired of his dogged pursuit of her. It was like she was in heat or something and he was following her scent. It irritated her beyond reason. She made herself a small pot of ham and potatoe soup, relaxing a little as she ate. She wondered if Harlan had the same dreams about her and that’s why Carol had wanted to introduce them. She found herself hoping he did so maybe it wouldn’t be so awkward. She was still really worried. What if one of them ran away from the situation? She told herself she would pursue him, but wondered of he would do the same for her or if he would let her go because he didn’t believe in his aunt’s mumbo jumbo. She finished her soup and washed out her bowl. She picked up her house, not wanting to have to clean when she came home. It was mostly pieces of discarded paper that had merely bounced off of the already overflowing waste bin. This was all rough drafts and stuff she had doodled in her boredom.

When she was finally to exhausted to do anymore cleaning she went to bed, flopping face down and staying that way. She hoped she dreamed of him again. His smile helped her sleep and his soft, loving words warmed her more than anything. She closed her eyes and soon fell asleep. Images of his face filled her head, making her smile. The sound of her alarm startled her awake. She quickly shut it off and dragged herself out of bed. She pulled her clothes off and jumped on the shower. The water woke her the rest of the way up. She got out, drying and dressing then brushing her teeth and hair. She dried all of her bath stuff and put it in her suitcase. She went over the things she had to do today. She needed to take her mail to the post office and make sure Richard held her mail. She also needed to make sure her gas tank was full.

Carrie couldn’t resist checking herself out in the mirror one last time before grabbing her mail and suitcase. The gas station came up before the Post Office so she stopped and got gas first. She also grabbed a doughnut and orange juice for her breakfast. She was so excited to be in Kentucky she ate and drank while she drove. She giggled thinking about her mothers panic if she saw what her daughter was doing. When she arrived at the post office she brought her mail inside then told Richard to hold her mail until further notice. He nodded without questioning her. Carrie almost ran back to her car. She didn’t want to build herself up but her very soul felt excited about meeting Harlan. It made her question even more if her editor and mother were right Carol. There was no other explanation than the one Carol gave her. Carrie put in the address on Carols letter into her GPS. Once she was on route she put in one of her mix CDs. She liked to sing as she drove down the road. The first song up was Best I Ever Had by Gavin Degraw. This song really got Carrie going. She was singing and dancing the best one could while driving.

Once she was on the interstate she quite dancing but kept on singing song after song on her CD. Once Carrie got tired of her own mix tape she pulled out one a fan sent her. It had no return address just like the letter from C & R. All there was was this CD in the envelope. It was mainly upbeat love songs but some were sad ones of longing. They were still love songs but she enjoyed the upbeat songs more. She wondered why some fans chose not to give her a return address so she could respond. She guessed with this one he loved her, or thought he did so he was embarrassed to say who it was from. Three hours down the road she had to pee so she took a quick stop. A few trucker hooped and hollered but she paid them no mind as she dashed to her car. She hoped she could contain her excitement a little more when she met Carol and Harlan.

Harlan called his Aunt for what must have been the 200th time since Carrie wrote back. The second Carol answered Harlan pleaded “Can’t I be there when she arrives?”

“No, we need to ease her into this Charles. You have had time since you realized in her first book who she was. You ahd me to explain right away. I’ve been writing her ever since. You’ve waited this long for Sophie, your souls mate so you can wait a little longer. Do you want to frighten her away? I want to have time to talk to her because if I know anything you’re going to come on strong. If she isn’t ready she will be gone in a flash and your soul will forever lose its mate.”

“I’m sorry Carol”

“I understand, How’s Rowne?”

“Just as antsy” Carol chuckled “she’ll come around but only if we do things my way. Tell him to relax, Sophie will be in your lives again before you know it. You and Draven just sit tight”

“You know he hates that name right?”

“It’s the one he was given in this life by his mother.”

“Still, between us three he prefers Rowne”

“Do you think I give a pigs tail?” Harlan laughed “No you don’t, thank you so much Carol for getting her to come. I hope she does believe you and comes to see me. I need her Carol”

“I know you do boy. Your souls are bound forever. In each life time they’ll find eachother somhow”

Carrie didn’t stop again until her stomach growled. She pulled into the parking lot of a seven eleven and practically skipped inside. She bought a burrito and a dr pepper. She already had the package ripped open and was eating it as she made her way to her car. She went to put her soda down and a male voice said, “Allow me.” She turned to look up at the stranger. His face seemed so familiar. The word that echoed in her mind was demon. He smiled at her then pulled the door open.

“Thank you.” She managed to say.

“No problem. Safe travels.” She slid behind the wheel and he shut the door. He walked away and she looked in the mirror, watching as he fished his phone out of his pocket.

“She made it to the half way point.”

“Thank you for waiting there for her Chthon. I hope you didn’t spook her.” Carol replied.

“I did my best not to. I think she may have briefly recognized me. It’s about time she returned to us. Being immortal and waiting for souls to find bodies is incredibly depressing.”

“Will you and Ruth be joining us?”

“Maybe in a couple of days. Those two need time to reconnect.”

“Then I will talk to you later.” They hung up and Chthon watched as Sophie drove off.

Carrie felt strange after meeting that man. She took a few deep breaths to clear her head. She finished her burrito and chugged her soda. She changed over to a different CD and turned the volume up. The loud, dubstep beat helped drown out her confusion. She pulled her mind away from that man and back to Harlan. She was getting closer and closer. It was almost suffocating how excited and nervous she was.

The sun began to set and she sighed.That construction had really slowed her down way more than she hopd Carrie knew then she was going to end up driving in the dark but it was still unsettling that the time had come. She tried to take comfort she was only an hour and a half from Carols but she was still nervous so it was hard to. Carrie pulled out her SafetySuit CD and began to listen. Their voices were so calming and it helped Carrie relax. Her phone vibrated making her glance at it. The name was Lance once again making her groan. He reminded her too much of Bruce. She hadn’t told her fans about him yet. She had started Charles and Sophie at Sophies coming of age journey. She wouldn’t do them as kids until she ran out of stuff to write about in their adult life. Her dreams were horrible about Bruce. The world below was such an unfriendly place in Barense. She was glad Sophie had Josep to help her through. She laughed at herself¬†“You are probably not a reincarnation. You need to stop that. She’s probabbly a senile old woman.”¬†Doubts clouded Carries mind as she grew nearer and nearer. When she got to the address she became a little afraid. This seemed like a movie set of a horror film. She pressed her head on the steering wheel and said “You’ve come this far. She wont murder you. It’ll be ok. If she does anything crazy everybody know where you are so help will come.”

Finally she was able to force herself down the long dirt road. She turned her music off then her car before hopping out. She froze again, staring at her trunk. She wished she wasn’t so afraid but she couldn’t help it. She hated how her feelings kept jumping from excited to scared to doubtful. She nearly jumped on top of her car when the woman appeared beside her. “Need help?” she didn’t look as old as Carrie pictured her but then she wanted to laugh at herself again. Carol had never mentioned an age so she had no business imagining her as an old woman. “No I’m fine, thank you though mam”

“My name is Carol sweetheart. Are you hungry?”

“Oh yes”

“I’ll make us some food then. Please, grab your suitcase and come inside.” Carrie opened her trunk and tugged out her suitcase. She felt like she was being watched but she ignored it as she entered Carols home. Carol told Carrie which room would be hers as soon as she came in. Carrie quickly went and set her stuff down. She walked into the kitchen once she was settled. “Do you like fruit sweetheart?” Carol asked even though she knew the answer. “I love it”

“I’m making us a nice fruit salad. Thank you so much for coming. It means more to me and Harlan than you know.”

“Harlans read my books?”

“Oh yes dear, both of them. He’s read the first one about a million times.”

“The first one is most peoples favorite. Thanks for inviting me. I’m sorry I didn’t come sooner Carol.”

“Don’t mention it honey.” Carol felt nervous too about talking with Carrie about her dreams and how she was Sophies reincarnation. She decided to let her relax from her long car ride before having such a heavy discussion. When the food was ready Carol came to the table with two smaller bowls and forks. They began to eat. “so you think I dream of Charles and Sophie Radkey because I’m Sophie reborn?”

“I don’t think it sweetheart, I know”

Chapter Two

Carrie laughed. “You sound very confident.” She took a bite of honey dew melon.

“You came here thinking I might just be crazy. I understand your apprehension dear, you should never go into a situation without questioning the outcome. For all you know I’m just like Mrs. Lovett and I make people into pies.” She said with a smile and it helped Carrie relax a little.

“This is so strange. I don’t really know what to talk about.”

“Talk about whatever you want to talk about.”

“So how did Harlan or Charles or whatever he wants to be called, react to my first book? Did he know who he was before hand or was it just as surprising for him?”

“He had been having dreams for years before you wrote your first book. He thought he was crazy.”

“Maybe he is or maybe I’m the crazy one and this is just some weird hallucination and any moment I’m going to wake up in an alley talking to a stray dog and eating a garbage burger.”

Carol laughed and they finished eating. Carrie waited while Carol washed their bowls and then came out with two cups of tea. “This was your favorite.” She handed Carrie one of the cups and she sipped at it.

“Thank you very much.” She felt so awkward and ran her finger nervously around the edge of her cup. “You know I always felt like there was something missing. Every time I had a dream and wrote it down I felt like I was getting closer to making myself whole again. How silly is that?” She took another sip of tea. “I make so much off of my dreams, but I’m only seeing them from my perspective. I keep thinking if Charles is real then how do I know he loves me? I mean, you can do anything you want in your dreams.”

Carol reached across the table and grabbed her hand. “I can one hundred percent say without a doubt that he loves you very much and he has missed you very much. There are so many people who have been looking for you, waiting for you to return.”

“Harlan thinks he loves me?”

“He does love you Carrie. You two are soul mates. They always find eachother in the next life if they were truly bound together. When you were Sophie and he was Charles your love was so strong it bound your souls forever. It’s why you dream of him and he of you in this life. If you two hadn’t been truly meant for eachother you would’ve reincarnated never thinking of one another again but you two are a rare set. Two that are truly meant to be Carrie.” Carrie didn’t know what to say or think. She still worried that they were just a bunch of crazys that read her book and imagined this for themselves. The only thing that kept her from running was wanting it to be true. It was absolutely insane but she wanted the man in her dreams. He was why she never was serious with men. The only reason she ever dated was to appease her mother. Charles was always in her head and she desired him very much. Carrie sighed, setting her cup down with a very conflicted look. Carol rubbed her back “I understand how much this is to take in. When you meet Harlan I know you’ll realize this is all true. Your souls will rejoice at finding their mate. I know you’ll feel it when you see him.”

“When will I see him?”

“When will you feel ready? You seem too conflicted now to see him. Why don’t I invite him for breakfast in the morning so you can think tonight about everything. I don’t want you overwhelmed, for your sake and his. You still have the power to destroy him with a single word Carrie. If you run or push away from him it will break his heart so i don’t want you too seeing eachother until you’re at a point you wont get freaked out.”

“I don’t know, I’ve been excited about meeting him even though I’e been nervous too. A big part of me hopes you arent just crazy” Carol chuckled “I’m not, like I said I’m very confident once you see him you’ll know but you need to be ready for it.”

“Call him, tell him to come in the morning.”

“How early do you get up?”

“I’ll probably be up around six am. Lance will probably be bugging me around then.”

“Who’s Lance?”

“If all this is true probably Bruce, do you know who Bruce is from Tresnia?”

“Oh my, I do know. I wish he hadn’t reincarnated in this world too. Charles will probably kill him” Carrie giggled “I hope not, he couldn’t get away with it in this world”

“True, he still has that temper which I’m sure will still be amplified if someone messes with you Carrie”

“Do you swear I’m not being punkd? Like, as soon as I believe you people start laughing because I’m dangerously close to beliving you right now”

“You are not being pranked Sophie” Carrie paused, wordless. Somthing about being called Sophie felt right but that was precisely why Carol called her that. Carol cleared her throat “see? Your soul knows thats the name you had before. It responds to Sophie and Charles and even Rowne.” She suddenly felt sad and felt like there was somthing missing again. Carrie was near tears when Carol pulled her into her arms “shh, don’t cry. It spainful because your soul wants its mate. Why don’t you take a hot bath dear and I’ll make you more tea. While you’re up there I’ll call Charles”

She went and grabbed a change of night clothes and hurried into the bathroom. Her eyes burned with tears as she switched on the water and tested it with her wrist before plugging the drain. She pulled her clothes off and her hair up then stepped into the warm water and sat down, pulling her knees up to her chest and crying. There was soft knock on the bathroom door and she quickly splashed water on her face to wash away her tears. “Just a minute.” She said and pulled the plug then got out and dried. She pulled her clothes on and opened the door to Carol’s concerned face.

“You don’t have to cry alone sweety.” She said as she hugged her. Carrie almost started bawling.

“I’m sorry, this is so stupid.”

“It’s okay, come have some more tea then you can go to bed. You have had a long day.”

Carrie nodded and followed Carol into the kitchen. She drank two more cups of tea, trying her best to relax in this very welcoming house. She could imagine spending a lot of time with Carol even if it turned out her and Harlan didn’t click. She told Carol goodnight and headed to her room. The bed was so comfortable and almost the minute her head touched the pillow she was asleep. She dreamed she was trapped beneath the earth, the darkness closing in on her. She wanted to scream, to panic. She felt suffocated. She just wanted to go home. She woke to someone vigorously shaking her. She opened her eyes to early morning light and Carol.

“Are you okay?” She asked.

“Yeah, just a nightmare.”

“I heard your alarm and when you didn’t turn it off I came up.”

“Thank you. I’m okay now.”

“Why don’t you get dressed then come help me with breakfast. Charles and Rowne are going to be here at seven thirty. I figured you’ want some extra time to get ready.”

Carrie got out of bed once Carol was gone and pulled a light pink summer dress out of her suitcase. She undressed, pulled on a pair of panties and then the dress. She went into the bathroom and messed with her hair. She wanted it to look nice, but not overdone. She decided that a simple French braid would do. She brushed her teeth then put a little makeup. She stared at herself for what seemed like forever. She thought she looked pretty and hoped Harlan thought so too. She wondered which name he preferred. She sighed and hurried downstairs to help Carol.

“what can I help you with?” Carrie asked smiling. Just make the scrambled eggs please sweetheart” Carrie began humming without thinking since she was used to being in her house alone. Her mother rarely visited and her father only came on Christmas. She wondered why he even came to that since all he paid attention to then was his new family. Carries music brought a smile to Carols face. When Carrie was done with the eggs Carol was just finishing the pancakes “You take the eggs and sausage and I’ll take the pancakes to the table”

“sounds good to me” Once the food was set out Carol told Carrie where the dishes were and asked her to pour orange juice while she set out the plates and silverwear. Carrie did as she was asked. She took two full cups in the dining room then went back to grab the other two. Just as she returned to teh kitchen Rowne and Charles arrived and knocked on the door. Carries heart did a flip as new butterflys gently brushed her insides. She had become carefree while cooking but was now in knots all over again. Carol answered as Carrie just stood, frozen in the kitchen with her cups.

Harlans eyes asked Carol where Sophie was so Carol told them to sit down and she would fetch her. Carol walked into the kitchen “you ok?” Carrie nodded a little too hard making Carol laugh “don’t be scared or nervous. I understand you feeling that way but I only want you to meet them. We’re not arrnaging a marriage or anything. You’re only meet the two most important men to you in your past life Carrie. They are so excited to see you.” Carol said as she took the cups from carrie and moved her head to tell her to go on in. Carrie could barely make herself move but she started walking slowly. She took a deep breath in and out then entered the dining room where both mens attention instantly went to her.

“Sophie.” Harlan said, coming to his feet.

Her hand covered her mouth then she said, “Charles? Daddy?” She suddenly felt very dizzy and her knees grew weak. She had never been more glad that Carol had taken the glasses from.

“She’s going to faint.” Rowne said and Harlan was around the table and holding her up in the blink of an eye.

“Breathe.” He ordered softly and she inhaled as deep as she could. She gripped his shoulders and blinked up at him. She felt herself shaking. Harlan’s heart was beating so fast he thought it might explode. She was still so beautiful and he wanted very much to kiss her. This face had filled his dreams for years. “Do you want to set down?” He asked and she nodded. He used his foot to pull one of the chairs back and lowered her slowly down.

“Sorry so sorry, just give me a minute.” She covered her face with her hands and did her best not to cry. Her heart had lept with joy at the sight of them, especially Harlan. He had the same face as the Charles in her dreams.

“It’s okay, take all the time you need.” Rowne said, his voice warm.

“Please don’t cry Sophie.” Harlan gently stroked her hair a down her back. “It will kill me if you cry.”

“Lets eat everyone and let her catch her breath.” Carol said and sat down.

“Of course.”

Carrie ate slowly, her eyes jumping between the two men and then back to her plate. She had called Rowne daddy without even thinking. It seemed to make him happy and she had to admit that it had sounded right coming out of her mouth. “Carol told me you read my books.” She finally said. It was lame, but it was all she could think to say.

“Yes, the first is my favorite.” Harlan replied, just happy she was talking.

“It’s mine too. I am very proud of you.” Rowne said with a happy smile.

“I’m almost done with the third one. I’m three fourths of the way done” She said staring down her food. “Good, I bet it will be just as amazing as the first two” Harlan responded quickly wanting her to talk to him. Carrie tried to look at Harlan but his loving and worried gaze was too much and she looked away again making him slightly frown. He quickly corrected it into a smile to help her feel comfortable. Carol touched Carries shoulder “It’s going to be ok Carrie. I promise you are not crazy. You felt it when you came in. That’s why you called Harlan, Charles and Draven, Daddy. Are you convinced?”

“I..I did feel it but this is a lot”

“I know which is why i refused to let these two be here when you first arrived so you wouldn’t instantly run away from the shock. I do have my suspicions that Charles was hiding in my woods to get a glimpse of you last night.” Carol said eyeing Harlan who looked away with a guilty face. When breakfast was over Carrie asked “so how did you guys find Rowne?”

“As hilarity would have it I was born Charles older brother. I’m twenty five while Charles here is twenty three. You’re twenty one correct?” Carrie nodded then asked Carol “why did you only mention knowing Charles then?”

“Once again saving you the shock I guess. Charles was going mad to see you and when I first started sending the letters we hadn’t convinced Rowne. He also thought we were insaine. All it took was him reading your book for it all to flood into him.” Carries eyes met Harlans as she lifted her head. He smiled at her with that love filled grin making Carrie flash her radiant smile that nearly stopped his heart. “Can I show you our farm Sophie? We have lots of animals. You still love animals right?”

“That sounds nice” Harlan smiled then stood “I’ll let you two be alone” Rowne said and Charles thanked him without words. “Please follow me Sophie, we’ll take my car.” Wordlessly she followed. Her mind and mouth were still having trouble working form trying to absorb everything. He followed Carrie to her side and opened the door. She gave a meek thank you before Harlan hopped in the other side. He desperatly wanted to lean in for a kiss but knew it would be too much. He coudl never allow himself to be that selfish with her. Once she calmed down more he coudl try. He was happy she was even agreeing to go somwhere alone with him.

Carrie was incredibly silent the whole ride. She stared out the window, watching the world pass quickly by. Harlan stole glances at her, wishing she would say something. He reached over and placed his hand gently on top of hers. She held it and he could feel her shaking. He gave her a reassuring squeeze and just enjoyed the feel of her skin. He only released her when he had to turn onto the dirt road that lead up to the house. She gasped with excitement and pointed at the horses running along the fence.

“Hurry, hurry, hurry.” She said, unbuckling before he was completely stopped. She jumped out of his car and raced to the gate. He quickly followed, yelling at her to hold on. He had a stallion that he still needed to break and he didn’t want her getting hurt. She was through the gate and running into the midst of the horses. His heart gave a fearful lurch as he slammed the gate shut behind him and chased after her. He skidded to a halt when he saw the large male horse allowing her to hug its head. He just stood there and stared at her. She had always been able to tame the wildest of beasts. One of the mares nudged his shoulder and he rubbed her neck as he just watched the love of his life turn a wild horse into a docile pet. “Harlan come here.” She said and he walked slowly over to her. He didn’t want to startle the horse.

“He likes you.” He said as he placed his hands on her shoulders.

“You say that like you’re shocked.”

“I am, he’s still green. He gets an attitude with me.”

“You’ve always been to aggressive. Try taking a softer approach.” She grabbed one of his hands and placed it on the horse’s neck. “There is a documentary I want you to watch called Buck. He’s amazing with horses.”

“Maybe we can watch it together.”

“I would like that.” She smiled up at him. “Do you have dogs?”

“Three, in the house. Two huskies and a border collie. Their names are Bonnie, Sjena, and Gra.”

“Awe you named the last two after…after our wolves.”

Harlan smiled as his heart beat happily “I did” Harlan said softly. Carrie turned and hugged him. Charles became weak but kept himself standing as he held onto her tight. “Could I please kiss you Carrie? I understand if it’s too much” Carrie felt more butterflies fill her but she pulled back from the hug enough for their lips to press into eachother. They both let out a small moan at the same time as they felt the tingles and fireworks in their bodies. Carries felt wetness running against her face and realized Harlan was crying. She tried to pull back to give him comforting words but he had a tight hold on her. This kiss was absolutely magical, unlike any she had before. Including in her dreams. Harlan parted their lips slowly, his eyes still gushing. “I love you Carrie” slipped out of his mouth. “I love you too” She responded truthfully. She regretted instantly for waving Carol off for so long. She could have met Harlan in High School but she chose to ignore the letters until now.

Harlan lifted Carrie off her feet and started walking out “I need to hold you for a little bit if that’s ok.”

“as long as you promise to let me ride one of these horses later”

“I promise, you can ride them as much as you want” HIs unending tears still drifting down his face. He sat under a tree and began to cry harder with his happiness and relief. “Please stop Harlan. You’ll make me cry” He wiped at his face then she asked “what do you want me to call you?”

“What do you mean beautiful”

“Well, Harlan or Charles?”

“Draven and I prefer to be called by our previous names when we’re among the people who know but I’m happy for you to call me anything as long as you’re calling me atall” Carrie smiled “then I will call you Charles when it’s just us”

“So I should do the same?”

“My name wasn’t Charles” Harlan guffawed “I will call you Sophie in private while I call you Carrie in public?”

“Sounds good to me” Tears streamed again and Carrie kissed them away. “why did you never come to my home?”

‘Carol thought I’d scare you since I was already so in love with the¬†girl in my head.”

“Maybe that was best, I’m sorry I ignored the letters so long.”

“It wont matter once you meet Chthon”


“Well, you can say no. Nobody will make you Sophie but Ruth was so sad after we all died that Chthon doesn’t want that to happen to her a second time. You’ve dreamnt of Chthon and Ruth right?”

“Yeah I have, I think he met me on my way here”

“He did, he wants to turn us into demons this time so we can remain a family forever and our souls wont have to search for eachother again. I really want that, I want us to be together for eternity Sophie”

“Cna I have a while to think? I’ve had to take in so much today Charles”

“Have all the time you need. I wont try to make you do anything that makes you unhappy. I love you with all of my heart Sophie”

“I can see that” Carrie said as she stroked his cheek. Charles began kissing her again. He tugged at her bottom lip and she allowed his tongue to enter into a dance with hers. It grew more and more passionate until Charles just wanted to rip every piece of clothing off of her. He pulled back, his desire burning hot in his eyes. He couldn’t take her now though. He needed to let her take in this day. “want to go riding now?”

“On you?” He half smiled “On the horses beautiful. We shouldn’t do that today. Like you said before, there’s been a lot to take in”

“I could have made that sound perverted to if I had wanted to.” She said as he helped her to her feet.

“I know, I realized how bad it sounded the minute I said it. So which horse?” She pointed to the stallion and he shook his head. “Absolutely not, Sophie.”

“Absolutely yes Charles.” He really didn’t want to argue with her, especially now that he had her back. He sighed and gave in.

“You have to bring him in. His name is Donatello, I almost named him Lucifer.”

She laughed as she took off across the field to the young horse. He whinnied with excitement and she wrapped one arm around his head and started walking. He went with her and the mares followed. She walked them into the barn and Charles came out of the tack room with two saddles, two blankets, and two sets of reigns. He smiled at the fact that all the animals went with her so easily. “What’s so funny?” She asked.

“Nothing Snow White.” He answered and she giggled. “Let me show you how to saddle a horse.” He threw one of the blankets over Donatello’s back and adjusted it. He then grabbed the saddle and put it on, making sure to show her everything that needed to be buckled. The reigns were the hardest because Donatello wouldn’t open his mouth for the bit. Charles frowned at the horse. “Come on man, you want her to ride you right?” He put the bit up against the horse’s lips and he opened his mouth. He did his horse next, an older mare named Juno. “Now take it slow okay, I don’t need you falling off and getting trampled.”

“Okay.” They rode out of the barn and across the field, going at a nice leisurely pace.

“You look happy.”

“I am, this place is so amazing.” She patted Donatello on the neck.

“I hope you will spend more time here. I’m not asking you to move in with me or anything, but I want you to feel comfortable coming and going as you please.”

“Oh well fine then, I wont live with you. Glad you made that clear right off the bat. I was really falling in love with the idea of being here but I guess I can take my butt back to South Carolina and vsiit every now and then. Well, I do ahve the money to buy a house here. Any near by?” Charles looked almost horrified he seemed so upset “Sophie, thats not what I meant. I’m just trying not to put too much pressure on you so you dont run away. Carol told me to be careful. If you want to live with me I’d love that.”

“I know you didnt mean it like that now stop frowning” Charles gave her a half smile and she rolled her eyes “No more kissing me if you can’t manage a real smile. Don’t be uptight. I’m no longer on the fence. I believe this Charles. Can we run with the horses?” He nodded and they both commanded their horses to go. Charles loved the sound of Sophies laughter as they ran. He was unbelievably happy until they started to trot around again. “To be serious though I want to rent an apartment for a few months so we don’t freak out my mom. She doesn’t see me often but she loves me very much and will have a heart attack if I move in with you right away. I’ll pay the month by month price so that I can move in with you after six months. How does that sound?”


‘You’re also welcome wherever I rent anytime but I’ll probably want to be here the most” Harlan smiled “I’m glad, It will be amazing when you mvoe in here.”

“Have you payed your place off?”

“No, we’re still working on it. When I graduated High School Rowne approached me wanting to buy this place so we could move out of our parents house and raise animals. We’ve only been paying on it five years.”

“I’ll give you the rest of the money to pay it off, no fighting me Charles. I am very welathy in this life because I write about our past life.”

“Thank you Sophie”

“Don’t thank me, I can’t wait to live here too.” They decided to give the horses a break and lead them back to where they could run free. “want to see the rest of the animals and then the inside of our home?”

“Sure” Charles lead Sophie around to see everything as he admired the different expressions on that breath taking face. He wished she was moving in now but six months wasn’t long to wait after years of waiting for her to respond to Carol. Sophie leaned in and kissed him “I love when you look at me like that”

“Good because you’ll be seeing it all the time”

Chapter Three

She smiled and he lifted her into his arms to carry her inside. “I remember this, being carried by you was always my favorite thing.” She opened the front door for him when they made it to the house and immediately found themselves being jumped on by dogs.

“Down, now.” The dogs all sat in front of them, their tails wagging and ears at attention. “Would you like to play with them while I make us something delicious?”

“Yes please.” He lowered her feet to the floor and she dropped down on her knees.

“Free.” Charles said and the dogs all started rubbing against and licking her. Her giggles warmed him and he went into the kitchen before he scooped her up and took her upstairs. He decided on home made pizza. He wanted to know if she liked it or not. He was pretty sure it was good, but only Sophie’s opinion would tell him for sure. He pulled out the ingredients and went ahead and preheated the oven while he worked on the dough. He got lost in her happiness, basked in her joy. He hoped she decided to become a demon and of not then he would just spend another lifetime loving her and find her again when the time came. He would have Chthon keep her books so he could show them to both of them. He would keep finding her for all of eternity and he wouldn’t let anything stop him.

Sophie got off the floor and explored the house. The dogs followed close, her silent guardians. Every once in awhile one would lick her fingers and she would scratch them happily behind the ears. This place was so beautiful and she knew she would really enjoy being here. Charles had made it so welcoming and had decorated everything with her favorite colors. She mulled over the idea of immortality and found it exciting. He had waited years for her, staying away even when he had wanted to run to her. She couldn’t imagine how much it had hurt to be apart from her and even worse for her not to accept who she was from the start. He was such a sincere and loving man, willing to give her as much time as she needed.

“What do you puppies think?” They all cocked their heads to the side and she giggled. Even the overly large Sjena looked adorable when he did that. “You guys don’t care as long as everyone’s happy right?”

Sophie walked in the kitchen, immediately grabbing Charles attention. “yes?” He said softly. He was once again taken back by her beauty and how pleasant it felt to be around her. “I want to become a demon. I’ve had enough time to think. We can do that as soon as Chthon and you are ready” Charles was in the middle of somthing for the pizza and covered in flour but he couldn’t stop himself from running over to Sophie and embracing her tightly. The water gates broke again as he crushed her body into his “I’m so happy”

“I’m so blessed to have such an adoring man in my life. I’m the luckiest girl that has ever lived.” Charles pulled back “I’m the luckiest man. You’ve always been so perfect for me. You make me incredibly happy Sophie. I’m so glad Carol got you to come and that you realized who you are.”

“It was so sweet of you to be so patient.” Charles smiled “I waited twenty two years for you in our first life. What was four in this?” Sophie grabbed his face, pulling him down into a gentle kiss. “I’ll let you get back to cooking. I just had to tell you my choice so you’d know”

“I’m glad you went ahead and told me my love. If you would have said no I was planning on giving Chthon your books to help me prove to you in the next life who you are. I’d do my best to win you every time we reincarnated”

“stop being so sweet or I wont be able to let you cook. I’m really hungry”

“Then I wont allow myself to get distracted again. Go play with the dogs. I really hope you like this”

“I’m sure I will” Now Charles didn’t want to cook. He just wanted to be with Sophie but he couldn’t let the love of his life be hungry. He put the pizza together then placed it in the oven. Charles set the timer then went into the living room where Sophie was playing with their dogs. She got up and met him for a hug ‘It wont take long now”

“Its really sweet of you to cook”

“I’ve practiced a lot while I waited for you. I an even sew now so making and hemming things wont only be your job. We can equally help in everything. There wont be anything we cant do side by side.” Sophie smiled and kissed his chin “I’m really glad for that. I don’t really want to move into an apartment here. It just will really really upset my mom since I cant explain to her I’m a reincarnation”

“Oh that’ll just be for show. You can live here and pretend to live here when your moms around” Charles kissed her cheek and Sophie giggled “thats a good idea. We should do most our love making at the apartment though so we dont kill Rowne. You remember how he was”

“How he is you mean. You’re still his little girl” Sophie laughed. It was funny to her that her father was only four years older than her. “Is Drea here?”

“Not that we’ve found.. I think you’re dad has been holding out hope….I wish I was selfless enough to say I regret what happened when they were children but if it hadn’t we wouldn’t have eachother. God, we could have been siblings” Sophie laughed hard then said as she wiped ¬†atear from her eyes “well we wouldn’t have fallen in love as siblings so it wouldnt have mattered to us.”


An even more disturbing thought filled his head. What if they had been siblings in this new life? He hugged her tighter, thanking the universe for not playing such a cruel joke. “Are you okay?” Sophie asked and he kissed her neck.

“Just having terrifying thoughts.” He answered.

“About what?”

“I don’t want to talk about it right now.” He pulled back and gave her another kiss. “You are so beautiful.”

“And you are as handsome as usual. All this flour makes you look adorable though.”

“Hmm hadorable, a mix between the two.” She laughed and they sat down together on the floor. He switched on the TV and they watched until the timer went off. He hurried into the kitchen and pulled the pizza out. He cut them each a piece, putting them on a plate and then going back to her. “It’s hot so don’t burn yourself.”

“If I do you can just kiss my booboo.” The dogs started drooling at the smell of pizza.

“Kennel.” Charles ordered and they all took off to a different room.

“You have them well trained.”

“I didn’t want them messing with the other animals and wind up getting hurt. We have an open range with a lot of cattle and the horses. They wouldn’t think twice about stomping a dog to death if they felt threatened.”

She kissed his cheek, making him choke on his food. “I’m so sorry.” She said and he shook his head.

“Don’t be.” He finally managed to say. “It just shows the effect you have on me.” He cleared his throat then gave her a quick kiss before finishing his food.

“So, Is there an empty room I can have?”

“Why, you wouldn’t want to share a room with me?” He sounded sad and she laughed “Of course I want to share a room with you. I need r oom just for writing. I can’t write unless I ahve a specific place for it, I’m odd that way. I atleast need a place to put my desk.”

“I’ll build onto the house. I have six months, with Rowne, Chthons, Abraxas and Zeus’s help I can definitly build another room onto this house.”

“Thank you so much. I’ll buy the supplies you need. Just make me a list” Charles kissed her again. “It’s odd buying things. Back in that world I just cut down trees and got my own wood. You aren’t even allowed to do that here”

“well i have plenty of money. I need your relators number so I can pay off your house.”

“You have a cellphone?”

“Of course” Sophie handed Charles her phone and slid open his. He found the realators number and put it in her phone. “Tell me if there’s anything else I can do to make you like being here more.”

“You’ve already made it perfect. This place looks like I decorated it.”

“I did my best to make it that way so you’d be happy here when you finally came. I dont know if I could have handled it if you rejected all this and went back to South Carolina.”

“I’m not looking forward to moving my stuff. I guess I’ll hire movers”

“You dont need to. Our family and I will do it”

“It’s ok sweetheart. I dont mind hireing sombody”

“as long as you’re happy Sophie”

“HOw could I not be happy when you’re such a prince Charles. I do want to move all my writing stuff personally. Why don’t you ride back with me tomorrow to pick up my writing stuff, some clothes and a few other things.”

“I’m sure Rowne wouldnt mind taking care of everything around here so I coudl travel with you”

“Good, we don’t have to rush but I need to inform my editor that I’m taking some time off to get myself settled here. I wont start writing again until I’m all set in my apartment or rental house. Where’s your computer?” Charles blushed and garbbed her hand. Sophie wondered why he was blushing until she moved the mouse. When the screen lit up it was a picture of her at a book signing. She covere dher mouth “you went to one of my book signings?”

“I’ve been to them all. Every event you’ve done I’ve been there. I just didn’t talk to you” He said still blushing. Sophie pulled him down and kissed him “you are such a sweet man Charles”

“My heart is only yours Sophie. I longed to talk to you so bad but I didn’t want to scare you” She decided to click his picture folder and found a bunch of pictures of her which had him even redder. “Don’t be embaressed Charles.” Charles kissed her head then she opened up his internet browser to search for rental homes since she preferred living in a house to an apartment. She found a nice house for rent about a half hour away. “what do you think of that?”

“”Its not permamnent so anything it fine. Only six months right?” Sophie giggled “Only six months” Sophie dialed the number, happy when someone answered on the second ring. They talked for a bit then Sophie hung up “it’s mine, I can’t have it until next week though so they can clean it up some. Since it will take a week why don’t you stay with me at my home so you can get to know all my friends? I also need to fill out a change of adress and inform my publisher of the new adress. Damn, I even have to talk to the techy guy to change my adress on my website so people know where to send my fan mail. Can I go ahead and get all my stuff sent here so I don’t have to change everything again in six months?”

“Of course”

“All of this is so crazy and exciting. I can’t believe I’m going to be moving.”

“I hope I’m not making you feel rushed.”

“If you were I wouldn’t be conspiring to fool my mother with you.”

He wrapped his arms around her and buried his nose on her hair. “You are so amazing and such a temptation. Every moment we’re together I need you more and more.”

“You have no idea how happy it makes me to hear you say that.” She smiled even though he couldn’t see it and he kissed her shoulder.

“I can’t wait to tell Chthon and Ruth that you said yes to being changed. They are going to be so happy.”

“Maybe we should ask dad if he would do the same. I don’t want to lose him again. Oh are you going to tell me what had you acting weird earlier?”

“Just how messed up it would have been if we had been born siblings in this life.” She got a sad look on her face. “I know Sophie, that’s how I would have felt. Having you so close, but unable to touch you would have been like a knife in my heart. I would have hated my life.”

“I am so glad that didn’t happen. Instead you got my dad as your older brother, now he gets to really lay into you if you mess something up and it’s okay because you’re related.”

“I’m not scared of that old man.” They laughed and hugged each other close. “You look really tired love, do you want to go to bed?” She nodded and he lifted her into his arms. He carried her up to his room and lay her gently down. He tugged off her shoes and rubbed her feet then moved on to her dress. She wasn’t wearing a bra and he found himself staring at her mostly nude form. She laughed, making his eyes jump to her face.

“You still look at me like I’m the most beautiful thing in the universe.”

“Because you are.”

“You obviously don’t watch very many movies or see very many supermodels.”

“Of course I do, but their beauty dims in comparison to your’s.”

“You’re so wonderful”

“and you are absolutely spectacular Sophie. No woman could ever compare to you.” Charles kissed Sophies stomach. Goosbumps covered the area making him smile “It’s so hard to be good”

“Then don’t be, I want you Charles”

“You do” his face seemed moved nearly to tears “Of course I do, make love to me Charles.” Charles pulled off Sophies underwear and she could see how hard he was fighting back his happy tears. He rained kisses on her stomach and chest then moved down to lick her. Sophie moaned his name until he got off the bed and went to his dresser “what’re you doing baby” Sophie asked breathlessly. Without answering he pulled out a box and began to open it. Sophie was blushing again when he pulled out KY jelly. He came back over “this is supposed to make this feel a lot better to you. In this day and age theres a lot i can do to drive you crazier”

“Oh god Charles no, you don’t need to feel any better” He laughed happily then rubbed it on her before pushing himself slowly in. She let out a long moan as his hips kept a slow pace. She felt the jelly begin to work and she could barely stand it. Charles grabbed each of her arms pinning her down as his hips kept the slow, torurous motion. Sophies heart pounded as her body went wild with pleasure. Charles began to silently cry as he gazed down at his godess. He was glad this stuff worked. When he could feel himself nearing ejaculation he went faster into her. She jerked almost violently with the pleasure as he spilled deep within her. They both fought to breath as he pulled out and laid down next to her “I love you so much” His silent tears now turning into sobs. Sophie held him “I love you too. I dont think we need anymore of that jelly though.”

“Of course we do. I loved watching you” They held eachother tightly “Did you wait on me all this time Charles? Like, since you found out have you been with a women?”

“No I havent. I only wanted you Sophie. You are still the only woman I could ever love, the only woman I could be happy with. I’ve had one girlfriend which I’m ashamed to say I treated poorly because I never really loved her.”

“I wasnt very good to my exs either so dont be ashamed. I never loved them either.” Charles kissed Sophie then rubbed her cheek. “I’m just glad we’re together again and will never be seperated. You are my one and only. You need some rest though ok love, we’ll talk more in the morning.”

“I dont want to sleep”

“But you need sleep sweetheart” Charles kissed Sophies cheek then she pillowed her head on his firm chest. He rubbed her back until she was resting then sighed “thank god you’re finally here Sophie. It was so miserable and hard waiting on you. To know where the only woman for me was and not be able to interact. I’m so glad you finally came to me. My sweet sweet Sophie” Charles just enjoyed holding her until his eyes grew heavy from the emotional toll today took. He had been all nerves this morning when he came to breakfast. Sophie was barely awake a second the next morning when Charles woke. She giggled “lets shower handsome, oh wait, i dont have clothes here. We can shower at Carols.”

He gave her his best pout and she rolled her eyes, giving a small laugh as she bent down and picked up her panties and dress. He grabbed her hips and pulled her bottom against his groin. “Hey now, be good. We need to get clean and hit the road.” She said.

“It’s hard to get dressed when you bend over in front of me.” She straightened up and he groaned as if he had just suffered some horrible pain.

“You can have me all you want when we get to my place.”

“Be careful what you say Sophie. I’ve missed you very much and have a lot of pent up energy.”

She looked back at him as she pulled on her panties. “You work on a farm, how can you have pent up energy?”

“I’ve always been that way. I mean I have to work really, really hard to get exhausted. You should know that.”

She pulled her dress over her head and he tugged it down then kissed her. He pushed her back onto the bed, using his weight to hold her down. “Charles, you need to get dressed.” He nibbled down her neck to her collar bone and she squirmed and giggled. “Ah, bad Charles.”

“You like bad Charles, admit it.” He whispered in her ear.


He pushed his hand up her dress and between her legs. He pulled her panties to the side and pushed just his tip into her. She whimpered as he slid slowly in and out of her, never going any deeper than her entrance. “You look so hot right now baby, it’s very hard to hold back.”

“Please, no more teasing.” She begged and he slammed into her. She orgasmed instantly and he quickly followed. She lay gasping beneath him and he kissed her cheek. “Now get dressed so we can go shower.”

“Yes ma’am.” He kissed her again then pushed off of her and pulled on some clothes. “Still unwilling to admit you like bad Charles?” He asked as he tugged on a sweater.

“I admit nothing.” She crossed her arms and smiled up at him. He lifted her off the bed and carried her out to his car, kissing her once more before putting her down and letting her get in.

“want to stop at Hardees¬†after we pick up my suitcase from Carols?”

“sure” he said looking at her once again like she was the most remarkable thing on earth. They pulled into Carols yard and went in. Carol was having breakfast with Rowne. Charles and Sophie told them what their plans were and Rowne was more than happy to look after their animals alone while Charles was gone with Sophie. He was also excited Sophie was moving here. Carol and Rowne had been sitting in suspense since they left yesterday. “You two have fun. I’ll tell Chthon to be ready when you get back to change the two of you” Carol said then Sophie looked at her father “you should change too dad. I can’t lose you again” He smiled and got up to hug her. “ok, I will” Sophie went to go grab her stuff when Charles grabbed her arm “I’ll get it beautiful” He kissed her cheek then ran to Carosl guest room. Rowne couldn’t resist hugging Sophie again “you two be safe on the road”

“we will dad” Rowne kissed Sophies head just as Charles came down. “I have to go too Carol since I’m tending to the animals.” Carol nodded and everyone left “I want to take my car Charles”

“Then we will” He said in a very happy tone. They both got in and she typed in Hardees on her GPS. Charles was glad she was driving so he could admire the face he had been longing for so long. They pulled up to Hardees and Sophie said “we’re not in a rush so do you want to eat inside?” Charles nodded with almost a silly looking smile on his face he seemed so happy. Sophie laughed “I have never seen a man so ridiculously happy, oh wait I did in my past life” Charles chuckled “I just cant help it. You’re my dream girl. I finally have my Sophie again. You can’t blame me for being crazily happy”

“I guess not” Sophie leaned in to give him a quick kiss but he grabbed her face to hold her in it. He only released Sophie when she began giggling. “Breakfast is inside, not in my mouth” Charles laughed again. Both of their hearts were overflowing with bliss as they stepped out of the car and went in. They ordered and ate then were back on the road. “I like to listen to music while I drive, is that ok with you?”

” dont see why you ask baby. If somthing makes you happy please do it”

“I still like to ask, your opinion still matters” Charles kissed her cheek “put in a CD” Carrie decided to put in that love song mix CD. By the time the second song hit Charles realized this was the CD he made her. He started to cry again, she had actually been listening to it. It was the only time he had been brave enough to send her somthing. He wanted to tell her how much he loved and missed her without scaring her so he thought he would express himself through song. Sophie noticed him crying and got off on an exit that had a gas station. Once they were parked she asked “what’s wrong baby?”

“Nothings wrong, I made you this CD and I’m so happy you were actually lstening to it. I shouldn’t cry over somthing like that…I’ve just been missing and loving you for so long so I guess I’m going to blubber easy for a bit. I hope it doesn’t annoy you”

“Your tears could never annoy me Charles. I really love this CD, thank you”

“I was dieing to tell you how much I love, need and missed you. Making that was the only way to say it without risking scaring you”

“It’s perfect, I promise I’ve listened to it alot. Sophie unbuckled and moved closer so they could hold eachother. Once his eyes stopped producing tears Sophie said “will you pump gas while I buy us some candy and drinks?”

“Of course” Carrie gave Charles her credit card and then she went inside. She made a quick stop in the bathroom so she would be less liekly to make them stop later. Sophie forgot to ask Charles what his favorite candy was so she got them both a Hersheys chocolate bar then grabbed a Vanilla Cherry Dr Pepper for each of them. Charles was done pumping gas when she came out. She set her small bag between them and took off down the road again. Luckily there was no construction this time but with how leaisurely they made the trip back it was still nightfall when they walked into her house. “want a tour?” Charles nodded and she showed him every room of her house. The last room she showed him was the room she wrote in. He set his hand down on her current book “I’m so glad you wrote down your dreams to make it easier for us to find eachother”

“Me too, Are you going to sit with me when I have to work?”

“I was actually hoping you’d sit in my lap when you needed to write” Sophie smiled “that sounds nice as long as you really let me write”

“I promise, i want to read your next book anyway. I dream all this stuff too but I love seeing our life through your eyes Sophie.”

“I’m so hungry but I dont feel like cooking after all that driving”

“Then don’t, write, watch to or what ever else you want to do and I’ll cook.”

“well, I should probably write some more. My readers are getting so anxious for book three. I’ll talk to my editor and my techy guy about my adress in the morning and also handle the movers then.” Charles laughed “what?” Sophie asked “Techy guy, I’ve been trying not to laugh but you’re too damn cute”

“shush you or no sex” He covered his mouth making Sophie have to put a hand on her desk to support herself while she laughed. Charles walked over and pulled Sophie into the hug “I’m so glad I ahve my heaven back”

“I’m so glad to have my knight in shining armor” Charles broke apart the hug then went into her kitchen. Sophie sat down at her desk and used the sex they had last night as a template for her sex scene. Of course they didn’t have KY Jelly then so she left that out. Her pen didn’t stop moving until Charles made her jump. He seemingly just appeared in front of her even though he had slowly walked in and said her names many times before that “you got lost in writing sweetheart. Come enjoy dinner” Sophie got up “I’m so sorry Charles. I tend to do that. I hope I dont upset you”

“That wont, now come on”

Half way through their meal there was a knock on the front door. Sophie thought maybe Chthon had arrived and ran ecstatically to the door. She pulled it open and froze when she saw Lance standing on her front porch. “Go away.” She immediately said.

“Come on Carrie, I just want to talk.” He replied.

“To bad because I don’t want to talk to you. This constantly calling me and coming to my house is getting ridiculous. I don’t want to go out with you.” She went to close the door and he slammed his hand against it to stop her.

“Don’t be such a bitch.”

“This boy bothering you Carrie?” The voice made them both jump, their heads snapping to the far end of the porch. There setting on the banister was Chthon, his arms crossed and eyes staring cooly at Lance.

“Who the fuck is this, your boyfriend?”

“No, he’s inside. This is my uncle.”

“What do you mean he’s inside?” Lance’s raised voice brought Charles running. He placed a hand on Sophie’s shoulder and was ready to push her behind him in case this little jerk tried anything.

“Harlan this is Lance, Lance this is my boyfriend Harlan.” Charles and Lance just stared at each other for the longest time, neither of them blinking.

“Do I know you?” Lance finally asked.

“Maybe is another life.” Charles answered.

“Leave Lance and don’t come back.” Sophie said angrily.

“This isn’t over Sophie.” He snapped.

Sophie just stared at him. “What did you call me?”

“I meant Carrie, this isn’t over Carrie.”

“It’s been over since prom, now go away.” He stomped off with a bewildered look on his face. Sophie took a deep breath and Chthon stood, straightening his jacket.

“Well that was thoroughly entertaining. How about a hug for an old man?” He opened his arms and Sophie ran into them.

“Where’s Ruth?”

“In the car. I saw that little weirdo on your porch and parked across the street.”

“Thanks for helping”

“I would never let any little punks bother you and Charles. I’m so glad to have you back in our family. I heard you and Charles want to be demons.”

“We do”

“That has made all of us very happy. When would you like me to change you?”

“Will I be ok to take care of things tomorrow if you do it tonight? I wanted to get things rolling for moving to Kentucky”

“You would be very tired tomorrow so if you can get everything done I will change you tomorrow night. I will only do one of you a day since you will need to comfort the other through the pain.”

“Sounds good to me, will you and Ruth stay the night?”

“As long as our daughter Kristin is welcome too. She is sitting with her mother in the car.”

“aw, you two are still having children?”

“Ruth loves being a mother and having a child around. My wife being happy makes me happy so pretty much as soon as one moves out we have another. As demons you can really have as many kids as you choose to.”

“well bring Ruth and Kristin inside” Chthon smiled then turned to walk back to his car. Charles pulled Sophie into a tight hug. “You don’t have any other men who bother you like that do you?”

“No, some of my male readers send me love notes but nothing threatening.” Charles kissed Sophies head “good” When Chthon walked up with Ruth and their fourteen year old Kristin they all exchanged hugs again. Sophie lead them inside and showed them to rooms they could sleep in. “Will you two join us for dinner? Charles made way too much”

“we already ate but thank you. We would love to just sit and talk to you two though” Ruth said seeming like she may just jump for joy. They ate and talked until the yawns wouldn’t stop coming. They went to their rooms and settled in for the night. Charles and Sophie snuggled in close together and drifted into a heavy sleep. Sophie was a little groggy from sleeping so deeply but her excitement about moving got her up and running down to her computer. Charles didn’t stir due to his deep slumber. She started sending out the emails she needed to when Ruth popped in behind her “want me to cook breakfast?”

“That would be nice, thank you”

“No problem sweetheart, I’m so happy to finally have you back. You and Charles meant so much to me.”

“I’m happy to be back. I’ll finish these emails then come help you.”

“see you soon” Ruth said then went into the kitchen. Once the emails was done she walked into the kitchen as she promised and giggled at the sight of Chthon and Ruth kissing. “Morning”

“sorry” Chthon said with a happy smile “No need to be sorry, Charles inherited that loveyness from you and I enjoy it”

“Thanks for coming to help but Chthon already did and you cant really help me with the omelettes.”

“I’ll wake Charles then.”

“Will you get Kristin too?”

“Sure” Sophie ran to get Kristin first. Once she was moving she jumped on top of Charles, waking him instantly. He quickly pulled her down and under him then rained kisses all over her. Sophie giggled “we need to eat”

“Good idea” Sophie giggled again “Ruth made breakfast Charles, come on” Charles pulled Sophie out of the bed. “we forgot to grab a suitcase for me we left so excitedly”

“No matter, we can go shopping after I go to the post office and talk to my mail man.”

“Thanks sweetheart”

“anything for you, you’re really an amazing man”

“I cant be any less and get such a wonderful woman as yourself.” They walked out of the bedroom and joined their family for breakfast. “I need to go to the post office and then we’re buying Charles clothes for while he’s here. I want to introduce him to my family he doesn’t know because they are the family I was born into as Carrie. will you guys join us?”

“That would be fun” Ruth said, her husband and daughter agreeing. They finished then everybody got ready to go out. Charles really wished he could groom himself for Sophie but they would be at the mall or wherever she was taking him to shop soon. He could change in a bathroom and then get a shower when they came home later. They took Sophies car, Charles sat in front while Chthon and his family were in the back. Only Charles went into the post office with Carrie. This took much longer than she wanted because everybody that she knew in there had a million questions. They finally managed to squirm away and get back to the patiently waiting family in the car. Sophie apologized but they didn’t mind the time it took.

Chapter Four

Next was the mall. Charles let Sophie pick out his clothes since she had always know what he looked best in. She picked out a bunch of jeans and t-shirts and even a new pair of tennis shoes. She found a jacket made of brown leather and got that for him too. “Are you sure this isn’t to much?” Charles asked.

“Of course not, how many times do I have to tell you that I have a lot of money?” She replied as they exited another store and she handed him one of the bags of clothes. “Go get changed.” He took it from her hand and headed off to the bathroom.

“It’s so surprising to see you two together again. I keep blinking thinking I’m hallucinating.” Ruth said with a smile.

“I almost fainted when I saw him and my father. I thought for sure I was going to drive all the way to Kentucky just to be disappointed by a crazy lady. I am so happy to be with him again.”

“He definitely depends on you. Especially on the clothes department.” Chthon teased.

“I almost suggested he dress like you, but I didn’t think the millionaire playboy look quite suited him.” Sophie teased back.

“Playboy look?” He looked down at his clothes.

“You look like Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark on their day off, when they’re not fighting crime or doing business.”

“Well I can fly and I have been known to set menacingly in the shadows and take out evil doers.” They all started laughing and Charles arched a questioning eyebrow at them as he came out of the hall that lead to the bathrooms.

“Just comparing gramps here to superheroes.” Sophie said and took his hand. “You look really, really good in those.” Her words made him grin and a small blush touched his cheeks.

“So who are we going to meet first?” Charles asked.

“My mother and just so you know she might not like you at first because she didn’t pick you out. She’s also a huge worry wart. It drives me insane. Then, if he has the time, you’ll meet my biological father. He remarried and he and I are not that close. He’ll probably like Chthon more than he’ll like you just because I’m assuming he’s rich.”

“An immortal has a lot of time to amass quite a fortune. I was already well off back then, but now I’m very wealthy. I’ll just tell him I am Charles’s uncle, I’m sure that will get him to want you to be with Charles even more.” Chthon chimed in.

“And don’t worry about your mom babe, I’ll just turn on the charm.”

Sophie kissed his cheek “well you’ve always been a charmer with the ladies.” They started towards where they parked and a few teens stopped them. “You’re Carrie Abrams aren’t you?” The girl said as if she knew that she was correct “Yes I am” Sophie smiled then the girl asked Charles if he would use her camera to take a picture of Carrie with the group. Charles agreed so Sophie stood with the two girls and man. “Oh god I have to go home and put this on Facebook!” The girl who looked fifteen said. Sophie had to stifle a laugh at the girl. They walked off happily chatting while Sophie continued to the car with Ruth, Chthon and Charles. “Do you get stopped like that often?”

“Fairly often, I don’t mind though. My fans made me. I wouldn’t have so much money if it weren’t for them so I don’t mind giving them some of my time. I answer all my fan mail personally.”

“That’s sweet” Ruth said as they got in the car. It wasn’t very far to Carries mothers house. They all got out and Carrie knocked on the door. Her mother flung it open and wrapped her daughter in a hug “Thank god that woman didn’t murder you! You scared the piss out of me when you told me you actually planned on meeting that crazy broad.”

“Be nice mom, she was a wonderful woman. She introduced me to her nephew and we really hit it off. Harlan here is my boyfriend now.” Jocelyns eyes grew wide “oh god, they convinced you that you really are this Sophie Radkey” Carrie laughed “Mom no, Harlan doesn’t believe what his Aunt says and neither do I, I swear”

“Oh good, come in all of you” Once they were inside Jocelyn asked who the other three people were. Carrie introduced them and they all sat down. They chatted until lunch. Jocelyn made spaghetti. Chthon thought it was a bit bland but he acted as if he loved it. Carrie never liked her mothers spaghetti either. “so mom”

“Yes baby?”

“I’m planning on moving to Kentucky. I’ve already picked out a house to rent.” Jocelyn sighed “I expected that when I realized Harlan was now you’re boyfriend. I suppose I can’t stop you and I do like him and his family. Just be careful sweetheart and you take care of her Harlan”

“I will mam”

“You better or I’ll come after you. She’s my only girl Harlan”

“I would defend your daughter with my life. I wouldnt hesitate for a second” Sophie smiled at him, hearing how much he meant it in his voice. After lunch they said their goodbyes and left “My mom really liked you Harlan”

“I’m glad”

“Now lets go meet my dad”

Sophie’s half siblings Eric and Teagan hugged her the minute she was through the door. Even though her father, Ronald favored them over her, she still loved them very much. Ronald and his wife Ellen who Sophie refused to get to know came up behind the kids. “Carrie, how nice of you to visit.” Her father said and she refrained from rolling her eyes.

“I wanted you to meet some people.” She replied, trying to sound happy to be there.

“Lets have a seat in the living room.” They followed her father and the ever present Ellen who Sophie couldn’t help but notice was eyeing both Charles and Chthon.

“We’re going to spend time with…” Teagan looked at Kristin.

“My name’s Kristin.”

“We’re going to hang out with Kristin.” The two eleven year olds pulled the teenage girl upstairs. Sophie took a seat on the couch and Charles sat next to her. Chthon sat down on her other side and pulled Ruth onto his knee.

“So who are these people?” Ronald asked.

“This is my boyfriend Harlan, his uncle Chthon and his wife Ruth. The girl is their daughter Kristin.”

“You two look pretty young to be her parents.”

“Good genes.” Chthon said with a smile.

“So a boyfriend? How exciting.” Ellen said with a smile.

“Yes it is. He’s a really amazing guy. I’m also moving to Kentucky. I just thought you should know.”

Ronald seemed to think about this for a minute. He looked them all over and then said, “Do you have a means of taking care of my daughter?” Sophie knew he meant money.

“I assure you he does. He owns his own farm with plenty of meat cows. He gets a good sum of money for them. We also have a trust fund in place for him and any children he and Carrie should have.” Chthon interjected.

“good, have fun” It always upset Chthon when parents didn’t love their children as they should so he already wanted to leave. He could tell Ronald barely cared for Carrie. He didn’t understand parents like him. They made small talk for a short while then decided it was time to go. “I hopet hat wasn’t too awkward” Carrie said to everyone. “It wasn’t, I dont like him very much though” Chthon answered. Charles squeezed Sophies hand “It wasn’t very awkward honey” She smiled at him then said “I think we’ll call it a day. You ready to get to work Chthon?”

“I’m excited to. I guess it’s best we do this before dinner since you may throw up. I want to do just Sophie tonight. We will take care of you tomorrow Charles: Charles nodded and Sophie drove home. Once they were inside Chthon asked them to sit on the living room floor while he went into the kitchen to grab a knife. Ruth and Kristin made sure the doors and windows were shut and locked. Chthon instructed Charles to sit behind Sophie for support. Once he was in position Chthon asked Sophie to hold her hand out. She obeyed and he set his hand on hers while he chanted. Without warning he thrust the knife down making her suck air through her teeth but she didn’t move. He took the blade out and finished. Just as Chthon thought she convulsed then threw up before passing out. Ruth pulled out potion for their hands and asked their daughter to clean up the throw up. Charles lifted Sophie and took her upstairs. Chthon had wanred him this would happen so he had already prepared himself. He was going to be storng the whole time for Sophie and not cry.

Sophie didn’t stir again until eight in the morning. Her muscles were all tight and she groaned. Charles called for Chthon who was in their room in almost an instant. He gave her some potions to drink. She drank them as fast as she could. “The pain will go away, I’m so sorry Sophie”

“Don’t be sorry, living forever with Charles and you guys is worth this price” Chthon smiled “I know you don’t feel like eating but I’ll go make you some scrambled eggs sweetheart. Go back to sleep if you can”

“Ok” Charles held Sophie close and whispered about how wonderful their future was going to be until Chthon came back with food for each of them. “Once she feels good you’re up Charles”

“You can do him now. We may as well be miserable at the same time. I can handle this”

“are you sure?” Chthon asked in a concerened tone and Sophie nodded. “I’m tough as nails” She managed to say through her pain. “you ready then Charles? I can tend to Sophie and you if you need it. I just thought you two would want eachother. I underestimated just how tough our Sophie is”

“If Sophie wants me to get it over with then I’ll go ahead” He kissed Sophies cheek “Thank you sweetheart. I’ll be back soon” Sophie cried as she heard Charles scream in pain. Soon after Chthon carried him into the bedroom and laid him down “he’ll be awake in a few hours sweetheart. Do you need somthing else for your pain?”

“Please” Chthon nodded then went to get Ruth who kept all that sort of stuff. Once Sophie had drank more Chthon left and she cuddled up next to Charles. She was sleeping with him in mere moments. Her dreams filled with the future that laid before them. She couldn’t believe she was lucky enough to have such an amazing man in two of her lifetimes. This one she would actually be with him forever. She wouldn’t be able to express to Ruth and Chthon just how grateful she was to them for making her and Charles immortal.

~ The End ~

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