If Humble Had Not Come ~ Belle 29 Zane 33

Chapter One

“Belle, please, one more night”

“You asked me for one more night last night and I gave it to you. Do not beg any more Zane. I’m spending the night in the castle. I’ve been here three nights and I have plans tomorrow with Rapunzel. I love you so much but we’re not married and I would never pressure you into somthing you don’t want but baby I refuse to live here unmarried. I enjoy the nights I stay over but living here is not somthing that will ever happen. As I said, don’t take that to mean I’m unhappy as your girlfriend. Definitely dont take it as pressure either. My father is the king and he already deals with enough over me sleeping over. Us shacking up would really be the talk and I wont do it to him. It’s so old fashioned but unwed couples living together is seen as bad taste. You know I don’t care personally but I care for my fathers sake. As a princess I must consider him in my choices. I love you and will see you tomorrow night”

Zanes heart cracked a little as both sadness and frustration welled within him. The frustration made him snap at Belle, somthing he instantly regretted ‘That makes no fucking sense! It’s the same dammit! You sleep here plenty enough for damn shacking up to be no different. You’re being stupid Belle” She looked at him indignantly for a short while without speaking. They had had such a wonderful past couple days and he was ruining it by throwing this tantrum. At first it was sweet but now he had finally pushed her into being angry at him “You know what fine you child. I guess if me sleeping over and not living with you is senseless i just wont sleep over any longer. Go finish your tantrum by yourself, I’m not sticking around for the rest. How dare you cuss at me and talk to me like that when I didn’t treat you that way.” Belle turned to leave his doorstep and he grabbed her “no, Belle, I’m so sorry, dont do that…please”

She jerked free of his grasp “I said finish your tantrum alone. You aren’t sorry, you’re just sorry I’m mad now” This time he let her go, knowing if he grabbed her again he would only piss her off more. If it wasn’t still pumping his blood he would have sworn his heart completely shattered at her words. A tear streamed down his cheek as he prayed that was only her anger talking and she would still sleep over some nights. Cexsler who had been happening by started to ask “Zane are” before he could finish asking if he was ok Zane slammed the door, breaking it instantly so that shutting it had been pointless.

As much as Cexsler wanted to be there for his friend he knew he risked deadly injury going anywhere near Zane at this moment. Belle walked home angrily. They could have ended the past few days together with a hug and a kiss but yet again Zane had to make an ass of himself. It was infuriating. She tried to be patient and normally was but him talking to her like that had really set Belle off. He didn’t want to marry her obviously and that was fine but all she didn’t want to do was live there and he had to be a jerk about it all the time. They would never fight if he would just grow up and stop demanding all the treats of marriage without marrying her.

Belle went straight to her bedroom to take a shower to help her not be so angry at Zane. It did none of the good she wished it to so she ended up pacing her bedroom. She wondered if cool air might help so she unlocked her window and pushed the glass open. She leaned into the cool night air and inhaled it’s scent and coolness. When she was calm enough to sleep she left the windows open and settled in for the night.

The next morning Zane had his door fixed and was now just drinking coffee. He spent his night crying and dealing with boughs of rage from his frustration at himself and the situation. He knew Belle thought he didn’t want marriage and it killed him. Now to make things worse she was considering not sleeping over at all anymore. He needed her to rest. He never got anywhere near the sleep he got when he could hold her. He hated himself for being selfish and not wanting to let her go but as the years of their relationship passed it was becoming unbearable to go through nights without her when nothing more than her will or a ring was in their way.

Chapter Two

Zane had to hurry and talk to her now that dawn was here. She would be going out with Rapunzel after breakfast and he would have no chance to talk to her until tonight. When a maid opened the castle doors Zane said “I need to speak to Belle”

“I don’t know if she’s awake Zane”

“I have to see her”

“Go on then” Zane rushed up to Belles room and opened the door. Belle was just tugging a shirt on when Zane came in. Belle sighed “Zane, I told you I had plans with my sister today. Don’t fight with me about this too”

“I’m not, I just want you to know I’m sorry. I was being childish last night and I need you to forgive me”

“You’re forgiven Zane. I love you and I know you just miss me like I miss you when we’re apart”

“You didn’t mean what you said last night right?”

“All me staying over does is cause arguments. We never fight until I’ve spent the night with you and then want to sleep at the castle. Every single time you can’t just let me go you whine and then sometimes you just get angry like last night. I enjoy nights when you hold me but I don’t know if its worth having to argue with you to go home. I hate fighting” The crumbling pieces of his heart were so low now they had fallen out of his chest and into his stomach “I wont argue with you when you leave. I promise I’ll just let you go”

“we’ve had this talk before and you’ve made the same promise. It’s a promise you are obviously unable to keep. I’ll still be having sex with you. We don’t only have sex at night and sometimes we even nap together during the day. We’ll be fine if I don’t stay there days any longer and it will keep us from fighting and being ugly to eachother” Zane dropped down to his knees and pulled Belle into a hug against him “Please Belle…..” he was going to say more but he began crying too hard.

“Oh Zane, don’t” she hugged him back as he buried his face into her and cried. Belles heart couldn’t take his tears so she said ‘ok ok I’ll stay nights with you baby but this is your last chance. You have to let me go home when I’m ready to go home”

“I will” he said in his broken voice. He stood now and carried her over to her bed where he held her until Belle said “I’m late for breakfast and Rapunzel has probably already finished. I’m going to come over and spend a little time with you tonight but I’m coming back to the castle after we spend some time together”

“ok” Zane set Belle on her feet so she could go put her shoes on and finish with her hair. Zane just watched her finish getting ready because he knew if he waited she would give him another hug and kiss. When she was done they hugged and afterwards she gave him a long kiss “I hate when you cry” she said wiping his face. “I just need you Belle. I wish you knew how much”

“I do know” Zane shook his head “because I’m an idiot you don’t”

“hey, dont call yourself an idiot Zane. You are a sweet, loving, amazing boyfriend. Couples fight” Rapunzel knocked at the door “Belle?”

“I’m so sorry sister. I’m coming” she called back and the impatiently waiting Rapunzel walked back downstairs. Zane looked over at the window and wanted to fuss about it but decided this was definitely not the time to be protective so he just walked with Belle until they were passing the front doors. He took one more hug before leaving to let Belle be with her sister.

Chapter Three

Zane went straight to town. He was buying a ring and he was going to ask the king for Belles hand in marriage. She needed to know what she meant to him. He wasn’t going to let her think any longer that he didn’t want marriage and kids with her. He wanted it all, had always wanted forever and he was letting his fear keep them from it. It was causing fights so he may just lose her anyway if he didn’t ask the king if they could marry. The frustration it was stirring in him to want her to live with him and not have her was causing him to lose his temper too much and in the end would cost him their relationship.

Zane knew the ring he wanted for Belle as he entered the jewelry shop. He had eyed it on many occasions and thought of his Belle. The clerk smiled at Zane as she accepted his money and handed the little box over. Zane waited until after lunch to be absolutely sure Belle was gone before asking for an audience with the king. He got one quickly since Gabriel had been in deteriorating health lately so was rarely working. Zane was surprised to see the king looking in even worse condition than what he had seen only days ago. “yes Zane?”

Zane grew pale, his fear gripping him again that the king woudl get angry at this bold question and forbid him to see Belle any longer. Gabriel gave Zane a puzzled look “are you alright?”

“Yes sir…I’m just.um” Zane was actually shaking a little at this point which confused Gabriel beyond measure since Zane was always so cool and collected in his presence. ” I know I am not a prince, a knight or of any sort of nobility though I serve the nobles. I know I could never be worthy to marry Belle but I love her so much your majesty. I do my best to make sure she’s happy and as my wife I would continue to do so. I want forever with her and I beg you to bless a union between us.” Zane forced out with a deep blush as he bowed low to the floor.

“Rise Zane” Gabriel said and Zane quickly obeyed “Of course you can. You have my full blessing”

“Thank you so much sir. You wont regret this”

“I know I wont” Zane left happily and went home to wait for Belle. He rehearsed what he would say for a time and then decided he should have flowers and chocolates for her. He slipped the ring in his pocket then ran as fast as he could to a nearby meadow. He plucked beautiful flowers until he had what he felt was the perfect bouquet then went into town to buy Belle some chocolates. Zane was surprised to find Hultons shop closed and went to his home to see why. “Oh, sorry Zane. The boy I had working for me up and quit and today I took the day off to be with my family. I don’t mind opening up quickly for you though”

“I’ll pay you double for your trouble”

“You don’t have to do that Zane.”

“You know I wont accept no for an answer in paying you double. I was confused so I just came to see. I’m sorry he quit with no warning”

“Eh, he’s just a boy. The young can be thoughtless at times but they are learning and growing. If you find anyone in need of a job refer them to me please.”

“I will” Hultons eldest daughter heard Zanes voice and rushed up behind her father “hey Zane” she said with a flirtatious smile. “Hello” He answered with as much disinterest as he felt towards her. Hulton chuckled lightly though he didn’t mean it. They walked back to Hultons shop where he let Zane buy what he wanted then Zane walked the man back home with his double pay “You sure you dont want anymore?” Zane asked and Hulton laughed “That took almost no time out of our day. We’re just being lazy around the house anyhow.”

“Alright, bye sir”

“Bye Zane”

Chapter Four

When Belle arrived at Zanes house it was an hour before dinner time. Seeing her made him forget the words he rehearsed and made his heart thunder even more than it had when he asked Gabriels permission. She could say no herself. Hearing no come from her would be devastating. She could also think he was proposing because of their fight which in part was true but he had been wanting to marry her since the beginning of their relationship. “Zane?” Belle asked since they had just been standing at his door. Zane hugged Belle ‘sorry baby, how was your day?”

“Fun, felt bad though about last night and this morning”

“I bought presents for you.” Belle smiled and he walked with her to the kitchen where her flowers and chocolates were sitting. “Thank you, I’ve already forgiven you though”

“I know, I just wanted to do somthing for you.” Belle smelled her flowers and popped one of the chocolates into her mouth. Zane had completely lost his nerve for a proposal and decided to pretend the flowers and chocolates were an apology instead of a romantic gesture in a proposal. It seemed his old fear of the king was replaced by a new one of Belles rejection. He had never worried about her saying no until he got the ok from king Gabriel.

Zane and Belle went into Zanes bedroom to cuddle while she told him of her day with Rapunzel. Zane listened, getting lost in her voice and comfort. He had almost fallen asleep he was so comfortable when Belle said “I need to get going now” a “but” almost slipped from his mouth but he was determined to stick by his word. “alright Belle, goodnight. Lock your window please. I saw it open this morning” Belle giggled “I’ll be fine Zane” Zane kissed Belle, unwilling to give protest since once he started he may not stop and cause another fight.

Belle realized on her way home they had skipped dinner. Luckily she had her chocolates from Zane so just ate them on the way so she wouldn’t need to go to the kitchens for a late dinner. She ate until all were gone then brushed her teeth before changing into a night gown. She fell asleep quickly but wasn’t asleep long before somthing pressing into her head roused her. She opened her eyes to see a man with his knees on either side of her, pushing a gun into her head. “Don’t scream, my partner has Ariel and if one peep is heard from you her brains are going to paint the walls and then yours aswell.”

The man paused for a time then got off her “get up” he commanded sternly. Belle obeyed, she wouldn’t play chance with the life of her sister. She now noticed two other men in her bedroom when the tallest one spoke “Gabriels daughters truly are the fairest. Maybe we should have fun with her boss” He said to the man still pointing a gun at her. “Do you only think with your little head. That isn’t why we are here so stop being a damn pervert. She’s beautiful but so are a million other bitches.”

“You aren’t any fucking fun”

“Just shut up, I’m paying you and you listen to me.”

“did you men kill our guards?” Belle ventured to ask, wondering how they got into her room. The one with the gun pointed at her laughed “We didn’t have to with your help. We just had to sneak around them and climb into your window. We noticed it wide open last night and were pleasantly surprised tonight to find it still just as unlocked as can be. Thank you princess for helping us get in here. We probably couldn’t have passed your night guards if we had to fight them. They keep such a strong front standing by all doors.” Belle remembered Zanes words and could kick herself for always blowing his warnings off as over protective paranoia.

Chapter Five

They made her walk to her fathers room and enter. “wake him” The man with the gun growled. He followed closely as Belle approached Gabriels bed “daddy, wake up please” She said as she shook her sleeping father. She had to shake him a few times since he slept so hard lately. His eyes were open only moment before they widened at the site of a gun to his daughters head. “Back away from your father Belle” Belle obeyed and Gabriel asked “what do you want? Please, I’m awake now and willing to do as you ask. Let my baby go”

“We need her to keep you in line. Eveyone knows how much you treasure your children king. You might do somthing stupid if we don’t have your daughters at gun point?”

“Daughters?” He asked fearfully “yep, another associate of mine has little Ariel outside. He’s ready to shoot her if you and Belle don’t behave”

“What do you need?”

“You see, I like how concerned you are now. I’ve been trying to get an audience with you and I could never get one but now, now you want to hear me out”

‘Yes, I’m sorry, if it was this important I dont know why you were turned away. Just tell me what you need and I’ll do anything. Just dont hurt my girls”

“I want you to get out of bed and come with us” Gabriel got up as quickly as he could with his aching joints “lets go” Gabriel was wearing only boxers and a light shirt so Belle asked ‘please let my father put on pants and a better shirt” The leaders only response was to shoot Belle in the shoulder. She let out a loud scream which nearly stopped Gabriels heart “You don’t speak unless you’re spoken to you little bitch. Next time you open that mouth when one of us doesn’t talk to you first it’ll be your leg” Belle nodded as she gritted her teeth and held her shoulder. The shot woke Snow and Rapunzel who rushed out of their rooms to see Belle and Gabriel being walked down the hall. Rapunzel covered her mouth as she gave a muffled scream.

One of the lackys turned and said “We’ve got the king, Belle and princess Ariel. They will all be returned alive as long as nobody in this castle is stupid. We even think somebody is coming after us it’s a bullet in the head for all three of them. We cant get in more trouble than we’re in anyway so dont think to test us. Go back to your rooms, nobody hunts us down if you want the three back alive.”

Snow who normally stayed in anyone face still had enough love in her heart for her family to go back to her room. With fearful tears seeing the blood staining her sisters gown Rapunzel walked away too. Gabriel was glad his stubborn girls were smart enough to retreat in this moment. He didn’t want to see Belle shot a second time and hoped they would stop her bleeding.

They walked out to the guards fearlessly, all their eyes widening at the sight of their princess and king. They repeated basically the same thing they told Rapunzel and Snow. Gabriel gave his nod to tell the knights not to follow. He just clung to hope they truly would release his daughters once he did what they wanted to do. regardless the men had already shown they would shoot in a heartbeat for any reason and didn’t want anyone trying to save them only to end up making them kill Belle or Ariel.

Chapter Six

As hard as Belle fought she couldn’t stop crying. It wasn’t loud but she whimpered as small tears ran down her cheeks. Gabriels heart was slamming into his chest, desperately wanting the men to stop his daughters bleeding. They were forced into a large carriage where the leader handed the gun to the man who had been lusting after Belle to hold her in the cart “thank you”

“Just don’t get vulgar and pull the damn bullet out. We need her as leverage so pull it out then shut the wound”

“Yes sir” Ariel was already in the cart with another gunman. Gabriel was sat on the bench beside Ariel while the other man who had been in Belles room sat beside him. Mort laid Belle down on the other bench and tugged down the top of her gown. He pulled it past her breasts though it wasn’t needed to get at her shoulder. He looked lecherously at her for a time then without warning tried to force his hand into Belles shoulder. She closed her mouth and screamed as her tears fell harder. He couldn’t quite get it so he pulled out his knife and made the hole bigger. Ariel was horror struck and hid her face with her hands.

It was now taking all of Gabriels strength not to cry in front of these men or attack the man hurting Belle like a wild beast. He might have tried if he wasn’t so old and this man so young and built. When he stuck his fingers back into her shoulder Belle could barely take it any longer. This time he managed to pull the bullet out. Mort picked up a bag and dropped the bullet inside before pulling out a few potions “drink these right now or I may just dig in that shoulder for fun” Belle downed them quickly, hoping at least one woudl dull her pain. Regardless she was surprised she was even still living with all the blood she had lost so far. The wound needed to be shut and fast.

When the vials were empty Belle went to pull up her nightgown but he grabbed her arm “No, I like this.You have a pretty chest. I see hickeys, you must have a boyfriend. Did you know king?’

“Yes” Gabriels voice came out strained “whats wrong daddy? Your daughters a beautiful girl”

“Why can’t you men stop this? It is I you are angry with”

“Yes but now we’ve got your attention and we plan to keep it. Now that I’ve seen your daughter I want to look at her more. I want more than to look but our leader said no and he pays me. Money is worth more than some bitch.” Belle felt dizzy and passed out. To gabriels relief at the same time her shoulder opening closed. She fell right into Morts lap and he smiled as he slid his hand onto her breast “I thought” Gabriel started with anger apparent in his tone. “I can fondle her. He never cares about that. This one looks almost identical to Queen Cantaly. That’s why we were waiting for an opportune time to snag her. We thought she might get your attention more than your other children. I bet it makes you madder I’m fondling Belle”

“I’d be just as mad if you were touching Ariel’ Gabriel practicably growled “Oh, temper temper king. Where’s the soft heated king we’ve heard so much about” Ariel whimpered in fear “shut up” Lossil said sternly. “sorry” Ariel responded, not wanting him to hit her again. Mort laughed even as he squeezed one of Belles breast “god shes soft” Mort would have just thought that but he wanted to piss off the king further. Mort stopped feeling Belle with one hand to hold the gun at her head again to remind the king what would happen if they thought he was going to be stupid.

“A gun is much faster than you are Gabriel. Think about that before you lunge over here at me”

“do you know who her boyfriend is you piece of shit?”

“Why should I care?”

“You’ll care when he finds you and he will find you” Mort laughed “The only man I’ve met I couldn’t beat is our leader. I’ll make him eat dirt if he comes after me. I doubt some spoiled little shit she’d be dating could do anything to me” Gabriel actually smiled though he was pissed. “You just think that” is all Gabriel said.

Chapter Seven

“Hey Peter! Stop by some water so i can get the blood off this bitch”

“Why?” he called from his drivers seat “because, she isn’t as pretty with all this blood on her body and hair”

“She isn’t for your sexual pleasure so get over it. Mess with the smaller one if shes too bloody for you”

“Ariel isn’t as pretty”

“Just fuck off. I’m not stopping to wash Belle” Mort groaned back and Peter stopped the cart. Geroge chuckled “you pissed him off” Peter came down “give the god damn gun to Geroge and come out here”

“Fine” Mort threw the gun at George and stood, letting Belles head hit the bench hard. It concerned Gabriel when Belle still didn’t wake. He wondered if she was ok. Lossil guessing this said “he knocked her out on purpose. One of those bottles he makes himself to rape women when we aren’t on jobs. He gets them to drink it somhow and they dont wake until about thirteen hours. I’ve used it on a woman before so I know. Sadly our boss doesn’t like raping, thinks its wrong.” The man chuckled before continuing “HE thinks hes better than somthing”

“You kidnap frequently”

“No” Lossils words followed with the groans and sounds of fighting just outside. “Our boss just knows things only get done with brute force. This time you wouldn’t listen to him when he tried to get an audience so we got your attention with your daughters. We also know we’ll have your full cooperation with guns at their heads” Mort came back in bloodied badly. “shit man” George said as he tossed back the gun “Boss still can kick my ass”

“He can kick anyones” Lossil said and put his arm around Ariel. Mort laid Belles body across him again, enjoying her body even though it was covered in blood. He wanted to see more and finished pulling the gown off. “god, please stop” Gabriel said. Mort ran his hand over Belles stomach and back up again. “I can do as i please as long as my length doesn’t enter her thighs. Shut your mouth or I’ll give her another injury. I could torture her you know. Just keep shooting, stabbing, pulling then healing as many times as I like. Do you want that? If not shut up”

Peter pulled over to make George drive after the horses got a drink. “we’re by water anyway right now Peter”

“It’s the principle of it now. You were subordinate so now you cant wash her atall. You should have known the horses would need water” Mort huffed but didn’t dare fight with Peter. They made the switch, Gabriel glad to see Mort stop his fondling because Peter was watching. Gabriel did however hate the way Peters eyes traveled his exposed and unconscious daughter. A snake slithered by the cart and startled the horses around four am. Their cry was loud and they refuses to go forward. Peter got out angrily and shouted at the horses as if that would settle them. Eventually Peter came back and angrily said “those idiot animals probably wont walk again for a few hours. We take a short break. I am sleeping along with everyone else aside from Mort and Lossil. You two are to make sure Gabriel and Ariel don’t escape. I know Belle will not be waking. I can smell your perverted potion Mort.”

They set up tents, forcing Gabriel to help. Ariel could see the goosebumps from cold all over her father and nearly cried again. Cold made his joints hurt worse so she could only imagine how much pain her father was in. That wasn’t even to mention Belles screams still sounding in her head, haunting her every thought process. Ariel was too afraid to sleep that night so she stayed up with Mort and Lossil. “what is so great about her breasts? Just stop touching them!” Ariel snappd and Mort glared before saying “Losil, keep her quiet”

“she’s right, you’ve been playing with Belle all night”

“so, I just want to fuck her. I could manage if I just got that release” Lossil sighed “Be quiet about it and I wont tell Peter”

“No!” Ariel exclaimed loudly, rousing Peter. “what the hell is going on!”

“He’s going to rape her” Ariel said weepily. Peter rolled his eyes “that again, jesus christ”

“I need it”

“You do not”

“She wont know, she’s passed out and obviously not a virgin. It’s not like I’ll take anything she hasn’t already given freely”

“and you’ll stop this?’

“No, please dont let him” Ariel whined “shut up, I’m tired of your whining. Lossil, one more peep and blow her brains out. I’m serious”

‘yes sir” Ariels jaw dropped as Mort mounted Belle and carried on with his vile act of having sex with a woman not awake to say no or defend herself. Gabriel coluldnt listen to the mans moans of pleasure as Mort raped his daughter. He tried to exit the tent and was shot but he kept going. Not thinking due to how frustrated Peter had become he shot Gabriel two more times, one being fatal and causing Gabriel to drop. Ariel screamed a blood curdling scream and tried to run herself. Lossil grabbe dher by her hair “should I kill her too boss? We can’t fix Gabriel and i dont want to deal with this brat any longer”

“just let me fucking think!” Peter yelled. Ariel wailed again and Lossil shot her through the neck since truly he had been given permission earlier. Peter said nothing, only frustrated that Gabriel was dead and could no longer give him what he wanted. After pacing a while longer Peter jerked Mort up and punched him ‘you see what your fucking dick caused! We’ve killed the king!”

“You killed the king” Peter shot Mort in the head “you got somthing smart to say Lossil?”

“No” The other henchmen was long gone, knowing Peter would kill them aswell in a second. “what’re we going to do Peter?”

“I just don’t fucking know”

“do you atleast know if we’re keeping Belle?”

“do you want her?”

“she’s pretty but she’s a princess. Not worth keeping around. They dont learn easy”

“we may aswell kill her too. We killed the king and our faces were seen at the castle. We’ll have a death sentence on our heads” Lossil stood over Belle and callously took her life just as he had Ariels. Not a drop of remorse was felt aside from frustration the king was now dead and had no power. They left the bodys there and removed the horses from the cart. They needed to run as far as they could so their belongings meant nothing now. They might even be subjected to torture for killing a king as loved as Gabriel along with two of his daughters.

Daevas was just walking along when he caught a strong scent of blood and noticed Belles mixed in it. He ran, petrified. When the dead bodies came into view he saw a pack of wolves eating them. “get! get away now!” he yelled and they ran away. Daevas fell to his knees beside Belle. He had no idea how to tell Zane. He was almost afraid Zane would kill him for delivering such news. Daevas couldn’t carry all the bodies but since Zane was his friend he decided to carry what was left of Belle home to him. Her face was messed up from the bullet and some of her body gnawed on by the wolves so she was a terrifying sight.

Chapter Eight

Daevas laid her body close to town. As a demon none of the people would give him time to explain it wasn’t him who killed her so he would end up dead if he totted her to Zanes. Daevas knocked on Zanes door “what’s wrong?” Zane asked when he saw Daevas’s solemn look and his bloody clothes “I need you to come with me. Don’t ask why”

“alright..whos blood is that?”

“Just come” Zanes eyes widened when they were almost there and he saw Belles body
“No..it can’t be…”

‘I’m sorry Zane”

“No!” he yelled angrily and ran over to her.”what the fuck Daevas!” he asked when Daevas came over “I found her like that Zane. Her father and her youngest sister laid dead at her side far off from town. There were tents and smells of strange men I don’t know” Zane was shaking as he lifted Belle out of the dirt. “where are you taking her”

“she wouldn’t want to be seen like this. I’ll clean her off and put some damn clothes on her” Zanes voice broke and he actually fell on his bottom with his sobs. “I can”

“get away from me” Zanes voice was a cold growl and made Daevas step back. “za”

“get the fuck away from us!” He yelled and Daevas ran off to inform the castle. Truly he would go anywhere to do as Zane wished. There really wasn’t any telling what was going to happen. It was hours later when Zane walked wordlessly into the castle of the greaving Henri family. “what happened here?” he asked Theo, looking void of any emotions thats werent anger. Theo explained and it only seemed to piss Zane off more. “You pathetic idiots….none of you. Not a one came to get me when it FUCKING MATTERED!” his sentence had started out in a creepy tone but now was just manic rage. he took out his blade and cut through a vase then the black table it had once stood on. Theo pulled his wife back while the staff ran, knowing Zane was unpredictable.

Daevas was the only one who tried to approach “Zane” Zane had him by the collar as soon as the words left his mouth “I need you to help me track them.”

“I will, just put me down and breath” Zane set Daevas on his feet “go” Zane commanded in the errie tone from before. They ran back to the murder scene where others were coming soon to collect the bodies of Gabriel and Ariel. Daevas guided Zane from there until he lost the scent “damnit, I’ve lost it. I dont know how but i cant smell them anylonger”

“You’ve given me a general direction go now. I don’t want you near me”


“I dont want to kill you. I hate everybody i look at right now, even you my friend. ”

“I cna understand”

“If you understood you wouldn’t have been near me this long” that artic voice sendign chills up Daevas’s spine again. “what have you done with Belle?”

“she’s in my home and she better be there when I get back. Don’t you or anyone else dare touch her without my permission”

“Zane, who knows how long you’ll be gone. She’ll begin to rot” Zanes blade was at Daevas’s throat “you get this last warning because you carried her home for me. Go before you lose your head” Daevas ran away and Zane continued, knowing he could find these bastards. Aside from finding them Zane wasn’t truly thinking. He was no longer of sound mind which wasn’t good for the world around him. He had amazing skills and in a mentally disturbed persons head it was more of a danger to the world than any of the men he had used those skills to track and kill.

Chapter Nine

He found himself walking through a swamp like area. It wasn’t truly one but it stunk just as bad. He had asked in teh previous town about the men and a few women had pointed Zane this way. Zane continued traveling until his legs were in deep cramps. He sighed, annoyed at his own body and laid down. His rage continued to boil at the memories of Belle. He loved every memory but now knew there would never be a new one and he blamed her family just as much as these men he was after. “how could they be so fucking foolish as to not tell me. They should have trusted I could get them back alive but they left my Belle to those bastards” he thought to himself. His thoughts only began increasingly bitter until he was finally sleeping.

Zane wasn’t sure what time it was when he woke, he really didn’t care. He just walked on again to make the men pay who had stolen his wife in the night. Zane had been gone for nearly a week and her family decided it was time to bury her. Theo and Daevas tried opening Zanes door but it wouldn’t budge. Daevas had to run back and slam himself into it and found Zane had shimmied one of his many katanas to seal the door beyond his lock and bookcase he had slid in front of it to keep Belles family out and from taking her. His house smelled but not as bad as they had been expecting and they soon realized why when they searched the house for Belle.

They found her laying in Zanes bathtub. It was filled with water which they assumed was once nothing but ice to slow her decay. If it wasn’t his house would have smelled a lot worse. It was sad and near scary to Theo that he had taken the time to clean her, put on one of her favorite dresses, adorn her with jewlery and do her makeup as she did for special events before leaving her surrounded by ice. Theo along with everyone else in the kingdom who was abreast of things were worried and honestly scared for Zanes mental state at loseing Belle.

Assassins walk a fine line between being crazed killers and assests to society, especially those like Zane who suffered such abuse as a child to make them better skilled at their job. Now the greatest assassin this kingdom knew had lost his reason for living and they all were anxious to truly know what Zane Koopmann was going to be without Belles kindness to guide him and influence his actions. Especially since she wasn’t there because somone has stolen her life.

“are you sure we should take her Theo?” Daevas asked, his face telling Theo how afraid he was to even be in Zanes home without his permission “she needs to be burried. Zane isn’t thinking clearly. No man could in his situation and we all know from seeing him in the caste just how unstable he is right now..I mean, look at my sister. He’s put her in a tub of ice and has forbid us to take her away. What the hells he planning to do? Keep her on fucking ice forever? He’s sick from her loss and we can’t listen to people who are sick in the head. I’m burrying her with my family. She deserves her plot by mom, dad and Ariel”

Chapter Ten

Theo shed tears from his already red eyes as he carried his sister. It was hard to look at her face when so much of it was disfigured from the bullet wound. As creepy as it was Theo knew Belle really would have liked to be viewed in her final moments looking her best rather than what she was carried home looking like. Theo knew that was Zanes thinking since Belle cared how others saw her but it didn’t shake how creepy it was that he even applied her makeup on the portion of her face that was still intact.

Theo had the rest of his family come outside to send her off to the heavens. “should this truly be done without Zane? He was her love..” Rapunzel took her head out of Casimers chest long enough to say. “yes sister, I’m not sure if Zane was planning on letting us do this atall. He ins’t alright in the head and we can’t let him in on such choices. She needs to be buried before her body decays and sent on.” Rapunzel swallowed as fresh tears filled her eyes for the loss of her family.

They each said kind words of Belle and shared memories before covering her plot with dirt and walking back into the castle to continue their weeping in the comforts of their rooms. On the way in Theo hoped Zane could be shown reason and he wouldn’t react too badly to Belle being moved when he had commanded they leave her alone. Zane finally had his targets in sight and lunged at them like a hound with rabies.

Before they could wrap their minds around even what was attacking them they were both tied with rope, unable to move. Zane just stood there, staring with crazed, seething eyes. “you are the ones described….” he said in a way that didn’t really seem like Zane was truly talking to them. “look, we’ll pay you” Lossil began to say. “who is Peter?” Zane asked coldly. “I am you fucker! Let us free!”

“what did you need the king for?”

“None of your fucking business” Zane pushed Peter onto his back, knelt on his chest then in a few fast movements cut his tongue out “your tongue wasn;t very useful atall now was it” Peter just screamed while Lossil was in too much shock to know what to do. “So, is your tongue useful?” Zane asked, looking menacingly at Lossil. There was a barbarous look on zanes face that made Lossil shake in fear “we needed the king to grant us acess to Formeide Mountains caves…. goods worth a great fortune are there but he has the beauty within protected…we just” Lossils eyes grew wide with terror. Somhow Zanes face had become even more inhumanly sinister.

Chapter Eleven

“he was going with you..why the hell did you kill him and his girls?” Lossil could barely speak with the fear gripping him. “it…the king…um”

“don’t make me take your tongue aswell”

“Mort began raping the older one and the little one began screaming for him to stop. Gabriel tried to come storming out of the tent…we…they..they quit listening. I dont know why they raised such a fuss.. Belle was unconscious..” Zane gripped his throat “You don’t know why they were raising such a fuss? You were ok with them raping my Belle and didn’t see a problem with it? It didn’t merit sombody trying to do anything about it?” His voice in a chilling, daunting tone. Lossil now realized this must be the boyfriend Gabriel was talking about and he was far from what they imagined.

Screams carried across the land. It frightened off every creature and human around, nobody daring to approach those blood curdling sounds. All Zane could think about was making these men suffer. He didn’t feel any amount of suffering he put them through was enough to make them pay for taking away Belle. He felt they deserved these things. He would have never done somthing like this with Belle to come home to and have to look in the eye but she’d never be gazing into his eyes again and it was the fault of these men. When Lossil and Peter had no screams left Zane stood, blood dripping off of him. He just walked away, planning on going home.

When he arrived he went straight to the bathroom, needing to see Belle. He knew she’d be bloated from the melted ice and well into her decay but he needed to see her. When he opened the door to find there was only water in the tub he froze. Only now realizing the precautions he had used to keep Belles family out were gone. Zane turned in a rage to see Errol and Cexsler standing before him “Zane, we’ve been waiting on you. They buried Belle. Don’t you see she needed to be buried?”

“I told them not to touch her”

“and you have to know you aren’t of sound mind Zane. You are loseing it if you haven’t fully lost it already. We understand but you need to see you aren’t thinking clearly before you do anymore harm. Who does all that blood belong to Zane?”

“The men who killed my Belle”

“Nobody else?”


“Thank heavens”

“where did they lay her to rest?”

“near Cantaly”

“Move so i can see her”

“You aren’t angry?”

“Yes I am and I will move you if you don’t move” Cexsler sighed “Just promise me you wont hurt the royal family for touching her” Zane actually growled and shoved past his two friends. They followed close behind Zane until they reached the family grave yard. “Leave me”


“Leave me!” he yelled, even making the great dragon Errol jump. They left but went to the castle just incase. Zane knelt by Belles grave and stroked the stone “forgive me Belle for not being there when you needed me most” Zane said before he began to sob violently. He sadness turned into anger again that he wasn’t called on when Belle was taken. He wanted to kill her family but now that he was so near Belle his broken heart and mind couldn’t do it. Her family was what meant most to her and no matter how much he now hated them he couldn’t kill them, not even if there was a chance Belle was watching him somehow. He knew the only way to keep himself from his angry thoughts of slaying the Henris was to leave the kingdom.

Cexsler and Errol leaving Zane at Belles grave was the last time he was seen in the history of that world. Rumors spread he went to another world, other rumors said Zane tried to go to another kingdom but couldn’t cope and took his own life, there are still others that say he has become a begger and looks so ragged nobody recognizes him for what he once was. Rumors were everywhere but nobody could say with conviction that they had ever seen Zane again after that day.

~ The End ~

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