Ievis & Chloe

Chapter One

Alois and Frona had arranged for the entire pack to go on a week long trip to an amusement park. It was the second day in and everybody was having an amazing time. They couldn’t all ride the same rides so they’d mix and match groups throughout the day or like Ievis now some wolves would end up alone. Ievis had only ended up alone because his wolf was being particularly annoying today. He had been having fun with one of his close friends but for whatever reason his wolf had been begging him to ride some rides by himself so he was finally indulging it.

He was about to check his cellphone as he waited for a ride to start up when a womans voice filled his ears “Excuse me, could I ride with you? Rides like this fling me around too much if I dont ride with someone else” He looked up and just the sight of her took his breath away, he couldn’t speak, he couldn’t think. The only thing he knew in this moment was that she was his mate. He wasn’t sure how long he had been staring at her like an idiot when she apologized “I’m sorry for putting you on the spot. I’ll just ride by myself”

His wolf whined “No, I’m sorry, I’m overheated I guess. You can ride with me” he moved over and she smiled nervously “are you sure?”

“yeah, please, sit” she sat down “Have you had the slushies at that little stand near the arcade? They are amazing, you should go get one to cool yourself off after this”

“would you show me where after the ride?”

“yeah, I’m Chloe by the way.”

“I’m Ievis”

“Ievis, I like that. I’ve never heard that one before” he chuckled in such an absurd way he wanted to hit reset and start this conversation over. “God damn it. Where did that laugh even come from” he said in his head She just smiled and before he could say anything else the ride started, bringing her closer to him at the first turn. One particularly hard turn made her laugh and like her voice, it was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard.

Once they were off he focused on her scent, wanting to know what she was. He smiled again, she was a fairy. “so what brings you here alone if you don’t like riding by yourself?” Ievis asked and she said “do you promise not to pity me if I tell you?” his face was a mixture of confusion and concern which embarrassed her “well I was supposed to meet my dad here and he stood me up…plans with him are kind of like this. Sometiems he actually shows up and sometimes he doesnt but…I really enjoy him when he does actually show up so I always show up. My mom thinks I should stop making plans with him to teach him a lesson but…to be honest I dont think he cares enough to really be taught anything. Sob story as short as possible my mom raised me by herself. He just kinda showed up sometimes and would take me for a day but he’s never been a big part of my life.”

He could feel how much it hurt her even though she had said all that as nonchalantly as possible “I’m sorry”

“I’m fine, I’m having fun anyway”

“do you want to ride with me today?”

“I told you not to pity me”

“No, I just want to, come on, spend the day with me”

“Okay…why are you here alone?”

“I’m not really, my entire pack takes trips together sometimes”

“Oh how fun, I’ve always admired the closeness of wolf packs. I’m a fairy by the way”

“I could tell, the wolf knows, I’m not full though. I’m fairy, elf, and wolf.”

“Wow, that’s quite a mix. That must be why you look so…”


“Yeah, is it okay to say that?”

His wolf yipped. “Yes of course.”

“Do you have wings?”

“I do and a wolf, if you’d like to see.” He suddenly felt very embarrassed. Why was he being so forward? “Sorry, or not, it’s up to you.”

She smiled and his heart stuttered. “I’d love to, maybe after slushies and a few more rides?”

“Okay, yeah.”

“Chloe, hey! It’s been awhile since you came here” The girl at the stand greeted cheerfully “Yeah, how have things been?”

“Great, Who’s this?”

“my new friend Ievis. I actually just met him today”

“Nice to meet you Ievis, I’m Jenna.” her attention went back to Chloe “so is it green apple or blue tropical today Chloe?”

“Tropical” she began working on it while Ievis decided, eventually going with Watermelon. “could I pay for yours too Chloe?” Ievis asked after letting Jenna know what he wanted. Chloe seemed nervous again “Oh…but you’re the one who is doing me a favor riding with me today. I was going to pay for yours” Jenna very audibly laughed before saying “Chloe you’re gorgeous, sweet and amazing, he’s not making some grande sacrifice hanging out with you. Let him pay for your slushie.”

Her words embarrassed both of them and Jenna tried to stifle the next laugh. She handed Chloe hers and held out her hand to Ievis who handed Jenna his credit card. He just hoped he wasn’t making Chloe uncomfortable by paying, maybe he shouldn’t have offered but he already felt like doing everything for her. They sat at a picnic table near the stand and Ievis asked “that wasn’t weird right?”

“No…it’s sweet, I’m sorry about my friend. She likes to tease”

“You two have known eachother awhile?”

“I’ve always lived about an hour from here so I’ve been coming to this amusement park my entire life. Is this your first time here Ievis?”


“what made your pack choose this amusement park? Are you semi close like me?”

“I think it was kind of a random choice. My parents picked it”

“Cool, well I’m glad we so happened to meet today”

“Me too” He drank a little more of his slushie “these are really good”

“when my dad would bring me as a kid he would always buy me one”

“I’m sorry he wasn’t a better dad”

“I could have had a worse dad. He really is great when he shows up” he wanted to argue that just because she could of had worse didn’t make him having her drive an hour just to be here alone okay but he wanted her to spend time with him today and arguing with her wasn’t the way to do that. Honestly he’d rather get to know her better “so do you live by yourself”

great, way to ask a creepy question he scolded himself mentally. “Yeah, I had a roommate but she got engaged and moved out. I’m trying to see how well I can handle the bills by myself. It’s so hard to find a good roommate. I’m not really interested in going through that if I dont absolutely have to. In my town studios really aren’t much less than two bedrooms so downsizing wouldn’t even be helpful”

“what do you do for a living?”

“I’m actually a performer. Not big time obviously. I sing and do a little magic for kids parties and events”

“That’s awesome”

“what do you do?”

“Mostly just be a beta in my dads pack”

“Oh, you’re a beta. Is it just you or does he have any others?”

“he has a few others”

“That’s cool, what about siblings?”

“I have two sisters.” he could tell she felt jealous of his family life, of the closeness he had. He could tell she wanted a family like that and he wished he could just say hey you’re my mate, my family is your family now but she wasn’t a wolf so he didn’t know how she would take him saying that. “are they older or younger?”

“Three years younger, they are twins”

“I dont have any siblings” after a short pause he asked her “so do you know a lot about wolves?”

“Not really I guess”

“well…you can ask me anything. Don’t worry about it being a stupid or weird question”

“Okay, what does a beta do?”

“We help keep pack law, help with search and rescue, make sure the alpha is listened to, just help out you know.”

“Is it dangerous?”

“Depends on the pack and what’s happening. My dad’s pack is amazing, we all work together and protect each other so there’s never any real fighting.”

“So you all stick together then?”

“Yeah, I mean we’re all individuals, but yeah, a pack is a family and when we find our mates, they’re automatically family too.”

“Wow.” She had a little frown on her face.

“Sorry.” He hadn’t meant to make her feel worse.

“For what?”

“It’s just your dad.”

“Oh…no, I’m sorry. Your family sounds amazing. Um…so mates…you said find. How does that work?”

His heart thundered in his chest. “Uh, well, the wolf just knows and it leads you to them when they’re close. It could be their scent or their voice or anything really.”

“Just like that?”

“Yeah.” He rubbed the back of his neck. “Um, so we should go on more rides, right? I’ll go on whatever you want.”

“Have you ridden The Dragster yet? The drop is terrifying but its amazing. I promise I wont scream” He chuckled, feeling a bit of his nerves from that conversation leave him “If you scream it wont bother me, lets go” He knew he could have been braver and gone on with their conversation about mates but he could tell he had made a connection with her, one strong enough that he didn’t have to rush. He needed to do this right because he had been dreaming of this day, of this girl for so long. The only thing that sucked is unlike her he didn’t live an hour away, he lived six hours away.

He wondered if he would have ever found her if his father hadn’t planned a spontaneous trip. He half wondered if his fathers wolf had somehow known to drag them here. They had ridden two more rides before one of his sisters spotted them “Ievis!” she ran toward him and gave him a tight hug, soon followed by her mate Jarod “Hey Ievis” he chuckled. “Hey guys” he gestured to his sister “Chloe, this is one of my sisters. Her name is Debbie and this man with her is her mate Jarod. Guys, this is Chloe. I met her a few hours ago”

“How do you get your hair to look THAT smooth” Debbie had to ask and Chloe blushed “It’s magic, would you like me to do this to your hair?”

“please” Chloe stroked her hair and Debbie asked Jarod to take a picture with his phone so she could see. He did and she gasped “Oh my gosh, can I take you home?” Chloe laughed at the question and the way Ievis blushed had Debbie suspicious, she at least knew he liked her. Debbie spoke again “on a more serious note, magic, what kind of being are you?”

“a fairy”

“did my brother tell you he and I are part fairies? Our mom is half elf half fairy and our dad is a wolf”

“he did, we’ve been talking a lot”


“He’s been educating me on pack life and telling me about your family. It all sounds really fascinating.”

“You should come spend time with us today then. Our mom and dad brought the whole pack, I bet they’d love you.” Debbie said and Ievis’s heart did a flip.

“I don’t want to overwhelm her, Debbie.” Ievis said.

“I don’t mind if you don’t.” Chloe replied, her eyes meeting his causing the wolf to wag its tail within him.

“Alright, if you want to, I’d love to introduce you to our parents.”

Chapter Two


“He’s been educating me on pack life and telling me about your family. It all sounds really fascinating.”

“You should come spend time with us today then. Our mom and dad brought the whole pack, I bet they’d love you.” Debbie said and Ievis’s heart did a flip.

“I don’t want to overwhelm her, Debbie.” Ievis said.

“I don’t mind if you don’t.” Chloe replied, her eyes meeting his causing the wolf to wag its tail within him.

“Alright, if you want to, I’d love to introduce you to our parents.”

“we’ll start with just them if you two would like to do the maze, puzzle house thing. Thats where Jarod and I were headed and I think they have a limit to how many can go through together at a time”

“Yeah its six so us, you two and your parents would be a full group”

“after you can meet Lillian and then at dinner the whole pack. Dads already made reservations. I’m sure he can call and fit Chloe in” She called their parents and were soon walking over to the maze house. Once there she asked the worker “hey, have they changed this again yet?”

“just last week, might even be hard for you to figure out how to get through this time” Chloe felt excited that she’d actually be able to enjoy it with them. It wouldn’t be fun for her to help if she already knew all the answers. They went ahead and got in line while they waited on Alois and Frona. Once they had joined them in line Chloe could see more explanation as to why Ievis was so beautiful. His mother was gorgeous. Her hair and eyes were such beautiful blues. “Mom, dad, this is Chloe. Chloe, my dads name is Alois and my moms name is Frona”

“I’m so glad to meet you”

“Us too” Frona was going to continue when she noticed her daughters hair “last I saw you your hair was a mess from rides”

“Chloe fixed it and I love how smooth it is. She’s a fairy” Frona looked back at Chloe “so do you have a lot of magic in you?”

“enough to perform with.”


“I work as a childrens performer. Not big time as in world known but I get a lot of work in a large area. A booking just last month had me traveling four hours from home but I love making the kids smile. It would be nice if I got more popular and felt I could really do this forever. For the first time I don’t have a roommate so it’s been a test of can I actually really support myself on what I make. My mom recently convinced me to charge a little more which I was uncomfortable with but I’ve actually gotten more work since. One of her points was though that people probably thought it was too cheap to be any good. I’m glad it worked out and I didn’t stay stubborn.”

“Thats amazing, you know we have a lot of pups here. Could you perform for us while we’re here? We’re staying five more days”

“Oh…yeah, I have a performance tomorrow already but any other day. I’ll do it for free” Frona gave an amused smile “didn’t you just say you’re living alone now? We’ll pay you, we want to”

“Okay…it’s just your sons my friend now”

“You seem really sweet Chloe” Chloe blushed and they continued to talk as they waited in line. Once his parents learned she came here multiple times a year they asked “so have you done this before? What is it really?”

“ehh…kind of like maze meets escape room”

“cool, will you be helping?”

“yeah, they change it up and apparently it’s been changed since the last time I came”

“this will be incredible then” Frona looked to see there were still two more groups before them and that still didn’t tell them much about time. They could only have two groups in there at once to make sure people didn’t run into eachother. “so a performer? Are there videos I can see and maybe send to the parents in the pack”

“oh, yeah. If you’ll send me your number I’ll send you videos”

“I’ll add you to my Facebook” Frona handed Chloe her phone and she added herself then accepted on her phone. “since you’re on my Facebook I’ll just link you to the page I have under my stage name. Parents tag it in videos and pictures” Frona smiled when she read the name “so you’re called Moon Amethyst when you perform? How did you pick that name?”

“well my mom called me her little moon when I was growing up. My mom went through a depression when she first got pregnant. My father wasn’t happy and she wasn’t close to family so once he broke up with her over me she kind of wandered for awhile, distanced herself from even civilization. She had me alone under a full moon, not even knowing if she could love me but once she saw me she did and my dad even came around eventually once she popped back up in town with me. Since she gave birth with nothing to look at or comfort her but the moon I just made her think of it. So I figured it would be fitting in my stage name. I really struggled to think of something to go with it because just moon didn’t sound good. Well I did what was only fitting, I asked all the parents of all the kids I had performed for at that point to have their kids suggest a name for me. Thats how I landed on Moon Amethyst”

“It really suits you.” Ievis said and blushed when she smiled at him. “I mean, Chloe does too, but…I like both, a lot.”

Alois chuckled and Frona elbowed him gently in the ribs. It got her a kiss in return. “You two are so cute.” Chloe said.

“Frona’s the cute one, I’m the big bad, scruffy wolf.” Alois replied.

“Oh yes, my mate is really terrifying.” Frona teased.

“Come on you two, enough of that or we’ll never get inside.” Debbie said.

“You know they can’t help it.” Jarod said as he brought her hand to his lips.

“I know, but still. Fun now, googoo eyes later.”

Ievis stayed right by Chloe, his wolf whining at him, wanting him closer and he forced himself to ignore the animal. He knew the beast didn’t understand he couldn’t just spring it on her they were mates, but he wished it would ease up. He wondered if this was how his father and Jarod had felt, being so close and not being able to show any real affection. It was a little frustrating and he wondered if he should talk to his father about it.

He managed to pull his dad aside after they finished the maze, while Chloe was talking to his other sister Lillian. Lillian was just as excited to meet Chloe and be shown a few of her skills he knew he they wouldn’t worry about the two of them going off. “so you finally found her?” Alois said with an amused, happy look on his face “you already know?”

“I’ve seen many wolves when they are first getting to know their mate. It’s obviously, not to her I promise but the other older wolves will probably realize too. Don’t worry, I can’t imagine any of them would tell her before you’re ready to”

“Its hard not to but I remember you telling me when I was young to be slower if she wasn’t a wolf”

“that tends to be the best way but do what feels right to you. I like her, your mom and sisters seem to as well. She’ll fit right in”

“do you think I’m doing okay so far with her? The wolf in me is so frustrated”

“I remember that feeling. Walking away from your mother every time she told me no to a date killed me and had my wolf protesting. They have a harder time accepting it when our mates souls are born into a being that isn’t another wolf but it’ll listen to you, just calm it as best you can and remind it that you at least have her in your life now”

“I hope I do, we live so far apart dad”

“you have five days son. Don’t worry about parting just yet. I know thats easier said than done but focus on now, on getting to know her”

“I already offered to show her my wolf and wings. Then Debbie found us” Alois chuckled “you can still do that with her. Maybe she’ll stay in the hotel after dinner instead of driving an hour home”

“she has that performance tomorrow”

“Its an hour drive, I can see her hanging around tonight.”

Chapter Three

“Do you think she’ll actually want to be with me?”

Alois ruffled his son’s hair. “That’s up to you. You have to show her what a good mate is.”

“Thank you, I’ll try.”

“Just be kind and confident.”

“I will.”

“Now go on, I’m sure your sisters won’t mind you pulling her away for awhile.”

“Thanks dad.”

When they went back, Alois asked the girls if they would like to go and play some carnival games. Ievis gently took Chloe’s hand and she smiled as she turned her attention to him. “Would you like to go through the hall of mirrors with me? I mean if you don’t mind.”

“Of course.” She looked to his family. “Thank you for spending time with me.”

“Anytime and we’ll be here for a few days, so feel free to call on us.” Frona said.

“Thank you.”

Ievis was grateful to his father for finding a way for him to spend more time with Chloe. “So, what do you think about my family?” Ievis said as he and Chloe walked.

“I love them.” Chole answered. “They’re just…everything.”

“How are you feeling about meeting the rest of the pack tonight at dinner?”

“I can’t wait” he decided to swallow his nerves and ask “so, if you wanted to hang around awhile after, you could stay in the hotel we’re staying at. I’m still willing to show you my wings and what I look like as a wolf”

“if one of the wolves would let me stay with them…I want to but money wise I dont think I could swing it. The hotels close are so expensive”

“My dad would buy you a room I’m sure. I mean, they’ve invited you to perform for the pups anyway so you can just consider it part of your payment” He added, sensing she felt uncomfortable with the money they were spending on her. “Okay, If he doesnt mind. I just cant miss my performance tomorrow” His wolf was dancing within him while yipping happily.

There wasn’t much of a wait to get in the house of mirrors but that was all they could get through before they needed to meet the rest of the pack at the restaurant his father had reserved for them tonight. To Ievis’s surprise some of the pups already knew of Chloe and were excited to meet her in person. They were begging her to sing or show off a little magic while their parents kept trying to get them to stop so Chloe could enjoy her dinner.

Alois ended up telling them he was already planning to have her perform soon, they just hadn’t picked a day yet. The pups looked so sad when they were told to wait for them that she said “I could do a few songs tonight. It’s okay”

“are you sure, they will survive waiting” Frona asked.

“Absolutely, I don’t mind, and I can’t say no to those faces.”

The pups’ eyes all brightened and they looked to their parents who gave their approval as long as Chloe was absolutely sure. “But you all have to be patient for the rest of dinner.” Alois said and the pups relaxed.

Ievis was excited he was going to get to hear Chloe sing tonight, to hear his beautiful mate’s voice had his wolf and heart dancing. After dinner, they decided the would do it in one of the hotel rooms since the adults knew the pups would probably fall asleep. Ievis sat in the chair closest to her, his eyes riveted to her as everyone settled in. She smiled at him and his wolf yipped. When she started singing, he was oblivious to everything else. The world around him melted away and he found himself falling in love with her. It wasn’t just that she was his mate, it was everything and he knew that he would never forget this moment.

He hated when she stopped but all the pups were resting. The parents who had stayed in the room all thanked her “I really love children. I didn’t want them to be sad” Once she was out Alois handed her a room key “it’s yours as long as we’re here so you can stay any night you want”

“Oh my goodness…um…thank you”

“Thank you for making the pups happy” Ievis glanced at her room card, filling with happiness and brief confusion. One of his friends had had the room beside him but he pieced together that his father had asked his friend to take a new room so Chloe would be near him. “I can show you where it is…it’s actually by mine”

She gave him another bright smile “thank you, am I still going to get to see your wings”


“goodnight you two” Frona said and they both told his parents goodnight. Ievis heart was racing as they entered her room. Mostly because he hoped she liked his wings along with his wolf but he also hoped they did a good job cleaning up. He could tell she’d feel bad if she knew someone had left this room for her. Relief filled him when it looked good as new in here. She sat down “I’m so eager. Please show me whatever you want to first”

He went with his wings since she had seemed most eager for that. Her face told him all he needed to know when it came to what she thought and it meant the world. She had been in awe of them at first but when she could speak she said “your wings are the most beautiful ones I’ve seen. Are your mothers this pretty?”

“actually no…I used to hate how beautiful they were to be honest”

“How” she said almost breathlessly as she stood “I already thought you were really pretty but you’re almost too pretty to be real with your wings out like this” He smiled, never thinking it would make him this happy for someone to think he was beautiful.

He turned so she could get a better look at them and once she was done admiring them, he hid them and turned to face her, his heart tripping over itself. “So, if you want to see my wolf, you have to close your eyes. I can’t shift in my clothes or they’ll tear.”

Her cheeks took on a pink tint. “Oh, of course.” He could hear her heart stutter as she covered her eyes and he hoped he hadn’t made her uncomfortable.

“Just give me a moment.” He started pulling his clothes off, his body warming. Even though he was used to nudity due to the pack and even though she couldn’t see him, he still felt embarrassed. As soon as his clothes were off, he took a deep breath and shifted, feeling the excitement of the wolf pulse through him. He moved closer and nudged he leg with his nose, making her drop her hands and let out a gasp of awe.

“Oh my god, you’re gorgeous.”

She almost touched him then stopped “would it be weird if I pet you?” he shook his head so Chloe began to stroke his fur. “thank you so much for this. I’ve never touched a wolf” He sat close to her, just enjoying how amazing this felt. When she stopped he whined and it caused a flood of embarrassment to flow through him. She smiled “I’m glad you like it, I really wasnt done but I felt I might be doing it too long…I’m sure all the girls ask to pet you” His head cocked to the side and she laughed, causing him to relax “you really are so cute this way” she got down on the floor and hugged him ‘thank you for making this such an amazing day.” she let him go but stayed on the floor with Ievis, enjoying the feel of his fur.

She didn’t stop again until her second yawn “I should go to bed” he gently budged her hand with his nose so she would cover her eyes. Once they were covered he shifted and quickly put his clothes back on. She walked him to the door and he wanted more than anything to kiss her so he decided to quell the desire by bringing one of her hands to his lips and kissing the top of it. “You also made my day amazing Chloe…goodnight”

His wolf whined within him as he went to his room, but it was overshadowed by how happy and excited he was to have shared what he was with her, to have her touch him, and compliment him. He was still amazed that he had actually found her and he hoped that when he told her, she wouldn’t freak out. He already loved her and wanted to make her happy. He was restless when he finally settled into bed, wanting to go back and be with her. He told himself he would see her tomorrow and that helped the wolf calm down a little. When he finally fell asleep, he dreamed of her, a dream that seemed cut short by someone knocking on his door the next morning. He yawned as he got up, not thinking to check the peephole as he pulled it open. He was sure it was his father or one of his siblings, but he was surprised to see Chloe and a blush crept up his neck when he realized he must look a mess.

“Oh, you were still asleep, I’m sorry.” She said.

“No, not at all, please come in. Sorry if I look messy.”

She smiled and his heart danced. “Not at all.”

She stepped into his room and he ran his fingers through his hair, doubting it helped, but trying anyway. “Are you leaving?” He asked.

“No, just an early riser. It’s habit.”

“Oh, well if you let me shower and get dressed, we can maybe do something together until you have to leave. If you want to I mean.”

“yeah…I mean, while you all are still here I plan to drive out this way a lot” He looked so happy it made her heart flutter and it caused her to start to question why the pack was so instantly warm and open to her, why this boy seemed at a loss for words when they first met. Chloe was starting to wonder if maybe she was Ievis’s mate. He had even seemed nervous when the topic came up but she didn’t want to embarrass herself by bringing it up, not so soon. This would only be their second day hanging out together.

Though, a boy as cute and sweet as Ievis could possibly have girls flocking to him everywhere they went. Her suspicions went down as she wondered if the pack was just accustomed to girls joining things when they went places. Once he was dressed and had breakfast they went straight back over to the park and at that point, all she thought about was how much fun she was having with Ievis. She didn’t want to leave for her job when it came time but she wouldn’t flake, not when kids were counting on her.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Ievis” she said when they made it to her car. “when tomorrow?”

“I can drive back here as soon as I wake up. I’ll call you when I’m heading this way so you’ll have an hour to get dressed and eat”

“okay” he was doing his best not to show just how sad he was. She got behind the wheel of the car and he just stood there in the parking lot until he couldn’t see her any longer. As he walked back to the park he noticed he was crying and hoped she hadn’t seen in her rear-view mirror. He was heading back to his room when his parents spotted him “Oh Ievis” Frona said as she embraced her son “why am I so sad…she’s coming back”

It was a long drive so she decided to call her father, she knew she probably shouldn’t but Chloe couldn’t help herself “hey baby”

“dad, what kept you yesterday?”


“dad…please tell me you’re kidding”

“Oh shit”

“yeah, you stood me up again”

“I double booked my day honey, I’m so sorry”

“you’re always sorry…”

“I can send you some money to make up for the gas”

“I dont want your money dad. I want you to care enough about our plans to keep them”

“I’m a very busy many honey. Maybe you should stop expecting the world to revolve around you”

“wow…wow dad, you did not just say that. You know what, moms right, screw you dad. I’m done letting you do whatever and only be a dad whenever its convenient. Have a nice life!” she snapped and hungup her phone. She pulled over to sob, already missing the warmth of Ievis’s pack. She wanted to go back there, to them, to people that cared about her and didn’t make her feel bad. She didn’t even understand why she just blew up like that. It had just been so hard to hear that from him, HIM of all people. He was the one who only did what pleased him and didn’t worry about her or anything else besides work and he had the gall to say that to her when he should have apologized for the millionth time he let her down.

Chapter Four

She took a deep breath, wiped away the tears, and made herself calm down. As she pulled back onto the road, she told herself it was fine because she would be going back to Ievis and his amazing family and pack the following day. By the time she made it home, she felt calmer and she quickly changed, checking the glittery makeup she wore for the kids before leaving for work.

“She’ll be back.” Ievis looked up as his father from where he sat and let out a sigh.

“I know, I feel so stupid.”

Alois dropped down next to him in the grass. “Well don’t, we all react in different ways and you’ve always been a huge romantic.”

“It’s not just that, it’s…just…you know I never thought I’d actually find her, but I did and now I’m just…everything.”

“well…I’m glad I picked this park for us to vacation at. I’m sure somehow my wolf knew, I’d like to think that anyway. All the pack wants for eachother is happiness and that includes us all finding our mates. She likes you a lot and she’s a perfect fit for the pack. I can’t see any way this could end badly” Ievis gave a soft sigh “I guess I should go join everyone instead of mopeing”

“I know your best friend really wants to hangout while she’s not here anyway” Ievis stood “god, I should apologize to him” Alois chuckled “you should but I know he understands”

Any lingering pain caused by the foolishness of calling her father and trying to stick up for herself was lifted by the laughing and smiling children as Chloe performed. She lived for those lit up faces and she hoped she would make the pack this happy when they settled on a day for her to really perform for those pups. Even though Chloe was eager to get back to the amusement park she kept to what she always did and stayed after the show so kids could take pictures with her and she could sign whatever they wanted.

After the final eagerly waiting child got their picture she collected her check and left. This venue was the only one that paid her by check but she liked that. Her bank account allowed her to take pictures of checks to deposit them so while other places took a few days, she got the money from this place instantly. It had come just in time for rent so as she waited for her food at a nearby restaurant she went to her complex’s website and paid what she owed them. “You’ve got this” she said confidently in her head.

Next thing she did was message Ievis

“Hey, my performance went amazing! I hope you’ve been having a fun day! I can’t wait to get back. I’m just eating. When I’m done I’m going to get cleaned up at my place, get a change of clothes and head back your way. I’ll let you know when I’m actually on the way. Where should I meet you when I get there? If you’d like, so you don’t waste time waiting around on me you can just let me know where you are when I get there and I’ll find you”

Ievis’s heart danced as he read her message, excited she would be back with him soon. “There wouldn’t be any wasted time.” He messaged back. “Just tell me when you’re on your way and I’ll wait at the entrance.”

Chloe couldn’t believe how sweet and attentive he was and once again, the thought crossed her mind that they might be mates. A part of her actually wanted them to be. Ievis was the most genuine person she had ever met and she would love to be a part of his pack. There was so much support and love in that family. “You don’t have to, you should have fun.” She sent back.

“It’s more fun with you here.” He sent and instantly wished he could take it back. He was sure he sounded crazy. “Just stay safe and let me know.”

She smiled at her phone. “Okay.”

“Everything alright?” Ievis put his phone away, feeling guilty for texting when he should be spending time with his friend.

“Yeah, sorry.”

“Hey, it’s all good, she’s your mate right?”

Ievis blushed. “Yeah.”

“Then it’s cool.” His friend nudged him. “I’m kind of jealous, I haven’t found mine yet.”

“You will, I mean if I can, then you can.”

Chloe did her best to hurry in the shower but glitter had a way of fusing to your skin. Once she felt she was clean she dried off with a towel then pulled out her blow dryer for her hair. This part only took a few moments since she had enchanted it. Now fully dry she packed a few changes of clothes and all the other essentials before locking up and getting back in her car to return to Ievis. She sent him a quick message as she had said she would “In the car now! Hopefully I’ll be there in an hour!”

Chloe set the phone in her passenger seat and began the journey, not messaging him again until she was at a light about ten minuets away. Her dad still hadn’t called back but she had predicted this, this was why she hadn’t stood up for herself in the past. He didn’t love her enough to be taught a lesson. It made butterflies brush her insides when Ievis truly was waiting at the entrance for her and before she knew it she was running to his, absolutely embarrassed when she hugged him.

It was just so different having someone like him in her life. “Hey” he sounded so happy it helped her not feel so embarrassed. “hey” they lingered in the hug a few moments before she let go. “the drive must have been smooth”


“May I take your hand Chloe while we walk back into the park?” she smiled “yeah” they brought their hands together and walked back in. Often throughout the day she felt like asking if she was his mate but every time she was too scared of making a fool out of herself. Late that night, they were still up talking in her bedroom and he unconsciously stroked her cheek. He had been wanting to touch her so badly “Oh, I’m sorry” he sounded scared as he quickly drew back his hand.

“That…felt nice, it’s okay”

“It did”

“yeah…I” this was the perfect moment to ask. She told herself to not be a coward. He’d be gone in a few days. “I’ve actually been wondering if…am I your mate Ievis…” he looked shocked “Oh god you are just an idiot” Her mind said in horror. “yeah you are” he said softly then asked “is that…do you want me Chloe?” His voice gave away he was scared the answer would be no. “yeah” she said a bit emotionally and he hugged her.

“we live so far apart I was so worried I couldn’t make you at least like me in time…Its already so hard to be without you” her heart stuttered and she said “I’ll come home with you if you want…I mean…I’d have to buy out my lease and start over gaining a following with my performing but…if you want me to come home with you I will”

He pulled back and it only touched her more that his eyes were damp with happy tears. “you wouldn’t mind leaving your mom”

“I dont see her too much. Our relationship already is mostly over the phone. The only way shes really better than dad is she did raise me, I had a good childhood with her and when we do make plans she actually shows up to them. I know I’d still see her sometimes” he brought their foreheads together “then please come home with me. My dad will handle your apartment and the pack is eager for you to come home too, they all love you so much already”

Final Chapter

“I can’t believe this is actually happening.”

“Me either, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever find you or if you’d even like me. I mean, I’m so pretty, it made it a problem sometimes.”

She took his hand. “I don’t care what you like, I love you because you’re you.”

His heart jumped. “You…you love me?”

She blushed. She hadn’t meant to say that out loud, but she couldn’t take it back now. “What’s not to love, you’re so amazing and attentive and honest. How can I not love you.”

“I feel the same, you’re just so perfect, I just want to give you everything. Um…” he felt heat crawl up his neck, “do you think I could kiss you?”

“I’d like that very much.”

Ievis had never kissed anyone and he didn’t know if Chloe had yet so he was nervous but he moved in and kissed her anyway, hoping he would be at least descent at it. He became lost in the sensations of kissing her like this. The hotel and everything else around them seemed to fade away and his wolf couldn’t have been happier. He felt her grab onto his shirt and his nerves got the better of him so he pulled back a little. Still so close their noses were touching he asked “do you want to stop?”

“No…should I not grab you…I guess doing that was weird…I wasn’t really thinking” he smiled “No, it just made me worry” he pulled her into his lap then continued “in fact I’d really like it if you’d wrap your arms around my neck while we kissed…I want us to be close” she did and he continued kissing her. Neither could get enough of it.

The next morning Chloe woke in his arms, having allowed him to stay the night and cuddle her when they finally stopped kissing. She didn’t move, it felt too good to have his face nuzzled into her neck and his arms around her. He had been so sweet. She had half expected him to try having sex with her but kissing and cuddling was all that happened. She was glad though, she wouldn’t have wanted to do that so quickly so she was grateful he hadn’t made her say no and dampen that amazing night. She knew he would have accepted no but it wouldn’t have made her feel any less bad about not being ready for that yet.

Eventually somebody else woke him by knocking at the door. He sat up, seeming surprised but pleasantly so to see her there. She could almost see in his face the memories of last night flooding back into him. He got up and answered her door. It was his sister Lillian, Chloe heard her gasp “Oh my goodness” she almost squealed the words “Lillian, what’re you doing here?”

“dad booked a restaurant for breakfast today, we gotta go”

“alright but try to have a little more discretion. What if I had simply fallen asleep in here. Then I would of had to explain why finding me here would be so exciting”

“But you are together now right?” he sighed “right, we’ll meet you guys there, go on” he shut the door and his sister ran off to tell everyone else.

“That just means we would have been dating sooner.” Chloe said as he made his way back to her and climbed into bed.

“Really?” He wrapped his arms around her and laid so he was on top of her, his head on her chest. “You would have said yes?”

“I think I would have.” She played with his hair. It was so soft and beautiful.

He felt the wolf wagging its tail and found the courage to press a kiss to her neck. He could hear her heart dance and he moved up, wanting to give her a real kiss. “I…I love you, Chloe.”

“I love you too.” She giggled. “We should get ready and meet the others.”

“My sisters have probably told the whole pack by now. I’ll never hear the end of it.”

“breakfast does sound really great though”

“you’ve been up awhile haven’t you?”

“yeah but…I didn’t want to move. It was nice just laying here with you.”

“On days you dont want to just lay here make sure you wake me.”

“I’m pretty sure I’m always going to want to lay like that with you in the morning…even in your sleep…I just love the way you hold me” He kissed her again, happy beyond words “I’ll go change, meet me at my room?”

“yeah” he reluctantly left her and they both began changing in their rooms. When Chloe came out her hotel room door she giggled when Ievis scooped her up. he chuckled as well “you like the way I hold you right?”

“right” she said happily as she laid her head down. It amazed Chloe at breakfast how happy the pack was for the two of them. They seemed even happier at the news she was ready to come home with them as soon as their vacation ended. Chloe didn’t know how her mom would handle her moving for a man that she hadn’t even told her mother about but she was surprisingly supportive. The wolves helped her pack up her clothes and the personal items that would fit in her back seat. She wasn’t taking any of her furniture, there wasn’t much point in moving it since Ievis’s home was already furnished.

At the end of the vacation during the drive home Chloe said “I cant believe so many helped me pack when they were supposed to be vacationing”

“You’re family to all of them now Chloe, thats just how we wolves are”

“I’m so happy I’m your mate Ievis”

“I can’t imagine you could possibly be happier about that than me Chloe…you’re everything I ever dreamed my mate could be”

~ The End

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