Ingrum: The beginning of Fatherhood

Chapter One

Shelby tossed and turned in bed, waking Ingrum but she didn’t care. “are you okay?” he asked sleepily and she spat back “No I’m not okay. I can’t fucking sleep! I don’t know how you convinced me to carry this damned baby. Why do you want her?!” her words sounded so vicious he was now wide awake, afraid she’d hurt his baby. She was in her final month, the little one was almost here. “I’ll make you some tea and run a bath. I’ll massage you once you’re loose from the tub”

“why do you want her Ingrum?”

“Family means something to me Shelby. She is already so important to me…I know you’re miserable and I’m sorry…Just please…you’re so close.”

“Just hurry, and bring me some food” He rushed out, making her a salad with cut up apples, grapes and walnuts in it. He brought her the bowl and asked “so you want the tea”

“yes get out of here” she still sounded pissy but there was less anger so he was able to stop worrying she’d abort her. He came back again with the tea, taking her salad bowl to put in the sink. He had been waiting on Shelby hand and foot. He didn’t make her do a single thing for herself and she had been taking full advantage. He didn’t mind even though he knew their relationship was over. He would do anything for her so he could have his child.

He drew her a bath then helped her undress before handing her into the tub. She gave a comforted moan as she slid into the heated water “Perfect Ingrum”

“Can I do anything else? I’ll play you the violin”

“You only want to because it makes it kick”

“You like it too” She smiled “You’re right, go ahead” He left the bathroom to fetch his violin. He came back and played all of Shelbys favorite songs. It swelled a bit of sadness in his heart as he played. He still cared about Shelby and wished she wasn’t leaving him. This violin had been what brought them together and now he played it near daily at the end of their time together. He stopped when he could see she was near sleep. He put his violin away then came back to lift her out of the tub. He took her back to bed, dried her then tucked her in before humming her to sleep.

When she was out he drained the tub and decided to start cleaning. She requested so much of him during the day during the day the house got a bit neglected at times. He had barely finished giving his home a thorough top to bottom when she was calling for him again. Next thing he knew it was four pm and he was finally sitting down. He was rubbing her feet but he was glad to have a moment to sit. “You look tired” she pointed out and he smiled at her “I’m okay”

“Good, I want orange berries. When you’re done with my feet go get them for me. I expect you back in no longer than four hours.”

“It’s a two hour journey one way”

“Fine, five hours” she rolled her eyes and laid back. When she said her feet were good he put a couple apples in a bag for him to eat then began his journey.

Ingrum felt much too tired to be traveling but anything was worth his little girl. He still cared for his mate despite how she had been treating him. He wished their was any way to salvage their relationship but he had seen in her eyes the second he told her he wanted to be a dad there was no turning back, she would have been done with him even if he changed his mind. He speedily made the trip there and back, only resting once. He gave her the berries and she finally let him go to sleep for awhile. It was only a few nights later she went into labor. He had been making her hot chocolate when she moaned his name loudly. Fluid covered the floor, her water had broken. He helped her get comfortable on the floor and began couching her through the babies birth.

When the baby was born he struggled to hold back happy tears. He quickly checked Shelby and when he knew she was okay he took their little girl to clean her. When he came back Shelby had a bag over her shoulder and was fully dressed “so soon Shelby?” Shelby gave him a small smile “Oh Ingrum” she got closer “I was only staying until you had your daughter. I think you knew that. You aren’t an idiot, simply weak. I chose you as a mate because I wanted a change of pace for awhile. You aren’t my type atall and I think you always knew that too. You let your heart and mind get clouded with feeling. Feelings make you weak Ingrum and weak is somthing I’ll never be. There is nothing that will sap your strength more than making a family with someone. I had forgotten just what a pathetic demon you are until the day I told you I was going to kill the life inside me. I knew I couldn’t stay with you any longer. It’s been fun, I’ve never been cared for so much but I need a real demon by my side, not some pansy like you. Don’t you dare EVER try to find me Ingrum. I gave you this little girl and I swear I’ll take her away if you try to ruin me by seeking me out with this child in toe”

She sighed, walking towards the door and pausing when she opened it “I only did this for you because you deserved something for how good you’ve been to me. Weak or not I did need this break. Now I will go to a real demon and you can keep that girl. If you ever become a real man you may seek me out but know I can never see you as one with a daughter and I will keep my word, if I see her again, I’ll kill her”

“Shelby, never forget that if your heart ever softens you can be in her life but make no mistake. You ever try to harm a hair on her head and you will force me to be what you call a real demon. I’m not as weak as you think. I wont seek you out but now that she is out of your womb I will never allow you to kill her” she laughed “Oh Ingrum, now you fighting like a real man would be a sight. I’ve never seen you kill a thing that you weren’t planning to eat”

“Please don’t test me. You are her mother and I mean no matter what you are welcome in her life.”

“Goodbye Ingrum” Shelby walked out and he closed the door and looked down at his daughter “it’s just us now…I’m sorry she doesn’t want to be in your life little one but I love you so much. I hope I’ll be enough for you. Well me and my sister. She’s going to be so excited to meet you. She already loves you too.” He walked over to his couch and sat down “What is your name little one? I wanted to wait and meet you before I decided”

He talked to his daughter until she began to cry for food. He walked over to the crib he made her then went into the kitchen. He had made something to feed her for the night. Tomorrow he would go out and hopefully be able to hire a wet nurse. He could make her what she needed to survive but he’d rather her actually get a womans milk. When he had it prepared he scooped her out of the crib and sat on his bed to feed her. “This is our room little one. I’m keeping your crib in here with me until you aren’t so tiny.” She sucked it all down quickly and he burped her. It took mere moments after her feeding for his little girl to fall asleep. He carefully placed her back in the crib and laid in his own bed “goodnight baby”

It was after her first feeding of the next day that he covered her as best he could then traveled into town to see if any wet nurses were available. His heart dropped when he couldn’t find one but he just walked on to the next town. He wouldn’t stop until he had someone to feed his daughter. Luckily for him the second town had four women looking for work as a wet nurse. “There’s hope little one” he said since he still hadn’t decided what her name was.

He went to the first womans home and she quickly turned him down. She was human and refused to feed demon born children. He just left as he was asked. He couldn’t cause trouble for himself when his daughter, barely a day old was strapped to him. She got hungry again before he arrived at the next house and sat with her to make another bottle. The humans whispered and talked about him but he paid no mind. When his little one was full he got her comfortable again then continued on. The next woman let him come in and he was deeply grateful. “I’ve never been approached by someone of your species” she said as they sat down on her couch “Her mother didn’t want her but I very much did. Thankfully I was able to convince her to have my daughter for me. She did however leave the night she was born so I need someone like you. I know how to make baby food but I’d prefer she got real milk. I am not a rich demon but I will pay you and I will wait on your every need so long as it doesn’t interfere with my daughter. Please, if you would even just consider working for me”

“Meals are included?”


“Your race doesn’t scare me, what is your name?”


“what’s hers?”

“I haven’t picked yet”

“Well Ingrum I will gladly come home with you and feed her. I will have my own room right?”


“Things will work perfectly then.”

“You don’t even know how much I can pay you”

“Ingrum, I got into this business because I couldn’t stand the thought of babies going hungry. I love children and their race means nothing to me. I don’t care what you’re offering, I just care about that little girl”

“Can we go now? Shes not even twenty four hours old. I want her back home”

“Of course, I’m Kipa by the way. I’m sure you saw that in my ad but it feels weird not to introduce myself”

“Nice to meet you Kipa”

She gathered her things then went over to her next door neighbors home “I have a job again. As always feel free to let your relatives or friends stay in my home while I’m gone and” her friend finished for her, having heard her say it many times before “and if I see hoemless people to make sure they know they can stay until you return, aye Kipa, I will keep an eye on your home and make sure people in need know they can use it. Thank you for letting me use it for visiting family as well. You take care of yourself”

“I will” Ingrum spoke when she turned around “I see I found a good woman.”

“Someone may as well use it while I’m gone. How long will you want me to feed her?”

“She’ll need you for at least six months right? Until I can get her on real food”

“Yes but some people like their babies to get milk a full year or even up to two years old. I’m happy to work for you as long as I’m needed.”

“wont she have teeth and hurt you at a year?”

“Its easy to correct them. They can mange it without biting”

“I guess we’ll see how she does and how long I can afford it”

“Like I said sir, I work as a wet nurse because I care about babies. Not only because I like them all fed but the time I get to spend with them is the nearest I’ll get to having a child. When I gave birth to my only child it went horribly and I cant conceive now. I only got to have that one for two months before…well she died. My sister was having trouble nursing her son so thats how this all began for me. As long as you can provide me shelter and food I’ll happily feed your little girl”

“I’m so sorry”

“I’m okay, I just wanted that out of the way. It always comes up somehow”

Chapter Two

As they walked back to where Ingrum lived he explained to her all the powers he had, including his ability to teleport. He told her he’d do it if they ran into serious trouble but he wouldn’t do it unless it became necessary with his daughter so young. Some babies can’t take being teleported so early. They were almost back to Ingrums home when the baby started to wail. Kipa laughed at how scared Ingrum looked “she’s probably hungry. Let me take care of her” Kipa took off her shirt and pushed down her bra before taking Ingrums daughter from him. “we can still walk while I feed her” He picked up the pace, not wanting some lecherous demon to come at them because Kipa was exposed.

The baby was sound asleep again as they entered Ingrums humble home. “It’s so quaint. I like it” Kipa whispered. Ingrum showed her where the babies crib was then put Kipa bags in her own room. “You’re welcome to anything in my home. If you’re hungry and I’m for some reason out of food just let me know and I’ll hunt somthing. Even if it’s late at night I don’t mind. I can’t claim to know a lot about breastfeeding but from my understanding you’re going to need a lot of food yourself”

“Thats so sweet Ingrum.” Kipa couldn’t believe the little girls mother could just walk away from such an obviously nice man. She hadn’t known him long but he seemed so kind and he was definitely handsome. “would it be okay if I left you alone with my daughter a few moments so I can get my sister? She has been so excited to meet my daughter”

“anytime, please, don’t rush” Ingrum vanished before Kipa’s eyes. It startled her so she clutched her shirt above her heart. Living with a demon was definitely going to take a lot of getting used to.

She went to her room to start settling in but she was barely able to start before he returned. Kipa came back out “wow, you really did mean a few moments” Acantha smiled at her “I’m Acantha, my brother says your name is Kipa. Thank you for helping him and my niece. Not many humans would”

“It’s nice to meet you. You should see her. She’s such a little beauty”

“I bet” Acantha already knew where the crib was and rushed to it. Acantha held her face “Oh my goodness Ingrum” she whispered in aw. He smiled and Kipa could see the pride in it. “It’s scary how small she is” he said and Acantha smiled at her brother “she’s a good size for a newborn. You have Kipa and I here to help so don’t you over worry about things. I can’t believe Shelby left already, I’m sorry brother but she was such a bitch” They left the room so they wouldn’t wake her. “I know she wasn’t the best person sister but I still cared about her. Please lets not talk about Shelby that way”


“It’s fine, I understand your anger at her” Acantha looked at Kipa “need help settling in?”

“sure if you don’t mind”

“While you two do that I’m going to gather berries and hunt. I want to stock my fridge and pantry”

“Okay, us ladies have…what’s her name brother?”

“I haven’t decided yet”

“Ingrum, she needs a name. I don’t want to call my niece her or it all the time”

“I’ll think of somthing soon.”

“Kipa and I will brainstorm while you’re gone then” With that Ingrum vanished again. As they put Kipa’s things away she ventured to ask his sister “so why didn’t you like Shelby?”

“She just really took advantage of my brother. He has a really big heart and is far too forgiving. She just walked all over him. As his sister it was hard to watch. I have no clue why he was with her. I would wish he never met her but then I wouldn’t have my niece in there. I’m so happy for Ingrum. He’s going to be an amazing dad”

“I can see that too.”

“I just hope his next mate actually deserves him. I know I’m biased but he deserved much better than Shelby”

“He really is nice and he’s handsome. You don’t find that combination a whole lot. Do you have someone Acantha?”

“No, but I’m not really concerned about it. When I meet someone I meet someone”

The girls kept talking until Acantha suddenly yelled “need help Ingrum?”

“I’m fine, thank you”

“I didn’t hear him” Kipa said and Acantha answered “When I asked he had just teleported back. When he does it there’s no sound. I only knew because of his scent being back in the house. Not that it leaves…um sorry, it can be hard to explain these things”

“He’s killed something already?”

“No, he gathered some fruit and vegetables for you to eat. He’ll put that away and vanish again”

“So can he go anywhere in the world like that?”

“No, he has to have been there before. Once he’s been there he can will himself back. He can go to other worlds like that too. It’s pretty amazing. I’ve always been jealous of that ability but he’ll take me anywhere I want so I get to reap it’s benefits too”

“demons are so amazing” Acantha giggled “you humans are pretty impressive yourselves.”

“compared to your kind no we aren’t”

“You sell your species short. There’s plenty of amazing things about you humans.” This stayed their topic of conversation until Ingrum came back again “I’ll go help my brother clean and store meat. You just keep feeding my niece” Acantha said and walked away. They had been sitting in Ingrums room as Kipa nursed her. “How is everything? Is she settled?” Ingrum asked.

“yep, she’s in there feeding your daughter again too. Do you have a name yet?”

“I’m thinking of a few”

“Like what?”

“Anastasia, Farrah, Gir” Acantha interrupted him before he could finish the next name “Farrah is so pretty, name her that!” He chuckled “we’ll see, I want to sit with her later and see what name suits her” A little while later Kipa came in with the baby sound asleep in her arms “Do you two need help?” It was Ingrum who answered “Oh no, You have to be tired. You’re a human who has done a lot of traveling today and you’re going to be doing plenty tonight with my daughter waking up to eat. Please just sit and relax” Kipa smiled and went to sit on the couch with the baby.

When they were near done with all of it Acantha fully took over so Ingrum could start making dinner. He prepared one of Acanthas favorites as a thank you for her help today. Kipa set the table, having to insist on it with Ingrum “she is sleeping. Humans aren’t as feeble as you seem to think” Kipa said with a laugh. Ingrum blushed, feeling as though he might be being offensive. “sorry”

“You’re sweet Ingrum, don’t be sorry”

No, I was being rude. I’m kind of a wreck with worry.”

“Like your sister said, you have the two of us to help. You’re going to be a good dad and your little one is going to be a strong and healthy little girl” Acantha stayed late that night, only leaving after her brother had passed out. “I guess I’ll go home now. I’ll come over tomorrow with some lunch for you two. Seriously, I can’t thank you enough for taking this job. Making her food can be one less thing he has to worry about. You should have seen him making the stuff he used until he could go out to hire someone. He remade it atleast seven times because he didn’t think he did it well enough”

“I’ll try to keep him relaxed” Acantha left and Kipa walked around with the baby in her arms until she was back asleep. Kipa had tried to be quite but her re-entering the room woke Ingrum. “is everything okay?”

“Yeah, I was just going to lay her in her crib” Kipa whispered as she did it. “Oh, goodnight then”

“Goodnight ingrum.” He was so exhausted he passed right back out. Kipa took the opportunity to grab a shower then settled into her bed for the night. She woke the next morning to Ingrums low voice singing. She smiled, knowing it was probably for the baby. She followed the sound into his room where he was sitting with his daughter in his arms. His eyes didn’t leave the baby nor did he quit singing to her as Kipa entered. When the song was over he said “she’s hungry I think but I was keeping her calm so you could catch some rest. I’ve decided her name is Farrah. I feel that name is her”

“It’s as beautiful as she is Ingrum”

She took Farrah and began to feed her as Ingrum watched adoringly. This man really was impossibly sweet.There wasn’t a moment she saw him looking at anything but his daughter. As the next few months passed Kipa really started to feel like part of their little family. She had helped many nice couples but Ingrum and Acantha truly seemed to care about her as a person, not just a milk machine for Farrah. Six months in just thinking about her job being done made Kipa sad but when Ingrum was ready to let her go she would leave. This was part of her job, having to let go even when she got extremely attached. She just wasn’t used to getting attached to the family as well.

Acantha and Kipa were out on their weekly girls night when Acantha asked “you seem down lately Kipa, whats wrong?”

“Oh it’s nothing”

“I’m a demon Kipa. What’s been bothering you? Did something happen?”

“No, it’s just Farrah is old enough to ween now if your brother wants to and..I’ll just really miss you three. I’ve never been so attached to a family” Acantha gave Kipa a look “Kipa, you will still be our friend even when Farrah doesn’t need you. You’re family now and that won’t change. You will be welcome back any time. My brother would tell you the same. Besides, I think he wants you to nurse her until she’s a year”

Acantha could see the relief wash over her and was glad she said something. She knew her brother was far too polite to ever ask. “always talk to Ingrum and I Kipa. We love you, our lives wouldn’t be the same without you.” with Kipa relaxed they went deep into the wood and played with the rainbow turtles. None were sure why but all the turtles in a small area of the woods were all different colors and they were fun to look at and mess with. They didn’t stay out as long as they normally did because Kipa was tired from Farrah being restless lately but they still had an amazing time and the two had needed to talk.

Ingrum noticed right away Kipa seemed to be feeling better which relieved him aswell. He smiled at his sister thinking “leave it to you to fix things” he didn’t ask Acantha before she left what had been wrong figuring it didn’t matter now that she felt better and it might have been something she could have only wanted to discuss with another woman.

It surprised him later that evening when he wished Kipa a goodnight that she hugged him. He smiled again, hugging her back “is everything alright?” he figured it was okay to ask now. “Yeah, I just, I love you and your sister so much. I’m so happy to be a part of your family”

“was that something along the lines of what’s been bothering you?”

“I was worried my time with your family was coming to an end. I’ve always hated saying goodbye but…with you guys the thought hurt worse than ever before Ingrum” she let him go and he said “you are forever part of this family, as long as your human life spans. I hope my sister told you that. I also hope she told you we want to see a lot of you even when you move back into your own home.”

“Of course”

“You always have a place here aswell. You are the nearest thing to a mother my daughter has”

“You’ll find a mate one day” he shrugged “probably not, I don’t tend to do well with demon women and most other species are afraid of male demons”

“You are handsome, sweet and a truly good man Ingrum. You’ll find someone one day” his smile grew again and this time he initiated the hug before going to his room to rest.

On Farrah’s first birthday everyone was emotional but none quite like Ingrum. His little girl had been in his life an entire year and as horrible as Shelby was he’d always be thankful to her for giving him his little Farrah. He hoped one day Shelby’s heart might soften and she’d come to see how truly amazing the life they created together was. He’d never want to be mates with her again but he had truly meant it that night when he told her she’d always be welcome back to get to know their daughter.Year one had been amazing, a good beginning with many more years to follow though it meant the end of Kipa nursing Farrah.

Ingrum invited her to just stay but she answered with “my lifes calling is to help little babies who need me. I hate it but Farrah doesn’t any longer. I promise to visit often. I can’t live without you two and your sister”

“If you ever need my help come for me. I’m serious”

“I will Ingrum” A week into Farrah being one the three took Kipa home and had a long day at her home trying to say goodbye to one another. It was harder than any of them had anticipated. As Kipa held Farrah she said “you will always be my favorite little girl.” Ingrum just watched, trying not to cry again. When Kipa was ready to hand the toddler over he hugged Kipa “I expect you Sunday nights for dinner you know.”

“I’ll be there”

“You better be or I’ll come get you myself” his sister Acantha added. Kipa wiped at her face and nodded. When the three teleported back to Ingrums Kipa sobbed. This past year had been so amazing and would apparently bless her for the rest of her days.

~ The End

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