Ivy & Eric 2

Chapter One

They had finally managed to save up enough for their own apartment. Ivy was beyond excited as she watched Eric and Luke moving the new furniture Howard had paid for into the nice two bedroom. They had been with Howard and his sons for a year and had enjoyed almost everything about it as long as they avoided Adam. He was still sore about being rejected and hurt by her. Ivy made a big picture of lemon tea and called the boys in for a break. Eric kissed her and took his glass from her. He made her so happy. She had some good news for him, or so she hoped. She had found out she was pregnant a week ago and wanted too surprise him with it. “Thank you for helping us Luke.” She said and the boy blushed.

“I’m happy too. You guys have been so amazing to us despite everything that happened. I’m glad you plan on staying on with us. You know me and dad would miss you if you stopped coming over.” He said and took a sip of tea.

“You guys took us in, it’s the least we could do.” Eric said and nudged Luke with his elbow.

“I’m just sorry Adam caused so much trouble. Ness isn’t going to be happy when she visits. Adam is going to be scrambling for cover.”

“Anyway, I’m going to order a pizza then you two can finish unloading the rest of the stuff. Eric can take you home after.”

“Sounds good.”

Ivy found the cell Howard had bought for her and speed dialed Domino’s. She asked for two large pepperoni pizzas and a bottle of Pepsi. The woman on the other end read it back and asked for the address. She had to ask Luke since she wasn’t used to the new place yet. She thanked the woman and hung up. “It should be cooked and delivered soon.” They both smiled at her as they relaxed on the new couch.

An RV sat down the street. Inside were some of the scientists and more of the soldiers from the compound. They had been watching the two subjects for about a month trying to decide the best approach. They needed to get them back. They had relieved reports that the females abilities were a lot stronger than she had let on. To them they would use the boy Luke. They wouldn’t let him go through the experiments the scientists had forced them too endure.

The three of them talked excitedly about Ivys and Erics new home until they heard a knock at the door. Eric got up to get it. He payed the man and took the pizza setting it on their new coffee table. Eric was really excited to finally have his own home with Ivy. He hated that they spent nearly all day with other people. He liked Howard and Luke a lot but this would be the first time in their life they had their own home controlled by nobody else.

It was also good to get Ivy away from Adam. Eric hated the way Adam looked at her,Hungry for her and angry at being rejected. They ate still excitedly talking then finshed unloading the truck. When it was time to go Eric hugged Ivy and grabbed keys to take Luke home. It felt weird to Ivy to be all alone in the apartment. She had never been completely alone. They didn’t own much so there really wasn’t unpacking to do. She put the few pots and dishes in the cabinets. Once that was done she dragged a box of clothes to their new dresser in their bedroom.

She couldn’t help but smile the whole time. This was her home with her amazing boyfriend and they’d soon have a  baby. Ivy hoped with all her heart Eric would be happy. Ivy was even though she was worried. They made decent money but  didn’t make a whole lot and she wouldn’t be able to give the baby everything she would want to but that didn’t matter. She was over the moon with happiness to be a mother.

“Is Ivy feeling okay?” Luke asked as Eric turned down the road leading to the farm.

“As far as I know she’s fine. I try too let her tell me things when she’s ready.” He answered and smiled at the boy.

“Oh, well maybe you should ask her in this instance. She’s been looking a little green around the gills.”

“I’ll be sure too do that.” He pulled into the driveway and let Luke out. He could see Adam watching from his bedroom window and Eric gave him a small wave that said he knew he was being watched. He turned around and started back home. It felt good too have their own place and he had managed too put enough aside to buy Ivy a ring. She had already said she didn’t need one, but he wanted to get one for her. He came back too the street they lived on and noticed the RV. He had seen plenty of them pass through, but for some reason this particular one gave him the creeps. He prodded the minds of the people within, but found nothing. He pulled into their driveway and went into the apartment. He could hear Ivy singing as he locked the door. He loved her voice.

“Is that you my love?” She asked and popped her head out of their room.

“Hey beautiful. Did you notice the RV down the street?”

“No, I’ve been inside all day.”

“It creeps me out, please be careful around it.” He said as walked into the bedroom pulling Ivy into a hug. “How’re you feeling?”

“Ok, why do you ask?”

“Luke was worried because he says you seemed sick. I’ve noticed too but figured you’d tell me if you were.” Ivy pressed her head into Erics chest. Then grabbed his hand to guide him to their bed. “Well, I’m not feeling well but I’m not sick.” She started nervously. Eric looked confused and she continued ” I found out I was pregnant a week ago. I haven’t known how to tell you since I didn’t know if you’d be happy or not. I hope you’re happy because I am.” She then looked him in the eyes waiting for a response. He smiled and hugged her again “I’m very happy! You should’ve told me as soon as you found out.” Then his expression changed “You helped us today knowing you were carrying a baby.” Ivy laughed “I’m not that far along.”

“You still shouldn’t have helped.” Ivy kissed Eric “I’m so glad you’re happy too.”

“I don’t see why I wouldn’t be Ivy. This is amazing news.” Eric said looking at her lovingly. “Lets finish unpacking.” Ivy said excitedly. “I’ll finish unpacking, you can watch me form the couch.”

“Eric, I can help. Jeez if you’re going to be like this now I dont want to think about when I have a belly on me” Eric laughed “fine just dont lift anything heavy.”

“I promise.” she said rolling her eyes. Eric smiled, he thought it was cute when she did that. Everything about her was cute and amazing. He couldn’t wait to buy a ring and marry her. Once they were married he’d have everything he wanted in life. That RV was bugging him even more now that he knew she was pregnant. He tried to pass it off as paranoia because of where they came from.

It was almost ten by the time they had everything put away. Ivy was drooping with exhaustion. Eric lifted her in his arms and carried her to the bathroom. He needed a shower and didn’t want to take one without her. He sat her down and switched on the water. He quickly undressed and then pulled her to her feet and took her clothes off. He lifted her into the tub and climbed in after her. She wrapped her arms around him and rested her head against his chest. “It’s been such a long day.” She said quietly.

“I can tell. Is the baby making you tired?” He massaged her neck and shoulders.

“Yes, but that’s what they’re supposed to do. I’m sure I’ll be fine after I rest. I can only imagine how bad it’ll be when I have a big belly.”

“You’ll be staying on the couch all day. No more work.”

She laughed and looked up at him. She brushed her fingers over the scar on his face and then kissed him lightly on the lips. “I can’t stop cooking for Howard and Luke and even the idiot Adam. I promised and I can’t break a promise.”

“There’s no arguing with you. Fine, as long as you don’t overwork yourself.” She smiled and they washed and rinsed. He dried them both and carried her to bed. He lay down next to her and moved down so he was at belly level. “You need to let your mom feel good tomorrow. I know she loves you and I do too, but making her sick and tired isn’t very nice.” He smiled and kissed her just above her belly button then moved up to pull her into his arms. “What’s the real reason you were worried about telling me? I could sense your anxiety.”

“Because of after all we’ve been through. I thought you’d be worried we wouldn’t be good parents. We didn’t exactly get to be raised like real children. There was no love or warmth in that place.”

“I know we’ll be amazing parents because we love each other. All we can do is try as hard as we can. Now go to sleep. You look more tired than I feel.” He kissed the top of her head and they fell asleep together.

The alarm went off early and Eric reluctantly got up and kissed Ivy awake. “Morning can’t be here already” Ivy said while stretching. “It’s going to take a bit to get used to waking up earlier since we aren’t at work when we get up.” The both of them got dressed and got in the car. Howard had made them a key to his house so Ivy could come right inside to make breakfast. She entered seeing Howard at the table reading his paper. “Good morning you two! How was your first night?” He said laying the news paper on the table.

“Wonderful” Ivy smiled then Eric added “Ivy is pregnant”

“That’s amazing news!” They heard a scoff come from Adam who was entering the kitchen. Ivy rolled her eyes as she started cooking. Adam was such a child. She couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t just move on and find another girl. Howard was such a good man to have such a terrible son. Atleast Luke is like his father. She thought to herself as she made breakfast. Eric set the table for her so all she had to do was serve one she was done.

They all ate with Adam looking more perturbed than normal. Eric jumped in Adams head to hear his thoughts. “I can’t believe she’s having that damn mans baby. She should be having mine and living here with me.” He jumped out not wanting to hear further. Adam really pissed him off. Eric kept a level head though because Ivy loved him and only him. She would give Adam a good zap if he tried anything.

“Breakfast was delicious beautiful.” He kissed her on the cheek and pushed his chair back. He rinsed his plate and headed outside. He had to help Luke with the cattle since Adam was confined to the barn and yard during working hours.

“You should be home resting.” Howard said as Ivy cleared the table. “I could always have Adam cook and clean.”

She giggled as she rinsed and washed the dishes. “Come on now, admit that without me you’d be having sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and the house would be a dusty mess. You’d have no clean clothes or made beds.”

“Well, that may be true, but if you ever feel tired please take a break. My wife would always try to help me with the cows and horses when she was pregnant. I threatened to lock her in our room.” He smiled.

“I’m sure Eric will get that way as soon as I start showing. How do women survive such things?”

“Women have the patients and devotion of a saint. My wife used to smile just like you do and tell me not to worry. She always managed to get around me and help me take care of the larger animals.”

“I really like when you talk about your wife. She seemed like such a great person.”

Eric rode next to Luke as they checked on the cattle. There had been cougar sightings lately and since this was an open range the cattle were easy targets. He began to get an odd feeling and cast his psychic powers as far as they would go. He couldn’t find anyone. He knew they were being watched, but he couldn’t figure out by who or what and where they were hiding. He noticed look was watching him and smiled. “You look worried.” Luke said. “Got the jitters already? Well don’t worry, you two look like you’ll be the best mom and dad.”

‘Thanks Luke” Eric said smiling trying to not get himself too worked up and worried. He was going to keep his mind open as much as possible. It gave him headaches listening to people too much but he didn’t want anyone form their past life sneaking up on them. They would not take Ivy or himself back, he wasn’t going to allow it.

Ivy was humming as she cleaned up Howards home. She was so excited to be a mother. Ivy felt herself getting tired. The chores were almost done and it was only thrity minuets until lunch. She decided it would be ok to lay on the couch and rest a few moments. The next thing you knew Eric was waking her. She hadn’t intended to fall asleep. He handed her a sandwich and some chips. “I would’ve cooked”

“we know” Howard said from the kitchen. Ivy smiled as she walked with Eric to sit at the table with Howard, Luke and Adam. Lunch was over quickly since they had such a simple meal. As Ivy threw away the plates she said “You guys better get me up to cook next time” Eric kissed her cheek before going back to work. Howard was tired and felt like watching a movie. “The house looks perfect Ivy, would you watch a movie with me? I hate watching movies alone.” Ivy laughed because she figured Howard was only saying that to make her sit more. “sure what do you want to watch?”

“Thor alright with you?”

“Sounds great” She sat down and he found the movie. Howard watched the movie like an excited little boy. Ivy and Eric needed to buy a DVD player for their home. She was going to look at their bank account later to see if they could afford it. It would be fun to watch movies in their own home like they used to do here with Howard and Luke.

Eric still had a bad feeling, but tried to shake it off. Especially when they came across an injured cow. Eric got off his horse and moved slowly toward the fallen animal. He probed its mind for information. He caught flashes of golden fur and sharp claws. The cow had been alone when the lion had moved in. “Luke, I need you to go get Howard and Adam. We need their help to get the cow back to the barn.” He said as he rested a calming handing on the terrified beast.

“Are you sure I should leave you alone?” Luke looked around, his eyes worried.

“Yes, just go.”

Luke turned his horse to leave and Eric caught a flash of someone’s thoughts. He could see them looking through a scope. He turned to yell at Luke to get down when a dart hit the boy in his chest. He could feel the snipers triumph as he reloaded. The sniper fired again and a dart caught Eric in his thigh. He sent out a cry for help to Ivy.

“Something’s wrong.” Ivy said, sitting up straight and looking at Howard. “Something happened to Eric.” She was up and put the door before Howard could stop her. She ran to the barn and threw open the stall of the remaining horse. She swung herself onto its back and kicked it into action. She very nearly ran over Adam as she exited the barn, but she didn’t care. She had to get to Eric. The horse raced across the field, feeling her rising panic. She could see the horses. Luke was gone and Eric was laying unconscious next to a cow. She jumped from the horses back, running to Eric. She felt for a moment as if she were walking through soup, the sensation oppressive and threatening to make her throw up. It was Eric’s natural psychic barrier that only she could get through without her mind being broken or her brain turned to mush. She dropped down next to him, noticing the dart in his leg. She ripped it out and shook him.

He didn’t regain his consciousness so she shook harder and harder until he finally opened his eyes. The barrier fell and she was relived. Even though she could get through it the feeling she had while in it was terrible. Howard was standing behind Ivy looking worried “what happened? Where’s Luke?” She asked plagued with anxiety. A sniper shot darts at us. We both passed out.”

“You don’t think?”

“I do. I have a feeling it’s the same people that experimented on us.” Howard got angry instantly blaming Adam. He just knew that little brat had something to do with it. He got back on his horse to yell at his son while Ivy was helping Eric up. Ivy got on a horse with Adam and just had the other one follow. She didn’t want Eric falling off because he seemed a bit unstable.

Howard and Adam were yelling at eachother when they got to the barn. Eric tuned into Adams thoughts to see if he really had caused this. Adams thoughts told Eric he had nothing to do with it and was equally worried about Luke. “Howard.” Eric said loudly to get his attention. Howard just kept drilling Adam. “Howard he had nothing to do with it!”

“How do you know that?”

“I can tell, he had nothing to do with it.” Adam shot Eric a dirty look then stormed into the house and up to his room. “what do we do?” His eyes pleading with Ivy and Eric for an answer. “I’ll find him. I will not let him go through what we did. I think those monsters were counting on that.”

“Don;t you mean we’ll find him?”

“I absolutely did not. You’re not helping Ivy”

“I’m coming whether you like it or not. We led them here. I won’t let you put me in a cage because you’re scared. I’m scare too, I’m terrified.” She started crying and he wrapped her in hug. “I won’t let you do this alone. I love you too much. They’ll kill you and Luke.”

“Hush now love. This is no ones fault. You know it’s a trap. They took Luke to draw us out. The only reason they didn’t take me is because of my barrier. They want us back, want to lock us in a cell and hurt us some more. I won’t let them have you and our baby.” He said as he tipped her head back and wiped away her tears.

“I can’t live without you. I know you think I’m strong, but I need you. I’m going with you. I can get us into the complex. I can short out their security. I’m not asking, I’m telling. I won’t stay here no matter what.”

He was torn between tying her to a tree and taking her. She was so heartbroken. He could see it on her face and in her mind. He didn’t even know if they could find the compound again. They had been running through the woods, disoriented and exhausted. He feared he would be the death of her, wanted desperately to keep her safe. He could easily put her in a coma if he wanted too, but he had no idea what would happen to her mind f he did that. He didn’t want to damage her brain. He sighed in irritation. “Alright, we’ll leave in a couple of hours.” He said. “Howard, we need guns and Adam. He wants Luke back just as much as we do.”

“Are you sure that’s wise?” Howard asked.

“He can’t touch us. Just trust me.”

Chapter Two

“alright I’ll go get him and the guns.” Eric just kept holding Ivy “It’ll be ok my love. I’m sorry I tried to make you stay. I only wanted you to because I love you and want you to be safe.” She dried up her tears as quickly as she could then kissed him. It had taken her so long Adam was coming out behind his father. He hated when he had to witness Ivy kiss Eric. Adam wanted his brother back so even though he’d have to tolerate Eric he was going to go.

He handed them each a gun they could sling over their backs and ammo that would go around their belts. They couldn’t drag the horses through the woods and put them in danger aswell so they got the truck. They drove as far as the woods then got out to start on foot. They walked almost in a jog to find Luke. They would’ve run but they needed to make sure they didn’t miss anything. It would be easier to remember the way they came if they could really see their surroundings.

Eric was in the middle with Ivy and Adam on either side of him. Adam originally tried walking along side Ivy but Eric wouldn’t let him. Ivy was glad of it. She hated being around Adam as much as Adam hated being around Eric. The sun was sliding down threatening to start setting so they started jogging to hasten their pace. They didn’t want Luke to have to spend a night there.

Luke woke feeling sick. He raised his head an opened his eyes, immediately blinded by a bright light. He was strapped to a metal chair. He wiggled his wrists and ankles then tugged on the straps. “Don’t think you can get loose boy. You are not strong like they are.” A female voice said and he looked up as a woman stepped in front of the light. She was beautiful with long dark hair pulled back in a braid and deep green eyes. She wore a pair of glasses that rested on her nose. Despite how pretty she was he could see the evil, treacherous snake lying beneath.

“Go to Hell.” He said angrily and she slapped him.

“Didn’t your father ever teach you how to speak to a lady?”

“Of course he did, but I don’t see a lady. I see a crazy, rabid bitch.” She slapped him again, this time busting his lip. She grabbed his face and forced him to look at her. Her nails bit into his cheeks. Since the pretty siren didn’t work, now she was the viper. She glared at him and wanted to laugh.

“How would you feel if we experimented on you. We can do terrible things to you. Since you are still young you won’t die quickly. The two staying with you used to live in this compound. They were two of our greatest accomplishments. Especially the woman.”

“You can do whatever you want to me, but you stay away from Ivy and Eric.” He had been kicked by horses and gored by bulls. He wasn’t scared of some psycho.

“I plan on doing a lot of things to you until you beg for mercy and your two friends turn themselves over.”

Eric delved deep in his own memory, sorted through everything he had seen. It was the only thing keeping him on track. He had to count on Ivy to keep him from tripping and getting distracted. He wanted very badly to see what Adam was thinking, but he had to stay focused. Being in his own mind was somewhat disorienting. “What’s he doing?” Adam asked as he moved around to stand next to her.

“You remember how I shocked you?” She whispered and he glared.


“That is one of my gifts. Eric is a psychic. He can read minds. Right now he is reading his own, sorting through every memory and reading them like a map.”

“He reads minds?”

“It’s how he knew you had nothing to do with Luke being taken. He may not trust you, Hell I don’t trust you, but he won’t lie because of it. Whether you like it or not I love him, I’m going to have his child, and hopefully some day marry him. I don’t want to be with you ever and even if I had never met Eric and had known you first I still wouldn’t want you. You need to get over it and move on. Just because one woman rejects you doesn’t mean you have to lose your mind and sell us out.” Eric gasped and grabbed his head. He swayed a little and Ivy tightened her grip on his shoulders. “You spent too long in there. You need to take it easy.”

“I think we’re getting close.” Eric said as he regained his balance.

Adam was shocked by the fact Eric could read his mind. All the things he had thought about like having sex with Ivy if she were his or beating the pulp out of Eric. He heard all those things and was still nice to him. His mind quickly drifted though to what Ivy said. He felt she was just lieing. Adam was far too full of himself to believe she really wouldn’t have wanted him if Eric wasn’t around.  When he went to town he could get any girl in bed he wanted.

There was just no way in his mind Ivy wouldn’t want him if things were different. Eric was really tired from how long he had searched his brain. As much as he hated to he needed to stop and rest. Ivy was glad he was willing to collect himself. “You’ll need all your strength to get Luke when we get there so it’s better for him if you do rest before we go in.” Ivy sat down and Eric laid his head in her lap. She started to stroke his hair effectively making Adam look elsewhere.

“How are we going to keep going when it’s dark?”

“I can make my electricity into an orb. It doesn’t take too much since I’ve done it many times.”

“What do you use it for?”

“To read at night, I dont want to bother Eric with the light so I wait until he’s asleep and then make an orb appear.”

“You don’t have to do that Ivy” Eric said before Adam could speak again. “I know I dont sweetheart but you work harder than me and I want you to get your rest. That’s why I wait until your sleeping so you can’t fight with me about it.”

“That’s pretty cool” Adam said looking away again. He was extreamly jealous of Eric in this moment. He stayed in almost a constant state of jealousy because of his relationship with Ivy. He worried about his brother too. A pang of guilt surged through his heart. If he hadn’t told those people where to find Eric they wouldn’t have been able to get Luke.

“Stop blaming yourself.” Eric said, startling him. “We all do stupid things sometimes it’s what makes us human. If we did everything right we would never learn.”

“You really have been in my head.” He said.

“Every time I’m around you.”

He looked shocked and averted his gaze. He could hear Adam cursing to himself and tried his best not to smile. He closed his eyes, allowing himself to fully relax. “Eric, we have to get going.” His eyes flew open. He had fallen asleep. He got off the ground and helped Ivy to her feet. She smiled up at him, making him feel energized. He focused inward and they started walking again. She held tightly to his arm, guiding him around rocks and brush.

“He knows everything I think?” Adam asked nervously.

“Every single thought.” She replied.

“What about you, does he read your thoughts?”

“No, not unless I’m having a nightmare.”

Luke refused to scream even as they pushed dangerous chemicals into his veins that made his insides feel like they were on fire. He closed his eyes and focused on something else. If he screamed they would like it. They wanted him to look helpless. He knew Ivy and Eric and his family wouldn’t let him die. “Stop fighting it. You are nothing Luke and you never will be. Do you really think they would risk their lives for a little insect like you?” He opened his eyes and glared up at the woman. She was grinning evilly. He spit in her face and she pulled back, taking off her glasses and wiping them and her face off. “You’ll pay for that.”

“Just like you’ll pay for everything you’re doing to me. They’re coming for me.”

“what spirit you have, you’re just as defiant as Ivy was. It took many hours of things like this to finally get her screaming. Even if they do come when they fail and we capture them we are keeping you. I’m sure we can do wonders with you like we did her. She’s truly amazing. We’ve been spying on her and have seen many things we thought she couldn’t do yet. That little bitch was holding back on us a long time. She will be paying dearly when we have her caged again.”

“what happened in your life to make you such a monster?” She didn’t answer and injected him with something else that sent an odd sensation through him. It didn’t hurt nor did it feel good. HIs heart sped up greatly and suddenly felt as if knives were being jabbed into him. It took a lot to hold back the yell that was desperately trying to break out.

“we’re very close” Eric said startling Adam again. Ivy ouldn’t help but be nervous walking towords their old prison. She had so many bad memories there she was trying to forget. Her nightmares had become less and she hoped coming back wouldn’t make them bad again. She felt terrible all the nights she’d wake Eric up. He always just comforted her and told her not to worry because he loved her and didn’t mind getting up to make her feel better.

“We should be careful. There may be traps. We didn’t run into any on our way out, but they may have set some up to keep other subjects in.” Ivy said quietly.

“What do you mean other subjects?” Adam asked.

“Test subjects, lab rats. We were experimented on since we were young. My parents sold me for drugs while Eric was born into the complex. His mother was forcefully impregnated. He never got to know his mother. Neither of us had a childhood. Chances are they are doing to Luke what they did to us.”

“Then we have to get to him now.” He tried taking off, but she grabbed his arm. “Let me go.”

“No, you can’t walk in there blindly. You could be seriously hurt or killed. We have to be careful. The people who came for us before were only part of it. Some of the scientists experimented on themselves so they have abilities like ours. I don’t know how strong they are, but you will be no match for them head on. Claudia is the one we have to watch out for. She’s a snake with the most toxic venom.”

She let him go and moved slowly in the direction Eric took them. They slowed when they saw lights and crouched low. There were guards around the compound, twice as many as before they left. She swallowed nervously, her heart beating wildly in her chest. She gasped for air and found herself on the verge of tears. “It’s okay, just breathe.” Eric said softly. “Remember they can’t hurt you unless you let them. You are stronger than any of them. We can make it through this together.” She took a deep breath and they moved closer, stopping on a small hill. Adam lay down and looked through the scope of his rifle.

“I count twenty guards in all outside. There are probably more inside. You two have the powers so you’ll have to go in. Give me your rifle and ammo Eric. I’ll cover you two from here. You can use the shotgun Ivy has.” Adam said. Eric looked at Ivy and she nodded. He pulled off his rifle and handed it to Adam with the extra ammo. He took the shotgun from her and slung it over his back.

Eric thought it was a good idea for Adam to stay here. That way he wouldn’t slow them down and he woudn’t have to worry about a man he really didn’t like. Eric was so courteous to Adam out of respect for Howard. Howard had taken them in and given them jobs. He owed the man to respect his sons. With Luke it was easy. Both him and Ivy loved Luke. He was a good friend. They planned to invite Luke over on weekends to hangout. Even Howard when he felt up to it.

The past few months Howard had been sleeping alot and worrying Ivy. As they were sneaking up to the guards Eric decided to open his mind up to Ivys. He wanted to be able to know just what she was doing at all moments to make sure nothing happened to her. Eric knew she’d understand and not feel like he was invading her privacy.

He hated how afraid Ivy was. Even when he wasn’t in her head he could feel the fear pouring out of her. He opened his mind further to hear the thoughts of the guards. He was glad they weren’t thinking about much because too many thoughts at once sometimes was an overload causing Eric not to be able to think atall.

Ivy lifted a rock with her mind and threw it into the bushes. Two of the guards closest to them moved away, radioing the others that they had heard something. She used her powers to shake the bushes near some other guards who moved off into the forest. There were only four guards left on their side of the building. Eric slipped into their minds and planted a suggestion. He made them think that there was something dangerous behind the complex and they had to get there quickly. They took off, looking panicked. Ivy and Eric moved quickly across the yard to the front door. The key pad required an access card as well as a password. Ivy shorted it out and the door slid open. It was deathly quiet inside. They found a utility closet and took a few moments.

“I’m so scared of this place.” Ivy whispered.

“I know you are. I wish you had stayed home.” Eric said.

“Why aren’t you scared?”

“I don’t know. I guess because I grew up here. It doesn’t hold the same feeling of the terrible unknown for me. I always knew this place inside and out because of my gift.”

“I wish I could read minds. I guess at least I get to zap people. I feel like Storm from the X-Men.”

“I guess that makes me Xavier.” She laughed quietly despite where they were. He always found a way to make her feel better. “Are you ready now love?”

“No, but we have to get Luke back.”

They moved out of the utility closet just as two guards turned down the hall. Everyone froze, staring at each other for a moment. The guards raised their weapons and Ivy sent electricity through the wall so it arced out of a light switch and hit them. Their bodies spasmed and the collapsed, still twitching. An alarm suddenly went off as they ran. Eric read the thoughts of the people closest. He raised the shotgun as a guard cam out of a room and shot him point blank so he was knocked back. “We have to hurry baby.” He said as he shot another man.

“Adam will watch our back. He won’t let those outside overwhelm us.” She said as she shorted out another security panel.

“You don’t know that. What if he turns on us again?”

“Trust me, he won’t.”

“How can you be so sure?” He said having to shoot another man. “Luke is at stake, you’re in his head a lot and should know how much he loves his brother.” When they bounded into a room their were men on both sides of them. The men on each side of them shot darts at them but Ivy created an electromagnetic field strong enough to make the darts fall to the ground when they touched it. It was one of the many things she pretended not to be able to do when she was there.

Eric looked at her in surprise as she shorted out another panel and they continued. “Can you find his thoughts Eric?” She said to get him back concentrating on finding Luke. He searched hard with his mind just concentrating on Luke. “He’s down the hallway in the very last room.” Eric broadened his mind again now that he had located Luke.

Eric easily shot the men down that tried to stop them since he knew their moves as they thought of them. They made it to the room and Ivy had slight trouble breaking this panel. She wasn’t used to using her powers so much any more. They got through flinging open the door. Luke looked at them forcing a smile through his pain “I knew you’d come. Get ready bitch.” He said defiantly to the woman who had been torturing him.

“I see you have come back to us.” Claudia said as she stepped between them and Luke.

“Just let him go Claudia.” Ivy said.

“I think not.” Eric started to raise the gun and found himself frozen. Ivy also couldn’t move. “Oh dearest Ivy,” Claudia said as she picked up a scalpel. “you know you will have to be punished for leaving and lying.” She crossed the room and waved the scalpel in front of her face. “How will I do that? Oh I know, I’ll take that which you hold dearest.” She moved over to Eric. “He was always so handsome. I’m jealous of how much he loves you. Look at how angry he is.” She placed the scalpel blade against his abdomen. “Remember this is your fault Ivy.” She stabbed him one, twice, and then again. Ivy had no choice but to watch Eric fall to the ground. “He’s going to slowly bleed to death.” Claudia tossed the scalpel and moved back to Ivy.

“I hate you.” Ivy snapped. “I’m going to kill you and everyone in this building.”

“There are more buildings like this all over the world. We’ll just keep coming for you.” She brushed her fingers over Ivy’s cheek and then grabbed her chin. “You are such a lovely creature. You have no idea how many of these men want you. You will do as you’re told or I will paralyze you and give you to them.”

“No, you won’t have me you bitch.” She felt rage sweep through her as tears spilled down her cheeks. She pulled the electricity from the building so the lights flickered. “You want to see what I can do?” She screamed. Claudia’s hair began to stand on end.

“Stop now.” Claudia ordered.

“No, I’m not a helpless child anymore.” A bolt of electricity came out of the ceiling and struck Claudia, knocking her back. Her psychic hold was broken and Ivy moved towards her as she got back to her feet. She swung at her, pushing electricity through her hand as she punched her in the face and then the abdomen. She grabbed Claudia’s head in her hands and sent a strong shock through her brain, killing her. “Go to Hell.”

Chapter Three

The two other men that had been standing in the back of the room were dumbfounded at what just happend. Claudia had had so much control over Ivy before but now she lay there dead. She quickly started trying to unfasten Luke when one tried to shoot at her making her duck. Luke felt warm, he thought it was the heat of his rage but the men ended up on fire screaming. It froze Luke with shock.

Ivy couldn’t believe it either but she finished unfastening him then grabbed a piece of metal she had seen on the floor. It wasn’t ideal for what she wanted to do but it was all she could do and the bleeding needed to stop. She had read in a book about electrocautery cauterization. It wasn’t a very safe way but it was all she could do before getting him to a hospital. She heated up the metal with her current and had him move to his back. He was barely conscious but understood what she was trying to do. “Luke I know he’s stronger than you but keep him as still as possible while I shut these wounds. She made sure the medical gauze was close by to wrap his abdomen when she was done.

“I’m sorry Eric” she said as she started. Eric was doing his bets not to fight her or Luke but it was hard. She finished quickly then had Luke sit him up so she could wrap gauze around him. She heard bullets coming down the hall. She was terrified it was more guards. Adam had come in when there was nobody left outside. He was shooting down them all trying to find his brother. He came in the room as Luke and Ivy were trying to stand Eric up.

“What happened to him?”

“We can’t talk now! We have to get him to a hospital.”

“Here I’m stronger than you Ivy let me help.” She gave him a surprised look and he added “I can’t have my brother carrying all the weight for you.” They got Eric outside without any more guards interrupting.Luke and Adam were going so fast they were almost dragging Eric at first until he finally gained a bit of movement “thank god lazy” Adam said as Eric started walking on his own. Once he was moving they went much faster.

“At least I’m not an ass.” Eric said and half heartedly smiled.

They got him up the hill and Ivy turned to face the complex. She pulled electricity down from the sky in huge bolts. They slammed into the building, breaking it apart. She refused to leave it standing just so they could start over. She quickly followed the guys and they made their way quickly through the forest. They couldn’t stop even though they were all exhausted. Eric’s legs became weak and Adam stopped for a second to lift him in a fireman’s carry. Ivy was surprised at how noble he was being and wished she possessed the ability to read minds. They finally made it to the road and Luke helped Adam lay Eric in the bed of the truck. He lifted Ivy into the back with him and slammed the tailgate shut. He and Luke climbed into the front and spun around, fish tailing as they hit the road. She pillowed Eric’s head in her lap and stroked his hair. She felt tears on her cheeks as she cried. He couldn’t die. They were going to have a baby and it needed them both.

“Please stay with me.” She whispered and he squeezed her hand.

“Just know I love you with all my heart.” He replied and his eyes started to close.

“Stay awake, please stay awake.”

“Just let me sleep for a few minutes.” He closed his eyes and she placed her hand on his chest to make sure his heart was still beating. She didn’t remember pulling up to the emergency room entrance, but all of a sudden Eric and Luke were being taken away. Adam helped her out of the truck and took her too the waiting room. He sat next to her as she cried, unsure of what to say or do. He felt ashamed for being so selfish. He had saved Eric because it meant something to her. He found himself wanting her to be happy even though he wished it was with him.

“Thank you.” She said and hugged him.

“I didn’t do it for him Ivy, I did it for you.” He replied.

“I think I knew that deep down. I know you hate each other, but he would have done the same for you.”

“I know, he stood up for me even though I didn’t ask him too. He could have lied to my father, but he didn’t.”

“Speaking of Howard. Is he feeling alright?” She knew something was wrong and it wasn’t just old age.

“No, he’s not okay. He has cancer, an inoperable brain tumor. It makes him tired and gives him headaches. I tried talking him into doing chemo and even smoking pot, but he just looked at me like I had lost my mind. I’ve given him nothing but grief and now he’s going to die. I’ve been so angry and he doesn’t deserve it. He loves me even though I got him shot and threatened you and Eric. I’m a horrible son.” He started crying and they held each other, mourning together. The doctors for both Eric and Luke finally came into the room and they stood.

“Luke will be alright. He has some minor cuts and bruises and some mild dehydration. We have him hooked up to an IV. I can take you to see him now if you’d like.” Adam nodded and followed the doctor out.

“So how’s my Eric?” She asked the other doctor.

“Stable. We gave him some pain meds and a blood transfusion. He’s lucky you got him back when you did. A few more minutes and he would have died.”

“Can I see him?”

“Of course, please follow me.”

The hospital made Ivy nervous. It reminded her a bit of how they grew up. Needles, blood, people with white coats. It wasn’t the same place and they were helping Eric so she breathed in and out in a calming manner just concentrating on the fact Eric and Luke were ok. They made it to the room and the doctor left. She sat on Erics bed cupping one of his cheeks in her hand. Ivy let her finger tips slide down his neck and chest then grabbed his hand.

She couldn’t believe Adam was finally growing up. Instead of being an ass he had helped Eric for her. It’s a shame it took his father dieing and Luke being kidnapped for it to happen but he was becoming a decent man. She wished Eric wasn’t sleeping but she knew he needed it. She was exhausted too but didn’t want to go to sleep. A doctor came in to check on Eric after a few hours and said “Miss, you should really sleep. He wont be waking up for many hours. Besides it’ll make it to where you don’t have to wait on him to get up. You can even lay with him as long as you’re careful of his IV and stomach”

She nodded, after the doctor finished what he came in there to do she got under the blanket with him and layed her head just above his shoulder on the pillow. “I love you Eric” Ivy whispered then fell asleep. Eric woke the next morning and smiled when he noticed Ivy in bed with him. He decided not to wake her up. Ivy and the baby needed their rest. He looked at the ceiling just enjoying her touch and thinking about their future baby.

There was blood everywhere, covering her hands and clothes. She couldn’t find Eric anywhere. She twisted and turned, her eyes searching. “Remember this is your fault.” A voice whispered. She covered her ears and shook her head.

“No, no, I didn’t mean for this to happen.” She said.

“Ivy wake up.” She felt someone shaking her and opened her eyes. “Are you alright?”

She started crying and he wrapped his arms around her. She held tightly to him and he stroked her hair. Another nightmare. Being back in the complex had given her flashbacks. For a moment upon entering those doors she had felt helpless and vulnerable. She had been the little girl again, tortured and tormented until she had seen Luke and Claudia had tried to murder Eric. She wiped the tears from her eyes and looked up at Eric, a bit confused. “I think Luke’s been changed like us.” She said.

“What do you mean?” Eric asked.

“When we were in that room, two men started shooting at me and then they just combusted. I didn’t do it and neither did you. I think they succeeded in changing him. We didn’t get there in time and now he’s just another experiment.”

“Hush now, everything’s going to be okay. We’ll just have to show him the way. If he’s a fire starter then he’ll need guidance so he doesn’t set the farm on fire.”

“I blame myself. If I had stayed in the complex to begin with then no one would have been hurt.”

“Stop. You don’t believe that. We both craved freedom, but I was too weak to give it to us. You helped me break free and gave us both the life that we deserved. Never blame yourself. The people who hurt us are sick and evil. They care for only themselves and they hurt who they wish. Luke was a pawn to them, nothing more.” He laced his fingers through hers and kissed her. “They wanted you because of how powerful you are. Maybe they wanted to turn you into a weapon, but you are only a weapon when you must be just as I am. I don’t kill because I want to, I kill because I have to. Maybe they wanted you to kill for the shear pleasure of killing.”

“That’s terrifying to think about.”

He smiled at her and brushed her hair away from her face. “Then don’t think about it right now. Think about our baby and what you want to name it.”

“There is something else I have to tell you. It’s about Howard.”

“I know he has cancer. I’ve known since he was diagnosed.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Because he didn’t want you to know. He didn’t want to burden either of us, but I can’t help but know. Once I knew, I couldn’t bring myself to tell you.”

“I hope he isn’t suffering too badly.”

“He’s gotten used to it and is actually looking forward to death. He wants to be with his wife. I can’t blame him. If you were dead I’d welcome death myself if it were knocking at my door.”

“I love you Eric”

“I love you too, honestly you should hangout with him. He loves you like a daughter and one of his first thoughts when you told him you were pregnant was excitement over having an excuse to just watch movies with you and play card games.”

“I will” She said with damp eyes. Ivy would miss the man so much. He was the nearest thing she had to a dad. Ivy was just going to enjoy spending time with him while she could. “How’s Luke besides starting fires?”

“He’ll be fine, he was minimally harmed.”

“Good, I’m glad for it and the fact Adam helped me besides making you do it. He set aside his dislike for me to help you. It was for his brother too but his thoughts said it was mostly for you.I think he’s grown from this.”

“Yeah, I think so too. Maybe he wont be such a problem any longer.”

“I hope not, he’ll be twenty five percent our employer after Howard. The farm will be seventy five percent Lukes and twenty five percent Adams. I heard Howard thinking about it a few days ago.” They just layed together until the doctor came in. He checked a few things then said “I want to keep you for today. Depending on today will tell me when you can come home. Best case you can leave tomorrow.”

“Ok” Eric responded. The man walked out leaving them alone. Soon Adam walked in the room. “They are going to discharge Luke around lunchtime. I’l take him home and return the car. When can you leave Eric?”

“Hopefully tomorrow.”

“I’ll let my dad know” Adam turned to walk out and Eric said “Thank you Adam”

“Yeah whatever, just take care of Ivy and make her happy” Adam said as he walked out. They spent the day cuddling and watching TV only being disturbed by doctors every now and then. They went to sleep fairly early because they wanted tomorrow to hurry up and arrive. He had done well all day and they hoped the hospital would let him leave. A Doctor came in around nine in the morning the next day. He saw them sleeping and went to walk out but Eric spoke up “I’m not sleeping I’m relaxing, can I go home?”

“Yes sir, I’ll need to check you out again first.”

“Can it wait until she’s awake?”

“Yes sir, call me when she’s up”

Eric pressed his forehead against Ivy’s and slipped into her mind. He didn’t usually invade her privacy, but he had to make sure she wasn’t having anymore nightmares. She was dreaming of their child and how happy they would be. He was there in her dream and the way she saw him was astonishing. To her he was wonderful, strong, and the brightest of lights. He chased the shadows away. He wished he could wipe away her bad memories, but if he did he would wipe away himself. When one memory was lost it took all similar memories with it. He couldn’t do that to her. She believed her suffering helped make her. He left her mind and kissed her forehead. She was a lot stronger than she let herself believe.

Ivy opened her eyes and smiled when she saw Eric watching her. He looked like he was feeling much better. She brushed her fingers over his shadowed jaw and then kissed him. “What time is it?” She asked.

“Almost eleven. You must have been tired.” He answered and gave her his brightest smile, the one that made him look boyish and alive.

“Can we go home? I hate this place.”

He reached across her and hit the call button. He held her until the nurse came in and Eric asked him to get the doctor. The doctor came in a few minutes later, smiling happily. “Well you certainly look a lot better. You have all your color back. Love is the best medicine. If you could please get off the bed for me miss, I need to check to make sure he’s healing properly.” Ivy left his arms reluctantly, but retained a hold of his hand. The doctor lifted up his gown and studied the three wounds. He nodded and then said he would get his discharge papers. “You’re very lucky young man.” He said as he left the room.

“He has no idea.” Ivy said. “I’m going to call and see if Adam will bring you over some clothes.” He nodded and she picked up the phone. Adam answered on the third ring and she asked if he would mind lending Eric some clean clothes. He said he’d be there soon then hung up.

It wasn’t long before Adam arrived. Eric took the clothes into the bathroom to get dressed. “I dont remember if I thanked you Adam” Adam smiled “I’m not as heartless as I’ve led you to believe. Everything that’s happened has made me realize I need to stop being so selfish.” Eric came back out and they left the hospital. It came in handy that Eric and Adam were almost the same height and build. They went to Howards house. The second they were out the truck Howard ran to them and hugged Ivy “Thank you for getting my son back”

“Without Eric and Adam I couldn’t have”

“I don’t want you to work for the rest of the week ok? I do hope you’ll just visit.”

“Of course we will. How about I make some lunch for us all?”

“Sure, I’ll give you over time pay for it.”

“No it’s my treat. What would you like Howard?”

“Just a simple grilled cheese please.” They went inside and Ivy cooked. When it was done they all sat down for a movie. Howard fell asleep about thirty minuets in. Ivy looked at him sad. They finished the movie then went home. Eric was happy to be there, happy to be safe with Ivy. Eric pulled Ivy over to the couch holding her hand. He sat with his back against the arm rest so Ivy would sit against his chest and he could wrap himself around her.

“It’s so good to be home Ivy.”

“It is, we’ll need to talk to Luke tomorrow about what he can do.”

“I know, we will head over first thing in the morning before him and Adam do chores.” Their home was quiet and peaceful as Eric just enjoyed having Ivy close to him. He had been so terrified when he couldn’t move. His worst nightmare would be Ivy back in that hell. He could never forgive himself if they ever tortured her again. He could barely forgive himself for not getting them out of that hell when they lived there. He felt guilty that they may still be there if she hadn’t escaped and helped him leave.

They sat together until they were hungry. Ivy tried to get up to cook but Eric said “please just order somthing. I dont want you away from me” Ivy smiled and kissed him “Ok what do you feel like?”

“Whatever you want is fine.”

“Chinese it is then.” She called in an order that came around twenty minuets later. As they ate Ivy asked Eric “Why do you look sad? We’re home.”

“I was just really afraid, when I couldn’t move, I couldn’t protect you form them.”

“O shush, I was happy to do the protecting. I’m a woman not a princess who needs to be saved.” Eric giggled “I love you so much”

“I love you more my prince in distress” Ivy said winking.

~The End~

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