Ivy & Eric

Chapter One

Ivy had been nothing but a lab rat all her life. Her parents were drug abusers and had sold her so they could buy drugs. Through the experiments she was able to move things with her mind and control electricity. They kept her in a huge cage chained up with lots of security. One day she was fed up with it and decided she was going to escape and free the only other person experiment there. She didn’t know his name but she had seen him a few times and watched him undergo many of the same tortures she did.

She wouldn’t leave him behind.She had to flee and somehow get far enough away they couldn’t find her. First step was planning the escape. Her powers were stronger than they knew. As hard as they pushed her and tortured her she kept the extent of what she could do hidden so they’d underestimate her so the security would be less than what was needed.

When the guard was busy reading his book she used her powers to get her chains off. She then used his cellphone to electricute him. After he was passed out on the floor she had to manipulate their computer system into unlocking her door. She had to be fast once it was open because an alarm always sounded.

She raced down the hall to his cell. The name plate said Eric. She used her electricity too short out the lock and went inside. He was on the bed, unconscious. “Eric wake up.” She said. His eyes snapped open, a bright silvery grey, and he wrapped his finger around her throat. He was up and slamming her against the wall. “Eric, it’s alright. I’m Ivy don’t you remember?” He looked so confused.

“Yes, I’ve seen you. I’m sorry.” He said.

“Come on, we have to get out of here.”

They ran through the building, he was a bit unsteady on his feet, but he managed to follow closely. They burst out into the night and ran as fast as they could away from the compound. They were surrounded by woods and ran quickly inside. They had to get away before they brought out the dogs. They ran until they were on the verge of collapse. They found a cave and walked inside. They had to rest for a little while. They sat together in the darkness and she started shivering. “Would you like me to hold you?” He asked. She blushed, but scooted closer and sat between his legs. He wrapped his arms around her with his back resting against the cave wall and lay his head on her shoulder. She felt his body warming up behind her.

“What an amazing power.” She said softly.

“It comes in handy.”

Ivy couldn’t believe she actually did it. She had broken out of her cell and got Eric out, She knew Eric had just gone through a lot of pain because of some experiments that day so she said “You can actually sleep if you want.”

“We should both sleep, if they catch up we’ll be able to get away. I will not be taken back there. Thank you for not leaving me behind.”

“I couldn’t have left in good concious knowing you were still there being hurt almost daily.”

“So you could hear and see me somtimes too then huh? It was like they were still torturing me when I could hear your screams. I hated it and wished they’d let you go.” Ivy was so excited she didn’t realize how nervous Eric made her. “Goodnight Eric”

“Sweet dreams Ivy.” Eric wasn’t sure if he could go back to sleep. Every bit of him was aching. Before he even ran he was in massive pain and had only just gotten to sleep. He felt guilty for slamming Ivy into a wall. He’d figure out a way to make it up to her. She was even prettier up close than from the far off glances he had gotten of her over the years.

When Eric woke his muscles were stiff and still painfully sore. Ivy mumbled in her sleep and he froze. A tear rolled down her cheek. He pressed his forehead against her temple and closed his eyes, slipping easily into her mind. She was screaming, begging for them to stop. They stripped and beat her mercilessly for failure to perform to their expectations. They beat her until she couldn’t move and then left her there alone and naked on the cold floor. He pulled out of her mind with a gasp and she jerked awake. “Is everything alright?” She looked around worriedly.

“It’s morning, we should get moving.” He said and she stood. He managed to get to his feet even though his joints and muscles protested. They made sure no one was waiting outside before heading deeper into the woods. Eric believed that there was civilization somewhere since the compound had to buy groceries. They heard the sound of trickling water and came upon a stream. Ivy scooped some into her hands and sent a small shock through it to kill any bacteria. She held it up for him and he tipped his head back so she could pour it into his mouth. She did the same for herself and they continued walking, following the stream.

“I remember reading in one of the books they gave me that water usually leads to people.” Ivy said and took his hand. She wanted him close in case they had to run.

Ivy enjoyed all the sounds of outside. The birds and the rushing water. Her parents sold her when she was still a baby so she had no memories of outside. She wondered how long they had Eric. He had been there as long as she could remember. “How long were you trapped in that hell Eric?”

“I was born in it. One of the women got artificially insiminated so they’d have another test subject. The one who was my mother told me how they killed the ones before us. They went too far trying to push them. Do you know how you ended up there?”

“They told me my parents sold me to them.”

“I think that’s worse than them creating me just to be a test subject. I’m sorry your parents did that. I would say their loss but you payed more for their heartlessness.”

“Atleast we’re free now. When we find a town we can find a homeless shelter then try to get jobs. You’re the only person I’ve ever known atall besides those monsters in lab coats. Please stay in touch with me once we get set off on our own.”

“I’d like that” he said giving her a smile. They just kept following the river. Every little noise an animal made when it moved made Ivy jump and Eric look around. “I hope I’m not always this nervous. I just wonder what their doing. I’m sure they wont just let us go.”

“I’m wondering the same thing.” he said obviously worried.

Eric didn’t like the idea of leaving her ever. He wanted to stay close and watch her back. She had saved his life and he owed her everything. She could have left him to their tormentors, but she had risked her life to get him out first. Every day he had spent listening to her screams had torn at him. He had wanted to hold and comfort her. He had wanted to kill the men and women who spent their days injecting her with dangerous chemicals and beating her when she didn’t do as she was told. They finally made it out of the woods and onto a paved road. There was a sign that said Bristol two miles.

“Do you think you can make it two miles?” Ivy asked.

“Yes, for you I can make it two miles.” He smiled and she blushed. She really loved the way his eyes grew a bright silver when he smiled. He was very handsome, tall and muscular. He had a scar running from his jaw to his chin. She wondered what had happened to him.

“Come on.” They kept their eyes and ears open for anyone approaching. They knew they wouldn’t be able to trust people for awhile. They hoped they could find work. She had read many books while Eric pulled things from people’s minds when he needed them. They came to Bristol and found a diner to rest in for a moment. A waitress approached them and asked what they wanted.

“Sorry ma’am, but we have nothing.” Eric said and smiled sadly.

Her heart went out to the two strangers who didn’t look any older than twenty. “I’ll buy you two some lunch then put in a call to someone who might be able to help.” She left and came back ten minutes later with two sandwiches and two glasses of orange juice. “There is a man named Howard who owns a farm. He’s been needing a new ranch hand and someone too cook for him and his two boys. He pays well and he said he’ll come and pick you up. He also said he has an empty room if you’d like to stay with him.”

“That sounds great” Ivy said happily. They were much hungrier than they thought they were. It was such a relief to get some food. “Things are going well so far.” She said looking unbelievably happy. He loved that look. He had never seen her like that before. He had been busy pulling peoples thoughts around him to make sure nobody dangerous was around. A man walked into the diner and the waitress pointed the two out.

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you two. I’m Howard. What’s your names?”



“That’s a pretty name mrs Ivey. I guess your parents knew you’d be a pretty girl” The man smiled and Ivey smiled back. Eric felt a small hint of jealousy. Howard led them to his truck and they set out towards his home. Eric grabbed Ivys hand. He smiled when she didn’t take it away. Howard said ‘I hope you two wont mind sharing a room.”

“It’ll be fine, thank you for offering it to us and letting us work for you. We’ll save to get out of your home as fast as possible.”

“You wont have to rush too much. I wont mind the company and I doubt my boys will mind having such a beauty around.” Eric wasn’t sure how many of his compliments he could take. He tried to settle himself. It was ridiculous for him to feel this way. She wasn’t even his. They pulled up to a farm and Howard showed them around then to their room.

“My boys should be out in the barn, why don’t you two go on out and introduce yourselves then you can put your cooking and farming skills to the test.” Howard said.

“Yes sir, thank you.” Ivy smiled and held tight to Eric’s hand as they went out to the barn. There were two you men inside, the youngest looked about seventeen. She guessed the oldest was maybe twenty-five.

“You two must be the new help.” The oldest said when he saw them enter. “I’m Adam and this is Luke.” He held out his hand and they both shook it. He lingered a little with Ivy. Although he was attractive, she wasn’t interested. He didn’t make her feel warm and protected.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Ivy and this is Eric.”

“Your brother?”

“No, a close friend.” She felt Eric squeeze her hand and she wiggled her fingers to let him know it hurt. He loosened his grip and smiled apologetically.

“We were about to take the horses out and check on the cattle before dinner. I’ve got some clothes that might fit you if you’d like to come and give us a hand Eric.” Adam said and motioned for them to follow him back to the house. “My sister Inez might have clothes in your size Ivy. She’s in Oregon attending an art school.”

“If you don’t think she’d mind.”

“Of course not. Ness is as sweet as they come and loves to help.”

They walked back to the house. Adam handed Eric some clothes and told Ivy to follow him. She let go of Erics hand and walked away with Adam. He showed her to Ness’s room and pointed out her dresser. “I’ll go out with Eric, Luke will wait here to show you the kitchen.” He shut the door and walked away. She put on some jeans and a loose fitting tshirt. When she stepped out the room Luke greeted her with a smile.

He showed her to the kitchen. Once she was comfortable Luke ran outside to help. She started cooking dinner for everybody. It was amazing to be free and not worry about another painful shot or a punch in the stomach. If only they wouldn’t have to run forever. Hopefully when those horrible people did find them her and Eric would be able to beat them. In a non controlled area she was sure they could. She hadn’t seen his skill but had seen enough already to be sure he was good. She didn’t understand how a woman could birth a child just to abuse it.

Eric saddled his own horse and swung onto its back. He picked up the information from Adam’s mind, along with a few inappropriate thoughts about Ivy. He couldn’t hurt a man who had only thought about something. He followed them out of the barn and into a large field. “We run an open range cattle farm. No fences of any kind. We sometimes lose a cow or two to predators, but it’s very rare.” Adam explained.

“I hope you don’t have a problem with mud and manure.” Luke said with a smile.

“It shouldn’t bother me.” Eric replied.

“It’s good to have a gut of iron and nerves of steel when you work on a farm. Keep your wits about you.” Adam said. The whole time the older brother was thinking about Ivy and if she and Eric were together. He sure as hell wouldn’t tell the man if he asked. Ivy was more than welcome to answer him though. He took a breath as he followed the brothers. Ivy was free to be with who she wanted. She deserved freedom. They finished their rounds and headed back to the barn.

Ivy put together a nice beef stew. She tasted it to make sure she got it right. She remembered everything she read, but reading and doing were two different things. She looked out the window to see Eric, Adam, and Luke taking the horses into the barn. Eric didn’t look happy. She’d ask if he was okay when they went to bed. She wanted to see him smile. She loved his smile and would do anything to see it. They barely knew each other, had only seen each other in passing, but she felt tied to him. They had shared a fate worse than death, had been brutalized more than anyone could imagine.

Howard set the table for Ivy. “Shouldn’t I do that sir?”

“It’s your first night. I want to help a little.”

“Thank you” All three boys walked in and sat down. Ivy was proud of herself. She really liked what she had made. Adam looked over at her “This si really good Ivy. I don’t see how a girl so amazing is single.” Eric wanted to read her mind to see how she felt about him saying that but he didn’t. He wanted to respect her privacy. Howard said “You’re going to make her uncomfortable Adam.”

“sorry dad” Ivy was glad Howard said somthing. He was indeed making her uncomfortable. Mainly because it seemed to make Eric sad. When they were all done Howard spoke again “I’m sure you two are tired. You have the rest of the evening off so by all means settle into your room or go anywhere you’d like.” Ivy smiled warming Erics heart. He had blocked out Adams mind. He couldn’t take his thoughts any longer. “What would you like to do Eric?” Ivy asked as she cleaned off the table.

“I’m honestly very tired.”

“I guess going to sleep early sounds good.”

“You don’t have to just because I am.”

“I want to. I’m also pretty tired.” Ivy said goodnight to their hosts and walked to hers and Erics room. “I wont be comfortable in these jeans. Do you care if I just sleep in the tshirt and underwear?” a slight blush ran across his face. “Of course I don’t as long as I can sleep without my shirt and pants” he smiled. Ivy locked their door and crawled into bed with Eric. “are you worried Eric?”

“why do you ask?”

“You just seem tense and unhappy.”

“I’m fine, don’t worry about it.” She didn’t want to make him talk about it. “it was really great of you not to leave me with those people. You really are amazing and I hope when I say it it doesn’t make you uncomfortable.”

“It doesn’t atall. I’m glad you’re with me. I’d be very uncomfortable here without you by my side and probably would’ve frozen last night.”

“Do you want me to hold you again?” he asked hoping she wouldn’t say no. “Yes please.” his heart fluttered in his chest as he turned towords her and she did the same. He pulled Ivy into his arms and had to stop himself from kissing her. “I hope whatever bothered you today doesn’t bother you tomorrow. I prefer it when you smile. You’re very handsome when you smile.” His face turned blood red and he was glad she couldn’t see it. “I’ll try not to let anything worry me tomorrow.”


Chapter Two

He was startled awake by Ivy mumbling again. She tossed and turned, her fingers gripping the blankets so hard her knuckles turned white. “I’m sorry, please no more.” She begged. He felt a tingling sensation in the air. It made the hair on his arms and the back of his neck stand on end. It was electricity. If the charge was big enough she could kill him and the others. He grabbed her shoulders and shook her. When she didn’t wake he took a deep breath and hoped he’d be forgiven. He kissed her, his mouth moving against hers gently.

Ivy’s eyes snapped open at the pressure against her mouth. She was confused at first and her heart hammered loudly in her chest. The air around her was electrified. She suddenly realized she was being kissed. She pulled back, her eyes wide. “Why are you kissing me?” She asked.

“You were having a nightmare and were charging the air with electricity. I tried shaking you and I didn’t want to slap you. I’m sorry.” He said, the words spilling out of his mouth faster than he could think. “It might be safer if I sleep on the floor.”

She clung to him. “No, you’re not doing that. I want you up here. You make me feel better. My nightmares were worse before.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, of course. I want you here. Besides you’re like a heater. I’ve never been so warm.” She smiled, winked and it made him laugh. They settled back down, her head resting on his chest and fell back asleep.

They woke the next morning to a loud pounding on the door. Ivy got up and grabbed thep ants sliding them on. It was Adam “well good morning beautiful. You can go to Ness’s room and change your clothes then start breakfast please”

“Ok” Ivy said as she walked out to get new clothes. Adam came in and handed Eric some clothes and walked back out. Eric could hear Adams thoughts of jealousy that he got to sleep with her. All Eric could think about was the kiss. it was unlike anything he had felt before. He longed for her lips to touch his again. Everything felt right when he kissed her. He was glad she didn’t want him out of the bed after that. Breakfast was just as amazing as dinner. “I may never let you leave Ivy” Adam said with a smile. Eric had to hold back a laugh. His mind was so busy he forgot to keep her thoughts out and he heard her say in her mind “why wont he just shut up”

As amusing as it was he blocked her thoughts out again. He cared about her too much to invade her privacy like that. When they were done the boys got up to go outside and work. Ivy went to go with them and Howard said “Your only job is to cook for us and clean the house. I never let my dear wife do the outside work and I will not let another woman do it either.” she nodded and started cleaning the table off. When it was clean she rushed around the house. It wasn’t that dirty so it was clean in no time. She decided to go on a walk outside once it was cleared with Howard.

“So how long have you and Ivy known each other?” Adam asked.

“Since we were kids. We lived in the same building.” It wasn’t a complete lie. Adam’s thoughts and facial expression said he wasn’t happy about that.

“I really love her food. I wish you two could stay forever.” Luke said with a smile. “Lord knows this place could use a woman’s touch again.”

“I’m sure Ivy wouldn’t mind visiting once we get established.”

“Where did you come from. Beth told dad you two looked homeless and like you’d been through a lot.” Luke said.

“It’s complicated and hard for both of us to talk about.” The boy seemed apologetic and embarrassed for prying. He smiled at him, reassuring him he wasn’t angry with the questions.

Ivy walked around the farm. Howard didn’t have anything else for her to do until lunch. She really loved how open and free it was here. There were no cells to hold her back. She could leave whenever she wanted. She walked out into the big field where the cattle were grazing. They seemed like such lazy animals, but extremely happy to just graze peacefully side by side. The sound of thumping caught her attention and she looked behind her just in time to see a big bull running at her. She screamed and took off at a sprint. He was so close she could feel his breath. There was a large apple tree in the yard and she climbed up.

Eric heard her loud scream and rushed from the barn. Adam and Luke were right behind him. A big bull had treed Ivy. Adam tried to stop him from getting too close, but he jerked his arm away. He yelled and the bull turned. He stared at it angrily, slipping into its head and commanding it away. He saw Howard come out with a shotgun and waved him off. The bull huffed angrily, but turned and ran back into the field.

Ivy came down and Eric hugged her. “are you ok?”

“Yes” she smiled. Howard came up “you have to be careful. The bulls can be mean. You’re a lucky lady you got away from it. I’m surprised I didn’t have to shoot it.”

“lets get back to work Eric” He could hear Adams thoughts of jealousy that he was hugging Ivy. As he let Ivy go she whispered “thank you Eric.” She went inside the house now not feeling quite so comfortable outside. Eric was glad to see her go in. She sat in the kitchen trying to figure out what to make everyone for lunch. She decided on Honey Sriracha Glazed Chicken. She got busy because it took awhile to make. That’s why she chose it though. She wanted to pass some time.

“are you ok little lady?” Howards voice came from behind her making her jump. “yes sir thanks for asking.”

“You can call my Howard you know. I hope my boy Adam isn’t making you too uncomfortable. He just says what he thinks and he’s rather taken by you.’

“He’s fine, thanks for your concern.”

“is there anything going on between you and Eric? If there is I will ask him to quit. i offered my home to help you two out and you dealing with my son isn’t what I’ll be paying you for. Don’t be afraid to tell me if he over steps.” Ivy was glad to hear it. “Thank you so much. I do wish he’d quit telling me how pretty I am all the time but I don’t want to make things awkward. Eric and I aren’t together but.” she stopped and Howard grinned “I understand and I’ll have a firm conversation with my boy.”

Eric spent until lunch worrying about Ivy. Anytime he got a chance he checked to see if she was in the house. She could have been killed. They all went inside as Ivy was setting the table. Adam brushed up against her when he grabbed a glass out of the cabinet and she froze. She cleared her throat and went back to what she was doing.

“Would you like me to help you Ivy?” Luke asked.

“Oh no honey, you go ahead and take a seat. You’ve been working all morning.” Ivy gave the boy her biggest smile and he blushed as his bottom hit the chair. Howard came in and sat at the head of the table. Eric took  a seat and Adam plopped down next to his brother. Ivy dished out food and filled glasses with juice. She sat down next to Eric and everyone ate.

“You are going to have to teach me how to make this.” Howard said as he pushed his empty plate away.

“If you really want me too then I would love to.” She replied.

“So Eric here says you two grew up together.” Adam said. “Do you mind me asking whereabouts?”

“If you don’t mind I’d rather not talk about it right now and if your father needs to know for us to stay here then I’ll discuss it with him.”

Ivy could see her tone was making Adam angry, but she really didn’t care. He wasn’t the head of the household, he wasn’t her husband or her boyfriend. From the look on Eric’s face he had already been told to back off on the subject. Howard cleared his throat, startling everyone at the table. “Adam, I think we need to talk now.” He said and got up from the table. “Now boy.” Adam stood and followed his father outside. They sat there in silence and could hear them arguing. A few seconds later they heard the truck start and pull away. Ivy’s face was burning with embarrassment. Howard came back inside and started to clear the table. She got up and helped him. Eric went outside with Luke and they got the horses to go check on the cattle.

Adam drove straight to the bar. He sat down on a stool and ordered a beer. “What’s eating you?” A feminine voice said, catching his attention.

“Why do you care?” He asked.

“Come on, what’s wrong?”

“Some new farm hands, strangers, they’re giving me trouble.”

“Maybe I know them. What do they look like?”

“One is this gorgeous girl with long brown slightly curly hair. She only comes up to my chest in height. Theres this man with her with jet black hair. He’s fairly tall.”

“I could get rid of them for you if you show me where you live.”

“Just get rid of him, I like her and maybe she’ll come around if he’s out of the way. I’m a good looking man and I’m sure he’s the only thing standing in my way of getting her in bed with me.”

“just take me there and I’ll scope out the place. I’ll make sure he’s gone if you do.”

“the sooner the better.” he stood and she followed. She followed in her car so he wouldn’t have to drive her back. She didn’t pull up in the driveway. She parked on the side of the road and quietly looked around. Adam pulled into the yard triumphantly. He knew he’d get Ivy. He walked in happily. “I’m glad to see you’re taking this like a man now” Howard said. Adam rolled his eyes and went to his room. Howard sighed “i guess not”

“don’t worry about it” Ivy said nervously.

“I really am sorry sweetheart. You two go to your room and relax” Ivy and Eric went up to their room. “I can’t believe Howard did that. I’m glad he did though.” Eric smiled “I’m sorry he’s been annoying you” He said it but didn’t mean it. He was honestly happy she didn’t enjoy Adams advances.

“I need a shower, would you mind sitting in the bathroom so Adam won’t come in while I’m in there?” She knew he would too the minute she was alone. She didn’t want him seeing her nude.

“Sure, if it won’t seem creepy.” Eric forced himself not to smile. He didn’t want to look like a pervert.

“Just let me grab some pajamas and a towel real quick.” He waited for her in front of the bathroom door. She came back and they went inside. He locked the door and hopped up on the counter. Ivy started the water and cracked the bathroom window so the steam could escape. She started undressing and he found himself staring. She kicked off her tennis shoes then pulled her shirt and jeans off. He cleared his throat and she blushed. “I’m sorry I forgot you were there.” She noticed him staring and she turned even more red. He averted his gaze.

“You’re very beautiful, absolutely gorgeous from head to toe.” He said as he looked at his boots.

“I think you must be crazy. I’m not that pretty.”

His eyes jumped to her face. “Don’t you dare say that. You have me falling all over myself when I’m around you. You drive me crazy. It also drives me insane when that pig of a man flirts with you like one look from him will have you in his bed. You’re so beautiful.” He hopped off the counter and closed the distance between them. “Can I kiss you again?” He asked. “Can I show you how beautiful you are?”

Her mouth went dry and she was suddenly covered from head to toe in goosebumps. His face was so close to hers, his lips mere inches from her own. Her heart thundered in her chest and she managed to nod. He kissed her softly, the fingers of one hand tangling in her hair while his other pressed into her back to hold her against him.

She was astonished by how good his kiss felt. She didn’t want him to stop. Ivy wrapped her arms around his neck. Eric wanted to know how much she was enjoying it and if he could keep going without having to take his lips off hers to ask.He allowed himself to enter her head. He smiled and kissed her with more passion. He poured his heart into it. “Can I have you? There’s nothing I want to do more than make love to you Ivy.”

She started to take off his shirt and smiled at him. When his shirt was on the floor he started to kiss her again while she took off his pants. He pushed them off along with his boots. Eric started giving her kisses all over her body. He savoured each and every one. He loved the feel and smell of her skin. His hands gently rubbed her back and sides. She started biting one of her fingers to help her not make any noise. The last place he kissed was right on her vagina.

He wanted to taste her but also didn’t want anybody to hear them. He wouldn’t have been able to control himself once he started. He kissed her again as he rubbed her. She wimpered and moaned. He lifted her into his arms and pushed himself in. When they were done he just held her. They both were breathing heavily.

“I love you.” He whispered and kissed her neck. He lowered her feet into the tub and climbed in with her.

“Do you really? You’re not just saying that?” She asked and looked away.

He grabbed her chin and lifted her head. “I wish you could see what’s going on in my head. You have no idea what you mean to me. I remember catching snippets of your thoughts back at the compound, how alone and in pain you were. I would see your face and want to hold you. You are so beautiful inside and out.”

“I love you too, so much.” She grabbed the bar of soap and washed him. He smelled like sweat and farm. He had been working so hard since they arrived, not only physically but mentally. She didn’t have to listen to the things in people’s heads. “Do you ever listen to my thoughts without my permission?” She asked.

“Only while I was making love to you. I try to block you out. If I’m not paying attention sometimes I hear things.” He answered. “Oh and while you were having a nightmare.”

“That okay I guess. Can I ask you something else?” She let him rinse then he took the soap from her so he could wash her.

“You can ask me anything.”

“How did you get that scar on your face?”

“I told one of the security guards at the compound he was nothing but kidnapping pig and would never be anything and he should kill himself. He beat me then cut my face to teach me a lesson.”

She just shook her head. “He could have killed you.”

“But he didn’t. You must never lay down. You look your enemies in the eye and show them you are not afraid.” He smiled and kissed her.

The woman finished scouting the property and put in a call to her superiors. Subjects sixteen and twenty were hiding on a farm. She knew that when the time came the oldest son would not be protecting subject twenty or Eric as he liked to be called. Then all they would have to do is kill the family to get the girl.

They dried off happily and got out. Ivy out on her pajamas and Eric had to put back on what he was wearing. They cuddled and talked until it was time to make dinner. She ran downstairs and started cooking. When Eric came out he was happy there was no sight of Adam. He must still be in his bedroom. Eric just stared at Ivy cooking. Howard came in “Oh good I was getting really hungry. I’m going to miss your food when you leave Ivy. I really am sorry Adam has bothered you so much.”

“You don’t need to apologize for it.”

“I do, I obviously haven’t taught him better about how to act in front of a lady. It’s been hard without my wife. I’ve really struggled raising them.”

“Your son is a grown man now. What he does doesn’t reflect on you Howard.” She finished cooking and set the table. Luke came running but Adam stayed in his room. Eric was glad, he really didn’t want to see Adam again. When they were done Howard bid them goodnight. Ivy cleaned up again with Lukes and Erics help.

Chapter Three

After Luke thanked them and went upstairs Eric pulled Ivy into his arms. “Dance with me.”

“There’s no music.” She laughed.

“There’s always music when you’re around.” He held her hand over his heart and they swayed in the silence of the kitchen. She rested her head on his chest and closed her eyes. She could spend forever in his arms. She knew she would never fully recover mentally from what had been done to her, but she would do everything in her power to love him and devote herself to him.

“How come you never have nightmares?” She asked curiously.

“I don’t know. I don’t even really dream much at all. I think that’s more disturbing than waking up screaming.” He looked far away for a moment. “I remember dreaming when I was a kid. I would see myself free, running through a field. Then one day they just stopped coming as much. I still dream some times.”

“Maybe you just blocked off that part of your brain so you wouldn’t become depressed.”

“Maybe.” He caught flashes of soldiers and guns. He could see the men were wearing the same uniforms as the guards at the compound. “They’re here, we have to warn Howard.”

They ran to Howards room and knocked on the door. “Yes what is it?”

“Can we come in? It’s urgent.” He opened the door looking confused. They walked in and explained how they grew up and their escape. Ivy said “I know this all sounds really crazy but they are here for us and we needed to warn you.” They heard a knock at the door. “stay here ” Howard said then went to Lukes room to tell him to call the cops. Adam looked out of his window excitedly when he saw them. They were going to take Eric away and he’d have Ivy to himself. Adam had spent the day in his room imagining how good sex would be with her and having her meals every day.

They knocked again louder. Howard approached the door afraid and with his gun. He was angry somebody was trespassing on his land. “Hi sir I understand you have two new guests in your home. We’re dear friends of theirs and only wish to come inside and speak with them.”

“From what I understand you aren’t their friends so you best get off this land. My son Luke has called the cops.” The woman sighed “I wanted to do this peacefully but guess we can’t” Two of the men quickly drew their guns and shot Howard. Howard managed to shoot one of the men in the head. The guard dropped to the floor as Howard did. The woman and the rest of the men ran in to collect Ivy & Eric.

Luke started out of his room and Eric told him to go and hide. He could hear the thoughts of everyone on the house. They had shot Howard, but the old dog was not dead. From his thoughts he was in a lot of pain, but refused to panic. He could hear footsteps on the stairs. “Use your electricity the minute you see them.” He said as he moved into Howard’s room and found a second gun propped up next to his bed, a rifle. He had picked out how to use to from the older man. He switched off he safety and went back into the hall. He looked down the sights and as the first man made it to the top. He fired ans Ivy charged the bullet with electricity. The man’s bullet proof vest absorbed the impact, but not the large shock that followed, pitching him back down the stairs. He slid another one in the chamber.

Ivy was terrified of going back to the compound. She would rather die. She charged the air in front of them and pushed electricity down the hall. Two men were caught in the shock and thrown against the walls. “Leave us alone.” She screamed down the hall.

“Please just come back with us and everything can go back to normal.” A female voice replied.

“Screw you lady, you’ll have to kill us.” Eric said and fired at someone peeking over the edge of the top step.

Adam could here Ivy and Eric in the hall. He didn’t think they would have any fight in them. He slipped out of his bedroom and grabbed Ivy from behind. She screamed and Eric turned, his rage filled eyes biting into Adam’s. “Let me go.” Ivy kicked and squirmed against him.

“Oh shut up. I’ll take better care of you than this idiot. I’m more of a man that he is.” Adam said, his fingers around her throat.

“Let her go Adam. I don’t want to kill you, but I will if I have too.” Eric could hear footsteps coming up the stairs. He knew the soldiers were in the hall. Ivy didn’t want anyone else to get hurt. She just wanted freedom. It made her angry that Adam would betray his family and side with the very people who had abused her and Eric. She built up as much electrical energy as she could. Adam would take the brunt of it and it hopefully wouldn’t kill him. She didn’t want him dead, she didn’t want anyone dead.

Holding back as much as she did at the compound she didn’t even realize how much power she had. The house filled with a bright light there was so much electricity. She pictured everybody and comanded the electricity to avoid everyone except their attackers. She had closed her eyes to picture everything well. She felt Adam fall to the floor and she opened her eyes. Eric was looking at her shocked. She bent down to check Adam who was burnt but was still living. Eric pulled her back up.

“Everyone is still alive. I can feel their life still Ivy don’t worry.” Luke stood there not believing what just happend. They heard the cop cars along with ambulances pulling up. “did I hurt you Eric?”

“No it didn’t touch me, Luke or Howard.”

“I’m so glad.” she said and held him tightly. A paramedic tended to Howard and he explained what happened while other cops talked to Ivy, Eric and Luke. They called for more ambulances and eventually got all the unconsious people at of Howards home. Luke went to sleep at the hospital with his father. Howard told Ivy and Eric to just sleep at the house since they weren’t his kids they probably wouldn’t let them in anyway. Eric sat on the couch with Ivy comforting her. “I was so afraid we’d have to go back.”

“I’d never let them take you away Ivy. I promise, nobody will ever hurt you again.” He tilted her head up to kiss her. It made her stop crying “I hope Howards not too badly injured.”

“You should get some sleep Ivy. We’ll go see him in the morning.”

“But I can’t”

“I’ll help you and I’ll stay up all night to make sure nothing happens.”

“You can’t do that.”

“It’ll make you feel more secure though wont it?”

“Yes but” Eric interupted her “I will stay up. I love you and if me staying up will help you sleep that’s what I’m going to do. I’m not asking. I will do this for you because you’re amazing and wonderful and beautiful and the girl of my dreams.” he lifted her up to carry her to the bed. Ivy was speechless as he layed her down. He crawled in next to her and held her tighly while warming his body up. “want me to sing to you to help you sleep?”

“I’d love that” she said with a smile. “well I dont know very many songs but this is the best one I know.” He took a deep breath obviously nervous about singing to her.

“The way you curse when we’re in traffic

A million flavors of your chapstickThe way that you keep my heart captive

The Journey concert in ACRemember we sang faithfully?I still got that old hotel room key

This is the way I feel

‘Cause I can’t wait for you to be my wifeTo live this life togetherAnd I won’t let you goI need you to knowThat you are my heart, foreverAnd on and on and on

The way you like to sing my songsYou always know when something’s wrongThe way you say you miss me when I’m gone

The things you do that show you careYou’re always down for truth or dareFreeze this moment; let me stop and stare

Nothing before was realThis is the way I feel

And I can’t wait for you to be my wifeTo live this life togetherAnd I won’t let you goI need you to knowThat you are my heart, foreverAnd on and on and onAnd we’ll go on and on and on

For better or for worseNo matter how it hurtsYou’ve got me to hold your handI promise you the worldIn your wedding dressWe’ll dance till no one’s leftDon’t wanna blink my eyesDon’t wanna miss a thing

I can’t wait for you to be my wifeTo live this life togetherAnd I won’t let you goI need you to knowThat you are my heart, forever

And I can’t wait for you to be my wifeTo live this life togetherAnd I won’t let you goI need you to knowThat you are my heart, foreverAnd on and on and onAnd we’ll go on and on and on”

Her breathing slowed and softened. He wouldn’t admit it, but the moment Adam had her he had been terrified. He kissed the top of her head and fell asleep. He dreamed he was walking down a dark hallway. The wallpaper was peeling and faded. He felt so alone, like he always had. He was always alone. There was a door at the end of the hall, a single faded door. He touched the door knob, looked back at the hall for a moment. That was his life, alone and dark and painful. He didn’t want that. He turned the door knob and was blinded for a moment by the light. He was in a hospital room. Ivy smiled at him, holding something in her arms. “There’s daddy.” She said and he crossed the room, away from the dark hall. He jerked awake and she shifted in her sleep. Early morning light was filtering through the window. He brushed her hair away from her face and she opened her eyes.

“Is everything okay?” She asked and sat up, rubbing her eyes.

“Everything’s perfect. I was dreaming.” He said.

“Bad or good?”

“It started out bad I guess, but ended good. I need to ask you something?”

“Does it have anything to do with the dream?” She sat cross legged, facing him.

“Yes, sort of. I don’t have anything to give to you right now, but when I do get some money I’ll get you something. I don’t know how happy I can make you. I mean we both have our demons, but I figured…” She cut him off with a kiss. He was so nervous he couldn’t get out what he wanted to say.

“If you want me to marry you the answer is yes. You don’t have too look so petrified that I might say no or I might leave you. I love you so much. I don’t need a ring to be your wife.” She smiled at him and a look of relief passed over his face.

He hugged her feeling like he was going to burst with all the happiness he felt. “lets eat somthing then go see Howard ok?” They got out of bed and got dressed. Eric hated wearing Adams clothes and couldn’t wait to buy his own. Eric barely ate, he was just sitting there looking at her dreamily. She laughed at him as she cleared the table. “what’s so funny?”

“you” she looked at him. Her eyes sparkling with joy. Eric smiled “You’re just amazing. More so than you realize Ivy.”Luke was still at the hospital so they had to walk. It was a really long way but Howard was a good man who had helped them. “do you want to ride on my back Ivy?”

“I’m fine, I don’t want to make you even more tired. How will I get more earth shattering sex later?” He blushed and she started laughing again. He enjoyed every bit of it. It took them a few hours but they made it to the hospital. A nurse took them to Howards room. “you two actually came! That’s a long walk!”

“You’ve been so good to us. There’s no way we weren’t coming. When can you leave?”

“I’ll be discharged soon.”

“We’re so sorry we caused you all that trouble. We’ll move out if you want.”

“Nonsense, stay until you can afford to be on your own. You two are more than welcome to keep working for me even after you move out.”

“Thank you so much sir” Eric wasn’t happy about staying around Adam but they did need the place to sleep and work. he also knew Howard would keep Adam in line. After Howard was discharged they went home. Ivy and Adam rode in the bed of the truck. Adam sat with his arms crossed. He was very angry. When they arrived at the house Adam went straight for his room. “will you make lunch Ivy?”

“Yes sir. Anything you want?”

“grilled cheese please.” Eric helped her and then they all ate. Adam came down reluctatnly. Eric tuned out everybody else and listend to Adams thoughts. He was obssessing over Ivy and her being with him. It upset Eric but he held it in. He just had to keep looking forward to moving out on their own. Until then he knew Ivy would never leave him. Especially not for Adam.

Eric washed the dishes while Ivy went upstairs to take a shower. She felt an arm wrap around her wrist as she opened the bathroom door. She was jerked back and pinned against the wall. It was Adam with his face inches from hers. “Let me go.” She said calmly.

“What does he have that I don’t? Tell me right now. I could make you happy, I could love you. Tell me.” He whispered angrily.

“Listen to me you animal. I know those people didn’t just happen upon us. You put your family in jeopardy just because for once in your life a woman said no. You could have killed Howard, your own father. Your obsession is disgusting.” She jerked her arm free. He tried to kiss her and she slapped him, putting electricity behind it so he was knocked back.

“What was that?” He looked at her wide eyed and fearful.

“You have no idea what I’m capable of. If I wasn’t a better person I would kill you. Never touch me again.” She passed him and went into the bathroom, locking the door.

Eric wanted to rush upstairs and beat Adam to a bloody pulp, but he restrained himself. Ivy wasn’t helpless. He waited a few minutes then headed up. Adam was in his room sulking. He tapped on the bathroom door and Ivy jerked it open angrily. Her eyes softened when she saw it was only him. She smiled and pulled him into the bathroom. “I suppose you know what happened?” She asked as she undressed.

“Yes I do, but I believe that you have the will and strength to take care of yourself and that if you had needed me you would have called.” He answered and tugged his own clothes off. They stepped into the tub and he held her close. “We’ll be out of here before you know it. Luke and Howard are pretty keen on making this our home. The poor old man was exhausted after we got back. I’m thinking once we get the money we could find a place close.”

“I would like that very much. I love Howard and Luke. They have grown on me these past couple of days.”

They stood there under the warm spray in silence for a few minutes, just enjoy each other. “We have to have kids.” Eric said softly. “We had a baby in my dream.”

“I would love children. I want everything with you.” She kissed him and lay her head back on his chest.

He smiled happily and ran his fingers through her hair. With her he could do anything. They washed and dried and he carried her to bed. They curled up together and fell asleep, dreaming of a better tomorrow.


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