James & Ashton 2

Chapter One

Ashton went through their bags again before letting James take them down to the car. He wanted to make absolutely sure they had everything they would need. They had been planning this trip for about two week and had decided to invite Adelyn and Enola since they had some time off. They needed some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city and Ashton wanted to get James’s mind off of work. He had injured his left shoulder in one of his tournaments and had been ordered to take it easy for a few days. It hadn’t made James happy, but after some coaxing from Ashton he had agreed. They would be heading out early in the mornng and would meet Adelyn and Enola at the campsite. Ashton sat down and finally relaxed after so much packing, tipping his head back and closing his eyes.

“Hey sleepy head.” James said and gently shook him. His eyes snapped open and he blushed in embarrassment. He had not realized he had fallen asleep.

“Sorry, guess I’m sleepy.”

James leaned down and kissed him then pulled back and smiled. “Let’s go to bed then.”

“Are you sure? You don’t look tired.”

“I’m not, I haven’t been doing any mixed martial arts so I’m full of energy. ”

“That explains a lot of things.” He laughed softly and James kissed him again, this time playing his tongue around the inside of his mouth. He pulled back, leaving Ashton craving more.

“If you mean my sex drive then yes I have a lot of energy to get rid of since I’m not training women or training for a fight. Doesn’t bother you does it?”

“Not at all. I actually like it a lot.”

“Maybe I’ll get injured more often.”

“You better not or I’ll kick your ass.”

“I’m just kidding baby, I’d never do that. I promise.”

“Good, because I can be ferocious.”

“I know” James said suggestively as he picked Ashton up and kissed him again.” Without Ashton this time would be miserable. He loved fighting and teaching women how to protect themselves but he loved Ashton more. This gave them time to go on a trip and plenty of time to make love. James had all the time in the world to hear Ashton moan and to explore every inch of his body.He laid Ashton on the bed and they took off eachothers clothes. James pushed him down into the comforter as his tongue traced the inside of Ashtons mouth again. They both became hard as their tongues mingled. James lifted Ashtons hips slightly and slammed into him making Ashton let out a deep and very loud moan. James tightly grabbed Ashtons shaft and rubbed him off as he slowly pushed himself in and even more slowly drug himself back out. It was torturous but amazing at the same time. When Ashton released James picked up his pace and quickly finished. James got a towel and wiped Ashton off “We’ll shower in the morning. I just want to hold you now.”

“sounds good to me” Ashton said still laying where James ahd taken him. James smiled and brought Ashton up on the bed before drawing the covers over them. He held Ashton tightly and kissed his cheek “I love you so much, too much. You are my everything.”

“and you’re mine, I couldnt’ be happier with you”

“Promise?” James said in almost a whisper. ‘i promise, marrying you was the best choice in my life”

“same for me” James said then kissed Ashton. “goodnight”

“Night” They slept soundly until the alarm turned on. That annoying beeping they loathed so much filled the room. They coudl change it but if it was anything else they wouldn’t wake up. James hit the snooze and held Ashton a little too tightly “you aren’t getting up because we arent leaving. i want to keep laying with you” James said in a tired voice. Ashton laughed “babe, I need to shower. You amde me go on myself last night”

“I wiped you off” Ashton laughed again “you’re hurting me anyways. Come on” James sighed and let go “sorry”

“It’s sweet, now come on and shower with me”

He grumbled and got up, following Ashton into the bathroom. He rubbed his shoulder as Ashton got the water warmed up. “No more lifting me.” Ashton said as they stepped under the water.

“But I like it, you look so cute when I carry you around or when I have you pressed against the wall.” Ashton blushed and crossed his arms.

“No more. You can wait until you are completely healed. Holding yourself up during sex is probably not helping either.” He grabbed the bottle of body wash and squeezed some into his hand.

“Are you planning on cutting me off?” James asked as Ashton washed him.

“No of course not, but you aren’t allowed to be on top until your shoulder is healed. I can ride you.”

“Oh really?” James grabbed his wrists and pinned him against the wall. Ashton’s heart skipped a beat and he got a little excited when James pressed his soapy body against him. “Hmm, I guess I can live with that.” James grinned and kissed him.

“You really like messing with me don’t you?”

“You always make a really adorable face when you’re not sure what’s going to happen.” James took his turn washing Ashton then they rinsed, got out and dried. Ashton made a quick breakfast with coffee and they talked about the trip as they ate. Ashton was extremely excited. He had not been camping in a long time. His father had stopped inviting him to the family camping trips after he had come out. They finished eating and cleaned the dishes then made sure everything was off before pulling on their jackets and heading out.

James looked over at Ashton as he drove . He looked so happy behind the wheel as he looked ahead. “why haven’t we gone camping before? You seem so happy” James asked and Ashton glanced over at him “you work and fight alot. We didn’t have the time”

“I always have time to do things that make you happy. We could have a camping trip every three months, how does that sound?”

“we could really do that?”

“Yes, I wish I would have known camping would make you this happy”

“I’m happy just being with you James, you know that”

“Doesn’t make me want to stop trying to find ways to amke you happier.”

“make me happy by taking care of your arm. I’m seriosu about sex”

“I know, I wont be on top anymore. I just prefer it that way”

“well once you’re better we can go back to doing that” When they got to the small parking lot outside of the campsite Ashton spotted Adelyns car ‘they’re here!” he said with all the excitement of a little boy on his first camping trip. James wanted to lift him into a hug but planned on keeping to his word. Ashton grabbed as much as he could carry “James, only grab somthing with your right arm. I’ll make multiple trips”


“James” Ashton said giving him a look and James nodded. He held what he could with the right arm. The cooler was all that was left. They walke dot the campsite where adelyn took a bag from Ashton. Enola came up “anything else?”

“Yeah, want to help me bring the cooler?”

“Ok” the two went off after Ashton set the stuff down. “Ashton isn’t helpless you know” Adelyn said with a grin and James responded “Where did that come from?”

“As you walked beside him you had this look on your face like you would give anything to take the stuff from Ashton. It’s why I took somthing from him”

“I’m just used to taking care of him and now I’m not allowed to”

“It’s only for a short period of time”

“I know, I’m going to be good”

Ashton and Enola came back with the ice chest, just chattering away. Enola was more comfortable with them now than she had been the first time they met. “So we brought beer, soda, water and juice.” Ashton said as they sat the cooler down.

“We got some girly stuff for Enola in case she wants to try some.” James said and Adelyn punched his good shoulder.

“Maybe I will since I don’t have to study.” Enola chimed in, surprising them. She blushed and Adelyn kissed her cheek.

“Don’t worry, you can take a sip of mine and if you hate it we’ll never offer again. What did you guys get?”

“Angry Orchard hard apple cider and some Mike’s then there is James’s Heinikin. You can decide what you want later, let’s get our tents set up.”

James was glad he was allowed to help. He didn’t like sitting the whole time. When the tents were up and sleeping bags were out down they gathered wood. Ashton chopped bigger pieces and finally had to stop and take his shirt and sweater off when he got to hot. James stood there and stared at him. Ashton had gained some muscle after helping James with some of his classes. It was all lean muscle that looked good on his lankier form. Ashton paused to wipe his brow and noticed he was being watched. He grinned and winked, getting a smile and blush from James. James started a fire and Ashton piled the bigger pieces. When he finally came over for a drink of water, James grabbed him and gave him a kiss.

“I love you too.” Ashton said. “I’m sorry you have to take it easy, but you’ll be better in no time. Just be patient okay?”

“Okay, I’ll try.”

“there’s a path we can follow near here. Can we go on a nature walk after lunch?” Enola asked and Adelyn smiled, loving how comfortable she was getting with Ashton and James. “I’d love to” Ashton answered. They sat there talking and laughing until Adelyn asked “you guys ready for sandwhiches?” Everybody else was hungry too so Enola and Adelyn made the sandwhiches since Ashton chopped the wood and James made the fire. Ashton and James both drank a beer while Adelyn and Enola drank soda. Enola wasn’t going to try drinking until tonight.

When the sandwhiches were gone and the fire was out Ashton put on his shirt. He needed to quit teasing James anyway before he jumped him. James was a mixture of sad and glad Ashton was putting his shirt back on.He loved looking at Ashton but he also couldn’t have him until tonight. Each couple walked hand in hand to the path Enola was talking about. It was very close so it didn’t take the four of them long to make it there.

Ashton knew alot about what each plant, flower, tree, insect and animal were called. It impressed Enola who asked “How do you know so much about this stuff?” She was truly impressed since she rarely met anybody else who had so much knowledge about things like that. She also hadn’t known him as long as Adelyn so had no idea about how his father reacted to him being gay. “I used to go camping all the time with my dad, uncles and brother. When I told them I was gay I wasn’t invited any longer but before that my dad would take the time to teach us about that stuff” Enola frowned “Oh…sorry I asked”

“Don’t be sorry, I don’t care any more”

They explored the trail a little longer then turned back. Ashton noticed Enola was looking up at the pine trees, seemingly studying them. “Do you want to climb one?” Ashton asked.

“Oh, no I want a pine cone to take back as a keepsake, but all the good ones are up higher and I’m to short to get one.”

“Why didn’t you say something?” Adelyn asked with a smile.

“I didn’t want to bother anyone with it. It’s so stupid.”

“Nonsense, if you want one then I’ll get you one.” Ashton said. “I am, after all, the tree climbing champion of the universe.” James had never seen Ashton climb anything. If a lightbulb needed changing or there was something on a really high shelf James always got it. Ashton never complained about his help and he wondered if had been inadvertantly taking Ashton’s independence away.

Ashton grabbed onto a low branch and swung himself up into the tree with such ease that it amazed both James and Enola. Adelyn knew he was a good climber, had seen him do it many times with children that were brought to some of the get togethers they used to have with some of their other gay friends. Ashton grabbed a couple of pinecones and headed back down. He tossed them to Enola then dropped out of the tree.

“Thank you, these are perfect.” Enola said.

“No problem. They aren’t all the way open, but they’ll get there.” Ashton replied as he dusted pine needles off of his shirt.

“Thanks Ashton” Adelyn said, enjoying how happy Enola seemed. “You know it’s no problem. I haven’t climbed anything in forever” Adelyn giggled ‘well the kids miss you at our get togethers. You and James should really find time to come to one. I’m not exaggerating when I say the kids have asked about you every time.”

“Maybe, our schedule always seems so full”

“I told you we can make time for anything that makes you happy” James added in and Ashton smiled and grabbed his hand “Tell me when the next one is and we’ll try” Ashton said to Adelyn. The thought of Ashton coming back to their get togethers excited her. They walked until the path opened to another part of the camp ground and turned around. As they walked back Enola said “there’s a longer one around here that I’d like to explore after breakfast if you guys want to”

“I want to, what about you James?” James kissed Ashtons head “you know I want to if you do”

“Then it’s settled” Adelyn said cheerfully. When they got back Enola put the few things she gathered in a bag she brought specifically for that then sat around the fire that James started again. James wanted to talk to Adelyn and make sure he hadn’t changed too much for Ashton without realizing he was doing it. No man had ever made him feel like Ashton made him feel. He meant it everytime he told Ashton how happy he was. James didn’t want to lose Ashton, especially not over somthing he didn’t even know he was doing.

“I think I forgot the camera.” Ashton said, sounding a little disappointed.

“Why don’t you check in the car.”

“Want to help me look Enola? Sometimes I’ll pass over a thing five or six times before finding it.”


James waited until they were out of earshot and pulled Adelyn over. “Are you okay?” She asked. “Your shoulder’s not bothering you is it?”

“No, it’s not that. Ashton seems kind of independent, is he always like that?”

“Since I’ve known him yeah. He always does things for himself. Why?”

“Am I taking that away from him? I feel like I’ve been undermining him.”

Adelyn laughed and gave him a playful push. “Let me tell you something about Ashton. He may be small, but if something irritates him he’ll say so. If he hasn’t said anything yet then chances are he’s happy with the way things are between you two. He’s a sweet guy who is a lot tougher than he looks. He’s got a big heart and absolutely adores children and puppies.”

James smiled and breathed a sigh of relief. He watched him and Enola walking back, Ashton holding the camera up with a look of triumph. “It only took us five minutes. That’s a new record for me.” Ashton said and James gave him a kiss on the cheek. “I want to get lots of pictures of us out here.”

“Maybe you can get up in another tree and I can get one of you to show Capricia and Kellen.”

“That would be so awesome. I bet they won’t believe it.”

They sat and talked until it was time for dinner. James had packed steaks and a container of mashed potatoes and another of green beans. He cooked the meat while Ashton pulled out paper plates and silverware. Enola went through the cooler and grabbed one of the hard apple ciders. She looked at it for a moment then sat down next to Adelyn and twisted off the top. She took a sip and everyone waited. “This is actually really good.” She said. “I don’t think I could drink the whole thing, but the taste isn’t bad.”

“I’ll help you drink it.” Adelyn replied, making Enola smile.

After they ate dinner they were all stuffed so they decided to save the marshmellows for later or tomorrow night. Adelyn smiled mischievously when the sun was just about to be completely gone for the day “I think it’s story time” Ashton looked nervous “We’re good” Adelyn giggled “you’ve got your big strong man to cuddle with. You cant go camping without scary stories. It simply isn’t done” Enola laughed nervously “Ok” James wrapped an arm around Ashton “go on” he prompted Adelyn who began. She liked to listen to a man named Cryaotic on youtube read scary stories and she began to tell a few. Ashton had crawled into James’s lap while Enola seemed to go a bit pale at a few. Adelyn could only imagine if they actually listened to Cryaotic read them himself. HIs voice could make reading about kittens and mittens sound scary.

Adelyn decided to stop before Ashton and Enola were up all night “goodnight guy” Adelyn said, her voice going form scary to cheery. “Night” Ashton said softly and James laughed “Night Adelyn and Enola.” They went into their tents and settled in the for the night. James zipped his sleeping bag up with Ashtons and they crawled in. Ashton kissed James chest before draping his arm over James torso and settling his head down in the same spot he always laid it. James laid a hand on Ashtons head while the other rested on Ashtons back “This really is fun Ashton.”

Chapter Two

“I knew you would have fun once we got here. I want lots of pictures tomorrow”

“I’ll help you take them. I’ll get a picture of you, Adelyn and Enola in a tree tomorrow”

“sounds good”

“Do you think Adelyn will tell more stories tomorrow?”

‘Oh yes, she’ll tell them every night. I used to sleep over at her house somtimes and she’d tell them to me”

“where does she find them?”

“Some guy names Craotic and this site called creepypasta. I’ll show you when we’re home.”

“Good, we can listen to them and you can sit in my lap. I love how tightly you hold onto me when we watch scary movies or hear scary stories.” Ashton laughed “thats cause you’re mean” James smiled and kissed Ashtons head “No, it’s your fault for being so cute when you’re scared”

I’d kick you if weren’t already hurt.”

“Awe come on now, don’t be that way.” He tipped Ashton’s head up and kissed him. “Adelyn told me you have a soft spot for puppies and kids. Are you wanting puppies and kids?”

Ashton looked away. “Well yeah. who doesn’t want to be a dad and own a couple of dogs.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Shh, you’re raising your voice. I just didn’t want to bother you with it. I mean I could get a dog anytime, there are a million shelters, but a kid is a lot harder and I didn’t want to ask you to go through the whole adoption process. I mean who’s going to adopt a kid out to people like us?”


“Lets not talk about it now okay. I want this trip to be fun.”

James ran his fingers through his hair and sighed. “Okay, but I’m not forgetting this. We’ll adopt if you want to adopt. We’re good people, we’re married which counts for something and you stay at home most days so we’ll never have to get a sitter. We’ll do it okay and if they argue with us I’m sure Kellen can pull a few strings.”

“Okay, I love you.”

“I love you too, never hide something like that from me. We’re also going to visit some animal shelters and let you get a dog. I want you to look for the perfect dog, one that’ll love children.”

Ashton got up a little to kiss James “Thank you” Ashton said looking into James eyes. James put a hand on Ashtons cheek “all I want is for you to be happy” James said in a sincere voice. Ashton laid back down and held tightly to James. James started to hold Ashton tightly but he had promised to be careful with his arms so he just lightly held them around Ashton. When Enolas eyes opened the next morning she shook Adelyn “it’s morning! Lets go on the trail!” Adelyn sniggered at Enolas excitement “ok, ok. Let me get those lazy men up” They changed clothes and Enola pulled out bowls, cereal and milk they brought in the cooler. Adelyn unzipped the tent, she wasn’t concered if they were naked or not.

The unzipping woek Ashton and made him jump. Adelyn laughed “rise and shine. get your hubby up” James smiled, he was alreayd awake from Ashton jumping up. Adelyn zipped their tent back up to give them privacy James pulled Ashton down for a kiss. You about gave me a heart attack jumping like that since we’re outside.”

“Tell that to Adelyn.”

“stop your whining!” Adelyn yelled making both men laugh. They got dressed and left their tent. Enola handed them each a bowl which they downed quickly. “don’t forget your camera Ashton”

“Thats right, thanks Enola” Enola smiled “do you have Drop Box on your computer?”

“What’s that?”

“Its an easy way to share pictures and stuff with people. Install it when you get home and I’ll explain how to share with me. I’d really like whatever pictures you take”

“Ok, that sounds cool” Ashton grabbed his camera and spare batteries he brought and shoved them in his pocket. He took pictures of the scenary then ran a bit ahead of everyone to take pictures. Adelyn of course woudlnt smile for any. She just kept making faces which had Enola laughing in almost every shot. They started to pass a strong looking tree and Ashton stopped “I’d liek to get in this one for a picture.”

“alright” James said and held his hand out for the camera.

Ashton handed it over and hauled himself up into the tree. He sat on a low branch and smiled. James took a few pictures of him then turned to Adelyn and Enola. “You two want to get up there?”

“I don’t know if I can.” Enola answered.

“Sure you can, I’ll help you.” Ashton replied and tipped back until he was hanging upside down. He reached down for Enola who took his hands. Adelyn cupped her hands and pushed Enola up while Ashton pulled. She climbed onto the branch and sat next to him, then he helped Adelyn up. She sat on his other side and she and Enola pulled him back up. They each kissed one of his cheeks as James snapped a picture, making him laugh. James couldn’t help but feel he was the luckiest man in the world. Ashton helped the girls down when they were done taking pictures in the tree then jumped off the branch.

“You are very good at that.” James said as he handed the camera back.

“I wanted to be a gymnast when I was a kid so I practiced climbing and swinging every day. I grew out of it though. Their diet and stuff is far to restrictive.” He snapped some pictures of James who pulled him in close so they could get one together. They walked the trail, coming to a river. Enola wanted some river rocks and Ashton told James to go help her and Adelyn pick some out. He took pictures of them walking around barefoot with rolled up pant legs. James was sent to retrieve the ones that were in deeper waters since he was the tallest and hand the longest arms. “Be careful that you don’t slip James, you don’t want to reinjure yourself.” Ashton said, knowing he probably sound like he was nagging, but wanting James to fully heal and be able to go back to doing what he loved. He would hate for him to do permantent damage to himself.

James just smiled and made sure he was careful, loving Ashtons concern for him. They kept collecting as Ashton got different shots of them until a man hugged Ashton from behind scaring him as he yelled “Ashton!” It was Dimitri Yellnaught, an old friend he and Adelyn shared. Adelyn then yelled happily “Dimitri! You stalker!” Dimitri laughed and ran to hug Adelyn as she came out to hug him. “What did you expect me to do when you posted a status about going camping with with Ashton. I haven’t seen him since he quit coming to our get togethers¬†besides pictures on Facebook.” Adelyn laughed “this is a couples weekend and you are single.”

“details details”

“So stalker, how did you find us?”

“You have other people camping near you. I found your campsite and asked them what direction you were going in and if they heard anything about where you guys were going.”

“Did you atleast bring a date?”

“Nope, I’ll be an awesome fifth wheel. Just you see” Ashton just hoped Dimitri was good and didn’t upset James. Dimitri had always been flirtatious and asked him out many times but he wasn’t interested in Dimitri atall. Especially now that he had James. Ashton decided not to worry about it. Dimitri obviously knew boundaries since Ashton had never witnessed him flirt with people who were in committed relationships. James walked over and offered his hand in a friendly shake “you must be the amazing James that fills Ashtons Facebook. Nice to meet you”

“Nice to meet you, I’ve seen you comment on a few of his pictures”

“I live on the internet”

James smiled and just nodded his head. “I have to much going on to be on there anymore.”

“Oh yeah, Ashton has talked about the cage fighting. Sounds exciting.”

“It is, I also do a self defense class for women. Ashton helps me every now and then.”

“Maybe I’ll come watch one of your fights one of these days. I have friends who are into that sort of thing so I’m sure they’d love to read a review about it. I have a blog.”

“Interesting, excuse me for a moment.” He moved around Dimitri and walked over to Ashton who was blushing and looked embarrased. James grabbed his arm and pulled him gently out of sight. “He’s a bit flirtatious don’t you think?”

“Yeah, sorry. He’s always been like that. He doesn’t mean anything by it.”

“He likes you that’s for sure.” Ashton’s lips twitched and he covered his mouth to hide the smile. “What’s so funny?” James asked.

“You’re jealous, how cute.” James blushed and struggled to speak.

“I…I am not, that’s ridiculous.”

“Awe, how sweet and you’re embarrassed. I like this side of you. I’ve never seen you get jealous.”

“You are really going to get it later, you know that right?”

Ashton waggled his finger in front of James’s face. “Now, now what did we agree upon. No strenuous activity, no lifting and I think no threatening to punish me with sex. It makes you want to throw me over your shoulder which is another no, no.” Ashton just smiled up at him, hands on his hips as he tried for serious.

“You are far to adorable, no wonder he likes you so much. I promise to be good and not use my arm.”

“Good, can I have a kiss?” James smiled and pressed his lips against Ashton’s. He tangled his fingers in his hair and deepened the kiss, moaning into his mouth. Ashton broke the kiss, his face red. “You said you’d be good.”

“No, I promised not to use my arm. Now, lets get back out there before they come looking?”

They held hands as they walked back. Enola had all the stones she wanted so they continued their nature walk. Adelyn could feela ¬†slight shift in James’s mood so she made sure to keep Dimitri focused on her as much as possible. She couldn’t blame James for being a little uncomfortable around a man that obviously liked Ashton. Ashton had told her that James’s previous boyfriend cheated on him which would leave anybody a little insecure, especially since it was obvious that Ashton made James world spin. Ashton brought James hand to his lips and kissed it. James instantly looked over at him and smiled. “I love you” He said in a gentle tone. Ashton smiled back “I love you too”

“aw, so mushy” Dimitri said and Adelyn elbowed him. Dimitri acted as if it hurt him tremendously though it didn’t hurt atall. ¬†Enola laughed and they just kept walking and talking. At lunch they stopped and opened the small bag of sandwhiches they brought. Adelyn looked over at Dimitri “did you bring somthing to eat?” Dimitri retrieved a Snickers out of his pocket “Yep” Adelyn smiled “How do you have any teeth left with how much sugar you eat” Dimitri shrugged. When Ashton finished his food he wrapped his arms around James right arm and laid his head on James shoulder. James smiled and kissed Ashtons head softly. He could tell that Ashton was trying to make James feel secure. It meant a lot to him even though he didn’t need it. He could never doubt how faithful Ashton was.

He didn’t like another man who liked Ashton being around but he would never for a second think that Ashton would cheat on him. He knew Ashton could leave him but James was secure enough in their relationship not to feel threatened by Dimitri. He would however put Dimitri in his place if he tried anything.

“So, I never got to ask you how the wedding went.” Dimitri said.

“It was amazing, Hawaii was beautiful. We did so much exploring and James went boar hunting.” Ashton pulled out his phone and brought up the picture of James with the two other hunters and the boar they had killed.

“Holy crap that thing is huge.”

“James killed it and we had a big barbeque with those two guys and a bunch of their friends. It was a lot of fun.”

“So you know how to hunt James?”

“Somewhat, my dad hunts and I join him every now and then if I’m not busy. It’s safe to say I know my way around a rifle.”

Dimitri nodded. “Neat, I’ve never been myself, but it sounds exciting.”

“The boar hunt was amazing, but deer hunting can be irritating at times.”

The sun started to go down as they sat talking. They got up and dusted themselves off before heading back to the campsite. “You brought that ugly van.” Ashton teased.

“Hey now I like my van, it’s very comfortable.”

“Well at least you’ll have a place to sleep. I was ready to offer our car.”

“I may not be the camping type, but I am always prepared. I have food and beer that you’re all welcome to.”

“You’re such a creeper.” Adelyn said.

“I am not.”

“You really are, don’t get me wrong. I love you Dimitri but showing up here uninvited is stalkery when we’re having a couples weekend.”

“You didn’t say it was a couples weekend on Facebook”

“I’m just saying, only a stalker comes to an event uninvited because he found out about it on a Facebook status. It only makes it worse you brought a rapist van.” Dimitri laughed, not having a response for her. They got food out and ate a lighter dinner than they had the previous night so they could actually do the marshmellows this evening. Enola was a mess with her marshmellows. Her fingers and face kept getting covered with the stuff. Adelyn would just giggle and suck or lick it off. “I think you’re doing that on purpose” ¬†Enola blushed “I’m not” Adelyn giggled and went back to eating. When they were done Adelyn wanted to tell stories again.

Ashton preemptively¬†got in James lap making Dimitri laugh “still not the most brave of heart huh?”

“I like being in his lap anyway” James held Ashton close and gave him a kiss as Adelyn began telling more stories she had memorized off of creepypasta. James all the while noticed Dimitris occasional glances over at Ashton. He seemed to have not gotten the subtle threat of him knowing how to use a gun. James could see he had come to see Ashton despite Ashton being happily married. James decided to quit worrying about Dimitri and just enjoy holding Ashton. He wasn’t allowed to carry him any longer so he had to enjoy Ashton being in his arms while he could.

They all grew tired and decided to go to sleep so they could take full advantage of their last day tomorrow. When they woke they would pack their camping stuff because they would be heading home after dinner. As soon as Ashton left James arms Dimitri gave him a long, very tight hug “Night”

‘goodnight” Ashton said a little uncomfortably. Dimitri quickly hugged the two girls then gave James a salute before walking to his can/ Adelyn wasn’ty surprised Dimitri wasn’t man enough to try and hug James. James would probably crack one of Dimitris ribs if he tried to hug him.

Chapter Three

“Good night girls.” James said.

“Good night.” They both replied.

Ashton crawled into their tent and flopped facedown on the sleeping bags, burying his face in his pillow. “I am so sorry James. He shouldn’t be here making you uncomfortable.”

“It’s alright, I can handle him.” He flipped Ashton onto his back. “I might have been jealous, but I can handle it. I want to see you smile.”

“Sorry, he’s a nice guy, but he’s brought my mood down. The idea of having sex with him here kind of freaks me out.” He whispered.

“Then we’ll wait until we get home and you can make it up to me.” He winked and Ashton laughed. “There we go, that’s what I like to hear.” James pulled off their shoes and clothes then got in the sleeping bags with Ashton. “Tomorrow is our last day so be happy. I want more pictures of you smiling.”

“Okay, I’ll do my best.” He tipped his head up and James gave him a long, slow kiss that had goosebumps crawling over his skin. James could stir him up so easily. He was red from head to toe by the time their lips parted. “I love you James.”

“I love you too, now go ahead and go to sleep.” Ashton closed his eyes and allowed himself to drift off. James couldn’t fall asleep due to Dimitri being so close. He had only kept his temper in check because he was Ashton and Adelyn’s friend. He reprimanded himself, not believing how childish his thoughts sounded. He had never been the jealous type, even when he and Ashton went out together and both guys and girls looked his way. He decided it was just Dimitri that rubbed him the wrong way.

The next morning he woke Ashton around seven. He rubbed his eyes and raised his head, smiling at James in a half asleep state. His hair was messed up and he looked very cute. “Morning already?”

“I’m afraid so.”

“I guess we should get dressed and wake the girks and Dimitri.”

Ashton got off of James and changed clothes. James just sat there watching Ashton with a smile “aren’t you getting dressed too?”

“Can’t I just enjoy how cute my husband looks right now?” Ashton smiled then moved over to kiss James. James held him in the kiss for awhile then started getting ready with Ashton. Ashton and James took turns with the hairbrush then got out. “you wake the girls, I have Dimitri”

“Ok” Ashton said then went to Enola and Adelyns tent. James slammed his hand hard against the side of the van, hoping to startle Dimitri. He heard him jump and yelp which caused James to smile and have to surpress a victorious laugh. He opened the van door “Jeez, what’s going on?”

“It’s morning. I was waking you”

“alright, I’ll be over there soon”

“Hurry or we might leave you”

“You don’t like me do you?”

“Nope” Dimitri laughed “Honest, I like that. I wont do anything. I cant deny my feelings for Ashton but I only wanted to see him and to be blunt he’s up your ass all the time. He barely even answers my Facebook messages or texts. I just wanted to spend some time with him. Could you imagine what it’s like to be Ashtons friend?”

“Thankfully I dont but you dont need to stare at a man who’s married. I noticed you last night and you keep talking to him in such a flirtacious way”

“Thats just how I am, I can’t help it. Especially when I’m talking to him. I’ll go if I need to. I don’t want anything broken”

“as long as you keep your hands off Ashton nothing will be broken”

“That doesn’t look like a nice conversation.” Enola said and Ashton looked over at James and Dimitri with a sigh.

“James.” He called. James gave Dimitri one last look before crossing over to Ashton. “Stop it right now. You said you could handle him being around, not that you were going to intimmidate him.”

“I’m sorry, don’t be mad.”

“Just help me roll up the sleeping bags and break down the tent.”

“Can I have a kiss first?” Ashton crossed his arms, but nodded. James gave him a soft kiss then they went and cleaned up their gear. By the time they were done and everything was in the car, Ashton wasn’t irritated anymore. They had cereal for breakfast again and Dimitri did his best to keep his eyes off of Ashton.

“So what are we doing today?” Ashton asked.

“I was thinking maybe we could follow the river to this waterfall. It’s supposed to be really pretty.” Enola replied.

“I would really like that.”

They cleaned up their dishes and put them in their cars. Ashton grabbed James’s hand and they headed into the woods, going back to the river and walking along it. James was glad Ashton was no longer upset. He knew he should have held his tongue, but he had been extremely irritated. He wrapped his arm around Ashton’s shoulders and pulled him in close, enjoying the fresh air and sounds of nature. After he went back to fighting, he was going to set down with his trainer and sponsor and make sure he had room in his schedule for camping trips. He liked seeing Ashton this happy and content.

They finally made it to the waterfall and marveled at how beautiful it was. James made sure to get plenty of pictures Ashton standing next to the water. Ashton turned his face up and closed his eyes, enjoying the cool mist. He had really missed this.

James took a few pictures of that then realized he should take more of everybody else since Enola was going to be getting all the pictures taken. He decided to be a bigger man and he made sure Dimitri was in the pictures aswell. He thought back on the conversation, Dimitri had offered to go. Maybe his normal cool head was failing him because of his injury already bothering him. He tried to think about it as he snapped pictures, he didn’t think his thoughts would be comparable though. There wasn’t any way Dimitri could love Ashton the way he did. He still decided he should apologize to Dimitri before they parted ways, after all, what had Dimitri really done wrong since arriving.

Enola walked over “you need more pictures with Ashton. Let me take a turn”

“Thank you so much” James quickly ran to Ashton and they posed for a few pictures. Their final day went smoothly which made James feel a little more like an ass. Dimitri obviously didn’t mean any harm, he just hadn’t thought about what he was doing. Right before they left James approached Dimitri “sorry about this morning. You haven’t done anything wrong and I shouldn’t have been ao abrasive”

“It’s alright, I can understand. Friends?”

“Friends” Ashton smiled and gave James a silent thank you. When they finished dinner Enola said “don’t forget drop box Ashton”

“I wont, I’ll also upload them to Facebook”

“Good, I expect to be tagged” Dimitri said with a smile. “I wont forget” They all hugged and promised to hangout soon. When they were in the car Ashton said “Thank you for appologizing”

“I was being an idiot. I’ma ¬†little edgy because of my arm”

“well he shouldnt have invited himself but I was proud of you for admitting you were wrong to intimidate him”

“I’ve just been feeling so useless and then to have some guy flirting with you on top of it just made me feel angry. I shouldn’t every feel that way around you.” James started the car and pulled away from the campsite. He couldn’t wait to be home alone with Ashton. Ashton rested his head on James’s shoulder and fell asleep as he drove. James kissed the top of his head and switched on some music. When they made it home he shook Ashton awake.

“Sorry, that hike made me tired.”

“It’s okay, I don’t mind.”

They got out and James helped Ashton with the cooler. Once they were inside James told him to go uplod pictures while he took everything out of the cooler and got rid of the left over ice. Ashton quickly downloaded drop box then uploaded the pictures and shared them with Adelyn and Enola. Next he put them on Facebook and tagged everyone. He looked through the pictures smiling at all the ones James had got of him. There were far to many, but he knew it meant James adored him.

“This one is my favorite.” James said as he wrapped one arm around Ashton’s shoulders and pointed out the one of Ashton next to the waterfall with his eyes closed. “You look at peace.” He kissed his cheek.

“What can I say, I’m a real nature child. I mean I know I’m not brave or tough, but there’s something about being out in the woods that brings out the wildness in me.”

“I think you are very brave and extremely tough.”

“I really love when you sweet talk me, it makes me feel special and extremely loved.”

James almost picked Ashton up out of the computer chair but refrained “You are, I can’t describe how much I love you Ashton.” Ashton got up adn went to the bedroom with James. They stripped as if their clothes had been soaked with poison. James then allowed Ashton to guide him over to the bed and push him down. James smiled happily at Ashton. He smiled back and said “you ready for me to make up for not being in the mood last night?” James nodded, seeming as if he might burst from happiness. Ashton gave soft kisses from each of James feet, up his thighs and over his manhood. It only took one kiss on his manhood to make James stand up. Ashton smiled “so easy” James blushed “shut it, I will get better soon” Ashton smiled “I look forward to it” They made love, Ashton taking James like a wild animal.

He felt so loved by James it drove him wild with lust for him now that they were home. When Ashton was too tired to keep going he laid down “I hope you took notes for when you’re better’ Ashton teased and James tried to laugh but was panting too much to. “You better stop that before you regret taunting me” Ashton chuckled “so scary, help, anybody” They held eachother and relaxed until they fell asleep. The next morning James woke early and got on the computer. He looked up every shelter there was in their area so Ashton would ahve plenty of dogs to pick from. A dog he could get Ashton quickly, then he planned on figureing out getting a kid. James wanted Ashton to have everything he wanted in life and really wish Ashton had said somthing to him before about all this.

When James had all the adresses written down he woke Ashton “lets hop in the shower and eat breakfast at Hardees.”


“we’re getting a dog today” Ashton smiled and got up and followed James into the shower. They cleaned and dressed then James grabbed his list off the counter and went to the car with Ashton. Ashton could barley sit still in his seat he was so excited about them having a dog. Kids popped into his head again, he truly hoped they could adopt a child. They didn’t even have to be a baby. He just want to have a kid with James.

They visited each shelter, walking down the hallway that lead between the dog runs and looking into the sad hopeful eyes of each dog. Ashton stopped when his met those of a large husky with pale blue eyes. She sat there with her tongue hanging out panting, her tail wagging behind her. Ashton squatted down and she put her paw on the cage door. Her name was Sheba and the paper clipped to her run said she was five years old and had had lived with a family of four. They had given her up when they moved and it was a couple of weeks later that the shelter staff had realized she was pregnant.

“I want her.” Ashton said and James grabbed the paper and hurried to the front desk to let the receptionist know they had made their choice. James paid the adoption fee while another worker took Sheba out of her run and handed the leash to Ashton. They were given a bag of free dog food and some toys along with a copy of her records. Ashton’s as so excited to have her. “Can we go buy her a new collar and a name tag?” Ashton asked.

“Of course we can.”

They drove to Petco since they were allowed to take Sheba a inside. Ashton chose a bright neon green collar with black paw prints. They also bought her a better leash and then went and made her a heart shaped tag with her name and Ashton’s number on it. They then grabbed a large bag of dog food and a bag of greenies before checking out. When they were back in the car Ashton gave her a greenie for being such a good dog. James had never seen a dog that young act so mellow. It warmed his heart to see Ashton so happy with her. He grabbed his hand and brought it to his lips, kissing the silver band on his third finger and making Ashton’s heart flutter.

The only thought in James head now was figuring out adoption. He was sure he¬†could¬†look up online adoption agencies that were gay couple friendly. In the worst case¬†scenario¬†they could hire a¬†surrogate¬†and get her artificially¬†inseminated. He’d want it to be¬†Ashtons¬†sperm since he felt their kid would be cuter if he or she came from¬†Ashton. He would let Ashton just enjoy the dog for a few days while he studied and read up on adoption and surogacy. That way Ashton could just be happy about the dog for now and then they’d begin the long journey of trying to get a child. James wondered if maybe they should get a house first instead of their apartment. They would probably have a better chance if they lived in a house. He remembered seeing a beautiful one available on Adelyn and Enolas street.

Ashton didn’t even noticed how lost in deep thought James was because he was wrapped up in finally having a dog. He just wished she could have a yard, especially for her pups. “James?” Ashton said ripping James from his thoughts “yeah?” His tone sweet. “you said I shoudl tell you what I want, I want a house so our dog can have a yard” James smiled “I was actually just thinking about that. I saw a house on the same street as Adelyn and Enola. KNow which one I’m talking about?”

“Yeah! That one is perfect!” James smiled again “then I’ll get it for you. I’ll call Adelyn and get her to run over and tell me what the realtors number is. I don’t care what it costs I’ll get it. I’ve been making more and more as my fan base has been building” Ashton smiled “Thank you James”

“Thank you for marrying me and giving me such a happy life Ashton. I didn’t know it but my life was nothing before you came into it” Ashtons heart was fluttering again. When he said sweet things like that it wasn’t only the words that moved him but the way his voice changed when he said them. They pulled up to the apartment and James immidietly called Adelyn. She ran over that very second and gave James the number. He hung up and called it. He talked to the woman for awhile. She was shcoked they didn’t want a tour and he was insisting on buying it that very moment. She told him he had to come in and sign an offer to give the owners and they’d have to approve before they could buy the house. “You stay here with Sheba and enjoy her. I’ll be back as quick as I can” James walked over and kissed Ashton then ran out the door.

When James got there the realtor said “most people want to do some negotiating on price.”

“I just want to have this house with Ashton” The woman smiled and gave him the paperwork “if you want to wait a few moments I will fax it to the owner. She’s in her office all the time and she will answer quickly with what you’re offering”

“good” She smiled again then faxed it. They stood there in silence until the realtor got a call. She spoke to the other woman a few moments then hung up “it’s yours, I can give you the key as soon as you give me the money we discussed you had to give up front. She wants to cut out the middle man and trusts you guys just to give her payments instead of taking a loan from the bank.” James ran to the car and grabbed the checkbook in the glove compartment. He wrote a check and the lady pulled out a key. “It’s yours, she’s set up a website so you can pay her online and you will get a reciept with every payment you can print so you know she can’t scam you and say you didn’t pay her.” She wrote down where he woudl make his house payments. James thanked her and left to go tell Ashton.

Ashton sat on the floor and scratched Sheba’s belly. He already really loved the dog and couldn’t wait to give her a yard. It was crazy that in a few weeks she would have a litter of puppies. He planned on giving them all good homes. The moment James walked in Ashton knew they had the house. He jumped up and hugged James, feeling incredibly happy. “When can we move it?”

“Right away. I’ll call movers and have everything taken over in the morning.”

“Thank you so much.” He pulled James down into a happy kiss. He was so excited.

“Let me call real quick.” He looked up the number to a moving place and called. He apologized for the short notice, but the man on the phone assured him it was okay and that they would be arriving at seven to pack and move everything. He thanked him and hung up, pulling Ashton tightly against him. “We need to talk about children now.” Ashton looked both sad and hopeful at the same time.

“What did you find out?”

“Adoption is a long process for most people, but it may take longer for us. There is also surrogacy if that doesn’t work.”

“I really want to adopt if we can.”

“We’ll try, but if we can’t I’d love for you to be the father of our child.”

“Me? But I’m so scrawny, our child would be a short little string bean.”

“But you’re so cute.”

Ashton started laughing. “What if we have a girl and she’s cute like me? Then you’ll be in real trouble.”

“I can handle anything, plus we’ll have Capricia, Adelyn and Enola to help out if things get tough and she needs a woman to talk to.”

“So when can we start going to agencies and filling out papers?”

“We should wait until we have the new house set up.”

“You should call your sister and Kellen and tell them the news. Maybe they can help with the adoption process.”

James gave him a soft kiss. He was very happy that Ashton was excited about their future. He really didn’t want to do anything to disappoint him. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

After James called Capricia they went to the office and paid their fee for breaking the lease. They let them know they would be moving their stuff out in the morning. The people in the office were sad to see them go but they were happy for them. James and Ashton went to bed early that night out of excitement for the move. With how happy Ashton was about the dog and house, James couldn’t wait to see his husband when they adopted their child. James knew it would be a long ways off since it even took straight couples a long time to get through the adoption process but it was in their future and he couldn’t wait for it. Ashton woke well before the alarm and shook James who quickly rose without a fuss.

They were dressed and ready forty mineuts before the movers were supposed to get there but they had to walk Sheba anyway. They took her around the complex a few times then went back to wait on the movers. It seemed like it took seven forever to get there. When the knock came James had been holding Ashton on the couch. Ashton pushed out of James arms and nearly ran for the door making James smile. The movers were quick and all about business as they loaded everything up. They actually managed to fit all of their things into the truck so they would only have to make the one trip.

The apartment Ashton had since he moved out of his parents house looked so strange empty. He remembered how excited he was when he got it. This was far more exciting though. James was such a sweet man and was doing his best to give him whatever he wanted. James grabbed his hand “lets go handsome” Ashton smiled and walked out of the apartment with James and Sheba. They locked up and gave the apartment their keys back. Everyone in the office hugged Ashton since they had known him such a long time. They all wished them luck as they walked out. Waiting at the house when they got their was Enola, Capricia, and Kellen. They wanted to help arrange stuff since they didn’t want James helping. Capricia was there as more of a babysitter for James since she was pregnant.

It was eleven when the movers had everything in the house. “can I buy you guys some pizza?”

“That would be wonderful” The man in charge said. James got what everyone wanted and ordered pizza for everyone. While they were waiting anyway the movers helped them get started unpacking. James and Ashton told them they didn’t have to but the man in charge said “we’re just waiting anyway. We’d love to help” They worked together until the pizza man arrived. They all sat on the floor since the table wasn’t big enough for this many people. Ashton intended to write a very good review on the companies site and his Facebook wall since they were so efficient and helpful.

After lunch Enola, Ashton and Kellen got to work hanging things back up and moving things where they wanted it. Capricia and James took Sheba into the back yard to run around and play. Between the three they were finished around dinner. The house was much bigger than Ashtons apartment though so it seemed a bit empty ina ¬†few places but they didn’t care. They had their whole future to get more stuff for their new home. Ashton already picked out the room he wanted to be their son or daughters room. Adelyn arrived as they were cooking dinner and was extreamly excited for them. She ran around the entire house and even played out back with Sheba.

After dinner everyone left so Ashton and James could just enjoy their new house for the night. Ashton showed James the room he wanted to be a kids room and he kissed Ashtons head “It’s perfect” They let Sheba in and made sure she had plenty of food and water before going into their new room and settling down for the night. Ashton was too amped up from the excitement to be tired atall wich made James beam with happiness. Ashton noticed the way James was looking over at him and gave him a hug “I love you so much, thank you again”

“I’d do anything to make you happy” James said softly and Ashton responded “Obviously, I tell you I want a dog, children and a house and you make it start happening right away. Ashton pushed out of the hug and said “I want to do somthing to really say thank you.” Ashton pulled back the covers then quickly took James into his mouth. Ashton worked James up slowly, teasing him with slow licks and moving his tongue across his tip. He kept James on edge as long as he could before taking him deep into his throat and finishing him. Ashton swallowed then came back up on the bed. James instantly pulled Ashton back into his arms. “You are so good at that” Ashton smile “What else can I do to say thank you?”

“Just be happy, all the reward I need is your happiness even though what you just did is highly appreciated. You’re welcome to it any time” Ashton laughed “I love you” James kissed Ashtons head “I love you too.” They fell asleep in absolute bliss thinking about their new home and the prospect of having children together soon. Ashton actually hoped they could adopt a boy and a little girl. He could almost hear their laughter filling their home. A family would mean more to him than James knew. It may not be soon but the fact children were in their future was enough to make Ashtons heart soar. Everything he wanted was within reach and it was all thanks to James.

~ The End ~

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