James & Ashton 3

Chapter One

James and Ashton were at Babies R Us/Toys R Us again shopping for their son Andrew. They were going to be able to take him home the day after tomorrow once the last bit of paperwork was approved and they passed final inspection tomorrow. James had taken Ashton out to shop for their two year old to ease his nerves. Ashton was a wreck over the final home visit. A social worker had been to their house a few times and left happy every time but since this was the final one that determined if they got their son or not  Ashton was stressed about it. Ashton bonded with the little boy right away the few chances they had gotten to play with him. The very first time they entered the play room to look at the children Andrew had run right up to Ashton and gave him a hug. By the end of their allotted time with the children it took two of the kids caretakers to rip Andrew away from Ashton.

They didn’t even have to think about it. They decided that day they wanted Andrew. It broke Ashtons heart hearing Andrew cry and want him to come back. It only tugged at Ashton and James hearts when the social worker explained how Andrew came to be with them. They needed to to explain his stress with cars. His family had been going to Disney World when a drunk driver collided with another car. Both cars ended up in front of a eighteen wheeler which swerved, hitting his familys car. Both vehicles fell down an embankment. His mother, father and siblings all died but by some miracle the baby lived. A car that stopped at the scene and called 911 could hear him screaming in the back seat and made the responders go for him first. The caller would have gotten him but the car was too mangled up to get into without the jaws of life.

Andrew was pulled out with a broken arm, bruising and a few cuts and was rushed to the hospital with the other survivors of the accident. His arm healed perfectly and only one of the cuts left a scar. Ashton told James it looked just like Squalls scar from Final Fantasy Seven. Andrew has no relatives aside from an Uncle who didn’t want to take Andrew in so he ended up in Bates Orphanage. The social worker warned that it’s nearly impossible to get Andrew in cars most the time so to only take him somwhere if one of them couldn’t stay home. They could work on it when he was older but for now just to try and keep him from that stress.

“Ashton you need to take a breath before you explode.” James said as he pushed the cart up to the counter.

“I know, I’m sorry, I just really want this to work out. I hate that Andrew is stuck in the orphanage and probably scared. I want him home.”

James leaned down and gave him a quick kiss then pulled away to stack their items on the counter for the cashier. “Everything’s going to be okay.” James was just as nervous. His heart ached everytime they left Andrew. He hated hearing him cry, but had had to stay strong for Ashton. James paid for their things then grabbed their bags while Ashton pushed the cart back to where they had picked it up.

“I s this what being a parent is always going to be like?” Ashton asked as he popped the trunk of his car.

“I doubt it. I mean I’m sure we’ll be scared plenty, but judging by how happy Capricia and Kellen are, I think we’ll have a great time watching Andrew grow up.”

“I love you so much James. There is no way I could do this without you.” James shut the trunk and pulled Ashton into his arms, giving him a longer kiss that the previous one. He felt eyes on him, but ignored it, knowing if he looked up and saw someone staring at them in disgust that he would probably end up in a fight. He parted their lips and Ashton just looked up at him all starry eyed.


“Yes, thank you.”

James and Ashton got in the car and drove home. They took teh newest things they bought for their son and put them in his room. Andrew loved buzz lightyear and anything else to do with space. His toddler bed had 3 sets of blankets, sheets and pillow cases. Each one had a space theme but the one they’d bring him home to had Buzz Lightyear on the blanket, pillow cases and sheets. The ceiling was painted blck and had glow in the dark stars covering it. They paid someone to come in and paint Andrews walls aswell. They were black with planets and stars. They had spared no expense making the little boys room a place he would love.

He had a lot of space toys but they made sure to buy others too. There was somthing of everything the people at the orphanage told them he liked. Ashton just looked around their sons room. He felt both happy and worried again. James held his husband from behind. “It’s just a formality tomorrow. They’ve already okd us and nothing has changed for them to not give us our son. We’ll finally have him the day after tomorrow and wont have to part with him until he’s an adult.”

“There’s still the car James. I don’t want to make him get in our car. The orphanage is too far away for us to walk there and back for him”

“It can’t be helped. You’re going to sit in the back with him to give Andrew comfort right?”


“Hopefully that’ll be enough to calm him. When he gets home we’ll give him icecreme to make up for it. We can all eat some and watch his favorite cartoons or do whatever he wants to do. He’s going to be excited when he sees his new bedroom. Aren’t you excited to show him?” James said then kissed Ashton on the cheek. Ashton smiled “you comfort me so easily” James smiled “it’s my job. I’m glad I have the ability to calm you. Hopefully we can calm Andrew for the ride here.”

“He’ll be just fine, you’ll see.” James pulled Ashton out of Andrew’s room and down the hall to their own. They had been so wrapped up in the adoption that they had not made time for each other. Ashton had been so stressed that he had been completely uninterested. He pushed his husband onto their bed and pinned his arms as he kissed him hungrily.

“James.” Ashton protested.

“I’ve missed you.” He shot back and Ashton felt guilt slice through him. He had been ignoring James, his loving husband who never complained. He kissed James back fervently and wiggled his wrists free so he could undo James’s belt. They pulled at each others clothes, wanting nothing between them. James poured his heart and soul into every kiss he pressed against Ashton’s body, making him tear up at the adoration he felt. Ashton moaned loudly when James took him in his mouth, his whole body on fire as James built him up to the very edge and then stopped.

“So mean.” He panted as James opened the drawer to his bedside table and pulled out a bottle of lube. “When did you…”

“Hush, I only got it because it’s been awhile and I don’t want to hurt you.”


“Hush.” He rubbed a good amount on Ashton, kissing him as he teased him with his fingers before lifting his hips and thrusting into him. Ashton’s loud cry was muffled by James’s mouth and he clung to him as James slammed into him again and again.

“I love you, I love you.” Ashton whimpered as they came together. James pressed his forehead against Ashton’s and they gasped for air.

“I love you too.” He kissed him softly before sliding Ashton to the top of the bed and moving to lay next to him. He sat an alarm to make sure they didn’t sleep in since they would need a shower and breakfast before the social worker’s visit. Ashton clung tightly to James, happy that some of the stress he was feeling was gone.

“I really am sorry I’ve been neglecting you.” Ashton said drowsily.

“It’s okay, I understand and I still absolutely adore you. Just rest okay.”


When Ashton was sleeping James kissed his head and whispered “You’re going to be such a great dad” James slowly slid Ashton off of him and grabbed a towel. He wiped Ashtons cum off his body so it wouldn’t be hard or sticky in the morning. James then carefully wiped off the small amount that dripped on Ashton before getting in bed and situating Ashton the way he had him before. Ashton jerked awake when the alarm went off making James smile. They got out of bed then went straight to the shower. James was glad to see the lube worked and Ashton wasn’t walking in any weird way.

James was almost as nervous today as Ashton was yesterday when they stepped in the shower. After the visit his parents would be waiting on the call that told them if they were flying up or not. They wanted to give them the first day to just be a family so they wouldn’t overwhelm little Andrew but presenting him with his new home and his grandparents in the same day but the next day they already had plane tickets to come. His parents would probably come anyway. If they didn’t get Andrew it would be just for comfort but James had grown so attached to the little boy already and he knew how much Ashton wanted a son and wanted none other than Andrew from the moment that boy ran up to him for a hug. Today needed to go well. They finished cleaning themselves then got dressed in jeans and button up shirts.

Ashtons was the same blue color as his eyes. It made them seem all the bluer which made him even more handsome than he normally was. Purple seemed to be the best color on James so he had a deep purple button up shirt on. They brushed their hair then Ashton insisted they change their bed set. Every married couple had sex but he didn’t want the social worker to see any cum on the bed. Once that was done James started cooking breakfast, allowing Ashton to check the baby gates and baby safe locks for cabinets and the oven. “I’m sure they were just as fine as yesterday” Ashton smiled. It had a hint of embarrassment but was mainly nervous. “It doesn’t hurt to be sure”

“I’m so nervous I feel sick. How stupid is that?”

“Nothing you say or do is stupid.” James tucked a little hair behind Ashton’s ear. Ashton wrapped his arms around James’s waist, finding comfort in his warmth.

“Lets have breakfast before the social worker gets here. You don’t want your stomach growling the whole time and neither do I.”

Ashton sat at the kitchen table with his head propped up in his hand and watched James make breakfast. He admired the incredibly sexy man who had captured his heart and offered him nothing but strength and encouragement through trying times. He didn’t think for a moment he deserved someone so wonderful, but he was glad all the same for being able to love and being loved by James. “Earth to Ashton, this is Houston, do you copy?”

“Hmm, oh sorry I was daydreaming.” Ashton replied as James sat his plate down.

“Was it about me again?”

“Pobably, either you or some other guy in a sexy, purple dress shirt.”

James laughed. “There’s my playful Ashton. I was wondering where you’ve been.”

Ashton gave him a warm smile. “Buried under a mountain of worry. I’ll be back to my old self after everything has been finalized and we have our little boy. Which reminds me, we’re going to have to start locking our bedroom door. Andrew is tall enough to reach the door knobs. We wouldn’t want him to see something inappropriate.”

James chuckled again “I’ll make sure we lock the door” They ate then nervously waited in the living room. The social worker rung their doorbell and greeted them with a smile when they opened the door “Hey again guys. You ready for me?” Ashton spoke through his nervous smile “yep, nice to see you again”

“Oh that’s not true, I scare the crap out of couples trying to adopt. Thank you for being nice though” She gave them a friendly smile. James relaxed, she was always nice and friendly when she had to come. Her friendly nature was easy to forget when she had the final say if they were getting their son. She walked around the first floor and tested the precautions they had for their little one “looks like you daddys did a good job baby proofing. Lets go upstairs. I’ve been dieing to see his room again” Even Ashton gave a relaxed smile now. As they passed the gate for the top of the stairs she tested it too “nicely put in aswell.” She said then they went to Andrews room. “what a lucky little boy. I’m so happy he’ll have such a nice room. You two really care about him. I can see that plainly and have put that in every time I’ve talked to you guys. Just between us I would have given him to you long ago if you could do that. There just has to be papaerwork and precaution to weed out the people of ill will for our children”

“I’m glad you can see how much we love him. We can’t wait to bring him home” she smiled and they toured the upstairs before going to sit in the living room. “As you’ve been told he’s terrfied of cars. Do you two have a plan for making the ride here easier for Andrew?”

“I’m going to sit in back with him and give him what comfort I can.”

“well that’s really all you can do. Don’t feel bad when he starts screaming and crying, I know thats hard when you love them but his fear can’t be helped nor can it be conqured until he’s older and can better understand. I’m supposed to ask things I’ve asked you a trillion times already but I like you two and can feel you are good men who are going to love this little boy and give him a new start in life. I will give my paperwork and good word to whom it’s needed to go to and you gentlemen can come pick up your son at nine am. No earlier but you can be later. Good luck on parenthood guys.” She stood and offered her hand. They shook it, Ashton already tearing up.

James pulled Ashton into a hug the second the social worker was gone and let him cry with happiness. “I told you it would be ok” Ashton silently hugged James “I want to go get him now”

“I know, we have to be patient. We can go see him after we call my parents if you want.”

“Hurry and call please” James smiled and kissed his husband before pulling out his phone to tell his parents the good news. They were overwhelmed with joy and congradulated them both. James asked them to call Capricia and Kellen for him so they could go visit Andrew since they coudln’t bring him home until tomorrow. They agreed and told them to get going.

Ashton nearly jumped out of the still moving car when they pulled up to the orphanage. James held tightly to his hand to keep him from going anywhere. “The last thing we need is you in the hospital again.”

“I’m sorry, I’m just really excited.”

“I know, but please don’t get hurt.” They got out together and walked hand in hand into the orphanage. They were greeted by the same happy, smiling woman as always. She seemed to have developed quite the crush on Ashton which was new to him since most women went after James. It made him uncomfortable.

“Can we see Andrew?” Ashton asked.

“Of course you can. He’s actually been waiting for you.”

The minute Andrew saw them he jumped up and screamed, “Daddy.” He ran across the room and Ashton dropped down on his knees and hugged the little boy.

“Hey buddy, what are you up to?” Ashton asked as he stood with Andrew on his hip.

“Playing hide and seek.”

“I bet that was fun.” James said and Andrew held out his arms and James took him from Ashton. The little boy melted his heart. He hated he was going to have to put him through the stress of riding in a car. “You want to hear something really cool?”


“Tomorrow you get to come home with us. Doesn’t that sound fun?”

Andrew’s eyes lit up and he gave James a tight hug then turned and went back to Ashton. When it was time to leave Andrew clung to Ashton as usual, but he promised that they would be back in the morning and handed him off to his caretakers. Andrew’s teary face broke Ashton’s heart and if it had not been for James he wouldn’t have made it out of there. Ashton stared out the window and James held tightly to his hand as he took them to KFC.

“Please don’t be sad, we’ll see him in the morning.”

“I know, I just hate when he cries.”

“I do too but this is the last night he’ll be in the orphanage. Tomorrow we get to bring him home and show him his room, his toys and his dog. Just imagine how happy he’ll be. We have all his favorite foods and even ice cream for him.”

“Yeah, we still have to make him get in his car seat though. I don’t want to do it but it’s the only way to get him home”

“I’m sure with you in the backseat he’ll be ok Ashton. One we get him home he wont have to ride anymore since you can be home with him.” James smiled while continuing “It’ll be so nice to not only come home to my amazing husband but to have a little kid too. I never imagined my life could end up so perfect. You and that little boy are a dream come true and every day i feel lucky you want to be with me.” Ashton couldn’t take his eyes of James. His words were sincere and touching. “I love you, I’m suprised you say that when I’ve been so stressed out lately.”

“I’ve been stressed too. I understand. I’m glad you are more you this morning. I better make love to you again tonight to make sure you stay happy” James winked and Ashton smiled. They ordered their food and took it home to eat. They almost sat in front of the tv but went to the kitchen instead. They had been making a habit of eating at the table since they wanted to do that with their son. After dinner Ashton said ‘lets hurry up stairs. I want tomorrow to come” James smiled and said in a¬†coquettish way “I know why you really want to get up there” Ashton blushed and was soon lifted into James’s arms. James stoof there a moment just to enjoy kissing him.

When James dropped Ashton on the bed he got over him and whispered “this is the last night you can be loud so I guess we better take advantage” Ashton turend a deep red and they both started pulling at eachothers clothes. Ashton sunk his teeth into James neck and let his tongue move. James large, strong hands gripped Ashton as he moaned. Ashton stopped and went up by James ear “it’s the last night you can be loud too” Ashton let his tongue swirl in James ear just like he liked it. James moaned saying “you’re so bad” He gripped Ashton then began to rub him. Ashton kissed James then said “lets 69”

James pushed Ashton down “after this” he kept jerking Ashton as Ashton moaned into his mouth. James didn’t stop until white spewed. James smiled against his lips then pulled away to position himself over Ashton. They entered eachothers mouths, James thursting two different times without intending to. They ejaculated at the same time, filling eachothers mouths with their warm liquid. James got off of Ashton then pulled him into his lap and shoving him down. Ashton let out a loud moan that could have been heard all through the house. James moved his hips slowly as he licked Ashtons neck and occasionaly gave him loving kisses.

Chapter Two

“I love you.” Ashton whispered shakily, his arms locked around James’s neck. “I love you so much.” He went limp as James spilled his seed deep inside him, his forehead pressed against James’s shoulder. James kissed Ashton’s neck then tipped him back onto the bed.

“Do you want to take a shower?” James asked as he lovingly rained kisses over Ashton’s shoulder and chest.

“I don’t think I can move.”

James smiled as he nibbled his collar bone. “Just stay right here and I’ll get the water started.” He moved off of Ashton and went into the bathroom, switching on the water and making sure it was warm enough before turning on the shower. He went back to Ashton who was already half asleep and lifted him off the bed. “You are so adorable.”

“And you have an extremely high sex drive.” James laughed as he stepped into the water and lowered Ashton to his feet. He squeezed some soap into his hand and lovingly washed him, taking his time and enjoying how amazing he felt. “You always make me feel so loved.”

“That’s because I love you.” After their shower, James dried both of them then carried him back to bed. He set an alarm then crawled in bed and pulled Ashton into his arms.

“Thank you for being such a wonderful husband. I’m really the luckiest man in the world. I love you so much James.” James opened his mouth to reply, but Ashton had already fallen asleep so he just smiled and kissed his head.

“Good night my love.”

Ashton didn’t feel anywhere near as tired as he normally felt after a night like that with James when the alarm clock sounded. Ashton shook James awake “babe, lets get dressed and eat so we can get Andrew! I want to bring him home” James smiled “you’ll have to pay me with a kiss to get me up” Ashton gave him a long kiss then they got up. Ashton nearly ripped a shirt he was rushing so much. James laughed “calm down”

“I can’t, he’s finally coming home with us”

“Just try to keep your clothes intact.” Ashton slid his shirt on “sorry, I guess I do need to tone it down a little bit” The dressed then ate some cereal before checking the time to make sure they wouldn’t get there too early. It was eight thirty so Ashton ran up to Andrews room to grab a few books and toys to distract him during the ride. While Ashton was doing that James checked the car seat to make sure it was ready. On the road Ashtons leg bounced up and down. James didn’t ask him to settle down. He knew the request couldn’t be fufilled anyway. He was just as excited but nervous about putting Andrew in their car. James made sure he had a firm grip on Ashtons hand as they grew closer to the Orphanage. He couldn’t handle Ashton in the hospital again so was unwilling to let him do anything risky. Ashton meant too much to him to let him just go bolting out of moving cars.

James didn’t let go until the car was parked but quickly reclaimed Ashtons hand outside of the car. The woman who always greeted them said “He’s still saying bye to everyone but we ahve his things packed. It’s two suitcases and they are up in his room if you want to get them and put them in the car.”

“Yeah, I’ll go ahead and do that” James said. The three of them walked to Andrews room and grabbed his suitcases. Ashton noticed a picture in the slats under the top bunk and went to look. He smiled when he saw it was him, Andrew and James. The woman smiled “Yeah, when we took that picture of you three a few months back we gave it to him. He carries it around somtimes. It’s adorable. I’m surprised he never showed you” Ashton took the picture and they went to put the bags in the car. They were barely out the room when they heard the familiar voice of Andrew yell “daddy!”

Ashton picked him up and gave him a tight hug. “I missed you little man.”

“Me too, I love you.” Andrew responded happily.

“Are you ready to go home with us?”


They laughed at the boy’s enthusiasm as they made their way back down and to the front door. When Andrew saw the car he clung tighter to Ashton. “It’s okay baby, we’ll keep you safe.” Andrew started shaking his head so hard they were afraid he would hurt himself.

“Hey buddy.” James said and smiled at Andrew. “You have to get in the car so we can go home.” Andrew’s lip quivered. “I tell you what. If you get in the car then daddy will sit in the back with you and play with you. You’ll be completely safe.”

“Okay, for you and daddy.” James smiled and opened the back door.

“I’ll put him in Ashton, you go ahead and get in.” Ashton handed him Andrew and hurried around to the other side of the car. James put Andrew in his carseat and buckled him in then checked to make sure the straps were tight enough. “See daddy’s right here with you.”

Ashton pulled out the toys and books as James started the car and Andrew’s face looked panicked. He did his best to keep their son entertained as they made their way home. He hated how scared he was and wished they had lived closer to the orphanage. “We’re going to have ice cream when we get home. Does that sound good?” Ashton asked and Andrew just knodded as he clung to his teddy bear.

No matter how much¬†Ashton¬†tried Andrew looked¬†terror-stricken.¬†Ashton¬†was just grateful Andrew wasn’t wailing as they warned. The only things keeping Andrew from going into full panic was having his dad in the backseat and that he was finally going home with them. He had been wanting to go home with them for so long, he couldn’t even remember how long. It felt like he had been waiting an eternity for them to take him home. Andrew was practically rattling when the car stopped. “we made it, see?”

“Unbuckle, please”

“I’m coming” James said in a soft comforting tone.¬†Ashton¬†sat by Andrew and held his hand until James opened the door. Andrews arms flung forward and up “I’ve got to take the buckles off first, you¬†know¬†that” He put his arms back down and James undid the buckles then picked their son up.¬†Ashton¬†decided to leave what he brought in the car for now and just got out. Andrew held tightly to James making him feel bad. It was almost as if he was afraid they’d put him back in the car. James unlocked the door and they stepped inside. Sheba ran up excitedly wagging her tail. “Andrew look, this is the dog we have told you about. She’s yours too now. Want to pet her while we make you icecream?”

“Yeah” He said in a smaller voice than he normally spoke in. He was obviously still getting over the fear of being in the car. “Ashton why don’t you stay with him? I’ll just go make our icecream. We only have one scoop anyways.”

“yeah, daddy stay”

“It’s two against one. I’ll be right back” James said and walked away. Ashton smiled, knowing that would start happening alot. He hoped somtimes it would be in his own favor. Ashton looked at Andrew “want to give her a treat?”

“Yeah” the excitement was back in his tone making both Ashton and James feel better since James heard the sudden change too. Ashton held out his hand and Andrew took it. They walked into the kitchen to get Shebas treats. Sheba was close behind since she knew what the word treat meant.

Ashton handed Andrew the treat and watched as he held it out to Sheba who took it gently between her teeth and dropped it on the floor then licked the little boy’s cheek before grabbing the treat and walking away. James and Ashton stared open mouthed at the dog. They had known she was good with kids, but had not known she was that good. James smiled as he put the ice cream away and took their bowls to the table. He decided to share one with Ashton. Andrew watched as James scooped up a little bit of ice cream and held it up for Ashton and tried to do the same. Ashton laughed when he wound up with more on his face than in his mouth.

“Thank you baby.” He said and Andrew gave him his biggest smile.

When they were finished with ice cream, James lifted Andrew out of his chair and took him into the kitchen. He wet a paper towel and wiped his face then sat him on the floor. Ashton rinsed the bowls and sat them in the dishwasher then James turned him around and wiped his face too. “There, no more sticky ice cream.” James said and gave him a kiss.

“Thank you. Andrew seems quite taken with Sheba. I hope he loves your parents, Capricia, Kellen and Catherine and even Adelyn and Enola as much as he loves us and our dog.”

“I’m sure he will. He’s a sweet little guy so I’m sure he’ll bond quickly once he sees how much you and I love everyone.” He kissed Ashton again because he had to then hugged him tightly. “I really love when he calls you daddy.”

“Do you? I was hoping that didn’t make you feel left out. I mean he calls you daddy too.”

“Yeah, but you are his number one daddy and that is just fine with me.” They went into the living room and watched as Andrew sat and played with Sheba’s ears. The dog just laid there and took it, used to the roughness that came with young children.

“Can I explore?” Andrew asked “Of course, we’ll show you everywhere down here and then we’ll show you your bedroom. You have your very own room here. You wont have to share” That in itself seem to excite Andrew “show me” They walked him around, letting him admire each room as long as he wanted. “we’re going upstairs now. Let me carry you” Ashton said and Andrew held his arms up. Ashton smiled and picked up his son. he gave Andrew a kiss on the cheek making him laugh “Your kisses tickle” They went upstairs and pushed open his bedroom door. Andrews eyes grew wide and his little jaw dropped open. “this..this is for me?” He said in deep aw. “Yep, this is why we wanted to know what your favorite things were so we could make your room into somthing you’d like” Andrew pushed out of Ashtons arms and he set him down.

“want to see what makes this room even cooler?”

“It gets cooler?” Ashton and James couldn’t help but chuckle. Ashton shut the door and James closed the curtains. Ashton then shut off the lights so Andrew could see his stars glow in the dark. Andrew was left speechless as he spun around looking at it all. The painters had even trimmed the planets in glow in the dark paint so they would show in the dark. Ashton and James hadn’t noticed this until just now. Ashton turned the lights on and Andrew ran to him then lifted his arms up. Ashton lifted him into a hug “Thank you daddy! I love you”

Andrew lifted his head and turned to James “I love you too other daddy. hug?” James walked over and they had a group hug “Thank you for best room ever. I feel like Buzz Lightyear” James and Ashton wore huge smiles “we love you too.” Ashton said. When they set Andrew down he ran over to the spaceship toy box they bought him and started pulling out his new toys.

“This is so cool, I’ve never had my own toys. Play with me please.”

Ashton and James got down on the floor with Andrew and he handed them toys. They pretended like they were on a mission to the moon to find treasure. James laughed as Andrew flew his rocketship around then made it land on the bed. The little guy had them both wrapped around his little finger and they knew they would do anything for him. They stopped playing for lunch and Andrew smiled as Ashton brought him chicken nuggets. After lunch he was put down for a nap. The minute his door was closed James pulled Ashton into his arms and kissed him.

“Whoa, what was that for?” Ashton asked.

“For being so amazing. I’m glad you told me you wanted kids because this had been one of the most amazing days of my life.”

“You’re just as wonderful, Andrew already adores you.” James smiled and tossed Ashton over his shoulder and headed downstairs. “Put me down Tarzan.” Ashton said with a laugh and James tossed him onto the couch.

“Tarzan? If anyone is the mighty ape man it’s you.”

“Me? Why me?”

“Because you climb like a monkey.”

“What a comedian.” James sat down and pulled Ashton close then turned the TV on. He didn’t really care what they watched, all he wanted was Ashton.

About an hour and a half later Andrew woke up. He walked out of his room to the gate at the top of the stairs “dads! Help!” His tiny plea rang. It was absolutely adorable and they ran right up. Ashton wanted to show off their son “why don’t we take them over to Enola and Adelyns? I want to let him meet them” Andrew tensed “I don’t want the car”

“They live down the street. We are going to walk” Andrew seemed to breath easier “good, no car. I hate car”

“we know you do. We will keep you from the car as much as possible” Andrew hugged Ashton. When Andrew let go James said “well lets brush his hair, get him a juice then take him over” Andrew seemed pleased with this idea. Ashton sat Andrew on the bed and began to brush his hair while James put his shoes on. When little Andrew was ready James carried him downstairs to get him a juice. When he had it James set Andrew on his feet “let us get our shoes on and we’ll go. Just wait and drink your juice” Andrew nodded then James and Ashton went to the living room to grab their shoes. When all was ready James locked up then they each took one of Andrews hands. Adelyn and Enola were just cuddling on their couch when James knocked so they answered quickly. When they saw Andrew they both wore toothy smiles. “Oh my goodness! This little cutie is your son?!” Adelyn exclaimed. Andrew smiled as Ashton said yep. “well come in” Enola said cheerfully.

They could have smothered little Andrew with all the hugs and kisses but he seemed to love it. They stayed the rest of the day and had dinner with them. “Do you like your new home?” Enola asked Andrew “Yeah, my rooms cool”

“I know, we’ve seen it. Your daddies love you very much”

“I know, I love them too. They are the best daddies. Anna was getting adopted too and I think my dads are cooler than her mommy and daddy. I don’t need a mommy when I have them” Adelyn smiled. This was making her want a child with Enola too. Adelyn had already bought a ring to ask Enola to marry her, why not ask for children too. Enola seemed just as taken by the little boy so maybe Enola wanted one now as badly as she did. They stayed until Andrews bedtime “night girls” Ashton said and they both said “night” James cradled Andrew in his arms so he could fall asleep on the way home. Just as James hoped Andrew was sound asleep. James carefully carried his son up stairs and laid him on the bed. James took each shoe off then tucked Andrew under the covers. Kissing his head James said “We love you so much. Sleep well” James shut Andrews door slowly then went down to Ashton.

“I thought I’d let you have a moment” Ashton said as James sat down to hold him. “He’s such a sweet kid. I don’t want to go back to work the day after tomorrow. I guess I’ll just be glad I get to come home to you two. Take pictures tomorrow so I can get a few for my wallet. I’ll get my mom to take a few of all of us”

“we can print them for the house too. I want to hang lots of pictures of the three of us up. Maybe tomorrow we can get a big family shot” They chatted away their night. Talking of tomorrow and the future that lied ahead of them. They wanted to do so many things with Andrew. James asured Ashton he would never be too busy with work to show them his love and go on every trip they wanted. Ashton suddenly felt wet drops hit him and turned in James’s arms to see him crying. Ashton wiped James face and kissed him. James held Ashton in the kiss. When he pulled back he said “I’m so happy, I can barely contain it Ashton”

“Me too” Ashton said softly. James kissed Ashton again. “I’m so glad I found you in that mall. I can never tell you that or how madly I’m in love with you enough”

“I’m glad you found me too baby. I’m glad I so happened to be there so this amazing future could be possible. We’re both lucky to have eachother becaue I’m convinced we’re soulmates” James pulled Ashton into him and just held him close. His soft tears of happiness splattering on Ashtons back. That night they both slept soundly and in a deeper bliss than they could have ever dreamed.

~ The End ~

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