James & Ashton 4

Chapter One

Ashton walked through the woods, enjoying the sunshine and the smell of damp earth. He was excited to be out camping with James, Andrew, Fleur, Katty, Adelyn, Enola, and even Dimitri. He had been wanting to come out so bad and he had finally burst with the need to tell James and it just rushed out of his mouth before he could stop the words from coming out. James had laughed after being startled by his sudden outburst and said it was a good idea since Andrew would be turning eighteen soon. He raised his arms up to the sky, stretching as if he could hug the world around him. He loved being out in nature and was glad to be sharing it with the people he cared about.

“What are you doing out here?” A voice asked, very nearly making him jump out of his skin. He spun around, his heart giving a leap of fear at the young shirtless man standing there, his head cocked to one side in curiosity.

“Uh I was walking, what are you doing out here?” Ashton was ready to defend himself and if this man got the upper hand he would yell for James like he had never yelled before.

The man’s dark blue eyes studied him. “I live here.” He stepped closer and Ashton braced for an attack. The man sniffed the air. “You have someone’s scent all over you, another male. That’s too bad.”

“Uh…okay, look whatever you are, I need to get back to my family, especially my husband because he’ll worry.” The man just stood there watching him. “So can you kind of get out of my way?”

“Oh, yes, sorry. I’ve frightened you, how rude of me. I scented you and wanted to make sure you weren’t lost. My name is Rick.”

“Nice to meet you Rick. I’m camping with my family and some friends so feel free to come by if you get hungry or something.” Rick moved out of his way and Ashton walked quickly back to camp, wanting to be safely back with James. He didn’t know what Rick was capable of and thought it best to tell James of his encounter in case something happened.
He ran to James once he was in view and gave him a tight hug. James chuckled happily then kissed Ashton when he pulled back. “Have fun handsome?”

“Yeah, I met someone out there though. He was a little weird”

“weird? Did he do anything to you? Where is he” James said in a now protective voice. Ashton smiled “no he was nice. Just odd. Said he scented me”

‘Ashton, you and your milkshake need to stop bringing boys to the yard.” Adelyn laughed and Enola said “that is getting so old Dimitri”

“It will never be old” he answered. “where is he now?’ James asked again “I don’t know. i told him he could join us if he felt like though. He really didn’t seem dangerous. I just thought you should know” James smiled “thanks, I hope he is nice” James was relieved to have it confirmed again that Ashton kept nothing from him after he got kidnapped by those homophobes.
“Well if he gives you any grief we’ll all beat him up.” Adelyn said, making everyone laugh.

“We were about to make hot dogs dad, how many do you want?” Andrew asked.

“Two please and put on a couple of extras in case Rick decides to join us.” Ashton answered as he and James sat down at the picnic table.

“So you said that guy said he scented you?” Fleur asked.

“Yeah, I was like do I stink or something?”

James leaned in and inhaled his scent. “You smell pretty good to me.” Ashton blushed and James kissed his cheek.

“If I had to guess, he’s probably one of those wolves. They’re all over Europe and they seem to be more frequent in the news here in America.”

“That’s kind of scary.” Dimitri chimed in. “Was he cute at least?”

Ashton looked at James. “What, I’m not going to get jealous or mad, I know you love me and only me.”

“Yes, he was, but that doesn’t mean he should be following people around. At least he was polite.” Everyone smiled and chatted then as Andrew was taking the hot dogs off the fire Katty gasped and pointed, making James and Ashton turn and look behind them. Rick was standing at the edge of the woods looking uncertain. Ashton waved at him and gestured for him to come over. “Come sit with us.” Ashton offered and Rick plopped down on the ground where he could see everyone.
“you can sit at the table” Ashton said and Rick answered ‘oh no, it’ll be crowded and I often eat on the ground”

“Because you’re a wolf?” Fleur asked and he gave her a grin “yes I am”

“Thats really amazing”

“Thank you”

“I didn’t imagine werewolves to be so polite?”

‘we’re just people like you”

“I guess, sorry if that was offense”

“It’s fine. They make so many terrible movies and books. We are a bit rougher than humans, especially alphas but overall there are plenty decent wolves”

“do you have a mate?”

“No, thats why i was disappointed Ashton here had a mate. As a decent guy I would not break that up. Not that I could but you know what I mean”

“Ashton is handsome” Dimitri added, knowing at this point James wouldn’t gut him for saying so. “may I ask who you all are in relation to my friend?”

“I’m Adelyn and this is my wife Enola. We’re close friends”

“I’m Andrew and this is my girlfriend Fleur. I’m their son.”

“I’m Katty and I’m Adelyn and Enolas daughter”

“I’m Dimitri and I’m just a friend”

“Do you have a mate?”


Rick simply nodded and went back to eating.
“So, do you have a pack?” Andrew asked.

“Yeah, but they know I like to just go off sometimes.”

“Are you the alpha?”

“No, I’m a beta, it’s a pretty laid back job. I’m not needed unless there is some kind of conflict and that hardly ever happens so the other beta takes care of it. I’ve always been kind of a drifter, both mind and body.”

“Can we see you shift?” Katty asked excitedly.

“Well I have to be naked to shift, but if you close your eyes I’ll do it. I’m sure you don’t want to see me strip.”

Everyone covered their eyes with the exception of Dimitri who thought he’d take peek. Rick shifted into his wolf form then gave a little bark and everyone uncovered their eyes. “Wow, you’re beautiful.” Everyone took turns feeling his fur even James who had become fascinated by the shifting process. Rick lifted his clothes in his mouth and everyone covered their eyes again. He shifted back and quickly dressed.

“Okay, it’s safe.”
“why do humans always call male wolves beautiful. We are never beautiful”

“But you are in a handsome sort of way” Katty said with a smile. Rick shrugged “like the view Dimitri?” Rick asked with a wink. Dimitri smiled and said with a charming smile “I did”

‘If you two will need a tent they are set up” Fleur said teasingly which made Rick chuckle ‘you heard her Dimitri” Dimitri laughed back, not knowing if he was serious or not. He wasn’t always good at knowing the difference between a joke and people being serious with what they say.”so am I welcome to enjoy this camping trip with you all?” Rick asked. “Of course, we always like making new friends” Ashton said with a smile. Dimitri offered “you can sleep in my tent if you want”

“sounds fun” Rick said with a smile Dimitri couldn’t quite read. “What’re we doing first guys?” Katty asked excitedly, thrilled to be camping. “lets go swimming” Andrew suggested so they all changed into their swimwear. “No fair” Rick said as Dimitri left his tent “No fair?’ he asked. “well you saw me naked but you hid in your tent when you changed”

“Dang that really isnt fair. I better let you see me change when we’re done swimming”

“Thats more like it” Rick responded with another smooth wink.
James draped his arm over Ashton’s shoulders, happy to be outside with him. He knew how much Ashton liked camping and had been making an effort to get him out more. He leaned down and kissed Ashton’s cheek, making him smile. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

They made it to the waterfall and walked down the small path that led to the pool it flowed in to. The water was surprisingly nice and they got used to how cool it was pretty fast. “You kids be careful if you jump off the rocks.” James said and the youngest members of their group yelled back okay.

“They’re all old enough to know that.” Ashton said with a warm smile.

“I know, I just don’t want them getting hurt.”

“You can be such a bear sometimes, a sweet protective papa bear.”

“I can’t help it, Andrew is our little boy, Katty our niece, and Fleur means everything to Andrew. If any of them got hurt, it would kill me.”

“Come on, lets just have fun. The kids will be careful.”
James kissed Ashton softly “Ok” Laughter was soon all around as everybody began enjoying themselves. Andrew tried not to be consumed in his girlfriend while they were around family. They still had the all consuming passion of being teenagers in love. Truly there hadn’t been many days since they got together that they hadn’t atleast texted eachother a little. Andrew was worried about graduating and going to college. They had promised eachother to try and get in somwhere they could go to college together but they weren’t sure if it would happen. Fleur was planning on being a Esthetician while Andrew wanted to become a Epidemiologist. They were both kind of medical so they were hopeful but there was no guarantee.

He once again shook off those thoughts. They were having fun and that was all that mattered. Even if they had to go to different colleges they could visit on breaks and they had their cellphones along with laptops. They also had absolute faith in eachother when it came to loyalty so cheating wasn’t a concern once they began college.
“You have become distracted my love, are you alright?” Fleur asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine baby.” He splashed her and she giggled, splashing him back.

They swam around until they were exhausted and hungry then headed back to the campground with Ashton riding on James back because his legs were so tired. When they got back they all went into their respective tents, Rick following Dimitri who hadn’t thought he’d actually do it. “Do you have any clothes?” Dimitri asked.

“Just these.”

“You can borrow a pair of my shorts.”

Rick cocked his head to the side. “You’re nervous, you flirt, but you’re nervous. You don’t have to strip for me, I was teasing and flirting back, you don’t have to do it.”

“Well it’s only fair.” Dimitri pulled his shorts off and Rick looked him over from the tip of his toes to the top of his head, making goosebumps cover his skin. He became so nervous under his gaze that he grabbed dry clothes and pulled them on then tossed his shorts in the plastic bag he had brought. He handed Rick a pair of dry shorts and Rick grabbed his wrist, pulling him closer.

“I’m sorry I made you uncomfortable, it won’t happen again.” He let him go and Dimitri stepped out of the tent. He’d never been so nervous in his life.

James cooked steaks and Ashton made some instant bacon and cheese mashed potatoes. Usually the instant ones didn’t taste good, but these did and Ashton loved making them on camping trips. “Hey Dimitri, you okay?” Adelyn asked.

“Oh yeah, sure, starving, tired.”

Chapter Two

Rick felt bad for studying Dimitri too long. He hated he made him uncomfortable. That night he decided to see if he was still welcome in Dimitris tent “I can still sleep in there with you right?”

“why wouldn’t you be able to?’

“I made you so nervous. I just liked what i was looking at”

“if you like my body so much why don’t you hold it? Clothes on for tonight” Rick smiled “sounds good to me” Ashton smiled over at them then at his husband as they got in bed. “looks like Dimitri has sombody now”

“it does seem like it” Andrew and Fleur sat by the campfire. They had promised James they would put it out thoroughly before sleeping. “so, what was on your mind earlier? Is it college again?’

“yeah, I just really want to go to the same college as you”

“I know, me too but we’ll be fine if we dont. You know that right?”

“I do Fleur. Don’t think I dont trust you”

“hey, we’ve had this conversation before. We have eachothers full trust. I honestly worry about it somtimes too but I wont be devastated if we dont end up accepted at the same college.”

“we’ll skype every night we can right?”

“we’ll find time for even a few moments every night” Andrew smiled “I love you Fleur”

“Love you too Andrew. Our parents will understand if we wish to find time for eachother first”

“If we can get your mother to use skype we coudl have a big conference call”

“My mom?” She giggled and Andrew chuckled “hey, maybe” Rick laid contently with Dimitris head on his chest. Rick bravely began to rub Dimitris back which caused goosebumps to cover his skin “so you like it? that’s good. I want to find out everything you would like me to do to you” Dimitri blushed and Rick chuckled quietly “I’m a wolf. We are a bold race. If you need me to back off just let me know”
“I’m fine.” He replied quickly.”

“Really?” Rick moved so Dimitri was beneath him and pinned his arms down next to his head. “Are you sure?” He licked up Dimitri’s neck to his ear, making him moan. “Your heart is beating really fast.”

“You make me nervous, I’ve never had a guy act like this before.” He swallowed. “I’m not just some conquest right?”

Rick smiled. “Not at all, I’m just very attracted to you. I love your taste and your smell.” He moved so he was once more next to Dimitri and pulled his head onto his chest. “I can wait.”

“You don’t have too.”

“I want us to be alone anyway so I’ll wait until your camping trip is over.”

Ashton relaxed into James’ arms, feeling completely content to be with him. He kissed his chest and gave a happy sigh. “Thank you for being nice about Rick, he’s not bad as far as I can tell.”

“He seems nice enough, I just don’t like you alone with strange men, especially after what happened. I still feel on edge sometimes.”

“That’s because you’re a good husband, good husband’s tend to worry about their loved ones.”

“I’m really glad someone else has caught Dimitri’s attention though. I know he means no harm, but man is he a flirt, a shameless flirt.”

Ashton laughed softly. “I only have eyes for you my love, no one else could steal my gaze away.” He kissed James’ chest again. “Get some sleep, we’re going fishing tomorrow.”
In the morning they all grabbed fishing gear and walked to a really nice fishing area nearby. Rick had never gone fishing with poles so Dimitri spent his time just helping Rick learn how. James and Ashton were lost in just the two of them while Adelyn, Enola, Andrew & Fleur were competing on who could catch the biggest fish. They placed what they caught in an ice cooler they brought until lunch time. It had been Enola who caught the biggest fish out of the four of them so she was proud on their way back to camp.

James, Dimitri and Adelyn got the fish ready to eat while the others just talked. Rick would occasionally glance over at Dimitri, smiling though Dimitri didn’t look back. “You are getting awfully moony eyed about Dimitri over there. Isn’t that a bad idea?” Fluer asked. “why would it be?” Rick responded, honestly confused. “You are immortal and he isn’t correct?”

“My pack could fix that. I could change him and the rest of you if he wanted it”

“really?” That had everybodies attention. “don’t be so shocked everyone but yes.” that was now all anybody was talking about as they cooked their lunch and began to eat. Rick wasn’t sure if it was being considered or not so he asked Dimitri “if we decide we do want to be together after this camping trip would you be interested in being changed?”

“I think that would be cool”

“I really like all of you so how about the rest of you?”
Ashton looked hopefully at James who said, “Sure, we’d love to as long as Andrew agrees. We’d hate to watch our boy grow old and die.”

“I’ll do it if Fleur wants to.”

Fleur smiled sweetly at him. “Forever with you sounds amazing. I’ll talk to my family about my choice after we go home.”

Everyone looked at Adelyn, Enola, and Katty who nodded excitedly. “Good, I’m glad. I’ll have to talk to my pack later and ask them to help me.”

Everyone talked about what it would be like to be immortal, Ashton and James happy that they would have forever with each other. James brushed his fingers through Ashton’s hair and kissed him. Once they were finished with lunch they decided to go exploring. It was Ashton’s favorite thing to do. He loved jumping across rocks and climbing trees. He got Enola a pine cone every time they went on a trip together and she had quite the collection on their mantle that she had painted and even had some she used as Christmas decorations. Ashton found a tree and started up, stopping halfway and plucking a pine cone off before heading back down. Enola was waiting for him and he tossed the pine cone to her before dropping to the ground.

“You still give me a heart attack every time you do that.” James said then pressed a kiss onto his forehead.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“So what is it like being a wolf?” Dimitri asked.

“It’s pretty interesting. Your senses are heightened, you’re incredibly strong and fast, shifting is fun and learning even more fun, and your sex drive goes up.” He explained. Dimitri, Enola, Ashton, Katty, and Andrew all blushed.

“That certainly sounds interesting.” James said and Ashton elbowed him in the ribs, making him laugh.
“you don’t need a higher sex drive” Ashton said which only made James laugh harder. Ashton loved hearing such happiness from his husband but actually did worry if his body could take James having a higher sex drive. “you’ll still do it if your parents wont right?’ Andrew asked worriedly. Fleur frowned “Yes but I’ll be sad they didn’t choose to. I’m hoping I can convince them”

“I’m sure your sister will” Fleurs smile returned “yeah, she’ll say yes in a heartbeat” Ashton smiled at them and took his husbands hand as they continued to enjoy their walk in the beautiful nature around them. Everyone was so happy and excited making Ashton happier. He was especially glad for Dimitri. He had been really wanting Dimitri to find someone since he knew how much it had hurt him that he wanted to be with James.
As they made their way back to camp Rick started sniffing the air and ran in front of the group. James and Ashton camp to a sudden stop as a young woman stepped out of the trees. “Brunhilda, what are you doing here?” Rick asked.

“I came to check on you and I smelled humans. Who are these people?”

“My friends, I’ll explain more when I come back so please go, I’m safe.”

“Your scent is off, you smell like that male.” She pointed at Dimitri. “Have you been sleeping with that one?” There was a hint of jealousy in her tone that made Rick growl and her take a step back.

“It is not your business who I sleep with, go back to the pack and mind your own business.”

Brunhilda took off, her eyes blazing anger and jealousy at Dimitri. “What was that about?” James asked, still holding Ashton protectively against him.

“Brunhilda has always been after me, unlike actual wolf packs, werewolves are allowed to marry and mate with who they wish. Brunhilda had hoped I would choose her even knowing my sexual orientation. She’s irritating.” Rick took his place next to Dimitri and they continued on their way. James breathed easier when the campsite came into view and dropped down on the picnic table bench, pulling Ashton down on his lap.

“If that woman causes any trouble, I might have to do something about it.” James said. He wasn’t the type to use violent against women, but when it came to defending Ashton and Andrew, he wouldn’t hesitate for a moment.

“I doubt she’ll be back and it’s not against pack law to mingle with humans. Those were the old ways and they changed with the times. There was a time when werewolves were forbidden to interact with humans.”

“What happened to change their minds?” Dimitri asked.

“The prospect of the pack dying out was terrifying so they decided to let the wolves branch out and find mates in the human world as well as in other worlds. Keeping your bloodline pure is not worth losing your entire pack.”
“Yeah, after awhile you’d be mating with third cousins and such which would just be nasty.” Rick chuckled “yeah, if you’re related to me in anyway by blood I don’t want any of that”

“why would she hold on to hope even though you like guys?” Dimitri asked Rick. “She’s crazy, I don’t know what else to tell you. I don’t know why she thinks I’ll just change my mind one day. It doesn’t work like that. There’s plenty of men in the world so you’d think she could just move on”

“somtimes its hard” Dimitri said, understanding being a little latched on to someone. He had bene happy for Ashton but he had carried a small torch until this time with Rick. “lets talk about somthing happier than that annoying woman. I don’t want her jealousy bringing your moods down. As you saw before she isn’t brave enough to fight over it and the pack will just tell her shes ridiculous if she tries to start anything. I can be with you and have their blessing over it Dimitri”
“That’s good.” Rick grabbed his hand and smiled.

“Do I still make you nervous?”

“Yes, very.”

“I’m a good guy Dimitri, I promise. I’ve never been violent or hurt anyone, I’m just an enforcer.”

“I believe you.”

Ashton went to the car and pulled out their cards, wanting to try and help Dimitri relax a little around Rick. Dimitri had always been the pursuer as far as Ashton had seen and wasn’t used to being so aggressively pursued by a man who was literally a wild animal. “Lets play some poker.” Ashton said. They all took a seat at the table and Ashton dealt the cards. Rick didn’t know how to play so they explained as they went, helping until he got the hang of it. James won the first two hands and then Andrew. James got up and started on hamburgers while they continued to play, Dimitri smiling happily when he actually won a hand.

“Burgers are ready.” James said and Ashton picked up the deck while everyone else grabbed a paper plate. “I made yours a little on the rare side Rick, figured you’d like the meat better that way.”

“Thank you very much. I think I’ll head back to my pack after dinner and talk to them about making you all moon born. I’m sure they’ll agree, though it will take some time to set up.”

Chapter Three

“We’re not in a hurry. We really appreciate you doing this for all of us”

“you all are good people. You’d give our kind a good name and I’m really interested in you Dimitri. You are far from a conquest” Dimitri swallowed what he had in his mouth “I’m glad” Just as Rick said he hugged Dimitri when he finished eating then shifted into a wolf so he could return to his pack. “Look at you hot stuff. Got a werewolf wanting you” Adelyn said with a grin. “I can’t believe how nervous he makes me. I feel stupid”

“You just are used to being the more dominant in a relationship. You normally go after men, not the other way around. It isn’t stupid being with Rick will be somthing you’ll have to get used to” Dimitri sat back down at the picnic table. “I hope he doesn’t take long”

“We’ll all sit up with you until he returns if it starts to get late” Fluer said with a reassuring smile. “Thanks”
James and Ashton stayed awake talking to everyone until Ashton started to fall asleep in James’ lap. “I’m taking Ashton to bed.” He said as he got to his feet.

“It’s okay, I can stay awake.” Ashton protested.

James put his lips against Ashton’s ear. “I want you to myself before you’re too tired to stay awake.”

Ashton blushed. “Good night everyone, see you in the morning.”

“Night.” Everyone said at once and James sat him down in front of their tent so they could get in.

Once the opening was zipped closed James pulled Ashton into his arms and kissed him, his hands pulling at his clothes. “We have to be quiet.” Ashton said as James pushed him onto his back.

“That means I’ll have to go really slow.” He kissed and licked his way down Ashton’s body. He licked his tongue over his tip then sucked on him so Ashton had to cover his mouth with his hand. His back arched as he came and he found himself panting and shaking. “Do you need me to stop?” James asked softly.

“No, please don’t.”

James smiled and quickly stripped off his own clothes. He turned Ashton onto his stomach and kissed his shoulder. “I love you baby.”

“I love you too.” James made love to him slowly while Ashton bit his pillow to muffle his cries. James pressed his forehead against Ashton’s shoulder as he spilled himself into his tight confines and they both collapsed. James rolled onto his back and pulled Ashton into his arms, giving him a kiss on the forehead before covering them and following his husband into sleep.

When Rick came back Dimitri actually jumped up, a blush creeping up his neck at how happy he was to see the werewolf. Everyone else said goodnight and climbed into their tents, planning on seeing what Rick’s pack had said in the morning. Rick shifted and pulled just his shorts on before crossing over to Dimitri. “You’re finally back.”

“You missed me.” Rick said with a victorious smile.

“Of course I did.” His voice shook.

“You’re still nervous.”

“I’m just not used to being pursued by anyone. I’m usually the pursuer so I don’t know what to do.”

“I just want to make you feel loved, don’t be afraid too open up to me and tell me exactly what you want from me.”
“I want you to come lay with me while you tell me about what they said” Rick smiled and took Dimitris hand. Rick guided Dimitri to his tent then crawled in with him. Once in a comfortable cuddling position Rick began to speak. “They are more than willing to change you all. We need to wait for the full moon which wont happen for another two days. The ritual wont be comfortable. It will honestly be a bit painful”

“I can deal with that and I know the others can”

“On the day of the ritual you will all need to be painted in blood so we’ll have to go to my pack early that day since we’re doing so many of you”


“I’m really happy you’re doing this. What can i do for you in return?”

“You are giving us eternal life. I’m not the one doing you a favor here” Rick licked the side of Dimitris neck. “But you are. You are letting me keep you.”Rick smiled as goosebumps formed on Dimitris skin. ‘That feels so good” Dimitri said softly. “oh’ Rick said with a flirtatious smile. He began giving Dimitri slow licks over the exposed parts of his body until Dimitri stopped him “you’re arousing me”
“I know.” He tapped his nose and Dimitri’s blush deepened. “There’s also this.” He slid his hand into Dimitri’s shorts, smiling at how hard he already was. He rubbed him, making him moan louder than he intended.

“What if they hear us?”

“They’re sound asleep, I can hear their breathing.”


“No more excuses.” He pulled Dimitri’s shorts off then his own and moved so he was on top of him. “You’re incredibly sexy. Touch me too.” Dimitri shakily trailed a hand down Rick’s chest and across his abdomen. He wrapped his fingers around his shaft and slowly stroked him. Rick kissed him hungrily and they both moaned. “I need you Dimitri, I need to bury myself in you.”

“Hurry then before I come to my senses.” Rick smiled as he lifted Dimitri’s hips and pushed into him. He clamped and hand over Dimitri’s mouth when he heard someone moving around then their tent unzipping. Dimitri’s eyes widened and Rick kissed his forehead before taking on a torturously slow pace.

“Just relax and let go, I won’t let you be heard.” He whispered.
Dimitri still tried not to moan but Rick was going so slow and it felt so good that he couldn’t help it after awhile. Rick smiled triumphantly again and leaned down lick Dimitris left ear. As Rick came closer to finishing he picked up the pace, needing to reach his release. Ricks warm seamen soon pumped out of him and into Dimitri. It made Dimitri moaned again, loving the wet heat sliding into his body. Rick pulled out then laid back down with Dimitri. He planted a kiss on his lovers cheek “See? I kept you muffled. Imagine what fun we’re going to have when we can be as loud as we wish.”

“now you’re just trying to make me blush” Dimitri answered in a whisper “well I like it” They both fell asleep smiling. In the morning James woke first and just laid there enjoying his husband until Ashtons eyes opened “morning handsome” James said looking abundantly pleased with life. “why do you look so happy this morning”

“Just the thought of living forever with you” Ashton smiled “you are always so sweet. None of the people you have cage fights with believe how sweet you are”

“I doubt I can do that any longer. It wont be fair since I’m sure I’ll get added strength”

“well good, I hate when you get bruises or a busted nose” James kissed Ashtons head “I don’t want to get up”

“We came here to spend time with our friends and family.”

“I guess”
“Come on, we can spend some time alone once the camping trip is over.” He gave James a kiss and James held him there. “Calm down or we’ll never get out of here.”

“That’s the plan.”


“Alright, alright, I’ll be good.”

He let Ashton go and they pulled on their clothes then got out of the tent, both of them stretching. “Morning dads.” Andrew said as he and Fleur climbed out of his tent. “Want me to make breakfast?”

“If you’d like.” Ashton said. “I’m going to make us some coffee.” He grabbed the keys out of the tent and went to the car, popping the trunk and pulling out the percolator, coffee grounds, and water. James got a fire started while he got the coffee ready to cook. He then sat the percolator on the cooking rack and sat down with James at the picnic table while Andrew made breakfast.

Adelyn, Enola, and Katty came out of their tents at the smell of food and Adelyn walked over to Dimitri’s tent when she saw he and Rick were still in bed. “Hey get your lazy butts up, Andrew’s cooking breakfast.”
Neither one felt like getting up yet but they slowly dressed and came out anyway. “You must have came back really late last night” Ashton said and Rick smiled “yes”

“what did they say?’ Fleur asked. “they are willing to change you but we have to wait for a full moon which will happen in two more nights.”

‘i’m so excited.” Andrew smiled at his girlfriends joy before Rick continued “On the morning before the full moon we’ll have to go to my pack because you’ll all have to be painted with symbols. With so many of you it will take a long time and it absolutely has to be perfect so we have to make sure we have ample time. Also you will all have to be naked. I hope none of you are shy” Ashton, Andrew and Enola felt shy about it but could do it for the chance at forever with their loved ones.

They just enjoyed the rest of their trip then followed Rick to meet his pack the morning he told them it was time. They were honestly surprised how friendly they were. The only person not being nice was Brunhilda but they hadn’t expected her to be welcoming. The whole pack helped in getting everyone painted and ready for the ceremony. They actually finished sooner than they thought they would with everyones help so they were all stuck just being exposed to the pack for ahwile. The pack thought nothing of it since wolf packs were used to nudity but they tried to put the soon to be moon borns at ease since they were obviously uncomfortable.

That night Rick wanted to sit with Dimitri but they were doing so many at once he decided to help perform the ceremony to make sure it went perfectly. Ashton took one of Dimitris hands for comfort which James didn’t mind since he didn’t have anybody else to hold him. Fleur just seemed excited the whole time but that was one thing Andrew loved about Fleur. She had all the bravery and boldness he wished he had. They were opposites in most ways but instead of making Andrew less confident in their relationship it strengthened it in his eyes because they both had somthing to offer eachother and could even eachother out. He could help her see some things were too dangerous and she helped push him to be braver.
The first howl startled them and if James had not had more control over his reflexes he might have shoved Ashton behind. It was instinctive to protect him and he actually blushed in embarrassment. They howled again and looked to the center of the circle, their voices taking on a rhythmic chant that made the symbols on their skin burn. It brought tears to Enola’s eyes and Adelyn pulled her a little closer for comfort. The circle fell silent and the sound of howling filled the night, sounding close. They all stared wide eyed at the small group of wolves that came walking out of the darkness and into the circle. James’ was a chocolate brown and Ashton’s blonde, Adelyn, Enola, and Katty’s were all the same midnight black, Andrew’s was the same color as James’, Fleur’s a bright silver grey, and Dimitri’s was a deep grey. The wolves stared into their eyes and the symbols burned uncomfortably hot.

“Go ahead and pet them.” Rick said softly and they all reached out and ran their fingers through the wolves thick fur.

The wolves moved closer and touched their noses to the foreheads of the humans they had chosen and all closed their eyes, a crushing sensation coming over their bodies. They all gasped, drawing air into their lungs as the heat subsided. The circle let out a bunch of excited yips and howls and Rick moved to pull Dimitri to his feet. “What’s going on?” Dimitri asked.

“You are now family, welcome to the pack brothers and sisters.” Rick replied and gave Dimitri an excited kiss.
They would have spent a few days with these wonderful pack of wolves if they hadn’t promised to get Fleur home. Dimitri who had nowhere to go just stayed with Rick when the rest of them said their goodbyes and thank yous. Fleur was thrilled to talk to her parents and hoped they’d be receptive to the idea of becoming wolves. She and Andrew had a long hug infront of her door before he walked back to his parents car. “they’ll say yes” Ashton assured. ‘i just don’t want to see her sad if they say no”

“Who wouldn’t want forever?” James asked to comfort his son. “yeah, she’s going to call me when they give her an answer” At home they ordered pizza for dinner and ate together until Andrews phone finally rang. He answered it quickly as he bolted up the stairs to his room where he always talked to Fleur. James chuckled then helped Ashton clean up their small mess.

They could hear clearly Andrews excitement so knew Fleurs parents and sister said yes to changing. At first it seemed so natural to hear their son but soon they realized that it wasnt and finally noticed how much better their hearing was now.
“That may be a problem.” Ashton said.

“He has headphones, I’m sure he uses them anyway.” James said and kissed him.

“So uh, what are you going to do for work if you stop cage fighting?”

“Well, I’ll keep training people, maybe I’ll open up my own gym and training center.”

“Then I’d still get to watch you fight.”

“You like it when I’m sweaty and shirtless.” He winked and Ashton blushed. “Don’t deny it.” He back Ashton up against the dining room wall. “I can hear your heart beating.”

“I can hear yours too, it’s fast.”

James slipped his fingers in Ashton’s hair and rubbed his nose against his. “That’s because I’m excited.” He lifted Ashton off the floor and over his shoulder and carried him upstairs to their room. “Good night Andrew.” He said as he passed their son’s door.

“Night dads.” He sat back down on his bed. “I need to get off the phone Fleur, I love you.”

“I love you too, I’m so happy to have you forever.”

“Me too, get some sleep baby.”

“Okay my love, good night.”

“Good night.” He hit the end button before he kept talking. He kicked his shoes off then his jeans, flopped down on his bed and put his headphones in.
James threw Ashton on the bed then began jerking off his clothing. Ashton tried to sit up and help James with his clothes but James growled and pinned Ashton back down. It was surprising along with scary and admittedly arousing. James bit down on Ashtons shoulder nearly hard enough to draw blood ‘James” Ashton moaned. James bit Ashtons neck then traveled the rest of his body leaving bite marks. James didn’t know why he needed to do this but he felt he absolutely needed to.

James then began nibbling much more gently at Ashtons neck and ear while he slid two fingers into him to loosen Ashton. James nibbles, licks and hot breaths were driving Ashton wild with lust. Ashton took James by surprise when Ashton quickly moved to bite James. He actually managed to get himself on top f James to bite and lick him aswell. “mmm, you’re going to be more aggressive now huh? Maybe I’ll have to be aswell. Those bite marks look so sexy on you Ashton”

Ashton moved James’s hips so he could thrust in then used one of his hands to begin rubbing James off. James moaned and moved with his pleasure until they had both come. Ashton inside of him and he all over the both of them. Ashton smiled and pulled himself out to grab a towel. He rubbed himself off then threw it at James. “That was sexy you taking some control. You don’t normal do that when I’m dominating”

“My wolf didn’t like it” James smiled “as I said, I think sex is going to become a bit more interesting. Not that it needed spicing up but still” Ashton smiled then crawled in bed with James “I think a lot of things are going to be different” James kissed Ashtons head “different in all the best ways my love”

~ The End ~

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