Jasper Bookchild & Stella Yander Meet

Chapter One

Jasper pulled an all nighter in his office. He had three cases right now and it was such a headache. Especially with the woman he was seeing today. Her voice was shrill, it was to the point he took four ibuprofen in the mornings before he would meet her. It was over what you’re supposed to take but with her, he needed it just to represent her. Her case was even annoying to him. She had married and divorced a very rich man. He wasn’t a millionaire or anything but he definitely lived well. She had two kids before marrying him and birthed two more during their marriage. She was getting six hundred dollars a piece for each child and decided it wasn’t enough any longer. She was taking him back to court to get nine hundred a child, per month.

Jasper knew the judge would laugh her out of court. She was already getting alimony from the husband she had before him but she was greedy and never had enough. This woman seemed to go through rich men, only marrying or getting involved with someone who would buy her anything she wanted. It was disgusting and he couldn’t fathom why any of them would be with her. She was beautiful, that he had to admit but beauty isn’t everything. He got his coffee and started walking hastily to his office. He was going to be late and knew she would make a big deal about it.

His phone went off and he looked down. It was a text from his mother so he opened it. Just as he began reading he bumped into someone and spilled his coffee all over them. He looked up in horror and slid his phone in his pocket. The woman was freaking out “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry”

“No, it’s my fault. I was reading a text and not paying attention to where I was going. Are you ok? There’s hot coffee all over you. Here, I’ll buy you a new dress over at Annas Dresses.”

“It’s ok”

“It’s not ok. I’m not walking away and leaving you in a dress that’s stained with my coffee because I wasn’t looking where I was going. Please, I wont be able to live with myself today if you don’t let me replace your dress” Stella smiled “It probably would be better if I just went home quickly. I need to shower to get the coffee off.”

“I’m a lawyer at Birchmoore and Flints Lawfirm. We have showers there since it’s such a big law firm and lawyers pull all nighters a lot. We’ll buy you a dress then you’re coming into my office. I insist, do you want me to do a horrible job today because I’m distracted by guilt? You want to ruin my career?” He said, his voice turning light to try and make her relax. She seemed afraid of him and like she really felt this was her fault.

“No, I’m sure your work is important…I’m sorry. I’m so much trouble.”

“stop appologizing to me. I shouldn’t read texts while I walk. It was just my mom and I always get back with my mom, dad or my sister Corina as fast as I can. This is the last time I read a text while walking though. Please just come with me so we can hurry and get that coffee off you. Your skin is so red.” Stella hadn’t noticed. Her father had chucked whole pots of coffee on her growing up that her skin had grown a little resistant to hot things being spilled on it. They walked over to Annas Dresses and went inside “start looking around, I need to call my client” Stella just nodded and went to a section that had her size. Within the first two rings that eardrum shattering voice answered “where are you?”

“I’m dealing with somthing right now. I’ll be late, todays talk is free”

“It better be free, I dont pay you to handle problems that aren’t mine.”

“well it’s free, I’ll be there when I’m done with this so keep your panties on”

“But it’s so hard in your office” she giggled and he rolled his eyes. “what did I say about that kind of talk. One more time and I’m dropping your case”

“such a rain storm on lifes parade! Fine, just get here and get here fast” She hung up angrily, not liking he always rejected her advances. Jasper had a high success rate so she knew he had to make a lot of money. She could tell by the type of suits he wore that he had money to burn. He was also attractive. She had to date many ugly and old men for their money but Jasper was young, sexy and rich. She wanted him, felt she needed him even. All she had to do was get him to sleep with her so that she would hopefully get pregnant again. Then she would get paid for sleeping with a drop dead gorgeous man. It seemed like heaven to her. She was hoping after the case he would quit being so serious and just take her on his desk like she so frequently asked him to.

Stella couldn’t believe how expensive these dresses were. She had never owned one that cost over twenty dollars before. She walked over to Jasper as soon as she saw him hang up “These dresses are so expensive, maybe we should go to a different store.” Jasper smiled “I knew how much these dresses were when I suggested we come here. Pick out any dress you want. It’s nothing to me.” Stella looked uncomfortable so he said “you coudl pay me back by being my date tonight if me buying you a dress here is that big of a deal.”

“date?” Stella blushed profusely and Jasper laughed “My moms having a dinner party. I was going to be the only one there without a date. You seem like a really nice girl so it could be fun. I mean I guess i did just spill coffee on you so I’d understand if you just want nothing to do with me after this.”

“No that sounds nice”

“Thanks, see, you’re doing me a favor. Pick out two dresses. You can have one for now and tonight”

“Ones fine”

“Two or no deal” Stella actually giggled. She was looking forward to spending more time with him. She picked out two dresses and showed them to him “those will look stunning on you.” Her face was radiant with her smile. He couldn’t help but smile back at her. When she looked happy it was infectious and made his heart stammer. He paid for them and took the bag from her as she tried to grab it. “Hold my hand so I don’t lose you in the crowded street. I need to hurry before this lady rips my head off” Stella blushed again as she grabbed his hand. He held hers firmly but made sure his grip wasn’t too tight as he guided her through the people and into his office building.

He quickly walked her in, not making eye contact with anybody so they wouldn’t speak to him. He couldn’t avoid his friend Jayna “what happened to her?”

“I accidentally spilled my coffee on her because I was reading a text while walking. I’m actually glad you stopped me. I bought her a dress to replace what she’s wearing and am letting her use my shower to get the hot coffee off of her skin. You take showers here a lot, can she borrow your hair brush?”

“Of course she can and she can use my shower too. Don’t want you being a pervert and spying on her.” Stella blushed and Jasper smiled “I guess she should. I don’t need that kind of temptation” Stella blushed more and Jayna laughed “I don’t think the coffee is the only thing making this girl red. That annoying woman is waiting in your office. I’ll take care of Stella” Jasper found himself not wanting to leave Stella but it was better that way. He handed Stella her bag “Please wait for me to talk to you again before you go. I’m serious about that date.” Stella just nodded “a date. wow” Jayna said as she guided Stella to an elevator.

“Yeah, I was worried about him buying me such nice dresses and he said I could pay him back with a date. He didn’t want to be the only single man at his moms party.” Jayna giggled “He likes you, its probably not a favor”

“But he doesn’t know me and you’ve only just met me. Why do you think that?”

“We’ve known eachother a long time. We started law school together. I can tell he’s attracted to you.”


“You said that like it’s disappointing. Don’t you think he’s attractive?”

“well yeah” her voice grew softer “He’s a bit out of my league.”

“why, you are very pretty”

“You’re just saying that. I’m average at best”

“None of that, only think positive thoughts about yourself. I don’t have a doubt in my mind Jasper thinks youre pretty. Don’t you value a handsome mans opinion and mine?” Stella smiled as they entered her office. “This place is nice”

“Yes it is and you’ll love the showers. I prefer them to mine at home” Jayna guided Stella to the bathroom “use anything in there sweetheart. I better not hear any more negative things about yourself, do you understand?” Stella nodded with a smile. Jayna shut the door and Stella stripped. She set her bag on the counter and turned on the water. Once it was a nice temperature she got in. This shower had the perfect water pressure. It felt so good on her skin. She wanted to just stand in there but felt awkward in Jaynas shower. She quickly washed then got out to dry her body. She took advantage of the hair dryer that was in there then put one of her new dresses on. The material felt so soft on her skin. This dress was going to spoil her and she wouldn’t be able to wear the cheap ones any longer.

Stella finished brushing out her hair and actually felt really pretty in this dress. She blushed again, hoping Jasper would think she was pretty. She wondered if Jayna was just being nice or really thought Jasper was attracted to her. Stella stepped out and Jayna smiled “you picked out a good one. You’ll knock him dead.”

“where do I wait?”

“In here, I’ll be honest with you. Want to see proof that he’s into you?”

“How could you have proof?” Jayna smiled “He texted me while you were in the shower” She grabbed her phone and opened the text then handed it to Stella. “Please please please keep her there. Distract Stella any way you can. I’m not sure and I know I just met her but there’s somthing about her. No, it’s not just that she’s beautiful. There’s somthing about her and I need to get to know her. If she walks out I may never find her again. I’ll owe you big time. PLEASE” Stella was now in a full bodied blush and Jayna took the phone “I called it. Lets get you calm. I can’t have Jasper finding out I showed you that text. He would kill me.” Stella nodded and willed her blush away.

Jasper more impatiently than ever listened and talked to Tara. He worried Jayna might not be able to keep Stella there and he would miss his chance to get to know her. His leg wanted to bounce up and down but he kept it still. He was a professional and had to act like one. Tara probably wouldn’t have noticed if he had let his bounce leg bounce anyway. She was too consumed with herself to notice how others felt. “I guess we’re good now. When’s our court date?”

“In two days, 10:20am.”

“Gotcha, see you then” She winked and Jasper acted as if it didn’t happen. When she was gone Jasper hurried out of his office to get to Jaynas. Stella was on Jaynas couch which was against the all glass wall that could see into the rest of the floor. Jayna was in her office chair so unlike Stella she could see how fast Jasper was walking to her office. Jayna laughed and Stella tilted her head in confusion, only making Jayna laugh more. “good you’re still here” Jasper said with a cool smile and acted as if he hadn’t practically run to this office. Stella stood and grabbed her bag “so I need the address of where your mom lives I guess” Jasper nearly invited Stella to lunch but then remembered he was having it with a witness for another case. He was a horrible man who was always in and out of prison but he was helping put another away. He wasn’t the type a man Jasper thought Stella should be around.

“I thought I’d take you home. I’ll pick you up again tonight.”

“Ok” Stella responded nervously. “Bye” Jayna said as she waved and suppressed more laughter. It was hilarious to her how Jasper was acting over this girl. He rarely paid attention to any unless he was trying to get sex from them. He wasn’t a man whore, it was just he didn’t talk to girls unless he had sex in mind. They were best friends but even the two of them had sex before. That was long in the past but it still happened. This felt different though, the way he was acting and the pleading in that text told her she was somthing special to him. Jayna smiled, hoping he had found someone to be serious with. They only just met but she saw a special connection there.

“did you have fun with Jayna?” Jasper asked as they walk into the garage to get to his car. “she’s very nice” He gave a half smile “good, I was hoping she wouldn’t let you get bored” They got in to Jaspers Mercedes Benz and he pulled out his GPS, handing it over to Stella. “Type in where you live please” She did and he put the GPS in it’s stand that was connected to the windshield. Before driving he handed her his cell “I’d like your number too please, incase I’m late.” Stella blushed a little and put in her number. He gave her a charming smile as he took his phone back. Jasper chuckled before asking “do you want to stop at StarBucks for some coffee? I live on the stuff” Stella smiled “If you don’t throw it on me” Jasper couldn’t help but have the most ridiculous grin on his face. He was relieved she seemed a little more relaxed with him.

He went to one that had a drive through “what would you like?”

“Peppermint Miocha”

“Hm, I don’t normally drink the girly stuff but it’s worth a whirl.” He ordered two. Stella worried he might hate it and be stuck with it because of her and worried. When they got it she looked over at him and he smiled before trying some. “That’s really good for weakling coffee” Stella giggled almost making Jasper sigh. That was such a sweet sound, especially after listening to Taras voice. He drove on until they reached her apartment. He got out with her and she looked confused “a gentleman walks a lady to the door” Stella smiled and looked away as they walked to the front door of her apartment. Jasper shocked Stella by pulling her into a hug “I’m sorry I spilled hot coffee on you but I’m really glad we met. I look forward to our date tonight” He said then released her from the hug. “It was nice to meet you too. I’m not upset about the coffee. I wasn’t paying attention either”

Chapter Two

Stella went inside and Jasper went back to his car. He sighed when he sat down in front of his steering wheel. He would love to stay and just spend the day with Stella but he had three cases which kept him busy. He was ready for Tara now but still had plenty to do for his other two. He drove to Murpheys Steak House since that’s where the witness insisted they met at. He liked to choose a place they felt most comfortable. Jasper leaned against his car and pulled out his cell to text Stella “Thought you should have my number too. This is Jasper.” HIs phone went off “Saved it :)” Jasper smiled and heard his witness laugh “talking to a woman? Only women can cause smiles like that”

“I am but she isn’t what we’re here to talk about. Lets go inside” He didn’t want to discuss Stella with a criminal like this. He laughed “I’m a new man. I’m not interested in prison again.”

“I wont take my chances” They walked inside and got a table. As soon as their order was placed Jasper did a sweep with his hand in the air to prompt the man to tell him what he knew. “You want me to talk but you wont even talk about that girl who texted you?”

“You came to me. I’ll leave if you’re no longer interested in this discussion. I’d rather be with that girl anyway” Kreg laughed “touchy, I was just messing with you. You don’t have to talk about her” The man started giving Jasper information that Jasper wrote down. It was short hand but Jasper would understand it later. When the food came they took a break. Jasper pulled his phone out of his pocket, hoping Stella texted him again. He actually felt a little sad she didn’t. Kreg guffawed “What’s her name or are you still going to be touchy?’ Kreg had been very helpful and Jasper knew he couldn’t track her down simply by her first name. “Her name’s Stella, I met her just this morning. Very sweet”

“Acting like a high school kid over a girl you met just today. She must be special”

“I’m not really sure what it is. Somthing draws me to her. We have a date tonight, I’m hoping maybe this goes somwhere. I ” He stopped and cleared his throat ‘No more” Kreg laughed again “Just trying to make conversation. Stella is such a unique name though. I’ve only ever known one, I met her father one of the first times I was ever locked up. We’ve been close buddies.”

“I doubt it’s the same Stella, she’s too sweet to have a father in jail.”

“Don’t be so sure. Arnold Yanders daughter has a heart of gold. Don’t know how with the parents she had but she’s a cupcake if a human ever was one.” Jasper paused and looked at the name she put in the phone again. They did know the same Stella. “I can see by your expression it is the same Stella. Is she doing ok?”

“She seems like it, I’ve only known her since this morning”

“well I hope she is. Her fathers back in jail right now so I’m sure she has peace. That mans a mean son of a bitch to that girl. He treats all women like that though”

“what do you mean?”

“He just keeps her in her place. I agree with him that women have gotten too high and mighty and need to be brought down a few pegs. I don’t feel he should be so hard on her though since Stella has always been sweet. That girl was born made of sugar. He just gets mad and slaps her around. He’s a big coffee drinker, if she made him mad while he was drinking his coffe he’d throw it on her. Poor thing would just drop to the floor crying and repeating how sorry she was. As she got older it seemed to hurt her less but she still profusely apologizes every time he does it. Most the time she hasnt done a thing wrong. He just likes hurting her.”

Now Jasper really felt bad. That’s why she got so upset and just kept apologizing when he bumped into her and spilled his coffee. He probably for a brief moment reminded her of her father. “How can you be friends with a man like that?” Kreg laughed “You do know me right? My history?”

“This is done. I have all I need..I might not even call you as a witness” Jasper stood “woah wait”

“I can’t talk to you and dont worry I’m still paying. I’ll just go to the front because I’m not sitting here.”

“Calm down there, you are getting awfully upset. You met her this morning.”

“I hate scum who beat on women. People like you who stand by and do nothing are just as bad. How many times did you watch him hurt her and not step in”

“A mans home is his business” Jasper scoffed and went off to talk to the manager and pay. He left the second he had taken care of the bill. He dealt with men like that all the time but hearing about stuff like that happening to Stella had absolutely enraged him. He could barely handle how upset he was especially since he had spilled coffee on her just as her father did. When he did it, it was an accident but it still really upset him. He decided to go to a really nice flower shop and order her some flowers. She deserved somthing sweet and he wouldn’t be able to live with himself today if he didn’t do somthing else to say he was sorry. Those two dresses weren’t nearly enough.

He had a hard time picking flowers since he didn’t know what flowers she preferred. He dind’t want to text and ask either because he wanted to surprise her. He called Jayna to get her assistance. “Flowers!?”

“shut up and help me” She laughed “I’ve never gotten flowers”

“Not true, when you were sick I gave you some”

“you picked them out of my neighbors yard” Jasper laughed “You have no evidence”

“I have the neighbor as an eyes witness” Jasper laughed “well I was never interested in you how I am her. You have always just been a good friend, great fuck buddy and now good friend again”

“I know, I can tell with your text. I never pegged you as the type to beg”

“I just really wanted a chance with her. I want to get to know her.”

“Think you’re finally going to fall in love?” Jasper stood there a moment “I think I just may, she’s really special. I can’t tell you why but the moment I saw her. Somthing just clicked”

“Thats so sweet, put me on the phone with the florist” He handed the florist the phone and she dissapeared into the back. A little why later she came back with a vase filled with beautiful flowers and gave him his phone. “That’s perfect, do you have a pen so I can write a card to attach before you send them to her?”

“of course’ She grabbed a pen and he picked a blank letter from the display shelf. “I can’t say I’m sorry enough for spilling my coffee on you. I’m also sorry that it was one of the highlights of my day. I’m really glad we met, I wish it could be another way but I plan on making it up to you. Those dresses and these flowers are just a start. I can’t wait to see you at dinner tonight. After dinner we’ll discuss how I’m going to make it up to you. – Jasper” He took a picture and sent it in a text to Jayna to get her feedback on his note. She sent back “Jasper and Stella sitting in a tree, k i s s i n g” He grunted and texted back “you’re such a third grader!”

“Lol! Thats cute, maybe a little much but hopefully you dont run her off”

“what should I change”

“nothing, thats what you mean so say it.”


“I’m serious too, just attach the card and have them send it”

“but you said it may be too much”

“well, what if she isn’t feeling the precise same sparks as you are? She seems attracted to you too but you lover boy have already dove into the deep end of the pool. Maybe she’s still in the shallow water? You’ve always zoomed right into what you want but not everyone is comfortable with that. Maybe take out the can’t wait to see you at dinner. I think it wont be too much like that” Jasper grabbed another note and rewrote the letter with telling her he was anxious for dinner to come. He paid the woman and gave her Stellas address. Jasper then went back to his office to take care of more work that had to be done. His heart rate was elevated as he waited for an indication she got the flowers. He hoped she would call or text him.

Stella was trying to decide how she would wear her hair tonight when she heard a light knock on the door. She checked the time, deciding it couldn’t be Jasper. She opened it and was handed the flowers “Have a blessed day miss” The delivery man said then left. Stella thought the flowers were absolutely gorgeous. They even smelled nice which didn’t always happen with beautiful flowers. She read the card and smiled. She didn’t understand why he was in such knots over the coffee. She had already forgiven him and told him it was both their faults. She put them on the dresser in her room, taking in the aroma one more time before grabbing her cellphone. Jasper almost frantically went for his phone when he heard Stellas ring tone. He had been so jumpy waiting for her to text him about the flowers that he went online and bought a ring tone just for her messages and calls.

“Stop apologizing for the coffee. It was an accident and I’m happy I met you too. A little burn was worth it. Dinner will be fun and maybe we can set up another date after. I do have a condition though, I will not go on any more dates with you if you bring up the coffee again. I’m serious, you are such a sweet guy from what I’ve seen and the flowers are perfect. I can’t believe you actually picked these out. Gladiolus flowers are actually my favorite. The Bluebells compliment them so well, and so do all the other flowers. It’s been a long time since I got flowers from anybody.” Jasper had no idea what Gladiolus flowers were so he looked them up so he’d know what to get her.

Jasper texted her back “Ok, I’ll stop. I just wanted to be sure you knew how sorry I was. I also want to be honest, Jayna helped me pick the flowers. I would love to take all the credit but I’m not that dishonest. I’m happy she picked out your favorite. I’ll have to give her a special thanks too. I’ll see you in a few hours” Stella smiled at her text and went back to trying to figure out her hair and makeup. She was so nervous and excited. It made a hurricane form in her stomach.

Jasper finished what he was doing then left his desk to go see Jayna. She was talking with a client so he just stood there waiting. When her client left Jayna called Jasper in. He immediately walked over and hugged her tightly “what’s that for?”

“She loved the flowers, you picked one of her favorites. She was really happy. Atleast it seemed like it, hard to tell over text”

“I’m glad, you’re welcome. That’s one of the perks about having a female best friend. If you want to lure her into a date I think a sure thing would be a movie night at your house. I mean you could take her to the theater but in your house it would be more romantic. Ask her what sort of candies she likes and get those along with popcorn. If you’re lucky she’ll watch herself into exhaustion and stay the night. Well I guess if she got tired that would be bad for you. I’m sure the head in your pants wouldn’t be happy”

“Jayna” She laughed “I tease, I know you aren’t just trying to get sex this time. It’s just odd for me. Have you ever just dated a girl because you wanted to be with her?”

“I had one serious girlfriend in High School but that’s it. Aside from that I’ve concentrated on school then work and only went on dates to get some. I even became friends with you to get some, you played so dang hard to get” Jayna laughed “well I knew your reputation. It’s good I did or we wouldn’t have become friends. I enjoy your friendship.”

“I do too, especially now. Thank you for helping me with Stella. She kind of makes me feel bad for doing that stuff…especially to you…I really shouldn’t have played at friendship to get you in bed with me. I’m glad it turned into a real friendship”

“it’s cool, like I said, I knew how you worked. I wanted to have sex with you too but I was hoping to build somthing before I gave into you. You werent that bad either. It’s not like you whored around. You mainly just studied. You didn’t screw that many girls in college or after for that matter”

“No, I didn’t want to be a whore, a man just has needs and I had nobody I wanted to be serious with so I’d just choose a nice girl I was sure wouldn’t have STDs and got her in bed with me”

“I hope things work with Stella. I’ll be wishing you luck all evening”

“Thank you” Jasper had more to do but he left an hour early. His mothers dinner party was at seven so he left at four to have plenty of time to get ready, pick up Stella and get to his mothers house on time. Jasper pulled into his driveway then walked in the front door of his two story house. He sighed, just now noticing how empty such a big house felt with only one person living in it. He hoped the movie night thing would work out and that Stella would make his house feel warmer for even one night. He went into his bedroom and took his suit off and put it with the rest of his clothes that needed dry cleaning. None of his suits could be cleaned in the washer and dryer.

Jasper realized he hadn’t told his mother Stella was coming. He knew it would be fine because she told him everytime he was welcome to bring a date. “Hey mom, i met this really amazing girl this morning. I’m bringing her for dinner”

“That’s wonderful, I’ll make her a plate. How amazing is amazing? Is she just another girl you’re going to sleep with or is it more?” There were no secrets between him and his mom. They always were open and candid with eachother. “She’s a lot more…I seriously think I’m falling for her and falling for her hard. I just met her this morning but I just clicked with her right away, you know?”

“I know, I felt that same click with your father. How does she feel?”

“I’m not sure, we’re just going on dates. Tonight is our first one. She’s not my girlfriend yet. Jayna says I should be careful instead of coming at her full force.”

“That’s probably is best, you never know whats really going on in someone else’s head. If you glob on to someone too tightly before they are as sure as you are you could crush your chances at having a good relationship with them. Then again your father told me he loved me in our first week of dating. I loved him too so it was perfect but we need to figure out just how much she likes you in return. Don’t wait too long but give it a few days. After three or so if she;s still talking to you and going on dates I’d feel safe telling her you’re serious about her and want a relationship”

“alright, let me get ready. I love you mom”

“I love you too baby. I’m really excited you found someone.”

“Me too, you could help me out tonight by asking her about things she likes so I know what to do for her.”

“I will, don’t I always make the best wingman?” Jasper laughed at the way his mother said that. Just the words coming from her mouth were funny enough. “Yes you do mom. I hope you like her”

“I’m sure I will but it doesn’t matter. If she makes you happy she’s good enough for me.”

“Bye mom”

“Bye sweetheart”

Stella put her dress on and did her makeup in a way that suited the dress. This one felt amazing too. She finally understood why some were 5, 10 and 20 while others cost much more. She wished she could afford dresses like these. Her Aunt would probably let her buy some but she would feel too bad. The woman was already fully supporting her again now that she lost her job. Stella got sad, thinking of how much of a burden she was to her Aunt. Her Aunt was happy to help and loved her very much. In fact they were more like best friends rather than Aunt and Niece. She couldn’t wait for her Aunt and Uncle to come visit her soon. They were going to be at the airport the morning of her birthday so they could all celebrate. Stella asked them not to spend all that money since they were supporting her fully again but they insisted on coming and treating her to a day of fun. They always made her birthday a big deal.

She owed them so much that she knew she would never have the money to repay them. She wouldn’t even know how much she owed if she could. Her Aunt and Uncle came to visit when she was 16 and didn’t like how Arnold was treating her. They paid Arnold to emancipate her and then they started paying for the apartment she lived in now. She didn’t pay for anything until she graduated High School. She then got a job at Brixx Pizza and had worked there ever since High School but last week they closed and now she was back to relying on them to pay her bills. She felt proud and held her head high as a manager at Brixx but now she was back at the bottom. She was grateful she had such a loving Aunt and Uncle. She couldn’t imagine what it would have been like to keep living with her monster of a father.

She had cried for days nearly non stop when they bought her this apartment. She finally had freedom and could live without worry. She didn’t have to constantly be in fear of her father hurting her. She loved her Aunt and Uncle more than they would ever be able to know. She hoped any of the job applications she had filled out this morning and earlier this week would impress any future boss. She applied everywhere, not wanting to burden her Aunt and Uncle again any longer than she had to.

She mentally shook herself. She had a date tonight with a man that she could never be good enough for. He was so sweet, funny and drop dead gorgeous. She had never been so excited or nervous for a date. She felt such a strong, instant connection with him when their eyes met. She had even stopped feeling the burn of the coffee once he calmed her down and had her look at him. Those eyes, they were such a gorgeous hazel. She knew she could stare into them for hours if he let her. She knew she could get a job quickly. She had her Brixx job within a month of graduation and moved up to manager in only a year. She just had to be confident and willing to accept any job that came her way. She would even shovel out barn stalls every day if it meant not having to rely on her Aunt and Uncle to get by.

Stella did a turn infront of her full length mirror and actually felt pretty in this dress. Stella hoped she got a good reaction out of Jasper when he arrived. She heard him knock on the door and she quickly ran over to answer. She pulled the door open and saw his eyes fill with wonderment as they gazed at her. Butterfly wings brushed against her heart. The way his eyes changed when they looked at her made her almost believe what Jayna was saying about him really likeing her. Jasper was just frozen at the door. She looked even prettier in this dress than the last. He finally cleared his throat then grabbed her hand and brought it slowly to his lips to place a warm kiss on it. Stella turned light pink and smiled. Jasper smiled back “you ready?” He asked in a whispered tone that he hadn’t intended to speak in.

Chapter Three

She grabbed her purse and stepped out. He took her hand again and held it until he got to the passenger side of his car. He opened the door for her then shut it once she was in. He ran over to his side and tried not to stare at her. He was tempted to try and look at her from the corner of his eye but was too worried about her catching him. This was their first date, he definitely didn’t want her to catch him staring on their very first date together. It was about a twenty minuet drive to his parents house so Jasper didn’t want it to be silent. He started off by saying “You picked out such gorgeous dresses. They really flatter you” Stellas face grew warm but it didn’t come out into a full blush. Mainly because she was so happy to hear him say so. “Thank you, you look really handsome but you did in your suit too” Now she was actually blushing.

They were at a stop light so he actually smiled and allowed himself to look at her. She couldn’t look away once his eyes set into hers. She got just as lost as she thought she would when he looked her directly in the eyes. He was helplessly lost in her ocean blue eyes. Just swimming in their beauty. Jasper was almost violently jerked back into the car when all the people behind him started laying on their horns and cursing. Now even he was blushing. Stella turned quickly aswell and looked out the window “where’s your glasses?”

“I only wear them when I’m working. They are pretty much reading glasses. I just leave them on so I’m not always looking for them or wearing them around my neck.” Stella giggled, thinking about them dangling around his neck. He would still look cute but pictureing that made her giggle. He smiled, adoring that sound. “so, um,” he wiggled his fingers against the steering wheel nervously. “I know we said we would talk about our next date after dinner if I didn’t bring up the coffee but it will take a little bit to get to my moms. Can we talk about it now?”

“How do you know you will like this date enough to want a second one” He smiled “I know I will, you seem like an amazing woman Stella. I’d really like to talk about our next date. If you don’t enjoy me or my family you can just tell me at the end and we don’t have to have the second date.” He had a hard time saying. He would be massively disappointed if she didn;t want to see him after this. He would probably even beg her for a second chance. Somthing in him needed her, craved her even. A part of him had locked on to her the very moment their eyes met. “Ok, what would you like to do?”

“I thought maybe we could have a movie night at my house. I have Netflix, Hulu and all the on demand channels. We’d have plenty to watch. I’ll buy us some candy and popcorn to eat while we watch them too.”

“that sounds fun, I havent sat down for a movie in a long time. I read mostly”

“what do you like to read?”

“everything and anything. Mainly fantasy adventure though.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. So, I was thinking you could come over tomorrow at five so we could have dinner together before we watched movies.”

“ok, five it is. What kind of movies do you want to see?”

“I watch anything but foreign. I just can’t read those subtitles.”

“That’s fine with me. Why don’t you search through Netflix and pick a few things before hand. When I get there I’ll see if I’m interested in any of them” Jasper smiled excitedly. Stella was really making a second date with him. It then hit Stella that Jasper would be able to see which car in the complex parking lot was hers. He drove such a nice car that she would be embarrassed pulling up in her 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt. He would see it sooner or later though so he may as well see it sooner. Jasper couldn’t wipe the grin off his face. He was going over in his head all the preparations for tomorrow. He’d have to hurry and gather everything because he still needed to work on two cases but he really didn’t care. He would do what he could after the preparations and before the date. She was more important than the petty cases on his desk currently.

When they arrived at Jaspers parents house Stella found herself nervous again. She hoped they would like her. She didn’t know if they would become a serious thing but if they did she wanted his parents approval. Jasper opened Stellas door and offered his hand with a charming smile. They were a little early but Jasper wanted Stella to have one on one time with his parents before his mothers other guests arrived. Stella was surprised to get a hug from a woman she just met. Shante hugged her tightly with a warm “Nice to meet you sweetie. My name is Shante and the man beside me is Jaspers father, Luther. I’m glad you two came a little early.”

“Nice to meet you too. Thank you for letting me come”

“well when my son told me he met an amazing young lady I had to meet you.” Shante managed to make Stella and Jasper turn pink at once making Luther unable to hold in his laugh “come in you two” Luther grabbed Stella and gave her a light hug on her way in then Shante and Luther hugged Jasper. They sat on the couches in the living room. “so, my son didn’t mention how you two met. He just said it was this morning”

“I was lost in thought, I’ve had a lot on my mind so don’t always pay attention very well to where I’m going. He was looking at his cellphone and bumped into me. His coffee spilled all over my dress so he bought me another one and took me to his job to take a shower so I wouldn’t be covered in coffee any longer than I had to be.”

“I hope you weren’t hurt too badly, I’m surprised you went anywhere with the fool” Shante said giving her son an upset look. She was always on the children and her husband for paying closer attention to their phones than where they are going. Stella smiled “He wasn’t taking no for an answer when it came to replacing my dress”

“good, he didn’t need to leave you like that. It’s ok if it’s too personal but what’s been on your mind?” Stella got uncomfortable and looked away. She didn’t want to tell his parents she was jobless and depending on her Aunt and Uncle. Then they would know how undeserving she was of Jaspers attention. It then sank in that they may assume she was around him atall for his money. She didn’t want to not answer either so got extremely stressed trying to figure out what to do. Shante frowned, seeing she made Stella upset “you don’t have to answer, sorry I asked” Shante said in the most sincere voice she had to try and make sure Stella knew it was honestly ok not to answer. “I don’t want to be rude”

“If anybody is rude it’s me for asking such a personal question, is whatever on your mind that serious?”

“I don’t know, it’s just a personal problem” Now Jasper really wanted to know. it worried him that whatever made her that uncomfortable was a personal problem. He hoped she was ok and not being hounded by people her father was associated with or somthing. Shante spoke in her most assuring voice again “Personal problems are just that, personal. You are not rude for feeling uncomfortable sharing honey.’ Stella thought it may come across worse if she hid her money problems and they found out later so she made herself speak. “I was filling out job applications. I lost my job and am applying everywhere” Her voice exuded how embarrassed she was to tell them that. Stella was surprised when concern washed over Shantes face instead of the angry expression of a mother thinking she was some sort of gold digger. “well then are you ok? Where are you staying since you don’t have a job?”

“I’m fine, I called my Aunt and Uncle and they are paying my bills for me until I can take care of myself again. My Aunt is a pediatric nurse and my Uncle is a heart surgeon so they can easily help me until I’m ok again. Don’t worry about me. They can help as long as I need it and I’m sure I’ll get a job soon. I’ve only been jobless a week. I go everywhere I can find that I havent been to fill out applications. I’ll seriously take anything. I feel so bad with my Aunt and Uncle paying everything for me even though they insist that they don’t mind”

“I’m sure they don’t, you shouldn’t worry about that sweetie. I’m sorry you lost your job, what happened?”

“The owner decided to close Brixx. I was the manager there. Not sure why it closed. I didn’t even get any warning or I would have already been looking for a job. I’m really lucky to have my Aunt and Uncle. I’ve always been able to count on them. We’re pretty close. I’m excited about seeing them when they come to visit.”

“when are they visiting?’

“Next week, they are coming to celebrate my birthday with me. I asked them not to come since they will be spending so much on me. I mean I have rent, my cellphone and all these other things that they are going to be paying for now. They’ve always made my birthday a big deal and told me to just quit worrying about money. They had plenty to spare with all their kids grown and moved out.”

“Precisely why you shouldn’t worry and you shouldn’t be embaressed that you don’t have a job. You couldn’t help where you worked closed and you are obviously trying really hard to get a job. It’s impressive you’ve gone out every day.” Stella smiled “I’m glad you dont think less of me” Shante laughed not meaning to “You have managed to make my son very fond of you in only one day. You have to be one special woman. I can tell just by how you are. Anybody can tell you how good I am at judging character. I can see you are a sweetheart. Somthing as silly as you not having a job isn’t going to make me dislike you”

Jasper was relieved it was only a money problem. Even if her Aunt and Uncle weren’t helping her that was somthing he could fix easily. He was glad she wasn’t in any kind of trouble or had any other serious problem. They talked a while longer until the home phone started ringing. “would you come with me to get that Jasper. I need help with somthing for dinner after I answer the phone” If Luther wasn’t an FBI agent Stella would have seen a smile flit across Luthers face at his wifes antics. She had called her friends immediately and squealed about Jasper finally becoming serious about a woman and canceling their plans so she could have the whole night with just them. Luther had complete control over what emotions showed on his face.

She answered, pretending like her friends were canceling. Jasper saw right through her. He knew his mother too well. He shook his head when she told him her friends couldn’t come. “so you like her?” Jasper whispered even though they were far enough away that Stella couldn’t even hear if they talked normally. “I love her, she is so sweet. In fact, I think when you ask her out you should invite her to live with you. It would be so easy since she can’t support herself anyway. I can tell by the way you look at her when she talks that would make you happy. It’s heart warming the adoring way you keep looking at her. Getting to know her she sounds perfect for you. You two have a few differences but differences are good. I think she’ll even you out. You need a sweetheart like her to deal with the rougher side of you.” Jasper smiled. “You really think I could get her to move in with me?”

“She seems to really like you. When she first got here is an indication of that. She is embarrassed and doesn’t feel good enough for you because she doesn’t have money like we do. I don’t think she wanted you to know she didn’t have a job. I felt terrible seeing her that embarrassed. I became a judge because of how easily I can read people. You better not screw this up son. I will be really mad at you.” Jasper smiled happily and hugged his mom tightly to him in his excitement. “I hope I dont screw this up. I love her” Jasper blushed, realizing what he just said. “I already knew you did. I’m also not joking when I tell you I’ll be really mad if you screw things up with her. If I would have went out and picked a woman for you she would have been it. I’m glad you have such good taste in women. She is precisely what you need and I know you two will be really happy. She’s very shy but that I’m sure you gathered on your own. I think she was abused growing up, a few things tonight told me that.”

“wow, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I’ve seen you figure out a million things about people they never told you. Her father apparently used to knock her around really badly…whats worse is he used to fling coffee on her..when I found that out I felt so terrible.” Shante frowned “I was hoping I was wrong but she is, well, she’s not really afraid of Luther but she gets tense and seemingly extra respectful and cautious when talking to him. Like if she says the wrong thing he’s going to get up and slap that crap out of her.”

“she isn’t scared of me is she?” Jasper asked hoping her answer wouldn’t feel like a stab in the heart. Shante smiled “No, she’s shy and nervous with you. Nervous in a good way so don’t worry about that. I think she’s discovering she loves you as she gets to know you too.”

“I’m so glad you’re my mom. I love you, thanks so much for this”

“what’re you going to do for her birthday”

“I’m not sure, I’ll let her do what she’s going to do with her Aunt and Uncle and then I’m going to make her feel just as important as she is to me. I don’t know what I’ll do yet but nothing short of amazing will do for her birthday” Shante smiled “I really do have things to prepare in here but you can go back to her. I want this to go well for you. You aren’t going to find another girl that’s as well matched for you as she is.”

“I agree, I’m so glad you see how perfect she is too.” Jasper kissed his mothers cheek then went into the living room to sit by Stella. He bravely took her hand, his mothers encouragement making him a little more daring. Tingles traveled up his arms when she didn’t pull her hand away. “what was the call about?” Luther asked, pretending not to be aware of his wifes ploy. “her other guests can’t make it sadly.”

“That’s too bad, thank goodness we have Stella. You’ve been amazing company tonight” Stella slightly smiled, wishing Luther didn’t intimidate her so much. He looked tough and serious, she worried she might make him angry. “what was the last book you read about?” Luther asked, actually interested in the books Stella read. She was making him want to go buy some books. He would probably get online tomorrow and order some of the books she had been telling him about.

Chapter Four

When Shante called them for dinner Luther decided to do somthing for his son “Hey, could I have a picture of you two together? You being in teh picture might make his ugly mug easier to look at” Stella smiled “ok”

“Thank you, now get close together you two.” They closed the small space between them and Jasper put his arm around her then leaned over a bit so his head was touching hers. After Luther took the picture he said “Now kiss her cheek Jasper” Jasper instantly did as his father asked and he felt her face get warm. “perfect, lets go eat” There wasn’t a moment of silence over dinner. They all talked and laughed together until it became late and they needed to part ways. Luther and Shante each gave Stella a long hug “we hope you”ll come see us again. We should make dinner a weekly thing. I’d like more opportunities to get to know you” Shante said and Luther nodded. “ok, if Jasper wants to. I had a lot of fun tonight”

“How about every Thursday night?” Jasper suggested “ok, every Thursday night we all can make it we shoudl have dinner together.”

“I look forward to it” Stella said then both Jaspers parents hugged him before they walked out the door. While Jasper opened the door for Stella, Luther sent him the two pictures he took. Shante was happy when she saw the pictures too. “wasn’t she lovely?”

“Yeah, did I do somthing to her though? She seemed afraid of me”

“She was abused by her father growing up. It wasn’t you” Luther frowned “Poor thing, I hope she doesn’t stay afraid of me.”

“I’m sure she wont honey. Don’t worry.”

“it’s hard not to worry when the woman your son is going to marry is scared of you” Shante smiled “you saw that look in his eyes too. He knows he loves her but I don’t think he knows he wants to marry her yet” Luther smiled “lets go to bed” When they got to Stellas house Luther walked her to the door again “so we’re having our date at five tomorrow?” He asked hopefully. “Yes, I will see you then. Thanks for letting me meet your parents. They seem so nice.”

“They liked you, my mother said so when she had me go to the kitchen to help her.”

“That’s good, goodnight Jasper” Jaspers heart rate increased “um..I was hoping we could have a goodnight kiss. Can I give you a real kiss before i go home?” Stella swallowed the lump that seemed to magically appear in her throat. “I’d like that” she said as she turned her face away. He smiled and gently grabbed the side of her face “well I can’t kiss you if you don’t look at me” Jasper said softly. He moved in slow and gave her a sweet kiss on her supple lips. He very nearly moaned before pulling back even though it was just a simple lip to lip kiss. They both wanted more and had stars in their eyes “goodnight”

“Night” Stella said then went inside. She went back to her room and sat on her bed with a few of her fingers pressed against her lips. She could still feel his there. She realized she had been majorly mistaken when she thought the way her last boyfriend kissed felt amazing. That had been nothing compared to what it felt like to kiss Jasper. Jasper was over the moon as he sat in his car. He was having trouble pulling away. He decided to check his phone, in hopes his father took those pictures for him. If he didn’t Jasper was going to ask Luther for them. To his delight they were already there. He instantly changed the background on his phone and set it up so that when Stella called the picture of him kissing her would appear.

Once that was done Jasper decided to go into the office to get a little bit of work done tonight. He was about half ready for the Simmons case which was coming up way too fast for his liking now that he had Stella. If she ended up being his he would limit his case load to two at a time. Doing three to five at a time wasn’t going to cut it any longer. He wanted to be with her as much as he could. He shook his head when he noticed the lights on in two other offices. He went inside and straight to his office. He was amazed at how much research he could get done and how fast he could type and get out emails when he had Stella as motivation to finish. He finished everything except finding a few witnesses he needed. He probably would have went to their addresses that second if they wouldn’t shoot him for arriving at three in the morning.

He made a note in his phone of their work and home addresses so he could ask them to testify tomorrow after he bought the stuff he was planning to get for his date. Jasper went home and fell into bed. Not worrying about undressing. He needed all the sleep he could get after an all nighter the night before and now staying up until four am. The alarm he preemptively set woke him at eight am. He felt dead but rolled himself out of bed anyways. He went straight to the shower and threw his clothes on the floor before turning it on and stepping in. Once he was clean, smelling good and awake he got dressed in business attire since he would be working after getting ready for their date.

He wanted their movie date to be really romantic so he decided to go to Bath and Bodyworks to buy some of their candles. Last night Stella had told his mother how much she loved the scents Honeysuckle and Carried away when they mingled together so he would buy some of each to set around the house. He pulled up the the mall and walked inside. He looked at the directory until he found where that store was. He caught the attention of a couple girls but he didn’t acknowledge them. He even blatantly ignored one who tried to talk to him. He wasn’t interested and had no time for them. He had to hurry and take care of everything for their date so he could find those witnesses and convince them to go on the stand in court. He walked in and found what he was looking for. He decided on the small candles because he felt small candles everywhere would be more romantic than the big ones.

He decided to make her a little gift bag while he was there. He got her a body wash, spray, bubble bath and lotion for those two scents and bought one of their baskets to put it in. After he made his purchase they put them all in for him and made it look good. “thanks” He took it out to the car and set it in his back seat. He didn’t want to mess up how the girls in the store did it because he would never be able to make them stay like that. He went back in until he arrived at a sweets store that sold chocolate covered almonds. It was another thing she said she liked last night. He bought enough to fill a small bowl then left the mall to go take the candy home so it wouldn’t melt in his car. He set the candles and everything else on the kitchen table before walking out again. Next he needed to go to an old family friends house. Georgio Balimaska was a five star chef at the most booked up restaurant in town until he retired. Jasper hoped that Georgio would accept payment to cook for them tonight. He wanted her to have a really nice candle lit dinner with him.

Georgio didn’t believe in cellphones so it was really hard to reach him. You just had to hope he was at his home or his wife knew where to find him. When he pulled up in Gerogios driveway he unlocked his phone to look at his background. He smiled, wanting to be that close to her again. He turned his phones screen off and went to the door. He rang the doorbells twice and soon Mrs Balimaska answered. She hugged him “I haven’t seen you since Christmas! Your mother tells me you’ve been working yourself too hard like always” Jasper smiled “I would love to visit but could I please see your husband?”

“Of course, he’s in our gym. Follow me” Jasper followed and soon saw Gerogio. he stopped what he was doing and walked over “hey there, what brings you over?”

“I have a huge favor to ask”

“What is it?”

“I’ve met the most remarkable woman. She is everything to me and I’m trying to set up a really romantic and sweet date for her. I know you must get this type of request all the time but I will pay you anything you want if you’d make dinner for us tonight. Money really is no object when it comes to Stella” Georgia smiled “I do but I will do it for you and I will do it for free but only if you get your mother and father to come visit us this coming weekend.”

“I’ll call them right now” Georgio smiled and Jasper called his parents. He got them to agree and then hugged Georgio. The man was sweaty but Jasper didn’t care since he was so excited. “I also want to meet her. I wont intrude on your date but bring her here somtime”

“I will, she’ll be there at five.”

“Then I will arrive at three.” Jasper pulled out the spare key to his house “go right in and use anything you need. Just tell me however much you spend. I want to atleast pay you back for ingredients.” Georgio smiled “you’re acting just as your father did over Shante when he met her. I’m glad to see you’ve found love. A man needs a good woman.” Jasper smiled back “I have, now just to make her love me”

“If you have as much romance in you as your father did I’m sure you can win her over.”

“I did learn from the best. I’m going to make this evening as romantic as possible. I have to get going though. I have a lot to do today before my date.” Jasper left, he was confident about tonight. Now that he had gotten Gerogio to cook for them and had his mothers encouraging words from last night he was sure he could get her to be his girlfriend at the end of this evening. On his way to the office he stopped at Wines In Heaven to buy a nice bottle of wine and some gormet popcorn. Their store was nothing but wines, desserts and cheese. He loved the caramel popcorn they made. He coudln’t even eat the kind that came in tins any longer after eating it here. He bought a bag of chocolate popcorn and a bag of caramel popcorn, not knowing if she liked caramel or not. He grabbed a wine that his mother liked since he had no idea if she even liked wine.

He wished he could ask but he wanted this all to be a surprise. He drove over to Food Lion and bought regular popcorn and some matches for the candles. He then walked around and bought a few different juices and a few different types of soda he didn’t already have at the house. He was over worrying about having somthing she would want to drink. He took it all home and it was already lunch time. He decided to skip lunch and began to set out the candles. He set some on teh TV stand, end tables and realy any surface he could see in the living room and kitchen. He made sure there was an even amount of each scent so one wouldn’t over power the other. He decided to test it to see how the current arrangement looked and if it had too powerful of a smell. He lit each one then turned the lights off. He decided there were too many on the TV stand so he took some off and spread them more. He stayed in the living room until he felt it looked perfect.

Once he was satisfied he went into the kitchen and lit the ones in there. He turned the lights off and was actually pleased right away with what he had done in there. He sighed happily then just stood there awhile longer. They really did smell amazing together. He almost didn’t want to blow them out and leave. He did it anyway then put a bunch of bowls on the table for each of the treats he bought her. When that was finsihed he had to laugh at himself. At Bath and Bodyworks he bought every single small candle they had of Honey Suckle and Carried Away. He had so many left over that he hadn’t even tried to set out. He just put them in a bag and stored them in his closet so that he could use them on other romantic occasions.

He put the basket of Bath and Bodyworks stuff he was going to give to her in The guest room he always gave Corina when she came to visit. He was hoping she would spend the night since their date would probably run really late. Since she was shy he didn’t even allow himself to think that she might sleep in the same bed as him so he planned for her to stay in Corinas room. He would love to get to hold her all night but he wouldn’t ask. If she wasn’t ready the question would probably stress her out and he wanted her to have nothing but happy memories of this date.When he finally got into his car he looked at the time. Getting ready took even longer than he thought it would. He hoped the witnesses would be easy to find and coax into testifying because if they weren’t he wouldn’t be able to nab them all for the trial. The court date for Simmons was the day after tomorrow. He couldn’t get the witnesses tomorrow because he had Taras case tomorrow.

He didn’t let it get to him though. In his opinion he got what was important done and that’s all that mattered. Stella was just passing time with the book she was currently working on. It was called Geek With The Cat Tattoo. It was turning out to be really good. After each chapter she would glance at the time to make sure she wouldn’t be late. When she finished it she didn’t want to start another one because it was three pm. She would be leaving at 4:30 so she decided to check her Facebook. She was bad about spending all her time reading and not getting on. A few of her friends had been complaining that they never get to talk to her so she figured she could spend until 3:30 talking. She wanted plenty of time to get ready.

She had to try and log in five times before actually gaining acess since she didn’t get on enough to remember her password. Her eyes grew wide when she saw that she had 42 notifications, six friend requests and eight messages. She hadn’t been on in about two months but that was still a lot. She decided to see who wanted to be her friend first. One was a man that talked to her while filling out an application at Applebees. She hadn’t liked him atall and was glad to leave to get away from him when she was done so she declined his friend request. She smiled when she saw Jayna, Shante and Luthers names. She was surprised a man that was as serious as Luther had a Facebook. She accepted those three and wondered who Corina was. She noticed that Jayna, Shante and Luther were friends in common now that she had added them so she accepted. The other man who requested her she had no idea who he was so she declined that one aswell.

All her notifications were on pictures she had gotten on to post the last time she was on. They were from a friends birthday party. She laughed and smiled at them all and glanced at the time before she went on to read the messages. Not much time had passed surprisingly so she began reading and responding. She chatted until 3:30 then told everyone she had to go get ready for her date. She walked over to her dresser and grabbed a pair of comfortable jeans then went to her closet to pick a shirt. It dawned on her while she was looking who Corina was. She remembered Jasper saying Corina was his sister. She smiled and wondered how Corina knew about her so fast. She wondered if Jasper had a Facebook. If he had one he hadn’t added her yet.

Stella decided on a beautiful purple shirt that buttoned down the center. She thought it looked cute on her. Stella brushed and curled her black hair. Only curling it in some places like her Aunt had done for her when she went to prom. She put on a small amount of purple eyes shadow and put eyeliner on then studied herself in the mirror. She hoped this would look good to him. This was one of the nicest shirts she owned but she knew he was probably used to being around women who wore really nice clothes like the dresses he had bought her.

Chapter Five

Jasper was on his way home at four. He managed to get all his witnesses aside from one and he didn’t really need her. It would have helped but she wasn’t instrumental to his case. He could still win over the jury with what he had so he wasn’t worried about not having her in court the day after tomorrow. When he entered his door his nose was greeted with an amazing smell. Gerogios cooking was so magnificent. His mouth was watering just from the smell. He walked in the kitchen “thanks again” Georgio smiled “anything for you. You’re like a nephew to me”

“I’m going to get ready for Stella”

“I’ll be done any moment”

“You still have almost an hour before she gets here.”

“Plenty of time for me to finish this for you two. I am cutting it close on purpose so its still warm when she arrives”

“Awesome, thank you so much” Jasper left the kitchen and went to his bedroom. He took off his work clothes and pulled on some jeans. He then started to look through his shirts trying to decide what he should wear when his phone went off. His mother sent him a picture message. He opened it and realized it was five pictures, all of Stella. He thought she looked either gorgeous or cute in each one. A the bottom of the pictures it said “she has a Facebook. I found her last night after you left. She accepted me this morning. I thought you should know since you would never take the time to get on” Jasper smiled, glad his mother told him. Facebook would be a good way to help him learn more of what to do for her and he could see whatever pictures she posted.

Jasper saved the ones his mother sent him to his phone than texted back “thank you, love you mom!” He went back to trying to decide what shirt he would wear. His last hookup said he looked sexy in black button down shirts so he went with that. He wondered what Stella would think of him if she knew he used to only talk to girls he wanted to have sex with then quit talking to them completely afterwards. The only woman he ever had sex with that he spoke to again afterwards was Jayna. He sighed, tonight was a special night and not the time to think about conversations like that. It would come up when it came up if it ever did and he would just be honest with her and hope she would understand and still like him.

Jasper brushed his hair then went out to light the candles. “that’s a really sweet touch Georgio said as Jasper lit the ones in the kitchen. “I’m trying my absolute best. Shes, god I don’t even know how to describe it” Georgio laughed “that’s our problem. When we men truly fall in love we can’t describe it atall. Drives women nuts.” Jasper laughed “well then I’ll try to figure it out so I dont drive her crazy” Gerogio laughed again and put the food on the plates. Jasper broght them over to the table then hugged Gerogio “thank you so much. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this. I could have never made her somthing even near this nice.”

“Just have fun tonight and keep your word that you’ll bring her to meet me when you have the time”

“I swear” Georgio left and Jasper looked at the time. His cellphone said it was 4:45 so he knew she would be here any moment. He turned off the lights and smiled, hoping he had done as good of a job as he thought he had. He told her he would pick out a few things on Netflix so decided to do that until she arrived. He made a new profile for Stella and began to add movies he saw that he liked. He didn’t stop searching until he heard Stellas car pull up. He turned off the tv and suddenly felt really nervous. He took deep breaths and stood there until she knocked. He walked over and opened the door with a smile. He offered his hand and she took it, flashing her teeth with a smile. Jasper pulled Stella inside and her mouth slightly opened. He smiled, loving how entranced her face looked. When she finally found words she said “this is so sweet”

“I’ve only just begun, come with me to the table” Jasper said as he started to guide her to the kitchen. A hand covered her mouth when she saw and smelled dinner. It was only lit by candles and the food looked delicious. She felt moved he had gone through so much effort and it was only their second date. She couldn’t resist taking her hand from him so she could wrap him in a hug. He hugged her back with a large smile lighting up his face. “do you like wine?” He whispered and she pulled back from the hug “Only white wine” He was glad, the wine he bought was white so he had succeeded. Jasper walked with Stella over to the table and pulled her chair out so she could sit. Once she was sitting he got the bottle of wine and opened it to pour her a glass.

With how happy Stella looked Jasper was able to relax more. He had obviously done as well as he hoped he did. When she swallowed her first bite she said “wow, that is amazing.” Jasper smiled ” a good friend of mine came and cooked for us. I had to work and I wanted to have a really nice dinner with you here.”

“Tell him thank you for me”

“well he would like to meet you somtime. Maybe that could be another date” Stella laughed lightly “will you always be planning the next date every time we have one.”

“I’d rather know when I’m going to see you again before you leave me. That way I know how long I will have to impatiently wait” Stella smiled and broke their eyes contact. She began eating again as a blush threatened to appear. “How was your day?” Jasper asked softly. “I filled out more job applications and then spent the rest of the day reading. Well, I guess thats not fully true. A few of my friends have really been on me about never getting on Facebook to talk to them so I got on for about an hour before getting ready. Your parents, sister and Jayna added me. I accepted them all and caught up on my notifications. I should really link my Facebook to my cellphone. Especially if your family wants to talk to me on there.” Jasper smiled, knowing his mother must have called Corina to tell her about Stella. He was glad though, he wanted the world to know how he felt. He especially wanted Stella to know.

He hoped all his effort tonight was truly showing her what she meant to him. They finished dinner and he took her hand, guiding Stella to the living room. He turned on the TV then joined her on the couch. “I bought you chocolate covered almonds, regular popcorn, caramel popcorn and chocolate popcorn. If you want a drink before we start the movie I could go grab you one.” Stella kissed his cheek making Jaspers heart flutter. “I’d love a drink”

“More wine?”

“No, I still need to drive home later.”

“Oh…um, you could spend the night if you want…I have multiple guest rooms” Stella smiled “but I don’t have any over night clothes or anything to change into.”

“You could wear some of my pajama pants and a shirt of mine. Tomorrow you can wear what you’re wearing now. I have to work in the morning but if you stay the night we can just watch movies until we’re too tired to watch any more”

“Ok then, I’ll stay.” Jaspers heart lept for joy. He would get to spend much more time with her tonight and he would get to see her in the morning. “More wine then?”

“Eh, still no wine. Do you have Pepsi or Purple Sunkist?’

‘I have pepsi, one second” After work he would stop by the store and buy some sunkist for her. He thought it was cute she called it purple instead of grape. He grabbed a pepsi for her and a Sprite for himself then returned to the couch. He sat as close to Stella as he could then opened up the profile on Netflix he made her. Stella had recently started watching Bones, she had just made it to the second season and honestly felt like watching that. She decided to ask “do you like Bones?”

“Bones?” he had never heard of such a movie. She smiled ‘it’s a TV show about a forensic anthropologist and FBI agent who work together. I’m in teh second season but I could go back to the first and….it could be somthing I watch with you. I’ll only keep going when I’m here” Jasper really didn’t care what it was about now. It made him feel good that she wanted to have a show to just watch with him. “Lets watch it” She searched for it and went to the frist episode of teh first season. When she relaxed back against the couch Jasper put his arm around her. A blush was trying to fight it’s way out but she still managed to keep it at bay. Jasper kissed her cheek again, holding it there for a long time then watching the show.

Jasper actually found himself enjoying it. He was glad she mentioned this. Around midnight Stella started having trouble staying awake. Jasper, who kept glancing at her out of the corner of his eyes noticed and hit pause “you ready to go to sleep?”

“you still seem so awake”

“I have work in the morning and it’s midnight” Stella hadn’t even realized “o my god, how did that happen?” He smiled “well when you’re in such pleasant company time flies. I’ve had a really great time with you tonight. Did you have fun with me?” The way he was looking at her had her heart thundering and her insides being brushed with butterflies “Yes, everything was perfect. This is easily the best date I’ve ever had” Stella responded in almost a meek voice. “I hope you mean that”

“Of course I do” she said then Jasper moved closer “could I have a goodnight kiss like I got last night?” she nodded and he smiled. Jasper leaned in, his lips moving humbly over hers. He was so happy, happy just to be with her. He had loved every second of tonight. Talking over dinner, holding her close while they watched Bones and talked, somtimes laughed about it. He pulled back when he felt himself start to lose control. He didn’t want to touch her in any way that might upset her and ruin their evening. He had to ask, he just couldn’t wait another day. “Would you be my girlfriend Stella? Nothing in this world would make me happier than knowing you were mine.”

Stella couldn’t believe her ears. She had no idea how she could be so special to him. He had obviously worked hard on their date and now he was asking her to really be with him. “I’d love to be” she finally said, making Jasper take in and out one sharp breath of relieved air. Asking had made him so tense. If he was asking too soon and she said no it would have crushed him. He kissed her again, his lips pressed hard against hers then he kissed her head and cheek. “You’re welcome here any time. You can also call and text me whenever the mood strikes you. I can’t answer in court or if I’m in a briefing or somthing of that nature but I will get back to you as fast as I can” Stella smiled “ok” Jasper hugged her, just wanting Stella close. He just held her against him until she said “we need to go to sleep. I don’t want you to be tired tomorrow”

Sleep, the concept was laughable to him right now. How was he supposed to sleep when he was this happy? “I’ll take you to your room first” He said then stood. When she stood aswell he swept her off her feet and kissed her head. She smiled up at him with rosey cheeks as he walked to the guest bedroom he had planned on giving her. Jasper walked in and saw her gift. He had forgotten all about it. He set her on her feet in front of the bed where her gift was sitting. “I bought that for you today. You can use some in the morning if you decide to take a shower. You don’t have to leave if you don’t want to.” he rubbed the back of his neck and continued “I mean, I could come home after court.” Stella smiled “ok, I’ll stay. When do you think you’ll be out of court?”

“I never know. I’ll leave here around 8am to make sure everything’s in order. I don’t actually start court until 10:30 though. ”

“Ok, well I’ll see you when you’re home. I’ll probably go to my house to grab a few things to do here but then I’ll come back” He gently ran his fingers down her cheek “I’m glad you’ll be here when I get home. Sweet dreams beautiful” She smiled a little shyly “goodnight, It really made me feel special you went through so much effort tonight.”

“I wanted to show you how important you already are to me. I thought you were beautiful when I first laid eyes on you and” he paused, wanting to tell her the connection he felt the instant their eyes met but decided against it. He didn’t know how far in the shallow part of the pool Stella was in and didn’t want to drown her by dragging her to the deep end too fast. He continued instead saying “and I’ve come to adore the woman I’ve gotten to know during the past two days. I’m happy that we’ve actually been able to spend so much time together.” They hugged again and he kissed her cheek “if I’m gone before you wake I want you to know you’re welcome to anything I have. Don’t be afraid to eat or drink anything”

“Thank you” Jasper smiled at her again “well goodnight, for real this time” Stella gave a small laugh “goodnight for real” Jasper left, thinking of how silly Jaynas pool analogy was. He was using it anyway, he couldn’t risk losing Stella. He would just keep doing his best to gauge how comfortable she was to see how far he could go. He planned on trying to get her to stay here as much as possible so she could get used to the idea of living with him. Jasper went into his bedroom and plugged up his cellphone to make sure he could talk to Stella tomorrow if he got the chance.

He face palmed realizing he didn’t give her pajama pants a shirt like he said he would. He quickly grabbed somthing comfortable for her and ran back up. He gently knocked on the door and she answered “yeah?”

“I forgot to give you somthing to sleep in” Stella smiled and took the pajama pants and shirt from him “thank you”

“It’s been so long since we first had our goodnight kiss, I think another one is in order” He said hopefully. Stella brightly smiled then kissed him. He couldn’t help but slide his hands in her hair to hold her there a few moments. By the time Jasper pulled back she was completely flushed “goodnight”

“Goodnight” He responded, not wanting to leave. He would do anything for her to come sleep with him. He forced his legs to carry him away again anyway. Stella changed into the clothes he gave her. His pajama pants were very soft. It reminded her of a stuffed teddy bears fur. She crawled in the bed and settled under the covers. She drifted into a very comfortable sleep. She would have to see what this pillow was made out of tomorrow so she could get one when she had a job again. She would love to have a pillow like this in her apartment.

Bad dreams about her father would come and go. They would stop but if somthing reminded her of her childhood abuse she would have bad dreams about the monster she used to live with. Tonight it was happening again her father was laying on the couch with beer bottles all around him. She was trying to come home from school quietly. Her father kept a strict rule that women are to be seen, not heard. She had a lot of homework and books in her hands as she climbed the stairs when her history book came lose and made what sounded like the loudest thud in the universe to her ears as it hit each and every step. She heard him cussing right away and did somthing stupid, she ran. Running always made the punishment worse but somtimes she couldn’t stop her body from running away.

She heard him bounding up the stairs screaming “you better get your ass over here Stella! She slammed her bedroom door and shook in the corner of her room. She didn’t know why she ran or shut the door. He had long since taken the lock off her door so she couldn’t keep him out. When he pushed the door open the look in his eyes told her this would be a severe beating. She just cried while she repeated “I’m so sorry” He slammed his fist into her head a few times and then grabbed a tight fistful of hair to drag her. She knew where he was taking her, the kitchen. His favorite thing to do was burn her with hot coffee before beating her. It was somthing that he started when she was five. It had been a spur of the moemnt decision for him to do at the time since she accidentally spilled her juice on his paper. He decided to pay her back by slinging the coffee then pounding into her.

Chapter Six

Stella sat up in a cold sweat, breathing heavily and rattling so hard it would have almost looked like a seizure to anothers eyes. She hated how her father could terrify her so much even in a dream. Somtimes just memories of him made her shut down. She didn’t want to be alone. Even though she knew it wasn’t possible she felt as if he may come up the stairs at any moment. She didn’t want to burden Jasper but she really didn’t want to be alone. She took deep breaths to compose herself some before going to ask Jasper if it was ok to sleep with him. When she could stop shaking she went down the stairs and over to his bedroom door. She said in a whisper “Jasper?’ No answer came and she looked at the time. His clock read three am so she knew he was already well into sleep. She spoke in a normal tone “Jasper?” He didn’t stir the second time either. He had been depriving himself of sleep and running around so much lately he was out cold.

Her heart was racing almost as fast as when she woke again. She felt the shakes coming on and had to be with him. She pushed open the door slowly then approached his bed. The covers were only over half of his legs which made her smile and almost instantly calm at how adorable she thought her sexy lawyer looked. She crawled in his bed carefully even though she could see how hard he was sleeping. Stella grabbed his covers then laid her head on his chest, She loved how warm his body was. It surprised her since he was laying without very much covers. She pulled the blanket over them then put her arm over his torso. It wasn’t even a full minute before she fell back asleep.

Jaspers alarm went off at seven and he groggily rubbed his face. Stella almost instantly shot up “I’m sorry, I’ll go” The alarm scared her and she got even more scared when she remembered where she was and the fact she hadn’t asked to be in here. He grabbed her as she went to get off his bed. He sat up and pulled her into his arms. It normally took him much longer to move after the alarm went off but he didn’t want her leaving. He was actually happy she was there. “You are my girlfriend. You are welcome anywhere in this house. You can do whatever you want. It’s a gift to wake up to you, not somthing I would be upset over. I’m happy you wanted to sleep with me. I wish you would have told me. You could have started out in here.”

“I just had a really bad dream and didn’t want to be alone. I tried to ask if it was ok but you wouldn’t wake up”

“It’s always ok, I’d love to hold you at night. I’m sorry you had a bad dream sweetheart. Do you want to talk about it?’

“You have work”

“Yes but I have you too and you’re more important than work”

“It’s ok, please don’t be late. I want you to be ready for court. your client is counting on you. I’m really fine now.” Jasper wanted to kiss her but he always had bad puppy breath in the mornings so he refrained. “I’ll get in the shower then. Will you still be ok if I let you go?”

“Yeah” she said softly and he released her to go into his bathroom. He quickly brushed his teeth then got in the shower. Stella didn’t leave until she heard the water running. Stella walked upstairs and changed back into her clothes from yesterday. She spritz herself with the carried away spray Jasper bought her. It would have to do until he left and she could go home. Now her heart was offbeat thinking about how sweet he was. He was an incredibly sweet man, especially for a lawyer. She guessed it was a stereotype for lawyers to be assholes so she felt bad it shocked her that he could be so kind and gentle with her.

Stella checked the bathroom for a hairbrush. She was glad to see Corina had one here. She brushed out her hair then came downstairs. It sounded like Jasper was still in the shower so she went into the kitchen. She found where he kept the cups and poured herself a drink then just waited for him. He came out looking debonair in his suit for work. His glasses were on again and he just seemed to be glowing with happiness. He smiled at her. The movement of his mouth smooth and gleeful. He wondered if Stella had any idea how ecstatic he was that she became his girlfriend last night.

Stella got up and hugged him. She really liked the smell of his cologne. She hadn’t noticed it until now. When she pulled back from the hug Jasper gave her a long, slow kiss. When they parted she was flushed again but not as bad as last night. “I brought my camera, it’s in my purse. Can we have a picture together before you leave?” he smiled “if you upload it to your Facebook”

“That’s why I want it. I want my friends to see you” She ran to her purse and pulled her camera out. Her makeup was a little messed up but she still looked good enough for a picture with him. Stella knew she could always get another after work. She stood beside him and he wrapped an arm around her waist with a very proud smile. She took the picture then he set down his briefcase and lifted her up “take another one” She laughed lightly and took a picture of him holding her and then kissing her. He set her down looking a little sad “I have to go but I will see you after court. The spare key is by my lamp so you can lock up when you leave to get your things. You can leave stuff here if you want. My home is yours”

“have a good day.”

“I will knowing youll be here when I arrive home.” He kissed Stellas cheek then walked out. He had to go to the office first for some papers. He walked in and grabbed them off his desk then sat down to check on a few things. Jayna came in without knocking “rude, what do you want?” Jasper said then Jayna responded “to tell you to talk to Stella about how you used to talk to women until they fucked you and then you would totally blow them off.”

“why would I bring that up?”

“because I’m friends with her on Facebook and guess what mister lucky? Two of her friends are women I’ve seen you do that to. They will tell it much uglier than it happened I’m sure. You need to be the first one to talk to her about it lover boy.” Jasper actually went a little pale “which ones?”

“Bianca and Dannie, Bianca threw quite the tantrum. She would probably love to strike back at you through Stella. The worst part is Bianca likes everything Stella posts. She’s going to notice and with how she reacted to you ignoring her I know she’ll remember you.” Jasper put his elbows on his desk and held his face as he frustratedly sighed. “you did it to yourself. Even though you were kind to them until you had sex with them what you were doing was a real dick move. You never tried to make them think the relationship was going anywhere but it was seriously low”

“I know…I know” He said in a pained voice. “what;re you going to do.”

“I have to get to court, you know how judge Trewler is. If your late he seriously holds a grudge. I’ll just have to pray Bianca and Dannie don’t talk to Stella first. She rarely gets on Facebook anyway so I have a chance to talk to her before they do. If they get to her first I’ll just do whatever it takes to undo the damage they will cause.”

“I’ll help you out. I’ll go on their profiles and find a picture of them kissing or somthing. If I report it their page will be taken down for a few hours. In High School I was a mega bitch and somtimes did that out of spite. You’re actually not allowed to have kissing pictures on facebook.”

“Thank you Jayna” She walked over and hugged him “I just can see what Stella means to you.”

“I love her so much. I haven’t even told her that I love her yet”

“Tell her after court”

“I dont want it to be too late….I” Jaynas face contorted in confusion as she moved his hands “are you crying!?” She asked as she saw the silent tears streaming down his cheeks. “I love her so much. Our date last night was heaven to me. I’ve never felt so happy. I don’t want her to leave me..I dont know if I can handle it. I already need her. She’s like my blood Jayna, if she decides I’m a disgusting prick I dont think my heart will function any longer” Jayna hugged him “it’s going to be ok Jasper” She wanted to say more but she was so shocked by his tears she couldn’t think. She had never seen the man shed a single tear or get upset about anything. It didn’t matter what happened he just shrugged his shoulders and moved on. Jayna could see he had deep feelings for Stella but this told her it was even deeper than even she thought.

“pull yourself together. You ahve court to prepare for. Where is she? I’ll spend the day with her and keep her busy so nobody can talk to her before you do”

“you have a really big case right now”

“I don’t care, you mean a lot to me Jasper. More than you know”

“Thank you, she’s at my house today. She slept over last night. No we didn’t have sex before you ask”

“alright, let me finish up this paper and I’ll head right over. I really have to get this typed up though” Jasper removed his glasses and wiped his face “thanks, I’ll get myself moving” Jayne ran to her office. Her heart felt so heavy for him. It was hard to see the man she loved in so much pain. He didn’t know it but against her better judgement she had fallen in love during their time together when he was trying to get her in bed. She hoped when they had sex that she would be the different one, that she would be his love but she ended up having to settle for being his friend. It was extreamly painful at first but over the years it had gotten easier. At this point she still loved him but didn’t want to be with him any longer. She accepted that his friend is all he could ever see her as. It reopened the wound a little bit now that he had found the girl that she wished to have been but she would still do anything to protect his relationship with Stella because of her love.

When Jayna pulled up she noticed there were no cars in front of Jaspers house. She thought maybe Jasper had just picked her up from her place. She knocked a few times and when nobody answered she sat down and texted Jasper “She’s not here but I’ll wait for her. In the meantime I’ll get on Facebook and get those girls accounts temporarily blocked” Jasper jerked his phone out of his pocket immediately “Thank you, she said she was going to her apartment to grab a few things. I doubt she’ll be gone long. You are a one in a million friend Jayna” She smiled then sent back “Dont you forget it” Jasper then texted Stella in his paranoia that she may have already been talked to and be sitting angrily in her apartment. “Hey sweetheart, I was just thinking about you and wondering what you were doing.” He started to gather his papers to head over to the courthouse. His were eyes still wet with want to cry.

Her ringtone started playing and he slid his phone open to read it. “I’m getting back in my car to return to your house. I’m bringing all my board games. Can we play when you get home?” he half smiled, begging god that she would still want that after he talked to her. “I would love to but we will need to talk first. It’s really important. I know saying that sounds scary but I don’t want you to worry. You haven’t done anything wrong. You’ve been nothing but a piece of heaven that I’m grateful to get to know.” Regardless that worried Stella but she wouldn’t let what her imagination could make up spoil her mood though so she decided not to think about it and responded. “Ok, good luck today. I love you” she sighed and took the last three words off before sending it. This was their third day together and first as a couple. She didn’t need to sound like a stalker.

He wanted to text with her some more but he needed to get going. He took comfort in the pictures he had of her for a moment then walked out of his office to get to the courthouse. By the time he got there Jasper had plastered on his serious court face. The face he wore to court was always void of any type of emotion. He was all business here and he especially couldn’t let the defense see him crying. They would dive in like vultures and rip him apart. His mother was ruling in another court room and saw her son walk into the courthouse. She unlike the rest of the world, couldn’t be fooled when he put on his poker face. She texted him so she wouldn’t embarrass him in court “Honey, you look like Stella took a hammer to your heart. What’s wrong?” She texted, knowing by now his phone was on silent. Atleasts he would know the next time he looked at his phone.

Jasper went over everything with Tara and told her what to say when she made her plea on the stand. They were ready a few minutes before it was time to go in. Jasper checked his phone incase their was another message from Stella. He smiled when he saw a picture message from her. She had set down the board games on his kitchen table and taken a picture with her hand out like she was presenting them. He tocuhed the screen where she was smiling at the camera. For a brief moment he lost his poker face so he put his phone away before his fisad was ruined. He saw his mother had messaged him too but he couldn’t hold his phone any longer and still keep a straight face.

“I’m glad you wanted to get to know me Jayna. You and Jasper seem close”

“we are, he cares a great deal about you so I of course want to get to know you. Thanks for accepting my Facebook request.”

“I was happy you requested me. Some of Jaspers family has too. Anyways, what would you like to play?”

“I haven’t played since I was 11 but we are so playing battleship and I’m going to wipe you out”

“You are talking to the queen of battleship. I’m sorry but your ships will be my bitches” Jayna laughed “Stella! That mouth!” Stella laughed “Yes, I do know how to cuss now come on” They played and laughed, a few victory dances were belted out in the kitchen by both girls. Jayna found herself loving this girl too but in a different way than Jasper. “Now we dance!” Jayna said with a bright smile. “we dance?”

“Yeah, I love dancing. I wont be able to dance with Jasper here so I need to do it with just you and I.”

“Why can’t you dance with Jasper?”

“I’ll be too shy” Jayna laughed “why aren’t you shy with me?”

“You remind me of a very good friend I used to have. She died when I was still in High School…you are a lot like her…I hope that isnt weird” Jayna hugged her “thats not weird, lets dance” Stella hooked up her ipod to Jaspers sound system and went to her dance list. They danced to Save me San Fransico first.

Afterwards Stella had Jayna on the ground, her sides aching from how hard she was laughing at Stellas performance of Enrique Iglesias – Escape. Stella was being silly on purpose as she acted over dramatic while singing.

They danced to a few other songs and sang together. Jayna was having the time of her life with Stella and was absolutely blown away by it. She could definitly see what Jasper saw in her.

As much as Tara didn’t deserve it Jasper won her higher child support. She hugged him and he shoved her off “I am your lawyer. Do not hug me.” Jasper said sternly. “fine you asshole” She stormed off and he was glad for it. He quickly left the courtroom and got into his car. He turned his phones volume on and checked the message from his mother. He deeply frowned when he read it. He texted back “I can’t talk about it right now. I need to go home and talk to Stella….I may have already ruined things between us….I wish I wasn’t so stupid mom. I love you and try not to worry. I’ll do whatever I have to to be with her.” He then texted Jayna “I’m on my way home. Thanks for spending time with her.” Jayna felt her phone go off and excused herself to use the bathroom. She texted back “Don’t thank me, she’s amazing. I really hope she doesn’t get too upset. Best of luck. Don’t you dare lose her. She’ll make you so happy. I’ll leave now so you two can be alone when you get here.”

Jayna flushed then walked out of the bathroom. She turned the music down “I have to go, work calls” Stella got off the couch and hugged Jayna “please hangout with me again. This was so much fun”

“I definitely will. Have a good evening”

“You too” Jayna left and Stella turned the music off and started picking up drink cans. She didn’t want Jasper to get home and see she had messed it up. She started to fix the couch cushions and put away Othello. She was exhausted after her morning with Jayna and she really hoped that would happen again. Stella looked at the time and wished court would hurry and end. She heard Jasper pull into his driveway and got up excitedly form the couch. She ran out the door and hugged him. He caught her in his arms and held her tightly against him. He was savoring this hug, worried that it might be a long time before she would hug him like this again. He wanted to give her a kiss too but felt to guilty to initiate it. She ended up kissing him when they pulled back so he enjoyed it while he could. Unable to hide his worry he said softly “lets go inside so we can talk”

“Ok” Stella said in a worried voice. They went inside and sat down on the couch. “what is it Jasper? If it’s about me getting in bed with you its fine if you’re upset with me. Maybe you changed your mind about that being ok. I understand” Jasper looked over at her and now she saw he was crying “Jasper, o my god. What did I do?”

“sh” he managed to get out and she fell silent. “I loved waking up with you being there. I…I love you so much Stella. I really do and I wanted it to be a much more romantic situation when I told you.” Stella rubbed his back “well what’s wrong?”

“I haven’t been a very nice person to some people”

“we’re all mean somtimes” He hugged her “not like me. I have had one relationship that was serious atall before you and after that i would only talk to women who I wanted sex from. I’d be nice to them and talk to them until I got what I wanted and then I’d just remove them from my life. I blocked their number, deleted them off of everything. I wont even acknowledge them if they talk to me in public. I played with their feelings because I only wanted to sleep with good girls who I didn’t have to worry about having STDs. I just wooed them to get sex and dump them when I was through.” Stellas just froze, wondering if she just heard what she thought she did. When she quit hugging him his heart raced even faster and he began to violently cry. “Please forgive me Stella, I love you, I need you. I felt an instant connection that second our eyes met. I’ve already told everybody how much you mean to me. I have not for one moment been trying to get sex from you. I’ve been trying to make you fall in love with me.”

Stella pushed him away to look at his face. Jasper could see the disappointment in her eyes. It wrenched his innards. “why are you telling me this?” she said when she coudl speak “To be honest it wasnt a conversation i wanted to have but you are apparently friends with two of the girls I’ve done that to. Bianca and Dannie.” Her upsetness only deepened She looked away from him. She didn’t know what to say or think about what he was telling her. “I” she tried to start talking but the second she tried her thoughts became a train wreck again. “I what?’ His vocals shook out through his tears. “is that all you have to tell me?” Jasper shook his head “No, I love you Stella and I want to marry you. I am so serious about you I would marry you today if you would have scum like me.” Stella felt like crying herself. She really loved him too but she needed to process what all he had just said to her. Had that really sweet man she had been spending time these past few days really do what he said he did?

She was mainly having a hard time because Bianca was such a close friend. She remembered how much Bianca cried over Jasper. She had really gotten wrapped up in him. It was hard knowing a girl he hurt first hand. Dannie wasnt a very close friend so that wasn’t as bothersome but Bianca made this really hard.Stella stood, terrifying Jasper and making him go pale. Stella spoke in a soft tone “I’m not going home but I really just need a minute to breath on my own and think through this. Bianca and I are really close, I first hand saw the tears you caused her. I’m who she came to for comfort when you cut her off.”

Chapter Seven

Stella walked away and up to the room he had given her to stay in. Jasper went into his room and rested against his head board while he hugged a pillow, sobbing deeply into it. He didn’t want her to leave him but she hadn’t said she loved him too. His past had just ruined his future. He wished he could go back in time and beat the hell out of himself for ruining his chances with the girl he knew was his soulmate. As Stella sat there she coudln’t deny she still felt the same level of love for jasper. It was just hard to take in. She sighed and called Bianca “Hey girly how are you?”

“Not so good Bianca”

“You sound terrible honey what’s wrong?”

“You know that lawyer you fell head over heels for?”

“I’d rather not but yeah”

‘I’m in his house”

“what!” Bianca suddenly exclaimed. Stella sighed “I’ve fallen in love with him too. He just admitted to me how he used to treat women. He mentioned you and he feels really bad for it”

“That fucker should, you need to get out of there Stella”

“I don’t think I can”


“I love him”

“Honey that’s stupid. He’s just messing with you too.”

“He asked me to marry him and told me that he loves me” Bianca went silent and sighed “and you love him? You love him after I came to you bawling? You know how I felt about him”

“Yes I do…I’m sorry”

“yes you are, a sorry friend if you’d stay there.” Bianca hung up and Stella cried. When she was done she wanted to know how many in total so she went downstairs and knocked on his door “Jasper” She heard him almost fall off the bed and come. When he opened the door his eyes were puffy and cheeks absolutely soaked with his tears. She coudln’t do anything else but hug him in that moment. He hugged back and held to her as if he was drowning. She pushed away and he forced himself to let go “How many girls did you do that to? In your life.” He looked away “five”

“In total?”


“well……five really isn’t that high. I expected more.”

“I’ve always concentrated on work and school but sometimes…I’m just a man”

“You were ncie to them the whole time…I know that from Bianca.”

“Yeah..I didnt really want to hurt them”

“and you’ve been so good to me, you really have and you seem sorry. I just, am I really different Jasper?”

“I told you I want to marry you didn’t I?” Stella hugged him again “I forgive you. I love you too. So much. You’ve been making me incredibly happy until this evening and I may not have been so upset if you said it was only five. The way you talked about yourself made it seem worse. My friend Charles has slept with more women than he can count and he wasn’t even always nice to them. I love you and want to marry you too somday.” Jasper hugged Stella back, jerking hard with his tears. “I was so afraid I’d lose you over this. ” he said through his tears. “I want to be with you forever. You wont lose me Jasper. People do things they arent proud of and I’d say yours isn’t among the worst.”

“Can I cuddle with you on my bed?”

“I think that would be great” He picked her up and then settled himself and her in the center of his bed with the covers over them. He held her close and she could hear his frantic heart rate. He really had been scared of her walking out. She could see she obviously was very different from those five other girls. She didn’t even worry about Bianca any longer. Friends dont just give up on eachother and she just walked away the second she didn’t like what she heard. Jasper unwound more and more as he laid there holding Stella. She smelled so nice and it was quickly mending him to know she loved him and would marry him. When it had been long enough since he cried that his voice would be normal he asked ‘when can i marry you?” Stella smiled and looked into his eyes “I don’t know, how soon do you want to?”

“Today” Stella kissed him and his lips trembled. “I want a real wedding though. We can’t throw that together today”

“Can we go ring shopping?” Stella rubbed his cheek “how about tomorrow”

“Ok, I have court at eleven but afterwards we can go. I don’t want you to be rushed picking your ring”

“You want me to pick it?”

“Yeah, you ahve your choice of any ring in any store. I love you and you deserve anything you want. Your ring has to be perfect and just what you dream of. Please pick it and pick what you really want.” Stella gave him a happy kiss. When she pulled back she whispered “I love you so much”

“I love you too Stella. Will you move in with me? We can start that after we have your ring.” Stella couldn’t help but wear a big grin “I think that’s a great idea”

“will you be sleeping in here too? I’m not trying to push my luck but since we’re getting married and you want to live here I..I guess I’m just hopeful you’ll let me hold you at night”

“That would be really nice. When I came in here last night you relaxed me so much. I loved being in here with you” Jasper gave her face a few light kisses “I’m glad, you sure you don’t want to go ring shopping today?”

“I think we should just relax for the remainder of today. Your eyes are so red and puffy from crying” Jasper smiled “I’m too ugly to go out with? I understand” Stella giggled “Oh yes, far too ugly” He kissed her gently on the lips “what are we going to do for dinner?”

“Do you have anything I can cook?”

“sadly no, before you I pretty much lived at the office. My home was only used for sleep, if that. We can go out for dinner tonight and at sompoint tomorrow we’ll buy groceries if you would like to cook meals here.” Jasper looked at the time. It was only a little after three pm. When he looked back down his eyes delved into Stellas making him sigh “how do you have such intransing eyes.”

“I could ask you the same question” she responded in a quite tone that only increased the affects her saying that had on him. “let me change into somthing more comfortable and we’ll watch Bones together until we’re hungry”

“I’ll wait for you out there” Stella said, still too shy to see him naked. He figured she would leave the room. He got off the bed and she soon followed then exited. Stella already had the episode they left off on waiting when he entered. Stella had bene laying while she waited and started to get up “no no, I’ll lay too and hold you from behind while we watch.” Stella blushed and laid back down on her side, scooting up a bit so Jasper could fit behind her. He joyously took his place and tugged her into his body. He took a long intake of her hair which made her blush more. Jasper kissed Stellas cheek as she started their episode. All the crying and stress of the day had taken more of a toll on Jasper than he knew. He ended up falling asleep partially through the episode. Stella noticed his firm grip loosen and his breaths even so she turned off the TV. She decided she would sleep right there so he would get plenty of rest. She wasn’t very hungry anyway.

Stella woke around seven am the following day. She heard her phone going off upstairs. She tried to get out of Jaspers arms without disturbing him but he awoke anyway. He sighed, sounding a little sad then said “I’m so sorry honey. I didn’t even finish an episode, did I?”

“No but it was alright, You had court and them went through a lot of emotional stuff” He sat up and kissed Stella “I’ll just have to make it up to you” Stella smiled “You don’t need to. I really didn’t mind” He rubbed her cheek with his thumb, looking at her as though she was miraculous. “I am going to go ahead and get ready for court so that I can just spend time with you until I need to go.”

“ok baby” A little disappointed Stella didn’t ask to shower with him he went to his room. He looked forward to the day when she started getting in with him in the mornings. Stella went and grabbed her phone before coming back downstairs and settling on the couch. She sighed, a bit annoyed. She had ten hateful messages from Bianca. After reading the first two she just deleted them all, deciding to ask her Uncle how to block people from her phone. She then noticed a text from Shante. “Are you and my son ok? I really hope so. Someone needs to let me know what’s going on. I’m really worried. I like you so much Stella” Stella messaged her back “we’re ok now Mrs Bookchild. We had a talk about his past and it got a little bad but we’re fine. He asked me to marry him and I said yes. We’re going to look at rings after court today. He wants me to choose it. I know it’s fast but we really have a deep connection. I love your son very much and he loves me”

Shante called, expressing in girlish glee her excitment and approval. She offered to help with anything. Stella just laughed and talked with Shante until Jasper came out of the bedroom. “your son is out now so I’m going ok.” Shante told her bye and they hung up so Stella could give Jasper a hug “Talking to my mother?”

“She was worried about us and I told her we are picking out rings today. She’s really excited” Jasper smiled “I knew she would be. She told me in the kitchen when we had dinner there how much she adored you.”

“When do you have to leave?”

“well I have multiple witnesses to quiz and help get prepared today so sadly I’ll be leaving you at nine. That will cut it close if I run into any issues but I’d rather work my butt off so I can spend a little more time with you.”

“Your job is important to”

“I can do it, don’t you have faith in my abilities?” He said with a coy smile, knowing she couldnt protest any longer. Stella shook her head “Can’t believe you’d use somthing like that. Do you have cereal?”

“Yes, that I do keep. Lets just hope I have milk” Stella found some as he grabbed the box of cherrios “boring” Stella said making Jasper laugh “we’ll buy cereal you like when we’re at the store” Stella seemed to be getting less shy which made Jasper happy, he was happy in general though. She was going to marry him, the woman his heart and soul belonged to loved him back and wanted to be his forever. He thought about her car again. It had horrified him when he saw she was driving somthing from 2005. He feared for her safety. He cleared his throat “I know this will sound demanding because it sort of is. I noticed that you drive a car from 2005. I cannot trust that thing to get you where you want to go safely. I can’t have my wife drivng somthing that I can’t trust not to leave her stranded or worse, cause her to be in an accident because somthing malfunctions. I do not feel i own you so you wont see me demanding things through our life together but I really need you to get online today and pick a new one so I can know youre safe on the road.”

Stella smiled, it made her feel good he was so concerened. “ok” Jasper breathed easy, he had been afraid of her response but her car made him uneasy and he would worry himself sick every time she drove anywhere. “Pick whatever you want. Any car under the sun is yours for the choosing. Send me the link once you’ve picked your car.”

“You’re not on my Facebook so i guess you need my email then”

“I’ll add you right now. You can accept when I leave” Jasper went to his computer room with Stella close behind. He opened up his Facebook and searched for her. Once she was added he logged back out. “I’m really glad you reacted well towards that. I really just want you to be safe”

“I know” Stella said as she hugged him. When she let go she said “lets eat our breakfast”

When Jasper left to get what he needed from his office Stella grabbed her laptop and got on Facebook. She sighed heavily when she saw posts all over her wall from Bianca. She also sent message after message. She had never seen this side of Bianca before. It was a little frightening. Stella also noticed she had a message from Jayna saying “call me sweetie” Stella blocked Bianca and deleted the posts from her wall before calling Jayna. Jayna answered swiftly “I saw your wall”

“I’ve never seen her act like this”

“I have, she flipped out when Jasper left her in the dust. We had to ban her from the building. She threw a huge tantrum and even made threats. I don’t think you should go anywhere near her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she hurt you”

“But we were such close friends, she’s just angry”

“Honey, seriosuly. You didn’t see her psycho behavior when Jasper threw her away. You need to steer clear.” Jayna said as she emphasized the need. “I will, I’m going to get my uncle to block her from my cell and I’ve already blocked her from Facebook”

“good, just be safe. Nothing can happen to you, Jasper wouldn’t be able to take it honey. Speaking of which….her posts lead me to think the conversation went ok last night.”

“You knew what he wanted to talk about?”


“Oh, it went bad at first but I forgave him and we’re getting married. He told me last night he loved me and wanted to marry me. We’re getting a ring after work”

“I’m happy for you two sweetheart. I need to get back to work. Thanks for calling me”

“Thanks for caring” They both hungup and Stella just sat there, not having any clue where to begin looking for a car. It was a bit of a daunting task to choose a car when she could have any in the world. She messaged one of her friends and they discussed cars but she thought all the cars her friend suggested were ugly. Marcus began to message her and he said “I could see you in a Nissan Infiniti. That car would really suit you.” Stella looked it up and really liked it. She thanked Marcus then told her other friend she decided and sent a link to the picture. She thought it was a great choice so Stella sent the link to Jasper. She couldn’t help but think again how sweet it was he wanted to buy her a new car because he worried about her safety when she went places.

Jasper couldn’t see it since he was going through things with a witness. She kept opening his chat box to see if he had read her message. She then remembered she never uploaded the pictures of them so took her SIM card out then put the one of them standing together as her profile and the one of him holding her as her cover. She wanted a bunch more pictures to share with her friends. She just now had to wait for Dannie to realize. Stella wondered if Dannie would react as badly as Bianca. Sure enough awhle later she got a phone call from Dannie. Stella sighed and answered “yes?”

“You do know who that man is right?”

“I know now…I talked to Bianca”

“He was with Bianca too?”


“and you are with him why?”

“I love him and he loves me. I fell in love before I knew and he’s been good to me”

“Have you had sex with him?”

“well no but”

“I’m looking out for you Stel, the day you have sex with him is the day you’ll be nothing. He’s just getting you in bed. He’s a liar who is only after sex. You are too good for that Stella. He is going to rip your heart out. Don’t do this.”

“I’m different”

“Thats what he says but it isn’t true. I’m not trying to be a bitch and I’m not angry. I’m worried because I love you”

“I really am different. He hasn’t even tried to have sex with me”

“well, just don’t say I didn’t warn you hun. He is going to fuck you then run over your heart with his Mercedez Benz. Girls are worthless to him once he’s had them in bed. I’m serious in fact, get in bed with him and see how quote on quote important you are to that man the next day. He’s a vicious selfish lawyer. Have you ever seen him on TV? He’s been on some high profile cases and has been on TV a few times. I wish I would have seen the man in a court room before i fell. He’s a shark honey. I’m going to link you some clips of his court cases on Facebook. Check your messages. Remember, I’m not angry. I’m trying to protect you from him. I don’t want to see you heartbroken”

Stellas excited mood kind of went dull. It was true they hadnt had sex yet but even the way he looked at her and acted told her Jasper was in love. She doubted sombody could fake the way he looked at her, the way he held her even. She wouldn’t doubt him, she couldn’t. Even his mother thought he loved her. Stella couldnt believe that he would actually be able to trick his own mother. If she was just sex Stella didn’t feel it would be worth the trouble unless he enjoyed the game that much.

Jaspers second chair for this case walked over with two cups of coffee, one of which was for Jasper. Paul offered it to him and Jasper put up his hand “I don’t drink coffee any longer.” Paul gave him a look that openly expressed how bewildered he was. “You live on coffee”

“Not anymore, it honestly disgusts me now”


“My fiance was abused by her father growing up and he used to throw coffee on her. I just can’t drink it”

“Oh my god! You’re engaged?! Is it that adorable girl I saw you bring into the office a few days ago?” Jasper smiled “yeah, I wish I had time to tell you about her but we need to go in.” Jasper pulled out his phone and went to the picture of them sitting together at his parents house “isn’t she beautiful” Jasper said softly, his tone once again proud. “you’re a lucky man, I’m glad you found someone. Lets head on though” Jasper nodded and put his phone away to walk inside. Stella walked back into her room and grabbed her computer. She sighed before opening Facebook to view these videos Dannie had to show her. She watched them and Dannie was correct, he was a different man in the court room but honestly that was his job.

He was paid to be a shark and win for his clients. This didn’t make her think less of him atall. She just shut them and shook her head. Stella had a feeling that Dannie was pretending to be watching out for her but was really just being passive aggressive and jealous. There wasn’t anyway in the world a man could fake the way he looked at her. Just the way he spoke made her feel loved. There were many times he could have tried to initiate sex but he never even tried. Sex was in no way what he was after. Stella knew she was honestly different and decided to delete and block Dannie. Stella didn’t want Dannie poisoning their relationship. Bianca and Dannie were just too bitter to sta friends with.

Stella was happier to see some good comments and a bunch of likes on the pictures she uploaded. Her favorites being one Marcus posted. “You look so happy, screw Bianca. I saw what she said on your wall last night and this morning.Don’t let a jealous bitch get you down! Can’t wait to meet him” Her second favorite one was from her friend Jenna “He looks fancy :p where did you find that sexy stud in a suit?” She smiled, loving all the encouraging things from her friends. Stella then called her Aunt and Uncle to let them know she wouldn’t be needing her apartment any longer. She was a little nervous, worried they may not be excited. Stella was pleasantly surprised when they were both ecstatic and anxious to meet her fiance.

Jasper was ready to run to his car after court. It already thrilled him when he would win his case in court but he was about to go home and ring shop with his beautiful fiance. A journalist tried to stop him but he barely even noticed her. He jumped in his car and drove straight home. Stella once again greeted him with an excite dhug. He hugged her back with just as much vigor. He gave her a long kiss. Their lips pressed hard together with how thrilled he was. Stella giggled cheerfully “you seem really excited.”

“Of course I am. Are you ready to go?”

“Yeah, just let me grab my purse” She ran in and grabbed her purse then locked the door and ran back over to Jasper to hug him again. He kissed her head then walked her to the passenger side of the car, opening her door. When she was sitting he shut the door and hopped in his side. “How’d court go?” Stella asked “I won. Did you find a car today?”

“Yeah, It was a bit overwhelming to choose since you said I could have any car but Marcus and Jenna helped me”

“I will look at it before I do my paperwork.” Jasper sighed sadly making Stella ask “what?”

“There’s just some paperwork I’ll need to take care of before the day is over and I really would rather just be with you the rest of the day” Stella smiled and offered her hand. In almost a mood swing Jasper Jocundly took her hand. Stella then spoke “I could go with you to your office.”

“You’d be bored, that wouldn’t be very fair to ask of you. It may take me awhile.”

“I want to go. I’ll bring a book”

“If you really want to I’d love that. Having you in my office would make it much more pleasant to be in there. I just want you to know I wont always be this busy. I just had three cases when we met. I’m going to limit my case load to two and if I have a big case I wont even take a second. I don’t want you to be put off by the amount I’ve been working since we met”

“Ok, I havent been upset about it anyway” Jasper lifted her hand so he could kiss it “I know, I just wanted to be sure you knew that.” The pulled up to J.M Edwards and got out. They walked in and the manager asked “how can I help you today?”

“We’re looking for an engagement ring. I’m giving her her pick of any she wants. I dont trust myself to pick one” The manager smiled, knowing who Jasper was from his last appearance on TV. He went to the back where they kept their more expensive rings safely in a vault incase they were robbed. The manager came back out and set them out in front of Stella. She was a little taken back by how pretty they all were. A majority were too big and flashy for her taste but then she noticed one that she found to be absolutely gorgeous. The manger coudl tell which one she was looking at “you can pick it up if you want a closer look at it the Rose of Sharon.” She grabbed it, loving how the smooth band felt. The manager spoke again “I thought that one would interest you. You seem to have good taste but aren’t very flashy. That ring is elegant and beautiful. Its just enough to be stunning without over doing it.

“Is that the one you want Stella?”

“It’s beautiful, I really want this one.”

“Are you absolutely sure? There are other places I can take you.”

“This is perfect, it really is. I want this one” Jasper kissed her head “then it’s yours” The manger got out his small measuring tape “we don’t do ring sizes. I will measure your finger so it fits you perfectly. May I have you hand please?” Stella put the ring back where it went then gave the man her hand. he measured her ring finger then wrote down what he needed to. “Do you like this cut and everything?”


“wonderful, I will need your number sir so I can call when it is ready”

“How long will it take?” Jasper asked eagerly making a sunny smile appear on Stellas face. “we make this one ourselves. The only premade one is the display in the stores. It will take us four weeks and thats if we work our fastest.”

“can any amount of money make that faster?’ The manager almost let go of the chuckle he tried so hard to fight back. “I can’t take bribes from customers sir. It will be ready as fast as possible”

“alright” Jasper gave the man his information and paid for the ring. Jasper was a little disappointed he wouldn’t be able to see her wearing it for four weeks. ” They joined hands again as they set off for Jaspers home to get a book for Stella. She ran inside and quickly back out holding a book titled The Sea Of Monsters. When she was in and Jasper was back on the road he asked “what’s the about?”

“It’s a fantasy-adventure novel based on Greek mythology. I’m in a book club and we’re working on this series. The book before this was The Lightning Thief”

“That sounds interesting.”

“yeah, I’m falling behind when I’m normally ahead of the other people in our group. I just had to finish reading Geek With The Cat Tattoo” That title made Jasper smile. They talked about books until they arrived at Jaspers office. She just spent her time reading while he went between looking at her and doing his work. He stole random glances of her until he felt guilty. The last time he looked he couldn’t help but notice how sexy she was. He loved the way her body curved and just the way she moved in general. He wanted to let Stella make the first move since he had the history he did. That night their goodnight kiss turned into Stella being pushed down into the mattress as their tongues mingled. Stella moaned, it was his undoing. He broke the kiss to start biting and licking her neck. Stella grew nervous but loved how it felt. Jasper had gotten lost in his desire to be with her this way. His hands traveled her, stopping at her breasts as they kissed. They were soft as his hands gently squeezed them. He wanted to actually touch them, to really feel her supple flesh in his hands.

HIs uninhibited desire fully getting the best of him. He went to take her shirt off and she tensed. It violently brought him into what he was doing. He got off of her “I’m sorry, I..I wanted to wait for you to start this…please forgive me……I lost my head while kissing you. It just felt so good…I want you so badly but I’ll wait.” Stella got over top of Jasper since he had laid on his back and turned his face to look at her “I’m just nervous Jasper. I’ve only been with one man and you’ve been with five girls. I’m worried I may be disappointing” Jasper reached up and touched Stellas cheek.

“Making love to you would be nothing short of magical Stella. There isn’t any way it could dissapoint me. You make my intire body tingle. Kissing you was giving me goosebumps.” Stella looked at him and noticed what was left of his goosebumps. She smiled and looked away shyly. Jasper sat up so that Stella was in his lap “you are beautiful and I love you so much. Can I make love to you?” Stella could feel how hard he was and it made her blush deeply. She wanted to speak and tell him yes but her vocals weren’t allowing her to tell him so she just nodded, her face bruning even more. Jasper slid his hand sunder her shirt and took it off. He began to rain kisses over her chest and shoulders then took her bra off. He looked down in awe at the beautiful figure in his lap. His eyes exploring her porcelin skin. She had a few freckles here and there that he thought were cute. By the time he looked back up at her face he had memorized it all. He smiled and gave her a gentle kiss, noticing that she had somhow gotten even redder.

“are you uncomfortable Stella” Desire drenching his tone. She shook her head and they began to kiss again. His hands sinking into her breasts. When her warm depths were too much to resist he laid her down on teh bed and removed her pajama pants along with her underwear. He gave an astonished, gentle gasp at her fully nude body. It was the most amazing site he had ever seen. “I want to do somthing. Will you close your eyes?” He asked softly when he could speak. She covered her face with her hands, nervous as to what he wanted to do. Jasper forced himself off the bed, he wanted her but he also wanted this to be special, to show her she was different and make her see just how adored and worshiped she was in his eyes. He took the candles out of his closet and began setting them around. Stella heard the rustling of the bag and him setting stuff out. She wanted to peek but didn’t move her hands.

Jasper lit the candles then turned the lights off before getting over Stella to whisper “Open your eyes my beautiful rose” As a joke to how red she had been getting. She gasped as she looked around. Jasper looked at her sweetly “I wanted it to be more romantic. I want you to feel how much I adore you” It threatened to bring tears to her eyes as she looked up at him. Jasper gave lingering kisses down the center of her body, his hands slowly flowing down her sides as he went further down on her. When he got down to her legs he gently parted them. “I really love you” Was the last words he spake before his tongue started moving expertly, tauntingly even, over her and in her. He moved his tongue around slowly because he was searching for her spot, the spot that would drive her to her limits and insane with pleasure.

He slightly smiled when he heard the moan that told him he found what he was looking for. He concentrated his movements there, making Stella writhe and jerk involuntarily. Her whole body rocked, pulsed and went wild with intense emotion and orgasm. “O my god!” she said in labored breaths. When his shaft couldn’t wait any longer he pulled Stella into his lap and thrust inside of her making her moan his name deeply. “Stella” He said in almost a shocked tone. He moved in and out of her. Spearing deeply inside of her clenching rift. He didn’t know doing this with someone you love could feel this…he was trying to think of a word but none would come. He had never felt like this. As stupid and corny as it sounded in his head he could only describe it as magical.

He felt like he was one with her, like for this brief passage of time their two souls were one in the same. “Stella” was all he could say as he buried his head in her shoulder, tears streaming from his face to her skin. When he poured himself between her thighs he laid down with her, holding her close to him. She breathlessly asked ‘why are you crying honey?”

“I’m so happy. I didn’t know sex could feel like that, that making love was really that different” It had all been so sweet to her that she had been keeping her own tears back but at this moment she couldn’t another second. Their tears were soft as they just held eachother. They slowly drifted into sleep. Theirs minds and hearts at peace and wrapped in eachothers love. Stella also didn’t know sex could feel like that. Her ex only ever seemed to fuck her. Jasper going down on her was the first time she experienced that. She was too embarrassed to say so to him but it was true. He had truly made her feel beautiful and loved beyond the explanation of words. Stella drifted to rest grateful she hadn’t let Bianca or Dannie make her miss out on a love this powerful and engulfing. Stella knew no matter what happened in their life it was going to be greater than any fairytail she ever imagined or read of.

~ The End ~

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