Jayna & Jacob

Chapter One

Jayna Vargas drove home from the court house exhausted after a long trial that had finally come to a close. All she wanted was to sleep and finally get rid of her migraine. Her friends had wanted to celebrate her victory but right now, Jaynas idea of celebration was stripping down and cuddling with her covers. When Jayna arrived home she started stripping on her way to her bedroom, letting her clothes fall where they may. To her surprise and horror she heard a bowl drop in her kitchen. Jayna instinctively covered her breasts with her arms and turned. Her face flushed when she saw Jacob just standing there with doe like eyes and a blood red face. Jayna ran into her room, heart pounding. She didn’t know what an old friend from college was doing there and why but he was incredibly handsome, even more so than college. For all she knew he could have been that handsome in college but she was too wrapped up in Jasper at that time to notice. Jacob walked towards the door “I’m…I’m so sorry Jayna” Jayna pulled on her shirt and pajama pants before opening her door

“How’d you get in here?” His face was still red which she thought was cute. “Your mom, she came to my house and said you needed a friend then practically drug me out of my own home…she even packed my bag which was a little odd but I’ve missed you so I didn’t fight her. We’ve only talked on Facebook since college ended.”

“Where’s my mom?”

“She went to the store. You apparently don’t have enough sweets” “I try to eat healthy”

“I know, you post a lot of health stuff on Facebook.” Jacob rubbed the back of his neck “I hope you know how sorry I am…I mean, that was a nice view to be honest but I should have spoken up. By the time I looked over you were half naked and I couldn’t speak”

“You were never lecherous, I believe you weren’t being a pervert. I just expect to come home to an empty house. My mom normally warns me if she’s coming, especially when she’s bringing company”
Jacob rubbed the back of his neck. “I thought she called you, I really did. If I had known she hadn’t I would have said something.”

“Don’t worry about it, just go ahead and make yourself at home I guess.”

“I can leave.”

She gave him a small smile. “No, you came all this way so please just eat, drink, relax.”

“Can I have a hug then?” She wrapped her arms around his waist and he held her tightly against him, enjoying being this close to her. “I missed you.” Slipped out of his mouth and his heart stuttered in his chest. He let her go and cleared his throat. “Uh anyway, I’ll just go back to what I was doing. I can have some cereal right?”

“Of course, I’m going to take a quick shower. If my mom gets back before I get out tell her I need too talk to her.”

“Okay, sure.” He went back into the kitchen and picked up the bowl he had dropped and filled it with honey nut cheerios. He poured some milk in the bowl, trying to get the image of Jayna’s nude form out of his head. She was even more gorgeous than her pictures. He sat down at the kitchen table and ate slowly, hoping this little incident wouldn’t make things awkward between them.
Jayna was washing her hair when she heard the bathroom door open “mom?”

“Yes, Jacob said we needed to talk”

“Let me rinse my hair first” Jayna rinsed the soap out then said ” Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?”

“I asked to come last month and you were too busy, you’re always so busy”

“Dont exaggerate mom, I’m not ALWAYS busy. I just had a really big case. Jaspers been passing a lot off to me now that he has a kid and a wife”

“well, I wasn’t taking no for an answer so I just came”

“why’d you bring Jacob?”

“Because he’s a wonderful young man and you are getting too old to be single. I want grandchildren and you never even gave this poor, sweet boy a chance.”

“He isn’t into me like that”

“Yes he is. You were just always blinded by that jerk Jasper. It annoyed the snot out of me you fawned over a guy who didn’t care about you and ignored the man that loved you” Jayna sighed ‘you’re making stuff up in your head again mom. Yeah, Jasper was a jerk who didn’t care about me in college but now we’re close friends and hes a great guy. The other half isn’t true. Jacob was never interested in me like that”

“want to bet?”

“You know how I feel about betting mother” Marisol sighed frustratedly “well, we’ll just see how this visit turns out. He loves you Jayna, if you see it or not he loves you.”

“Ok mom, now let me finish cleaning myself.”

“ok, love you baby”

“Love you too”
“Is she mad?” Jacob asked Marisol when she came into the living room.

“Not really and if she was it would be at me not you dear. What happened while I was gone?” Jacob swallowed and got up, taking his bowl to the kitchen with Marisol close behind. “So something did happen.”

“I saw her naked is all, we were both shocked and embarrassed. I wish you would have called her first.”

Marisol sighed. “You know if you’d just tell her how you feel…”

“She doesn’t look at me that way, we’re friends and that’s it and I don’t want too ruin that. I love her, but I don’t want to chase her away.”

“Just think about it okay?”

“I will.” He rinsed out his bowl and stuck it in the dishwasher. They heard Jayna’s bedroom door open and went back into the living room. Jayna’s heart stuttered in her chest when Jacob smiled at her and she had to look at the floor for a moment too calm herself. “Are you sure you’re okay with us being here?” Jacob asked.

“Yeah, it’s fine. I’m just going to eat something and take some Tylenol then go to bed, I’ve had a long day. I have a couple of guest rooms so take your pick.”

“You have a headache?”

“Yeah, long trial.”

“Let me help.” He moved so he was standing behind her and pushed her hair out of the way. He slid his hand over her neck, massaging gently. His fingers slipped into her hair and he rubbed her scalp. Marisol smiled as she slipped away to give them some privacy.

Chapter Two

Jayna let out small, happy sighs. She eventually had to stop him before her sighs became gentle moans due to how amazing this felt. “better?” he asked. “oh yes, I can just go to bed now. Thank you”

“You don’t need a backrub too?”

“I do remember you gave the best backrubs in history. You sure you want to?”

“wasn’t i always willing in college” Jayna smiled. “where do you want to do it?”

“On your bed i guess. It would be easiest and most comfortable for you” They walked into Jaynas room, her embarrassed by how dirty it was since she had barely time to sleep during the trial, let alone clean anything. Still able to read Jayna like a book he said “My house stays messy now that I’m partner in my firm”

“How’s that been going? I’ve gotten so busy since Jasper quit working like a hound that we havent talked much since you made partner.”

“Not that bad. Its more pressure than just working for a firm but I like it. Lets rub out those knots now” Jayna went over to her bed and laid down. Jacob straddled her hips then began to rub her. “god, if being a lawyer hadn’t worked out for you this should have been your back up. You have magic hands” She said in a relaxed tone. Jacob smiled “I’m glad I can help”
“Feeling better?”

“Yes, thank you.” He resisted the urge to lean down and kiss her, moving off of her and standing. She turned on her side and smiled up at him. It literally took his breath away and had his heart thundering loudly in his chest.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“You don’t have any work to do?”

“I managed too grab my laptop before your mom dragged me away so I’ll do everything from there.” He rubbed the back of his neck. “Do you maybe want to go out for dinner tomorrow night, nothing fancy. We could get burgers or chili dogs or something like that.”

She could tell he was nervous. “Yeah, sure. Maybe after we could go see a movie, it’s been awhile since we’ve done that together.”

He smiled. “Cool, okay then, goodnight.”

Jacob grabbed his bag from beside the door then took the first empty guest room he could find. He set his stuff down then stripped to his underwear before slipping into bed. Jayna fell asleep with a busy mind. Her mothers words in the bathroom were causing her to think of their college days, all the sweet things he did for her and all the fun they had. When her alarm went off in the morning she got out of bed the prepared for work. There was after trial paper work she had to finish up but then she knew her boss would let her take some time off her for mother visiting. Mrs Birchmoore had a soft spot for her mother and could always convince Parker Flint to approve letting her go so they could visit.

The smell of bacon hit Jaynas nose as she walked into the kitchen “I thought I’d make you a real meal before you left. I figured since your mom came without warning you didn’t ask for time off”

“Yeah, today will be a short day though. My boss’s a pretty lenient with off time so I’ll do the paper work i need to do for the case i just finished then ask for an indeterminate amount of time off as always”

“Tell them I said hey” Marisol interjected. “I will mom” After breakfast she gave them each long hugs bye “I will be as fast as possible. This is why you should warn me mom”

“I know baby, call us when you’re on your way home” Jayna grabbed her suitcase then headed for the door. Jayna actually felt sad leaving with Jacob there. It was so nice to see him again and she actually felt horrible that they lived in the same city without seeing eachother since college. Being new lawyers the three of them just got so consumed in work after college that there wasn’t much time for a social life.

“did you tell her?” Marisol asked “No, we are going on a date tonight though. We didn’t call it that but I don’t know. I really do love your daughter. it’s so nice to see her again”

“I know, we just need to make Jayna see that. Why did you two quit hanging out?”

“You could never know how hard it is for me to see the way she looks at Jasper, she looks at him the way I want her to look at me”

“It’s not like that any longer. She thinks of him as a brother now”


“I swear it”

“I’m glad, I’ve avoided him too because I get so jealous and it causes me to be an ass which of course lead to some fights between us. It only made things worse that Jasper didn’t love Jayna back. I couldn’t win her from a man who didn’t even want her.”
“They’re just friends now so you have a chance, don’t pass it up.”

“I’ll try not too.”

“Good, or I’ll set you two down like children and make you talk.”

“Please don’t.” She smiled and patted his shoulder. “Anyway, I have some work I have to get done.”

“Alright, I’ll leave you alone then.” Marisol grabbed one of the books off of Jayna’s bookshelf and went to sit on the front porch while Jacob retrieved his laptop and sat down at the couch. He was only partially focused on his work as he thought about how he was going too tell Jayna he loved her. He had started to and stopped so many times that he wasn’t even sure if he could get the words past his lips. It was frustrating and after an hour of work he shut his laptop and switched on the TV.

Jayna sat staring at her computer, feeling nervous about going out with Jacob. She didn’t know why when he was always so sweet and never gave her any reason to worry. She sighed, burying her face in her hands and shaking her head. “Everything alright?” A familiar voice asked and she looked up.

“Jasper, what are you doing here?”

“Just came by too check on things and congratulate you on your most recent case. So what’s wrong?” He plopped down in the chair on the other side of her desk.

“Do you remember Jacob Zancanelli?”

“Yeah, nice guy, well most of the time. He didn’t like me all that much, but it was understandable.”

“What do you mean?”

“He was in love with you, I mean he did hang around you all the time.”

“Great, you and mother both seem too see something I don’t. I’m so stupid. He’s at my house, mom brought him over completely unannounced and now he wants to go out tonight.”

“So what’s the problem?”

“I just don’t know what to say. I’m sorry for being a bitch and not realizing you had feelings for me?”

Jasper chuckled. “Just go out and have fun, catch up and when the moment presents itself tell him how you feel.” His phone started vibrating and he pulled it out and answered it. “Yes baby.” He sat there quiet for a moment. “Okay, I’ll be right home, I’m talking to Jayna so give me a couple of minutes. Alright, love you too.” He hung up. “We just ran out of wipes so I have to run, but seriously just tell him how you feel and tell him I said hi.”

Chapter Three

“I will, thanks for coming in here and talking to me” Jasper smiled “You were my friend when I didn’t deserve it and even helped me win over the woman of my dreams. I think I can come see if you’re ok when you look upset”

“well go, wipes are vital” Jasper laughed “and I swear Stella must feed them to our baby when I’m not home. We just can’t keep wipes” Jayna cracked a smile and Jasper left. She sighed then got her head back into the paper work so she could get it over with. When everything was done she emailed what needed to be emailed then printed what was needed to be printed. She didn’t want to drive all the way over to the court house so she walked over to Henrys office “Hey, can i run your secretary on an errand. My moms at my house” Henry looked at Rupert he said “sure, I don’t mind. May as well earn my keep while he doesnt need me”

“thank you. Take this to judge Hemmsberg”

“Not a problem” She then went to Birchmoores office and was mortified when she wasn’t there. Flint was such a hard ass without Birchmoore to soften him. She almost timidly approached his office and knocked. He bid her come in and had to resist rolling her eyes at the prostitute in the room. “sir, my mother came for a surprise visit and i’d really like to be let off to spend time with her. I finished my paper work and have no other cases.” He stared at her for a time then groaned “fine, I know Birchmoore will have a fit if you tell her I said no. Her and family. If you ask me spending time with your parents are overrated. Jasper was being groomed as partner and then he goes and throws it all away for whats her face”

“Stella sir”

“Stella, she’s pretty but no girl is pretty enough to give up a career for.” In Jaynas head she said “Hence why you only get love from women you pay”

“How long will she be here?”

“Not sure” he made an exasperated noise. “you know how many good high profile cases you could miss in that time?”

“I care about my family more than making a huge name for myself”

‘well get then” Jayna left his office, grateful that Flints partner was his polar opposite. She knew this place would be miserable if Birchmoore retired before Flint.
Jacob bounced his leg and looked at his watch. He wondered when Jayna would be home and they could decide where they wanted to eat. He rubbed the back of his neck and looked at the TV. He was nervous, scared of telling her how he felt and even more terrified of being rejected. “Jacob?” Marisol’s voice made him jump.

“Yes ma’am?”

“Calm down sweetie before you worry yourself to death.”

“Sorry, I just don’t want too ruin our friendship. I’m happy to get spend time with her again and I love her with all my heart, but I’m afraid of weirding her out and losing her.”

Marisol sat down next to him. “Listen Jacob, if you aren’t honest with her then you’ll just keep wondering what if. You are more likely too lose her if you hide how you feel than if you just tell her. It doesn’t have too be tonight, but it should be soon.”

“I know, I’m just being a wuss.”

“Love is scary, it’s supposed too be. It’s like a test of courage.”

Jacob smiled. “Thanks Marisol, really.”

“So what all are you planning tonight?”

“Dinner and maybe a movie, I don’t want to push my luck.”

“I’m sure she’ll go with you, she loves movies.”
“yeah, we went a lot in college. Especially when Jasper was out of the picture for awhile” Marisol rolled her eyes “don’t even remind me of that time period. I wanted to strangle my daughter for not just letting the prick out of her life”

“You can’t help who you love and he is a fun guy. He used to be a heartless asshole before Stella when it came to women but aside from that a fun guy. Being handsome certainly helped”

“You’re handsome too”

“eh, not as handsome as Jasper.”

‘Hush with that” He smiled “I just want her to get home” just as the words left his mouth Jacobs phone lit up with a text from Jayna. He ran up to the guest room to change and apply more deodorant. When he was fully prepped for her he came back down and waited on the couch. Soon she pulled in the driveway “sorry the paperwork took so long. I know you understand Jacob”

“Yeah” They went inside where Jayna poured herself a glass of sweet tea. “where are we going tonight? Since I got off so long before dinner do you want to catch a movie first?”

“sure, lets look up whats playing” It came down to a choice between a comedy/romance and horror movie. “God, these both seem so good” Jayna said. Jacob smiled “we could watch them both. One today and one tomorrow”

“perfect, I love going to the movies but you know that”

“Just leaves you to decide what first?”

“Romantic comedy. I need a laugh”

“Romantic comedy it is” He said happily.
“Okay, just let me get changed. I don’t want to go out in my work clothes.”

“I’ll be waiting.”

She hurried into her room and pulled off her skirt, blouse and heels, tossing them into her hamper. She got a pair of jeans and a spaghetti strap shirt and pulled them on. She went into the bathroom and ran her brush through her hair then touched up her makeup. Her heart was beating in overdrive and she took a deep breath, trying to calm herself. “It’s just a movie and dinner, it’s supposed too be fun.” She took another breath then went and pulled her socks and shoes on. She grabbed a sweater, wanting it just in case it got cold.

Jacob smiled when she came out, thinking she was the most gorgeous woman in the world. “Wow.” He said before his brain caught up with his lips.

“Wow what?”

“You’re uh really pretty.”

She gave him a smile. “Thank you and you look quite handsome.”

He ran his fingers through his hair, messing it up and upping his sexiness. She blushed at her thoughts. “Yeah right, I’m sure there are better looking guys out there.”

“But I’m not going out with them am I?”

“I guess that’s true.”
They told Marisol goodbye then walked out to Jaynas car. Jacob had to adjust her passenger seat a little before being comfortable. “you ready”

“yeah” He said with a nervous smile. “So, how’s your partner? Easy to work with?”

“Yeah, he works to get home to his family so I never have to worry about him not pulling his weight. He works hard so he can go home to them with no worries.”

“Thats sweet. I love Birchmoore but Flint is such an asshole.”

“I know, I’ve met him. He is disgusting. He hasn’t been inappropriate with you has he?”

“He tried once but when I rejected his advances he stopped. Wouldn’t be worth the sexual harassment suit”

“I’m glad he hasn’t tried again”

“Me too, those hands have been on some disgusting women. The only reason he bugs me now is his need to share his opinion all the time. Nobody cares or wants to hear his views on the world but he just shares and shares. I was so nervous when I had to ask him to let me off”

“If he hadn’t I would’ve went up there” Jayna smiled “always so protective and helpful”

“I will be forever” Those words tugged at Jaynas heart and she felt like crap. All those tears and chasing after Jasper she wasted and was making him do the same. Even after Jasper had used her for sex she still loved him instead of loving this wonderful man who had been by her side since day two of college. She almost cried as she drove so she couldn’t speak to him anylonger. When they got out of the car the fresh air helped Jayna gather herself.

She made Jacobs and her own hearts flutter when she took his hand in hers. Jayna loved how easily she could make him blush. Jacob paid for their tickets then they bought some candy. Jacob didn’t even have to ask what she wanted which moved her that he still remembered. Inside the theater they sat in the very back since thats where Jayna preferred sitting. When their drinks and candy were out of their hands she laced her hand in Jacobs again and gave him her most jaw dropping smile. Unable to resist the urge he brought her hand to his lips and kissed it, hoping that wasn’t too much. She didn’t say anything or pull her hand away from his so he guessed it was alright.
Jacob found himself getting lost in her laughter, her joy washing over him, distracting him from the movie. He knew he wouldn’t remember anything but her and hoped she wouldn’t get upset when he couldn’t tell her if he liked it or not. When the movie was over she kept a hold of his hand, wanting too stay connected to him. She only let go when they stopped at the bathrooms to relieve themselves, but took it again when she came out. “Did you enjoy the movie?” He asked before she got the chance.

“Yes, it was really good. Thanks for taking me.”

“You never have thank me Jayna, I love…watching movies with you.” He mentally strangled himself for not saying what he was thinking.

“I love watching movies with you too.” She replied as they loaded into her car.

“So, where would you like to eat?”

“How about Five Guys?”

“Sounds good.”

She pulled out of the parking lot and talked about the movie as they went along. He just smiled and nodded, listening intently to her every word. She knew he had been watching the movie, but she loved that he was so willing to listen to her talk about it. “Oh I forgot to tell you Jasper says hi. He came by work too congratulate me on winning my case and we talked.”

“How’s he doing?”

“Good, being a dad and a husband. He had to get wipes.”

Jacob laughed. “Wipes are pretty important when you have a baby. It’s strange to think of the terrifying Jasper Bookchild going to get wipes.”

Chapter Four

“Oh I know, the guys at the firm are always talking about it. Behind his back of course because none of them have the balls to tease him to his face.”

“He was cut throat in college and from what I’ve seen on TV he is even more so. Having Stella hasn’t even softened it.”

“He’s sweet at home but still knows how to win his cases infront of a judge. The viper only calms when Stella is in the room, hence why the men at the firm are scared to tease him to his face.” Jacob chuckled “so you only work with guys aside from Birchmoore?”

“Yes, I know your firm actually has mostly women”

“yep, they are all pretty impressive”

“I wish there were more women in our firm. The sausage fest gets old”
“You could always transfer over, meet some new people, make new friends.”

She shrugged. “Let me think about it.”

Jacob smiled and grabbed her hand, hoping she would transfer. She would be treated a lot better where he worked than where she was now. He knew if Birchmoore ever retired Flint might become a lot more aggressive towards her. He was disappointed when they made it to the restaurant because he had to let go of her hand. They went inside and looked at the menu. Jayna ordered the bacon cheeseburger with grilled mushrooms and Jacob ordered the BLT with a large basket of cajun style fries to share. For drinks they both ordered coca cola then went and sat down.

He reached across the table and took her hand. “There’s something I need to tell you.” He said nervously.

“Then tell me.”

“I’m afraid too, I don’t want to ruin our friendship, but if I don’t tell you now then I never will.” He took a deep breath. “The first day we met I fell madly in love with you. Every day I was with you I wanted to tell you, to hold you and kiss you, but I was too much of a coward to say anything. You mean the world to me Jayna.”
“It’s probably my fault you never said anything. I wasted college trying to nab a man who never had any interest in somthing with me while being oblivious to how much you loved me. You never used your words but your actions were always telling me how much I meant to you. I still somtimes hate myself for pining after Jasper so long. I love you too Jacob. You’ve always been there for me and we have so much fun together. Do you want to be with me even though I’ve been an idiot for so long?”

‘yes, will you change firms so we arent forty five minuets apart?”

“Of course, I dont want to be stuck with Flint anyway”

“Just watch out for Lilas. She’s a back stabber. The other men and women are great though”

“Thanks for the warning, now lean over this table and kiss me” He smiled happily then leaned over for a kiss. When their lips parted she smiled and asked “so, you must also be asking me to move”

“You…you could live with me”
Their food came and they both smiled politely at the waitress then Jayna turned her attention back to Jacob. “Move in with you huh, are you sure you’re ready for that?”

“I wouldn’t ask if I wasn’t. I know things will change, you’ll give my home a woman’s touch, I won’t know what to do with the throw pillows since you’re not supposed to throw them at people, but I’m fine with that.”

Jayna laughed as she took a bite of her burger, almost choking on her food. She quickly chewed it up and swallowed then leaned across the table and gave him another kiss. “I love you, I really do and yes, I’ll move in with you.”

Jacob’s heart gave a leap of joy and he smiled the whole time they ate. He was going to do everything in his power to make her happy. “I’m going to give you everything you want. Marriage, a family, whatever you want.”

“Marriage and children sounds good, I love babies. Jasper and Stella’s little one is just so adorable.”
“I’ve seen the pictures. He’s really cute. Do you think they’d have us over so I can meet the little guy?”

“sure, if you really want.”

“Jasper and I were friends too though I was jealous of him. Also, you seem really attached to Stella. I want to get to know your friends”

“Stella is a total sweetheart. I’ve never met a nicer person than her. I’m really glad we haven’t seen her dad around since the wedding.”

“Her dad?”

“He abused her pretty severely when she was growing up. Her Aunt and Uncle ended up getting him to emancipate her and they bought her an apartment.”

“I’m glad she was saved.”

“Me too, I just wish it was sooner. Cant blame them for not visiting though. They fixed the situation as soon as they knew of it” After dinner Jayna called Stella and asked when they could get together. They decided to go over to Jasper and Stellas after lunch tomorrow. Upon arriving home they told Marisol they were finally together, causing Jaynas mother to jump up excitedly and hug them “thank goodness”
“You’re just happy you got to play matchmaker.” Stella said jokingly.

“So what, at least you two are together.” She replied. “So what now, marriage, grandchildren?”


“I can’t help it, hurry up and get baby fever.”

Jacob laughed and gave Marisol a tight hug. “Just be patient, we’ve already talked about it.”

“How exciting, I can’t wait.”

“Anyway, if you don’t mind mom, we’re going to head to bed.”

“Not at all, I love you both.”

“Love you too mom.”

Jacob followed Jayna into her room, his heart beating overly fast. The fact he was going to get to hold her was exhilarating. “Want to take a shower first?” She asked and he couldn’t help but blush.

“Are you sure, I mean we just started dating?”

She smiled and grabbed his shirt then tugged him closer to her. “I asked didn’t I? Besides you’ve already seen me naked.”
His blush deepened causing Jayna to giggle “come on handsome”

“I should go grab my pajama pants first”

“I’ll get the water ready” Jayna went into the bathroom while Jacob went to grab his pajamas. When he returned to her room his heart somhow started going faster. He walked nervously into the bathroom. Jacob stripped, throwing his clothes on the floor where Jaynas were then he slowly moved te curtain. His mouth hung open as he saw the water rushing over her. She smiled saying “come on” Jacob stepped in then Jayna moved so he could get under the water. “I dont have any guy body wash but do you want me to wash you with mine?”

“wash me?”

“You’ve never had a woman wash you?”

“No” Jaynas smile grew wider “good, glad I get to be the first to do it”

“You’ll be the only” He responded, the words slowing his heart to a normal pace and warming it. Jayna slowly washed his body then asked “you going to wash me now?” Jacob squirted some soap into his hands then began to let his hands travel Jaynas every curve. His manhood started to rise as he touched her so he did his best to will it down. Much to his dismay he couldn’t fight his erection as he washed her breasts. He took his hands off of Jayna “I’m sorry”

“You’re my boyfriend. I’d be upset if I didn’t turn you on” Jayna pulled Jacob into a kiss. He lifted her up and put her under the water to rinse the soap as their tongues mingled. “Take me Jacob” Jayna said in a needy tone. Jacob pushed her again the cold shower wall then thrust himself into her confines. He let out a loud, embarrassing moan since Jaynas mother could have possibly heard.

After his moan their lips stayed together until he ejaculated into her quivering heat. “I love you so much Jayna” Jacob whispered, his voice portraying how truly blissful he was in this moment. “I love you too. Thank you for being with me even though I dont deserve it. I hate myself for hurting you all these years”

“don’t mention it ever again. We’re together now and thats all that matters. We can start trying for kids now right? I want to take you ring shopping before we go see Stella and Jasper”

“Then lets do that. We’ve waited too long for this already. I should have been yours in college”

“what did I say about mentioning that beautiful” Jacob and Jayna turned off the water, dried, pulled on pajamas then intertwined in Jaynas bed. “we have so much to do” she whispered happily “and we’ll get it all done. we’ll be married and living together before you know it. You’ll have to go to your firm to tell them you’re transferring over. Lets hold that off until the day after tomorrow”

“sounds good to me baby. Sweet Dreams”

“Sweet dreams my angel” The next morning flew by and soon they were heading over to Jasper and Stellas house. Marisol decided to stay at her daughters home since she still had such a problem with Jasper. Stella answered with a big smile and a one year old in her arms. “Hey, come in” They entered and walked into the living room where Jasper stood and hugged Jayna then shook Jacobs hand “long time no see Jacob’
“It’s good to see you again.”

Jasper chuckled. “Now we both know that’s not true.”

“No really, despite yours and Jayna’s past, I am very happy to see you. Stella, it’s so nice to finally meet you.”

“You as well, please make yourself at home.” They sat down on the couch, Jayna holding his hand. “Would you two like something to drink?”

“Sure, what do you have?” Jayna replied.

“Water, lemonade, and milk.”

“Lemonade please.” Jacob said.

“I’ll take the same.”

“Let me get them, you just hold the baby.” Jasper said with a loving smile and kissed Stella’s cheek before heading into the kitchen. Stella sat down next to them and little Cade reached for Jayna.”Would you like to hold him?” Stella asked.

“Sure, come here little man.” Stella sat Cade in her lap and the little boy rested his head on her shoulder.

“What’s his name?” Jacob asked.

“It’s Cade and he’s a year old.” Stella answered with a warm smile.

“Hey little man are you going to steal my girlfriend from me?” He asked and Cade hid his face in Jayna’s shirt, but smiled and watched Jacob from the corner of his eye.
Jacob chuckled “He’s adorable” Jasper came back with drinks then sat down “so I see you two are together now. That’s amazing”

“yeah, as of last night” Jayna said with a huge smile. She then began to tell them of their plans as Cade played with her hair. “I’ll miss having you in the firm but I’m happy for you two.”

“I can imagine, I’m your only friend there”

“I’m not at work enough any longer for it to matter if I have a friend to work late with. Flint is always having a damn fit about it but I’d rather just work one case at a time and not work any longer than I have to to win for my client. I have Stella and now a little boy to be with. Can we bring him to the wedding or would you like us to get a babysitter?”

“Please bring him. People are jerks who don’t allow children at their wedding” Jayna answered then Jasper responded “i know, people are just so intolerant of children it’s ridiculous. It’s become popular to hate babies and be annoyed if they even make the smallest peep. People just see babies and get hostile. It’s sad. Children are amazing and you are going to love being a mother when that happens”

They all spent the day catching up and having fun together. That night Stella invited them to stay the night but Jayna informed them her mother was waiting up at home. Stella nor Jasper had to ask why Marisol hadn’t come so they just said bye. Jayna sighed when she got in the car “I wish my mom would get over what Jasper did in college. He’s a great guy now”

“You are her only daughter Jayna and he ripped your heart out. I saw first hand what he did to you and I can understand how Marisol as your mother can’t find it in her heart to forgive him.”

“I guess, I did call her so much to talk about it. I wont force it. Hopefully they can all get along at our wedding”

“You know your mother wouldn’t do anything to ruin our wedding day”

“Yeah, I want to stop by the Godiva store and buy her some chocolates to tell her sorry. I didnt believe her atall when she said you loved me” Jacob smiled “lets go then” They made a quick stop then returned to Jaynas home. Marisol already had dinner cooking “thansk mom”

“No problem”

“I’ve got a present for you” Jayna said then handed her mother the chocolate. Marisol hugged her daughter “thank you sweetie”

“Its an I’m sorry for not listening to you present”

“How often do any children listen to their parents?” Marisol said with a smile. Jayna helped Marisol finish up with dinner while Jacob called his firm about Jayna starting work there. The call to his partner was brief since it wasn’t a request. All they had to discuss is some work they could give her to start with. Once that was handled he joined them in the kitchen to happily watch Marisol and Jayna make dinner. The next morning Jayna went into work and was relieved she could tell Birchmoore she was leaving and not Flint. Birchmoore was genuinely sad to see Jayna go but wished her luck. Jayna promised to send a wedding invitation when she knew the date.

Jayna told the other lawyers bye since she, unlike Jasper was friends with a majority of them. The next days were filled with nothing but friends, family, wedding plans and moving. While nights were spent trying to conceive a baby. It was all a rush of the purest happiness and Jayna was humbled by the fact that Jacob held on to loving her even when she didn’t deserve it.

~ The End ~

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