Jayna & Walter

Chapter One

Jayna sat in the audience next to her parents as they all waited for Jovani to come on stage. He had been asked to participate in a small duet for a concert by one of his friends when his accompanist had called in sick. Since Jovani was always looking for a reason to play, he had readily agreed. She was excited for him and that excitement only increased when the curtain was pulled back and he was standing there with a happy smile on his face. She waved to him and he winked at her. Her eyes moved to the other man sitting at the piano next to him and she was immediately frozen to the spot. He looked so serious, his ice blue eyes staring straight ahead, his long hair pulled back in a ponytail so the audience could see his face. Jovani tapped him with his violin bow and he looked at him then out at the audience when Jovani pointed at them. Her heart nearly stopped when his eyes swept over her. He had such an intense aura about it.

Their song started, Jovani’s violin letting out a sorrowful tune and Walter’s piano following with a somber beat. She was entranced and found herself leaning forward, unable to peel her eyes away. His eyes closed and she could see the emotion playing across his face as he got swept up in the music. Everyone in the audience was so quiet, you could barely even hear them breathing and even when the song ended everyone just sat there for a moment in stunned silence before suddenly standing and erupting into applause.

Jayna clapped loudly for her brother and his interesting friend. She was surprised she hadn’t met him but she supposed she couldn’t have possibly met every single friend her brother had no matter how close they were. There of course had been that long period of time where she had let that horrible ass control her and make her life a living hell. She was just glad she was passed that now and had a much better picture in her head of what a relationship should be like. She was close with her family again and that was what was most important.

Jayna’s heart actually stuttered when, after the show, Jovani’s friend was walking with him. “How was it? Be honest.” Jovani asked and their parents started showering the both of them with praise. When they were done Jovani said “I wanted to introduce Jayna to Walter since I’m pretty sure you two have never met”

“Nice to meet you Walter” Jayna said and he smiled at her “Nice to meet you too, glad to see you’re doing well” Jayna wondered if that meant anything, if he knew why they hadn’t met before. She knew it had hurt her brothers when she let that monster keep her away, maybe he had confided in Walter. She didn’t know why but it embarrassed her for people to know. She got a little lost in her head until Jovani said “so he can come to our family dinner tomorrow?”

“sure, he’s more than welcome. Jayna needs to get to know him better. He’s a sweet man” She noticed he was looking at her again, almost like he was studying her and it made her shift a little under that intense gaze. “Thank you for inviting me. I will see you tomorrow night” Walter walked away and the four of them loaded into the car they came in. Jovani and Jayna were planning on staying the night with their parents tonight.

The next morning Jayna was nervous as she thought about Walter and she didn’t even know why. She felt like he could see right through her, like even if he hadn’t been told about her abuse he would still see that something had happened to her. “Hey, someone looks deep in thought.” Jovani said as they sat for breakfast.

“Hey, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, are you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“No one’s been bothering you or hurting you or anything?”

“No knucklehead, I’m fine and I’d let you know I promise.”

“Alright, alright, just checking.”

She pushed her eggs around her plate. “So, does your friend know about me?”


“Yeah, did you tell him about what happened?”

“No, but he always knows when something’s wrong. He has this sixth sense thing, almost like he can read your mind. He asked once if I was okay, but I told him it had been handled and he dropped it.”

“well, thank you for not telling him”

“It’s not my business to share but you better not let it happen again Jayna..it killed me..when they told me he was hitting you. It was hard before but that..please never let someone treat you like that again”

“I won’t” He hugged her and then they finished their breakfast. She continued thinking about Walter for the remainder of the day and went to her room about an hour and a half before dinner to make sure she looked good when he got there. Her brother had a lot of friends and she never cared before but she really wanted to look pretty when Walter came to eat with them.

When Walter got there her hear was very nearly beating out of her chest. He was dressed in a pair of faded jeans and a t-shirt that had a musical notes design across the front. His hair was down, hanging past his shoulders and he gave Jovani a warm smile the moment he opened the door. “Well, well, he can look normal.” Jovani teased.

“More normal than you.” He shot back and Jovani laughed, slapping him on the back.

“You remember my sister, Jayna.”

“I do.” He took Jayna’s hand, gently shaking it. “It’s so nice to see you again. I’m so glad you enjoyed our little concert last night.”

“You’re very talented.”

“Alright, you take care of our guest and I’ll help dad set the table.” Jovani said.

“Wait, I…” Jayna said.

“He’s easy to please, you should know how to interact with a musician. I’ll be two seconds.”

Jovani didn’t let her protest a moment longer and quickly left the room. He obviously wasn’t going far but Walter made her nervous, being alone in their living room may aswell have been being alone on an island somewhere. She wanted someone else in the room with them. It wasn’t a bad nervous, she didn’t think he’d hurt her but she still didn’t want to stand there alone with him. “so you’re a Marine Biologist?” Walter asked and she answered “yeah, my brother tell you that?”

“Your mother actually”

“Have you been here many times?”

“quite a few, I really enjoy your family”

“Do you do anything besides your music?”


“Well I can see why, you have definitely found your talent” He smiled as he thanked her.

“What about you? Do you play anything?”

“I don’t, but I can’t really feel the music like you and Jovani. You two are on a whole other level. I used to tell Jovani he was born with a violin in his hands.”

“I often hear the same thing about the piano, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Maybe I’ll get to play for you again. You could accompany your brother to my house.”

“I would like that. The way you play is almost magical.”

“Oh so he’s magical? I never hear you say that my playing is magical.” Jovani teased as he came back into the living room and Jayna blushed with embarrassment.

“You know I love your playing butthead.”

“I know, but I just couldn’t help myself, you sounded so dreamy.”

“Did not.”

“Yes you did. You were all, oh Walter, you’re playing is just so fantastic, so magical, it makes me swoon.”

“I will kill you.”

Walter laughed “Leave her alone Jovani” He could feel her tension when they were first left alone and Walter was happy she had relaxed, even if in just that moment with him. She was so beautiful and he hated the sadness and pain he sensed in her past. She had been through something, something terrible and his senses were telling him she was still healing and somthing in him wanted to help her heal the rest of the way. Both men followed Jayna into the kitchen where they sat down, Walter taking a place directly beside Jayna. She told herself he sat there to be across from Jovani though it still made her tingle he sat at her side.

“So, when are we going to do another concert?” Jovani asked.

“Hooked?” Walter replied.

“Hey, it was a lot of fun, so next time you need an accompanist tell me. Besides, if I come then maybe Jayna will come and she could do some more of that girly admiring.”

Jayna blushed when their father started laughing and it got worse when a smile crossed their mother’s lips. “Now, now Jovani, no teasing your sister. She’s liable to blush herself into a fever and we can’t even get sick.” Edmond said, clearing his throat to stifle his laughter.

“Alright, I’m sorry, I’ll be good.”

“If you like, you could come over and help me practice. I do have another show coming up, just for piano, but it would be nice to play with you again. You could bring Jayna.”

“alright, you want to go Jayna?” Jovani asked and she replied “sure” The conversation that night was all over the place and it all ended much too soon for both Jayna and Walter. Before Walter left he looked Jayna in the eyes as he said “It was incredible spending time with you. It’s a shame it took us so long to meet” he left and Jovani immedietly started teasing her

“Jovani, please, she has interest in a good guy so leave her alone” Their mother reprimanded and Jayna said “guys, stop it”

“what, it’s obvious there is a mutual attraction” Edmond added. “goodnight” Jayna said then went to her room. Later that night Freya came to her daughters door “you asleep honey?”

“No” she came in and Jayna sat up “what’s up?” Freya joined her daughter on her bed “were you upset at all the teasing?”

“No, just embarrass”

“Your father and brother are teasing so much because they like the idea of you two together. They’ve actually talked about”

“Oh mom, you’re joking”

“They just worry, they never want to see you in a relationship like you’re last one again and they know Walter would never treat you that way”

“They haven’t said anything to Walter right?”

“No, I’d kill them” Jayna smiled “I love you mom”

“we love you, there is a connection though right? You do like him?”

“you guys act like all I have to do is like him and we’ll be together”

“He seems to be interested in you”

“Maybe as his friends sister”

“You’re smarter than that Jayna and on top of smart you’re beautiful. Any man would be lucky to have you”

“You’re my mom”

“You’re beautiful Jayna, I’m not just saying that because I’m your mom.”

“Well, I do like him, I was instantly drawn to him when I saw him walk to his bench on stage”

“well then we’ll just have to invite him to do stuff with us more”

“I just don’t know how to act around him. He’s the exact opposite of Jovani, it’s like he sees into my soul.”

“I’ve noticed he’s very intuitive. Maybe he has some latent psychic ability he doesn’t know about. You know how genetics work in the magical community.”

“That makes it even harder. I mean if he can read me, but I have no idea what he’s thinking, then what do I do?”

Her mother thought for a moment. “Maybe try listening to his music. The way he plays says a lot about him as a person. He’s passionate and engaging.”

“And serious.”

Freya laughed. “That’s not so bad.” She kissed Jayna’s forehead. “Get some sleep.”

“Night mom.”

“Good night baby.”

Chapter Two

She dreamed of him playing that night, his music was powerful and all consuming even in her dreams.It was disappointing to wake up in her bed instead of in an audience watching Walter. Over breakfast her brother suggested “lets go ahead and go over to his house today”

“are we invited so soon?”

“I have an open invitation”

“I..I guess”

“wonderful, you two have fun” Jayna inwardly sighed, they weren’t even trying to hide their enthusiasm for her spending time with Walter. She just hoped they’d tone it down when they were around him. They took Jovanis car there and his home surprised Jayna “Does he live with anybody?”

“No, he was willed that place.”

“he could fit three families in it”

“well I’m sure you two could just keep popping out kids and fill it right up”


“Jayna…it’s the circle of life.”

“Oh god, take me now, I’m ready, my soul is ready.”

Jovani laughed and she shook her head. “Come on, give him a chance, he’s really nice.”

“I know, but he probably doesn’t even like me like that and shouldn’t you be doing the opposite of trying to hook me up with your friend. You know, brother stuff like don’t you even look at my sister in a funny way.”

“You’re an adult, he’s an adult, and I don’t have to worry about you with him. He’s the kind of guy that feeds a stray dog half his lunch so it doesn’t have to go hungry for a day. I’ve seen him do it, so there’s no reason for me to be overprotective. Besides, you like him, it’s written all over your incredibly red face.”

“Shut up!”

Walter smiled when he opened the door for him and Jayna felt her heart dance in her chest when he turned his attention to her. “I’m so happy you came.”

“Me too.”

“Come on, my fingers are itching to play.” Jovani said and Walter lead them into his music room.

“Would you like to sit next to me?” Walter asked her.

“I might get in your way.”


She smiled, it made her whole body warm that he wanted her next to him. “okay” she answered and sat down next to him. They began playing again and Jayna felt completely relaxed, they didn’t do much talking before they started playing together but they were both incredibly musicians so she supposed they might not have to to play with eachother. Jayna had no idea the amount of time that passed when a maid came in and asked if anybody wanted drinks. He asked her to get them all hot chocolate so she came back with that and brownies which she set on a gorgeous, all white table in the room.

They stopped playing and walked over to take a break. “Lots of chocolate, for anybody in particular”

“as a matter of fact yes, but you knew that. Jayna greatly enjoys chocolate correct?”

“Thank you”

“I want you to enjoy today so that you come back.”

Jayna’s heart danced at how sweet he was and she felt herself blush as she nibbled on chocolate. “Would you like to try playing?” Walter asked.

“Oh no, I couldn’t, I’m no good.” She replied.

“Come on sis, give it a try.”

“You just want to see me embarrass myself.”

“He won’t laugh, will you Jovani?”

“I’ll be good.” Jovani promised.

“Come on, try.”


Walter stood and took her hand and lead her over to the piano. He turned the bench and straddled it then patted the spot in front of him. He could see she was confused and smiled. “It’ll be easier this way.”

“Um o…okay.” She sat down in front of him and he took her hands and rested them on the keys, letting his fingers slide over hers. “Do all your lessons go like this?” She tried joking, wanting to get rid of her nervousness.

“I don’t give lessons.”


Jovani tried not to stare, he knew if he embarrassed her she might leave so he enjoyed his hot chocolate and brownies while playing on his cellphone. “This must hurt your ears” Jayna said, wondering how he could be so patient with her when he was used to such gorgeous music. “It’s fine, everyone has to have their first lesson. You’ll get better, I see a lot of potential in you”

“You don’t have to lie”

“I’m not, I swear it. I will happily work with you on this any time you want”

“a..any time”

“yes, as often as you wish you’re welcome here”

“It might get frustrating.”

“I doubt that, I have more patience than I know what to do with.”

“Okay, if you’re sure.”

“I’m very sure, I want you to come over.”

“As long as you promise to play for me.”

“As much as you like.”

“Hey sis, I’m going to head out.” Jovani said as he stood and stretched. He didn’t want to disturb them, not when his sister looked happy.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” She stopped playing and started to get up.

“It’s fine, stay and have fun. You’ll give her a ride right, Walter?”

Walter wanted to thank Jovani for giving him some time alone with Jayna. He greatly enjoyed his friend but he wanted to get to know her more and getting to know her would be easier if it was just the two of them. “Of course, the moment she wishes I will take her wherever she wants to go”

“alright, I guess I will see you later then Jovani” Jayna said a bit nervously, she hadn’t been alone with a man who wasn’t related to her since her ex. She knew he was kind and there was nothing to fear when it came to him but it still made her nervous. Her brother walked out and she positioned herself how she had previously been in front of Walter. He worked with her until she was tired of playing “could I show you some of my art?”

“That sounds nice”

Walter stayed close to her as he guided her to another room that housed paintings and sculptures he had purchased. She was in awe of his collection and moved slowly around the room. “This is amazing.” She said as she stopped in front of a Little Red Riding Hood inspired painting.

“I found this at an estate sale. I was worried it would be sold to someone who wouldn’t appreciate it.”

“All of these must have been expensive.”

“A bit, but if I like something, I buy it.” He smiled and it made her heart skip a beat. “I also tend to spoil my friends even when they don’t want me to. I bought Jovani this vinyl record he really wanted once and he tried giving it back. I wouldn’t let him.”

“You’re really sweet.”

“You know, if you want that painting, you can have it.”

“I couldn’t.”

“Why not? I want you to have it.”

“It’s just, how would I pay you back?”

“If that’s what worries you, all I ask is that you allow me to spend time with you.”

‘You seem so serious about that”

“I am, all I want in return is your company when you can come over. No strings, no hidden requirements, just coming over here and spending time with me” He could see in her again that hurt, the signs someone had once taken advantage of her trust and hurt her tremendously. He was incredibly tempted to ask but he felt it still wasn’t time, not on her first visit. “Okay”

“Good, after I take you home I’ll arrange it being sent to you. I don’t want to just put it in my backseat and risk damaging it”

“I’d like to know more about your other paintings, they are all so amazing” he smiled even as he spoke as he continued talking to her about the paintings and where he got them. She could have listened hours more when they were interrupted “dinner sir?”

“are you hungry Jayna?”

“Yeah, a little”

“alright, prepare us dinner then” the maid hurried off and Jayna said “do you know what we’re having?”

“would you like me to see? Are you allergic to anything?”

“Oh, no, just asking”

“they’ll come get us when it’s done if you still have interest in the art”

Chapter Three

They continued talking about each piece and soon moved on to the subjects of books. He told her he had a collection of rare ones and lead her to an adjoining room where they rested neatly on shelves. “Am I allowed to touch them?” She asked.

“Of course.”

She let her fingers run over the spines and then took one gently down. It was leather bound and obviously old so she was careful when she opened it. “Wow, this is amazing.” She brought the book to her nose, inhaling. “It smells wonderful.”

“If you like…”

“No way, it might get ruined. Keep it here.” She closed it and slid it back in its place.

“I’m sorry, I’m being too insistent.”

“It’s fine, really, I would just hate for anything to happen to it, it’s so beautiful.”

“Then I’ll have to find other ways to spoil you, if that doesn’t sound too creepy.”

“You really don’t have to.”

“I know, but I want to, so please let me. I enjoy seeing you happy.”

Jayna couldn’t believe how kind Walter was, how eager he was to bring joy to other peoples lives. He seemed to have obscene amounts of money but it wasn’t because he hoarded it, it couldn’t be. He gave gifts to everyone he met. Whatever he or his ancestors did for a living must be extremely lucrative. “A lot of wealthy people hoard money, especially beings like us who live forever. It’s refrshing to meet someone like you”

“Money means nothing to me. I know that’s easy to say being I was born into wealth but I really wouldn’t care if I lost everything tomorrow. What is money anyway? Something that was created to be traded. Money is nothing if you really think about it, simply bits of paper and whatever else they use now. Even gold, gold is so easy to lose and when you have piles of it? Whose to say it’s not vanishing and you don’t know. I don’t care and I refuse to worry about the next day. The only thing I care about is spreading happiness”

“You know, people might take advantage of that giving heart. Trying to give people what they want could lead to you getting hurt.”

“Are you going to take advantage of me then?”

“I…I would never, I promise.”

He smiled, reaching up and tucking some stray hair behind her ear. “That’s too bad.” He smiled and she could see amusement dancing in his eyes. He was teasing her.

“Well, if…if you really want me too…”

He chuckled. “I was wondering when you’d get comfortable with me. You’re so nervous, like you’re ready to run at any moment.”

“It’s not you, it’s just…well…”

He took her hand, letting his thumb rub back and forth over her knuckles in a comforting motion. “You don’t have to tell me. Whatever it is, whatever happened, that’s your business so don’t feel obligated to tell me. I have a sense for this kind of stuff.”

“My mom said you might have some latent psychic power, like you don’t know you have it. Maybe an empath?”

“I’ve never given it much thought, but it makes sense. Even when I’m on stage, I can feel the audiences energy, their anticipation, their excitement.”

They were interrupted for lunch and he guided her to his dining room. “so, I’m sorry if it’s rude to ask but did your parents have a lot of children? Why do you have such a big house?”

“My parents were gaudy, nothing more. They liked to show off their wealth as much as they could. I have inherited this place only because they were bored with it. They live happily in Rome”

“Rome, that’s nice. I’m glad to hear they are happy too”

“Yes, just as your parents are”

“yeah, I love seeing how happy they are now”

“Out of your adult siblings, are you the only one without a mate?” she blushed and he chuckled “you asked me a personal question, I thought it was okay. I’m sorry”

“No, no it’s fine, yeah, I’m the only one without a mate”

“I feel sadness in you again, I really am sorry”

“well…to be honest with you I had one but..he was pretty terrible”

“he’s the pain in you, what hurt you in the past”

“He…well” she felt nervous since there was staff in the room and he picked up on that, asking them to leave and moving to the seat right beside her. “he abused me, physically and mentally. I just couldn’t let go of hope we’d be like my parents one day because dad wasn;t always good to mom. When he first changed her he trained her until she puked then trained her some more. He rarely even considered her feelings about anything and even after she left and took him back again he could be a real ass but then, years later they have this amazing relationship but I see now it wasn’;t the same. Sure my dad hurt her sometimes and pushed her past her limits training but he never beat her…I don’t know….I’m scared to be with anybody again. It’s hard to know whats just normal relationship stuff and what isn’t”

“I’m sorry, could I hug you” she nodded and he pulled her into his arms. She began crying and despite her humiliation she couldn’t stop crying. When she could talk she said “I’m ruining lunch”

“No you’re not, I promise”

“It’s ridiculous to put all my business on you like this”

“I wanted to talk to you about it, it’s fine. I’m happy to know” she wiped her face and sniffled “want to eat now?”

“do you feel like eating?”

“I was hungry before I started crying so I know I should” he ate with her and she spent the rest of the day in his home. He would have loved for her to stay the night but she didn’t ask so he didn’t bring it up. She had made herself incredibly vulnerable to him today so maybe she wanted to just be home awhile. “this is where you live?”

“Yeah, not much when compared to your place huh?”

“Nonsense, I like it. I have more space than I need, you have the perfect amount”

“I know it’s not your place but you’re welcome here anytime”

“May I bring breakfast tomorrow?”

“sure, Id like that” she opened her door and he asked “may I kiss your cheek to bid you goodnight?” she blushed but gave him permission. He gave her a quick, gentle kiss then one last smile before leaving her in her doorway. First thing Jayna did was call her brother to let him know how the day went.”I’m glad I left you two alone then sis”

“Thanks, for everything Jovani”

“for everything?”

“for being a sweet baby brother and nudging us together”

“anything to know you don’t end up with some dick head again. Walter is nice, you deserve someone nice”

“well, he’s coming over for breakfast tomorrow so I’m going to start unwinding for bed”

“alright, night, I’ll fill mom and dad in”

“good, thanks”

Jayna was a bundle of nerves and excitement when she finally showered and laid down. All she could think about was Walter and how sweet he had been, how attractive he was, how beautiful his music was and how it touched her very soul. She had never met someone so amazing and even though she was scared, she really wanted to be with him. She didn’t want her fear to ruin things. She finally had to force herself to go to sleep so she wouldn’t be exhausted in the morning. She woke a little early the next morning, wanting to look good for him. She was sitting on the couch nervously bouncing her leg when he knocked on her door and she quickly jumped up and answered, blushing at his smile.

“Good morning, may I kiss your cheek?”


He let his lips linger for a moment this time before pulling back and found the look on her face adorable. “May I come in?”

“Oh, yes, sorry.”

She moved and he happily entered, taking a seat at her kitchen table. When Jayna returned from her kitchen she had a plate for each of them and he could feel how nervous she was for him to try her food. “You shouldn;t be so nervous with me” he said as he took his first bite. He continued “I love it”

“are you just being nice or do you mean it?”

“I mean it” she smiled and began eating. When they were done he said “I didn’t get a proper tour of your home, would you mind? You can learn a lot about someone through their home”

“Okay” she wondered what he would pick up about her around here.

“You really love your family.” He said as he examined the pictures on her living room walls. “Is this you?” He pointed at a picture with two girls in it, one was her and the other Desa.

“I know, I look kind of dorky.”

“Nonsense, you’re beautiful and happy.” He looked at her. “This was before that guy.”

“Yeah, I was fourteen there.”

“You were so cute.”

She blushed. “Was I?”

“Very, even now I find you to be quite adorable. I didn’t take you as the shy type.”

“Well, I’m not usually.”

His smile widened. “So it’s just me, that makes me happy.”

“We should keep going.”

“May I hold your hand?”


Jayna let him keep her hand through the rest of the tour and even when they sat together on her couch “so I figured we could watch something you like to help me get to know you better. What sort of shows are you into Jayna?”

“Do you like This Is Us? I watch it every Tuesday and Hulu has all the episodes. I don’t know if you like drama though”

“I like you and I want to get to know you so lets watch it.”

“are you sure?”

“yes, please turn it on. I’ll order us lunch when it comes around. We can just binge right up until dinner”

“You are such an interesting combination of sweet and assertive Walter” Concerned filled him “am I being too much? You don’t have to spend the day with me if you had other plans..I just would really like to spend the day with you. You never have to do anything with me you don’t want to”

“Oh no, I didn’t mean it that way. You have the perfect balance. I don’t feel pressured at all around you but you also make it so I don’t have to wonder at all what you want.”

“good, you scared me for a moment. I’d hate to make you uncomfortable Jayna” she turned this is us on and he moved a little closer, keeping her hand and gently caressing it with his free hand. It was fun watching it with him and talking about the entire emotional roller coaster the show was. He watched every single episode with her that day and she found herself sad when it was time for him to return home. “You don’t seem to want me to go Jayna. I could stay, maybe sleep on your couch”

“I’m sure your bed at home is really nice.”

“That doesn’t have anything to do with me staying”

“I’ll just see you tomorrow”

“Are you sure beautiful?” just that simple question had her blushing again. “I’m…I’m sure….breakfast again?”

“Breakfast again, maybe you can introduce me to another show you enjoy”

“Okay” He walked away and she resisted the urge to call him back. A few weeks passed with them seeing eachother nearly every day. She wasn’t sure what prompted it but Walter asked at teh end of her day together “May I really kiss you this time Jayna?”

“like, on the lips?”

“yes, please”

“O…okay” he gave her a gentle smile and slowly moved in. His kiss was everything she had expected it to be, warm, amazing, loving. She practically melted in his arms as they stood there on her porch. When he broke the kiss he didn’t move back far as he whispered “I don’t want to go home. Let me stay, please Jayna”

“Walter” he kissed her again, this one slightly more passionate “Please Jayna, let me hold you, let me keep you safe, you’ve become everything to me” she almsot felt like crying, he stirred so much emotion up in her, emotion she had never felt so intensely before. “Okay..but…just hold me…”

“No further than cuddling, I swear it Jayna” his heart was pounding too, she could hear it, practically feel it she was so close to him right now. She let him come back in and took him to her bedroom where he pulled her close, just tightly enough she felt snug in his arms. “I’ve fallen in love with you Jayna. No matter how you feel, I want you to know that I love you”

“I…I love you too Walter” he buried his face happily in her hair and whispered again “You are such an angel Jayna, a beautiful, sweet, amazing vampire woman…thank you for letting me in..thank you for letting me care for you”

“I should be the one thanking you” she whispered and he chuckled softly. “You beautiful, amazing woman” they just enjoyed the warmth holding eachother caused in them until they were blissfully asleep together. Jayna didn’t know if they were dating now or what the future held for them atall but right now, this moment, it was the best she had felt in her life and she hoped whatever they were to eachother now there would be many more nights precisely like this one.

~ The End

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