Jessica & Johar 2

Chapter One

Johar paced, mumbling under his breath about his parents and their demands to meet Jessica. He had hoped he might be able to avoid it all together, his vain attempt to protect Jessica, but they had insisted and then ordered him to set up a date. He didn’t know what they would say when they found out he and Jessica hadn’t had sex yet, they’d probably act like he was some sort of coward, but he didn’t want to push his love into something she wasn’t ready for simply to gain the approval of his parents. His phone rang and he dug it out of his pocket, nearly dropping it as he answered it. “Hey beautiful.” He said, his voice warming.

“Hey my silly wolf. How was your day?”

“Frustrating, can I come over?”

She giggled. “Of course, we can go to the park.”

“You’re a real dream my love. I’ll be over soon.”

He was across the yard and in his car in an instant, his key sliding into the ignition and switching it on. He was happy to see her sitting on the front porch of her parents home when he pulled up and he practically leaped from his car and ran to her. It had been a couple of days since she was busy with school and he felt starved for her scent and kisses.

Jessica laughed jubilantly as Johar spun her around then began raining kisses “I missed you too baby” he took in that sweet scent then set her down ‘your mother lit some candles again huh?’

“yeah, dad bought more. She’s been doing fewer so it’s not too much for you? If it’s still too strong she’ll dwindle it more”

“no, it’s fine now. I should thank her. Is she inside?”

“yep, she’s making pie for dad.” Johar slipped his hand into Jessicas and walked in, easily finding Stella “thank you mam, sorry you have to burn less candles for me”

“it’s no trouble, you going to be here for dinner tonight or are you keeping Jessica out?”

“I actually have to discuss with her when she can meet my parents. If it’s tonight I’ll need to take her there if that’s okay”

“Fine by me, it’s the weekend so just have her home by weekend curfew. If you can’t make it you know you can just call” Johar kissed Stellas cheek ‘thank you”

“You two are good kids, have fun and be safe” Finally they walked out and loaded into Johars car. “I’ll meet your parents tonight” he sighed “okay…I was kind of hoping your mom would say it wasn’t okay”


“Baby, my parents are not nice people. They take their roles as leader over seriously and they expect a lot from me and as my mate they’ll expect a lot of you. They’ll pick at anything and everything and I’m pissed off just thinking about it. I don’t want them to do that to you” she set a hand on his leg “Johar, I’m a tough woman. I promise I can handle it. They wont scare me off” He knew she could handle it but it didn’t make him want to put her through meeting them. He especially didn’t want to lose his temper and attack his father because he had shown time and time again that he was the more powerful wolf. It would be too embarrassing to have Jessica see his father kick his ass.
Johar was still a ball of nerves by the time they made it to the park and Jessica grabbed his hand as soon as they met at the front of his car. He let out a sigh, wishing he could shift and disappear into the wooded area of the park. He knew Jessica would follow him and he could just keep her there until his parents gave up on meeting her. “Hey, stop looking so grim.” Jessica said as she looped his arm over her shoulders.

“I can’t help it, I really, really don’t want you to meet my parents. They’ll be poking and prodding and judging.”

“About what, they don’t even know me?”

He stopped walking and turned so he could look in her eyes. “About us not having sex. Mates mate and all that. I know it’s none of their business, but they’ll make it their business and they’ll give me shit about it, they’ll treat me like some weakling.”

“That’s unfair.”

“I told you they take their roles seriously.” He took her face in his hands, letting his thumbs brush over her cheeks. “I refuse to pressure you to make them happy. You’re my mate no matter what and I won’t let them try to bring you down.”

Her smile was radiant and it made his wolf perk up his ears. “You need to have more faith in me.”

“Jessica, my love, I have all the faith in the world in you, I just know how they are.” He pressed a kiss to her forehead then hugged her tightly. “I love you Jessica.”

“I love you too.” She pulled back and smiled up at him. “Come on, we’re supposed to be enjoying ourselves.”

“Let’s walk slow then, you know maybe miss dinner with my parents.”

“Not a chance. Don’t make me challenge your masculinity just to get you to take me, because you know I will.”

“You can be a vicious little thing.” He said as he laced their fingers together. “Sometimes it surprises me that you’re not a wolf.”
“demons are considered pretty damn vicious too”

“true and the more I learn about your family the more I learn you are from a long line of tough, headstrong people.”

“I’m lucky to have such an interesting family history, that’s certain”

“yeah…at least its not a long line of asshole wolves.”

“it really will be fine baby. I don’t care”

“I know” she hated knowing it didn’t matter how much she tried to comfort him he would be tense. Her family loved him and it didn’t matter to her one ounce what his parents thought. She just wished they were nicer to him so things like this that should be fun weren’t such a nerve wracking them for him.

They talked and laughed, enjoying the nice weather. Johar couldn’t help but pay attention the sun as it crept across the sky and willed it to stay put. It refused to listen to him and before he knew it, it was time for them to go. He let out a whine as he opened the passenger door for her and she paused to kiss him before getting in. Her fingers laced with his once he had them on the road and he actually drove a little slower than usual in hopes that she would change her mind. “Jessica…” He said when she didn’t do as he hoped and she leaned over, pressing her lips against his cheek.

“It’s okay, just take a breath and remember I’m not going anywhere.”

His parents home was out in the woods, away from the city and they preferred it that way. Jessica thought it was beautiful and looked very much like it belonged there. There was a car and a motorcycle out front and an old tire swing. She imagined Johar playing on it as a child and big smile spread across her face. “Why do you look so happy?” He asked as he came to a stop.

“Just imagining you as a child. I bet you were cute.”

His cheeks turned red. “I was not.”

“Awe, look at your face.”

“Hush or I’ll kiss you mute.”

She giggled. “So scary.” He let out a little grumble as he got out and met her on the other side of the car. She just smiled lovingly at him and his heart did a flip. Only she could do that too him, make him feel like he was going mad with his love for her. He took her hand and squared his shoulders, as ready as he ever would be for his parents to meet his mate.

His father was out before they could finish walking up the porch. His eyes were as critical as they ever were but instead of scrutinizing him he was studying Jessica. He couldn’t tell what his father thought when he finally welcomed them in. Johar could smell as he walked inside they had some of the wolves from their pack cooking dinner again. The way they treated their pack was more like slaves rather than family. He followed his father to the living room where his mother was waiting. She stood as the three came in, making her way to Jessica. She grabbed her chin and tilted her face, making Johar suppress a growl. He had to remind himself not to do anything unless they really crossed the line. He had stood up to them many times and each time resulted in ass being kicked.

“Hm, well at least you’re pretty. I hear smart too” His mother finally said. “yes, I have plans for college”

“but you’re my sons mate.”


“so, that isn’t how things work if you’re going to marry a wolf”

“like I told him tough luck. He wants who I am or he doesnt and as far as I know he doesn’t care. I wouldn’t be with him if he tried to keep me at home”

“You are a brave woman to give me such attitude”

“I’m just being honest. You two will have to take me as I am as much as he does”

“he nor we have to do anything but lets not start tonight on the wrong foot. You two aren’t married yet and might never make it that far so we can talk of other things’

Jessica just smiled that smile that reminded Johar of her father, the one that said she was confident she had the advantage, even if they did know it. “Like what?” Jessica sat down on the couch and Johar took the spot next to her, his posture protective and his body ready to spring up and defend her.

“Tell us about your parents.”

“They were human when they met, both of them are tough and honest. My father loves my mother more than anything and you can see that without her he would only be half the person. She is his heart and soul and he is hers. If I could ask for my relationship with Johar to be like anyone’s, it would be theirs.” His parents both looked displeased, but Jessica didn’t seem to notice and kept talking. “My dad is one of the most intimidating men in the universe, second only to my uncle Chthon, but both of them turn to mush when they’re around their mates.”

“And what about you son,” Johar’s father asked as he turned his eyes to his son, “does this young woman turn you into mush?”

Johar glared back, bristling at the question. “I wouldn’t call it mush, but he’s definitely softer.” Jessica answered for him. “When we first met he was very adamant that I was his mate and there was nothing I could do about it.” Her musical laugh made Johar’s heart do a little flip. He loved the sound of her joy. “He can be quite persistent.”

“I could just let you slip away, that would have been stupid.” Johar replied and Jessica turned her electric smile on him. One of the other pack members came out before his parents could ask more questions and told them dinner was ready. They continued to study Jessica as they ate, looking for any physical weaknesses that she might have. He knew what questions were coming next.

“So, are you planning on pups or is that another thing you don’t want?” His mother asked and Johar stifled the growl rising in his throat.

“Someday, after college and when I’m established in my career.” Jessica answered without missing a beat. “I’m not sure how many I want though, maybe three, maybe more. How many would you like Johar?”

“However many you think you can handle while working.”

Chapter Two

His father growled and Johar tensed, his eyes changing like she had seen them do when he was about to go wolf on her. “Johar it’s okay”

“This is not how we raised our son. This is why you should have chosen a she wolf who knows how things work” Dalton growled and Johar answered just as angrily. “I want her and I don’t give a damn what you think dad”

“You are below me in this pack. You have to care what I think”

“If you tell me I can’t have her then I’m not in this fucking pack any longer”

“You can’t leave the pack without your leaders permission”

“In old times, not now”

“You would not be welcome here or to even see your sister if you left this pack”

“You don’t own Usha any more than you own me! She’d still see me and she’d still see her with how much she spends time with Cade. I don’t want to choose mom and dad but if you make me I choose her” HIs father let out an intimidating howl but Johar would defend Jessica, even if his father tore him up right here at dinner.

“Are you challenging me boy?” Dalton’s teeth were clenched and he was already half way out of his chair.

“You bet your ass I am.” Dalton came over the table, taking his son to the ground. He lifted Johar by his shirt and shoved him out the front door and into the yard. Jessica jumped up and followed them and Johar picked himself up off the ground.

“You’ve been more than troublesome lately.” Dalton said. “Now I’m going to teach you a lesson.” He hit Johar in the jaw and he stumbled back, but refused to go down. Johar growled and lunged at his father. They hit the ground, rolling and snapping at each other. Blood soaked into their shirts and smeared across their skin.

“Aren’t you going to stop this?” Jessica asked Kala.

“He needs to learn a lesson.” Kala replied, crossing her arms. “You need to let him be so he can find a better mate.”

Jessica glared at her and stepped off the porch, heading toward the two males. “Get off of him.” She ordered as Dalton pinned Johar down. She grabbed his shoulder and he turned on her, knocking her back and onto the ground. Johar felt something in him snap and he grabbed his father by the throat, rolling with him.

“No one touches Jessica but me.” He snapped as he hit his father in the face. “You keep your hands off of her.” He hit him again and Dalton threw him off. They both pulled at their clothes, shifting shape and attacking each other again. Jessica pushed herself up and held out her hand, directing electricity toward the two wolves. The huge shock wave knocked them apart and they both went tumbling across the ground. Jessica picked herself up and dusted herself off then walked over to Johar who shifted back to his human form. She blushed at his nakedness, but helped him to his feet anyway.

“Are you alright?” She asked.

“Me, he hit you.”

“He’s kind of a wimp, it barely even hurt.” She turned her eyes to Johar’s parents. “Are you done or do you need another shock? I’m not leaving your son and he’s not leaving me so you might as well get used to it or you can miss out on any pups we have. I love your son and that’s all that should matter. If you can’t deal with it then screw off.”

“Jessica.” Johar’s voice was warm as he pulled her into his arms. “I love you.” He kissed her then collected his clothes and pulled on his jeans. His eyes darkened as he looked at his parents. “Think really hard about whether or not you want to see your grandchildren because if you can’t see how wonderful Jessica is then you never will.” He looked back at Jessica, his eyes softening. “Come on, let’s get out of here.”

“I bet my parents would let you stay over.”

“If not I’ll just curl up in your backyard.”

Johar healed at a fast rate as they drove home which was a relief to Jessica. When they arrived it was still evident somthing had happened so they had the full and extremely concerned attention of her parents. Jessica explained and asked if Johar could sleep there instead of going home to them. Jasper spoke first “of course you can. The couch pulls out. You’re welcome here as much as you want and need. You just have to keep in mind that as much respect you’ve gained from me for sticking up for my daughter it doesn’t change me not wanting you sleeping in her bedroom.”

“yes sir, I wont try”

“did you two get to eat much? We have leftovers from dinner” Stella asked. They both assured her mother they were fine so Jasper began speaking again “You and I are about the same height. Why don’t you take a nice shower and I’ll drop somthing comfortable to sleep in there for you” The two men walked off and Stella hugged Jessica “I’m fine mom. I got pushed is all”

“Don’t tell your father that, he’ll go over there and beat the crap out of that guy.”

“I’ve never seen Johar so angry, he wanted his dad dead.”

Stella brushed some hair away from her daughter’s face. “That’s because he really loves you sweetie and he didn’t want anyone to hurt you.”

“I know, he’s really a sweet guy. His parents really didn’t like me the minute they saw me. The whole fight started over when I would want to have babies.”

“You told them you were waiting.”

“Yeah and his dad flipped out and his mom just stood there. I’m just glad Johar’s okay.”

“He’s a tough boy I’ll give him that.” Jasper said as he came back into the living room. “And he’s still pretty ticked.” He hugged Jessica. “Are you okay baby girl?”

“Of course, I’m tough too you know.”

“I know.”

“I’m going to go bed, I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Alright, night sweetie.”

“Good night.” She kissed them both on the cheek then headed for her room, passing the bathroom on the way. She paused for a moment, swearing she heard Johar in there grumbling to himself. She smiled and went to her room, quickly changing and climbing in bed. She fell asleep almost instantly.

Johar stepped out of the shower a few minutes later, still irritated. He knew taking Jessica to meet his parents was a bad idea, but he had been unable to deny her when she said she wanted to. She was just as stubborn as she was beautiful and now she had seen him and his father literally at each other’s throats. He pulled on the clothes Jasper had given him and left the bathroom. He paused in the hall, not hearing anyone in the living room. He didn’t want to sleep downstairs, but he wasn’t allowed to sleep in Jessica’s room where he knew she would be safe. He whined then gave a sigh and quickly tugged his clothes off. He folded them then shifted into the wolf. He picked them up then laid down in front of Jessica’s door. He wasn’t going to let anyone hurt her and he hoped her parents would be okay with him guarding her door.

Jaspers alarm woke Johar the next morning. Soon he had started the shower and Stella was out in the kitchen to make breakfast. Johar felt nervous since it would be obvious he hadn’t slept on the couch. He shifted, dressed and went down to talk to Stella. “morning Johar” she said in a sweet voice “morning Stella, I didn’t sleep on the couch”

“I noticed as I walked by it”

“I slept in front of your daughters door. I was worried”

“That’s fine” Johar smiled at how easy it was “you trust me a hundred percent don’t you?”

“of course we do. You’ve never given us a reason not to”

“can I help you cook?”

“I’d appreciate you making the eggs please”

“My dad would try to haul me out by my scruff if he saw me helping you cook.”

“Your dad sounds like a grade A jerk.”

Johar chuckled. “You have no idea.” They chatted while they cooked, Stella trying to keep the conversation off his parents since she saw it as a sore subject. Johar was grateful, not really in the mood to talk about the chaos that was his family. Jasper came down and kissed Stella then wrapped his arms around her waist while she cooked. Johar couldn’t help but smile at their show of affection and decided that Jessica was right about wanting a relationship like her parents. If he could make her as happy as Jasper made Stella then he would consider himself a good and worthy mate.

When the eggs were finished, he excused himself, wanting to wake Jessica. He pushed her door slowly open and stuck his head inside. She was sound asleep and he nearly let a laugh slip out when he heard her snoring softly. He quietly crossed the room and sat down on the edge of her bed, just admiring her for a moment. He had never seen someone so beautiful in his life and he almost regretted he was going to wake her. He leaned in and pressed a kiss to her cheek and she let out a little groan that made his heart flutter. “Jessica, breakfast is ready.” He said softly and she slowly opened her eyes.

Jessica smiled when she saw who it was and leaned up to give him a quick kiss on the lips. “Good morning.”

“It sure is.” She laughed as she sat up and stretched. “Come and eat.”

“okay just give me a few minutes baby” They kissed again and he left the room so she could get ready. Jessica changed quickly then brushed her hair before coming down. She took a seat next to Johar, happy he was already with her. She hoped if his parents stayed angry her parents would just let him move in with them. She didn’t hope for things to stay bad between Johar and them because she wanted him to be happy but if things had to be that way she’d like to have him here.

Just as breakfast ended, the phone rang and Jasper answered it. He asked who it was and instantly bristled at the authoritative voice on the other end of the line. “Who is it dad?” Jessica asked.

“Johar’s father.” He replied then turned his attention back to the phone. “Careful how you speak wolf, I’m not one to play nice.”

“Let me talk to him.” Johar said as he held out his hand. Jasper gave him the phone. “How did you get this number?” He asked angrily.

“Your sister.” Dalton answered, a growl in his voice.

“What do you want?”

“You need to come home.”

Johar snorted. “That’s not my home, that’s a prison being run by a mad man.” His father growled.

“We need to talk.” It was more an order than a suggestion.

“We are.”

“Face to face, man to man.”

“Do you plan on apologizing to Jessica?”


“Then don’t call here again until you do.” He hung up before his father could further argue and turned to Jessica and her parents. “I’m sorry if this causes you any trouble. My father can be a bit of a meat head and doesn’t like being told no by anyone.”

“I’m not worried.” Jasper said. “If he comes here starting trouble then he’ll see what kind of monster lives in this house.”

“from what your daughter says I believe that sir. Thank you for letting me stay”

“we like you and you mean the world to our daughter. You can stay as long as you need to” After Jasper was gone Stella hugged them both “I have plans with friends today but call me if you need me home. Call your father if his family shows up”

“we will” she kissed Jessica then hurried out the door. Jessica hugged him and sighed “Your parents really need to get over themselves” Johar smiled “lets not let them ruin our day. Lets do somthing fun”

Chapter Three

“Like what?”

He smiled and took her face in his hands. “That’s one of the things I love about being with you, having the choice to do pretty much whatever I want without someone telling me I can’t.” His thumbs rubbed her cheeks. “You’re my angel.”

“I try.”

He chuckled and gave her a light kiss. “Truly though, I really love you. Now, let’s go.” He let her go and stretched then stood, looking excited.


“Does it matter? I just want to go out with you, who cares where.”

“You can be such a silly puppy sometimes.”

He growled, but his smile stayed in place as he lifted her off her chair and over his shoulder. “I’ll show you silly.”

“My shoes.” She said with a laugh and he bent down at the front door to grab her flip flops.

She slipped them on in the car as he started to drive, smiling vibrantly at him as he smiled at the road. She was glad he was already so calm after everything with his parents but she guessed since that is how they’ve always been he would have constantly been in a bad mood if he couldn’t bounce back and have a good time anyway. He drove her to a hiking trail they liked a little ways from the house “lets just run wild my love”

“You going to be your wolf?”

“If you’ll carry my clothes”

“Of course”

Once they were sure they were out of sight, Jessica covered her eyes and Johar couldn’t help but chuckle as he undressed and folded his clothes. He shifted shape, not missing her blush. He nudged her leg with his nose and she smiled as she lifted his clothes. She always loved looking at his wolf form and couldn’t help but reach out and run her fingers through his soft fur. “You really are gorgeous.” She said and he huffed, shaking his head. She giggled and leaned down, kissing the top of his head. “Come on then.”

Johar stayed close to her the entire time, tuning into the sound of her heart beat. He could listen to that sound all day. It was like beautiful, primal drumbeats that calmed him. She was his, only his and he was going to have a tough time sharing her when they were married. The concept of marriage was still a bit strange to him, but he wanted only her happiness and would do anything to make her smile. “You’ve gone away my sweet wolf.” Her voice had him looking up at her. “You get so deep in thought sometimes. I wonder what it was about this time.” He cocked his head to the side and she giggled. He looked like such a puppy when he did that. “Was it about your parents?” He huffed his no. “Was it about me?” He nodded. “Good?” He nodded again. “Good, I love you.” He licked her fingers and she stroked his head. They walked until they came to a little grove that separated the first part of the trail from the last and sat down in the grass. Johar pillowed his head in her lap, wishing she could shift shape and join him in roaming the woods.

A few days passed and Johars parents became outraged with their sons defiance in not coming home. He was next in line to be pack leader and they felt he would lead their pack to ruin. What kind of wolf, especially alpha would choose such a defiant mate, especially one that wasn’t a wolf herself. He needed a she wolf at his side and he needed one that would know her place. All that talk of school and her working had him seething every time he thought about it.

“You look irritated again.” Jessica said as they walked hand in hand down the beach.

“More worried.”

“Did something happen?”

“It’s the fact that nothing has happened. I know they’re angry, but they’ve gone silent.”

“Maybe they gave up.”

Johar shook his head. “My parents don’t know the meaning of the word.” He had been bothered by the fact for awhile, knowing that nothing good was coming their way. He was prepared this time to fight his father, even if he was torn to shreds, he wouldn’t let them hurt Jessica. Jasper had promised retribution on his parents if they dared lay a hand on either of them.

“We’ll be fine, I’m not some weak little princess.”

“I know that, but I have a feeling Jasper would tear me in half if anything happened to you. You’re his princess and you probably always will be.”

“I can only imagine what you’d be like as a father. You’d be baring your teeth twenty-four seven.”

“With good reason, pups are important to a wolf.”

Jessica smiled and kissed his cheek then rested her head on his shoulder. When the sun was nearly down, he picked her up and carried her back to the car, She rested her head on his shoulder as he drove, closing her eyes. Being at the beach always made her tired. It was only when he slammed on his brakes a few minutes later that she snapped out of her dozing. “What’s wrong?” She looked at his face, seeing he was staring straight ahead, his teeth clenched. She looked out the window, seeing a wolf standing in the middle of the road. “Johar?”

“It’s him.”

A thunking sound came from the back and she spun around, seeing another wolf standing on the trunk. “Two wolves.”

“More than two, you can see their eyes glowing.”

“What do we do?”

He slammed on the gas pedal, his wheels screeching as the car lurched forward. The wolf on the back of the car fell off and his father jumped out of the way. “We can’t have this fight on the road.”

“I’ll call my dad.”

“He can do whatever he wants to the others, but my dad is mine.”

She got goosebumps from the chill in his voice. That anger she had seen flare up when she met his parents was back and she worried about how things would end as she called her dad. Jasper answered quickly which was pure luck considering how busy he often was when at work. “dad, Johars father is after us with his pack” she said urgently over him as he began to say hello. The exchange between them was brief. All Jasper wanted to know was where they were and where Johar was headed so he could get to them. Jessica hung up as the car came to sliding stop. Jessica’s heart raced and Johar practically took the door off his car as he hastily got out.

“Stay here Jessica.”


“Just this once, let me order you around.” She nodded and he slammed the car door, turning his eyes to his father. “I told you to leave us alone.”

Dalton growled. “You let that little thing make you a weak alpha. You need to be punished for your insubordination. Come home now.”

“I choose Jessica.”

Dalton growled again. “Bring me my son.” He ordered the other wolves and Johar shifted his stance. He called on a spirit of the dead to watch his back as he attacked the wolves in the front. He tried not to kill them, but he wasn’t above ending lives to protect Jessica. One of the wolves hit him in his chest, sending him tumbling back. He rolled quickly to his feet, his hands pulling at his close as he avoided the snapping teeth.

The passenger window shattering startled Jessica and she let out a scream as she was hauled out of the car. Dalton gripped her throat. “Try anything and I’ll snap your neck.” He threw her over the car and two of his wolves grabbed her and pinned her down. He whistled at the rest of his pack and they backed away from the wolf that was his son. “Now, you either stop this foolishness or I kill her.”

Johar just stared at him then shook his head. The wolves holding Jessica yelped and when Dalton looked over his shoulder he was surprised to see a man helping Jessica to her feet and his wolves laying unconscious on the ground. “Daddy.” Jessica said, feeling relieved.

Jasper’s eyes jumped to Dalton. “The only reason you are not dead is because your son wants to beat you himself, but if you think I won’t kill your pack, you are wrong. Call them off and face the boy or I destroy all of them.”

Dalton growled angrily. He hadn’t been defied and threatened like this since before he became leader. He wanted to teach this man a lesson but right now he had to deal with his son and get him back in line. “fine” it was hardly a word through the menacing growl but soon the entire pack backed away to make the male demon certain they wouldn’t harm Jessica or interfere in Johar and Daltons fight. Knowing his mate was safe Johars full attention was on his father. “Johar, you are no son of mine if you continue this.” his father growled.

Then his mother spoke, seeming to have come from nowhere but his mother had always been good at that. One moment she wasn’t there and the next she was. She was keeping her distance, smart enough to realize Jasper came from a strong line of demons. She and her husband were strong but what was going on right now wasn’t worth messing with a family like his. “Dalton, not that I approve of his mate either but isn’t this what you’ve always wanted from your son? He’s always given in to you. Even when he stands up you quickly squash him and he’s back in line. He’s showing you more backbone than he ever has. He’s showing you he can stand up for what he wants and lead. He’s finally showing he can’t be bullied, as much as I hate to say it Jessica here is making him into the alpha we’ve always wanted him to be”

“but he lets her lead him”

“and you never give in to me?”

“Not to the point that I’m…I’m…why have you become so agreeable?”

She pointed at Jasper. “That man is serious about killing us for his daughter.” She then pointed at Johar. “And he is no longer giving in to you, he’s ready to kill anyone who stands between him and Jessica. He’s becoming a real alpha.”

“I don’t want the pack.” Johar snapped.

“Oh shut up and accept responsibility. This is what we have been raising you for.” She said back and he just glared at her.

“That girl refuses to do her duty as his mate.”

“I refuse to put a baby in her just to make you happy father, she has dreams and I won’t stop them just to continue our bloodline. She will choose when she is ready since she has to carry the child.”

Dalton growled in frustration and Kayla grabbed his arm. “If I had refused you children, would you have thrown me away?”

“No of course not.”

“A child is really not worth bloodshed. We have wounded pack members and a demon who is ready to rip our throats out. Reason says we lost and we will have to come to terms with our son’s choice. He would rather we disown him than leave Jessica. Mating will come in time, let’s just leave it for now.” She turned and looked Jessica in the eye. “You will still give us grandchildren correct?”

Jessica blushed at the sudden attention being turned on her. The whole pack was there as was her very protective dad. “Yes, just not today.”

“I accept that” Kala looked back at her mate “We’ve been waiting on him to cave and he hasn’t. I love Johar and I know you do too. I do not want to ruin our relationship with him over this Dalton, especially when he’s finally becoming what we want” Johar and Dalton glared back and forth. Johar wasn’t sure what his father would do so he stayed ready to fight the second his dad lunged for him. Kalas face gave nothing away and she didn’t really seem to be looking at anyone anymore. Dalton slowly began walking to his mate so Johar began walking to Jessica. His dad was an asshole but he wouldn’t fake surrender then attack by surprise. Playing dirty wasn’t something he had ever seen his father do.

“Johar” his dad said with a sterness. “yes?” Johar answered crossly. “You will come home tonight. I’m tired of you not being there and we need to discuss pack things with you.” Johar wasn’t in the mood to take commands from his dad but agreed anyway “I will be back later. I am taking my mate home”

“Fine” Kala huffed and seemed to suppress an eyeroll. If it was aimed at her husband because of his attitude or at them because they didn’t want Johar with her it wasn’t clear but Jessica wasn’t all that concerned.

Johar wrapped Jessica in a tight hug, his nose pressing against her neck so he could wash away the scent of his pack and replace it with hers. “Are you okay, you were bleeding?” She asked and he kissed her cheek.

“I’m perfect my love, I still have you.” He raised his head and held out his hand to Jasper. “Thank you for protecting her.”

Jasper took his hand and shook it. “She’s my baby girl, I could do nothing else and besides I should be thanking you for your quick thinking and for not breaking my little girls heart for your parents.”

“Jessica will always be the most important thing to me. I will kill any who try to harm her, she is my life.”

Jessica smiled. “You sound like my daddy.”


Johar found his pants and pulled them on before opening the passenger door of his car and using his shirt to brush the glass off the seat. Jasper had parked back where the wolves wouldn’t see him and said he would meet them at home. Johar held Jessica’s hand as he drove, still feeling on edge. “It’ll be fine Johar.”

“Don’t ever let them make you feel pressured to do anything Jessica, I want you happy, not submissive.”

“You know I won’t, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

He took her home and wanted to stay. He had become spoiled while his parents were being asses. Even though it hadn’t been all the long it would be an adjustment to get used to having to leave his mate every evening. Eventually it was Jessica who urged him to go before they decided to change their mind. Johar gave Jessica a long kiss then walked out the door. Jessica gave her dad a tight hug then thanked him “You could have made him stay in a hotel while they were fighting. Thank you for letting him stay here”

“You have a good head on your shoulders and he’s always been respectful of our rules. A hotel didn’t even cross my mind to be honest” She tightened the hug then let go “speaking of a good head on my shoulders I’m going to shower then study for tests coming up. I’ll probably be in my room the rest of the evening” Jasper kissed her head “Okay baby” Jessica went off to her room and Stella smiled at her husband before walking over and kissing his cheek “we really did well with our babies.”

“and those muts don’t even appreciate what a good mate their son has”

“Jasper, don’t call them mutts”

“I’ll clean up my mouth tomorrow. They had her pinned down, I just need to let off some steam tonight”

Late that night Johar texted Jessica to call him if she was up so she did. “yeah?”

“I just wanted to hear your voice before bed” Jessica smiled “You are so adorable” Johar whined and Jessica laughed causing him to smile “Goodnight my beautiful demoness”

“goodnight my handsome wolf”

~ The End

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