Jessica & Johar 3

Chapter One

Jessica played happily with her three children on the beach. It had taken her and Johar many years to start having babies but once they started they had three right in a row. Her handsome ten year old was collecting shells by the water while she helped her sweet nine and beautiful eight year old girl build a impressively large sand castle, complete with wall and mote going around it. Her oldest came back again “I’ve got more shells for our castle mom” The three stopped working again so he could carefully place them on the walls of the castle. “You are finding such beautiful shells Kiaan” she went over to her bag, taking her camera back out to take more pictures for their dad to see.

He hadn’t been able to join them today so she was taking as many pictures as she could so he could have a small piece of their day. All three of her children smiled proudly at the camera then went right back to work when she put it away. They finished their castle and she took a few more pictures before she started gathering their things to go home. They needed to wash up so they could head over to her parents house for dinner.

Each child carried a few things and they were soon back at their car. Her boys got right in while their mother loaded the trunk but her daughter Neysa had seen a worm struggling on the pavement and had picked it up to take it to the nearby grass. “Neysa” Her brother Kiaan reprimanded as he started to get out of the car to get her for his mother. She was always so easily distracted. He was barely out when a man suddenly snatched her up. Neysa screamed and started to flail causing both Kiaan and Jessica to run. He was fast, obviously a demon or something else supernatural. She was too scared to analyze the scent to know what he was. She tackled him and the three of them hit the ground rolling. Neysa began to cry as she screamed. She continued trying to get away but he was crushing her into him, not willing to let her go but her mother was equally not willing to let this man take her daughter.

Harvey got out of the car too and went over to the first man he saw. He pointed over to them “That mans trying to take my sister” The man ran over to help. At this point Jessica had a grip on her daughter and while this man seemed impossibly strong she refused to let Neysa go “Mommy” Neysa continued to cry while Kiaan laid knocked out on the floor, blood coming from his nose and ears. The man Harvey had approached was a zombie and while it was illegal for him to bite anybody he didn’t much care. There was no way the man would still care about the little girl with a zombie eating his arm. He took a large chunk of meat out of his arm, it proved enough distraction for Jessica to rip Neysa away. “Mommy” Neysa cried again.

Jessica began crying too and a few police cars and an ambulance began to pull up. Someone else saw the initial grab but were too afraid to help so they just called the police and kept going. Harvey now ran over and Jessica held them both as she moved over to Kiaan. She sat right there until the ambulance had him loaded up. He was a wolf but they still wanted to take him in until he healed. Once her mind was off Kiaan she noticed the officers were cuffing the zombie who had helped her. She stormed over “what the hell are you doing?!”

“He took chunks of meat out of someone mam”

“He helped me, he bit a kidnapper. Where the hell is he? Why are you arresting him and not chasing the real criminal down?” She scoffed in disgust when she realized they hadn’t even noticed the man who tried to take her daughter was now gone. “You take those fucking cuffs off him right now because believe me you’re in deep enough shit for worrying more about him than the man who was actually doing something horrible.”

“Mam, we don’t know the whole situation yet”

“we’ll see what my dad thinks about that. Jasper Bookchild will have your badges if you don’t let that man go. He was helping me. That man deserved to be bitten”

The officer flinched at the mention of Jasper and debated removing the cuffs. “Ma’am, I can’t just let him go.”

“Please don’t worry, I’m just glad your children are okay.” The man said.

“They have no right, these idiots.” She pulled out her cell and dialed her dad’s number.

“Hey baby girl.” He said.

“Daddy someone tried to take Neysa and Kiaan is…he’s hurt and now they’re arresting the man who helped save Neysa. He…he’s a zombie and he did what he had to do. They didn’t even chase the kidnapper.”

Jasper was silent for a moment, swinging between worry and rage. “Please tell them to take the man who helped to the precinct and that I will meet them there then call your mother and Johar. Kiss the babies for me sweetie.”

“Thank you daddy.”

“I love you angel.”

“I love you too.”

“Take him in, my dad will meet you there” she said to the cops then looked at the man who helped her “thank you so much, thank you. I don’t know what he was but I’m a demon and I couldn’t pull her away. I don’t know what might have happened if you hadn’t come help me and my children. You will not sit in jail for this. I know my dad won’t let that happen” The police walked him into a car and she went to her own to get both children buckled in. As she was strapping in Neysa her daughter apologized “I’m sorry moma” it about broke Jessica’s heart, especially since she still hadn’t completely stopped crying. “Oh Neysa, this wasn’t your fault”

“we were supposed to get in the car while you loaded the trunk. I didn’t listen and now Kiaan is hurt and that man who helped us was arrested”

“it’s not your fault. Nobody is mad at you honey. Kiaan will be okay, they only took him as a precaution. You babies are both wolves and demons. He’ll heal up just fine” Harvey hugged his sister and Jessica shut the back door before hastily picking up the few things she had let hit the ground and shoving them in her trunk before slamming it down and getting in the front seat. She called her mother first. Neysa and Harvey needed calm, not a police station and the hospital. They needed to be with their grandmother. “Hey mom”

“You sound upset, what happened?” Jessicas voice broke a second before she spoke “Someone tried to kidnap Neysa, someone supernatural. She’s okay, I have her because of a really nice zombie who helped us but I need to drop Neysa and Harvey off with you while I handle what’s going on. They need calm and I can’t think of somewhere they’d feel safer. I’ve already called dad. He’s going to the police station. I need to hurry up and call Johar before he hears it somewhere else”

“Okay, I’ll throw some cookies in the oven for them” Jessica hungup, hating her daughter was once again bawling but glad her son was doing his best to comfort her. Her precious babies, that bastard was going to pay for touching her daughter. Johar didn’t answer “baby come on” she said to the phone then tried again, still no answer. She took a deep breath in and he called back “you guys on your way back? I’m sorry I couldn’t come, you know I missed all four of you”

“I’m about to drop Neysa and Harvey off with their grandmother. While I was loading the car some creature snatched up our daughter and tried to get away with her. Kiaan and I struggled with him and Kiaan got hurt pretty badly. He’s at the hospital but Harvey and Neysa are fine, physically anyway. My dad is on the way to the police station to help the man who helped us. A zombie noticed what was going on and started eating him to help me. Those stupid assholes arrested him and let the real criminal get away” She wanted to cry but she knew that would just upset her daughter worse.

Johar’s heart stopped for an instant before speeding back up again. He heard himself growl and felt he was squeezing his phone a little too hard. No one touched his family. “I’ll be right there Jessica.”

“Please hurry.” He didn’t like the sound of her voice, how upset she sounded, how scared. There was real terror in her voice.

“I’m leaving right now baby, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

He had to make himself hang up and he quickly grabbed his jacket on the way out of his parents house. Right now he blamed them as well. If his father had not insisted on him coming over to learn more about his role as future alpha, he would have been there to protect his family. “Johar, where are you going?” His father asked and Johar growled at him. “Answer me.”

He turned, teeth bared at his father. “My mate and pups were just attacked, I’m leaving.”

His father’s eyes widened slightly. “Are they okay?” That was one thing about Dalton, he doted over his grandchildren.

“Kiaan was injured, Neysa is terrified and Jessica sounded ready to break down. If you’re coming with me then hurry up, I don’t have time to wait around for you.”

Dalton quickly put his boots on and followed his son to his car. His father had so many questions but knew his son wouldn’t be in a talking mood until his mate calmed him down. As a wolf himself he knew he had to see that his family was safe before he could talk and not just bite peoples heads off. Dalton knew there was no way he could have known someone would try to hurt his sons family but he did feel guilty now for pressuring his son out of their beach day. They had fought so much about it and Johar had given in. If he would have just let their day be, things might have been different.

Jessica arrived at her parents house and helped the kids out of the car. She carried her daughter in one arm while using her free hand to hold Harveys. Stella was out the door before they were half way to it. Jessica let her son run to his grandma for a hug but didn’t want to stop until Neysa was inside. Once everybody was in Stella hugged her grandaughter “My beautiful little Neysa. Don’t cry now, I made you some cookies and your uncle is bringing some other fun stuff so you don’t have to think about what happened. We’re going to have so much while your mom and dad take care of this”

Stella looked at her daughter now “I’ll keep my phone on me and all the way up if they end up wanting to talk to Neysa or you just need to tell me something. Your brother is at the store but he plans on sitting here with the kids and I incase it wasn’t just random. I mean, maybe he was just a beach troller looking to snatch a child but we can’t be too careful with our Neysa”

“Thanks mom” Stella hugged Jessica “Between your dad and Johar it’s all going to be okay. They both are fiercely protective of you and these babies. I can only imagine the war path they are both on”

“I know”

Chapter Two

Jasper sat there staring at the officer who had arrested the zombie, letting his imagination run wild as to what might happen to him. Jasper let out a long breath and the officer actually flinched. “So, you arrested the man who saved my granddaughter instead of hunting down the man who tried kidnapping her.”


“I’m glad that a zombie taking a chunk out of a supernatural being was more important than my traumatized granddaughter and injured grandson, I’m glad he was more important than my terrified daughter and grandson who had to watch as his mother and brother struggled to save his sister. I am so happy to know that there is such a competent officer on the streets.”

“Sir, please, I…”

“Now I have nothing against cops, my sister in law is one and she’s amazing at her job, in fact there are many in this very building who do their jobs diligently and don’t stop until they’ve completed their duty. Now I need to know, why you didn’t even bother chasing the man who grabbed my granddaughter and nearly killed my grandson? Why was the zombie so much more important than the perpetrator? Do you even bothering reading the laws you enforce?” He pulled a folder out of his briefcase and flipped it open. He sat it down and slid it across the table. “Will you read that for me please, I even highlighted it for you so it won’t be hard.”

“Um b…biting is pro…prohibited unless it’s being used as…as self defense or in the defense of another.”

“Wonderful, you can read. So tell me, what was the zombie doing when you arrested him?”

“He..he was helping Mrs Chand”

“He helped keep whatever man you let get away from kidnapping my granddaughter. Uncuff him right this second and hope he doesn’t want to press charges for his unlawful arrest because I will represent him.” The officer took his cuffs off and said “Mr Bookchild, I would have gone after the other man too but he was almost instantly gone. I couldn’t have gotten him”

“You were still wasting time”

“We didn’t know the whole situation” Jasper was ready to punch him if he said that even one more time. “do you want to press charges Mr Faoiltiama?” Jasper asked him and he said ‘No, really, thank you though”

“This was nothing in exchange for your help. My family and I wouldn’t be able to take loseing little Neysa, especially her father. I think he’d go on a rampage”

Cade knocked on his parents door. He had a key but he didn’t want to scare his mother or niece and nephew by just coming in. Stella checked to see who it was then quickly let her son in, closing the door right away, locking it and casting another spell to hopefully keep whatever it was from breaking down their door. “Neysa! Harvey! Uncle Cade is here!” she called and the two children ran in. Cade lifted them both into a hug then set them down by the groceries he had just brought in. They helped him take them to the kitchen and he showed them everything he bought.

He had bought all the snacks they liked, a few new board games and some movies for them. “wow” the two children said in almost perfect unison. He chuckled “s are we going to stuff our faces and watch a movie or would you two like to play a board game?”

“Movie.” They said in unison and Cade started popping some popcorn while Stella got the movie in.

Jessica was sitting next to her son’s bed when Johar and his father came in. She was on her feet and in his arms, her face pressed into his chest as she cried. “I’m so sorry I wasn’t there Jessica. I should have been there to protect you.” Johar said softly.

“It’s not your fault, all that matters is you’re here now.”

He pulled back and wiped her tears away. “How’s he doing?” He asked, indicating the sleeping Kiaan.

“Good, just sleeping. The doctor said they would do a scan before releasing him just to make sure.” She rested a hand on her son’s arm. “He was trying to help us and that thing hurt him.”

“I should call a few wolves here to pick up the scent from you.” Dalton said. “We can track him from where he tried to take Neysa.”

“Is that okay with you, Jessica? I won’t let them if you’re opposed, but I would also like to catch him.”

“It’s fine, call as many as you want. You’ll stay with us though right?”

“I’m not leaving your side, I promise.” Johar hugged her tightly to him.

Dalton walked over to his grandson and kissed his head “I’m going to leave then. This needs to be handled. Whoever or whatever that man was he picked the wrong little girl”

“Call me the second the pack knows anything” Johar answered and his father nodded before leaving. Once he was gone Johar pulled his mate into a chair and held her. “Can you tell me all about what happened?” She gave him the complete story, not missing a detail. “It was terrifying not to be able to pull her away. I was trying so hard and Kiaan, I want to kill him, I want to kill him for terrifying my daughter and hurting Kiaan.”

“He’ll get what’s coming.” Johar was even angrier hearing the whole story but he was proud of his mate and sons. Jessica was such a strong, amazing woman. His senses were drowning in how horrible she felt the man was even able to grab their dauguhter but she hadn’t allowed him to take her and he knew her, he knew how strong her resolve was. She had held on to their daughter and kept her safe with them. He was sure even if the zombie hadn’t helped nothing would have pried their daughter from his amazing wifes arms. He felt so proud to have her as his mate and once again felt incredibly lucky that Jessica loved him.

Jessica fell asleep in Johar’s lap after the stress of the day. One of her hands rested on one of Kiaan’s. She wanted to stay connected to him even in her sleep. Johar slowly got his phone out and called Stella. She answered on the third ring and he let out a small sigh of relief.

“Do you want to talk to the kids?” She asked.

He could hear them laughing in the background and didn’t want to spoil their fun. “No, let them play, I was just checking on them.” He whispered.

“How are Jessica and Kiaan?”

“Good, sleeping.”

“Good, how are you holding up?”

“I’m furious, but I’m not leaving them even though I’d like nothing more than to find the man who hurt my family.” He suppressed a growl. “He has to pay, Stella, I’ve never seen Jessica so scared, I hate it.”

“You’re not the only one, Jasper’s zeroed in and nothing’s going to stop him until he finds the bastard. He went to get that zombie out of jail, the poor man.”

“I’ll be sure to thank him. My father is rallying the wolves so they can get the scent and track the man who tried taking Neysa. I want some wolves watching over your home as well, just in case.”

“Send as many as you want, I’ll make sure they’re well fed and hydrated.”

“Thank you for understanding.”

“I’m glad we can call on them for help. I’ll feel even safer. Cade’s here but we can’t be too careful”

“I’m going to go before I wake up Jessica. Thank you for taking the kids”

“I love these babies and don’t worry about Neysa. I’m sure you can hear how happy Uncle Cade is keeping them” They got off the phone and Johar just held his mate, willing his son to wake up soon and give them both some relief. When the wolves showed up a Stellas home she made them all a nice meal and gave them drinks “My home is open to any of your needs. Just ask me or my son if you want something”

“don’t worry about us. Thank you so much for this. You didn’t have to feed us”

“Of course I did”

“We won’t let anyone inside without your permission, except for your husband of course. Not that we could stop him if we wanted to.”

Stella smiled. “He’s really not that bad, I promise.” She went back inside with her son and grandchildren, leaving the wolves to watch the house.

Kiaan shifting in his bed had Jessica snapping awake. She was on her feet and leaning over her son when he opened his eyes, Johar right next to her. “Kiaan, baby, can you hear me?”

“Yeah, Neysa?”

Jessica gently brushed her fingers through his hair. “Safe with bubba, grandma, and uncle Cade.”

“I sent a bunch of wolves over there bud so no one can get them.” Johar said, squeezing his son’s hand.

“I tried to help, but I couldn’t.” Kiaan reared up and Jessica hugged and shushed him.

“Kiaan, I’m so proud of you.” Johar said as his arms wrapped around both of them. “You were so brave.”

“I couldn’t just stand by and let someone take Neysa. Harvey and I were watching her, we were all supposed to get in the car. I’m supposed to look after her and I didn’t make her get in with us”

“Don’t do that Kiaan, we like you to look after her but she’s eight now. She understood as good as you two did she needed to get in the car. It’s not her fault either this happened but it’s not your fault at all. How are you feeling?”

“perfect, my body seemed to just sleep it off. That thing, it had such a strong blow. It only elbowed me in the head twice and now I’m here…”

“Well your grandpa and the other wolves will find him baby” When a nurse came in and saw Kiaan awake she got a doctor who let the fully healed boy leave with his parents. As soon as they were in the car Kiaan said ‘i want to see my sister”

“That’s precisely where we were planning to gop” Johar answered as he started the car.

Johar was glad to see the wolves when he pulled up. There were two at the front door and they stood straighter when they saw him. “My dad’s not here yet.” Jessica said as she took Kiaan’s hand.

“I’m sure he’s on his way.” Johar replied in a reassuring tone. “Probably finishing up with those cops. I’ve watched your dad on TV, he’s probably got them wetting themselves.”

“Sir, it’s been quiet.” One of the wolves said.

“It’s Johar, thank you for guarding my family. I ask that you stay here a bit longer.”

“Of course.”

They went inside and Neysa ran straight into her fathers arms upon catching his scent in the house. “Are you okay sweetheart?’

“Yeah” Johar set his daughter down so Kiaan could hug her. He crushed his little sister into him, still feeling horrible he had been almost no help to her or his mother. “Kiaan” Neysa said in a strained voice and he let her go “sorry Ney”

“It’s alright, come play with Harvey and I. You can right”

“Yeah, I’m all better”

“come on” she giggled and Kiaan followed, glad his sister didn’t blame him. Stella hugged her daughter then Johar “she really is fine, Cade has been keeping both her and Harvey as happy as little ones can be”

“I just hate she might be scared when we go places now. I mean right now she’s here in her grandmas home with family and the pack outside. How is she going to be when I take her to the beach or somthing again.”

Chapter Three

“I’ll be with you from now on and I’ll have wolves close by as well. We’ll teach the kids how to scent, how to fight so they know how to escape.”

“I second that plan.” Jasper said as he walked into the living room.

“Grandpa.” The kids yelled and ran to him to hug him.

“Hey guys.” He bent down, hugging al of them. “You doing alright?” They all nodded. “Good.” He stood back up and hugged Jessica. “You okay baby?”

“Yeah, the zombie?”

“Out, he won’t be bothered.”

“Thank goodness. Johar’s dad has wolves out searching for who ever did this.”

“I’m going to get Lupin and Brigid out there as well. I want this piece of garbage off the streets.”

Mitrofan gritted his teeth as his arm regenerated. That damn zombie might have eaten all the way through if the police hadn’t arrived. He was pissed off at him but even more pissed off at himself. He had finally found the chance to take her, that gorgeous little girl he had been admiring and he blew it. He didn’t even understand how that little demon woman had been able to put up such a fight. He had sized her up, had paid attention to her and had no idea where he had pulled that strength from. It just wasn’t possible but somehow she had managed. He’d like to think that maybe if her son and that zombie wouldn’t have intervened he could have taken Neysa. He sighed as he thought of her and pulled out his phone, quickly using the app to open Facebook up.

He had started using one of his many fake profiles shortly after he first spotted her, that perfect little girl to finally satisfy his needs. Mitrofan had done this before, kept track of a child this way so he was good at making the profile seem real. He had made nine profiles the first time he thought to follow a parent of one of his victims this way so he could do it again in the future and it be more easily accepted he was a real person. He’d post stuff every now and then and when he had a target he’d use the account he chose daily for about seven months before adding the parent. It was a long process but the internet had more than enough child porn for him and if he needed the real thing he could easily buy one. It was just more enjoyable for him when he went about it this way. Having her, his perfect little girl was so much more rewarding. He kept the ones he stalked this way much longer and little Neysa, he planned on running with her.

She was the most beautiful he had seen yet and if he could snatch her he’d be off to another world and spend many years enjoying her. He flipped through the pictures he had saved on his phone while he finished waiting for his arm to heal. He saw one of her with her father and groaned. That man, Johar, this had been taking longer than it ever had to find an opportunity. He seemed to stick to his family like glue. There was simply never a time until today Mitrofan could get Neysa alone for even a moment. If it wasn’t that infuriating father it was her brothers, mom, uncle and many other people. Neysa was always watched, not a single second of a parent or other guardian being lax in their supervision.

It was depressing that now they’d be on higher alert and getting that girl in a position to be taken had been hard enough before. When his arm healed he went into his room and pulled out the box of pictures he had printed of her and licked the first one he picked up “soon Neysa, I’m not giving up on you you tasty little she wolf”

Johar’s phone vibrating drew him away from his family and he pulled it out, seeing it was his father. He slid his thumb across the screen as he walked into the kitchen to talk. “Did you find anything?”

“Whoever he is, he’s definitely not human, probably a demon. We managed to pick up his scent from some blood and we’re tracking him now. I wanted to keep you up to date and alert.”

“I’m more than alert, he’s not getting close to Neysa again without taking some serious damage.”

“How is she?”

“Everyone is keeping her distracted, but I wish to move her to a better location. Jasper is asking Brigid to help, she knows the streets so play nice.”

“Fine, fine, but she better be able to keep up.”

“She’s more than capable.”

When Johar got off the phone he discussed with his family the best place to keep Neysa. He knew she’d be more comfortable here but her safety was top priority. Dalton and Kayla were soon acquainted with Brigid and Lupin “My son said only the female was coming” Dalton said, internally groaning over another demon to mind while he and his pack searched. Kayla waved him off “the more help the better. Nice to meet you Lupin”

“He was home and I’m stronger with my husband at my side” Brigid said and Kayla nodded “how can you help?” Dalton asked and Brigid answered “I know where all the registered sex offenders live and I know the right people to talk to when looking for someone who is interested in children”

“You believe this man was a child molester?” Dalton asked.

“If it had been about money, he wouldn’t have fought so hard for her, he wouldn’t have seen money as worth losing his life and would have let go as soon as Jessica attacked him. He tried with all his strength to pry her away despite Jessica and Kiaan attackig him and he only let go when he nearly lost his arm. He wanted her for more than money.”

Dalton growled. “Will he come back?”

“Chances are he’s been watching her.” Lupin answered. “If not for her constantly being with Johar and the rest of us, he probably would have tried grooming her first, but he never got the chance to get close to her until today.”

“If he’s obsessed, he won’t give up so we need to find him before he finds Neysa.”

He had some of his stronger wolves continue trying to follow the scent while Dalton, his mate and the rest of the wolves followed Brigid and Lupin to her contacts. If the wolves would have been in their animal form their fur would be standing on end. The area she had led them too had them all on edge, a growl ready to rise. These were horrible people, regardless of them helping a police officer. “do you know what he was Brigid?”

“We think some sort of demon” The informant sighed and she said “I know that really doesn’t help”

“Not by a long shot. What does the girl look like? I can narrow it down by who likes her type” Dalton growled again and the man raised his hands up “Look man I don’t do that sort of thing. Heck I can’t even date girls more than two years younger than me. I prefer older chicks. I have no interest in this little girl.”

“don’t mind him, he’s the grandfather”

“Oh, sorry man, she’s a lucky little girl though. She’s got a good mother” Brigid showed the informant a picture of Neysa “well I can be a little more helpful now.” He gave her a list of demon males who liked Neysa’s look. It was a long list but they were closer to finding her than they previously were.

“I want to take her to my parents home. You two have neighbors and I would hate for them to be drawn into anything.” Johar explained to Stella and Jasper.

“Is there enough room for all of us, I would like to watch over her as well.” Jasper replied.

“We have a guest house so you’re more than welcome. My sister doesn’t stay there anymore so it’s open.”

Cade raised his head at the mention of Usha. He wanted to ask about her since they had not spoken in awhile, but he kept it to himself, knowing he needed to focus on protecting his niece. “You should probably leave a couple of the wolves here in case that monster comes here then they can alert us.” Jessica said.

“That’s a good idea, they can watch from a distance.”

They loaded the kids up along with the new things Cade bought to keep them busy then left for Daltons home. Stella texted her brother Lupin on the way, hoping he and Brigid had made any progress. He responded, telling her they had a list of likely men “How can there be so many Jasper”

“Theres more sick people in the world than we’d like to think about baby. I deal with this stuff all the time..” That night after Neysa brushed her teeth she asked her dad “can I sleep with you and momma tonight?” Johar lifted her into his arms “Of course you can baby” He took her to his old bedroom where Jessica already was and let her know Neysa was going to sleep with them. They let her have the middle, glad they’d have her safely between them.

Mitrofan could smell the wolves, could hear their heartbeats and breathing. There was one hiding under the front porch and another inside, but they were all he heard. Two people and neither of them were Neysa. He walked by the house, not looking up, his hands shoved into his pockets. He could sense the wolf beneath the porch watching him, waiting for him to get closer. Where had they taken his beautiful little doll. He growled as he pulled out his phone and pretended to look at it as he turned around, trying to appear like he was engrossed in what he was looking at. He thought about all the places she could be. She had two sets of grandparents and could be at either of their houses.

Brigid pounded on door after door, disgusted with these men, but managing to hide it to get answers. Even Lupin knew when it was time for violence and time for putting on your armor and facing these monsters. Dalton and the wolves were having a much harder time. She could sense that barely contained rage, knew they would gladly sink their teeth into the throats of these men if given the chance. “How can you stand the smell of those pigs?” Dalton asked once they left.

“You learn to deal with it. You think I don’t want to gut every single one of them? I do, Lupin does, but we work with the law and I only kill when I need too. Trust me when I say that they are easier to catch these days with all the wolves and demons and vampires joining the force. They can’t hide their crimes as easily these days.”

“It’s just wrong, if we were back in the old days, they would have their manhood removed, they’d be tortured and then killed.”

“This isn’t the old days, this is now. I have plenty of demons in my social circle to know how hard it is for them to keep from ripping one of those freaks in half, but they know when they come here that we play by the law, we throw the perp to Jasper and we only kill them if we don’t have a choice.”

“I” that one letter held so much rage “I can’t stand the fact that if this man has been caught before he was left on the streets to hurt Neysa”

“Thanks to Jessica and your grandsons she wasn’t hurt. I know she had to be terrified and she might struggle for a little while but she was protected from much worse because she has a good and stubborn family” The next morning one of the wolves who had been hunting by smell for the man was going to Jessica and Johars home when he caught the scent again. It was far more fresh and strong here than at the beach. The problem they were having where she was taken was the high traffic area there. There were people in this neighborhood but it wasn’t half the traffic of the beach. He called Johar first to let him know and then he called Dalton to alert the pack. He had come to find Neysa and in doing so had given them a much better scent trail to follow.

Chapter Four

“Is he coming here?” Jessica asked as Johar ordered the wolves to patrol the forest in pairs.

“I don’t know, but he was at the house so chances are yes, he’ll come here looking for her.”

“What should I do?”

“Stay with the kids, your brother, and your mother. I know you can handle yourself, but I want to use the main house as a last line of defense.” He hugged her, seeing how scared she was. “I won’t let him have Neysa or hurt our children or you, trust me.” He stroked her hair. “I’ll patrol with the wolves.”

“Take my dad, please, you can watch over each other.”

“I will and I won’t be far, just yell and I’ll come running.”

Jessica was struggling to put on her brave face for Neysa. She was so scared he’d get a hold of her again and this time she might fail and her daughter would be gone. When Johar left Neysa clung to her uncle. Neysa feared the same thing as her mom. That the man was going to try to take her away from her family again. Cade stroked her hair while holding her tightly “He wont get anywhere near you sweetheart. I’ll destroy him if he even looks at you again”

It was past lunch that day when Brigid, Lupin, and the wolves found the apartment they were looking for. No one answered so Brigid drew her gun and opened the already unlocked door. “This is him.” Dalton said as he waved his mate and the other wolves back. “Walk the perimeter just in case.” He ordered as he followed Brigid and Lupin inside.

“You’re absolutely sure?” Brigid asked as she moved slowly through the apartment.

“Yes, his scent is the one we’re looking for.”

“Shit, he’s not home.” She holstered her gun as they looked around.

It was Lupin who checked under the bed and saw the small box tucked back into the shadows. He reached under and pulled it out, setting on the bed and flipping it open. “Holy shit, Brigid, come and look at this.” Brigid came into the demon’s room, followed by Dalton. “He has all these pictures of Neysa, he’s our guy.”

“Call Jasper and I’ll get a team in here to process this place, who knows what else he has hidden here.”

They didn’t touch anything else, knowing they risked tainting evidence to the point Jasper couldn’t use it against him. When Jasper got off the phone he immediately let Johar know what was going on. He sprinted home to his family while Jasper called the police and a few of the fellow lawyers in his office to get them started on some things for him. He rushed to his car and went to monitor the police as they collected evidence. He was not abiding one ounce of police incompetence when it came to his daughter. They would do everything by the book so he would have everything in court to use against this piece of garbage.

Mitrofan wasn’t home because he was on his way to Neysa’s paternal grandparents home. He was going to find her and he was going to take her. This time he was ready to kill her entire family if he had to to take the little girl. He wasn’t used to a parent latching on and not letting go like that so he hadn’t been sure how to react but now he knew what he had to do. If that woman or her other pups did it again he would kill them with no hesitation.

The pair of patrolling wolves didn’t see him coming and he had them beat down before they could let out a single howl. He didn’t care if they were dead or not, he left them, slinking through the woods surrounding the house. He could smell her, sweet and warm, she was so close.

“Daddy, I need to use the bathroom.” Neysa said from Johar’s lap and he put the book he had been reading her down. Jessica was down stairs making the kids something to eat with Cade who had refused to leave his sister alone just in case so Johar has taken their place in keeping the kids occupied.

“Okay sweetie.” He escorted her from the room and down the hall. “I’ll be right outside the door, just scream if you need me.”


She went in cautiously then quickly relieved herself. Neysa felt fine with her family but being alone at all terrified her. It had taken only a moment for that man to snatch her and he had done it with her mother only feet away. She was just opening the door to get back to her dad when the pack started to howl. She gasped and her father picked her up and ran downstairs to his mate and brother in law “I’ll go see what’s up. Cade come with me. He wont be getting by us or the other wolves” The boys and Jessica ran to a room and locked themselves in, keeping Neysa in the middle of them while the men ran out.

Mitrofan grinned as he watched some of the wolves heading off to where he had left their pack members. It was a good distraction and he used it to get closer to the house. He became still when he saw Neysa’s father and uncle, keeping himself from growling so as not to be heard. They neared him and he waited for Johar to pass first and then pounced on Cade, pulling out a knife when he did so and forcing Cade up as a shield. Johar turned and growled and Mitrofan grinned as he pressed the knife to Cade’s throat. “You son of a bitch.” Johar said, trying to slowly move around the demon.

“I wouldn’t make any stupid moves wolf.” Mitrofan shot back.

“I’m going to gut you.”

Mitrofan chuckled. “You have two choices, stop me or…” he let the knife slide across Cade’s throat then shoved him at Johar, “stop the bleeding.” He took off and Johar howled for his pack as he put pressure on the wound. “Stay awake Cade.” He ordered when he managed to stop the flow. Some of his pack members ran straight to him while others headed for the house. “Keep pressure on this and call an ambulance then my father, don’t leave him until help arrives.”

“Yes sir.” One of the wolves said and traded places with Johar.

Johar took off at a dead sprint. He knew his pack member woul.d keep Cade alive until the ambulance came so he wholly concentrated on catching up to protect his family before any more emotional harm befell them. Maybe it was his determination or maybe it was that his wolf was faster than the man he chased but Johar caught up, tumbling with him mere feet from the house that kept his mate and children. “You left him to die?” Mitrofan seemed to find it funny, at least that’s what the tone in his voice portrayed. Johar didn’t care what this demon thought so didn’t bother to answer. HIs full concentration was to get him away from Jessica, Harvey, Kiaan and Neysa. He could feel his daughters terror and it enraged him.

He hit the demon in the face over and over, only relinquishing his hold when Mitrofan tried stabbing him. “Coward.” Johar growled.

“When I’m done with you I’m going to kill that bitch of yours then your two little brats. Neysa is mine and mine alone.”

Johar shifted and called on spirits of the dead to aid him. They swirled around his wolf like shadows, hungry for the demon. He attacked, wanting him dead, but not wanting his children to see such blood and violence so he did his best to only wound.

This was one of the times all his practicing as a necromancer paid off. He easily kept this horrible, disgusting man contained and horrified until the pack and police arrived. It was sad how scared the pedophile was especially with him being a demon. Johar let the police take him, using all his self control not to kill him. Jasper, Brigid and Lupin went with the police, determined to make sure this all went how it was supposed to. Johar asked a pack member ” Cade?”

“On his way to the hospital sir, he is alive”

“good work” he went to his family, taking Neysa in his arms “He’s never going to come after you again. Grandpa is going to make sure of it” Neysa just cried into his fathers shoulder. It was over and it would be a long time before Johar missed a family outing again. Months later Jasper got the demon landed on death row. Johar still wanted to save everybody time and kill him but Jasper assured him this was the best way. He didn;t need to get arrested over this. Neysa was a bit skiddish when she went out but she was going out and healing from teh trauma of it all. She didn’t have full comprehension of what the demon had wanted her for but she knew enough that it still gave her nightmares. Jessica and Johar knew it was only a matter of time until she was herself again. She had a big loving family and just like with this, if anything tried to hurt her, there would be hell to pay.

~ The End

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