Jessica & Johar

Chapter One

As much as Jessica enjoyed books she was growing bored of standing with her parents in the book store so ask “Can I go look at some shoes. I have my cellphone, please”

“sure baby” Stella answered before Jasper could get overprotective about Jessica being in a place packed with men. When Jessica walked off Stella said “don’t you say a word. She is sixteen and you need to let go some. You’re smothering her and it isn’t fair. You would have let Cade go” he kissed his wifes cheek “thank you for not letting me be crazy with her” Stella laughed “I’m sure our daughter appreciates it more.” He chuckled and quickly stifled it since they were in a book store.

Johar walked aimlessly around the mall. Lately somthing had been bothering him and he couldn’t tell what which was frustrating. His heart said he needed somthing but he didn’t understand what it was he needed until his eyes caught her again, the same woman who had caused this unrest in him. His heart rate spiked and he had to follow her. The first time they met Jessica had ran into him, apologized and left again before he could speak. Somthing about her made him freeze and become overwhelmed and it wasn’t somthing he was used to.

He’d talk about it with his parents but they would probably laugh at him and call him pathetic. They were tough near the point of absolute cruelty and the leader of their pack so if he talked to anybody else about these feelings he knew it would get back to his parents. This woman who did these things to him was in front of him again and it couldn’t be a coincidence.

The shoe store was slightly crowded so he lost her for a second but finally turned down an aisle she was on. She could feel him, somhow knew it was her he was looking for so she turned and looked at him. This time he swallowed and found words “hi”

“um, hey. Do I know you”

“you ran into me” she looked at him a few moments “Oh, a few weeks ago. You mad?”

“No um” he scratched his head a second in frustration. “um” whatever these feeligns and need was was overwhelming him again until his pupils became wide and he realized what was going on. He had found his mate. Jessica was his destined mate. “You’re mine” he whispered and she laughed “are you on drugs” he rubbed his face with his hands “i’m sorry, god, I don’t mean to be such a weirdo. You just overwhelm me”

“I’m sorry” she said in a confused way. She scented him to get to know him a little better and her own eyes widened “you’re a wolf” she almost exclaimed. A woman looking at shoes in the same aisle looked at them both like they were nuts. He got closer and whispered ‘and you’re a demon. Why would it be so shocking to be talking to a wolf?”

“I’ve never met one” she said suddenly feeling nervous after his hot breath hit her and silky voice filled her ears.
“How strange, we’re all over.” He glanced around. “I guess I would probably kill any male who got to close to you.”


“Like I said, you’re mine, this is our fate. Don’t you feel it?” He leaned closer, his nose nearly touching hers. His warmth washed over her and her heart leaped in her chest. She braced herself to be kissed when he pulled back with a little frown. “I’m sorry, I’m scaring you.”

“It’s just you’re being overly dominant, it’s kind of unnerving.”

“Sorry, it’s just I really need you, you’re important.”

She let out a nervous laugh. “You’d definitely drive my dad crazy, probably my brother too.” She cleared her throat. “Besides, you can’t just declare I’m yours when we don’t even know each other. If you want a shot at wooing me then you should have asked for my number or asked me out on a date.”

“But I can feel you’re my mate.”

“And mates are supposed to make each other happy, so if you want me as your mate then you have to woo me.”
A handsome grin lit his face “alright, what’s your number?”

“Dont you need to pull your cellphone out first?”

“I have an amazing memory. My parents think its important for pack leaders to have impeccable memory”

“You’re a leader of your pack?” He shrugged “not until my parents step down but the pack treats me with a lot of respect because I’m their pup”

“Oh well my number is 919 – 672 – 8893”

“Got it, I want to walk around with you right now though. I can can’t I?”

“Yeah but my dads near and he wont be friendly when he sees you with me”


“He’s over protective. It can be annoying but I understand his job takes him around a lot of horrible men. I try to be patient but he cant protect me forever and I wish he’d understand that. He chases every guy I talk to off. Its especially ridiculous when its human men. I may not be a powerful demon but being a demon at all makes me stronger than human males”

“Maybe he just knows you’re my mate. I’m glad he chased them off” Jessica laughed “are all wolf males like this? I’ve never actually met one in person”

“when it comes to their mates”

“I’m not your mate” His smile turned into a semi frown “so why are you here?’

“I like shoes. I have way too many but my dads a sweetheart and would probably get me more if I found a new pair I liked”

“I thought he annoyed you?’

“Only when it comes to men. Aside from that he’s a great dad. You like your parents”

“sure, they aren’t very nice but they aren’t very nice to most people. They love me enough I guess”

“Have any siblings?”

“An older sister”

“I have an older brother but I guess i already mentioned that”

“what does your mother do?”

“stay at home mom mostly but she babysits for friends and family. Dad likes coming home to her so really doesnt want her to work”

“so he doesnt let her?”

“No its not like that. He just doesnt want her to and shes happy to be home”

“I wouldn’t want you to work. Wolves take care of their mates”

“tough luck, I’m going to college”


“I have dreams and if you’re going to be with me you have to let me”
“Are you saying you want me to be with you?”

She laughed. “No, I’m saying it’s a condition. I won’t be held down, held back, or forced to do anything I don’t want too.”

“Are all the women in your family this hard headed and frustrating?”

“Yes, I believe so. If you’re scared of a little heat then you better get out of the kitchen because you’re only going to get burned. If you really want me then you’ll get used to the fact that I’m not a submissive female that’ll just lay on my back and let you go at it.”

He blinked at her in shock. “You have quite the mouth.”

“It’s my cross to bear.” She said with a smile.

“Alright, I’ll try being….normal for lack of a better word.”

“I bet your aura is completely red.”

“My aura?” She grinned, moving out of the store and he followed. “What do you mean by my aura?”

“The spiritual energy that surrounds all living things, I have these glasses that help me see it. I bet your’s is red.”

“Why would you say that?”

“You’re aggressive, dominating, lustful. You scream of red.”
“around you definitely”

“Try not to say those things around my dad”

“He wont scare me and I’m never anything I’m not. I am an alpha wolf and I wont be a puppy to please him.”

“He can forbid me to see you. I’m sixteen” Johar shrugged “Then I’ll wait. You’re my mate and that means forever. If he wont allow me near you now he cant stop me once you’re eighteen. As you wont submit I wont so if who I am pisses him off I’ll just have to live with that” Jessica smiled ‘I like that. Honestly when my dad makes men practically piss themselves it turns me off” He smiled a bit too smugly for her taste but he was so handsome doing it she could let him slide. “How old are you?” Jessica asked “eighteen”

“you look like you’re in your mid twenties”

“I’ve always looked older” He followed Jessica as she looked through shoes until she felt her father was there. The sudden territorial vibe to the air was a dead giveaway. Jessica obviously felt it too because she set the two boxes down she had been carrying and walked toward her father. Johar followed, not intimidated in the slightest even after seeing Jasper dead glare.”hey mom and dad, this is Johar”

He smiled and gave a small wave “Your daughter and I were just talking. We actually met a few weeks ago actually”

“where?’ Jasper asked as if this were an interrogation “she ran into me not looking where she was going. I saw her again here and wanted to say hi”

“She ran into you and you just so happen to see her in a busy mall and follow her into this shoe store” Jessica groaned ‘dad, yes, he isn’t some stalker who has been following me since I ran into him. He’s really nice so could you please not treat him like you suspect him of murder” Stella squeezed his hand Jasper relented “see anything you like Jessica?’

“yes” she ran back over to her shoes and showed him the boxes “please”

“of course, if you’re hungry your mother and I were going to the food court”

“I want Johar to come”

“You dont know him”

“dad, please. You and mom are here” Knowing he’d be scolded by Stella tonight if he refused so he begrudgingly paid for Jessicas shoes and allowed Johar to follow them to the food court.
“So what exactly do you do Jasper?” Johar asked then took a sip of his orange soda.

“I make men disappear.”

“Daddy!” Jessica did her best not to laugh and covered her mouth to hide her grin.

“I’m a lawyer, I put away drug dealers, rapists, abusive and controlling men.” He took a bite of his teriyaki chicken. “I’m just going to warn you once Johar. Jessica is my baby girl, she’s my princess, she’s one of my reasons for breathing and if you ever hurt her I will make your life a living hell, I will hunt you to the ends of the earth and I will not let you die easy. No law, neither that of wolves or men, will be able to protect you.” He pointed his fork at him. “You may think I’m not scary now, but break my daughter’s heart, I dare you.”

Stella squeezed his knee and he smiled warmly at her, all the coldness that had been his eyes while giving his warning gone. Jessica glanced at Johar and then at her father. “So does that mean we can hang out?” Jessica asked.

“Of course sweetie, you have my permission, just remember if he does anything to hurt you please tell me.”

“So you’re not chasing him off?”

“He seems determined enough, but I will be keeping an eye on him.” He stroked his chin. “Perhaps I should ask Chthon for help.”

“Oh god dad, please don’t.”

He chuckled. “Fine, I’ll only call him if I absolutely must.”

“Who’s Chthon?” Johar asked.

“The one man who can literally kill you by looking at you. One minute you’re standing there having a good time and the next you’re drowning.” Jessica answered. “I know you think you’re more alpha than everyone else, but not more alpha than my dad and not even close to being more alpha than Chthon.”

Chapter Two

“I would never hurt her Jasper. In fact I would also be one to slaughter anybody for harming her emotionally or physically. She already means more to me than you could understand” Now Stella spoke “Oh, I think he knows a thing or two about quickly caring about somone” Jasper smiled and kissed her cheek. “so you two fell in love fast?’ Johar asked. “yep, it was really sweet. He’s still far sweeter than he appears to you.” They all finished eating then Stella asked ‘you two ready to go?”

‘If Johar doesn’t mind driving me home could I look at a few more stores? I want a new outfit for the family get together Saturday”

“Sure, Just be home at eight, you have school tomorrow”

‘i promise” Stella pulled out her credit card and handed it to Jessica “buy what you want”

“and bring her home on time” Jasper emphasized. “I will, not a second after eight pm” Jessica was surprised when her father took her new shoes actually walked away. Maybe her mother constantly reminding her dad she was growing up was finally sinking in. “I’m proud of you Jasper” Stella said as they loaded into the car. “I’m trying, she’s always been a good girl and she’s far from stupid. It’s just hard, he likes her”

“I know but he seems alright and she can take care of herself”

“but she was five yesterday” Stella smiled, her heart tingling “You’re such a good father Jasper. We love you so much” They were just entering the second clothing store when Johar asked ‘do you think I can come to this get together?”

“I’d enjoy having you there. Bring your sister, I’d like to meet her if you’re meeting my family”

“I’ll see if she’ll come. She can be a little stuck up at times though”

“Thats fine, nothing that patience and kindness cant change. Thats practically the motto of our family”

“if shes rude I’ll make her go home”
“I doubt anything she says will have a profound effect on my family.” She flipped through the dresses and pulled one down. “What about this one?”

“Anything would look good on you.”

“Well you’re no help.” She said with a smile as she put it back.

“You’re my mate, you could make anything look beautiful.”

“Men and their sweet talking.”

He shrugged. “Tell me about the rest of your family.”

“It’s better if you meet them first hand, I have a big family. Just be ready for a lot of questions.”
“questions are easy to handle”

“You going to tell everyone I’m your mate?’

“Of course” a laughing smile appeared on her face “we’re not even dating”

“we’re going out on dates aren’t we? Isn’t that dating”

“touche, then we’re not boyfriend and girlfriend”

“Nothing will change you’re who is destined for me. You’re my mate no matter how long it takes to make you want it”

“You sound a little creepy when you talk like that. I mean, I understand but it would sound really weird to someone else”

“I only care what you think. The other creatures can fuck themselves”

“don’t cuss like that. There are children in the mall”

“I’m sorry, I wont cuss at all any longer”

“You said earlier you wouldn’t change who you are for anybody. I’d imagine cussing is part of you”

“You’re my mate. You aren’t just anybody. If I allow myself to cuss at all I’ll wind up doing it around children and making you upset with me. Besides, my mother slaps me when I cuss outside of a fight with another male so its better I don’t”

“You fight other males often?’

“Not really often but somtimes my parents feel its important to measure the strength of the pack. See who is stronger than who. I don’t think we should but they are the heads, not me. It would be different if the fights were friendly but they really aren’t. We dont fight like we’re fighting an enemy but we do rip eachother up badly.”

“That sounds terrible.”

“we’re wolves”

“Typically wolf packs only fight friendly within the pack”

“Yes but there are packs like my parents.”

“will I have to be around them?”

“I’ll have to introduce you but if they make you uncomfortable you don’t have to see them again after your introduced. Regardless if any of them hurt you they’d lose their throat. I’m serious about that and they know it”
Jessica rolled her eyes. “You sound just like every man in my family. If anyone hurts you we’ll rip their throats out and offer their innards as tribute to the gods or keep them as a trophy to show the next guy what will happen to them. It’s all very manly, but honestly posturing like a bunch of tom cats can get extremely annoying. You’re all flexing muscle and stare downs. We’re not poor, helpless creatures from the dark ages, we women can take care of ourselves. If any of the “men” in your pack try touching me I’ll fill them full of electricity.”

“You have magic?”

“Thanks to Chthon. He turned my parents into demons so I was born with some of his gifts. I’m not even close to being as powerful as him, but I use my gifts when I have too. Men who can’t keep their hands to themselves get electrocuted.” She pulled down another dress. “This one maybe?”

“It matches a pair of the shoes you had Jasper buy so I say yes.”

“See, that wasn’t so hard.”

He smiled and reached out to brush his knuckles over her cheek. “You shouldn’t worry about what dress to wear, you’re already beautiful enough.”

She blushed and pushed his hand away. “Laying it on thick aren’t we?”

“You don’t like it?”

“It’s cute I guess.”


“Like a little, fuzzy puppy dog the you just want to bury your face in its fur.”

“Hey I’m no pup, I’m a grown man and…and a necromancer and exorcist, I have power.”

She giggled. “Awe did I fluster you? I was right, you’re definitely cute. Now, lets pay for this.”

He swallowed any further objections to being called cute before he embarrassed himself further. After she paid Jessica said “is there anywhere you want to look? I already jewelry at home I want to wear with this”

“The mall is giving me a headache, let me take you to Hope Park. Theres a few paths that are really nice out there and I can show you the wolf inside me. I want you to see me as I feel most like myself. I’d stay in wolf form all the time if I could speak and do everything this form allows”

“sure” Johar tried and failed to take her bag as they walked out to his car. She set it by her feet as he got in. “why couldn’t I carry that?’

“I’m not helpless. I told you you wont be taking care of me Johar” He didn’t answer, instead just put his car in reverse so he could leave his parking spot. “You’re young to be a necromancer and exorcist” Jessica said, her brown eyes resting on him. “Nobody said I was perfect at either. I’m good but I have a lot to learn”

“a prideful wolf admitting he isn’t perfect?”

“Youre my mate, it would be stupid to lie to you”

“I’m not your mate yet.” He let out a frustrated little grumble which made her smile. The park was nice this time of day and Jessica stretched her arms above her head and inhaled deeply. “I love being outside.”

“Good, because you’ll probably be outside a lot when you’re with me.” He took her hand, his fingers sliding between hers and sending a tingle up her arm. He grinned, looking almost smug as he pulled her to one of the more secluded paths.

“You know, it’s usually serial killers that want to take pretty girls down wooded paths.”

“Good thing I’m not a serial killer then.”

“But you are a predator.”

He chuckled. “Yes I am.”

When he felt like they were completely away from prying eyes he started undressing and she turned her head away. “Tell me when you’re about to get naked, it’s not polite to just start stripping.”

“Mates are supposed to familiarize themselves with each others bodies and wolves have very little modesty.”

“Neither of us if familiarizing ourselves with anything until we’re sure we love each other so just get those thoughts out of your head before I hit you.” He huffed and shifted shape. He pushed his head into her palm to let her know it was safe to look and she smiled down at the large rust colored wolf. She ran his fingers through his fur, reveling in its softness. “I’ve never seen a creature so beautiful.” He huffed and shook his head. “Yes you are, be proud of that fact and besides I love the way you look.” She folded his clothes and stuffed them in her purse. “If we hear anyone coming, I’ll just pretend your my pet.” He gave her a look of displeasure. “Don’t you want to be my pet Johar?” She pouted and he groaned, making her giggle.

Jessica couldn’t resist giving his fure random strokes as they walked. She talked to him too though he couldn’t answer back. It was all stories about her childhood so there wasn’t much need for him to answer. Johar seemed to scare a few of the passerbys but they enjoyed themselves anyway. When it started to get dark she started back so they would at least be near the car. Her father had never been so willing to let her talk to a man so she wouldn’t screw it up and come home late. Just before they were going to get off the path Johar groaned so Jessica would look at him. He laid his head on the dirt and put a paw over his eyes.

It was obvious what he wanted so she qucikly covered hers so he could shift. He took his clothes out of her bag and pulled them on “I’m dressed”

“That was really nice”

“Yeah, you had quite the childhood. Your brother sounds hilarious”

“He is, you’ll see that plainly once he quits being a stick in the mud because I like somone” Johar grinned triumphantly “you like me? So we’re mates”

“Stop asking, you’ll know when we’re mates”




“Hey, just up until i was seven”

“still, those stories, were you even thinking of the ammo you were giving me?’

“Listen here, you taunt me and I’ll kick your ass”

“I thought we weren’t to cuss?’

“Just around children, you were the one who decided none atall” Johar checked the time “I still have at least two hours with you before we need to head to your home, lay with me under the stars?’ Jessicas heart sped up slightly “okay” They walked over to an open area where Johar laid down “Lay your head on my chest”

“Ask me” he sighed “please Jessica?”

“Much better”

“It’s nice being able to see the stars.” Jessica said after a few minutes.

“My pack lives out in the country so I see this all the time.”

“In the same house?”

“No, they’re just all in the same area.”

“Oh, well you’re lucky either way. The stars are just so beautiful.”

He moved out from under her so she lay completely in the grass and sat up, placing his hands on either side of her head. His face drew close to hers and she actually felt an excited thrill run through her. “Not as beautiful as you my lovely little demoness. You put the stars to shame.” His lips were a mere breath from hers and she knew all she had to do was lift her head and they would be touching. “May I kiss you?” He whispered.

“Yes.” Her voice betrayed her nervousness and he smile triumphantly before pressing his lips against hers. His kiss was aggressive, dominating, and possessive. His tongue parted her lips and slid into her mouth, heating her body. She gripped his shirt and he deepened the kissing, taking her breath away so she felt like she drowning in his lust. She pushed against his chest, not wanting things to get out of hand and he gave a grumble of disappointment as he parted their lips.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, not sounding the least bit effected.

“It’s just…I don’t…”

“You’re not ready.” He ran his nose up her neck to her ear where he nipped her, giving her goosebumps. “I need you Jessica, I want to feel the heat of your body pressed against mine as we become one.” She swallowed and he gently stroked her cheek. “I can be patient so don’t worry. I want you to give yourself to me willingly and without inhibition.”

Chapter Three

“do you want to take me home?” He smiled and kissed her cheek “I havent run out of time yet. You stopping me doesn’t make me tired of you. Sit between my legs so I can hold you” Jessica did and he locked his arms around her, resting his forehead on her shoulder. “keep an eye on the time. I know I’ll lose track of it” Johar said and Jessica answered ‘okay” They stayed like this until she told him she needed to go home. He stood, picking her up and carrying her to his car. As they pulled up in front of her home he asked “when can I see you again?’

“After homework tomorrow if you want. If I dont receive any from my teachers I’ll see if my parents mind you picking me up from school”

“Have i given you my number?”

“The mall, remember?”

“Oh, yeah. Then I’ll be hoping you dont get homework tomorrow.”

“If I do tomorrow is Friday anyway”

“I’ll still be hoping. It drives me crazy to be apart from you. Wolves need their mate” Jessica blushed, her heart skipping from his words and the look in his eyes. “I’ll see you tomorrow” she said softly then got out of the car. Johar watched her walk inside before driving off. “Was he a gentleman?” Jasper asked ‘yes dad, thank you”

“You hungry?’ Stella asked and Jessica answered “No, I’m just going to head to my room for the night”

“Alright, love you”

“Love you guys too!” As Jessicas door shut Stella wrapped her arms around he husband “see? She came home in one piece”

“Yeah, just keep being the voice of reason for me.”


Jessica laid in bed, her fingers pressed to her mouth. She could still feel the heat of Johar’s lips there and it made her blush. She didn’t even want to think of what her father would do if he found out Johar had kissed her. She buried her face in her pillow, feeling confused. It wasn’t fair how he made her feel, especially since they only knew each other for a few hours. She finally managed to drift off after an hour of tossing and turning and fell right into dreams of that aggressive wolf. She could hear his voice in her ear calling her name, feel the warmth of his breath against her skin. She heard tapping on her door and jerked awake, her heart hammering loudly in her chest. She was surprised to find it was morning.

“Just a second.” She said.

“It’s me sis, time to get up for school.”

“Alright, thanks.” She was sure Cade could smell Johar’s scent in the house. She had tracked it inside and she was sure he had already questioned their parents about it. She groaned and got out of bed, needing a shower before breakfast.

Johar wrestled with one of the other males, burning off his frustration. “Alright, alright I give.” Acton said and Johar let him up. “Geez, what has you so worked up?”

“A woman.”

“A woman? What did she kick you out of her house or something?”

Johar looked around. “No, it’s nothing like that. It’s something far more important.”

“Oh I see.” Acton leaned in. “Is she your mate?”

Johar growled. “Keep that to yourself.”

“Hey, I don’t want any trouble. You know most girls like to be wooed.”

“So she said.”

“Well buy her flowers and candy and take her to her favorite places, get to know her friends and loved ones. These things are important to females.” Acton put him in a headlock. “Come on, one more match.”

As Jessica sat down at the table for breakfast Cade asked “so how did this date go? Mom told me and I could definitely smell a male wolf I’ve never met before”

“It was fun, he’s really nice. A little weird somtimes but he’s a wolf”

“weird how? What did he do to you?’ Jessica sighed “you and dad, he didn’t do anything to me. We had a nice evening and all that happened that wouldn’t have happened between just friends is he kissed me and before you flip, the second i wanted to stop he backed off. He didn’t even make me feel bad about it. I like him a lot and you will get to meet him this weekend when our family gets together”

“I’m glad Jess, I just love you and have enough guy friends to worry about you. Theres too many assholes and”

“I know I know, just give him a real chance when you meet him, please”

“I will”

“No threats dad” Jessica said, turning to her father. “No threats” Jasper repeated. “Anyway, I was hoping you guys would let Johar pick me up from school today if I’m not given any homework to do. I’ll be home at whatever time you want.” Stella answered “of course, just text us when he’s got you and be home at eleven”

“eleven?” Cade and Jasper asked at nearly the same time “Boys, come on, it’s the weekend and she has stayed out that late with her girl friends. Jessica is responsible and this is her first boyfriend so I think we should let her have fun”

‘he’s not my boyfriend mom”

“see? Not even her boyfriend” Jasper nodded, shoving some eggs into his mouth. “Thank you, If I have homework I’ll come home and just see him after”

“How badly you want to get into a nice college makes me sure in the fact you wouldn’t blow off homework honey” Jessica ate happily, surprising herself with how excited she was.

“Kissing your friends, pffft, I’ve never just walked up and kissed one of my female friends.” Cade grumbled as they walked to school.

“Maybe that’s why you don’t have a girlfriend mister I’m in college.”

“How many of your friends have you kissed?”

“All of them.” She laughed when his head jerked around and his eyes held a mix of shock and angry protectiveness. “I’m kidding Cade.”

“Don’t say things like that, you’ll have me interrogating and hurting people.”

“Silly, do you really think I’m that kind of person?”

“Well, teens and their hormones.” She slapped him in the back of the head. “Ouch.”

“Remember, you’re barely out of your teens and besides, I’ve seen you flirting.”

“Alright, just don’t let your weird boyfriend do anything bad.”

“He’s not my boyfriend.”

“Your words say no, but your blush says yes.”

“shut up Cade” He smiled at her and rested his arm on her shoulders “so what are you two doing after school?”

‘No idea, I just wanted to see him again?’

“Uh huh, your not boyfriend”


“You two are atleast thinking about it”

“Obviously” They walked together until their breaking part came “have a good day little sis!” Cade called “Bye!” Jessica answered. While Jessica was having her lunch she checked her phone as always and found a text from her mother “You staying out so late is going to be hell on your father and brother. You don’t have to but it would mean a lot to me if you could text them around 9ish to let them know you are alright. Your dad if not both of them. You are always going to be a little girl in their eyes” Jessica began texting back “I will mom. Thank you so much for letting me hangout with Johar until eleven. Dad would have never even allowed me to meet him after school if you hadn’t given the okay”

Jessica put away her phone and finished her food. Her mom didn’t text back and probably wouldnt. She knew when lunch was and didn’t text her during her periods. After what felt like the longest day of school in her life she was excited, not a single teacher had been horrible enough to give her weekend homework. She called her mother first “yes baby?’

“No homework”

“Okay, be safe”

“Thanks again mom bye”

“Bye beautiful” Next Jessica called Johar “can I get you?’ Jessica giggled “well hello to you too, yes you can get me and mom says I can stay out with you until eleven”

“I’ll be right over so just wait for me.”

She smiled at how excited he sounded as she hung up. She had to admit she felt the same way and it had her heart thumping at an incredibly fast rate. Thinking of him only reminded her of how wonderful his lips had felt against hers and she hoped there would be more. Johar had been in the shower when she called and quickly got out and dressed. He practically ran from his house, grabbing his keys on the way out the door. He was so happy to see her when he pulled to a stop in front of her school that he jumped out of his car and ran to hug her. She laughed and he felt embarrassed so he let her go. “Wow, I never expected a greeting like that.” She said teasingly.

He ran his fingers through his hair and rubbed his neck. “How was school?”

“Same as always, your hair is wet.”

“I was wrestling with one of my pack members, I got pretty dirty.”

“I bet you looked cute covered in dirt and grass.”

“I was thinking more sexy.”

She laughed and kissed his cheek. “You’re such a guy. So, what are we doing today?”

“Why don’t you tell me what you want to do instead.”

“Have you been talking to someone?”

“No, I just want to know what you’d like to do.” He didn’t want to admit he had taken advice from another male. His father would probably call him weak if he knew.

“Being all alpha I expected you to have a day planned. Um, why don’t I take you to my favorite place to get smoothies. It’s in the mall, should have shown you when we were there.”

“Sounds good”

“wont the mall be too much?”

“I can control my senses, I’ll be fine. That day I first saw you I had just been so discomposed from not knowing what was wrong with me I let the mall noises and sounds overwhelm my senses. Now that I know what it is I need I’ll be fine” Jessica smiled “you are far cuter and sweeter than you realize Johar”

“Jess, the cute, please”

“You can be manly and cute.” He opened the door for her and she slid in with a huge smile on her face. He drove them to the mall and took her hand as they walked inside. A spark surged between them, making them both feel happy and warm

“This is actually pretty good.” Johar said then took another sip of his smoothie and walked with her through the mall.

“You say that like fruit is the devil.”

“I’m a wolf sweetness, I love my meat.”

“Fruits and veges are good for you though. I’ll just have make something you can’t resist eating.”

“Anything you make I won’t complain about.”

She smiled. “I have to admit I love when you talk like that. Of course it could all be a mask until I agree to be yours.”

“Hey,” he pulled her to a stop, “I would never lie to you or deceive you in any way. I want you to want me, to need me the way I need you, but I won’t betray your trust to get you. I refuse to stoop so low.”

“I trust you Johar, you didn’t push me into having sex with you when you could have, that speaks volumes.” He sighed with relief and brought her hand to his lips, making a shiver run up her spine at the touch of his lips.

Chapter Four

He smiled in a sultry way that made her blush “where to now?” He asked “Well you’ve seen the shoe store i love and the clothing store, how about a couple of the nerdy stores I like?”


“I want to know about you too” Jessica said as they walked “ask”

“Have you talked to your sister about coming yet?”

“No, sorry, I got caught up with my friend”

“Thats fine, how old is she?”

“Twenty five”

“Your brother?”


“Does he know about me?”

“Yeah, he says he’s going to give you a real chance” They asked eachother questions and talked about the things Jessica liked in the stores until dinner time “Hungry yet?”

“Yes, lets head over to the food court then you can pick a movie for us to watch”

“we can decide together” That sultry smile reappeared on his face and he kissed her head “together then” It didn’t surprise Jessica when Johar ordered nothing but meat. “silly wolf” He just ate, happiness shimmering in his eyes. It felt good how happy she seemed to make him, especially since the feeling was mutual.

After they were done eating they went over to the theater. Johar didn’t go out a lot so wasn’t sure what was good. They both finally settled on Guardians Of The Galaxy and went inside. He purchased the tickets and two sodas then they went down the hall. “Do you like action movies?” Johar asked as they watched the commercials.

“I like everything pretty much.”

He draped his arm over her shoulders and she rested her head on his shoulder. He wanted to kiss her, but feared being rude and making her miss what was going on. She seemed so focused on even the commercials, so he simply watched her. He felt a warmth spread through his chest. Unable to help himself, he kissed her cheek and she smiled. He beautiful brown eyes looked into his green ones and his heart nearly stopped. He was sure he was staring at her like some love struck fool, but right then he didn’t care. All that mattered was that he was there with her. He reached up and stroked his knuckles over her cheek then slipped his fingers into her hair.

“You’re so beautiful.”

“Oh just kiss me already.”

“Have you seen this movie?”


“Then I’ll kiss you after, I don’t want you to miss it. I can hold back Jessica, please enjoy the movie.”

“Well after you’re getting a kiss”

“I look forward to it” About two hours later he couldn’t have told you anything about what they watched but his attention to her and his loving touch had made Jessica feel special and amazing. This incredibly sexy wolf was honestly crazy about her and so far he had shown nothing but things to love in himself. Just outside the theater Johar pulled Jessica into a passionate kiss until some teenage boys started being lewd. Johar growled “lets just go baby, we can go back to the park until I need to go home”

The anger still held in his face but he didn’t want to upset Jessica so he just took her hand and tugged her to the car. “thank you for not needlessly fighting”

“The only reason I didn’t was because I knew it would upset you”

“well I guess I just have to kiss you more at the park to calm you down”

“Yeah, I need it” he said, a smile returning to his face. Jessica went ahead and sent a group message to her father and brother, assuring them she was still alive and Johar was being nothing but a gentleman. Even though her mother had given her such a late curfew it still seemed to end far too quickly. “I have to go home now” Jessica said sadly. His arms wrapped around her tighter “No, a little longer”

“I waited until the last possible moment to remind you. I have to go home Johar” She could feel how heartbroken the prospect of being apart had made him. “Johar” he kissed her neck “it’s hard to be away from you…I know it sounds so crazy since you aren’t a wolf but once we find our mate it’s horrible being apart.”

“I told you I know about wolves. I understand and don’t worry about your sanity…I think your sweet Johar. If I could stay I would but unlike you I’m still a kid”

“I know, when do you turn seventeen?”

“In two months” he breathed with relief “oh that is amazing to hear”

“yeah, hopefully my parents will let me spend lots of time with you”

“Are you my mate then Jessica? Please” Please, she knew it took a lot for him to use that word. Jessica grabbed his face and pulled it into hers for a kiss. When their lips parted she said “if things are still this wonderful after you meet my family yes, just keep being my wonderfully sweet wolf. For starters, take me home before I’m late”

His emotions swung back and forth between joy and sadness as he drove her home and he even let out a little whine when he pulled to a stop on front of her house. “Hey, you’ll see me tomorrow.” She said, trying her best to soothe the wolf.

“Look at me acting like a spoiled child.” He seemed disappointed in himself so she unbuckled and leaned over to kiss him. His fingers tangled in her hair and he gave a little sigh of content. “Let me walk you to the door.”

“It’ll be faster if I go alone, you’ll want to kiss me all the way to the porch.”

He smiled at her teasing. “Alright then, goodnight my love.”

“Goodnight Johar, be safe.”

She got out of the car and he watched as she hurried to the front door. She turned for a brief moment to wave bye then disappeared inside, making his heart wrench with sadness. He wanted very badly to give chase, but instead he took a deep breath and forced himself to pull onto the street. “You’re right on time.” Jasper said as she stepped inside.

“Oh daddy, you didn’t have to wait up for me.” Jessica smiled warmly at her father.

“It’s my job to make sure you get home safe.”

She sat down next to him and gave him a hug. “Thank for trusting me. I know I’ll always be your baby, but it means the world to me when you treat me like an adult.”

“Well, you practically are one, it’s just hard to see that sometimes.” He gave her a squeeze then kissed her forehead and let her go. “Alright, up to bed, it’s late.”

She laughed. “There’s the dad I know.”

Jasper smiled “I love you”

“love you too” Jasper went to Stella and Jessica went to her room to plug up her phone and get ready for bed. In the morning Stella and Jasper let Jessica sleep in, only waking her when she needed to get ready. Jessica could tell some of their family was already there and hoped Johar would be coming soon. Johar frustratedly growled as he waited for his sister to finish getting ready “calm down” Usha said as she put the final touches on her make up. “I want to see her and your taking forever”

“You invited me”

“Because she asked”

“When are you going to bring her around the pack”

“When she’s ready”

“do mom and dad know about her?”

“Less talking, more getting ready” She laughed “I’m done Johar, just let me fetch my purse. She walked to her room and came out about ten minuets later. In the car she said “Mom and dad don’t know do they? You know dad will be angry at you if he finds out you found your mate and kept it a secret”

“I’ll tell them soon, keep this to yourself Usha”

“I will baby brother but only if you simmer down, we’re not going to be late”

“I wanted to be there early”

“I cant help my car is broken Johar”

“You don’t need fifty pounds of makeup” Usha punched her brothers arm “do you want me to tell mom and dad?”

“No, fine, just shut up and let me drive” Usha smiled, amused by her brother. She looked out the window and decided to quit riling him. When they were almost there Johar asked “you aren’t going to tell right? I don’t want to deal with that and I sure as hell don’t want them bothering Jessica until we’re both ready for it”

“I know I’m a bitch somtimes Johar but I swear I wont. I love you despite what you may think”

“I know Usha, I love you too, even when I hate you”


Jessica ran from the house when she saw Johar’s car pull up and he hastily exited his car. He had her in his arms in an instant and lifted her, twirling her around and making her giggle. “I missed you.” He said as he allowed her feet to touch the ground.

“You could have called me if you were feeling lonely.”

“Troubling you is the last thing I want to do.”

Cade stepped out onto the front porch and Johar waved at him which made Jessica look over her shoulder. She rolled her eyes at him then turned her attention back to Johar. “Don’t mind him.”

“But he’s cute.” The woman standing behind Johar said and Jessica knew it had to be his sister. “Forgive my baby brother’s rudeness, I’m Usha.”

“Nice to meet you, the guy on the porch is my brother Cade, come on I’ll introduce you.” She pulled out of Johar’s arms and grabbed his hand. They walked up to the house together and Jessica gave Cade a look that told him to be nice. “Cade this is Johar.”

Johar held out his hand and Cade took it. “Nice to meet you, I hope you’re being good to my sister.”

“Of course, I could do nothing else.”

“And this is his sister, Usha.”

Cade looked Usha over as he shook her hand then gave a little shrug. “Nice to meet you too.” He then looked at his sister. “Everyone’s waiting, I’m sure they’d all like to meet Johar.” He turned and went inside and Usha looked almost stunned.

“Did he just dismiss me?” She asked.

“Looks like it.” Johar answered.

“Hey, demon boy, did you just dismiss me?”

Cade turned back around halfway through the living room. “It would seem so.”

“What, you don’t like girls?”

“I don’t like girls who think they have to cake on makeup to look beautiful. It just seems like you’re wearing a mask. I don’t mind a little bit, but I think natural beauty is the best. Now come on, everyone’s hanging out in the back yard.”

Johar loved how stunned his sister was but suppressed his laughter so they wouldn’t fight. In the back yard Jessica took Johar from family member to family member introducing him, Usha just seemed to be flustered the entire time due to Cades indifference about her which remained entertaining to Johar since normally she would have just written his comment off since he was an underling.

Jessica could tell everyone liked Johar but she had expected they would. When it came time to leave Johar felt triumphant and hopeful. Jessica had said if that went well she would be his mate so he made plans for another date the following day so he could ask. The next day when he had her in the car he was tempted to ask right then but he needed to wait until he could look into those beautiful brown eyes. He took her to a gorgeous park that was filled with flowers and had a river rushing nearby.

He took her into the rose area and pulled her down into his lap as he sat down. She smiled at him, seeing his eagerness. “You’re my mate now Jessica?” He asked and she kissed him “Yes you silly wolf” she answered with a grin. He took her face in his hands and kissed her again, deep and loving. When he pulled back he said almost regretfully “Now you’ll have to meet my parents. I’m sorry”

“I want to meet them”

“Well, today I want to enjoy you in this beautiful part of town. Maybe next weekend I’ll set up a meeting between you and my parents”

“No maybes, do it if you can”


“Even if they aren’t nice I wont hold you accountable for them”

“I’m your mate, it’s my job to protect you”

“No its not, I protect myself. Besides, I’m confident enough in myself sombody elses words can’t upset me” Johar kissed her again “I love you so much Jessica” she deeply blushed “I love you too Johar” she said and he gave a humorous smile “so nervous, adorable”

~ The End ~

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