Jiao & Rasui

Chapter One

Jiao was enjoying a festival the town was throwing in her honor for coming. Fylgjias like herself often brought fortune to towns they were in so she was very often celebrated. A young man she had met a few times before was also there so they were sitting in two seats facing eachother just talking about their lives since they last saw eachother two years prior. Rasui had followed her there, unable to find any peace with himself after their last fight. He hated every time he attempted being around her all they could manage was fighting. He seemed to irk her and it was incredibly frustrating. He had always been this way, had this attitude and he wasn’t sure how to be any other way.

Jealousy boiled in him as she laughed with whatever man she was talking to. It seemed any man that wasn’t him could make her smile. He hadn’t really been planning to approach her just yet but he couldn’t stand her laughing with him when all he could manage with her was arguing. He walkd over, lifted the mans seat and dumped him out of it, taking his place across from Jiao. “Rasui!” her voice already angry. “what?”

“Someone was sitting there. You can’t just do that”

“why?” She stood, groaning in frustration “because as much as you may think so the world doesn’t revolve around you!”

“He is a human, come on”

“He deserves respect, just like anyone Rasui”

“Back home people would be honored if I did that”

“I know and thats your problem.” She helped her friend up and started through the crowds of people. He stood to follow her when a scantily dressed woman began feeling his uncovered torso. He hated shirts and rarely wore them. He stared down at the beautiful woman, saw lust building in her eyes. He could bed and be with any woman, any woman that wasn’t the woman he actually loved.

Jiao was more than irritated, she was furious. She wanted to go back and slap Rasui for being such a jerk. “I’m really alright Jiao, you don’t have to look so flustered.” Her friend was entirely to forgiving.

“He’s such an ass.”

“He could have tipped me much harder, but he didn’t.”

She rolled her eyes. “Are you sticking up for him?”

“No, but it wasn’t that bad. I was more surprised than mad, I don’t think anyone’s ever done that to me before.”

She huffed. “And he won’t dare do it again or I’ll strangle him.” She crossed her arms. “I just don’t get it, I don’t get him and I don’t get myself. Why, why him?”

“Oh, I see, I understand why he did it now.” He draped his arm over her shoulders and pulled her close enough to whisper. “He’s the jealous type.”

“He’s not my boyfriend”

“I didn’t say he was. You two have have a little spark going on between you though” She sighed and said in anger “he has a spark going with half the women he meets. I am not special. The only thing that makes me different than most girls he fancies is I haven’t slept with him”

“does he get jealous over anybody else though?” She went to speak again but couldn’t think of anybody else he got jealous over. She blushed then just got upset again “damn it” Her friend chuckled “maybe you’re more special to him than you think Jiao”

“regardless he’s still a self centered ass”

“a self centered ass whom you like”

“do you want to be punched?” He chuckled “I’ll drop it”

“You better or I’ll tie you to a post.” He laughed again, but didn’t say anything else on the subject.

Rasui couldn’t believe he had lost her again. He was irritated and wanted to punch something. She was off somewhere with that other man and probably enjoying herself. He huffed his irritation. If he had told that woman no faster, he could have caught her. “Damn it!” He yelled, startling a couple of passers by. He glared at them and they shuffled off. He needed her and she kept running. Again she had insulted him and again she had left him. He didn’t understand how he was supposed to change for her, what he was supposed to say so she saw he meant he loved her. She was always furious with him and he hated it, hated she was so at ease with others, but seemed disgusted with him.

Rasui was unable to find JIao again until well into nightfall. He found her sitting on a bench by a gorgeous pond. He had passed it by a few times that day looking for her and he knew if he was going to find her anywhere that night when there wasn’t a crowd of people it would be there. He sat down next to her, pulling Jiao out of her thoughts “Of course you found me. You always find me somehow” He didn’t know what to say. He just knew her that well, had paid that much attention to her over the years. He knew Jiao incredibly well for someone she could barely stand to exist in the same space with. “I want to talk and I’m humbly asking you to listen Jiao. I’m sorry for taking your friends chair”

She was silent but that was a blessing. Hopefully that meant she was listening to him. “I try so hard to control myself but I was already so flustered about our fight at home. I don’t want to be this way”

“You choose how you act Rasui”

“It’s not that black and white Jiao. I’m a spoiled little shit, I’ll be the first to say it. I need you to help me be a better person. I’m not just coping out and saying well I can’t help it. I’m asking you to help me be someone you can stand to be around. Half the time when I make you angry I don’t know what I’ve done and I really am just that big of an idiot. PLease, Please just give me the smallest chance Jiao.”

“You’re such a jerk all the time and you play games.” She crossed her arms. “I’m probably just another conquest. I’ve seen the women you sleep with. You think I’ll be that easy? That you can just smile and charm your way into my panties?”

“No I don’t.” He clenched his fists, feeling frustrated. “I don’t see you that way, I…”

Her eyes met his. “Don’t you dare say you love me, not when you go off with whatever female catches your interest when I refuse you.”

“What do you want from me?”

“You’re going to apologize for that childish behavior earlier. It was uncalled for. You have no right to be jealous.”


“Either you promise to apologize or I stop talking to you. I’m tired of it, of your attitude. I’m not yours and you have no right to hurt people because you’re jealous.”

Apologize to someone that wasn’t Jiao. He knew she had no idea how hard that would be for him. It had been hard to start apologizing to her but he had grown to care about her so much he became able. He knew he had to do this, he could tell by the look on her face. She was absolutely serious and he didn’t want to make it even harder with her so he would suck it up and make himself apologize. He would just keep telling himself it was for her. “I promise I will apologize Jiao. I’ll do it tonight if he isn’t in bed”

“It’ll wait until morning. I don’t want to interrupt anything between him and his girlfriend” Rasui felt a rush of relief, that man had a girlfriend. Jiao shook her head, reading the relief clearly on his face “Yes he has a girlfriend. She was just wasn’t here yet when you first got here. They travel together but sometime veer off from eachother and do their own thing. Last time they split to do different things this was the meeting point”

“That sounds weird for a couple” Jiao shrugged “it’s what works for them. They are a pretty happy pair” Now Rasui’s relief was that Jiao seemed to be a bit calmer now that he was willing to apologize to her friend. “I know we’re actually having a conversation and I’m risking that by bringing this up but I have to. I don’t sleep around any longer. I haven’t for a long time. I can’t help women come on to me. I tell them no. I just want you Jiao”

“I’m sorry Rasui but I just don’t believe that”


“Why would you suddenly become abstinent for me?”

“Because I love you and I don’t care if me saying that pisses you off. I have been telling you the truth Jiao” She was about to snap back when she heard children coming. She wasn’t about to fight around them and upset them “Look, just meet me right here in the morning. I’ll bring him and you’ll apologize okay?”

“Jiao, I need you to believe me”

‘first surprise me by showing up in the morning. It’s a start”

“Okay, I swear I’ll be here” he actually looked sad for the first time she could remember and it tugged at her, the part of her that was helplessly attracted to him. She decided to be a little kind ‘Rasui, it really will be a start if you show up in the morning. Maybe we can attempt to do something together” He almost felt like crying hearing her say that “I’m going to be here” she nodded and walked away. Rasui wound up staying by that pond all night, not willing to risk being late. When morning came he took a quick dip in it to wake him up and used magic ton dry himself.

“Jiao I told you I’m fine.”

“That’s not the point.” She replied, crossing her arms.

“Oh I see, I’m the test run, got it.”

“No, it was just mean of him to do that to you.”

Jiao was surprised when she saw him there looking a bit nervous. She wondered what he was thinking. He stood when he noticed them approaching, a small smile playing over his lips when their eyes met. “You came back.” Rasui said.

“And you’re actually here. Well, get to it.”

He walked over to her friend “I don’t know your name” He chuckled “I’m Merrick”

“well” he paused a second, looking at Jiao, trying to read her face. She motioned for him to go on so he looked at Merrick again “I shouldn’t have taken your chair from you. I’m..I’m sorry” he forced out. “I was really fine, thanks for the apology anyway. I’m going to hangout with my girlfriend now. You two fine alone?”

“Yeah, I’ll see you later Merrick” Jiao felt uncomfortable and nervous now that her friend was gone so she didn’t know what to say. She hadn’;t expected him to actually apologize. He was such a prideful man and she didn’t think he did that sort of thing if you weren’t attached to a vagina he wanted.”

“we’re going to do something together now right?” Rasui said after waiting about five minutes for her to speak. “Yeah, I’m not used to not fighting with you though or trying to get away so I’m not sure what to do with myself”

“what would you have done here without me? I don’t care what we do”

“Bless a few families then head on to an area near here. You really want to come with me for that? Blessings take awhile”

“I know, I’ve seen you do it”

“Oh yeah, the first day we met. Well, lets go then” Jiao said a little awkwardly. “will it take us long to get to the first family?”

“First I need to go to the village head and learn whats going on with everyone so I know where my blessings are most needed”


“and yeah it’s about a fifteen minute walk, why?”

“I just want to talk to you about a few things”


“Like what I did to make you mad before you left. I swear I don’t realize what I did”

“I thought you wanted to have fun with me”

“I do but I also need to understand why I make you mad so I can fix it” She stopped, huffing out a little air and looking into his soft red eyes. His eyes were beautiful but that wasn’t really why she was looking, she was looking in them for emotion. “You truly haven’t been BSing me huh? You actually don’t realize most the time why I’m mad?”

“Thats what I keep telling you. Everyone just sort of bows at my feet, they have since I was a child. I know I can be an ass, thats about it” Her eyes were still locked in his. She always had a hard time looking away once she let herself look into them or if she actually let herself admire his handsome face in general. “for starters you made little Greta cry”

“She was annoying and I didn’t care about her drawings”

“She’s 5, 5 year olds talk about all sorts of things that you aren’t going to care about but they are 5, you listen and you don’t say you’re being annoying and I don’t care”

“don’t you like honesty? I just prefer to be honest”

“In some situations, like with children, honesty isn’t always the best way to go. You should have felt bad and told that little girl sorry.”

“Oh….then why did her mother apologize to me?”

“Because of your parents, they have gathered a lot of power for themselves. You’d be surprised how much of people letting you walk on them isn’t actually because of you but your parents. They are sucking up to them because in their eyes you can do no wrong”

Chapter Two

Rasui had never thought about it, not in depth. He did what he wished without worrying about the consequences. “I…” He frowned. What could he say? “I will try.”

“You also have to stop being so jealous, you’re not my boss. I expect an equal, not a master.”

He felt uncomfortable, but he wanted to make her happy. “Again I will try.”

“And if you love me you should want to learn about me as a person, the things I love and adore the most, my hopes and dreams. If you can be kind and gentle, then I will give you patience.”

“Could I ask you something else?”


“Do you love me at all?”

She blushed and looked away. “I don’t know, we’ll see.”

After a brief pause he said “I do pay attention to you and try to learn about you. How do you think I’m so good at finding you? I care more about what you like and what you enjoy doing than you think Jiao” She thought about it and he was right. When he tried to give her gifts they tended to be somthing she actually liked and when she tried to lose him he was remarkably good at finding her. “I guess I have to give you that”

“I want to know more about you but it’s hard when you hate me so much”

“I don’t hate you Rasui. You just irritate me”

“it feels like you hate me”

“well today I’m being open to you” They soon arrived at the village head and talk about the two of them ceased so they could figure out who in town needed her most. They had tea and snacks due to the length of the conversation. While Rasui wanted this to end so it could just be the two of them again he tried to be respectful and quite. His impatience was obvious but Jiao could see he was really trying. When the conversation was over Jiao shook hands with the village head and he said “thanks for visiting us goddess” He turned and bowed to Rasui “thank you for accompanying her”

When they left Rasui asked her one of the many questions he had been desiring to. “Why don’t you like to be bowed to?”

“It’s ridiculous, I’m not even that much of a goddess. Even if I was I agree with my parents. It’s disgustingly pompous to expect the humans to bow to us”

“Would you be happier with me if I stopped having them bow to me?”

“I’d honestly respect you more”

“I’ll try to remember.” He gave her a small smile. “Maybe we could go out on a date once you’re done working.”

“A date? Like a date, date?”

He rubbed the back of his head. “A friend date if that’s the way you want it. It doesn’t have to be romantic.”

She studied his face. He was actually really nervous. “I’ll think about it.”

He was throwing her off now. He was an ass all the time and now he was…she was shocked with the word she wanted to use. He was being sweet. He watched her bless families until she couldn’t any more. Even she, amazing as she was had limits. “I know you get tired after blessings. Could I follow you to your room and bring you dinner later? Maybe we could sit in your room and talk while we eat”

“sure” Her mind wasn’t on anything but the families she had just helped. She couldn’t wait to come back in a year or two and see what her luck had brought their deserving families. When she got back to her room he tried to come in and she said in annoyance “don’t push it. You’ve actually been really awesome today, don’t ruin it right now”


“I’ll see you when you bring dinner”

Rasui didn’t know what else to say, bye sounded so lame to him and if he said he loved her again she would probably get mad, so he just left. He was frustrated by all of this and stared off as he wandered around, trying to think of anything he could do to just spend a little more time with her. He sighed. All of this was a test, he knew that. He could guess what she was thinking at that moment. Would he come back with dinner? Would he sleep with some other woman between then and now? He cursed his temper and spoiled nature.

“What do I do?” He asked himself. He wanted her to smile for him and be relaxed in his company like she was with her friend. He knew he could easily bring her her favorite things, but he knew she might not think he was being sincere. He wasn’t exactly a saint and he certainly didn’t deserve her, but he didn’t want anyone else to have her either. He was selfish when it came to her. He would start out slow, if he could manage it, and bring her her favorite food.

JIao stayed passed out until Rasui’s knock woke her at dinner. She got up and went straight to the door. When she saw him she actually smiled “Look at you, you can be a real person. You’re actually here” She moved and let him in. Rasui set the food on the rooms table and sat down “I’m trying Jiao. I wish I could make you believe me. I can’t fight with you anymore. It’s killing me. After you left town in such a hurry just to be away from me it crushed me. I can’t spend my life scaring you away from me” Jiao pulled her hair into a pony tail and sat down “call me crazy but it is starting to seem like you might be genuine. Just know, it’s going to take a lot more than just today to change things. You’ve been you for all the years I’ve known you. Well old you.”

“I know, you’ve never been one to make my life easy” he said with a small smile. Things were seeming to go well. She chuckled “In a world of people that do nothing but baby and spoil you you needed someone to stop giving you your way. Anyway, what did you bring?” He uncovered the food and she looked surprised. “I told you Jiao, I do pay attention. I’ve always paid a lot more attention to you than you realize” She looked at him, still seeing his nervousness. She got up and hugged him. He was so blown back by her actually giving him any sort of affection he just sat there “enough with the sad face. It’s weird, I’m used to you being full of yourself”

Rasui slowly hugged her back, letting himself savor the warmth of her body and the sweet smell of her skin. When she started to pull back he had to force himself to let go and she gently patted his head. “I’m not a child.”

“Then stop looking like a heartbroken little boy.” He smile had his heart tripping over itself. This is what he had been wanting, a look of happiness that came from him. It was all too brief as she sat down and grabbed her fork. “Let’s eat, I’m starving.”

“I hope it tastes good. I know that every place makes food differently.”

“Trust me, this is good anywhere” They talked, just talked, somthing he didn’t know they were truly capable of doing. Near midnight Jiao said “so which room are you in?”

“I don’t have one yet”


“That first night I was so scared of sleeping in I just stayed up all night. I never left the pond”

“are you serious?”

“I love you Jiao. As much as I know you don’t want to hear it I love you. I want to be better, I want to make you love me too. Sleep wasn’t worth the risk of you thinking I bailed on apologizing”

“damn it, and you can’t get another room this late. The inn keeper is always in bed by ten”

“what do you want me to do?”

“I guess you’ll have to sleep in here but I swear Rasui. Don’t you dare try anything”

He just stood there staring at her for a moment and for a moment she thought there was something wrong. Then he suddenly had her in a tight hug and she was so shocked she couldn’t move.

“S…sorry.” He said as he quickly let her go. “I’ll be good.”

“I’ll get changed then. Do you have anything to wear?”

“No, just my pants.”

“Let me go see if Merrick is in, maybe he has an extra pair you can borrow.” She didn’t really want to go, she knew she’d be teased, but she was sure Rasui would be uncomfortable if he slept in his pants again.

“You don’t need to trouble yourself for me.”

“It’s fine, just wait here.”

She walked out and knocked on Merricks door, ready to apologize to him and his girlfriend. He answered, seeming wide awake. She felt relief, at least she hadn’t woken them. “I need to borrow a pair of your pajama pants for Rasui. Yes he’s sleeping in my room tonight”

“Uh ho” he said with a teasing smile “just give me the pants please” Merrick chuckled “come in” he said then started walking to his bag. His girlfriend was obviously naked under the covers. She was sitting up and holding them to her chest. “things going to heat up between you two?” she asked and Jiao said “Not tonight” Merrick handed her his pants “but seems like maybe in the future. He finally wore you down huh” Jiao took them and walked out, hearing them both laugh loudly as she left. “Thanks jerks” she called and continued to her room.

Once back she handed them to Rasui who took them in the bathroom. He changed and they both settled into bed, leaving a gap between one anothers body’s. Jiao wasn’t comfortable enough yet to be falling asleep first around him so she laid there quietly until she could tell by his breathing he was out. Sleep easily took her once she let it and she woke in the morning to him gone. When he returned she was already dressed for the day. “I want to take you somwhere”


“I’d like to surprise you”

“Okay, one second. Do I have time to check out of the room? I want to start heading back home”

“Yeah, if it wont take long”

“It wont, I’m staying free. I just want to let him know I’m not coming back” She told the owner bye, gave her friend back his pants and followed Rasui. A picnic set up came into view and her face showed her surprise “you..you really did this?” The man who he had watch the set up while he got her stood “yes he did, I hope you love birds enjoy”

“This is…really sweet.”

“I thought about all of the things you liked, the food, animals, even the location. He took her hand and guided her to her seat on a soft cushion.

“You really thought of everything.”

“Well not everything, I couldn’t find anyone to play you music.”

She smiled at his nervousness. “This perfect, really and we have music, the birds are singing.”

She sat down with him, her heart actually fluttering. She was starting to feel like maybe he did mean what he said, maybe he did love her. “You’ve put in so much effort Rasui…”

“well I’ve been sort of a douche. I have a lot to make up for if you keep letting me” She took his hand, stroking it with her finger “I think I am going to let you Rasui..maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if we started spending a lot of time together” She couldn’t read the emotion on his face because it was a mixture of so many. “Thank you Jiao”

“honestly, thank you Rasui. Knowing you as long as I have I know how much you doing all this means. You really are thinking about me instead of everything being about you”

“I love you and I want to be the best man I can be for you. If you don’t give up on me, if you give me time and help me I know I can make you happy. I’d do anything for you, even if it’s hard for me to get used to doing” She gave him a long kiss on the cheek “Thats all I ask of you Rasui”

~ The End

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