Johnny & Bella 2

Chapter One

“What do you mean he escaped?” Johnny asked, his voice shaking with fear and anger.

“Some of his lackeys attacked the transport van and busted him out.” Evander explained. “He’s sworn revenge on you for ruining him.”

Johnny’s heart was beating overly fast in his chest and he felt sick to his stomach. He couldn’t let this happen again, not to Bella. “What do we do?”

“We’re going to be moving you and Bella to a safe house. The whole precinct is behind you as well as the F.B.I. I promise we’ll keep you safe.” He placed a reassuring hand on Johnny’s shoulder. “I sent a couple of guys to pick up Bella and explain to her boss what’s going on. We’re going to have one of our officers go undercover as a teacher in case Hollins sends someone there.”

“Evander, I can’t lose Bella.”

“I know and you won’t.”

The front door opened and Bella walked in followed by two police officers. She went immediately to Johnny who crushed her to him. “Shh, it’s okay baby.”

“No it’s not, this is my fault.” His voice cracked and she rubbed his back.

She kissed his cheek then pulled back far enough to look at Evander. “What about Erin and Athena?”

“Your sister’s going to be staying with me. She didn’t take to kindly to me telling her she wasn’t going to be opening the dance studio until this blows over. I thought she was going to hit me.” He rubbed the back of his neck and cleared his throat. “Our mother is already on a plane heading for Montana where our uncle lives.”

“Good then we’ll get to packing.” Johnny looked upset the whole time they were throwing what they needed into a suitcase. Bella zipped the suitcase closed and grabbed his hands. “Please stop making that face, it’s breaking my heart.”

“I won’t let him have you Bella, I’ll kill him before he touches you.”


“I mean it Bella, I love you too much to lose you, I’ll die without you. There is no way I would ever be able to get back up if something happened to you.”

She hugged him. “Okay baby, I understand. Just know I’m right here if you need me.”

“I know, I love you.”

“I love you too, lets let Evander take us to the safehouse.”

He nodded and lifted their bag, tightly, almost painfully holding Bellas hand with fear. She wished he wouldn’t be so terrified but he could hardly be blamed for having so much worry. She was scared herself despite all the protection they would have. Not that Johnny wouldn’t protect her until his final breath but she didn’t want him to have to or go through loseing a loved one yet again. There was no way one mans heart could handle a blow like that twice. In the car Johnny had one arm around Bella with the other more gently holding her hand. It was easier to feel secure in a car for whatever reason.
The safe house was out of town, a cottage made of stone with a single loft bedroom and a small pond out back. If it had not been for the two black, unmarked cars parked out front and Johnny’s fear, Bella would have been able to enjoy it. They got out of Evander’s police cruiser and he escorted them inside. One of the agents who had been waiting outside stepped in behind them and they all three looked at him questioningly. “I was ordered to give you this.” He said and held out a cell phone.

Johnny took it from him. “What’s it for?”

“My number as well as the numbers of the other three agents outside are programmed into it as well your brother’s number. It would be best if you shut off your phones until we resolve this issue.”

“You think he might try tracking my phone?”

“It’s a possibility.”

“Alright.” He took out his cell and switched it off then opened the back and pulled out the battery. Bella did the same with hers and he put both of them in one of the drawers. “Anything else?”

“All the numbers are set to speed dial. One through four are us agents, five is your brother. If you need anything please tell us.”

“Where will you all be staying?” Bella asked.

“We have an RV set up in back.”

“Good, I guess I didn’t see it.”

“Don’t worry about it and my name is Matty. Jordan and Gerald both have blonde hair, but Jordan’s eyes are blue, Paul’s the last guy. If you can’t remember our names that’s fine, just come talk to me and I’ll get you what you need or help you if you need it.”

“Thank you.” He gave Bella a polite smile then left them alone.

“If you two find that they’ve become a pain in the ass then call me.” Evander said. “I’ll only be getting an earful from Erin about ordering her to come stay with me.”

“If she gives you too much trouble tell her I said it would kill me if anything happened to her and I gave you the okay to do whatever you had to too protect her. The guilt trip alone will help her cool off.”

“thanks, hopefully she’ll enjoy time with me eventually”

“you’re sweet, I’m sure she will” Evander gave his brother a brief hug “stay safe”

“we will” They went inside, finding it to be just as cute and comfortable as it was outside. “we should stay in a cottage somtime as something fun after all this” Bella suggested. Johnny pulled her into his arms “anything you want”

“it’s going to be okay” she said softly. He stood there silently holding her until she eventually said ‘I’m sorry but I am going to pee myself if you don’t let me go to the bathroom”

“sorry sweetheart” he said then let her go so she could find the bathroom. He wanted to follow but he knew smothering her constantly wasn’t going to do anything but annoy her.

He paced back and forth worrying constantly about Bella’s safety. He didn’t care if he died as long as she was safe. “Johnny.” He froze, his eyes jumping to Bella’s face.

“Sorry, I didn’t realize you had come back.”

She crossed over to him, her arms going around his neck. “It’s going to be okay.”

“Not if the same thing happens to you, I’ll die without you.”

“Hush, I’m not going anywhere.” She pulled him into a kiss and he crushed her to him.

“I love you, I love you so much.” He said, his voice cracking a little. He buried his face in her hair, let his lips brush her neck so her pulse quickened. “I don’t think I could keep myself from following you, they have to have me committed.”

“Johnny, don’t talk like that.”

“You saw me before, saw how broken I was.” She leaned back and kissed him again.

“Come upstairs with me and lets just forget about this for awhile. I want you to focus only on me and not worry so much, you’ll run yourself into the ground.”

“okay’ he said then allowed her to guide him to their room. She wasted no time once the door was closed. Bella stripped off her clothing then started helping Johnny with his, making sure to sensually rub him as she slipped off each piece. Once done she said “lay down and let me massage you” he laid on his stomach and she carefully worked each of his tightly wound muscles. “I knew you’d be tight from all this stress” she said then kissed between his shoulder blades. “I love you” he said again “I love you too” Bella answered then allowed her hands to move to his lower back. She worked him until her arms and hands started to ache then flipped him over.

No matter what was going on Bella didn’t know a man who could think while receiving a blow job. She started letting her warm tongue slide up him and over his sensitive tip. She teased and sucked until it became almost rock hard before sliding him down into her throat. “Bella” he moaned. She felt herself grow wet, always getting excited when he moaned her name. She worked his rod until he streamed poured down her throat as he found his climax. “Oh Bella” he said softly. She started raining kisses on his stomach, traveling up to his chest.

Her lips touched his and he flipped her beneath him, his hands on her knees, pushing her legs further open. His tongue dueled with hers, his teeth bit her lower lip then nibbled at her chin so she gave a little shiver of delight. He licked and bit down her body, pausing at her breasts before moving over her abdomen and between her legs. “Johnny.” Her voice trembling as he feasted on the sweetness between her thighs, making his shaft grow hard once more. His tongue probed deep, swirling around until her legs shook and her voice came out in a whimper. Her back arched off the bed, her cry more of a scream as her insides quivered with pleasure. “I need you Johnny, please hurry.” He sometimes hated to admit that he liked when she begged, the way her voice sounded and how lustfully she looked at him made him weak.

He raised up on his knees, his fingers gripping her hips as he speared her, a loud moan slipping past his lips when she clamped down around him. He pulled her legs over his shoulders as he leaned forward and captured her lips with his, wanting to catch her every little whimper and cry as he thrust into her. She gripped his arms, his every movement driving her wild as he found the spot that gave her the most pleasure and stayed there. Her nails dug into his biceps as she felt herself being driven closer to the edge. Their equal cries of ecstasy parted their lips as her insides danced around his shaft and he spilled his seed within her confines. He dropped her legs to the bed, raining kisses over her face and letting his fingers run lovingly through her hair.

“I love you Bella.” He said softly then pressed a kiss to her lips.

“I love you too baby, so much.”

He smiled and laid next to her, his heart still going a million miles an hour as he pulled her into his arms. He suddenly chuckled and she looked up at him inquiringly. “Sorry, it’s just you probably scared those agents. You were pretty loud.”

She blushed. “It’s your fault.” She bit his chest, making him jump. “Besides you muffled most of it.”

He kissed the top of her head. “Don’t be mad, I love your sounds.”

“You’ll just have to make up for being a butt head after we’ve caught our breath.”

He smiled. “Someone’s hungry.”

“Is it a crime?”

“If it is then it’s the best kind and I don’t mind breaking the law for it.”

Bella smiled back blissfully. She was glad she could so easily distract and relax him. If she had to have sex with him multiple times every day to keep him from stressing she had no problem with that, not when he always made her experience heaven. Catching their breath they melted into eachother, soaking up the warmth and love radiating from their bodies. Round two was just as passionate and a smidge more romantic. They drew eachother over the edge until they once again needed a breather from eachother passion. It was after the fourth time they couldn’t help but fall asleep.

While sweet dreams brought on by the throws of love filled Bellas head only nightmares found Johnny. Bella woke to him sobbing, drenched in sweat. “baby” she said and held him in return. “Nightmares” was about all she could make out and that word was all she needed to understand to know why he was so upset “it’s all going to be okay Johnny”

Chapter Two

She did her best to take his mind off his worst fear with her warm kisses and gentle touch, but it stayed there in the back of his mind, getting worse by the minute. By the time sunlight filtered through the window, he was exhausted. Bella had fallen back asleep and he felt bad for keeping her up so late. She had been such an angel, always there when he was kept awake by his nightmares. He kissed the top of her head, deciding to cook her breakfast so she could just rest. He slipped slowly out from under her and pulled the covers up to her chin. “Love you.” He whispered and pulled a pair of shorts out of their suitcase. He tugged them on the headed downstairs, rummaging through the pantry until he found coffee. He was going to need it. He put on a pot then went through the fridge, seeing that the F.B.I. had managed to stock up on the food they liked. No doubt Evander had had a hand in that since he wanted them to be as comfortable as possible.

He pulled out bacon and eggs, getting them going in separate skillets then making himself a cup of coffee. He took a sip, feeling more awake. The smell of food and being alone woke Bella. She blinked to clear her vision then slowly sat up and stretched. She smiled as she got out of bed and pulled a baggy t-shirt and shorts on. Johnny was concentrating so hard on his worry that he didn’t know Bella was there until she touched his shoulder. He jumped nearly dropping his coffee and she gave a little giggle. “Sorry baby, are you okay?” She said as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Yeah, sorry I’m so jumpy.”

“It’s okay love, I understand.” She kissed him. “You should have woke me.”

“You took care of me enough, it’s my turn now.”

He pulled out a chair for her then made her a cup of coffee before finishing with breakfast. “this is so sweet” she said with a smile as he put her plate down then took the chair nearest to her. “you have to be tired because of me.”

“not because of you. Its that monsters fault. You have nightmares for a reason”

“I know but not every woman could deal with someone as damaged as me…I just..you know I like to make sure you know I appreciate it Bella” Bella leaned over and kissed his cheek “because you’re a sweet man.” she took a bite of her food and smiled at him. He gave a tense smile in return but it was still a smile so it made her happy. She hoped that maybe she could get him to take a nap a little later. When she was done they both took care of the dishes then Bella stated “I want to try the shower here. Come on”

“Okay” he said following her to the bathroom.

Johnny couldn’t help but stare as the warm water sluiced over her. She was always so beautiful no matter what she did. She could be covered in mud and he would still think her the most gorgeous creature in the world. She gave a contented little sigh and he wrapped his arms around her waist from behind, giving her a kiss on the neck. She gave a little laugh, the sound musical and making his heart flutter. “How are you feeling?” He asked softly.

“A little sore, but other than that I’m fine, I feel amazing.”


“Don’t be, I’m happy.”

“I wish I could get over this fear for you.”

She turned in his arms and slipped her own around his neck. “Johnny, I love you scars and all. I know there will be times when you can’t help but cling to me and follow me around, I know you’re afraid I’ll disappear one day or that you’ll wake to find yourself alone, I understand and accept those worries because I love you more than anything. Just know that I’ll never leave you, that I’ll be there for you forever, that there is nothing that will keep me from you.”

He hugged her tighter, his forehead pressing against hers. “You are such a miracle.” She kissed his lips then pulled away to grab the soap, squeezing some into her hand then lovingly washing him. She talked about lighter things, engaging him in conversations from buying a place like this for camping trips to having children. Even through his worry she could see the idea of children made him happy. He took his turn washing her then they rinsed and got out. He seemed lost in his thoughts as he dried them both, his fear being pushed aside by more important things it seemed.

whats got your mind so wrapped?” She asked as she tugged up a pair of panties “Kids”

“I think four is a good number” Bella said and Johnny smiled “Me too”

“not too early to start” she said with a hint of suggestion in her tone. “really?”

“If you want, we can start right now. Truly we started last night” His smile widened “when your girlfriend has an insatiable appetite for you” he teased “uh huh” she said then hooked her bra. He stopped her as she was about to pull jeans on “let me look at how beautiful you are just a bit longer” she kissed his cheek and dropped her pants “the bra and panty set can come off again too if you like”

“see, insatiable” his smile was smug, hansome, she loved it.

After another wild love making and a quick rinse off, they both dressed and stepped outside. They both nearly jumped out of their skin when they caught an agent standing next to the door out of the corner of their eye and he apologized for startling them. “You must be Jordan.” Bella said and he nodded with a smile.

“Yes, nice to meet you.”

“You and the others were okay out here last night right?”

“Of course.”

“Good, um I was wondering if maybe Johnny and I could go for a walk?”

“Hold on just a second.” She could see he had an earpiece and giggled as she compared him to agents you’d see on TV. He looked back at her. “Matty says he’ll accompany you if that’s okay.”

“Of course, whatever keeps us safe.” Bella would agree with anything as long as it gave Johnny peace of mind. Matty showed up a couple of minutes later, smiling warmly at them both. Both of them were glad to have gotten such good natured bodyguards.

Matty gave them all the space he could as he watched them on their walk. Johnny and Bella noticed and felt lucky yet again they had such thoughtful body guards. “the air out is so nice today isn’t it?” Bella asked after taking some in. “yeah, its good you suggested this. We probably wont be out atall by my own suggestion” Bella squeezed his hand “I know, try not to give yourself grey hairs”

“Gray hair makes men look hotter”

“well you’ll look hot even bald”

“baldness does not run in my family thank god” Bella laughed at his response. They kept talking until Matty said “I’m sorry guys but I cant let you two go further. We need to head back. You dont have to go in though. If you want to go back then start over I’m fine with that”

“Oh no, we’ll just go in. Thank you”

The walk back was just as enjoyable as the walk out and they thanked Matty as they stepped inside the cottage and closed the door. The phone Johnny had been given went off and he quickly fished it out of his pocket and slid his finger across the screen to unlock it when he saw his brother’s name. “Hello?”

“So there you are.”

He froze at the voice, his heart seeming to stop.”Baby who is it?” Bella asked, seeing his sudden fear.

“Is that your wife Jonathan? Should I do to her what I did to that other little slut?”


“Worried about the little brother? Perhaps this will comfort you.” He heard movement and then heavy breathing.

“Evander?” Johnny said in a cracked voice.

“Don’t worry, Erin’s not here, sorry I was too weak.” His brother screamed then coughed.

“I think that kick broke his ribs.”

“What do you want?” Johnny asked angrily.

“I want to destroy you Jonathan, I want you crawling on hands and knees like a dog, I want you begging for mercy, I want to drive you insane. Come to me and I might just let your brother live, refuse to comply and I’ll let my men play with him before cutting him into pieces and sending them to your mother.”


“Where it all began.” Evander’s phone hung up and Johnny stood there with his held to his ear, rage bubbling up inside him.

“Johnny?” Bella grabbed his face and he looked down at her.

“They have Evander.”

Her hands went to her mouth. “Oh my god, is Erin…?”

“Not there, he must have sent her away.”

“What are we going to do?”

“He wants me. I need to talk to Matty.”

‘but he’ll”

“I can’t leave Evander, you know that love. You’d want to go if it was Erin” Bella nodded and Johnny took Bellas hand to tug her to Matty with him. Even though he knew that bastard wasn’t here he still didn’t want Bella alone. He could have easily sent someone that was just waiting on the opportunity to snatch her up. Matty could easily see the couple was upset “whats wrong? Whats happened?”

“he called the cellphone you gave me. He has Evander”

“what did he say?”

“That he wants me to go back to where this all began. He’ll kill my brother if I dont go”

“You know what will happen if you go there.”

“He’ll make me watch him kill Evander, then he’ll find my mother, Erin, and then finally Bella. That’s why I need your help.”

Matty sighed. “What do you need?”

“I want you and that Jordan guy to come with me. You can save my brother while I distract them.They’ll be so focused on me that they won’t see you coming.”

“But what about you?” Bella asked, her fingers gripping his shirt.

“I’ll be fine baby.”

“They’ll hurt you.”

He pressed a kiss to her forehead. “I know, but you’ll just have to trust that I’ll come back to you. Besides, as soon as they have Evander, they can call in the cavalry.”

She gripped tightly to his shirt, terrified for his safety. “You always talk about what would happen if you lost me, but you have to know I would be lost without you. I love and need you very much.”

“I know baby and I promise not to die.”

Bella let out a shakey breath as she fought with stress and tears. She knew this had to be done and she feared for Evander but it didn’t help with her sky high stress levels. “Is there any gingerale in the fridge?’ she asked since it helped her calm down for whatever reason. “yes, Evander made sure we bought some for your nerves”

“why don’t you go grab one while we talk about whats going to happen okay” Jonathan said and Bella agreed it would be hard to listen to what danger he was about to be in and the state of Evander. She walked in, grabbed a soda can then chugged down some ginger ale “everybody’s going to be okay” she told herself. She had to keep telling herself that to cope.

When she came back Matty was helping Johnny put an ear bud in and explaining how it worked. He told him they should have a safe word so Johnny would know when they had Evander. “Make it Bella then.” Johnny said and Bella’s cheeks warmed. He always seemed to be thinking of her, even in such a dire situation.

“Are you sure about this?” Bella asked him and he pulled her into his arms.

“Very sure.” He stroked her cheek and kissed her lips. “Just don’t be surprised if I come back a little bruised.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be comforting me?”

“I would never lie to you about something so dangerous, you have the right to know what might happen to me as well as what I’m going to face.”


“Hewlin Childress is sadistic. He has no morals and will do whatever it takes to get a job done. He gets off on inflicting pain and watching his subordinates inflict pain. He’s going to have me beat up, but as soon as Evander is safe and Matty’s back up has arrived, I’ll fight back.” She hugged herself to him and he stroked her back. “I promise to come home baby, we have to get started on our family.”

She gave a little laugh. “You have such a one track mind, pervert.”

“Sorry, but it’s good to see even a little bit of a smile.”

“We should get going.” Matty said. “Jacob’s waiting in the car.”

“Okay.” He kissed her lips. “Stay here and stay safe, don’t go anywhere without one of the other agents.”

“I won’t.”

Chapter Three

“I love you so much”

“I love you too John” She stood there until she couldn’t see the car anylonger then went inside. She asked an agent “are there any books?’

“yes, follow me” he took her to a small bookshelf then sat down in the nearby chair. Bella read the backs until she found one that she hoped would atleast semi keep her mind from worry. She sighed and sat in the rocking chair that wasn’t far atall from the agent she guessed wasn’t leaving her side. She began the thriller she had selected while Johnny both nervously and angrily headed to the source of his nightmares. He wasn’t going to have his brother or his Bella. This bastard was dieing or going back to jail where he belonged.

The warehouse where the worst trauma of his life had taken place, looked even more ominous now after being abandoned. No one had wanted to touch the place after finding out what the previous owner had done here. “This is close enough.” He said to Matty. “You two should get out and make your way around the back.”

“Why don’t you take my back up gun.” Jacob said.

Johnny shook his head. “They’ll pat me down, that’s also why I refused the vest.”

Matty sighed. “Well then don’t die in there, I would hate to have to tell that beautiful wife of yours that you went and got yourself killed.”

“She’s not my wife yet, but after this, she will be.”

Matty and Jacob got out of the car and Johnny climbed into the driver seat. He pulled up to the front of the warehouse, taking a deep breath as he switched off the ignition and got out. He left the keys in the driver seat then walked up to the front door. It opened before he could knock and two men pulled him in, pressing their guns into his back as they escorted him to the large area where they used to hang meat. There sitting in a chair, was the man who haunted his every nightmare. The icy blue eyes stared back at him, seeming to penetrate to the very core of his being. “How nice to see yo again Jonathan.”

“I can’t say the same Hewlin.”

“Search him boys, we don’t need him starting any trouble.”

“Where’s my brother?” Johnny asked as the two men patted him down.

“Oh would you like to see him. Very well. Boys, take him up to the office to see little Evander then bring him back here.” The two goons gave an obedient yes sir then forced him to the back of the warehouse and up a flight of stairs. When they opened the door, his heart slammed in his chest. Evander lay unconscious on the floor, his hands bound behind him, his face covered in blood and bruises. Johnny rushed to his side, dropping down on his knees and checking that he was still breathing and had a pulse.

“Evander, wake up.” His brother groaned and opened the eye that wasn’t swollen shut, giving Johnny a little smile.

“Knew you’d come…idiot.” He said, his voice raspy and full of pain. “Hurts to breathe…broke my ribs.”

“I know, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s nothing compared to the ass kicking I’ll give you…” he gritted his teeth as pain shot through his sides “damn…tell you later.”

“Just relax okay, everything’s going to be fine.” The two guards pulled him out of the room, slamming the door then hauling him back downstairs where his worst enemy was waiting.

“happy now?” Hewlin asked tauntingly as he wore a smug grin. “you fucking bastard” Johnny seethed. “There hasn’t been any fucking yet but who knows? Might just nab that sexy girlfriend of yours. That last woman I took from you had such a tight, amazing pussy. I bet Bellas is too. I bet she tastes amazing and has the most exciting screams. Maybe she even screams better than Lina. I’m getting hard just thinking about it” Johnnys heart raced with fury as he glared at Hewlin. It was silence until Hewlin said “what? No retorts?”

“I’ve got nothing to say to you…you sick fuck”

“really? I’d always imagined you’d have lots to say”

“you spent your prison time thinking about me?”

“you, that bitch and your new bitch”

“What waste, I never thought about you at all.” One of the men hit him in the stomach and Hewlin approached him with a little chuckle. He grabbed a handful of Johnny’s hair and made him look at him.

“I’m sure that’s not true. I could see the look in your eye when I talked about doing to Bella what I did to Lina. You thought about me every day. Did you suffer, did you wake up screaming?” He gripped Johnny’s chin. “You know, maybe I’ll have some of my men do to your brother what I did to your woman, what I’m going to do to sweet little Bella. Maybe I’ll let Evander live with the shame.”

“Fuck you.” He spit in Hewlin’s face.

Hewlin wiped his face. “Teach him a lesson.”

Hewlin went back to his seat while the two men proceeded to beat him, pulling a cell out of his pocket and calling someone. From the content of the conversation, it sounded like he was bringing more men in. Johnny curled up, protecting his head from their blows. A flash of black caught his attention and it only took him a moment to see that it was Matty and Jacob heading up to the office to save Evander. As soon as they had his brother clear of this place, he was going to beat Hewlin’s goons into the ground.

Bella got tired of her book and put it back on the bookshelf, beginning to pace as she worried. “Would you like me to get you something to drink ma’am?” Gerald asked.

“No, I’m fine, just worried.”

“It’s understandable. Maybe I could make you some tea.”

She chuckled. “Persistent aren’t you?”

“Sorry, I just know that stressing about a situation never makes it any better.”

She smiled. “Some tea would be great.”

He got up from his seat and went into the kitchen while she continued her pacing. He came out of the kitchen with two cups and just as he went to hand her one, the window shattered. He dropped the cups, tackling her to the floor and calling for Paul over his earpiece. He pulled a gun from the holster beneath his jacket then another from his ankle. “Go to the bathroom, lock the door and wait for me to come for you. Looks like that bastard sent some men after all.”

“How’d they find us?”

“Probably tracked Johnny’s phone when Hewlin called him.” He peeked over the window sill then ducked back down. “Go and hide in the bathroom.” He handed her the second gun. “Just pull back the hammer and it’s ready to fire.”

“Don’t you or Paul dare die for me, you understand.”

He smiled and winked. “We’re agents, we can handle a few gun toting morons.”

With that Bella did as she was told and bolted for the bathroom. She slammed and locked the door before sitting on the edge of the tub, nervously holding the gun. She had been to the shooting range a few times with Johnny but she didn’t feel ready for this. To use the gun or take a life to defend hers. Worry that she might misfire and end up shooting one of the men protecting her due to her lack of experience plagued her as she sat. If she survived this she wanted to be better with a gun. Bella planned on going much more frequently to the shooting range if Johnny would take her.

She heard shots fire in the cottage but since she couldnt see out there she didn’t know who shot who or if any shots actually landed. Next she heard fighting and grunts, causing her heart to go into overdrive “please don’t die” she started repeating in her heads. Those kind men undoubtedly had families, families that would never be the same without them. She heard someone approaching the door and gripped the gun tightly. It was the agents or the bastards and until she asked who was there there was no way of knowing which.

There was a tap on the door and she moved further back, pulling back on the hammer and pointed the gun at the door. “It…it’s me Bella.” She gave a sigh of relief at the familiar voice and pulled the door open. She was shocked to see him clutching his side and blood staining his shirt. “Oh my god Gerarld, are you okay?” She pulled his arm over her shoulders and helped him over to the couch. There was a man laying unconscious on top of the now broken coffee table. She helped him sit then ran to the bathroom and grabbed a rag. “Move your hand.” She ordered softly and he did so she could press the rag to his wound. “Where’s Paul?”

“Outside calling for back up.”

“Thank god. Have you heard anything back from the others?”

“No, but that’s not uncommon if they’re in the thick of things.” He grabbed the gun from her hand, making it to where it wouldn’t fire.

Johnny’s stomach, back and ribs hurt and he was glad that at least none of them felt broken. He had watched Matty and Jacob take Evander downstairs, had managed not to utter a word of joy at the fact that his brother was safe. “So Jonathan, I sent some of my men for your sweet Bella. They should be on their way back.” His heart skipped a beat.

“Johnny, whatever you’re going to do, do it now. Backup is on the way.” Matty’s voice said in his ear. He kicked one of the men in the knee then grabbed the ankle of the other. They both fell and he punched the first one in the face, grabbed his gun and took off running through the warehouse.

He heard Hewlin roar angrily as he and his men gave chase “get the fuck back here!” Hewlin cursed so loud John was sure he would damage his vocal cords. He wasn’t fully sure where he was running but he was out numbered and wanted to buy a little more time before he confronted them. He couldn’t risk dieing, not with Bella waiting him. Especially not now, not when he hadn’t told her he loved her so much he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He found a stack of boxes to hide behind and slid there. When they passed he’d shoot and aim for the kill shot.

Chapter Four

“Here Jonathan, be a good boy and come out. Don’t make us get little Evander.” Hewlin said.

“Jokes on you, Evander’s gone.” He yelled back, knowing it wouldn’t be enough to give away his precise location. He heard Hewlin order one of his men to go check on Evander.

“No matter if he’s gone or not, we’ll still have your precious little Bella to play with.”

He had to keep his cool, he knew if he lost it and stepped out, he could die in a hail of bullets. He heard the footsteps moving closer and his hands tightened on the gun. Hewlin’s goon was the first to come into view and Johnny shot him in the back of the head then took off running as Hewlin turned and fired at him. The bullet missed him, ricocheting off the floor. He sped around a conveyor belt, another bullet whizzed past him and he stayed low.

“You little bastard, do you have any idea what I’m going to do to you?”

“Why don’t you explain in detail, help me burn some time.”

He slid under the conveyor belt and moved in a crouched position down to the other end of the assembly line. He peeked over the edge, not seeing anyone so he ran across the room to another stack of boxes. He kept his ears open, knowing he might not get anther word from Hewlin and that he still had the other guy with him. He had to keep himself from worrying about Bella, had to have faith in the abilities of the agents guarding her. He couldn’t afford to be distracted.

As hard as Johnny had been listening Hewlin still took him by surprise when he kicked over the boxes Johnny was sitting behind. With cat like reflexes he quickly got up from under them and without hesitation blew off the other goons head and pointed his gun at Hewlin. His training was paying off and he was grateful for it. Now as they stood there with guns pointed at one another John didn’t think he would get to kill Hewlin this time. He might have to settle for the ass going back to jail but jail was better than him running free, ruining more lives and plaguing his own. “I hope you’re getting ass raped in prison” John said angrily and Hewlin laughed. “Nobody would dare touch me”

“I dont know, maybe thats why you escaped”

“shut up and get on your knees”

“Like hell I am”

“do it John”

“we’re gun to gun, you cant make me do anything” sure enough the FBI agents began to pour into the house. He didn’t get his revenge but Bella was unharmed and Evander was on his way to a hospital. He would be grateful for that outcome and not sulk over not getting the kill. Hewlin cursed and promised to escape again as he was shoved in the car. A female FBI agent came over to assure him “he’s going to a much higher security prison this time Johnny. He wont be coming for your family again” Johnny nodded, silently praying Hewlin was killed whereever he was going or made to be someones bitch so he’d know what rape felt like.

They took Johnny back to the cottage with Bella. He hadn’t known he wanted to cry until he had her in his arms and the tears stater pouring “Oh Johnny” Bella said and rubbed his back. John and Bella wanted to see Evander but the hospital wouldnt let him have visitors until the next day so the FBI agents just took them home after giving Bella and Johnny the hospital name and Evanders room number so they could go first thing tomorrow. John couldn’t sleep since he hadn’t gotten to see his brother yet so he just held Bella protectively, kissing her as softly as possible so not to wake her. He was grateful beyond measure that she had been unharmed in all this.

The next morning they took a shower, dressed then headed out the door. They planned to go to Hardees and buy biscuits to avoid the mess of cooking and save time. Once they were at the hospital they went straight for Evanders room, a little disappointed he was sleeping but they were both equally happy to see him breathing and being taken care of. They sat there for a few hours before Bella asked “can we go see my sister John? We can come back later. He’s probably just really drugged up still”

“Okay” he said then pushed himself out of the chair. They spent a few hours with Erin before returning to the hospital to see if Evander was awake. To their excitement he was. Bella rushed over to hug him but paused “oh, I’ll probably hurt you” Evander smiled “No, I’d like a hug. Just be gentle” Bella gave him what symbolized a hug since she was scared then Johnny did the same “how do you feel might be a stupid question but I’m going to ask it anyway”

“Honestly I cant feel much. It hurts like hell if somthing touches my ribs too hard but they have me on a decent amount of pain killers so in general I’m not feeling much”

“Good, can we get you anything?’

“Honestly they said they need to keep me for at least two more days. I have a DVD player in here so I’d appreciate it if you’d go home and get my folder of DVDs. TV sucks”

“I could go grab it while you visit Evander if you wouldn’t be too worried John” John thought about it a few moments then said “he’s back in jail. Just please hurry” Bella kissed him then went off. “I’m so glad to see her okay.” Evander said then John answered “Me too”

“she’s really amazing, so is her sister” John smiled at Evanders comment “yeah, dont tell but I’m going to be proposing to Bella soon”

“so you do have a brain, good”

“Shut up before I smack you.”

“Come on, don’t make me tell Bella you’re threatening an injured man. Oh and speaking of injured, I should injure you for bringing your dumb ass to that warehouse.”

Johnny grabbed Evander’s ear and yanked on it so he yelped. “Well maybe if you had been better at not getting caught, I wouldn’t have had to.”

“You’re such a jerk.”

“Shouldn’t you be saying something like, thanks Johnny for pulling my ass out of the fire, I would have been dead without you.”

Evander couldn’t help but laugh, ignoring the pain it brought and grabbing his brother’s hand. “Thank you Johnny, I couldn’t have asked for a better brother.”

“Same here and thank you for keeping Erin safe, I wouldn’t want to see Bella’s heart broken. How did you manage to keep her away?”

“I sent her a text asking her to buy me something from the store that doesn’t exist, I’m sure she spent quite a bit of time searching for what I wanted. She hasn’t come to see me yet, probably going to yell at me about risking my life.” He chuckled again. “At least I’ll be getting an earful from a beautiful woman.”

Bella was back a few minutes later with Evander’s DVDs and a bag of gummy bears. “I got you something soft to chew on.”

“Thank you Bella, you’re an angel.”

“want me to put one in?”

“Sure and you two get going. Looking at me isn’t going to make me any better and I’m not much of a host at the moment” Bella looked at Johnny “yeah, lets go. See you later punk” Evander told Bella what he wanted to watch then she put it in before leaving with her boyfriend. Johnny looked for the perfect time to propose to Bella over the following weeks until one day while they were having dinner with Evander and Erin Johnny just felt the best time to do it was right there with their siblings around. He pulled her chair out from the table then got down on one knee in front of her.

“Belle, you pulled me out of a really dark place I never thought I’d get out of. You’ve supported me through my nightmares and struggles and didn’t even leave me after a mad man came after us. I love you and I want to spend forever loving you. Please marry me” Belle teared up “yes, of course yes” John slid the ring on her finger and they embraced eachother. Erin fanned her face as she teared up and Evander clapped. Johnny just smiled, everything was back to normal and they were about to start a new and amazing chapter in their lives.

~ The End ~

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