Joss & Arnault 2

Chapter One

Five happy years and engaged Joss and Arnault had been discussing moving in together. Things had run smoothly up until now because they never got into a fight. They disagreed and maybe even strongly disagreed about things but nothing actually led them into a fight until Joss became picky about where Arnaults things were going to go in his home. Arnault could understand having opinions but it got to the point Joss was deciding everything. It wasn’t like it was going to be their home atall, just Joss’s with him there all the time.

It pissed Arnault off and it lead to a heated argument. Somewhere down the line Joss realized he had been being an ass but that same part of him that chased everybody he cared about off was rearing it’s ugly head and left him unable to admit he was wrong. Arnault scoffed, tired of yelling. In disgruntlement Arnault grabbed a box he had brought and started putting his things back in it “what’re you doing?” Joss asked, the panic he felt inside staying out of his angered voice. “Going home you selfish dick. I can’t believe I’ve just fought with you all day over this shit. My stuff is obviously an inconvenience so I’m not even sure right this second if we should move in together.”

Arnault shook his head before continuing. His words now holding more of a sad and hurt tone rather than anger “and if I can’t live in the same house as you I’m not sure how we can get married. All i know right now is I don’t want to stay the night any longer. I’ll see you tomorrow. It’s our fitting for the tuxes if you have forgotten. If we can still get married we’ll need to have that done”

“Don’t be such a god damn drama queen” Joss cursed angrily. Arnault just shook his head again and began to walk out. It wasn’t worth fighting with Joss to grab anything else and there wasn’t anything there he couldn’t live without until tomorrow. Joss grabbed him “don’t leave!”

“Do you ever stop being a dictator! Let me go!” Joss tore the box from Arnault “No, you’re staying. You said you’d stay over a few days while we arranged your fucking things!”

“well you can apparently do that all on your own. Everything I want isn’t ok with you. Just do things how you will because my input is shot down every time” Arnaults voice stayed calm. He was just too hurt at this point to have anymore anger come out. Arnault tried to pull away but Joss wasn’t letting go, he was afraid this was the end of another relationship, the relationship that was the end all for him. Arnault was all that he wanted, all that he thought about and he couldn’t let him leave.

“Joss, you’re hurting me dammnit”

“Then just stay”

“So you’re a jerk all day, yell at me a few hours then demand I stay here and continue to put up with you being an asshole. Are you that self centered? You can’t even let me go home after you’ve been a shitty fiance all day? If this is how it’s going to be I am serious about not being sure about living together. I can’t live with a dictator, especially not one whose only concern is for himself”

“That’s not true.”

“Yes it is. It’s all you, you, you. This is supposed to be our home, but right now I feel like nothing more than a guest.” He finally managed to jerk free. “The fitting is at eight, just be there.”


“Maybe once you’ve stopped being an ass we can talk.”

Arnault left, slamming the door and leaving Joss alone. The silence seemed so oppressive now that Arnault’s voice wasn’t filling it. He was frozen by his shock and couldn’t move again until he heard Arnault’s car pulling away. He ran out the door, but was already too late to stop him. His heart raced and he ran his fingers through his hair. His worst fear was coming true and it made him feel sick to his stomach.

His frustration turned to self hatred. “why the hell is it so hard to admit I’m fucking wrong damn it!” he cursed at himself. He furiously went back into his home and down into his gym to blow off his anger. If he didn’t he’d wouldn’t get a wink of rest tonight. He would need it, especially if he was going to be able to force out an apology. As Joss punched his punching bag he thought of the day and hated himself more by the memory. He really had had a problem with every single place Arnault wanted anything. He could see why that would be hurtful and didn’t know why he had been such a self centered idiot.

Arnault sat in his apartment feeling at a loss. His heart hurt from the hurtful things Joss had said and from how selfish he had been. His eyes burned with tears and before he knew it he was crying. Five years and now this. This was the farthest from Joss he had ever felt and it twisted his stomach into knots. He finally laid down on the couch and stared at the ceiling, crying until his head hurt and there were no more tears left in him. He finally exhausted himself and fell asleep, his heart aching even as he rested. Joss was so exhausted by the time he finished taking out his anger on his punching bag, that he almost didn’t want to go back upstairs to shower. He sighed, making himself climb the steps and go to the bathroom. He started the shower and pulled his clothes off then stepped under the warm spray. He rested his head against the cool wall, his eyes closed as he thought about Arnault.

“I am a shitty fiance.” He mumbled to himself. He swallowed the lump in his throat. “I don’t deserve him.”

He scrubbed himself clean, switched off the water and stepped out, drying himself. He went to his room and picked up his phone, sighing when he didn’t see any messages from Arnault. He wanted to call him, but he didn’t think he’d answer. He laid staring at his ceiling, knowing he wasn’t going to be able to sleep tonight.

His aching body kept him in bed for hours but no sleep came. Eventually he got up and started arranging Arnaults things the way he had wanted them. He hoped it would make a difference while he still hated himself for not just letting Arnault have things where he wanted in the first place. He kept at it while randomly checking his phone in hopes Arnault would message his undeserving, prick boyfriend. Part of him worried he still wouldn’t be able to say sorry even though he wanted to. He decided he would call Ashton once it was a decent time to help him say the words.

That decent time came and he shamefully called Ashtons cell “hello?” a sleepy voice asked on the fourth ring “sorry, I thought you’d be awake”

“no, its fine, whats up?”

“I’m doing it again”


“I was a selfish prick and I cant say sorry. Arnault is back at his place instead of with me….I’m meeting him this morning to try on our suits but…I cant screw this up….I am such a jerk….could you come over after the fitting?”

“The apology can’t come from me Joss, you have to say it yourself and mean it.”

“I know, it’s just, I need help or he might break up with me. I wouldn’t blame him, but I don’t want him to.”

“I can come over and mediate, but other than that, it all has to come from you or it won’t mean anything.”

Joss sighed. “I understand, I’ll text you when we’re finished.”

“See you later.” They hung up with Joss still feeling terrible. He hoped he could get Arnault to come home with him so they could talk.

Arnault felt sluggish this morning, his head hurt and he still felt extremely sad. He checked his phone, seeing Joss had not sent him a single message and sighed. He knew storming out of Joss’s place had ot been the most mature thing he could have done, but he had been so angry, was still angry. He loved Joss more than anything, but the side of him he had witnessed the previous day was not something he ever wanted to see again.

Arnault showered, had some cereal, brushed his hair and teeth then drove to where their fitting was. He sighed when he saw Joss’s car. He didn’t know what to expect or what to even say at this point. They did need to talk, that much he knew. An extremely happy five year relationship wasn’t somthing to just toss out now that they had met their first major issue. Arnault still wanted to get married but Joss couldn’t be like he was yesterday if they were ever going to live together. Upon walking in Arnault eyes found Joss’s face. he could easily see etched in every inch of him how sad and worried Joss was about how things were left the previous day. Arnault also knew Joss was probably afraid to try and hug him so Arnault walked over and wrapped his arms around his fiance.

“say it, say it” Joss kept urging himself in his head but he still couldn’t manage to say he was sorry. When Arnault let go his inner voice said “god damn it what’s wrong with you!”

“Morning” Arnault said with a sad smile “morning, after this would you please come back to my house so we can talk? Ashton is coming over to mediate”

“ok” before the conversation could go any further the worker who would be assisting them came up “My two Mr Hariman’s, welcome. We’re ready for you. Hopefully we finally have those suits just right”

They stood back to back as they changed into their tuxes, Arnault still feeling mad and Joss unable to voice his apology no matter how hard he tried. He was so frustrated with himself that he was having trouble with his tie. Arnault sighed and finally turned around, grabbing Joss’s shoulder and making him turn. “Just let me do it.” Joss dropped his hands and Arnault grabbed the tie, adjusting it then beginning to tie it. “How was your night?”

“It was fine, and yours?”

Arnault shrugged, trying to play it cool. “Can’t complain.” He finished tying Joss’s tie then grabbed his jacket. “Turn around.” Joss did as he was told and slipped his arms into the jacket sleeves when Arnault held it up. “Let me see.” Joss turned back around and Arnault straightened everything out. “Looks good.”

“You too.”

The woman seemed thrilled too “thank goodness, I didn’t want to have to do alterations again and risk not having them ready in time. Since you two are buying them outright you can get them now or pick them up later if you’re afraid to keep them in your home”

“we’ll take them now, I’ll go ahead and pay” Arnault said and Joss quickly spoke “I know this was one of the things we agreed you’d pay for but could I do it to start making up for being such a jerk yesterday?”

“we were already so uneven, you’re paying for most everything. I still want to pay for this but thank you for offering” Joss wanted to insist but feared it would set Arnault off since the whole reason things were tense between them was because Arnault felt he was trying to dictate things. They changed and Arnault paid. Outside Arnault asked “can you take mine in your car? My backseat is messy and we just cleaned yours”

“No problem” Joss took Arnaults suit from him then kissed his cheek “I really do love you Arnault. Tell me you still know that”

“One bad fight hasn’t made me forget Joss. I’ll meet you at your house”

“Our house” Joss corrected and Arnault sighed before walking to his car.

Chapter Two

Joss rubbed the back of his neck and let out a frustrated sigh as he got into his car. He wasn’t upset with Arnault’s reaction, just with himself for not opening his mouth and apologizing like an adult. He gave Ashton a call, telling him they were headed home. He said he would see them there and they both hung up. Joss just wanted Arnault to come back and continue moving his things in. He glanced in his rear view mirror, relieved to see that Arnault was right behind him. Ashton was waiting for them when they pulled in, James right by his side, arms crossed over his chest in obvious disappointment. James had mastered the look well after raising a child and its effects were not lost on Joss who groaned.

“I can see what you’re thinking Joss.” James said when he got out of his car and grabbed the tuxes.

“Oh really?”

“Why is James here? To kick your ass if you can’t learn to communicate of course.”

Joss was about to say something when Arnault got out of his car, making him snap his lips shut. “You know he goes with me everywhere.” Ashton added. “He’s not a fan of letting me out of his sight unless it’s absolutely necessary.”

Arnault walked up to them, obviously a little embarrassed that they, as two grown men, needed them to sort out their first major argument. They exchanged hugs then walked inside to sit in the living room. Arnault hadn’t been in long when he noticed some of the things he left were now in the places he had wanted them to be. He glanced over at Joss who gave him a small smile a child might have after taping together a vase he broke. It meant a lot to Arnault that Joss had done this after he left so he walked over and hugged him. “I” Joss started then just nuzzled his face into Arnaults neck. “I what Joss?” Ashton said and Joss broke the hug “does anybody need a drink before we sit down?’

Ashton tilted his head to the side and James half rolled his eyes “no, we’re fine. Lets sit down and talk. I’m glad to see you two hugging eachother” Arnault walked over to the love seat and Joss followed “I can sit with you right?” He asked and Arnault answered “I told you at the Tuxedo fitting, one fight doesn’t mean I hate you and things are over. I love you, I just can’t get married to the man that was here yesterday. I wont live with someone who has to have everything about whats supposed to be our house his way. I mean, you don’t have to like everything i want but you werent giving me anything yesterday. I did hug you before because i notice what you did while I was gone. Thank you for changing your mind on a few things”

“It’s just, you really wanted them there.” He rubbed the back of his neck. “Arnault, the thing is…” He hated himself so much. It shouldn’t be hard to tell Arnault how sorry he was, especially when he was wearing such a hopeful look.

“Come on Joss, it’s not that hard.” James said, his arms still crossed, his eyes still giving him the look.

“Do you have to treat me like a child?”

“When you act like one, yeah.”

Joss glared at him, but he knew he was right. He sighed and took Arnault’s hand between his own and looked him in the eyes. “I’m really, truly, so, so sorry. I shouldn’t have been so mean, I should…I should have taken your feelings into consideration. Please, forgive me and come back home.”

Arnault reached up and took Joss’s face in his hands. “That’s all I wanted Joss. I love you.”

“I love you too” Arnault pulled Joss into a kiss which caused Ashton to smile. When they stopped Ashton looked at James and said “since we’re here maybe it’s a good time to talk to them about their wedding present”

“if you want to sure”

“what is it?” Joss asked. Ashton smiled “well, you guys know we’re wolves, obviously since we’ve talked about changing you guys before”


“we’ve already talked to our friends and we’d be willing to change you anytime in the next couple days if you want that as a gift. They are ready at a moments notice so when you two marry you’ll already be wolves and truly be committing forever together” Joss looked at Arnault “I want to but I’m not going to if you don’t do it”

“I’ve thought about it a lot since the last time they brought it up and I want to”

‘great! When can we do this?” Ashton said a little over excitedly. Joss and Arnault were some of their best friends and he hadn’t wanted to lose them. “better sooner than later. Think they can change us tonight? If not as soon as possible” Joss answered. “let me make some calls” Ashton said as he got up. James chuckled ‘you don’t know how happy you’ve made my husband. We were both really hoping we wouldn’t have to outlive you guys”

“thank you for the generous gift” Arnault answered. “thank the pack too. We wouldn’t be able to do this without them”

“it’ll be awkward since we only know Rick”

“they are all nice people”

Ashton came back with a happy smile of his face and let them know it would be late, but the wolf pack could change them that night. Joss pulled Arnault into him and pressed a kiss to his temple. “I promise to make you happy forever. Thank you two so much.”

“Well, now that things are better between you two, I think we’ll be heading home. Meet us at our place tonight, Rick is coming over to take us out to where you’ll be changed.” Ashton said with a happy smile.

“Alright, until tonight then.”

They saw their friends off then Joss grabbed Arnault and pulled him back over to the couch, tugging him down into his lap so his cheeks turned a light shade of red. “I mean it you know, I’m going to make you happy forever, I’m going to work really hard to change my attitude. I hated being here alone, it was just far too empty without you.”

“I really love you Joss and I always will, but if you even do that to me again, I won’t stay here.”

“I know, I’m sorry.”

“When should I finish moving my things?”

“I’d say now but I don’t want us to be worn out tonight. Ashton and James made it seem really taxing to change so i dont want to go into it already tired. You still have quite a bit to bring over.”

“I’m not bringing any of my furniture”

“why? Honestly we can use some of it to update my guest room a bit”

“thats true, we can put my bed in there and a few things from my bedroom. I didn’t think of that”

“I’m sure when we get back from our honeymoon Ashton, James and Rick will help us finish. You still have four months on your lease right?”


“see, plenty of time. If theres any light stuff you want right now we can get it. That obviously wont wear us out”

“lets go over after we’ve cuddled a little bit” Joss leered “cuddling wasn’t my intention when I pulled you on this couch” Arnaults body heated even further “I thought we werent going to wear ourselves out?”

“You know how much stamina I have for you. I wont be too bad”

“I’ll believe that when I see it” Arnaults retort made Joss laugh happily before he started ravaging his lover. When night came they went to Ashtons, a bit worried they had taken too long when they saw Rick and Dimitr had beaten them there “sorry we kept you waiting” Arnault said and Rick waved his hands “No worries, lets get going” James and Ashton had Arnault and Joss get in their car so they could drive them home after the change. “I forgot Dimitri was in the pack” Joss said and Ashton responded “Rick only just changed him a few months ago. He was nervous to do it”


Arnault became a little nervous when he saw the pack of wolves gathered outside of town and squeezed Joss’s hand. “You okay?” Joss asked.

“They’re kind of intimidating.”

Joss chuckled and kissed his cheek. “Don’t worry, I’m right here.”

They got out and the minute they were among the wolves, their leader asked them to strip. Arnault felt a blush creeping up his neck, but knew this was what had to be done if he wanted to be with Joss forever. He slowly undressed, wondering if he would get over the fact that wolves hardly had any modesty.

The ceremony and change was everything they had been warned so all in all it wasn’t hard to get through. Though they ached when it was over it felt good to be so celebrated by the pack. Arnault was so excited and wrapped up in everything he didn’t even think about people hugging him while he was still bare. Joss knew if he realized he was naked and they were still there his mate might die of embarrassment so he went ahead and asked Ashton and James to take them home. At home they assured James and Ashton they were fine on their own for the night so they left, promising to bring breakfast in the morning so the two wouldn’t have to cook.

Arnault and Joss shared the same want once they were alone so they went straight for the shower to get the blood off of their bodies and let the heat loosen their now tense muscles. As Joss scrubbed Arnault he found himself hungrier than ever for him but was too tired to feed that hunger. Arnault noticed “is your mind ever out of the gutter?”

“not with you around”

“we could do oral on eachother” Joss smiled at Arnault’s “I may be tired for the whole shabang but I wouldn’t be against a 69. Normally I’m the one suggesting alternatives if we can’t go crazy”

“I think becoming a wolf has increased my sexual appetite”

“good” Arnault was beet red now and looked away from Joss.

They were all over each other from the moment they stepped out of the shower, unable to contain the lust that had steadily built up as they bathed. Joss laid down and Arnault positioned himself over him, his body giving a shudder of pleasure when Joss licked the tip of his shaft then sucked him in. They both moaned as their mouths worked at each other and Arnault found himself shaking as Joss touched and teased him in other places, bringing him closer and closer to his release until he burst in Joss’s mouth with a loud cry. His body quivered and he found himself craving more.

“I need more Joss.”

“Then take more.” Arnault moved forward so he was straddling Joss’s hips and Joss gripped him, pulling him down onto his waiting erection. His heart beat excitedly in his chest as he watched Arnault ride him, loved how much more lustful he was. There was no shyness in him, his wolf wanting his mate more than anything.

Their lust roused up energy they didn’t know they had in them until they finally had to collapse into sleep. The days up to their wedding were spent moving Arnault in, enjoying friends and getting used to all things having a wolf inside them caused. Their wedding was beautiful and all of their parents cried. Joss couldn’t help but feel sad that his father wasn’t here to see this. Every time he glanced at his mother she was sitting, watching everyone else have fun. He didn’t concentrate on that though. He jerked his thinking back to his new husband, twirling him around and making sure he smiled through the entire day. The only time he left Arnault was when his parents wanted a dance. Joss went up to his mother and held out his hand.

She smiled and took it, happily going with her son to dance “you found yourself such a sweet husband Joss”

“I’m pretty proud of him myself”

“Your dad would be. This wedding is all he ever wanted for you.” Joss smiled “I know, maybe from heaven he’ll see Abella married”

“we can only hope, married and clean for good”

“she can do it mom, she’s been doing so well this past year”

“yeah, I’m proud of her too” Serious talk over, the day became fun again and soon Arnault was riding off in a limo with Joss to enjoy their honeymoon.

~ The End ~

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