Joss & Arnault

Chapter One

Joss needed to go grocery shopping for his sister again. She was an addict and typically used her food stamps to get drugs rather than the food she was supposed to get with it. He knew buying groceries so he’d know she was eating was enabling her problem but he knew if given a choice she would choose drugs over food anytime. It had been that way since she started using. Abella was once a sweet and talented woman destined for great things but one day she threw it all away and became easily angered. He had never heard his sister scream in his life until she became an addict and it was heartbreaking for Joss what drugs were doing to his sister.

He decided before going over to Piggly Wiggly that he’d pay his favorite video game store a visit. Joss wasn’t a gamer but had gone in a few months ago to buy one for Ashton to give him at his birthday party. He had a shockingly handsome man that turned out to be the manager of the store. It was shocking to Joss because he typically was attracted to buff guys like James. Small guys like Arnault he normally passed right by without a second thought. Joss had been trying incredible hard, using every charm he had to try and get even one date out of the man but Arnault wasn’t budging. Joss was determined not to give up until he got atleast one date. He wasn’t a stalker type but he didn’t think it fair to not even be given a shot.

Arnault actually smiled this time when Joss came in “Oh good, much better than the reactions I’ve been getting” Joss said with a pleased grin “will you ever give up. How many times have I said no?’ Arnault shrugged. “I’m hardheaded”


“Come on, one date. We’re both single, gay men” Arnault sighed, tired of telling him no. It wasn’t that he didn’t find Joss attractive, it was just guys that had bodies like his normally turned out to be assholes or just messing with him. He had had a few straight guys try and humiliate him before and he swore off believing any guy that looked as good as Joss was actually interested in anything but hurting him. “stop, the day I say yes to going on a date with you is the day you’re painted pink, have a shaved head, talk with a helium ingested voice while wearing ridiculous clown shoes” Joss smiled, holding back his laugh. ‘you have weird fetishes you gorgeous man” Arnault rolled his eyes at Joss’s retort. he was just saying that because a man like him would never do somthing such as that. They had an image to maintain.

Joss chuckled on his way out and went about his shopping for Abella. He kept thinking about Arnault his latest rejection. He decided when he was nearing check out that he was going to do all those things and demand a date for it. Afterall, he had said that would be the day he would accept a date invitation. Joss drove to his sisters house, let him self in then stocked her fridge with groceries. She wasn’t home and he didn’t want to think about where she could be right now. He normally cleaned her place when he dropped off food but he wanted to get a start on what he needed to do to get a date from Arnault. First step, shaving his head bald. His barber looked at him like he was mad when he requested his golden blonde hair shaved off. “well” Joss said and the barber said “I guess it’s your head”

With that done he went to the mall because their hot topic sold body paint. He bought enough to cover his chest, arms, legs, face, neck and head. he then walked over to the Halloween store. It was open all year round though he didn’t know how. They barely ever had customers when Halloween wasn’t on it’s way. he bought clown shoes and a tank of helium. He now had everything he needed so he took his things out of the mall and loaded them in his car. On the way home he called Ashton. ‘yeah?”

“I need you to come over tomorrow when it’s convenient”


“I need you to paint me pink, please”


“To impress a man I really want a date with” Ashton laughed “sure, lunch ok?”

“Perfect, thank you so much” Joss hungup, wondering what Ashton would think when he saw his blonde hair was gone.
Arnault worked the rest of the day in silence, only talking when he absolutely had to. He felt bad for turning Joss down again, but he couldn’t bring himself to trust him. He wanted to believe he was being genuine, that he actually liked him, but he was terrified. He locked up that day feeling like a bit of an asshole. He went straight home, wanting to work on his novel a little before bed. It was his absolute dream to be an author. He switched on some music and flipped his laptop open. He turned it on and went into his room to change as it booted up. He pulled on a pair of sweats and went back into the living room and opened up his book. As he typed he thought of Joss, and the more he thought of Joss the harder it became to concentrate on his writing. He sighed and saved what he had then switched his computer off. He turned the music off and the TV on then set an alarm on his phone before curling up on the couch.

Joss stood in his living room the next morning listening to Ashton laugh as he painted him. “You look like a demented, bald, pink panther.” He laughed hard at his own joke and nearly dropped the paint brush. “Hold on.” He pulled out his phone and snapped a picture. “You look like a weird pink Gumby.” He sent the picture to James.
“if I get a date it’ll be worth it.”

“If you dont get a date after this he’s an ass. I can’t believe you’re doing this, oh wait, it is you we’re talking about. I dont think getting embarrassed was programmed into you.”

“Nope and I’m happy it wasn’t. Now time to helium it up”

“Oh god, I need a video! Hang on!” once Ashton was ready Joss took in some of the helium and began talking. Ashton ended up laughing so hard he fell on the floor. Joss actually hoped Arnault might laugh like this before finally agreeing to a date. Joss took in more for good measure then drove over to Gamestop. He got stares and laughs from the moment he stepped out of his car but he didn’t even acknowledge it. He walked right in and all heads turned his way aside from Arnaults since he was in the back. When Arnault came out he dropped the box of games he was holding and his jaw dropped “well, do I get that date?” Joss asked and two of the employees burst out laughing, followed by the rest.

Arnault blushed “you…for me? What??” Joss walked over to him “I really want a date. You said this would be the day” Arnault was dumbfounded in shock. He never for a second thought this man would truly do this. “Of course I will, I didnt think”

“I know but if this would land me a date it was worth doing”

“I’m….I’m so sorry i doubted you”

“Huh” Arnault looked away ‘I’ll explain on the date or after if you prefer”

“During please. Can I pick you up after work tonight?”

“yes” Joss leaned over and kissed Arnaults cheek ‘see you handsome”
He left, taking a few deep breaths of air to expel the helium from his lungs. He was really excited. He took the shoes off and threw them in the back seat and waved at people as they walked by. He was ecstatic he was getting to take Arnault out. Now he just had to get all the pink paint off of him and wait impatiently for Arnault to get off. Once he was home he ran upstairs and jumped in the shower, scrubbing the pink paint off of him. He dried, checked himself in the mirror to make sure it was all gone and then went and got dressed. He called Ashton. “So did it work?”

“Well yeah, it’s me.”

Ashton laughed. “I still can’t believe you shaved your head, at least it’ll grow back.”

“Yeah, it’s just hair. I was wondering if I could come hang out with you until Arnault gets out of work.”

“Of course, James is teaching classes and Andrew is with Fleur and her family for the week.”

“I’ll be over in a few minutes then.”

“Bring me some warheads please.”

“Yes sir.”
Joss stopped at the nearest store and picked up some candy for himself and Ashton. While he was there he picked up more soda for his home. Joss didn’t drink a lot of soda because of the damage it does to teeth, weight it puts on you and countless other negative things it does to your body but he allowed himself one a day so he always had some. He paid, loaded his items into his backseat then drove over to Ashtons.

Ashton must have been right by the door with how quickly he beckoned to Joss’s knock. “I guess you really want that candy” Ashton chuckled “No, i was seriously just passing the door. Was getting some cleaning done”

“Hmm, right” They both laughed lightly then Joss stepped inside “want a drink?”

“water please” Joss followed Ashton into his kitchen where he made them both a drink. “what makes Arnault so special so far?”

“I’m not sure to tell you the truth. For starters he isn’t my body type. I have never even given a second glance to men who don’t look like your husband. Gos without saying but no offense to you” Ashton laughed “I dont have such a low self esteem that I cant take not being someones type Joss, you know that. I’ve known a long time you like your men built.”

“There’s just somthing about him. I love his voice and I mean LOVE his voice when he talks. Theres somthing soothing and honestly I know it would turn sexy as hell if he talked dirty to me. You know that voice people get when they talk dirty to their lover? God, I get chills thinking of how his voice would sound doing that. then there’s that smile. I rarely get them but he has the greatest smile”


“How much did James like those pictures?”

“As much as me. I texted him to let him know it worked”

“I think everybody who knows me knows I wasn’t giving up without atleast one date.”
“He seemed pretty stubborn.”

“He was, but hey it was worth it.” They sat down at the couch and Ashton found something on Netflix they both liked. “So how is Andrew doing anyway?”

“Good, still getting used to life as a wolf.”

“And how about you?”

“Same as always, I stay home and wait for James. Sometimes I go in and watch him while he’s training people. He’s started a class for children since he can’t cage fight anymore. He’s afraid he might rip someone in half with all that added strength.” Ashton laughed. “I would have explained to him that he’s way to controlled for something like that, but he’s happy to teach and come home and that’s all that matters.”

“I want to be as happy as you guys, you seem so devoted to each other.”

“Well if you’d quit being so lug headed about everything then you would be. You’re a good guy, but you have to be willing to say yes I was wrong and I’m sorry.”

Chapter Two

He sighed “easier said than done.”

“Of course it is. Do you think anybody wants to say I was wrong? No, but if you want a successful relationship you have to be able to be a big person and say sorry when you’re in the wrong. Pride will kill any relationship after awhile.”

“I know, it’s why I never get angry when men leave me. This time I’m really going to try and be better about that if things get serious between Arnault and I. I don’t want to chase off another man because I’m too stubborn to say I’m wrong”

“I know you can do it Joss. Just remember, when you realize you’re wrong is it better to have your pride or keep the man you love? I mean, in a situation you have fallen in love with Arnault” Joss smiled “yeah, I’d rather not have to be alone. I’ll let James beat me up if I get too stubborn. I’m sure he can beat me into submission” Ashton laughed “You know James wouldn’t hit you”

“Uh hum, we used to cage fight. Of course he’d hit me. You and Andrew are about the only people on earth he wouldn’t hit and let me tell you from experience, he has a fucking mean punch”
“He never loses.”

“He almost broke my nose once. I thought I was going to have brain damage.”

Ashton laughed and shoved him. “Learn to dodge.”

Arnault nervously glanced at the clock again. He had been doing this every ten minutes or so after Joss left. He still couldn’t believe he had gone through so much just for a date. “You okay Arnault?” His coworker Ava asked.


“Is it that guy Joss.”

“Yeah, I feel kind of bad for thinking the worst of him and I’m nervous about our date.”

“Well don’t be, he seems to like you plenty. He even came in dressed like so psychotic clown to get a date with you. I can’t believe he shaved his head. He had the prettiest blonde hair. He must have wanted you really bad.”

“I’m sure he thought of the repercussions of shaving it off like a sunburned scalp or having to wear a hat all the time.”

“He seems fun, so don’t worry so much.”
“I dont know if i can calm down. He’s picking me up from here so i cant even change into somthing better looking”

“If you werent gay I’d have gone after you ages ago. You are plenty handsome in your uniform. I also know form knowing you all the pain sexy guys like him have put you through. Dont forget I was your friend the last time a straight guy pretended to be gay just to humiliate you. I wouldn’t have believed so many people could be assholes if I hadn’t seen some of the stuff you’ve been through. I’m sure if you told Joss he’d understand why you were so afraid to trust him”

“I just plan on explaining and apologizing”

“well, when you’re wrong about somthing or someone thats all you can do. Come help me alphabetize the Gamecube games”

‘ok” Ava kept talking the rest of their shift unless a customer was in. She wanted to keep Arnault distracted so he wouldn’t stress himself out or feel guilty up until he talked to Joss. Arnault knew what she was doing and thanked her for it before she left. As manager he was always last to go. When Arnault walked out to lock up he saw Joss standing there, a happy smile stretched across his gorgeous face. Even without that incredibly soft looking blonde hair he was drop dead sexy and made Arnault feel weak.
“You ready?” Joss asked.

“Where are we going?”

“Out to eat, you look like you’re starving.”

“If we take your car then you’ll have to bring me back here to get mine.”

Joss shrugged. “Gives me more time with you.”

Arnault blushed as he followed Joss to his car and got in the passenger seat. He buckled up and stared straight ahead, afraid if he looked at Joss he would end up staring. “Where are we going for dinner?”

“You’ll have to see when we get there.”

“I never took you for the mysterious type.”

“Is it a crime to want to surprise the person I like most.”

“I guess not.” He sighed. “I do have something important to tell you.”

“Then tell me.”

Arnault looked at his hands and nervously picked at his pants. “Well it’s about why I wouldn’t go out with you.” He could see Joss look at him from the corner of his eye. “I’ve had some bad experiences with straight men pretending to be gay to humiliate me so I thought that’s what you were doing and I’m sorry, so sorry I doubted you. I just don’t know who to trust anymore when it comes to men.”
“It’s alright, atleast you finally gave me a way to show you how serious I was about wanting a date with you. I cant say I understand because I’ve always been pretty tough. My dad was a military type. A good man though. I know a lot of people hear that and think horrible things but he was a respectable, good man to the core. I couldn’t be prouder of my dad”

“You said was” Joss’s happy face went slightly sad as he used one hand to pull the dog tags from under his shirt. “My dad died two years ago.”

‘Oh, My condolences”

“I Mainly feel for my mother. They were the definition of true love. I can only hope I have half the love and happiness with someone they had. She’s doing ok though. She still isn’t really her old self but it’s only been two years and she doesn’t let herself wallow. She knows that dad would hurt if she spent her days sobbing so she does her best to stay happy. I stay with her a few days if I think she’s struggling.”

“Would it be ok to ask how he died?”

“Bad heart” Arnault wish he knew what to say. Joss had probably heard I’m sorry a million times so he didn’t want to say that but couldn’t figure out anything else. “How about your parents?” Joss asked to change the subject. “My parents also have a happy relationship. They’ve been married since they were eighteen. They were born in the same month within the same year”

“Oh my god that’s crazy”

“Yeah, I have twin brothers aswell. Twins run rampant on my moms side of the family. I’m the first one born without a twin or triplets in many generations.”

“Jesus, what would the world do with two of you. I’m sure god decided you were too amazing for a twin” Arnault smiled as he held in a laugh at how corny that sounded “thanks” he said, showing teeth with his smile. “its true, somthing about you just” Joss sighed ‘damn this is one of those times I wished I was as good with words as my dad and sister”

“you have a sister?’


“what’s she like?”

“She used to be absolutely amazing. She was smart, she had talent, she was and is still gorgeous but the drugs have taken its toll. I really dont know what happened but one day she just started getting so angry and next thing I knew she was taking everything she could get her hands on. I have offered to help her, to put her in rehab even if she just didn’t want my help getting clean but she wont do it, says she needs them. I just don’t know what to do and it tears me apart because I love her so much. She just wont let me help her. I buy her groceries to make sure she’s eating and I pick her up if she needs picking up but thats all I can do and I feel so helpless when it comes to her. I hope you never have to experience someone you love go through drug addiction like this. I wouldn’t wish it on anybody.”
Arnault reached over and took his hand. “Maybe you should talk to a therapist and stage an intervention.”

“I’m just afraid of further damaging our relationship.”

“If it were me, I would rather one of my siblings hate me than watch them slowly kill themselves.”

Joss sighed. “Lets talk about happier things for now, please.”

“Of course, I understand.”

Joss didn’t want to close Arnault our of his life, but it hurt to talk about his sister. He would give anything for his father to be alive, to have him close and give him advice. “I hope this place is okay.” Joss said as he turned into the parking lot of the pizza place he had wanted to take Arnault to.


“Have you ever eaten here?”


“They’re food is the best, trust me. It’s to die for.”
Arnault smiled and got out, walking close to Joss. They walked in and soon found themselves a table and received menus. They agreed on Zolas Combo pizza then just started talking again while they waited on the food. They stayed on happy topics that Arnault was sure wouldn’t lead them to anything negative atall. He had already made this man talk about his deceased father and when he talked about his sister it was obvious how badly it hurt him to see her abuse drugs.

They managed just to talk and relax over a delicious pizza, even lingering awhile after the pizza was gone since neither of them wanted to part. They stayed right up until they were about to close. “it’s 8:30, we should leave so the workers can get things cleaned for closing” Arnault said and Joss slightly frowned “yeah, I guess. It just took me so long to earn this date and it went by so quickly”

‘If I didn’t have to work again tomorrow I’d let you come over to my place for a bit.”

“I have a fight tomorrow. It’s not until seven. Can I pick you up after work again and then you can come watch me fight”

“Sounds fun, I’ve never watched a cage fight before” Joss felt excited about showing off for Arnault. Tomorrow night he had to kick the other guys ass, he promised himself he would. They paid then got back into Joss’s car. When they arrived at Gamestop Joss got out too to hug Arnault. It was a tight, near crushing embrace that actually made Arnault blush since he could feel how strong Joss was. “Give me your phone” he commanded and Arnault handed it over. Joss put his number in “text me when you get the chance so I can have yours”

“I will as soon as I’m sitting in my car”

“Tonight was amazing. Thank you so much for giving me a way to coax you out on a date. I truly would have done anything for tonight.”

“I’m just sorry I didn’t give you a chance sooner, I really am”

“You could make it up to me you know”


“Kiss me? Just a quick one”

“I dont normally kiss on the first date but you should have already gotten quite a few so” Arnault closed the distance between them and pushed his lips into Joss’s. Every muscle in both their bodies relaxed with how good it felt and it took a lot for both to pull back. “night” Arnault said breathlessly which embarrassed him and made Joss smile “goodnight handsome. Get in that car before someone tries to mug you and I kill them” It didn’t sound like a joke but Arnault laughed like it was one.

Once Joss had his text from Arnault he drove home. While standing under the warmth of his shower that night Joss really considered an intervention for his sister. She might never forgive him but it’s what she needed and he’d rather see her healthy than have her pleased with him. Every time he saw her number calling he was terrified it was someone that was going to say she had overdosed and his heart couldn’t take that much longer.

Chapter Three

Arnault was happy, but exhausted by the time he got home and quickly pulled off his clothes and jumped in the shower. He stood under the warm spray of the water, thinking about Joss and how incredibly sweet he had been. He got out and dried then went straight to bed. He had had such an amazing date and hoped to have more. He fell asleep quickly, dreaming about Joss and how wonderful he had been. The next morning he jerked awake to his alarm going off and crawled out of bed to get ready. He was excited about seeing Joss after work and couldn’t wait to let Ava know their date had gone so well. She had always been rooting for him and had been his rock when he had been tormented and humiliated.

Joss stretched and rolled out of bed and pulled on a pair of shorts and a tank top. He found his socks and shoes then grabbed his gym bag and headed out. His fight was at seven, but he wanted to get himself warmed up this morning. He tossed his bag in his trunk and drove to the gym where his trainers were. When he walked in with no hair they looked a little surprised. “Holy shit Joss, where the fuck is your hair?”

Joss started laughing. “The things I’ll do for love. I finally got him boys.”

“Congratulations, ready to warm up then do a practice fight?”

“Yes sir.” He opened his back and pulled out his gloves and mouth guard.
The other men noticed the extra pep in Joss as he practiced and knew he was going to be a force to be reckoned with tonight with the added energy from finally landing a date with Arnault. Joss arrived atleast an hour before closing time at Gamestop, impatient to be with Arnault again. “go on, we have the customers” Ava said, nudging her boss. “You know I’m still working right?” Arnault asked with a happy smile as he approached Joss. Joss tugged him into a hug “I couldn’t wait any longer”

“what have you been doing today?”

“I practiced this morning, took care of some bills, tried really hard not to think about you so I wouldn’t get here early but here I am” Arnaut shyly smiled and looked away. Joss grabbed his chin and turned his face back to his “None of that. You’re too handsome for that” When it was time for closing Arnault locked up then road with Joss to get some burgers from Burger King.

“so, If I win tonight can I have a prize?” Joss asked as he swallowed his food. “what would said prize be?”

“If I win can I hold you tonight? If you have work tomorrow I’ll drive you. No funny business. I will only hold you, I promise”
Arnault’s heart did a little flip at the prospect of being wrapped in Joss’ arms. “Okay, deal.”

Joss smiled and they both finished eating then headed to the community center. Once they were there he reached into his back pocket and pulled out the pass he had got for Arnault. “Keep this close, but if you lose it and anyone tries to give you crap tell them to come and talk to me.”

“Okay, thanks.”

He gave Arnault a quick kiss then ran off to get ready. “Wish me luck.” He said as he jogged off to the locker room.

Arnault went and found a seat in the front row and waited as the other seats were filled. It was really noisy in the building, but everyone grew quiet as the announcer walked into the cage with a microphone. The fighter competing against Joss was announced first and everyone started cheering as the man’s intro song started and he walked out. The guy did a little bit of showboating and then took his place on his side of the ring. The announcer called Joss name next and Arnault watched, completely captivated as he came walking out and entered the ring. Joss turned and winked at him before doing his own showing off then moving to his side of the ring. He had never seen anyone so sexy in his life and he hoped Joss won.
It was hard for Arnault to watch when Joss would get a fist slammed into him but Joss barely acted like he noticed as he fought back and dodged what he could. He couldn’t believe how nimble he was in the ring. His length had almost gotten hard before Joss was hit with the first punch. Now nothing was bringing that back no matter how sexy Joss looked in the cage. To Arnaults great disappointment it seemed like Joss was going to lose for a few moments but he gained the upperhand again and soon had his opponent tap out. Joss’s attention immediately went to Arnault, happy when he saw him cheering. He didn’t care that his side was sore or that his nose was bleeding, all that mattered was that he was going to get to hold Arnault tonight.

After he was cleaned up and ready to go home he lifted Arnault into his arms “My trophy” he said jokingly. Arnault laughed “How’re you feeling?’

“Side’s a little sore but I took somthing for it”

“wont be uncomfortable to cuddle will it?”

“Hey, you agreed. you aren’t getting out of it” Joss said then kissed his head. Arnault smiled again, jubilant Joss had won. “tell me you dont have work tomorrow”

“I’ll call out. A perk of being manager is I can pretty much not work whenever I want. I dont’ very often take advantage of it but I want to now”
Joss gave him a tight hug. “Good then lets get out of here.”

“You guys aren’t celebrating your victory?”

“You’re all the celebration I need.”

Arnault blushed as he let Joss pull him out of the community center. “I need to get my car.”

“Very well.” Joss took him back to Gamestop, a little disappointed when Arnault got out to get his car. He glanced in his rear view mirror as he drove and saw Arnault wave to him which made him smile. Joss unlocked his door when they made it to his place and moved aside to let Arnault in. Arnault looked nervous as he stepped onto the porch and Joss grinned. “Come on, it’s safe I promise. No one waiting inside to jump you unless you count me, but I promised to be good so no worries.”

Arnault smiled at his carefree nature and stepped inside, feeling more at ease. “You have a nice place.”

“Thank you, I try to keep it clean. I don’t always succeed, but I try.”

“I really like it. How’s your nose and ribs?”

“Fine, I’ve had worse, trust me.”
“Will you show me around?’

“was planning to, just let me change first”

“damn, I should have stopped by my house for clothes”

“wear somthing of mine tonight and I’ll throw your clothes in the wash. You arent leaving tomorrow so you have plenty of time for clothes to wash and dry” Joss guided Arnault to the living room where he could sit and wait. Joss handed him a remote “It wont take me that long to change but if you feel like watching somthing be my guest”

“Thanks” Joss kissed Arnault again, savoring the contact before heading to his bedroom. Arnault loved this house and wished he lived in a house too but couldn’t afford it. He made decent money as a manager but it was only enough to be able to afford an apartment. His mind wandered to his book and wondered if the series he was starting would ever be big enough he could afford a house this nice. Regardless, he would be happy if even five people liked his book enough to buy it.

When Joss came back out he was in loose fitting Ninja Turtle pajama pants and shirtless. Arnault deeply blushed and Joss smiled “I’ve got it so I want to flaunt it for you” he said then winked. Arnault smiled again but remained blushing “I might be the one to misbehave if you keep this up”

“Maybe I’ll take off my pants then” Arnaults blush deepened and Joss laughed “too much?”

“No, i know you’re playing.”

“Good, I really wont do anything you arent comfortable with. One of the main things my dad taught me was the respect of other peoples feelings and boundaries. Its never alright to do things just because you want to do them. That being said you have to tell me because i was born without shame”


“Lets take that tour handsome”
Arnault really loved Joss’ home, it was spacious and well organized in spite of him saying he didn’t always keep it cleaned. It wasn’t something he expected from a cage fighter, no because he didn’t think they could be clean, but because their job was so exhausting he wouldn’t think keeping things picked up would be easy. “I love this place.” Arnault said.

“I’m glad.”

“I’d love a place like this, but working at a game store doesn’t give me much.”

Joss gently tugged him to a stop. “Why do you sound so down, I thought we were having fun.”


Joss grabbed his chin and moved in to kiss him. He hovered an inch from his lips and Arnault closed the distance. Joss smiled against his lips and Arnault blushed. “That’s better. You’ll get into a house, I promise.”

“How do you know that?”

“Because you’re passionate and passionate people go far so don’t give up no matter what.”
Arnault smiled “I may never get far with you around now. I haven’t written atall since agreeing to our date”

“You didn’t mention you’re a writer”

‘wow, well yeah, I’m working on a book. I want to be an author. Hopefully one day I’ll be good enough to not need my Gamestop job anymore. It’s my dream for writing to be my full time job. My first book is nearly done”

“Could I read what you have so far?”

“Um, sure, I’ve let Ava read it so you can. I will print up to where I am and give it to you next time we’re together”

“Thanks, it might take me awhile because I’m not really a reader but if it’s somthing you wrote I’d really like to become one for just you’re work” Arnaults heart pitter pattered in his chest again ‘thats really sweet of you but you don’t have to”

“I know but I really care about you. If you’re going to be a writer I definitly want to read what you have put on paper. I want to be supportive. My dad HATED plays but you know what, he went to them with mom anyway. Mom hated watching sports but she watched them with dad in the living room anyway. I plan on being with you a long time so if you’re a writer I’ll be a reader of your work”
That moved Arnault more than anything, his willingness to do something just because it was something important to him. “How are you so sweet?”

Joss smiled and shrugged. “I’m just that amazing I guess.”

Arnault laughed and wrapped his arms around Joss’ neck and gave him a quick kiss. “You goofball.” He sighed. “Okay, time for bed. I’m exhausted.”

“You need to change.” He pulled him into his room and took some night pants out of his chest of drawers. “You can use the bathroom if it’ll make you more comfortable.

“No shirt?”

“You’ve seen me shirtless.”

“Yeah but you’re you, I mean look at you and I’m just not even close to looking that good.”

“What will it take for you to be comfortable around me? I’ll do anything, I still have some helium left.”

“You don’t have to do that.” He covered his face as he tried not to laugh. “I still can’t believe you actually did that.”

“I’ll do whatever it takes.”

Chapter Four

“Just try not to be too disappointed.” Arnault said then turned to change. Joss grabbed his arm “hey, you’re handsome. You don’t need muscles to be handsome. I mean, do you want to know somthing I almost dont want to tell you but I think it might help”

“Uh, sure I guess”

“I normally go for men who work out on a daily basis like me but you’ve grabbed my attention far more than any other guy. Its a first for me to date a man who isnt built but I already am crazy about you. Me not giving you a shirt is purely a hedonistic act. I think you’ll look even sexier if I see more of you. I don’t know if I’m saying what i really want to say because I’m normally not making myself clear but with you I have a strong bond I’ve never felt before. Its far more than the way you look but you are an incredibly handsome man. Please feel comfortable going shirtless.”

Arnault blushed but honestly it made him feel a bit worse that Joss normally dated men that looked like himself. He decided just to change since Joss really wanted him to. When he came back he couldn’t look at Joss but if he had been he would see his eyes moving over him in a very pleased, debauched manner he was so attracted to Arnault. It didn’t even make sense to Joss but he wanted Arnault more than he could possibly understand.
“So, disappointed?” Arnault asked, finally turning his eyes to Joss and taking an involuntary step back at the look he was receiving. Joss looked about ready to pounce and Arnault was completely frozen. “Uh um maybe I should put a shirt on.” Joss grabbed him and kissed him, pressing him up against the wall. He kissed down his neck and Arnault moaned, feeling excited and frightened at the same time at how aggressive Joss had become. Joss bit down on his chest, leaving teeth marks behind as he moved lower. Arnault gasped when Joss tugged his pants down and took his length into his mouth. He covered his mouth as he moaned loudly and his legs nearly gave out. “Joss, please.”

Joss wanted to smiled at his pleading tone, but took him deeper instead so Arnault had to grip onto his shoulders to keep from falling down. He didn’t stop until Arnault had released and he swallowed then kissed his way back his body, his hands framing his face as he kissed him. Arnault wrapped his arms around Joss’ neck, deepening the kiss, feeling needier than he ever had. This was not typically the direction he took with relationships, but Joss had swept him away and stirred up his lust. “Tell me what you want.” Joss said breathlessly.

“I want more, hurry.”

He pulled Arnault over to the bed and pushed him down then pulled his pants off before crawling over him. He grabbed the bottle of lube out of his bedside table and rubbed some on Arnault, loosening him up before grabbing his his hips and slamming into him. Arnault held tightly to Joss as he withdrew and slammed into him again, eliciting a scream of pleasure. Joss tipped back, bringing Arnault with him and pulling him down into a kiss as he rode him. “Faster.” He whispered and Arnault picked up the pace. Joss rolled him back beneath him and slammed his whole length into him as he came. Joss rolled to his side and they both laid there panting, their hearts beating furiously in their chests. “Are you okay?” Joss asked when he finally caught his breath.

“You have no shame whatsoever do you? I don’t tend to have sex so quickly after getting with someone, but you come in and just shove that aside and you don’t even play fair.”

“Are you mad at me?”

“No, I’m mad at me for not being mad at you and enjoying that far more than is appropriate.” He glanced at Joss who was grinning. “Get that smug grin off your face.”

Joss pulled Arnault into his arms and kissed his forehead. “I wish I could say I’m sorry, but I’m not. That was more intense than anything I have ever felt.” He kissed his forehead again. “Don’t be mad okay, I’ll make it up to you, we’ll go out on as many dates as you want before we do it again.”
“now that it’s happened what point would there be in waiting?” Joss was actually a little worried now since he had invited Arnault here promising to be good “hey, please don’t be mad. I would have stopped if you would have asked me.”

“I’m not, I swear, just confused about how you make me feel and how sex could be this good. I now withdraw my statement that chocolate is better than sex. Nothing could be better than what just happened.” Joss’s smug smile returned “you just are far too sexy Arnault. I couldn’t help myself, especially when you kissed me back and were willing”

“i actually liked it. I’ve never been with a man who was that aggressive”

“I wouldn’t say I wasnt aggressive before but you brought out a new level of it in me. You are irresistible Arnault. I’m beyond glad I got you to go out with me. I hope you know you’re my boyfriend now because I’m sure as hell not letting other men get near you. Well you know what i mean, you can have friends but I am your lover” Arnault smiled “Good, I wasn’t planning on seeing anybody else”

“I want to introduce you to my best friends James and Ashton. God, you need to meet my mom too. Can I set up a barbeque so you can meet everybody?”

“Sure, I’ll invite my friends and family too”

“we’ll do it in my backyard” Joss said through a yawn. Arnault smiled and kissed Joss’s chest “lets get some sleep and iron the rest of this out tomorrow”

“Ok” Joss held tightly to Arnault even in his sleep. The man in his arms tonight meant the world to him and he needed Arnault as close to his heart as he could get him. When it came time for the barbeque a few weeks later they both showed eachother off proudly, though Adeliene embarrassed Arnault when she went on about how adorable he was. Joss was disappointed his sister didn’t show but he hardly expected her to. Most likely getting high was her priority this afternoon. He wouldn’t let that ruin the happiness of this barbeque though. He had an amazing boyfriend that he was madly in love with and nothing could tarnish that happiness. His next order of business was following Arnaults advice. Hopefully that would help Abella and make her see how badly she was hurting everyone and most importantly the fact she did need help.

Joss wanted Arnault to know the amazing woman his sister once was but most of all he himself wanted his sister back. Now that he had Arnault, having his sister back to who she used to be would make life perfect so he was willing to do whatever it took and deal with whatever hatred he received from her to get her the help she needed.

~ The End ~

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