Jubal & Delia

Chapter One

The school was huge, she couldn’t believe how huge. Only eighteen years old and she had been transferred to such an impressive place because she showed promise. Delia just stared at the giant structure that stood on the other side of a beautifully placid lake. She took a deep breath and took to the trail that snaked its way around the lake. She was to go straight to the headmaster and show him her transfer papers so he could sign them. She hummed as she walked, a smile pulling at her lips. She was in such high spirits that she almost didn’t notice the man standing on the bank of the lake as she rounded its east side. She came to a stop, studying him. He just stood there, his eyes staring out across the lake, the small breeze tugging at his hair. His hands were in his pants pockets, his posture relaxed. There was something odd about him, something she couldn’t quite place, but she could feel there was a darkness about him. She blinked and shook her head, then continued on, pretending like she didn’t notice him.

“You’re new.” He said as she passed and she stopped, turning towards him.


“I said you’re new.” He turned his eyes on her, revealing them to be as black as obsidian. She could see it there, the darkness swirling in his eyes as he looked her over from head to toe. He looked almost hungry.

“Yeah, and?”

He shrugged then went back to looking over the lake. “And nothing.”

She arched an eyebrow at him, opened her mouth to speak, thought better of it and turned away. She continued along the edge of the lake, needing to get to the headmaster and then get her schedule. She couldn’t help herself and looked back, seeing the man looking right at her. She thought for a moment he might follow her, but he stayed on the bank of the lake the whole time.

He stayed on her mind as she entered the school and followed the directions she had been given to the headmasters office. She had no trouble remembering them so had no problems getting where she needed to go. He greeted her with a warm smile “welcome miss Lorcan” he gestured for her to sit “it’s nice to meet you” Her smile grew and her mind was now back on school for the first time since she had seen that incredibly handsome man. “hey, I was told to see you right away and get my schedule.” He looked in a drawer and pulled it out “there you go, I just wanted to see that you arrived. Any questions for me?” She looked over her schedule “No, I think I’ve got everything”

“If you need anything just come and ask.”

“Thank you sir.” He smiled and nodded and she left, looking down at her schedule. It had her locker number and dorm room number, as well as her roommates name. “Jubal.” She said under her breath as she walked down the hall. It was a nice name and she wondered if Jubal was a he or a she. She shrugged, searching for the lockers.

Jubal walked at a leisurely pace around the lake, every once in awhile grabbing a rock and tossing it into the water. He didn’t want to be here around all of these people. He didn’t know why he couldn’t just be like his uncle and go hide out in the woods. It would probably be safer. His parents had sent him to the school when he was fifteen and he was expected to learn or not come home. He sighed as he stepped through the front doors of the school and turned left, going away from the headmaster’s office. As he came to the end of the hall, someone slammed into him and he reflexively steadied them. Red eyes looked up at him and he let the young woman go. He recognized her from a few minutes ago. Her smile was particularly enticing.

“Sorry.” She blinked up at him. “You’re the weird guy from the lake.”

“And you’re the new girl.”


“Cool.” He started past her and she grabbed his arm, making him stop.

“Sorry, that was rude, calling you weird. Could you maybe help me find the locker room and point me to the dorms?”

“Lockers are the other way, past the headmaster’s office, turn left and then left again. The dorms are that way.” He pointed behind her. “They’re coed so you could get whoever. You have to go outside and past the tennis court. The dorms are on the other side.”

She smiled, showing a pair of pointy canines. “Thank you so much. This school is so big.”

“Look if you need help then go to the headmaster, if you can’t find him then one of the others can help.” He looked her over. “I’m Jubal, I’m sure you’ll hear about me.” He shook her off and continued on, leaving her feeling surprised that she had actually run into her roommate. She wanted to chase after him and apologize again, but he looked preoccupied so she let him go.

Once she snapped out of it she followed his directions to her locker and then to what would be her new dorm room. She wondered why he had gotten the sudden attitude with her. He hadn’t seemed the super friendly type but it had still been surprising for him to shake her off before. Maybe he had just had a bad day or was stressed, this was a school. Delia opened her new door and soon guessed it was probably a man who already lived here. It could always be a girl but her best guess was male judging by what he had and his messy bed. Normally girls at least made their beds if nothing else was tidy. She didn’t have anything with her so there wasn’t much to do at this point but observe her roomates things in hope to get to know them better.

He only had one picture of a man and a young boy holding up a fish they had caught. They wore big smiles, their eyes scrunched closed, the little boy missing his two front teeth. She guessed that was Jubal and the man was his father. They had the same dark hair, the older man’s was long and pulled back in a braid while the younger’s was short and messy. She smiled, thinking he looked pretty adorable. He didn’t really have much as far as possessions went, a couple of books and from his open closet door, a couple of weeks worth of clothes that all looked the same. He seemed like the type of man who kept to himself, something that contrasted greatly with the happy little boy in the photo. She decided to go ahead and try and find her classes since she was supposed to start in the morning. It would be easier to get around if she didn’t have to constantly ask where things were.

Jubal sat just outside the archery range, watching as some of the students practiced shooting and using magic to multiply their arrows. Replication was one of the harder ones to master, but he himself had manged to do it in less than a week. It had amazed the teachers that he was such a fast learner and he could very easily cast the same spell with ease. It was all just a boring game to him now. He could render to something to ash with fire in a matter of seconds, could make plants grow, lightening strike, could even turn blood itself into a weapon. He always aced his tests and wasn’t failing any classes, but he was forced to stay here until he could fully control his lust for blood. He kept to himself as much as possible and had even managed to run off his roommate with his dark disposition. He thought he was doing a good job by avoiding the temptation all together, but his parents and his instructors disagreed.

Delia was pulled into one of her classes by the instructor who was excited about getting a new student. She made Delia introduce herself then asked her to stay for a few minutes to get a feel for the class. She took a seat next to a particularly bubbly young woman who quickly introduced herself as Jaqueline. “So how is your first day?” She asked with a big smile.

“Uh good so far, I just got settled in.”

“Oh good, if you need anything I’m in room 209. I bunk with a girl named Jennifer, she’s super cool. How about you, who’d you get?”

“Uh, someone named Jubal.”

Jaqueline’s eyes widened. “Oh, Jubal.” Her sunny disposition was gone in an instant. “Look, you might want to ask for a different room. Jubal can be…well he’s kind of…he’s dangerous, really dangerous.”

“I talked to him, he did seem a little off putting but I’m fine. I definitely wasn’t scared of him”

“seriously he chases off anybody who gets close to him. He can be a real jerk. I’m just warning you, if I didn’t I would have to feel bad when he did somthing to you or made you want to leave the school”

“thank you for the warning but I’m good.” Delia knew that happy little boy had to be somewhere in him. Despite his bad attitude earlier she wasn’t worried. Even if he was an ass it wasn’t like they had to be together constantly if she didn’t want to be around him. She stayed for a large portion of the class then told her new friend bye, thanked the teacher and left to find her other classes. She met a few other people who all tried to get her to not stay in the same room as Jubal but it didn’t deter her.

When lunch time rolled around she followed the other students to the cafeteria where she was immediately met by Jaqueline who pulled her into line. She had some of her friends with her who were all just as sunny as she was until they talked about Jubal. It was like they were talking about a serial killer. She got her food and was following Jaqueline to a table when she noticed Jubal leaving the cafeteria with a sandwich in hand. She yelled an apology to Jaqueline as she turned and hurried after him. “Hey wait.” She said and he didn’t turn to look at her. “Jubal.” He paused, partially turning to face her.

“It’s you, the new girl, Delia right?”

“Yeah, I just wanted to thank you for earlier and apologize again for calling you weird.”

He shrugged. “I’m sure you’ve heard plenty about me to know it’s true. You should stay away.”

He turned his back to her and started walking so she hurried after him. “Well, that’s impossible, we’re roommates.” He halted and looked down at her, a look of irritation on his face.



“Just stay away from me, get another room.”

He looked like he was about to leave so she stepped in front of him. His black eyes stared back at her, that same hunger swirling in them that she had seen before. There was something really dark about him. “No, I don’t care what other’s say, I’m not just going to move out. I’ve already settled in, maybe you should get a new room.”

He glared at her. “Do you have any idea what I am, Delia?”

“A guy with an attitude problem?”

“A kage inu yokai, a dangerous creatures who constantly craves blood.” He leaned down so his face was close to hers then closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. “You smell like food, delicious, enticing, a real meal.” When he opened his eyes she nearly blushed at the need there. “I could eat you right up and no one could stop me unless they killed me so stay away.” He moved past her, leaving her standing there with her heart hammering. She went from shock to mild irritation as she went back to the cafeteria. She hoped he didn’t think she was just going to give up, she never backed down and he had practically issued a challenge with his intimidation tactic.

“What is a kage inu yokai?” She asked when she plopped down next to Jaqueline. All the girls at the table went silent. “Well?”

“It’s a shadow demon hound. You talked to Jubal again right? He’s one and they’re extremely dangerous. They love blood, they crave it like a drug, and most go crazy. You can see it in his eyes, see the beast laying in wait ready to pounce. He’s terrifying.”

“well he wont scare me”

“do you not value your life?” one of the other girls asked and she shrugged “I don’t back down. He’s sharing a room with me or moving. That’s the end of it” They thought she was crazy among many other things and decided not to push it further. They could all see she was determined to share a room with Jubal even if that meant the possibility on not waking up the next morning. She finished her lunch, planning to go sit in her room and just wait for him to try and kick her out again.

The girls waved her off “she seems nice. It’s a shame she’s going to stick around ass face” one of the girls said to Jaqueline who sighed “yeah but he hasn’t killed anybody yet so hopefully she’ll get some sense before she’s the first victim to push him to it or he’ll move out to be away from her’ Her hearing was good enough to hear the conversation but most people who had ever met her thought she was mad and it didn’t upset her. She knew it was more concern for her well being than anything else.

Jubal walked back into the school as the bell rang to signal the end of class. He was caught in the flood of students, but when they noticed him, they quickly gave him a wide berth. He preferred it this way. The only ones who didn’t move were the ones who were interested in him, or the ones who didn’t know any better. Usually just a look could get them to go away. He still couldn’t believe he had been given a new roommate and found himself wanting to go to the headmaster and ask him if he was some sort of ignorant moron. He growled as he swept some of his hair away from his face and turned to go to his room. Being around so many people was exhausting, it was like a constant up hill battle. He froze in the doorway when he saw her laying on her bed, a book in her hands. He blinked and shook his head, hoping he was just seeing things. She looked up at him, her ruby red eyes meeting his and he nearly took a step back. She was beautiful and smelled amazing. Her scent had permeated his room and wafted up his nose, beckoning him to come closer.

“What are you doing here?” He asked in irritation.

“Reading in our room, what’s it look like?” She replied then looked back at her book.

He stepped inside and closed the door. “I thought I told you to leave.”

“I thought I said no.”

He glared at her. “You can’t stay here.”

“I didn’t realize you had any right to tell me what to do.” Her eyes jumped back to his face and he suddenly felt like a cornered animal, a feeling he didn’t like. He crossed the room and snatched the book out of her hand and moved onto her bed. His face was close, close enough that his breath stirred up stands of her hair.

“Don’t play with me woman, I will bite.”

She stared back at him, completely unwavering. “Then go ahead and bite, because I’m not leaving. You think I believe all the stuff I’ve been told, do you think I’m afraid of you? I don’t and I’m not.” She reached up to touch him and he drew back, stepping away until his legs bumped into his bed and he could sit. Her scent was too strong, stronger than any he had ever smelled.

“Just stay over there Delia and don’t ever touch me.”

“So I can stay then?”

He laid down and turned away from her. “Whatever, just leave me alone.”

Chapter Two

She triumphantly went back to her book as he irritatedly laid there. At least if he was going to be stuck with someone annoying they were beautiful. He didn’t want to think about her but her scent prevented him from pushing her out of his head. He wondered if there was anywhere outside he could stay or somthing to keep her scent from covering the room.m These would be things he could look into tomorrow. Delia spent the rest of the evening reading, not having a lot left of it by the time she laid down to sleep. This was her room too and he would learn to like it or change rooms.

Jubal turned and watched her as she slept, his eyes riveted to her steadily beating pulse. The beast urged him forward, whispered to him to take what he wanted from her until he was shaking. He glared at her, his fists clenched. Why wouldn’t she listen and what was the headmaster trying to do? They all knew what kind of monster he was, what he was capable of. Many of his ancestors had skulked through villages at night, slinking into houses in the form of large black dogs to drag people away and drain them of their blood. He didn’t understand Delia wanting to stay this close to him. She moved in her sleep which caused her scent to swirl through the air and hit his nose. His pupils dilated and his nose flared, his heart slammed against his chest, the urge to pounce unbearable. He growled, the sound rumbling in his chest and up into his throat as he slid off his bed and moved slowly over to her. He leaned down, his nose close to her neck and he breathed in. There was something about her smell, something different than the others.

She shifted again and he jumped back, his heart beating out a terrified rhythm. He had not realized what he was doing. He stumbled back and fell onto his bed, swallowing down his fear. He was disgusted with himself. He backed up over his bed and into the corner of his room where he sat down and watched her. That had been closer than he had ever come to taking someone’s blood. He raked his fingers through his hair, knowing he would get no sleep tonight, not with her there. He would find a place tomorrow, a place to nap away from her unique scent. Delai woke to the sound of an alarm clock, blinking and stretching as she sat up. She nearly jumped out of her skin when she saw Jubal sitting on the other side of his bed, his black eyes staring intently at her.

“What are you doing?” She asked as she slid off her bed. “Did you fall or something?”

He blinked at her then got to his feet, his eyes filled with both predatory hunger and worry. “I need to go.” He moved around his bed and grabbed his jacket.

“Go where?” She looked him over. He seemed exhausted. “You don’t look well.” She took a step closer and he backed away, hands up to ward her off.

“Stay away, just back off and don’t touch me.” He pulled his jacket on then his shoes. “You need to rethink staying here Delia, I nearly…” He trailed off then shook his head as he stood. “Just leave me alone.” He left the room, slamming the door as he went. She wondered why he was so rattled. He had had such a bad attitude the day before, but now he was fearful. She wanted to chase him down and talk to him, but she had to get changed and eat breakfast before class. She would find him later hopefully and try her best to get him to talk.

She got ready for her day then found her way back to the cafeteria. She was proud of herself for not having a lot of trouble, especially with Jubal and how he was this morning so prominent in her head. She collected what she wanted for breakfast, ate then went to find her class. She didn’t know how early she would be but she’d rather be early than late since she was still new here. The classroom only had one other student in it when she got there. It was a lone girl lost in a text book. Delia imagined she must be a high achiever around here.

She took a seat next to her and the girl glanced at her then focused back on her book. Delia thought of saying something, but figured the girl wouldn’t want to be pulled away from her studies. Other students began to file in and Delia smiled when she saw Jaqueline walk in. She waved at her and Jaqueline walked over and took the seat next to her. “I’m glad you’re still alive.” She said as she dropped her bag next to her seat.

“Oh stop that, he’s hardly dangerous.” Delia replied, defending her grumpy roommate.

“But he is, that’s why he avoids everyone. The teachers seem to be the only ones who tolerate him and the headmaster. He’s the only one of his kind here and there’s a reason for that.”

“You don’t even know him and neither do I, but I will and I’ll show everyone he’s not some crazy psychopath.”

Jaqueline gave her a worried look, but said no more, seeing that Delia was more than determined to make her point. When everyone was settled in and the bell rang, the professor started talking about different plants, both dangerous and safe, and what they could be used for. Jubal let out a long sigh as he stood next to the lake, his eyes watching the cool water lap at the bank. It seemed so peaceful, so content to go with the flow and he wished he could be that way, be normal. He had nearly done an unforgivable thing, had been so drawn in by Delia’s scent that it had forced the beast out in him. Even now her scent permeated his clothes and wouldn’t leave his nose. He had never encountered a smell so strong, so amazing that it could drive him completely out of control. He wondered if this was some kind of test to see if he could keep from tearing an innocent young woman’s throat out. He knew she wasn’t human and didn’t smell like a vampire even though she had those fangs and unlike most other beings, her veins showed a pale grey color beneath her skin instead of blue. He was both intrigued and frightened for her, so much so that he snapped his teeth at her the moment he saw her face.

“what’re you doing?” she asked as if he hadn’t just been threatening again. “Trying to be alone. Not only do you force your company in the room but you’re going to force it around school too?”

“I’m not forcing anything. Just saw you and wanted to see if you were okay”

“I’m fine as long as I’m alone”

“Nobody is fine alone all the time”

“You don’t know me. You don’t know if I’m fine or not by myself”

“You wouldn’t be so unhappy all the time if you were fine”

“I almost killed you last night. It’s better for everyone if I’m alone”

“but you didn’t, here I stand” He gave her a look that said she was as crazy as most people spoke “I say almost kill you and you say you’re alive? Are you brain damaged?”

“No, you’re fighting that beast inside you and I think there’s a good person in there”

“You’re annoying, please go away”

“Can;t we just talk a bit without you trying to chase me off?”

“I’m trying to keep you alive. I’ll kill you”

“I don’t think so”

Chapter Three

“Stupid girl, that’s all you are. Poking and prodding where you’re not wanted.” He grumbled under his breath and she gave him an amused smile. “What?” He snapped.

“You’re kind of cute when you’re irritated.”

“The last word you would use to describe my people is cute. I have ancestors who murdered sweet girls like you without a second thought. Dark hounds who feasted on innocent blood, who terrorized villages and even cities just to get a taste.” He looked out across the lake. “Your smell is stronger than everyone else’s, it’s maddening being close to you.”

“I can’t help how I smell.”

“It’s everywhere, in my clothes, my hair, it’s stuck on me. I don’t think it would go away even if I scrubbed my skin raw. I hate it.”

She reached out and grabbed his arm, making him jump and look at her. Now that he was really paying attention, he could see how beautiful her smile really was. It was like sunshine. “Sorry I stink so bad. What do I smell like?”

He sighed and pulled his arm away. “Earth, flowers, cool and crisp like fall, clean and beautiful, it’s intoxicating. The hound feels almost doped up, it begs for a taste, demands that I pounce and rip you open and lap you up.”

“You’re trying to be all dark and scary.”

“I am dark and scary.”

She giggled. “Oh yeah, terrifying.”

He frowned. “You have no sense of self preservation, you’d probably pick up a rattle snake just to show others you can.”

“Rattle snakes can be quite nice.”

He snorted and they stood there in silence looking over the lake together for a few minutes, just enjoying the soft breeze that pushed at their hair. It wafted her scent into his nose and he almost whined. To distract himself he said, “You have weird blood.”

“Weird blood?”

“Yeah, it looks greyish beneath your skin.”

“Oh, that’s because I’m a Hugtandalfer, we have silver blood.”


“And apparently stinky so you say.”

His frown deepened. “I didn’t mean it like that.”

“I know. Look, just give us a chance okay, we’ll be fine and I’m not worried about donating a little blood every once in awhile if you need it.”

“That’s stupid.”

“You did say I was a stupid girl.”

He sighed “you really are. You’ll die long before your time being like this”

“you wont be what kills me though” He shrugged, knowing talking was fruitless. She was determined to be put in harms way. He doubted he could even sleep outside to be away from her. She’d probably just follow and make him share the same room. They sat silently together until she asked “want to walk me to my next class?”

“Not really”

“come on, do it”

“fine” he stood and she smiled again “that was easy”

“I know by now you wont stop so I may aswell not waste time. I’ll get you to your class then do what I want” she took his hand and he felt that deep hunger but controlled it as they walked. He reluctantly admitted to himself as they walked that he liked being close to her despite the constant tease. It was even a pleasant thought that she might give a little blood freely though he felt reserved about what it might do to him. What if the taste wasn’t enough and the beast took over. As fearless as she was he could kill her so easily and regret it the rest of his life.

The other students gave them weird looks, some even doing double takes as they walked by hand in hand and she gripped his tighter when he tried to pull away. He kept his eyes forward, the black dog inside bristling at the unwanted attention. He felt cornered again, caged in by these people and their judgments. He cared little for himself, but being close to him would have people whispering about Delia. Why he cared so much about her reputation, he didn’t know, but he wanted to bare his teeth at the onlookers. They stood there like they were at a circus freak show and they were the main attraction. When they made it her class, he started to let her go and she pulled him inside, making him stumble a little and bump into her when he tried to resist. The professor, a wiry woman with round glasses and a bright blue scarf tied around her head gave him a surprised look.

“Jubal? I didn’t expect to see you here, you had this class last period didn’t you?”

“Uh…I was just…”

“I made him come.” Delia cut in with a warm smile. “I found him brooding out by the lake and figured I’d make him come with me.”

“The professor smiled. “You must be quite stubborn.”

“More like stupid.” Jubal grumbled under his breath and Delia cleared her throat so as not to laugh. “I can’t be here.” Jubal said as other students were filtering into the room. There was so much blood just waiting.

“Yes you can, just keep your nose on me.” Her red eyes looked up at him, so naive, so innocent. They cut into him, seemingly seeing past his cool, sometimes angry facade to the fear bubbling beneath the surface. He could rip them all apart, he was fast enough. “Just one class.” She said.

“One will turn into two and two into the whole day.”

“Just one.”

He growled low in his throat. She was too stubborn. “Fine, one.”

She smiled ‘good” They sat next to eachother as he fought the inner battle not to slaughter everyone in the room. He did his best to concentrate on just Delia even though that came with it’s own fears. When class was over she said proudly “see, nobody is dead and I’m sure you learned a thing or two”

“It took all of my concentration just to keep everyone alive”

“You’ll get better”

“I’ve been in school a long time”

“Avoiding people. The way you eye them, I can see the hound baring its teeth. I mean it’s all cute to me, but everyone else avoids eye contact with you like you have the plague.”

“I am a plague.”

She gave him a light slap on his cheek and he stared back at her shocked for a moment before his dark eyes settled into a glare. “You need to stop acting like you’re some sort evil, shadow, uncontrollable entity. This isn’t Poltergeist.”


“It’s a movie and that’s beside the point. I can see the part of you that is lonely and wounded and misunderstood. You snapping your teeth at everyone who walks by in the hopes of protecting them only adds fuel to the flames.” She reached up and cupped his cheek and he actually leaned into her gentle touch. Her fingers felt cool against his skin, the smell of her blood tugged at his senses. “It’s okay to crave blood Jubal, it’s just part of who you are. It’s about self control, not completely leashing yourself.”

“You don’t know.” He grabbed her hand and pulled it away from his face. “It’s either I tie myself down or I attack someone like you.”

“I trust you Jubal.”

“Don’t.” He stroked the back of her hand with his thumb. He wanted her and he felt ashamed. He shouldn’t be allowed to want things. “I’m going back to our room.”

“Then I will too. You shouldn’t be sitting alone, you’ll over think things.”

He rubbed the back of his neck in irritation. He wondered briefly what kind of parents she had. They probably hadn’t taught her to listen to her most basic survival instincts. She seemed like the type of girl who had brought wolf pups home to her parents and asked to keep it. “Delia, you don’t get it.” He tried.

“Sure I do, you’re all dangerous and scary and have sharp, sharp canines that could rip my throat out and cause blood to go spraying all over the place.” She mock shivered. “So terrifying and also a load of crap.” She gripped his hand. “Let’s go back together and I’ll show you it’s safe.” Arguing with her was like smashing his head against a brick wall and he found himself being pulled down the hall and outside. He was surprised he wasn’t stopping her as they crossed over to the dorms and even more so when he let her pull him into their room and close the door. She released her grip on him and he thought this was his chance to run away, but he was rooted to the spot. Her hands were suddenly on him and it took him a moment to realize she was patting him down. She smiled and reached into his pocket, pulling out his knife.

“What are you doing?”

“Where do you want to drink from, wrist or neck?”


“Jubal, where do you want to drink from?”

He swallowed. “You can’t.”

“I can, now choose or I choose.”

He swallowed. “Neck, but you don’t need the knife.” His voice was an unsure whisper. She sat it down on his chest of drawers and stepped up close to him. He let his hand slide along the nape of her neck, getting lost in the feel of her. She smiled, so innocent and trusting, he hated it. “If it hurts or if I lose control…”

“You won’t and I’ll be fine.” He couldn’t help but smile at her stubborn courage, giving her a glimpse of his elongated canines. She didn’t even flinch, just waited patiently. He leaned in and her wonderful scent washed over him, excited him. “It’s okay.” She said softly and he sank his canines into her flesh. She cried out and her fingers tangled in his hair, holding him to her as her blood rushed over his tongue.

All fight in him was gone as he held her. Her blood was even more amazing than her scent and it was such a release to finally have some. He was surprised at how easily he found that control when he knew he needed to stop. He by no means wanted to but he wouldn’t take more from Delia than she could give. He kissed where he had taken from then healed it before looking back at her. She was smiling again and he gave her a small one back “lay down, I took very close to the limit. You’ll need a second’

“You’ll lay with me?” he nodded and they both laid down “hold me Jubal” she said softly and he did, once again surprised by how good it felt to. “thank you Delia”

“anytime, seriously” she fell asleep but he could tell she was fine so he just continued to hold her close, honestly grateful to her for trusting him so much. He hoped one day he could trust himself as much as she did. As terrifying as the future seemed with her at his side it was exhilarating. She was so beautiful, tasted amazing beyond belief and could maybe make him able to be among everyone else. He kissed her again thinking she was just stubborn enough for all that to happen.

~ The End

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