Julian & Lucius 3

Chapter One

There was something wrong with the old castle, Julian’s wolf could smell it as he, Lucius and Uri moved through the dusty interior. They had been told loud screams could be heard coming from the inside at night and people had witnessed someone running past the windows in a seemingly panicked state. Julian inhaled, taking in every scent and separating them out. “Perfume.” He said.

“Perfume? Are you sure?” Uri asked. “I can’t smell anything.”

“His nose, knows.” Lucius said.

“My wolf is uneasy.” He reached out, taking Lucius’s hand. “There’s something wrong, an oppressiveness, I don’t like it.”

“We can’t leave until we find out what’s going on. Someone could have been killed or could be being held captive.” Lucius replied.

“This place is huge.” Uri said. “It’s going to take awhile to see every room.”

“We have permission to stay if we need to.”

“always thinking of everything”

“you know that’s mostly you, don’t they call you the brains and me the brawn?” The three men walked along, carefully inspecting each room. This place was incredibly creepy and offsetting but they cared more about doing this job right than their desire to leave this place. If they left a scene every time they felt uncomfortable they wouldn’t have the reputation they currently had. Besides, they had eachothers backs, two vampires and a wolf. These people couldn’t have picked a stronger opposition for whatever spirits were here, especially considering Julian was half spirit wolf.

They headed upstairs, turning into the East Wing and as they passed one of the rooms, Julian froze. He bared his teeth, a growl slipping past his lips that brought Lucius and Uri up short. “What’s wrong?” Lucius asked.

Julian turned to the door, shoving it open. Whatever had been there had left as soon as he had taken interest, but it didn’t stop him from sniffing around. His wolf was on edge, urging him to take his mate and leave, this place was dangerous, not place for a mate. He shoved the beast down. Lucius wouldn’t be happy if he could hear Julian’s thoughts. Lucius grabbed him, giving a questioning look. “There was something, I swear there was something dark in here.” He said as he looked around.

“Is it still here?” Uri asked.

“No, it ran.” He growled again.

“Come on, let’s keep looking, we can come back here later.” Lucius said as he pulled Julian from the room.

Julian made a mental note of precisely where the room was for later. It was definitely worth coming back to see if whatever it was that caught his attention was there. Lucius had to get close to pull Julian away so Julian just stayed close, now practically on top of his mate. He knew that would annoy him too but he couldn’t help it and thankfully Lucius had come to mostly accept it instead of getting mad. His wolf needed to protect him and to a certain degree Julian truly couldn’t help that. He was trying though. His mate had been doing this job long before he was around so he knew he had to at least try to be better about just letting him do his job.

There was one other room upstairs that had Julian’s wolf on high alert. It was a study packed with dusty books and papers scattered across the floor. The window behind it was busted out so some of the books were moldy. They made sure to remember that one then headed to the other wing of the castle. “Julian, you’re making it hard to walk.” Lucius finally said and Julian huffed as he put a bit of space between them.

“My wolf wants to rip it apart.”

“Easy, it’s okay.”

“We should head down to the cellar next.” Uri suggested.

“That sounds like a wonderful idea.” Julian huffed out. “The border between here and there is thin. I don’t know what went on here, but it was bad and we’re being watched.”

“We’ll be careful and besides, you’re with us. You can sense these things better than we can.” Lucius could see the wolf wrestling to the surface. His eyes were glowing softly in the fading light. “We’ve also exorcised ghosts before.”

“It’s not the ghosts we have to worry about. It’s something else.”

“well as I said, we have you to warn us” Lucius took Julian’s hand, knowing he needed it. “I trust you, trust yourself and in our abilities” If he had to give him space Julian was glad he could at least keep his mates hand. They carefully went down to the cellar. Making sure they paid attention to where they were going and continuing to exam all around them for any little signs of what may have been going on here to cause all of this. The cellar was hard for Julian’s sensitive nose to handle but he pushed through it. There was no way he was going to let Lucius and Uri explore down here by themselves.

The sudden growl let loose from Julian actually startled both Lucius and Uri. Lucius glanced at him, seeing his eyes were a bright gold now and his lips were pulled back revealing sharp canines. He released Lucius’s hand and moved to stand between him and the other side of the cellar. “What is it?” Lucius asked, ready to fight.

“Do you hear that?” Uri asked.

They grew silent save for the rumbling coming from Julian’s throat. It sounded like frantic footsteps and panting. The young woman came running toward them from the darkness, looking terrified at whatever pursued her and shocked to see three strangers. She didn’t slow, passing through Uri who grabbed his chest and shivered. She was a ghost. Julian shot forward, colliding with some black mass. It gripped his throat with what Lucius could barely make out as a hand, lifting him off the ground. “Julian!”

“St…stay back!” He snapped as his fingers wrapped around the shadow’s arm. Lucius was already moving, followed by Uri. The shadow’s other hand shot out, slamming against Uri’s jaw and sending him flying. Lucius swung at it, feeling like he made contact, but almost like there was some give, like the creature was more malleable than it seemed. He was repaid by being tossed across the room and into Uri who was just stumbling to his feet. A red haze slipped over Julian’s vision and gripped tighter to the entity and opened a tear around himself. He was gone one moment and back a few feet away, the entities arm in his hand. The arm slowly drifted away until there was nothing and another sprouted in its place. Julian faced the creature, unflinching. To Lucius it seemed like they were having a stand off, neither of them moving and then the shadow was gone, the feeling of darkness and oppression gone from the room.

“Julian, are you alright?” Lucius asked as he helped his brother up.

“It’s moved to a different part of the castle.” He turned and looked in the direction the woman had gone. “It was after her, but we delayed it. She’s moved too.”

“It’s like a game of cat and mouse.” Uri said as he dusted himself off. “What was that thing?”

“I don’t know.” Julian said as he turned his attention to Lucius. “Are you alright?”

“of course, it would take a lot more than that to really hurt my brother and I”Julian sighed, gently letting his knuckles rub Lucius’s cheek. He did his best to shake off his worry, he needed to before he got into an argument with his mate about him staying here. Sighing again Julian let his hand fall down to Lucius’s, takeing it firmly “lets see if we can find it again. No doubt that woman can’t rest in peace until we do. Are you two up for it?” He asked, already knowing what his vampire would say. “lets try to find it again” They were faster now. They knew the layout and had a specific goal in mind. Julian was leading, they knew he had the best chance of finding it again tonight if they were going to.

Lucius was always amazed at how focused Julian could be when he was tracking and it was also a bit worrying. The last time he had pursued something so doggedly, he had been injured and had brushed it off as nothing more than a minor inconvenience. Julian slid to a stop, his head cocking to the side, his nose breathing in the air to try and catch a scent. “This way.” He said as he turned down a hallway. “It’s moving fast.”

“Do you think it knows we’re chasing it?” Uri asked.

“I don’t think it’s paying attention to us. To it we’re nothing but a nuisance that it will have to deal with.” Julian answered.

“How do you know that?” Lucius asked.

“I can feel it. It’s that half of me that stands on the brink of this world and their’s. The same blood that gives me the ability to open tears allows me to feel a spirit or demons intentions. It believes we’re nothing, just pests who have infested its home. It’s after the woman and it refuses to give up the chase.”

“But why?”

“I know she was scared, but determined. Whatever he is, he really wants her.”

“Can we even beat it or him? I made contact, but it was like punching a pillow.”

“I can touch him, he felt completely solid to me. The problem is destroying him. If he can regenerate, it’s going to be hard. I can keep him busy, but unless we find what’s locked them here, there’s no way to make him leave. He’s here because she’s here, but why is she here?”

They stopped the pursuit, realizing it was more important to figure out why they were still here. Uri began reading more online about this place, following Julian and Lucius who were back examining things and comparing theories based on what they already knew about this place and the things that had happened here. They eventually had to sit and rest, knowing they should make sure they had plenty of energy if they faced it again. Uri sighed “I’d say we should try to talk to the woman but I highly doubt we would have enough time”

“I said before, I can keep him busy so you two can talk to the girl. The real question is will she talk to us?’

“we’ll just tell her we’re trying to help”

They formed a plan while they sat there and once they were rested enough, they got up and put it into motion. They would follow the entity and when they spotted it, Julian would attack it while Lucius and Uri got the woman’s attention. Though Lucius was worried about what the shadow would do to Julian, he couldn’t bring himself to voice his fears, not when Julian looked so confident. “I want you to get the girl as far from me as possible.” Julian said as he started removing his clothes. “Make him work for her.”

“Just come back to me.” Lucius said and Julian gave him one of his mischievous smiles.

“Wouldn’t want to let you fall asleep alone at night, you’d be lonely.”

Lucius felt himself start to blush. “I love you jerk.”

“I love you too.” He gave Lucius a quick kiss then shifted into his wolf, letting the animal have complete control of his senses as he took off running with Lucius and Uri behind him. All he had to do was keep the shadows attention on him. He could feel the vibrations of the thing as he ran and also the panic of the woman he pursued. The woman and the shadow came into sight and Julian let out a loud howl as he launched himself through the air and bit down on the shadow’s forearm. Lucius and Uri sprinted past them and Julian wrestled with the dark entity.

They let themselves get a bit more distance before Lucius shouted “please listen! Please, we want to help! Talk to us so we can figure out how to help you” They were both surprised when she glanced over her shoulder. When she saw the entity wasn’t chasing and it was only them she stopped. The woman still looked terrified, her face looking damp with tears. She wasn’t saying anything so Uri tried, speaking far more gently “Do you know why that thing chases you? Is it what killed you? We need to know everything if we’re going to help you move on”

“Yes, its….when i was alive that thing was a human. I don’t know what he turned into….but I know it’s him”

“who, who are you and who is he” she started stuttering what must have been her name when the entity was back, chasing her away. They had been so close. Julian ran in, back in human form “I’m sorry, damn it!”

“we’ll get them separated again it’s okay”

“it’s not okay” Lucius rubbed his mates back “it’s okay, it’s strong, Uri and I both know.”

Chapter Two

Julian ignored the wounds he had already received from the shadow as they sprinted after the girl. They were gaining again, he could tell. He pushed his senses to their limit, picking up the sound of panting and tapping footsteps. He realized they were being lead back down to the cellar and he pulled further ahead, shoving through the door at the bottom of the steps and shifting his shape. The woman was cornered, the shadow reaching for her and he jumped, landing on its back and sinking his teeth into the back of its neck. Lucius and Uri ran up to the woman, calling for her to move before the thing broke free. Julian noticed the she glanced back at it even as it reached for him and tried to pull him loose.

“Come on, we have to get away before it’s back on you.” Uri said.

“Tell us what’s going on.” Lucius said as they ran away.

“It was an accident.” She said as she headed back upstairs.

“What do you mean?”

“The study, it started in the study.” The brothers looked at each other, continuing to follow her until they were in the old study.

“Tell us, Julian is putting his life on the line down there.”

“We…we had a fight and he shoved me. He didn’t mean it, I could see it on his face when the window broke. He reached for me, I saw him. It was an accident, but…”

“He’s angry.” Uri said.


“At you?” Lucius asked.

“Not at first. I woke up down there, dead. When he was alive he blamed himself, he hated himself, he couldn’t hear me when I kept telling him it was an accident. Then he…he killed himself a few years later, I tried to stop him. That thing came soon after, so angry and hateful, it’s not him.”

“He held onto those emotions, it’s all his spirit can remember.” Uri said. “He’s chasing you and doesn’t even know why.”

“Have you tried telling him now you forgive him?”

“Yes but he doesnt listen…I’m so scared of him like this’

“Julian can keep him still long enough to listen. He should bring him in here, where it happened” she nodded fearfully. Uri stayed with her while Lucius stepped out the room, yelling for his mate to let the spirit come after her again so they could trap him in the study” His wolf heard and let him go, following it closely and pinning it again once they were in there. “Now, tell him you forgive him, tell him to let that anger go”

“baby, it’s me…your wife…I know you didn’t mean to. It was the heat of the moment. I saw you mourn, I saw how much my death broke your heart and slowly destroyed you, especially since you caused it but I forgive you adn you need to forgive yourself so we can move on. I still love you, even as I fell to my death I never hated you. Please, please let go. I love you” It was still fighitng but they all could tell the spirit was calming down. She continued to talk to him and even began to remind him about all the good times they had, telling him those were the memories she held on to in death. Eventually that horrible looking thing became a sobbing human man, holding his arms out, wanting nothing more than to hold her. She ran into his arms and they both slowly faded away together.

Julian shifted back to his human form and Lucius went to him, helping him to his feet. “You’re bleeding.”

“It’s fine, nothing major, I promise.”


“Seriously, all I need is our nice soft bed, all your kisses and I’ll be perfect.”

Lucius sighed. “Uri would you mind getting his clothes?”

“Will do.”

“You know, I get it.” Julian said once Uri was gone.

“Get what?”

“How that spirit felt. If anything ever happened to you, I’d lose it. Especially if it were my fault, I wouldn’t be able to keep going.” He wrapped Lucius in a tight hug. “You’re everything to me, Lucius.”

“I love you and thank you for not dragging me out of here, I could tell how tense you were.”

“More like he would have tossed you over his shoulder and opened a tear under us.” Uri said as he came back in and handed Julian his clothes.

“True, even if it meant coming in contact with Lucius’s wrath. It’s instinct.”

“well we did a good thing since you controlled your protective side and let us stay. I want to get out of here though. I know you’ll heal fast enough to be fine but I’d feel better if you were resting” Julian kissed him, opening a tear to take them home. “should you be doing that so wounded?” Lucius asked and Julian chuckled “Now who’s protective?”

“I love you ass” Uri now was the one laughing “I’m going to my room love birds.” They stripped and Lucius cleaned Julians wounds before they settled into bed with one another. Julian was enjoying having Lucius so sweet out of concern. He was a good mate but he wasn’t the super emotional, lovey type so he had to take affection however he could get it.

Lucius woke first the next morning wrapped tightly in Julian’s arms, one leg draped over his hips to make sure he couldn’t get away. He tried to gently push his way out, but Julian snuggled closer. Lucius couldn’t help but compare him to a big puppy. “Julian, it’s morning.” He said softly, but it didn’t seem to register. “Julian, wake up.”

“It’s too early.” Julian mumbled. “Go back to sleep.”

“It’s morning.”

“No way, you and your early rising needs to stop. People are going to start thinking you’re some sort of freak. Besides, I was wounded yesterday, it’s your duty as my mate to take care of me.”

“Then you should let me up so I can make you breakfast.”

“You are breakfast.”

“You’re wounded.”

Julian blinked his eyes open, grinning has he moved onto his back and pulled Lucius on top of him. “There we go, now I won’t strain anything.”


“I love it when you get all embarrassed.” He reached up, stroking Lucius’s cheek. “I’ll do anything you want after, my beautiful mate.”



Lucius smiled, planning on holding him to those words. “alright then you bad wolf” Julian almost laughed, feeling probably happier than most would after dealing with a situation like that yesterday. He was starting to get used to this work so he was starting to be more like his mate and Uri who could just go on like nothing abnormal had happend at all.Lucius bent down, his naked body pressing against Julian. Lucius licked up Julians neck, biting and gently tugging on his ear lobe while his hands slowly moved up his body, being careful to avoid places he knew wounds were last night. He wasn’t entirely healed all over but most of the wounds were gone. He just didn’t want to risk anything, not when it came to his mate.

Goosebumps formed over Julians skin as he let out a little moan. It always amazed Lucius how little he could do to cause his mate pleasure. It was sweet because he knew it was because he was so loved by him. Just the contact, the closeness made Julian feel good. Lucius drug his nails gently along the sides of Julians chest as he nibbled at his chin “always such a tease” Julian said as the slow build up continued “you love it” Lucius whispered in his ear seductivly. Just the way he spoke made Julian moan again. The wolf tried to flip his vampire over but Lucius spoke in a breathy voice with a grin “uh uh uh, you know how I like to build this up. You put me on top so just let me have my fun”

Julian whined “but I’m wounded” Lucius chuckled “don;’t you dare”

“I want you so bad. Please” Lucius continued teasing and while Julian still protested he truly did love it.

When Lucius finally lowered himself onto Julian, it was slow, his head thrown back as he let out his own moans. Julian gripped his thighs, willing himself to be patient and hold on, panting with the effort it took. Lucius braced himself on Julian’s chest as he lifted and lowered himself, unable to keep from smiling as he watched Julian barely holding onto his self control. Julian let out a little growl as he slid his hands up to Lucius’s hips and pulled him down hard, making him cry out loudly. He leaned down, kissing him as he rocked his hips. Julian clung to him, his hips following Lucius’s pace. “I love you Julian, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

They rode the waves of pleasure, Julian finally unable to hold himself back and flipping Lucius onto his back. He picked up the pace, slamming into his mate, his teeth biting down on his shoulder. Lucius’s back lifted off the bed as he released and Julian soon followed, a dominating growl filling his throat. He pressed a kiss to the teeth marks and then captured Lucius’s lips, fingers stroking gently through his hair as they regained control of their breathing. “Did you…strain anything.” Lucius said between breaths.

“I may have played it up a little bit.” Julian said with a smile, his nose rubbing against Lucius’s. “I love watching you, you’re so sexy.”

Lucius chuckled breathlessly then got up “I’ll get us something to eat you bad wolf” He pulled out pajama pants from a dresser drawer then went into the kitchen. He reheated some leftovers since that would be quicker than cooking. As he was taking it back he saw his brother fully dressed and seeming ready for the day “Uri?”

“I have some things to do and I’m going to take care of getting in contact with the people who informed us of the problem so you can just rest with Julian or whatever else you and him do”

“alright” Lucius went back to the bedroom where he handed Julian his food and sat down with his own “did you hear Uri?”


“you’re going to rest today. I mean it, you said you’d do anything I wanted”

“If you’ll rest with me I’m fine with that”


“more sex later?”

“Maybe, we’ll see” Julian laughed happily then started eating his food. Today was turning out to be perfect. His mate was safe, they had just had sex with the prospect of more later and regardless they were going to spend the day together, cuddling and just existing. Julian knew their relationship wasn’t fairy tail perfect but he didn’t need that, all he needed was Lucius at his side for eternity and days here and there just like this one.

~ The End

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