Julian & Lucius

Chapter One

Julian whistled as he walked down the empty road, his fingers laced behind his head, feeling happy after another good heist. It had been so easy, as it always was. Loner that he was, he was still good at charming the ladies. He was about as interested in them as he was at meeting a group of circus clowns in a dark alley, but it was easy to get close to their husband’s money when he talked them up. A sad story, a smile here, some flirting there and he was immediately invited in. They were always so embarrassed, their cheeks red as they blushed over his fawning. They would give him a tour of their homes and he would sniff out their husband’s safe. Once he knew where it was, it was easy to steal the valuables within. They had known what hit them, until it was too late. He smiled and stretched his arms above his head, feeling the small weight of his satchel as it rested against his hip. Money he could spend quickly and jewelry he knew he could easily pawn no questions asked.

A scent hit his nose and he opened his eyes, coming to a quick stop when he saw the pale skinned young man standing in the middle of the road. He arched an eyebrow and turned around, halting again when he saw an identical young man. He looked between the two, making sure he was indeed looking at twins. “Uh, hey, can I help you?” He asked as he studied them. Their clothes had slight variations, but they both wore black and blue. Both had dark hair the color of obsidian and bright blue eyes and pale skin. The biggest difference was the first man had a cold stare and wore a collar around his neck. “Do you speak english?”

“You took the bait so easily and here I thought wolves were smart.” The second man said, his lips pulling into a smile.

“Bait?” He looked between the two then grinned. “A trap, how lovely.”

“You will be coming with us.” The first man said and Julian looked into his eyes.

“I don’t think that’ll be possibe. I have things to do.”

“Do you know who I am?”

“A goth kid?”

The man behind him laughed. “He is Lucius Reva and I am Uri.”

Julian chuckled. “The scourge of criminals everywhere.” He shifted the satchel back and out of the way. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Lucius gave the wolf no more chances and charged him, using his speed to get closer quicker. The wolf’s eyes widened as he took a shot to the jaw and was thrown back and into Uri who wrenched his arms behind his back and gripped the wolf’s wrist in one hand, while the fingers of his other hand gripped the wolf’s hair. The wolf tried to turn, but Uri slammed him to the ground and pinned him there. Lucius looked at the wolf dispassionately as he snarled. “Weakling.”

“Piss ant.” Julian shot back.

Uri pulled him up. “What now brother?”

“He gets put in a cell and collared.”

“Fuck…you.” Julian glared up at him. He was not one to be treated like a dog. “I’ll rip your throat out first.” He was pissed beyond words that he had let himself be caught.

“Perhaps a muzzle as well.”

Julian grinned. “Not a fucking chance.” He opened a tear and the man holding him was so surprised that he let go, allowing Julian to fall through. He came out behind them at a dead sprint and heard them give chase. There was a cliff not too far away that dropped into a lake. He glanced behind them and was amazed at how fast they were. He would get there and they would have to work hard to catch him. He pushed himself harder as he veered off the road and onto a smaller path. It was narrow and rocky, but he took it like a nimble deer. He could smell the water and as he got to the edge, he halted and turned. They were there, the collared one glaring at him. “You want me so bad, come and get me.” He fell off the cliff, crossing his arms over his chest as he fell toward the lake.

“Go home and wait for me there.” Lucius said to his astonished brother. “I’ll bring him back, have a collar and muzzle ready.” He dove off the cliff after the wolf who was already making his way to shore.

Uri was so shocked somebody was actually giving them a real challenge it took him a second to start going home. He had no doubts his brother could catch and return this man on his own. He may be a challenge but Lucius probably needed one so he wouldn’t get bored of the job. Julian was actually starting to become impressed as the vampire stayed on his tail. He was still pissed beyond measure but he could be impressed at the same time. When he reaped the rewards of this job he would truly deserve it working this hard to keep it.

He was happy when he finally broke out of the woods and onto a road. The village was close and he would try to lose the vampire there. He could hear the vampire, Lucius, in the woods, still determined to catch him even as he drew closer to civilization. He could hear music, smell food, and when he stepped into town he could see there was some kind of festival going on. He loved festivals, at least for the most part. Every time he went to one he ran into one of them. He shuddered at the thought of the dramatically painted face. All the different smells played with his nose and made his stomach growl. He pushed his way through the crowd, quickly finding a food stand and paying for a kabob.

Lucius was not amused by the wolf forcing him to give chase. He hadn’t even been afraid, which usually served then well when it came to apprehending suspects. He had been cocky and seemingly amused, pissed, but not afraid in the least. Lucius groaned when he saw the festival. It would be much harder to find the wolf with all this stimulus. He expanded his sense of smell anyway, hoping to catch a whiff of his prey. He caught sight of him as the wind changed and the wolf suddenly perked up and looked over his shoulder, their eyes meeting. Lucius cursed under his breath as the wolf jumped up and started stubbornly running again. He wondered if he was even exhausted, he had to be after all that.

This vampire truly did mean business. Normally people gave up by now or wore out but the vampire seemed just as full as energy as he was. He guessed he had met his match when it came to stubborn. His legs could feel like falling off but he wouldn’t give up. This was proving to be more and more interesting. The challenge was more thrilling than anything. “I wont stop” Julian yelled with a large smile on his face “and I wont stop chasing you. You’ll give up long before I am ready to” Julian laughed at the vampires answer with fueled Julian with rage. He picked up the pace and excitement ran through the wold again.

He was now starting to wish he wasn’t being pursued for arrest by this vampire. He’d kill for a man like this. He was handsome going off the brief time the had looked at him, he was fast, he was determined, everything he could want but a man who enforced the law could never be for him. It was too much fun and far too easy living the way he did. Julian tried to outsmart Lucius and throw him off his trail but non of his tricks worked.

“Stupid hound.” Lucius snapped as he finally manged to get closer.

Julian turned, back pedaling out of a group of people and bumping into a fountain. “Me? You’re the one chasing me like some brain dead idiot.” Lucius swung at him and he stepped up onto the edge of the fountain, grinning. “I think you secretly like me. I mean you are stalking me.”

Lucius came up after him and they went around the fountain for a bit until Lucius realized he was running in circles after this animal. He was losing his temper over this wolf’s taunting. He jumped up and over the top, surprising the wolf. He punched him in the face, knocking him down. “Gotcha.”

“Bastard.” Lucius rubbed his cheek as he stumbled up.

“Frustrating hound.” He swung at him again and Julian backpedaled. Lucius was really irritated now, Julian could see that. He blocked the next punch, but the follow up one caught him under the chin and he stumbled back, slamming right into someone and knocking them over. He started to apologize when he saw it was a clown and he jumped back, bumping into Lucius, nearly knocking him over. “Watch it wolf.”

“You watch it.” He shuddered. “Asshole, knocking me into one of those…those things.” The clown got up, dusting himself off and Julian backed up. “Stay away.” He wasn’t paying attention and wound up tripping over his own feet. He scrambled back up and Lucius grabbed a handful of his hair, making him yelp as he pulled him back. “Let go.” Lucius wrenched one of the wolf’s arms behind his back and kicked his knees out from under him. “You’re a real asshole.”

“Shut up.”

Julian growled as he opened a tear. “Stupid blood sucker.” He pushed himself up and threw them both through, quickly closing it behind them as they rolled down a hill and slid to a stop. He huffed as he and the vampire both sat up. Lucius was on him in an instant, pinning him down. “At least take me out on a date first.”

“What did you do?”

“We’re in a different world, that’s what you get for tossing me into clown boy.”

“I’m close to just killing you instead of taking you in”

“You’re a goody two shoes, you wouldn’t”

“You’re right, you’re not fucking worth it. Fuck!” Lucius got up in frustration. He was now his only way home and he knew how big of a bastard he was dealing with. This wolf only cared about himself and he hated him going home hinged on such a terrible man. “Calm down” The hound snapped and Lucius said “calm down? You took me to another fucking world. I have people I care about back home. I’m sure thats somthing you know nothing about but it’s still true. Fuck all this I’ll find someone here who can take me home.”

“You’re giving up?”

“For now, I dont want to pound your face in. My brother wouldn’t approve. I’ll cool off but one day I will bring you in and you’ll pay for your crimes.”

“Nobody can catch me”

“I will and I’ll find a way to block this ridiculous fucking power so you cant just run like a little bitch instead of facing consequences. I don’t know how such a pansy can look himself in the mirror” Lucius was so furious. Julian actually felt a little bad. He could go anywhere, it must suck being afraid you couldn’t get back to your loved ones.

Julian sighed. “Tell you what, you let me go and I’ll take you back.”

Lucius glared. “Forget it.”

Julian chuckled. “You know, you’re kind of cute when you’re all flustered.” He got up, groaning. “Did you have to be so rough?”

“I’ll show you rough.”


“How old are you?”

“Twenty-three.” He stretched. “Come on, it’s not so bad. It’s not like I plan on staying here forever. I have to go back at some point.”


“Hey, don’t judge someone you don’t know. I steal things sure, but nothing that can’t be replaced, I like men, something that my father disagreed with because I’m his only son. I’m supposed to give him grandpups, but that’s not happening. I also have a fantastic mother and I plan on seeing her again as soon as you chill out.”

“You’re probably lying stupid wolf.”



“That’s my name and I’m not letting you collar me like some dog, though I see you seem to enjoy it.”

“It’s so others can tell Uri and I apart, not some weird fetish.”

“Sure it’s not.”

Lucius threw his hands into the air. “I hate you.” He started walking away and Julian sighed as he followed. The vampire had no idea where he was and would get lost otherwise. “Go away.”

Chapter Two

“I’m not as big of an ass as you seem to have decided I am. You have never been to this world. You could get lost or hurt”

“I don’t need your help”

“I’m following you anyway”

“fine” He battled his pride as he walked. Letting Julian take him home was a sure way to return to his brother but if he let him go he didn’t know what else the wolf would knowing he could just threaten to leave people places and get away with things. “Your mind is working so hard Lucius” Lucius ignored him but he knew he wasn’t really getting anywhere. He groaned “I hate this so much”

“I really will take you home if you let me”

“You’re a manipulative thief. You can’t really be trusted.”

“You havent found other options so far right?”

“I can’t give you a free pass”

“It’s not free, I’ll go through the trouble of taking you home” The two men stared eachother down. Lucius wasn’t used to not knowing what to do but he had never been forced into going into another world before. He was trapped and at the mercy of this man since he didn’t know where he was. For all he knew nobody here would speak English or this world could be magicless which would make Julian his only option to get home.

“I can’t trust you.”

“No, probably not. Hell, I don’t trust anyone but me and the wolf.”

He turned away and Julian grabbed his wrist, sending a little jolt through him. “Don’t touch me.” He tried to jerk away, but the wolf was stronger than he looked.

“Town is the other way, we can get a room until you decide to listen to reason.”

Lucius didn’t like the warmth tingling over his skin and he gave his arm another jerk, happy when Julian released him. “The bag, I want the bag.”

Julian shrugged and handed it over. “Come on, it gets cold here at night.”

“How do you know?”

“I’ve been here before, to a lot of different places actually. When I ran from you and your brother before, I briefly stepped into another world. If I’d have known you were going to keep chasing me, I might have stayed there.”

“And you brought me here now because?”

“I told you, you shouldn’t have tossed me into that clown.”


“Yeah, you know painted on face, bright wig, animal balloons.”

“why does that matter?”

“Just does now come on. Don’t be an idiot” Lucius followed, trying to make sense of that warmth. He of all people wasn’t becoming attracted to a criminal. He wouldn’t be like those idiot love sick girls in books who could quote unquote change him. That was ridiculous. It was just a life of misery they walked into. He hadn’t been able to apprehend someone and now he was feeling somthing with him. He was losing his edge, becoming a moron. He chalked it up to pure physical attraction. Julian was attractive, that didn’t change because he was bad. He just wouldn’t give in to that. He hoped he hadn’t spiraled so much that he would give in to attraction with a person like this wolf.

They arrived in town. The wolf apparently wasn’t all manipulations and lies, he had to give him this one. When they arrived they checked into a room with two beds and went up. “see, I brought you to town”

“Thanks” he begrudgingly said. “why do you care so much I steal from rich people? They have plenty”

“Because you play on their emotions. You manipulate to steal what they’ve earned.”

“They aren’t saints either”

“It doesn’t change how wrong you are. If you raped a rapist you’d still be a rapist. I know I’m pissy so I’ll clarify I’m not saying you’re as bad as a rapist. It’s just the only example I could think of”

“I’m not a little girl, you don’t have to fret over my feelings”

“I pissed you off earlier”

“You’re judging me pretty damn harshly is why”

“I can’t stand manipulators”

“I don’t do it all the time. I live off what I make and I dont do it again until I need more”

“why not be an honest man and EARN money”

“I do earn it”

“what you do isn’t earning it. It’s stealing”

“Have you ever asked a thief how they work? No of course not because your all high and mighty with your pointy fangs and bad attitude. It’s work, getting in is work, finding their stash is work. I mean sure, flirting with those women is easy, I just smile and they fall all over themselves, especially the neglected ones.”

“I thought you liked men.”

“I do, but putting on a mask is easy when it means eating.” He stretched. “Anyway, I’m exhausted, you ran me into the ground today.” He started undressing and Lucius threw his pillow at him. “What?”

“Don’t take your clothes off.”

He grinned. “What, shy?”


“Deal with it, I’m not sleeping all of this just because partial nudity scares you.” He tugged off his shirt and tossed it on the floor. “Don’t like it, don’t look.” He sniffed. “Or maybe you do like it and you just don’t want to admit I’m sexy.”

“You’re an unattractive pig.”

“That’s not what I heard.” He yawned. “Go out and get something to eat or something, I’m too tired to argue anymore.”

“You’ll run if I leave.”

“Too tired.”

Lucius sighed and left if only to get fresh air from that ass. If it was work why not do something better than steal. He wouldn’t try to reason anymore. He wanted to get home and maybe somebody in this town knew how. He coudl just leave him here and come after him again with a better plan and something to block his teleporting magic so he could actually be captured. It was clear as day blocking that power was the only way, nothing could hold him otherwise. Lucius ended up going into a bar for a drink. He wouldn’t get drunk, he just needed his edge off. He knew he was being more of a jerk than Julian deserved and a good stiff drink would help him level out.

He talked to the bar tender and they figured out together what his day made him need. He took one swig “wow” the man laughed “don’t make it like that in your world?”

“I just didn’t realize what I was ordering. I told you I didn’t want to get drunk”

“Just one of those isn’t enough to get you drunk unless you’re a lightweight”

“it’ll definitely relax me”

The bartender chuckled. “You know I know Julian, well I know what he likes to drink anyway and he’s definitely not a lightweight.”

“Neither am I.” He mumbled angrily. “What’s he drink then? I bet it’s something bitter and disgusting.”

“He likes sweet stuff, matches his personality.”

“Are we talking about the same guy? Long dark hair, two different colored eyes?”

“That’s him, kind, helpful, a bit stubborn, but wolves generally are. He’s got that alpha mentality.”

“Is that code for ass?” He took another drink, savoring the burn in his chest. “I’ll show him once I’m home.”

“You must have done something pretty bad to warrant a change of scenery.”

“Something about clowns.”

“Oh, I see.” He laughed. “Him and his clowns. That’s where he draws the line.”

“whats up with that?”

“He wont say”

“How can sombody who manipulates people for a living be sweet?”

“Its not all about that when he’s stealing. Yeah with the flirting he is being manipulative but its just how he gets by. He doesn’t hurt anybody and he only steals from people who can spare it’

“but he could be in an honest line of work” The bar tender chuckled “I might mind if I was related to him or wanted to date him but I want neither and I don’t tend to judge.”

“I take it you’ve never been stolen from?”

“No I havent and I might feel differently if I experienced what he does to people but I haven’t and I’ve also seen him when he isn’t working. He;s a good guy besides the stealing from people”

“Does he often kidnap people just for pushing him into clowns?”

“He’s just messing with you I’m sure. He’ll take you home, I know he will. I’m guessing he’ll need to go soon anyway if you took what he stole”

“don’t remind me. I’m trying to calm so I can deal with him until he takes me back. I dont want to offend you either since you like him”

“If you took out what he does for a living he’s a good person” He nodded, not feeling like arguing the subject. Lucius finished his drink then returned to the room where the wolf was out cold. Lucius sighed and got into bed. The bar tenders words had sunk in enough to believe that if he let him Julian would drop him back in his world. He’d just have to deal with the blow of letting a criminal escape and rob other families until he could figure something out.

Julian woke hungry, his stomach growling at him for not eating better. He sat up and stretched, noticing Lucius was sound asleep and he slid out of bed and pulled his pants and boots back on. He moved closer, leaning down to study the vampire’s face. He was definitely worth admiring. He wondered what Lucius would do if he were to kiss him. His stomach growled again, waking Lucius who jerked up, nearly headbutting him, eyes surprised. His hands patted his clothes and Julian gave him an amused look.


“Did you take anything?”

“Uh no, thought about taking some of your money since you took mine, but I didn’t.”

“What were you doing?”

“Wondering what vampire meat taste like.”


“I’m hungry, money, food.”


Julian shrugged. “Guess I’ll just have to pout my way into a muffin.”

“Don’t you dare.” He dug in his pocket and pulled out some coins. “There.”

Julian started laughing. “Looks like my pouting worked.”

“Ass.” Julian moved closer, his nose nearly brushing Lucius’s and making his heart jump.

“You’re just mad that you fell for my charm.” He rubbed their noses. “I’ll be right back, promise.”

“Your shirt.”

“I’m just going down the road. Go back to sleep.”

Lucius watched Julian walk out, his eyes still lingering on the door even after he left. Damn that incredibly sexy wolf, it just wasn’t fair. Lucius looked at the untouched satchel of money. It was his own money since they had set up Julian. He sighed, mad at himself for actually considering giving it back.It was mostly to buy more time before Julian robbed someone again but he had to admit to himself he didn’t exactly want Julian to go hungry even though he was a criminal. He got out of bed and grabbed it, setting it on Julians. He was going to give it back and try to figure out how to explain why to his brother when he wasn’t fully sure why himself.

When Julian came back he noticed it was moved onto his bed right away “Is this some weird test?”

“No, I’m giving it back. Just…take me home please”

Chapter Three

Julian lifted the satchel and looked it over. “You’re setting me up again aren’t you?”

“No, I…”

“If I step through a portal with this on me, that brother of yours is going to try to collar me.”

“I want to go home.”

Julian tapped a finger against his lips then grinned. “Not for this, I can see you hate the idea of me having it.” He dropped it back on his bed and moved in really close. When Lucius tried to back up, Julian hooked his fingers in his collar and pulled him back. “I want something from you more important than money.”

Lucius swallowed. “What?”

“A date.”

Lucius felt his face getting hot and Julian laughed. “Forget it.”

“Awe, you’re embarrassed. One date and I’ll let you keep the money. I just want to break your pride.”

“wow, really makes me want to go on a date with you now…i was going to give you that because I was half convinced you were nice”

“I am”

“obviously not”

“Breaking your pride isn’t a bad thing” He stopped himself from retorting it kept him from robbing people like Julian did. He couldn’t hurt his feelings like that though, even though he was getting pissed off again. “You said you would take me home if I was willing to let you”

“and I will, is a date really so bad?” Julian sounded a bit exasperated . Julian deeply sighed, hoping this was his only demand. “Okay, we can go on a date”

“You know you want to”

“Can you not be annoying for five seconds”

“How does your brother work with you?”

“My brother doesn’t piss me off”

“seems difficult not to do”

“for you maybe”

“well get dressed, we’re going on our date”


“Yes or we could stay here.” He was so close, his breath brushing Lucius’s face. “Who knows what my wolf could do. You smell so good.”

“Fine, now then.”

Julian grabbed his shirt and tugged it over his head. “It’ll be fun, you do know the concept of fun right. I bet your brother knows how to have fun.”

“Uri is more gentle and brainy. He prefers books.”

Julian grabbed his hand and pulled him up. “Someone sounds a little jealous.”

“I’m not.”

Julian shrugged. “Come on.”

Lucius managed to get his hand back before they stepped outside and fought down the blush that threatened to redden his cheeks. He hated his heart had beat so excitedly over Julian saying he smelled good and at how close he had gotten. “Where are we going?”

“First, you need to eat.”

“I’m not hungry.”

Julian reached up and brushed Lucius’s cheek. “Breakfast is important, you’ll get sick if you don’t eat.”

Lucius gave in and decided to eat with him. Julian picked somewhere and ordered them both somthing since he knew this worlds food. Lucius was pleasantly surprised when he actually liked what Julian ordered. Julian chuckled “You look as though you expected me to order you something terrible. This is a date. I want you to have a good time.”


“You’re sexy, I think theres a good personality in there somewhere too” Lucius made a sound that was somewhere between a scoff and a sigh “Your compliments are always insulting at the same time” Julian shrugged and Lucius finished eating so they could move on and get home. Lucius paid and they walked out “where are we going now?”

“Just walk with me” Lucius did, knowing at there wasn’t any point in asking again. It didn’t much matter anyway.

Julian laced their fingers together and when Lucius tried to pull away, Julian tugged him closer. “What are you doing?”

“People hold hands on dates.”

Lucius looked away, his heart dancing so he had to mentally reprimand himself. The wolf was nothing but a manipulative criminal. He wasn’t sure how long they walked, only that Julian suddenly pulled him off the road and into what looked like a park. It was fenced in so it wasn’t part of the rest of the woods. He froze when he saw how dark it was. “What’s happening?” He asked, his senses expanding and looking for danger.

“This place is special.”

“Special how?”

“It houses something amazing, just stay close and don’t be scared.”

“I’m never scared.”

“Your heart says otherwise.” Julian wrapped an arm around his shoulders and Lucius swallowed. “There, now you don’t have to worry.” The soft glow of lights caught Lucius’s attention and it wasn’t long before little dots were moving all around them.

“What are they?”

“They’re called fairy lights. It’s like being caught in the stars.” He wrapped his arms around Lucius from behind then pulled him down to sit in the grass between his legs. “I know you probably think it’s lame, but I like it.” He rested his chin on Lucius’s shoulder, let his nose brush the vampire’s neck. “Thank you for coming here with me even though you don’t trust me.”

Lucius’s heart was beating out of control, it was embarrassing but the wolf wasn’t being a jerk about it so he didn’t try to get up. Julian was too wrapped up in how amazing this felt, how right it felt to hold Lucius. He felt so warm and happy even though he knew he wouldn’t be with him; in this moment he decided his wolf wanted this vampire as it’s mate. Of course he’d end up wanting a man who thought less of him than dirt. He wasn’t afraid of a chase but if he bothered Lucius too much after he brought him home he’d end up jailed and wouldn’t be able to chase anyway.

Lucius was able to calm after awhile, relaxing into Julian though he wondered how long Julian planned to hold him like this. He liked it but he was getting far too relaxed. He couldn’t remember anyone else holding him like this and it felt good no matter how much he wanted to deny it to himself. It produced an odd feeling in him to be disappointed in himself and comfortable at the same time. He liked this wolf and no amount of reason could make him unattracted to him. This man made his living manipulating people then robbing them and he made his living keeping order. He didn’t know if he wanted to go home because he’d be too embarrassed to look his brother in the face.

“are you okay?” Julian asked and Lucius answered “I don’t know. I like this damn it and I hate that” Julian smiled happily “you hate enjoying somthing”

“It’s hard to explain and I don’t want to hurt your feelings again”

“You don’t have to explain. I am not an idiot. I understand why”

“I don’t know why I like you”

“Some things can’t be explained but I want you and my wolf wants you, it wants you for a mate”

“Why, you barely know me”

“we wolves feel it when it’s the right person”

“I can’t date you while you keep robbing people, I can’t, no matter what I want I can’t and won’t”

“I really want you, enough to stop and help you instead if you’ll let me” Julian held Lucius a little tighter “You can’t mean that”

“I do, its just how I’ve gotten by. I don’t particularly enjoy it or anything. Might be nice to live on the other side of the law”

“Maybe you’re just trying to get in my pants” Julian laughed deeply “well, can’t say that I don’t want to take you right here but no, I mean what I’m saying” Lucius was quite and Julian just went back to enjoying holding him. When Lucius spoke again he said “god, I…I want you to mean that.”

“I do”

“I think I want to be with you too much to not try and trust you” Now just to figure out what to say to his brother. He didn’t even know if his brother would be okay with Julian helping them instead. He might get angry, might hate him, there was so much Lucius worried over. He was jerked out of his thoughts but the wolf kissing his neck “wha..what are you doing?” Julian licked his neck where he had kissed “It’s pretty obvious” Julian whispered. Julian began to let his hands travel up the inside of Lucius’s shirt. Lucius instantly got goosebumps which made Julian smile. Julian gave Lucius a small bite on the shoulder then nibbled his ear.

Julian was slow as he began undressing the vampire yet he still wasn’t saying no and all of Julian’s senses told him Lucius liked it. Julian completely dominated Lucius which surprised the both of them that Lucius actually allowed it. They both felt so much with every touch, bite and kiss. It was amazing and the best either could remember feeling. They were meant for eachother, they both could feel it. They could barely stop but eventually they were both too tired to keep going. Julian pulled Lucius into his arms and kissed his head, happy this man was his.

“Can we go home now?” Lucius asked once they were back at the room. He was sure it sounded terrible, especially after the day they had spent together.

“Ready to be rid of me already?” Julian teased as he handed Lucius the stolen money and jewelry.

“That’s not what I meant.”

Julian smiled and pulled him into his arms. “Calm down, I know.” He gave him a gentle kiss then opened a tear and pulled him through. Lucius was happy to see them standing exactly where they had been fighting and even happier to see Uri waiting on the edge of the fountain. His brother jumped up, surprised and went straight for Julian. “Whoa, easy.” Julian backed up, ducking the vampires punch.

“Uri, stop.” Lucius said as he grabbed his brother’s wrist. “Stop.”


“He’s not nearly as good as fighting as you.” Julian said and Lucius shot him a look, telling him to shut up.

“Uri, just listen, it’s okay now. He returned everything and um…we…” He let his brother go, feeling mad at himself for not knowing what to say.

“He’s trying to say, in more gentle terms because your his brother and he thinks you need it subtle, is that we’re together, we’re mated, we ban…” Lucius covered his mouth, blushing and glaring at him.

“Shut up wolf or I’ll drown you in the fountain.”

“Wait, wait.” Uri looked between them. “One day and you banged it out with a werewolf?”

Lucius looked mortified that his generally quiet brother said that and Julian started laughing so hard he was doubled over and grabbing his ribs. “Your face.” He said as he flopped down and kept laughing. “He got you, he’s just as bad as me.” He took a deep breath and wiped the tears off his face. “He’s worried you’ll hate him.” He laughed a little bit more then got up.

“Seriously?” Uri hugged his brother. “Are you stupid or something? I waited here the entire time, worried to death. Everyone kept telling me you had fallen through a tear with that wolf and I thought he was going to kill you or something. I could feel your distress and uncertainty and I just wanted you home. I’m just happy you’re alive and unharmed.”

“He wants to work with us instead of stealing” Uri sighed “Neither one of us is the boss of the other so I can’t say no but you honestly can’t expect me to fully trust him right away? He can work with us but it needs to be slow. I love you and I want you to be happy and I respect whatever reason you found to want him but him working with us can’t be all the way right off the bat”

“Okay, I understand”

“I wont steal from you”

“says the man who we only met because you stole from so many people?” Julian shrugged “well, I’ll give you time. I only have the energy to win over one lug head at a time” Uri hugged his brother again “I love you” he then let his brother go and offered his hand to Julian “give it time, I will trust you eventually if you show yourself to be honest”

“My mate is tired. We should go to your home” Uri agreed and despite Lucius’s protests Julian carried his mate home. Uri held in a chuckle, not wanting to frustrate his brother. He wasn’t sure how this happened but he was glad for his brother and would really work on trusting his mate. His brother wasn’t normally an idiot so there had to be a reason to trust Julian.

~ The End

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