Kaelani & Nara

Chapter One

The wind was blowing today making Kaelanis loose brown hair move even wilder as he rode his horse. He had a letter and package to deliver to a woman who lived in the Albelino mountains. It would take him a few days to get there if no problems arose but it was highly unlikely that all demons, monsters and men that he passed would actually leave him alone and allow Kaelani to do his work. He didn’t mind far off jobs though, they paid much more which meant he could give more to his sister. She played music in town and hoped for tips. As an unwed mother a lot of women treated her as a  pariah so she couldn’t really find work in shops or in any service. The scorn she got for being a mother both so young and without a husband didn’t phase his sister a bit which was one of the many reasons why Kaelani had a lot of respect for his sister. She never once begged her former boyfriend for help and she didn’t have a fuck to give about what people thought of her. In general Talitha was a happy person and let nothing get her down.

She had only started to shine brighter since having her daughter Wynne. That little girl brought out an even deeper happiness that Kaelani was surprised to see since she had to raise her alone and struggle to support both herself and now a little girl. as soon as he collected his payment for sending this letter and package to the woman in the mountains he would stop by and make her take a portion of his earnings. As Kaelani approached a swamp he stopped to rest and eat before going through it. He didn’t like to stop in them due to the bad stench they often had so would stay the remainder of the day and the night right where he was. he also had his horse to consider who seemed to get tense and nervous in the swamps. He couldn’t blame her though. More often than not demons attacked in them.

They rested and the next morning were off again. Kaelan gave his horse comforting strokes as they trotted into the woods. All was smooth and seemingly well until what was once dry, hard land vanished and became goo. This was an illusion no doubt set by a demon and they began to sink. His horse panicked which only made things worse as they rapidly were sucked in. They heard a malicious, deep laugh and just as Kaelin suspected it was a demon. The laugh woke Nara from her sleep in a nearby tree. She got up to defend herself but instead heard the panicked neighs of a horse and ran towards it.

Kaelani was tossed from his horse and into the cold sludge that pulled at them. “Look at this tasty little morsel who has come into my domain.” The demon said as he approached Kaelani and grabbed his hair. He lifted him out of the sludge and Kaelani kicked at him.

“Let me go you bastard.” He yelled and the demon just laughed.

“Shall we play before I devour you little human.”

Nara pulled her dagger from her hip and run up some rocks, not wanting to be caught in the demon’s trap. She pushed off, flying through the air and landing on his back where she stabbed her dagger in. He screamed and dropped the man in his grasp then tried pulling her off. Once the demon’s concentration was on her he was unable to hold up the illusion that had trapped his victim. It melted away and Kaelani was able to grab his horse. Nara jumped from the demon’s back and he turned on her, screaming in rage as he attacked her. She batted his hands away, forcing herself past his guard and driving her dagger into his throat. He choked, his hands flying to the hole in his throat as blood seeped out.

She stabbed him again, this time driving her knife into his solar plexus and up into his heart. He collapsed on the ground and she turned to the young man behind her. “You alright?”

“Yeah, thank you.” He said as he checked his horse for any injuries.

“What are you doing out here all alone?”

“Delivering a letter and a package to a Nara Lian. I would really like to stay and talk, but I have to get back to work, thank you again.”

“Wait, you said Nara Lian right?”

“Yeah, do you know her?”

“I’m Nara Lian or the lady of the mountain or that one crazy girl who lives near the swamp. Whichever you prefer.”

“oh this is so great. Here” He said as he pulled her package and letter out “Oh, well if you don’t mind could we ride your horse together back to my home. I’d rather get it there safely and I don’t have a horse with me.”

“I was going to take it all the way there anyways, sure”

“You don’t mind?”

“I wa shired to take it there wasn’t I? I’ll take it there”

“I’ll pay you extra”

“You’ll pay me what was promised and nothing more”

“You can’t stop me from giving you more money. I’m paying for the ride on your horse” Kaelani knew his sister could use all the money he could afford to give her so he quit fighting Nara on the matter. “sure but lets walk with Kisa until we’re out of the swamp, she’s really stressed now and I want her calm before we get on. I’ll also let her rest when we’re out of her.”

“I can tell she is, poor girl. I don’t want you to kill your horse for me nor am I in a rush so do whatever you feel is best for her.”

“I’m Kaelani by the way”

“Lucky you, having a rare name. Mines so common”

“Easier to remember. People often forget my name”

“I guess you could look at it that way. How long have you been working for the post?”

“Since I was fifteen”

“How old are you now?”

“Twenty four”

“I’m twenty three”

“what do you do for a living?”

“Nothing honestly, I just enjoy life. I helped a dragon smooth things over with his mate once and in return he gave me one fourth of his treasure.”

“One fourth of a dragons hoard!?” Kaelani said in a disbelieving voice. “Swear, I’ll show you. She means a lot to him. he would have given me more to help him if i had asked.”


“yep, I’m set and i wager my children are set as long as I’m not stupid with my money and they aren’t. I’ve never really counted it. I just keep it in a magic protected room in my home”

“And I thought getting to deliver mail to places like this was exciting. Compared to you I’m quite boring.”

“Come on, I bet you do plenty of cool things.”

“Well, I do write music and I’m pretty good at chess.”

She smiled. “Do you play an instrument or sing?”

“No, I write for my sister. She plays the guitar, violin, and flute. She’s amazing and the best mom too. She uses her talent to provide for her and my niece.”

“Does she not have a husband to help her?”

Kaelani shook his head. “She gets a lot of crap for being unwed and having a child. You know how some women can be. Instead of seeing my sister and niece are happy they like to look down on her for getting pregnant without getting married first.”

“Don’t you just hate some people?”

“Not at all, actually I feel bad for them. Maybe they lost someone once or they live horrible lives and the sight of true happiness reminds them of what they don’t have.”

“Maybe, some people just just put nothers down to make themselves look better. Like they can say look at that girl over there. She didn’t do things the right way like me. Not all assholes went through somthing terrible. Some assholes are just assholes” Laelani huckled “Yeah, most jerks are that way for a reason though”


“How old is your niece?”

“two and as sweet as can be. I love that little girl”

“How does your sister do with tips? Is she making enough”

“Not really, I give her what I can spare. If I’m really worried about them somtimes more than I can spare. it’s hard to give her any money because shes a very independant woman hell bent on not just letting me help her but I force it on her to have the peace of mind they are ok when I’m not there. I will get her a job with me when Wynne is older. This job isn’t for people who will need to carry a toddler with them. I’m always traveling”

“Yeah, do you think she’d accept money from me?”

“Oh, no I wasn’t asking for handouts. Jeez, I didn’t realize it sounded like that”

“I know you weren’t. I’ve met plenty of men trying to get at my money and I know you aren’t one of them. I asked questions and you gave me answeres is all. I have so much money and I want to help her. Oh i’ve got an idea since she’s proud. When we get to my house I’ll send her a package and it will be filled with money. I’ll write a note saying i listen to her in town every day and want to make sure she keeps working.”

“You’d do that for a stranger?”

“You do it for her plenty.”

“Yeah, but I’m her brother, it’s my job to watch over her.”

Chapter Two

Nara smiled. “Just let me help out. I don’t need all the gold I have anyway.” When they finally made it out of the swamp Kaelani climbed onto Kisa’s back and held out a hand for Nara. He smiled down at her and she took his hand, allowing him to pull her up behind him. She was usually pretty independent, but she actually enjoyed him being a gentlemen. It was probably because he didn’t do it because she was a woman, but because he really just wanted to help.

He clicked his tongue and Kisa trotted up the mountain path. “It’s really beautiful up here.” Kaelani said.

“Yeah, I really love it, it’s so quiet and peaceful.”

“Do demons ever bother you?”

“Sometimes, but if they attack me I kill them, if they leave me alone I leave them alone. Not all of them are bad.”

“How do you know?”

“Well one was an on again off again lover and then one helped me after I stepped in a hole and broke my ankle. She healed me and stayed for a couple of days to make sure I could walk without discomfort. They were both really nice and polite.”

“Where did they go?”

“They guy, Lirium, just travels around so I have no idea where he is. The woman who didn’t give her name just kept saying she went where she was needed and we were meant to meet. It was strange, but she was a really sweet person.”

“I’m glad she helped you” Kaelani answered, finiding himself jealous of the demon lover. He wanted to punch himself for feeling that way but he felt it all the same. “So she said you were meant to meet her?” He continued, wanting to just talk about the woman if they were to speak of either of the demons. “Nope, you apparently. She gave me your name. Imagine my surprise when I really meet a man with that name. Maybe I’m your sisters saving grace”

“Is that why you’re helping?”

“No, I would have anyway. I help people I feel deserve it now that I have so much money and I’m sure your sister deserves it. There’s a lot of women who would have gotten rid of an unwanted child if you know what i mean”

“I do but lets not talk of such practice. I’m not taking sides or anything but talk of ending unborn babies lives is depressing for me”

“Me too, I just know thats how a lot of young unmarried women handle those situations. On a lighter note, do you have more sibligns than just your sister?”

“Yeah, I have a brother named Ajmal. What about you? Any siblings?”

“Nope, just me. My father is an assasin and my mother is an escorter so they are busy people. Somtimes i’ve wondered how they enjoy their marriage with how little they see eachother. I rarely saw them together growing up”

“Did they spend a lot of time with you?”

“Yeah, but I was either escorting with mom or helping dad on his jobs. It wasn’t normally with both of them at once. They do really love eachother though, that I can say. Somhow it works for them. When they are together they are really happy and I never once saw or heard of them flirting or straying on eachother.”

“That’s good, but I couldn’t imagine my paents always being apart. Dad dotes on our mother and never liked leaving home. They’re probably the most lovey dovey couple I’ve ever seen. I’m not saying your parents aren’t or anything.”

“I know what you meant.”

“It’s weird a demon knew my name. I’ve never even met any so it’s really strange.”

“I’m glad she did, it just means everything she said was true and she wasn’t crazy.”

They made it to her home and slid off of Kisa’s back. Kaelani didn’t bother tying her since he knew she wouldn’t go far. “Would you like some tea?” Nara asked as they headed inside.

“Sure, that’d be great.” He sat down on the couch and just soaked up the warmth her home exuded. She came back with a glass and handed it to him befor sitting down next to him. He couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she was and how captivating her smile was. He had never met anyone like her and wished he didn’t have to go home.

“So do you have a girlfriend?”

“No, I don’t have the time and no one’s going to put up with someone who’s gone all the time. I don’t want to make someone feel neglected.” She grabbed his hand.

“You’re a really good man and you’ll find someone someday. You always go home at the end of the day right?”

“Yeah, most of the time.”

“Well someday someone will realize that and be waiting there with a big smile and a hot meal.” They just smiled at each other, getting lost in each other’s eyes. They both blushed and looked away, clearing their throats and composing themselves. “Let me get that money for your sister. You can leave it on her porch when she’s not looking.”

“Okay, thanks for doing this.”

“I don’t mind atall. Come with me so you can see it. There’s some pretty things he gave me”

“I’d imagine so. Dragons have a knack for finding gorgeous treasure.” They walked back to the room where she kept her money. Even though Kaelani was expecting a gorgeous sight he was still taken back but the gold, silver and gifts the dragon had bestowed upon Nara “wow” was all he said and she smiled. She pulled out a box from the corner of the room and began to fill it with the things she thought were most valuable along with gold and silver coins. When she was done she put the box in a second box to be sure it wouldn’t bust under the weight. She then left the room to write a note to his sister pretending to be someone that listened to her play daily.

When she came back she also returned with a small bag to put Kaelanis payment in. “don’t look. I don’t want you fussing over how much I pay you”


“Don’t look” She said seriously. Nara stuffed the bag full then looked back at Kaelani as he stood there. She wondered what it would be like to kiss him. The demoness had told her they were meant to meet and they would bring great happiness to eachother. She already felt happy just for knowing Kaelani but maybe they were intended for more than just a small trip together. She stood, contemplating if she should try a kiss or not. He had been just as lost in her eyes as she was in his earlier so maybe the kiss was worth a try and she wouldn’t look like an idiot.

Nara closed the gap between them and before Kaelani formed the words he was about to speak she kissed him. Kaelani was surprised but pleasantly so. He kissed back slowly, loving this feeling intensely. This wasn’t Kaelanis first kiss but it was the best he ever experienced. When she pulled back Kaelani opened his eyes. Nara blushed slightly but didn’t break eye contact with Lani. “that was amazing” Kaelani said, breaking the silence. “it was, I think that woman had it right when she said we were meant to meet. I’ve loved the day I’ve spent with you and I want the opportunity to get to know you better. I definitely want to kiss you a lot more times. Kaelani smiled “I want the same things. I don’t have any more jobs lined up so maybe after I take this to my sister I could spend some time here with you. In fact, I don’t want to travel down the mountain in the dark so maybe I could sleep on your couch tonight”

“That sounds like an amazing idea. Lets start on somthing to eat. I’m hungry after all that traveling.”

“Me too” Lani said, already hungering for another kiss but controlling himself. They made sandwiches to keep it simple then sat on Naras porch just to talk and eat. That evening as they were talking and laughing Kaelani became bold and said “Curious minds want to know. What’s in your package and who sent you the letter?”

“Wow, spending time with you made me forget how you came to be here.” Kaelani laughed happily at that. Nara got up and retrieved the package and letter to open them. She decided to check the letter first “Oh, it’s from my mothers sister” Nara said then ripped open the letter. Naras face seemed to go from happy to sad to despair until she just began to cry. Lani quickly crossed the room to Nara and pulled her into his arms “what’s wrong?” Nara just cried harder and Lani wished he knew what to do. He decided just holding her was probably all she needed right now so he tugged Nara until she was sitting in his lap, head in his neck crying. She cried for well over an hour, her eyes throbbing and Lanis neck soaked. She sat up and wiped her face before shakily saying “My…my parents have passed….The box is what valuables were on them when they died…” She was going to further explain but couldn’t so she just handed Lani the letter to read for himself.

My Sweet Niece Nara

I hate to be the one to give you such news but somebody had to. Your father went along with your mother on an escort mission where they were attacked by demons. One person survived and says your parents fought vigorously and you should be proud. They both died valant deaths to protect who they were with and eachother. We’re waiting for you to come to have their funeral. What was on them I sent in the package. We all love you here in Talisburry and we’re sure we’ll see you soon. Your parents house is untouched and waiting for you to guide what will be done with it. Of course everything inside belongs to you or to whom ever you want it to go to.

Aunt Rachel

Lani set the letter down and held Nara tightly to him “I’m so sorry” He said with tears of his won for her loss. He held her and let her cry into him when she’d start again until she was sleeping in his arms. Lani didn’t know how hard of a sleeper she was so decided it was best just to scoot slowly backward into the wall so he could lean against it. When he was close enough Lani kissed Naras head and leaned back to sleep himself.

Nara woke a few hours later, her head hurting from crying so hard. She was really warm and it took her a moment to realize she laying in Kaelani’s arms. She slowly raised her head and smiled when she saw him sleeping. “Kaelani.” She whispered and brushed her lips over his cheek. He opened his eyes and stretched before pulling her back down so her head was on his shoulder.

“Too comfortable, let’s just stay here.” He said softly, still half asleep.

“I would love nothing more, but I need to make dinner and make traveling plans.” She felt the sadness creeping back in and swallowed the lump in her throat.

“It’s okay Nara, go ahead and cry if you need to. I don’t mind holding you.”

“I need to get up and do something, keep myself busy. Would you help me cook?”

“Sure.” They got off the couch and Kaelani followed her into the kitchen. He hated how sad she looked and wished there was something he coud do. He could only imagine her sorrow. He chopped garlic cloves for her while she heated oil in a skillet then put chicken breasts in it. He dumped the garlic in and she seasoned it. He made a salad and garlic toast while she watched the meat. He just wanted to see her smile again. “Nara?”

“Yeah.” She said and looked up at him. He kissed her, making her face grow hot and goosebumps crawl over her skin. When he pulled back she just blinked up at him for a moment then smiled happily.

“that’s what i wanted to see” Kaelani said sweetly. When dinner was on plates and they had begun eating Kaelani offered ‘I could take you to your home town if you want. Like I said, I have no other deliveries lined up and now that you’ve paid me so generously I can afford to not work however long it takes you to mourn”

“You really want to do that?”

“You sound like me when you wanted to help my sister. Yes I do. My sister is on the way to your home town so I would like to drop her package off first if you don’t mind”

“We can, thank you. The trip will be easier with you”

“I’ll be here for you as long as you need me. Do you know what you’re doing with your parents home?”

“Not a clue, I don’t know how anybody expects me to know what to do”

‘I’m sure there’s no rush. Just keep it until you know what you want to do with it”

“I guess, I don’t know if I can walk in my old home. One where neither of them will be there to greet me”

“I’ll hold your hand and walk in right beside you for strength. If you cry again, I’ll hold you again. I’ll stay right by your side until you can cope with this loss”

“Thank you so much Kaelani. I’m glad it was you who they sent to deliver my package”

“Me too” After dinner thye did dishes together. It had been a really late dinner so Nara said “will you hold me in my bed tonight so I can sleep?”

“of course” Kaelani followed Nara into her bedroom where he held her close and gently slid his knuckles down the side of her face to help soothe her. Kaelani intended to stay up until she was resting but she made him so comfortable he passed out. Nara smiled when he fell asleep then kissed his chest, not knowing what she would have done if she had to get that news all by herself with no comfort. It now didn’t seem like such a good idea to live up in the mountains all by herself.

The next morning Kaelani jerked awake at exactly six. He was used to get an early start to his day so always woke up at the exact same time no matter where he was. Nara shifted next to him and sat up, her sleepy face making him smile. “Good morning beautiful.” He said as he brushed some hair out of her face.

“Good morning, did you sleep well?”

“Of course I did, I was incredibly comfortable.” He leaned in and kissed her and she quickly pulled back.

“Sorry my breath stinks.” He smiled and grabbed her face in his hands, giving her a soft kiss.

“Like I care, I wanted a kiss.”

She giggled and hugged him. “You are something else.”

“Why don’t you go get ready for the day and I’ll make breakfast. I’ve become pretty amazing at it with all the traveling.”

“Alright, I won’t take long.” They got out of bed and Kaelani tugged his boots on before heading into the kitchen and looking through her pantry. He decided on chocolate chip pancakes and put a skillet on to heat while he made the mix. Once the mix was made he dropped some butter into the skillet and got to cooking. He hoped she liked them. He had learned how to make the perfect mix from a woman he met in a village two days from his home. He couldn’t wait to get back down the mountain and deliver that box of treasures to his sister. He knew he would have to leave her a note telling her he was going away with Nara for a little bit so she wouldn’t worry, but he wouldn’t let on that he knew where the box came from. She deserved to have an easy life with Wynne.

When Nara came out she looked stunning. Her long black hair brushed and falling over her shoulder. She was wearing a red, perfectly fitting tshirt and some very flattering pants. She smiled at Kaelanis brief admiration then look away so not to oggle her. “you’re my boyfriend, you can admire me handsome” Nara said as she wrapped her arms around him from behind and kissed the back of his neck. ‘am I really?”

“You want to be right?”

“But I work as a delivery boy. I’ll be gone a lot.”

“and I’ll b here, happily waiting your return. I want you to live with me here. Also when the traveling gets tiresome i have enough to where you can take as long of vacations as you want. You don’t have to work atall if you don’t want to and we can just do what i’ve been doing. Getting into mischief and having fun” Lorenzo smiled “well sit down beautiful, breakfast is nearly ready” Nara kissed the back of his neck again, goosebumps appearing where her lips were. When Kaelani had the meal served he said “I would love to just quit but I’ve become close with the owner of The National Post and he doesnt have enough delivery people as it is. I woudl put a real strain on him if I quit. I’ll take vacations whenever you ask it of me though if you’ll be happy that way”

“Of course, you’re so sweet Kaelani, always thinking of others before yourself. It’s somthing I really like about you” Kaelani couldn’t help but wear a goofy smile. He was beyond happy and wanted to introduce Nara to everyone he knew. “These are amazing! What did you put in these things?!”

“I’ll teach you after your parents stuff is all settled. That way you can have these even when I’m not home” Nara frowned and Kaelanis happiness drained. He walked over to where she sat and hugged her. She turned her face into his chest and let a few tears fall, hating her parents would never get to meet Kaelani. When she was done crying Kaelani kissed her “I want you to sit in front of me on Kisa during the trip. That way if you need to cry you can just lay back on me and cry”

“Okay, thank you.”

“You never have to thank me, that’s what boyfriends are for.”

She smiled and wiped her face before continuing to eat. Kaelani made his plate and sat down next her, enjoying the closeness. When they wee finished she insisted on washing their plates so he grabbed the box of gold and went outside. Kisa was standing there waiting and he slipped the box into his saddle bag. Nara came out with a bag full of clothes and he tied that to the saddle before climbing onto Kisa’s back and helping Nara up in front of him. He wrapped one arm tightly around her waist and guided Kisa with the other. “This is definitely the best way to ride a horse.” He said softly and she gave him a dazzling smile that sent his heart into an excited fit.

“It’s very comfortable.”

“And I can kiss your neck whenever I want too.”

She giggled, relaxing completely into him and resting her hands on his knees. She was so happy to have him with her. She had never had an actual boyfriend, it had never been something she had thought about, but the moment that demon had spoken Kaelani’s name she knew she would have someone special in her life. She wouldn’t let him get away no matter what happened. When they made it to Kaelani’s village they were both happy to see Talitha and Wynne were gone. Kaelani left the box on her porch then went inside since he had a spare key and scribbled her a quick message so she knew he wouldn’t be back for awhile.

Chapter Three

Before they took off on the rode again Kaelani fed and watered Kisa. When she was ready to go they got back on her and rode on to Talisburry. Naras head played all the memories she had with her parents as they rode. Some brought soft tears to her eyes that tugged at Kaelanis heart. He hated she was so heartbroken and wished he could make it better but knew all he could do was offer comfort. He couldn’t imagine what it would be like to lose the wonderful people that raised him and his siblings. He hoped his parents would live well into their two hundreds so he wouldn’t have to mourn them anytime soon. He knew right now was just as hard for her as it would be for him since she too had a great relationship with her parents.

Kisa began to grow tired so Kaelani guided them only until he found water Kisa could drink from. Kaelani helped Nara down and they sat in the grass eating apples as Kisa drank. “she’s a sweet horse” Nara said. “Yeah she is” Kaelani replied. “where’d you get her?”

“One of my friends parents owns a horse ranch and as a fifteenth birthday present they gave me one of their baby horses. I raised Kisa.”

“wow, horses are expensive. You must be good friends with them”

“I still am, he’s an awesome guy. He’s engaged and I’m to be best man at his wedding. Would you join me when I go?”

“Of course, I’ll love seeing you dressed up” Kaelani kissed Naras cheek “I’m glad you’ll come. It’s in three months”

“I’ll have to buy a nice dress for it.”

“I’ll go with you to buy one whenever you’re ready to. Just let me know.”

I haven’t worn one in a long time, I bet I’ll look weird.”

“I bet you’ll look just as beautiful then as you do now.” A blush tinted her cheeks and he kissed her, enjoying the sweet taste of apples on her lips. Kisa nudged his hip, making him laugh as they got their feet and climbed onto her back. “I think she wants to hurry and get you there. She knows you’re sad.”

Nara rubbed Kisa’s neck. “Don’t worry about me girl, I’ll be fine as long Kaelani is here.” Kisa nodded her head, making Nara smile. She leaned back into Kaelani, getting tired as the warmth of his body enveloped her. She fell asleep and he tightened his hold on her, unwilling to let her fall. He had not told her he knew demon attacks very well. His own brother had been horribly scarred after an attack that nearly ended his life. That day had been the most terrifying day of Kaelani’s life. He had cried harder than anything at the thought of losing Ajmal.

He pushed the horrible memory out of his head, just thankful Ajmal was still alive. He often told his brother that he admired his strength and made sure to call his scars battle scars to help him feel better. He hoped his brother found someone who loved him despite his outward appearance. They reached Talisburry just as the sun was beginning to fall past the horizon and Kaelani gently shook Nara awake. “We’re here.” He whispered in her ear.”

“Sorry I fell asleep.” She stretched and looked around.

“Don’t apologize, sorrow can take a lot out of you. Should we drop Kisa off at a stable?”

“No, my parents had one so just keep going straight until you come to a big house with a deer carved on the door. The stable is in the back. We’ll walk to my aunt’s home from there.”

“alright” He guided Kisa until they came to her house. They slid off of her then took their things off before guided Kisa around back to be put away. “You be good girl. I’ll be back” Kisa nodded and Nara smiled “she is such a smart horse”

“Yeah, I’m proud she’s mine”

“I could tell that when you told me you raised her” Kaelani smiled and pulled Nara in for a hug “I’m even prouder to be with you. I’m excited to introduce you to everyone I know. For now lets get you to your Aunts so she knows you’re safe” They walked hand in hand with Nara guiding Kaelani to her aunts house. They knocked on the door, not having to wait long for an answer. Kaelani let go of Naras hand so she could hug Rachel who looked as if she had only just been crying “I’m so glad you made it sweetheart. Who’s this young man?”

“My boyfriend Kaelani” Racheal reached out to hug kaelani who hugged her back ‘I didn’t know you were dating anybody. He’s handsome” Kaelani gave her a smile and Nara said ‘We haven’t been dating long”

“well come on in you two. My husband and daughters are working on dinner together.” They entered and were guided into the kitchen “Jamin, Nova, Zehava” Rachel said then they all turned and soon stopped what they were doing for hugs. Kaelani was introduced and welcomed by them aswell then they were shooed out of the kitchen to relax while they handled dinner. In the living room Rachel said “I’ve never been much good at cooking if you’re wondering Kaelani” Kaelani smiled “I just thought it was sweet to see a dad cooking with his daughters”

“do you cook Kaelani?”

“Yes, I’m very good at it.”

“Have you put that to the test yet sweetheart?” Rachels question pointed at Nara who answered ‘oh yes, he’s amazing” Her voice coming out sad as if she may cry again. Kaelani grabbed her hand for comfort and Rachel smiled “I’m glad you have someone to help you through this. I was worried about you grieving alone. You’ve always been more of a loner and I worried this would shut you off from everybody”

“I would never allow her to do that ma’am. Now that she is with me I promise I will make sure she goes on living.”

“You are such a nice young man, a true blessing.” When dinner was ready Jamin called them to the table and they all ate and chatted happily. Nara’s cousins asked him many questions, wanting to know this young man who had so easily captured their cousin. Nara blushed and glared when they told him stories of funny things that had happened to her as a child. He laughed and grabbed her hand, putting her at ease. He loved hearing about her life and he found her all the more adorable.

When dinner was over Nara said, “I think we’ll stay in mom and dad’s house tonight aunt Rachel. When is the funeral?”

“The day after tomorrow sweetie. Their bodies are still being prepared.” They both teared up and before they knew it they were crying again. Everyone in the room held tightly to each other, Kaelani doing his best to comfort these wonderful people. “You can always stay here tonight child.” Rachel said.

“We’ll be fine there I promise, besides I’d like Kaelani to see the wonderful place I grew up in. If it becomes too much we’ll come back.”

“Okay baby girl, be careful walking home.”

“Always.” She and hugged everyone and gave them her love before grabbing Kaelani’s hand and pulling him out of their house. “You’re going to love my home, it’s very beautiful. I might bawl my eyes out for awhile. There are so many amazing memories in that house.”

“Then bawl them out love, I’ll be right there to hold you.”

They made sure Kisa was set wth plenty of water and food for the night before walking into Naras childhood home. She froze at the entry way, her eyes traveling around and growing ever sadder by the second. When she began to cry Kaelani pulled her close and comforted her as best he could. He decided to pick her up and carry her to her old bedroom so they could sit someplace comfortable while she got it all out. “which ones yours baby?” He asked softly. Nara pointed and he went in the room and sat down against her headboard. Kaelani cried into him, clinging to Kaelani like she’d sleep away into an ocean of despair without him to hold her. She fell asleep even as she cried. Kaelani carefully pulledwhat blanket he could over her then rested against the headboard to catch his own rest.

She spent the next day doing her best to tell Kaelani of what memories everything in the house inspired. Most stories ended in tears which broke Kaelanis heart but she didn’t ask her to stop because he could tell she really wanted him to know about everything in her old home. As they sat eating dinner that night Nara said ‘how am I expected to get rid of any of this?”

“Well, Like I said back at your home. Why dont you just keep it? You can afford to keep up the taxes for owning two homes so why get rid of your childhood home when it means so much to you. Maybe” Kaelani stopped and blushed at what he was about to say. He stuck food in his mouth, hoping Nara would let the maybe slip. “maybe?” She asked and he blushed even more before swallowing. “never mind the maybe”

“Please Kaelani, what?” Looking more to the side of Nara rather than her face he said “i was going to say maybe we could give it to one of our kids someday but that just sounded crazy. I should think more before I speak out loud” Nara smiled and got up form her seat to hug him “Oh Lani, I’m glad you didn’t think. That was so sweet. I needed to hear somthing that sweet. You like me that much?”

“You don’t understand that means I love you? I wouldn’t want children with a woman I just liked Nara”

“I’m sorry, this is all just so new to me. I mean I’ve never had a guy say hey want to get married and have some kids. The last guy I was with, well you know about him, he wasn’t the committing kind.”

“I’d rather not talk about him if you don’t mind.”

“Why?” He got even more red and she sat in his lap. “Wait, does he make you jealous?”

“That’s stupid.”

“Come on, don’t lie. He does doesn’t he?”

Kaelani sighed. “Well yeah, I mean he got to make love to you.”

Nara started laughing and kissed him. “Lani, there was no making love between us, it was just two people who had nothing better to do so we had sex. If anything we were friends with benefits. We made it clear that if one or both of us got into a serious relationship we would just be friends and that’s it.”

“It still makes me jealous and I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t be since you chose to be with me, but I am.”

“It’s okay, I don’t mind a little jealousy as long as you promise not to try and lock me up.”

“I promise.”

She kissed him again and he held her tightly to him, letting the warmth and smell wash over him. He never knew how wonderful it could feel to love someone like this and he felt a little guilty. His sister had no one because there wasn’t a soul in their village who would marry a single mother and his brother was alone because women found his scars repulsive. He wanted the same kind of happiness for them. He parted their lips and smiled at Nara’s flushed face. She was the most beautiful thing in the world and he promised himself he would never let her go.

“Lets finish our dinner and get some rest beautiful”

‘I’m full when it comes to dinner. Nara got out of Kaelanis lap then stood, pulling him out of his seat. “I want something else now, somthing much better” Nara continued as she pulled him to her old bedroom.Being a little dense Kaelani asked “what do you want” It made her giggle “I want to experience what making love is like”

“but you’re grieving right now and” Nara interrupted Kaelani with a kiss. “Make me feel better. I swear this isn’t grief talking, I promise. If it is, it’s my own fault but I promise it isn’t. Please make love to me so I can go to sleep happy instead of with tears” Kaelani blushed and kissed her again “You love me too?”

“deeply, I always will. I wont regret this so don’t hold back. Make love to me” Nara slid her hands under Kaelanis shirt and he lifted his arms so she coudl pull it off. They took off eachothers pants and underwear then Kaelani finished stripping Nara. Kaelani gave a small gasp at how beautiful Nara looked. She smiled, her eyes softening at the way he was looking at her. Never once had she been looked at in such a way that made her feel so amazing and beautiful. She knelt down and kissed just above where his shaft was then trailed her kisses up, letting her tongue dip into his belly button then continuing to kiss. She kissed slowly up his neck, loving Kaelanis reaction to it. When he lips met his he cupped her breats, squuezing, pressing and pulling at the soft mounds in his hands.

Nara wrapped a hand around his spear and began to move it back and forth as their tongues mingled. She did this until Kaelani could barely kiss he was moaning so much. He lifted her up and laid her on the bed. His tongue and hands traveling her for a few moments before he locked lips and thrust his hips forward to dive into her. He kept a steady pace, never moving his lips off of hers. He loved kissing her, those gentle moans he could hear getting louder and more intense as he thrust. She began to quiver around his length making him need her more. He thrust harder, Nara breaking the lip contact with her deep moan.

Kaelani kept this pace until he exploded within her, white liquid traveling inside and him suddenly feeling guilt “oh no, I didn’t use protection. i wasn’t thinking. I’m sorry” Nara gave a gentle laugh, too worn out to laugh any louder. “it’s ok baby. If I get pregnant before we marry i get pregnant before we marry. I wont mind.” Kaelani kissed her again “that was really amazing” She sniffled and he noticed her soft tears “It really was. I’ve been missing out with just fucking. I’m glad I have someone to make love to now”

“You’ll always have me Nara” Kaelani said as he got both of them under the blanket and began spooning her. Thy talked sweetly to eachother about their plans until they fell asleep. The whole village turned out for the funeral the next day, giving their condolences, speeches and tears about what amazing people Nara had for parents. Kaelani wished he was ever going to meet the people who raised such a wonderful woman. He would spend forever making her happy and hoped somhow they knew and were passing into the next life peacfully and happy.

~ The End ~

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