Kelta & Axana

Chapter One

Falines birthday was coming up next month so Kelta went to Books A Million to buy her a book called Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken. She loved a lot of books by her. Kelta checked her collection and compared it to the list of books the author had written and realized Faline didn’t have it. He decided to grab a coffee from the built in Starbucks when he saw her, Axana Maja. She looked so beautiful and cute with her long brown hair pulled into a ponytail through the back of her Starbucks hat. She had stunning, golden eyes and the most captivating face. He nervously walked up and ordered his coffee. “Thank you sir, it won’t be long” Was all Axana said which only entranced him further. He had never heard such a sweet voice.

He loved watching her move around to make his drink but tried not to stare. His heart pounding hard in his chest over a girl he had only just met. “You don’t even know her name” He chastised himself in his head. She handed Kelta his drink and smiled. An elegant smile that threatened to stop his heart. He hadn’t realized that he froze until she questioningly said “sir?”

“Um, thank you, sorry for standing here like an idiot” Axana giggled “It’s ok, it’s been slow today so it’s not like you’re holding up customers.”

“I guess not, I’m Kelta by the way”

“I’m Axana”

“Have a good day Axana”

“Thanks, you too” Kelta walked away blushing and went to find the book for Faline. Once he had it in his hands he paid then walked by the Starbucks to glance at Axana again. He turned cherry read when she noticed him looking. He almost ran out and jumped into his car. He set his coffee down in the cup holder and rested his head against the wheel. He decided to get coffee tomorrow morning and hopefully not look like such an idiot. His next stop was Hallmark so he could get a nice bag to put the book in and find Faline a birthday card.

Axana continued to take orders then she noticed the book sitting on the counter. Kelta had been holding it when he walked in. She grabbed it and asked her coworker to take over as she hurried around the counter. He was still sitting in his car so she knocked on the window, startling him. He rolled it down and she smiled sweetly at him. “You forgot this.” She said and handed him the book.

“Uh thanks, me and my brain.” He resisted the urge to bang his head against the steering wheel.

“Present for your girlfriend?”

“Uh no, foster mother. She really loves this author and her birthday is next month. I was just about to head to Hallmark to get a card and gift bag.”

She smiled warmly and he felt his heart do a little flip in his chest. He had never felt like this about anyone. He would have to talk to Victor about it. “I’ll see you later Kelta, drive safe.” With that she left him with his heart ready to beat out of his chest and the urge to call her back.

When he couldn’t see Axana any longer he started his car and set off to Hallmark. It didn’t take him long to find a card and pretty bag for Falines gift. His mind wouldn’t stop drifting to Axana as he drove. He almost rear ended another car not paying attention. He pushed her into the back of his mind as best he could so he wouldn’t hurt anybody. When he arrived home he put Falines stuff in the trunk, planning to bring it up when she wasn’t home. They had moved out of their apartment and were now living in a house. They felt they needed more room with Kelta there. It would also be better if they decided to have more children since they were considering it. He walked in the front door, instantly covered in his two siblings “Kelta!” They both said happily, making him smile and hug them “Hey guys. is your mom and dad home?”

“Mom went to the store but dads here. He’s reading in his room.”

“Thanks, I need to talk to him about somthing important so do you think you two can be good while we talk?”

“Yeah, we’ll go back to watching Teen Titans”

“sounds like an awesome plan to me” Kelta ran up and they sat on the couch. Kelta knocked on his fathers door. Soundlessly Victor crossed the room and answered “hey um..I’ve got somthing important to talk to you about”

“Ok, come in” The two men sat down on the bed and Kelta said “While I was out buying Falines present I met this woman, this incredibly beautiful and sweet woman. My heart just went crazy the moment I saw her. I was also talking like I didn;t have a brain cell left in my stupid skull. I really wish there was a way to redo our meeting. She probably thinks I’m just some idiot but I just can’t stop thinking about her and how amazing she is…that’s weird isn’t it? I don’t even really know her but…I don’t know” Victor smiled “I think you just found your soul mate. That sounds like how I felt when I met Faline. I would have babbled like an idiot too if I hadn’t rehearsed what I was going to say so much before speaking to her. You should talk to her again. You atleast got her name right?”

“Axana” He said in a drifting tone. Victor laughed and Kelta blushed. “So how’d you meet her?”

“She works at Starbucks where I bought the book for moms birthday”

“good, then you know where to find her. Don’t let your soul mate slip away. Did you find out if she’s single?”

“Sadly no, How can I ask that without seeming too forward?”

“I took Faline out for drinks and just asked. Maybe you could ask her out for lunch on her break, lunch between two people is more friendly and less awkward to ask about. It won’t seem like a date.”

“You’re always so helpful. Thank you. I’m going to bring mom’s gift in now and put it in my closet.”

“Alright, hurry though she could be back any minute.” Even though Kelta was not biologically his child he still loved him like his own. Kelta had felt wanted right from the start, it was something his biological father had never given him. He popped the trunk and carried the book, bag, and card inside. He took them up to his room and hid them in the back of his closet. He headed back downstairs and was instantly mobbed by Rowan and Aftyn.

“Play with us.” Rowan said as they pulled him into the living room.

“Okay, what would you like me to do?”

“Draw us pictures to color.” Aftyn answered.

“Okay, let me get my sketch book.” They let him go and he went into the study, quickly retrieving his sketch book and a pencil then ran back downstairs. He sat down on the couch and started sketching, making creatures like dragons and fairies then handing them to his siblings to color.

He kept sketching for them until Faline came home. She came in carrying a bunch of bags so Kelta jumped up and took them from her “anything else mom?”

“No I grabbed it all. Thank you”

“No problem, Aftyn and Rowan, come help put away!” Between the four of them everything was put away quickly. Faline put the empty bags in the trash then went up to spend time with her husband until dinner. As Axana wiped off tables the man from earlier was in her head again. He had been popping in there ever since she saw him this morning. He was so cute and funny. She wondered what had him so flustered. Today was the first time she saw him in the bookstore and wondered if he just didn’t drink coffee or wasn’t a reader himself. She hoped¬†¬†he was a reader who just rarely drank coffee so she might see him sometime in the future and talk to him more.

She just hoped he would come on a day her boss wasn’t there. He was always so grouchy and hated when she talked to customers. Thankfully he rarely peeked his head in the store which meant she rarely had t deal with his putrid breath. Axana wouldn’t believe it if he had ever owned a toothbrush. She got a disgusted chill thinking about him and thought of Kelta again and those green eyes. Somthing in his eyes told her that he was just as taken in as she was. She just felt he woudl come back and they could get to know eachother. Axan went to the closet and grabbed the broom to sweep so she could check the kitchen one more time then clock out.

She actually screamed in horror as she walked out and her brother jumped from nowhere yelling “boo!” Zack bent over laughing while she glared. Axana popped him in the head “you are such a jerk!” he laughed harder then said “I was hoping my baby sister would go to dinner with me.”

“where do you want to go?”

“I was going to let you pick, especially now that I’ve pissed you off. You know how I love scaring you”

“You’ve been doing it since you were six so I know” Zack laughed “can I sweep while you check the kitchen?”

“please” Zack took the broom then Axana made sure things were clean and put away.

Chapter Two

She headed back out just as her brother was dumping dust in a trash can. She took the broom and dust pan and put them back in the kitchen. “Ready?” Zack asked with a big smile.

“Yes, let’s go.” They headed to his car and he was nice enough to open the door for her. “Oh stop it, I’m not mad anymore. Silly ass.”

Zack laughed as he shut her door then ran around to the driver side and climbed behind the wheel. “So, what would you like?”

“Hmm how about we go get some real burgers.”

Faline didn’t feel like cooking that night and asked if everyone wanted to go out for burgers. Kelta just sighed, saying he was fine with whatever. They all piled into the car, him just staring into space. All he could think about was the beautiful Axana. He had even sketched a picture of her while playing with his siblings. Not even his art could do her justice.

“You okay Kelta?” Faline asked.

“He has love on the brain baby, he’ll never be okay again.” Victor said and Faline pinched him. “Come on baby, I like not being okay.”

“You better.” She winked then turned to look at the blushing Kelta. “So who is she?”

“Her name is Axana and she works at the Starbucks in a store I went to.” He didn’t want to give away her present. “She’s just so beautiful and she has a gorgeous smile. She makes me so flustered.”

“when are you seeing her again?”

“I’m going to go buy coffee again tomorrow morning and hope I don’t make as big of a fool of myself as last time” Faline laughed “she probably enjoyed it. Boys are cute when they don’t know what to do with themselves.”

“I hope so” When Axana and Zack placed their order Zack asked “so how was your day big sis?”

“Would have only been better if I could have talked to this guy I met longer.”

“Oh ho, got yourself a crush on a coffee shop nerd huh? Tell me about him.”

“He wasn’t a nerd, he was adorable and seemed sweet. His name is Kelta, thats about all I know aside from it’s his mothers birthday soon. He’s a foster kid.”

“Maybe he’ll come back, I hope he does if you really like him. When was the last time you dated? Are there cobwebs down there?”

“Zack!” She exclaimed and blushed, making her brother laugh. “I think all those types of barriers went down when I walked in on you and your boyfriend in High School.”

“still, brothers are supposed to not like that. It’s shocking with how protective you are”

“I’m not going to protect you from being a woman. I just protect you from assholes. Any man around you needs to be put in his place and know you deserve to be treated with respect. I wont be afraid to say as much to this Kelta if it becomes anything.”

“I think thats evident from my last boyfriend who you chased off. Not that I’m angry. He was being a jerk to me”

“You were crying and all he could do was yell at you. He deserved much more than a busted lip and broken nose”

“You gave him a few bruises too. Can’t believe how much of a coward he was. He broke up with me because he was afraid of you after that”

“You deserved better anyway.” Axana smiled “I love you, you’re a good brother”

“Love you too.” Their food came out just as Kelta came in with his family. Zack made a joke and Axana laughed, catching Keltas attention and making his heart plummet when he saw her eating with another man. Victor could feel the shift in Keltas mood and turned “what’s wrong?”

“Axana is here…she’s with that red headed man” Faline searched then took in the air. “You idiot, they have a similar scent. He’s some sort of close family member. Either brother or cousin.”

“really” he said loudly in his relief. It caught Axanas attention. She recognized his voice and waved. He waved back and they took the table right by Axana and Zacks. Faline shook Axanas hand “nice to meet you. Kelta told me about your meeting this morning.”

“I was just telling my brother about that.” Faline smiled as she was proven right. “Do you have a name Axanas brother?”

“Zack, nice to meet you” They all exchanged greeting, Zack giving Kelta and extra firm handshake. Kelta just smiled. He coudl feel the pressure but it didn’t hurt since he was a demon. Zack was impressed when Kelta didn’t flinch even for a second. They sat down at their table and placed their orders. Kelta notcied Axana had stopped eating “you can keep eating” Kelta said and she smiled “I was going to wait for your food to come out. They are really fast here anyway”

Their food arrived and Kelta ate nervously. He had talked to plenty of women, but Axana made him unsure of himself. He didn’t know which way was up when he was in her presence. He enjoyed the sound of her beautiful voice as she talked about her day, chatting happily back just to hear her reply. He was sad when everyone was done eating, the aching feeling in his chest making it hard to breathe. “So, can I come see you tomorrow?” He asked nervously as they stepped out into the warm night air.

“I would really like that Kelta, we could have lunch together.”

“Okay, I’d love to.” They went their seperate ways, Kelta’s heart still beating maddeningly fast.

Axana climbed into the passenger seat of Zack’s car. She was really excited to see Kelta again and had actually felt a strong pull to spend time with him. She smiled at the thought of his nervous face. “Someone’s got it bad.” Zack said as he slid behind the wheel.

“It’s strange. I barely know him, but I want him in my life. Is that stupid?”

“No, it’s good you found someone you feel a connection to instead of one of those idiots. He seems different than the others. Hell, he’s not even afraid of me.”

Kelta was over the moon by the time they got home. He told everyone good night, kissing the little ones on their cheeks before heading to his room. He kicked his shoes off and fell back onto his bed, closing his eyes and seeing her smiling face. He could spend forever watching her. The way she walked and talked were both very alluring. She was beauty incarnate.

Axana didn’t normally didn’t spend much time in front of her bathroom mirror but this morning she could hardly leave it. She wished she didn’t have to wear the hat to work and keep her hair up since she preferred it down. She smiled, laughing at herself on the inside then just walking out of the bathroom. She was sure she looked fine and she was over analyzing her appearance. Axana slipped her shoes on then grabbed a cereal bar to eat on the way to work. She couldn’t believe how lucky she was yesterday. She would have went straight home after work if Zack hadn’t wanted to spend some time with her. It was also good to know her brother liked Kelta. Zacks opinion meant a lot to her and if he liked the guy her father might go easier on him. It actually gave her hope that there could be a man in the world they deemed good enough to be with her.

Zack wasn’t as bad as her dad though so that was yet to be seen. Axana hoped things would truly go that far. She wanted to be with Kelta and hoped he wanted the same. If her father didn’t approve she would just make sure they stayed apart like her past relationships. Axana pulled up and had to unlock the bookstore, obviously the other worker was late. She hadn’t even gotten to her register yet when Jane came running in “so sorry!”

“It’s fine, nobody was waiting” Axana yell back as she got everything ready for the day. She wondered when Kelta would come. It made Axana wish they had set a specific time aside from saying lunch. She would love to talk to him between customers all morning. It was somthing she could do as long as her boss wasn’t in the store. As she was making a Caramel Flan Latte for one of the regulars she heard the door open and quickly looked o see if it was him. Axana almost spilled the drink when she saw that it was. She quickly finished the order and grabbed the customers rice krispy treat so they could go read in the fiction section of the book store.

Kelta came up, obviously just as nervous as the first time they met. She had to hold back a giggle as she wondered when he’d relax more around her. “do you want a drink?” He didn’t really feel like one but his mouth instantly responded with yes. It was almost a panic response and made him blush. “what would you like?” She asked “Um, what’s good?”

“I like the Java Chip Frappuccino”

“Then I’ll try that”

Axana made both of them one and he insisted on paying for them. She tried to talk him out of it, but he refused to back down. She let him pay and handed him his drink. They walked into the bookstore together and looked silently at the books. “So you’re early.” Axana said with a warm smile.

“Yeah, well I wanted to see you again. I hope that’s okay.”

“I’m glad, I don’t get many customers like you.”

He couldn’t say he was glad to hear that or that he hoped not. The idea of other men flirting with her made him unreasonably jealous. He cleared his throat. “What would you like for lunch?” He asked.

“There’s a sandwhich place within walking distance. We could go now and then eat lunch here.”

“Sounds good.” They walked out of the bookstore and down the street, Kelta wanting very much to hold her hand. They finished their coffee by the time they got there and tossed their cups in the garbage. They ordered their sandwiches, Axana getting a chicken pesto and Kelta getting a BLT. They took them back to the bookstore and sat down at one of the tables.

“May I ask how Faline and Victor came to adopt you?”

“They found out my biological father had tried to pay me to disappear so they took me in as their own. That was three years ago. I was a bit of a brat when they found me, but they still took me in.”

“That’s very sweet of them.”

Chapter Three

“Yeah, they are amazing people. I was lucky to run into them” He hoped she didn’t pry further into how he met Faline and Victor. Axana was a human so saying he was a demon was no way to start up a relationship. She might just call him crazy and not want to speak to him any longer if he said anything now. Kelta knew he would have to tell Stella eventually but it could wait until he wooed her a little more. This wasn’t even his first step. She probably thought of this as a meeting between friends rather than a date. Kelta decided to ask if she had one “instead of being an idiot and coming up with some question that lets me know if you have a boyfriend I’m just going to ask. Do you have a boyfriend?” Axana blushed. “No, I actually haven’t in a long time”

“That’s good, I mean, well…well it’s good for me. I would like to have a real date with you next time you’re off. Would you go on a date with me?” Axana smiled and grabbed the hand he had sitting on the table “I thought this was a date. When I asked you here I was asking you out” Kelta felt a comforting rush flow through his heart “I just didn’t know. I’m glad this is one. So you’ll go on a date with me next time you’re off?”

“well, I’m off tomorrow but I promised Darren I’d watch him perform that night. Would you like to come hangout with me at my apartment and meet my roommate? She doubles as my best friend and I’d like you to meet her. Maybe the three of us could come up with somthing to do there.” Kelta smiled. He’d happily do anything she wanted as long as he got to be around her. It made him feel good she wanted to introduce him to her roommate. That made him feel like she liked him just as much as he liked her. “That sounds good. When can I come over?”

“anytime after 10am. I’m guaranteed to be up and beautiful by then” Kelta laughed “I’m sure you are beautiful from the moment you open your eyes. I doubt theres a second you stop being beautiful” Axana laughed “Boys who have never seen this disaster in the morning shouldn’t talk.”

Now I’ll have to come over earlier just to prove you wrong.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“I would dare, again and again.”

They just smiled at each other as they finished their lunch. They talked until her lunch break was over, making her a little sad. She knew she would be seeing him tomorrow, but she wished they could stay like this forever. “I have to get back to work before my boss shows up and tears into me. He’s a real hard ass.”

“No one should ever talk down to you.”

She giggled. “Don’t worry about it, I can handle anything he can dish out. Do you have a phone?” He pulled his phone out of his pocket and she took it from him. She put her name and number in his contacts along with her address. She handed it back. “Call me anytime, day or night.”

“I’ll call you tonight and see you in the morning.”

“Remember only come after ten.”

“I’ll be there at nine.” She smiled and kissed his cheek before heading back to work, leaving him there blushing and his heart pounding.

Axana had felt his cheek warm as her lips pressed against it. He really had it bad for her just as she had for him. She already knew that Chandra would love Kelta. Chandra wasn’t easy to please when it came to her relationships, as long as she was happy Chandra was happy. Axana began to wonder how old Kelta was since he was adopted three years ago. He would have had to be under 18 then and she was twenty four. She’d ask him tonight over the phone. It was busy for the next hour but after that the day slowed almost to a halt. Axana daydreamed about kelta while randomly checking the clock to see if she could go home. As Axana was counting down her drawer at the end of the day her boss showed up in the store. She tried to speed up since he was hassling Jane first. Jane could barely take his pressure since she was already struggling in school. This year had proven really hard for her, it was probably why she was late this morning. She wished he would just leave her alone right now.

She was just finishing and going to the back to store the money when he came up “I’m going to check your work station to make sure you’ve been properly taking care of the equipment.”

“Go ahead, I’ve been taking care of it. Keep in mind I havent gotten to clean up yet”

“You should be cleaning up all day”

“I do, but I thoroughly clean at the end of the day”

“You should be doing that all day” Axana held back her sigh and said yes sir before she pissed him off. She put her money in the safe then locked it up before taking her drawer back with start up money for tomorrow. She was glad most people used credit because that meant less money to manage for her boss who always seemed pissed off. She walked back over and knew he was going to fuss about somthing. “the ingredients in the last drawer on the right were a mess. How do you find anything?”

“They just seem like a mess to you. Keeping them that way gives me better access to them. It makes me faster.”

“we have you put them a certain way for a reason. Are you the boss or am I?”

“I just thought you’d like me to do my job efficiently”

“You should be able to do things efficiently without trying to make your own rules”

“I’m sorry, I just didn’t feel like it was a big deal since on Keylee and I work here. She likes it that way too”

“I’m glad you and Keylee know how to run your own establishment. Maybe I should fire you so you can open your own place”

“I’ll fix it. I’m sorry”

“Good, hurry up. You aren’t leaving until it was like it was”

“Ok” He stared at her the whole time. His arms were crossed and his gaze was intense with how upset he was. She wondered how miserable he must be to always be sucha ¬†jerk. Somthing had to be aweful in his life to behave this way. She finished and he inspected “good, now leave”

Her phone rang as she was driving home. She didn’t recognize the number and figured it was probably Kelta. She couldn’t answer while she was driving, but she would be sure to call him as soon as she was in her room. When she walked into her apartment Chandra was sitting on the couch waiting. “You were late tonight did something happen?”

“My boss happened. He came in and threw a fit because things weren’s the way he liked them. I’m totally beat.” She answered.

“Do you want me to make you a sandwhich or something?”

“No, I had a big lunch. I need to get out of these clothes and make a call. I met someone very nice.”

“Is he someone I get to meet?”

“He’s coming over tomorrow so be good.” Chandra laughed as she went into her room and called Kelta. He answered on the first ring. “Sorry I didn’t answer earlier, I had to stay at work later than anticipated.” She said as she pulled her clothes off.

“It’s okay, I figured you were busy. How was the rest of your day?”

“Good until closing time. My troll of a boss came in and ripped into about everything.”

“I’m sorry, want me to beat him up or come over and cuddle.”

She laughed and he gave a happy sigh. “Be good Kelta.” She crawled under the covers and smiled. “So, is it okay for me to ask how old you are?”

“Afraid you’ve been flirting with a minor. I know I look like a teenager. I’m twenty.”

“So you were adopted at seventeen?”

“Yeah, well taken in. I wasn’t in an orphanage before hand, I was just alone. I put on a tough front for them to hide my pain, but they found me out and took me into their home. I had money that I made myself, but they thought I should have a family.”

“I’m glad they could see through it so you didn’t have to be alone anymore. I really enjoyed meeting them. They’ve helped you become such a sweet man. Atleast from what I’ve seen. I’m twenty-four by the way.”

“Not a bad age difference” Kelta said thinking about how much older Faline was than Victor. The fact he was an immortal demon crossed his mind again. They weren’t in a relationship but this was obviously going to be serious. He decided to ask his parents when and how he should tell her. He didn’t want to wait too long and have her feel lied to. He knew not saying somthing like that was as good as lieing. It was just scary since most humans didn’t believe in demons. While they talked Axana set her alarm for eight in the morning so she would be ready if he really did come early. She was always a disaster in the mornings. She’d always wake up looking like she belonged in a mental ward.

Her last boyfriend thought she looked ugly in the mornings so she had to hurry and get straightened so he could look at her. It was somthing that pissed Chandra off but it didn’t bother Axana he felt that way since she was fully aware of how rough she looked after sleeping. They talked and talked, unaware of the passage of time. She was so tired from work and her boss making her stay late that she fell asleep on the phone. Kelta was talking about a vacation he went on with his family when she fell asleep. He notticed immidietly and smiled “goodnight beautiful” he whispered then laid down with his phone on his face.

Kelta just couldn’t bring himself to hangup. Axana wasn’t very good with keeping her phone charged so a few hours after they both were sleeping it died. Axan jumped up, her phone tumbling onto the floor when her alarm went off. She rubbed her eyes then grabbed her phone to plug it in. Once it was charging she ran to the bathroom, worried he would come even earlier than he said he would.

Kelta pulled into the parking lot earlier than his intended time. He was not only excited to see her, but to also catch her in the act of covering up her beautiful face. He stepped out and went to her door, knocking and waiting patiently. He was a little surprised when the woman who opened the door was not human, but a full blown angel. They stared at each other, both of them confused and not sure what to say. Kelta was not scared of her in the least, the only one of angel blood that terrified him was Victor. His foster father could be a real monster when he had to.

“I’m here to see Axana, may I come in?” Kelta asked.

“Sure, she’s in the bathroom.” Chandra moved out of the way and he stepped over the threshold. Axana’s scent filled his nose, making his heart thunder excitedly in his chest.

“It’s strange seeing a creature like you here.” Kelta said. “At least I know Axana is well protected.”

“I’m her roommate, but I’m sure she told you about me.”

“Of course, may I go see her?”

“Be my guest, she’s probably just about to put make up on.”

Kelta moved quietly through the apartment and to the bathroom door. He could hear her moving around inside and grabbed the door knob, turning it and slowly pushing the door open. “Who was at the door?” Axana asked as she went through her make up bag. She looked into the mirror, believing she would see Chandra standing there. Her heart nearly gave out when she saw Kelta smiling sweetly back at her.

“Looks like I caught you in the act.” He closed the door behind him and she spun a round, swallowing nervously. She covered her face and he chuckled softly. “Come on now, let me see your beautiful face.”

Chapter Four

She shook her head so he gently grabbed her wrists to pull them away. She didn’t fight him but didn’t look at him either. “You’re gorgeous. A woman as beautiful as you doesn’t need makeup” Axana smiled, glad she atleast managed to get her hair brushed before he came. “You really are sweet.”

“who wouldn’t think you were beautiful Axana?”

“Could I finish now that I’ve started? I think I’ll look odd with only half my make up done” He let out a breath of laughter “can I stay in here or should I go sit with Chandra?”

“You can stay if you’d like”

“Then I will.” Kelta let Axana go then sat on her toilets lid. “Gosh you came earluy. I thought I’d be ready by the time you got here”

“well I coudln’t come when I originally planned because I knew you’d get up earlier. You really don’t need makeup atall.”

“Its my hair in the morning too. I just got it brushed before you came since I do that first. I look like I’ve survived a tornado in the mornings” Kelta laughed ‘I bet it’s adorable. You shouldn’t worry so much. I bet Chandra has seen you in the mornings. What does she say.”

“That I’m beautiful”

“well see, it’s not just me” Axana finished then they walked into the living room where Chandra was having coffee while watching Dr Phil. When Chandra noticed them coming she put the TV on mute. Chandra, this is Kelta. Kelta, Chandra”

“Nice to meet you.” Chandra said, offering a friendly hand. Kelta shook and they sat down. “so, I was hoping we coudl all do somthing together until Darrens performance. Are you busy today Chandra”

“Nope, I was just planning on being lazy today. I’d much rather get to know this man who has grabbed your attention than watch TV. Why don’t we go to medieval times for lunch? I’ve been dyeing to go since that commercial for it I saw last week”

“would you like that Kelta?”

“Sure, I’ve never been either. I’ve heard of it though.”

“Ok, what should we do until then?”

“we could just talk so everybody knows everybody. When’s he meeting your family?”

“He’s already met Zack who approves”

“wow, Zack approves”

“Yeah I know. I’ll give Kelta a bit before I unleash my dad on him”

“I bet your dad isn’t that bad.” Kelta jumped in.

“You have no idea.” Axana and Chandra said as one. Kelta knew it would be alright.

Since it was still early Kelta offered to take them down to the park where there were often plays going on. The week before he had watched Romeo and Juliet, this week it was supposed to be As You like It. They pulled on their shoes and followed him down to his car. It was a beautiful day, the sun shining brightly. When they got to the park Kelta opened both of their doors. They crossed over the grass where the actors were already moving around.

Axana loved the play and never too her eyes off the stage. She had never been to a play held outside. It was very beautiful and refreshing. She could see out of the corner of her eye that Kelta kept glancing at her. She smiled and grabbed his hand. “It’s okay if I hold your hand right?” She asked.

“You can do whatever you want.”

Chandra just grinned. She had never met a demon quite like Kelta. She knew there were good and bad demons and it was refreshing to meet one that wasn’t dying on the end of her sword. She had been worried at first, but that was from years of conditioning. Axana seemed genuinely happy and Kelta had tackled one of her biggest worries with his easy going and warm nature.

They enjoyed the rest of the play, all of Keltas stolen glances caught by Axana who just chose not to say anything. He made her feel beautiful and cared about. It was a wonderful feeling just sitting there with him and holding his hand. When they play was over it was almost time for Medieval times first showing so they got back in the car and headed over. “so how many siblings do you have?” Kelta asked as he drove. “Only my two brothers. Darrens girlfriend and Chandra are like sisters though. I really hoe Darren is planning on marrying Natalie. She’s hilarious and an all around amazing person. She’s actually a comedian. She is pretty popular.”

“Natalie Hulst?”

“Yeah” Axana responded excitedly. Kelta smiled “I’ve been to some of her skits. She really is hilarious. Do you think Darren is going to marry her?’

“well they’ve been dating a few years so he has to be serious. Even our father likes her and his apporval is hard to get” Kelta reached for her hand. She had taken his earlier so he felt brave. She clasped both her hands around his and they both smiled, unable to stop the red on both their cheeks. “I think her father will like you” Chandra said. “I hope so” Kelta answered. “I’ll tell you this much. You’re much better than the men she’s dated before you. Good god the last one I hated. You know why she’s so self consious in the morning?” Chandra started then Axana said “Chandra” In a tone that was telling her to stop.

“why is she?” Kelta asked. He didn’t understand why she would be. Chandra spoke despite Axana wanting her not to tell him. “he used to tell her she was ugly in the mornings and didn’t want to look at her until she fixed herself” Even though Kelta was glad for the chance to be with Axana it pissed him off anybody would talk to her that way. ESpecially to say somthing like that when she was anything but ugly. Kelta took a serious tone, wanting to look at Axana as he spoke but knew he had to keep his eyes on the rode “You are beautiful Axana, anytime of the day. He was an ass as far as I’m concerned and he had to have somthing wrong with his eyes. Don’t you let a jerk who doesn’t know what he’s talking about make you feel bad”

“Do you really mean that?”

“Yes, you are far more gorgeous than any woman I have ever seen. I promise I will always think so.”

Axana gave his hand a squeeze, smiling at his sincere words. When they made it to Medieval Times Kelta opened their doors again then laced his fingers through Axana’s. He loved how warm her skin felt against his. He wanted to kiss her, but refrained. They went inside, got their seats, and given menus. They ordered their food and watched the show in the arena. “I bet that would be a fun job.” Kelta said when their food was delivered.

“I would love to work with the horses.” Axana replied.

Kelta had more fun watching Axana than watching guys dressed as knights. Their waitress came by and asked if they were okay. She actually bent over in front of Kelta and he gave her a peculiar look. He fact that he wasn’t interested seemed to shock and embarrass her. “We’re fine ma’am.” He answered politely and she hurried away. “She’s lucky she’s a woman or I would have smacked her.”

“I would have smacked her anyway.” Chandra said, making both Kelta and Axana laugh.

“I have to go to the bathroom, I’ll be back.” Axana said as she stood.

Kelta waited until she was gone before turning to Chandra. “Does Axana know what you are?”

“No, not exactly. She knows I’m different, but not what I am. Why?”

“Because I want to tell her what I am. I want to be honest with her if we are going to be in a relationship. Maybe I should talk to Faline and Victor first.”

“Your foster mother is Faline, as in demon hunter Faline?” He nodded. Axana came back before she could ask more. The jousting match was next. They watched as the men raced toward each other, their poles slamming into each other’s chests. Across the arena Kelta could see a smal child hanging over the edge. He did not know how he had managed to climb up there and didn’t care. He jumped up, racing down and hopping into the arena. He startled the horses as he raced across the ground, using his superhuman speed. The child dropped down and he slid underneath him, catching him. Axana had never seen anyone move that fast.

“Oh my god” Axana said as she covered her mouth. Both Chandra and Axanas heart were beating fast. Right now Axana wasn’t thinking about how Kelta did it, she was just happy he saved that little boy before he hurt himself. Chandra was relieved he did that too. Chandra could tell Axana didn’t think much of it at this moment but she knew it would hit Axana later, if not before they left. Kelta gave the scared little boy to his parents. They hugged and thanked him then Kelta went back to Chandra and Axana. He knew that may have just pushed the conversation of what he was to today. Axana hugged Kelta excitedly “That was so amazing! Oh my god.” Kelta hugged her back “I couldn’t let him get hurt. I love little kids”

Axana hugged Kelta tighter and started to wonder how he managed to run so fast. As they drove back to the apartment it stayed on her mind. His speed was impossible. Even if he ran track in school or kept up with running now. That speed just wasn’t humanly possible. Axana unknowingly had been intently staring at her legs. She always did that when she was in deep thought so Chandra knew Axana had realized that Keltas speed wasn’t human. Chandra gave Kelta a look and he realized too. It now felt like someone was clenching his heart. He didn’t know if he was ready yet to tell her that he was a demon but if she asked how he did it he wouldn’t lie. Kelta knew that even if he wanted to, he couldn’t lie to Axana.

When they got back it was only about an hour before Darrens performance. Chandra spoke “I want to walk around and stretch my legs before we all go see Darren. You two love birds can have the place to yourself” The fist around Keltas heart grew tighter, painfully tighter as Chandra walked out the door. Axana looked at him, looking more puzzled than anything. “How..how did you move that fast Kelta. That wasn’t possible…nobody can run that fast.” Kelta sighed “If I tell you will you please hear me out. Please don’t run or scream. You just may shatter me if you become afraid.” Now Axana looked even more puzzled and unsure but she said ‘I promise to listen. You’ve been nothing but a sweetheart and I love being around you. Whatever makes you run that fast wont scare me. If it’s drugs you’ll need to stop it. I don’t date drug users.”

“It’s not that Axana. I promise you I’m not crazy but you know how Chandras different?”


“That’s because she’s an angel. I’m sure she’ll show you her wings when she gets back if you don’t take my word for it but me…well…I can run like that and do a couple more things because I’m a demon. I’m a good demon though. I’m not like the ones you see on TV or when you hear about hauntings. In fact I stop those horrible demons. Somtimes me and my mother have to kill them but we only kill if we have to. I mean, killing isn’t normal for us” Keltas words were getting quicker along with his strained heart beat. “oh god you’re really going to run away now. Please believe me and don’t be scared. Please, I love you. I need you to be ok with this.”

“Kelta I…that’s…” Of course it sounded crazy to her.

“Do you need more proof? What’s the heaviest thing in this apartment?”

“My bed, the head and footboard are made of oak.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her into her bedroom.

“Just watch.” He lifted the edge as high as he could then moved so he was underneath. He placed his hands in the middle and lifted her bed off the ground. She stood there in stunned silence as he put it back down. “I can do other things, like use magic. It’s not flashy or anything, but I use it to help hunt evil demons.”

“This is so crazy and impossible.” She felt feint, her legs shaking a little bit.

“Axana please believe me. I would never lie to you.” He moved closer, reached out and grabbed her hand. “Trust me. Let Chandra show you or my parents. Just don’t tell me you hate me or never want to see me again. It would kill me.”

She felt a knot forming in her throat at his words. He seemed so genuine, his eyes shimmering with sadness as he waited to be rejected. “Kelta, if Chandra backs up your claims and shows me that she has powers then I will believe you, but you have to understand how crazy this sounds.”

“I know and if I were normal like you, I wouldn’t believe me either. I’m sorry I have overwhelmed you.”

They went back into the living room, Kelta sitting on the other end of the couch so as not to bother her. He forced himself not to look at her, but at the wall instead. He knew even if Chandra agreed to show Axana her powers that the woman of his dreams could still throw him out. Being rejected by her would hurt worse than when his father tried to pay him off. Chandra walked through the doors a few minutes later and could tell their conversation had not gone well. Kelta looked depressed and Axana look scared and confused.

“What happened?”

“Kelta told me he’s a demon and picked up my bed to show me. He said you were an angel.”

Chandra sighed. “He’s not lying or crazy Axana.” She gave another sigh and revealed her wings. She stretched them out so Axana could see all the beautiful white feathers. Axana stared at her in wide eyed amazement. “They are very real.” Chandra said to her unasked question. She made them disappear again. “I’m sorry I hid this from you and I hope you don’t hate me for it. Don’t hate Kelta either, showing you something like that takes a lot of courage.”

Chapter Five

“Those were beautiful….. It’s just…this is a lot to process.” Chandra walked over “I know sweetie. I never planned to tell you about me since humans are told demons and angels aren’t real. There’s many demons and angels living with people. Your boss is a demon and a nasty one. I hated him before I even met you. It was horrifying to hear he was your boss.”

“but…how do demons look human like Kelta or my boss? Supposing I believe this”

“Not all demons are ugly. In fact some are extremely attractive looking humans. They trick your senses. Some demons are born looking human as I suppose Kelta was but others like Faline. She has cat ears but you couldn’t see them. I could because I’m an angel. Kelta can because he’s a demon. Human senses are very easy to trick. I promise you Kelta looks just as he presents himself. ”

“why live here? Isn’t heaven amazing?”

“It’s not what it’s made out to be. I needed to get away so I came to earth and I met you.” Axana sat there a few moments in silence. They had both given her evidence and neither had any indication they were lieing to her. Kelta looked terrified and sad while Chandras eyes were just pleading with her to believe. Axana huged Chandra “You should have told me sooner. We’ve known eachoher for years but I can understand why you wouldn’t since I thought of angels and demons as nothing more than fiction.” Axana pulled back from the hug and looked at Kelta “please come closer” Kelta did, still looking heartbroken.

Axana took his hand in hers “Thank you for being honest with me. You could have lied but you wanted to tell me the truth..you don’t know how much that means to me Kelta. I can’t deny I’m still having a little trouble with this but I believe you two. I also love you too Kelta. Don’t worry about that. You obviously have a good heart and I don’t want you to leave my life” Kelta tugged Axana into his arms. Struggling not to cry with his relief. “do you still want me to come to Darrens show or do you need some space while you process?” Kelta asked as he pulled back. “Processing by myself wont be any better than doing it with the two of you. I want you to meet my whole family. My mom and dad come somtimes but if they aren’t there we can see them tomorrow. I still very much want you to become a big part of my life kelta’

“Thank you.” He gave her another tight squeeze, not wanting to let her go.

“We need to go now okay, but we can talk more later.”

“Okay, anything you want.”

He let her go and they headed out to his car since he would be coming back that night anyway. He still felt sad as he took them to the bar where Darren would be playing. He was surprised when no one pointed out how young he looked. Zack waved them down and they crossed the room to a table. “Nice to see you again Kelta.” Zack said with a big smile.

“Nice to see you again too.”

“Are mom and dad coming tonight?” Axana asked and Zack shrugged.

“You know how they are sis, sometimes they get busy, but you know they’ll try. You worried about dad meeting this one?”

“Yeah, more than a little.” Zack laughed.

“Well he certainly doesn’t look worried.”

“I’m not, I told her I doubt your father is as scary as she makes him out to be and believe it or not I live with someone way scary.” Kelta chimed in. “Victor, my foster father, can be really scary when he has to be. He’s the only man I fear. He’s not abusive though so don’t get the wrong idea. He just has this air about him sometimes.”

“My dad can be pretty tough on anyone who wants to be with me, Darren or Axana. Especially on the men who want to be with Axana so she isn’t exaggerating. I do think you’ll win him over though” Zack said encouragingly. They sat at the bar as Darren and his group got ready to come on stage. Out of nowhere Natalie showed up and hugged everyone pausing at Kelta “who are you?” Kelta wanted to say Axanas boyfriend but didn’t want to push things after what he had just told her “I’m a man who is really interested in Axana” Natalie smiled “sweet, I’m Natalie. I date her brother Darren.”

“Nice to meet you” Natalie hugged him too then sat down. “how’s your act going?” Chandra asked Natalie and she excitedly said “great, all my shows recently have been sold out. I’m going to spoil Darren. Don’t tell him but I bought him that guitar he’s been dieing for” Zack gave her a light slap on the back “no you didn’t! Holy shit he’s going to freak. Well freak with you” he winked and Natalie laughed unashamedly. “Maybe it’ll earn me a few good orgasms” she retorted. Zack laughed “That mess I call my little brother better marry you”

Natalie laughed, now blushing a little. “I hope so” The group was about to go on when Axanas parents showed up. “sorry we’re late” Darla said and hugged Axana “whos this young man with you guys?”

“Kelta, he’s a guy I’ve been going on dates with. He’s really sweet” Axana answered. Lawarence put his overly serious face on as he always did when a love interest emerged for one of his children. It was a face Natalie remembered clearly from the day she met him. Unlike her, Kelta was unafraid “it’s nice to meet you. Axana has told me many wonderful things”

“Has she now?” Lawarence sat down and just stared at Kelta who looked right back.

“You must have practiced that look for years.” He gave him a smile then looked at the stage as Darren and his band started playing. Axana and Zack did their best not to laugh at how easily Kelta ignored the very protective Lawarence. Axana took his hand and he gave her a small smile as he laced his fingers through hers. From the moment they met she knew there was nothing in the world that could make her not want him. Even now he was patiently waiting for her answer. She had already said she loved him, but she knew he wanted her to accept all of him.

“So Kelta, what kind of relationship are you looking to have with my little angel?” Lawarence asked as the first song ended.

“The permanent kind sir, the kind that involves me making her the happiest woman in the world.”

“Have you two had sex yet?”

“I was waiting for that one. No we haven’t, I’m not some panty snatching pig. It’s a very emotional thing between two people and when she is ready for such a thing then I will be too.” The next song started and they turned their attention back to the stage. So far Lawarence couldn’t find anything wrong with him. He was still taken back by the lack of fear in the young man.

When that song ended Lawrence said “why aren’t you afraid of me?” kelta made eye contact with Lawrence then said “Because I’m crazy about your daughter. I’m just me and I really want you to like me. There’s nothing to stress about when all I’m giving is honest answers. Even if you didn’t like me right now I know all I’d have to do is show you how much I care about your daughter and you would come around. You’re protective because you love her so it would only make sense you want her to be with a man who loves her. I’m not ashamed to say I love Axana very much and I will do anything it takes to make her happy.” Lawrence face softened into a smile “You’re either a good actor or a great man. Lets hope you’re a great man. She deserves it”

“I know she does sir” They sat through the rest of the performance in silence. Axana moved by Keltas words and replaying them in her head. He was amazing, demon and all. She loved all of it though she didn’t understand much about demons. Meeting Kelta she found out she knew far less than she even thought she knew about them. Before they walked out the door to go home Lawrence offered a hand to Kelta in his approval. Kelta happily took it, he had really wanted the man to like him.

Kelta was disappointed he couldn’t meet Darren but they said they rarely got to see him afterwards. He always had after plans with his band.The only person who would see him the rest of the night was Natalie since she was always welcome at anything band related. He preferred her around anyway so no girls would flirt with him. As they loaded into the car Axana asked ‘what did you think of my brothers playing?”

“It was really good. I enjoyed your family too.”

“I’m glad my father didn’t scare you away.”

“I knew he wasn’t scary. He’s just a good father like Victor.” They got into his car and he drove Axana and Chandra home. He opened their doors and escorted them to their door.

“You can stay if you want to, we need to talk more.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, very sure. I want you here with me.”

She took his hand and pulled him through the door. Chandra smiled and grabbed and made herself a sandwich before going to her room. She wanted them to have as much space as possible to talk about their future together. “So, your mother, father, and siblings are all like you.”

“Victor is angel, demon and human. Faline is a demon and my brother and sister are a mix. They are still children and haven’t come into their abilities yet, but I know when they do they will probably be very powerful.”

“What are all your powers?”

“I don’t have very many. I seem more human than demon even though I’m full blood. It’s both a gift and a curse, but I make up for it with smarts. I can also draw.”

“I bet you are a very talented artist.” He chuckled and sighed.

“I guess, at least my siblings think so.” He ran his fingers through his hair. “Look, I really meant what I said to your father. I really, really love you. I want you forever and always, I need you. I know we haven’t known each other more than a couple of days, but when I look at you my heart goes crazy. You are my one and only soulmate.”

Axana blushed then smiled. She closed the distance between them and gave him a soft kiss on the lips. If Kelta thought his heart was racing before, that was nothing compared to now. He wanted to hold her in it but allowed Axana to pull away. His face was fully flushed when she looked at him again “I love you too and I also think you’re my soul mate. I didn’t believe in that until you came into my portion of the bookstore. I love all of you even though I don’t understand much about you being a demon. I’m more than willing to learn about you in every way. Do you want to hold me tonight? I haven’t cuddled in a very long time and I’d love to fall asleep with you holding me.” Kelta pulled Axana into a tight hug and kissed her shoulder “It would be an honor” he whispered.

“I have some pajama pants that would fit you so you don’t have to go home and get anything”

“alright” He said still holding her. They kept the embrace until Axana giggled “Lets get changed and you can hold me again” Kelta lightly laughed at himself “sorry, I got lost in how good it feels to hold you” Axana gave Kelta the pants then showed him the bathroom “I’m changing in my room so knock first please”

“I will” Kelta said softly. He went in the bathroom and texted his parents so they knew he wasn’t coming home. He was grown so they didn’t care what he did as long as they knew if he was going to be gone overnight. He excitedly changed his clothes, anxious to be with her. As Axana changed she was nervous about letting him stay. She hoped that she would atleast be able to brush her hair in the morning without waking him so he wouldn’t see the disaster she woke up as. Axana wanted to wait on the as long as possible. She probably wouldn’t have invited him to stay the night if she had been thinking about that. It was one thing to say such sweet things but another to actually see her in the morning. All she had been thinking about when she invited him was that she didn’t want him to leave.

Kelta waited outside her door a few moments before knocking. He didn’t want her to feel rushed. When he thought she had enough time he knocked. She beckoned him in and he had to resist just flinging the door open to get to her. He thought she looked adorable in her micky mouse pajamas. He smiled and she said “my dad bought these for me”

“They are cute” They got into bed and Kelta asked “How would you like me to hold you?”

“Stay on your side.” Axana said then flipped so her back was against him. He secured his arms as tightly around her as he could without hurting her. He sighed happily then kissed the back of her head then shoulder “good night beautiful. Thank you for accepting me and allowing me to stay. This is already amazing”

“good night handsome. You don’t have to thank me. I love how you hold me” Kelta kissed her cheek then settled himself down. They both stayed awake as long as they could. Enjoying the emotions that flowed through them as they laid so close together. They both could feel eachothers warmth soaking their bodies and flooding their senses. They both fell asleep at nearly the same time, unable to fight it off any longer. Morning came, Kelta waking first. He stayed still so not to wake her. Kelta wanted more kisses but wanted her in his arms more. He was good at not moving from all the hunts they went on where they laid in wait to surprise whatever demon they were chasing.

When Axana woke she immidietly tried to get our of his arms but he held the grip “where are you going?” He asked and she blushed, wanting to pull the covers over her head. “Honestly, I was hoping to get ready before you woke” He moved her so she was laying flat on the bed. “You are gorgeous. What did I tell you in the car? You are always beautiful no matter what and your ex was an idiot not to appreciate you. Kelta kissed Axana. It was a long, slow, love filled kiss. “I love you and you could never be anything less than a goddess in my eyes Axana. Can we cuddle longer? I really don’t want to let you go” Axana almost cried. His words meant so much. She wrapped her arms around him “lets just stay here all morning”

“sounds perfect” Kelta kissed her head “I’m not kissing you too much am I?’ He said just noticing how much he had been doing it since she kissed him. “No, you’re kisses are so sweet.” Kelta smiled as his heart warmed. They just laid there, neither one of them caring that they were hungry. To Axana, her bedroom was heaven this morning and not worth leaving for anything.

~ The End ~

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