Kifa: Age 8

Chapter one

Kifa¬†forced her legs to move through the freezing river. Her wings were aching too much to use after her long flight to escape an unrelenting demon hell bent on having her for his lunch. She didn’t think he was ever going to give up the chase but he finally did just as she worried her wings might just quit working and drop her from the sky. ¬†On the other side of this river she had spotted delicious looking apples. She knew the water would be cold before stepping in since the temperature outside was so low but she felt¬†torturing¬†her legs was worth finally filling her stomach. When she made it to the other side her legs were stinging and were more blue than her normal skin tone.
She paid little attention to it and just ran for the tree. The bark hurt her legs worse since they were so sensitive from the frigid chill of the water but she got up anyway and plucked an apple from its branches ‘thank you tree for your fruit. I truly need it” Giving her thanks she devoured her first apple. She kept eating until she had consumed three. She sighed and laid back against the tree to rest. She would need her strength if another human, vampire or other threatening creature came after her. Kifas parents had warned her of the many dangers humans posed and how they would use her without a second thought so she avoided Vampires and humans more than any other creature.
Kifa couldn’t sleep because she was so cold. She decided to try and use magic to warm herself. “Mother nature and bright sun. Please lend me your heat so that I may warm myself enough to sleep.” She pleaded and then set her hands on her legs and closed her eyes. She imagined heat, concentrated on it. She smiled when her body warmed. She was so relieved to finally not be cold she cried softly. She kept it going as long as she could then laid back against the tree to sleep as long as she could.
She woke to a human males voice. She used the last of her strength before sleeping to heat herself so hadn’t had enough to hide her wings. This man knew what she was and was staring with greedy eyes. “I’ve found you. You owe me somthing right? My buddies and I have heard the legends. I thought they were just made up stories by hopefuls but here you sit. It’s said you owe me three wishes now”
“I’m just a kid sir. Young fairies can’t grant you wishes.”
“Don’t lie because you’re angry i found you sleeping”
“I’m not lieing, I swear.” Kifa stood to take off but the hunter aimed the barrel of his gun at her “you’d be stupid to try and fly. You know what this is right? What it can do to you?’
“Yes, my parents told me”
“Good, get down here or I shoot you” Kifa knew she had no choice. She was too young and inexperienced with her magic to heal herself if he shot her. Kifa came down and he grabbed her by the hair. “I’m going to break you of your lieing habits. You bitches always think you can lie your way out of anything.” Kifa was forced to walk with him, all the while him having a painful grip of her long red hair. Her mother had loved her red hair so Kifa had kept it long enough to fall to her hips. Now she saw that long hair as a weakness that humans could force her around by. She would cut it if she could escape this man. Kifa hated her parents had been right about humans. This was the first one she came in contact with and all he wanted was to make her grant wishes that she was powerless to grant.
She thought they would never stop walking when they finally came to his campsite. There were two other tents there. The man that had her called to them “Bert! Thomas! Get out here!” Thomas came out of his tent “Berts hunting” Thomas then noticed Kifa and became wide eyed “is that¬† fairy? God I must be hung over bad”
“No she is. I found one but the little bitch is lieing to me. She says she’s too young to grant wishes”
“Maybe she is” His father gave Thomas a disdainful look “I thought I ought you better on women. They’re liars. She just wants to be lazy is pretending she can’t do it” Kifa then gave a whimpered interjection “sir, i really can’t. I woudl if i could. You’re hurting me” Thomas looked as if he was wrestling with his face not to show how upset this whole display made him. The man lifted her off her feet by her hair, increasing the pain she was in by his hold. “You don’t speak unless you’re ready to grant wishes”

Chapter Two

“Thomas, give me somthing to tie her up with”
“Dad” he started to protest and his father gave an angry growl like he was an animal rather than a man. “You do as you’re told boy” He went to their truck and grabbed the rope and a knife for his father to cut it. He tied Kifa up, far too tight. Her body was already sore from the cold she slept in night after night so her bones and muscles were much more sensitive to the tight rope. When she was hog tied he kicked Kifa making her scream and then cry. Thomas looked away. “Don’t be a pussy. This bitch needs to stop holding out on us. I’m going to get much more than three wishes. Maybe we’ll just keep her and milk her for all the magic she has”
“I can’t” Kifa started to try again when the man she knew must be Bert came back ‘well I’ll be”
“I found us a fairy”
“why’s she tied up?”
“She’s refusing to grant us our deserved wishes”
“Of course we’d meet a bitch fairy”
“God look at her. She’s a little kid” Thomas couldn’t help but proclaim to his Uncle and father “excuse me boy’ His father said and Thomas exclaimed back “No, look at her. She’s probably telling them truth dad. Please stop” The man walked away from kifa then punched his son. He forced Thomas to the ground with his violent wails “You’re going to stop talking back to me” The man said as he got off his son. “My fucking hand hurts now you little bitch but I’m sure my brother can get you granting” Kifa was shaking and felt horrible for the young man who was now bloody because of her. Not only that but she was even more terrified for herself now too. The only seemingly sain human here was a victim just like she was right now. The men beat poor Kifa throughout the day trying to force wishes out of her but since she couldn’t none came and their abuse had no ending point. They’d only let up atall so that she could survive to eventually give them what they wanted.
They didn’t feed Kifa that day but they made her watch as they ate. Each man laughing when her stomach would growl. She could tell Thomas’s laughs were fake. They were manufactured so that he would be spared a beating. She found herself not blaming him. Understanding why he’d be scared to stick up for her again she just closed her eyes, wondering if they woudl just abuse her to death or simply let her starve. That night Thomas finally spoke again ‘dad, can she sleep with me tonight?”
“Why do you want that?”
“I’m horny and she is a girl” Kifa didn’t understand what that meant so just laid there confused. Thomas’s father gave a proud smile. “Alright, she needs to go ahead and learn what she’s for anyway. You can have her” His father handed Thomas the knife “just dont go letting her escape after you cut her loose”
‘Oh i wont” Thomas approached her and cut her loose then grabbed her by the hair like his father had. His grip was much more forgiving but still hurt. he shoved her hard into his tent then zipped it up. Thomas had gone into his tent earlier and she hadn’t known why. She guessed before it was so he didn’t have to watch how they beat her. It turned out he had prewritten a note to her. She read it. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you. I’m going to give you a nice place to sleep until my father and Uncle have passed out but I’m going to need you to act like I’m hurting you. Scream for me to stop and cry as much as you can. Screamings good. I’ll tell you to shut up as you scream but I’m not being serious. I’m going to make sounds that might sound weird to you but I need to so that we can trick my dad. Nod when you’re done reading this if you understand, scribble on the paper if you don’t”
Kifa looked at him and nodded. He smiled then started pulling off his clothes. He took Kifas off then pushed her down before mouthing “scream and cry”
Kifas voice hurt from all the crying she did before but she put on the best show she could. She heard their laughter again and even some encouragement coming from outside the tent so she guessed they were buying that whatever Thomas had said he was going to do he was actually doing. Thomas eventually got from over her and whispered so she could barely hear ‘just pretend to cry for a few more moments, no more screaming” kifa actually cried with relief until he put a finger on his mouth to tell her that was enough. With the show being over his father and uncle soon went to bed. When they were in Thomas and Kifa got dressed then he wrote on another sheet of paper from his notebook. “Get in my sleeping bag with me and take a nap. I’ll wake you when I run you away from here.” they both slid into his sleeping bag. She had been sleeping in such uncomfortable places since loseing her parents she fell asleep quickly while Thomas began to cry. Watching them hurt such a frail little girl today was nothing short of a horror show to him. Especially when he saw her naked and could see her bones from lack of nutrition and all the bruises his relatives had left on her.

Chapter Three

When he was sure his Uncle and Dad would be out for the night he gently woke Kifa “hey, come on” She rubbed her eyes and got up. Thomas got up and fished somthing out of his bag. He then slowly unzipped his tent then picked Kifa up. Thomas walked out of camp and for awhile afterward. Kifa wasn’t sure how long Thomas carried her before setting her down. Thomas handed Kifa what he had gotten from his bag “this is called beef jerky. Please eat it. I’m sorry they didn’t feed you”
“Thank you”
“Just get as far away as you can little fairy. If I hadn’t faked what i did last night my father or uncle may have done the real thing to you. They are awful, terrible men. You’d be wise to stay away from human men.”
“But you’re nice”
‘Yeah, there’s nice ones. I just don’t want you hurt again. I feel so terrible”
“Don’t, you didn’t hurt me”
“I was too afraid to help you. I feel just as bad for watching”
“You’re too weak like me. If you would have stepped in you would have gotten hurt too. Don’t feel bad Thomas”
“what’s your names?”
“Hurry along Kifa. Please, my father might get up and notice. Fly or run as fast as you can”
“are you going back?”
“But he hurts you like he hurt me”
“I’m only seventeen. I have to go back to him”
“Run away, you can hide with me”
“I can’t. I dont want to leave my mother alone with him”
“Why would she stay with him?”
“I’ve started asking myself that”
“Just because she’s crazy doesn’t mean you have to be Thomas” Thomas gave a small chuckle “go on Kifa. You need to fly away”
“Bye Thomas, thank you so much”
“You’re welcome” Kifa flew off though she wanted Thomas to come. She flew until she couldn’t fly any longer, terrified those men might come after her again. When she landed Kifa opened the bag Thomas had given her and ate. Kifa was so hungry she didn’t stop eating until the bag was empty. She found herself disappointed but still grateful Thomas had given her what he had to give. She looked up at the moon, guessing it was around three am. There was a breeze tonight, making the cold air feel even worse. She wanted to be back in Thomas’s sleeping bag but she would just have to find a group of bushes or a cave she could stay the night in. Kifa walked in the dark, looking for anything that would help shield the wind when the rain started to pour. To make matters worse it wasn’t just rain, it was freezing rain. Kifa began to run as she tried to find some sort of shelter. Finally she came across a tree that was hollowed near the bottom.
She made a noise of happiness then ran to it. Kifa backed up in the tree as far as she could get to wait out the downpour. Kifas entire body jerked with her shivers. She tried desperately to heat herself but her magic refused to work. She had barely expected it to after all her body endured the previous day. As her breaths quivered she truly wondered if she was going to freeze to death in this. Kifas very bones ached with cold when she heard someone coming. Her heart beat fearfully, she just knew it would be someone demanding magic she couldn’t perform again. She didn’t want to be beaten and forced to watch others eat while she went hungry so she tried to be quiet and not move but whomever it was came up to the log anyway and bent down so Kifa could see a feminine face. “Little fairy, what’re you doing out in this weather? You’ll die in this and it’s only going to get colder. Please come out. I’ll take you to my cave and warm you.’
‘no, please go away’ Kifa said in her tear filled voice. She was terrified and knew this woman was just trying to get her near enough to grab a handful of hair. Kiminias heart went out to the little girl. Even if she wasn’t a dragon she would have been able to see how afraid she was. “I wont hurt you little one. I’m only trying to get you out of this. You look frozen and I can see your bones with your shirt sticking to you. All i want to do is give you food and warmth”
“I don’t want it. I’ll just die. please go away. I can’t do magic for you. I swear.”
“Oh little fairy, i don’t want anything from you. I know there’s no way to prove to you I plan you no harm but I can’t leave you here. I will wait right by this log until you come out. I’m sorry but I will not leave a child in weather I know will kill them. You are too skinny, even a healthy woman out in this could catch her death. I can see you’re afraid of me but there’s no reason to be. Has someone hurt you? is that way you wont come out?”
“Yeah” Kifas voice even shakier than before. “I’m sorry child. We live in a cruel world but you have to understand you wont survive like this. Don’t you want food honey?”
“I do”
“Just come out and I’ll take you somwhere warm and cook you somthing.” Kifa bawled as she forced herself to crawl out. She didn’t want to ache from the cold and her wounds any longer and she didn’t want to deal with the pain of always being hungry. The hope of food and warmth was enough for her to gamble on this woman.” Kiminias heart sank further now that she had a good look at the small fairy. She had never felt this angry and sad at once. Since she didn’t know Kifas parents were dead she was in a rage at whoever would abandon their child and leave them to freeze or starve to death. “I’m going to shift into a dragon little fairy.”
“You’re a dragon?”
“Yes, I’m going to fly you to my cave”
“alright” Her parents had told her that dragons were mostly friendly creatures as long as you didn’t mess with their gold so she relaxed a little more planning on keeping far from the dragons treasures. She’d be sure not to touch anything so that maybe the dragon might let her stay for at least a short while. Kifa thought maybe she could be a maid for the dragon or do somthing else for her in exchange for a home and food. After Kiminias transformation she took Kifa in her claws and pushed them into the sky.

Chapter Four

The cold rain was unforgiving as it stung Kifa. Kiminia could feel the girls shivering grow harder, making her wish she could arrive home any faster. Kiminia landed, instantly transforming and cradling Kifa in her arms. Kifa was surprised how homey the inside of this cave was. It looked like a real home. “I’m going to yell little fairy. Don’t get startled”
“Rodrick! Wake up and come to me!” It wasn’t long until out of the back stepped a thirteen year old dragon male. “Woah, is she ok?”
“Please go reheat the soup we had for dinner while I warm her. hurry now”
‘yes mam” The boy said and ran off.¬† Kiminia carried Kifa to where they had fires in their cave and sat her down. Kminia almost instantly had a large fire going. “I’ll be right back. I keep clothes here for when my sister visits with her daughter. She’s bigger than you but hopefully her clothes wont be too baggy. The fire will do you little good in the soaked clothes from the frigid rain. If my son comes over for some reason don’t be afraid. He wont hurt you either.”
“Thank you” Kiminia gave Kifa a friendly smile. “Thank me by relaxing and trusting that i only want to help you” Kiminia walked away and Kifa scooted close to the flames. It was true her clothes made the fire less helpful but this was the warmest Kifa had been in a long time. She was glad she came out of that tree so this kind woman could bring her here. When Kiminia came back she asked “will you take off your clothes and change little fairy?’ Kifa nodded then began to strip. As Kifa changed Kiminia asked ‘Can I know your name so I dont have to call you little fa” She had to pause with the restraint to hold back a gasp at seeing the little girls body. She had been severely beaten, the bruises covering her skin evidence to the fact. Kiminia assumed it must be the same neglectful parents that left her out and became angrier.
“where are your parents?” Kiminia asked, glad she was able to keep her gentle tone. “My names Kifa and my parents have been dead since I was five and a half. I’m eight now, my birthday was three days ago. I’ve just survived how I can. I was able to stay in my house for about six months before friends of the man who killed my parents came and took it from me. After that I lived how I could. Thankfully I’m a fairy so animals are kind to me and willing to help since i can understand them. Some of it’s been fun, sleeping with bears and wolves. Animals are the best companions.”
“Oh my dear…I’m sorry. Where did those bruises come from? Do you need somthing for the pain?”
“Yes please, a couple humans found me and were demanding wishes I couldn’t grant. I come from a royal line but I can’t make real magic until I’m older but you probably know that” Kiminia was having to force back tears. This wasn’t the type of story she would have ever expected to come from a tiny eight year old girl. Kiminia couldn’t resist hugging Kifa and hoped it didn’t scare her. To kiminias relief Kifa hugged back. When they broke the hug Kiminia said “I’ll go get you somthing for your pain” Kiminia hurried off so she could let some of her tears fall. It was horrible thinking of a little girl going through all that.
Rodrick soon came out with bowls of soup for all three of them. They started to eat and Rodrick said ‘i heard you guys in the kitchen. Humans can be cruel to us dragons too. They kill us just for living. I’m sorry they hurt you”
“Thankfully one of the humans was nice and he helped me escape”
“How’d he help you escape?”
“He told his dad he was horny so that he could take me into his tent. I had no idea what they were talking about but he took me in there and he told me to scream and cry like he was hurting me. He had me keep going until he was sure they were fooled. Thomas allowed me to sleep in his sleeping bag for awhile before running me deep into the woods to release me” Rodrick had about choked on his soup at the horny part. He and his mother were half afraid at first somthing else bad happened to Kifa that she just didn’t understand and were glad the human man hadn’t raped her. “Thnak goodness it worked. Where did my mother find you?’
“In a tree. I was trying to find some mercy from the rain. I dont think i thanked you for these clothes mam”
“I’m kiminia”
“Thank you Kiminia”
“Tomorrow I’ll get you clothes that aren’t so big on you”
“You don’t have to do that”
“I want to. In fact, would you like to stay here with my son and I?”
“Could i really?”
“Yes, please do. I have plenty of space and money. You are welcome to grow up here in my home.”
“Thank you so much. I’ll clean and whatever else you want”
“You’ll have chores just as my son does but aside from that I expect nothing of you.” Kifa got up and moved around the fire to hug Kiminia “thank you so much” She sobbed gratefully. It was a relief to Kifa that she had found a home. She would always have warmth and food as long as vampires didn’t steal these kind people too.

Chapter Five

The next day Kiminia left Kifa with her son Rodrick while she went to purchase properly fitting clothes for Kifa. “so, mom hasn’t given you any chores yet so you just relax while i quickly take care of mine. I like to do them first thing in the day”
“Could i help you?”
“You don’t need to”
“I want to”
“I don’t know. I’d feel kind of guilty”
“why?” Kifa asked and Rodrick didn’t know how to answer. he’d feel guilty because of how malnurished she was and that bruises covering her from those humans. He was afraid as a girl she’d take offense so he just said “My mom might get mad at me. Maybe she doesn’t want you starting chores just yet”
“Oh ok, could I have more yogurt?”
“Of course you can. Help yourself”
“thanks” Rodrick smiled, glad she was choosing to eat somthing. Kifa happily went to the fridge while Rodrcik got to work. When Kifa was done with her yogurt she started wandering the cave, exploring every bit of their beautiful home. She found where Kiminia kept her treasures, they were all so beautiful she was having trouble not going to touch them. She saw a bracelet made of jewels and silver on her nightstand and she couldn’t resist it. Sh ewalke dover, as any curious eight year old would and picked it up. She couldn’t believe how gorgeous it was and decided right there it was the most beautiful thing on the planet. She admired it until she heard Kiminia say her name. Kifas face went white with worry and fear at what she had done. She had touched a dragons treasure even though her parents had told her never to do so. Kifa put it back and began to sob. Kiminia rushed over “what’s the matter honey? Did I scare you?”
‘i’m sorry. Don’t make me leave”
“why would I make you leave?”
“I touched your treasure. Momma told me never to do that because it makes dragons angry. You’re mad at me now” Kiminia hugged Kifa “shh child, I’m not angry. You are my daughter now. Just as my son can you may touch any of my belongings. In fact, do you want it?” Kifa wiped her face “It’s beautiful”
“Then you should put it on after you try on the clothes i bought you” Kifa wrapped her arms around Kiminia again for a tight hug “You want to be my momma?”
“Yes, I know you’re true mother will always be number one to you but I’d like to be your second momma”
“I want to be your daughter too. Thank you.”
“Lets try on your clothes little one.” kifa tried on her clothes, modeling them for Kiminia and Rodrick. They clapped and told her how beautiful she was which seemed to make little Kifa glow. When they were done Kiminia gave Kifa the bracelet. “a beautiful gift for my beautiful daughter. Know you are always more important than my treasures” kifa hugged Kiminia once again. She knew the best choice she had made since her parents death was coming out from that tree to go home with this wonderful dragon woman and her son.
~ The End ~

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