Kiure & Chiara

Chapter One

Kiure sat in a meeting discussing the latest airplane model they would be working on. It was down to the pros and cons so they could make the final decision at to if it was worth the money to try and release this new line of aircraft. Kiure and Chiara were the only ones backing the plane from the start of the meeting but near the end they had everyone convinced it was a good idea aside from Thomas. He remained hard headed and stubborn so Kiure said “How about this? Why don’t we all go bowling and if I beat you we put the companies money into this new airplane. If you win I guess we dont” They had to have everyone in agreement to start on a new model so even though Thomas was the only one saying no it still meant they couldn’t move forth.
Chiara and Kiure loaded into Thomas’ car and he pulled away, the rest of their co-workers following in their cars. “Come on Thomas, you know I’m going to win so you might as well just admit defeat now.” Kiure said.

“Fat chance, you’re way to overconfident.”

“You’re supposed to agree when your friends have a really good idea.” Chiara chimed in, smiling at her friend.

“Not when that hound sounds like he could beat the world. Bring it on wolf boy.” Thomas said in a joking tone.

When they made it to the bowling alley everyone paid and got shoes then headed down to their lane. Chiara, Kiure, and Thomas all had one to themselves. “Prepare to be completely destroyed.” Kiure said and Thomas rolled his eyes.

“There’s no way, I’m king of the alley.” Thomas retorted.

“That sounds like something the top homeless man would call himself.” Chiara added and both men laughed. “Go on Kiure, show him what you’re made of.”

“Geez Chiara, you wound me, siding with a guy who probably goes crazy over raw hide.” Thomas said under his breath, pitching Chiara into a laughing fit.
Kiure smiled, her laughter only sounded better with each time he heard it. He loved how easy she laughed since it was such a pleasant sound to his ears. Their balls began flying down the lanes. Thomas and Kiure stayed neck and neck through most of the game, switching who was in the lead every so often. The men kept taunting and teasing one another, eliciting laughter and giggles from Chiara as she just played for fun. She had every bit of faith Kiure would win and they could start on the new line of aircraft. A new line caused them to work a lot more but work was never work with these guys, especially so with Kiure.

“damnit!” Thomas said in a friendly tone rather than frustration when Kiure won. “looks like we start some long hours tomorrow” Kiure said pridefully with his wolfish smile. “Yeah yeah, want to bowl one more round just for fun before we’re working overtime every night?”

“want to Chiara?”

“Sure, sounds fun” The rest of the people they worked with went home and they ordered some nachos and sodas, planning to have a long night of fun. This bowling ally had a bar so it was open until five am. They decided to call it a night at one, knowing they had stayed out too late but the night was too much fun to care. Thomas drove them back to work and let them out in the parking lot before driving home. Kiure hugged Chiara tightly “Goodnight beautiful, I’ll see you at work tomorrow”

“see you, don’t make yourself sick eating too much raw hide” he laughed deeply, which was hard to discern from a normal laugh since Kiure had such a deep voice. Chiara knew him well enough to know the difference and smiled. He waited until she was in her car and out the parking lot before leaving himself. He could never leave work without seeing her get in the car and drive off. He was always worried about someone snatching her from the parking lot or somthing, his protective nature always in overdrive when it came to his best friend.
Chiara made it home safe and went inside, exhausted after working and staying up late to bowl. She locked her door and went straight to her room, pulling off her clothes and flopping down on her bed. She set her alarm then pulled the covers over her. As usual when she became completely still and work wasn’t dominating her day, she thought of Kiure. She had never met a man as sweet as him. His infectious smile and teasing manner often scrambled her brain, making her feel like a teenage girl rather than a grown woman. She sighed, turning on her side and pressing her face into her blanket. It was a sin how sexy he was. She gave a groan, wishing she could shake some sense into herself. She squeezed her eyes shut and forced herself to go to sleep, knowing if she didn’t she would be incredibly exhausted come morning.

Kiure sat on the roof of his house staring up at the moon. Night time was his time and he inhaled its sweet scent. The light from the moon washed over him, energizing and exciting him. The wolf wanted to come out and play. It had been a few days since he had last shifted and he was aching to let his paws touch the ground. He stood, jumping off his roof and landing easily on his feet. He stripped his clothes off, folding them and setting them on the porch. He allowed himself to shift, one minute a man and the next a large male wolf with shaggy fur and piercing blue eyes. He stretched and took off through the woods that surrounded his home. He refused to live in the city limits, needing space to roam.
He ran, happily yipping every now and then until Betty, a small white wolf appeared in front of him. He whined and huffed for her to leave him alone. He tried to walk past and she walked in front. He growled but she didn’t back down. It highly annoyed him that she did this because she knew he wouldn’t hurt a female unless it meant life or death. They shifted into human forms, both standing nude in front of eachother. The female eyed him while he just looked off annoyed “Kiure”

“No, I told you no. I have a mate more or less”

“More or less is stupid. I never see a female with you”

‘she isn’t mine yet but I’m hoping she will be”

“You’ve already told me she’s human. Why be with a human when you can be with me.”

“When I do get around to telling her how I feel I’ll ask her to be a wolf too” The female made a disgusted face “a moon born…gross” Kiure growled in such a way that made her step back. “fine whatever” she ran off again but had already ruined his run so he shifted back and went home to rest until morning. He wasn’t even near ready for the day when his alarm went off but he forced himself up. A shower and coffee would liven him up so he took his shower then made a pot of coffee. With his to go cup filled he went down to his car and began the drive to work.
Chiara and Thomas talked and laughed as they waited for Kiure. They always worked more efficiently when it was the three of them. When he finally pulled up and got out of his car Chiara greeted him with a hug and a kiss to the cheek. When she pulled back she frowned. “You were up running again.”

“I can’t help it, the moon calls to me. It gives me such an energy boost.”

“Still, you should be sleeping at night, you need your rest.”

“I know, I ran into Betty again. She just won’t give up.”

Thomas rolled his eyes. “Desperate women can be annoying. Maybe you should try setting a trap for her, put some raw meat in a cleverly disguised cage then once you have her ship her to Russia.”

Chiara glared at him. “That’s not very nice Thomas.”

Kiure cleared his throat so he wouldn’t laugh. “And besides, she’s not a normal wolf, she’d never fall for a trap like that. She’s got human intelligence as well as wolf intelligence.”

“She can’t be very intelligent if she can’t take a hint.”
“well, she hasn’t morphed into crazy yet so atleast there’s that” They went inside and joined the other workers. Inside Helen came up to them to ask Chiara a question. She was new to the company and though she could go to anybody for question she always waited to ask Chiara. Chiara guessed it was because she wasn’t nervous around her. Helen was a vampire and the world was still slow to accept supernatural creatures into their society though at this point they were advanced enough not to kill them on sight. Vampires, werewolves and dragons were all living intermingled with humans. Other creatures were welcome too but still felt a certain need to hide.

Chiara talked to Helen briefly then invited her to work near them today incase she had more questions. Helen jumped at the offer, to be honest she was hoping for it. “how’re things here for you so far?” Chiara asked as they worked. “it’s fine, there’s so much to remember”

“It can be overwhelming at first but you’ll get it all. Just don’t be afraid to ask questions. We’re building airplanes so theres no room for pride”

“I know, I always ask”
Thomas stood up around lunch time and stretched then popped his back. “I’m going to buy us lunch. Same as always?”

“Here, take some money.” Kiure said as he pulled his wallet out of his back pocket.

“No, you can buy lunch tomorrow. You want anything Helen?”

“Uh sure, can you get me a pastrami sandwich from Luigi’s?”

“What do you want on it?”

She shrugged. “Doesn’t matter, I’m not picky. Just make it how you’d eat it and I’ll eat it. Oh and a pepsi please.”

“Alright, I’ll be back. Maybe you guys can finish most of the work and we’ll actually be able to get out of here on time.”

“In your dreams, we’re going to work as slow as possible now.” Chiara teased and Kiure laughed, making Thomas and Helen crack a smile. When Thomas got to his car and pushed the button to unlock the door, a hand grabbed his shoulder and he spun around, ready to defend himself.

“Who the hell are…oh wait, Betty right? Do you want to play fetch or something?”

“Where’s Kiure?”

“He’s busy.”

“Busy with what?”

“Business, this is his work place or have you not noticed the big sign with our company name on it? He’s working and I’m getting lunch so go away, preferably to somewhere that’s not here. He’s not interested even a little.” He got in his car as she glared at him and waved at her before pulling out of the parking lot.
They got up from the table and went back to assembly. Their workplace smelled too heavily of many different scents for Kiure to keep his nose open so he didn’t notice Betty walk in until he glanced over at Chiara only to find she was talking to that annoyance he had been telling her about. He quit messing with the wiring though he knew that would make him have to start over then he tromped over “what’re you doing here?”

“Meeting your friends”

“Get, you cant be in here. There are signs that say workers only before you get to this room”

“I just wanted to meet them”

“she’s alright Kiure but you should really go. You’ll get us in trouble with our boss”

“Fine, I’ll see you tonight Kiure” she said with a wink then jaunted out. “woah ho ho tonight. Is she more than an annoyance?” Chiara teased and he huffed “shes just an annoyance I dont want her I want”he paused and she kept staring ‘you want?”

“Our lunch. I’m hungry.”

“me too”

“stop whining, I’m here” Thomas said and they all went to the break room. “I saw Betty walk out” Thomas said and Chiara answered him ‘yeah, she just wanted to talk to me”

“about what?’ Kiure asked. “just about me. Everything there is to know. My favorite color, our friendship, that sort of thing”

Chapter Two

Kiure growled. “I’m about ready to go alpha on her. She needs to mind her own business.”

“Calm down Kiure, she’s not that bad. It’s not like she hurt me.”

He growled as he took a bite of burrito, now in a foul mood. He could deal with Betty constantly following him around, it was a minor annoyance, but coming to his place of work and talking to Chiara was a whole other thing. She was simply trying to size up her competition which to Kiure there was no competing, Chiara was everything to him and the most beautiful in the world. “Please stop making that face.” Chiara said as they finished eating.

“I’m angry Chiara, Betty knows better. Coming here was stupid and childish.”

“She was just being friendly.”

“Your heart is far to kind. Her intentions were not noble or kind. She was trying to get my attention and she succeeded.” He knew he shouldn’t be losing his temper around Chiara so he took a deep breath. “I’m sorry, I’m not mad at you and I don’t think for a second she would do anything violent. I just don’t like her around you, I don’t want her spreading lies. I’m not in any kind of relationship with her and I never will be, I don’t love her.”
Chiara smiled ‘you wolves get far too flustered far too easy. I was teasing you. I know she gets on your nerves. You normally know when I’m teasing”

“I guess I’m just tired from staying up too late.” he cupped her cheek and stroked it with his thumb “forgive me?”

“sleep more and I forgive you. I know that wolf needs to play but he makes you tired for work and now apparently sensitive to jokes” At the end of the work day Chiara stopped Helen before she could leave “why don’t you work with us all the time? I enjoyed having you around today. Our group could use another girl since it’s just me and these two” Helen looked excited “I’d like that a lot. Thank you” Chiara smiled as Helen tried to walk calmly out the door. “you tow liked her too right?”

“she’s a nice girl” Thomas said with a smile and Kiure answered ‘and anybody you like you know we’re cool with. She seems like she’ll be fun once she isn’t so nervous” They all got in their cars and went home, Kiure leaving last as always. He was still angry and glad he didn’t have to control his irritated wolf any longer. His wolf took her coming there and sizing Chiara up to be a threat and he didn’t take lightly to them. He was going to make it clear that she was never to come near Chiara.

At home he stripped just outside his car then ran off into the woods to find Betty. She was waiting not far from his home with a smile that wasn’t even wiped off when she saw how angry Kiure was. “what?” she asked “do not what me. How dare you come to my work and interrogate Chiara to size her up. I hope you realized how much better she is than you. I love her and I especially do not appreciate you saying see you tonight. Filling her head with the notion you might be more than a woman who just wont take a damn hint”

“This is a free country. I didn’t hurt her and can talk to whom I choose. Are you afraid I’ll uncover some flaw in your perfect little human girl?”

“I’m serious Chiara. She is my mate and you wont go near her”

“she isn’t your mate. You said yourself she isn’t. You haven’t told her how you feel. She’s as free as a bird, could date anybody. She may come tomorrow taken by another man. Even Thomas, she seemed awfully chummy with him”

“Hes our best friend”

“You’re her best friend too aren’t you? Hows that jealous little wolf inside you cope with another man always so close to her, hugging her goodbye, buying her food”

“stop trying to make me be an ass tomorrow. Thomas is our friend and you wont make me act like an idiot as you did today”
“You’re only pissed because I speak the truth. That human could ask her out and she could very well say yes. He’s a male, programmed to compete for a female.”

“Thomas and I are like brothers, he sees Chiara as his sister and your jealousy won’t change that fact. I will not bare my teeth at a friend just because he is a male who my mate cares for.”

“The wolf in you has become too soft. If you really wanted her as bad as you say you would have claimed her as yours already, she’d be constantly covered in your scent. You’re just lying to yourself, letting your wolf become complacent.”

He growled, taking a step toward her which made her back up. If she had been in wolf form he knew her tail would be tucked between her legs. “Leave now and stay away from Chiara.”

“Or what, I don’t run with your pack. You have no power over me and this is not the old days where any male with alpha status could do as he pleased. Times have changed and I can do as I wish, I can speak to whomever I wish.”

He balled his hands into fists. “You are lucky Betty and you should thank Chiara because if she didn’t exist I would have already forced you into submission and sent you running with your tail tucked between your legs just like the old days.” He took a deep breath. “Goodbye Betty.” He shifted into his wolf and took off through the woods, leaving Betty irritated.
When he arrived home from running off his anger he took a shower, all the while thinking of Chiara. He hated that Betty made him worry another man could take her and that she had pointed out his cowardess. If he actually asked the question she could say no and he could no longer hold her in his mind as his. The way things had been going she may aswell be his mate since they were together daily, even when they didn’t have work they normally met in town to do somthing. He sighed, ashamed of himself. He was going to ask her to be his tomorrow before another man stole his Chiara and he ripped whoever it was apart. He could control himself in many ways for Chiara but he honestly had no idea if he could control himself if another man took her.

It was a struggle to get any sleep knowing that tomorrow would be the day he asked. He ended up staying awake much too late. He chugged coffee on the way to work, hoping Chiara wouldn’t notice but also knowing better than to really think she wouldn’t. As he walked up to Chiara and Thomas she sighed and he knew right then she already knew. “Kiure, you told me you’d sleep”

“I’m sorry, I had too much on my mind…could I talk to you before work?”

“after we hear what our boss has to say. He’s here and needs to talk to us” Kiure groaned and she laughed. Even tired, agitated and not wanting to do what he was told today that laugh still tugged a smile onto his face.
They went straight to the conference room where Chiara sat down next to Kiure. She hated how tired he looked and knew he had probably run into Betty again or had confronted her. She wished he would just let it go and not worry about the female wolf so much. She herself was not worried about talking to Betty, she wasn’t afraid and didn’t feel threatened in any way by her. Their boss entered the room, all smiles and Kiure sis his best to look friendly. “So what’s up boss man?” Thomas asked from Chiara’s other side.

“You three are going to North Dakota to train pilots on how to use the new planes they bought from us. You three know the ins and outs of them better than anyone so you’ll be leaving in two days.”

“Nice, a semi vacation.” Thomas said.

“What about the new plane we just decided on?” Chiara asked.

“I want you to put it on hold until you get back. I know it’s important to you three, but so is the Air Force. One mistake and a pilot could send one of our planes into the ground. I want you to make sure they know everything there is to know mechanically.”

“Don’t they have trainers who do that?” Kiure asked.

“Yes, but you three built these babies, they didn’t.”

“I guess I can’t argue with that.”
“you guys are all off until you leave since you are traveling for the company and working with the pilots. Just let the others take care of everything while you’re away. Sorry i didn’t come by before work ended yesterday. I know it’s a long drive for you Kiure”

“No problem, I’m glad to have the next two days off”

“I’ll be emailing your tickets and hotel receipts tonight. If you dont atleast have them by morning give me a call. You three are also going to receive company cards for food, cab fair and any other needs that may arise. There’s no limit on your cards because I know I can trust you three with them” he pulled them out and handed one to each of them. They were dismissed and walked outside. “Hey Thomas, no offense man but would you mind if just Chiara came to my house. I need to talk to her privately about some things”

“No sweat, I haven’t called my mom in two weeks so I should probably go home and talk to her. You guys know how she gets hurt feelings if I go too long without a call”


“did I do somthing wrong?” Chiara asked when Thomas walked away. “No, it’s not like that atall. It’s just a talk I should have had with you a long time ago”

“alright, I’ll follow you in my car. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to your house so I don’t trust myself to pull out first”

“sounds good” Kiure drove first, glancing back to make sure Chiara was following then began home. Everytime he stopped for a stop sign or traffic light he looked back to check on her, once catching her smiling humorously at him. He blushed but wasn’t embarrassed nearly enough not to keep checking on her.
He was more at ease when they made it out of town and pulled onto the road leading to his home. Instead of constantly glancing behind him he watched the tree line, looking for any sign of Betty. He didn’t need her interfering. He breathed a sigh of relief when they finally pulled to a stop in front of his house. They got out of their cars and she followed him up the porch, grabbing his hand. “Kiure, tell me what’s going on.”

“Can we go inside?”

“This is far enough, tell me.”

He rubbed his neck. “Don’t give me that look, it’s unfair.”

“What look?” She asked, looking as innocent as possible.

“That one, you look so damn adorable and it’s unfair.” He sighed, tugging her a little closer. “I…I really, really want you to know that I need you in my life. You have become my world, you make me the happiest man in the world.”

She smiled. “And why is that?”

“You’re making this hard.”

“I want to hear you say it. Tell me.”

“I love you and I want you to be my mate. Will you be my mate?”
She smiled “you took far too long to ask. Of course” she kissed him and he instantly slid a hand behind her head to hold her there as his lips moved against hers. She didn’t even try to pull back, just standing there kissing him until he let her go. “You got far too jealous too easy. I knew you loved me. Your wolf is very territorial. The only man that gets near me without a glare is Thomas and our boss”

“I really can’t help that. I’ll try harder if you want”

“As long as you don’t become ridiculous about it it’s fine. You aren’t over bearing about it right now so I dont mind” Kiure kissed her again, this time his tongue sliding in her mouth. He lifted her up and walked her inside where he laid Chiara on the couch. He started to slid a hand in her shirt when she pushed against his chest “not yet” she said breathlessly. “I’m sorry” he said and sat up, pulling her into his lap. “My wolf is hungry for you but I shouldn’t have done that”

“it’s alright, I know we’ve pretty much been dating for awhile but I’d rather be really with you for longer. I wont give you blue balls for too long but I’m not ready yet”

“Is it because you’re a virgin?’ she blushed “you know that?’

“There have been many hints. I didn’t know for sure until just now”

“Yeah, I’ve always been so wrapped up in my education, then work, then you that I havent been in many long term relationships.”

“Well, just so you know I’ve only been with one other woman.” she smiled and kissed his chin “I wouldn’t mind regardless. Sex just hasn’t happened for me. I don’t think it’s bad or anything though I’m nervous for my first time. i already feel guilty for telling you no..”

“Please don’t, god, especially not right now. I’m so happy you’re finally my mate. That’s all that matters to me. I want you close to me so you’ll be covered in my scent and all other males will know you’re mine” she blushed and he smiled “we dont have to have sex. Just let me hold you like this”
He held her as close as he could, kissing his way up her neck to her lips, his fingers tangling in her hair to hold her in place. He kissed his way down to her shoulder where he moved her sleeve out of the way and bit her, leaving his teeth marks in her skin. “Mine.” He said and she giggled.

“Yes, yours.” She tugged gently tugged on his hair so he looked at her face. “I’ll always be yours.” She kissed his lips then pressed her forehead against his. She felt amazingly content sitting in his lap, enjoying the feel of his fingers moving through her hair.

“I need you to be mine forever, will you become a wolf too? I want to wake up to your beautiful face every morning for all eternity.”

“I’d love nothing more.” He smiled, his eyes brightening. He pulled her face down, kissing her excitedly.

“We can change you when we get back from our trip. I love you so much.”

“I love you too.”

A knock on his front door caused him to groan. He didn’t want visitors right now, all he wanted was Chiara. He put her gently on the couch and got to his feet, walking irritably over to the front door and ripping it open. He growled when he saw Betty standing on his front porch. “What do you want, I’m busy.” He snapped.

She sniffed. “She’s in there right now isn’t she, her smell is stronger than usual.”

“And her car is parked in front of my house. Your skills of deduction are incredible. Yes, I’m with Chiara, she’s my mate and mates spend time together. I told her how I felt and she agreed to be mine. Do you understand now?”

“I can smell you’re aroused. Is she ignoring your needs already?” He took a step toward her and felt a hand grab his arm. Chiara pulled him back, moving to stand between them.

“Betty, what’s your problem with me? Do you find me lacking in some way, do you think I don’t care about Kiure? Tell me what’s wrong because I don’t want us to be enemies.”

Betty clenched her fists. “It’s just not fair. I’ve spent so long trying to get his attention and all he wants is you. It’s not fair at all. He just hates me.”

“It’s not fair you hounding him when he’s already told you no. He and I are mates and I love him very much. You have to stop trying to force yourself into his life. He doesn’t want you in that way.”
“it’s easy for you to say those things when you’re the one he loves.”

“I guess and I’m sorry. If you stop chasing Kiure you might find a man who does want you and we can be friends. You seemed nice when I talked to you the other day. You started chasing a man who was already in love. If you went after a wolf who hasn’t chosen a mate I’m sure he’d pick you. I have been his friend longer than you’ve been chasing him” Betty knew Chiara was right but was having trouble saying that right now. “I’ll leave you tow alone then” was all Betty said before walking away.

Kiure slammed the door. ‘Kiure” Chiara said in a reprimanding tone “what?”

“she’s sad, show some compassion”

‘it’s hard, I’m still frustrated with her”

“just try to be nice when she comes back. I’m sure it’ll be in friendship”

“if it is fine but for now” he lifted her and returned to their previous position on the couch. Chiara giggled, causing his heart to flutter. He bit her other shoulder, once again leaving the marks of his teeth. “Only mine” he whispered again. It was as they ate lunch that Chiaras eyes were traveling him. They truly had been dating a long time without the words and she could tell he was even now aroused. She could only imagine how hard it was to fight tackling and taking her with his wolf instincts. She stood and he looked confused “lets go to your room” Chiara said with tinted cheeks “why?’

“I want us to..you know” he smiled “you sure?’

“I’m not even a wolf and I can tell how badly you need me.” he would have debated it further but he was in pain with his need. He cradled her and ran up to his room, eager to mate with his Chiara. He tugged off his clothing and then hers before sinking bites all over her body. He needed to mark what was finally his, the mate he had been waiting so long for. he had become so lost in his wolf that he made love to her wildly, with need and demand. The minor pain she felt at first was nothing compared to how good it felt to be thrust into so hard and fast. Even him biting down at near blood drawing intensity on her shoulder was euphoric.

Kiure wanted more but he stopped once he came then laid at Chiaras side. “I’m sorry my love. The wolf will probably always dominate me when we make love. I hope you didn’t mind”

“Oh it was amazing. Do just that every time” Kiure smiled and pulled her into his arms before licking her neck “I’ll be even more wild next time since you like it”

‘good” she answered and his smile widened.
They lay together for the longest time, sometimes talking about their future and other times just staring into each others eyes. Kiure could get lost in her eyes and didn’t care if he never came back. “How I love you my beautiful Chiara. Everything about you is so perfect.”

“I’m far from perfect my love, but thank you.”

He rubbed his forehead against hers. “You’re perfect for me. The taste of your lips, the feel of your skin, how you drive me absolutely crazy with hunger. You’re so amazingly perfect.” He brushed his fingers through her hair and kissed her lips. “Your scent threatens to take away my self control.” He traced his fingers over the bite marks at her left breast. “No one else will have you.”

She rolled her eyes. “Of course not and now I’ll have to wear a t-shit to make sure no one sees these marks. It looks like I was attacked by a crazy person.”

He laugh. “I am crazy, crazy for you.”

“Maybe I should pay you back.”

“Maybe you should.”

She pushed him onto his back and climbed on top of him. “Oh you’d like that wouldn’t you and you’d probably show them off like the alpha you are.” He pulled her down and kissed her.

“I would proudly show them off to everyone so they’d know I belonged to you and only you.”

“Then I’ll have to pack my bikini for our trip so when we swim at the hotel pool everyone will see how insatiable and how much of an animal you are and any wolf hanging around will know I’m all yours.”

“I don’t know how I feel about you being in a bikini around strange men.” It was her turn to laugh. “I’m serious Chiara.” She bit his chest, making his heart slam against his chest with excitement.

“Hush, I’m not interested in strange men, I only want you. Besides you helped me pick that bikini out and it would be a shame to let it go to waste.”

“You’re manipulating me.”

He chuckled “fine, the bikini, but I can’t promise not to growl at men who stare”

“that’s fair” Excitement still rushing through him from her bite he moved over Chiara and pinned her wrists. He licked her ear gently then bit down just as gently as his tongue had moved. “I need you again”

“then have me” Kiure was even more wild than the first time, using less self control since Chiara liked how wild he was. When he finished he worried she might become sore since their first time had been her first time. He gave her a long kiss “I’m going to run a bath for us to soak in. I don’t want you in pain”

“It’s amazing baby” she said breathlessly, his inner wolf feeling proud. He got up and ran the water then came back, scooped her up then positioned them both in the hot bath with him holding her. Nobody saw or heard from them in the next two days but they made it to the airport promptly. They told Thomas right away who was over the moon for them. Chiara was exhausted from love making so laid her head on Kiures shoulder to sleep once they were seated. When she was out Thomas whispered “seriously, congratulations man. I’ve seen how much you love her”

Kiure just smiled, not wanting to speak and risk waking her. Training the pilots actually turned out fun. Kiure, Chiara and Thomas found themselves honestly sad to go and return to real work. It was nice to be paid to hangout with hilarious and kind men and women but they couldn’t stay forever. They received two more days off to wind down from being gone which Chiara spent at Kiures house again. Now that his hound had gotten the release from his built up want over the years these two days were filled with more cuddling and talking than the days before they left. Chiara was his first and he knew would be only mate. His pack was planning on changing her during the next full moon which would come in due time. For now he would just cuddle, talk and make love to a woman that you couldn’t convince Kiure wasn’t made for him.

~ The End ~

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