Lachlan, Teague, & Kennedy 3

Chapter One

Lachlan and Teague sat on either side of Kennedy, worriedly rubbing his back as he threw up again. Teague’s wolf whined and Lachlan’s heart hammered loudly in his chest. He had been like this for three days and they didn’t understand why. Vampires couldn’t catch diseases, so it worried them.

“Sorry guys.” Kennedy finally said and Lachlan handed him his glass of water.

“You don’t have to apologize, baby.” Lachlan answered.

“It’s our job to take care of you.” Teague added.

Kennedy flushed the toilet and they helped him up so he could brush his teeth. They then got him into bed and curled up next to him. “I don’t know what’s wrong. I was fine and then suddenly this.”

“If you were a woman I’d think you were pregnant.” Teague teased.

“Very funny.” Kennedy replied.

“How do you feel?” Lachlan asked.

“I don’t know, sick, upset, but weirdly happy.” Both Lachlan and Teague raised their heads. “I’m not pregnant guys, I’m a guy.”

Lachlan shook his head. “We’re aware.”

“Very aware.” Teague added.

“But did you bump into anyone or help anyone?” Lachlan asked.

“Yeah, I brushed up against a woman on my way out of class.” Lachlan fell back with a relieved sigh and Teague chuckled. “What?”

“Empathy.” Lachlan answered.


“It looks like one of your powers manifested.” Teague added.

“Something you got from that creature who changed you.” Lachlan explained. “You had us worried. You bumped into a pregnant woman and picked up her emotions and other feelings and you can’t shut it off.”

“We didn’t exactly ask that monster what his abilities were before we killed him.”

“That means we’ll have to find his sire.” Lachlan said and he and Teague wrapped their arms around Kennedy. “That was terrifying.”

“at least we know what’s going on now. God I feel bad for women having to go through this. How are we going to find his sire?”

“I don’t know, hopefully he or she isn’t dead. It would be nicer to know what to look out for so we can help you deal with everything and dont end up in situations like this where we are just confused”

“do we need to go anywhere right now or could I lay down? Throwing up like that really drains me” Teague spoke “I’ll lay down with him then let him drink my blood to refresh himself if you want to start establishing some sort of plan Lachlan.”

“alright, I like how you volunteer yourself for the cuddling part” Lachlan hugged Kennedy again saying softly “I love you” before leaving. Soon Teague and Kennedy were cuddled up in the bed, Teague rubbing Kennedys back to help him calm into resting.

Lachlan started online, going through Facebook pages for “covens” that had been formed. Even though most of them were not true vampires, he knew some sometimes lingered there. He left a post asking for any information then went on to contacting actual vampires. He let out a sigh. Teague had been right to have him do the planning. A vampire contacting vampires, especially the heads of actual covens was better than having a werewolf do it. He respected Teague, but he could be a bit more pushy and it may rub certain vampires the wrong way.

Kennedy woke half an hour later, his change in heart beat alerting Teague who worried he was going to get sick again, but instead he sat up, looking around. “What’s wrong?” Teague asked.

“Where’s Lachlan?”

“Still working.”

“We should go check on him.”

“Is everything okay?”

“I think he was a little sad earlier, I just want to make sure he’s alright.”

Teague nodded as he lifted him out of bed and carried him through the house, following the sound of Lachlan’s voice. They found him pacing in the living room, talking on the phone and Teague put Kennedy down. Kennedy went to Lachlan, who smiled at him and drew him close. “Alright, thank you, please call me if you find anything.” He hung up and hugged Kennedy. “What are you doing up, my love?”

“I wanted to make sure you were okay.”

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

Kennedy pulled back. “You wanted to cuddle with me too.”

“I think he can feel it, Lachlan.” Teague said. “I’m sorry if I was a bit selfish.”

Lachlan shook his head. “Not at all, I’m sorry for feeling down in anyway, it’s stupid and childish and I’m okay, I promise, thank you both for checking on me.” He gave Kennedy a kiss, lingering there for just a moment, smiling when he blushed. “Have you fed yet?”

“No, I was worried about you.”

“Then I guess we’ll both have to donate a little to make up for being stupid.” Teague said, mischief dancing in his eyes.

“You two be good, just feeding for now, I still feel a little off.”

If Kennedy hadn’t just been throwing up a half hour ago he would have ignored the request but his body was already incredibly taxed. They needed to figure out how to tone down his empathy when he didn’t want to use the ability. He hadn’t found out anything useful yet but he pushed his worry away to enjoy his mate feeding off of him. They moved over to the couch, Kennedy straddling Lachlan. He slid a hand into his hair then let his fangs sink into his neck. Lachlan moaned, it honestly felt incredible to him, especially when Kennedy would feed this way. It was why Kennedy was doing it this way, to make sure Lachlan would feel happy.

Lachlan relaxed against this couch contentedly as Kennedy moved over to Teague to feed off his wolf as well. The wolf was eager for his turn, it wagging its tail within Teague. Kennedy licked where he was going to bite, knowing how much his wolf liked that then bit down. Their blood was always an extreme comfort to him but as awful as he had been feeling this made him feel especially good. He wondered if he fed just a little every morning if it would help keep the nausea away since it made him feel so good.

“You really test our ability to be good.” Lachlan said as rested his head on one of Kennedy’s legs.

“More than test, most of the time it’s fighting a losing battle. My wolf whines and growls and then Lachlan and I have to go spar.” Teague propped his head up on Kennedy’s other leg.

“I’m sorry I’m so tempting, I’ll try to tone it down.”

“Don’t.” They both said and Kennedy pressed a kiss to each of their foreheads.

“I love you both very much, I’ve never been happier, I just wish I could shut this off. It’s amazing knowing how you feel just by touching you, but I don’t want to ever throw up again.”

“We’ll fix it, I promise.” Lachlan said as he reached up and stroked Kennedy’s cheek.

“I know you will, you’re both so amazing.”

His mates were beginning to doze off when Lachlan’s phone vibrated, startling Kennedy and causing both Teague and Lachlan to let out a groan. Kennedy couldn’t help but laugh at how adorable they could be sometimes. He dared not tell them that now though, they would try to prove him wrong. Lachlan looked at his phone, it was an alert from Facebook. “I got a response back on one of my posts.” He sighed. “Hopefully not something stupid, I don’t mind the “vampires”, but some of them are just so over the top.”

“I blame Twilight.” Teague said in a teasing tone.

They eagerly waited for Lachlan to fill them in as he read and then began responding. Once he put his phone to sleep Lachlan said “somebody thinks the vampire we’re looking for is dating their sister. He’s told some stories that make him think that plus he’s got the ability Kennedy is experiencing. It’s worth looking into”

“How far away is it?”

“three hours, maybe you could take something to help you sleep through the ride”

“I don’t think it’ll make me more gaseous. I actually feel a lot better after feeding. I was actually thinking I should do that every day until we can make this stop if you two are okay with that” Teague chuckled “of course we’re okay with that. We enjoy it and if it helps you all the better” Humorously Lachlan shrugged saying “hey, whatever gets your sex drive back” he winked and both Teague, along with Kennedy chuckled. Lachlan messaged the user asking for an address. promising they just needed answers and wouldn’t hurt anybody. The vampire responded saying he’d talk to his sister about how she and her boyfriend wanted to handle this.

“We should head there anyway, even if they refuse to give you an address, we can still find them.” Teague said.

“I know, Kennedy deserves answers. I’m hoping the man who sired the creature who changed Kennedy didn’t realize what kind of person he was releasing onto the world.”

Even though their destination wasn’t far, Kennedy decided he still wanted to take his sketchbook just in case he saw something interesting. Teague grabbed snacks for everyone while Lachlan made sure their phones were fully charged and that he had his wallet and keys. “Do you want to drive or should I?” Lachlan asked when they were heading out.

“You drive there, I’ll drive back.” Teague answered. “Besides, I can sit in the floorboard so it’s no problem.”

They got settled in the car, Kennedy stroking Teague’s head while he head with one hand while he held Lachlan’s hand with the other. He was so lucky to have them, for them to be so willing to go so far for him. He didn’t know what he would have done if he had been alone when he started throwing up and feeling like an emotional wreck. He probably would have thought it was something worse than just empathy. They did so much for him. It gave him a sudden bought of inspiration. “Hey, when we finish with all this, there’s something I want to do with you two, if you don’t mind.”

“You know we’ll do whatever you want.” Lachlan replied and Teague huffed out his agreement. “May I ask where though?”

“Well, I’m going to draw a tattoo to commemorate us that I want to get on my chest.” He brought his hand up to the spot over his heart. “Right here.” He put his hand back on Teague’s head. “As an I love you and I want you to come with me.”

With this newfound surge in empathy he could feel how much that meant to his mates, It sent this warm feeling rushing through him. If he could learn to control this he definitely wanted to keep feeling what they felt. As he continued to enjoy sitting with his mates and feeling their happiness he pictured different ideas. A few he actually started trying to sketch but he’d stop. Kennedy wanted it to truly be a perfect representation and he had plenty of time in the car. When he was actually drawing Lachlan and Teague couldn’t help but steal glances at the paper, curious as to what he’d put on his chest.

By the time they pulled into the town they needed to be in they had gotten an address and the all clear to come. “Lets eat before we go” Teague suggested so they stopped at a diner that smelled good. It was a little overwhelming at first but Kennedy just tried to concentrate on his mates to make it easier. They ate quickly to hurry and get out then messaged the man again to let him know to tell his sister they were coming.

Chapter Two

“How are you feeling?” Lachlan asked.

“Fine, a little nervous, but I’m good.”

“Is your stomach doing alright?” Teague asked from the backseat.

“Yeah, I mean I’m still a little nauseous, but my food’s staying down at least.”

There were three people waiting outside the house they had been directed to. The young woman sat on the porch, looking worried as one of the men, obviously her brother talked to her, the other man was pacing back and forth in front of the stairs, his face full of worry. When they pulled to a stop, the man froze and the woman came to her feet. “You two promise not to hurt anyone okay?” Kennedy said and they nodded.

They got out, both Lachlan and Teague moving so they were in front of Kennedy. “Are you Oliver?” Lachlan asked the brother.

“Yeah, this is my sister Jasmine and her boyfriend, Thomas.” He gestured to them and all eyes were on Thomas.

“You two are pissed.” Thomas said as he looked back and forth as Lachlan and Teague.

“They’re fine.” Kennedy said and took his mates hands as he stepped up between them. “They’re just really protective, but they won’t hurt you.”

“Because they love you?”

“Yes, um…how do you know without touching any of us?”

“Practice, lots and lots of practice. It used to be just touch, but now I can feel energy too.” He cleared his throat. “Maybe we should go inside or something?”

Lachlan and Teague stayed close to Kennedy as they walked in. They didn’t know how much this family could be trusted. Potentially this could be some sort of trap for any number of terrible reasons. They were all soon seated at a large table “so…you were changed against your will. I’m incredibly sorry to hear that Kennedy…Kennedy right?”

“yeah” he felt compelled to tell Thomas what happened so he continued “I was hit from behind and next thing I knew fingers were bunching in my hair, holding painfully tight. He fed on me until I passed out and just left me alone on the pavement. Rain woke me and from that moment I knew nothing but fear and hunger until my mates found me” They trusted Thomas a little more when they saw how the story affected him.

“he was about to go mad with blood lust when we found him but even then he was fighting against it as hard as he could” Tegaue added.

“I see, I’m sorry. The man who changed you, he wasn’t like that when we met. He had been sick, really sick, but he was kind. I changed him to save him, but then he started acting strange. I never thought he would…if I had known…” He smiled. “Sorry, this isn’t about me, this is about you.”

“I don’t mind hearing about him.”

Thomas shook his head. “What’s done is done, even though I wish it hadn’t been that way. I’m glad you’re alive and happy.”

“I am, I guess I can at least thank your friend for that. If I had never been attacked I wouldn’t have Lachlan and Teague.”

Thomas nodded. “Yeah, I guess that’s true.” He smiled a little brighter now. “So I read in that post that you were having problems?”

“I can’t shut off the empathy or at least turn it down a little. I bumped into a pregnant woman and it made me feel sick and hormonal.” Kennedy said with an embarrassed laugh. “I’m happy I can feel what these two are feeling, but what if I don’t want to feel others?”

“It was hard for me at first too. I could feel so much so suddenly when I would just brush up against another person. It was like everything they were was being projected onto me. If you like, I can teach you.”

Kennedy could feel the little surge of jealousy his mates were projecting. It tingled over his skin where he was making contact with them and he squeezed their hands. “Sorry.” They both said.

“You have to see I’m not interested. Jasmine is all I want and need.” Thomas said. “I just feel responsible and I want to help.”

“We know.” Teague said.

“We’re being childish.” Lachlan added with a sigh.

“Please, you’re all welcome to visit. Maybe we can be friends.” Kennedy said with a warm smile.

“I’d like that, thank you.”

Jasmine now spoke “While you three are already here you can stay a bit. At least until your empathy is a little more manageable Kennedy. I don’t want you going home and suffering”

“Thank you”

“for now are you hungry? I know it was such a long trip”

“we ate right before we arrived since we didn’t know what to expect”

“smart, you really do never know when meeting other immortals. Though I’ve recently gotten into crime shows and I suppose it’s the same with humans really” Thomas chuckled and kissed her hand. “well then if you’re not hungry lets start a lesson” Kennedy was excited, curious as to how you could even learn to manage something like this. “As you probably assumed this is more of mental training, learning to tell yourself what you will and wont accept and being firm with it.” Thomas offered his hand “I know you want to feel your mates much like I enjoy knowing how Jasmine is feeling so I want you to learn to block out me”

Kennedy was instantly overwhelmed by Thomas’s emotions; guilt, regret, and sadness for what had been done to Kennedy rolled through him, mixed with love and adoration for Jasmine. It was a dizzying and he actual felt his stomach roll. “You need to breathe, love.” It was Lachlan’s voice in his ear.

“Listen to us, Kennedy, to the air moving in and out of our lungs and breathe.” That was Teague on his other side.

He nodded and forced air into his lungs. He hadn’t known he had even stopped and now that he was actually do it, he felt much better. Thomas gave him an apologetic smile. “Strong emotions can be overwhelming, I’m sorry about that, but if you focus on closing them off one by one, you’ll feel better.”

“I don’t know if I can.”

“What do you do for a living, Kennedy?”

“I’m an artist, I do commissions sometimes.”

“Alright and when you draw, everything else just falls away doesn’t it, it’s like there is nothing else in the world but you and your pencil right?”

“Yeah.” He answered and both Lachlan and Teague nodded their agreement.

“Then use that, let it all fall away so there’s nothing but us sitting here.”

He knew he couldn’t draw constantly when they went out but Kennedy felt it was a good place to start, even if it just helped him unload emotions he had picked up during the day. Kennedy took out his sketch book along with his favorite pencil and began getting to work on the tattoo he wanted. He wasn’t set on an idea yet but it might help him decide if he could actually see what he was thinking about instead of simply picturing it in his head. Slowly it began to work, one by one the emotions he had been picking up vanished until he only had his own thoughts and feelings within him.

“it worked” Thomas smiled “I’m glad, you’ll be able to do it without the sketch book eventually”

“I’m most relieved I wont be getting sick any longer. I don’t know how women go through being pregnant” Thomas chuckled. “well I’m relieved you had something to help you so learning this didn’t take a long time”

“is there anything else I should lookout for?”

“No really, I’m about your average vampire beyond that”

“Should I avoid people until I’m better at controlling my gift?”

Thomas shook his head. “It’s good to go out, you learn better that way. Don’t worry though, we’ll keep practicing.”

“And we’ll help.” Teague said teasingly, causing Kennedy to blush.

“Be good.”

“We’re always good.” Lachlan replied and he and Teague shared a look.

“S…so, uh is there anything else you’d like to know about us maybe?” Kennedy needed a change of subject. His mates had no shame and he could see hosts trying not to smile.

“Should we give you three a room?” Jasmine asked.

“Yes please.” Teague said and Lachlan chuckled as he nodded his agreement.

“Guys, come on, be good.”

“Alright, alright, we can wait.” Lachlan pressed a kiss to his cheek. His mates were willing to be patient for him, knowing how important this was for Kennedy.

Final Chapter

They enjoyed getting to know these vampires as they talked between Kennedy practicing controlling his new gift. However, Lachlan and Teague could barely wait for the door to be shut that evening before they were stripping Kennedy down. He knew how patient they had been so even though he was a bit worn from dealing with all this empathy he didn’t protest. Besides, he’d only have their emotions and theirs made him feel good. He couldn’t imagine how amazing sex was going to be now since it was already amazing before. He could barely handle how amazing this was once they were all tangled together. This was still a little overwhelming since it was new but this was definitely one of the more positive things about the change in him.

There was so much passion in them, their love and lust for Kennedy crashed over him, bringing tears to his eyes. He lay completely exhausted between them after, too tired to move. They held him protectively, their lips brushing light, gentle kisses over his cheeks and neck. “How are you feeling my love?” Lachlan asked softly.

“Do you need anything?” Teague added, his voice gentle.

“Just you two.” He presses a kiss to each of their lips then allowed himself to relax completely. “I love you both so much.”

“We love you too.” Teague said.

“Now rest, you need it.” Lachlan added and Kennedy let out a contented sigh as he allowed himself to drift off.

“We should do something for him.” Teague said once they were sure he was sleeping.

“Yes we should, he’s been through so much and he manages to juggle both of us without complaint.” They fell silent for a moment and then smiled at each other. “He’s getting a tattoo for us.”

“We should get rings for him.”


They both cuddled up to Kennedy happily. They wanted to go to an actual store to pick them so they’d have to sneak away at some point. They wanted the rings to be perfect, online you didn’t truly know what you were getting until it arrived. He also deserved the effort it took to go from store to store to find the perfect ring. Teague woke first the next morning, hoping Kennedy was okay since he still seemed to be sleeping incredibly hard. He knew he had to be incredibly worn out. He laid still, wanting his mate to get all the rest he needed. Lachlan woke second with the same idea. Food ended up being what brought Kennedy into the morning. The smell of breakfast wafted into where they were sleeping.

They insisted Kennedy feed before they headed out to join the others, not that it took much convincing for him, he enjoyed the closeness and intimacy of it and the fact it made his mates happy. Thomas and Jasmine smiled at them when they finally came out and sat down at the kitchen table. “Did you sleep well?” Thomas asked.

Kennedy’s skin flushed, causing both Lachlan and Teague to let out a little laugh. “Yes, thank you.” He cleared his throat. “No Oliver this morning?”

“My brother said he’s be back later today.” Jasmine answered.

“I’m glad, I really enjoy all of your company.”

Teague glanced at Lachlan who nodded. “Kennedy, my love, Teague and I have something we need to do in town today.” Lachlan said.

“Should I come?” Kennedy asked.

“You should stay here and practice with Thomas and Jasmine.” Teague replied. He looked to Thomas. “It’s alright if he stays here for a bit isn’t it?”

“Of course, he’s perfectly safe here and it’ll be good to keep working on his empathy as long as he’s up for it.”

“I am, I really want to get a handle on this. It’s just weird they would actually leave me alone anywhere that isn’t home. Is everything alright?” Kennedy said.

“Of course it is.” Lachlan kissed his cheek.

“It’s nothing bad, we promise.” Teague kissed his other cheek and he couldn’t help but let his hands slide over there’s. He could feel they were still happy, that they weren’t worried or anything like that.

“Alright then, I love you both very much.”

“And we love you.”

Lachlan and Teague left Kennedy, feeling secure in the fact he was safe. Lachlan took the wheel while Teague searched jewelry stores. ‘Lets start with this one and work our way out.” Lachlan glanced at the phone “looks like there’s a good amount around here”

“Jewelry sells well even in the smallest of towns” They looked closely at the bands in the first store but none really stood out so they went on to the second they wanted to look at, managing to find something amazing.

They bought three and happily started driving back home. They didn’t bring the bag in since they didn’t want to show Kennedy just yet and they were scared they might forget the rings here if they hid them inside. The three ended up staying with Thomas and Jasmine a few more days before heading home “we’ll visit soon” Thomas said as he was helping them get their bags back in the car “thank you so much”

“The least I could do was help you. I wish my kindness to the being that turned you ended up better”

“It’s not your fault. I really enjoyed getting to know you. Did we give you our address?”

“Teague did” The trip home flew by with the three of them talking about the new vampires they were friends with and the final decisions for Kennedys tattoo. “I want to get it done tomorrow” Kennedy said as they walked in the house. “Then I guess we better take care of our own surprise tonight then” Lachlan said, glancing at Teague who nodded “wheres the bag?”

“still in the glovebox. I’ll go grab it” Lachlan ran back out. Kennedy smiled, wondering what they had in store. Lachlan came back in, slipping Teague something Kennedy couldn’t see. He didn’t have to wait long to know what it was since Lachlan opened his other hand to show Kennedy his own ring “we bought us rings and we hope you like them. The tattoo idea just meant so much to us, you mean so much to us. It inspired Teague and I to get the three of us rings so everyone who sees us knows we belong to one another” Kennedy pulled them both into a hug and once they parted Lachlan slipped it on Kennedy. Kennedy looked at it smiling “It’s perfect”

“you’re perfect” Lachlan said then Teague added “thanks for being such an amazing mate and putting up with us.”

“I’m definitely not putting up with anything” Kennedy said a little emotionally.

~ The End

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