Lachlan, Teague, & Kennedy

Chapter One

Kennedy sat in the alley, the hunger beat through him, pounded like a drum, causing tremor after tremor to run through him as he forced himself to stay put in the dark corner of the alley. The urge to feed whispered to him like a siren, tempting him to the pedestrians, to the sound of their hearts and the rush of blood just beneath the surface of their warm skin. He whimpered, fists clenching as he felt his canines lengthen. He didn’t want this, didn’t know what he had done to deserve this curse. He remembered the attack, the feel of being hit from behind, the fingers bunching in his hair and wrenching his head back, the sharp pain blossoming at his throat. No one had cared for the strangled cries of one young man, no one had come to save him as he slipped into the terrifying abyss of nothingness. Then he had woke face down, cold cement beneath his cheek, rain soaking into his clothes, the taste of blood on his tongue.

The pulsing, pounding beat of blood echoed in his ears, vibrated through his body causing his nose to flare and his pupils to dilate. Something animalistic in him told him to go, to feed, to sink fangs into flesh and drain the life from his prey. He stood, his body taking over, his mind seeming to shut down as he stumbled down the alley, following the smell of food. He could see himself reaching out, his fingers so close when an arm wrapped around his waist, a hand clenched his throat and he was being pulled back. He snarled as he struggled, but whoever was behind him had him in a death grip, the fingers tightened, cutting off the blood flow to his brain. “Relax.” A voice said close to his ear. “I’m here to help.”

Darkness, it seemed so welcoming, so comforting. It wrapped around him, cradled him, rocking him in its cool embrace. Why had it become the theme of his existence? Warmth suddenly burst through him, every nerve ending coming to tingling life and he breathed, his eyes blinking open to an unfamiliar ceiling. He didn’t understand. He let out a groan, squeezing his eyes shut and when he opened them there was a face looking back at him. He jumped, startled, his heart tripping over itself. “Oh good, you’re awake little alley cat.”

The man talking to him had short black hair and grey eyes. It was all he could really tell about him at the moment “Why did you take me?”

“You were going to hurt somebody. I could tell you didn’t want to.”

“I didn’t…I didn’t even chose to be this.”

“A vampire?”

“No, I was turned by someone.”

“I see, I’m sorry.”

“Where are we?”

“A hotel.”

“Are you going to let me go?”

“When you learn how to manage yourself. A vampire who gets lost to their urges is a dangerous thing.”

Kennedy sat up, glad to see he wasn’t chained or tied down in anyway. The man seemed nice but there were a lot of serial killers who seemed nice to their victims. It was only then he noticed the other man. His hair was the same black except this man had green tips and looked a little more serious. “I’m Lachlan.” This new man said

Kennedy answered “I’m Kennedy.”

“And I’m Teague, werewolf extraordinaire. Lachlan, like you, is a vampire.”

Kennedy rubbed his temples. Vampires. Werewolves. Why him? Their scents were overwhelming, but even as they filled his nose, he realized he was no longer hungry. He raised his head. “Did I…”

“Drink blood?” Lachlan finished. “We both fed you some of ours.” He was so calm as he said it.

“How long have you been without?” Teague asked.

“Since I was changed.” Both men shared a glance. “What?”

“We’re surprised you hadn’t killed someone sooner.” Teague answered. “You must have quite a strong will.”

“I didn’t want to hurt anyone, I don’t even want this. Drinking blood, attacking people, lurking in the shadows. I…I hate this.”

Lachlan stood and crossed over to him and sitting on the edge of the bed. Kennedy was frozen by the vampire’s gaze. “You’re scared, I get it, but you’re not allowed to wallow. This is your life now. You’ll stay with us to be trained and we’ll also be hunting the vampire who forced this upon you. He had no right to do such a thing and I hope it doesn’t put a bad taste in your mouth for creatures like us.”

“We’re actually quite pissed.” Teague added.

Kennedy looked between them. It was strange, but it was almost like looking at one person, like their personalities had been split down the middle. Same eyes, nearly the same hair, same height, the same, but separate. “We’re not brothers.” Lachlan said.

“How did you…”

“Creepy isn’t it?” Teague asked with an amused look on his face.

“Don’t scare him, Teague, he’s been through enough.”

“Sorry, I’ll be good, but don’t think I don’t know you weren’t thinking the same thing.” He chuckled as he turned his attention back to Kennedy. “You need to eat, food, then we’ll explain everything.”

“Okay” he was nervous but he felt better than he had in a long time and it was thanks to these two. He decided he could trust them, after all, they spared him from finally having to hurt someone. They took him to a nearby restaurant that served breakfast “order whatever you want, we know you don’t have money and the tabs on us.” It felt incredibly weird to him to be so cared about by two strangers “I’m sorry, I guess I have been wallowing. I sort of gave up on everything when I was turned.”

“We can understand that but as I said earlier, wallowing is over. You need to accept this life, there’s no going back to how things were for you” Lachlan said.

Then Teague asked “What did you do before you were changed?”

“I was going to art school. I took any work I could which thankfully there’s more work for artists than most people think.”

“That sounds fun.”

“It was.”

“Your hair by the way, you used to be human right?”

“Yeah, I know, the white is odd but it actually did come in this way.”

“Wild, I like it. Most the time poor humans get stuck with such simple colors.”

Kennedy blushed. “Thanks.”

“What do you think, Lachlan?”

“He has an ethereal beauty. His hair and eyes and pale skin are quite alluring. Are you sure you were human?”

“Uh, y…yes. Both of my parents have dark hair and before you ask, my father is my father. I’m just a genetic rarity.”

“And you have so many tattoos.” Teague said.

“Yeah, I hope that doesn’t bother either of you.”

“Not at all. They’re amazing.” Kennedy smiled and both Lachlan and Teague paused mid bite, their hearts both skipping a beat. They shared another look and it almost seemed like they were reading each others minds.

“Is everything okay?” Kennedy asked.

“Yes, of course.” Lachlan said as he cleared his throat. “You wanted to know about us. Teague and I are the same person.”

“I don’t understand.”

Teague continued for Lachlan “He’s saying we each have half a soul. Something went wrong I guess, either in the after life or whoever we were in a past life just did something incredibly stupid that split their soul. We hope to one day find out, but we were born even on the same night and were compelled to seek each other out. It effects us in multiple ways, one of the larger things is we are stronger when we’re together.”

“Wow, that explains why you look so similar.”

“Our personalities are different though.” Lachlan went on, taking over the explaining again. “I’m more calm and even tempered unless provoked. Teague is very instinct driven and tends to come off more friendly than I do.”

“I guess because you were both raised by different beings or maybe each of you just got some of the traits you had in your past life.”

“It works out in our favor honestly. Lachlan is an amazing strategist and when it comes to subtle, yet terrifying threats, he’s a natural at it.”

“And if we need someone to be more sociable with the ability to rip someone’s head off, Teague is the one you want.”

“You make me sound so terrifying.”

“You know that’s not true. I admire your abilities. We balance each other out. People often say that when we are in the same room, it’s like talking to one man. He makes joke, I speak of serious matters. I also dress us because if I let him, he would wear jeans to every event.”

“That never gets in the way of life?” Kennedy asked. “Like with relationships?”

“Not at all. Since our souls are connected, we have the same mate.” Teague answered.


“The one we’re meant to be with. Beings like us all have one.” Lachlan said.

Kennedy blushed as it dawned on him what he meant. “Oh, I…I see, you mean you’d share?” They both nodded and Kennedy’s heart skipped a beat. “That’s…talk about overwhelming.” He gave a nervous laugh.

“It wouldn’t be so bad. Two people looking out for the one they love, nothing could touch them. We’d be like a couple of wild animals. Well I would, Lachlan would probably stare them to death.”

Lachlan glared at him and it caused Kennedy to laugh. Knowing now that they were the same person brought up a lot of humorous thoughts. They were literally talking to themselves. “It’s good to see you smile.” Lachlan said. “Moping about won’t get you anywhere.”

“Thank you, both of you. I’m still terrified of what’s happened, but I feel better knowing you’re going to stick around and not let me kill anyone.”

“We’ll start your training tomorrow. You’ll see that being a vampire isn’t all that bad and if you ever feel the urge to feed, you can take it from us. We don’t mind. Between the two of us, we have more than enough.” Teague said with a warm smile. He could feel Lachlan’s heart racing and knew he had come to the same conclusion about the little vampire. His wolf was whining, urging both of them forward. The only thing keeping them back was the fact Kennedy had a lot on his plate at the moment. He would even have to come to terms with his immortality.

Chapter Two

They finished breakfast, Kennedy feeling a little bad they had to pay for him to eat but it did feel fantastic to not be craving blood and to have a full stomach on top of it. “Since we’re not training until tomorrow what are we going to do today?”

“Get to know each other better and let you have some fun. You’ve been through a lot and we’ll get to learn things you like to do if you just tell us where to go.”

“Oh…” it was actually hard to think of what he liked to do since he had just given up living for awhile now. “There’s this nature park that has hiking trails I like” Lachlan swept Kennedy off his feet, causing him to blush.

“Let’s not bother with a car.” He said with a smile then asked, “Where is it? We know this area fairly well. ”

“Um, its called Umpstead, it’s just after that really big Wendy’s.” Kennedy was surprised how fast they were able to make it there.

“See, a good perk when it comes to being like us huh?” Teague asked as Lachlan reluctantly let Kennedy out of his arms.

“Yeah, that was cool.”

“We’ll teach you to do the same, though we wouldn’t mind getting to carry you everywhere.” Teague said, causing Kennedy’s pale skin to grow bright red.

“You don’t have to do that, I have feet.”

“But we would hate for them to get tired.” Lachlan replied. Both he and Teague placed a hand on his back and guided him forward. “Try relaxing.”

“I can smell everything, it’s so odd and overwhelming.” Kennedy said as they walked.

“You have to learn to tune out the smells you don’t want.” Teague explained.


“By focusing.” Lachlan said and they both pulled him to a stop. “Close your eyes.”


“Trust us, we won’t hurt you and we won’t let anyone touch you. Just close your eyes.” Teague said.

They both waited patiently for him to decide and he finally closed his eyes. “Now take in the smells, everything around you, the flowers, the animals, even us.” Lachlan said, his voice calm, patient. “Now, ignore each smell until you only have us. Single us out among everything else.”

“It…it’s hard.”

“It is for all of us when we’re learning, but you’ll get it, just go slow and be patient. Focus on only us, on our scent, the soap we wash with, the smell of blood beneath the surface of our skin. Hear our hearts, our breathing, even our voices. Remember us and you will be able to find us anywhere even in a garden full of the strongest flowers.”

Kennedy took a deep breath in then let it out, keeping his eyes closed to really concentrate. It truly was much easier said than done to sort through all the smells and try to isolate theirs. Just when he was worried he wouldn’t be able to do it today he was able to focus on them. It was crazy to Kennedy how all the other smells just fell away and he was just smelling them. Soon his hearing followed. It was just the sound of their breathing and their hearts in his ears. It caused him to blush at the fast rate. He wondered what had their hearts going like that. He decided not to concentrate on that though. He focused on their scents like they told him to so he’d be able to find them should they get separated.

He hadn’t realized until just then how comforting their scents were to him. Taking them in had this feeling of home. His heart tugged, never wanting to leave them. It had him blushing worse so he opened his eyes. “You okay?”

“You did it right?” They both asked right after each other.

“Yeah, I was able to.”

“Good.” Teague said with a smile.

“This place is quite beautiful.” Lachlan said as they walked.

“I used to come here all the time before…before the attack. I would bring my sketchbook and draw.” He gave them a sad little smile. “Sorry, I just miss it.”

“You mean art?”


“Then we’ll buy you all of the supplies you want.” Teague said.

“I couldn’t ask you to do that.”

“We want to. You should be able to follow your passions.” Lachlan said as he and Teague both took one of his hands.

Kennedy’s heart was hammering hard in his chest at the contact and his blush became worse when he noticed people watching them. “I…thank you.”

“Just worry about getting stronger, we’ll take care of everything else.”

It felt nice walking with them, especially since they were holding his hands. His heart was going wild and his face was warm but nothing had ever felt so right. It was nice to think his life might become at least a little like it was. He felt guilty they’d have to buy him stuff to get his art back on track but he’d repay them as fast as he could. He knew that was possible once he was able to control himself. He began trying to take in possible locations here to paint. This had been one of the places he hadn’t hit yet and done artwork of. Lachlan and Teague didn’t say much as they walked. They were just enjoying contact with their mate and how adorable he looked taking everything in.

“Thank you for bringing me.” Kennedy said at the end of their walk.

“Anytime you wish to come back please let us know.” Lachlan said.

“You don’t have to come with me, you might get bored.”

“We could never get bored with you.” Teague replied.

He blushed at how they were looking at him. It was like he was the most interesting man in the world, like he was all that mattered, and beneath all of it was the steady gaze of predators. He swallowed. “Um, so would you like to take me to the art store?”

“Anything you wish.” Lachlan answered, his thumb gently stroking Kennedy’s hand so goosebumps covered his skin.

“And afterwards we’ll take you to get new clothes.” Teague said as he brushed Kennedy’s bangs back. They couldn’t help but want to spoil their sweet mate. They would have to find the vampire who had hurt him soon.

“You don’t…”

“Let us, you deserve it.”


They both smiled and this time Teague lifted him. He didn’t understand why he felt so secure with them, the warmth of their skin, their scent and heartbeats. They stuck close to him when they arrived at the art store, insisting that he grab what he wished. They gave him little touches here and there as if they couldn’t help themselves and smiled when his skin flushed or his heart jumped. Both Lachlan and Teague became lost in him, the wolf demanding they rub their scents all over him.

After they checked out they went to the mall so Kennedy would have a large selection of clothes. Kennedy felt self conscious knowing clothes would be a bit more expensive here but he had already learned at the art store that they would insist it was alright and they wanted him to have anything he wanted. It turned out to honestly be a lot of fun since they were eager to help him pick. They kept pulling out clothes and begging him to show case them on his body. It may have been a bit embarrassing but it truly made his day amazing. When they left the mall he felt like they bought too much, they had seemed to like pretty much anything on him. He probably now had enough clothes for two more men besides himself which they also insisted on carrying “We’re taking you to our home now. We only took you to a hotel because we were in a hurry to get you inside somewhere.”

“Okay.” Kennedy hadn’t thought he would actually be staying in their home, but a big part of him was relieved. He didn’t know if he would feel safe alone in a hotel room. All he could think about was the person who had attacked him crawling through a window or breaking down the door to get to him.

Lachlan waved down a taxi and they put their things in the trunk before climbing into the backseat. They would have walked, but they didn’t want Kennedy getting too tired and since their hands had been full, they couldn’t carry him. Kennedy felt protected sitting between them and relaxed into the taxi’s seat. “Do you have any preference for lunch?” Lachlan asked.

“Anything’s fine. I just like food. I’m really glad I didn’t have to give that up.”


“Yeah. I don’t know if I could have handled hunting humans or anything.”

Teague chuckled. “Well you won’t have to, hunting humans is cliche and not something good vampires do unless it’s an emergency and even then, they don’t kill the person, just knock them out.”

“Oh, I see.”

“You can consider us a food source if you would like, but if that makes you uncomfortable, we also have bottled blood.”

“Not that we would mind you taking a nibble here and there.” Teague teased, causing his blush to return.

Lachlan smiled saying “We really don’t mind giving you the blood you need. Fresh, warm blood will feel better to you.”

“Do you two help people this much often?”

“Maybe not this much, but you’re special.” Teague gave him a brief look, letting him know his mouth was getting away with him a bit. This was still Kennedy’s first day coming to terms to thing though Teague understood completely how hard it was to resist telling Kennedy he was their mate.


Lachlan seemed to think a minute. “Well, there’s something about you that makes us really want to help in every way we can.” It wasn’t a lie and it wasn’t too much, at least that’s what Lachlan felt. Kennedy was curious, eager to see their home and how they lived when the cab finally stopped. Their home was beautiful but for whatever reason he had expected it to be.

Lachlan paid the driver as they exited then helped Teague carry Kennedy’s things in. “I can help.”

“Don’t worry about it, let’s just get you settled in.” Teague said as they lead him upstairs and into the room right between theirs. “You’re right between us, so if you need anything, all you have to do is yell and we’ll come running.”

“Both of you?”

“Of course, it’s only instinct.” Lachlan said then cleared his throat. “You’re both of our responsibility and besides, if one of us wakes then the other more than likely will too.”

“I see.” He replied. “I don’t know why, but I half expected you to share the same room.”

Lachlan and Teague glanced at each other. “Well, we probably would if we had someone to share it with.” Teague finally said. “There’s no way both of us wouldn’t be cuddling up to our mate at night.”

“I still don’t understand the whole mate thing.”

“Think of it as sort of like being married. There will only be one mate for us for all eternity. It’s like finding a huge chunk of your soul that was missing.” Lachlan explained.

“It’s like being struck by lightening. You feel it to the very core of your being.” Teague added.

“But what if it’s a man?”

They both chuckled. “That’s not really a problem for us, all that matters is that we found the one and because we share the same soul, we’ll both know.” Teague answered. “My wolf has an incredible sense about that sort of thing.”

“Anyway, why don’t we give you a tour then we can cook for you.” Lachlan said with a warm smile.

“You two should stop spoiling me before I get used to it.” Kennedy said with a laugh.

“Please do, we’d love nothing more.” Those words and their sincerity made Kennedy’s heart dance and his face grow red.

“He’s kind of cute when he blushes, isn’t he?” Teague asked as they took his hands and lead him out.

“Oh yes, quite.” Lachlan smiled at him. “You’ll never be able to hide anything from us.”

“You two are kind of mean.”

“Only in the best way, we swear.” Teague said.

Chapter Three

He enjoyed being pulled around their home. It was sweet how they tried not to miss anything when it came to telling him where stuff was. They ended the tour in the kitchen since they wanted to make Kennedy something to eat. “If you forget anything let us know. We want you to be comfortable and to feel free to just get whatever you want here.”

“Thank you.”

“Now about lunch, do you like chicken?”


“Then I know what we’re going to make. Why don’t you just go take a nap or a nice relaxing bath while we cook. You deserve some down time, living like you were had to take a major toll.”

“I think a bath sounds nice.”

“Towels are under the sink and if you like bubbles you can find stuff for that under the sink as well.” Kennedy walked back to his room and picked something to wear before heading to the bathroom. Once he got the water how he liked it he plugged the drain then checked under the sink to be sure everything was there. Confident he wouldn’t have an awkward situation about towels he simply waited for the tub to fill up.

“This is harder than I thought it would be.” Lachlan said as he mixed up a rub for the chicken. “And this is coming from me.”

“So I know it’s bad.” Teague chuckled as he trimmed the chicken. “My wolf is restless. I’m sorry if it’s being bothersome.”

“Not at all, it’s good to know we found him. It’s terrifying to think of what may have happened to him if we had not. To have missed him in this life would have been tragic.”

“Such a poet.” Teague teased as he passed the chicken over then washed his hands. “It’s strange to fall so hard so fast. The way my parents explained it doesn’t even compare to how it feels to actually be face to face with the love of your life.”

“He’s hard to resist.”

Kennedy sighed as he relaxed into the warmth of the water, letting sore muscles loosen. He closed his eyes, just letting go of all his worries for a moment. He had been so overwhelmed since he had been changed, but he was finally getting a chance to start over and he owed it all to Lachlan and Teague. He hadn’t expected to have two handsome, attentive men take him in. He blushed at his thoughts, but it’s not like they were helping any with how sweet they were being.

It also didn’t help they said they wouldn’t mind if their mate was a man. He couldn’t help but feel a bit envious of whomever ended up being their mate. It was that very thought as he relaxed that made Kenendy realize he was attracted to them. They talked about this mate like they hadn’t found him yet but at the same time they seemed so fond of him. He didn’t know what to think because he knew he could just be misinterpreting incredibly kind people. He didn’t want to look stupid or presumptuous, especially not when he was going to need to spend a lot of time with them for awhile so he could learn how to live like this. He soaked until he feared he might fall asleep then dried and dressed, soon after heading down to hangout with them or eat if dinner was ready.

“There he is.” Teague said when he stepped into the living room.

“Feel better?” Lachlan asked.

“Yes, thank you.” He breathed in. “Something smells amazing.”

“That would be dinner cooking.” Teague said. “Come sit and I’ll go check on it.” He patted the empty space between him and Lachlan.

Kennedy felt nervous as he crossed over and sat down. Their smiles warmed him and had butterflies tickling his insides. Teague left him alone with Lachlan and he hazarded a glance at the vampire. Lachlan was watching him, studying him. “Is everything o…okay?” He asked.

“Admiring your tattoos. I can see them much better with this shirt.”


“Did the one on your neck hurt?”

“A bit, the ones on my hand hurt worse.” He held out his hand, showing off the tattoo on top of it.

“How many do you have?”

“Eight total. The biggest one is on my back.”

“You’ll have to show us later then.” Teague said as he came back into the living room. “Dinner’s ready.”

Kennedy got up and Lachlan followed, getting ahead of Kennedy to pull his chair out for him “Thank you” Kennedy said a bit nervously. Teague was serving plates and soon they were all sitting together. “This is amazing.” Kennedy remarked just before taking another bite.

“Good, did you find everything for your bath okay?”


“We should probably start training you after breakfast tomorrow.”

“That’s fine with me.”

“Have you had trouble controlling your newfound strength?”

“A little.”

“You really do show amazing control already. I mean, I’m still a little stunned you hadn’t fed on anybody yet.”

“I guess I’ve always been patient and in control of myself.”

“You seemed really taken during our hike today.”

“I want to go paint there.”

“We can train until lunch and then go.”

“You would want to watch me paint? You could get bored.”

“We could never get bored with you Kennedy.”

He looked at his plate as he shoved more food in his mouth, his face reddening. Why did they have to talk like that? Why did they have to use such a gentle, almost adoring tone? He barely even knew them, but they were wreaking havoc on his emotions. “So, do you two do anything besides rescue helpless vampires?”

“Hunt down and kill evil preternatural creatures.” Lachlan answered.

“Does it pay well? I mean considering the house and everything you bought for me…I’m not going to put you guys in massive debt or anything right?”

Teague chuckled. “Not at all. Fifty years has given us more than enough time to make more than enough money.”

“You two are fifty?”

They both started laughing. “Yes, is that surprising?”

“I mean you both look, well…um…” He wasn’t sure what to say. That they were hot? Would they think it the wrong way or would it make them happy? “You look amazing.”

“We’ll always look this way.” Lachlan said then reached up and stroked Kennedy’s cheek. “As will you. Beautiful forever.”

His heart stuttered and he couldn’t find the nerve to ask if they really thought he was attractive. They simply finished their dinner then hung out until they all needed to get to bed. Both men struggled not to crawl into Kennedy’s bed that night but they managed. He was such a strong pull but they already loved him enough to give him time to transition to his new life. When morning came Teague and Lachlan had never been so excited to get out of their beds. Night was finally over and training could begin, putting them that much closer to being able to talk to their mate about everything. It went well, much better than they expected. It showed he had already been a very focused and patient man before he was forcibly changed. It was about a week later that Lachlan suggested, “You are coming along so well Kennedy…maybe it’s time we take care of the bastard who hurt you.”

Teague quickly added, “And I want it to be clear we don’t want you to help us. We just want you to come with us. You seem to be a lot more comfortable in your own skin and we just want that…horrible thing taken care of.” It still surprised Kennedy how angry they seemed to be at the man who changed him. At this point they still had known him such a short time but still, they were so mad at the man who hurt him.

“So what should I do? I don’t want to be useless.” He said as they headed out.

“That’s impossible.” Lachlan said as he lifted him. “You could never be useless to us.”

“He’s right, you’re far more important than you think. So please, just let us handle the violence.” Teague added.


“We want you safe, Kennedy. We would hate for you to be harmed by this man a second time.”

Kennedy was nervous as they made their way to the hunting grounds of the vampire who had changed him. Lachlan and Teague had used both the scent of the vampire’s blood on him as well as researching any similar attacks to pinpoint the area he frequented. It was a little terrifying knowing he would come face to face with his attacker, but he knew he could trust Lachlan and Teague to protect him. Lachlan lowered his feet to the ground when they made it to their destination and both he and Teague took one of his hands, lacing their fingers through his.

“Don’t be afraid.” Lachlan whispered in his ear, causing goosebumps to rise on his skin.

“We’re right here and no one can touch you. They’d have to go through us.” Teague said from his other side, his warm breath causing Kennedy to give a little shiver.

“Are you cold?”

“No.” Kennedy answered, shaking his head. What was wrong with him? This situation was serious and here he was acting like some hormonal teen. “I’m just nervous.”

They began searching, keeping a firm hold of his hands in hopes he’d feel they truly wouldn’t let anything come anywhere near him. Especially not this vampire, they were on too high alert for that. Kennedy knew the second they spotted him despite the fact he couldn’t tell where he was. The tension in the air almost instantly rose to levels that actually made him tense up. He knew they were mad but he had apparently not been aware just how mad and ready they were to take care of the man that hurt him. It was Lachlan who initially challenged him, Teague staying close so to be absolutely sure Kennedy wouldn’t be touched again. Upon noticing Kennedy the vampire easily put two and two together “Hey, I let him live. Why are you two ready to kill me?”

“You forcibly took his blood and then changed him against his will.”

The vampire shrugged, “He’s sexy isn’t he? I thought the preternatural world could use something as good looking as him. Most of my kind of stumbled upon lately leave one wanting in the looks department.”

“That wasn’t your choice to make.”

“And you two are the police or just stupid enough to stick your nose in my business?”

“We do not follow human law when it comes to one of our own and trust me when I say, that stupidity has nothing to do with it. We cannot allow you to continue hurting the innocent.” Lachlan said as he raised his thumb and slid it across one sharp canine. “You also touched the wrong man.” He rubbed the blood on his ring and Kennedy marveled at the red wire that appeared from it.

“It’s amazing isn’t it?” Teague said as they watched Lachlan and the vampire face off.

“Like magic.” Something suddenly occurred to him. “What did he mean by wrong man?”

“He meant you of course.”

“I don’t understand.”

Teague reached up and stroked Kennedy’s cheek. “You will.”

They found their attention back on Lachlan as the vampire launched his attack. Kennedy grew fearful when Lachlan found himself grappling with his attacker and started to call out to him when the red wire wrapped around the vampire’s throat and jerked him back, sending him flying. Lachlan rushed him, Teague suddenly moving to join him and Kennedy’s hands came up to cover his mouth as he watched them move in unison. It was like a dance, both of them becoming one as they fought the vampire. His heart tripped over itself and he found himself admiring them. Teague shifted in mid jump, landing on the vampire’s chest and Lachlan’s wire once again wrapped around his throat, tightening more and more until Kennedy had to cover his eyes. He knew what they were doing and he couldn’t watch. It wasn’t until he felt them hugging him that he could even bare to open his eyes.

“Is…is it over?”

“Yes, we’re sorry if we scared you.” Lachlan said.

“Don’t look, okay?” Teague said then looked at Lachlan. “Would you like to dispose of the body or should I?”

“Go on ahead, I’ll worry about that bastard then catch up.”

“I’ll come back of you need me.” Lachlan nodded and Teague lifted Kennedy and started away. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah, you two are pretty amazing. I don’t think I could ever do what you do.”

“We don’t expect you to.” Teague leaned down and pressed a kiss to his forehead, causing Kennedy to blush.

“Wh…what was that for?”

Teague looked embarrassed. “Sorry, let’s wait until we’re all home then Lachlan and I will explain.” He wanted to do more than give him kisses and he could feel the same desire from Lachlan, but Kennedy deserved and explanation for their attentiveness and protectiveness.

When they arrived back home Teague set Kennedy on the couch. “I’m going to wash up from that fight. Do you need anything before I take my shower?”

“I’ll be fine.” Teague felt the desire stir up to kiss him again, but this time he managed to resist and walk up the stairs to his room. Teague hadn’t been out and back with Kennedy long when Lachlan returned. “Lachlan, we need to talk to Kennedy.” Lachlan didn’t have to ask about what, he could see it in Teague’s face. He sat down on the other side of Kennedy.

“Have you said anything at all yet?”


They each took one of his hands but it was Lachlan who spoke, “We’re sorry we didn’t tell you sooner before we say anything…we don’t want you to feel like we were being dishonest. We just thought we should wait until you were more comfortable in your own skin and that pest was gone.”

Teague held a little tighter as he said, “You’re our mate Kennedy…it’s why we’re so protective…why we honestly enjoy taking care of you and why I accidentally kissed your forehead. You’re something we have to consistently resist.”

Lachlan was speaking again, “It’s even hard for us to sleep with you just a room away. It’s hard not to hold our mate every night…but it is certainly harder not to touch you all the time. We want to do much more than kiss you but we’re fine going any pace you need for us too…right now we’re just hoping the thought of being our mate doesn’t scare you.”

Teague punctuated it with, “Especially after what you saw tonight.”

Kennedy’s heart was thundering with nerves and happiness. “I actually…I’ve actually thought multiple times how lucky your mate would be when he or she found you…I’m happy its me.” They were both suddenly hugging him and he just relaxed into it, finding such comfort in their arms.

“Would it be too much to ask for a kiss?” Lachlan said with a warm smile.

Kennedy’s entire body heated. “N…no, but who should I kiss first?” They both gave him a questioning look. “What I mean is, you won’t get mad or jealous?”

“That would be stupid.” Teague replied. “You’re the boss so do whatever you want.”

“Really?” They both nodded. He was a little nervous, but he managed to work up the courage to press his lips into Lachlan’s and then shaking as he turned to Teague and did the same. He was sure his heart was going to explode and both Lachlan and Teague just sat there for a moment, their breath caught in their lungs. “Say something.” Kennedy finally managed to get out.

“Sorry, that was…” Teague started.

“Amazing. Magical.” Lachlan finished.

“It wasn’t.”

“It was, just being close to you drives us wild.” Teague said. “Can’t you hear it? The way our hearts are racing, the change in our scents. Just from one little kiss.”

Kennedy realized he could sense it, what he did to them. “Can we make love to you Kennedy? My wolf is so hungry for it’s mate. Lachlan aches for you too.” Teague said, causing Kennedy to blush more. He nodded, unable to speak. Next thing he knew Lachlan was lifting him.

“Our first time with you wont be on a couch.” They took Kennedy to the bedroom they had given him then set him down. “We want you to initiate things okay Kennedy. We can tell you’re nervous.”

“Do you want us to get naked or do you want to undress us?” Teague asked and Kennedy answered by moving closer to him. Lachlan smiled at how adorably embarrassed their mate was by this. They were both happy and eager right now, only kept in control at all because they didn’t want to overwhelm Kennedy during their first time with him. Kennedy slipped off Teague’s shirt then removed Lachlan’s jacket so he could take his shirt off as well. Kennedy took a small, sharp inhale of air. They were so incredibly sexy. Kennedy was almost surprised at how turned on even he was when they had barely done anything yet.

It was such an intense feeling being mates now that he was recognizing it and he couldn’t believe Lachlan and Teague had kept so much control. He placed a hand on each of them, letting it slowly slide up to feel their amazing bodies. He felt goosebumps form under his fingers and blushed. They both smiled, having to ask, “Can you take off at least your shirt too Kennedy?” It was only fair, no matter how nervous he was so he did it quickly. He could see the predator in their eyes again, hungry, ready to pounce on him if he told them they could.

“May we touch you?” Lachlan asked and Kennedy nodded, feeling a bit self conscious next to them. He shivered when their hands slid over him, their touch feather light and teasing. Their lips soon followed, skimming over his neck and shoulders, causing a moan to slip past his lips. They both smiled, Teague pulling Kennedy back against him and Lachlan pressing a hungry kiss to his lips.

Teague bit down on his shoulder and Kennedy let out a little whine. “How cute.” Teague said with a chuckle.

“You’re incredibly sensitive.” Lachlan teased.

“I…I can’t help it.”

“We didn’t say it was a bad thing.”

Kennedy was burning up as they touched and kissed him, their hands staying on the bare skin of his torso even though they wanted to get at more of him. He was finally able to push past the nervousness and ask them to take their pants off. He was so shaky he wasn’t sure he’d be able to. “Your’s too?” Teague asked.

“Yeah, I don’t think I can.”

Teague made quick work of his jeans and the two of them gently pulled him onto his bed. “If at any moment you feel scared or uncomfortable, tell us and we’ll stop.” Lachlan said in a gentle, loving tone.

“Making you feel safe and loved is all that matters.” Teague added softly.

“I will, I promise. I’m nervous, but I want both of you very much.”

They took their time, working him up with nibbles, caresses and kisses all over his exposed body until they finally let them remove his boxers and theirs. His heart was pounding so fast they had to ask again, “Are you okay? Do you need us to stop baby?”

“No, I still want this…what do I do now though? ”

“Just let us lead if that’s okay.”

“That’s okay.” They just let themselves go, feeling confident now he was okay. They made love to him until they could tell he was exhausted then cuddled up to Kennedy. Lachlan laid his head on Kennedy’s chest while Teague’s head was more on Kennedy’s shoulder. The three fell asleep soundly, all happy they were finally together. In the morning Kennedy was sore, but he simply felt lucky. He still could barely believe he was their mate. Kennedy knew they were still at the beginning of his training but he felt confident in the future. He knew that no matter what happened or how long it took him to train that he was going to live an incredibly happy life.

~ The End

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