Langdon & Lashon

Chapter One

Langdon strode angrily beside the preacher who had told him a vampire was refusing to leave his church. It pissed him off when vampires and demons did things like this to the humans that feared them. It made the ones who wanted to live in peace look horrible. He flung open the door and instantly realized the humans had been wrong about one thing so far. This was a vampire but it wasn’t a pure blood. He had Satyr in him. “You, what is your name?” Langdon asked darkly “I am not leaving without my mother!” Lashon yelled angrily, shaking the church and causing a few of the decorations to come off the walls. Langdon paused, his demeanor mellowing. It wasn’t a lie that was just yelled at him, he knew lies when he heard them so he looked at the preacher. “Before I talk to you keep in mind I know lies when I hear them. What is he talking about?”

The preacher was obviously uncomfortable. Langdon wondered if he had hoped the reason this creature was here wouldn’t come up. “she was a vampire. We staked her like we ought to and brought her in here thinking her son couldn’t enter”

“he is part satyr, he doesn’t need permission” Langdons face was now one of disgust “you come to me as a sheep scared of the wolf but what was his mothers crime? From your feeble shaking I would say nothing”


“give him his mother you sick, twisted man”


“you are loseing my patience” Langdon said warningly. “her body is..is already at the school…one of our congregation has teleporting powers so she was only mo…moved here until he could come to move her to be studied in” He stopped talking “you weren’t done. studied in?” Langdon said with an undertone of command to continue. “I don’t have to tell you why” The precher was suddenly brave. Langdon had deep rage in his eyes “you and your congregation don’t need a church to corrupt others. You will dismantle this building and never preach anywhere again or I’ll send the gods wrath upon you. I have close ties with them and you will tell me what you are doing and where it is you’ve sent this mans mother”

“we’re trying to figure out a way to wipe out all the vampires short of having to stake them all and cut off their heads. Somthing quick, somthing like a plague just for them”

“Not even considering how wrong, morbid and elitist that is do you realize how stupid it is? You could mess up and kill more than just the vampires. You could extinct your own race. You humans are the most feeble of breeds.”


“silence!” Langdon commanded and turned his attention to the vampiric satyr “what is your name please?”

“Lashon” he answered without debate. This angel was obviously on his side and he easily kept himself from channeling his anger at the wrong people. “I will help right this wrong starting with getting your mothers body back to you. It is only right”

“Thank you.” He turned his eyes on the preacher and the man flinched away from the rage he saw bubbling there. “I will not spill blood here today, but know you can’t hide from me false prophet. I’ll have my revenge on you and anyone else who touched my mother.”

He spun around and walked out the front door, ripping it opened so hard that the wood splintered as it slammed against the wall. Langdon looked back at the preacher “He’s giving you a head start, I would consider taking it because the gods won’t help you now.”

He followed Lashon out, catching up with him and gently grabbing his shoulder. The half vampire turned on him, fists clenched, eyes spitting fire. He seemed to calm a little when he saw who it was and took a deep breath and unclenched his fists. “Take me to my mother.”

“I am truly sorry.”

“Why, it’s not like you knew right? I mean you only watch over these people, your little sheep. More like cattle, I’ll show them what fear is.”

Langdon squeezed his shoulder, trying to calm him. “Easy okay.”

“Sorry, I just want her back and I want them to pay.”

“They will, people like that always do.”

His angry eyes looked more sad now as he spoke again “My father…he doesn’t even know yet…how am I to tell him of this?”

“How doesn’t he know?”

“Once every five years he returns to his world to spend a month with his family there. Mom and I don’t always go. They accept my mother and I because it’s the only way he will have anything to do with them but it’s obvious they just tolerate us so we skip it. He trusts me to look after her…”

“I hardly think he expects you to stay by your mothers side non stop. He will be sad and angry no doubt but not at you. You’re a brave man to go into that church and demand your mother from the ones that killed her.”

“she didn’t deserve it. I swear to you. She feed off my dad, thats it”

“You will never have to worry about me trusting you. One of my gifts is knowing when people lie. You have spoken nothing but the truth to me”

“Please take me to her.” He said, his voice cracking.

“Of course, please follow me.”

Langdon took to the sky and Lashon followed, his heartache tearing at the angel. He wanted to comfort him, to once again assure him those responsible would pay, but he felt his words would fall on deaf ears. When they made it to the school, Langdon walked right in, still furious. He demanded to know where Lashon’s mother was and he was immediately taken downstairs where there was a small lab.

Lashon’s tears started anew when he saw his mother laying on the wooden table, a white sheet covering her nude form. He hugged her, his heart twisting in agony, a wail of pain welling up in his throat. “I’m so…sorry, oh mom I’m sorry.”

Langdon stood there a few moments, wishing with all he was there was anything he could do to right this aside from making that horrible church pay. It was something but it wouldn’t bring Lashons mother back and Langdon knew that was all that really mattered to the vampiric satyr. When Lashon could pull himself together enough he lifted his mother. He would bury her with the respect she deserved. “Where would you like to bury her Lashon? I’ll fly with you anywhere”

“First I want to take her home, then I must go get my father. He needs to know and be a part of deciding where she would like to rest. None of us ever talked about our deaths or what we’d want. Langdon nodded and followed Lashon to his parents home. He laid his mother in her bed and kissed her forhead “I’m so sorry mom” he said again, holding back the waterfall of tears as best he could.

Langdon rested a gentle hand on Lashon’s shoulder and gave it a squeeze. He wanted to hug him, to comfort him, but he knew there wasn’t much he could say or do that would ease the pain of losing a loved one. “Let’s inform your father. I’ll make sure this house is protected so none may enter until we return.”

“Thank you.”

Langdon said a blessing over Lashon’s mother and home, a blessing he knew would be heard and granted. They then left, Lashon looking rightfully like his world had been dumped on its head. Langdon had seen the faces of many mourners, but none like Lashon’s. He couldn’t help but reach out and catch the other man’s hand, wanting to provide him with some form of comfort. Lashon didn’t resist, tearing up again, but quickly wiping them away. He did’t want to end up crashing because he couldn’t see. He needed to get to his father.

They arrived at the small pond that would take them to his fathers home world. “Just keep my hand. I’ll pull you through” Lashon said and Langdon nodded, allowing the vampire to pull him. Langdon was a little surprised when they came out on the other side completely dry. Lashon knew that was shocking the first time so he said “yeah, crazy isn’t it?”


“I know about where he should be today. They do basically the same stuff every year together” They flew on and found them in about an hour. “Son, is everything okay?” His father asked, seeing his son had been crying. Lashon struggled to speak, his voice cracking as he tried to say the first word. “Mom” He took a few shakey breaths “Moms been killed by humans dad…I’m I’m so sorry I failed her. I…I wasn’t with her. I shouldn’t have left her alone so close to a human village..I don’t know what I was thinking dad…I’m sorry”

Langdon could only watch the emotions play out on the man’s face, the shock, the horror, the disbelief. Lashon wasn’t looking at his father, could not bring himself to meet his gaze. Langdon could see he was afraid, but his fear turned to shock and then sorrow when his father pulled him into a tight hug. They both broke down, both of them unable to hold themselves up so they fell to their knees on the ground, their wails breaking the silence. Landon could feel the anguish down to his core, it was like a knife twisting in his heart.

“So…sorry…I’m sorry.” Lashon choked out. “I…I…” His father shushed him, stroked his hair as they rocked back and forth. Even in his pain he comforted his son before himself.

“What happened?” The question was raised by Lashon’s grandmother.

Something in Lashon seemed to snap, anger gave him strength and he pulled back to glare at the woman. “Why do you care, you’re probably happy.” His raised voiced shocked her and she actually took a step back. More tears fell from his eyes.

His father pulled him back, their eyes locking. “Tell me, tell me who did this, tell me where they are.”

There was vengeance in his father, it was dark and deadly and Langdon had to step in not just for this man, but for Lashon who couldn’t afford to lose both parents. He dropped down next to them, a hand resting on both of their shoulders. “They are gone, they will get justice, I swear it. Lashon needs you now, so please don’t go after them.”

His father took a rageful breath in and out, turning to his family “I’m going home and it’s best you all just leave me alone.” he looked directly at his grandmother. “It is almost cruel YOU asked my son what happened to my wife. You all…it took me not speaking to you all years just to treat my wife with any decency. She was such a good woman and you hated her because she was a vampire. Even when you were nice to her and my boy it was so obviously forced they didn’t want to come with me to visit anyway. If all of you could have just accepted she was who I loved she would have been here with me…she’d” he began to sob violently and Lashon hugged his father, hoping to calm his anger.

“Lets go dad” The grandmother looked honestly heartbroken for her sons pain. The three left without another word to Hakuoki’s family.When they passed through the portal Lashon told his father he had taken his mother home. They all flew as fast as they could, both the angel and Lashon struggled to keep up with Hakuoki.

The father went straight in and took his deceased wife in his arms, crying into her. When he could once again pull himself together they discussed where to bury her. “We should do it where we got married. It was where we met too. Do you remember us taking you there to celebrate your fifth birthday Lashon?” His father sniffled after he asked “Yeah, it’s beautiful…I think it’s perfect dad” a shakey breath later he was standing, glancing down at her face. “are you coming angel?”

“Yes, I am not done here until I see she has the burial she deserves. I also want to take you to before the gods with me. I want them to see your pain to help me make sure the humans that did this will be dealt with”

“Thank you” Dusk was now filling the sky when it had been a little after lunch when Langdon was first fetched by that despicable human. They flew straight there since none of the three had any sort of appetite. Upon landing Langdon could see why they chose this place for a wedding. It was definitely one of the more beautiful parts of this world.

Chapter Two

He helped Lashon dig a grave, allowing Hakuoki to stay with his wife. He was singing to her, his voice cracking here and there. It was his goodbye, one last song to his heart and soul. A numbness had seemed to settle over Lashon for the moment as he focused on digging the hole and Langdon didn’t know what else he could do to help. He knew justice would never be enough, it never was. The loss would still be there. When they were done, they stepped back and let Hakuoki lay his wife to rest. He pressed a kiss to her lips, tears dripping off his nose as he pulled away. “Rest easy my love.” He said softly.

Langdon said a blessing over her grave as they filled it in, not wanting it to be disturbed by anyone or anything. She deserved peace. He waited patiently as father and son stood there, both of them staring down at the mound of dirt, their eyes and faces damp. They had been broken this day. “We should go dad, we should make sure they’ll pay.”

Hakuoki hugged his son. “This isn’t your fault son, your mother wouldn’t be happy if she knew you blamed yourself, it isn’t your fault.”

“I’ll need time for my heart to understand it dad but I know that’s true…I just…I never thought of a world without my mom in it”

“I know” When the two were calm Langdon said “would you two like any sleep before I take you to the gods? It’s very late”

“If they’d see us this late at night please”

“If I ask something it will be granted. We will go tonight” As they flew Lashon got curious “why do the gods care so much of your wants?”

“I do many things for them. I work for the creators directly. My opinion means a great deal to them after all these years”

“why did the human man go to you for help with me?”

“I’ve built up a reputation with the humans aswell. The gods honestly don’t ask much of me often so I have a lot of time on my hands. If a human needs some sort of help I don’t mind. I’ve only ever refused when I was busy doing something for the gods. They pay me almost too much for my services so once they put me to a task I stick to it until it’s complete.”

“And you didn’t know anything about my wife?”

“Not until Lashon brought it to my attention. If I had known they had taken her, they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to kill her. I’m sorry I couldn’t save her, but I can get her the justice she deserves. If it’s not granted to me, then I will go after them myself, you have my word.”

Lashon could see he meant it, there was something in his voice, a righteous rage perhaps. He had a feeling that Langdon could and would become the angel of death if circumstances called for it. “Thank you.” Lashon didn’t really know what else to say, words failed him in his grief, but he would find a way to properly express his gratitude when he could think clearly.

“Where do the gods live?” Hakuoki asked.

“Their home is tethered to a mountain. Some of us call it the floating keep. I wish you were visiting during happier times. Not many know it’s there, the clouds hide it.”

When they arrived Langdon was able to gather the gods quickly. “What is so important Langdon. I know you wouldn’t disturb us at such an hour without something gravely wrong or something you are passionate about”

“I know this might sound like something trivial to be waking you up over my dear gods and goddess’s but” he pulled Lashon forward as he continued “this mans mother was unjustly killed by a church congregation. Not only have they done that but the why is even more disturbing than you think. They killed her to use her body to try and create a virus to wipe out all of vampire kind. I’m sure you all know the devastating things that could occur if we do not get these humans in check. Please, act quickly for this man and his father”

“You have the identity of these people?”

“I saw their faces.”

“Come here then.” Langdon stepped up the the god and the man placed a hand on his head. “Such darkness and sickness, what horrible monsters they have become. Thank you Langdon for bringing this to our attention.”

“Who will you be sending?”


Langdon smiled. “Thank you.”

“What of us, what should we do?” Lashon asked. The god’s eyes turned to him and Lashon felt his heart leap as he was studied by this divine being.

“Langdon, I would like you to stay with them, see to it that they are given whatever they need.”

“Of course.”

“Young one, we are sorry for has happened to you and your father. It is a tragedy that should have never come to pass, but did nonetheless. Know that the people who did this will not escape us and they will be dealt with.”

Lashon and his father Hakuoki bowed “thank you so much for helping”

“he will be sent in the morning. Try and get some rest..I’m sure the mother and wife you two lost would want you two to have a restful sleep” The god looked at his angel “let them sleep up here. They shouldn’t travel any more this night” Langdon bowed and guided Lashon and his father away. Langdon took them to his own home. “I have a guest bedroom and my room. You each can take one. I will lay on my couch”

“dad you take the guest room, I have the couch. I won’t take your bed from you Langdon”

Langdon smiled. “I insist, you are my guest.”

“Well whatever you two decide, I’m exhausted.” Hakuoki chimed in then hugged his son. “I love you Lashon, try and sleep if you can and get me if you need anything.”

“Love you too dad.”

“The guest bedroom is upstairs and on the left next to the bathroom.” Langdon said and Hakuoki nodded to him as he headed up. “Now, to the business of the other room, I want you to take it.”

“I can’t, you’ve done so much for us already.”

“Lashon, it’s fine.”


Langdon sighed. He didn’t want to argue with him, not after the day he had had. “Okay, how about this, we share my bed, that way neither of us will feel bad.”

Lashons heart stuttered but he answered clearly “okay, that works”

“good, come now. I can spare some pajama pants if you’d like them” They walked into Langdons room and he handed him somthing to change into before showing him the bathroom “I’ll just change in my closet so come right out” Lashon wanted to say thank you again but he had already said it so many times. He meant it every single time but even thank yous could get annoying if said too much. The two men changed and got under Langdons covers together. The bed wasn’t small but the two men filled it up so they had to be close together.

Noticing his vampire friend was struggling to sleep Langdon took Lashons hand to comfort him “rest, please” the angel whispered.

“I’m trying, it’s just hard. I’m exhausted, but I just don’t want to close my eyes.”

“Would it be alright if I held you, just hold, I promise.”

Lashon’s face became warm. “Well I guess that would be okay.”

Langdon moved closer and let his arm wrap around Lashon. He pulled his head down so it was pillowed on his chest then began to stroke fingers gently through his hair. “Close your eyes, Lashon, and get some sleep. I’ll be right here.”

“Can you sing? I know it sounds stupid and childish, but it would help. My mother…”

“Hush now, I’ll do whatever you want.” He began to sing softly, his voice low so as not to wake Hakuoki. He could tell Lashon was bordering on sleep, his eyelids drifted lower and lower until they were closed. Even when he felt him relax completely, he continued to sing, wanting to make sure he didn’t wake up again until morning.

When morning came the men hurried to get ready and went out to meet Daedalus. His look was serious, almost rageful “I’ve been informed of what’s happened. I’m glad you all are ready. Show me these monstrous humans so that I may deal with them” No more words were exchanged as Langdon guided them on. Daedalus personally saw to it to disband their churches. They wouldn’t even had known how big of a congregation they were if he hadn’t so harshly interrogated them. Daedalus then went to the school removing everyone who knew what was going on and the students who’s hearts had been turned by these people.

It left the school mostly bare but its what needed to be done. Daedalus and Langdon then destroyed everything the researches had put together on the virus, making sure not a trace of study was left for anybody to pick up where the others left off. When all was taken care of Daedalus approached Lashon and Hakuoki “we are so sorry this has happened. Please, allow me to see the womans grave and know her name”

“Kreda” Hakuoki said with a heavy heart “Kreda….may I be shown to her resting place. I want to pay my respects to her”

Langdon stood between Lashon and Hakuoki as they watched Daedalus. He was down on one knee next to Kreda’s grave, his hand resting on the dirt that marked her resting place. “What’s he doing?” Hakuoki asked, concerned.

“Just watch.” Langdon replied softly.

“She deserves so much more than dirt, don’t you think?” Daedalus said. “I imagine she was beautiful and kind and that she loved you very much. She deserves much more than this.” He moved his hand away and Lashon and Hakuoki watched in wonder as plants pushed their way through the soil, growing into a bush that soon bloomed with beautiful red flowers that hung down, over the Kreda’s grave. “Amaranth, they mean immortal love, appropriate I think. Sleep Kreda, your family will wait for you.” He stood and turned to them. “I need to get back, please feel free to call on me again if the need arises.”

“Safe travels, Daedalus and thank you.” Daedalus nodded and flew off, leaving a speechless and teary eyed Lashon and Hakuoki with Langdon. “Daedalus has the kindest heart of all, it weeps for Kreda, you can tell by the flowers. They all have different meanings and names. This particular one is also called love lies bleeding.”

Lashon weapt into Langdons shoulder, thankful when Langdon held him. Two days later Hakuoki decided to return to his home world. He told his son “I’m going back and I’m having a serious talk with my family. They are going to accept you and be decent human beings when you are around. I just…you and your mother never did a bad thing to them. You have grown to be a man I’m proud of and your mother…she…she was such an amazing life. After this if I can’t bring you with me when I go home fuck them, fuck them all”

“do you want me to come now dad?”

“Not yet and if you do go depends on their attitudes. They can see me and my son or they can just not see me at all” Hakuoki left and Lashon looked over at Langdon who still hadn’t left his side. Langdon normally would have been long gone but he felt a connection to Lashon and he honestly cared about him healing from his mothers loss. He would stay by his side as long as he needed him and Langdon hoped they would form a strong friendship and maybe more in the future.

No matter where life took them Langdon just knew he wanted his life to involve this half satyr half vampire named Lashon.

~ The End

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