Larissa & Osiris 2

Chapter One

Evie popped herself into the world of Moneliut. Regrettably they had their world set up so that when any portal was made to their world they were dropped into an office where they had to get a pass to be there. It was a needed thing due to the fact if their population grew too much it meant building a new town and extending the protected walkways to get to each one. It was a big undertaking so understandably they didn’t want people just coming to stay as they pleased. Most the time to get a permanent visa you had to marry someone that lived there. Aside from that it was near impossible to get more than a temporary pass.

“Hello young lady, are you okay?” The elderly man asked Evie. “I’m really not and I have urgent news to get to someone I know here. We need to make this as quick as possible”

“Okay” The man was worried he might be dealing with a nut so he asked “who are you here to see?”

“Larissa, Larissa Talisha”

“Oh..wow…she has a friend aside from Ailsa?”

“yes, please just give me the papers. This has already taken too long.”

“Look mam, you seem like the world is coming to an end. Calm down”

“If you dont stop talking to me and help me you all might die. Do you know what a demon is?”

“why yes but”

“when they are bored nothing is more fun to most of them than hurting people. A hoard is coming, they are coming and they’ll kill you without bothering for a damn pass then they’ll break down this door leading to the protected walkways. Then if they don’t go straight to killing your people they will break everything your people have built to protect yourselves from the zombie hoards living here”

“well they can’t do that mam”

“yes they can”

“calm your jets..let me call Larissa up and see if she knows you” He handed her the paperwork so she’d quit yelling at him.

“Osiris stop or neither of us will get to eat.” Larissa said with a laugh as she tried pushing him off with one hand and cooking with the other. “Off, I want food.”

“So do I and her name is Larissa.” He wrapped his arms tightly around her and kissed the back of her neck, giving her goosebumps.

“Let me finish cooking and then we can eat and spend time together, I’m starving.”

He sighed, but was happy all the same. His lips pressed against her cheek, getting a smile and he let her go and took a seat at the table to watch her. She was such a gift, no matter what she thought. He propped his chin in his palm and saw her cheeks redden at his undivided attention. She glanced at him and he smiled lovingly back. “You know I can’t help it.” He said.

“It’s not fair you make me feel all girly.”

There was a knock at the door and he waved her off as he got to his feet, wanting her to finish her food and eat. He sometimes teased that she loved food more than him, something else that made her turn adorably red. When he opened the door, the man standing on the other side swallowed, looking like he had just woken a sleeping bear. “May I help you?” Osiris asked.

“Does Larissa know an Evie? It’s apparently important, shes causing a ruckus at the permit office”

“I think an Evie stayed with her at somepoint. Come in and we’ll ask her” The man followed Osiris to the kitchen where Larissa was eating “hm?”

“Do you know an Evie Auttenberg, she’s causing a scene and saying she knows you”

“Yeah, wow, it’s been so long. Whats going on?”

“she says demons are coming to destroy everythign we’ve built to protect ourselves and they are going to hurt our people” Larissa dropped her fork “is she still at the office?! I need a phone!”

“Yes she is and come with me” Osiris followed his wife and the man out. Once they got on the phone together Evie said “Oh thank heavens. Tell them just to let me through so I can teleport to you”

“give that moron the phone!” Evie handed it over and Larissa said “You better let her in right this second. She isn’t lieing, she isn’t like that. Open the door or I am coming to that office and kicking your ass myself”

“I’m sorry” he said in a panicked voice and soon her friend was standing right beside her “how much time do we have?” Larissa quickly asked and Evie answered “I don’t know, I can explain how I know about this later but for now everyone who is skilled at fighting the zombie hoards needs to be alerted. I promise I’m not crying wolf, I know we havent spoken since I left but I did consider you my friend. You’re really a good person and I wanted to give you and your people your best shot at surviving this. I’ve..I’ve seen worlds ravaged by bored demons. I couldn’t bare to see that happen here”

“How many?” Osiris asked.

“Who are you? I feel like I’ve seen you.”

“This is my fiance Osiris, Osiris Evie.”


“A story for later, just know I didn’t make it easy for him.”

Evie nodded. “I;m not sure of the exact number, but it’s imperative we prepare.”

“We should move the people somewhere safe. The children especially.” Larissa said, worrying her lip with her teeth. “Demons are so powerful, I know we’re strong, but we may need more.” She looked up at Osiris. “Do you think…”

“The zombies, you want to ask the zombies.”

“You and I both know they can’t all be bad. We’ve almost been eaten a few times, but there are many who stay away from the walls, who don’t even attack us. If demons are coming then they too would want to fight. They’re in just as much danger.”

Osiris rubbed his neck. “If we can get them to talk to us then maybe, but they don’t trust us. You get the people organized and I’ll go out and get reinforcements. Evie can help you organize the people here.” He kissed her and smiled. “I know you won’t worry, but I promise not to get eaten. You stay safe.”

“I’ll do my best but you know I’m finding Ailsa first and if that somehow puts me in danger so be it. She can kick another humans ass easy enough but I wont lose my best friend during this”

“I figured as much” he couldn’t resist kissing her again before collecting what he needed them running off. “Lets hurry” Larissa said then began to run, hoping Ailsa would be home. “I’m sorry if this seems stupid to you Evie but Ailsa is..or was my only friend. Shes the only one besides Osiris that can deal with me” Larissa said as she ran “Well I cant be offended you didn’t realize I thought of you as a friend. If I leave again I promise to stay in touch next time”

“You better not be saying if as in if we survive. We will, Osiris will get teh zombies to cooperate. I have no doubts and I will get us organized. He and I can do anything, we’re just that stubborn” Evie might have smiled if she wasn’t so stressed. Larissa pounded the door until Ailsa opened it with a worried expression “whats wrong?’ Larissa gave a brief explanation then said “you are staying where I can see you. Who am I going to gripe about my fiance to if somthing happens” Ailsa smiled and stepped out, locking her door for what little good that might do “lead the way dear friend”

Larissa went to the town head “It’s imperative I speak to Nathaniel right now”

“yes mam, right away” Nathaniel came quickly and Larissa began speaking instantly. “I’ll send a message to all the town heads and get them on one large call. For now everyone who can’t defend themselves and or help in some way needs to get down into the crisis bunkers. If you trust this woman then I do and will take her warning seriously.”

“well hurry” Larissa said then looked at Ailsa “In the bunkers you’ll be safe. I’ll go with you to the nearest entrance” Ailsa hugged her tightly “It means a lot one of your first thoughts was making sure I’m alright. The people of this world and even you don’t give you enough credit for what a good and caring person you are Larissa” Larissa blushed “come on” As they left the building Evie asked “how will we know their plan if we aren’t waiting?”

“As soon as Ailsa is safe we’re walking back to Nathaniels so he can tell me and the other people like me in this city what our course of action is. Nathaniel is a good leader. He’ll make sure things get going properly. Before you know it he’ll have everyone in the city going to their nearest bunker. I dont need to breath down his neck”

Osiris wasn’t sure how he was going to convince the zombies that he came in peace, but he wasn’t afraid to try. At worst he would have to fight his way out and he was confident in his abilities as a warrior. When he made it to the walkway, he unlocked the door and stepped through. He sprinted until he came to the next door and he quickly unlocked it and stepped out onto the other side. He quickly shut and locked it again then held his ax, ready for anything. There were a couple of zombies, but they instantly started to leave as soon as they spotted him.

“Wait, I need to talk to you.”

They froze, surprised at being addressed. “Us?”

“Yes, please, I must speak with whoever is in charge. It’s important.”


“I know this is weird, I get it, you can’t trust me, but I swear I won’t hurt you. I’ll even give up my weapon.”

They looked at each other and then at him. “You don’t have too, it’s dangerous out here.” They then looked around and he understood they were looking for an ambush.

“I have killed many of your kind, but only when attacked. I swear this is not a trick, it’s an emergency.”

They still seemed understandably cautious as they asked “what’s going on? It must be an emergency if you want to speak with us”

“Do you know what demons are?”

“No” There weren’t any in this world so it wasn’t surprising. “They are very powerful creatures and they are coming to this world to dismantle it. Not only would we die but your people would too. We need to work together”

“The humans would never work with our kind. It would take only one of the zombies out here attacking someone from your race to start slaughtering and I cant be sure some wouldn’t take the opportunity to start trying to eat people.”

“Extinction is a serious risk here, make them understand we have to work together”

“The humans understand it?”

“My fiance and I will make them. People like her and I, who protect the people have a lot of sway in decisions. They will understand or my fiance will probably kick their ass’s”

The zombies looked at each other then back at Osiris. “We’ll try convincing the others, but we can make no promises. For all they know, this is a human trap.”

“I understand.”

“Then you can come with us and explain.”

“Thank you.”

Larissa wanted to roll her eyes at the look of surprise on the faces of the men and women who were being readied for battle. “Are you serious?” On man asked. “Zombies?”

“I know you hate their kind, but it is imperative that we work together.” She replied, trying to remain patient.

“Let the demons wipe them out, save us the trouble.” A woman yelled out.

“Larissa is right, this is about survival not about our race or species. We have to work together as a unit and when Osiris gets back with the zombies we will treat them as our guests, as our brothers in arms. If you can’t do that then go and hide.” Nathaniel backed Larissa.

Chapter Two

“This will lead to us dieing. We let them in they’ll devour us all. Do none of you remember the fact that when zombies first became a part of this world by the time we got the first city up and had them locked out our population had dwindled down to less then three hundred people. Thousands of years later our population is still minuscule when compared to those of other worlds.”

“I am the head of this city and the heads of the other cities have agreed to the plan” He responded silencing the woman. Larissa sighed, glad nobody else was going to say anything more to them. She didn’t envy the job of the city heads right now. She hoped her fellow guardians wouldn’t be foolish enough to try and ignore the city heads. If they let the zombies in and the humans betrayed the zombies it really would be a blood bath. If the history books were even remotely true she didn’t want to have to go through a time again where nobody could feel safe.

Osiris wasn’t surprised when the village of zombies immediately brandished weapons at him on sight. Many of them glanced up at the wolf on his head, recognizing him. “What have you brought here?” A man with a staff asked.

“A warning.” Osiris said before one of his escorts could speak. He put his weapon down at his feet and raised his hands to show he had no others.

“What kind of warning, more death?”

“I would speak to the person in charge.”

“Then you’ll get the chance.” It was a woman who spoke and the group of zombies parted. She had blonde hair and a fierceness to her grey gaze that said she wasn’t to be messed with. “You should all be ashamed, acting like animals.”

“But he’s a…”

“What, a human? He has clearly surrendered his weapon.” The other zombies lowered their weapons as she moved closer to Osiris. “I know of you, the headdress is easily recognized. You are often with a woman.”

“My fiance, Larissa.”

“You two are greatly feared in the zombie community, but I have never heard a story of you taking an innocent life.”

“We defend ourselves and know when to step back and reassess.”

She nodded. “I am Grace, please pick up your weapon and explain why you are here.”

Osiris slowly picked it up so none of the zombies would get scared and think he was about to attack their leader.He explained the entirety of the situation again and stressed how vital it was they worked together. “and you’re really sure the humans wont start killing us the second we are done working together”

“This is a complete truce. I left before much was talked about but my fiance and I will make sure nobody hurts you. Even if you don’t want to help the humans, help for the sake of yourselves”

“I’ll have my people help but under teh condition I can talk to your leaders about a real, lasting truce. We are intelligent, have feelings, we are just like you humans. I am aware this is how we live because when the change first hit this world the ones that were turned started to devour everyone but we have progressed. I can’t promise none would ever attack again just as you cant promise a world without rape and murder among you humans. Some people are good and others are bad. We should not be held accountable for the actions of the first zombies. We want a world where we dont have to be scared”

“I hope this question wont offend you but how will you live if you wont eat us?”

“we simply crave human flesh, We don’t need it. It’s a powerful urge but we can control it”

“If I have to put somebody in a chokehold I will make sure you get to talk to the right people Grace. You’re right, nobody should be held accountable for the actions of others, especially of people generations before them”

Larissa wasn’t big on giving crash courses in fighting, but some of the men and women had refused to hide. She liked their stubbornness and hoped she was giving them enough information to stay alive. She made sure they understood that the pointy end went into the enemy and showed them all the vital areas and made sure they kept in mind to always be mindful of their surroundings. There would be other people around them and it would be bad to accidentally kill someone. “Larissa, we have the walls reinforced.” Nathaniel said as he ran up to her.

“Have your men double check. The people hiding in here will need all the protection they can get and the harder it is for them to get in, the more time we have to set up a defense. I also want you to block off some of the roads so we can try and funnel as many of them into a small space as possible.”

“I have a man waiting outside one of the doors for Osiris, he’s on our side as far as the zombies go so they won’t have any trouble with him.”

“Good, thank you.” He left and Evie came up. “So, how are things on your end?”

“All of the offices are cleared out, no stragglers.”

“good, They are probably already here and if not the demons will be here soon”

“Thank you for coming to warn us Evie”

“Your my friend Larissa. I couldn’t let you and your world get blind sided”

“I’m still surprised you liked me”

“You’re an acquired taste sometimes, thats for sure, but you’re a good person” It was a little over an hour later when the drove of demons came in. They still hadn’t finished everything they had wanted to do to prepare and Larissa still hadn’t seen her fiance Osiris but they were here and Larissa was confident they could defend their home.

Osiris crested the hill with the zombies as the first wave of demons hit the city walls. His heart gave a leap as he thought about Larissa facing them head on. She was a capable fighter, but he still worried. He would die if anything happened to her. He ran forward, the zombies following him, afraid, but ready to fight these monsters. “Osiris.” He saw someone standing in one of the doorways, a young man with a sword in hand and he raced for him. “A couple came this way, but I killed them.” the young man looked shaken, but determined.

“Let’s go.” The young man gave the zombies only a brief look before following Osiris to the next door. “We’ll come out behind them, trap them between us and the others.” He ordered as he pushed the next door open.

“You’re sure we’ll be safe from your people?” Grace asked.

“If any human tried hurting you, I will deal with them for you.” They came out behind the horde that was flooding out onto the streets. He ordered the zombies to charge and he raised his ax and buried it into the back of the nearest demon. It dropped instantly, a shocked look on its face.

Osiris listened for his fiance as he slaughtered the demons, some came down easy while others seemed to have amazing abilities. Their speed was the biggest hurdle Osiris had with them. He was trained for zombies, not these. The one he came upon now forced him to stop listening for his wife and fully concentrate. It seemed to have psychic powers and was sending people, warriors and zombies flying away with a simple wave of his hand. One of his fellow warriors tried sending arrows at it but the demon turned them, slaying the man where he stood.

Larissa moved quickly through the demons, her dagger glinting in the sunlight as it shed the blood of her enemies. Some of them looked shocked at her speed, that mere human woman was dropping them where they stood. She could here the commotion at the back of the army and knew it had to be Osiris with the zombies. Lightening struck the ground in front of her knocking her back and blinding her for a moment. She blinked and felt a hand under her arm pulling her up. “It’s me.” It was Evie’s voice.

“Who did that?”

“There’s one on the wall.”

“Bastard.” She pulled away from her friend, racing toward the wall. She came to a skidding halt when she saw Osiris facing off against a demon with psychic powers. He saw her as well because he shook his head and nodded toward the demon on the wall. He knew where she was going and didn’t want her to stop for him. She took off again, forcing herself not to look over her shoulder. She had to keep faith in his abilities. He may not be the fastest, but the wolf head showed how tough he could be when cornered.

The battle was long, and pushed everyone to their limits but they got through it. A major portion of wall was gone, buildings destroyed and as they all knew was unavoidable before it all started people lost their lives. Nathaniel, who was badly wounded got up high and said “first we honor our dead by identifying them and giving them proper burials. I want everyone brought up from the bunkers. The ones with medical training need to treat the still living right away. Everyone is to be examined. Is everyone with me?” A loud collective yes Nathaniel sounded and everyone scattered to get things done.

Osiris still hadn’t had a second with his fiance but it would have to continue to wait. “Nathaniel, I promised the zombie leader Grace she would be listened to”

“Of course, I can tend to this wound quickly and see her”

“Are you sure?”

“My duties as city head come first. I’ll get a real check up when shes spoken to me. We needed their help today. I owe her a listening ear”

The two walked off and Osiris began looking for his fiance to have peace of mind. As he searched he felt proud of everyone around him. Zombies and humans were helping eachother, bandaging one another and helping with all the dead bodies as a collective. Things were definitely going to change and it would be for the better of their civilization. When Osiris found Larissa she was waving off medical help. Osiris chuckled and she said “others need it more than me. I’m fine” He hugged her and she said “Osiris” Embaressed by the public affection. He laughed and kissed her head “I’m just happy to see you safe”

“You knew I would be”

“You’re still my fiance. It’s my job to worry regardless of how capable you are”

“I guess”

“didn’t you worry over me?”

“Yeah but I knew you had it. Anyways we need to help get everyone tended to and the dead burried.” Before the day was up plans were made to to mingle zombie and humankind in their world. Grace couldn’t help but shed happy tears. After thousands of years her people were done paying for the mistakes of the first zombies and wouldn’t have to be ostracized any longer. It would be a completely new world and Osiris and Larissa couldn’t wait to see it grow.

~ The End

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