Larissa & Osiris

Chapter One

Larissa sat reading the latest book on her number one enemy, the zombie population. This one was sort of a disappointment and she was near throwing it away. It was supposed to be filled with all these new amazing discoveries but it just had the usual facts mostly. The zombies are immortal too, they continue to show more and more intelligence, their babies come out much like our own and go through the same stages. Blah blah blah, she knew all this. The person in charge of advertising and the person who let this get published should be beaten with a leather belt she thought. “what a waste of money” she said as she finally chucked the book.Honestly she wished someone could figure out why they only need to eat every six months. She wished her body worked that way, she’d save a fortune on food. Larissa doubted anything would curb her massive appetite though. She was a woman who was made to eat.

Just thinking about food now made her hungry so she decided to go to one of her favorite eateries for a meal. She grabbed her black satchel and left her small home. She smiled as a few small children happily went by. She so deeply wanted children but she had never met a man she could cohabitate with and not kill. Larissa hoped that one day she’d finally meet a man she could settle down with and have children but she did her best not to let her lack of children depress her. She was over four hundred years old and had only been with one man. This was the biggest reason she fought with her mother all the time. She didn’t know why her mother thought she needed a husband but it was somthing she had to hear about every time she went to visit them.

It mostly upset her because it wasn’t like she didn’t want it. Men just irritated her in general and much to her dismay you needed a man to be married and have kids. She could always marry a woman but they just didn’t do it for her. Larissas mother would argue men didn’t either but that wasn’t here nor there. Larissas made it to the eatery and pushed children out of her mind. She was single and had been for a long time so she was doing little more than torturing herself.

Larissa was barely into her meal when a man approached her table “are you Larissa?”


“I want to hire you, may I sit?” she gestured her hand to tell him it was alright. He scooted out the chair and sat down. “I want to make another town. A few are getting a little over crowded so we need another to move some people to. I was hoping to hire you to help clear the area. It’ll be a long job but the pay will make it more than worth your while.”


“that easy?”

“I live to work”

“so I’;ve heard but wow”

“do you want me or not” her voice had filled with irratation. The man stood, feeing an instinctual need to get away from her “yes…yes I do”

“then tell me when and where to meet you so we can get on our way” He told her to meet him and the other people he had hired at the exit of town the day after tomorrow at dawn then hurried away. She was terrifying but he had heard nothing but amazing stories about her, not to mention how much he was saving hiring Osiris by hiring her.

Osiris laid in the higher branches of a tree, his eyes staring out at the ever changing sky. It was a beautiful sight, all those colors stretching across the sky as the sun moved further and further down. It was one thing he wanted to share with Larissa, but knew she would never go for. She was stubborn and abrasive and everything he wanted. He sighed, hooking his fingers behind his head. Everything he did seemed to annoy her and like most men, she tried to disregard him as nothing more than an annoyance. He chuckled, loving the way her green eyes filled with fire when he wouldn’t leave her alone. Her nose would wrinkle up and he just wanted to plant a kiss on the tip of it, but he refrained, knowing she would probably clock him if he tried. He wasn’t afraid of being attacked by her, but he would rather not have to restrain her.

The next day Larissa went about cleaning her home and ridding it of any trash so her house wouldnt smell rotten when she got back. She then called the only person she actually considered a friend and asked her to help take what food she had to the homeless shelter. She’d rather give it to them than let it rot in her fridge. Calling creating a new town a long job was an understatement. She along with whomever else the man hired would have to constantly keep the zombies at bay until the wall went up and the wall was always the last thing completed. After the initial clearing it wouldn’t be that hard but it would be a constant and long task. It was honestly the perfect job for her.

Ailsa rushed over “leaving me again so soon?” she asked as Larissa opened the door

“it’s been a week since I’ve worked”

“Oh god, a whole week”

“you know work is my life”

“yeah, now let me in so we can get that food delivered” Larissa moved aside and Ailsa seemed to glide in. Ailsa was a graceful woman but she could change in the blink of an eye and hand most anyone their ass. Her father taught classes in self defense and most of that included offense. He had brought her up in his classes so she’d never be a victim to anyone.

Osiris twirled his ax through the air, slashed, imagining he was cutting down some invisible foe. He always practiced before a job. It kept him on his toes, made sure he was always ready to watch over the people who needed him as well as have Larissa’s back. He knew she could handle herself, but he would rather be the one to partner with her than let someone else do it. Someone stupid could easily pull her into a dangerous situation. “Osiris.” The familiar voice brought him to a stop. It was the man who had hired him.

“So, I take it she said yes.”

“Yes, why didn’t you tell me she was so…terrifying?”

Osiris chuckled. “She’s not.”

“I felt like I was look the Grim Reaper in the face.”

“She’s not that bad.”

“I’ll remember that when she has a knife pressed to my balls.”

“Thank you for agreeing to this. She’s an amazing warrior, you won’t regret hiring her or me for that matter.”

“Hey, you’re only taking half pay, how could I say no.”

“well when I suggested it you told me you had only needed one more and came because I was referred by a man I worked with last year. So even though I’m taking less money you are spending more to hire her.” The man shrugged “I can’t fight worth a damn and I’d rather the construction crew concentrate solely on working rather than keeping their lives so having one more can’t hurt. We have the budget for it, especially with you taking half pay. Just try to make sure she’s only using that aggression against the zombies” Osiris gave a deep bellied chuckle again “I am yet to see her hurt anybody unjustly. She’s a hard woman to explain and an even harder one to pass off as having a good heart but she does, you just have to know her like I do”

The man shook his head “don’t be late. The overcrowding has already caused problems so this needs to get done” Osiris nodded and the man left. The day Larissa was to leave she met her best friend Ailsa for breakfast as they did most times she was going to be gone awhile. “are you nervous Osiris will be going? He seems to be getting hired on more and more jobs with you” Larissa groaned at the question and roughly rubbed her face “oh god I hadn’t thought of it. Damn it… a job like this I’ll be stuck with him for a week minimum and thats if they have a really big construction crew”

“Larissa, he’s not so bad”

“he gets in my way”

“you mean he protects you”

“I don’t need it or want it. It urks me when he just swoops in like he does”

“Oh no, sombody cares about your survival. You know good and damn well if I was licensed to do jobs like you do I’d be the same way he is with you. Well, not the same same. I love you like a sister and he loves you like a wife”

“Ailsa, what have I said about going there”

“I don’t care what you said. Cut the man some slack. He’s probably the only man alive that can take your personality.”

“I don’t need a man”

“You do Larissa, I love you sweetie but no matter what you say it has to get lonely living by yourself and I know for a fact you want kids. How is that ever going to happen if you wont let a man get anywhere near you. I know I’m being a pain but I love you so if I have to be a pain I will be”

“I know, it’s just he’s so…so…I don’t know what he is…annoying I guess.”

“Because he pursues you like a wolf does a deer, persistent, unwavering, ready to corner you at any moment and sink his teeth in.”

“I don’t think he’d live another day if he tried sinking his teeth into me.”

Ailsa laughed. “You never know.”

Osiris talked with the other men who had been hired, getting to know them since they would be spending some time together. He liked to know which ones he could count on in a tight spot and which ones would be a health risk. Even though some men could swing a sword or shoot a bow, there were times when the person wielding the weapon was completely useless and would only wind up getting you torn to shreds. He was sure he would be pulling at least one of them out of trouble at some point. The person in question was a little on the nervous side and though he had been told the man was an amazing archer, he feared the guy might just falter and wind up at death’s door if Osiris didn’t keep an eye on him.

When Larissa came into view of the group she sighed, there he was chattering happy with the other males. She had already known the man who had approached her didn’t originate from this town but it was now apparent that most the hires weren’t from here because this couldn’t possibly be the whole group. In clearing a town with as densely populated the zombies were they would need more people. She was surprised to see Gary among the hires. He wasn’t a confident fighter and she often wondered how he had gotten his license to be hired on jobs like these. She was amazed anybody would hire him for a clearing when he would become all nerves on small jobs. Gary was who spotted Larissa first since he had begun to feel her stare. He was a little relieved to see her though a little afraid at the same time due to the ass chewing she had given him on the last job they worked.

“He..hey Larissa” he said and she sighed “hello” Osiris just walked away in a mans mid sentence and approached her offering his hand for a shake “why hello again Larissa”

“How does this keep happening?” He smiled mischievously. “You look well rested, good”

“How on earth can you tell that or not?”

“I just can, you know that” The man who hired them interrupted “morning, lets get going before the other people I hired arrive before we do” Everybody picked up whatever they had if they had set it down and began the exit of town. Osiris walked annoyingly close to Larissa but she remained silent this time. Normally she would tell him to fuck off but Ailsa had said be easier so she’d try. She knew she could be hard to be around and appreciated Ailsa unconditional friendship. So if she wanted her to be a little nicer to Osiris she would. She still wouldn’t put up with him protecting her all the time but that was a bridge she’d cross again when it came. Everybody else knew to stay away so why couldn’t he do that in battle.

As they exited the gates they could instantly hear the hungry creatures trying to get into the walkway. It was scary for most but for herself and the other men it was nothing new. Osiris was surprised she hadn’t told him to not walk so close but he was smarter than mentioning it. If he did, it would cause her to suddenly do it. He had learned quickly by mentioning she was giving him slack he was essentially ended her doing it. Everyone else walked with a large distance between them and Larissa. If they hadn’t worked with her before they had heard the stories. It was almost somthing they taught in training now, if youre a male it’s in your best interest to steer clear of her.

When they reached the first fork in the walkway two women waited. Larissa was excited that she wouldn’t be drowning in males this jobs. They were about her height and looked more than capable. Though she hadn’t known them the blonde knew her “Larissa Talisha?”


“what an honor, you are why I sought this type of work”

“It’s nice to meet you” The other woman came up “she really is a crazed fan girl for you. I’m Kari and she is Gretal” Larissa nodded and walked on, not much for conversation even with women. She was just nicer to females than males. The girls fit right in with the rest of the group, talking with everyone while she and Osiris walked silently by one another.

Chapter Two

“And you’re Osiris Jakodi right, the wolf slayer?” One of the women asked and it took quite a bit of effort to draw his attention from Larissa.

“Yes ma’am, that’s me. Though I wouldn’t call me a wolf slayer, it was in self defense.”

“But you wear it on your head.”

“I bested it so it’s head is my trophy.”

“It makes you look so incredibly barbaric, like the nomads, it’s incredible.”

He chuckled. “Thank you?”

Larissa rolled her eyes at the woman’s flirting even though she had to admit that the killing of the wolf was quite incredible. By the size of the head, the beast had been huge and would not have gone down quietly. She sighed and she could feel him looking at her. It was unnerving having his eyes on her and she finally looked at him which made a smile tug at his lips. “What?” She asked.

“Nothing, just thinking. You know, about zombies.”

“I didn’t realize they were so fascinating.”

“Oh yeah, amazing even.”

“I’m sure.”

“Me too.”

HIs smile was threatening a chuckle as he kept looking at her, knowing he was ruffling her but it was a hard thing to resist. Night came and they kept walking. Their guide to the new towns location said nothing about stopping so nobody complained. When night came the air had a harsh chill to it that had Gary, the guide and the woman who had been introduced as Gretal shaking from chill. Kari was as unphased as the rest of the group which increased Larissas respect for the woman. She hadn’t enjoyed the flirting but a woman who could take the chill with the men was a woman she could like.

The guide finally stopped and turned “do any of you have anything to make a fire?”

“I do” a man that if Larissa recalled right was named John. Maybe Jason, she was certain it started with a J. “then we’re stopping. I didn’t want to but I’m too cold” Osiris spoke up “if you can manage a mile or two further there is a door I can get out of to find us somthing to eat. If you can’t Larissa and I will just run ahead, hunt then bring it back” As Larissa looked up at him indignitly Gary and Gretal seemed afraid the man might make them walk longer without resting by a fire. “could you two go ahead?” he asked sheepishly.

He nodded and Kari spoke up “I’m going to”

“why?” Kari looked taken back by him questioning “because, this is land owned by the hordes of zombies. Two against all that? You two are some of the most skilled at this yes but three makes more sense. I’m going and you aren’t the one who hired me”

“Okay, come” Larissa said and Kari smiled “at least one of you has sense”

“I am starting to like you and I don’t like or have much respect for many people so come and don’t ruin it by talking too much.” Kari didn’t seem sure how she was supposed to take that but she silently started walking. Osiris glanced down at Larissa who walked forward. He sighed while shrugging then followed. Norice gave Gretal a weird look as she seemed to be experiencing something that could be compared to an orgasm. “are you okay?” he asked since she had just seemed miserable before “she’s so cool” Norice put a little distance between himself and Gretal, now being creeped out by the woman.

“So you two must work together a lot for Osiris to act like I’m intruding by tagging along” Kari said to Larissa who instantly seemed annoyed “what did I say about talking?”

“Its not useless talking. He seems miffed. I feel animosity aimed directly at me”

“You could ask me and not her.” Osiris suddenly said, his voice loseing the playfulness it typically had. “so you work together a lot?”

“more and more. I like the rare opportunity to be alone with her”

“Oh ho, romance?”

“she said she didn’t want talking so shut up” Osiris said coldly. Larissa was being a bit nicer to him than normal, had even said a few words to him along the way and didn’t want this woman teasing her about romance. She sighed “fine, grumps. We all need sleep I guess” Things were as silent as they could be with the constant attack of zombies to the walls as they walked. When they came to the door Osiris pulled a key from his bag and made sure they were ready to hurry out before unlocking the door. As quickly as humanly possible they got out and locked it to keep regular people safe who might be using the walkways. Just like that they had gone from peaceful walking to an all out war zone with their undead enemies.

“It always amazes me how many there really are.” Kari said as they drew their weapons.

“Just remember that they are not stupid, mindless creatures.” Osiris added. Killing zombies and protecting towns may be his job, but he knew from experience that not all zombies would try to make a snack out of you. They loved flesh, but like every creature they knew when the food wasn’t worth the fight.

“So spare them?” Kari asked as they made their way forward.

“If they allow it and not all of them will.”

Larissa had to admit to herself that that was one thing she admired about Osiris. He may be a warrior at heart and make his living killing zombies and the like, but he was always fair and kind. Their presence didn’t go unnoticed for long and before they knew it they were pushing back the zombies that tried to make a meal of them. Larissa glanced at Osiris as they finally made it past the zombies and into the woods. He was streaked with blood, looking for all the world like a barbarian, the wolf head adding to the image. She wondered how many had caught just a flash of him and wondered if some strange creature had come to kill them.

He noticed her looking and felt that familiar tingle he would get when she did. Even if it was a glare he felt good when she would look his way. He was once again impressed by her fighting skills and by the fact she also really did spare the ones that would let her. There was so much to admire about his beautiful warrior that he wished others could see. Though he did see more when it came to her fighting than others warriors because he was constantly making sure she wasn’t being overwhelmed. With everyone else it was more of a every man for themselves type deal since everybody wanted to live to get home to their families and friends. They encountered more zombies before they got enough kill to feed everyone well but they managed between the three of them and got back into the pathway without letting anything in.

They dropped the meat off with the group so they could get it started while they walked to the nearest bathroom stop in the pathway to clean up. It would only have a toilet and sink but washing off with a sink and drying with handtowels was better than being covered in zombie. It wasn’t boy/girl separated and only one stall so they let Kari go first which surprised Osiris “normally you would be in a rush to get away from me my beautiful zombie slayer” she sighed, not big on likeing or omitting not to get embarrassed. “Ailsa is very important to me and she wants me to be a bit nicer to you and give you more of a chance so I’m talking to you like she wants. I can’t talk to you if I’m trying to get away from you” he smiled big enough to show his perfect teeth save for one he lost trying to protect her.

She had never said this but she was going to say it now “you may be a pest because I don’t want your help in battles but I did feel bad you lost that tooth. You take such good care of those so loseing one had to suck”

“wow, I knew Ailsa was you’re only real friend but I didn’t know she had so much sway with you. I’ll have to thank her. This actually explains a lot about how you’ve been on this job..I’ve enjoyed it Larissa” Larissa sighed “I’ve never claimed to be a people person and Ailsa has been there for me now matter how abrasive I’ve gotten. If thats not a real friend I dont know what is. I appreciate her because it would be a lot easier to be someone elses best friend. Just shut your face and be grateful she likes you for some reason”

He chuckled “I can get a replacement tooth surgically put in. I just haven’t bothered”

“I wish that would have taught you to let me be on the battle field”

“I know you do but I’m not going to let anything happen to you no matter how it pisses you off”

“You say that now, but maybe one day I get so irritated I kick you into a horde of zombies and leave you.”

“Oh sure, there’s no way you’d leave this adorable face.”

She rolled her eyes and he laughed. Kari came out and Osiris gestured for Larissa to go next. She rolled her eyes again, shoving the door open. “She’s got quite a temper.” Kari said as she leaned against the wall on the other side of the door.

“Yes she does.” Osiris agreed with a smile on his face.

“You like that about her don’t you?”

“Yes I do.”

“I admire her, she’s tough and strong and doesn’t let anyone tell her what to do, but I have to admit that you keep up with her well. The other men seem terrified of her, like they’re waiting for her to I don’t know, start shooting giant fireballs at them or something.”

“I’m just stubborn.”

Chapter Three

Kari smiled and shook her head. Osiris soon took his turn and they headed back to the group to get their portion of the kill. They got a collective thanks from everybody as soon as they were sitting down. Larissa was happy to see Kari leave them to sit with Gretal and she wasn’t fully sure why. She definitely wasn’t even going to entertain the idea she wanted to sit with Osiris alone so Larissa was going to attribute it to just being tired and wanting to be done with the walking. Going to a job was so tedious and she wished in all this time they had been able to figure out a better way to travel than just walking everywhere. She wanted to hurry up and be back in the action helping this man and his crew build a new place for humans to call home.

After eating everyone went to sleep but made sure it would be easy for people to get by them if they were walking the pathways. They could all sleep here with almost the security of being home. As long as anybody who had a permit to carry a key to the outbound doors wasn’t careless no zombies should be here. It was mighty hard to prove yourself trustworthy of a key so it was rare a fool got his or her hands on one.

Osiris laid near as he dared to his gorgeous ball of fire and rested, pleased with himself when she didn’t make him go away. He would definitely have to thank Ailsa for convincing her to give him even a little bit of a chance. He wasn’t sure how yet but he would do somthing when they got back home. Larissa woke about five hours later, annoyed to see everyone resting still except Gary who met her glance only moments before looking at his shoes. She sighed and looked at Osiris who reminded her of a sleeping child. She wasn’t sure what it was but there was somthing so innocent about him while he rested. She had never let him sleep close enough before to notice but now he had captured her attention.

She began to notice how good his facial hair looked on him and how strong his jawline was. Her eyes traveled him slowly, remaining in areas long periods of time as she noticed things about his appearance she hadn’t in the past. He became so touchable and before she knew it she was moving. She halted his a deep blush and paused just before she touched him. She threw herself backward almost violently and didn’t dare look to see if Gary was looking. If he liked breathing and had seen her almost touch him he wouldn’t say a word. Not about that or the staring. She closed her eyes and decided to rest them until the rest of the group got their lazy asses up.

Osiris woke to the sound of birdsong, yawning as he sat up and stretched. He looked over at Larissa and smiled at her sleeping face. She wore a frown and it made her look even more adorable. He got too his feet and went over to wake the man who had hired him. He jerked awake with a look of surprise on his face and Osiris couldn’t help but chuckle. “Come on lazy bones, get up and wake the rest.”

“Yes of course.”

Osiris just shook his head as he walked away, smiling in amusement. People like that were always so jumpy and either did as you said or glared at you for waking them. He went back to where he had been sleeping and flopped down next to Larissa and shook her. Her eyes flew open and jumped to his face, her cheeks reddening. “Morning beautiful.”

“Good morning.” She sat up and put a little space between them. “How long have you been awake?”

“Not long, just went and woke the boss.” He reached up and pulled the wolf head off, running his fingers through his messy hair. “I thought he was going to have a heart attack.”

Larissa found herself staring at him and only pulled her eyes away when he looked at her face. She didn’t understand why he suddenly seemed sexy. “Some people are never used to sleeping on the road.”

“More people should try it, it’s always so peaceful, unless someone leaves a door open then it’s chaotic. Those who know nothing of fighting always panic and make it worse.”

“Luckily it gets harder with each incident for people to qualify to carry a key to the doors so it’s not a huge concern” They were all soon moving again without any mention of breakfast. They kept going in the safety of the tunnel until they reached the point of needing to exit it to get to where they’d settle a new town. The man who hired them stood at the door and spoke “The construction crew should be on their way there if they aren’t there already along with the rest of the people I hired. Larissa, I’m choosing you to open this door and Osiris I’m trusting you to close it since you two have had keys the longest I trust the both of you to get us all out and the pathway sealed with no incidents. We all clear?” Everyone said they were and Jarod motioned for Larissa to do as he just instructed.

It was all fast and smooth since they were all professionals and they were quick to keep moving once they were out. Osiris wasted no time getting beside Larissa, she sighed “really?”

“yes really”

“god, I’m fine”

“ah but you’ve been told to tolerate me this time”

“Told? She asked”

“and you’re tolerating me” It almost sounded like Larissa growled but she didn’t say more on the subject. Osiris proudly wore his happy smile as she gave up. Now that she wasn’t lost in finding him annoying she realized how well they fought together through zombies. His fighting style was surprisingly complimentary to hers despite the fact he lugged around a huge ax and she used her daggers. After awhile the zombie population decided to mostly leave the group alone so things were nearly at the peace they were in the walkways.

There was somthing about being covered in zombie guts that made the rest think twice about messing with them.

They were happy to see that the construction crew was waiting for them and it looked like they were all safe. The few guards that had been sent with them had managed to keep the zombies at bay. The foreman of the construction crew looked overjoyed that they had arrived and he met with Jarod while everyone else got together and decided on shifts. “We should get some of this off of us.” Osiris said.

“I bet the construction crew has rags.” Larissa replied as she walked over to the crew of men and women who would soon be working hard to erect a new town in a timely manner. “Hey, can we get a couple of rags please?” She asked one of the men and Osiris did his best not to laugh at the intimidation in the man’s eyes.

“Um sure.” The man quickly got some and handed them over. “There you go.”

“Thanks.” She handed one to Osiris and they wiped off most of the gunk. The smears left on their skin would have to wait until they could actually bathe.

They were running on empty stomachs but the people already there apparently had enough left over meat they could eat without hunting anything. Larissa was impressed and semi disappointed the people already hear had already cleared the mob. They could see and hear zombies all around but a large area was empty and ready to be built on. Since the initial clear was obviously taken care of they could just begin in regular shifts. Being the people already there had been fighting near constant to keep the construction crew safe they were among the few who sat down. Larissa was not surprised in the least Gary and Gretal sat.

After their first full shift Larissa and Osiris sat with eachother. She sighed and it said it all ‘I’m taking too much advantage of your patience huh?”

“look, I’ll acknowledge our fighting styles do have complimentary traits with eachother but I just can’t stand being protected all the time. Can’t you just let me fight on my own a little bit. That’s all I need from you” His happy expression faltered a bit “a little space then. I just honestly enjoy fighting at your side. If Im close I don’t have to worry”

“I’m not some wimpy ass chick. I can take care of myself”

“I know that Larissa”

“You dont or you wouldn’t worry” He sighed “Larissa, I can know that and still worry. These things will devour you. Nobody is perfect all the time and I quite frankly can’t stand the thought of never seeing you again”


“Because I love you damn it” He wasn’t even ashamed of those words coming out of his mouth for the first time. His eyes stayed locked on hers, all serious and determination. Larissa had already known this, had talked about it with Ailsa but actually hearing him say it had made her heart stutter and her mind turn to a pool of mush. When he didn’t think she was going to answer eh said it more softly “I love you so much Larissa. i see the side of you most others miss. I’ve seen you help the homeless, how you love children, how you never leave a man behind if you can help it. Fuck it I even love that temper of yours. I love you and I will not apologize for not wanting to lose you to these things”

She was still speechless for the first time since the only man she had ever let close to her told her that he was leaving and he had quit loving her a long time before. She swallowed, his confession was terrifying yet it made her happy. His eyes still held hers steady, he wouldn’t be looking away or going anywhere until she spoke. “Osiris, You’d probably grow to hate me one day if” she couldn’t find the words again “Larissa, right now I’m not asking for you to let me be with you. I’m asking for you to accept my need to be near you on the battle field, thats it. You are you and you don’t just let people near you. You’ve taken one step to let me have what I want with you so I’m just asking for another. You admitted we fight well together, no clashing. Just give me the comfort of knowing I’m right there if you get overwhelmed.”

“why do you have to be the most stubborn man alive?”

“Because you’re the most stubborn woman alive.” she sighed “I guess when we’re on jobs together you can fight at my side” He hugged her “I know saying that is hard for you Larissa, thank you”

“I don’t understand you”

“You don’t have to”

“I hate being confused.”

He cracked a smile. “Get used to it because I plan on confusing you so much that you don’t know up from down. You’ll be so dizzy you won’t be able to get away.”

“Ailsa’s going to be so happy. She’ll probably be pushing for us to get married and have kids the moment we get back.” She dropped her face into her hands. “I hate you, you know that.”

“No you don’t, you just don’t know how to feel and that’s okay. I’m happy just being close to you so don’t worry so much. Everything will go as it should and everything will happen when it needs to.”

“So just go with the flow then?”

“Just go with the flow.”

Chapter Five

“you are the weirdest most stubborn man”

“how I love when you give me compliments” he said with the threat of a laugh. It took the full first week to get to the point she one hundred percent didn’t mind the fact Osiris wanted to fight by her side. She let herself enjoy how sexy he looked swinging his axe and how it honestly made the job better. The day she fully came to this way of thinking she decided to tell him as much despite how he may tease her “I like fighting with you” she said almost to the air. Osiris smiled “I knew you’d get used to it. We should come as a package deal for now on”

“okay” her quick okay made him smile even more. “I really mean it when I say I love you Larissa”

“I know”

“I don’t care you wont say it back. I wont be happy with it unless you mean it.”

“I’m..attracted to you” she a bit reluctantly admitted “Oh I’ve started to notice”

“get that smug look off your face” she said in threatening tone. He laughed deeply “You wont hurt me”

“I will so” he just continued laughing. She sighed and continued eating, honesty time was over. Osiris went to sleep that night brimming with happiness. He hadn’t meant to look so smug but he was astronomically happy from the moment she said she liked fighting with him and it would be impossible to contain no matter how he tried. When they needed to wake for work Osiris kissed Larissa on the forehead, knowing it would wake her. She bolted up, just barely missing butting heads with him “Osiris!” she reprimanded with a blush. He winked and stood up “come on beautiful”

She grumbled under her breath and he just smiled, wanting to give her another kiss just to see that surprised look on her face. They both got something to eat and drink then relieved one of the groups patrolling the area. “It’s quiet.” Osiris said as they moved along the perimeter.


“It’s nice.”


He chuckled. “No talking today then?”

She glanced at him. “Sorry, I don’t know what to say.”

“How about, I just adore you Osiris, you’re so handsome and wonderful.”

Her lips twitched into a smile and he wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close, his lips pressing into her temple. “You have a beautiful smile.” Her face burned a bright red and she did her best not to shrug him off. He shouldn’t be able to embarrass her so easily. It was the whistling of an arrow that drew their attention from each other and they broke apart so it sailed between them and hit the ground. Osiris put his fingers in his mouth and let out a sharp whistle that warned the others that they were under attack.

“Not zombies.” Larissa said as she readied herself.

“Bandits. I guess our zombie killing gave them a way to get close.” They watched as a group of darkly clad men came walking out of the treeline. Both Kari and Gretal joined Larissa and Osiris as well as a couple of the men. The others stayed back with the workers, prepared to fight off any of the bandits that made it past them.

Despite the fact they knew what they were up against the bandits oozed confidence. “we live out here idiots! You think in the end it isn’t the best choice to give us what we want?” One man said as the others attacked. “You’re the idiots. Damn it! I don’t like killing people!” Larissa yelled back. Larissa had no trouble killing zombies, they were lost to humanity and would eat her if she didn’t so it was self preservation. Yes it was self preservation with humans too but she had only killed one bandit in her life out here and it was still somthing she wished she hadn’t been forced to do. Once again Larissa was hoping she could just fight them off until they retreated.

She knew Osiris was the same as her but she couldn’t say for certain she wouldn’t have to watch the others with her kill these lowlifes off. Larissa was soon relived to see the other people in her group using tactics merely to hurt, not to kill as they fought. Even in the face of the bandits obviously trying to kill them for what they wanted. As Larissa sunk her right handed dagger into a mans shoulder she for a moment felt sombody about to rush her from behind. It had been the man who spoke before and whatever he had been planning to do was brought to an abrupt halt by Osiris kicking his feet out from under him and holding the axe at his throat.

For the kind, joyful person Osiris normally was he had a surprising amount of malice in his eyes as he looked down and spoke “tell them to stop” Osiris assumed since he was the only one who spoke he was the head of the group, he had assumed right. “we’re sorry”

“If I don’t take your head off you aren’t even to look at Larissa as you go. Use your peanut brain and deduce who that is asshole. Get out of here and don’t come anywhere near us again”

“okay” His voice now gaining a shake to it. Osiris looked down a few more moments before moving the axe and allowing the man to get off his back and run with the other bottom feeders. For once the others were more afraid of him than Larissa and gave them their space as Osiris dropped his axe and lifted her into a hug.

“You didn’t have to do that.” She said, but found her arms wrapping around his neck, her daggers still clutched in her hands.

“Just let me be worried damn it.” He pulled back and pressed his lips into hers, uncaring if anyone else saw or if it embarrassed her. She was so shocked she dropped her daggers and nearly jerked back, but he tangled his fingers in her hair and held her in place. Her heart beat a million miles an hour, her face flushing and goosebumps crawling up her arms. The feel of his body pressed tightly against hers and his lips against hers felt amazing, perfect even. He pulled back, both of them breathless as he lowered her to her feet. “God I love you Larissa, if anything ever happened to you…”

“Hush, I don’t know how much more I can take. You’ve already stolen a kiss and everyone’s staring at us like we’re a couple of freaks.”

He lovingly stroked her cheek. “I don’t give two shits what they think Larissa, the only opinion that matters, is yours.” He kissed her forehead. “Now you know why I insist on having your back.”

“It was a fluke.”

“I know.”

“It won’t happen again.”


Everyone went back to their jobs like nothing had occurred except Osiris whom Larissa could tell was a bit more protective and observant than normal. It was annoying but sweet at the same time so she just shut up and let him be a loveable pest. When it was their break again Larissa was grateful to have some time to relax her muscles over how tense it made her to fight humans. “want me to rub your shoulders?” Osiris asked and Larissas heart sped again “what?”

“you hate when you fight another human. You have to be pretty wound up”

“is this a real question or are you going to do it anyway?” She asked and he laughed “yes, I want to help you but I’ve already taken a kiss today and don’t have any desire to be stabbed” Larissa smiled “smart man, sure, it would be nice” He smiled, his heart feeling like it was doing the same as he sat behind her and worked her muscles. “you’re lucky you;re such a good kisser” she said while she didn’t have to look at him. He chuckled “your stubbornness would be a lot harder to deal with if you weren’t such an honest person. You’re a good kisser too”

“what the hell did that mean”

“well if you hid stuff too but you always come right out with what you’re really feeling about things no matter if it’s something your proud to admit or not”

“I’m not into silly games with people”

“I definitely know beautiful” She sighed with how good it had felt when he quit rubbing her and laid down, holding the back of his head in his hands. “you could return the favor now and lay with me until we need to work again”

“how is that the same thing?”

“believe me, having your head on my chest will feel just as good if not better than the loose muscles I just gave you” Larissas cheeks tinted again “damn it, stop making me blush” he chuckled “come on, lay with me” She glanced around at everybody and he said “they don’t matter Larissa” Her face grew warmer as she moved to lay with him. She rested her head on his chest and she could hear his heart instantly pick up from it’s once gentle rhythm. His hands moved from behind his head and he held her. “he..hey” she complained and he laughed again “you aren’t going anywhere now”

“Osiris, you ass”

“Just relax gorgeous”

“I thought you didn’t want to get stabbed?”

“I don’t and you wont” She quit her protesting and relaxed against him. She didn’t know she had fallen asleep until Osiris voice woke her. She sat up quickly and he chuckled “see? You liked it so much you fell asleep”

“shut up and lets work” He was all chuckles and smiles as they both stood and got back to work. When the wall and gate were up, tested and secure their boss said “I have already hired a second crew to work while the tunnels being built so regular people can make it to this place so you are all free to go home. Those without keys of their own to get back inside don’t be an idiot and get seperated from the group as they return to the pathways. Thank you all for your work and your money has already been deposited in your accounts. Osiris, I went ahead and paid you your full amount due to you making those bandits run off.”

“you’re full amount?” Osiris shrugged and began to walk off “hey mister I’m talking to you” Nobody wanted to walk with them so people without keys just stayed close to the others they knew had them. She grabbed his arm “what does he mean full amount Osiris”

“I wont bullshit you. I have been working for half of whatever we should have been paid if people will hire us together. Like if they want you and they still hire me they only have to pay half and vice versa. It was the only way I was going to be able to get to spend enough time with you to win you over. I have loved you so deeply for so long and I am not ashamed of doing that to get time with you. The only time you have ever given me much time at all around you is on jobs. You are my firey little pistol but I hope you can understand that and not blow up on me”

Larissa just stared silently up at him for awhile before saying “you really are in love with me..you big idiot”

“ridiculously” she sighed “I just..” he could tell she wanted to explain why she was the way she was and couldn’t quite figure out how “you don’t need to explain yourself Larissa. Just give me a real date when we get home.”

“Only if you kiss me right now” he smiled and lifted her into a kiss. She smiled against his lips “I’m not that much smaller than you”

“I just like holding you” he said against her lips before continuing to kiss her.

Chapter Six

“I’m never going to hear the end of Ailsa’s teasing, I blame you.” She said breathlessly as he put her on her feet and laced their fingers. She instinctively went to pull away, but he held a little tighter and she relaxed.

“See, public displays of affection aren’t so bad.”

“You’re so stubborn and you don’t play fair at all.” She glanced over her shoulder at the other people. Any who had been staring looked away, their eyes wandering, save for Kari and Gretal.

“Stop worrying about them.”

“I don’t like being stared at like I’m some weird display in a museum or something.”

He laughed and pulled her closer so he could drape his arm over her shoulders. His lips brushed her temple and she felt a blush creep up her neck. “Maybe they’re just so shocked to see you letting someone love on you. I’m sure you’ve glared plenty of them away, not that I’m complaining, it just means I didn’t have to compete with another stubborn bastard.”

“Maybe I wouldn’t want another stubborn bastard.” He grinned and she refused to look at him. When they made to a door the next morning, Osiris unlocked it and held it open gesturing for her to go first which made her roll her eyes. He chuckled and stepped in behind her, closing and locking the door behind him since the rest of the group had lagged behind.

“So this whole date thing is going to wait until tomorrow right?” She asked and he answered “yeah, I’ll meet you at your home tomorrow morning. We’ll eat breakfast together. Then who knows but I’m having a whole day with you. It’s only fair since I’ve waited so long for a date”

“I like how you just assume things”

“Thats good”

“you know I was being sarcastic” He chuckled “a whole day and you’ll love it”

“we’ll see” He took her hand again and kept it for a majority of the trip home. Once inside she said “I’m going to find Ailsa so she knows I’m living. I’ll see you tomorrow”

“Okay, be up and ready for me by eight am” she shrugged with a smile and he shook his head before kissing her one last time and walking towards his own home. Larissa tried Ailsas house and a few other places before finally trying at her parents house to locate her. It was her father who answered the door “Larissa, she’s here. Glad to see you home safe and well. Come in” Larissa entered and was soon attacked by Ailsa. Larissa laughed “missed you too”

“any injuries I need to fuss over?” Ailsa asked and Larissa said “none but a headache from interacting with Osiris so much”

“so you gave him a chance this trip?”

“yep and you may aswell know now we have a date tomorrow morning” Ailsa began bouncing and squealed “a date! I knew you’d like him if you gave him a chance! I am unafraid to say told you so”

“shut up” Ailsa’s father laughed “Larissa Talisha going out on a date. I’ve seen it all now”

Osiris was extremely excited about their date in the morning and made sure he scrubbed himself thoroughly that night. He was sure Larissa had never seen him cleaned up and no wearing his wolf head, so he wanted her to be surprised. He made himself something quick to eat then flopped down in his bed. He gave a contented sigh as he closed his eyes, letting himself slip away. The next morning he woke with a smile on his face and jumped quickly out of bed, stretching his arms above his head then getting dressed. He went into the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. He smiled, hoping to at least give her pause.

Larissa paced around her room, her eyes moving to the three outfits she had picked out. She didn’t know why she cared what she wore, but she actually wanted to look nice for him. She sighed, stopping in front of the white and pink dress Ailsa had practically forced her to buy. She said the color looked good on her and it was good to have a nice dress hanging in her closet. She had finally relented and bought it, knowing if she didn’t it would just show up in her house one day after one of Ailsa’s visits. She loved her friend dearly, but she could be just as stubborn as Osiris. She pulled it on then went to her closet. Ailsa had also insisted she have a pair of matching boots since they were the only thing she wore. She had made her buy a pair of white gypsy boots. She had tried to argue that white boots were the worst, that they would just end up getting ruined at some point, but again her friend had refused to back down.

Larissa changed into her dress and brushed out her shoulder length red hair. Lastly she tugged on her boots and honestly hoped she looked pretty and that he would like her this way. She had never been remotely feminine around him so this would be unlike anything he had seen. She was sitting near her front door waiting when Osiris knocked. It was a loud knock meant to make sure she heard but it wasn’t jarringly so. She inhaled and exhaled deeply, already nervous beyond what she expected. His opinion honestly and truly mattered and that was frightening. They were both a little awestruck by eacother when she pulled open the door.

Osiris was the first one able to speak. He made a fist in front of his mouth and cleared his throat “you look utterly gorgeous Larissa..I didn’t even think you owned a dress. It becomes you”

“it’s weird seeing you how you are too. Um, you look good too” He smiled and she couldn’t read anything in it. She couldn’t decipher if it was smug or just happy and quit trying to figure it out. He offered his hand “we are going to leave the doorway right?” she blushed and locked her home before taking his hand. He kept glancing at her and he made no effort to hide it. “don’t look at me so much” he chuckled “I can’t help it.”

“You can”

“I seriously don’t think I can” she sighed, holding his hand tighter. He took her to his favorite place to eat breakfast “have you been here?” he asked when they sat down “once a long time ago”

“It’s one of the places I frequent” she looked at the menu, feeling awkward and unsure what to say or do. He smiled again, quietly sighing with bliss that he was on a date with Larissa. He didn’t need to look so just waited until Larissa knew what she wanted to summon a server over.

It took her longer than she wished, especially with him staring at her, but she finally settled on something and he waved at one of the servers who hurried over. The woman smiled brightly at Osiris and Larissa fought back the urge to roll her eyes. Most women seemed to have a thing for him and it was a little annoying. Osiris cracked a smile as he told the waitress he’d have the usual and Larissa quickly ordered, wanting the woman to go away. “My, my, my are you jealous?” Osiris asked and she felt her cheeks redden as she shot him a death glare.

“No, that’s stupid.”

“Is it, well I guess if you really aren’t then I’ll just let it go.” He leaned back in his seat. “She is pretty though.”


“The serving girl, she’s pretty.”

She narrowed her eyes at him and actually clenched her fists. “Is she now?”

He started laughing and her heart flipped. “Ha, I knew it.”

“You…you baited me.”

“Sorry, yes I did. Don’t try to hide how you feel, tell me, I want to know.” He grabbed her hand, his thumb stroking over her knuckles so goosebumps rose on her arms. “Trust me okay, I really love you.”

“Well, I’ll try.” She swallowed and glanced at the server. “Do you really think she’s pretty?”

“Pretty? Yes, but you are absolutely beautiful in every way. Your temper, your mind, the way you fight, it’s all beautiful and sexy.”

“well whatever, I can tell by the waitress’s why you like it here. Hopefully the food is good” she said flustered from him switching between teasing her about pretty waitress’s then complimenting her. Coming on this date and trying to open up was hard to do and while she knew he hadn’t meant anything bad by it and wanted to be out with her it hadn’t helped her confidence in being out with him. This was why she didn’t show emotion besides being pissed, people toyed with it. “The food is good and they aren’t why I like coming here Larissa.”

“Okay, where are we going next?” she asked to change the subject. “do you have anywhere you want to go? I just wanted to spend the day with you?” she sighed, glancing at the woman again then at really nothing atall as she thought a few moments. “we can hangout with Ailsa for a bit.” Being around Ailsa would be fun and it would defuse her. She was glad she had given him time to talk more. If he had been another man she most likely would have punched him and ended the date right there for talking about another woman on the first date. He had turned it into somthing sweet though so she was trying to keep her temper in check.

He agreed and before long their food soon came out and the waitress winked at him. She held back the eye roll again and began eating. “This is pretty good, thanks for bringing me” she said then immediately put some bacon in her mouth. He smiled “I’m glad you like it. What do you think we’ll do with Ailsa?”

“there’s no telling. We can do somthing else. You just asked me and I hate to say I dont know” he sighed “you’re upset”

“I’m getting over it”

“I love you Larissa. I want you”

“It’s just ruffling you did that to me. I’m always honest with you. You say that all the time. Just on this last trip even multiple times I did what I always do and admitted things when I could do it like me liking fighting with you by my side and stuff. It’s just our first date. I tried to contain it but you saw she made me uncomfortable and instead of waiting for me to come around and admit it like I always do you started saying she was pretty but you turned it into somthing sweet and I’m getting over it. You just…I don’t want to ruin this date and it doesn’t have to because I understand you love me and if I know you I doubt you’ll be talking about other women all the time so I’ll be fine. it’s hard for me to be out like this. I haven’t been on a date in a long time, longer than you could probably guess. Can we just forget it and enjoy breakfast?”

Chapter Seven

“Larissa, I was just messing with you. It’s like chipping at stone trying to get through that shell of yours and most of the time you just keep it all bottled up so I figured it would be easier to just get it out and get it over with. You always get this look on your face when you’re thinking of being honest, like you are waging a real war in that head of yours and I’m afraid if I don’t say or do something you’ll explode.”


He pushed himself up enough to lean across the table and kissed her, making her freeze. He pulled back and smiled when he saw her expression and sat down before he went in for another. “You are the prettiest woman in the world, no one is more beautiful, confusing and fascinating than you and I will love you forever. I don’t want anyone else nor will I ever talk about another woman like that again, I promise. They can flirt with me all they like, but you’re my girl and nothing will change my feelings for you.” He went back to his food and it took her a moment to snap out of her surprise.

“Jerk.” She mumbled, but a smile pulled at her lips as she ate. He let out a little chuckle, enjoying the rest of his breakfast.

When they were done and walking out Osiris took her hand and smiled down at her asking “so we’re hanging out with Ailsa or can I take you to the petting zoo?”

“the petting zoo would be fun”

“good, come on then beautiful” Their trip to the petting zoo was full of laughs and smiles once Larissa got comfortable surrounded by all the animals. They stayed until lunch and went to a place nearby. Afterwards Osiris asked “can we hangout at my place? I mean that, just hanging out”

“sure” he relaxed like asking her had made him tense. He paid again despite Larissa trying then took her to his home. He gave her a tour of his apartment which was surprisingly clean to her. “I expected a bachelor pad to be dirty” she said and he chuckled “I cant relax in a dirty home.” he guided her to his couch so they could sit together. “maybe next date I can see your home from the inside”


“when do you think you’ll want to see me again?”

“when do you want to see me?”


“You’re really not going to try and get me in bed are you?” he chuckled and took her face in his hands to give her a long kiss. “I don’t think you’re a sex on the first date kind of woman”


“So there would be no point in trying. I’m really just enjoying spending time with you anyway. We don’t have to have sex for me to enjoy this day” He could tell by her expression how much that meant to her and he was glad the conversation had come around so he could tell her all that. “stop making me feel so much damn it” she said as she used both hands to gently pull his away from her face. He chuckled again, just that sound was enough to make her happy. It hit somthing deep inside of her heart and warmed it when he’d laugh. “can I hold you Larissa?”

“hold me? How?” she asked with a blush. He lifted her and set her in his lap, wrapping his arms around her body “like this” she was in a full body blush within moments “okay” her voice was much softer than she had intended it to be.He moaned and it made her blush deeper. He chuckled “calm down beautiful, it’s just comfortable.”

“people don’t moan when they are comfortable”

“when they are as comfortable as I am right now yeah they do”

“Well they shouldn’t, it’s embarrassing.”

He brushed his nose against her ear then kissed her temple. “It’s a natural reaction, one I’m sure you’ll get used too.”

“I doubt it, I’ll probably blush every time then get all combative when you point it out.”

“I love when you turn all red, it’s just another thing that makes you beautiful.”


He let out a soft laugh and pulled her head down on his shoulder, enjoying being this close to her. He loved that she had a shy side to her and that in spite of her outward abrasive appearance, she was actually all soft and mushy. He smiled at the thought that he was one of the only people that got to see her like that, knowing that Alisa had probably seen her true feelings break through before. “Lets just stay like this forever.” He said.

“I think our muscles would disagree with that, we’d be cramped after one day.”

“That’s alright, we’ll just stay stuck together.”

“You really love me that much?”

“Well yeah, I’d marry you right now if I could, but we have wait until at least our third date.”

Her head snapped up. “Marry me?”

“Yeah, I love you so why wouldn’t I? I have to wait though, I don’t even have a ring and of course actually asking you has to be a surprise.”

“You…you don’t know what it’s like to be around me all the time..I’m” he cut her off “Of course I do, we work together on jobs that take days to months to finish. I know you, I love you and I am looking forward to everything there is about being with you. I love you, I cant tell you how long I’ve been but I am madly in love with you Larissa. That wont change.” She kissed him again. It made her feel incredible to hear him talk like that. “You need to stop melting me Osiris”

“I don’t plan on stopping any time soon my dearest love” The day slipped by as they sat on the couch cuddling and talking. Neither of them noticed the time until his DVD players clock caught her eye “It’s two in the morning!” He looked at his clock in confusion “woah”

“we didn’t even eat dinner”

“you hungry”

“Not really”

“Just shows what a good evening we’ve been having” he sighed and hugged her tightly to him “Do I need to take you home? You’re welcome here Larissa and you don’t have to share my bed” She thought about it and honestly she had slept near him many nights on the job so the only difference here was there wasn’t anybody else around. That really didn’t matter because it wasn’t like she couldn’t trust Osiris. If he said he wasn’t going to try anything he wasn’t going to. “it is late..”

“so you’ll stay?”

“yeah..I just hate I don’t have any clothes’

“You can sleep in one of my shirts and I’ll walk you home in the morning to change”


“are we sleeping together or do you want me to take the couch?”

“we slept beside eachother outside. I’ll share a bed with you. You said you wouldn’t try anything tonight and I trust that”

He kissed her cheek and stood with her in his arms. He carried her to his room and lowered her feet to the floor then went and grabbed a clean shirt out of his chest of drawers for her. “I’ll change in the bathroom, I promise to knock before coming in.” He said as he grabbed a pair of sweats for himself.

“Okay, thank you.”

He left the room and she just stared at the door for a moment. She was actually going to be cuddling with him tonight, something she hadn’t done in a long time. She dropped the shirt on his bed and pulled her boots and dress off then tugged the shirt over her head. It was long enough that it covered her bottom, but she knew if she bent over Osiris would get a show. She told herself to be sure and not do that if she could remember. She wasn’t incredibly modest, you couldn’t always be that way when you were covered in zombie blood and guts, but there was something about Osiris that made her shy. She buried her face in her hands, knowing she would always be this helpless against him. There was a tap at the door and her heart slammed so hard against her chest she was sure it would leap out.

“Yes?” She said.

“May I come in?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Are you sure, I can sleep on the couch.”

“No, please, it’s fine.”

He opened the door to his room and smiled, she could see the humor in it. She grabbed each side of the shirt pulling at it a little like the fabric could stretch to cover more of her. All Osiris could think about was how adorably embarrassed she was to be in his shirt and about to share a bed with him. He closed the distance and kissed her slowly before pulling back to say “I’m glad you’re letting me sleep with you”

“get in bed before I change my mind” she said weakly from his kiss. He rubbed his nose up hers “okay” he settled into his bed and she followed. “I want to hold you” he said, his face now looking affectionate and tender. He looked so genuinely happy and innocent even though she knew he was far from an innocent man. The way he looked right now, wolves and zombies would trust him. “How do you..um..want to?”


“I dont have much on”

“if I get excited I’ll stop holding you and go to the couch if you want it. I doubt I will though, I just want to hold you” Nearly trembling she was so nervous she turned so her back was towards him and let him pull her snugly into his body. His arm secured around her and he sighed “goodnight beautiful”


She was surprised that he fell asleep so quickly and she laid there, his warm breath on the back of her neck giving her goosebumps. His arm was locked around her, holding her tightly to him so she could feel every inch of him pressed against her. She took a deep breath, wanting to relax. He whispered in his sleep and moved his face closer to her so his nose touched her skin. “You know, if you weren’t sleeping I would think you were teasing me on purpose.” She whispered. She took another breath, letting her muscles loosen as she exhaled. She closed her eyes, letting his warmth take her away so she fell asleep.

Osiris woke first the next morning and smiled when he saw that Larissa was still there. She snored softly and he wondered if she knew. He would have to ask her later. He slipped his arm gently from around her waist, pressing a kiss to her temple then slipping quietly out of bed. He would let her sleep in while he made breakfast. He was sure she was tired. He walked out of his room, closing the door quietly behind him then went into the kitchen and started pulling ingredients out of the fridge and pantry. He wanted a big breakfast with pancakes, eggs, and bacon. He put some coffee on, not remembering if Larissa even liked coffee. They had just had their first breakfast together the day before, but he had been so focused on her that he hadn’t bothered to look at what she was eating or drinking. He laughed at himself and his teen like behavior as he mixed up some pancake batter and got the eggs and bacon started.

Osiris was near done cooking breakfast when the smell woke her. She hadn’t woken up to food being made for her since the last time she was sick. Ailsa had come over and insisted on babying her despite it not being anything serious. She slid out of bed and remembered she was in Osiris’s shirt. It made her wish she had run last night to grab clothes. She sighed, knowing he would see her regardless of how long she hid behind the door not wanting to come out. He was filling plates when she came into the kitchen. “damn, I was going to make you breakfast in bed”

“thank you” He chuckled “you snore, adorably might I add” She blushed, knowing he wouldn’t lie about it. “did it wake you?”

“no, it’s too soft for that” he chuckled as she fell silent. “I thought it was cute” When the food was portioned he took them to the table then poured them each an orange juice. She sat down and asked “so when are you getting me clothes?” he shrugged “maybe after breakfast”

“why maybe?”

“you are so cute like that. I’m enjoying it more than the snoring”

“You can’t just not get me clothes?”

He grinned and kissed her cheek, making her blush even more. “Sure I can, besides you have some pretty sexy legs, wouldn’t want to cover them up.” He teased and she pushed him back.

“You are such a jerk.”

“Am I, I thought I was sweet and charming and witty.”

She looked away from him, not wanting him to see her smile. He did most of the talking while they ate and she enjoyed listening to his voice. Since she didn’t spend much time with other people, she didn’t have much to talk about that wasn’t work related. When they were finished eating, Osiris cleaned up, waving Larissa off when she tried to help. She rolled her eyes and decided to look around. He had a few pictures, mostly of him and his parents. There was one with him and the wolf he had killed, a big grin plastered on his face as he held the big beast in his arms. She knew he must have been scared that day, but you wouldn’t know from the picture. Arms wrapped around her from behind, pulling her in and startling her.

“It had the sharpest teeth I had ever seen. I don’t get scared often, but that day I was terrified. My mother could have died if I hadn’t been there. I was proud of myself though for taking down such a large animal.”

“I’m glad it didn’t kill you.”

“Me too.” He kissed the top of her head. “I love you Larissa, really, really love you more than anything.”

“Stop damn it, you’re going to make me all gooey and lovey.”

“But I like when I turn you to mush.” He kissed her temple then down to her cheek. “My beautiful little hard ass.” His teasing made her smile and she leaned into him.

“I…I love you too.” She said under her breath and he smiled happily at the soft admission.

He eventually and very reluctantly took Larissa’s keys and obtained her a new outfit to wear “this isn’t the one I asked for”

“I wanted to see you in this” She shook her head and walked to his bathroom to change. He watched her walk away then sat down on his couch with his hands behind his head. Osiris’s mind was rushing with thoughts about rings and asking Larissa to marry him. He couldn’t wait to tell his parents and brothers that he had finally won his hard headed beauty over. He chuckled thinking about Larissa and his brothers. They lived to mess with people and that could be explosive with Larissa.

It was around two weeks later when Osiris popped the question over dinner with his family. Larissa had been waiting for it but was still surprised when he got down on one knee and produced a ring. Osiris got a surprise of his own when she actually teared up. HIs brothers let out a collective aw and Larissa flipped them off, sending Osiris family into a fit of laughter. Osiris hugged her after he slipped the engagement ring on, both of them happier than they knew they could be.

“I love you so much Osiris”

“I love you too Larissa”

~ The End

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