Lee & Tenjin 2

Chapter One

Lee leaned against the entrance to the library, watching Tenjin as he moved along the shelves. Lee had had more added to accommodate Tenjin’s collection when he moved in. Tenjin had been incredibly quiet after going to visit his parents. Lee wondered what they had said to him to make him look so down. Tenjin let out a sigh and Lee couldn’t keep himself from moving across the room. It startled Tenjin who turned, looking surprised that he had not noticed Lee’s presence. “L…Lee?”

Lee wrapped him an a hug, holding him tightly as he pressed a kiss to his lips. He could feel Tenjin’s blush and he pulled back, giving him a gentle smile. “That’s better, it was getting hard to watch you looking so sad.” He raised a hand, stroking Tenjin’s cheek. “I thought I’d let you come to me when you were ready, but you hid in here instead.”

“I…I wasn’t hiding.”

“Books are your escape, so tell me what happened.”

Tenjin sighed. “I don’t want to say.”

“Why not?”

Tenjin ducked his head and nervously played with the buttons on Lee’s shirt. “They said some really nasty stuff about you.”

“They have before.”

“But I don’t want to repeat it.”

Lee chuckled. “Alright, I won’t make you.” He tipped Tenjin’s head back and pressed another kiss to his lips, lingering in this one until Tenjin shyly turned his head.


“It’s okay. Hey I’ve been thinking we should go on another trip.”


“Yeah, I found a world where it’s always night that I think you’ll like.”

“That sounds fun.” Tenjin couldn’t believe how much Lee spoiled him and he always chose places that Tenjin would love and be comfortable in. He wanted to pay him back, but he didn’t know how when Lee always seemed so content.

Tenjin decided to really think about it during this trip. Lee was such an amazing man and deserved something for dealing with not only his shyness but his parents harsh words. He didn’t visit as well so didn’t have to hear them but still, he was a good man for simply brushing it off. They packed lightly as usual so they wouldn’t have a lot to carry around then set off for this world of eternal night Lee had found for him. They didn’t have to travel all that far to find the portal which surprised Tenjin. Before they entered he asked “really, it was this close to us this whole time?”

“I always thought this one went to an all human world. It does but it’s also a portal to the all night one. You just have to say a few words before you enter it and it’ll take you there”

“have you tried?”

“Of course, I always test thoroughly before suggesting a trip to you” Lee was once again proving how amazing he was. He risked getting hurt or lost all on his own, only bringing him if he knew with absolute certainty it was safe. He hoped he’d never lose Lee one day with all the testing he did. So much could go wrong and he never wanted to lose him.

Lee opened the portal and then said something in what Lee knew was ancient demon language. He had many books devoted to the subject and was learning to read them. The portal turned a dusky purple and Lee took his hand, giving him a warm smile before stepping through and pulling him along. Tenjin found himself clinging tightly to Lee’s arm as they came out on the other side, feeling a little dizzy. “Are you alright?” Lee asked as he tipped Tenjin’s head up. “Are you going to be sick?”

“No, sorry, I’m still not used to it. I wish I had been able to travel as a child, maybe then I wouldn’t be so weak.”

“Hey, don’t you dare talk down about yourself, you’re perfect the way you are and incredibly gifted.”

“And weird.”

“I like you weird, don’t ever stop being weird.” He pressed a gently kiss to Tenjin’s lips, causing him to blush. “I really love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Come on, there’s a really beautiful village nearby. They have the streets lit up for travelers and merchants, it’s really quite something.”

“alright” Tenjin answered, still pink from the kiss. Lee laced their fingers and guided him along. He was never angry at his parents for what they said about him. He had to care about their opinions for that to hurt but he did however feel a great deal of anger at times directed at them for not raising him with more confidence, for raising him to be a shut in all his life. They hated him so much because he was getting him out into the world and that just disgusted him. Sure there were dangerous things out there but he viewed those people as incredibly selfish. While it had been amusing at the start of things hearing how Tenjin thought of himself at times was quickly making it not something to be laughed at.

As they talked Lee soon wasn’t thinking about his parents at all and just enjoying the love of his life. He looked so happy and interested. He was feeling all the things he hoped Tenjin would here. When they made it to the village it truly was beautiful. Everything was lit up and the buildings were such interesting feats of architecture. Tenjin almost wanted to have some of these people come home with him to design them a house.

“Come on silly, let’s get checked into an inn then we can explore.”

“Sorry, it’s just…wow.”

Lee smiled as he lead him through the village, past the blue skinned locals and into a nice, cozy looking in. Tenjin stood there, mouth agape staring at the young woman behind the bar as Lee paid for a room. “Everything alright?” She asked with a warm smile.

“Yes, um sorry, it’s just I’ve never seen people like yours and I can’t help but study you now that I’m this close.”

“It’s alright, I get that sort of thing all the time. Everyone around here is pretty nice and won’t hold it against you.”

“Thank you.” He followed Lee upstairs, feeling embarrassed he had stood there staring like some sort of crazy person.

“You alright?” Lee asked as he dropped their bag on the floor.

“I’m like a crazy kid with his face pressed against the candy store glass. I’m glad she was so nice.”

“Tenjin.” Lee pulled him into his arms and rubbed their noses together. “It was cute, even she thought so, I could tell. I just love how happy you are. Come on, I hear they have some amazing food.”

Tenjin gave a small smile then followed him out to find some good food. Now that they had a room they felt free to do as they wish and explore this fascinating place. The food was unlike anything they ever had before. The tastes were so different but still amazing. Tenjin wasn’t sure this food could even be repeated back in their world unless they brought over ingredients. It was as if the very essence of meat and vegetables were different here. They both over ate and felt no shame after wards as they went back to walking around.

“Look at these.” Tenjin said as he pulled Lee over to one of the stalls and lifted a black dagger. “Look at the detail and how shiny it is. It’s gorgeous.”

“Do you want it?”

“I couldn’t.” He put it back and Lee rolled his eyes and asked the vendor how much it was. He laughed at the price and haggled with the man until he had cut it down. He then paid and lifted his prize, presenting it to Tenjin. “Lee.” His tone was sightly reprimanding as they walked away.

“You have no idea how truly happy you look when you find something you really want. Your eyes light up and you get this boyish excitement. I can’t help but spoil you.”

“But Lee, you really don’t have to. I’m sure I’ll want a lot of things, but you don’t have to buy them all for me.”

Lee laced their fingers and leaned over to press a kiss to Tenjin’s cheek which had him blushing. “Spoiling you is just another way of bringing myself joy. You’re so sweet and pure that you won’t outright ask for anything, but I can see it on your face and just can’t help myself.”

“it really makes you happy?”

“yes and I’ll keep reminding you of that until you remember it. I love you Tenjin. I’m happiest when you’re happy and you are ecstatic right now” Lee had to kiss him again and Tenjin just blushed, filling with gratefulness he had such a good man. Lee ended up buying Tenjin a few more things that day that they were looking at and talking about as they sat in the room at the Inn. “you have really good taste baby” Lee said as he was turning one of the most artistic vases he’d ever seen. The artwork was not only creepy but it was gorgeous. He was honestly considering coming back just to get more art for maybe a birthday or Christmas gift.

“It really is amazing how much you actually like the things I pick out. I mean you say it’s weird or strange, but it’s with such an endearing tone.”

“Everything you pick out is so fascinating. Some of the paintings you have are eerie, but you feel so drawn to them.”

“Well, is there anything you want, besides making me happy I mean?”

“I don’t need anything, I have a beautiful boyfriend and a beautiful home, that’s all I need.”

Boyfriend? That word seemed to stick with Tenjin. That’s right, they weren’t married. He suddenly had an idea, but he would have to get away from Lee to put it into motion. He knew this trip was supposed to be about him, but he wanted to make it about Lee. He knew he was shy and generally timid, but he thought maybe asking Lee to marrying him would be the most amazing surprise. Lee deserved everything, especially after giving so much and never complaining.

“Tenjin? You’ve gone away.” Lee said.

“Huh?” He blushed in embarrassment. He had actually spaced out while Lee was talking to him.

“Are you thinking dirty thoughts?” Lee teased.


Lee laughed again but his eyes held seduction in them. Tenjins heart already began thumping faster in his chest.Lee always looked ten times sexier when he wanted to lose himself to passion. It was like he was one of those animals that released pheromones into the air when they wanted to mate. He crawled over to him, undressing him gently. Lee wanted to do so much to Tenjin, to just take him in so many ways but he was still gentle, mindful of his shyness. Tenjin needed gentle still and Lee didn’t care as long as Tenjin was happy. He felt honored they had even managed to get this far in their relationship. It wasn’t something that bothered him but at first his high level of shyness made him wonder if he’d ever want to be with him this way.

When both their clothes laid strewn across the floor Lee began feeling Tenjin, letting just the tips of his fingers slide across his heating skin. This would inspire goosebumps on anybody but his Tenjin seemed extra sensitive too it, so sensitive Lee could never resist. Lee gently began pushing Tenjin back to the bed until he was laying down. Tenjin gasped at the look Lee was giving him now. It was pure, animalistic hunger that caused Tenjin to be deep red from head to toe. Though it was embarrassing it was moving to be this desired by someone.

Chapter Two

Lee’s lips followed the trail his fingers had made, pressing light kisses against his skin, his teeth gently biting down on one of Tenjin’s nipples so he let out a moan. “L…Lee.” His voice was an adorable little whine that made Lee let out a breathy laugh. Lee’s lips moved lower, tracing over his abdomen until they were wrapped around his shaft. Tenjin covered his mouth to muffle his loud moans and felt a shiver move up his spine when he found himself staring into Lee’s eyes. “Lee, please. It…it’s too much.” Lee doubled his efforts and Tenjin’s entire body shook as he flowed down Lee’s throat. He lay there catching his breath for a moment while Lee went and rifled around in their bag and came back. He felt the cool lubricant being dripped on him and Lee bent down to kiss him as he loosened him. “Lee, I need you, please stop teasing.”

Lee’s gaze captured his as he slowly pushed into him, loving the look of surprise and pleasure as he completely filled him. He rested his elbows on either side of Tenjin’s head, his hips rocking slowly, his kisses matching the gentle pace. “I love you, Tenjin, I love you.” He hoped he understood that that would never change, no matter how his parents protested, no matter how strange others thought he was, Tenjin was his.

Lee jerked a bit with a deep moan when he released then slowly pulled himself out of Tenjin to run them a bath. “I’ll be right back handsome” Lee whispered, placing a sweet kiss on his shoulder. Tenjin watched Lee walk into the bathroom as he just relaxed on the bed. He found himself thinking of how to propose to Lee and where to buy a ring. He wanted so many more of moments like these, he wanted forever. Lee chuckled as he walked back in “day dreaming again? Would you like another round?” Tenjin blushed “I still don’t think I can handle more than once a day” Lee chuckled happily again then helped Tenjin up “come on my sweet, you know I was only teasing.” Lee helped him into the tub then got in behind Tenjin, happily taking him into his arms.

The bath was incredibly relaxing and Lee took the time to wash Tenjin, even shampooing his hair. He smiled at the little moan that slipped past his lips and chuckled when he saw his ears turn red. “Stop, I can’t help it. Everything you do just feels so amazing.”

“That’s the point my love.” He said as he pressed a kiss against his cheek. Once they were both completely washed and rinsed, Lee dried them and they went to bed, cuddling close. Lee fell asleep before Tenjin who laid there as still as possible thinking of what to do. Since he knew where there hotel was, maybe he would venture out on his own and find a vendor selling jewelry. He wondered if Lee would want the type of ring he would pick out. He also wanted to talk to the woman downstairs about good places to go on a date. He was sure Lee would be curious about what was going on since he never wandered out by himself unless it had something to do with his parents, but he hoped he wouldn’t question it too much, he knew he wouldn’t be able to keep the surprise from him.

His mind was still busy even when sleep overcame him. In the morning, or what they assumed was morning since they weren’t prone to waking in the middle of the night, they both woke at nearly the same time and decided to go out for some breakfast. It was over breakfast Tenjin said “would you mind if I did a few things by myself today…I…I want to try and be a little independent” Lee smiled, he knew Tenjin well so could tell he was speaking a half truth but he didn’t call him on it. Especially since he wanted Tenjin to learn to be independent because he knew it would help his confidence. “alright, I’ll stay near or in our room so you can easily find me when you want me”

“you don’t have to.”

“I want to, it wont be a bother”

“Okay, but if you get bored please don’t force yourself.”

“Go, have fun, explore and see this world at your own pace.”

When they finished eating, Tenjin gave Lee a kiss, one Lee held him in, causing him to turn a bright shade of red before letting him go. Lee chuckled as he watched his adorable lover walk away flustered and trying not to make eye contact with anyone. He turned back in the direction of the inn, thinking he would stop and grab a bottle of their local wine for later. He had done some research and heard it was extraordinary.

Tenjin was glad when he was able to get his blush to go away and took a deep breath as he made his way through town. He kept himself from getting sidetracked by all of the amazing book and antique stores. There would be plenty of time to look later once he had mustered up the courage to ask Lee to marry him. He slowed when he came to group of vendors and looked until he found one with jewelry. The young man sitting behind it smiled and sat his book down. “Hello, looking for anything specific?”

“Um, well I want to ask my boyfriend to marry me, but I don’t really know what to get him.”

“What kind of person is he?”

“He…he’s kind and sweet and he’s always spoiling me. It’s just, if I pick out something that’s to my tastes, won’t it seem selfish?”

“Well if he loves you like you say, I doubt he would care since it’s from you. So just pick whichever you think is right.”

Tenjin looked down at all the rings. They were all so beautiful. His eyes settled on one and he lifted it. It was the most wonderful shade of black, but when the light caught it, he could see that it was actually a dark blue. “This one, I want this one and can you gift wrap it?”

“Of course.”

“And if you don’t mind my asking, what are the best places for dates?”

“which Inn are you staying at? I’ll give you directions from there to the perfect place to propose”


“One second” the man left long enough to grab paper and a pen then drew on it as he told him the directions. “I hope he says yes” the man said as he handed him the paper “thank you so much” Tenjin was happy it hadn’t taken an incredibly long amount of time but he wanted to be out just a bit longer. He didn’t want to be following a paper map when he took Lee so he went back to the Inn then began following the directions. It would be a long walk but he needed the time to think of precisely what he was going to say to Lee when he gave him this ring.

When Tenjin made it back Lee was sitting in the front room of the inn reading and he quickly hid the map and small, wrapped box behind his back as Lee’s eyes rested on him. He felt a blush creep into his cheeks when Lee smiled and his heart nearly leaped out of his chest. “Hey, you’re back.”


Lee stood, closing his book as he moved closer and Tenjin gripped tighter to the box. “You look like you just got caught stealing.”

“I would never.”

“Oh? Then what’s up?” Lee couldn’t help but tease him a little. He looked so cute right now as he was trying to think of what to say.

“W…well, I can’t tell you because it would um be really lame if I said anything right now.” He slowly inched around Lee, who followed him. “I…I’ll see you upstairs, give me a couple of minutes though.”


Tenjin backed towards the stairs and used his free hand to grab the banister. “I love you.”

“Love you too, I got us some local wine.”

“Oh, perfect. Just a minute, okay?”

“Okay.” As soon as Tenjin has backed all the way up the stairs, Lee started laughing, keeping it quiet so as not to further embarrass him. He sighed. “Too cute.”

Lee was excited about whatever Tenjin had done. It was obvious he had been hiding something behind his back and that meant his wanting to be independent today was about getting him something. Lee waited about ten minuets, not wanting to fluster Tenjin. He wanted to be sure he had time for whatever it was he was doing. Lee walked back to their room, speaking as he pushed open the door “are you ready for some wine my love?” Lee smiled as soon as his mind registered the fact Tenjin had changed into the really nice outfit he had brought. “well aren’t I lucky, now I really want to ply you with wine and get you naked” Tenjins heart had already been running wild but Lee was making it worse.

“Y…you can’t yet.”

“Oh? Why not?”

“Well, I want to take you somewhere, you can bring the wine.”

Lee chuckled. “Now I’m really curious.”

“You’ll have to be patient.”

“Alright.” Lee grabbed the bottle of wine and Tenjin let his gaze move curiously over the bottle. Like everything here it was beautiful, the design on the front really showcased this regions uniqueness with an image of a nighttime forest and a bright moon hanging overhead. He wondered what it tasted like. “Are you sure you don’t want to open it now? We can always get dressed again.”

His eyes jumped to Lee’s face, his cheeks turning pink. “I’m sure, come on, this is important.”

Tenjin was guiding Lee, a rare thing to happen in their relationship so that in itself made Tenjin nervous. Lee didn’t seem to have a worry in the world as they walked along, in fact he looked incredibly happy right now. He wondered if he had given anything away, if he had somehow figured out he was proposing. Lee was incredibly smart so Tenjin didn’t find that an unreasonable thought. When they arrived Lee seemed amazed “wow, how did you find this?”

“I asked someone” Lee felt proud “you approached someone to talk?’ he nodded and Lee kissed him “well I’m glad you did, I mean look at this area” Tenjin wondered if he should propose now or wait a few moments. If he waited until after he had some wine it might be easier to say what he was going to say but Lee seemed so amazed and happy, it was such a good moment to do it.

“So you like it then?”

“It’s amazing here. Look at these flowers, it’s like they’re glowing.” He turned back to Tenjin, smiling sweetly. “So, what has you acting so out of character?”

“Well…” He didn’t understand why he felt so nervous, this was Lee, but it was a lot harder than it had been in his head.

“Should we drink a little first?” He started to open it and Tenjin grabbed his hand.

“Wait, not yet. There’s something else so just hold on.” He took a deep breath and pulled out the little wrapped box. “I don’t really know how to do this so…um…well it’s just that you’ve been so patient and gentle and you love me even when I’m nervous and weird. You laugh off my parents insults and you give me everything I want even when I don’t ask for it. If you ever left me I think it would tear me apart and I wouldn’t be able to find joy in anything, not even the things I’ve collected. I really love you, Lee, really, really love you.”

“I love you too.”

Tenjin was too nervous to get down on one knee, afraid he might not be able to get up again so he just handed Lee the box. Lee sat the bottle down, his fingers sliding over the beautiful black and silver paper. He was actually shaking a little as he tore it away and his heart nearly stopped when he saw the little black box. He opened it, his eyes filling with tears when he saw the ring. “So, will you marry me?”

“Tenjin” he sounded so touched. He had thought of many reasons Tenjin was acting different but this hadn’t occurred to him at all.”of course I’ll marry you” Lee put the ring on then took Tenjins face in his hands, kissing him. It was a passionate, love filed kiss that would have lead to love making if they weren’t out in the open. This was private enough for Lee but not for Tenjin and he definitely wouldn’t try that right now, not during such a beautiful moment. They had a romantic night and an amazing trip. As soon as they returned home they started planning their wedding and even though when he told his parents they didn’t approve nothing could dampen this bliss for either man. They were getting married and nothing could make either of them happier.

~ The End

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