Leevo & Brynlyn

Chapter One

Leevo had about enough of this nightmare or whatever the hell this was. Everything felt weird as he looked for his fiance. He couldn’t quite pinpoint what he was feeling, simply everything felt wrong. Even his own body felt wrong, different. He finally saw someone he knew, his best friend “Hey!” his friend looked at him confused “hey” he spoke it as though it was a question rather than a greeting “where is Brynlyn” Now his best friend was looking at him like he was crazy but that wasn’t his concern right now. Brynlyn hadn’t been answering his texts and when he called her the number was invalid. He had gone everywhere she liked to go and not a sign of her “where is she?” he prompted again

His friend spoke almost angrily “she’s dead you jackass! Look, we haven’t spoken in years and I know her death was an accident but I’m not going to talk to you about her, I’m not going to comfort you. It may have been an accident but it could have been prevented so I still blame you. You just had to play with that gun, no matter how uncomfortable it made her you’d mess around with it like you were a fucking child. You shot her, she’s dead and the day I found out what happened is the day I quit talking to you. You’ve always been childish and I’ve always over looked it but now…after that…. get out of my damn face and you better not ever fucking ask me about her again you piece of shit”

Leevo couldn’t believe his ears but he couldn’t question him anymore, his best friend had stormed off. Brynlyn was dead? They hadn’t spoken in years? What kind of fucked up dream was this? He felt a hand touch his shoulder and yelped in fear “shhh, you need to stop talking to people. This has already gotten so far out of hand” He felt like this was going to be more nonsense he just wasn’t ready for as the person continued to speak “Look, there are multiple timelines, different versions of the world playing all at once. They are created here and there for reasons I just don’t have the time to explain but the you in this reality, he’s done something abominable and not just killing his wife, your Brylyn. He learned of the fact there are different time lines because he’s always been into things like that, anything odd or supernatural, I need to fix this as fast as possible, that I cannot stress to you enough. He thought he was going to just jump into a different reality, but what he ended up doing was switching souls with you. He dragged your soul here and he’s now in your body and that mean Brynlyn is in danger again…I’m sorry to scare you but this must be said. You’ll want to trust yourself, to believe it was an accident because I know the you from your timeline. You DO love Brynlyn but the Leevo from this one….he killed her on purpose….he managed to sell to his lawyer and the jury it was an accident, just the result of his normal childish ways but it wasn’t…he meant to kill her, the you from this time and when he sees he’s with Brynlyn again….who knows what might happen to her

“Get me back now then.”

“It’s not that simple, it could…”

“I don’t care the risk to me, even if it tears me to pieces.” He felt panic setting in. “Fuck, this can’t be happening can it?”


“No, I can’t be crazy, this is real, I can feel everything. Just get me back, I need to get back to her, to save her, I can’t let him…me…do that to her.”

“You need to calm down first, I know it’s hard, but you need to breathe. I’m going to get you back, but it’s going to take a bit of preparation. Switching souls is not child’s play, it’s dangerous and not only souls, but getting you back to your timeline so we can protect Brynlyn.”
“How did he do it then?”

“H’e been dabbling in magic since he was a young child. Honestly it was the dark magic he got so into the corrupted his soul so much”

“How could I ever hurt Brynlyn though…I just can’t wrap my mind around it. Even if I was bad how could I hurt Brylyn…”

“Magic is your true love in this life but we’re wasting time talking. I’m only using this time at all because we can’t get anything done until you calm down a bit”

“That’s easy for you to say when it’s not the woman you love in danger…” tears started to fall, making it hard to talk “if I go back and she’s dead…”

“You can’t think about that Leevo”

Brynlyn was preparing her lunch for work when Leevo entered the kitchen. She turned, ready to run over and hug him but the look on his face, that creepy smile made her freeze in place. He stepped closer, slowly, like a predator that had cornered it’s prey, or at least that’s what it felt like to her. She was scared and didn’t know why. Normally nobody made her feel more secure than Leevo “baby?” she asked, trying not to sound as afraid as she felt. “what’re you doing?” he asked, now right in front of her “Making my lunch for work”


“Yeah” Brynlyn didn’t have a job in his timeline, he would have never allowed it. Just learning she had one in this timeline made him furious. “You’re not going anywhere” he said and she gave him a confused look “I am going to work”

“I said you aren’t”

“what is wrong with you this morning?”

His hand shot out, going around her neck and her eyes widened in shock and fear. “You little bitch.” He squeezed and she gagged. “Don’t think you can talk back to me.”

“Who…you’re not…”

“Of course I am, sweetheart.” He spat out.

“No…who…” He squeezed harder and her vision started to blur. Leevo would never do something like this, he would call her names. He wasn’t that kind of person. Something was wrong, she could feel it. She brought her knee up hard between his legs. He grunted and let her go and she took the opportunity to shove him and run for the front door

She managed to get out, mostly because he wasn’t used to Brylyn fighting back, at least not anymore. Before her death she had become easy to control, broken down since he had been beating her down mentally for as long as he had known her. This Brylyn was much different but that was no matter. He’d put her in her place and then get the satisfaction of accidentally killing her again one day. Though he was in pain he smiled at this opportunity. It had been so satisfying to take her life the first time and he now could feel that same rush again.

Brylyn got into her car, feeling thankful she had already put her keys in her pocket to leave before she started making her lunch. She went to work and right away one of her coworkers could tell something was wrong “Bryn? Are you okay?”

“Not really, there’s something wrong with Leevo. He’s like a completely different person this morning. Before he even said anything I could feel a difference. Leevo has always been my safe place but from the second he entered the kitchen I was afraid”

“he didn’t hurt you did he?” she asked, anger rising in her inquisitive voice. He put his hands around my neck…he was mad I was going to work for some reason…but that’s not like him, there’s something wrong. Leevo would never hurt me. Somethings off but I just don’t know what it is. I just got out of there”

“Bryn that’s really serious. Do you want to stay with me? I can’t as your friend let you go home to something like that”

“I don’t want him to follow me there. I would hate for you to get hurt too.”

“Screw it just come here and we’ll call the cops.”

“Don’t, please. Something’s really wrong, more than a change of character. It’s like I was looking into the eyes of another man.”

“Maybe he’s just a good liar.”

“I don’t believe that for a second. He’s always been honest and kind, the most genuine person I know. Just…I’ll come over, but I want to hold off on calling the cops for now.”

“I will, but don’t think I won’t kick his ass if he tries anything else.”

“I know, thank you.”

Ellie really was an amazing friend. Truly she was just a good person in general. She’d help anybody who needed it and was one of those people that always stepped in right away if they saw something bad going on. It was funny since she was small, even for a woman. She had never outright asked her height but she couldn’t be taller than 5’2. Her build was small as well but despite all that she was a fearless woman and Brynlyn couldn’t help but look up to her. Brynlyn was glad however that Ellie was willing to give this time before she got the authorities involved. Something was up and she didn’t want things to go back to normal and her fiance snap out of it while he was sitting in a jail cell.

The heartless Leevo went through his home looking for anything that might tell him where Brynlyn works and who her friends were here. He was disgusted with the him of this place that he gave Brynlyn so much freedom. He wondered what sort of pansy he was in this life, especially since the house wasn’t spotless as it should be with a woman living in it. When Brynlyn got back first thing he was going to do was make her clean this house.

The house phone started to ring so he walked over to it “hello”

“hey man, I know this is your only day off for a bit and Brynlyn is at work so I thought we’d have a guys day” He recognized that voice, eventually realizing it was Jake. so we’re friends in this timeline…interesting “Leevo?”

“Oh sorry, yeah, sure but can you give me a ride to Brynlyns job…she left her lunch”

“Your car broken?”

“yeah, brakes are out”

“Where are we going?” Leevo asked as he followed the woman down the street. His mind was constantly being pulled back to Brynlyn and the other him.

“A Wicca store.”

“Why? I need to get back.”

“There are some things I need from there and I know the man who runs the place. His store is the same in every reality. He’s different, supernatural and he can probably help us.”

“I just want to go home. What if he’s hurt her? She’ll never believe it wasn’t me, she’ll hate me.”

“I’ll explain for you, I promise, I’ll help her understand.”

“If he’s done anything, I…I’ll kill him.”

“Listen Leevo, you should leave that for someone else to do and besides, he’s in your body. Once we get him switched back I will contact someone who will ensure he can never use his magic again.”

Leevo sighed “Thank you…I don’t know why you’re helping but thank you”

“It’s sort of my job. I keep an eye on matters like this and step in if I need to”

“I’m not trying to sound ungrateful but why did you wait until he switched”

“If I got involved every time someone tried something like this I wouldn’t have time for anything else regrettably” Leevo nodded, that made sense. “do you know how she is right now?”

“I could take the time to check on her but that would slow us down in righting this” By the time the Leevo that hoped over arrived at Brynlyns job Ellie had already talked to their boss about what happened that morning so her boss cut him off before he could go back to her desk “you’re not welcome here until you know how you’re supposed to treat a woman”

“excuse me? I’m just bringing Brynlyn her lunch?”

“the hell you are” her boss snatched the bag “I’ll give it to her, get out”

Chapter Two

He gritted his teeth as he left and Jake gave him a questioning look when he slid into the passenger seat. “Everything alright man?”


“Hey, easy, whatever happened wasn’t my fault. Want to get coffee or something?”

“Sure.” Maybe he could get some information out of his old friend.

Brynlyn stood there with her face in her hand as she listened to her boss. Leevo had gone to her work and worse, her boss knew what had happened. “Thank you, but please just leave it alone, it’s not what you think.”

“Ellie said…”

“I know, but please, everything’s fine, I promise.” She hung up and let out a sigh and went to sit on the couch with her friend. “Did you really have to tell our boss what happened? You couldn’t have made something up, like I had a family emergency and needed you or something?”

“Brynlyn, that bastard…”

“He’s not a bastard. I told you something isn’t right. You’ve met Leevo, he’s not the type to just hurt someone. It was like he had been possessed.”

“Alright, I’m sorry, I just didn’t know what else to say.”

“Now everyone’s going to look at him like he’s a monster.” She felt the sudden prick of tears. “What happened to him?”

“Oh Bryn.” Ellie hugged her and Brynlyn couldn’t help but cry. She just wanted her Leevo back.

The owner of the Wicca shop was an interesting and kind man who collected the supplies so fast it seemed he must keep them together and ready to go. “Thank you” the woman whom he had discovered was named Elena said to the owner who responded with “any time” Their voices were friendly in a way that made it seem like they were good friends. It didn’t surprise Leevo since they probably interacted quite a bit being her job was dealing with these sorts of problems. When they left the store Elena asked “so where precisely were you when you felt weird?”

“Um…I woke up feeling weird…I was” he had been stressing so much today, where he woke up had seemed completely insignificant so it took him a few moments to recall “I was in our basement…well…his basement I guess”

“you’re sure” she had to ask since it seemed so hard for him to remember “yes, I’m sure, why?”

“I’ve found it’s easiest if we can attempt sending your soul back into your body from the point where it first entered this time line”

“I just don’t understand how any of me could ever think of hurting her. Does that mean that I could?”

“Don’t start thinking like that, you’re not him. You might have the same face and the same voice, but you are far from the monster he has become. Never doubt your love for Brynlyn or you’ll begin to doubt everything. He doesn’t deserve her, not even for a moment.”

“I’m sorry, I know I sound pathetic.”

“You love her, there’s nothing pathetic about it.”

“What if he’s not in our basement? Will it still work?”

“There may be something I can try, but there’s no guarantee it would work. Do you still have your cell?” Leevo dug in his pockets and pulled out his phone, well the other him’s phone and handed it to Elena. She took it and asked for Brynlyn’s number which he knew by heart. “Don’t be mad if this doesn’t work, it takes a lot of magic.” She said a few words that he didn’t understand then hit send.

“What are you doing?”

“Trying to call outside this timeline. Maybe, if she believes us, we can get her to lead him there.”

His heart leapt with joy and hope. He desperately needed her to know that the man with her wasn’t him. Brylyn was crying again when her phone rang, she looked but no number showed. Couldn’t anything in her life make sense today? She answered, thinking why not. “Hello?” Elenas gasped with joy and a little surprise. This didn’t always work and she was glad it worked today. “Please listen, don’t hangup on me. It’s going to sound crazy but your fiance isn’t your fiance Brylyn. Someone has switched souls with him. I know that sounds” Brynlyn interrupted her “No! No I believe you!” Someone switching souls with Leevo made far more sense than him treating her this way. He was just that wonderful of a man. “good, I’m glad you believe me and I don’t have to waste valuable time explaining. Are you hurt? Where are you currently?”

“No, he tried to choke me but I got away fine. I’m at a friends house”

“I know you probably wont want to, it’s understandable if you’re scared but I need you to do soemthing for me”


“I need you to lead him into your basement. I’m trying to switch the souls back”

Brynlyn swallowed. “How? I’d be cornered.”

“Let me talk to her.” Leevo said. “Please?” He nearly jumped with joy when Elena handed him the phone. “Brynlyn, baby?”


“Yeah, it’s me, the real me. Whatever happened, I’m sorry, I hope you can forgive me. Listen, I know you must have gone to Ellie’s tell her what’s going on, she’s open minded enough to believe you, then have her call Jake and tell him too. I know they’ll help you. I promise I’m coming back and I won’t let him hurt you, neither will Ellie or Jake. Tell them to kick my ass if they have to, I’ll deal with the pain when I get back.”

“Alright, I’ll do it.” She swallowed down her fear. “What if Jake doesn’t believe us?”

“Tell him to ask the other me if he remembers where we buried our time capsule. There’s no way I would forget that.”

“Okay, just be careful. Switching souls has to be dangerous…I need you to actually make it back to me”

“Nothing in the world will keep me from getting back to you. I mean, I’ve already paid the deposit on where you want to get married. I can’t let them just keep all that money” She smiled, actually finding it within herself to laugh. Of course he’d make a joke to lighten things for her. “You’re so amazing Leevo” he smiled, glad she got that he was joking with her. He half worried as he began to say that this wasn’t the time but he had to try and make her smile. He lived for that gorgeous smile of hers. Elena held out her hand and Leevo said bye before giving it to her “You wont be able to call this number, I’m sorry”

“How will you know I got him there?”

“Leevo and I are going to wait. I should be able to feel when the souls are aligned”

“You should?”

“I’m sorry, I wish things like this were easier but this isn’t kids stuff. The Leevo of this world has managed to conquer some pretty serious magic. I honestly didn’t take his wicked heart seriously since he’s just human but your species has surprised me again” The woman saying that made Brynlyn wondered what exactly was with Leevo but that was hardly what mattered most at the moment so she didn’t ask.

“Just watch over him, okay?”

“Don’t worry, I will.”

They both hung up and as Leevo and Elena headed for the house, Brynlyn explained to Ellie what was going on. At first her friend looked worried, but the more she thought about what was going on, the more it started to make sense. She decided to trust Brynlyn and called Jake. “Hey, what’s up?” Jake asked upon answering.

“Where are you right now?” Ellie replied and Brynlyn waited with a worried expression.

“With Leevo, why what’s up?” Leevo looked at Jake, arching an eyebrow.

“It’s Ellie.” He mouthed. then stood up and walked a couple of feet away, smiling. Leevo wandered if maybe Jake and Ellie were together in this timeline. “What are you talking about?” Jake asked under his breath.

“Just listen, alright. That’s not Leevo, as nuts as it sounds, well it is, but…” Brynlyn asked for the phone and she handed it over.

“Jake, I need you to tell just listen and try to understand.” She explained everything Elena had told her and then went over their plan. She told him exactly what he needed to as that Leevo to prove he wasn’t theirs and begged him to believe her, for his best friend’s sake.

Jake swallowed, his heart beating fearfully. Brynlyn and Ellie were both telling him the same thing and he wasn’t sure the three of them would be making a joke like this. The fact that Leevo had been behaving so oddly today helped convince him but he still needed to ask about the time capsule, just so he wouldn’t have even an ounce of doubt in his mind. Brynlyn was right, that was a night they both held dear in their hearts, he wouldn’t forget that. “I’ll text you later okay?”

“Okay, bye” When Jake went back over to Leevo, Leevo said “You looked so happy at first. Everything okay with her?”


“what did she want?”

“Brynlyn would like to talk out what happened this morning but she’s not willing unless Ellie and I are there” just the facial expression Leevo made convinced Jake even more. He seemed so annoyed and impatient and that just wasn’t like him, not with Brynlyn. Leevo waited awhile, steering the conversation to childhood memories, waiting for a perfect moment to spring the question so it seemed natural instead of a test.

“Are you sure this is safe?” Ellie asked as Brynlyn pulled to a stop in front of her house.

“No, but I have to get Leevo back.”

“I know, I just don’t want to see you get hurt.”

“I’ll be alright, I have you and Jake.” They went inside and headed down to the basement where Brynlyn found a good place for Ellie to hide.

Leevo and Elena stood in his basement, him impatiently pacing as they waited. All the preparations had been made and now all they needed was his body. “Are they really here?”

“Brynlyn and another woman are here, Ellie.”

“I wish I could feel her, at least I’d know she’s alright.”

“You’ll be able to see her in a bit, just take a breath.”

Jake kept himself from showing any irritation as he drove Leevo home. He couldn’t believe it, he really didn’t remember the time capsule. He glanced at Leevo. It was shocking knowing this wasn’t his best friend but some impostor. When they made it there, Jake followed him inside, ready to attack him. “Brynlyn, where are you?” Leevo asked loudly. “Bryn.”

“In the basement, sorry, I’m trying to find the heating pad.” She yelled back.

“Heating pad?” Leevo mumbled to himself.

“Sounds like it’s that time of the month.” Jake replied. “That’s probably why she was in such a bad mood.”

He looked utterly disgusted again, making Jake practice self control. He’d love to punch this assholes soul out of his friend if he could but then again he knew whatever he did to this body the real Leevo would have to heal from when he got back. Leevo walked quickly down the stairs “You’re really selfish you know that Bryn? You’re supposed to be waiting for us to talk and you’re looking for a damned heating pad. On top of that you got our friends involved in something that shouldn’t be there business” his tone was already rising, he had never cared who saw him treating her badly, nobody had ever done anything about it in his timeline and they didn’t imagine these versions of the people he knew were much braver.

Elena felt the other soul “He’s in there and Jake is there too to help the girls. You wont have to worry after this okay? I’ll make sure he’s dealt with once the switch happens”

Brynlyn did her best to look calm as she rifled through the few boxes they kept in the basement. It was mostly holiday stuff and some figurines she hadn’t used. “I’m cramping, Leevo, maybe help me instead of getting snippy.” She shot back.

“Who do you think you’re talking to.” He replied as he touched down at the bottom and came across the room at her. She turned around, trying to look apologetic.

“Why are you so mad? It’s not like I can help it.”

He grabbed her and that’s when Ellie came out from behind the boxes and shoved him away from her. “Back off.” She snapped.

“Little bitch, this is my house. Get out.”

“We’re not going anywhere.” Jake said from behind him, blocking the only real exit. “And neither are you, you fake.”

Leevo looked around. “What is this?”

“I want my Leevo back.” Brynlyn replied angrily. “I want him back now.”

“fuck” he seethed “how the hell did you find out so damn fast?”

“My Leevo is already fighting to get back to me”

“Your Leevo is garbage. I can’t believe he lets you work”

“He doesn’t let me do anything, I’m a grown woman who makes her own choices.” Leevo scoffed, ready to kill her again right now. He went for her, ignoring the fact it would be three against one. His rage was all consuming and he needed to get his hands around her neck. That had been the way he wanted to kill Brynlyn in the first place, by choking the life out of her but he couldn’t think of a way to get away with that. Shooting had seemed like the only fool proof plan and it actually panned out there.

Jake was on top of him in moments and the two began tussling on the floor. When the souls switched Leevo found himself painfully pinned down by his best friend but was glad for it, especially if that meant Bryn was okay. “it’s me! It’s me I swear, The time capsule” Leevo groaned in pain then continued “we had so much fun putting stuff in it, everything meant so much to us and we even wrote out in letters where we thought we;d be in life when we opened it” Jake got off of him then helped Leevo up “thank god you’re back”

“I think you broke something.”

“Sorry man.”

Brynlyn flew into his arms and he held her tightly against him, feeling so relieved she was safe. He pulled back to look at her and wiped at the tears on her face. “Hey baby.”

“I’m so glad you’re back.”

He noticed the bruising at her neck and frowned. “I’m so sorry.” He said as he traced the dark smudges.

“You couldn’t have known, none of us knew.” He crushed her back to him, pressing a kiss to her forehead.

“Do you think that woman Elena took care of him?” Ellie asked.

“She said she would, I trust her. She didn’t have to help me get back here.”

Jake slapped him on the back and let out a long breath. “I’m really glad I didn’t have to beat the shit out of him, I was worried you’d come back with a few broken bones.” He sighed. “We should definitely dig that time capsule up when you get the time.”


Ellie and Jake stayed for a little while then decided to give them two of them their privacy. The separation and dealing with that horrible Leevo from another time line hadn’t gone on for long but it was still draining emotionally. Once outside Jake asked Ellie “you sure you’re okay too?”

“Yeah, I’m going to go to work and talk to our boss so he lets Leevo on the property in the future”


“did you want to do something?” she could hear his disappointment “you have something to do, it’s okay”

“don’t be stupid.”

“then want to meet me at Bovines?”

“sure” Leevo and Brynlyn laid in their bed, cuddled up to eachother under the covers. “what was it like over there?”


“I’m sorry”

“what’re you talking about? It was worse for you”

“I don’t know, I still had our friends here to help me get through. You were flung into the unknown. I think we can call it even if anything”

“I’m so glad they stepped in”

“they are our best friends”

“maybe Jake and I can have another guys day out, we can plan out something then end it with our time capsule” she smiled “yeah, then I can do something with Ellie to thank her. She was going to let me stay at her place’


“were you and Jake still friends over there?”

“No, he hated me, everyone hated me but I can’t blame them”

“well just know I dont think that Leevo is inside you at all. I knew from the start you were someone else. There wasn’t a single second I thought you could treat me like that” He kissed her head again ‘I’m so glad, part of my torture was worrying I would lose you’

“well like you brought up, we’ve got too much money sunk into this wedding” he smiled “I’m so glad it’s soon. It’s going to be beautiful”

“it really is, we still need to sort out the catering though. Thankfully once thats done everything’s laid out”

“I just don’t know what we should serve” Their spirits perked up as they continued talking about their wedding day. It was nice to have something so exciting and uplifting to talk about after everything. Getting through that had been incredibly hard but now there was nothing but good times and happiness in their futures. She would soon be Mrs Aso and Brynlyn honestly couldn’t be happier.

~ The End

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