Lethe & Aura 2

~ Breanna Vincent contributed to this story

Chapter One

“Lethe, did you hear me?” Aura said as she waved her hand in front of his face.

“Hmm?” He had been staring off into space again. He was exhausted after a long week of posing and pictures that had given him little to no time with Aura.

“You have another photo shoot coming up in a week and the car company wanted to know if you wanted the blue shirt with white pants or the dress shirt with slacks.”


“What?” Aura asked confused.

“I said no, no more photo shoots, not until you and I get some time alone together, far away from cameras and talent agents.”

“What’s wrong?”

He sighed. “I’ve been too busy lately, way too busy. It’s like my workload has doubled. I know it sounds childish, but I’m taking time off and we’re going somewhere, even if I get yelled at.”

Aura smiled and pressed a kiss to his lips, making his heart dance. “Okay baby, I’ll let your agent know.”

He admired her as she walked over to their love seat and sat down to make the call. She was amazing, a greater gift in his life than she even was before they were dating. He loved spoiling her though she often refused to let him to a point. He knew he went over board and after the last girlfriend it made him feel incredibly loved when she’d tell him he had given her enough and all she wanted was time with him. This time off was long over due and if his agent got mad they got mad, she was more important than anything else and he simply wouldn’t allow himself to take her being there for granted.

When Aura ended the call she said “so we’re cool, even he thinks you need time off”


“yeah, so what do you want to do with me” he smiled coyly and walked over to her, putting his hands at either side of her body “well now that you mention it” she giggled, pulling him in for a kiss.

This kiss was the start of something great. Their escape would be perfect, just Aura and Lethe, engrossed in each others eyes, lost in the tangle of thier bodies tied together over and over. Their love was like heaven every time they made it. There was no other way of describing the way she made him feel. It wasn’t lust that drove them but pure unadulterated love. His one and only salvation was getting lost in her. She was his savior. Afterwards he just layed there, staring at her. He memorized the curves of her lips, the way her delicate eye lashes moved as she dreamed. He had to take her somewhere far away, where no one could reach into their world and distract them from the love that they shared.

“Bora Bora?” he pondered, ” Belize, no, maybe Mykanos in Greece. Oh yes, that would be perfect. I could see her now, standing on the cliffs of Greece, her soft dress flowing gently in the wind, encompassing the outline of her shapely body. ”

He kissed her forehead and slipped away, determined to get their escape started.

When Lethe woke up he arranged for a private jet to pick them up and fly them to Greece. Aura was excited, especially when he told her where they would be going. She started talking non stop about all the things she wanted to do there and how badly she had actually been wanting to go to Greece. He hadn’t realized how much she wanted to go unless something in his subconscious had told him to pick them. If it was he was glad he had one “Once a year, at least I want to take you somewhere, just to be with you and get away from work. Please, tell me where you want to go. Have we talked about Greece before?” He had to ask.

“A few years back I told you about wanting to go”

“Oh, Okay, so it probably was my subconscious that clued me in”

“well going somewhere once a year with you sounds incredible..you spoil me too much”

“I don’t spoil you enough, I’d love to do more”

“You do plenty for me Lethe” she cuddled up to him and he happily held her close.

The flight was comfortable, the only disturbance being a bit of turbulence that woke Aura from her nap, but she cuddled back up to Lethe until they landed. They were picked up by a driver Lethe had set up and taken to their hotel. Even though Aura had been with Lethe for so long, his wealth still amazed her. Their room was huge and absolutely gorgeous. She immediately flopped onto the bed and laid back, making him chuckle. “It’s so comfortable.”

“Only the best for my love.” Lethe said as he crawled over her and pressed their lips together.

“Hey, we just got here, I’m starving.”

“Me too.” He rubbed their noses and she giggled.

“I love you.”

“I love you too and I just can’t help myself, you’re my everything and I always want to show you how much you mean to me.”

“You do.”

“I never want you to feel ignored or alone. Work should always come second to you.”


“I mean it, never let me neglect you.”

“You haven’t even come close to neglecting me. It definitely helps I still work with you. If you’re working I’m normally right there”

“Yeah, it’s nice” he kissed her and she giggled. It was such a beautiful sound to him. They began making love again, tugging at eachothers clothes and throwing them onto the floor. His hands traveled up her sides slowly then cupped her breasts. He began kissing her again as he fondled them. Breathily he told her again he loved her before licking and sucking at her neck. “Oh Lethe” she moaned which brought his length up. He slid his hand between her legs to see if she was wet, happy when he found she was. He wanted her so bad and he knew she was hungry anyway so foreplay was short lived and he let himself plunge inside her heat.

He never felt more at home than when he had her in his arms. The warmth of her pressed against him, every little gasp of surprise and moan of pleasure thrilled him. The feeling of her dancing around him pushed him over the edge and his lips pressed into hers as he flowed into her, his fingers tangling with hers, locking them completely together. “You’re going to kill me one of these days.” She managed to say and he couldn’t help the grin that pulled at his lips.

“What a wonderful way to go.” She smiled up at him, that look of love and complete adoration melting him. There was no way he would recover if he lost her and it made him determined to never let her slip away.

“What are you thinking?” She asked as she let her fingers slide through his hair.

“I’m thinking we should probably shower and get out there before I wind up keeping you here. You’re so tempting, you’ll never get to see Greece at this rate. You make me want to be selfish with our time. Maybe I should buy a castle and lock you in a tower.”

“You’d never find anything if you did that. You’d have to let me out just so I could find your glasses.”

“True, I’m hopeless without you.”

They kept talking and teasing eachother as they got themselves into the bathroom and showered. They washed eachother playfully, laughter filling the room as it almost always did when they were together. When they were dressed and out he said “lets get you something to eat before we get side tracked again. You must be starving by now”

“This trip has already been fun so I don’t mind.”

“I wanted to only take you to the best restaurants here but we will just get something quick for now since the nicer places take longer”

“Sounds good to me baby” she took his hand as they walked down the street in search of something good to eat. They stumbled upon a place that smelled amazing and went inside. They had cheese pie triangles for an appetizer which Aura thought were amazing. She planned on looking up how they were made when they went back home.

They placed their orders, Aura getting the Greek salad and Lethe opting for moussaka. “What’s moussaka?” Aura asked.

“It’s a pasta dish. You can eat some of mine if you want to see if you like it.”

“I didn’t even think about pasta, I’m so excited to be here I just wanted to eat and go.”

He chuckled. “Damn you’re cute.” He tucked some hair behind her ear, let his fingers slide over her cheek and grinned when her skin heated beneath his touch. “I love you so much.”

“Me too.”

He couldn’t help giving her little touches here and there, wanting to always be close to her. He flirted with her until their food came and then just sat there admiring her as they ate. He didn’t know how he had been so lucky. He didn’t deserve someone as wonderful and patient as his Aura.

They shared their plates once they came and soon were ready to enjoy Greece. It had been a long process getting here but between the nap on the plane and how excited they were they were both overflowing with energy. “I don’t even know what I should first Lethe”

“How about for starters we just walk to see all what’s near us”


“I’ve already looked into some of the places we can go here. I’ll show you tonight once we’re ready to relax.” They walked along, going into little shops that interested them and talked about the buildings and people they passed by. Though it was no more than simply walking and exploring their first day was amazing and Aura was excited to see what all Lethe had looked into for them.

The next day Lethe made sure Aura wore her most comfortable pair of shoes, but still didn’t tell her where they were going she was so curious she tried getting it out of him. “Come on, you have me all worked up now.”

“Good because you’re going to love it and pouting won’t work, not this time.”

“I don’t pout.”

“Yes you do and it’s so cute sometimes I just want to kiss you until you can’t breathe.”

“Don’t forget your glasses.” She said as they started out and he quickly retrieved them and slid them on.

“I’d definitely be a mess without you.” Their driver was waiting downstairs and Lethe waited until she was in the car before telling him where they wanted to go.

“That’s not fair.” She said.

“Just trust me, it’s better if it’s a surprise.”

Chapter Two

She sighed, deciding to just enjoy the view out the cab window. This place was prodigiously beautiful and she wanted to commit every detail to her memory. When they arrived he finally said “I found this little trip online. I hope you’re as happy as I thought you’d be” she got out of the cab excitedly “anything we do here is going to make me incredibly happy. Thank you Lethe!” he smiled and he quickly paid the driver so they could start enjoying their day together. “here sweetheart” he said as he handed her the pamphlet to read “where did you even get this?”

“I have my ways” she laughed and opened it up as they waited for their tour guide. “Traveling with an expert guide, you’ll explore the UNESCO World Heritage-listed town, home to the Temple of Apollo, and stroll around Delphi Archaeological Museum. Learn all about Greek mythology and history while seeing fascinating monuments, and visit the pretty town of Arachova on the journey back to Athens.

Ancient Greece is the civilization that existed roughly between the 8th century BC and 600 AD, and Delphi was said to represent the center of it. Reputedly built on the spot where Zeus’ eagles collided when they were released from opposite ends of the earth, the ancient town is littered with intriguing monuments from this fascinating period of history. After meeting your guide in Athens, hear tales about the ancient Greeks and their lives in Delphi while traveling to the town by air-conditioned coach. Pass through the towns of Levadia and Arachova – both famous for their production of brightly colored carpets – and arrive in Delphi around midday.First stop is a tour of the Delphi archaeological site – a UNESCO World Heritage Site and easily one of the most important digs in Europe. As you walk around the evocative ruins with your guide, see famous monuments like the Temple of Apollo. Head inside Delphi Archaeological Museum and explore this veritable treasure trove at leisure. Home to countless artifacts and intriguing relics, the museum consists of 15 rooms arranged in chronological order from 15th century BC to 4th century AD. Be sure to check out the bronze Charioteer of Delphi and the Sphinx of Naxos. After eating lunch at a Delphi hotel (own expense), you will return to Athens, stopping in Arachova on the way to stretch your legs or grab a coffee (own expense).” She seemed completely consumed in the pamphlet and he found it adorable.

“So, are you excited?”

“Are you serious, this is just so amazing.” She wrapped him in a hug then kissed him. “You’re so amazing and sweet, thank you.”

Aura was ecstatic to get started and was practically bouncing when they were finally able to start the tour. She blushed when he let out a little laugh, but she just couldn’t help but love this place and that he had taken the time to bring her here. While she admired the ruins and artifacts, he watched her and only looked away when she pointed something out to him. He was so enamored with her that he couldn’t tear his eyes away. When it was lunch time, they left, Aura talking the whole time about the amazing things they were getting to see. He even had to tell her to slow down when eating, not wanting her to choke on her food.

“sorry, this is just all so exciting. I can’t believe I’m actually here”

“I can bring you back again baby”

“I know but I still want to see all I can while we’re here” He took her hand “just don’t choke yourself. You’ll take years off my life in the scare” she slowed down for him. She finished her food and he asked “do you want to continue on their tour? They aren’t doing much after this”

“where would you like to go now?”

“do you feel like more walking or something laid back?”

“I’m so excited I could climb mountains if it was the next thing to do” he laughed “alright, while we’re this way then why don’t we see Cape Sounion and Temple of Poseidon. We have enough day left for that I think”


They went back to their tour and Lethe called for a car near the end of it so they could go immediately to Sounion. Aura rested her head on his shoulder as she talked about all of her favorite things she had seen on the tour and even asked his thoughts on some things. “I have to admit, my eyes were mostly on you.” He said.

“You’re supposed to be enjoying this trip too.”

“I am. When you’re happy, I’m happy. Seeing you so excited gives me the greatest joy, so don’t worry.”

“But you might miss something if you’re staring at me all day. There are so many artifacts and treasures.”

“You’re my greatest treasure, Aura, you’re my life.”

Aura felt herself wanting to tear up. There were times like this that she still couldn’t believe his ex had hurt him. He was so kind and giving, he loved with his whole heart. “I’m a lucky girl.”

“I’m the lucky one, Aura, you took care of me during the worst time of my life and you love me unconditionally. I want to give you everything, whether it be travelling the world or starting a family, I want you to have it all.””A family? Really”

“do you want kids with me?”

“yeah” she said with a smile. He held her hand a little bit tighter “then we’ll have kids. We can start trying tonight unless that is too soon”

“thats perfect” now she could barely concentrate on what was going on around her. She was ecstatic about starting a family with him. This trip truly couldn’t get any better. He thoroughly enjoyed how much talking about kids seemed to brighten her up even more. It had only been a guess she wanted them so he was glad he had thrown that in there. He didn’t care how many kids she wanted. Even if she wanted fifteen he was happy to give them to her.

Cape Sounion was more beautiful that she could have ever imagine and she was out the car and running down to the water before he could even unbuckle. He paid the driver and gave him extra, asking that he wait and told him to get something to eat if he was hungry, that he would pay for his meal. He followed Aura down to the edge of the water where she was already standing with her shoes off, allowing the waves to wash over her toes. The breeze pulled at her hair and the way the sun hit her made her look angelic. His breath caught in his lungs and he was instantly captivated by her. His heart stuttered when she looked over her shoulder and smiled at him. He was falling more and more in love with her and it froze him to the spot with its intensity.

“Come here.” She said, holding out her hand. He slipped his shoes off and rolled up his pants then took her hand and stood next to her. “Look how beautiful this is.”

“It’s made all the more beautiful because you’re here.”

“Oh hush.”

“I mean it, the sea pales in comparison to you.” She blushed and he smiled as he pressed a kiss to her cheek and then her lips. “I mean it.”

“You’re so sweet.”

“I try, I really do.” He turned her and pointed. “Want to go over and look at the temple?”

“Yes” she answered excitedly and they ran over hand in hand. They slowed down as they got close and Lethe smiled at her now wind tussled hair. “This is the best Lethe.” she hoped she wouldn’t get annoying but this truly was already one of the best experiences of her life and she couldn’t help but express that out loud to him. He brought the back of her hand to his lips and pressed a gentle kiss on it. There wasn’t much of the temple left but it was amazing to look at and even more so to see Aura so overwhelmingly happy. They spent a long time there before returning to the beach. Once back Lethe sat down in the sand and she positioned herself between his legs so he could hold her as they watched the sun set.

“Kind of feels like we’re in an ad.” She teased and he chuckled.

“Maybe I should start making you model with me, we could do all the romantic and pregnancy stuff.”

“Oh stop, I’m not nearly as gorgeous as those women you pose with.”

“That’s true, you’re more gorgeous, like bright, warm, beautiful light.” He kissed her cheek. “I mean it, I think I’m going to pull you into some of my shoots, it’ll be fun and even if the photos never get used, we’ll still have the memory.” He rested his chin on top of her head and hugged her as close to him as he could as they watched the last bit of sun slip below the horizon. He carried her back across the beach and to their car. The driver waved at them, smiling as he took another bite of his dinner. Lethe gave him the name of their hotel and the man happily drove them back, receiving extra when he dropped them off.

“That was nice of you.”

“He seemed like a good guy and he didn’t complain when I asked him to hang around.”

“I’d imagine he’s used to it.’ He carried her inside, only putting her down when they were in their bathroom. While he would have loved to start working on conceiving a child with her they were sandy and sweaty from their day. Lethe turned on the water and got it adjusted properly before stepping in and offering his hand to help her in. His sweetness seemed to be limitless and it caused Aura to be unable to resist kissing him again. They washed quickly and made love right there in the shower, unable to wait even to dry off and get back in their room.

“I wish I could spend forever like this.” Lethe said as they lay together in bed, his fingers moving through her hair.

“But I like watching you work.”

He smiled. “I know.” He propped himself up and pressed a kiss to her lips. “How about room service, I’m starving.”

“I wonder why.”

“Hey, don’t blame me, you’re irresistible.”

“Oh so it’s my fault.”

“I didn’t say that was a bad thing.” He rubbed noses with her then got up and grabbed the menu for room service. Aura laid back, letting her hands rest on her abdomen as she imagined herself pregnant. She hoped it would happen soon, she was so excited to feel a baby growing there and couldn’t wait to share every moment with Lethe. She knew he was going to be an amazing father.

He happily sat beside her and talked about what they could order. When they finally decided and ordered he started kissing her again. She smiled against his lips “Lethe”

“well I have the perfect excuse now. We’re trying to make a baby” his grin was mischievous, causing her to laugh. Their days there were magical until the fourth day where they happened upon a crowded festival where they got separated. Lethe went into a panic before realizing he could call her. Aura, the angel she always was had made sure they changed the sim cards in their phone so their cells would work here. “Aura” he said the second she answered the phone “where are you?” She asked and he said “where are you, I’ll come to you”

She waved a hand in the air “can you see me waving?” he could, she wasn’t as far away from him as his panicked mind thought. He rushed over and wrapped his arms around her body “Aura”

“Baby, we were only separated a few minuets, if that”

“and it terrified me”

“want to go somewhere less crowded?”


Aura pulled him away from the crowd and down a side street where they had to get quickly out of the way of a man on a bicycle. The guy gave them an apologetic wave and Aura waved back, laughing at all the excitement. “Better?”

“Yes, thank you.” Lethe said as he put and arm over her shoulders, refusing to lose her again.

“You think you would be used to crowds. I mean they follow you everywhere back home.”

“That’s just the paparazzi, this is way more extreme.”

“Well we’re safe now.”

“It’s not that I hate festivals, it’s just what if you had got hurt or something because someone knocked you down or someone bad got a hold of you and I didn’t know it. I need you and I’d hate myself if I couldn’t protect you.”

“I’m a tough girl Lethe but its sweet such a short separation had you so worked up…it reminds me how much you love me” They went on another long, sight seeing walk then rejoined the festival later that evening when Lethe was feeling better from losing her. It was so much fun Lethe was glad they returned to it instead of heading back to their hotel. He knew he wasn’t going to be ready to leave when the week was over but they couldn’t stay on vacation forever. He also planned to stick to taking a vacation with her at least once a year. She deserved it and their relationship deserved the quality time. They hadn’t called anyone, logged onto a computer or anything like that during their stay and unplugging turned out to be absolutely amazing.

They managed to spend the rest of their trip like that and when they got home they let all their friends and family know they were trying for children. Absolutely everyone was happy for them and then shocked when only a month later pregnancy tests came back positive. They were going to be parents and Lethe was determined he wouldn’t be an absent father. He was going to be working a lot less because their little boy or girl deserved to have him around and he wouldn’t put the entire burden of caring for their kid on Aura.

~ The End

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