Lexa & William 3

Chapter One

Lexa was two weeks pregnant and didn’t know it yet. Her, Tobin and Arashi were playing around in the park while William and Ruuka were helping the local shelter with more rescue wolves from gangs. Lexa hoped they could save them all because on the rare occasion there was nothing William could do, it would rip him apart. It has been four months since Regan moved in with them and he had a much better attitude with people and had even entered college last week. With Lexas blessing and telling her father that Reagan¬†could handle it now Jethro planned on giving the company to Reagan as long as he went to college so he would actually know how to run the firm and be a part of it. It was also under the stipulation that if Lexa changed her mind he would have to accept her as a partner once she finished college.

Lexa had no plans of that though. The company would be all Reagans. She loved seeing her brother so happy and carefree. She was glad there was a college near enough that he could attend and still live with them. It took him two hours to get to school but he was happy to make the commute if it meant staying with Lexa and William. Lexa hadn’t gotten to talk to her father in almost a month. He was up against a big company who was involved in building a playground over land that had toxic waste under it. Many children got sick and died. Jethro was going after everybody involved with everything his firm had but this was a big battle since the defense was so connected. They had paid someone off not to check the ground they were building their new office and the playground on. Jethro had only been getting more and more enraged as he dug further into the copany as he found more and more horrible things they were involved in. Jethro was determined he was going to take them down.

Lexa ran and played with her animals until suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her shoulder. The animals all stopped and stared as blood ran down her arm. A bullet had gone through her shoulder. Lexa was in shock as someone else ran to her and called 911 to inform them of what happened. The man offered to give her a ride to the hospital and she accepted. “I cant take the animals”

“are you guys fine?” They all nodded with worried looks then she said “go home Tobin and Arashi. I don’t want William getting upset until I’m banadaged.” A man hired by Erupta Corp to take pictures of this happening quickly left to email them to the address he was informed to send it to. Once the pictures were sent they were quickly printed and mailed to Jethros office with a note saying “Collateral damage is such a shame isn’t it? Who knows what could happen if things went further Jethro”

William was working with an incredibly hard wolf that day. It had backed itself into a corner, snarling and showing its teeth. Its canines had been filed into sharp points by drug dealers. “Come on boy, it’s okay.” William let his enrgy flow out and touch the wolf’s. He could feel the hostility coming back at him in waves. He knew it wasn’t going to do any good today. He had been on edge the past couple of weeks and didn’t know why. He had been staying close to her all day unless he had to visit the shelter. He sighed and exited the dog run.

“No luck today huh?” The vet said as he came back to the front.

“No, I’ve been a little agitated lately. I think the wolves feel it. Don’t euthanize him yet okay. I’ll be back in a couple of days when I’ve calmed down.”

“Okay, be careful on your way home.” He started out with Ruuka close behind. He couldn’t wait to get home and be with Lexa.

“William.” He heard a man call his name and he turned. His smile faded at the look of worry on the man’s face.

“What is it Greg?”

“Lexa, she was shot. She’s at the hospital.”

Lexa was in so much pain. Her shoulder stung and ached. She tried to relax as best as she could. She hoped William was having a good day. He had seemed so stressed lately. Her room door opened and a doctor walked in. “Miss Biller, how is your shoulder?”

“Sore, but nothing I can’t handle.”

“Good. Are you taking a multi viatim?”

“No, should I be?”

“Your blood test says you’re pregnant.”

Lexa instantly smiled then covered her mouth. “This is the first I’m hearing of it”

“Well I’m glad that’s good news for you. I’ll make sure you get some before you leave. Once you’re home you should find an OBGYN. Do you want some numbers or would you like to research on your own?”

“I’d love some numbers.”

“alright then.” The doctor stopped a nurse in the hall and asked her to get the sheet with OBGYNs numbers and addresses. “I’m going to send you home a prescription for teh discomfort in your shoulder but aside from that you are going to be fine. Just be careful and leave that arm alone. I see you wear a ring, your husband can help you right?”

“It’s an engagement ring but my fiance would be happy to help me. My brother lives with me too and if I really need help I can always call my friends Jarvis and Clarice.”

“That’s good, I’m sorry to inform you that you will scar. I hope that doesn’t upset you. A lot of women cry when they hear they will scar.”

“I don’t mind, William will still think I’m beautiful. If he doesn’t I can always make Tobin freeze him.” Dr Quincy laughed. “That’s the spirit I like to see. The police want to ask you a few questions but I wanted to make sure you were ready for it”

“I’m happy to”

“Ok, I’ll get a nurse to give you more pain medicine and then I’ll tell them to come in.”

“Thank you”

“Have a good day miss Biller” A nurse came in not long after with a sheet of number, vitamins and a shot of pain relief medicine. “I’ll be sending in the two deputies now.”

“Thank you so much for the pain medicine.”

“I wish it was enough to take all the pain you’re experiencing away but it will go a long way to help. The stuff you’re being sent home with is stronger and you’ll be prone to just falling asleep. We’re not giving it to you now so you can answer the questions” Lexa nodded to tell the nurse she understood. When the cops came in they sat down “Do you know any reason somebody might target you?”

“Not at all”

“Your last name is Biller correct?”


“Daughter of Jethro Biller?”


“Do you think any angry opponents of him is striking at him through you?”

“Daddy hasn’t talked to me about any disgruntled people lately. I’d have to talk to him and see what he thinks”

“Could you have him call our station?”

“Ok, what’s your station number” Deputy Sloan grabbed the note pad off the small table in the room and wrote down the number. “So you haven’t been threatened?”


“Well, please call us yourself if you think of anything. Tell your father we will be putting all the power we can into this”

“I will” Lexa could see the police were nervous since this case was involving such a powerful and successful lawyers daughter. Lexa was used to people getting nervous when they found out whose daughter she was though. The two men walked out and she grabbed the vitamin bottle to take some of the vitamins for her baby.

William nearly tripped as he pushed through the hospital’s front door. He went straight to the receptionist who directed him to Lexa’s room. He ran quickly down the hall, racing up a flight of stairs and down another hall to her room. She nearly fell off the bed he startled her so bad. He was across the room in an instant, his arms going around her. “Are you okay? What happened?” He asked, his voice shaking.

“I’m alright, calm down sweetie.” She brushed her fingers through his hair. “I don’t know what happened other than I got shot.”

“Where did it happen? I could track them.”

“Honey, please calm down. I have some amazing news. I’m pregnant.” He pulled back and stared at her, his emotions swinging between happiness and fear. He had almost lost two important people. He hugged her close, tears spilling down his face.

“What if I had lost you and the baby? I love you so much.” He kissed her cheek then her lips. “I love you so much. I’m going to find the person who did this and you are going to stay in the house with Tobin where it is safe. No arguing please, I need you and the baby safe.”

“Calm down, I promise to stay safe.”

“when can you come home with me. I want you in the house with our animals. Just anybody can come into a hospital”

“well you’re here so I know I’m fine. I’m sure they are letting me go soon. They’ve already stitched me up, given me vitamins, a sheet of numbers for OBGYNs and they’ll be giving me a pain medicine prescription when they discharge me. I’m supposed to avoid using my arm with the wounded shoulder.”

“Can I do anything?”

“You can call my dad and tell him to call the number on that notepad. They want to ask him if any of his clients opponents would harm me to get revenge on him or somthing like that. They wanted him to call as soon as he could”

“a lead is precisely what I need. Where’s your phone?” Lexa handed it to William and he dialed Jethro. He didn’t answer so William left a voicemail telling him that Lexa was shot, that he needed to call the police department and then he gave Jethro the number that had been jotted down by the deputy. William hung up then crawled in bed with Lexa. He wrapped his arms protectivly around her until Dr Quincy came back in “this must be the fiance, excited to be a dad?”

“Of course, can she go home?”

“I was just coming to tell you that her discharge papers are being worked on. Remember, you can use your arm but today and tomorrow you’ll want to use it sparingly. The pain medicine is fairly strong so you’ll be tired.”

“Thank you” Quincy left and William sighed “be patient, it shoudln’t take long to discharge me” Lexa said soothingly. “There’s no way to relax. Someone threatened my mate and baby. They will regret coming anywhere near you and my pup. Did you see the shooter atall?”

“No, I wasn’t even sure what was happening at first. I didn’t realize I had been shot until I saw the blood and the distress Tobin and Arashi were in.”

“where are they?”

“I told them to go home.”

“good, they weren’t hurt then?”

“Nope, the shooter only wanted to hurt me apparently” Jethro got out of his meeting and went to his office to get a drink and check his phone. He had been tense since this trial started but halfway through the meeting he became even more tense and got this need to have his phone. When he entered his office an owl was sitting on his desk with a letter tied to its foot. He gave the owl a kind pat and took the letter before opening a window to let him fly back out.

Jethro’s heart nearly stopped when he saw the pictures of his daughter bleeding from a bullet wound. His daughter, his little girl had been attacked and it was his fault. He grabbed his phone, seeing there was already a message from William and Lexa. He listened to it. William sounded panicked, his voice shaking. He knew who was doing this, but he had no real proof. He took a deep breath. He wasn’t going to let them get away with this. On top of it all Lexa was pregnant with his first grandchild. If she had lost that baby, he would have killed someone. He called the number William had left him, but no one answered. He left a message, telling them to call him at home. He hung up and called Lexa’s number. He needed to make sure she was okay.

“Daddy?” Lexa said when she answered.

“Hey sweetie are you okay?”

“Yeah, we just got home. Did you call the detective?”

“No one answered of course so I left a mesage. Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yes dad, I’m fine and the baby’s fine. Do you know who did this?”

He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. “I have a feeling it was the head of Erupta Corp. I have been going at them like a mad dog for building on top of an old toxic waste dump. This was a warning, I have to drop out of the case.”

“Don’t you dare daddy. If you do then I will never forgive you. Think of how many people will suffer if you give in because they decided to play hard ball. Play back damn it, show them what a Biller is made of. Don’t you ever give up. Promise me you won’t.”

He knew she was right and had to fight back the tears that threatened to spill over. “I promise baby girl. I won’t give up.”

William inhaled the air where Lexa had been shot. He had been reluctant to leave her once he got her home, but he had to find this guy. There had been no breeze that day so finding the scent of gun powder wasn’t hard. He followed the scent up into the woods. He needed to use more of his powers, draw on more of that wildness. He closed his eyes and let Ruuka’s wolf flow into him, taking him over and turning him into a wild beast. His canines elongated, his eyes glowed a golden color and his nails turned to sharp claws. He and Ruuka let out a loud, terrifying howl as they rushed off into the forest.

Chapter Two

Jethro needed to work but couldn’t think while he was this upset. He dialed his wife, relieved when she answered right away. “Yes?”

“I really need you to come to the office for comfort while I work. I need to keep working but I’m too upset to concentrate. I need you but I don’t want to go home where I can’t really work.”

“I’ll be right over. What’s going on?”

“I’ll explain when you get here” Annalise worried, he sounded near tears at work so she knew it had to be bad. She placed a bookmark in A Wrinkle In Time then got herself out the door and on the way to his office as fast as she could. When she got there Jethro hugged her tightly then grabbed her hand to take her into his office. He handed her the envelope and played the voicemail on speaker phone. A tear ran down Annalise’s cheek and Jethro held her. She clung to him until she could force herself to pull away “You better make them pay for this”

“That’s the same thing Lexa said”

“Good, that’s my girl.”

“Everybody else is working hard too. I’ve instructed everybody of what’s happened. Nobody is taking anymore cases until this one is worked through. The lawyers who are already on cases will put in their efforts as soon as they are done.”

“You want me to stay all day? I brought my book.”

“Please, I need your comfort and I need the peace of mind to see with my own eyes that you’re safe.” Annalise kissed him “of course” She sat down in the chair that was infront of Jethro and tried to read again. It was hard to concentrate on the story since she was so upset but she couldn’t let herself actually cry and get upset because it would make it hard for Jethro to work. He needed her for support so he could go after this horrible company. She had to trust that William would keep Lexa and their grandchild safe from further harm.

Tobin laid in bed with Lexa who was now sleeping while Arashi paced downstairs. He was going between the front and back door and by all the windows to make sure nobody snuck in this house and hurt Lexa. Arashi and Tobin felt bad, like they should have been able to protect their partner and friend from the person who shot her. Arashi especially felt bad, he felt he should have been able to sense the negative presense nearby. The two animals were determined not to fail her again.

His prey was moving fast, but obviously heading for a pre selected destination. A loud cry came from above him and he looked to the sky. Flying high above was a hawk, obviously belonging to the sniper. It let out a loud shrieking cry. The bird was probably alerting its master of his persuers. William picked up the pace, jumping over fallen trees as he followed the scent of gunpowder. The scent became stronger and he slowed. He had the suddenly feeling of being watched and his ears caught a high pitched whistling sound and he dodged to the right as a bullet whizzed past him. He growled, pinpointing the snipers position. He rushed toward the embankment where the person was hiding, ducking and dodging bullets much to the snipers shock.

He climbed up the side of the embankment and saw the sniper stand to run again. He jumped up, grabbing the ankle of hid quarry and yanking the person’s foot out from under them. He jumped on the person’s back and ripped the mask off. He was a little shocked that it was a woman. She swung an elbow at him and he caught it, growling at her. “What are you?” She asked.

“A wild animal who wants revenge for his mate’s pain.” He answered. “I would kill you if it wasn’t for Lexa. She would be very disappointed in me. So I am going to take you to the police, but know if you try anything I will break your arms and legs.”

Lexa was becoming a little worried about William and Ruuka. Reagan was probably on his way home from school so wouldn’t be home for awhile. She grabbed her phone and called Jarvis. He answered on the second ring. “What’s up?”

“Can you and Clarice come over?” She asked.

“Everything okay?”

“I got shot today and I’m pregnant.” She heard him drop something, probably his pencil.

“We’ll be right over.”

They hung up and Lexa¬†ran her hand through Tobins mane. Tobin purred making Lexa smile “you really are the only lion I know that purrs. Don’t be so worried, I can feel how upset you are Tobin. I’m really ok” Tobin ran his cold nose up the side of Lexas face. It wasn’t very long until Jarvis & Clarice let themselves in. They had given Jarvis a key to use when he needed it. Clarice was the first one to burst in the room and wrap her arms around Lexa. Yowie and Maisy jumped on the bed to sit with Tobin. When Clarice let go Jarvis hugged her “what happened?”

“I’m not sure, I was playing with Arashi and Tobin when a bullet went through my shoulder. I found out I was pregnant at the hospital while they were examining me.”

“atleast somthing good happend”

“Yeah, I’m excited and I think William will be too when they catch who shot me. Not that he acted disspaointed, in fact he got more upset about me being hurt since we could have lost the baby if it had been anywhere but my shoulder.”

“That is weird, why would someone shoot you and hit you in a place that you will definitly survive” Clarice said in a pondering tone. Lexa answered “the cops think it might have to do with my father.”

“True, big lawyers like him piss off a lot of really bad people” Jarvis said. Clarice spoke again “want me to stay here to help until your shoulder is healed. It must hurt to use it”

“That would be really nice. I mainly don’t want to be alone”

“Can’t blame you. Arashi is on edge down there. He growled when we first got to the door but stopped when he realized it was only Clarice and I”

“Yeah, he’s been pacing since we got home. Tobin hasn’t left my side even though I’m sure the two are hungry”

“I’ll feed them” Jarvis offered. “Their meat is in the fridge. They’ll eat it raw. I normally cook it but they’ll be content with raw”

“alright” Jarvis went downstairs and Tobin followed. “You better clean your mouth before getting back in this bed!” Lexa yelled and Tobin roared so she’d know he heard her. “I’m sure we have somthing for the cats if they need anything”

“we hadn’t fed them long before you called”

“Good, how’re things?”

“really good”

“I’m glad to hear it.”

William dragged the sniper through town, her cursing drawing the attention of many passerbys. He had made sure to return to his original for before entering town. The last thing he needed was to scare the people who had come to like him. He took her to the police station and held her by her hair as he explained to the receptionist who he was and that he needed an officer to arrest the woman for trying to kill Lexa. The detective who had talked to her came out and put handcuffs on the woman.

“How did you catch her?”

“I have gifts that helped me track her. Just take her away before I rip her throat out.” The detective handed her off to another officer.

“Has she said anything?”

“Not really, just cussed and spit at me the whole way. She has a hawk flying around outside. I would get a couple of your guys who also have birds of prey to capture it so it won’t be able to relay anymore informaton to her.”

“Why don’t you go ahead and go home to Miss Biller. I’m sure she’ll be needing you. I was just about to put a call in to her father when you came in.” William didn’t need to be told twice to go. He wanted to be back with Lexa. As he was walking home he spotted Reagan and waved him down.

“You like hell Willy, did something happen?”

“A lot of shit happened today. Your sister took a bullet today.”

“What? Is she okay?”

“Do you even have to ask? She’s always okay. On a high note, she’s pregnant.”

Reagan was pale, both shocked and happy at once. “We should hurry and get home then. I want to make sure she’s okay.”

They hurried home and walked past the animals eating their food. “I don’t know if I should say congratulations or not” Regan said sadly. “Of course, I’m so excited to hear I’m pregnant.” Regan hugged his sister again. “William caught the sniper that shot you and took her to the police station” Regan moved so William could get on the bed and pull his fiance into his arms. “we’ll just step out and give you two some air” Clarice said as she grabbed Jarvis’s hand. “Yeah, yell if you two need anything” Reagan said, looking concerned. “Thank you guys” Lexa said as they shut the door. Deptuy Sloan called Jethro who answered before the first ring finished. “This is deputy Sloan.”

“I got a letter that I’m sure is from Erupta Corp. I don’t have proof but that’s who I think came after my little girl. I have a letter with pictures that were sent to my office.”

“Could you bring them in or mail them here sir? I know your busy with your case against them.”

“I can take a helicopter and bring them myself. I don’t have to be in court again until the day after tomorrow”

“when shoudl we expect you?”

“I’m going to head out now” Jethro hung up the phone and put the pictures and note back in the envelope. “Please tell me you’re coming Annalise.”

“Of course baby. I’ll call Jules and have her watch our animals” Jethro kissed his wife then walked out and arranged for a helicopter to pick them up. Annalise easily got in touch with her friend Jules who was happy to make sure their panther and zebra were fed and taken care of. Jethros legs were bouncing the whole way until Annalise began to rub them and kiss his cheek. He sighed and grabbed her hand “I’ve never considered somebody coming after our children”

“This isn’t your fault, you bring horrible people to their knees and expose them for what they really are. Your children and i are so proud of you.”

“I’m lucky to have you all”

“I wonder what we’ll have?” William asked softly with his head resting on Lexa’s abdomen.

“It’s to early to tell yet.” She stroked his temple, smiling down at him.

“It’s heart is already beating.”

“You can hear it?”

“Just barely, but it’s there.”

“I’m kind of jealous of your ears.” He lifted her shirt and kissed her stomach, making her smile. She loved that he was already showering their baby or babies with affection. She knew he was going to make an excellent father.

“I’m worried about being to wild for children. What if I scare them?”

“You are going to be amazing and if our children are anything like me then they will look straight past your wolfy side and see the sweet, loving man inside. So stop doubting yourself.” He moved up and kissed her, sighing happily. He couldn’t wait to feel their baby kicking and rolling. He would do anything to keep them safe and happy.

Jethro had them land as close to the police department as possible. He wanted to check on his daughter but knew he could do that after delivering what he had to the police. The chief was waiting nervously when Jethro walked in with Annalise. Jethro handed him the envelope and he pulled out the contents. “I doubt a company with so much criminal history will have left much evidence but we will try sir. Are you two going to be with your daughter?”


“I’ll call as soon as I have anything”

“Thank you, I’ll keep my phone near me but if you dont get me call my wife. Do you have her number?”

“No” The chief said then pulled out a small notebook. Jethro recited his wifes number off the top of his head making Annalise smile. She loved that he didn’t have to look up her cellphone number. Jethro checked to make sure the chief wrote it down correctly then went to the nearest store to buy Lexa a gift. He grabbed some chocolate covered almonds and a couple shirts Annalise thought she would like. He also grabbed beef jerky for William since he knew how much he liked it. Jethro saw a movie he thought Reagan would like on the way out so he grabbed that too. Once everything was purchased they quickly made their way to William & Lexas. Jarvis answered their knock “wow, Lexa didn’t say you were coming”

“I had to check on her and I had evidence to give to the police”

“what evidence?”

“I’ll explain after I hug my daughter and give her the gifts I bought. Regan came up “she’s upstairs dad.” Jethro handed him his movie. Reagan smiled “Thanks dad”

“I wanted to give your sister a gift since she just took a bullet and I saw that on the way out. Weren’t you telling me you wanted to see that”

“Yeah” It made Reagan feel good that his dad was paying so close attention. Jethro walked up the stairs and knocked on William and Lexas door. “Come in Jethro and Annalise” They pushed the door open “you always know”

“I heard your voice”

“How’re you Lexa?”

“I’m fine dad” Jethro handed Lexa and William their gifts. When Lexa set hers down Jethro pulled her into a hug “I’m so sorry this happened”

“I told you don’t worry about it. You kill those jerks, don’t let up because of this”

“I just gave evidence that Erupta corp did this to the police. I was sent pictures and told to back off” William had to stifle a growl. He quickly said “I caught the bitch who shot Lexa. They have her in custody. Hopefully she’ll crack under questioning and admit who hired her to shoot my fiance.”

“I just hope I can prove everything I’ve found out about Erupta corp. I’m waiting for a few warrants from judge Mavis right now”

“You’ll get them daddy, you always do” Lexa said warmly.

They talked for a little longer, Jethro wanting to know if they had any names for his grandchild. Lexa laughed when her mom told him to slow down because they had just found out and wouldn’t know the sex for awhile. He looked a bit disappointed, but was still happy. He kissed her forehead and his cell rang. He answered it since it was his secretary.

Chapter Three

“We got them? Good, I’ll head back I want to be present when the warrants are served. Thank you.” He hung up and shoved his phone back in his pocket. “Sorry baby I have to go. Clarise you can stay if you wish.”

“I’ll go back with you love.” She kissed Lexa on the cheek then William. “I’m going to go say bye to the others.”

“So the police are going to serve search warrants?” Lexa asked.

“Yes and hopefully they will find something. These bastards are good at cleaning up.”

“Take Arashi. He has a very powerful nose. He can sniff better than those bloodhounds and shepherds and he’s a hell of a lot faster if someone tries to run.” William said, wanting to take these guys down just as much as everyone else.

“Would he be okay in a helicopter?” William whistled and Arashi came running. He got down on his hands and knees so he was eye to eye with the wolf. They stared at each other, their energies mingling. Arashi barked and William scratched his head.

“He’ll be just fine.”

“Quite a gift you have there son. You should consider going into the force as a trainer.”

“I’m fine with volunteer work for now, but I’ll consider it. The abandoned and abused need me more than the cops right now.”

“You picked an amazing man angel, I’ll be very proud to walk you down the isle as long as I get to hand you off tothis one.” He kissed her forehead one more time. “I better go say bye to everyone else. Love you sweetie.”

“Love you too dad.” Jethro left and Arashi obediently followed him. William had faith in the wolf’s abilities.

William laid back with Lexa. “I wish there was somthing more I could do to help”

“You are doing somthing, you’re making sure nobody else shoots me” Lexa said happily and William held her tighter. “You’re always so light hearted no matter what”

“I’m fine, they only got my shoulder. I’ll have a scar but hopefully you can bare to still look at me”

“You’ll still be just as stunning.”

“why don’t we talk about more wedding stuff? We still havent decided on flowers or bridesmaids dresses. I think everything else is set in stone.”

“Yeah, I don’t know. It’s hard to think right now due to my worry. Why don’t you let Clarice and your two cousins decided. You could link them to the site and tell them the color they need. Just let them know it has to be that color and they can pick what they want”

“That’s an interesting idea. Sounds perfect.”

“really?” Lexas shoulder started hurting badly again making Williams heart race. “I’m fine, I just need more medicine baby”

“I’ll get you a drink and be right back.” William ran down the stairs and grabbed a cherry pepsi then ran straight back up. It was nearing dinner time so Jarvis and Clarice went into the kitchen to cook. Reagan followed “could I help?”

“of course” Clarice said with a smile. Jethro couldn’t get out of the helicopter fast enough. He had gotten the warrants so that the company heads computers could be taken and searched. Their homes and cellphone records would be searched too. The police were going to give Jethro and his clients anything suspicious. Jethro wanted to be present when the cops took their computers away. He wanted to see the looks on the bastards faces. He wasn’t afraid to be bold with his daughters blessing and knowing William, Jarvis, Clarice and Reagan were watching after Lexa so nobody could hurt her or his grandchild again.

Jethro hoped the police force in Nurlice could find proof that Erupta Corp sent those pictures to him and orchestrated Lexa being shot. He wanted them to pay for everything but that, he wanted them to pay for the most. Nobody touched his family, especially not his wife or children. He would also make sure that if they got charged with attempting to kill Lexa that they would pay for her child too. Since she was pregnant they would get doubly charged if them being involved could be proven.

The chief sat in front of the sniper they found out was named Dorothy Kelt. Her fingerprints were in their system. She had refused to give her name but they were able to find out who she was because she robbed a gas station when she was twenty two. “Do you really wan tto take the whole fall? Just tell us who hired you, you didn’t kill that girl or come anywhere near it so just tell us who hired you and we can promise you that you’ll get off with a slap on the wrist. I don’t think you’re bad. In the report it says you robbed that store because your mom needed more treatment for her cancer but you guys didn’t have insurance. The hospital wouldn’t treat her any longer without payment. That’s the only thing in our system that you’ve ever done. Who approached you? How’d they find you? Don’t take the fall for Erupta Corp. You’re only twenty eight now. Don’t waste your young years in prison. Let us help you by you helping us”

Dorothy just stared straight ahead, not saying a word. If she didn’t shut up then she would never be able to pay off the mountain of bills that her mother owed the hospital. She just wanted her mother to have her life back. She deserved it. “Dorothy please say something.” She shook her head and the chief sighed, running his fingers through his hair in frustration. He left the room and went into the adjoining where Deputy Sloan was standing and watching. “She won’t break, not even a little.”

“I may have an idea, but it’s pretty underhanded.” Sloan said.

“I don’t care how underhanded it is. Jethro Biller’s daughter was almost killed in our city.”

“Bring in Lexa and let her talk to Dorothy. She seems like a sweet young woman so have that fiance of hers bring her here.”

“Done, I’ll call right now.” He went to his office and dialed Lexa’s number. It took her a bit to answer. “Sorry to disturb you Miss Biller, but I have a favor to ask.”

“What is it?” She was trying to shove William back. He kept nibbling her ear and neck, making her want to giggle and squirm. It was also turning her on.

“I was wondering if maybe you would like to come in and talk to your shooter. She won’t say anything to us.”

“Hold on.” She muted her phone and order Tobin to get William. The lion grabbed his pant leg and started yanking him off the bed. He turned and jumped on the lion, wrestling with him on the floor while Ruuka watched passively, not even moving to help when William asked her too. Lexa unmuted the phone and said, “I’ll be right over.”

“Thank you so much.”

“where you going?” William said in a worried voice. “They want me to talk to my shooter. They can’t get her to talk and are hoping I can.”

“Then I’m coming with you”

“You can’t come in the room. I’m sure they have a mirror you can stand behind. You will intimidate her too much if you go.”

“Fine, but if she makes one wrong move I’ll burst through the dang window.” Lexa hugged him “I know, come on” When they went downstairs everyone attention was on them. Lexa told her friends and brother where they were going and they wished her luck. “You don’t let that witch hurt her” Jarvis said to William. “You know I wont” Tobin followed them out “You need to stay Tobin” Tobin roared sadly, pleading with her to let him go. Lexa sighed “will you be good?” Tobin nodded and Lexa smiled “come then, you have to stay with William” Lexa turned her attention to William “should we bring Ruuka? Do you think she’ll be upset if just Tobin comes?”

“No, she was fine with us leaving her. I think she wants to guard the house while we’re gone since Arashi isn’t here to do it”

“You wolves and your territorialness” William kissed her and then began walking again with Tobin at their side. They walked into the police station and they guided Lexa to the interrogation room and showed William where he could stand with Tobin. William already felt a growl forming as he looked at the woman he had apprehended. Lexa seemed calm and collected, nothing seemed to phase her. “Look, I know you weren’t trying to kill me. In fact you went for my shoulder so there wouldn’t be a chance of me dieing. Somthing tells me you weren’t instructed to do so little damage. Your aura feels kind, I don’t know much about you and wont pretend to but I feel like you’re a good person who is just on a bad path for some reason. All we want to know is who hired you. I can convince my father to not go all out on you if you tell me. If not, I’m sure you know who my father is.”

Dorothy bit her lip, she wanted to cry thinking about her mom. If she told on these people she wouldn’t be able to give her mother a dime. She worried since she was caught that the police may not let her keep her money anyway. She silently yelled at herself for not transferring it to her mother right away. Lexa could see her eyes dampen and grabbed her hand. Dorothy jumped out of surprise making William tense at the sudden movement. “It’s ok, please, who hired you?”

“I can’t say anything. My mom needs the money. Please just let me go to prison.” Dorothy finally said.

“What does she need money for?” Lexa asked.

“Bills for her cancer treatments. She’s all better now, but without the money she’ll lose everything. She’s already been through so much. I can take the fall and make things better for her.”

“How much does she owe?” Dorothy shrugged.

“Almost five hundred thousand. She’s drowning in bills. I just wanted to be a good daughter and help.”

Lexa hugged her and she started crying. “You are a good daughter and I forgive you for shooting me. I’m okay, it’s just a little wound. Please tell me who hired you.”

“It was the CEO of Erupta Corp. He told me to make you suffer, but I saw how happy you were and I couldn’t so I just shot your shoulder. I’m an amazing marksman so I knew it would be nonlethal. I’m so sorry.” She cried hard and Lexa rubbed her back.

“It’s okay, no one is mad as you.”

“The guy who caught me is. I thought he was going to kill me. He scared the piss out of me. I’ve never seen such a beast.”

“He’s really a sweet wolf pup with a heart of gold.” She pulled back to look at Dorothy. “I’m going to do something for you and your mother when I get home. I’m going to pay off her debt and make sure you get the minimum sentence so she won’t be without you for to long.”

“Thank you so much. My mom is such a amazing person. I just wanted her to be ok and live the life she deserves now that she’s better” The deputy and sheriff came in “do you want to call your father or do you want us to?”

“I’ll call him”

“Ok, we’ll get her written statement then put her in lock up for the evening.”

“Thanks for giving me the opportunity to talk to her”

“Thank you for getting her to open up. We definitely don’t want to be on your fathers bad side.” Jethro enjoyed how angry each and every man and woman was when they’d take their computers away from their home and office. Most of them got on the phone cursing at their own attorneys. He was especially enjoying watching the CEO ¬†Blitheman cursing and threatening the cops like he could actually do a thing to them. His phone vibrated and he quickly answered it. “Hey dad, what’re you doing?”

“Just enjoying watching people squirm”

“Where are you?”

“we’re confiscating the last computers from the CEO”

“Oh…I’ll talk to you when you aren’t there.”


“Just call me back when you aren’t there. I love you”

“I love you too baby, you better be resting with my grandbaby”

“I’m going home now dad”

“I don’t want to wake you if you go to sleep muffin. It’s getting on the late side. You sure you can’t tell me now?”

“Can you promise to control yourself?” Jethro tensed “The CEO¬†is who hired that damn sniper isn’t he?”

“I just got it out of Dorothy but daddy don’t do anything stupid. Be the bigger man” Jethro held tight to his phone “I’ll just punish him using our justice system rather than my fists. I will make sure he pays the most for this companies negligence and crimes. Whatever it takes, Blitheman will pay for every childs death. I’d like to see what happens to this shit in prison because I will not let him go to a white collar jail.”

“One other thing dad”


“Dorothy only accepted the job because of her mom. She had cancer, she’s better now but her bills are mounting from being in the hospital. She did this because it was the only way to keep her mom off the street. I really want to pay off her mothers debt. It’s not right to survive cancer and then be forced to live on the street because of the treatment that saved you” Jethro sighed “as big of a heart as always. Go ahead and get the information you need from Dorthy and pay off her mothers debt. I’m sure you can call the police station and they will let you talk to her again.”

“Thank you dad”

“If you say she deserves the help she does, I will also not press charges if you don’t want her in trouble. Since it was non lethal and you have no anger about the event I can get it waved off.”

“You can do that?”

“Yes, so you’re sure you don’t want any charges filed against her?”


“Alright, she will probably be released tonight then so you may want to walk back to the station and get her a hotel. I knwo you forgive her but you may want to go home and smooth the ice before you walk in with her. You ahve a lot of people who love you and may rip that girls throat out if she enters your house.”

“alright, I love you so much, thank you

She hung up and took William’s hand. “We have to go back.” She said and he frowned. “Please don’t make that face. It’s over.”

“I’m sorry, I just want to be alone with you. I’ve been so wound up and stressed. I just want a breather.”

“Right, a breather.” She winked and he lifted her to carry her. When they made it back she was given access to Dorothy without hesitation. Dorothy gave her all the information she needed. “So you should be released from this cell tonight some time. I’m going to go ahead and pay for a room for you. After I talk to my family and friends, I’ll bring you over to meet them.”

“Thank you for everything. I swear I’ll make it up to you.” She said.

William carried her home quickly, not even stopping for Jarvis, Clarice, and Reagan who were busy watching a movie. He wanted to be with only her. He lay her gently down before closing and locking their door. He climbed on the bed, on hands and knees over her. His mouth found hers in a gentle kiss, his fingers tangled in her hair.

“Can I make love to you? I promise to be gentle.” He whispered.

“Yes, you don’t have to ask.”

He helped her out of her shirt and bra first, making sure not to jerk her arm. He pulled off her shoes, shorts, and then her panties. He was still left breathless by the sight of her. She was so beautiful, absolutely captivating. He ran his hands slowly over her, sucked and bit at her breasts so she moaned and writhed beneath him. He pulled his own clothes off then pulled her up so she was setting on his lap. He kissed her as he slowly filled her, making her gasp into his mouth. “Harder please.” She whispered and he rolled her beneath him, slamming into her so she had to bite his shoulder to keep from screaming. Her phone rang and he grabbed it, looking at the number. It was the police chief.

“Try to be quiet.” He said and answered the phone. She turned a bright red and slapped her hand over her mouth. She couldn’t believe he was talking on the phone while he made love to her. “What is it?”

“We’ll be releasing Dorothy in an hour.”

“Alright, we’ll be there.” He hung up and kissed her, moving in her harder and faster. Her back arched off the bed as she orgasmed and he actually growled as he poured his seed into her. He moved to lay beside her and pulled her into his arms. “We have an hour until Dorothy is released so you should probably talk to everyone downstairs.” She was still blushing and covered her face. “You okay?” He asked.

“You just kept going while you were on the phone” William chuckled “I couldn’t make myself pull out of you, was it bad?” He said then kissed her cheek. ‘No, just made me really red”

“You feel so good, I think it would be impossible to pull out once I started.” He held her until the burning in her face went away. They both pulled on their clothes and came downstairs. Lexa explained why Dorothy did what she did and that she had purposefully¬†given her a non lethal wound. Regan took a little coaxing but they all decided to forgive her. To convince Reagan Lexa used the example of if it were their own mother. Once they knew everyone was cool with Dorothy staying there Lexa and William left to get her. Dorothy hugged Lexa the second she was released “thank you so much” When Dorothy pulled back she looked at William nervously. He pulled her into a hug “If Lexa forgives you, I forgive you. We already talked to our friends so you’re coming home with us. Do you have your hawk?”

“They never caught him but if we go back to the woods he’ll come when I whistle.”

“Then lets go” William picked up Lexa and they went to the woods where he found Dorothy. She whistled and teh bird almost instantly landed on her shoulder. “good boy” They turned around and walked home. Dorothy froze in front of the door. “are you sure this will be ok….” Lexa wiffled out of Williams arms then grabbed Dorothys hand “I know it will be. Come in and meet everyone” They walked inside and they exchanged slightly awkward greetings. “is it ok if I go to bed?” Dorothy asked Lexa “of course it is. I’ll show you where you can sleep”

“Goodnight everyone, I’m sorry for hurting Lexa”

“Lexa explained” Jarvis said trying to express with his face he wasn’t angry. “get some rest and dont worry” Clarice added. Reagan just stared at Dorothy in silence which Dorothy and Lexa took for him not being ok with her. Lexa guided Dorothy to her room and made sure she was comfortable before going back down to everyone. “why didn’t you try to comfort her Reagan? I thought you understood before I left”

“I didn’t know what to say” He said standing with a slight blush that nobody noticed since it was so feint. “I need to sleep for school, goodnight” Regan said then ran to his room. Lexa sighed and William picked her up “you two staying the night?”

“we’ll come back in the morning” Clarice answered.

WIlliam and Lexa settled into bed, his arms going protectively around her. They drifted off together, finally able to calm down now that everyone from Erupta Corp had been taken care of. The next morning they woke to the smell of something delicious. They kissed then got out of bed and headed downstairs. Reagan was sitting on the counter watching Dorothy cook. He hopped down the minute he saw them, blushing furiously.

“I wasn’t doing anything, just watching Dorothy cook. I should get to school, thank you for French toast.” He hurried out the front door and both Lexa and William had to clear their throats to keep from laughing.

“Was he being good?” Lexa asked.

“Oh yes of course. He’s just been watching me cook and listening to me yammer on about nothing.” Dorothy answered as she passed them each a plate of French toast.

“You didn’t have to cook, but thank you.”

“It’s the least I can do for you giving me another chance. I’m making extra for your friends.” As if just the mere thought of French toast could summon them Jarvis and Clarice knocked on the front door. William yelled for them to enter and they pushed the door open.

“Something smells amazing.” Clarice said.

“French toast, our new friend made it.” William said with a smile. They sat down and were handed plates. Dorothy made hers last then took a seat. She glanced at William then back down at her plate. “Do I have something on my face?” He asked.

“No, sorry, it’s just that you look a lot different from when you hunted me down. No sharp canines or claws, no glowing eyes. I mean, what are you exactly?”

“Well human just like you and everyone else here. My entire family, ancestors and all, bonded with wolves. They say that it’s rare for every member of the family to have the same animal, but mine did. When I bonded with Ruuka, she gave me this animalistic side, this wolf that lives in every cell of my being. I have heightened senses, super speed and I can shift some of myself. Sorry if I gave you a scare, but it was the only way I could track you and catch you. This, what you see right now, is what I normally look like.”

“I’ve never met another like you.”

“Neither have I. I’m either a rarity or others like me are still in seclusion. Either way, it doesn’t matter.” He continued eating. “This French toast really is something.”

“Thanks, I’m glad you all like it. I hope Reagan did too, he kind of rushed out of here.”

“Reagan left right after breakfast? How peculiar.” Jarvis said.

“If you had seen what we saw, you wouldn’t think so. He’s got a you know what on a certain someone.” Jarvis laughed and Lexa winked at Dorothy who blushed.

“You mean, he likes me?” She asked.

“Very much.”

“but he didn’t even talk to me last night and even this morning he barely spoke” Jarvis laughed again “leaving Reagan speechless is quite a feet I assure you” Dorothy blushed more and finished her breakfast. Jethro sat in his office with his second chair Michael Wright. They were getting everything sorted and ready for the trial tomorrow. “Calm down Jethro” Michael said and Jethro put his elbows on the desk while holding his head “I’m trying, I know we’ve got enough to nail their balls to the wall. This is just stressful, this case means more to me then any has before…they went after my daughter…if it had been another sniper..”

“But it wasn’t, don’t let yourself get nervous or you might make a mistake in court. Wouldn’t that be crazy, hell it might make news. Jethro Biller makes a mistake in the court room. I can see it now” Jethro laughed and Michael smiled “get back to work lazy”

“I’m going to throw a book at your head”

“Oh good, then I’ll fake a concussion and get enough money for a nice vacation. Please throw one” Both men laughed then got serious again. They wanted to present their case in the best way possible to make sure the jury really saw these people for what they were. It was nearly eight pm by the time they felt ready for trial. This was it, the final hearing before the judge and jury made their ruling on the case. It was all Annalise could do to coax her husband into bed. She did her best to sooth him so he would be well rested for one of the biggest days in his life. “If they pull any last second tricks nobody will be dissapointed in you Jethro. Don’t over stress”

“They hurt Lexa. I have to put these monsters away”

“shh, you’ll be better equipped tomorrow if you get good rest. Don’t stay up all night”

“I love you so much Annalise”

“I love you too. Please rest” Jethro closed his eyes and held his wife until he finally drifted off. Annalise kissed her husbands head and went to sleep. When morning came and the alarm sounded Jethro jumped out of bed and showered. Court would be at 11. He brushed his teeth then had some cereal with his wife before going to the office to meet Michael to go over things one more time before trial.

Lexa sat in front of the TV with William, Reagan and Dorothy. Jarvis and Clarice had come over as well. She knew this case was going to be aired live since it was so big. She wanted to watch the bastards who had killed so many innocent children pay for their crimes. They preyed on the weak and needy and didn’t even feel remorse. She knew her father was going to take them down. He was ruthless and wouldn’t back down until every single one of them were penniless and jailed.

Jethro made sure he had all of his papers in order before sticking them in his binder and heading for the court house. Everyone wished him luck, telling him they would be watching and rooting for him. He knew Lexa would be watching as well and was going to win this for her and all of those children, he was going to stand before mourning families and show them that he never gave up and those who thought he would had sorely underestimated him. When they made it there, there were a bunch of news vans out front. Pictures were taken and reporters asked for a brief statement. He made it clear he would only talk after court was adjourned.

Lexa couldn’t help but think her dad looked really cool. She had always looked up to him. To her he was the rockstar of the courtroom. He never failed to get justice and she could see as a camera watched him walk in, that the corrupt pigs from Erupta Corp were terrified. He had that look in his eye that meant death was upon them and there was no way to escape.

“He’s going to rip them to shreds.” William said with a satisfied grin.

They were glued to the tv as Jethro expertly made the case against Erupta Corp. Lexa could tell he was having a hard time not yelling since he was so angry. She was proud of his self control. They could see how hooked the jury was everytime Jethro spoke. Clarice smiled when she saw a juror shake their head during Erupta lawyers defense. Dorothy blushed and looked sad when Jethro brought puled out her statement and read about how she shot Lexa. Suddenly she felt Reagan grab her hand. She looked over at him “It’s ok, don’t be sad.” She half smiled and sat a little closer to him. Reagan kept her hand as they continued to watch. Dorothy didn’t seem to dislike it and he enjoyed the feeling of holding her hand.

Jethro sat in his chair disgusted as the defense cross examined a witness. This whole company made him absolutely sick. Jethro was good at reading juries and he was certain he had them all convinced that Erupta Corp was bad and all the people responsible for their crimes deserve to be charged with every childs life and spend the rest of theirs in prison. Knowing the CEO was behind Lexas shooting Jethro felt like throwing up everytime he looked at the man. Jethro felt his first pang of nervousness as the jury left to decide if Erupta corps executives were guilty and how much time they would serve if they were.

He could feel the worry and sorrow of the families that were in court. He prayed he hadn’t failed them and his daughter. Michael wrote down “it’s going to be ok, that jury is coming back with guilty” on a paper and slid it to Jethro. Jethro nodded when he read it, appreciating Michael trying to relax him. When the jury finally came back Jethros heart began to race. Juror number five stood up and pronounced them all guilty of every childs death. They each got life sentences and were immediately taken out of the court room. Jethro could hear some of the parents start to cry.

Clarice cheered, William pulled Lexa into a kiss and Reagan wrapped Dorothy in a tight hug then kissed her head. He kept a tight grip on her a few moments then let the now very red Dorothy go. She just looked at him and he gave her his most charming smile. Reagan had never been shy with girls. While Dorothy did make him more nervous than any he had encountered before he was finding his footing. He really wanted her and knew he had to ask quick before she went home to where ever she lived.

Lexa watched as her dad gave his statement to reporters. When he finally got free of them she called. He answered immediately. “I’m so proud of you daddy, I knew you would win.”

“It’s all thanks to you angel. I’m going go home, have a drink and sleep for a week.” She laughed and told him she loved him and let him go. She understood him being exhausted after putting so much time into a case like that.

“I am so glad that is over, I mean completely over. You can stop stressing so much.” Lexa said and gave William a soft kiss.

“You’re pregnant, there is no way I can stop stressing. I can aslready tell I’m going to be a mess this entire pregnancy, especially when you are out of my sight.” He ran his fingers over her cheek

“Then I’ll have to go with you to the clinic and shelter until you are comfortable with me being alone.”

“You are always so cute.” Clarice said with a big smile. “Since you two have been through so much, Jarvis and I can cook for everyone.”

“That would be amazing, thank you.”

As Jarvis and Clarice left to the kie tchen, Reagan came to his feet and pulled Dorothy up wite yh him. “Can I talk to you outside?” He asked nervously.

“Uh sure.” Hnoe pulled her outside and onto the porch.

“I want you to stay here with me, even if it just means being friends. I mean I really, really like you. You’re beautiful and smart and you make the best French toast.” no

“We barely know each other.” She replied.

“I know, bd sut if you stay here I’ll prove every day how much I need you. I’ll do anything if you ¬†mjust give me a chance.” He tugged her gently into his arms and she felt her heart slam against her chest. “You’re the only woman who has ever made me feel so nervous and turned around. I don’t know what to say or do so I’m trying to be careful.”

She smiled warmly up at him. “I’ll be your girlfriend, but you only get one chance. If you break my heart then that’s it.”

“One chance is all I need”

“Shouldn’t you ask your sister first?” Reagan laughed “Now that I’m responsible I have acess to dads bank account again. I can buy us a place to stay here.”

“You’d buy your own house just to keep me here? Maybe you should think about this more I mean” He interrupted her with the kiss he had been wanting to give her since this morning. When he pulled back she was red and he said “I’m sure, my heart wants you. I hope to make yours want mine” Dorothy pulled him into another kiss making him smile against her lips. They went back inside and everyone looked at them, knowing why he took her out there. “Yes she’s my girlfriend now. I’m going to buy my own place here. Can Dorothy continue to stay until we get settled?”

“Of course she can. Don’t ask stupid questions” Lexa answered. After lunch Lexa and William contacted an OBGYN they liked and got Lexa her first appointment. A few days passed and it was time to go in. Lexa just watched him drive, loving how excited he was about being a dad. The first thing he asked the woman when she came in to examine Lexa was “when will you know if it’s a boy or girl?”

“Five months sir, I’m going to look at your baby today and figure out how long mommas been carrying around your little one” William became impatient as the doctor asked Lexa questions and gave her information. Lexa just kept smiling and holding back her laughter. She would have never guessed he would be so thrilled to be a dad. The OBGYN determined that she was only a few weeks along making William frown. “aw hunny” she said squeezing his hand. He kissed her head “we have to wait so long. I was hoping you would be atleast three months pregnant” Lexa and the OBGYN laughed “she would have noticed without a hospital if she were that pregnant” The OBGYN said while still laughing. When she stopped she said “it’s nice to see a happy daddy. I see too many mothers stuck raising babies on their own”

“Happy doesn’t describe how I feel atall. It isn’t even close. Can I take her home now?”

“Yes we’re all done here. Schedule your next appointment with the lady at the desk on your way out”

“Thanks” Lexa said as she wiped off her belly with a paper towel. They made their next appointment then went home.

William carried her inside and spun in a circle, making her laugh. He lowered her to her feet and kissed her excitedly. “Thank you so much Lexa.” He said as he held her face in his hands. “I love you so much and you are giving me the greatest gift of all.”

“I love you too my sweet little wolf. I bet our children get wolves too. Maybe Arashi will take a liking to one of them.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down for another kiss. He hugged her tightly to him, his entire being filled with joy.

“Good thing you’re already pregnant.” Reagan’s voice said as he came downstairs.

“Shouldn’t you be at school?” Lexa asked.

“No, they’re closed today I swear. It’s the anniversary of the school’s opening so they closed.”

“Where’s Dorothy?”

“She went on a run, said her hawk needed to hunt. I think she’s still nervous about being with me. I really do love her though, that’s why I didn’t follow her. I want to give her some space.”

“You’ve always moved fast Reagan. It can be overwhelming for some people.”

“I know.” He ran his fingers through his hair. “So how is my niece or nephew?”

“Healthy as can be.” She hugged her brother and kissed his cheek. “We’re going to go nap. Why don’t you wait down here for Dorothy.”

“Okay, love you sis.”

“Love you too.”

Fontaine came over and sat on the couch as Reagan did. Reagan hugged his partner “You like Dorothy?” Fonatine nodded. “good, hopefully I can keep her around.” Fontaine gave another nod and they laid back on the couch to wait for Dorothy to finish getting her breathing room. “I can’t believe my brother is so hooked on a girl.” Lexa said then William agreed “yeah, when I first met him he had just left a girl for wanting to move in with him and he had been dating her for awhile hadn’t he?”

“About a year I think. I’m glad he found someone to be serious with”

“Our kid needs cousins” Lexa laughed “well I doubt he’ll move that fast William”

“Hm, well we’ll see” William said as he brushed his nose against Lexas. William breathed her in then relaxed with Lexa in his arms. It wasn’t long before they both fell into a relaxing sleep. Williams heart still beat a joyful rhythm at the thought of becoming a father. He hoped Lexa would give him three children but even if they had one he felt blessed. Names for a boy or a girl were already circulating in his head as he drifted.

~ The End ~

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