Lexa & William 4

Chapter One

William and Lexa returned home after dropping their children off at school and decided to have their breakfast. Everyone woke up so late Lexa had only had time to give the children cereal. She hated mornings she couldn’t cook for them but it was a rare happen stance and the kids didn’t mind. “what would you like to eat?” Lexa asked William “anything you feel like sweetheart.”

“Scrambled eggs and OJ?”

“Sounds good, I’m going to lay down.¬†Onvyr really did a number on my back”

“Still hurting?”

“Yeah, it’ll be fine though” William popped his back then laid on the couch to await breakfast. Lexa hummed to herself as she prepared their eggs. She felt a pang of guilt for having eggs when the children only had cereal but she continued cooking and planned to eat anyway. Willia wouldn’t eat if she didn’t. He was hard headed that way as he was in all ways. She brought his plate and OJ out first then grabbed her own to eat in the living room. William shoveled the eggs into his mouth causing Lexa to shake her head. He smiled playfully over at her “when a mans hungry, he’s hungry. Especially a wolf like myself. Everything about me is ravenous” He winked.

“You hurt your back mister so none of that. my adorably sweet old man”

“Old man?”

“Don’t old men hurt their backs?” Lexa teased. William jumped up and took her plate ‘No William, your back’ he lifted her anyway then tried to run upstairs but Lexa yelled “Toby! Save me!” Toby ran in and growled at William who glared back. Toby knew William would never hurt him so he just pounced them both to the floor to stop William from taking Lexa up stairs. They both laughed and Lexa asked Toby to get off. The now very obedient Toby obeyed and ran off to play. “i’ll call him back if you try that again” Lexa said. “alright, back on the couch for me then” Just as William stood their doorbell rang “are we expecting anyone?” William asked and lexa told him no. They walked to the door and answered it. Shocked to see what they guessed was a man and his partner standing there. In Gillis there were only people and animals. There weren’t monsters or demons of any sort so when a demon came ringing their doorbell they didn’t recognize him for what he was and were simply confused.

“Are you Lexa?” Juppar asked looking at her. “yes she is” William answered in a defensive tone “please calm down sir. I’ve traveled from another world to have a chance at a duel with your wife if she’ll fight me. i hear you have an ice lion and you two are amazing fighters together. Will you please let me in and hear me out?”

“Let him in William” Lexa said. Both Toby and Ruuka came into the living room. They sat and just stared at the man that confused them just as much as their partners. When they were sitting Juppar said ‘I am a demon. I’m aware in this world I’m fiction but i assure you I’m real. I’m able to travel worlds you see. While exploring here i heard of you Lexa. As you can see¬†Iliphar here is like your lion. I’m going to sync with you so that all our powers are the same so i don’t have the advantage of being a stronger being. Not that your less than me, it’s just fact demons are stronger than humans. I swear not to cheat and not to fatally wound you. I like to duel for fun. please accept my challenge. To interest you further, if you win I’ll take you and your family to my world. i’ll give you the grand tour so you can explore everything. I assure you we have lots your human eyes have never gazed upon. if I win my prize will be the duel itself. Nothing is more fun to me than a friendly fight.”

“That sounds amazing” lexa answered. William didn’t look sure and wanted to say no but he knew better than to tell Lexa no. “wonderful, come closer and give me your hand so i can sync to precisely your power. This way it will truly be a battle of wit, ability to use ones power and take full advantage of their own and animals skills.”

Lexa scooted closer and held out her hand. He took it gently in his and closed his eyes. She could feel his power and strength and was amazed at how much he truly had. She was surprised when it did not lessen even after he was at her exact level. “You are very powerful Lexa, it’s amazing.” He said when he opened his eyes. “Perhaps we should do this outside?”

“Come on William, come and watch.”

William called Ruuka to follow him and he and his wolf sat on the front porch and watched the demon cautiously. Lexa and Tobin stood there completely relaxed, completely intune with each other. Juppar sent Iliphar at them from one side while he ran to attack from the other. He was a little surprised when Lexa didn’t move, but both lion and man suddenly found themselves incased in orbs of ice. They shattered them, sending sharp shards flying at Lexa and Tobin so they recieved minor scratches. Lexa turned Tobin on Juppar to his surprise while she went after Iliphar.

William smiled at Lexa’s speed and agility. Even after being together for so long she still astonished him. She was so beautiful as she swirled around, using her connection with Tobin to pelt the demon and his cat with ice. Juppar and Iliphar finally gained the upper hand and drove Lexa and Tobin back together, surounding them with a whirlwind of ice and snow that moved so fast they could be cut if the touched it. Juppar grinned, thinking he had won, but the ground beneath him and Iliphar suddenly became cold and hands of ice shot out and grabbed them. Lexa stopped the whirlwind and dusted a little snow off of her shoulders and hair before smiling up at the surprised Juppar who was being held in the air by the hand of ice.

“I believe I just won” Juppar smiled “Yes, that was amazing! I haven’t been truly impressed in a long time. Please let me down” Lexa released them then said “lets go inside so i can make you hot chocolate or are you impervious to cold like me?”

“I am but hot chocolate sounds nice if I can have it anyway” They all walked in, Tobin and¬†Iliphar seeming to already like eachother. Lexa thought it was probably nice for Tobin to meet another Snow Lion since he had never seen one before. Over hot chocolate Juppar asked “After the tour do you think we could duel one more time. That was exhilarating”

“how will we get to your world?” Lexa asked and Juppar answered “Through a portal and we’ll all need to hold hands. i want to be sure you humans pass through safely. The humans of your world are stronger than those of most others so I’m sure you will pass just fine”

“we need to wait on our children to get home from school” William interjected and Jupper smiled “I know” They finished their hot chocolate then Juppar started telling Lexa and William about his world. The creatures, the customs, things they should stay away from, mainly what plants and wild creatures to avoid. Lexa grew more xcited by the second while William worried over the safety of his family but had to admit it would be amazing to experience such a world.

Their children walked in a litle after three, both of them giving Juppar a questioning look. Lexa introduced them and they both greeted him with smiles. She explained to them that Juppar was going to take them on a trip to another world and both of their eyes seemed to light up. They had never been outside their own world much like their parents and were looking forward to the trip. Lexa went up to their rooms and helped them pack then went to hers and William’s room and threw things in a big duffle bag. William sat downstairs with Juppar, getting to know him a little better.

“So you have wolf powers?” Juppar asked.

“Yeah, kind of like a werewolf, but I get it from Ruuka.”

“I bet that’s cool to see. You know shifters are supposed to be immortal.”

William gave him a look of confusion. “Immortal?”

“Yeah, I mean you do go wolf right?”

“Yeah, not full wolf though, just partially.”

“How about your family? Have they always bonded with wolves, been that close to the beast within?”

“Uh yeah.”

“So you were all shifters, a different type of shifter and that makes you immortal.” William’s heart stammered in his chest. He didn’t like that in the least because Lexa was not a shifter and if what Juppar said was true he would live forever while she would not.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“it’s just my wife, she’s ot a shifter. I don’t want to live after she passes”

“It’s a shame you know so little about your kind. Your parents did not teach you?”

“They died when I was young”

“Oh, how?”

“a fire”

“Well, you can change your wife into a wolf if you find some other werewolves that will help you. I know a pack of them in my world. Maybe while we’re there they’ll change you. They are very friendly folk. I challenge them to fights every now and then.” now William was happy about being immortal if it meant he would live forever with Lexa and his children. “so my children dont need to be changed?”


“what’re you two talking about” Lexa said as she walked in with Onvyr and Elora. “your husband had no idea he was immortal or that he could make you immortal. You children are so that only leaves you to change Lexa” Juppar said. “how would you change me?” Juppar laughed at how easily Lexa had accepted this information “I know a pack of werewolves in my world that will most likely help. I’m not an expert on the ritual but of course they will be” Elora and Onvyr seemed excited at the thought they were immortal.

They all left, more thrilled than when they first found out they could explor Juppars world. Lexa was glad her reputation had lured Juppar to their door so they would find out she could truly be with William forever. It would have been terrible for them all to find out too late.

They were all amazed when Juppar opened the portal between their worlds. They had never seen anything like it. “Everyone hold hands.” Juppar said and they grabbed onto each other. He pulled them through the portal and they got goosebumps from the odd sensations. When they came safely through to the other side they all gasped at how beautiful his world was. They were standing up on a hill next to a big tree with pale green leaves, looking down into a large valley dotted by houses. In this center of this town was a large lake and in the center of the lake a house on a island with a bridge leading to it. It was absolutely gorgeous.

“This is amazing.” Lexa said, retaining her hold on William’s hand as they made their way down the hill.

“Can we run ahead?” Onvyr asked.

“Is it safe Juppar?”

“Of course it is, we’re close enough to town that nothing dangerous is lurking near.”

“Hold your sister’s hand and stay where we can see you.” William said and Onvyr grabbed Elora’s hand and they went on ahead, never getting out of their parents view. Arashi stayed close to them, all his senses open to protect his human and his little sister.

“before we start on our tour of my world I thought we’d just enjoy my village for tonight and start off in the morning” Juppar said and William agreed that was a good idea. The closer they got to Juppars town the more beautiful it became. There were even colors in this world they had never seen before and would have trouble explaining if sombody in their own world asked them to. Juppars house was easy to pick out from the rest due to his frosty grass. Juppar laughed “Iliphar likes to stay outside and lay in the grass. She’s most comfortable when the grass is chilled”

“I think it makes the grass pretty” Lexa said and the kids nodded before going to touch it. Tobin and¬†Iliphar laid down in the grass. Tobin purred to say he liked the grass chilled aswell. Lexa smiled at him then they all went inside. “I only have one spare room but your children can make a pallet on my living room floor if you’d be okay with that for tonight” Juppar asked them. William was about to give his approval when their children got excited about it and told Juppar themselves they would love it.

“first thigns first then. Would you all like to see my town now that our friends have a place to rest and we don’t have luggage to carry?”

“yes please” Lexa said enthusiastically. Juppar smiled again then walked out with Lexa and her family. He introduced them to all his neighbors who were obviously all demons. Lexa decided to ask Juppar more questions about demons when she wouldn’t have to ask around others. She was now beyond curious about their kind.

Chapter Two

He showed them all the different stores and took them down to the lake and across the bridge to the big house in the center. “This is where out elder lives. She’s really nice and loves meeting new people.” They noticed the house was surrounded by beautiful and strange plants and buzzing and cawling around those plants were creatures none of them at ever seen. They were insectoid looking things with human faces that stood about six inches tall. Lexa got a little closer and one of the ladybug looking creatures smiled at her as she flew up to eye level. “Those are called Ocelli.” Juppar said as he knocked on his elder’s door.

The woman who opened the door did not look like she should be called an elder. She was incredibly beautiful with a narrow face and high cheekbones. Long blonde hair fell down her back and eyes caught somewhere between light brown and amber looked warmly back at them. “Juppar, I am so glad to see you again. Who is this you have bought with you?” She asked as she waved them in.

“New friends Lady Oemach, Lexa, William and their children Onvyr and Elora as well as their animal companions.”

“How nice to meet you all, please just call me Oemach, Juppar tends to be too formal sometimes.” She said with a still warm smile. “Please feel free to come and go as you please. The children may play in the garden anytime they wish.”

“Can we play with the bug people?” Elora asked.

“Of course you can little one, they love visitors.”

They visited with¬†Oemach until everyone was tired aside from Onvyr and Elora who rarely ever got tired. Juppar guided them back to his house where he helped the children make their pallet on his living room floor. “if any of you need me just knock on my door” Juppar said before retiring to his room. Lexa and William hugged and kissed their children goodnight then went into their room to rest. “I’m so glad we can change you. I hope they’ll help. If they wont I will not rest until I find a pack who will”

“it’ll be amazing for us all to be immortal. It’s amazing for us just to be here. I loved how wonderstruck our kids were today.”

“yeah, Elora is always so damned adrorable when she’s amazed”

“I wonder if it will hurt for me to be changed”

“I hope not. If it does I’ll hold you”

“I know, lets just get rest for now” The next morning Juppar made them a meal from food they didn’t have in their world so they could experience somthing new. Everyone liked it which made Juppar smile “I was worried” he said then Onvyr answered ‘this is great” Everyone cleaned their plates then Lexa insisted she do the dishes. Elora wanted to help so everyone but Elora and Lexa went into Juppars living room. William and Onvyr cleaned up the kids pallet then Juppar put the blankets away.

When Juppars house was tidy he asked “so do you guys want to travel to the wolf pack and talk to them now or explore somwhere?”

“I’d like to go ahead to them” William answered, as if Lexas clock was ticking and time was almost up. Lexa smiled and kissed his cheek. The kids were happy just to be going anywhere in Juppars world. “Then to them we go. It’ll be a three hour walk to where they live but since the humans in your world mostly travel by walking or bike I’m sure you wont mind”

Onvyr and Elora held hands as they walked on ahead, staying in view of their parents while they explored. A couple of the dragonfly Ocelli buzzed around the kids, making Elora laugh when they got close and kissed her cheeks. “It seems they have taken a liking to your children.” Juppar said as he pointed at the beautifully colored insects. One land on Elora’s shoulder and rode there while they walked.

“She’s like her mother, animals of all kinds seem to love her.” William said with a smile.

“They love you too William, especially the ones you have helped rehabilitate. Our son’s wolf Arashi was so aggressive that he had to be kept away from people, but William helped him.”

“It’s that alpha mentality, I can tell.” Juppar replied. “I bet your son inherits that from you.”

A couple of hours into their walk Onvyr and Elora came running towards them, the latter with a small boquet in her hands. “Here mom, Hyphillion says there for the little one.” Elora said as she handed her mother the flowers.

“Who is Hyphillion and what does little one mean?” Lexa asked.

“Hyphillion.” Elora pointed at the dragon fly Ocelli on her shoulder. “I don’t know what it means, but that’s what she said.”

“Well thank you Hyphillion, but I’m far from little.” The little creature made a buzzing noise that sounded almost like she was laughing, but said no more to Elora as the little girl and her big brother took off again with Arashi close behind.

When they arrived where the pack lived they were quickly noticed. A few people ran to them, two in human form one in wolf “Juppar, who do you bring with you?”

“New friends, Lexa here bested me in a duel. It was exhilarating. The man at her side is her husband William, her children are Elora and Onvyr and their animal partners are Tobin, Arashi and Ruuka.”

“Partners?’ The female wolf asked. “yes, they don’t live in this world. In their world animals and people partner up.” Juppar answered. “That’s interesting” she replied. “I’m sure you three can tell William is a werewolf and so are his children. His mate of course isn’t and I know your kind can change humans into werewolves if you want and they want. As my friends I wanted to see if you;d help out my new friends so they can be together forever” The man in the center with the female on one side and they still in wolf form beta male on his other said “we’d love to. We couldn’t let three pups lose their mother if it can be helped” Lexa gave a confused look “I have two children” He smiled “you’re pregnant, you can’t smell it William?” He asked in genuine confusion. Juppar spoke before William could “his parents died before teaching him about himself. William knows little. Maybe after her change you could teach him of his kind”

“Of course we will. You probably can do alot you don’t realize”

“I knew I could smell well”

“Knowing you have somthing and knowing it to it’s full potential is two different things. I will gladly teach you all about yourselves. “so that’s what she meant by little one” Lexa said to her daughter. Both children looked excited to be getting another sibling. “do you know if it’s a boy or girl?” Lexa asked and the male smiled “boy” William found himself impressed. The alpha spoke again “I have to wait until there’s a full moon. Wont be another for two days I’m afraid. Please, let me round my pack together and we will teach you what you should know”

They were guided to their den which was actually a nice sized cave with rooms carved out of the stone. Young children came running, all of them curious about the newcomers. “Hey go play kids, stop crowding.” Their alpha said.

“Onvyr, Elora why don’t you go play with the other pups.” William said and they smiled excitedly as they ran off with the other children.

“Anyway, I am Shael and this is my mate Ellu.” The alpha said as he lead them into a large back room where they and a small group of wolves gathered. “So can you shift William?”

“I can go partially harry, but not to the extent that your pack members do.”

“How did you learn to do this if you had no one to teach you?”

William reached down and scratched behind Ruuka’s ear. “Ruuka here taught me. When we bonded it brought the wolf out in me.”

Shael smiled. “She probably saw the beast in you long before you were told about it. Your bonding with her simply brought forth your latent abilities and being connected to her probably amplifies them.”

“I’m glad she chose to bond with me then so I’d know. Imagine if I had bonded with another animal”

“After your mate is transformed you can be part of our pack. Even from your world you will be in ours though I know you’re an alpha. You wouldn’t challenge me if I let your family be one of us right? If not I would have you as my second Beta wolf. You’d respond to my first Beta and myself. We’re all a family here so no demands would be made of you. It’s just if one of us is in trouble you’d be expected to help out. Just as if your family was in trouble we’d help out. Packs watch eachothers backs”

William looked at Lexa who nodded with want. “I’d be honored if you’d let us in your pack” Shael smiled “I have a second Beta then. Welcome to you, your mate and children. We celebrate new members so after Lexa is changed expect a party. Ready for me to explain what she will be going through?”

“Yes” Shael explained in thorough detail everything that would happen and explained it was all safe for their baby. Then he explained how being in a pack worked further. It was fairly easy for Lexa and William to wrap their heads around the information even though they were getting so much at once. All this excited Lexa and she couldn’t wait for the full moon to come. She wanted to be a wolf. Shael also offered to help William fully shift since he could. “why don’t we try now?” Shael asked.

Chapter Three


“You may want to undress since your clothes might tear.” William pulled his clothes off and handed them to Lexa with a smile and a wink that made her nearly laugh. “Now, I want you too relax, take deep breaths and close your eyes for your first change. William did as he was told, breathing deeply then exhaling slowly. “I want you to feel the change, let it sli over and in you like you usually do, but hold onto it instead of letting it go at the last second. It’s going to feel strange, but don’t let that deter you.”

William grasped onto the wildness inside him and let the wolf take over. His bones and muscles began to pop and contort as his human form was compacted down into that of a large male wolf with deep brown fur and his distinctive yellow green eyes. Lexa dropped down on her knees and William pressed his head into her chest then happily licked her face so she was giggling. “Look how cute you are.” She said and he huffed as if that idea of him being cute was unacceptable.

“Good job William, you did really well for your first time.” Shael said. “Now to get back just do the opposite, let the wolf slid away back down inside of you.”

William shifted back, feeling exhilerated by the change. He pulled his clothes back on and gave Shael a hug. “Thank you for showing me how to do that. That was one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced.” He turned his attention to Lexa. “Calling me cute is a good way to get you in trouble.”

“Oh I’m shaking in my shoes my cute, silly wolf.”

Shael smiled at them and took his mates hand “lets try it with your pups. It will be harder for them since they’ve never tried it” William called to his children and they quickly came running “yes?”

“Do you want Shael to teach you how to shift?”

“Yes!” they answered excitedly. The other children gathered around them and shifted, giving yips of encouragement to their new playmates. They changed much easier than Shael expected since they had the drive of wanting to play like their friends. They both looked just like their father when they shifted aside from Elora having her same color eyes as when she was human. They looked at their parents asking to play and William nodded. They ran off with the other pups making Lexa more anxious to change “it really has to be a full moon?” Shael chuckled “I’m afraid so. Two days isn’t long.”

Juppar cleared his throat “we could spend that time exploring my world more if you like. Since Shael has already covered things with you.”

“It’s lunchtime though, I want my new pack mates to eat with me. You love my packs cooking don’t you Juppar?” Shael answered then Juppar responded. “Oh yes, lets stay for lunch then”

“Can i help?” Lexa asked and Shael shook his head “you are our newcomers. No cooking until you’ve been properly initiated and celebrated.” Some of the adults wolves were wrestling both playfully and mentoringly. it was a game but at the same time they were teaching the pups how to properly fight. “why don’t you have fun with the kids?” Lexa suggested ‘you sure?” He asked, not wanting to make her feel left out “I’m sure, I’ll sit here with Juppar, Tobin and¬†Iliphar”

William wrestled with the pups, pretending to let them win as they piled on top of him. Lexa smiled as she watched, her hand rubbing her stomach. She was still surprised she was pregnant and had not known. She was excited they would be having another baby and couldn’t wait to hold their unborn son in her arms. When lunch was ready Ellu called everyone to eat. The pups came running, all happy about recieving food and quickly shifted shape and got dressed. Each wolf found a place to sit after recieving their food, some sitting close to their new members and asking them questions about their world.

They all had fun getting to know each other and when Lexa, William, and Juppar finally said it was time to go some of the pack members became disappointed. “Don’t worry, we’ll be back in a couple of days then we’ll visit as much as we can afterwards.” Lexa said with a warm smile.

“We hope so. We know you live in a different world, but I’m sure Juppar can show you how to open the doorway between here and there.” Ellu replied as she hugged them.

“I’d be more that happy too.” Juppar chimed in and that seemed to make everyone extremely happy. They left the cozy little cave, Lexa carrying Elora on her hip and William carrying Onvyr on his shoulders. Both of them had worn themselves out playing with the other pups and were too tired to walk. Hyphillion sat on Lexa’s shoulder, staying as close to Elora as she could.

“Where are we going Juppar?” Lexa asked and he suggested ‘Maybe I should show you two how to open the portal between mine and your world. I don’t want to go exploring too far since half our day went to the wolf pack and the children have worn themselves out” William laughed “They’ll have their energy back soon enough but by all means, show us now” He went step by step the proper way to do it then had them do it a few times to make sure they had it perfect. once they had it perfect he made them do it a few more times just to be sure they would travel safely and get lost in a world they had no intention of going to.

“Want to test your portal with me to be absolutely sure? I’d hate for you to get lost in a world you don’t know”

“sure” Lexa answered. Juppar went through with them, happy when it took them back to Nurlice. They returned to his world and they shut the portal. “Great, I made you practice so much we may awell go home and relax. Tomorrow when your children are filled with enerjy we will do somthing amazing. You all are welcome any time you’d like to come and you’re always welcome to stay in my home.”

“thank you” William said, truly grateful to this man. “don’t mention it. I like making new friends. Especially one that duels as well as Lexa. I still want another challenge.”

“and you’ll have it before we part” She said with a smile. They returned to Juppars home where Juppar began cooking while William and Lexa got their kids ready for bed and their pallet set up. “Oh” Juppar said from the kitchen “what is it Juppar?”

“After dinner could we take your children out to see the lightening bugs? They can go out in pajamas”

‘Please mom?!” They both said. William and Lexa said they could which earned them each a hug. The kids were anxious to get outside so they shoveled down Juppars meal. Juppar wondered what it would be like to have a family. He wanted one with their elder but he didn’t know if she saw him that way.

“You look like there’s something on your mind.” William said as Lexa and their children ran around in the yard, giggling at the fireflies.

“There is, I’m afraid I’ve found myself in love.” Juppar replied.

“What’s so bad about that?”

“It’s Oemach, I love her more than anything, but…”

William chuckled. “But what? Are you afraid of what your elder might think if you confess your feelings?”

“Of course. I would hate for her to start avoiding me because she doesn’t feel the same, plus she is a very beautiful and very powerful woman. She could have any man so I doubt she would choose me.”

William shoved him. “You idiot. You can come all the way to my world to challenge my wife to a duel, but you can’t even tell a woman who lives in the same town how you feel?”

“Did you immediately tell Lexa you loved her?”

“No, but we were strangers when we met. You and Oemach know each other so say something. I bet you anything she feels the same way.”

Juppar shrugged and William said “don’t make me tell my wife you’re hiding your feelings. She’ll kick you in the butt all the way over there” Juppar grinned “It’s not so late she isn’t up. Perhaps I could walk over now.”

“Go, we’ll have fun without you” Juppar stood then said “Ilphar, I’ll be back. Stay with our guests” Juppar walked nervously away from his new friends and to¬†Oemachs house. He kocked, hoping she hadn’t gone to bed early” She answered with a warm smile “hey, where’s your guests?”

“At my home. I want to talk to you…William convinced me to”

“Well then come in and talk to me” He walked in nervously then stood with¬†Oemach in her living room. “yes?” she asked. “I’m not sure what to say so I’ll just say what I mean. I love you¬†Oemach” He said to the floor. “I think you’re confusing the floor for me”¬†Oemach said with a giggle. Juppar blushed which was alway obvious on his snow white skin.¬†Oemach gently cupped his cheek then gave him a small, meaningful kiss “I love you too my sweet, amazing Juppar. I’ve been waiting on you to tell me”

“really?” His blush deepened. “I always say what I mean don’t I? I love you too. Very much. I was just waiting for you to love me enough to tell me”

“I didn’t want things to be awkward”

“You should have seen that I love you too” Juppar kissed her just as she had kissed him but he lingered on her lips. He had wanted so long to kiss her and now he finally could. She smiled and he stopped, somehow his pure white face becoming apple red “You should go be with your guests. Can I join you all when you go out tomorrow?”

‘I’d really like that. We leave after breakfast”

“Could I join you for breakfast?”


“I’ll bring apple muffins to matcj my loves face”


“It’s sweet Juppar” She gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek “goodnight, I’ll see you bright and early”

Chapter Four

“Goodnight.” He replied and left even though he wished to stay. He smiled the whole way home, his heart beating excitedly in his chest.

“Where did Juppar disappear to?” Lexa asked as she climbed under the covers.

“I sent him over to Oemach’s because apparently he has been in love with her for a long time, but had not told her.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

Wiliam smiled and tucked stray strands of hair behind her ear. “Because my love you would have dragged him over there by his ear and I thought it was better to take it a little easy on our new friend.”

“Oh my sweet, gentle wolf how I adore you.”

“Sweet, gentle? I can take those, but I recall you calling me cute and that is something I just can’t let slide.”

She giggled as he came up on hands and knees above her. “Is my very cute little wolf going to punish me? Terrifying, absolutely terrifying.”

“I would certainly hope so.” He kissed her surprisingly soft, his lips moving from her lips to her chin and down her neck to her shoulder where he bit gently. Goosebumps covered her skin, making him smile as he pulled her nightgown off and tossed it on the floor so she was in nothing but her panties. “So beautiful.” He said softly, his eyes alight with not only desire, but his undying love and adoration for her.

“I thought you were supposed to be punishing me.”

“I am, slowly to drive you crazy.”

William tortured and teased Lexa until she absolutely couldn’t contain her noise any longer. At home it would have been ok but Juppar had a small house and they didn’t want to be rude. William flipped Lexa over so she could muffle her crys with the pillow. Now that she was muffled he moved slowly in and out of her. Every time her insides quivered around his shaft he was tempted to go into her hard but she needed her slow, torturous punishment for calling him cute today. He only let himself pour into his wife when he couldn’t hold it back anylonger. William laid down then pulled Lexa onto his chest. “jerk” she whispered, making William chuckle “don’t call me cute”

“cutie” She said with a frisky grin. “when we get home you remember this when we get in our bedroom”

“Once again my adorable puppy, I’m shaking”

“You’re only making it worse for yourself”

“Maybe i want to” Her voice¬†sportive as she spoke the words. William kissed her head then they both fell asleep. The next morning¬†Oemach arrived at seven am while everyone was still sleeping. Juppar jumped out of bed when he heard the door and ran. She giggled ‘sorry”

“No, don’t be sorry, please allow me to get myself together. I’ll be right back”¬†Oemach pulled Juppar into a kiss that made his heart thunder. “But you look so handsome already”

“Just let me get handsomer” Juppar face palmed and blushed at his stupid response.¬†Oemach giggled again “ok my love. Go get handsomer, I’ll just be waiting here” The talking woke the children who were excited to see¬†Oemach again. She hugged both of them then went into Juppar kitchen to set her muffins on the counter and cook the rest of breakfast for everybody. When Juppar came out he said “you don’t have to cook”

“I want to, cook with me. I’ve really enjoyed the times we’ve cooked together”

“You’re much better at it than me though.” Juppar said as he cooked the ground Lonan meat. It came from a deer like creature, but the meat was sweeter and a bit hot from the animals diet of peppers. Oemach cooked scrambled eggs with chives and garlic in them and soon the smell roused Lexa and William. They both stretched then gave each other a loving kiss before getting out of bed and taking a quick shower. They got out and pulled their clothes on then headed downstairs.

“Good morning.” Oemach said as they came into the kitchen.

“Good morning.” Lexa said with a bright smile.

“Do you two need any help?” William asked.

“If one of you would make toast and the other would fill glasses with milk it would be most appreciated.” Oemach answered and they hopped to it. Once the toast and milk were on the table, Juppar and Oemach scooped food onto plates and carried them to the table. Onvyr and Elora were extremely excited about more new food and were soon smiling after the first bite.

“This is amazing.” Onvyr said.

“I’m glad you like it. If it is alright with your parents you may have some apple muffins after you’re done.”

“Can we?” Elora asked as she turned her big eyes on her parents.

“Of course sweetie.” Lexa answered and both kids set to cleaning their plates.

They seemed to have grown a second stomach with how they gorged on Oemachs muffins. All the adults only managed to get one a piece. Whe Juppars kitchen was clean they left the house to begin the days adventure. A few Ocelli left with them, hovering around Elora. Oemach smiled though a little sadly. Those creatures have taken such a strong liking to you Elora. They will be sad when you leave”

“We’re coming back a lot. Mom and dad said so and can get back here by themselves now”

“That’s good, if you can keep them secret maybe some of them can go home with you.”

“Why keep them secret?”

“In most human worlds human do experiments on new found creatures. I don’t want them subjected to that” Oemach spoke as if she had lived through such a horror herself but nobody asked. Juppars upset expression confirmed for Lexa and William that was the case anyway. They walked until the kids stopped in awe at what was before them. The grass was suddenly a light shade of purple, gentle harp music filled their ears that was being played by weird looking men and women “what are those people?” Onvyr asked. “Saytrs” Juppar answered. They kept glancing around, noticing the trees each had different color leaves and just beyond all that was a crystal clear watered river with stones of dark red and black floating on top of it.

Both kids ran up to a male saytr “hi” He smiled at them “hello”

“Why are you playing music?”

“I enjoy it”

“It’s pretty” he smiled then went back to playing. They ran over to the water, quickly followed by their parents along with Juppar and Oemach. “Is the water safe?” Elora asked and Juppar nodded. They slipped in where the stones weren’t, surprised at the chill of it when the air was so warm. Being children it didn’t phase them and they just played. William and Lexa decided to join in so Oemach and Juppar followed.

When Onvyr and Elora had their fill of the water they collected a few stones then stepped out. “You guys want to see something really cool?”Juppar asked them and the children nodded. He took off across the field to a patch of pretty pink flowers and ran through them. As he did the flowers took off, revealing themselves to be large butterflies. The kids staed in astonishment and Lexa and William smiled at the wonderful sight. Juppar came back over, a big grin on his face that had Oemach looking adoringly at him. She held out her hand and he slipped his fingers through hers as they continued exploring.

As lunch time rolled around Juppar and William climbed fruit trees and dropped some down to the women and children then swung down and they all ate together. Lexa talked excitedly about becoming a wolf and the children wanted to shift and play. Lexa and William told them to go ahead and they quickly pulled their clothes off then turned into wolves. They ran through the field, always staying where they could be seen. Tobin, Ruuka, and Arashi stayed close to them, making sure nothing could harm them and Hyphillion flew next to Elora.

“I think that little dragonfly has bonded with our daughter.” William said as he watched them play.

“Do you mean like your wolf and lion?” Oemach asked.

“Yeah, looks like it. The other Ocelli will go off and do other things, but Hyphillion stays with Elora the whole time.”

“Wow, she told your daughter her real name? That’s amazing. Ocelli are not usually so forthcoming with such information even though they are very sweet.”

“I guess that means she has to go back with us when we finally leave. She’s Elora’s partner.”

“I wonder what gifts she’ll recieve from Hyphillion.” Lexa said excitedly.

“that’s interesting. Could i come visit your world somtime with Juppar?”

“Of course, drop by anytime” Lexa answered and Juppar said “I’ll guide you to theres any time Oemach” She kissed his cheek “thank you” His white face once again making his blush obvious. He wished he had a normal complextion so everybody wouldn’t be able to see. The kids were having fun and would be coming back often so they just stayed in that area until night was approaching “we must go.” Juppar stood with Oemach then continued “This area is the polar opposite at nighttime. Very dangerous and not a place for children to be out” William and Lexa picked up their children then they all left quickly.

They returned to Juppars home and he asked “would you stay for dinner Oemach. We’ll spend the day with the wolves tomorrow because they need a lot of prep time for Lexa and we don’t want to be late. It would be nice if you came with us again”

“I’ll stay if I can stay the night here” Juppar blushed again and she giggled though she knew it would only make it worse “I’d like for you to stay. You could stay in my room if you want” He said to the floor. “That would be nice. We can cuddle” she answered. Juppar cooked the children yet another meal with new tastes, loving how much they were enjoying common meals in his world. He knew the wonder in experiencing new foods since he traveled so much.

When Juppars guests were in their rooms for the night Oemach followed him into his bedroom. “are you going to be able to sleep with me in here?” She asked and he became confused “what do you mean?”

“You’re so nervous”

“Well you’re so beautiful. I don’t know why I’m so shy around you, it’s embarrassing.”

“But I like how shy you are.” He pulled her into his arms and pressed his lips against hers, kissing her softly and slowly. He really loved the taste of her lips. He let his lips drift down her neck to her shoulder then back up.

“I really love you.”

“I love you too.” They pulled their clothes off until she was down to her bra and panties and he down to his underwear. He looked away, his cheeks reddening once more. “Are you okay Juppar?”

“Can you please wear one of my shirts, seeing you like that makes me want to rip the rest of your clothes off and make love to you. After what happened to you, I’d be afraid of scaring you away.”

She grabbed his chin and tipped his back up. “I’m not afraid of you desiring me. I know anything you do to me will be done with love and care. I trust you.” He grabbed her hand and brought it to his lips to brush a kiss onto her knuckles. He then pulled her over to his bed and under the covers. It warmed his heart that she trusted him so much so he just pulled her into his arms and kissed her forehead.

“Goodnight my sweet Oemach.”

“Goodnight my loving Juppar.”

The next morning Juppar and Oemach had a slow start, not wanting to leave eachothers arms. Lexa wanted to cook breakfast but wasn’t confident in a new world with strange ingredients. When Juppar and Oemach did finally come out of Juppars room they made breakfast then started out to where the pack lived. Lexa had the excitement of a small child as they all walked along. William smiled at her and said “you, right now, are the definition of cute. Not me”

“we’re two different kinds of cute my adorable puppy” William gave a playful growl making Lexa and Oemach laugh. When they arrived the pack gave them all a warm welcome and the kids were allowed to run off and play with the others. Shael spoke “We don’t have to start just yet”

“we know, we just thought we should spend the day with you all to ensure I wasn’t too late”

“great, we’d love to get to know our new members more. We’ll start painting you a little after lunch. Like I said yesterday, nudity is normal among us and no males will be inappropriate.”

“I’m not worried. Nip my husband if he becomes worried” Lexa said and Shael gave a hearty laugh. It seemed as if they had only just gotten there when Lexa needed to strip and be painted. They did this inside the alphas home so nobody would be looking just yet. When she was done the moon was almost to the point needed in the sky. She walked out and the wolves had already formed a circle. She walked into the center with her husband, their children inside another home with a pregnant mother watching over the pups of the pack. They waited until the moon was just right then began to howl for Lexas wolf spirit to come. They stopped when a new cry filled the air. It ran up to Lexa, the wolf of pure white with the reddest eyes she had ever seen.

It stared at her, looking into her very soul then bent its head and nudged her fingers. “I think she wants you to touch her.” William said and Lexa lifted her hand and rubbed the wolf’s head. It stepped a little closer so she could feel its hot breath on her face and touched its cold nose to he forehead. Her eyes closed and her body grew even hotter as she felt like she was being crushed. She couldn’t breathe and clung tightly to William. She gasped, finally able to breathe and when she opened her eyes the wolf was gone. The other wolves started yipping and howling excitedly, startling her. Shael walked over and pulled them to their feet.

“You are now one of us sister, welcome to the pack.” She hugged him then the other pack members, completely forgetting her nudity. William felt that possessiveness and nearly pulled her back, but restrained himself, not wanting to upset her. She came back to him and gave him a big kiss, making him forget his momentary jealousy.

“That was amazing.” She said as he picked her up and took her inside to get her clothes.

“Yes it was, your wolf was beautiful just like you.”

“I can here that growl in your voice. Are you okay?”

He sighed, not wanting to lie to her. “I got jealous when you started hugging those men. I know Shael said nudity means nothing in a pack, but I can’t help it.”

“It’s okay baby, you’re an alpha by nature and you always get like this when I’m pregnant. I’m used to it so don’t worry.” He lowered her to her feet and she tugged her clothes on.

“So, you aren’t mad?”

“Of course not silly wolf. It’ll pass and you’ll get used to it, plus it’s not like we’ll be spending every day with the pack so I won’t be naked unless I’m in bed with you or we decide to go running together.” There was a knock on the door and Ellu pushed it open.

“Sorry we ran off.” William said and Ellu smiled.

“No worries, but we have a small celebration prepaed for you. Please come out when you’re ready.”

They walked out to where the pack was then joined in the celebration. Juppar and oemach stayed for awhile but went home when Oemach started to get sleepy. Faline, William and their children spent their remaining time in that world with their pack which Juppar didn’t mind since he just wanted to be with Oemach now that he finally had her. He would be traveling a lot less unless she was willing to accompany him. The pack and Juppar were sad when William and Lexa had to go home but the kids couldn’t miss any more school so they had to. William and Lexa laughed at Shael when he said “if you guys lived here they wouldn’t have to go to school”

As much as they liked it here it was only a place to visit frequently. They wanted to stay in their own world and felt touched the people here were so welcoming and wanting them to stay forever. When they went home Hyphillion followed, only proving the two had bonded. Both their children finally had a partner, a new one was on the way and they made lots of wonderful new friends in a new world. Meeting Juppar and accepting his duel request was a blessing and an amazing turn in their life.

~The End ~

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