Lexa & William

Chapter One

In the world of Gillis the lives of people and animals are intertwined. Every animal has a certain element and posses many magical abilities. Once a human is ten they can bond with an animal and they will gain all the magic abilities of the one they bonded with plus whatever magic arises from the persons soul once the bond is formed. Lexa bonded with a snow lion when she was fifteen. It annoyed her parents because everywhere the lion walked ice would cover the ground he stepped on.

Lexa is graduating High School today and is planning on living in the icy mountains of Nurlice. She thought it would be a nice home for her lion and she had become so accustomed to the cold it wouldn’t bother her a bit. It would be a long journey but she was excited to take it. Adventure is what she lived for and she rarely had a chance in town to use her skills with her lion she named Tobin. Travelers could challenge her to fight and she prayed they would. Tobin also itched for adventure and fights. When you bonded with your animal you can tell what they are feeling and they can tell what you are feeling.

Her parents already knew she was starting the week and a half trip right after graduation was over. They had her farewell party the night before and gave her a credit card linked to their account to live on until she got a job there. Lexa promised her parents she would have a bird fly a letter to them as soon as she had an address. Lexa hated how depressed her mom was but like her father kept saying “children can’t live at home forever” She could tell her dad was sad too but he was too much of a tough guy to show it.

“Do you really have to leave in the morning?” Her mother asked sadly.

“Mom, please don’t cry again. I’ll be fine.” Lexa said with a warm smile.

“Why did you have to go and grow up, it’s not fair.”

Lexa laughed and hugged her mother. She was going to miss her parents, but she was restless. She needed to scratch this adventurous itch or she might become depressed. Being outside and exploring was exhilarating. “I need to go to bed now mom or I’ll be way to tired to walk ten steps.”

“Okay baby, we’ll see you in the morning.”

She headed up to her room where Tobin was already curled up on the floor at the foot of her bed. “Hey buddy.” She bent down and scratched his head before pulling off her pants and shoes before climbing into bed. She felt the bed shift and looked down at Tobin. He had his large front paws on the bed. She patted the spot next to her and he jumped up, curling into a ball. “Sill cat, you don’t have to ask to get on the bed.” She yawned and allowed her eyelids to drift closed. The next morning she was woke by a sand paper tongue sliding over her cheek. She opened her eyes and sat up. “Some day you’re going to take the skin right off my cheek.” She swung her legs over the edge of the bed and went into the bathroom, switching on the shower then pulling off her clothes. She put her hair up on top of her head then stepped under the warm water. It woke her up instantly, refreshed her. She got out and dried quickly then pulled on some clean clothes. She was now glad she had packed everything she needed the night before.

“I bet mom has breakfast ready.” She left her room, the large cat following close behind. She was going to hate seeing her mom cry again. Her father was a rock. She knew he was sad, but he was being tough. He knew if she saw him cry that she would break down and might never go her own way. Her father wanted her to experience life and every amazingly scary and beautiful thing that came with it.

“Good morning baby!” Her mother said trying for warm and happy but she was obviously fighting back tears. Her father just gave her a smile but she also saw through him. She decided just to let them pretend for her that they wouldn’t both be crying when she was out of sight. Her mothers psychic zebra and her fathers panther whose ability was speed were also in the kitchen. She rubbed each of their backs before sitting down to breakfast. She’d miss seeing their animals every day. She loved riding on the panthers back when she was a little girl. Her mothers zebra was amazing because it could move objects in the air. It would put on shows for her whenever she became sad.

They sat down and ate breakfast together for the last time with her living there. When she was done her father said “don’t forget to write us the second you are settled in your home and remember that no home is too expensive. I dont even want you to pay us back ok? Just write us when you get there and let us come check it out next month”

“I wont forget to write dad and thank you but I insist on making payments to you and mom when I’m done. You may have more money than you can spend but I want to be my own woman. I’ll be keeping track of what I spend until I have a job so you’ll be reimbursed in full. I don’t care if you like it or not.” Jethro smiled “You keep her safe Tobin.” Tobin purred in response to tell her father that he would. She got up and hugged them for the last time then put her bag on her back. “I love you both very much”

“We love you too.” Lexa felt a pang of sadness but it quickly fled her mind when she was nearing the outside of her town. She was giddy with excitement and could tell her lion was too. She couldn’t wait for her first challenge. It would be especially fun if they wanted to wager on it. When you challenged a person you could bet money or items. It made things much more exciting. She never got to though since she had only ever been in two battles and they were on school grounds so she got in trouble for them. Fighting wasn’t allowed in cities.It was especially forbidden on school grounds. Today was chilly for the time of year it was but that only made things nicer.

She found herself becoming increasingly bored as they walked along. She sighed, surprised at how quiet it was. She wanted action, excitement, for someone to jump out of the woods and try to take her valuables just so she could get Tobin to send them running. She had always been like this ever since she could remember. Climbing high trees and falling out of them, wrestling with boys older than her and winning. Her mother had told her many times to calm down or she would get seriously injured, but Lexa had way to much energy to just sit around and do nothing. Her mother had suggested she try ice sculpting, but she preferred to freeze lakes over and go sliding across them on Tobin’s back.

Tobin bumped against her, nearly knocking her legs out from under her. “Hey, what was that for?” She got the impression from his thoughts that he was telling her to stop being stupid. She tugged on his ear and he rubbed his face against her leg. “Alright, I’ll stop having depressing thoughts.”

When it was time for lunch she found a place to sit down and eat. Tobin sat curled around her and she held out a piece of her sandwich for him to eat. She finished eating then leaned back against Tobin, staring into space. The cat flicked her in the nose with the tip of his tail, tickling her nose and making her sneeze. She laughed and scratched his head. “Alright, lets go.” She got to her feet, stretching and then taking off. She would make it to the next town by midnight and try to find a place where Tobin’s ice wouldn’t cause to much trouble. The sun started to go down and a light breeze blew across the road. The wind whipped her hair around her face. Tobin roared and she felt like she was being watched. A loud howl broke the silence and a man stepped onto the road. She blinked, wondering if she was hallucinating him. He just appeared out of nowhere.

He was tall with a wolf by his side. She couldn’t tell what the wolves power was which was annoying since Tobins was obvious. She really need to train him on how to control it but she felt so mean every time they worked on it. Tobin didn’t seem to want to be any different so who was she to change him. The man had dark brown hair that just covered his ears and the cold green eyes. He also had some scars on his arm like he had been clawed by some creature. He was only inches from Lexa when he said “You didn’t pick up on me following you. You must be fresh meat.” He chuckled darkly then Lexa responded “I just left home today but I don’t appreciate being referred to as meat you ass” He chuckled again “You are going to fight me and I will take all you have with you when I win. This isn’t a request for a duel. I will fight you if you ready yourself or not.

Tobin growled in anger at the man and his wolf got nose to nose with her lion. Both animals had tightly clenched teeth. “Fine but youll be sorry for underestimating me”

“Please you’ll make me hurt myself with laughter little girl. I live preying on newcomers to the wild” The lion and wolf lunged at eachother while the man sent a powerful surge of electricity through Lexa making her scream in intense pain. She couldn’t move against it. Tobin knew he had to help her so sliced its claws deep against the wolves face before pouncing on the back of the man. Lexa was disoriented but quickly froze the wolf over. She may not have been in many battles but her ice was strong and she had a lot of stamina with it. She trained with Tobin every day he felt up to it. The man got angry and ran over punching the ice.

The gift that awoken in him when he bonded with his animal must have been great strength becausee he busted the wolf out. The wolf ponced back on the lion again as the man punch Lexa. She tried to freeze him but he was moving quickly. He pushed her to the ground and sent another surge. Suddenly another wolf that she could tell wasn’t his because it had a grey pelt instead of black knocked the man off. “Luminer! Back off you fucking creep! I thought I told you I would have no more of you taking advantage of newcomers on the road you low toad! You should atleast pick on someone with the experience you have!”

“Mind your business William!”

“Either leave or you’ll be sorry.” William snapped, his eyes resting briefly on her face before he took his place between her and her attacker. She swore his eyes had glowed in the moonlight like a wild animals often did.

“I’ll fight you and then I’ll get what I want from her.” Luminer shot a wave of electricity at William who jumped straight up in the air. When he landed he looked different. He bared his teeth at Luminer, showing sharp canines. He had sharp claws and was growling. He and his wolf rushed them. Luminer seemed to panic as William moved with lightening speed across the ground. He started to back up, but William was on him in an instant. He punched Luminer in the face then picked him up by his throat and threw him so he tumbled across the ground. He raised his head to the sky and howled, the sound giving Lexa chills. He looked at her and she felt a shiver move through her. This man was terrifying.

“Get out of here Luminer or I will kill you and your pet.” The look in his eyes scared Luminer to his feet. He called his wolf and they both ran. William took a deep breath and closed his eyes, his body changing back to the way it was before. “Come Ruuka.” He said and walked over to Lexa with a warm smile. He held out his hand and she took it so he could pull her to her feet. “Sorry about that, he’s an idiot. Are you alright?”

She just stared at him, disbelieving that this man had been the wild animal she had seen a moment ago. He snapped his fingers in front of her face and she jumped. “Sorry, I’ve never see anything like that.” She managed to say.

“You mean my beast form? Ruuka here gave it to me isn’t that right girl.” He reached down and scratched the wolf behind the ear. “It’s not that much of a transformation, I was actually holding back believe it or not.” He smiled and rubbed the back of his neck. “I can get way uglier. Anyway, are you okay?”

“Yes, thank you for helping me and Tobin.”

“You should be more careful and not travel at night. It’s pretty irresponsible for an amateur.”

“You should be thanking me for having such good self control you ass. I want to slap you so hard.”

He looked shocked. “I wasn’t trying to insult you, just give you some advice. I got caught out in the open once. Ruuka almost died protecting me.”

“Well thank you for everything. Come Tobin, lets hurry to the next town” She started to walk past William and he spoke “The next town is hours away. My home is only fifteen minuets from here. Please stay the night. Unsavory people like that man are all over these roads at night and some may want more than your belongings.” Lexa pondered and decided she should take him up on his offer. She could feel Tobin wanted the break anyway. “alright I guess”

“good, it would weigh on my mind if you were walking the roads at night. You heard the man speak my name, could I know yours?”

“Lexa” William smiled and said “well please follow me Lexa and Tobin” She walked by his side with Tobin on the opposite side. Ruuka was walking ahead of them. William couldn’t help but notice how pretty Lexa was. She had shoulder length, wavy brown hair with stunning hazel eyes. He couldn’t deny how pretty her figure was aswell but kept his eyes forward so not to be rude. She had only just gotten away from a very horrible man and didn’t need him staring at her. “since your new to these roads how old are you?” He had to ask. “18, you?”

“22 but I’ve been out here since I was 16”

“why did you start then?”

“My parents died and I didn’t want to go into the foster system. I was already a man in my own eyes so I just ran away with Ruuka here.”

“I’m so sorry”

“what about your parents?”

“They are both alive and happily married” was all she wanted to say. She didn’t want William knowing her father owned one of the most powerful law firms around. She was her own person, not just an extension of a very rich man like people treated her when they knew. Her older brother basked in it but she tried not to tell people. “how did you get by?” she asked “Anyway I could. The house we’re going to I built myself”

“Impressive” He grinned widely “thank you, I’m proud of it” Lexa was still slightly annoyed by his amateur comment but he seemed so nice she was sure he truly didn’t mean offense. They arrived at his house and it was nicer than she expected “now I really am impressed”

“I’m glad, are you hungry?”


“well then let me cook for you after I show you to my guest room. You’ll be the first person to use it”

“Thank you so much”

“Its no problem, the company for one night will be nice” They walked in and he went up the stairs with her and showed her to a room then pointed out the bathroom. “want to follow me into the kitchen or stay in here?”

“I’ll go with you” Lexa had never seen a man smile so much. Another smile jerked at his lips. He knew he was smiling too much but he couldn’t help it. They walked down to the kitchen and he began cooking as she sat down with Tobin who had left a little bit of ice around his home “Tobin can’t help it. I’m sorry”

“Don’t be, why ahvent you trained him to keep it controlled?”

“He doesn’t want to learn and I feel bad forcing him”

“He may just be being lazy” he said cautiously “maybe” Lexa said. William was relieved he hadn’t offended her again. He wasn’t around others much so wasn’t very good at what to do and what not to do socially. He made them each a burger then sat down across from her ignoring the urge to watch her take a bite to see her reaction. After her first taste she said “this is the best burger I’ve ever had”

“Thanks, it’s my favorite food so I make it a lot. When we’re done will you want to sit up and talk to me for a bit or go to sleep?”

“we can talk for a short while”

“Good, I’d love that. When we do go to sleep please don’t hesitate to wake me if you need anything.”

“alright, thank you”

William rested his chin in his hand as she talked about where she was going and why. He loved her voice and how excited she was about starting her new life. She seemed to keep her family out of the conversation which he thought was odd since she seemed to glow with happiness when she talked about her parents before. He filed that away for things to ask about later. He inhaled her scent, using his wolf nose to try and determine where she came from. Her clothes smelled of incense, something that irritated his senses. He turned his head and sneezed.

“Are you okay?” She asked.

“You smell like incense.” He answered then sneezed again. He let his senses drift back to normal so he’d stop sneezing.

“My mom burns it, I’m not sure what kind it is.”

“It was irritating my nose. I shouldn’t go all wolfy around you.”

Lexa started laughing and he smiled. She had never known anyone to be that sensitive to incense. “Do you have a shirt I can borrow? That way I’ll smell like you and you’ll be fine.”

“You don’t have to change for me.”

“I insist.”

He couldn’t tell her no, especially after she had been attacked and trusted him enough to follow him home. He got up and headed upstairs to his room. He grabbed a shirt out of his closet and took it back to her. Lexa grabbed the shirt and ran to the bathroom. She changed quickly and put her clothes in her bag. She pulled her hair up on top of her head and hurried back downstairs. He choked on his water when she came back in. He sat sat the cup down, gasping for air. “Are you okay?” She ran over and patted his back, making him lean forward a little.

“I’m fine, I just forget how to drink sometimes.” He started coughing again. She rubbed his back until he caught his breath.

“Do I smell better now?”

“Yes, thank you. I think I need more water.” He grabbed his glass and took a sip. “That’s better. You should get to bed. I plan on being your escort so idiots like Luminer can’t hurt you.”

“I wouldn’t mind having someone to talk too.” She kissed his cheek and his cheeks turned red. “Good night William.”

Lexa went upstairs with Tobin close behind. He left more ice behind and she frowned at him. She crawled into bed and hopped up next to her, curling up and falling asleep. She wrapped her arm around his neck and buried her face in his soft mane. Tomorrow before they left she was going to start trying to train him. She had let his stubbornness go to far. William touched his fingers to his cheek, not sure what to think. Her lips had been so warm and soft. He wanted to really kiss her, to run his hands over her. He shook his head, surprised at his thoughts. That was the animal talking. After bonding with Ruuka he had taken on more than just his ability to shift and use wolf senses, his heart and soul had become wild. He sometimes had to go on long runs or work out for hours to get rid of all his pent up energy. He slammed his fist down on the counter, startling Ruuka. The wolf rested her head on his lap and whined.

“Lets go on a run girl.”

As he ran he couldn’t push her out of his head. Her picture and the sensation that followed her lips on his skin were ingrained in there. He ran for hours but it helped little. When he finally stopped running and went up to shower then sleep he was glad it would be such a long trip. He would have time to really sort out what she was doing to him, why she made him so happy, why his gut compelled him to go to where she was that night. He was only over there because his gut was forcing him to go that way. He wondered why the world had pushed for them to meet. He cleaned all the sweat off then crawled into bed while his wolf went into his spot in the corner.

“Goodnight Ruuka” The wolf whimpered its goodnight then they both fell asleep. When morning came he ran downstairs to make breakfast for his guest. He decided on blueberry pancakes with sausage. She woke while he was still cooking and changed into her own clothes. She couldn’t wear his out and she knew the air of outside would get the scent off her clothes. He found himself smiling again as he heard Lexa and Tobin walking down his staircase. “Good morning William”

“Good morning Lexa. Were you comfortable?”

“Very” He didn’t look at her until he had set the plates on the table and suddenly was speechless with a slight blush. Lexas clothes were very flattering to her body. It was somthing about the jeans and tshirt she was wearing that was captivating. He didn’t realize he was frozen and staring at her until she started laughing “is it my smell again? I thought outside it might not be a problem” He shook his head “I’m so rude. I’m sorry, please still let me escort you” She laughed harder “You’re ok, you freak out too easy. Breakfast smells delicious”

“I hope it tastes that way too” Lexa sat down while William got meat for the Tobin and Ruuka. Once they were eating and had bowls of water he sat down enjoying how satisfied Lexa looked. “good then?”

“Amazing!” she said sounded more excited than she intended to. He chuckled “I’d cook for you anytime. It’s a shame you’ll be living so far away from me” William was mentally kicking himself. That sounded really crazy since he only just met her the night before. Now she definitely wasn’t going to let him escort her to her new home. “Nothing says we can’t stay friends and visit eachother from time to time”

“I guess nothing does” he said with a huge smile. When he was done eating he excused himself upstairs to make a bag for himself. Lexa washed the dishes he used then checked the room she used to be sure she didn’t leave anything. Once she was sure she used the bathroom then went to wait for him with their partners in the living room. She hadn’t been sitting long when William came down the stairs. “I’m ready if you are Lexa”

They walked down the road, both of them surprised they had not seen any other travelers. It was probably the heat that was keeping them inside. Even this early in the morning, the sun was already making them sweat like crazy. “Dear lord.” Lexa said. “It’s way to hot for clothes.” She pulled her shirt off and stuffed it in her bag. She was wearing a sports bra underneath. He couldn’t help but stare at her. She looked at him and he looked away. “You can take yours off too if you want.” She said with a smile.

“Are you sure?” He asked and she nodded. He tugged his t-shirt of and put it in his bag.

“You have a tattoo?”

“Huh? Yeah, I’ve had it for awhile.” He lifted his right arm so she could see the wolf that seemed to be crawling up his ribs.

“Wow, how cool.”

“Do you have any?” She smiled and nodded. “I didn’t see any last night or now for that matter.”

“It’s on my inner thigh, a blue orchid. I had to put it there or my mom would have had a heart attack. I told my dad about it and my brother, oh and my friends saw it while I was sun bathing.”

“Oh, okay.” He rubbed the back of his neck. She was making his attraction to her worse. “So uh tell me about your family. You haven’t talked about them much.”

“I have my reasons for that, I really do. I’m not trying to hide things, it’s just…”

“Just what? You can tell me.” He could hear her heart beat faster.

“They’re kind of rich.” He started laughing and she glared at him. “What’s so funny?”

“I don’t care about money. I thought you were going to tell me they were assassins or something. I was an orphan Lexa, nothing worse than that. Silly girl.” He started laughing again and nudged her with his elbow. “So tell me about the issues you’ve been having with Tobin.”

“He’s stubborn, but then again so am I. He fears that I’ll force him to change. I wish I had the type of control that you do.” She sounded exasperated.

“I don’t control Ruuka. I become one with her and it allows me to call on my magic. You’re forcing it.” He grabbed her arm and pulled her to a stop. He turned her to face him and grabbed her hand, pressing it against his chest. He placed one of his hands over her heart. “You have to feel it from here.” He said softly. “Not from here.” He raised his hand and touched her temple. “Get it?”

“I can’t use logic with an animal right?”

“Exactly. Animals are all about instinct. Start feeling from your heart, listen to your instincts and Tobin will stop leaving ice everywhere. I thought he was lazy at first, but I go to thinking about it last night and realized he’s frustrated. He’s rebelling because you’re not really listening. Once we have checked into an inn, we’ll go out where no one can find us and practice.”

“sounds good” Lexa said and William smiled. He hoped she liked what she saw. She wasn’t giving him any indication atall but atleast Lexa liked him enough to let him escort her. Tobin rubbed against Lexas leg and purred then went back to his pace. “I love you Tobin” she said sweetly making the large cat pur again. “That is the first lion I’ve ever heard pur.” William said for the sake of conversation. He wanted to hear the sound of her voice as much as possible. “Tobins a sweetheart. I knew we were meant to be bonded the second I saw him. He took to me quickly too. It was fate, I believe the universe brings together what’s meant to be together.” William smiled thinking that fate had matched him with Lexa. Maybe her feelings could be mutual. He’d give ti time though. He had over a week to be with her so there wasn’t a rush just yet to see if she shared his attraction.

The more they talked the more Lexa liked William. He was handsome and seemed to be a very fun and good guy. Lunch was coming around and she coudl tell Tobin was hungry. He looked at her and she nodded “Tobin wants to hunt somthing to eat. Do you care if we stop?”

“I’m sure Ruukas hungry too.” With that they sat down by some trees while both their animals ran off. Lexa and William ate apples while they waited. They were sitting so close. Lexas free hand was so near Williams he could just move his hand a little and be holding hers. He wanted to badly but resisted it. He knew he had to. She could still tell him to go away. The last thing he wanted was to be pushy with her. Their animals came back and they started again “at this rate we will be in the next town by dinner.”

“good” Lexa said with a smile. “After this town the next one is atleast two days but I can shorten that for you if you’re comfortable with me carrying you. I have a lot of stamina from my wolf and can go all night.”

“I bet you brag about that with all the ladies” she teased. At first William didn’t get it but then went into a full body blush “no no, I wasn’t trying to.”

“Shhh, calm down” she interrupted his panic attack “I was joking William. Please stop being so tense.”

“I’m just not around other people very much and I’m not sure how much my social skills have suffered for it. I’m worried I’ll run you off”

“You wont William as long as you quit panicking on me” He could feel his wolf laughing at him. William glared at his comrade which only made it worse. Everything was peaceful and uneventful as they strode to the town. Mainly because William was with her. There had been a few men along the way but they didn’t dare jump out while William was with her. When they arrived Lexa paid for their room and they went up to get settled before finding a nice place to eat so they could practice on a full stomach. “I know the perfect place. I come here somtimes”

“Ok, wherever will make you happy. I’m not very picky”

“Um” William started nervously. “Um what?” Lexa asked “well, this is a busy town and its easy to loose one another amongst the people. Could I hold your hand along the way?” Lexa smiled and grabbed his hand. Their animals wanted to sleep so they said bye before stepping out the door. Ruuka and Tobin looked at eachother exchanging the mutual knowing their owners had feelings for one another. They were trying to give them their own time together.

Chapter Two

He pulled her through the busy streets, moving easily around the people. Lexa wondered where he was taking her. He went all the way to the other side of town then up a steep hill to an abandoned house. It was in a lot better shape than most abandoned things. “This is one of my favorite places.” He said as he pushed the front door open. She loved the interior. He pulled her into what had been the living room. “I don’t know if you know this, but no matter the distance between you and Tobin, you are always connected. You will always be able to access the abilities he awakened in you.”

“My father told me this.” She replied.

“Good. Magic is all energy as you know, but if you fight against that energy then it won’t work. We all have animal instincts, it’s part of who we are. They are what keep us alive. You are suppressing them and making Tobin frustrated. You’ll have better control of your magic if you learn to let go when you’re fighting.”

“How do I do that?”

“Close your eyes.” She narrowed her eyes at him and he rolled his. “I’m not going to kiss you or feel you up, I promise.”¬†She closed her eyes and he grabbed her hand, pressing it against his chest. She could feel his heart beating, slow and steady. “Slow your breathing, block out everything else but Tobin and his energy. Let your energy mingle with his. Don’t force it together, just let it flow.” He stepped closer so she could feel heat rolling off of him and washing over her. She focused on Tobin, let his icy cold energy wash over her. She could feel his happiness and hear him purring. “Become that wild dangerous beast, use his cold viciousness. You are him and he is you.” He started shivering and she opened her eyes.

“Are you cold?” She asked softly.

“You’re making me cold.” She pulled her hand away.


He grabbed her hand and put it back where it was. “Just slowly shut it off.” She stared up at him as she breathed slowly, let her magic energy flow back into Tobin. “Good, but you need more practice. Some day you will be able to do that quickly. You saw how fast I shifted, that took a lot of practice.”

Lexa swallowed at the look in his eyes. It was pure lust, an animalistic need to make her his. That was the wolf in him and it was something he couldn’t shut off. Tobin had not given her the ability to shift or use his senses. She was sure William could hear her heart racing. He smiled and finally let go of her hand. “I’m tired.” She said softly.

“Let me carry you back.” They stepped out onto the porch and he lifted her in his arms, taking her back down the hill and to the inn. Tobin and Ruuka greeted them excitedly. He put her down and she disappeared into her room. He stood there a moment wondering if he had done something wrong.

He sighed, sure he did somthing wrong. He went to his own room and felt sadness dampen his heart at the thought of her sending him back home in the morning. Ruuka got on the bed with him and licked his face trying to give William comfort. “That wont work tonight buddy but thank you. I really like her alot, a like thats turning into more as I spend time with her. I did somthing wrong and now she wont want me with her. I just dont know how to act around people and she’s so pretty and nice. I want her Ruuka, really really badly but now I’ll just be going home.” Lexa took off her clothes. She was overly hot from being in his arms. He was so sexy and she loved the way he held her.

Tobin got in the bed with her and she snuggled into his fur to get cooler. “Thank you Tobin” She fell asleep quickly, thinking about William. She woke early and got dressed. She put her dirty clothes in her bag then knocked on Williams door. He answered almost instantly “oh so I guess you were already up?” He nodded “I wanted you to sleep as late as you wanted. I know a good place for breakfast”

“Then lead me.” She grabbed his hand again giving William comfort she wasn’t angry about somthing. It felt like a wall of bricks was lifted off of him and he felt like he could possibly start floating. Ruuka and Tobin followed close behind as they went through town and into a restaurant. “Thank you so much for last night” Lexa said happily. “You went into your room so quick I thought you were upset”

“I told you I was tired”

“I’m glad it was only that. Please tell me right away if I step out of bounds or upset you. Even if I upset you slightly please tell me”

“I will, I’m not one to hide what I’m thinking”

“Good, I’ll appreciate it.” They ate and then Lexa paid before they left. “You ready guys?” she said cheerfully to their companions. Their mouths were a mess from hunting for their food. They checked their rooms then handed in their keys before hitting the road again. William was happy when she didn’t release his hand even when they couldn’t see town any longer. Lexa enjoyed holding his hand so wasn’t going to stop unless somebody attacked or he let go.

“Can I carry you?” He asked and she seemed to think about it for a moment.

“If you really want to.” He swung her into his arms and she giggled. “Someone’s happy.”

He blushed and she giggled again. She liked when he turned bright red, it was cute. She had been around plenty of boys, some had even asked her to marry them and none of them blushed. She ran her fingers over his cheek and his eyes widened. He leaned into her touch, giving a satisfied moan. He snapped his head back up and looked away from her. “You are really shy aren’t you?”

“I’m just not used to people.” He replied, his voice shaking.

“You seem particularly nervous around me. Is it because I’m a woman? You can speak freely.”

“It’s because you’re you. You have a more profound effect on me compared to other women. You make my senses go crazy.” He buried his nose in her hair and inhaled deeply, making her blush a bright crimson. “What is it about you that drew me out of seclusion?”

“William, please.”

“I’m sorry, I crossed the line. Please forgive me.”

“It’s not that, you’re squeezing me a little to tight. Loosen up before you break something.”

“Oh, sorry.” He gave a nervous laugh and relaxed his hold on her.

“Stop worrying, I don’t bite.”

“I do.” She laughed and kissed his cheek. He liked her openness and honesty. He had had women in his life, but they had not stayed for long. They were either afraid of his animalistic nature or just wanted to use him for sex.

“Why are you frowning?”

“Just thinking about how depressing my life has been up until now. You have given me a real purpose.”

“I’m glad. Thank you for coming with me.”

“Thank you for letting me. The way you flew into that room last night I was terrified you were going to send me home this morning.”

“I love your company far too much for that. I’m glad you enjoy mine so much” He smiled at her. “I hope you’ll let me come to see you often.” William said knowing they’d rarely see eachother. He was actually considering moving to the mountains of Nurlice. He could build another house. He’d do anything to be around Lexa. His want for her was getting hard to keep leashed but he was determined not to over step. Not only was this the strongest he had ever felt for a woman but this is also the hardest he fought to control himself in his life. He wanted desperately to lean down and kiss Lexa. William decided to give it a bit more time. Maybe tonight under the stars they could stop somwhere nice for a bit and he could ease into a kiss from her.

He struggled throughout the rest of the day not to kiss her but he made it. The sun was starting to set and he knew of a nice open field just a little bit further ahead. He quickened his pace then asked “want to enjoy the stars for a short amount of time so Rukka and Tobin can go hunt then rest for maybe an hour?”

“That’s a good idea” William turned off the path and walked until they came upon a huge field. He set her down in the grass then Ruuka and Tobin ran off. Her beautiful eyes were only more captivating as they filled with the stars above. His mouth was practically watering for her. She noticed and asked “Could I sit leaning against you?” A light blush appeared on his face and he said “yes” She got in his lap then leaned back against him. “This is so beautiful. I’ve never seen anything so pretty.”

“Me neither” he said looking at Lexa. She blushed knowing his gaze was on her. William was almost shaking trying not to roll her under him. “Lexa”

“Yes William” she said softly “Can I kiss you?” She turned her face towards him then grabbed his. When their lips met William could have sworn his heart burst in his chest as goosebumps covered his entire body. It was¬†such a pleasant feeling and one he had never experienced before. His kiss became increasingly wild and he almost slipped his hand under her shirt. When he realized what he was about to do he broke the kiss “We need to stop.”

“No we don’t, you can have me William. You need to take me before you break yourself. I’ve noticed how hard you’ve been struggling and it’s so sweet. Take me William” Instantly he had her under him and began kissing her. His tongue thrashing around her mouth and sliding against hers. She lightly moaned and it was over for him. He bit and licked her neck as he ripped her pants off. He thrust himself inside of her letting out a loud cry. “You’re so tight Lexa” He couldn’t believe how he was moaning. He was apparently going to be having a lot of firsts with her.

Lexa lay limp in the grass, gasping for air. Her body was covered in goosebumps and her legs were shaking. Her clothes were torn to shreds and she was covered in bite marks and hickeys. She knew she was going to be sore in the morning, but she didn’t care. She turned onto her side, smiling at the sleeping William. He had really worn himself out. She had not realized just how sexually frustrated he had been. She pulled what was left of her clothes off then snuggled up close to him. She was amazed at how warm his skin was. She kissed his cheek then pillowed her head on his chest. She fell into a deep sleep, her body relaxing completely against his.

William woke the next morning feeling confused. He had not remembered falling asleep. He felt someone move against him and looked down, smiling happily at Lexa. He remembered now, their wild and passionate lovemaking. He could still hear her moans and whimpers and images of her pinned beneath him played in his head. He noticed she had a pretty bad bite mark on her shoulder. He had not remembered doing that. He rolled her gently onto her back, shocked at the hickeys and bite marks covering her. She had bruises at her thighs where he had gripped her to hard. “Lexa wake up.” He said softly and she shifted in her sleep then slowly opened her eyes.

“Good morning.” She said softly and stretched, wincing a little.

“I hurt you didn’t I?”

“You silly wolf.” She tangled her fingers in his hair and pulled him down into a kiss. She kept tugging until he was laying between her legs. She pulled his head back and smiled up at him. “I feel amazing, sore, but amazing. I definitely want to do that again, but next time try to spare my clothes.”

“I was so out of control. I don’t remember leaving these marks on you or falling asleep. Thank you for not being scared of me. The last thing I want to do is scare or hurt you.”

“This is a good hurt, I promise.”

“Good.” He brushed his fingers through her hair then moved off of her so she could get up and get dressed. He pulled his own clothes back on then picked up what was left of the clothes he had ripped off of her. A smile flitted across his lips. He could get used to making love to her if she would let him. He wanted to be wrapped in her warmth every night.

It hurt to stand but she didn’t have to long before William picked her up. “You wont be walking after last night. I’ll carry you until we rest again”

“Thank you” He let out a breath of laughter “You thanking me is ridiculous. Thank you Lexa” She smiled and laid her head on his shoulder as Ruuka and Tobin walked by seemingly pleased by their humans union last night. Last night was the most amazing experience of his life. He now just wanted to ask her if she’d be his and let him move to the mountains with her. He’d have to get accustomed to the cold but he could do it for her. He’d sleep naked in the snow if it meant being with Lexa. He could still see one of the really bad bite marks at the bottom of Lexas neck and felt bad. He was sure that hurt a great deal. She said it was good but Lexa was so nice she may have just said that so he wouldn’t be sad.

If she would give him a next time he was going to control himself better. He had a lot of frustration to get rid of that time but next time hopefully he could keep himself from being so rough with her. Lexa ended up falling right back asleep. He was sure she needed it after the night he gave her. William found himself more energized from sex with her. He slept like a rock and felt like he could go on for days. He would stop at the next town anyway so he could make love to her in a comfortable bed. He wanted to make sure she knew sex wouldn’t always be that high of a level of crazy every time before he asked if he could be her boyfriend. He didn’t know if he could take her refusing to let him live with her.

They were now passing a particulary beautiful part of the journey. William thought she’d want to see it so woke her with a kiss. “what is it”

“Look around” Lexas eyes widened as she saw the multi colored trees and wild animals running around. “Thank you for waking me up! This is stunning!” He smiled then asked “was it ok to wake you with a kiss?”

“Its the perfect way to wake me up” Williams heart swelled with happiness. He’d always wake her that way now. Willima slowed his pace so she could take everything in. Once again the only thing he was admiring was Lexas face. She laughed at him “you’re missing so many gorgeous things looking at me.”

“No I’m not, you’re the prettiest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on”

She blushed and a smile pulled at her lips. She loved when he complimented her. He was the only one who didn’t care about her money. “So, tell me more about your family.” She said as she rested her head back on his shoulder.

“My mother and father were good people. They both had wolves like me. Apparently wolves run in the family, but none of them had my…problem I guess you would call it. Anyway, my parents died in a fire. It was an accident. After that, I ran away to avoide foster care. No family ever came to get me so I guessed they didn’t care.” He replied a little sadly.

“I don’t know what I would do without my family. What’s your last name? Mine is Biller.”

“Law firm Biller?”

“Yeah, why?”

“It must have really been fate after all.”

“What are you talking about?”

He smiled warmly down at her, his eyes full of love. “The man who pulled me out of the fire was named Jethro Biller. He kept me from running back in to my parents. He saved my life.”¬†She stared up at him, her eyes wide with shock. She would have to thank her father for being so brave. As soon as she got the chance she would take William to see him. “It must have been that familiar smell that pulled me to you. He smelled of incense too.”

“I love you so much William. Never leave me, no matter what happens.”

“I won’t, I’ll stay right by your side.” He kissed her softly, his heart singing. “Would you like to get a better view of everything?”

“Yes please. It’s so beautiful here.” He stopped walking and lowered her to her feet then squatted down and patted his shoulders. She climbed on and he stood slowly, grabbing her thighs to keep her from falling. “Thank you so much.” She leaned down and kissed the top of his head.

“I’ll do anything for you Lexa, anything. I always want to see you smile.”

She stayed on his shoulders until her stomach began to growl and he slowly lowered her to the ground. They sat and ate, talking excitedly about where they were going to live. She had never been more excited than she was now. She hoped he would be okay in cold weather. She couldn’t really feel it thanks to Tobin, but if he wasn’t then she would make sure to keep him close to her. They finished eating and got up. He lifted her onto his arms since she was still sore, frowning at her pain.

“Stop frowning. I told you I enjoyed it.” She said as of reading his mind. “I’m not scared of your wildness. The almost feverish look in your eyes when you take me gives me chills. I love everything about you, now stop worrying.”

“As long as you’re sure”

“I’m very sure. I want you to make wild love to me every night once we live togther. Eventually I’ll get used to it and wont get so sore.” He smiled “You’re perfect Lexa. I hope you know that” William said holding Lexa a little tighter as they enjoyed all the amazing scenary they were passing. William was pleased to be having such an unevntful trip so far. He figured there just wasn’t many men left that still had the balls to challenge him. He walked around just for fun so had been this way many times. In fact tomorrow they’d pass a hot springs that he planned on taking Lexa to. When they were still an hour from the next town it began to rain heavily.

William, Tobin and Ruuka ran the rest of the way. They checked in quickly only getting one room for the night. Once they were inside William tugged off his clothes. They were making him freezing. ‘want to shower with me Lexa?” She started taking off her clothes so he took that as a yes and happily went inside the bathroom. Lexa followed him in then got int he hot water with William once he had it started. He pulled Lexa into his arms to hold her as the water rushed over them. He held her against him with one hand while using the other to massage her back. “Thank you”

“It’s a pleasure to do it. I love feeling your smooth skin.” William bit her earlobe making Lexa smile. “if you take me again you’ll be stuck carrying me all day again tomorrow”

“Oh no, what a punishment” he whispered into her ear. She giggled “I love you William.”

“I love you too Lexa, always. I want to spend my life by your side.”

“good because you’re stuck with me. I’ll hunt you down if you try to leave” Her words were once again threatening to make his heart burst with happiness. “I hope you truly mean that Lexa. I’ll build you any house you want once we get to the mountains. All you have to do is tell me precisely what you want.”

“I’ll start thinking about it tomorrow. I’m sure I wotn be able to think tonight”

“If I do things right you wont. I want you to be lost in all the pleasure I’m giving you”

He made her weak in the knees when he talked like that. His voice changed, his whole behavior changed. He was all animal. He switched off the water and dried them both then pulled her into their room and pushed her down onto the bed. “I want a closer look at that tattoo.” He said and she shivered. He kissed his way down her neck and over her chest. He sucked and bit at her breasts,making her moan. He moved lower, licking over her abdomen over to her hip where he bit her a little harder. He pushed her legs as far open as they would go and ran his tongue over the little blue flower on the inside of her leg. “No one else should be seeing this.” He whispered.

“No one else does.” She gasped as he ran his tongue over and then in her.

“Your friends did and I’m sure another man has.”

“You’re jealous aren’t you?” She giggled and he growled, biting the inside of her leg. He sucked and licked at her, making her writhe and moan. Her fingers gripped the comforter as an orgasm moved through her, making her go limp. He kissed his way back up her, his tongue flicking her nipples. He slid himself slowly into her, making her whispered his name. He kissed her, moaning into her mouth as he moved slowly in and out of her. He wanted to take his time with her, to get to know every inch of her. He slid his hands over her, loving how soft she was.

“I want to stay here forever.” She ran her nails over his back, giving him goosebumps so he thrust harder. He felt her clamp down on him and he bit down on her shoulder as she orgasmed and he spilled himself into her. He pressed his forehead against hers, panting. “Did I hurt your shoulder?”

“No, I feel amazing.” He moved onto his back so she was laying on top if him. She crossed her arms over his chest and rested her chin on them. “You shouldn’t be so jealous of the people who have seen my tattoo.” He looked embarrassed and she ran her fingers over his cheek.

“Sorry, it’s just the idea of another man being that close to you makes feel very territorial.” He sighed. “I know it’s stupid to feel that way, I’ve been with plenty of women.”

“It’s okay, it doesn’t make me angry. I know how you feel about me. It’s more than just sex and maybe that scares you a little bit. You’ve kept yourself away from people for so long that you’ve never known real love. Just know that I do have male friends.”

“I’ll try not to lose my cool when you’re around them, I promise.”

“Good.” She rested her head on his chest. They both allowed themselves to relax and had soon drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

When Lexa woke in the morning she lifted her head slowly. ¬†William was out cold and she smiled. It hit her that today was already her fifth day of travel. They’d be where she was planning to live in about five more days. It depended on how smoothly the rest of the trip went and if they kept sleeping every night. Regardless her journey was about half over. It wasn’t as exciting as she wanted it to be but finding William was much better than endless fighting. That first fight was violent enough anyway. Tobin seemed uncomfortable this morning. Like his animal senses knew a big fight would be coming later that day. If one were coming she knew the four of them could handle it.

Lexa decided to wake William the same way he woke her on the road. She leaned into his lips with hers until he smiled slightly then kissed back “Good morning handsome.”

“Good morning beautiful. Lets get breakfast so we can go. Ruuka why don’t you and Tobin go hunt yourselves somthing then meet us back infront of this Inn?” The two animals stood and Lexa got up to open the door for them. Once they were out she dug in her bag for some clothes. William laid on his side as he supported his head with his hand. He had such a heart warming smile on his face. “I love how happy you look right now.’ Lexa said as she pulled on her clothes “How can I not be happy? I’m traveling with a woman I very much love, I’ve gotten to make love to you the past two night and to top it off you love me back and want me to live with you. I’ve found my heaven, I realize now that’s why I was smiling like an idiot when you walked in my home. My head didn’t know I loved you yet but my heat did. It scares me slightly to be in love but I’m happy I am”

“You’re so sweet.”

“Not really, I only say what I think. It’s not like I just create stuff to tell you.”

“well get up and get dressed so we don’t keep Tobin and Ruuka waiting too long” He stood so his body was in her full view. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him until his clothes were on. “You’ll get more of that tonight” he said then walked over to Lexa so he could kiss her. They made sure all their things were packed then checked out so they could just leave after breakfast. They ate quickly since they were sure Ruuka and Tobin were waiting. They met their two pets and set off on the road again

Chapter Three

William smiled at how excited Lexa was. He draped his arm over her shoulders and pulled her closer, kissi her cheek and making her giggle. “Someone’s lovey.” She said with a smile.

“You make me lovey. I feel like a shy teenage boy who has been trying to muster up the courage to ask his crush out.” He ran his fingers through his hair, making it look wild and messy.

“You are so damn sexy.” He blushed and she wrapped her arm around his waist. They both noticed that both of their animals were becoming more and more restless. Ruuka was whining constantly, making William grow nervous. He had noticed anyone bad around them lately. He let his wolf senses take over, trying to pinpoint the cause of the animals distress. He couldn’t smell anything but Lexa. Her scent was everywhere, blocking out everything else.

“I need to run ahead real quick.” He said, letting her go.


“Something is wrong. Our animals are freaking out and I can’t smell anything because your scent is very strong. Ruuka and I need to find out if there is anything ahead. I’ll be right back, just keep walking.”

“Okay, be careful.” He took off running with Ruuka close behind. Lexa reached down and scratched Tobin’s head. She was really worried, her heart beating overly fast. She really loved William with everything she was. He has been so amazing, so sweet and generous. He thought he was so intimidating, but in truth he was a very gentle and loving creature. She wasn’t going to let him hide anymore. She wanted everyone she knew to meet him and he could scare away all those flirtatious fools. She laughed at the images of him going all wolf on someone. He would terrify them, but she knew he wouldn’t hurt them.

William inhaled the air, listened to the noises around him. There was nothing thee, no one following them or anything. Maybe it was just Tobin’s and Ruuka’s intuition. They were animals and knew that something bad would happen way before any human. He sighed, hating the unknown. He turned and started back to Lexa. He wanted her safe with him. Since Tobin was the first to feel the disturbance he wondered if whatever was going to happen was directed at Lexa. Ruuka had only picked up on the feeling from Tobin. He was going to have to keep her close.

When he was back at Lexas side he put his arm around her waist again as they walked. His grip overly tight “was there anything?” she asked. “No but something is going to happen. Tobin and Ruuka know it and I sure as hell wish I knew what it was going to be.”

“We can handle anything. Don’t stress about it. Just enjoy walking with me.”

“It’s impossible for me not to stress Lexa. I can’t let anything happen to you. Tobin was the first to feel somthing was off about today so I’m worried whatever is going to happen will be directed at you.”

“like I said, we can handle whatever is thrown at us. Can’t we Tobin and Ruuka?” Tobin looked up at her worried then rubbed his head on her leg. They walked along at a steady pace while William listened closely to all the sounds around them. It was a silent stroll since he was concentrating but Lexa didn’t mind. Everything was so beautiful here. She hoped things would stay this beautiful for awhile. The colors seemed so vibrant, the air fresh and there were so many free roaming animals. Near Lexas home town there weren’t that many. She found Tobin when she was camping with her cousins.

When lunch came upon them Ruuka was the first to get hungry. She was sending her complaints to William but he was ignoring her. His mind was fully focused on the world around them. Ruuka got impatient and took off running. William snapped out of it and growled “I guess it’s lunch time.”

“are you hungry too?” Lexa asked Tobin “He nodded then ran off after Ruuka. William and Lexa sat down together in the grass. William was cradling her tightly. He rested his chin on top of her head as she ate. All the worry in him destroyed any appetite he may have had for lunch. “you should really calm down William”

“I’ve already told you I can’t. I will not lose you or let you get seriously injured. I’ve found my love and nobody will take you away form me”

“stressing now wont prevent anything from happening William”

“Like I said, If I could help it I would stop stressing. Just humor me please.”

“alright, I’ll quit annoying you by asking you to stop” He sighed “You weren’t annoying me”

“You don’t have to lie either. I can tell me asking you not to worry is frustrating you more which is why i’m stopping.” He kissed her head “I love you very much.”

“I love you too. You sure you wont even eat some crackers before we start walking again?” He grabbed a few and stuffed them in his mouth. When he swallowed he said “there i ate a little somthing” Lexa giggled then rubbed his arm. “Thank you”

“For what?”

“For eating somthing and loving me so much” He kissed her head again then said “it’s taking them a long time to eat somthing considering there’s so many animals running around”

“Maybe they are being picky. Well maybe Tobins being picky” She said with a smile. Running caught both of their ears. There were three men running towards them with their bonded animals. There was a bear, a panther and a very large python. William couldn’t smell the men because of Lexa but they didn’t look friendly. He used his connection with Ruuka to tell her to come back and to make sure Tobin came. He felt that she understood and that the two were coming. He hoped it didn’t take them too long to get back.

He came to his feet and faced them, keeping Lexa pushed behind him. He let the wolf take over, growling angrily at these men to warn them away. “We finally caught up with you William.” The man with the bear said.

“How do you know my name?” William snapped.

“Luminer sent us for the beating you gave him over this bitch.”

Lexa didn’t like being called names. “You watch your mouth.” She snapped as she pushed past William. “Touch either of us and I will evicerated you.”

“Looks like we have a wild one boys.”

They were really pissing her off. She connected with Tobin, letting his cold energy wash over her and expand out. The temperature dropped around them, making everyone’s breath come out in white plumes. “Leave us alone.” She said angrily. “We’ve done nothing to you.” Her feet were suddenly yanked out from underneath her, the snake wrapping itself around her body and squeezing. She screamed and William jumped on the snake. The men were suddenly on him along with the bear and panther. He was fighting as hard as he could, but they were overwhelming him. Lexa struggled against the snake and it squeezed her tighter. She was afraid her ribs were going to break.

William was knocked to the ground, his jaw hurt. He pushed himself to his hands and knees and the man with the panther kicked him in the stomach. “You should have just walked away when Luminer told you to.”

“Fuck you, go back to him and tell him I’m going to pay him a visit.”

“Insolent brat.” He was kicked again, this time in the face. His vision spun and fell onto his stomach. He could hear Lexa screaming for him, her voice full of panic and pain. He couldn’t let them have her. He heard a loud howl and was jolted back into action. Ruuka and Tobin had returned. He jumped to his feet and onto the bear man as Ruuka slammed into the bear. He beat the man into unconsciousness then turned his attention to the snake man who called forth vines from the ground that whipped at him.

Tobin jumped on the python, biting into it so it unwrapped from Lexa. Lexa inhaled deeply and coughed. Her ribs hurt so bad. She saw the man with the panther moving toward William with incredible speed and came to her feet, rushing at the man and tackling him. They tumbled across the ground and she managed to get on his back, putting him in a choke hold and wrapping her legs around him so he would have a harder time dislodging her.

As much as Tobin wanted to kill the python for hurting Lexa so badly it only kept fighting until it was unconscious. The python was very near dead but not all the way there. These men and their animals would kill them in an instant but Tobin understood that you weren’t supposed to. Fights between people and their bonded animals were supposed to be friendly.¬†Ruuka quickly and viciously finished the bear. It was bleeding profusely and unconscious but not dead. Ruuka then lunged for the panther that was fighting with William and making it hard for him to land a hit on the snake man. “Thank you Ruuka” William yelled very gratefully. His whole body hurt from being whipped and beaten on. Without the panther to contend with he was finally able to land a nose shattering punch on the snake man.

Rolling around and fighting with the panther was much harder for Ruuka. It was so limber and quick but the wolf had the advantage of being much stronger and far more angry. These men and their animals broke the rules when they attacked her human and his new friend without her presence or Tobins. Lexa at this point had dropped the panther mans temperature so low he was at risk for hypothermia. He started to beg for her to release him. “I promise I’ll run away right now with my panther if you stop” he said through chattering teeth. She looked at Tobin who could always catch a lie and he nodded so she released her grip. The man got to his feet and called for his panther who was still struggling with Ruuka. It parted ways with the other animals and followed its human as he ran away. Ruukas fur was drenched in blood. Tobins mane was matted while fresh blood still dripped his body.

All that was left now was the snake man. Lexas ribs hurt badly especially when she moved. She wished she could stop breathing. Tobin and Ruuka ran to Williams aid and soon had him unconscious and heavily bleeding on the ground. The only thing that kept William moving was Lexa. He might have been subdued himself if he wasn’t fighting for her. It was closer to keep going straight than to back track to the town they were at before so without a word William picked Lexa up and ran as fast as he could forward to get her, himself and their friends looked at.

He got to the town in only an hour when it should have taken him three running. He was fueled by his worry about Lexa. She seemed like she was in so much pain. Ruuka and Tobin were near collapse when they arrived. “Go to the vet ok. They’ll look after you and I’ll come to pay when I get someone looking at Lexa.” William said then rushed to the hospital in this town. The nurse at the desk gasped when she saw William and Lexa. William was wounded more than he realized so didn’t know why she seemed so upset by the two.

“Sir you’re going to have to put her down so we can look at you too.” One of the doctors said and he shook his head.

“William, it’s okay.” Lexa said with a warm smile. He sighed, but sat her down on the bed anyway. He sat down on the edge of the bed, feeling angry that they had been attacked and he had not been able to keep Lexa from getting hurt.

The doctors examined them, telling Lexa that her ribs were just bruised and that it would hurt to breath for a few days, but she would live. When they examined William they were shocked. He had horrible bruises and cuts all over his body. The inside of his mouth was cut open and his face was bruised. “What happened to you two?”

“We were attacked. They wanted Lexa and beat me so they could take her. We took care of it.” William said, his voice quaking with his rage.

“You should inform the police.”

“I think they have been punished enough. They’ll probably be coming around at some point to receive medical attention. Please don’t worry about us.”

“Alright, we’ll just get you cleaned and bandaged then you can go. Just take it easy.” He nodded and they used antiseptic to wash the blood and dirt off his skin. He didn’t flinch or make a single sound. They rubbed an antiseptic cream on his skin then wrapped gauze around his torso. They gave them both something to take for the pain once they had a place to sleep and let William take Lexa out of the hospital.

“Are you okay?” Lexa asked softly.

“No, I’m very angry. I wasn’t able to protect you, you’re in pain, and I didn’t get to take you where I wanted to take you.” He replied as he made his way to an inn. She paid for a room and he carried her upstairs.

“Well one, I’m fine and two, where did you want to take me.”

“There’s this hot spring I was hoping we could spend some time at. I’ve never taken anyone there and I wanted to take you.”

“You are so silly sometimes.” She said as they came to their room and she opened the door for him. “Lets rest for a little bit them you can take me. I bet the water would make my ribs feel ten times better, plus I’m filthy anyway. A nice hot bath would be nice.”

“I love you Lexa.” He said and kissed her softly as he lay her down.

“I love you too.” He got in next to her and pulled her slowly into his arms, doing his best not to hurt her. Now that they were not moving exhaustion took over and pulled them both into sleep. William held as tightly to her as he dared, not wanting someone to take her away.

When Lexa woke she moved slightly to see what time it was making William jerk awake in panic. “It’s ok, I just woke up and wanted to see what time it was.” He gave her a long and loving kiss. When their lips parted he looked at the Inns clock. “It’s nearly six. Want to eat before I take you to the hot springs?”

“I’m not really hungry. I just want to skip dinner.”

“I’m not hungry either so that sounds like a good idea. If the hot springs brings back your appetite we’ll eat after”

“Ok, lets go check on Tobin and Ruuka before leaving. I can’t imagine they are pleased we didn’t get them before coming to the Inn.” William nodded then picked Lexa up. “I’ll feel more at ease if I can carry you”

“I like being in your arms anyway.” she said smiling. He kissed her again then held his head to hers a few moments before walking out. They arrived at the vet and explained to the lady at the counter. She told them to wait just one moment while she got one of the veterinarians. A woman came out and greeted them with a smile “I’m glad you two are ok. I was worried about the condition their owners were in. With how badly those two were injured I didn’t know if you’d be able to come back today so I made sure they’d sleep until morning. If you’d like to see them I can take you.”

“Please” lexa said and the lady told them to follow. Lexa felt ridiculous being carried through the halls in the back of the huge veterinary clinic but didn’t have the heart to ask William to put her down. She opened a door and was soon greeted by icy air. “Don’t worry, Tobin didn’t make it this frigid. We have elemental rooms for animals that have a certain element to make them more comfortable. He did however make a ton of ice in here.”

“Thank you” she said softly seeing Tobin sleeping soundly. “Lets see your wolf then sir” She shut the door then guided them a little further. This room had a few wolves in it. All of them were laying together except Ruuka who was sleeping as far away from them as possible. “She refused to go anywhere near the others.”

“Why are the other ones here?”

“They were confiscated recently from a gang. They were in very rough shape when we got them and they are still recovering. Once they are better we are going to free them. The ones in here are still very good hearted animals.”

“The ones in here?”

“Some were beyond turning around I’m afraid. They would try to kill anyone that came near. We only have one left we’re still trying to turn around but I’m afraid some of the other vets are getting frustrated with him. He took a nasty bite out of Fred yesterday.” The vet said in a sad tone. “when we come back tomorrow can I see him?”

“That wont be a good idea sir. Like I said he just tries to kill anyone that comes in his room. I knwo your animal is a wolf but so is some of the other vets here”

“Can I?” He insister “sure, you’ll have to sign a waver saying we warned you though”

“That’s fine, we’ll be back tomorrow. Want us to pay you now or then?”

“Whenever is fine.”

“I’ll pay now” Lexa said. “Alright follow me back to the front.” They paid then exited. “poor babies” Lexa said then asked “why do you want to see the male wolf she was speaking of?”

“I’m hoping with Ruukas help I can get him to be calm and maybe take him home with us if he can be settled atall. Would you be ok with that?”

“Of course”

William carried her about a mile out of town and down into a valley. He lowered her to her feet next to the hot spring and helped her get undressed. Her skin was black and blue from being squeezed so hard. He lowered her into the water then started unwrapping his bandages.

“Are you sure you should take those off?” Lexa asked.

“I can’t bathe in them and they’re way to itchy.” He tossed the bandages on the ground then pulled off the rest of his clothes. He stepped into the water and hissed in pain.

“Maybe you should stay out of the water.”

“No, it’s fine.” He sank lower into the water, giving a sigh of relief when his muscles finally relaxed and his skin stopped stinging. He pulled her into his arms, rubbing his hands over her skin and washing away the dirt. He massaged her neck and back then moved lower to bottom and thighs. She kissed his chest, being careful of his cuts. “How are you feeling?”

“Much better now, thank you for bringing me out here.” She looked up at him and smiled. He tangled his fingers in her hair and kissed her. The inside of his mouth hurt, but he needed to taste her. He had wanted to take this time to make love to her again. He pulled back and she clamped onto his lower lip with her teeth. He winced and she let go. “Sorry, I forgot.”

“It’s okay, I think we both need some actual rest before we have sex again. I usually wouldn’t say no, but they did a number on both of us.”

“Too bad, I’ll guess we’ll have to come back some time.”

“I bet they have hot springs up in Nurlice.”

“I hope so.” She rested her head back on his chest, the warmth making her feel drowsy. Before she knew it she had fallen asleep.

William stood as still as he could, holding her tightly against him. He kissed her cheek, feeling very teary eyed. He had brought such ugliness into her world. He kissed her again, unable to help himself. He wasn’t going to fail her again. He let her sleep for a little while longer then gently shook her awake. He wanted to lay with her comfortably.


“Don’t be. Lets go back to the inn alright?”

“Yeah, we might drown ourselves in here. I’m still so tired”

“Me too and I really just want to hold you.” Lexa smiled and they got out of the water. They walked hand in hand all the way back. “I think we should stay here one more day Lexa. It will give us time to heal”

“Yeah, I think Ruuka and Tobin deserve a day of just resting anyway. I’d feel really bad if we got in a fight again tomorrow if we decided to travel.”

“Yeah, we’ll stay tomorrow then leave the following morning. I’ll wait to try and see that wolf after you go to sleep with Tobin tomorrow. That way we can ahve a nice romantic day before I add a grumpy wolf to our plate. Are you sure you don’t mind if I try to help him?”

“I love that you want to. It’s really sweet.”

“He shouldn’t need to be put down because he had cruel masters. I really want to save him”

“I hope you can tomorrow night” They made it back to where they were staying and went to their room. They took all their clothes off then got close together in the bed. “Goodnight Lexa, I love you so much. Tomorrow I get to pay for things since it will be a date ok?”

“If you really want to.” He kissed her head then she returned with a kiss on the chest. “Goodnight Will, I love you too” They both slept hard and soundly. They were even more tired than they thought because neither stirred until almost twelve the next day. Lexa kissed Williams chest again then said “we’re sleeping away our dating and relaxation day.” William wiped his eyes. “Dammnit, I guess we should have expected to sleep so hard”

“Yeah, lets go get our babies. I’m sure they are restless being stuck in those rooms” William nodded then they carefull got dressed. Lexa was doing her best not to show how much it hurt to move. She didn’t want to see William frown again. She hated how much he was kicking himself because of what happened. He fought amazingly and she knew he did his best. They walked out of the inn and went to the animal hospital. Tobin and Ruuka almost knocked Lexa and William down. They both got off quickly when they elt how much their humans were still hurting.

They started back out of the room when they passed a wolf that was growling, his lips pulled back to expose his teeth. He was blind in one eye. Lexa stopped and squatted down to look at him. This was the one William was going to spend time with. She could see despite the anger he was showing, he was actually in a lot of pain. “You poor puppy. Don’t you worry okay, William will save you.” He lunged at the gate and William pulled her back.

“Please don’t do that Lexa.” William said as he pulled her to her feet. “He’s unstable right now.”

“He reminds me of you.” She laced her fingers through his as they exited the building. He looked at her like she had just said something horrible.

“You think I’m unstable?”

“No, I think you are both wild and sometimes you get scared or confused. You have both been isolated and now you have to adjust to people wanting to be close to you and help you. Just like you were not used to me at first, he’s going to need time to get used to us. He’s also clearly frustrated from being cooped up.” They made their way back to the inn and dropped off Ruuka and Tobin so they could continue resting. “I would never see you as an unstable creature. You are my wild wolf man and I love that. You make me very happy and you don’t scare me. Neither does that wolf.”

“You are so amazing. You are the only one who can take that part of me. I sometimes hate what was awoken in me, but you make it all better. You make me feel so calm and collected. I may still get jealous of other men though. A couple have already looked at you.”

“Let them look, I have everything I need right here. We should go and do something fun.” She tapped her index finger against her lips. “I know, there was a man drawing pictures yesterday. I spotted him sitting next to this fountain. Lets see if he’s still there and get him to draw a picture of us.”

“Whatever you want to do, I’ll do it.” He allowed her to pull him through the large group of ever moving people to the center of town where the farmers market and a large fountain were. She spotted the man sitting on the edge of the fountain and approached him with a warm smile. He felt a stab of jealousy. He was a good looking man with long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail. He wondered why all artists had to be good looking guys. He wanted to take her away, but she looked so excited that he tampered down his emotions. He wanted her to forget about the beating they had both received.

“Will you draw us please?”

“Of course but I only take cash”

“That’s fine I have some”

“No I do Lexa. I told you, I want to pay for everything today. You’ve been paying for everything”

“I forgot” She looked at the artist again and asked “how would you like us to sit?”

“any way you want to. I think couples look the sweetest when the woman is sitting in the mans lap with his arms around her”

“That does sound sweet. Do you like that idea William” He smiled and allowed those beautiful eyes to keep him from punching the man for how he was looking at Lexa. William sat down on the side of the fountain and Lexa got into his lap. He wrapped his arms around her and asked “this doesn’t hurt right?”


“Then we’re ready”

“Great” the artist said then began to draw while William just enjoyed holding Lexa. He was glad the incense was coming off of her and he could smell her actual scent better. When the man was done they stood as he turned his sketch pad around to show them “Do you like it?”

“I love it! I wish I could draw.”

“Such delicate hands could probably learn easy” A growl almost escaped William but he kept himself together and paid the man the amount he asked “lets put this in the room so it doesn’t get ruined”

“Ok” Lexa said smiling at him. William walked away from where the artist was as fast as he could. When they were back in the room Lexa said “Thank you”

“For what?”

“For trying so hard not to be bothered by him for me. I could hear in your voice how much you were struggling. Especially after he complimented me. It means a lot you kept calm for me”

“I’ll do anything for you. I might fail somtimes but I promise to try as hard as I can not to be an annoying ass when other guys are around”

“You could never annoy me baby” Lexa said then kissed William. “what should we do now?”

“Lets eat, we skipped dinner and now breakfast.”

“Good idea, you’re paying so you choose William”

“I’ll choose if you let me carry you to where we are eating”

“We have a deal” He set the drawing down then scooped Lexa up. They ate at the nicest place in town making Lexa really want to pay but he refused. “The food here is really good”

“I knew you’d like it” He said obviously very pleased. “My mother told me they have a mueseum here. My dad took her to it a few years back. Can we go there next?”

“I told you, we’re doing whatever you want today”

Chapter Four

They went to the museum and Lexa dragged him from room to room, excitedly pointing at everything. He loved how happy she was. It seemed she had forgotten their terrible ordeal. He always wanted her to be like that. “I bet that artist comes here all the time. I wonder if any of his drawings are here.” She said with a smile that nearly killed him. He shrugged and she smiled up at him knowingly. “Are you jealous again William?”

“Yes, I’m sorry. You speak about him with such warmth and fondness in your voice.” He replied, looking shame faced.

“I enjoy his talent that’s all. He’s an amazing artist. You have no reason to be jealous. I didn’t see an animal with him.”

“There was a big, fluffy white house cat sleeping under his jacket next to him. I could see its face and tail sticking out.” He cleared his throat. “So what do you want to do next?”

“Trying to change the subject are we?” She kissed his cheek then giggled as she pulled him out of the museum. “Lets go climbing. I bet you’re amazing at it.”

“I am pretty good.”

Lexa thought it was incredibly endearing just how jealous he could be, but how he was holding back from slugging some innocent young man. She wrapped her arm around his waist and he put his over her shoulders, holding her as close as possible. She wondered if he realized he was staring down every male their age. They walked a little ways out of town to the edge of the woods and he lifted her up into a really tall tree. He pulled himself up after her and caught himself staring at her bottom as she went higher and higher. She looked down and started laughing. “I never thought my butt was that nice, but I guess I was wrong.” She yelled down and he followed her quickly. She stopped when it started to thin out and waited for him. He sat down on a branch and she got in front of him, leaning back and enjoying the view. She could see the whole town.

“Are you having fun so far?” He asked.

“I’m having a lot of fun. I love being with you. I can’t wait until we touch snow. I want to play in that soft powder with Tobin. He’s going to be really happy. I hope you don’t mind the cold. If it gets to bad then we can always find somewhere else.”

“I’m happy if you’re happy. I don’t care if we live on top of a volcano. If it’s what you want then I will do it.”

“I want to know what you want. You have a choice too.”

“I know and I choose to do what you want, I choose to make you happy.”

“You are such a blessing. I’m glad it was you that saved me.”

“It was a blessing my gut told me to be over there. If I would have ignored it I wouldn’t have found my love. The only girl who’s ever made me feel this way. I know you probably would hate to really know all the woman I’ve been with but that was all just sex. Some I had some care for but you Lexa, I love you and I can promise you I’ve never felt quite like this about another woman. I want to always make you happy.” Lexa smiled, her heart and skin overly warm with how sweet his words were. Even the sound of his voice in that moment said he loved her. “are you going to stay with me until I fall asleep tonight?”

“Of course, I want to hold you until you’re in a peaceful rest before I go with Ruuka to see if the wolf can be saved.”

“I think he can. HIs eyes told me there was hope. I’m glad she told us about him.”

“Who knows, maybe Ruuka can find love too if he’s alright. Your poor Tobin though. He will be the only one without a mate.” Lexa giggled “what?” William asked “it’s just you using the term mate when it comes to you and I. I find it cute and sexy how much of an animal you are.” He smiled “you are the only one Lexa. It scares others.”

“Well I guess I’ve always been sort of different. All my friends just wanted to be married when they got out of highschool and start hum drum lives. Me, I wanted adventure and excitement.” She looked at Williams face again. He seemed sad so she asked “are you ok?”

“Yeah, I’m alright.” It wasn’t how Lexa meant it but her words just then told him she didn’t want to get married. He wanted Lexa always, wanted to wake up to her until his last days in life. It made him sad to think she may not want to marry him.He sighed then decided he could get over it. She would still stay with him even without being married. “lets go back to the room”

“Ok baby” Lexa knew somthing was wrong. She would pressure him more when they returned to their room at the inn. Once the door was shut Lexa started again “William, please don’t lie to me. What’s wrong? You were so happy until I started talking about my friends.” William looked at the floor then Lexa forced him to look back at her “tell me William”

“I just…..I love you Lexa….I just wanted to marry you someday and apparently you don’t want to get married” Lexa blushed a deep red. “You…..you would want to marry me?”

“Of course, I love you..” Lexa pulled William into a kiss “I wasn’t saying I never want to get married William. I was jut saying their only aspirations in life were to have families and live normal lives while I craved adventure. With you wolf boy I can have adventure and a wonderful family. I would love to marry you in the future when you decide it’s time” William almost cried when the rush of relief went through him after those words hit his ears. He kissed Lexa again “I’m glad”

“If somthing I say makes you sad yu better not try to hide it again William. You may have misunderstood me like just now” William put his forehead against Lexas then said “mhm”

“Are you listening to me?” She couldn’t keep the smile off her face.

“Hmm…sorry, I’m just taking in all of you. Your smell, your heart beat, the way you feel against me. I want it imprinted into my memory forever.” He buried his nose in her hair. “Your scent is very overwhelming. It sends my senses spiraling out of control.”

“You have such a way with words. Are you sure you’re not a poet?”

“I’ve never written any, but you pull at this part of me that’s sweet and warm. You make me feel needy, jealous, and sometimes confused. It’s amazing.”

“That definitely sounds like love.” She slipped her hands under his shirt, lightly touching his skin. He had not put his bandages back on because they made him itchy. She had wanted to make some joke about how most dogs didn’t like things stuck on them, but she had refrained. He opened his eyes to look at her, making her legs feel weak. He made her melt with just one look and it wasn’t fair.

“I love you more than life. I can’t breathe without you or think without you. I would become a monster if I lost you.” He grabbed her chin, slid his thumb back and forth over her soft lower lip so she shivered and her breath quickened. She caught his thumb between her teeth and sucked on it, making him grow instantly hard. “That’s not fair Lexa.” He pushed her back against the wall, pressing himself tightly against her.

“You don’t play fair either. You look at me like you might devour me. You make me hot with that look.” She pulled his shirt up and over his head and tossed it on the floor. She kissed his chest, left bite marks on him. He tangled his fingers in her hear tipping her head back and finding her mouth with his. He kissed her like he was starving, like she was the first thing he had had to eat in a long time. She could feel him shaking as he struggled to hold onto what little self control he had. “You won’t hurt me Will, just let go already.”

“You’re hurt. I don’t want to make it worse.” She pulled off her shirt and bra so he could get at more of her.

“Stop resisting your nature. I want you out of your mind with lust.” She licked her way up to his ear, nibbling at his earlobe so he shook even more. “I need you so bad right now.” She whispered and heard him swallow. “Make love to me like you did under the stars.”

He couldn’t stop himself now even if he wanted to. William started licking, sucking and biting all over Lexa. He was still careful of her ribs but everywhere else he was absolutely unchained. She couldn’t get enough of how amazing it was to make love to such a wild man. She could feel how profoundly he desired her. His lust and passion in his every bite or motion of his mouth. William was so lost in his lust and love he didn’t feel any pain even though his mouth wasn’t healed. He picked Lexa up and thrust hard into her. Each thrust pounding deep into her. He slammed himself inside of her fast and hard as he held her up and against the wall. ¬†Lexas nails were embedded deep into his back, drawing blood. He walked her over to the bed and laid her down. He started tugging at her nipples with his teeth and letting his tongue slide all around her breasts. He wanted her again. He wanted to be wrapped in her.

He worked her neck with his mouth as he slid into her again. This time he had gotten some of his frustration out so it wasn’t as hard but he still had a very rough and fast pace. Lexas moans were intense as orgasms surged through her. She felt like she was suffocating when he released again then collapsed beside her. “Did I hurt you?”

“Did it sound like you were hurting me?” He grinned happily then held her. “I’m going to hold you until you’re sleeping. Then I’ll take a shower to wake me up and go see the wolf.”

“He still has a good soul in there William. I know you and Ruuka can help him.”

“I hope so, I wont bring him with us if I can’t trust him not to hurt you. I’m not budging on that either Lexa so don’t try.” She could tell by his voice he truly was immovable so she just relaxed into his loving embrace and let her eyelids drift shut. He heard Lexas heartrate slow so he gently lifted himself and kissed her cheek. “I love you so much. Sweet dreams.” William moved her as little as possible as he got out of the bed. The soap stung him a little but he ignored it as he finished washing. When he was clean he scratched behind Ruukas ear. “You ready to try and help out a wolf who has had a really hard life?”

Ruuka stood then William went over to Lexa to get one last look at her resting face and beautiful form. He leaned down, placing a long kiss on her cheek before walking out with Ruuka. He was glad she bonded with such a large animal so he could leave without worrying about her. A lion was a very formidable animal. When Tobin couldn’t hear Williams footsteps any longer he climbed on the bed with Lexa. He missed sleeping beside her and was glad to get an opportunity.

He walked quickly to the veterinary clinic, his mind still on Lexa as he pushed through the front door. One of the veterinarians was waiting for him with two assistants. “I’ll need you to sign this first.” The vet handed him a piece of paper and a pen. William read it then signed. He wasn’t worried about getting bit. He followed them into the back where the large male was laying asleep. The wolf stood the moment they entered the room and started growling. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Open it then step back.” William ordered and the veterinarian flipped the latch and pulled the door open. William stepped inside with Ruuka and the wolf stepped back. He sat down on the floor, staring into the wolf’s eye. “Hey there boy, how are you doing? I’m William and this is Ruuka. We’re going to get you out of here.” The wolf started shaking and William slowly reached out to him. The wolf snapped at his hand, but did not bite him. “You really don’t want to hurt anyone do you? Lexa said we’re a lot alike, which means you need love not domination. I understand.” He turned around so his back was to the wolf and the vet and assistants looked at him like he was crazy. William allowed his alpha energy to flow outward, but left himself vulnerable. Ruuka would take care of the wolf if anything happened. He could feel the wolf’s energy mingle with his as it moved closer to him. He almost laughed when he felt a cold nose press against the back of his neck. The wolf nudged at his arm so he lifted it. “You smell her don’t you? She’s my mate.” He slowly brushed his fingers over the wolf’s head and when he didn’t protest, scratched it behind the ear. “That’s a good boy.”

Lexa jerked awake when something tickled her nose. She smiled when she saw it was Tobin’s mane. “Hey kitty, feeling a little lonely?” She rubbed his head. “Lets go walk around for a little bit.” She got out of bed then took a shower and dressed. Tobin followed her out of the inn and they wandered aimlessly until they came to the fountain. The artist was sleeping on the edge of the fountain with a big fluffy cat on his stomach. She smiled then walked over and shook him. His eyes snapped open and he sat up, looking around confused.

“I fell asleep out in the open again.” He rubbed his face then stretched. He looked up at her and smiled. “It’s you.”

“Is it okay if I set down?” She asked.

“It’s a public fountain.” She sat down and they sat there quietly for a few moments. “Your boyfriend doesn’t like me.” He suddenly said.

“That’s because you’re a man. Don’t be offended by his attitude, he can’t help it.”

“He has wild magic doesn’t he? He won’t mind if we’re talking right?”

“Are all men this silly.” She laughed. “He doesn’t control me. I have male friends. Are you scared of him?”

“No, he thinks he scares me, but he doesn’t. Yowie here gives me a very calm demeanor. Nothing gets to me.”

“William’s a real teddy bear anyway.” They both laughed at that and just chatted about their families and their lives for awhile.

William spent a little more time with the wolf he named Arashi since he had been through so much. He asked if he could take the wolf home and the vets agreed but made him sign a few more things. Once all the paperwork was taken care of William walked out with Arashi and Ruuka at each of his sides. He was almost in a run trying to get back to Lexa. His heart nearly came to a halt when he saw Lexa and Tobin were gone. If something bad was going on he didn’t think Arashi was ready for that kind of excitement so told him to stay in the room and relax until he came back with Lexa. Arashi agreed and just laid down in a corner of the room. William took a deep inhale then followed Lexas scent to figure out where she had gone off to.

His jealously almost boiled over when he saw her sitting with that artist they met before “what are you doing with him?” William asked barely able to contain himself. It actually shocked Lexa since he had so much control earlier. “we were just talking. Tobin woke me up and I went for a walk.”

“can we go back to the room Lexa?” he said with a little bit of a growl slipping out. His attitude was pissing her off “I’m sorry, I hope you have a goodnight”

“You too” William grabbed Lexas hand and she jerked it away. “I’m not holding hands with you you ass. There was no need to get that angry” The stillness that was once in his heart from jealousy was now beating in panic. It almost had whip lash from the sudden change of emotions. Lexa was very obviously angry”

“I’m sorry”

“You better be. You can’t treat people that way when all we were doing was talking.”

“Don’t be mad..I’m sorry” his voice now in a whimper. Lexa sighed “I forgive you, lets go back” She still seemed a little upset with him which made him sad. William didn’t try to hold her hand again as they walked back. When they got in the room Ruuka and Tobin settled themselves near Arashi as William shut the door. Lexa took off her clothes and crawled into the bed. William followed “Can I hold you Lexa?”

“Yes, of course you can” He quickly wrapped his arms around her and laid his head on her chest. “please stop being angry. My heart can’t take it”

“Do you promise not to act like that?”

“I promise to try. All I can do is try Lexa” His voice grew even softer with his sadness. “I’m not angry baby” Lexa said then kissed his head “I know you can’t help it. You’re a dominating wolf.”

“Just don’t leave me. I’ll be better. I was just excited about seeing you and then I got so scared when you weren’t here. It’s why i lost control of my jealousy”

“I understand, I guess I shouldn’t have left since we only just got attacked yesterday.”

“You really understand?”

“Yes, we’re traveling again tomorrow so get some sleep. I’m glad to see we’ll have another animal joining us.”

“I named him Arashi, it means storm”

“fitting name” she said putitng as much happiness in her tone as she could to show William she wasn’t angry.

The next morning William woke Lexa with a kiss. She smiled against his lips and he pulled back to look at her beautiful face. “Are we okay now?” He asked and brushed stray hairs out of her face.

“We were okay before we went to sleep. I need to ask you something before we get up and get dressed. It may not make you happy.” She replied and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“You figure you being nude will distract me?”

“Yes. Anyway, last night before you snapped I was thinking about something.”

“Was it that artist?”

She rolled her eyes. “His name is Jarvis actually, not artist, and yes I was thinking about him. I found him sleeping outside and it seemed like he does it often. I want to take him with us and give him a home.” He let out a sigh and lay back down, draping his arm over his eyes. “He doesn’t have to live with us. I’ll ask my parents to get him his own place. He can work off his debt by drawing and painting. You know I just can’t leave him and his cute little kitty to sleep outside. What if the weather turns bad?”

He pulled his arm away, seeing she was really concerned. “Damn it don’t look at me like that. Those puppy dog eyes just aren’t fair. Alright, he can come with us if he wants to.”

“Thank you.” She kissed him then jumped out of bed to get dressed. “Oh and you owe him an apology for acting so mean. He’s a really nice guy so lighten up.” She pulled on her panties and a skirt. “Well hurry up so we can go ask him.”

He got quickly out of bed and pulled his clothes on. He really wasn’t going to like traveling with another man. They made sure they had everything then headed to the fountain. Lexa bounded happily up Jarvis, her big smile tearing him to pieces. He wished he had a big heart like her, that he could so easily help someone who was in need. He knew he was selfish, especially when it came to her, but he couldn’t help it.

“Why don’t you come with us? You look like you need a change of scenery.” Lexa said happily. Jarvis looked around her then met her gaze.

“He looks like he’s going to explode. He really thinks I want you doesn’t he?” Jarvis replied.

“He’s very possessive, but he agreed you should come with us. I know you don’t have a home, you don’t have to pretend. We’ll give you somewhere warm and safe where you can draw and paint. You can work off the debt by selling your art. Come on, just come with us.”

“You don’t take no for an answer do you?”

“Nope, get used to it.”

Jarvis smiled “Then thank you very much. Yowie and I would love to come and I’ll pay you back as fast as I can”

“well to start off your debt lets get some breakfast before we head out into the wild” Lexa grabbed Williams hand as they walked. They couldn’t be close because Tobin was between them. When they got to the resturaunt Ruuka, Tobin and Arashi went to hunt down some food. When they were done eating and exited their animals were waiting for them. “I’m surprised at how good your animals are. I always thought the bigger animals people bonded with caused more problems.”

“Tobin can be a bratt when he wants.” Lexa said. William was silent because he worried if he did open his mouth he would be rude Jarvis. They walked out of town and set on the road again “we’re still about five days from where we are planning to live.”

“I don’t mind the walking. I live outside right now as you know”

“Hopefully there’s no more excitement like what happened before we made it to that town”

“I hope not aswell.” Jarvis said. He glanced at Williams face and saw the internal battle waging within him. He smiled to himself and looked ahead. He could tell William wasn’t just an ass and that he just really cared about Lexa. If he was just an ass Jarvis knew he wouldn’t be with them right now. Jarvis wasn’t interested in Lexa atall. She was pretty but once he found out a girl was taken any desire he may have felt towards them vanished. He loved his mind worked like that and couldn’t imagine being other men whose minds didn’t work the same way. If only he could convince William he wasn’t going to try anything.

Today felt really nice. Lexa was glad for it because heat would do nothing to help the struggle she could also see William going through. This really meant alot to her and she’d find some way to reward him for trying so hard. Lexa put an arm around his waist making the smile she loved so much appear on Williams face. He put his arm over her shoulders and said “I love you”

“I love you too”

“So tell us about yourself Jarvis. Where are you from? Why are you homeless? We’re you always an artist?” Lexa asked.

“There’s not really much to tell. I left home when I was seventeen to pursue my dream and I’ve been on the road for four years with Yowie. My parents wanted me to be a doctor or something, but I refused. Yowie here brought out my artistic side.” He answered and scratched the head of the cat perched on his shoulder. “I guess drawing an painting is one of my powers. I also mostly do defensive magic. I can shield myself or those around me from danger. I use it a lot to draw underwater scenes. I’ll show you all my drawings later.”

“I would love that.”

Lexa wrapped her free arm around his and he smiled down at her. It was a hold that said they would be friends forever. He glanced at William who was frowning. “You know William, I’m not attracted to her.” He said and Wiliam’s head snapped towards him.

“Excuse me?”

“Your face, you look mad but you’re keeping it to yourself. You think I want Lexa.”

“I saw the way you looked at her before.”

Jarvis laughed and William growled. “That was before and this is now. She’s more like the pushy baby sister I never had.” He tusseled Lexa’s hair. “She’s a real sweety.”

“You two shouldn’t talk about me like I’m not here.” Lexa chimed in with a glare.

“Maybe if you weren’t so short we wouldn’t forget.” Jarvis teased and it made William laugh.

“You two are really going to get it. I’ll turn you into popsicles.”

They stopped around noon to eat and Jarvis handed Lexa his sketch book. William sat with her between his legs and looked over her shoulder as she flipped through the pages. He had to admit that their new companion was amazingly talented. He really liked the underwater and volcano scenes. Jarvis had been able to sit right in the middle of the magma using his force field. He was actually starting to enjoy the other man’s company and knew he had judged him harshly. Jarvis had been nothing but honest and nice, not even getting angry when he realized how upset he was when he found Lexa talking by the fountain. Lexa handed the sketch book back to Jarvis and he flipped it open.

“Is it okay if I sketch all of you? You just look so cool with the lion and wolves laying around you.”

“Of course sketch away. Maybe once we get settled you can give me lessons. I really want to be able to draw like that.”

“Is that okay with you William?” He asked as he drew quickly.

“If it makes Lexa happy then I’m all for it.” William replied. “Oh and one more thing. I’m sorry for being a jealous ass.”

“Apology accepted.”

When he was done he showed them “wow” Lexa said wide eyed. Jarvis smiled and put his sketch pad away. When everybody was done eating they began walking along again. Things went by quickly as they laughed and talked. They also didn’t encounter any battles because nobody was willing to fight such a big team. Before they knew it they were on the final day of the trip. It wouldn’t even be a full day because they should make it to the mountains of Nurlice around three in the afternoon. “we’ll check into a hotel when we get there and relax for the rest of the day before house hunting tomorrow. I need to write my dad when we get there.”

“Why write?”

“Yeah I know, calling is easier and quicker but they made me promise to write so they could reread everything I say to them. They’ll of course want phonecalls too but they want a written account of my journey.”

“That’s sweet”

“My parents are very sweet. I’m lucky to have them. My dad isn’t the jerk most people think he is. He’s just very good at what he does”

“Obviously” Jarvis said. The two men were already shivering even though they weren’t there yet. The air was frigid because they were so close to the mountains. She felt bad for them and hoped they would adjust quickly. Tobin was excited and happy. He was very grateful to Lexa for choosing a home that was so suited to him. He decided he woudl stop leaving ice everywhere when they were in hot places. She was nice and didn’t deserve him being a brat.

William and Jarvis got confused as warmth suddenly rushed through them. It was Arashi heating them. His power was flame and heat. The gang had been using him to burn things down and sweat the truth out of some people. Arashi was happy to use what he could do to help rather than destory or torture. William scractched his head and thanked him. Jarvis yelled a thank you over to him aswell.

Chapter Five

The higher they climbed the more snow there was on the ground until they were knee deep. They crested a hill and saw the town down in a valley halfway up the mountain. She gave and excited little squeal and moved as quickly as she could through the snow. William and Jarvis laughed at her excitement. Yowie complained about the snow on his fur and Jarvis stuck him under his jacket to keep him warm. “It must be convenient to have something so easy to pack around.” William said.

“Sometimes, unless he gets scared of something then he sinks his claws into me. I have scars from not being able to pry him off fast enough.”

“I’m glad you decided to come with us even though it’s freezing.”

“Lexa was right, I needed a change. Maybe here I can stay permanently, fall in love with a beautiful mountain woman, pursue my passion.”

They finally caught up to Lexa who was waiting impatiently on the edge of town. William laced his fingers through hers and she looped her other arm around Jarvis’s. They walked into town together, going straight for the closest inn. She got two rooms and handed Jarvis his key. He looked at it for a moment, smiling warmly.

“Are you alright?” Lexa asked, sounding concerned. Jarvis pulled her into a tight hug.

“Thank you for your kindness. I haven’t had anyone rent me a room.” He answered and she patted his back.

“You get your own house too.” He let her go and smiled warmly before heading to his room. Lexa turned to William who seemed to be getting better at controlling himself. “I’m very proud of you Will. You let another man hug me and didn’t tear him in half.”

“He’s a good man and very sincere. I trust him.” He lifted Lexa into his arms and carried her to their room. Their animals curled up together on the rug and he lay her gently down. They cuddled together for awhile under the blanket so William could warm up. Even with Arashi providing heat, there were still parts of him that stayed icy like his hands and feet. She was glad she didn’t get cold like everyone else.

“Do you feel better now?” She asked and he nodded. “Do you want to go get Jarvis so we can all eat? I’m sure him and Yowie are starving.”

“Sounds good then I get you all to myself before tomorrow.” William replied and kissed the tip of her nose.

“After I wrote and mail my letter. I think I’ll see if Jarvis will draw some pictures for me to illustrate the more action filled parts.”

William and Lexa got up then tried to get their animals to come but they preferred to sleep over eat dinner so they decided to leave them alone.They knocked on Jarvis’s door “You hungry?”

“Very, thank you”

“No problem, come on. My dad took me to this really amazing place here the last time we came. I’m treating you and William so you aren’t paying me back for this.” Jarvis smiled then disappeared for a moment to put his shoes back on. “Yowie wants to sleep so I’m leaving him.”

“Ruuka, Arashi and Tobin are tired too. After we eat will you let me buy you a few things to wear? You aren’t dressed for this weather.”

“You’re already doing so much”

“Pay me back by drawing a couple things for me tonight”

“It would be my pleasure.” They soon were out in the snow again and both men were shaking. The restaurant she was guiding them to wasn’t far so they made it quickly. Jarvis had never been anywhere so nice. “are you sure Lexa?”

“Very” she said with a smile. Soon they were seated by a waiter and they ordered. Jarvis had to practice restraint while eating. He had never tasted food so good in his life. Even when he lived at home his parents coudln’t afford to eat at a place this nice. After dinner they found a mens clothing store and bought Jarvis three outfits that would keep him warm. On their way back to the hotel she explained to Jarvis what she wanted him to draw. “Just give them to me at breakfast tomorrow. I’m going to write the letter tonight and mail it off after I get your pictures.”

“Not a problem, thank you so much for this kindness. I hope I’m not annoying you with all the thank yous but I just can’t do it enough”

“You’re too nice of a guy to leave sleeping outside like that” When they got back to the inn they went their seperate ways. William began kissing Lexa as soon as the door was closed. He was wild and lustful as he kissed her. She oushed him away “I need to write. I wont have the strength to write once you’re done with me so I have to do it before.” William smiled then kissed her cheek “hurry please”

He hovered over her shoulder as she wrote, his mouth right next to her ear so his breath stirred up her hair. She grinned at his impatients. He had his arms wrapped around her shoulders and his chin on her shoulder. “I wasn’t that heroic.” He said softly.

“Yes you were. Stop underestimating yourself. You’re my hero.” She replied as she finally finished with their arrival in Nurlice. She folded it and stuck it in an envelope that was already addressed and stamped. She left it unsealed on the small desk. The minute the envelope touched the desk he lifted her and took her place on the chair. He pulled her onto his lap to she was straddling him and pushed up her skirt.

“I can’t believe you can wear this in this weather.” He said as he pulled her shirt and bra off. He kissed his way from her cheek down to her breasts. She arched into his mouth, her fingers tangling in his hair as he sucked and bit at her. He gripped her hips and slid her against him so she moaned and grew wet with need. He slid one hand between her legs, pushing past her underwear to rub against her. “You’re always so ready for me.” She blushed, her skin hot. He unzipped his jeans, pulling himself free then held her panties aside so he could thrust into her. He kissed her, his tongue moving with hers as he lifted and lowered her, pulling her down hard to go as deep as he could. She pulled his shirt off, running her hands over his skin. She leaned forward and bit his shoulder, making him cry out her name. It was exhilarating that she had such an effect on him.

He lifted her, setting her on the edge of the desk so he could push into her harder and faster. She held tightly to him, her lips moving over his chest. She ran her nails down his back, giving him goosebumps. Her insides quivered around him, clamping down and milking him dry. He pressed his forehead against hers as they gasped for air. She grabbed his face in her hands and kissed him. He lifted her and carried her into the bathroom, placing her on the counter so he could switch on the shower. She pulled him back to her, smiling happily up at him.

“You are so amazing my sweet little wolf boy.” She whispered as he lowered her to her feet and pulled the rest of her clothes off.

“So are you my beautiful lioness.” He undressed himself then handed her into the tub. He stepped in then pulled her into his arms.

“Mmmm, I like that. Lioness, makes me sound wild and exotic and sexy.”

“You are.” She giggled and relaxed in his arms.

“You make me feel so wonderful, like I could fly or climb a whole mountain.” They washed each other and got out, drying quickly and going straight to bed. She was drooping with exhaustion. She rested her head on his chest and fell quickly asleep. William smiled, enjoying the fact that he could so easily tire her. It made him feel good. He kissed the top of her head and allowed himself to drift off, the grin he had never leaving his face.

Tobin roared making both William and Lexa jump. She looked over at him and sighed when she realized he was hungry. “Tobin it’s 6am, you should have eaten dinner.” Lexa said sleepily but still got up and opened the door so he could run out. Ruuka and Arashi walked out too since Tobin had woken them anyway. When the door was shut Lexa said “I can’t deny I’m surprised how normal Arashi is. You wouldn’t think they were considering putting him down.”

“They were just going about it wrong. I bet they put innocent animals down all the time not realizing they just don’t go about it the right way.”

“I don’t want to think about that.” Lexa said sadly as she crawled back into Williams arms. After thinking sadly about the wolves Lexa said “maybe we could talk to the veterinary clinics here and have them call us if they have any confiscated wolves from gangs. You could help them get better and be released instead of put down. Maybe my dad could get you in everywhere and we could travel wherever they confiscate them when they do and help. Would you do that as a job? It would mean adventure for us and we’d save countless lives since gangs seem to prefer using and abusing wolves.”

“That sounds amazing. We can start that after I build you a home.”

“Are you sure you want to build one yourself in the snow like this? You’ll be miserable. We can just buy one.”

“Yes, I’m giving you the home of your dreams. I’m sure Arashi will help me while I work then you can warm me up in this room at night and when I need a break” He said as he kissed her head. “I love you so much” He squeezed Lexa a little then said “I love you too. Today we’ll find a place for Jarvis then I want you to tell me what you picture your perfect home to be. Then I’ll get to work.”

“Thank you. I’ll be thinking about it while we look with Jarvis”

“You better leave nothing out. I will make whatever you desire just so you’ll smile at me and be happy”

They lay there for another hour then got up and dressed. They went next door and tapped on Jarvis’s door. He answered, rubbing his eyes. “Time for breakfast then house hunting.” Lexa said and he nodded. He went back in his room and dressed quickly. He came back out to them waiting for him and smiled. They headed down to the dining room and ate nice warm bowls of oatmeal. They headed out into the snow, heading to the realtor to get a list of all the houses for sale.

“How much do you want to spend on me?” Jarvis asked. “I don’t want to use to much of your money.”

“We’ll get you the perfect place. I want you to live comfortably, not settle on something.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes of course. So you’ll need at least a three bedroom house. You’ll want one room for a studio and another for guests. Two bathrooms, one for you and one for guests. A nice kitchen and living room with a fireplace.” She went over the list as both men looked over her shoulder. She pointed to two that fit the description. “Lets go look at these.” She pointed them out to the agent and she grabbed the keys to both and handed them to Lexa. “I’ll bring these right back.”

“People just do that here?” William asked.

“Everyone knees everyone here. We trust each other.” The woman said with a smile.

They headed back out into the snow and walked to the first house. Lexa unlocked the front door and pushed it open. They looked through the whole place, checking all the rooms to make sure they were up to standard. Jarvis liked it, but Lexa wanted to make absolutely sure that he would have a nice place. They left the first house and moved on to the second. This one had Jarvis gaping. He rushed from room to room, chattering excitedly about where he could put everything.

“So you want this one then?” She asked and he turned to with a big grin.

“Wait, how much is it?” He asked.

“Don’t worry about it. Do you want it?”

“If you can afford it, yes.”

“Alright then. I’ll make a good offer and we’ll get this ball rolling.” He pulled her into another one of his tight hugs then pulled back and kissed her forehead.

“This is so amazing. I can’t believe how great this is. How can I ever repay you Lexa?”

“You are going to draw up the blueprints for my dream home. You are the only artist I trust to get it perfect. Then you can help William build it for me.”

“Of course, anything you want.”

They went back to the Realtor and they settled on a price. The house was ready so she just gave him the key since Lexa could pay for it all right then. “alright Jarvis, lets go to lunch and you can start drawing what I describe to you.”

“Thank you two so much”

“Really you’ll need to thank my dad when you meet him. It’s his money that’s paying for this.”

“I can’t wait too and to assure him I’ll pay him back as fast as I can”

“He wont be too worried about it. My dad doesn’t think much of money, especially not when it goes to a good cause” When they arrived at the restaurant and ordered their meals Lexa started describing to Jarvis what she wanted. He looked concentrated as his hand flowed around the paper. They were still busy when the food came “lets eat then finish up.”

“Ok” Jarvis said putting his sketch pad in his bag. “Follow me to mail my letter and then I’ll need to buy you supplies so you can ahve plenty to work with for your art. I’m going to get you connected with a gallery here so you can get the amount you deserve for your paintings and drawings. You’ll get much more selling them through a gallery.”

“You can’t be real Lexa” Jarvis said with appreciation in his voice and eyes. “well you can’t pay us back if you can’t work can you Jarvis?” she said with a warm smile. They ate then finished up the blue prints for her home. She looked them over “perfect, I knew you could draw what was in my head” He smiled “I’m glad I did well. I was a bit nervous when you asked me to.”

“Time to get you art supplies. Once you’re set with that I’m going to lend you my credit card to purchase furniture and essentials for your house.”

“You’d trust me”

“Why shouldn’t I Jarvis?” he smiled then Lexa continued “I just want to cuddle with William until he needs to work tomorrow. It’s late in the day so you two might aswell wait until tomorrow to get to work. Bring my card to mine and Williams room when you’re done shopping.” He nodded then they went to a store that Lexa knew had all the things he would need. They helped him get the things home and bought him a laptop so he could shop online “a cafe a few blocks down this street is an internet cafe. Buy some coffee and shop to your hearts content. Don’t worry about cost and how long it will take you to pay it back. I promise nobody will break your legs if it takes too long” Lexa said with a wink making Jarvis and William laugh.

William was happy for Jarvis and even happier that he had Lexa all to himself again. He wanted to go exploring and play in the snow. He thought it was absolutely gorgeous here. He lifted her, hurrying back outside. He wanted to find a place it could just be them for a little bit. He headed into the woods surrounding the town and sat Lexa down on her feet. “This place is so amazing.” He said and she sighed happily.

“I’m glad you like it. I was worried the cold would chase you away.” He pulled her into his arms and tipped her head up. He loved how the snow looked in her hair. The pale world around him brightened when she was around. He leaned in and kissed her, his arms wrapped tightly around her. He hooked his foot behind hers and tipped her back so she fell in the snow with him on top of her. She laughed and rubbed her hand over his shadowed jaw. “So that’s what you brought me out here for. I see, just can’t resist.” She teased.

“There is no way I’m having sex in the snow. I enjoy not having frostbite.” She laughed really hard and he narrowed his eyes at her. “I’m serious and it sucks I can’t stuff snow up your shirt and freeze you.” She rolled him beneath her and pinned his arms down.

“You may not be able to do it to me, but I can definitely do it to you.”

“Hey, no because if you do I’ll have to tie you up and leave you out here.”

“I seem to remember saying both you and Jarvis were going to pay for making fun of my height.”

“He’s the one who said it.”

“Ah, but you laughed.”

She grabbed a hand full of snow and hit him in the face so he was coughing and sputtering. He pushed her off of him and jumped on her back, pinning her arms behind her and holding her down in the snow. He brushed his nose off as she kicked and wiggled beneath him. He picked up some snow and hit her with it. “No fair, you’re a lot stronger than me.” She bucked and pulled against him.

“You use what you have to win.”

“You mean like my flexibility?” She pulled her legs up so she was on her knees with her bottom in the air which distracted him long enough for her to get her feet under her and push back with all her strength. They both flew backwards and rolled down a small hill, landing in a big pile of snow. They lay there laughing and catching their breath until William’s teeth started to chatter and his nose was bright red. They stood and dusted themselves off then walked hand in hand back to town. She was so excited about having her dream home and started her new life with William. She couldn’t wait until they could get married and go on adventures together. She wanted to do everything with him.

They walked back to the inn then went into their room and wrapped around eachother so William could get warm. “another great thing about living here is that I can use needing to get warm to hold you all the time.” William said softly making Lexa smile. They enjoyed the comfort of eachothers arms as they laid there waiting for Jarvis to bring the card back. She was excited about building their home tomorrow. She planned on making sure they had hot drinks as they worked. She was also going to make William let her help where she could. She left home excited about the world before her but she could’ve never dreamed things would turn out this good. She was especially excited about William meeting her father again and being able to thank him for saving the man she now planned to spend her life with.

When Jarvis came back he appologized for taking so long. “Don’t be sorry Jarvis.”

“I’ve already made a few friends. I got to talking and didn’t realize how much time was slipping away”

“Don’t be sorry, I’m glad you made friends. Lets go out to dinner before everywhere is closed for the evening. The only places that are open all the time is the hospital and vet. After dinner I’ll find an ATM to give you money to start with until you sell a painting or drawing. Remember Jarvis, there isn’t a rush. Pay back what you can when you can.” He nodded with a smile then they went to dinner. “Tobin, Ruuka and Arashi must be having fun. They’ve been out all day” William said to Lexa. “Yeah, I figured as much from Tobin. He loves this place so much. We’ll rarely see him now that we live here.”

They ate then agreed to meet at Jarvis’s house at eight the next morning to get to work on their new home. They were meeting there because there was some land not far from the house he chose they planned to build on. Tobin, Ruuka and Arashi were waiting at their door when they arrived back at the room. Lexa laughed then let them in. Everybody slept hard and peacefully. Lexa would have jumped out of bed when the alarm went off if William wasn’t holding her down. She wanted to hurry and get to work.

“No, I’m to warm.” He grumbled and tightened his hold on her. She giggled and then jabbed him in the ribs so he yelped and almost fell out of bed. “Alright fine.” He said and let her up. They dressed quickly and then headed out to Jarvis’s with their animals close behind. William draped his arm over her shoulders and pulled her close, using her warmth to keep him from shivering. He couldn’t wait until he had been on the mountain long enough to stay warm. Lexa knocked on Jarvis’s door and he pulled it open with a happy smile.

“Time to work.” Lexa said and he quickly pulled his jacket on. They walked out to the piece of land where supplies had already been delivered. “Did you take the time to get this done yesterday?”

“Well you gave me your card so I figured why not go ahead and order the wood and stuff we’d need. I also hired some help, they should be here soon.” Jarvis smiled shyly. They waited a few more minutes and four other men showed up. The youngest looked to be about seventeen and the oldest was either his father or older brother.

“Larvis here said you two were new and needed some help.” The oldest man said. “My name is Byron, this is my son Hank, and my friends Robert and Frances. We’ve helped build a few houses around here.”

“Thank you so much for coming. I’m sure Jarvis has already introduced us as Lexa and William. I’ll be helping where Mr. Wolf here will let me.”

“Mr. Wolf?” Hank arched an eyebrow in question.

“His animal is Ruuka here. He’s more animal than man because of their bond. Tobin, the lion is mine and Arashi is our adopted animal. He uses fire so he can keep everyone warm who needs it. Anyway, we should get to work on the foundation.”

“Why don’t you just watch.” William said and she looked at him like he was crazy. “Come on Lexa, I don’t want you accidentally getting something dropped on you.”

“It’s just the foundation sweety. As soon as you start on the roof I will stay out of the way for your peace of mind. I promise.”

“Alright fine, there really is no arguing with you.”

They got to work digging out the snow and then the ground where they wanted the foundation to be. It was hard work and actually had everyone sweating. The men who had lived there for the longest pulled their shorts off, making William and Jarvis look at them like they had some sort of brain defect. They took a break and Lexa made hot coco for everyone as well as sandwiches. They were waiting for the cement to dry. They finished eating and got back to work. Lexa couldn’t believe how fast they were getting everything done. Jarvis and William seemed to be enjoying talking to the other men. She was glad William was becoming more social instead of snapping at the other men for being to close to her. He was making some real progress.

They worked until dinner time. Lexa treated the men that were helping to pizza. Each day passed like this until finally William and Lexas home was built and looked even more amazing than she pictured it in her head. She hugged Jarvis, Byron, Hank, Robert and Francis for their help. They had all become close friends between building this home and helping Jarvis situate stuff in his as it got delivered. As soon as their new home was furnished she would be inviting her father to come stay for however long he could. His law firm kept him busy but she knew like always he’d make the time to be with her. Lexa took about a hundred pictures of the finished home then emailed them to her father, along with it she wrote another update on her life.

Everything was perfect and had fallen right into place. Jarvis even had managed to start wooing a girl he met at the coffee shop that day he went alone. He really liked her and was planning on asking her out now that he wasn’t busy all the time. He was planning it all out with Lexa because he wanted to do something really romantic when he asked her to be his girlfriend. Within a week of their home being completed all of Williams and Lexas things from their old houses were in the new house, along with the new furniture they bought for the new house. Lexa couldn’t sleep their first night there. She was far too excited and happy as she laid there clinging to William who also had a tight hold on her. “I love you Lexa” he whispered softly”

“I love you too William.”

~ The End ~

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