Lillie & Cory 2

Chapter One

Cory leaned against the door frame of his bedroom door, smiling as he sipped his coffee. Lillie laid sleeping on her stomach, hair partially covering her face. The blanket had bunched at her waist so her bare back was exposed. He crossed over, setting his cup down and dropping down gently on the bed. He let his finger trace her spine, causing goosebumps to rise on her skin and a little moan to slip past her lips. His lips followed his finger, stopping just above the blankets. “Lillie, it’s time to wake up baby.” He said softly as he brushed her hair away from her face and kissed her cheek. She groaned and he gave a soft chuckle. He nibbled at her ear and her eyes slowly fluttered open.

“Cory?” She said softly and turned over. He kissed her lips as he pulled the covers back.

“Good morning beautiful.”

“Morning.” She blushed and he smiled. “I’m still naked.”

“Mmmhmm, wonderfully so.” He stroked her cheek. “You need to get ready for school.”

“But I want to stay home today.”

“Those paintings won’t paint themselves.”

“Okay, just let me shower then.” He gave her another kiss, this one long and slow so her heart danced uncontrollably in her chest.

“I already made breakfast and coffee.”

“Love you.”

“Love you too baby.” He grabbed his coffee and went back into the living room while Lillie went to take a shower. Her winter break started the day after tomorrow and he was planning a week long trip to Hawaii for them. He needed her out of the house so he could make sure he had everything, especially the ring he had so carefully picked out for her. He also had to make sure her brother was still up for watching their cat.

When he finally got his hopefully, soon to be wife out to school he got ready and left to do his errands. He called her brother on the way to pick up his ring to confirm, happy when he affirmed he was still going to watch the cat “Thank you so much”

“I think I’d be kind of a douche if I wouldn’t watch the cat so you could propose to my sister” Cory chuckled “still, you’re awesome’

“yeah yeah now I got stuff to do so bye”

“Bye” Cory slid his phone in his pocket for the remainder of the drive. The jewelry shop went easily. It was ready and he had no complaints about the ring so he payed what was left to pay and drove on to the store to buy a few things for the trip. He was floating as he bought what he needed and returned home. He had even picked out some new luggage for their trip that he hoped she would like.

Lillie was distracted as she painted, her mind filled with reasons why Cory had been acting so strange. He had been a bit secretive lately and she feared something bad was going on. She didn’t think he would cheat on her, he wasn’t that kind of person, but she worried he might be sick. She had heard him talking on the phone a couple of times under his breath. She sighed as she focused on painting the image of a rose garden. She wanted to ask, but she didn’t want to seem pushy. “You alright Lillie?” Her friend Alex asked.

“Yeah, just feeling a little down today.”

“Did something bad happen?”

“Not really, it’s just one of those days.”

“Well, if you feel like talking about it, I’m here you know?”

She smiled. “I know, thank you and I’ll be fine, I promise.”

She did her best to get through her classes then went home. Cory seemed excited as she walked through the door and found him sitting on the couch by some luggage she didn’t recognize “Corey?” she asked with concern and confusion. He pulled two plane tickets out of his pocket “Our flight is early the day after tomorrow and I just can’t wait any longer to ask you. Want to go to Hawaii with me? I’ve planned an amazing vacation” All the fear and worry that had been weighing on her instantly fell from her shoulders. “Oh my gosh Cory” she said near tears. He hugged her.

“You alright baby?”

“Yeah, it’s just you were acting so weird, I thought something was wrong.”

He tipped her head back and gave her a gentle kiss. “Sorry I worried you, are you happy now though.”

“Very, what’s the occasion?”

“I love you and I want to go somewhere fun.” He stroked her cheek. “You deserve it, you work so hard and I want to see you smiling.”

“You’re too sweet.”

“It’s not hard when it’s for you.”

She kissed him then got a good look at her new luggage “I adore these.”

“I thought it would be fun to have new luggage for the trip”

“It is. I want to go ahead and pack!”

“I’ll help” They took the luggage back to the room and began filling each one. Once they had all they would need the two started making dinner. “Do you have the trip planned out?” She asked as she chopped up onions. “Nope, winging it is always more fun but I’ve looked up quite a bit so we at least know what all their is to do/ Want me to show you some stuff after we eat?”

“Yes” she sounded so excited. Her delight made him feel warm and happy. He knew most people were nervous about proposing but even this close to doing it Cory was just excited. She could say no but he didn’t think she would.

Lillie was amazed by the things Cory had saved to his favorites. She pointed at the volcano park, wanting to go there and draw. She had never even been close to a volcano and now was her chance. Cory laughed and pulled her onto his lap, kissing her cheek. “Can we go there too, oh and there?” She pointed.

“Whatever you want baby.”

“Are you sure you didn’t do something bad or something?”

He smiled and ran his fingers gently through her hair. “I just want to spend time away with you in a beautiful place. We’ll go snorkeling, hiking, check out all the islands and I’ll get you all to myself with no distractions.”

She blushed and looked at her hands. “I…I really love you Cory.”

“Sorry, I couldn’t hear you, mind looking at me and saying that again.”

She raised her head. “I…” He kissed her and her heart did a little flip.

“I love you too Lillie.”

She went to class beaming the next day. Her friend noticed “I’m glad everything’s better”

“He’s taking me to Hawaii”

“Nice!” The next day they grabbed breakfast on the way to the airport and made their flight in plenty of time. Even though they hadn’t arrived yet Lillie was already enjoying herself as she held hands with Cory. When they arrived she didn’t know if the people getting off were really this slow or it just felt like an eternity because she was so excited. She could have sworn it took hours to get off the plane and into the airport. Cory had arranged for a cab to pick them up and take them to where they were staying so things were simple from that point.

“It’s still light out, can we explore a little?” She asked when they finally made it to their room.

“Sure, but let’s not get too tired. If we do too much your legs will get too sore to hike.”

“I know, I’m just really excited. We could walk around and see some of the restaurants. We could eat at the beach.”

He chuckled as he pulled her into his arms and pressed a kiss to her forehead. “You’re really cute when you’re excited.”

He rubbed noses with her and she blushed. “I wasn’t trying to be.”

“It makes me want to kiss you senseless.” He smiled lovingly at her. “Don’t forget your sketchbook, there’s so much to see you’ll never run out of things to draw.”

“O…okay.” He let her go and she quickly got her satchel. Her heart was beating extremely fast and she knew he could tell.

Cory made sure he had the room key then took her hand and walked with her back out. He was happy he got to take her here. Before her mom had started therapy she hadn’t had the chance to do stuff like this. “Stop me if you see something interesting, we’re in no hurry. It’ll give me a chance to take plenty of pictures of you.”

She smiled at him and he sighed happily. He let her guide him around, him snapping random pictures, even once they were sitting in a restaurant. “Corey” she said as she laughed. “sorry beautiful”

“You’re not sorry” He chuckled “I’m not, can you blame me for loving pictures of you?” They talked until the delicious food silenced them. After eating they took a short walk on the beach before retiring to their room so they would be well rested for their day tomorrow. As the couple laid tangled in one another Lillie said softly “thank you so much for this trip Corey”

“You really do deserve it baby. Try and get some sleep. I know you’re excited but I want you to have a lot of fun tomorrow” She kissed his chest blushing as she did it. He smiled, holding her just a bit tighter and slowly drifting into slumber.

Cory woke before Lillie the next morning as usual and went ahead and ordered them breakfast. He didn’t want her to have to wait to get out and it gave him time to think of the perfect way to propose. Lillie was an artist and he thought maybe he could find a way to propose that appealed to her artistic side. She woke when room service knocked and he quickly went and got the tray. “Just in time.” He said with a big smile and she sat up, yawning.

“You should have woke me.”

“I wanted you well rested and now you can just eat breakfast before we go out.”

She smiled as she pushed her hair behind her ear. “Thank you, you’re so sweet.”

He handed her her plate and juice then kissed her cheek before retrieving his own. “Where do you feel like going today baby?”

She grabbed his phone and went through the pages he had bookmarked. “There’s just so much. You’ve been here before right?”

“When I was a kid.”

“Then you can be my guide.”

“whatever makes you happy” Corey said before taking his first bite of food. Even though it was Hawaii the two were still surprised how good their breakfast was. They ate it happily, not even rushing through. Once they were ready to hit the street and have some fun. The two ended up renting a car so they could drive Waimea Canyon. It seemed so beautiful. There were so many good reviews about how gorgeous it was to take the drive. They arrived at a point they desperately wanted to hike but they didn’t have anything they’d need for that so Corey made a note for later this trip or next time he brought her here.

Even without hiking it was an amazing trip. The view had been just as stunning as all the reviews said. They left, bought some food and had a picnic just overlooking it’s beauty. After their lunch they decided to just enjoy the beach. They returned to their room to get swim wear on and everything else they’d need to spend the rest of their first day there. Though Lillie felt Cory sometimes took too many pictures she was glad he had snapped so many today so she could look back on it later and show all her friends.

“This place is so amazing.” She said on the way back to their room. She was soaked with sea water and incredibly happy.

“I’m glad you like it.”

“Thank you so much.”

He scooped her up, making her cling to him for a moment. He laughed and kissed her cheek. He carried her all the way to the hotel, nodding to the receptionist who was smiling at them. “Let’s shower and then dinner.”


She blushed when he started taking his clothes off and looked down. She heard him chuckle and she covered her face. She didn’t understand why she was so shy still. He got the water started then turned to her his hands pulling hers gently away from her face. “Would you look at me?” She slowly raised her head and he smiled lovingly. “You’re so beautiful, do you know that?”

“You tell me often.”

“It’s true, so much so that sometimes I don’t know what to do with myself. Believe it or not sometimes I’m left speechless.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too. Would it be okay if I undressed you?” She nodded and he pulled her bikini off then handed her into the tub. He adored her shyness, her rosy cheeks making her look even more adorable.

Chapter Two

He wanted to wash her but she still felt much too shy so she did it herself, blushing as he admired her. They cuddled under the warm spray until hunger could not be pushed off any longer. “Can I dry you? Please” she decided if she didn’t start letting him do these things she’d never grow comfortable with it so she let him. Cory was amazing and sweet. He loved her so much and she him. He wanted to dry her out of love so she knew she was being silly. This was her first time letting him so he didn’t go quite as slow as he wanted. When they both were dry they looked up places to eat.

They decided on Ono Seafood, it had amazing reviews. They both ordered the Spicy Ahi Bowl which didn’t disappoint. “I want to come here again before we leave”

“dinner again tomorrow?”

“Yes! I want to try Sesame Ginger Poke!” She said it so excitedly it made him warm with happiness. “do you want to order some Squid Jerky to go incase we want a snack in the room tonight?”

“sure” Cory went ahead and made their to go order even though they weren’t quite ready to leave.

Lillie was so excited she didn’t think she’d be able to sleep when they got back. It was only the end of their first day. “I could help you sleep.” Cory said suggestively and she blushed, her face turning bright red. “Or not.”



“It’s like an on and off thing and it’s always on at the wrong time.”

He took her jerky and sat it on the chest of drawers then picked her up and carried her to bed. Her heart was beating so fast and so hard she was sure he could hear it. “I love it, I really do.” He pressed his lips into hers and let out a contented sigh. His hands slid up her sides, pushing her shirt up so he could caress her skin. He was always so gentle and slow, giving her time to say no or push him away if she became too overwhelmed. He lifted her shirt off and her shorts followed so she was in just her bra and panties. “Still okay?” He asked gently.


“I can stop, don’t feel obligated.”

She swallowed and slid her fingers under his shirt to touch him. He moaned and her temperature went up another notch. “Maybe just touching tonight.”

“Okay” he said with a happy smile. They felt eachother, heated up. He felt himself harden but he kept behaving. Eventually he became far too excited and left her to shower and calm down. She patiently waited and he soon came back to cuddle with her. “do you want to eat our snack before we fall asleep?”

“Sure” He answered. They sat up, she between his legs as they ate together then went to bed for the evening. In the morning they had room service breakfast again then decided to go snorkeling because a Hawaiian vacation wasn’t a Hawaiian vacation unless you did it. It ate up only a few hours of their time and neither were ready for lunch so they decided to buy some stuff for a picnic and head to another beautiful area.

Cory admired Lillie while she studied their surroundings. Her eyes were always searching, always memorizing so she could sketch later. She was so beautiful when she was engrossed in her passion. He sighed, a smile playing over his lips at a sudden thought. “What’s got you looking so happy?” She asked and he let his eyes meet hers.

“My absolutely stunning girlfriend.” She blushed and he gave her a quick kiss, unable to resist the temptation. “Hey, I need to go out and do something after lunch, I want you to go back to the hotel and wait for me.”

“Why can’t I come?”

“It’s a surprise.”

“Oh, okay. You’re sure everything’s alright?”

“Absolutely, I just had a really good idea.”

“Okay then, I love you.”

“Love you too.” They took their time eating and did a little bit of exploring before he sent her off. The first place he went was too the store where he bought some art supplies. He paid then headed over to the art museum where he talked to the person in charge. He begged to be let into the museum after hours, telling them about his plan to ask Lillie to marry him. It must have worked because they agreed. He also asked if he could borrow one of their offices and they agreed. He placed the different art supplies he had bought in the little gift basket he had purchased, rearranging them until he thought they looked perfect. He then took a piece of ribbon and tied the ring to the baskets handle. He was going to ask the night guard to leave it in front of one of the exhibits.

He asked and they agreed, even wishing him luck. He had to admit nerves were settling in a little but most of what he felt was excitement. He knew she loved him so he just didn’t expect a no. Cory started making his way back to the hotel, practically bouncing with each step. He would make sure they were there about ten minutes before they opened so they could be first inside. If he tried to take her tonight it would seem weird and he knew she’d want to explore the museum. That might be a bit much to ask after hours or he would propose right now.

Lillie was still confused but she trusted Cory more than anyone else in the world. Besides, his last secret had been this trip so the next one had to be good. In the morning he got her up early so they could shower and eat in plenty of time. They actually ended up there about fifteen minutes early and he didn’t know if he could wait that long. Hoping for more grace he had her wait and he went to ask if there was any way they could go in early.

“What are we doing here?” Lillie asked when he came back. She could see the place was closed, the visiting hours were on the front door.

“It’s that surprise I was talking about.” He took her hand and pulled her gently inside where they were met by one of the staff who handed them a little map of the building. Cory could see there was a small red X marking where they had put the basket.

“How did you get us in here?” Lillie asked as they walked slowly on.

“I begged.”


“I wanted you to see this place.”

She smiled, her eyes lighting up. “Thank you.”

He watched her excitedly enjoying all the different paintings and sculptures and pottery. She pointed when she saw one that particularly caught her eye and pulled him over. He checked the map, his heart thundering when he realized they were close and he went through what he wanted to say over and over again, hoping he wouldn’t mess up or worse she would reject him.

They soon arrived and she paused a moment to look at him “it’s for you” he said and she walked over, noticing the ring tied to it. “Cory?” He untied it and got down on one knee “Will you marry me beautiful?” Her lips trembled “Oh Cory, really?”

“Yeah, please say yes” He answered softly. “Yes, so much yes” Tears were falling from both their eyes as he slid the ring on. They huffed tightly “You are so perfect Cory, god” He chuckled “I’m lucky, not perfect. I’m just glad I get to be a pain in your butt forever now” she laughed and he kissed her cheek. She lifted her basket “Thank you Cory”

“You deserve it. I just want to make you happy” She didn’t want to keep being weepy around other people so they left and went back to their room for a bit. She kissed him and he let himself melt into it. “It’s so beautiful Cory” she said looking at her ring. “It took me forever to pick it. It was hard to find one good enough for you”

“I want to show everybody. Can we call people who will want to know first so I can post pictures?” He chuckled “Of course beautiful” They made their calls, glad everyone picked up then Cory took pictures of Lillie and her ring. She uploaded them to her facebook and changed her relationship status. She was already getting notifications but she closed the computer anyway. She wanted everyone to know but she wouldn’t waste a second of this vacation. She could read everyones responses tonight when they couldn’t do anything else.

Cory pulled her into his arms and let his lips brush hers. “To think I was so anxious.”

“About what?”

“About you saying no.”

“Why would I?”

He sighed. “Because you’re so perfect.”

She blushed. “Wh…what? I get depressed and I’m forgetful and you have to deal with that, I’m not even close to perfect.”

He rubbed his nose against hers. “No matter if you’re happy, sad, depressed or angry, I’ll always think you’re perfect. I love you so much.”

She felt tears in her eyes as she happily pressed her lips against his. It surprised him since he was the usually the one to initiate anything. He laid back, pulling her on top of him, allowing his hands to slide under her shirt, his fingers to lightly skim her back. She pushed up his shirt and his heart danced in excitement at the touch of her hands. “Off.” She said, her voice shaking a little. She was still her shy self and he found it very endearing.


“Yes, hurry before I change my mind.”

He took it off and she almost gasped. She had seen him shirtless but the effect it had on her hadn’t lessened. She felt and caressed him, loving the feel of his body and how much he seemed to enjoy it. She shakily took off her shirt and he marveled up at her “are we going to?” he asked a bit cautiously and she nodded. “It doesn’t matter we’re getting married. I can still wait”

“don’t talk me out of it. Lets make love okay?”

“I just need to be sure you’re ready baby”

“I am, just nervous” He smiled “let me kiss you please” She leaned down for him and they started making out. She felt him get hard and blushed. He smiled “we can still stop”

“Nu..no..take off your pants and I’ll take off mine”

She let him up and he pushed his jeans and boxers off, making her swallow. He waited patiently for her. She shakily took her shorts and panties off and he reached out, his fingers gently stroking her cheek. “So beautiful.” He pulled her into him, let his lips find hers as he lifted her and laid her down on the bed. His hands moved lovingly over her, cupping her breasts, tracing the scars left from her accident so she let out little moans. His lips followed, his teeth gently biting and his tongue swirling as he tasted her sweet skin. He gently pushed her legs open, his fingers moving slowly over her abdomen and between her legs, wanting her ready for him. “Hold me.” He said softly and she clung tightly to him as he pushed himself into her waiting heat. She whimpered, her eyes damp with tears and he gently stroked her hair, his lips moving against hers, helping her relax. When he moved she cried out and he stayed close, his hips taking on a slow rocking motion.

“I love you…love you.” She said, feeling scared and excited as she let herself be swept away.

“I love you too.” Her heat quivered around him and he picked up the pace, moaning loudly as he flowed into her. Tears escaped her eyes and he gave her little kisses and told her how wonderful she was. “You alright?” He asked.

“Yeah, just overwhelmed.”

“My beautiful Lillie, I’m so happy.”

“Me too.” He pulled out of her and slid her to the top of the bed, wanting a nap. She pillowed her head on his chest and he ran his fingers slowly up and down her arm, his lips pressing against the top her head as he lulled her to sleep. The rest of their vacation was spent exploring. He tried not to keep her in the room, wanting her to see as much as possible. When they left she wasn’t too sad, far too excited to go home and begin wedding planning. Her brother and mother were expecting a visit, wanting to congratulate them in person and she couldn’t wait to ask her brother to walk her down the aisle. She smiled happily, feeling lucky to have Cory and knowing when things got tough, whether she was happy or sad, she would always have him.


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