Lily & Maruo

Chapter One

Lily took off in a full sprint, trying to get to her car before this maniac caught up to her. Her heart was pounding as she jumped inside. She could hear him cursing angrily at her. The scariest part of this entire situation was that he had gotten this angry because she wouldn’t give him her number. It was such a stupid reason and it made him that much scarier when he got pissed about it. She had nearly screamed when she realized he had started to follow her after she started trying to leave. She didn’t understand why nobody she had passed cared that she was being followed. “some world we live in” she said and sped all the way home.

When she parked in front of her home she was scared to get out of her car. She didn’t know why since there was no way he had kept up with a car but that man had shaken her to her core. Being in her house was safer so she eventually forced herself to get out, bolting inside. She locked the doors right away and almost instantly had a call on her house phone which made her scream. Holding her heart she walked over and picked it up “are you okay? I’m sitting on my porch talking with my granddaughter and we saw you running inside”

Lily breathed a little easier, it was her sweet elderly neighbor “I’m okay, just a little spooked”

“Too many scary movies. You kids today watch too much crap on tv”

“we do”

“want some coffee?” though her neighbors were outside she didn’t want to be out again. It defied logic but even now she felt like he was right behind her. She just wanted to hide and hope she felt better in the morning “No mam, I’m tired”

“Okay, the offer stands if you change your mind”

“thank you so much” she hungup then turned on every single light in her home before double checking her doors were locked “you drove, he was running, it’s okay” she tried to tell herself. Lily poured herself some wine then called one of her best friends. Talking to him always relaxed her and she was hoping his voice could even soothe her tonight. He answered near instantly which made her smile, he almost always answered right away. “Hey Lily, whats up?”

“what’re you doing?”

“Oh nothing, how was your day?”

“Okay, well, it was really good until this guy scared me. Now I have a glass of wine and am trying to unwind for bed”

“scared you? What happened?”

“He wanted my number and I wouldn’t give it to him and he way over reacted”

“did he hurt you?”

“No, I’m okay, he just terrified me. I can’t even explain it. Something about him was just horrifying”

“do you want me to come over?”

“No, I’m a grown woman and don’t need to be such a baby. I just wanted to talk to you since thats always so relaxing”

“You sure?”

“No, I’m fine”

“But I’ve been wanting to watch The Giver with you anyway”

“You wont tease me for letting him upset me so much?”

“I might knock his teeth out if you ever point him out but thats it”


“can I come over?”


“I’ll be there soon okay?”

“Okay” they hungup and she turned her tv and game system on. “He only lives a few minuets away” she said to herself. When Mauro arrived fear was thick in her house and he was glad he came over. “He had to have done something to you. He really didn’t hurt you?” Maruo asked “No, he chased me and I don’t know. I feel like I’m going to look out my window and see him but he couldn’t have kept up with my car so I know thats a stupid thought”

“It’s not stupid, I’m not the only supernatural being in this world Lily and it concerns me he offset you so much. She looked even more afraid and he felt bad, he shouldn’t be scaring her. “I’m sorry” His protectiveness of her was getting him carried away. She needed someone to make her feel better and he felt like an ass. “I’ll stay the night okay?”

“I cant ask you to do that. You have that lecture in the morning”

“You are more important than a lecture” she blushed “But” he cut her off “But nothing I’m not leaving you.”

“Okay, thank you.”

“Of course, how about we order pizza and just relax? I’ll mess up anyone who tries anything.”

She smiled, feeling better already. “You really don’t have to do that, but pizza I agree with. I’m too jittery to cook.”

Maruo went and found the movie on Netflix while Lily ordered pizza. He then went out and looked around her house, checking behind every bush and even in the crawl space that lead under her home. He refused to let anything happen to her. When he went inside she was waiting on the couch and had poured him a glass of wine. “I’m going to check all your windows and doors then I’ll come and sit with you.”

“You really don’t…”

“Let me, I want you to feel safe.”

She still felt like a baby but she was glad she called him and that he had wanted to come over. She would have never asked, he had enough to do without worrying about a grown woman afraid in her own home. There was just something wrong with that man, something sinister and the fact he had started to chase her made her heart pound every time she thought back on it. Maruo soon stepped back in the room and joined her on the couch “Thank you so much for this. You’re such a good friend Maruo”

“This is what best friends do. What kind of ass would I be if I would have forced you to be alone in this house. I’d be nervous too after that then coming back to so much space you can’t see at once”

“I don’t know why I let my parents talk me into this house”

“well when you find yourself in a relationship and starting a family you’ll have the space for it. I’m sure thats what they were thinking about”

“I know thats what they were thinking about. They have baby fever but for me to have children” He just talked to her until the pizza came then settled themselves again to watch the movie. She was finally starting to relax when her car alarm went off. She practically climbed on top of Maruo who suddenly stood up, looking around then rushing to the door to check what was going on outside. Lily didn’t want to sit there but she didn’t want to follow Maruo either. She was already shaking in fear and then it happened, seemingly the whole world stopped “Maruo?” She walked to the door to see him paused in motion “Maruo?” she was starting to cry now and shake even harder. She looked around to see the elderly lady and her guest frozen too, everything looked like it was on pause, everything except her.

She ran to her cellphone to call the police but her cellphone wouldn’t even dial. She started to panic, wailing she was so scared. “why?!” she screamed, hoping that sick freak would answer. It seemed Maruos concerns were warranted, this man obviously wasn’t human. A Purple and red hand wrapped around her ankle. It looked almost skeletal the skin was pulled around each finger so tightly “Maruo” she screamed again, hoping her friend could someone break free of whatever was happening but no such luck. She was being pulled down and it looked like she was going to have to rely on herself to get away.

She was dragged back to the front door where gained purchase on the door frame, her fingers holding tightly even though it hurt. She kicked at the hand as hard as she could, slamming her heel against it until it let go and she was able to scramble up and away. She ran to the kitchen and pulled a knife out of the knife block, shaking as she turned this way and that. “Just come out you coward!” She screamed. She wished Maruo could help her, he was so much stronger and would know how to deal with something like this. She could only guess that this thing was some sort of demon, but she wasn’t for sure. “What do you want from me?”

He didn’t answer, he was enjoying scaring her. She could have given him her number and they could have a nice date but she was another stuck up bitch who thought she was too good to give him the time of day. He was going to make her miserable and make sure to knock her off her high horse. Still trembling she tried to walk back out to Maruo. “Mmm maruu o” hundreds of hands seemed to sprout out from the earth and grab onto her. She screamed again at the top of her lungs as they held her in one spot. She wondered if Maruo actually moved slightly or if it was her hopefulness. “Maruo” she sobbed again and the man cursed. Maruo had moved and he realized he had underestimated her friend a bit. He couldn’t play like this with her any longer, he had to take her where he took all the women who thought they were too good to give him their number.

The Popobawa came out and grabbed her, flying her away before that demon broke free of his magic. All Lily could do was sob while she hoped that at the very least that thing hadn’t hurt Maruo with whatever he did. When the Popobawa arrived on the vast land he owned he dropped her when he was high enough to hurt her a little more but close enough to the ground he knew the fall wouldn’t kill her. She wasn’t durable enough yet for the real fun to begin. He was actualyl impressed when she tried to run “are you serious?” he asked, his voice seeming to mock her.

She just continued limping as fast as she could “Maruo can’t save you now little girl, nobody can” He had her by the hair in an instant and she cried again. She wanted to be tough, she really did but she just couldn’t be. He forced her into a weird looking building and she almost instantly went into shock. There were no tears now, there wasn’t even thoughts going through her head. There was nothing but pure horror everywhere she looked. Soon he had her chained down where she couldn’t move “I’ll be right back”

“I’m sorry” she tried “too fucking late” he seethed. This woman near her with throwing stars in random areas of her body said softly “don’t tell him you’re sorry, it makes whatever he does worse…believe me. Sorry is the last thing you should” she was cut off by him throwing a dagger into her skull which killed her, he was done with that one anyway. “Oh god’ she wailed. He came back with another man who looked more apologetic than anything else. She quickly noticed he had chains with strange marks all over his body. “whats happening”

He wanted to answer but would only be punished if he tried. The Popobawa would want to tell her, to taunt her with what he was doing. “i’m making you more durable for all the fun we’re going to have” the bat like creature said as he removed the dagger from the dead womans head. “what?” He chuckled not answering her yet as he began the ceremony to change her into a demoness.

Chapter Two

Marou let out a snarl as he regained control of his body and his rage boiled over at the creature who had taken Lily. He would never be able to get her screams out of his head and he vowed to rip that thing apart when he found it. Wings burst from his back, tearing his shirt in the process and he pushed himself into the sky, opening his senses up as far as he could. It was harder to follow her scent in the air so he honed in on the Popobawa’s. He had only ever heard stories about them, but he knew enough to know what they smelled like and what they could do to someone. He knew it would be tormenting Lily, that it would torture her and he hoped he could get there before she suffered too much.

Lily couldn’t do anything but cry at the pain tearing through her and could only barely manage to turn her head to throw up so she wouldn’t choke on her own vomit. The Popobawa just grinned and laughed at her, enjoying her pain and terror. Maruo had explained to her once that humans could be turned if they were mated with a demon and had even said it was painful, but she hadn’t been expecting something like this and she wondered if this is what all humans went through when they chose to change. It was excruciating and she wished Maruo was with her. She sobbed harder as she thought about him. This was her fault and he might be hurt because of her.

The Popobawa pulled out a video camera, liking to get the different womens answers on film. “why didn’t you give me your number?” she was in tremendous pain, making it was hard to talk but Lily hoped if they were talking he wouldn’t hurt her. That way she could get through this before he did anything else to add to her misery. “I…” she struggled to push through and speak “I love someone..I didn’t want to mislead you”

“women don’t love”

“I do love someone, quite a bit”

“who?” she shook her head, she wasn’t going to give him more incentive to hurt Maruo. He laughed “lies, I knew it. You’re just a bitch”

“I…I’m telling the truth.”

“Then tell me who.”

“You’ll hurt him.”

He grinned. “Wait, it was that demon wasn’t it? Oh how sweet. I wonder what he must be thinking after watching me take you. What a weakling.”

“He’s not.”

“Then he just didn’t want to save you. Little bitches like you like to dangle yourself in front of us and then get pissed when we treat you like meat, but that’s all you are.” He zoomed in on her face. “What would you do if I went back and gutted him?”

“Don’t, please don’t.”

He smiled sadistically, already starting to feel aroused by her fear. It wasn’t time for that though, he wanted her far more broken before he sodomized her. Lily wasn’t sure when she had slipped into unconsciousness from the change he had forced her to go through but she woke to muffled cries. She turned her head to see her captor raping the male demon who he had used to change her. She quickly turned her head away and he said “oh come on, if you’re awake now I want you to watch. I’ll punish you if you don’t” she didn’t care. He was going to hurt her anyway and what was happening to him was probably humiliating enough for that man without her watching him go through it.

She tried to pull at her chains and noticed they were new. Now they looked like the chains the demon had on him. She guessed they were stronger now that she would be stronger. It sounded like he stopped and when he started messing with her chains she knew for a fact he had. He didn’t bother picking her up, he simply started dragging her across the floor, obviously taking her somewhere else. She got a quick glimpse of the male demon and her heart nearly cracked. He looked so broken and ashamed. She wondered how long he had been there suffering like this. Since both creatures were immortal so he could have been suffering for centuries for all she knew.

She was now back outside which had her looking around as much as she could for when she talked to Akari and Rueben about all of this. She tried to say when in her mind instead of if. She hoped she could survive long enough to escape somehow. “You’re not going to ask what I’m about to do?” he asked, still dragging her. She didn’t answer and he chuckled “what? No more talking?”

She kept her mouth closed and continued to take in her surroundings. She was terrified of what he was going to do, but it didn’t matter as long as she could lead the police back here and maybe save the man her captor was also tormenting. He took her over to a hook that was hanging over a pool of what she guessed was ice water and lifted her arms above her head, slipping her chain onto the hook. “Do you know they used to do this to crazy people as a way to cure them?” He asked, grinning at her as he walked over to a lever. “It’s supposed to be painful, the shock of being dunked in ice water.” He pulled the lever and she was suddenly falling. She tried to scream when the water enveloped her and instantly inhaled a lung full. Her chains made it to where she couldn’t get to the surface and before she knew it she was being pulled back to the surface. “So? What do you think?”

“Go…to hell.” She said, wanting to be brave.

Maruo rocketed through the sky, following that scent that reminded him of rotten eggs. How far had that thing taken her? He tried not to think of what it might be doing to her, wanting to keep a clear head. If he let his emotions get to him, he would be careless and might make mistakes that would resort in her death. He could let his rage out when he had his hands around the monster’s throat.

An hour into doing this to her he was still taunting Lily but she just glared back “I see becoming a demon has changed your attitude. All you did was cry before and now even as you shiver all you do is glare instead of beg me to stop or give you a second chance”

“a second chance to what?” she asked angrily. “to watch me rape him”

“You’re disgusting, I’m glad I did’t give you the time of day fucker” She knew that would not help her situation but she truly didn’t care. She believed what his previous victim told her, apologizing and doing what he wanted obviously wouldn’t help. It probably only made him enjoy what he was doing more. He wanted her to beg and cry and break apart inside and she wouldn’t give him another second of that. He was just taking her down when the Popobawa could smell Maruo “well, it appears he’s followed us.”

“Maruo?” he chuckled “lets give him a sight huh” he hooked her chains to something in the ground. From when he dragged her she could see he had them randomly scattered. It was obviously so he could just stop and keep his prisoners in control no matter where he was on his property. It made her wonder again how long he had been doing this. He seemed so established in it it made her nauseous to think how many victims came before her. He smiled as he finally saw fear in her eyes as he started ripping up her clothes “what are you doing?!”

“Giving that demon friend of yours something to see” he said menacingly. “Maruo!” she started screaming over and over again at the top of her lungs. Something to see could mean anything and after seeing he would rape people she didn’t want to know what he had planned for her. He just laughed as he finished destroying her clothing.

Maruo could hear her voice and he tucked his wings back as he dove down, picking up speed as he went. He could see them now, could hear her panicked cries and sobs. The Popobawa looked right up at him as he came closer and pulled Lily up in front of him so Maruo had to unfold his wings slow himself. He landed, keeping his distance. “Well, well, he found us.” The Popobowa said, forcing Lily to sit between his legs, one hand around her throat. “Come closer and I’ll snap her pretty little neck.”

Maruo clenched his fists. “What do you want with her?”

“To teach her a lesson.” Lily watched as a bunch of hands came from below Maruo and grabbed onto him, pinning him down. “Look how weak he is, he can’t even save you.” He licked the side of her face. He let his free hand slide over her, groping her breasts. She whimpered and he grinned as he let his teeth sink into her shoulder. Her scream of pain only excited him further and he laughed. “If you move, I will kill him.” He said close to her ear. “Look at her little demon, you want her don’t you, I can smell it. What if I let you have her first?” He grabbed her knees, forcing her legs apart and she cried even harder much to his enjoyment.

“You son of a bitch.” Maruo sounded like a man possessed, his voice a growl of rage as he watched this monster torment her. He pressed his palms against the ground, the Popobawa’s grin only fuel his fury. He tapped into that dark part of himself, letting the beast within take him. His pupils dilated, nearly covering his entire iris, his nose flared as he inhaled the scent of Lily. She belonged to him and how dare this monster lay his hands on her. His wings kicked back, knocking the hands away and he launched himself at the creature, moving so fast if Lily had blinked she would have missed him.

Chapter Three

Maruo had him off of her and was tumbling on the ground with him. Lily covered her breasts as best she could with her arms and crossed her legs. Hiding them now wouldn’t change that Maruo had seen her naked but she was still embarrassed and scared to be so exposed. Lily wished she could help him but she had already struggled with all her might against these chains when he was torturing her in the water so she already knew there was nothing she could do. Lily dared to look over at the fighting males and could hardly believe that was Maruo.

He was always so sweet and warm. It made it surreal to see him so angry and violent. She had known since the beginning of their friendship he was a demon, she knew that had meant a beat laid dormant inside him but being as amazing as he was it didn’t quite sink in until tonight. Not that she was afraid of him, he was too wonderful to be scary but she now understood more what he was. Lily gasped in horror when he actually ripped the Popobawa’s head off. She had to close her eyes, she just couldn’t stomach any more blood.

Lily felt this weird sensation sweep over her so she opened her eyes, seeing that the markings on the chains were gone. He must have been using an enchantment to make them stronger and now that he was dead the enchantment was gone. Maruo made sure the beast was dead before doing his best to calm himself as he walked over to Lily. He knelt beside her, ripping the chains off her body then lifting her into his arms. Lily continued to cover herself as she said “theres at least one other person here Maruo. I don’t want to just leave him behind”

“where?” she guided Maruo to the place she was originally kept but the demon was gone. She saw his chains destroyed and realized he must have freed himself the second the magic went away. She was just starting to think he took off when she heard his voice “Lily?” Maruo tensed, obviously ready to kill anything else that came their way. He was up on a shelf and he came down “you didn’t run away?”

“I didn’t know what was happening. I was waiting to make sure you had the chance to leave too”

“can you fly?” Maruo asked and the demon shook his head “I’ll be okay, you just take her home. I can get on by myself, like I said, I’m only still here because I couldn’t just leave her to him if the magic going away was some sort of fluke”

“I want to see you again though” he smiled “okay, I’ll come see you soon then”

“How will you find me?”

“you obviously want to be covered and there is paper in his home if you two want to follow me that way” Maruo held her a little tighter, not willing to trust anybody right now but Lily wanted to follow so he carried her to the Popobawa’s house and allowed the demon to get her a blanket then he took down her address so that they could see eachother again. While Lily found comfort in being covered she was even more nauseous in here than she was out there. His home was every bit as gory as where he held her had been and it smelled terrible. She didn’t know how that creature could live like this, surrounded by body parts and decay.

“Stay safe, okay?” She said to her new friend as they left.

“Don’t worry about me, Lily, I’ll be alright, I promise.”

Maruo held tightly to her as he took off, still angry at what had happened. He needed a moment to come down off that rage. Even though Lily was safe and alive, he still felt guilty she had had to see him kill another being. “Maruo?” Her voice sounded so small, so scared.


“Thank you for coming.”

“You mean the world to me, Lily, I could nothing else.”

She felt a blush warm her entire body and she snuggled a little closer, resting her head on his shoulder and falling asleep as he took her home. Maruo landed as softly as he could when they made it back, not wanting to wake her. He took her straight to her room where he tossed the Popobawa’s blanket away and got her under her own. He pressed a kiss to her forehead then went and called Reuben, wanting he and Akari to know what had happened and to inform the police of that monster’s lair.

After talking to them about everything that happened he went out to his car for a change of clothes. He had brought something to wear since he had already planned to stay the night so she’d feel safe. He bitterly scoffed, he had saved her but he felt like he failed her at the same time. That Popobawa had taken her from him and if it hadn’t been so interested in watching her suffer she may have died tonight. He wanted Lily to be his mate but how could he ask her now. Maruo brought his clothes inside, checked on her one more time then took a quick shower.

Once clean he threw out that wretched things blanket and took her trash out. Now that he was a bit calmer he could tell he had made her undergo the change of being a demon. Maruo wanted her to live forever but he wished it hadn’t been done that way. He wished he could have done it and with her permission. He wished he had been there to comfort her through the pain humans went through if they underwent the change.

He decided it would be okay if he stayed in her room that night and double checked all the locks before going and climbing in next to her. He wrapped his arms around her, keeping her pressed close so nothing could take her from him again. He knew he would wake if anyone so much as stepped on her front porch. When Lily jerked awake a few hours later, it snapped him to full attention. He could hear her fearfully beating heart and feel her panic. “It’s okay, I’m here.” He said softly as he gently stroked her hair.

“Maruo?” She started crying and he held her a little tighter. “So it wasn’t a dream, you came for me.”

“Of course I did.”

“Sorry, just…I thought maybe I’d wake up and be back there.”

“You’re safe, I promise.” He tipped her head back and wiped away the tears. “How are you feeling?”

“I hurt and I’m still so tired.”

“Want me to run a bath for you?”

Please?” He kissed her forehead then got out of bed to run a bath for her. Lily held the blanket to her as she looked around her room. She was home, she was really home. When Maruo returned she asked “have you call my parents or Akari and Reuben?”

“I wanted the police to know everything so I spoke to Akari and Reuben but I haven’t spoken to your parents. I assumed Akari would call them”

“she probably did” Lily got out of bed, still a little bashful at being baked but Maruo had already gotten a thorough look at her when that Popobawa was groping her and putting her on display in front of him. It helped the fear was gone too. She didn’t feel vulnerable because she knew Maruo would never hurt her. He stayed with her until she was sitting down out of worry she might hurt herself from her weakened state. She had been through enough without falling and causing herself another injury. “I’ll get you some pajamas alright?” He said as he started to walk out.

“Wait, could you stay?” She blushed. “I just don’t want to be in here alone. I can still feel him and hear him. I know he’s dead but…”

“It’s okay to be afraid, I was afraid.”


“All I could do was watch as he carried you off and listen as your screamed for me, it was the single most terrifying moment of my life.” He sat down on the edge of the tub and reached down, taking her hand. “If I had lost you, I would have never been able to forgive myself, it would have killed me.”


“Never again, Lily, I swear on my life.” He pressed a kiss to her knuckles. “I’ll be right back and I’ll leave the door open so you can call me if you need me. I promise I’ll only be a second then I’ll stay right here.”

“Okay, just hurry, please.”

Maruo grabbed the first set of pajamas he saw in her drawer and brought them back to the bathroom. He then checked to be sure she had plenty of towels left since he hadn’t paid much attention when he was in there. Knowing she’d have a towel and clean clothes when she got out he sat down again “so that demon you made friends with..what was he doing there?”

“I didn’t get a chance to learn much about him but he was obviously a prisoner too…he didn’t want to give his blood to change me but he had no choice and…well..I passed out for awhile and woke up to that thing raping him”

“He didn’t..”

“No, he didn’t rape me…”

“I’m sorry you had to be changed that way Lily.” she shrugged “I guess looking on the bright side we can be best friends forever now huh” he smiled “yeah, I do like the idea you’ll be alive forever”

“I feel like some comfort food when I get out. I hope I have brownies or something” He did too because he didn’t want to take her anywhere and he’d be damned if she was going to be left alone in this house after what happened. He then thought of something “well if you don’t we can just call up that pizza place again. They sell brownies and cookies”

“I’m always forgetting that”

“You’ve more than a bad day, don’t worry about it.” He let his knuckles slide over her cheek. “Relax okay, I’ll order for us.”

“Could we maybe watch The Giver too? We never got to start it.”

“Of course, we’ll do anything you want.”

She smiled and he felt his entire being warm. “Thank you for be so sweet.”

“I can be anything for you.” She blushed and he felt embarrassed. He hadn’t meant to let all of his love and adoration fill his words, bit it came so naturally with her.

Maruo went to get his phone and she was left red and thinking about how incredibly sweet he was. Maruo was always like this, always there to take care of her. If she called he answered, she couldn’t recall a single time she had ever called him and he hadn’t picked up the phone. No matter what she needed or simply wanted he was right there. The way he has said that sentence, I can be anything for you made her finally start to see that maybe he loved her too and that’s why he was so incredibly sweet to her. Lily to be brave and tell him how she felt. She wouldn’t right now but now that she saw he might feel the same she had to try.

That night they watched The Giver together then just talked into the early morning. Lily knew now that it was day time her parents, Akari and Reuben would be coming. She had to talk to him about her feelings or she’d miss her opportunity for awhile “Maruo?” he smiled, enjoying that tingling feeling he always got when she said his name. “Yes Lily?” she decided the best way was to avoid a speech and just come out with it to make sure she didn’t chicken out midway through “I love you..not in a best friend way just to make sure you understand…I love you” he had been sort of lazily sitting there staring at her but now he sat up. She sat up too and took his hands “do you feel the same?”

“sorry, you left me a little speechless there for a moment. Plus I had to make sure you really said that..I love you too, so fucking much Lily” Lilly had been a coward long enough so she moved forward to kiss him. He eagerly brought his lips to hers, hardly believing how good this felt. HIs breath was shakey when she pulled away and she could see how emotional he was “I can’t believe it took me becoming a demon to see you’ve loved me all this time” she said softly. He gently rubbed her cheek and brought her in for another kiss. He had been controlling himself for so long so the flood of affection he had been wanting to give her had him pulling her into his arms and deepening the kiss.

When he could stop he could tell he aroused her “can I make love to you Lily? I understand if what you went through has put you off to that for a bit but” she pulled him back into the kiss a few moments before saying “Of course you can” Maruo began kissing down her neck as he let his hands travel her body. Once he got to her shoulders he kissed back up to her ear, nibbling at it and making her moan. Lily pushed up his shirt. She had always loved how perfect his torso was and was eager for it to be exposed to her again.

Her fingers moving over his skin had him covered in goosebumps and filled him with the need to be pressed against her. He lifted her, his lips finding hers once more. Lily’s heart skipped a beat when she felt the mattress press into her back and jumped again when she saw the hunger dancing in his eyes. She could see the beast there, but even so he looked at her with absolute love. They tugged at each other’s clothes and he seemed almost in awe of her as each piece fell away to reveal her nude form. “You’re so beautiful.” He said softly. “Like heaven.” He let himself get lost in every touch and kiss, his lust building as he aroused her.

“Oh Maruo, please.”

Maruo smiled against her skin, he was so incredibly happy to be having this moment with her. He got over her, his mouth finding hers as he slid inside of Lily. Her deep moan sending goosebumps across his skin again. Maruo’s hips found a pace and he soon found his release. Maruo kissed her again then just moved to her side to hold her. “I love you Lily, all I’ve ever wanted was the chance to love you like I knew you deserved to be loved..I wish I could have changed you so it wouldn’t have had to be so horrible but I’m so grateful you’re going to live forever with me. You’re my mate, in my heart you’ve been my mate a long time. Thank you for letting me have this tonight”

“Maruo” she said emotionally then hugged him as they laid there. In the morning her parents came and soon Reuben had the police department where the Popobawa had lived. They collected the evidence and soon brought a lot of womens familys closure. Lily couldn’t help but wonder if she would have ended up in pieces like those other women if it weren’t for Maruo. Lily knew she was immensely lucky to have a man like him in her life and she promised herself she would never do anything to lose him.

~ The End

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