Lindsey & Varick

Chapter One

“Varick, are you awake?” Her voice in his head snapped him out of his half asleep state and he sat up, yawning and stretching to help wake himself fully.

“Yeah, is something wrong?”

“I had a nightmare.”

“Everything’s okay, Lindsey, he can’t get to you anymore.” He hated she was still having nightmares and wished he could take them away. “Want to come here and stay with me for awhile?”

She was silent for a few moments and the replied, “I’ll call my parents and let them know I won’t be home, I don’t want them to worry.”

“I’ll come and get you tomorrow then. Would you like me to stay awake until you fall back asleep?”

He heard her soft laughter in his head and it made his heart flutter. “No, get some sleep, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Sweet dreams, Lindsey.” He wanted to end the conversation with telling her he loved her, but he stopped himself. He wanted her to remember, Uffe had even told him to be honest with her about it, but he couldn’t bring himself to say anything. She had been working to remember and he wanted to give her time, to take it slow so as not to overwhelm her or ruin the relationship they had now.

Varick slowly faded back to sleep with a smile on his face. Sometimes the love he carried for her was painful but the thought of Lindsey coming to stay for awhile made him happy. He woke in the morning refreshed and excited, breakfast was leftovers so he could be fast. The only thing that morning he took his time with was getting dressed. Today he wore an outfit she had bought for him in her previous life, hoping it might jog her memory. He wouldn’t prompt it but it would be nice if she remembered anything from the day because he was wearing it.

Dressed and ready for the trip he left his home to go to her, the girl he loved more than anything else in any world. Lindsey was still struggling with her hair, of course on a day Varick was coming she couldn’t do a thing with it. She sighed “come on, you looked so pretty yesterday” She gave up trying to do anything particularly nice, just putting it in a ponytail since she knew he’d come before the morning was over. She’d rather be ready for him than manage something better. With the done she was completely dressed and decided to check her bag one more time. She didn’t want to forget anything and put him through the trouble of coming back.

Varick knocked softly when he arrived on her front porch, his heart giving an instant flutter the moment he saw her. She was beautiful as always, her warm smile instantly melting him. “Hello beautiful.” He said as he took her bag for her.

“You don’t have to lie, I know I look terrible.” She said with a laugh.

“Never, you always look gorgeous.”

She looked him over, her brow knitting as she studied his outfit. His heart leaped and he actually found himself holding his breath as she reached out and touched his shirt. She went back to smiling, her eyes finding his again. “This looks good on you.”

“Does it?”

“Yeah, it looks familiar. You’ve worn it before.”

“Many times.”

“That makes me really happy for some reason.” There was something about the whole outfit Lindsey couldn’t quite place. It was there, but she hadn’t been able to pull it completely to the front of her memory.

“Come on.”

He happily scooped her up and took her back to his world and home. He hoped she’d atleast stay a week or so this time but he’d be grateful no matter how long she stayed. Lindsey liked being back, not only for him but this world truly felt like her home. She had talked to Varick and Uffe about it and they thought it was because she spent her first life there. All souls felt the most at peace in the world they started in, or so they had been taught. “I’m sure there is something you want to do here, where can I take you Lindsey?” He asked as he put away her stuff in the drawers he always left empty for her visits. “your pick, show me something I haven’t seen yet if there is anything left”

“Of course there is, come on beautiful” he called her beautiful a lot and it made Lindsey’s heart tingle every time. They drank some water and a light snack before leaving his house. The air was perfect as they walked along and the animals here seemed as happy as ever. Varicks outfit however is what had her attention. She knew her soul was trying to remember something and she wanted to figure it out.

Varick took her out to a little lake and she marveled at the beautiful blue water and the green island sitting at its center. The way the sun hit it made it seem to shimmer. “Want to go out there?” Varick asked.


“Of course.” He lifted her into his arms and carried her around the lake where there was a little boat.

“You’ve been out here before?”

“Yeah, I visited it again recently to check and make sure nothing dangerous had moved in. I don’t want you getting hurt.” He wanted to add again, but decided not to. He didn’t want to bring up memories of what had happened to her, of his greatest failure. He sat her in the boat and then got in and pushed off.

“Why does it look like it’s glowing?” She asked.

“The center is made of quartz.”

“That’s amazing.” She found her eyes lingering on his outfit again and she tried her best to pull forth the memory that hovered there. She had seen it before, but not in this life, she knew that and she got the sense that it was special to him.


“yes?” she already knew she was going to ask about the outfit but this specific question just sort of spilled out of her “was that outfit a gift from me in my first life”

“do you remember giving it to me then?”

“Not really but I feel it…I know that sounds weird but I feel like I gave that to you and…it’s special to you right” His smile was gentle “of course it was and is. I wear it so much because it’s from you. It was one of many gifts you gave me”

“when we get back to your place could you show me the other stuff I gave you?”

“I think that would be fun”

“have you kept a lot?”

“I’ve kept everything to be honest with you” it was times like these when they spoke she felt like there was so much more he wasn’t saying, so much more that he wanted to add but kept himself from and she wasn’t sure why. She just wanted to remember everything and hated it was such a long process. If she could even just remember everything about her and Varick she knew she’d feel complete. In the long run nothing else mattered, the reason why she cared about her past life was him.

They spent a little time on the small island, her marveling once again at the shining quartz center of it. It was amazing and beautiful and she wanted to linger there longer, but she also wanted to know more about who she had been. If she could see and touch the gifts she had given him, then maybe she would understand what kind of person she had been, what mindset she had been in when she had picked them out. He rowed them back and pulled the boat completely out of the water before lifting her out and carrying her back along the lake shore. She always felt so secure in his arms and wound up resting her head on his shoulder. She enjoyed the walk back, the smell and feel of the air, the birds singing. This really felt like home. He put her down when they made it to his house and she had to admit to herself that she felt disappointed at not being pressed against him.

“Just wait here.” He said, gesturing to the couch and she sat down as he disappeared down the hall to his room. When he came back, he had a box, a couple of things sitting on top of it and he sat it on the coffee table. He handed her the book and little statue of a tiger then opened the box and started pulling things out.

“wow, I bought you a lot of presents”

“we knew eachother a long time and you were just as giving back then as you are now. Your personality in general is basically the same”

“I’m glad, people talk about me so fondly here. Everyone seems to have good memories of me”

“You were and are a remarkable woman”

“and that’s why that horrible king wanted me…” he went over to hold her “but he’ll never have you again”

“thank you so much for saving me Varick”

“teh second I knew he had you again I could do nothing else. I will forever hate the fact it took me so long to know….and that you had to go home to parents who had no idea what happened to you”

“they could see I was down anyway though so they still ended up helping me through it. They thought it was hormones but as I know you’ve seen they are really good people and they love me a lot”

“Yes, I’m happy in your second life you were born to them”

She picked up a collar with a bell on it and smiled. “Wait, I remember this.”

His heart stuttered. “You do?”

“It was a gag gift, for your birthday.”

“Yes,” he cleared his throat, making himself calm down, “yes exactly.”

She laughed. “You were so confused.”

“When I finally wrapped my mind around it all I could say was, what, because I look like a cat and then you started laughing and you gave me that little tiger. I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of the collar.”

“I don’t think I would have been mad if you had.”

“It was from you and you were so happy, smiling and laughing, I just couldn’t.”

She laughed thinking about his face, she could actually see it, a small glimpse of her past life. “you’re such a sweetie Varick. Gosh, I’m so glad you saved this stuff. I can’t believe I saw a memory so clearly”

“me neither” he almost added beautiful again but he knew he said it a bit too much since they were only friends. He kept talking to her about each gift, trying as hard as he could to jog her memory and actually managing, she remembered a few more small details. She guessed each gift had meant as much to her as they clearly did to him because nothing had jogged her mind quite like looking through that box. Those had to have been some pretty powerful memories to her and she wondered, as she had many times why wasn’t Varick the man she ended up with. They had such amazing chemistry after all.

“I’m amazed at how much I actually remembered. It was just small bits here and there, but I remember.”

“Nothing bad I hope.”

“I don’t think there could possibly be any bad memories when it comes to you. You’re too sweet and gentle and honest.”

He didn’t feel honest when he kept their past to himself, but he didn’t want to influence her decisions. He loved everything about her, her laugh, her smile, her scent. “You must be hungry, Lindsey.” He started to stand and she grabbed his hand.

“I wish you’d stop blaming yourself for what happened to me. I know it couldn’t have been your fault.”


“I feel it in my soul. Even without those memories, I can feel it. I bet if I asked anyone they would say how good you were to me.” She leaned over and kissed his cheek, his heart stuttering at the contact. “You’re a good man, Varick.”

Chapter Two

He placed his hand on hers “and you’re a good woman Lindsey. I am so glad your soul came back and I’ve gotten the privilege of knowing you all over again. You know, you’re the same but you do have differences and I find myself enjoying the new things too” She blushed as she looked into his eyes. They were always filled with so much of what she thought was love but he hadn’t said he loved her, then or now as more than a friend so she never said anything. They made lunch together and were soon eating, continuing to talk happily.

“Do you think we could visit Uffe tomorrow, I think it would be mean to come here and not say hello.”

“I bet he’d like that.” He glanced at her. “So how long are you staying this time?”

“Maybe a week, maybe more. I really want to retrieve more of my memories before I head back. My parents know I’m here and told me to take my time.”

“That’s wonderful.” She gave him a questioning look and he felt embarrassed at the excitement in his tone. “That means I can take you anywhere and we don’t have to rush. There are still a few places we used to go together and if you like I can take you to a couple of other worlds. If you want to that is.”

“I’d love too.”

“Then I’ll start planning, we can even sleep outside some nights.”

“You’re so sweet.”

“It’s easy when it’s you, Lindsey.”

She wondered if he knew just how much saying things like that effected her. He was so obviously genuinine every time he did. The next day as planned they went to Uffe’s. His expression went from surprised to pleased “welcome back Lindsey” he hugged her “please come in” he said as he let Lindsey go. They both walked in and were soon served hot tea “you two had perfect timing. I was just pouring some of this into my own cup”

“I arrived yesterday and knew I should come see you. How’re things?”

“peaceful, just how I like it”

“still single?”


“Hm, well, the right girl will come along”

“if not I’ll be okay, I am one of the few odd ones who can be completely content with somebody else or not”

“when you meet the right girl that will change” he chuckled, glancing at Varick who blushed “I suppose” Uffe said teasingly, still looking at Varick who wanted to punch him for being so obvious around Lindsey. “well how do you two like the tea?”

“it’s perfect, you always have the best”

“I’ll separate some and send it with you two”

“Thank you very much.”

Uffe smiled. “So what about you, have a boyfriend yet?”

“No, not that guys haven’t asked, but they’re not for me.”

“And you tell me I’ll know when I find the right one.” He flicked his eyes over to Varick, stopping himself from smiling at the look he got back. It said shut up or I’ll kill you.

“You will.”

“But will you?”

She laughed. “I think I would, I would hope that I would.”

“Well maybe if you don’t then he will.”

She laughed and the conversation moved on to other topics. He wished Uffe wouldn’t push like that. He just didn’t want to outright tell her they were more romantically involved before. He wanted her to remember for herself, he wanted her to remember what really happened and why she ended up with who she did. If she chose to be with him as more because he told her, even if it might not make sense he’d feel like he was taking advantage of her trust somehow. It was a hard spot to be in, especially because his feelings were as strong, if not stronger than they were in her past life.

At the end of their visit, Lindsey promised to come by and visit again before she went home then took Varick’s hand as they walked, making his breath catch in his lungs. “What’s the occasion?” He asked, trying to sound playful.

“I just felt like doing it, it makes me feel happy and secure.”


She smiled. “Yeah, it’s always been like that. Just your voice brings me comfort that’s why I call to you when I can’t sleep.”

He wanted to say so many things to her. Like how her very existence made his soul sing, but he settled for, “Then keep calling me, I’ll always answer and I’ll always be here for you.”

Lindsey’s heart skipped a beat at how adoring his tone was. She had never had anyone outside her family speak to her with such sincerity. “Varick did…” She wanted to ask about them, but the words stuck in her throat at her fear that she would make things awkward between them. She never wanted to lose him, not when he had obviously meant so much to her in her past life.

“Did what?”

“Did you decide where you wanted to take me while I’m here? You said you had a lot of places, so I was just wondering if you knew where you wanted to take me.”

“I have the perfect place as long as you’re truly fine with sleeping outside. I wont let anything hurt you and I am good at making a fire for us to have warmth”

“I trust you completely. I love camping, I know we wont have a tent but I think not having a tent will be mroe fun”

“Have your parents taken you on many other camping trips besides the ones last year?”

“Oh yeah, especially when we were younger.” That sparked a long conversation of all the camping trips she had been on until one story seemed to make her pause a lot. It was like she was trying to remember something from her previous life. She started remembering a similar experience with Varick and stopped in her tracks when in that memory he kissed her, It was a brief kiss but it was on the lips “Lindsey?” she had paused for so long now he wanted to make sure she was okay “I…I was just remembering something”

“That’s good right? It wasn’t one of the bad ones I hope.”

No, it was really good actually.” His smile made her heart stutter and heat sweep up her neck. He had kissed her and she could even remember the feel of his lips, how warm they were even in that short moment. “We should get back, I’m really excited about this trip.” She wanted to say something, but a part of her worried it was just wishful thinking. If they had been more that friends then why would she choose that bastard over a sweet man like Varick? She glanced at him, taking in how happy he was. He didn’t seem like the type of person to chase her off and he was only aggressive when it came to her safety.

When they made it back he grabbed his bigger backpack and they both put things in there. He grabbed a couple of blankets and some food, knowing if they ran out he could go hunting or fishing. He also grabbed the book she had given him, wanting to read to her like he used to. “I think we have everything, but you can double check if you like.”

“If I do that we might never leave.”

He chuckled. “Now that sounds familiar.”


“You used to say the same thing before.”

“I seem to be connecting more with my old self this trip”

“I hope that continues, there’s so much I want you to remember” he said a bit bashfully, regretting saying such things even as they tumbled from his mouth. She smiled at him, he was so sweet and adorable, making her ask herself yet again why on earth, if she could have been with him would she be with a man who abused her. She had to get to the bottom of it and then she would apologize. She couldn’t imagine how insulting that must have been for Varick, she guessed that was why he didn’t tell her about anything romantic. There had to be more, he had kissed her like it was a completely natural thing they did all the time in her memory.

She continued to think about them as they walked, trying to remember more. She knew there was so much more about their life together, she could feel it. Little fragments played on the edge of her memory, teasing her with a flash that went by too fast to grasp and she let out a sigh that immediately grabbed his attention. He was always like that, concerned for her well being and jumping to take of her the instant she needed him. She took his hand, let her fingers slide through his and feeling the rightness of that moment as they made their way to where he wanted to take her. He swung her into his arms when he thought she might be tired and she giggled, making jubilant smile pull at his lips.

“I can still walk.” She said even as she snuggled into him.

“I know, but I don’t want you so tired you don’t have time to enjoy where I’m taking you.” He almost bent down and kissed her, an old habit he had thought he had managed to suppress. It was getting harder to hold back when all he wanted was to feel her lips again, to feel the softness of her pressed completely against him. He reprimanded himself.

“Are we close?”

He nodded. “Very.” The ground started to slope upwards and he paused at the top of the hill to let her take in the view.

He couldn’t help but smile at the wonder in her gorgeous face. He was grateful yet again to have her back in his life, to be able to hold her in his arms like this. He would truly give or do anything for Lindsey to love him but he just wasn’t sure if he’d ever have that chance again. He might have to watch her through another lifetime, struggling with the pain of her choosing someone else in the end. He pushed that out of his head. She was here and in his arms and that was all that mattered. It wasn’t long after that he was setting Lindsey on her feet “here we are” he said and she looked around “this world…it has so many wonders Varick”

“It’s better when you’re here.” He really hated how easily the words seemed to slip out of his mouth when he was around her. Just being near her made everything want to come pouring out.

“Really?” She felt a her cheeks warm and butterflies brushed her insides.

“To tell you the truth it can be a bit lonely when you’re not around. It probably sounds mean, but I often look forward to the days you call on me.”

“It’s not mean at all, you want to spend time with me and that makes me very happy. You know, it works both ways, you could always ask me to come and see you.”

He sighed as he put his pack down and took the blankets from it. “I don’t want to guilt you into coming here just because I’m lonely.”

“Varick, I love being here. It doesn’t always have to be about me. If you want me here then just say so or come and get me.”

“I guess I’m always worried about being pushy, to me…well…I have my old, very dear friend back but you’ve been having to get to know me again”

“It’s not quite like that Varick. My soul remembers you. I really like being here so come get me as often as you’d like” The problem was he couldn’t because he never wanted her to leave. More than anything, he wanted to be with her again. They sat down together to enjoy the sunset. It was a long trip out here which is why she had to be willing to sleep outside for them to come. She grabbed his hand, surprising him into the most adorable dumbfounded face. She laughed, music to his ears “I hold your hand a lot”

“ye..yeah, I guess you do” it just made him especially nervous in such a romantic setting.

Chapter Three

Varick only left her side when he needed to gather wood to start a fire. He wanted her to be as comfortable as possible so he quickly made one and she scooted closer to the flames. “Are you hungry, I brought stuff for sandwiches and some leftovers. If you don’t want that, I can go hunt for something.”

“Sandwiches sound good tonight, something easy.”

“Alright.” He took everything out and made one for both of them then sat down next to her as they ate.

“So, what did we used to do before when we would go camping?” She asked as she ate.

Varick’s heart rate increased and he blushed. He was glad between the night around them and the orange light of the fire she couldn’t see it. “Um…” he cleared his throat, “we would talk and I would read to you or we would point out constellations.”

“Is that all?” She turned her eyes on him and he had to fight not to look away.

“Pretty much.” He hated lying to her.

“I see, then would you read to me when we’re done eating?”

“Of course” His heart was heavy as he ate. Not saying things he could live with but now he was outright lying and it was killing him. He didn’t know what to do, correct her and make things weird or continue lieing. Later she sat between his legs, laying against him so she could see the book too as he read. He was only three chapters in when he said “Lindsey”

“what is it? Are you tired of reading because if you are I can take a turn”

“No….I’m a liar and I don’t know if I can live with that…not if I’m lieing to you” her heart skipped a beat “what did you lie about?” he struggled to figure out how to tell her but it was incredibly hard and embarrassing. His deep urge to kiss her was making words even harder to find so he did something he hoped with all that he was he wouldn’t come top regret. He set the book down and gently turned her face so he could kiss her then pressed a soft, loving kiss to her lips as he so often used to do. Lindsey felt the kiss in her entire being. She felt so warm, so happy and so sad for some reason. She guessed it was her soul from the pain it carried from her past life. She realized then she had never stopped wanting him, not then and not now so something wasn’t adding up about her past.

When they parted lips he swallowed “I used to do that a lot Lindsey….especially when we’d go camping…we….we were in love before you left me for the man who ended up kidnapping you in this life…I’ve never stopped loving you……” he was crying now and wished he could control it, he didn’t want to cry but he had been in so much emotional pain all these years and it was such a relief to finally kiss her again even if he didn’t know if she was angry or not yet. Lindsey hugged him “I remembered you kissing me earlier today but that felt so incredible Varick. Thank you for telling me…i…while you were kissing me I felt so much but most of all I felt sad and let me explain before that makes you feel bad. I don’t think I ever wanted to leave you so something happened, something you must not know about and something I must not remember because I never wanted to leave you. I just know that Varick”

He tightened his hold on her. “I’m sorry I didn’t say anything, I just didn’t want to influence you. I love you so much.”

She wiped at the tears on his face and pressed a gentle kiss to his lips. “I love you too. I want to remember everything, I really do. I hate that it’s all locked away. I want to remember everything about us and why I left you.”

“Maybe we can find someone.”

“I would like that, I don’t like not knowing.”

There was so much he wanted to tell her, so many things he had left unsaid before, but all he managed was, “Please don’t leave me again.” Losing her once had been pure torture, like his own heart had been ripped to shreds, he couldn’t do it again.

“Hey, don’t be upset, I’m right here and nothing is going to take me away.” She gave him another kiss and picked up his book. “Want to keep reading?”

“Anything for you.”

He read her to sleep in his arms, holding her through the night. They still enjoyed their trip, probably even more so than they would have now that he could be more romantic with her. It wasn’t until they were ready to leave that they started trying to find someone who could help Lindsey regain her memories from the life she lived before this one. It took them days to learn about someone then another couple days to get to them but here they were, standing on the doorstep of someone who could supposedly give you the memories of your past life “are you ready Lindsey?”

“yes” kissed her one more time than knocked, scared for how this might go. If he had done something she’d remember it now and that might mean she wouldn’t be his again. A man came to the door, he looked distinguished and like he just might know all the answers to any question one might conjure up. “Hello, what can I do for you?”

“I’m living my second life and I need my memories returned. Please, I really need to know why I made some of the choices I did. It’s not only for m but for him” she tugged on Varicks hand “he deserves to know why I made the choices I did”

“well come in then”

“that easily?”

“I enjoy helping people and I’m only giving you something that belongs to you”

“Will it hurt her?” Varick asked once they were settled in his living room.

“It may cause a headache and will a be a bit overwhelming. Depending on how many memories you have being restored that is.”

“It’s a lot, a whole other lifetime.” Lindsey replied.

“Afterwards, I want you to rest and give yourself time to process everything.”

“I understand.”

He nodded as he stood and moved to sit on the coffee table in front of her. “If at any time you wish for me to stop then tell me, don’t force yourself to keep going. We can always do another session if need be.”

“I’m fine, thank you. This is something I really need, it’s more important than anything.”

He placed his hands gently on her head, giving her a reassuring smile. “I want you to close your eyes and focus on trying to stay calm, don’t fight me, just let go and open yourself up.”

She did as she was told, letting go, opening her mind to him to try and make it easier for him to return her memories. Varick watched, worried over her. He didn’t know this man and hadn’t seen him do this before so he was ready to protect her if anything seemed to be going wrong. Things started flashing before her, images and sounds. It was overwhelming and was starting to make her head hurt as he had predicted. Varick could see she was starting to feel pain which had him even more worried. She let out a pained noise as she grabbed his hands, unable to help herself. The man let go “I don’t think you got everything but I think you need break” she felt exhausted, her mind still threading together what it had received.

Varick held her in his arms, his fingers running soothingly through her hair to help relieve the pain in her head. Their host brought her some water and bowl of fruit, insisting that she eat something, even if it was a little and the it would make her feel better. She nodded and nibbled on a piece of melon. Varick kept one arm wrapped around her, concern etched on his face as he watched her. “You alright?” He finally asked.

“Yeah, everything’s still sorting itself out, but I remember a lot.”


She nodded as she sat her bowl down then turned and hugged him, pulling him tightly against her. “I’m sorry.”

“For what?” He was confused.

“For hurting you.” She pulled back enough to see his face, a frown tugging at her lips. “The face you made when I told you I was getting married was…I hated myself, but…”

“But what?”

“It’s right there, something bad was going to happen. I remember his face, the way he looked at me, it was terrifying.” She pressed her forehead against his. “I can’t remember all of it.”

“It’s enough that you remember most of it, you can just forget all the stuff about him.”

She gave him a tired, but loving smile. “I have to know what happened. I can tell I hated him, even when we were married, before he started beating me.”

“I believe you Lindsey…it’s a relief to know I truly didn’t lose you to a horrible man like him. I felt so terrible, it killed me and drove me crazy trying to figure out what I could have done to lose you to someone like that”

“thank you so much for still being my friend. Some guys may have abandoned me completely but even after I broke your heart, I remember you still were there for me when you could be…he kept us apart a lot”

“I still loved you, nothing could change that. It hurt but it was your life to do with what you will”

“and then you saved me again in this life…I’m so lucky to have met you last time around” he chuckled “I’m lucky, you’re more amazing and make me happier than you could possibly understand. I’m just so happy you remember and I can be with you now”

“it must have taken a lot of control over these past years”

“yes…how do you think your parents will feel and more importantly…we need to talk about if you’re staying. I promise I’d come to your world but’ he gestured at himself “I couldn’t live there” She kissed him “I know and thats why I’ll live here. I mean we can bring them here and I could always go there from time to time.”

“how will they feel though?”

“I’m sure they’ll be happy. They like you a lot”

“Would you like to continue or wait until another day?” Their host asked.

“I can keep going, I just needed a few minutes, thank you.”

He took his place in front of her again and this time she held Varick’s hand, not wanting to stop the process again. She was so close, she could feel it. More images filled her mind and she forced herself to focus, wanting to know the reason behind her decision. She honed in on memories of Anstine, her breath taken away by the abuse, how he had tried to break her down, and even the day she had died. She pushed past the fear and disgust and found what she was looking for. She held onto it, tears sliding down her cheeks as she was released and fell against Varick.

“Lindsey? Hey, talk to me baby.” He said worriedly.

“Just, give me a moment.” She gripped his shirt, taking deep breaths to steady herself and get through the ache in her head. “I…I saw it.”

“Saw what?”

She raised her head. “The reason I left you. He had me brought to him and when he asked me once again to be his and I refused, he told one of his men to find and kill you and bring back your head for me. I was so terrified that I begged him not to do it. He told me if I married him then he would leave you alone, but he would have one of his men watch you at all times so if I acted up he would tear you apart in front of me.” More tears slid down her cheeks. “I knew he wasn’t bluffing so I agreed even though it made me sick to do it.”

Varick held her tightly, happy to truly know it had never been anything about what he did. She had actually been trying to protect him. “I’m sorry Lindsey” he said softly “I’m sorry too, I was just so scared I’d have to live without you”

“If anybody threatens my life again just tell me. I wont let anybody end my life, I wont let them end my time with you” They didn’t take up the mans time much longer, both thanking him for all his help. “I was more than happy to” he said cheerfully then he saw them out the door. “and don’t worry about thanking me. I can help people so why not” Varick planned on thanking him one day anyway as he carried Lindsey off.

Lindsey felt better by the time they made it home. The couple of days they spent traveling had given her time to go through her memories of not only she and Varick, but also friends she had loved and lost and the severe abuse she had been put through. “You should get clean and really rest before we go and talk to your parents.”

“I slept while you carried me.”

“I know, but nothing beats a nice comfortable bed.”

“Will you lay with me?”

He smiled. “Of course, I would love nothing more.”

He let her go and bathe while he cooked them up something easy, wanting her sleeping as soon as possible. She had had a long few days and she deserved to be comfortable. She came out by the time he had the spaghetti finished and plated, smiling lovingly at him. His entire being warmed and he couldn’t help pulling her into his arms and kissing her. She smiled and giggled, a blush tinting her cheeks. “I love you and that smells delicious.”

“I love you too.” He replied with a chuckle.

They ate then happily cuddled eachother in Varicks bedroom, Lindsey falling asleep again easily in the comfort and safety of his arms. Varick couldn’t sleep, how could he when he could finally touch and kiss her like wanted. How could he rest now that things were finally the way he had been wanting them since her last lifetime. She was his and moving in with him. All he had to do was take her home once in awhile but he wondered if her parents would come here. They lived in a world that would grow suspicious of beings that lived forever and they were demons.

It wasn’t obvious yet but eventually they’d have to think of something else anyway. They could go ahead and move here, immersing themselves in this new world with their daughter. The next morning they went back to Lindseys parents house and brought them up to speed on everything. That was when Varick brought up maybe them living in his world, if not today when they were getting old enough it was suspicious they weren’t ageing. It turned out they hadn’t even been thinking about it so they were glad he brought it up.

They didn’t decide to go just then but told Lindsey they would move there in the future when they needed to. For now they were just happy she was going to come back to visit a lot and that she was with Varick. He seemed like a really good man for their daughter. Jenny, Lindseys younger sister cried when they told her as well Lindsey would be living with Varick but Lindsey assured her that any time she wanted to come they’d come back to get her.

They spent the day in Lindseys world, it basically being a long goodbye. Lindsey and Varick were starting a new chapter in their life and it would be a big change for her family too so she didn’t want to just tell them and leave again. When the real goodbye of her truly moving out came it was emotional yet again but everyone was happy and welcoming the new future this would bring.

~ The End

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