Liosa & Artair 2

Chapter One

Liosa sat reading in the library in front of the fireplace since it was snowy outside. Artair had told her he didn’t want her going outside in the cold alone in case she slipped on a patch of ice and hurt herself. She was eight months pregnant and he had become increasingly protective the closer she got to her due date. She was excited while he worried about her going into labor during the snow storm. He feared they wouldn’t be able to get the midwife to the castle, but she assured him that if that happened he would do an amazing job at delivering the baby, plus her sister and his mother and grandmother were there to help him. “There you are.” Artair’s voice said from behind her and she looked up from her book, smiling brightly.

“Where else would I be my love?” She asked as she closed her book and got slowly to her feet.

“I thought you might have gone out without me.”

She laughed as he pulled her into his arms. “I promised not to.”

“I know, but you’re a free spirit and I know I’ve been keeping you cooped up.”

“I understand you being so protective so don’t worry. I’ll be good for your sake, but I really would love to go outside.”

“Lets get your coat.” He lifted her off her feet and carried her upstairs. He sat her down and pulled the black fur coat he had bought for her out of the closet. He slipped it on her and buttoned it up. It fell to her ankles and was extremely comfortable. She smiled when he picked her up once more and carried her back down stairs.

“You don’t have to carry me up and down the stairs.”

“Yes I do, I don’t want you to fall.”

She giggled and he frowned, looking embarrassed. “Don’t make that face, it’s endearing how much you want to protect us.”

“You’re sure, I’m not driving you crazy?”

“I love it, I really do.” He put her on her feet at the bottom of the stairs and they headed outside so she could get some fresh air.
It was amazing to her taking in and letting out the fresh, chilled air. “It’s been too long” she said gleefully. Artair wanted to take his wifes hand to make sure she stayed steady on the ice and snow covered ground but he refrained so she could just enjoy this. He was going to stay out with her as long as his worrisome self could handle it. Liosa kissed Artiars cheek “thank you my love”

Artair smiled in response “I love you and our baby. I shouldn’t make you stay inside so much”

‘stop with that handsome and walk around with me”

“Would it be too restraining for me to hold your hand?” he had to ask. “Not atall” Liosa said as she slid hers into his.
Artair worried constantly about her and had even found himself growling at some of the other males that worked in the castle. It had left him feeling guilty and he feared he was disappointing her at times. “You’re frowning again my wolf.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, it’s just I’ve become so possessive. I feel like I’m becoming my father.”

She laughed, the sound musical and beautiful. “It’s just the wolf in you my love, it’s becoming far more protective of me since I became pregnant. I promise you I understand. Besides, your father is getting a little better.”

“Only because you and your sister give him no choice but to be more open.” He stopped and pulled her into his arms, admiring how beautiful she looked with snow in her hair. “Father plans to make me king after the baby is born, I’m excited. I’m going to make some real changes.”

“You’re going to make an amazing king and an even better father my love. I mean you already make a wonderful husband.”

He traced his fingers over her cheek and into her hair then pressed his lips against hers. Both of their hearts gave a little flutter and she wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing herself closer to him. He pulled back and smiled at her. “You look like an angel and your nose is all red, you’re cold.”

“Far from it actually, I’m warm from head to toe thanks to you.”

His smile widened. “Still lets get you inside and get you some hot chocolate.”

“Alright, sounds amazing.” He lifted her and carried her back inside, taking her upstairs to their room and slipping her jacket off, his fingers slowly running down her arms as it dropped to the floor. She giggled. “I thought we were going to drink hot chocolate.”

“I’m sorry, I just need you.”

“Don’t apologize, make love to me.”

“Are you sure, I can wait until after hot chocolate.”

She rolled her eyes and grabbed onto his shirt, pulling him down onto their bed. “Hush, I’m very sure. Warm me up.”
Artair made almost a purr like noise in his lustful, excited growl. He finished undressing his mate, being gentle since he didn’t want to disturb their pup. She giggled multiple times as she had begun to do when they made love due to how silly she thought he was. She would have never thought the man she met the first day in this new land could be so fussy and caring. Who she was really married to was more than a pleasant surprise. She felt lucky since arranged marriages rarely worked out this perfectly. When Artair was finished he kissed Liosas cheek “I’ll make you that hot chocolate now. Stay here please, you wont have to humor me that much longer”

“alright my cautious wolf”

“I can’t help it. You know that”

“I know, just as I can’t help giggling at you” Artair pulled his clothes on, not bothering to straighten them. Liosa just laid there, a pleased smile on her face. Love making was still wonderful despite how much gentler it had become. She could still feel how much he adored her and how wild she made him when they were tangled in their sheets. She could see how much he had to hold back everytime she’d catch his eyes in hers. There was definitely no less passion in his caution.

When he arrived back he had sliced cheeses aswell “thank you” Liosa said as she sat up. “you’re welcome” They sat indian style on the bed as they enjoyed the cheese and hotchocolate. “I love when you melt some real chocolate in it” Liosa said in a appreciative tone. “since you love it why not do it for you”
The baby rolled and she laughed, placing a hand on her abdomen. “I think the baby agrees with the chocolate.” He rested his hand on top of hers, smiling as their little one moved again.

“I wonder if it’s a boy or girl?”

“Do you care which?”

“No, I just want it healthy.”

She leaned over and kissed him, feeling truly blessed to be his mate. They finished their hot chocolate and cheese, talking about baby names and laws they would change once Artair was king. He knew Liosa hated the way women were treated and he was going to do something about it. He loved the fire in her, the way it danced in her green eyes almost mischievously. Even his father, the seemingly cold hearted king, had warmed up to her and there were times Artair would find them chatting in the library or sharing some dessert she had made.

“You’re making that face again.” Liosa said as she got up and pulled her clothes back on.

“Which one and please wear your slippers, these floors are cold.”

She smiled and pulled her fur trimmed house shoes out from under the bed. “The one that says you have something serious on your mind. It’s almost a frown and it makes you look a lot like your father.”

He groaned as he picked up their dishes. “Don’t say that, my father and I are nothing alike.”

“Of course you are. You’re both incredibly noble, you believe in honor, you’re both strong, intelligent, and handsome. You should embrace that part of yourself and feel blessed to have inherited such gifts.”

He sighed. “As usual my love you’re right.” They left their room and headed downstairs to the kitchen. “Is there anything else you would like to do today?”

“Can we go up to the aviary and see the hawks. I know you can’t fly them for me because of the storm, but I’d love to just pet them.”

“Of course, anything you want.”
They kissed then walked over to the aviary. Artiar held out his arm, not having to wait long for a hawk to land on it. “It’s amazing how little effort it takes you to get them to do what you want” he smiled “I’ve been doing this a very long time.” Liosa approached cautiously though she never scared them off Artairs arm. Liosa let her fingers drift over the bird “Hey Gary” they were all named and she could easily tell each bird from the other since Artair had transformed her into a wolf like him.

Artair held birds for her until one gripped too tight and made his arm bleed. Liosa sighed “you know you’re supposed to wear that thing on your arm”

“I’m a wolf, i can take the pinch. We can still stay if you want”

“No, come on handsome”
“Are you going to treat my wounds?”

“Of course. I don’t care if you don’t think you need it, you fuss over me so I’m going to fuss over you too.” She pulled him out of the aviary and down the glass enclosed staircase that lead to the rest of the castle.

“Slow down baby, I don’t want you falling down the stairs.”

“You have my hand and besides you’re fast enough to catch me.” She took him all the way to their room where she wet a rag and washed his arm. The puncture woulds were already healed, but it made her feel good to help him. He pulled her into his arms when all the blood was gone and kissed her.

“Thank you my love.”

“You’re welcome.” She felt a sudden cramping sensation in her stomach and tensed.

“Are you okay?” He pulled back to look at her and she grabbed her stomach.

“Just a contraction.”

“A contraction, is it time?” He asked worriedly.

She laughed. “I have them all the time Artair, calm down.”

“Not one like that, I could feel it while I was hugging you.”

“Sweetie, it’s just a contraction. I’ll let you know when it’s time. There will probably be a lot of cursing and Maol unsure what face to make since he’s not used to a woman spouting such profanities.”

“Well, just don’t pretend like nothing’s happening. If you go into labor please tell me. I know you’re tough, but I need to know. Especially if I’m going to have to deliver him or her.”
“ok, just relax.”

“It’s impossible. i can’t with contractions happening”

“a contraction. I’m fine now”

“lets just cuddle here alright” Liosa laughed “I’m not really ready to rest”

“nobody said anything about sleeping. I’ll even read to you if you’ll just lay with me”

“How could I turn down a story?’ She said before kissing his cheek. “I’ll be back my love” Artair quickly ran to the library to retrieve the book Liosa had been reading before. He came back and settled in bed with her, glad to have a way to keep his mate off her feet. Artair couldn’t get into the story due to how tense he was but at the very minimum it was doing what he wanted it to do.
A light knock sounded at their door and Artair sighed as he put the book down and got up to answer it. Beatris smiled up at him when he opened the door and Calum who was standing behind her looked apologetic. “Is Liosa in here?” Beatris asked.

“Yes I am sister, just give me a moment.” Liosa started to get up on her own, but Artair was by her side in an instant and helping her to her feet. “Thank you love.” He placed one hand at her back as she walked, his face worried. “What is it Beatris?”

“I was wondering if Artair could spare you for a bit, I wish to talk to you about something.”

Liosa looked up at Artair. “You don’t have to ask for permission Liosa, please spend time with your sister.”

“I just don’t want you worrying my dear sweet prince. We’ll be in the library so you can easily find me.”

“Do you need me to carry you down the stairs?” Artair didn’t like that she had practically asked to be left alone with Beatris. He felt like he was confining her too much, it made him feel guilty.

Liosa smiled, reading him like a book. “That would be nice.” He smiled and lifted her of the ground, carrying her down stairs before letting her leave with her sister.

“She’ll be fine brother, you know how tough she is.” Calum said and grabbed Artair’s shoulder.

“I know and that’s what scares me. She had a contraction and just brushed it off. What if she goes into labor and she doesn’t say anything?”

“You know she wouldn’t do that, she wants you there to catch the baby. Come on, spend some time with me and Baltair. He’s been weird as of late, keeps sighing and last week he went down to the port a couple of times and just sat on the docks. It’s creeping me out.”

“Sounds like he misses Anna.”

Calum laughed. “If Baltair is in love then everyone in this castle is going to have a heart attack. He’s the biggest play boy I know.” He laughed harder. “Well help me get him out of his funk. Maybe we can get him to wrestle with us or something.”

“So what is it you needed Beatris?” Liosa said as she got comfortable on the library couch.

“I wanted to talk to you about becoming a wolf. I have started to feel a little inadequate as of late about my sight. I want to see everything, to fully experience it with Calum and I thought maybe the change could give me back my sight.”

“That would be wonderful sweetie. We’ll have to talk to Maol about a good time though since he knows where to find the wolves and it’s storming. Calum will be thrilled.”

Chapter Two

Beatris smiled “yeah, I want to always be with him and he with me. Even if I didn’t have a chance at seeing again i would want to be a wolf.”

“why did we need to be alone for this sister? My husband would be happy aswell” Beatris shrugged “I don’t know. I was just nervous about asking and knew it would be easier if it was just you and I”

“lets find Maol and Una so we can ask”

“Well it only matters if we find Maol. Not like Una gets a say” Beatris said with a little resentment, as she always spoke when speaking of Unas and Maols relationship. Liosa sighed “She’s fine with it. I honestly don’t know if she’ll even want to make choices when the kingdom changes. I’ve told you before and I’ll remind you that once Artair and I rule women will have rights and choices. Not another woman will be raised as Una was.”

“I hope she changes with it. I just hate seeing her ask Maol if she can do simple things. She wants to rest she asks, she wants to spend time with a friend she has to ask.”

“sister” Liosa said and Beatris apologized ‘sorry”

“it’s alright”
“I just don’t understand how he can be that way when his mother is like us. You would think a little bit of her would have rubbed off on him.”

“He seems to be opening up. Just give him time and understand that his father and grandfather were the same.”

“I’ll try.”

“Good, now lets go find my husband because I’m sure he’s worrying about me.”

Artair rolled across the ground with Calum, tossing him outside the large gazebo and into the snow. Calum jumped up, quickly brushing the snow off his bare torso. “Cold, keep me out of the snow.”

“Keep yourself out of the snow.” Artair shot back with a playful smile. He glanced at Bartair who was staring off and picked up some snow, making it into a ball and hitting his brother in the side of the head.

“What the heck?”

“Stop moping and come wrestle.”

“I’m not moping.” Baltair growled.

“Liar, Anna will come back once the baby is born so come on.”

Baltair rolled his eyes. “Fine.” He stood and pulled his shirt off, tossing it on the wooden bench.
Artair and Calum gave anticipating growls before Baltair ran at them. The men continued this way until Liosa and Beatris came out. They stopped and began straightening themselves as Artair quickly ran to his mate and hugged her “having fun?’

‘Oh yes, trying to get Baltair feeling better.”

“I’ve been fine” he called over. “sure you have” Liosa answered making Baltair growl in annoyance at everyone. “be careful, people get testy somtimes when they are missing people” Calum said just before he hugged Beatris. “we need to talk to your father when we can Artair”


“tell them Beatris” Liosa said as she nudged her sister. “I was asking Liosa about becoming a werewolf like you all.” Calums whole demeanor brightened “really?” he asked in a tone that clearly showed his excitement. “yes, I’d like to be one as soon as possible.” Calum hugged her again “we need to find our father and discuss it”
“Liosa why don’t you get off your feet.” Artair said as he threw his shirt on then took her hand.

“Now, now that’s enough of that. It was one contraction my love and my mother told me when I was younger that I’ll know when it’s time and I promise to tell you.”

He sighed. “Alright, I’m sorry. I just want you and the baby safe.”

She smiled lovingly up at him. “We will be, I promise.” They went inside and found Maol in his study, his eyes moving over some papers. He looked up when the door opened and gave them a small smile.

He came to his feet. “To what do I owe this visit?” He asked as he moved around his desk and rubbed his eyes.

“Dearest father in law, you’re working yourself to hard. You should give your eyes and mind a break before they explode.”

“That’s what I’m doing right now Liosa.”

“I wouldn’t call talking to us taking a break. I’m going to make you some pie after this and some coffee so you can recharge. Perhaps you and Una could relax together.”

“Together? Sure, I guess I’ll ask her to join me after this.”

Liosa smiled. “Anyway, it’s not me that needs to speak with you, it’s Beatris.” She grabbed her sister’s hand and pulled her to stand next to her.

“I want to become a wolf so I may spend forever with Calum. I ask that you gather the wolves and change me.” Beatris said, her eyes though unseeing were focused on Maol’s face.

“It will have to be after this storm blows through and there is a full moon.”

“Thank you, I thought that would take longer.”

“I might be cold at times, but I see no reason to deny my son the thing he wants most.”
With that settled Moal went to find his wife while Artair and Liosa went to the kitchen. “please rest after this” Artair asked and she giggled “Honey” Artair sighed “I’m sorry my love. I’m trying so hard not to be annoying. I’m sure you cant tell but I try”

“I know, you just love us” They prepared a pie together then warmed a pot of coffe. Artair was relieved when he was able to convince Liosa to let their staff carry it to Maol and Una. “while we’re in here are you hungry Liosa?”

“yeah, how about some salmon?”

“we can make it Liosa if you want to relax with our prince” a maid said and Liosa smiled “I guess, I have been giving him a hard time”

“any dish you particularly want?”

“Anything with salmon sounds good to me” Liosa sat down on a couch in a nearby room with Artair who pulled her into his arms. “it’s me who gives you a hard time Liosa”

“Don’t feel that way Artair. I’m almost ready to have this baby. Any dad would be worried at this point. Any dad worth his salt anyway”

“what am i going to do with myself if this is a girl?”

“Not kill anybody unless you want two very angry women in this castle” Artair laughed ‘so I can bite them?” Liosa laughed in return “Only if the men deserve a good nip from you”
He rubbed his nose against hers and she giggled. One of the maids brought her a plate of salad with chunks of salmon and cranberry dressing. “Thank you.” She said as she took the plate and took a bite. “This is delicious.” She held some up to Artair’s lips and he took a bite.

“Very good, eat all of it.”

“Like that’s possible, there’s a huge baby sleeping on my stomach. Don’t worry, our pup won’t starve.” He frowned and she kissed him. “You’re making your dad’s face again.”

“Please never let him hear you say that.”

“Hear her say what?” They both looked up to see Maol and Una standing in the doorway.

“That he looks just like you when he frowns, it’s uncanny and adorable. Did you two enjoy pie and coffee?”

“That’s why we’re here, we came to thank you for being so considerate.”

She shrugged. “It’s what I do daddy in law.” Her smile was cut short by a sharp contraction. She grabbed her stomach and nearly dropped her plate in shock.

“You okay?” Artair asked as he grabbed her plate.

“That one took my breath away.”

“Why don’t you let me take you upstairs. I’m sure you’re tired.”

“Baby, I’m fine, really. Would you tell your son not to worry Una.”

“She’s right honey, her body is perfectly equipped for giving birth so don’t worry.”

“But what about the midwife, there’s no way for her to get here in this weather.”

“I’ll be here to help, her sister will be here and you’ll be here.” Una replied softly.

“Okay, I’ll let you take me upstairs, but you have to read to me.” She got slowly to her feet and she smiled at Maol and Una. “Your son is truly the sweetest man alive. I guess I’ll see you two later.”

“Just let me take your plate to the kitchen real quick.”

“I’ll take it.” Maol said, surprising his son and wife. “Just give me the plate and get her to your room.”
“wow, thanks Maol” Liosa said as Artair handed his father the plate. “it’s nothing.” was the last thing he said before Artair began guiding his wife up the stairs. “I doubt I’ll be getting over that shock anytime soon” Artair said once they were in their bedroom.”

“thankfully there is a good and sweet heart in your father. It just needs to be drawn out. I’m glad he isn’t a stubborn asshole who truly doesn’t care what anyone thinks or he wouldn’t be changing. Him changing as much as he has in this short time really shows he can be better”

“Nobody would have dug for that caring if it weren’t for you. Thank you”

“I’m not doing anything really.”

“you are, more than you know” Another contraction came a short time later “how close was that?” Artair asked and Liosa smiled “Not close enough my love” Artair made a small whining noise. “you’re going to have this baby before the storm is out.”

“and we’ll all be fine”

“I know, I know”

“if you know just relax”

Chapter Three

He moved so he could rest his head on her chest and slid his hand up her shirt to rub her belly. “Would you sing for us Liosa?”

“DĂșn do shĂșil, a rĂșn mo chroĂ­
A chuid den tsaol, ‘s a ghrĂĄ liom
DĂșn do shĂșil, a rĂșn mo chroĂ­
Agus gheobhair feirĂ­n amĂĄrach

TĂĄ do dheaid ag teacht gan mhoill Ăłn chnoc
Agus cearca fraoich ar lĂĄimh leis
Agus codlaidh go ciĂșin ‘do luĂ­ sa choid
Agus gheobhair feirĂ­n amĂĄrach.”

He loved her voice and her native language. Even though he couldn’t understand it, it soothed him and washed away his worries. He stroked his thumb over her abdomen and the baby kicked at him. He loved their child more than anything, would give anything for him or her to be born happy and healthy.

“DĂșn do shĂșil, a rĂșn mo chroĂ­
A chuid den tsaol, ‘s a ghrĂĄ liom
DĂșn do shĂșil, a rĂșn mo chroĂ­
Agus gheobhair feirĂ­n amĂĄrach

TĂĄ an samhradh ag teacht le grian is le teas
Agus duilliĂșr ghlas ar phrĂĄtaĂ­
TĂĄ an ghaoth ag teacht go fial aneas
Agus gheobhaimid iasc amĂĄrach

DĂșn do shĂșil, a rĂșn mo chroĂ­
A chuid den tsaol, ‘s a ghrĂĄ liom
DĂșn do shĂșil, a rĂșn mo chroĂ­
Agus gheobhair feirĂ­n amĂĄrach.”

“That was beautiful my love, you’re voice is so amazing.”

“I love you my wolf prince.” Another contraction moved through her and she found herself gripping the comforter.

“Baby, they’re getting closer together.” Artair said worriedly. “What should I do?”

“Well lets just wait and see what happens. My mother told me they have to be five minutes apart so just stay calm and lets wait. If it progresses that far we can send your brothers into town to alert the midwife that she’ll have to make her way up here after the storm. Then you can get my sister and your mom and the three of you can help me bring our baby into the world.”
Artair laid stressed and ready to run and get help for his wife as the contractions came closer and closer together. It was late in the night when they were five minuets apart. He kissed her cheek then ran to wake his mother and Beatris. Artair banged loudly on each of their doors as if some monster was about to swallow him whole. Maol was angry at first but quickly understanding once aware of the situation. Una came out in her night clothes and went quickly to Liosas room while Artair retrieved Beatris.

When Beatris and Artair came in Una already had Liosa in the proper position and ready to push. Liosa was actually surprised at how well Una could control a situation since she wasn’t accustomed to having choices and a voice. Through the whole of he rlabor and delivery Una was in charge and handled things so it ran smoothly, though you wouldn’t have noticed from how stressed Artair was through the whole ordeal.

“Artair, I can see the little ones head. Hurry and prepare me a small tub of water to wash them in” Artair ran off and soon came back with the very same small tub he was bathed in as a newborn. Una finally could get the babies shoulders and pulled their new baby boy out. He didn’t cry at first but Una soon got him screaming loud enough for anybody near the room to hear. As she began washing him Una said ‘your father will be so happy. I was hoping he’d get a grandson”

“he would have had to suck it up if he wasn’t happy over a girl. Aside from that i think he’s matured past that way of thinking mom.”

“I think he has too Una” Liosa said tiredly. Una brought the clean baby over to Liosa “you didn’t tear thank goodness. I’ll clean you up and then my son can hold the both of you while the sheets are changed on your bed. When the storms over your father in law will have a new bed bought for you guys”
Once Liosa was cleaned up, Artair lifted her and the baby gently off the bed while the maids laid out towels on the wed spots then put clean sheets down and laid out more towels. Artair put Liosa back on the bed and climbed on next to her. “Do you want to hold him?” She asked as the maids, Una, and Beatris left to give them some time alone.

“Me hold him uh o…okay.” He said nervously and she turned, handing him the baby. She smiled at how gently he held their little one as if he was made of glass.

Artair swallowed and his eyes filled with tears. “Hey little guy, I’m your daddy.” He said softly and their son looked up at him as if recognizing his father’s voice.

Liosa reached over and wiped at the tears on Artair’s face. “What should we name him my love?”

“Nicholas, he looks like a Nicholas.” He looked at her. “Is that okay?”

“Of course my love, it’s a wonderful name. Prince Nicholas Sorcha.”

“And someday, if he wants to, he’ll be King Nicholas Sorcha.” He kissed his son’s forehead. “I love you Nicholas, so much.” Nicholas made a frustrated little noise and Artair’s heart skipped a beat. “Is he okay?”

“He’s hungry. Why don’t you get a diaper while I feed him.” Artair handed her Nicholas and got off the bed, pulling open the top drawer of the new chest of drawers his father had had made for them for the baby. He grabbed one of the cloth diapers and went back to the bed. Nicholas ate like he was starving and when he was finished Liosa had him lay the diaper out and she sat him down. She pulled the diaper closed and used the snaps on the sides to keep it shut. “Would you put him in his cradle?”

Yeah.” This time Artair lifted his son with a little more confidence and went around to Liosa’s side of the bed and laid their little one down then covered him. There was a light tapping on the door and Artair crossed the room and pulled it open. He smiled at his dad and brothers.

“We know you two are probably tired, but would it be okay if we see the baby?” Maol asked.

“Nicholas, his name is Nicholas and yes you can.”

“The midwife says she’ll be up here as soon as the storm has passed.” Baltair said as they entered the room.
“That’s good, I think he’s fine though. A hungry little guy but fine”

“Artair came out starving aswell” Maol answered as he slowly lifted the newborn since he was still awake. “what a handsome young man. Nicholas does suit him.” Maol kissed his head, another shocking display of emotion as he handed the baby to Calum. Calum held Nicholas breifly before giving Baltair a turn. They didn’t want to hold the little guy too long and irritate him since he was probably near as tired as his mother. Baltair tucked the baby back in and gave him a kiss. They thanked Artair and Liosa for allowing them a few moments before leaving.

“I really need rest now Artair” Liosa said softly. “alright, if the baby cries I’ll tend to him unless he seems to be hungry”

“Thank you, if you cant tell don’t hesitate to wake me”

“I wont baby, rest” Their little one slept through the night. In the morning since Maol couldn’t get them a new bed from town he had the servants just switch their bed with one from another room. The guests beds werent as plush as their own beds but he knew it would be better than sleeping on a bed Liosa delivered on. He would have done so last night but knew Liosa only cared about sleeping. He remembered how tired Una was after her deliveries. Seeing them have their first baby actually made Maol sad at how unthinking he was back when he had his babies. he hadn’t even given his boys kisses when they were born.

Beatris and Liosa being in teh house had really started to wake him up as to why he was called the cold hearted king. He had always thought he was just like his father but his father had been much more caring than he had remembered him being.
The storm blew through in the next couple of days and the midwife was brought up to exam Liosa and the baby while a letter was sent on a ship heading to Liosa’s parent’s kingdom. Everyone took turns holding baby Nicholas and much to Artair’s joy their baby gave him his first smile. “Never have I felt so lucky to have been blessed with such an amazing wife and a beautiful child. You are both more than I deserve.” Artair said as he and Liosa sat in the library, watching as Maol sat on the floor and played with his grandson.

“I’m so proud to be your wife Artair and the mother of our little Nicholas. You are going to be the most amazing father.” Liosa replied. She laced her fingers through his and leaned her head on his shoulder. They both saw that Nicholas coming into the world was going to change Maol for the better. Liosa’s parents and siblings showed up a few days later and they all prepared a celebration for the birth of Nicholas. They talked and laughed, reminiscing about when Artair, Liosa, and their siblings were babies. At the end of the day Artair and Liosa settled into bed after Nicholas had fallen asleep, wrapped in each others love.

“Thank you for giving me such a gift and loving me.” Artair said softly.

“Thank you for being such an amazing husband and the absolute love of my life.” Liosa replied and kissed his chin. They fell asleep, exhausted after such a long day only to be awoke by Nicholas’ cries, both of them smiling happily and looking forward to their future as a family, knowing that they could get through anything as long as they stuck together.


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