Lisa & Alin 3

Chapter One

Lisa flew through the air, enjoying the way the wind hit her face. Alin had been busy with Elder Jareth lately with his training so she had been spending more time in the air, practicing her acrobatics and shifting from human form to dragon form while free falling. It was something Alin didn’t know she was doing and would probably be even more uncomfortable with if he knew she was pregnant. She was planning on telling him when he wasn’t so busy and they could have a few minutes together to celebrate. She shifted to her human form, allowing herself to fall and the wind whip through her hair.

Alin smiled as Jareth drilled him about the locations of their most sacred locations, the shrines their ancestors had built as well as the valleys where they held their festivals and weddings. He named every spot, even giving the old names. “Very good son.” Jareth said proudly.

“You don’t have to call me that Jareth.”

“My wife and I adopted you and Lisa, you are our children, blood or not.”

“I appreciate that, thank you.”

“So how are you and Lisa doing?”

He rubbed his neck. “Fine I guess, I mean she hasn’t said anything is wrong, but I feel like maybe I’ve been neglecting her. I know she knows this work is important and that I have to be here, but I sometimes think she feels like I don’t care. I really…” A vibration went through the air, malicious and evil. “Lisa, she’s outside.”

Lisa didn’t see or hear the dragons coming, it was more like the air changed around her. Two of them surrounded her while a third dove from above, slamming into and making her roar in pain. She knew this dragon, the scars covering its chest and face. She had put them there. She knocked him back and the other three attacked her, grabbing onto her. She didn’t have enough strength to fight all three of them and they soon had her so weak that she shifted back to her human form. Gareth grabbed her in one clawed hand and she screamed Alin’s name as they flew away with her.

Alin and Jareth flew quickly to find Lisa. They followed her scent as they worried deeply for her safety. Whatever that vibration was it was filled with such hate he feared for her life. Lisa wanted to struggle against Gareths claws but knew even if he did let her go she didn’t have the strength to fly just now. She would plummet to the earth killing herself and unborn child. She couldn’t believe these other dragons would actually help Gareth gang up on her and kidnap her like this. She hated they were following. This was cowardly and unfair. She just prayed Alin had felt the vibration and was coming to save her and the baby.

Lisa was glad now it wasn’t announced she was pregnant. She knew Gareth was cruel enough to beat her in the stomach to kill the offspring of another male since he was probably after her as a mate again. He wouldn’t stand for having Alins baby in her stomach so she took comfort there was no way he could know she was with child. Maybe it was fate that kept Alin so busy that it wouldn’t be announced yet.

Alin followed Lisa’s scent higher into the sky where the wind scattered it. He let out a roar of anger and despair as he flew in circles, searching for any sign of her. Jareth finally ordered him to land and they circled to earth, shifting as they landed. “We have to find her.” He said as he paced back and forth.

“We will, but if you keep flying like that you’re going to exhaust yourself. We know who took her so we have to speak to Gareth’s parents and find out what he has been up to.”

“Okay, I understand.” They shifted shape and tookt to he sky, Alin was scared for Lisa the whole flight.

Lisa shivered in the cold wind as the dragons flew at breakneck speed. She felt like crying and screaming, but knew it would do no good. Gareth did not care about what she wanted, he didn’t care if she was upset or angry. He was an evil, vindictive asshole who was pissed he had been bested by her and driven into exhale. As the sun fell her shivering increased until her teeth were chattering. He suddenly began to descend and dropped her on the balcony of a castle. He shifted shape and landed on his feet next to her.

“Did she really not put up a fight? How surprising.” A female voice said and Lisa lifted her head.

“Perla?” She asked in confusion and pushed herself onto her knees.

“Did you really think I would stay in a convent. No, no, no you took something and I want it back. I want Alin.”

“He doesn’t love you so give it up. We’re mates, he’s my husband, get over it.” Gareth grabbed her hair and hauled her to her feet.

Perla laughed. “Gareth here has a bone to pick with you Lisa and if Alin refuses to see the light and take me as his mate then Gareth will kill you and I will have your body delivered to Alin. I’d rather see him wallowing in despair than be with you.”

“If anything happens to me, he will kill all of you before he gives up. I promise you that.”

Perla laughed again. We have many friends now. The two of you can’t beat us all. We’ve already taken down you. Not that we thought it would be hard since you’re truly no more than a pathetic human. It’s a disgrace you’re even able to transform into a mighty, beautiful dragon. Someone with so little dragon blood shouldn’t be flying around so you’re lucky we don’t just kill you now. Lisa badly wanted to retort but didn’t think it wise to antagonize them. If she wasn’t with child and scared for it’s life she could have easily retorted how much of a disgrace it makes Gareth then since she was able to best him and gave him those scars.

“Get her out of my sight Gareth” Perla commanded. he began to force Lisa forward. it shocked her Gareth was actually listening to and obeying a female but she guessed he would do anything to get payback, was probably planning to kill her even if Alin did mate with Perla. She was still shivering from the flight and hoped there was a blanket where ever he was taking her. Gareth walked her downstairs and into a basement like room. There were bars on the windows and the door was made of steal so it was really more of a small prison within their castle than a basement. He walked her fast down the stairs then shoved her hard onto the floor.

“You best behave you little bitch” he growled then left her presence. Lisa looked around and found she was truly alone in here. There wasn’t anywhere to sit, no bed, not a blanket in sight that she had hoped for. If she transformed into a dragon later for warmth she would be cramped and unable to move much due to the small dimensions of the room. Well small if you’re thinking of being a dragon in there. To most this would probably be a nice sized basement. It could even be one a child would think it cool to have as his room is his parents allowed it.

Alin didn’t like how long it took to get Gareth’s parent’s house. His mind was constantly fill with the things Gareth could be doing to her and it made him want to lose all self control and rip the next thing he saw to shreds. They landed in front of a beautiful cottage, the ground shaking beneath them and alerting the inhabitants that they had company. They shifted to their human for as Gareth’s father Helios pulled the door open, his look of anger dissipating when he saw Jareth.

“Elder Jareth, to what to we owe this visit?” Helios asked.

“I’m afraid there is no time for small talk, we need to know what your son has been up to since his exhile.” Jareth answered.

“What has he done this time?”

“He took Lisa.” Alin said before Jareth could answer.

“Our son has caused us nothing but heartache.” A woman named Sasha said as she stepped outside. “Regardless he is still our son and we love him. I can see the murderous intent in your eyes Alin and I understand why it is there. Gareth was never one to simply let go of his grudges and when Lisa bested him it sent him into a rage. I am sorry he has once again attacked the woman you love so we will help you, but on one condition. Please spare my boy.”

Alin sighed. “If I can then I will, you have my word.”

“That’s good enough for me. He and Perla live in an old castle on top of the mountain the old ones called An mac tire ar fhod. If you fly fast you can be there in a day.”

“thank you” Alin said and they both shifted. It may have been wise to rest for a long flight but they didn’t want to leave Lisa at both the mercy of Perla and Gareth too long. They were both powerful dragons anyway and knew they contained the strength and stamina to go without resting. ¬†They both flew fast but not so fast they would wear too quickly. Alin didn’t know how to spare a man that refused to leave him and his mate alone. If he spared Gareth yet again he would only be left alone to plot and hurt Lisa for the third time. He had given his word though and he was nothing if not a man of his word.

Somthing had to be done about the man, he would discuss it with Jareth once he had Lisa safe in his arms and far away from the persistant attack of Gareth. Lisa began to pace in attempt to warm her body. She didn’t know much about baby health but common sense would say it probably wouldn’t be good for the life inside of her if she allowed herself to get too cold. She rubbed her belly softly, though she wanted to rub her arms. Occasionally she would blow her hot breath on her hands “I hope this is helping” she said softly to her stomach.

Half an hour later the door to her cell opened and a young man with white hair and the palest grey eyes stepped inside. He glanced back out the door then crossed the room to her. “Here I made you a sandwich and got you some water. I wasn’t supposed to give you anything but bread, but you’re pregnant so you need to eat.” He whispered.

“Who are you and how did you know that?”

“Oh I’m sorry, my name is Oscar. I’m Perla’s half brother. She calls me the unwanted one.” Lisa frowned and he cleared his throat. “Don’t be sad on my account, it doesn’t bother me like it used to. Anyway, I knew you were pregnant because I have what the elders call the sight. I can see you for what you are. You can’t lie to me or hide anything from me.”

“Please don’t tell them.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t. Perla forces me to stay here and help her. I hate it, but I’m not the strongest dragon in the world.” He held out the plate and glass and she took them. “I’ll be back in half an hour to pick them up that way we don’t get in trouble.”

“Thank you.”

“No problem and don’t worry, I’m sure Alin will be along to get you.” He left, locking the door behind him. She sat down and ate the sandwich Oscar had gone through the trouble of making her then sneaking in to her. She wished he had not taken such a risk, but she was glad to have something in her stomach, not just for her hunger but for the baby. She gulped down the glass of water, feeling refreshed now that her thirst had been quenched.

Alin hummed one of the song he sometimes heard Lisa singing when she cooked breakfast. He imagined her voice in his head and it calmed him down a little and allowed him to better focus through his anger. He just wanted her back, wanted her safe with him where nothing could take her again. He felt like such a failure, it ate him up that he had not been quick enough to rescue her. He was sure she would tell him it wasn’t his fault, but right now he felt like he could have done more.

Jareth enjoyed the tune as he flew by Alin. He was glad the younger dragon was doing somthing to provide himself with comfort so he wouldn’t just be on a death mission when he arrived at the castle. When a lover is hurt or taken somtimes it’s not always easy to think rationally and do sensible things so Alin needed to clam himself during the flight so he could keep his word. Jareth needed comfort too as he was nearly to the same boiling point of rage Alin was at. Lisa was his daughter in his eyes and Gareth was once again was being a childish jerk. Lisa hadn’t done a thing to him that wasn’t self defnese and yet he wouldn’t just let her live in peace.

Oscar came back in and quickly took up her dishes “thank you again” Lisa said softly. He smiled at her “I’m just sorry you’re here and there’s nothing I can do about it. I know you have spirit Lisa but please try not to anger them. they are serious about killing you.”

“I’ll be careful’ she said and Oscar walked out before he was caught. He didn’t want to risk not being able to feed her again if she ended up trapt down there for awhile. Lisa somehow felt warmer than she did before. She guessed it might be heat from her digestive system working on the meal Oscar had so sweetly given her. When Alin came she would be sure to get him to rescue Oscar aswell. They had more than enough space in their castle to give him a room. They had so much space it would be selfish not to take him home and give him a life of his choosing.

‘Unwanted one” Oscar heard his sister yell ‘yes sister?” he answered “I’m hungry!” she said in a demanding tone. “I’ll be right on it”

“be quick about it” she called back.

“Yes sister.” He cooked as quickly as he could, not wanting to infuriate his sister. He had come into this world a weakling. His mother had had to work to keep him alive. His sister hated him, his father disowned him, and his mother had died. He was always alone, had always been weaker than the other males, relying on his sight to keep him safe. Now he had another to worry about, a woman who was just as much a victim as he was. He would figure out a way to get her out, even if it meant being severly beaten by his sister and the males.

Lisa sat down and leaned back into the corner of the room. She wrapped her arms around her stomach and allowed her eyes to drift closed. She knew if she was going to have any strength to fight Gareth and Perla she had to rest. It was uncomfortable, but after an hour of squirming she managed to find a good enough position to sleep. Her eyes drifted closed and she fell asleep. Alin ignored his tiring body as he rocketed through the air. He fed off his rage, allowing it to strengthen him. Jareth wanted to call for a break, but he knew Alin would protest and continue flying until he dropped if he had to. The boys stubborness was one of the things that had made Jareth want to pick him to take his place.

Lisa jerked awake at the sound of her cell door opening. Her heart slammed against her chest when she saw it was Gareth. She pushed herself wuickly to her feet and fought the urge to clutch her abdomen. “What do you want?” She asked angrily.

“You look so pitiful Lisa, weak and pitiful. So stop acting like you even have a chance at getting out of here.”

“I’m not the weak one here, you are. You needed help to capture me. You couldn’t even come at me one on one.” He slapped her so hard she saw stars then grabbed her by her throat and pinned her against the wall.

“Watch your fucking mouth you stupid bitch. You are nothing but a weak blooded nobody, but I want you all the same. I want to teach you humility and respect.”

“Fuck…you.” She managed to say and he squeezed a little harder.

“Is it getting hard to breathe? Is your vision going dark? Beg me for air, I want to hear it, so beg me.”

She clawed at his hand, panicking as she thought about the baby. “Pl…please.” She whispered and he let her go so she dropped to the floor, coughing and gasping as she tried to bring oxygen into her lungs.

“Good girl.” He left her alone and she curled up in a ball and cried, her throat already bruising from his vice like grip.

Lisa sobbed until she wept herself into sleep again. She clung to the knowledge Alin would overcome anything to get to her. Alin wouldn’t stop until she and their baby were safe. She took those thoughts into her dreams. Alin and Jareth didn’t stop for one break until they could smell how close they were to Jareth and Perla. “We must rest Alin so we can fight. They have other dragons who are helping them” Alin didn’t want to stop but knew his mentor was right. They landed “we aren’t sleeping” Alin said as he shifted to human form. “I know we aren’t sleeping. Just resting a short time so we can fight with all we have. Lisa is a strong woman, you know that. She’s ok Alin”

“She’s been with them too long, far too long.”

“she’ll be ok” Jareth said as he rubbed Alins back. Alin was ready to take off again in a half hour and no matter how jareth tried he couldn’t convince Alin to take any more rest than he had already taken. They shifted back and took to the air. They had to win this war, had to save Lisa while somehow sparing Gareths life in the process. The castle came into view and Alin flew faster, Jareth following his lead and flying faster himself.

“Lisa, wake up.” Her eyes flew open at the whispered voice and she looked up into Oscar’s worried face.

“What’s wrong?”

“Come on, I’m getting you out of here. Perla’s asleep with two of the males and Gareth is getting drunk. Now is our chance.”

He helped her to her feet and grabbed her hand, stopping to peek out the door before pulling her out. They moved quietly down the hall, their bare feet making little sound. He pulled her to a stop and put his hand over his mouth when he heard footsteps. He looked around the corner, seeing one of the males walking down the hall. He had thought they would stay asleep, but he was wrong.

“I’m going to distract him, I want you to run past him turn right and head down the spiral stairs. No matter what you hear, keep going.” She shook her head. “Yes, don’t come back for me. You have to escape.” He peeked around the corner again. “Get ready.” He moved away from her, shifting shape. He was a smaller dragon, but beautiful all the same. When his white scales and wings caught the light they looked almost rainbow in color. He roared at the other male, a puff of steam curling out of his mouth. He rushed the other man, spitting ice then slamming into him.

Chapter Two

Lisa ran as fast as she could, not even looking back when the older male shifted into a large blue dragon and attacked Oscar in an animalistic rage. Tears slipped down her cheeks as she turned right into the next hall and sprinted for the spiral staircase at the end. She could feel the floor vibrating behind her and glanced behind her to see the blue dragon angrily pursuing her. She stepped into the staircase, the dragon behind her unable to follow.

Lisa knew he would just shift but it would take a moment so she ran as fast as she could. Lisa hoped him having to shift to follow would give her the head start she needed. She ran out the doors and new hope washed over her, she could see Alin and Jareth in the distance. Lisa had foolishly paused in her excitement to see them and the male, now in his human formed jumped on her. The two fell to the ground. Alin roared as he descended down. The male shifted back into his dragon form so he could fight back. Alins roar woke Perla and the male still in bed with her. They jumped out of her window and shifted in midair.

Lisa could barely think and didn’t know if she should shift to help fight or save the energy that would take so she could make another run if she needed to. She decided she had to fight. She had a baby to protect and with Alin and Jareths help they could win. Oscar was doing his best to get up but the blue male had tore into him severely. He wanted to help since he knew the comotion outside meant she wasn’t yet safe.

Lisa slammed into the blue male attacking Alin, grabbing him by the back of the neck and pushing him down to earth. Gareth heard the roaring and screeching and it sobered him up. He raced through the castle and jumped out a window, shifting and flying toward the warring dragons. Oscar threw himself out a window, managing to stay in the air in spite of his wound. He headed Gareth off, latching onto the large red dragon’s back and not letting go no matter what he did. Perla went after Lisa while Jareth fought the other young dragon, his experience helping him send the upstart crashing to the ground.

Lisa slapped her tail across Perla’s face, knocking her senseless. Gareth attacked Lisa as Perla fell from the sky, uncaring if there was a weak little dragon clinging to him. He hit her hard, the force knocking Oscar off and into the castle where he crashed through a wall and fell unconcious. Lisa bit and clawed at him as they fell and slammed into the ground. They rolled, snapping and growling. Alin joined in the fight, pulling Gareth off of his beloved and throwing him across the ground. Lisa’s dragon form melted away so it was just her laying on the ground covered in cuts and bruises. Alin lifted her off the ground, taking her up where the young dragon had fallen and laying her down. He dove back out the hole, flying like a bullet at Gareth.

Lisa slowly opened her eyes and groaned in agony. Everything on her hurt. She pushed herself to her hands and knees, seeing Oscar laying close by. She crawled over to him and checked his pulse and his breathing, relieved when she found him alive. The poor boy had a huge bruise forming on his shoulder and chest where the blue dragon had attacked him. She heard roaring and moved over to the large hole in the wall. She could see Alin rolling on the ground with Gareth and sitting close by was Jareth. She wondered for a moment why he wasn’t helping, but understood when she saw him staring angrily at the other unconcious dragons. He was making sure none of them would wake up and join in the fight.

Gareth and Alin left gash after gash in eachothers scales with their sharp talons. It didn’t take long for Alin to gain the upperhand since Gareth had consumed so much booze before the fight and Alin was pumping with adrenaline. He kept picturing his mate, bruised and beaten. He felt more energized and angry by the second as the fight went on. Finally Gareth couldn’t even stay in form. He laid limp on the cold nights grass and waited for Alin to kill him. Alin shifted back into a human. He had to honour his word rather he wanted to or not and he knew Gareth couldn’t do anything more for the moment. Alin leaned over the cowering man on the ground “This is the last time you survive touching my Lisa. I promised your parents so I wont slay you this time but nothing will keep me from it if you are fool enough to try again you pathetic brat”

Jareth added his own glare. With his eyes he was telling Gareth the same words without having to voice them. Seeing the fight was over Lisa attempted to wake Oscar “hey, it’s over” she coaxed as she rubbed his arm. Oscar groaned and looked up with a smile “you’re ok” his voice weak. “Thank you Oscar.”

“no need to thank me. It was the right thing to do. If my mother can see me she’s looking down with pride and I can ask for nothing more than that” Alin was now up there and heard Oscars word “You are owed thanks and I’m giving you mine. Thank you for your help.”

“Alin, nice to meet you” Oscar said sitting up. Lisa decided this was as good of time as any to ask so she beseeched “Alin, let him come home with us. He brought me food when I wasn’t allowed any and tried to help me escape. We have so much room in our castle and they treat him so poorly here. We can’t leave him. You want to come, right Oscar” She started her request looking at Alin but was now looking at Oscar “If your mate is fine with me living with you two I’d love it. I’d help around the castle” Lisas eyes were back on Alin “Or course he can come live with us. He’s welcome as long as he has want to stay” Alin walked over to help Oscar stand.

“Thank you. I tried to protect her, but I’m weaker than them.”

“Nonsense child,” Jareth said from behind them, “you are incredibly gifted and lucky. He is a rarity among his people and should be proud.”

“What do you mean?” Oscar asked.

Jareth walked over and placed his hands on the boys shoulders. “You my boy are a crystal dragon, a beautiful and rare creature with scales stronger than any dragon and the ability to read people. The rainbow crystals imbedded in your scales give you your gift, making you a very important person.”

“But I’m weak, even my father didn’t want, my sister hates me.”

“Then it is their loss young one because you are a true gift to your people.”

Oscar’s eyes filled with tears and before he knew it he was crying. Lisa hugged him and rubbed her hand soothingly over his back. “See, you’re not useless and unwanted. You can be our son.” She said softly and it made him cry harder.

“That’s a wonderful idea my love. We would love to have you as our own.” Lisa still couldn’t tell him she was pregnant. She wanted to wait until they were home and away from Gareth.

“What are we going to do with Gareth and Perla?” Lisa asked.

“I will be taking Perla back to the convent where I will have a spell put on her that keeps her from ever shifting again. Gareth will also have his abilities locked away until he can learn some respect. He will be human in a sense.”

“That’s a good idea” Lisa answered and Alin nodded his approval. That would be a sure way to keep them from hurting Lisa again and he wouldn’t have to be stressed about it. “are we going to travel tonight? We can lock them all where they were keeping Lisa if you all need to rest after the fight. ” Oscar asked. “It might be wise for us to take a short rest” Jareth quickly added. “well then lets get them put away before they get any crazy ideas.” Alin responded so they drug them all into the basment and locked them away. Lisa convinced them to atleast put pillows and blankets down there. They had been cruel to her but she didn’t want to return the cruetly. She knew well how cold and uncomfortable the floor was in that room. Alin kissed her “one of the many reasons I love you is your compassion my love. We will give them blankets and pillows if it will make you happy” Alin and jareth took them down while Lisa helped clean Oscar up.

His expression was still touched and looked near tears again “all that cryings going to give you a headache’ Lisa said softly. He smiled “I’m just so happy. I’m sorry they hurt you and I couldn’t help more.”

“You did plenty and I know we’ll love having you in our home. You seem like a very sweet boy” Lisa was just getting done when Alin returned. “where can we shower Oscar. i really need one. i know I’ll have to put on these same clothes but I’ll feel better anyway”

“You could wear perlas clothes.” Oscar offered and she shook her head “it’ll piss her off and there isnt any reason to antagonise her. I just want the comfort of showering with my mate quickly. I’m so disgusting”

“Follow me then” Oscar started leading them “you can also rest here if you two want to take a quick rest. I’ll be napping myself but wake me the second you guys feel up to traveling.”

“alright, thank you” Alin and Lisa entered the room then went into the bathroom to have their shower. Oscar went to Jareth and asked “you want somewhere to rest?”

“No, i’ll rest right here in front of this door. I’m old but I’m fine. I don’t want to risk these loons escaping and causing more problems. You go lay down yourself until Alin and Lisa are ready. I’m sure you need it.”

“I honestly do. make sure they wake me when they want to go. I’ll be ready no matter how soon it is”

“I will, have a good rest” Alin held Lisa tightly under the water, his head burried deep in her hair. “I knew you’d come Alin. I didn’t doubt it for a second”

“I feel i failed. You should have never been taken”

“You can’t prevent everything”

“He’s hurt you three times”

“He’s crazy and so is Perla. it’s not your fault. You saved me with the help of jareth and Oscar. That is all that matters. You’re my hero yet again” alin kissed up Lisas neck the her cheek. They cleaned off the grime then pulled on their clothes. They would need another shower but just being under the hot water awhile made Lisa feels loads better. They laid down on the bed and napped for a little over two hours then decided to see if Jareth and Oscar were fit to travel yet.

Oscar had his clothes packed in a backpack and was ready to go. He was excited about starting over and being away from his controlling sister. Jareth got up and opened the basement door the minute they stepped off the stairs. Alin helped him drag them outside then they all shifted and took off. When any of their captors woke they wee immediately knocked unconcious befoe they could fight back. They flew for a whole day before landing and catching their breath. Oscar and Lisa went and gathered some apples and brought them back. Everyone ate, the fruit boosting their energy so they shifted once more and took to the air.

When they reach Alin’s home, he asked Lisa to wait there with Oscar while he helped Jareth take Gareth, Perla, and the other two young dragons to his home not far away. Jareth was going to use magic to keep them locked up until all the elders could convene. Lisa landed on their balcony and Oscar followed, marveling at the beauty of his new home. “You can any room you like Oscar, we want you to feel right at home.”

“Thank you so much. Is it okay if I explore?”

“How about we drop off your bag and I give you a tour?”

“I would like that very much. Lisa showed him the rooms and let him pick his own. He dropped his backpack onto his bed then followed her through the castle. She asked him questions while they walked, finding out that he was sixteen years old and had never been to any type of school. His mother had taught him how to read and write so he really loved books. He was excited to learn that she designed covers for books and video games and wanted to see some of her art. They talked until they felt the vibration of Alin returning then Oscar excused himself, wishing to take a shower and give Lisa some time alone with her mate. He especially didn’t want to be around when he found out she had been pregnant during her attack.

Alin took Lisa tightly in his arms again. “I’m so glad it’s all over. I have no doubt the other elders will agree with Jareths decision”

“so are you going to take a break and just be with me for awhile?”

“Of course, i could do nothing else. I need to be near you so i know you’re ok” That was her cue. She told herself she would tell Alin as soon as they had time to really celebrate the pregnancy so she took a deep breath, pulled out of the hug then tugged Alin towards the bed by his hand. They sat down and Lisa said “there’s something I’ve been planning on telling you when we had some time just for us”

“what is it love?” She drew his hand to her stomach “I’m pregnant, we’re going to have a baby” Alin could barely believe his ears. What was first excitement made him only grow angrier at what happened before. Knowing they had kidnapped and beaten her while she was pregnant only intensified his anger and he wanted to be there when the elders made their choice. He wanted to¬†see them be sent off himself but he had already told Lisa he would be sticking around. Lisa could see the storm inside him and she pulled him into a kiss. That already helped him find a calm before she said “Just be happy baby. We’ve been trying so long and we’re going to have a baby. What happened can’t be changed and I can still feel his or her life strongly inside me. Don’t be angry, it wont help a thing. Please” He kissed her again “I’m sorry, I just love you and…i somthing would have happened”

‘shh, I’m fine and our babies fine. We have a wonderful new addition to our family with another on the way. I’m so happy we’ll finally have a child here. I want many more children”

“I’ll give you a castle full if that’s what you wish Lisa” She smiled “I know you would. I might just take you up on that offer”

“I’m good for it” He answered with a grin and she giggled. Lisa was glad she had such power to relax him because he had flared up so high she wouldn’t have been shocked if he went back to kill Perla and Gareth for coming after her while pregnant. “I want to throw a big party to announce the baby” Lisa said and Alin responded “we’ll plan it right away. We can invite everyone we know and host it right here in the castle.” They cuddled close and Alin sighed “what wonderful news. I haven’t even had my mind on trying since I’ve gotten so busy”

“that’s probably why it happened now. You were probabyl too stressed and putting too much pressure on yourself”

“I want you to always be happy and what you wanted was a baby.”

“well now we have one so no more stress. if we have more amazing, if not thats fine too. as long as I have you, our friends, our adoptive son and this new baby I’m happy”

“You will always have all of that. Especially me. You couldn’t make me go away if you tried.”

“Oh i bet i could” Alin smiled and kissed the top of your head”This is the only time you’re wrong” Lisa smiled back “I love you so immensely”

“I love you too”

~ The End ~

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