Lispin & Rika

Chapter One

Rika was on her tip toes trying to get the book back on the shelf. She stretched as far as she could, wondering how she had got it down in the first place. She gave a sigh of frustration and felt a hand slide over hers and take the book away. She looked up, finding herself staring into Lispin’s eyes. He had an amused look on his face. “Thank you.” She said softly and he smiled.

“Next time ask me for help.” He replied and she turned so her back was pressed into the book case.

“Sorry, I thought you were busy helping Pagos and Ilios build a tree house.”

“You should know by now that I will do anything you ask no matter how busy I may be.”

It had been three months since he had come to live in Chthon’s castle and in those three months he had fallen helplessly in love with Rika. The emotion was foreign and frightening to him and at times he found himself being a little to forward with her. She smiled up at him and it melted his heart. “I know, but you don’t have to jump on it the moment I ask. You should spend time with the others as well as me.”

“I do, but out of everyone here you are my favorite. Now, come see what we accomplished today. The boys are very excited.”

Cynthia had finally made it to the land of Barnese where rumor had it her son was living with his father and the bitch Lucy. She had wanted to see for herself how true this was, especially after finding all gateways to Zeus’s old world locked. It was four days to Chthon’s castle and if she found the rumors to be true she would do everything in her power to bring her son back to his senses.

Rika walked alongside Lispin to see what the boys had done. Every night the twins would talk about their progress excitedly so she knew they’d be thrilled to show her. The boys jumped down excitedly when they saw Lispin returning with Rika. “look!” Pagos said proudly. “I see, you guys did amazing” ¬†Rika said. Her words making all three men smile. “want to climb up Rika?” Ilios asked. Rika nodded and began her climb. Pagos, Ilios then Lispin followed her up. She sat down when she reached the top and smiled “this is very nice. You should show Fotia and Kandara when they return.”

“we will” both twins said at the same time. They sat up there talking happily until lunch came. They all jumped down landing gracefully on the ground. Lispin was always nervous when Rika did it despite she always landed perfectly and without injury. “I’ll race you back!” Pagos said to his brother. They both took off, leaving a cloud of dust behind them. Rika laughed and Lispin sighed. “that was sweet of you to help them.”

“It was fun” In truth it was fun to Lispin. His love for Rika made him want a family. He would love to be married to Rika and be there for Kandara if she needed anything. Kandara was a grown woman so probably would never think of him as a dad but he loved her because he loved Rika. If Rika would have him he would also like to have more children with her. He couldn’t think of a better future than having a family with Rika.

“You go ahead and sit and I’ll get you a plate.” Lispin said then kissed Rika on the cheek.

“Thank you.” She went and sat down, blushing. He was always so sweet and gentle with her. Everytime he was near her she could feel the love radiating off of him. He was always there for her, even when she had a nightmare. He would come into her room and lay with her, staying awake till morning. Beneath all the anger and sadness had been a very sweet and loving man who had made her fall in love with him. He came back with two plates of chicken salad and sat hers down in front of her. “Thank you Lispin.”

“Anything for you beautiful.” She blushed and he cleared his throat. “It’s okay to call you beautiful right?”

“Yes of course, I love it.”

He smiled happily as they ate, never wanting to scare or offend her. He had been considering asking to move into her room. He enjoyed the nights he got to hold her the most. “Would you like to go on a walk with me after lunch?” He asked.

“I would like that very much.”

When they had finished their food and Lispin had washed their plates, he took her hand and lead her out the front door. They walked into the woods, enjoying the sounds of nature and the fresh air. “I really love you Rika. I hope that doesn’t scare you.”

“Why would it?”

“Because it scares me. I’ve never loved anyone before.” He stopped and pressed her palm against his chest. “My heart may just explode.”

“You shouldn’t be scared, I’m not going to run away because I love you too.”

“Do I make you happy?”

“You make me very happy. Lispin, why are you so worried?”

“I want to move into your room so I can sleep with you every night, but I know that what happened to you still gives you nightmares so I was ¬†afraid to ask.”

“I’d love for you to move into my room. You’d be right there the second I woke up. It’s always so scary walking to your room after a dream. It would be nice to have you already there.” Lispin pull Rika into a hug “can we go back and get me moved in now.” Rika smiled brightly, loving the sound of joy in his voice. “of course we can. I truly love you too Lispin” Lispin was positive those were the greatest words ever spoken in any world. They started walking back, hands tightly clasped. The birds music sounded exquisite in his new found joy. He was certain pig snorts would sound beautiful right now as he held the hand of his love.

When they arrived back they went to Lispins room where he grabbed his dresser “can I bring anything?”

“You’re fine”

“what do you want to put in my room?”

“The dresser is the only important thing. It holds all my clothes. Since you look at me everyday you know I dont have much. I’ve never cared for possessions.”

“Ok” They walked back to Rikas room where he placed his down beside hers “is it ok here Rika?”

“It’s perfect there”

He picked her up off the ground and sat her on top of his chest of drawers. “You are truly the most beautiful woman in the world and I absolutely adore you beyond reason.” She blushed and he kissed her, making her heart slam against her chest.

“Lispin please.” She said against his lips. He forced himself to pull back and pressed his forehead against hers.

“I’m sorry, please forgive me. I just want you so much I lost my head.”

She grabbed his face in her hands and gave him another soft kiss. “No, I’m sorry for being scared. The only touch I have ever known was violent and painful.”

“I don’t touch you that way and I never will.” He brushed some hair away from her face.

“I know, just give me a little more time okay.”

“Anything, just being with you makes me happy. Would it be okay if I hold you for awhile? I need to be close to you.”

“Yes, I would love that very much.” He lifted her and carried her to their bed, laying her down gently before climbing in next to her. He kissed the top of her head as he pulled her into his arms.

“I love you so much Rika.”

“I love you too.” They fell asleep without meaning to, just relaxing in each other’s arms. A knock sounded on the bedroom door at dinner time. It woke them both and it was pushed slowly inward. It was his father come to tell them dinner was ready.

Zeus smiled, happy to see his son with the woman he loved. He had been watching Lispin fall in love with Rika and hoped things would end well between the two. If anything would keep Lispin in line and on the right path it was a good woman whom he loved and loved him back. Zeus was proud of Lispin for being so gentle and patient with Rika. He was glad Lucy had convinced them all to give Lispin a chance. He made an amazing edition to the family. Zeus left Rika and Lispin when they started to get up. He didn’t want his three months pregnant wife doing anything he didn’t like her doing. With three babies her stomach was already starting to get big and he worried for the health of both Lucy and their children.

Lispin had the urge to kiss Rika again as she fixed her hair. Rikas ears always wiggled while she brushed out her flowing white hair which he thought was cute. He refrained, not wanting to upset her like he did earlier on the dresser. He felt a little guilty but was glad she wasn’t angry. It was hard to not kiss her but he would go as slow as she needed. It pained him when Bishin explained how she was not only raped once but continuly for days. What hurt most of all is the demon never paid for hurting her. He was long gone by the time Rika made it to Bishin.

Bishin had nothing more than a scent to go on that day since Rika was hysterical and never wanted to talk about what happened. Bishin had wanted to track the bastard but Rika didn’t want to describe him. It had been many years now but Lispin didn’t have the heart to ask. Punishing the asshole wasn’t worth making her remember him. “what’re you thinking about” Rika asked when she finished fixing her hair “nothing sweetheart. Lets go down”

Her smile warmed his heart and he took her hand gently in his and kissed her knuckles before leading her downstairs. Their families couldn’t help but grin at them. It was as if neither of them had suffered a single day. Kandara had never seen her mother this happy and even though her first meeting with Lispin had been terrifying she wanted to thank him. They ate and chatted happily about the day. Pagos and Ilios talked excitedly to Ruth and Chthon about the treehouse and how amazing Lispin was at building.

Cynthia rode in the back of a cart, happy that she wouldn’t have to complete the rest of her journey on foot. The young driver had been drawn to her beauty and the sad, pleading eyes she had put on to get his help. She easily twisted and manipulated men, especially the weaker humans. She had promised this one anything for his services. It was worth it if it meant getting to her son and teaching Zeus and Lucy a lesson.

Lispin carried Rika upstairs after dinner, spinning in circles just to hear her joyous laugh. He took her to their room and lowered her feet to the ground. “Would you take a bath with me?” He asked and she swallowed nervously. “Nevermind, you can just get in bed.” Rika felt sad and guilty for not being comfortable enough. “Rika love, it’s okay.”

“No, I want to…I want to be comfortable enough to be naked around you. It’s just that I don’t have a very good image of myself.”

“Do you trust me?”

“Yes, one hundred percent.”

“Then believe me when I say you are beautiful and will always be beautiful.” He ran his fingers through her hair. “I tell you what, I can sit between your legs with my head on your chest so I can’t see anything and I’ll even make the butterflies appear.”

Rika was silent for a few moments then nodded “Ok” Lispin was both excited and surprised Rika said yes. “I’ll get it started and make sure there’s lots of bubbles. You can get in first and cover your breasts if you wouldn’t like me to see them as I get it” Rika gave him a quick kiss on the lips. Wishing she had the strength to give him a longer kiss. Lispin just exhaled happily, his mouth forming a smile. He was just grateful for the kiss and the fact he’d be having a bath with her. Lispin walked into the bathroom and quickly adjusted the water. Once it was at a nice temperature he grabbed the bubble bath and put much more in than normal. He wanted to make sure this time went well so there might be another in the future.

He walked back in the room. His heart sank slightly with how nervous Rika looked “are you sure you want to do this baby?” She looked ta him, trying to look more secure to ease him. “I have to start taking steps. If I never leave my comfort zone I’ll never be able to do anything with you and I want to make you as happy as you make me”

“I don’t need a bath with you to be happy. I’m happy, I promise”

“I want to take this step” Lispin kissed her head then cheek “want to go get in the water. I’ll wait here until you call me. There’s plenty of bubbles to cover yourself”

“I love you Lispin”

“I love you too” Rika walked into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. The bathroom smelled like a field of flowers thanks to the bubble bath. She almost laughed when she noticed the copious amount of bubbles Lispin added. She undressed and slowly stepped into the water. She took a deep breath to try and relax then called Lispin in. Lispin slowly came in. He looked Rika in the eyes “I love you. Thank you for doing this with me. I of course couldn’t truly understand but I know this has to be a hard step for you to take”

“I’ll be okay, I promise.” He started to undress and she looked shyly away, a blush crawling up her neck and into her face. Lispin stepped in and sat down between her legs, sliding down a little to rest his head on her shoulder.

“Is this okay?”

“Yes, it’s fine.”

“This is also me leaving myself open to you. You can do whatever you want, touch me, kiss me, anything. You have all the power Rika.”

He filled the bathroom with the beautiful butterflies and she felt a knot forming in her throat. He made them change colors as the winged their way around her. She allowed herself to completely relax, knowing she was safe with him. She took a deep breath and ran her hands nervously over his chest. He gave a delighted sigh and closed his eyes. He loved her touch, loved how soft and warm it was. Her fingers drifted past his sternum and he gently grabbed her hand and lifted it to his lips. “Was that bad?” She asked, sounding upset.

“No baby, I love the way you touch me. I just don’t want you to do something you’ll regret like…well to put it bluntly, turning me on.”

“Sorry, I wasn’t trying to.” The butterflies disappeared and he turned to look at her.

“Never apologize to me. I’m not mad, I just don’t want you scared of me. So please don’t be sad, I love you very much.”

“I love you too.” she said as her face became deep red. It made her nervous for Lispin to be looking at her. “sorry for looking sweetheart. I just wanted to make sure you understood I wasn’t angry. I just want you to stay comfortable with me. Lispin turned back around then filled the room with butterflys again for Rika. Rika hated how nervous she could be. It wasn’t like Lispin could see anything when he was facing her with all the bubbles he put in the tub. His eyes hadn’t even left her eyes when he was speaking. Rika wrapped her arms around Lispin and kissed his head “Thank you for being so patient and caring Lispin. You are absolutely amazing. I will always love you” Lispin was tempted to give her a kiss too but Rika was naked and vulnerable. He would wait until she had clothes on again. Lispin couldn’t believe how much she was trusting him right now.

They relaxed until the water was cold “I’ll get out first and then leave as soon as I’m dry. Want me to grab you some new clothes from your dresser?”

“Yeah, just put them by the door and I’ll grab them”

“alright my love” Lispin got out. This time Rika took a quick glance, instantly flushing then closed her eyes tightly. Lispin dried quickly then walked out. Rika stood, still pictureing Lispin in her head as she ran a clean towel over her soaked body. She then started thinking about her daughter. She had grown into an amazing woman. It had been so many years since her attack that she knew she shouldn’t still be afraid. It was especially ridiculous to be so nervous when it came to Lispin. Rika knew he would never do more than she allowed. She grabbed the clothes from the other side of the door and pulled them on. She considered letting Lispin see her naked but knew it might turn him on. Rika was far from ready for sex so didn’t want to tease him.

Rika drained the tub then dired the floor before walking out. Lispin was in bed, wearing his pajamas. She walked over and slid in beside him. Lispin wrapped his arms tightly around her and kissed her cheek “Thank you for the bath and for letting me move in here Rika. My love runs terrifyingly deep for you and I promise to never take advantage of your trust. Our relationship will only go forward as much as you’re comfortable with. You just keep letting me know what my boundaries are. I will always respect them. Nothing’s more important to me than your happiness.”

Rika felt a knot forming in her throat again as tears threatened to spill over. “Please don’t cry.” Lispin cupped her cheek and gave her a long, love filled kiss. He slid his fingers in her hair to hold her in place, needing the sweet taste of her lips. He parted their lips as he felt himself getting excited, leaving them both panting and flushed.

“You make me feel so loved and safe. I want to get over this nervousness and fear so you can actually touch me without me clamming up.”

“It’s going to take time Rika.”

“I’ve had time, plenty of it. It’s not fair that you have to keep waiting.”

He tried not to smile but did anyway. He didn’t know why he found the frustrated look on her face adorable. Maybe it was the way she wrinkled her forehead or narrowed her eyes or even the way her ears would pull back. He gave her another kiss and pulled her head onto his chest. “I don’t mind waiting Rika, especially when I get nights like these where I can just hold you. I am completely satisfied with what we have now and will be satisfied with whatever we decide to do in the future. So please stop worrying.”

“Okay, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

They both allowed themselves to drift off, Rika feeling secure and Lispin feeling happy. An odd vibration in the air woke Rika in the middle of the night. She felt goosebumps crawl over her skin as a chill ran through her. She clung tighter to Lispin, wondering if she had had a nightmare and had forgotten upon waking. He shifted a little in his sleep and mumbled her name, making her heart skip a beat. When he didn’t wake she took a few deep breaths and closed her eyes, falling into a restless sleep.

Cynthia pushed open Chthons front doors and stepped in the castle. She listened for other demons but all seemed to be sleeping. She took in the scent of the castle and could tell Lispin, Zeus and Lucy were definitly living in Chthons castle. She could even smell the stench of Zeus’s daughter Ava lingering in the air. Cynthia just walked around, examining her ex lovers, his bitch and Lispins new home. It sickened her they were all living so well. It especially sickened her that her son had betrayed her and was now living amongst the people she hated most. Chthon sat up quickly and looked around the room “what’s wrong?” Ruth asked sleepily “sorry baby. There’s someone in this castle that doesn’t belong here. You just stay in here and I’ll see what’s up”

Chapter Two

Ruth became worried. The last time an unfriendly presence was in the castle all the women got kidnapped. Chthon stealthily left his room and tracked Cynthia. He found her walking down the hall that lead to Ava and Assakus room. Before Cynthia knew it Chthon had her spun around and in his tight, unforgiving grip “what’re you doing here. You smell of Holvincora. I blocked all passage from there”

“I took myself a nice vacation and came back to find all entrances blocked. I heard my son was now in ranks with you, your bitch daughter and my ex lover.” Chthon slapped her, not caring if she was a women or not “you do not speak of my daughter that way” He growled. The noise was enough to wake Ava and Assake who came out “what’s going on out here.”

“This is Lispin’s mother and she has managed to find her way into our home. You do not belong here.” Zeus, Lucy, and Lispin woke and hurried out of their rooms. Lispin left Rika sleeping, not wanting her close to whatever had entered their home. He was more than shocked to see his mother there, her cheek already red from Chthon’s slap.

“Mother, what are you doing here?” He asked.

“You traitorous little bastard.” Cynthia snapped. Her words stung him. Even though she had not been the best mother, he still loved her.

“Do not speak to our son that way.” Zeus growled and Lucy grabbed his arm to keep him from moving toward her.

“You failed me Lispin, you turned your back on your own mother.”

“You lied to me. Dad and Lucy are good people. They welcomed me into this home where I have found love.”

“Love? You are weak like your father. Weak and useless.” She jerked her arm free. “You are no longer my son.” Lispin’s heart ached, but he refused to beg her forgiveness. She had lied to him so many times. She had made him into a monster.

“Just leave mother.”

“You will pay for this betrayal.” Chthon kept his eyes on her as she exited out the front door. He did not believe she was foolish enough to come back.

“Come on everyone back to bed.” He said and they all returned to their rooms, Zeus and Lispin both worried. Lispin went into their bathroom and filled the glass Rika kept their with water. He drank a little and sat the glass on the bedside table before climbing into bed and pulling Rika back into his arms. Her warmth lulled him back to sleep, but he held tightly to her so nothing could take her away.

The next morning Rika felt sore from Lispins tight grip. She felt subtle panic move in because she felt trapped but quickly calmed herself. This was Lispin and he would never hurt her in anyway. When she had settled herself she said “Lispin” ¬†He went to sleep so worried just his name made his eyes open “yes my love?”

“why are you holding me so tight?” He loosened his grip “sorry, my mother was in the castle last night and it scared me. She’s a spiteful and extreamly hateful woman. Women don’t come much more mean spirited as my mother. I didn’t want her to try anything so I held tight. I didn’t want her to take you away from me. She left but I’ll be nervous for atleast a few days. I’ve seen my mother do some nasty things and she was pissed at me for being here. She hates Zeus so to her I am betraying her by being here.”

“Why didn’t you wake me?”

“at first I didn’t know what was in the castle. I left you here so you wouldn’t be hurt. When she left there was no reason to wake you. Holding you is comfort enough” Rika smiled and built the courage to kiss him. She truly did enjoy his kiss. She knew it woudl eventually stop scaring her if she kept kissing him. Lispin needily kissed back. He hoped his mother wouldn’t be foolish enough to do somthing in Chthons castle.

“Remember Lispin likes orange juice with his breakfast.” Cynthia heard the cook say. She watched as the cook’s assistant poured juice in a glass then left to put the bottle back. Cynthia slipped into the kitchen, listening carefully as she pulled out the pouch of dismornifa powder. She smiled evilly as she poured some into the glass of juice. This would teach him to betray her. The powder she made was very potent and fast acting. She left in a hurry as she heard footsteps, quietly closing the door and sneaking off into the woods.

Lispin gave Rika a piggy back ride, jumping from the top of the stairs to the bottom. She clung tightly to him then giggled as he landed gracefully on his feet. He took her to the dining room where everyone was already waiting and talking. Cynthia filled their conversation. Lispin just wanted her out of his life, he wanted her to go back to where she came from. “I’m sorry she came into your home uninvited Chthon.” Lispin said.

“This is your home too and it’s not your fault. She is unstable it would seem.”

“That would be my fault.” Zeus said. “I should have been more involved in what was going on.”

“That’s not true dad, I believe that with or without you she would have still been crazy.” Lispin reassured him.

Their breakfast was brought out and they turned to lighter conversation. It was mostly about what Zeus and Lucy wanted to name the triplets. Lispin loved talking about his new siblings and was very excited to meet them. He picked up his juice and downed half the glass. It tasted different and he thought maybe it was just going bad and needed to be finished off. He quickly drank the rest then ate his breakfast.

Suddenly the chatter became annoying to him and he wanted to leave. “are you done yet” He asked in a agitated tone to Rika. It shocked her and she just looked at him. “Um, I can be I guess” She figured it was his nerves from Cynthia being here last night. They got up and left “want to take a walk again?’ Rika asked him. Now that he was out of the dining hall he felt better since it was only Rikas voice he was hearing. He still felt a little annoyed though, mainly out of sudden sexual frustration. He would get that way around her at times so he ignored it. Lispin knew it would dissipate on its own. Zeus looked at the door suspiciously. He heard the way Lispin spoke to Rika and knew he never spoke to her that way. “what’s wrong?” Lucy asked.

Zeus answered “I may just be paranoid but did you hear how Lispin spoke to Rika?”

“No, I’m sorry”

“He was kind of snippy with her. he’s never like that with Rika”

“He did just ahve to see his mother last night”

“But thats what worries me. What if she slipped him what my father slipped me” That made Chthon uneasy but Cynthia left and he hadn’t scented her in the castle. He stood just to be sure “lets walk around and see if we find Cynthias scent anywhere it shouldn’t be. If theres any indication she left her scent here this morning come tell me right away. Abraxas, you start checking the halls. Zeus, check all the main rooms” They nodded and left while Chthon went to hunt for her smell in his castle aswell.

Everybody left at the table exchanged worried looks. Even the children knew what Jeremiah made Zeus do. Ruth noticed that her kids looked a little scared and said “don’t worry. If theres anything going on your father, brother and Uncle will handle this.”

Lispin’s head hurt and spun. Rika smiled up at him and he made himself smile back. She was beautiful, enticing even. He stopped and pulled her into him, his mouth finding hers in a hungry kiss. She pushed against his chest and he grabbed her wrists. “Lispin stop.” She cried, struggling against his vice like grip. It only seemed to anger him and he pushed her onto the ground. “Please stop, I’m sorry for whatever I did.”

“Stop your whining.” He growled back and she whimpered. Tears ran down her face and she felt sick to her stomach.

“Come back to me, please Lispin.”

Chthon caught Cynthia’s scent has he moved into the kitchen. He found a bit of the powder on the counter. Fear spiked through him and he ran through the castle, yelling for Zeus and Abraxas to follow him. The soft, scared voice begging for him to stop jolted him back to reality. Lispin found himself looking at Rika’s tear covered face and threw himself off of her. “Rika I…” He felt sick to his stomach, his head hurt even worse. “Get out of here Rika, run away.” He ordered. She jumped up and raced away from him. He was shaking with the effort it took not to give chase. He felt like a preadator, starved and angry, and Rika was his prey.

Rika wanted to go back to him, but her fear kept her moving. The monster who had been on top of her was not Lispin. He would never hurt her. She screamed for help, relieved when she saw Chthon, Zeus, and Abraxas. She ran straight into Zeus’s arms, crying into his chest. “Where is Lispin?” Zeus asked.

“He’s in the woods, he’d gone mad.” She wailed.

“Abraxas take Rika back to the castle and alert the others that Lispin has been poisoned.” Chthon ordered.

“Yes sir.” Abraxas lifted Rika and took off running.

Rika tried to stop crying but she had been terrified when Lispin changed into whatever that was. She wondered what kind of poison he had been given and was glad Chthon knew what was wrong so he could bring her Lispin back. “however he hurt you he didn’t mean to Rika’ Abraxas said as he ran. “I know, Lispin would never hurt me. What’s wrong weith him?”

“Cynthia obviously gave him Dismornfia powder. It makes you more agressive and you lose control of yourself. He couldn’t help what he was doing. It took a lot to let you go. It’s very strong. Especially when made by someone who knows what they are doing. I’m sure a woman like Cynthia can make it really strong.”

“How are they going to fix it?”

“Take away his powers until he comes down off the powder. He’ll be dangerous with his powers intact. As soon as I drop you off I’m going to help strip him. He’s immune but with my father, Zeus and I maybe there can be a miracle. My father is a great demon so hopefully”

“He wants to come back. He stopped what he was doing and told me to run” Just as she said that he set her down “you spread the word in the castle so I can go help”

“alright” Abraxas sped off and she ran in. Everybody was still in the dining hall and she told them what happened. Tears streaming down her face again. Kandara jumped up and hugged her mother “you ok mom”

“Yeah, I’ll be ok” Ruth stood “we all need to be at the ready to fight Lispin if Abraxas, Chthon and Zeus can’t strip him. You all know what that powder does. We need to make sure Rika is especially protected so he can’t hurt her. Since he desires her sexually he coudl lose control and do somthing he regrets” Ruth said trying to put that as easily as possible.

Lispin growled at Chthon and Zeus like a crazed animal. He was holding his sword in his hand and slashed it at him if the got to close. “Lispin you need to give me the sword.” Zeus said calmly.

“Back off or I’ll gut you.”

“Just calm down.” Chthon said.

“Stop telling me what to do old man.” He attacked Chthon in a blind rage. Zeus jumped on his back, putting him in a headlock. Lispin grabbed him by his hair and threw him over his shoulder. The tip of his sword cut Chthon’s shirt open. “Weaklings, fools, I’ll kill you.”

Zeus and Chthon went at him as one, ducking and dodging his sword as they tried to subdue him. Abraxas burst through the woods and pounced onto Lispin’s back, grabbing his sword arm in one hand while gripping his throat with the other. Zeus kicked his son’s feet out from under him so they fell on the ground. They all three pinned him down and Chthon took his sword away. Lispin growled, but wasn’t strong enough to get all three of them off. “We have to strip him of his powers, completely lock them away.” Chthon said.

“Isn’t that what you did to me and him before?” Zeus asked.

“Not exactly. This is going to us taking everything completely away and locking inside one of us. He’ll be as weak as a human, but it would be best to keep him unconscious until he comes off of the powder.”

“Understood. You can lock his powers inside me. I’m his father so I will take responsibility.”

They held to him tightly as Chthon chanted. Zeus and Abraxas joined in, feeling Lispin’s struggles getting weaker. Chthon gathered Lispin’s powers and pushed them into Zeus, locking them away with a powerful binding spell. Lispin still fought and Chthon punched him in the back of the head, knocking him unconscious. Rika cried harder than she ever had, partially blaming herself for his frustration. The powder he had been given had only amplified it, making him angry with her. “It’s okay Rika.” Lucy said softly.

“This is my fault because I’m such a coward.”

“That’s not true mom, he understands what you’ve been through. He wouldn’t blame you.”

“Kandara’s right, but he is going to feel really horrible when he sees you again. It took Zeus a long time to forgive himself for killing me and Noah and for the way he treated the girls. He just recently stopped having nightmares.”

“I’ll be done crying by then. I’ll be strong so he can forgive himself. He really didn’t do much before my pleas made him come back enough to let me go.”

“He’ll still hurt because he upset you. He loves you so much”

“I know” Rika just let it all out then dried her face. “I’ll get a cold rag to help with the redness of your eyes mom” Kandara said as she jumped up and ran into her mothers bathroom. Kandara grabbed a rag from under the sink then soaked it in the cold water. Once she felt it was soaked enough she wrung it out then brought it to her mother. Rika Held it on her eyes for a time while Lucy rubbed her back. Kandara left the room to get her mother somthing to drink too.

“she’s turned out so well. I can’t believe with how messed up I’ve been I managed to bring up such a wonderful woman” Lucy smiled at Rika “that’s because you are an amazing woman and you’ve made great strids. Since Lispin came into this castle to stay you can’t even tell anything ever happened to you. You’ve been so happy and vibrant all the time. Your daughter is wonderful because you are.”

‘i truly hope she finds someone to make her as happy as Lispin makes me”

“she will. If any jerks come along we’ll make sure they are put in their place. None of us will let you or her get mistreated.”

“I’m so happy my brother married Olivia so I could get the chance to know you all.”

“we are too. I’m happy my son has somebody to love. Please don’t feel rushed to make love to him. He’s really ok. That powder just makes you lose control. Of course he wants to be with you that way. You are gorgeous and he loves you with all his heart. He wants to show it physically. When he makes love to you it wont be anything like those days you experienced.”

When the men finally got Lispin back the castle Chthon sent Abraxas ahead to tell everyone and to have Lucy and Ruth concoct an extra strong sleeping potion. He wanted to keep him under for at least a day. He and Zeus took Lispin up to his and Rika’s room. “Zeus run down into the dungeon and grab a set of shackles, I’ll keep an eye on your son.” Zeus did not dare argue and hurried downstairs. He nearly knocked Rika down, apologizing quickly as he headed downstairs.

Rika poked her head into her room and Chthon glanced at her. “May I come in?” She asked softly.

“Yes, it’s safe.” She moved slowly into her room and sat on the edge of the bed. She took Lispin’s hand in hers and kissed his knuckles.

“Is he going to be okay?”

“Yes, we’re going to give him a potion to knock him out. He’ll be unconscious for twenty-four hours. When he wakes we’ll see if he’s back to normal.”

Zeus came back with the shackles and handed them to Chthon. He cuffed one of Lispin’s wrists then ran it under the bed to the other side and cuffed the other one. Abraxas came up half an hour later with the potion which Chthon poured down Lispin’s throat. “You can stay with him Rika if you like.”

“Yes, I think I will. Can he hear me in his sleep?”

“Yes, he’ll hear anything you have to say. Just yell if you need us.” She nodded and they left her alone with him. They needed to discuss what they would do about Cynthia.

Rika pulled off his boots then laid next to him and pillowed her head on his chest. “I still love you Lispin. I know you didn’t mean it, you’re not like the monster who hurt me. You are a kind, gentle soul. I promise I won’t leave you so don’t worry and don’t blame yourself. No one is angry, we all understand. I promise to always love you.”

Chthon, Abraxas and Zeus sat in Chthons study. “what do you think should be done about Cynthia, Abraxas? You’ve always been the best with plans.”

“Its hard to say. She’s Lispins mother but she could have caused quite the calamity with how powerful Lispin is and whats hes capable of. What do you think about me putting up a barrier around the castle, one she cant cross. My barriers are storng and have never been broken. It would keep her away from our food and drink so this can’t happen again. I also think you should give Lispin lessons like you did us. I’m sure that went without saying.” Chthon seemed to think for a moment “does that plan sit well with you Zeus?”

“It’s fine, She’s Lispins mother so I’d rather not kill her. It would hurt him no matter how bad she is”

“Then please get to work putting a barrier she can’t cross around our castle Abraxas. We have some potions to increase energy if you start to grow weak. I know doing this will be a big job. I wish any of us could help you but none of our barriers compare to yours, not even mine. I’d rather have the best keeping her out”

“I’ll get right now it dad. Please get the potions out and set them in my bedroom on my dresser so I know where to find them”

“I will” Chthon said as he got out of his chair to gather the potions. Ruth had been waiting outside “let me get them Chthon. You just ahd to wrestle down Lispin.” Chthon smiled and kissed his wife “I think you forget how much stamina I ahve my love. Maybe I shoudl remind you at a more appropriate time” Ruth smiled back “fine, get them yourself. Just offering my help. I’ll hold you to your word that you’ll remind me later” Chthons smile grew wider “love you Ruth”

“Love you too”

Lispin had heard Rika’s beautiful voice and now the slow, steady beating of her heart as she slept soundly next to him. He wanted to wake up, to hold her and apologize. His mind was still trying to rage at him, to push him over the edge and into that dark place that all demons had, but the horror of what he had nearly done kept it at bay. He had very nearly raped his beloved Rika and if it had not been for her voice breaking through that red haze he would have. He wanted to cry and felt tears on his face. He would spend all eternity making up for what he had done.

Rika could feel the sadness coming off of Lispin in waves. She jerked awake and raised up, feeling a knot in her throat at the sight of his tears. He was crying in his sleep. She wiped at them and kissed his lips. “It’s okay baby, everything is okay. Please don’t be sad.” She ran her fingers through his hair, hoping it soothed him. “I love you so, so much.”

When Abraxas was finished with the barriers he stumbled to his room and collapsed on his bed. Adette was not far behind and grabbed one of the potions, bringing it to him. He smiled as she propped his head up on her lap and opened the bottle. She slowly poured the sweet liquid in his mouth then kissed his lips after he had swallowed all of it. “Thank you my love.”

“You should sleep, you’ve done enough today.”

“I will if you stay with me.” She smiled sweetly and took the empty bottle back to the chest of drawers then climbed in next to him. He pulled her into his arms and kissed the top of her head before falling asleep.

There was a tapping on Rika’s bedroom door and Lucy came in with Zeus. “We brought you lunch.” She said softly.

“Thank you.”

“It’s chicken noodle soup with a cup of mint tea.” Zeus said and smiled warmly at her. They sat the bowl and cup down and she stood to hug them.

“I hope he’s not tormenting himself. I keep telling him I love him and it’s okay.”

“Just keep talking to him and eat that food.”

“Okay, thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome sweetie.” They left and she sat down and ate the delicious soup. She didn’t want to waste something the cook had worked so hard on.

Rika didn’t leave the room while she waited for the twenty four hours to be up. She was just laying with him when his eyes opened. Lispin felt her there and to hold her but when he tried to move his arms they wouldn’t budge. Rika sat up quickly when she heard the chains catch on the bed. Lispin had the most heartbroken look on his face “I’m so sorry Rika. I…” Rika leaned down and kissed him which seemed to make the crying worse. She pulled back “You don’t still feel angry?”

“No, I’m just really upset about what I did to you my love.”

“You didn’t do anything to me. You stopped and let me run”


“Lispin, it’s ok. Let me go get Chthon to set you free” Rika got Chthon as quickly as she could He came in and looked at Lispin for a few moments. He was examining Lispin for any sign the powder was still working. When Chthon could find nothing but great sadness coming off of Lispin he let him go. “I’ll give you two some privacy now” Chthon said as he walked out. Lispin sat up and looked at the bed as tears hit the comforter. Rika walked over and hugged him. She ran her fingers up and down his back “I love you Lispin. You have been so incredible to me and my daughter. You didn’t have control. It means a lot to me that you fought for any to let me go. You loved me so much you wouldn’t let anything make you hurt me” Lispin shakily hugged back and cried into Rikas shoulder.

A little later there was a knock at the door. Abraxas was holding a plate in each hand “thought you guys might want lunch”

“Thank you Abraxas” They let eachother go and accepted their plates. Abraxas cleared his throat “I put a barrier around the castle. Your mother wont be able to come in and taint anything you eat or drink again. She put Dismornfia powder in your orangejuice this morning. When you’re feeling up to it Chthon is going to teach you about different poisons that can control you or in this case make you loose control and make you feel like you should take whatever you want.”

“Thank you. I..I’ll start tomorrow if he’ll be ready for me”

“Dad would be happy to. He wants to teach you as soon as possible to avoid any mishaps like this. He regrets not teaching you sooner”

“thank you. Where does he teach?”

“In his study. Just go on up after breakfast tomorrow. I’ll let my dad know now. Try not to beat yourself up. What happened couldn’t have been helped. Chthon is even weak to that stuff.” Lispin just managed a nod then Abraxas walked out. They ate their breakfast while Lispin would occasionally give Rika small, sad glances. Hers and everyone elses efforts throughout the day didn’t seem to help Lispin much. Neither of them left their room until Lispin finished breakfast the next day “i’ll be back sweetheart.” Lispin kissed Rikas cheek “I love you Lispin, I honestly still do.”

“I’m so glad Rika…I’m going to make it up to you however I can…I just keep seeing how scared you looked under me…what I was doing to you…let me hurry and go so I can prevent that from ever happening again” Lispin stood and Rika grabbed his hand “I knew the whole time that wasn’t you. Please don’t beat yourself up. You’re an amazing man” Lispin kept Rikas hand in his for a few moments then left to meet Chthon. Rika knew somthing like that would take awhile so she decided to finally clean herself up. She took a shower and brushed her teeth. Once she pulled on clean clothes she went to find her daughter. She was just sitting outside with Fotia, Ava and Assaku. Kandara could feel her mom coming and got up. Kandara ran into her mothers arms and they gave eachother a warm embrace. Assaku and Ava got up, joining the hug on each side.

Rika passed her time with Kandara every day while Lispin was being taught by Chthon. He seemed to get a little better every day. She guessed he felt more secure the more he knew about the different poisons. When Chthon had finally taught Lispin all he had to teach on the subject Rika baked him a vanilla cake since it was his favorite. They ate it alone in their room as they had been doing most things since what happened. “That was really delicious. Thank you so much baby”

“You deserved somthing for finishing your lessons” Rika said, giving him a comforting smile. They set the plates on the plates on teh dresser and Rika spoke “I…I want to make love to you Lispin. I know you will make it a wonderful experience. I just need to trust you and let you show me how amazing sex can be. I’ve had plenty of time. Many many years of time. Please, will you make love to me?” Lispins bottom lip quivered “you truly want to after”

“stop that” she interrupted and he nodded “you promise you want to for you? I can wait, don’t think I can’t”

“I know you can. You’ve done a lot of waiting. You have been such a sweetheart to me. I want us to make love. I want to know how astounding it can be when you are with a man who loves you and you love him in return.” Rika stood and used all teh courage she had to take off her clothes. Lispin stood with an amazed look on his face “you are so beautiful baby” Lispin whispered then took off his own clothes. He knelt in front of her “May I just feel your body. I’ll do it here so you don’t feel trapped under me” Rika nodded and he carefully put his hands on her stomach. “Just tell me to stop if you need it sweetheart” Lispin whispered and Rika said “Ok” His hands traveled all around her. He cupped each breast then kissed between them. Rika actually felt herself enjoy his hands on her. Her fear had been easing and now she was just enjoying him.

Rika could see the lust building in his eyes “can I lay you down and rain kisses over you Rika?”


“You sure I wont scare you”

“I’m fine Lispin. I love how you touch me. It’s been feeling good”


“Yes” she said and smiled at him. Lispin picked Rika up then laid her down on the bed. He cupped her breasts again and started kissing her neck. His lips moved down the center of her chest and straight between her breasts. He then began to kiss, occasionally licking her stomach. Lispin was getting harder and harder with need for her. He asked in a breathy voice “You ready for me Rika. I will get off you and calm down in the bathroom if you think you’ll get scared. I can’t have you look up at me in fear again. I never want to be somthing you’re afraid of. I love you so madly Rika”

“I told you I want it all. I want you to make love to me. I’m not even scared right now. I’m nervous about you being in me but I’m sure it’ll be amazing. Suddenly Rika found herself in his lap being held just above his erect manhood. “I want you to ride me so you can stop if you get scared. Promise you’ll stop if you need to. I may be too lost in how good it feels to realize. I dont trust myself over you”

“Ok” Rika said then he lowered her onto him. Rika started to kiss Lispin as she pushed down to get the rest of him in her. They both moaned loudly into eachother. Rika went up and down, loving this just as much as she loved him touching and kissing her. This was truly a euphoric experience and she began to cry as she rode him. Lispin felt the tears and stopped her movements “You said you’d stop.” He said, obviously having trouble stopping what she was doing. It moved her so much she almost cried harder. She kept it at bay so not to upset im “I’m crying because I enjoy this so much. I’m not scared. This is amazing baby” Lispin released his tight grp and kissed her again. He moved his own hips with hers now that he knew she was alright and wouldn’t get upset. They kept going until he was milked dry then laid in eachothers arms. “we should have done that sooner” Rika whispered sleepily. Riding him had worn her out since she hadn’t done it before.

Lispin kissed her head “you weren’t ready before so we shoudlnt have done it until now. Thank you for sharing that with me Rika”

“Thank you for being so kind and patient with me” They just held eachother tight. Lispin kept his hold even after the bliss of sleep had taken him. It was only lunch but he was emotionally spent from everything so was happy for a comforting nap with Rika. He knew he would cherish Rika until the day he died and hoped he always made her happy. Rika had wished and felt the same as she fell asleep. They both had a deep rest, basking in eachothers love and glad that Cynthia could never come back and hurt them again.

~ The End ~

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