Lombard & Fatima 2

Chapter One

Fatima stood in front of the castle, arms crossed angrily over her chest. Zombies, it was always zombies. They had been in Romania a week for their honeymoon and they were already saving people from zombies. She huffed pulling her gun out of her shoulder holster and kicking the large door open. She headed inside, followed closely by Lombard who was holding a black tactical shotgun in his hands. He looked calm, seemingly unfazed by the fact that they were having to work on their honeymoon. She envied his calm temperament. They moved through the old abandoned castle, listening for zombies. She couldn’t help but think that this place had once been so beautiful. Now it was eerie and run down. No one had stayed to care for it. The sound of moans filled the air, making the castle sound haunted.

They unloaded their weapons on the horde, taking down as many as possible until their guns were empty. They fought back to back, crushing skulls and breaking necks. There were so many. She had never seen zombies in such large numbers. She huffed, as she slammed her fist into another’s nose, driving the bone up into its brain.

“Why are there so many?” She said as one grabbed her and she threw it off.

“I don’t know, this is odd even for the birth place of monsters.” Lombard kicked one in the stomach and followed up with two swift punches to its face. “Perhaps someone put them here.” A zombie grabbed his braid and he elbowed it in the face.

“What kind of asshole would collect zombies? I wonder if they were starved on purpose.”

They were both starting to get exhausted when the zombies suddenly stopped as if some silent command had been given. A shadowy form dropped from the ceiling. “Pesky little things.” The man said, sticking his hands in his pockets and glaring at them.

“Vampire.” Fatima hissed. “Why are you collecting zombies?”

“That’s none of your business. Looks like you have brought me one more.” He eyed Lombard and Fatima took her husband’s hand. “He’ll make a great addition.”

“Don’t count on it.” He came at her and she punched him in the face then ran, pulling Lombard behind her. She had to get him away and figure out what was going on. She wasn’t going to let some mad man starve her husband.

They got to their car which drove them back to their room. Fatima sighed as she put her head on Lombards shoulder. ‘What a wonderful thing to happen on our honeymoon. Now I’ll have to figure out what he’s doing and stop him. Whatever it is can’t be good. I’m sorry my job is ruining our honeymoon.”

“well it’s our job now and it hasn’t ruined a thing. We’re still together so I’m still very happy.” Fatima smiled and looked up at him. He was always so sweet. “I love you” Her saying that hadn’t lessened the affect on him atall even though they’d been together awhile now. It still filled him with joy and butterflies every time. “I love you too Fatima, so much” Lombard kissed her. He savoured the feel of her lips against his. He held her in the kiss until their car was stopped. He helped her out of the car then lifted her up to take her to their room.

When they got in Lombard said “lets shower” Fatima nodded and he took her into the bathroom. She went to undress herself and Lombard said “no, please let me” He slowly took one piece of clothing off at a time. Every chance he got he allowed his hands to slowly move against her while he took each thing off. “I see what you are after” Fatima said with a smile. Lombard smiled in a very sexy way then set her on the bathroom counter. He put a hand in her hair tilting her neck a little so he could lick and seductively nibble at it as he rubbed her. Fatima began to gently moan as he felt his hand get wet.

He then grabbed her hips and thrust into Fatima as he slipped his tounge in her mouth. He stopped thrusting and lifted her off the counter while still inside of her as he began at her neck again “Lombard” she said weakly as he felt her clamp and pulse around him. She started to moan really loudly before he kissed her again and finished. Through her deep breaths she said “you’re so bad Lombard” He bit her ear “You’re too sexy for me not to be. I love when you say my name. I figured if I teased you a little you would.” He kissed her cheek then got the water running for the two of them.

Fatima stood still as he washed her hair, massaging her scalp and eliciting a moan of pleasure. He had magic fingers. She rinsed her hair, feeling all warm and tingly from his loving touch. She took her turn doing his hair and then they washed each other, rinsed and then got out. He dried both of them and took her to bed. She grabbed her laptop and flipped it open. He nibbled at her neck and shoulder as she waited for it to power up, making her giggle and push at him.

“I have to email Rick honey so we can figure out who this guy is.” She said, pushing at his chest.

“Oh fine,” he crossed his arms and stuck his chin in the air. “I’ll just be over here being sexy by myself then.” She laughed and he grinned, reaching over her and grabbing his book. He read out loud while she sent an email to Rick with the description of their assailant. He was as tall as Lombard with short spikey black hair and eyes a strange minty green. He dressed in all white save for the black dress shirt under his duster. There had been an emblem on his jacket in the shape of a black dahlia. She waited patiently, knowing Rick would read it immediately no matter what the time was back home. Her cell rang and she picked it up, answering when she saw Rick’s name flash on the screen. “So, who is he?”

“His name is Usher Hogan. He was part of a spec ops group called the Black Dahlias. They went rogue and started working as gun hands for a vampire king pin. No one knows their boss’s name. They just call him The Man In Red. Anyway, they could be collecting zombies as guard dogs or because they’re getting ready for a takeover of the area. I’m surprised they’ve been able to train the rabid ones. If they want Lombard bad enough they’ll come for him again so watch your back.” Rick explained.

“Thanks, we’ll be as careful as we can. You know my penchant for losing my temper when shit like this happens.”

“That I do, talk to you later. I’ll do some more research on this Man In Red.” They hung up and Fatima threw her phone. The damn thing still wouldn’t break.

“So what have we stepped in?” Lombard asked as he closed his book.

“A big pile of we’re screwed and fuck that shit.” She answered.

“You need to work on that mouth, what if we have children. You don’t want them cussing like that.”

“For all you know I’m pregnant right now and it’s to late. They’ll already have my temper and bad mouth.”

He froze and stared at her for a moment. “Are you pregnant?”

“I don’t know and I’m not even sure it’s possible for a zombie and a vampire to make babies. Even though you’re a one of a kind zombie.” She felt suddenly very sad. “We should get some rest.” She said and slid her laptop under the bed. “You never know when those crazies might strike.”

Fatima laid down and closed her eyes hoping they could have children. She had always dreamed of children one day and would be disappointed if she couldn’t have any with Lombard but if they couldn’t Fatima would love him no less and move on. He was a wonderful man who made her very happy. He could make her happy even without children. Lombard noticed the sad look that was briefly on Fatimas face when she talked about babies.

He knew how much she loved children and felt sad too wondering if Fatima marrying him had robbed her of being a mother one day. He couldn’t fall asleep because his heart was too heavy with the thought of Fatima not getting somthing that made her happy because of him. He really hoped they could have a baby together. He didn’t want her to leave him one day if she realized they couldn’t. Once that thought hit Lombard it was all he could do not to cry. He was so happy, happier than he could have ever imagined being. Just the thought of her leaving him was soul crushing.

He decided to start having sex with her more often to get her pregnant. No matter how low the odds were if he kept trying she had to get pregnant. He turned towards her and pulled her into his arms holding her as tightly as he could without waking her up. Lombard knew he should sleep but it just wasn’t coming. His head and heart were too full of worry.

Fatima woke to the sound of running water. She sat up, stretching and rubbing her eyes. She got out of bed and went into the bathroom, hopping up on the counter as Lombard stepped out of the shower. He jumped in surprise and then smiled at her. “Did I wake you?” He asked as he grabbed a towel and dried himself.

“Yes, but it’s okay. You look worried.” She answered and stood, pulling him toward her.

“I feel inadequate as a husband.”

“Why? You’ve been nothing but perfect and loving.”

He sat down on the edge of the tub, pushing his hair out of his face. “I haven’t given you a child. You want one, I can see it on your face every time you talk about children. We go to the park and I see the look of longing on your face when you see children playing.” He buried his face in his hands, feeling like crying.

She tipped his head back and pulled his hands away. “I am happy to have you and if it’s just us forever then that’s just fine. I love you.” She ran her fingers through his hair and he wrapped his arms around her waist, kissing her stomach.

“I’m going to give you a child Fatima, I promise.”

Usher stood on top of the building across the street from their hotel. Day time was the perfect time to take her zombie. He was pissed at her for nearly breaking his nose. He would starve the blonde zombie and then set him on her. He wondered if she would be able to shoot him or if instead she would allow him to eat her out of sorrow. He hopped down from the building and crossed the street. He needed to get his hands on the zombie before she had a chance to put her sunscreen on.

Fatima lay in bed stroking Lombard’s temple. They had both lost their appetite for breakfast. He had his head resting on her abdomen, his eyes closed. His arms were wrapped around her hips, holding her tightly. She hated how upset he was. No matter how much she reassured him it was okay, he just looked at her with that knowing sadness. “Are you sleeping?” She asked. He kissed her again, just above her belly button. “Would you like me to read to you?”

“Yes please.” She picked up his book and found where he had left off. She read to him until she heard a tapping on their room door. The voice said room service. She didn’t remember ordering room service, but she might have.

“Let me go Fatima. You just lay here.” Lombard said softly with that same sadness in his eyes. “Only if you quit worrying about children. I told you I’m happy if we have them or not.” He gave her a sweet kiss then went to answer the door. He was having a hard time believing she’d be ok without one. He had been laying there pleading silently for Fatima to be pregnant. Lombard knew that was foolish and he couldn’t expect results from that but he couldn’t help it. He needed Fatima and she wanted a baby.

He was so wrapped up in his thoughts he missed the foreboding feeling he had as he pulled open the door. Usher swiftly jabbed an amped up taser into Lombards neck. It was so powerful it would leave bad burn marks in his skin for a very long time. Before Fatima could really register what was happening Usher had thrown a knocked out Lombard over his shoulder and took off. Fatima jumped out of bed and put sunscreen on. She was rushing and would probably miss spots but she didn’t care. She could smell it was Usher.

Fatima became angry at herself she let Lombard answer the door. That was extremely foolish but her mind had been busy too. She was worried about Lombard since he seemed so heartbroken. She pulled on long sleeves and rubbed her hands all over her face then ran out as fast as she could to follow the scent. She put the sunblock in her pocket incase she needed to cover an exposed area. She just wasn’t willing to take the time to make sure every inch was covered.

She ran out into the bright sun, shielding her eyes and looking for her quarry. He was fast, to fast. She followed his scent, weaving through pedestrians. The smell of humans was washing the scent of evil and of her beloved. She grew more frustrated when she came to the edge of town and it was barely even there. She looked around, getting more and more upset. She had to check the castle. She didn’t know if he would take Lombard there, but she had to check.

Lombard woke to a shackle being put around his neck. His whole body was limp, his muscles refusing to obey him. It was the part of his brain that controlled motor skills had been completely fried. He took a deep breath, smelling something burning. There was no fire so he knew it had to be more issues from the shock. “Don’t worry flesh eater, the effects will wear off in a couple of hours.” Usher said as he rolled him onto his back. Lombard tried to speak, but his mouth wouldn’t function. “I know, it’s frustrating. All the others thought so too, but they finally lost their minds and forgot anything but their hunger. Don’t worry, the same will happen to you. That woman will never find you here.” He laughed and left Lombard alone. He remembered he had not eaten in three days. He began to worry.

Fatima ran to the castle, her gun reloaded. She burst through the door, passing the corpses of the zombies they had killed before. She felt tears in her eyes and fell to her knees, crying. She didn’t think Usher would have taken him far. There were a few castles close by and she would search every one until she found him. Her stomach growled, but she ignored it. She got to her feet and ran from the old castle.

Fatima kept running as fast as her legs would carry her until she reached another castle. She burst in and started to check every room. “Lombard!” she screamed at the top of her lungs but no answer came. Not even Usher to attack her. This castle was fairly big but she just kept going into room after room to search for her husband. One Zombie came crawling after her and she gave it a head shot. The zombie died instantly. She checked one more room then ran out to search the next castle.

It worked to Fatimas advantage Usher was collected zombies. A lot more would be slowing her search if they hadn’t been kept all together like they were. Fatimas stomach was bothering her now. There just wasn’t any time to eat when that man could be doing anything to Lombard. She had only just gotten to be with him. She couldn’t lose her best friend and love already. Especially not after he spent the whole morning sad. She came up on another castle and ran in screaming “Lombard!” No answer came again.

She ran through the dining hall of the castle then through the immense kitchen. She ran through the library and then began all the rooms. One by one she concluded Lombard wasn’t here but she kept hope that it could just be the very next door. She was screaming his name into hoarseness and realized she needed to quit before she couldn’t call for Lombard atall. She spaced out her pleas for her husband a little bit more as she bounded from room to room.

Lombard could tell he was underground. The ground was damp and he could hear water dripping somewhere far away. He was finally able to move. He grabbed the chain connecting him to the wall and pulled on it. It was bolted to the wall. He huffed and leaned against the wall. He was starting to get shaky. He hoped that didn’t mean anything. His stomach ached and he was hungry. He cursed himself for not paying attention to his eating schedule. He had been so wrapped up in his beautiful wife, had got absolutely lost in her that one day had ran into the next. He heard a shuffling noise and then moaning. He came to his feet as a zombie stepped out of the shadows. It got closer, reaching for him. Zombies didn’t usually attack him so he just waited. It stopped right in front if him, sniffed the air, and moved on. He sat back down, feeling overly exhausted.

Fatima found herself slipping into despair again. He was nowhere. Tears slipped down her cheeks as she raced into the woods. She ignored the howls of wolves. She would kill them if she had too. The sun was starting to fall and her legs were starting to cramp, but she pushed on. She wondered how long it had been since his last dose of human flesh. She should know, she always used to know. She held onto the thought that he was unique. He was stuck somewhere between life and death. He was a zombie with a heartbeat and red flowing blood. He was almost human.

“Just hold on baby, I’ll find you.” She said as she climbed up a steep hill. “I have to find you, have to keep going.”

Lombard was feeling cold. He was only wearing his sweats. He yanked on the chain some more. It shifted a little and he suddenly had hope. He jerked until his arms were sore and he was sure he had pulled on in his arm. He leaned against the wall, taking a breather. He knew Fatima would be looking for him and he knew of he could get out from underground then it would make it easier for her.

Lombard sat there impatient to be able to pull again. After what felt like an eternity he started to pull again. After a few tugs with all his body weight and strength it slightly gave again. He almost had himself off the wall. Lombard kept pulling and pulling wanting to get back to Fatima. She had to be so worried. He didn’t know how much time passed since he was taken but knowing her she hadn’t stopped looking. She’d go until she passed out form exhaustion.

The other zombie moaned at him as if he was annoyed by all the noise Lombard was making. Lombard didn’t care. He could kill the thing easy. All he was concentrating on was the image of his Fatima and the baby he was determined to have with her. That was their only choice. They couldn’t adopt because what adoption agency would give a baby to a vampire and zombie couple. Lombard starting using his frustration at the matter to help him pull and suddenly his chain broke from the wall.

At first he sat on the ground in disbelief he had managed to break it away. Then triumph settled over him and he started really examining where he was to see how to get out. It was easy to breath so it had plenty of air circulation. He went up to the jail cell door thinking maybe it was an abandon underground prison. He pulled at the rusty bars and nothing seemed to happen but his hands getting sore. HIs hunger pains were increasing too and he was getting paranoid.

Fatima finally had to set down. She inhaled deeply, catching her breath. Her legs were so sore and she knew she probably had blisters on her feet. She cleared her throat and pushed herself to her feet. She started running again, going up hill. She thought she saw the bell tower of a castle and sped up. She heard moaning the closer she got and saw that the bridge to the front gate was crawling with zombies. She sprinted across, keeping her bullets in case she ran into Usher. She shoved some off the bridge so they fell into the large ravine below. They tried grabbing at her, but she was to fast and strong, her fear giving her strength.

Lombard gripped one of the bars and tugged with all the strength he had left. It gave so he pulled more until it broke off. He pulled at more of the old, rusted bars, snapping them off one by one. He finally had a hole big enough to get out of and he squeezed through, falling on his face. A sharp rock cut his cheek open and blood ran down his face to drip off his chin. He got up and stumbled through the darkness, his hand running on the wall of the cave. He walked slowly, not wanting to fall in a hole. He though he heard footsteps and froze, holding his breath. He waited, but there was nothing. He thought it might be another zombie moving around in the darkness. He kept going, feeling a wrenching pain in his stomach. He fell to the ground, holding his abdomen. He couldn’t be losing his mind already, couldn’t be turning into an abomination. Of course he had never gone without eating for so long. He told himself it was just his body adjusting to being without. He breathed and got up. He didn’t need human flesh, he could live without as long as he had Fatima.

“Where the fuck am I?” He asked himself, trying to keep his mind occupied. “There has to be a way out. There’s always a way out.” He wiped at the blood on his face. “I don’t need stupid human flesh, I’m not going to let myself go crazy.”

Chapter Two

Fatima crawled up the side when the huge doors wouldn’t give way and found even more zombies coming after her from on top of the wall. Fatima kicked and punched her way through then climbed down the other side. She could smell Lombard and Usher again so knew she found the right place. Fatima couldn’t wait to find Usher and fill him with bullets. She didn’t care how much she had to fight she wouldn’t waste a single one on these zombies unless it became absolutely necessary.

Ushers scent was much stronger than Lombards so she wondered where he could be. Usher soon found her though. He slammed into Fatima pinning her down as she entered the hall. “I didn’t think you’d find us here. You’re a far more clever bitch than I took you for.” Fatima kicked him between the legs since he was only smart enough to pin her arms. When the pain took him by surprise she used the opportunity to reclaim her arms and gave him such a powerful punch he flew off of her.

Usher was really pissed now. “You god damn stupid girl. Gary! Don’t just watch us come out here” Another vampire she hadn’t scented came up behind her wrapping his arms around her waist before she had noticed him. “what a pretty little nuisance we have. I’m sorry Usher I was enjoying the show. I’m rather turned on but I’m sure you can feel that girly”

“I’m Fatima.” Gary laughed ¬†and she jerked his arms from around her and got to where neither were at her back. Fatima pulled her gun out as swiftly as possible and fired a shot at Usher. He almost dodged it but the bullet still grazed his arm. “fuck you!” Usher said then both him and Gary went for Fatima. She shot a few rounds. Fatima blew Garys head off. Atleast it was down to only her and Usher but she only had the bullets in the gun. She hadn’t had the time to bring a reload.

Lombard found his way to a trap door in the ceiling of the cave. He pushed it open, surprised that Usher had not locked it. The vampire had probably thought there was now way he would get loose. He pulled himself out and rested on the floor for a moment. He had never felt so weak in his life. He heard gun fire and screaming. He listened, it was Fatima. He struggled to his feet and ran from the basement.

Fatima back flipped away from Usher, firing two bullets at him. He dodged the first one, but the second hit him in the shoulder. The pain sent him into a rage. He punched her in the face, sending her flying across the room and into an old table that broke beneath her weight. He jumped on top of her, wrapping his fingers around her throat. She smacked him in the nose with the but of her gun, breaking his nose so he gripped his face and she could shove him off. She aimed at him and he back handed her, busting her lip. She fired blindly, missing him. He punched her in the face then grabbed her wrist and twisted it so she dropped her gun.

“You stupid bitch.” He snapped and hit her in the face again. He gripped her hair with his other hand and wrenched her head back, sinking his fangs into her throat so she screamed.

Lombard stumbled into the large dining room and saw Usher bent over his wife. He saw red, his rage lending him strength. He crossed the room, growling as he yanked the man off of her and threw him. He heard her calling his name, but he wasn’t listening. He grabbed the man by the throat, pinning him against the wall. “Lombard stop.” She ran up behind him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and pulling him back. She could see Usher’s face starting to turn blue. “Let go honey, please or we’ll never know why they’re kidnapping zombies.” He was so angry, no one touched his wife, no one. “Baby please.” She begged and her voice finally broke through. His face softened and he released Usher so the vampire collapsed to the floor, gasping. Lombard dropped to his knees, exhausted. “We need to get you something to eat baby.”

“No, I’m fine. Just get him talking. I just need to relax for a few minutes.” He gave her a brief kiss then lay down on the floor, staring up at the ceiling.

“You have to eat.” She was really worried about him.

“Please baby, just talk to that freak. See if you can get him to tell you who his boss is.”

Fatima knew fighting with Lombard was only going to waste time. She needed to get the information from Usher fast so her husband would eat. She knelt by Usher angrily. He was till gasping and coughing. “why are you collecting zombies? You better tell me fast or I’ll let my husband come back over here.” Usher smiled “he wont be your husband much longer. I bet he’s close to losing his mind. With blood as tasty as yours I’m sure he’d eat you quickly.” Usher said in a strained voice. Lombard growled again but stayed put for Fatima.

Usher laughed, happy to get a rise out of the man. “You sound really pathetic right now Usher so I’d quit laughing. Why is your boss having you gather zombies? This is your last chance to tell me before I move and let Lombard do what he wants with you until you feel like talking.” Usher seemed to think for a moment then grinned “I guess it truly doesn’t matter if you know. I’m not the only one gathering zombies so I’m not sure how you’d stop us but we plan to release them in hordes into towns of humans to get rid of them. Humans can survive small outbreaks but how will they handle when their cities are swarmed? Soon it will only be the higher beings such as ourselves. Humans have no place on this earth. We’ll start here and work our way around the globe. How about you come with me and be with a real man and not some lowly zombie”

Fatima slapped him “Lombard is more of a man than you could dream of being you pompous pig. Lombard we know now. You’ve got to eat.” Lombard stood and glared at Usher as he walked past. His eyes telling the man that the next time he touched Fatima he would be dead. Usher of course didn’t take this threat seriously. He felt he was better than any zombie.

Fatima tried to help her husband walk, but he wouldn’t let her. He just shook his head and walked on his own outside. The zombies still on the bridge came for her and he threw them into the dark abyss below before she could even react. She was terrified of this new Lombard. He had this dark look on his face, like there was a monster trying to claw it’s way to the surface. She still had one bullet in the chamber and she didn’t know if she would have the strength to use it if he turned on her.

“Stop looking at me like that, I’m fine.” He said, reading her terrified expression. “I’m not going to change into one of those things.”

“I didn’t say you were.” She whispered.

“You didn’t have to. I can see it in your eyes. You’re scared of me and you have your gun cocked. If you think I’m like those things then you might as well blow my brains out now before I eat you.” His tone hurt her. It was like a knife in her heart. She felt tears slide down her cheeks and she ducked her head, trying to hide her sorrow from him. He stopped and pulled her into his arms.

“I’m sorry, I’m not mad at you.” He tipped her head back, guilt slicing through him. “I’m not going to change into a monster. I know I look pale and worn down and that I attacked him like a wild animal. I have to admit that locked underground had me feeling paranoid and for a moment I thought I was changing, but I promise I’m fine. I just need to get back to the hotel and get all this blood and dirt off of me. I need to be wrapped in your warmth. I don’t want human flesh.”

“Please, you have to eat something.” She choked out.

“I will, just not human flesh. I can’t do it anymore. I don’t want our children to see me eating human.” She cried harder and he kissed her softly. “It’s okay Fatima. Lets get back and rest then we can call Rick and find this Man In Red.”

“Okay, I love you.”

“I love you too baby.”

They walked not saying anything more. Fatima couldn’t say more. All she wanted to do was beg him to eat human flesh so he’d stay normal. She decided along the way if he did change she’d let him eat her. She wouldn’t want to live anyway if she had to kill him so she may aswell die as soon as he changed. Fatima almost ached too much to walk. She had been running since morning and honestly just wanted to throw up and get to sleep. When they finally made it back to their hotel people in the lobby stared at the two pointing and whispering.

Fatima and Lombard barely heard them. They went into their room and Lombard turned on the shower. Fatima put her gun in the suitcase and then sat on the bed looking at the floor. “you aren’t coming Fatima? You’re very dirty too.” Fatima didn’t say anything. She just stood and walked into the bathroom as she took her clothes off. Lombard felt like crying looking at his wife. His words out of anger and exhaustion had drained what little life Fatima had in her when she reached him. He felt guilty but didn’t know what to say to her.

Fatima began to help him wash then he did the same for her. When they were out she said “what would you like me to go get us to eat? You should stay here and rest.”

“we can order room service. I know this time it’ll really be them.” Fatima nodded and got on the bed handing Lombard the menu. She didn’t feel like eating but told him she wanted a tuna sandwich anyway. Lombard called room service and ordered then pulled the ever silent Fatima close and kissed her head. “I’m still very sorry about earlier. I shouldn’t have talked like that to you Fatima. I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” She said weakly.

Room service came and they quickly pulled on clothes. Fatima answered the door this time with her gun behind her back. There was a very nervous young man standing at the door with a cart. She moved aside and he pushed it inside, taking the plates and setting them on the small table. He left quickly, not making eye contact with either of them. They sat down and ate in silence. She couldn’t actually taste her food. She just forced it down and then wiped her mouth. She felt so sick, her stomach in knots. She stared off into space, worrying about Lombard. He brushed her cheek with his fingers, making her jump. She looked at his plate, shocked that he had already eaten everything. She hadn’t realized she had been looking off that long.

“Can I kiss you?” He asked softly.

“You don’t have to ask, we’re married.” She replied.

“I do when you look this scared.” He leaned in and kissed her gently, making butterfly wings brush her insides. He pulled back and brushed his fingers over her cheek. “You are so beautiful Fatima, an angel.” He tangled his fingers in her hair and kissed her again, his tongue dancing over her teeth. He pulled her nightgown off and pulled her to her feet. He turned her around and pulled her into his lap. She lay against him, her back pressed to his chest as he kissed her. One hand cupped her breast while the other ran down her stomach and between her legs. He rubbed her so she was moaning into his mouth. He lifted her off his lap so he could take his shorts off then pulled her back down, thrusting into her. He gripped her hips, helping her move up and down, flexing his hips to bury himself deeper. He rubbed his fingers over her, finding pleasure in her breathy cries for more.

“I love you so much baby, you’re so damn beautiful.” He whispered and bit her shoulder, leaving teeth marks. Her orgasm was intense, had her whimpering. “Tell me you love me.” He said in her ear.¬†Another orgasm rushed through her and she couldn’t speak. He pulled her down harder, his teeth biting on her shoulder again. “Tell me please.” He was begging now, he never begged.

“I love you, I love you so much.” She gasped and he captured her lips with his as he found his release, his teeth clamping down on her lip a little to hard. She laid back against him as they caught their breath. She could taste blood in her mouth and probed the bite with her tongue then smiled.

“I’m sorry about that.”

“My lip had already been busted today so it probably wasn’t you.” Lombard kept his arms tight around Fatima “You really still love me?” he said sounding close to tears. “Why wouldn’t I?”

“The way I talked to you and we dont know if I can give you a baby”

“I already told you I’ll be fine. I love you so much that I can be happy without a baby. We should get some sleep.” Lombard nodded and let Fatima go. She got under the covers and he followed. “Can I hold you?”

“stop asking and just do things. I may be a little jumpy but you are still my husband.” Lombard pulled Fatima into his arms and they both quickly fell asleep. The day had been hard on both of them. Fatima just held onto hope she wouldn’t wake up to a monster. She hoped to still have her loving husband and that they’d have time to try and make babies. Fatima was having a hard time understanding why he was doing this. It almost hurt her feelings he’d risk his sanity like this. She loved him though and wouldn’t force human flesh down his throat.

Fatima had horrible nightmares about Lombard eating her. One finally woke her up and she tried with all her effort not to bolt out of his arms. He was sleeping but still holding her. Fatima really needed some air though so she carefully got his arms from around her then got dressed to sit on the balcony their room had. The night air gave her more comfort than it had ever given before. It was helping her unwind until she felt nauseous and quickly went to their bathroom to throw up. She hated she was letting this stress her so much.

Fatima sat there on the bathroom floor repeating to herself over and over in her head “Lombard is special, he wont change” Without meaning to she fell back asleep leaned against the bathroom wall. This time she didn’t dream atall. Lombard woke the next morning and jerked into a sitting position quickly when he didn’t see Fatima. He looked all around the room and finally could breath again when he found her sleeping in the bathroom. He picked Fatima up and took her back to bed. He hoped she wasn’t in there because she was too afraid to sleep with him.

Fatima opened her eyes and Lombard said, “Boo.” She yelped and would have fallen off the bed if he had not grabbed her. “I’m kidding, calm down.” He pulled her into him and she punched his chest.

“Not funny.” She snapped.

“Mad zombies can’t say boo.” He kissed her softly and nibbled her chin. “You are pretty tasty though.”

She didn’t want to laugh, but she couldn’t stop herself. She laughed so hard she was in tear and then she was really crying, clinging to him. He kissed her cheek and ran his hand up and down her back. “You took a stupid risk.” She said through her tears.

“I had to. I can’t live for human flesh anymore. It tears at me when I eat it, disgusts me. I don’t want our children to look at me like I’m some kind of monster and it was a weakness anyway.” He tipped her head back. “I’m fine, a little worse for wear, but not insane.”

“I could have woken up and been eaten this morning.”

“I knew it wouldn’t happen. I’m unique remember, a freak even in the zombie community. None of them believe I’m one of them.”

Her phone rang, interrupting her train of thought. She frowned and got out of bed, retrieving it from across the room. It was Rick. She willed him to spontaneously combust. When the phone kept ringing she answered. “This better be important.”

“It most definitely is Mrs. Ross.” He teased. “I found your Man In Red. His name is Teagan Rogers.”

“I know that name.”

“He used to run Teagan Steel. He was your father’s business rival, but your father won. His business went under and he got into arms dealing and drug and slave trade. He’s a real sicko Fatima. I mean the list of shit he’s done makes me want to throw up.”

“Do you know where he is?”

“Yeah, he’s in Bucharest, just south of where you’re staying. Be careful if you go after him. He probably has all of the Black Dahlias on retainer.”

“Alright thanks Rick.” They hung up and she crawled back in bed. “Looks like we’re going to Bucharest.”

“So Rick found the man in red?”

“Yes his name is Teagan Rogers, dads old business rival”

“I didn’t like him very much”

“apparently he’s done a lot of horrible things since dad made him go under.”

“doesn’t surprise me.”

“well lets get ready and go so we can get back to having a honeymoon or simply go home.” Lombard kissed Fatima again. He was glad she wasn’t jumping at his every touch anymore. Fatima took off what she was wearing making Lombard grow hard in an instant. He came up behind her and she felt it “Lombard there’s no time. We just did it last night and we can’t let this mad man go on any longer.”

“I’ll be quick”

“You don’t know how to be quick. Every time you say you will be its a lie now get dressed. We’ll have all the time in the world for sex after.” Lombard sighed and got dressed to go out. Fatima started putting her sunblock on until Lombard was ready and he took over. He enjoyed getting to run his hands along her skin. “Now if only we could get rid of your weakness.”

“yeah, I could’ve really burnt myself yesterday. I just smeared the sunblock everywhere and ran out not checking it or anything. I’m glad I didn’t get burnt.”

“Me too” Once Lombard was sure she was covered they grabbed their phones placing them in their pocket and went to hail a cab. Once they were on their way Fatima just looked out the window. Lombard grabbed Fatimas hand and looked at her. He wished he knew what was going on in her mind. He meant to ask why she was in the bathroom but forgot. He didn’t want to know if it was because she was scared so he decided it best not to ask. Lombard felt so much happiness being free from needing human flesh.

He hoped they could find a way one day to make it so Fatima didn’t need sunblock to be in the sun. He knew it was probably a foolish hope but he hoped all the same. It was such a freeing feeling to be able to let go of somthing you previously needed to live. Fatima suddenly turned and hugged Lombard making him smile and fill with warmth. She stayed like that until the car stopped. They got out and Lombard asked ‘where to?”

“Not sure. Rick didn’t say where precisely.”

“You would think he would be able narrow it down.”

“He does what he can. Tell me what you remember about him.”

Lombard closed his eyes, picturing the man. “He had expensive taste, only wore the nicest clothes and ate the best food. He loved women and had a new one every day.”

“There are three really nice hotels in this city. I only know that because this was one of the places I was contemplating for our honeymoon.” She grabbed his hand and started walking. The first hotel was three blocks away. They asked the receptionist about Teagan and when she showed no signs of fear over the name they moved on. They had a cab drive them to the second one located on the other side of town. He wasn’t there either. The third one was a lot nicer and painted the most amazing shade of scarlet. The receptionist here was a man. She walked up, smiling sweetly at him.

“May I help you?” He asked as she rested her elbows on the counter.

“I was hoping so. I’m looking for Teagan Rogers.” She answered.

“You must be another one of his girls. He’s in the master suite on the top floor. Oh and one more thing.” He reached under the counter and opened a drawer then pulled something out. “One of his men dropped this last night after he came in with a bloody nose.” He handed her a cell phone. Engraved on the back was the name Usher Hogan.

“I’m sure he’ll be happy to have it back.” She winked and Lombard followed her into the elevator. “Dumb ass vampire dropped his phone. I think I’ll throw it at him.” The elevator stopped and the doors slid open. There were two men standing on either side of the suite door bearing the dahlia emblem.

Chapter Three

They would’ve normally just let a woman pass but Lombard being with her made them ask. “what’re you here for?”

“Returning a phone to Usher. ” She held up the phone so they could see his name. One of the men tried to snatch it from her but she didn’t let him. “I can take it”

“I brought it and I’ll take. It’s rude to snatch things from a lady you know.”

“You can’t go through with that man following you.”

“He goes where I go. You think Usher is so pathetic I can’t simply take a phone to him?” Usher and Teagen heard the talk on the other side of the door. “That’s the bitch and zombie I was telling you about” Teagen stood and opened the door with Usher following. Teagan smiled when he saw Fatima “You two wouldn’t let such a delectable looking young lady through?” Usher moved to Teagans side “give me the damn phone.” Fatima threw it hard into Ushers face making his nose start pouring all over again. “You asked for it. Teagan laughed as Usher stewed. Teagan approached Fatima making Lombard stifle a growl. He tried to grab her hand to kiss it but she jerked it away. “My my aren’t we feisty for a girl. It’s always girls like that who make the best lovers.”

“Shut up and don’t touch me you arrogant prick. i’m giving you one chance to stop gathering zombies to kill off the humans.”

“Or what?”

“Or my husband and I will kill you.”

“He’s only a zombie and you are a woman. I have nothing to fear from either of you. I can smell youre a Hicks but still. The hicks woman have always been gentile while the men have been fierce” Fatima punched him hard in the face. It knocked him down from the force and surprise. The two men that had been guarding the door went to attack Fatima but Lombard shot ones head clean off while Fatima shot the others head off. The two were always in sync. Fatima loved how they almost could read eachothers minds when they fought things together.

Teagan kicked his room door shut leaving Usher alone with them. Lombard glared at him and he started shaking like a leaf. He didn’t want to mess with the zombie anymore. He actually back into a corner and sat down, holding his nose. Lombard kicked open the suite door and they both entered slowly. “Come out Teagan.” Fatima yelled. There was no answer. They searched the room then she noticed the balcony door was open. She looked over the railing and saw him climbing down the drain pipe. He made it to the bottom and a black car pulled up that he jumped into. “Son of a bitch.”

“Where is he?” Lombard asked angril.

“He’s gone. I think one his left over Dahlias rescued him. Grab Usher and bring him in here. He’ll know where his boss went.”

Lombard went back out into the entryway and grabbed Usher by his jacket collar. He dragged the pathetic sniveling little creep into the room and kicked the door shut. He threw him on the couch as Fatima came walking out of the bedroom. “Now, you are going to tell me where that cowardly piece of shit boss of yours ran off to or I am going to let my husband have you. I believe in putting a bullet between a man’s eyes and getting it over with, but you tried to starve him and make him go crazy so he’s more than a little pissed. So speak the truth and maybe you can walk away from this in handcuffs instead of a body bag.”

“He’s going to where we store the zombies. It’s an old warehouse where they used to store lumber. There’s the top then a basement and a sub basement. The basement is where is base of operations is, the sub basement is where the zombies are kept. There is a metal door that leads into the sub basement from outside. It’s where he plans on letting the zombies out.” He looked between the two of them fearfully. “It’s five miles east of here, there’s a painting of a lumberjack fighting a wolf on the side of the building.”

“Good boy.” She pulled out her gun and called the authorities. She explained who she was and that they needed to get to the hotel they were in. “Tie him up please love.”

Lombard retrieved a sheet and tore a few strips off. He tied Usher’s wrists and ankles then stuffed and piece in his mouth and gagged him. “You’re lucky she didn’t let me have you. I would have broken every bone in your body.”

Usher shook a little more. Lombards tone was so icy that he feared Lombard may still do it. Lombard got behind Fatima and wrapped his arms around here as she held her eyes on Usher making sure he didn’t go anywhere before the cops arrived. It wasn’t very long before they heard sirens. Lombard grabbed Usher by the collar again walking him out to the cops. One officer opened the back of his cruiser so Lombard could toss Usher in. That cop went back to the station to lock him up while the rest were ready to go where Fatima asked.

They turned their sirens off as they drove so not to spook Teagan. They parked at the end of the drive way that lead to the building so Teagan wouldn’t hear the cop cars drive up. They all went quietly up to the building. They weren’t in the main part of the building so Fatima was sure they were in the basement talking about what to do next. The cops looked scared since they were humans and Teagan was a vampire so Fatima told them to wait and she’d bring them.

They guarded the exits so Teagan couldn’t escape. Fatima silently went down with Lombard on her heels to make sure his wife was ok. She kicked open the door to see Teagan sitting at a table with the man who obviously helped him. Fatima had her gun on Teagan while Lombard had his on another man. Teagan looked shocked and said angrily “that fucking traitor. If he’s alive he’ll be dealt with”

“He’s already been dealt with.” Fatima said cooly and ran her finger over her throat. It was a lie, but it did the job of shocking Teagan. “After he spilled his guts, I killed that whimpering little fool.”

“You’re more ruthless than your father was. I thought the women in your family were nothing but sweet angels, but apparently I was wrong.” He replied. “I don’t plan on letting you and your little dog take me.” He reached under his desk and pushed a button. The wall to their right opened up and the moans of zombies filled the room. There were so many, some still looked human while others were starting to decay. Teagan stood and him and one of his men slipped out a back door.

“You go get him Fatima,” Lombard said, “I’ll take care of these poor souls.”

“There are to many, at least a hundred.” She felt panic rising, sending her heart racing.

“I can handle them, just get that bastard Teagan and bring him to justice.”

She kissed him, afraid to leave him alone to face so many monsters. She ran as fast as she could, pulling open the door and following Teagan down the dimly lit hall. She felt like crying and panicking. She felt sick again, her stomach churning so she almost stopped to throw up. She had never let stress get to her. She had a temper and a smart mouth, but stress had never made her sick. She wondered if she was pregnant and prayed she was. She wanted to see Lombard’s face light up when he found out he was going to be a father and that he had fulfilled her greatest wish. She wanted so see his worry and sadness melt away to be replaced by wonder when he was staring at a positive test and then their first ultrasound. They would survive this, they had to.

Lombard spun through the zombies, using his now empty gun to bludgeon the hungry monsters. He felt sad to see them in such a horrible state, biting slobbering monsters with no other drive but to eat. He counted himself lucky, but also felt a sense of guilt for being given a chance at being normal while so many of his brothers and sisters suffered. He was just happy he wouldn’t have to worry about rotting anymore.

Fatima increased her speed. She was sick of being out and fighting. This was supposed to be her honeymoon but she was out chasing some asshole who thought he was better than humans because he was a vampire. Teagan was impressed at how well Fatima was keeping pace but also terrified. Teagan had become so used to being heavily guarded he didn’t stare down this much danger often. He could smell Fatimas impatience and anger.

Teagan made a few very nauseating turns and then burst through a door that lead outside. To Teagans and his mans surprise police were waiting wielding their guns while Fatima had hers pulled out behind them. Fatima was glad the cops were smart enough to cover this exit. She had come upon some pretty stupid cops in her line of work so she was glad this place had smart ones. They got cuffs on the two and took them to the police car while Fatima followed ready to shoot if she needed to.

When they were in the car she allowed herself to throw up. A cop rushed to her side “are you ok Mrs Ross?”

“Yes” Fatima responded as she wiped her mouth. “I’m taking you and your husband back to your hotel. Want to wait in my car and I’ll get him?”

“No, I want you to get in your car. He may still be fighting zombies and need my help. Thank you for being kind though” Her sentence ended as she bounded back inside to help her husband. She hoped they hadn’t over powered him. There were only a few left when Fatima got back to him. She shot two in the head as he took care of the other two. Lombard rushed over to hug her “are they on their way to jail or dead?”


“damn” Fatima smiled “come, a police officer is taking us to the hotel we’re staying at.” They walked out holding hands and got into the back of the cop car. Lombard held Fatima close to him and kissed her head. She smelled odd but that wasn’t what he cared about right now. The cop drove them up to the entrance of their hotel then said bye as the two stepped out. Fatima was almost running to their room. She wanted to lay down with Lombard and relax from everything that happened.

“Are you feeling alright?” Lombard asked as he pulled her into his arms.

“No, I’m exhausted and I’ve been throwing up.” She answered and sat her gun on the table.

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Because we’ve both been under a lot of stress. I didn’t want to worry you. Plus if you had jumped to the same conclusion I did, you might have made me stay here instead of going after Teagan.”

He stared at her for a moment, swallowing nervously as the thought of her being pregnant flitted through his eyes. She knew if she took a test and it came back negative that he would be far more devastated than she. “Do you want me to go buy you a test?” He asked hopefully.

“Not really. I don’t want you to blame yourself if it comes back negative and you will if it does.”

“Please, not knowing is just as bad.”

She sighed. “Okay, but no hovering over it. In fact you have to stay out of the bathroom the whole time.”

“Okay, deal.”

He left quickly, practically running to the nearest store. He knew he was far to excited, but he couldn’t help it. He grabbed one of the more expensive ones and quickly paid for it. He ran back to their hotel and went quickly upstairs. When he opened the door she was getting out of her dirty clothes and pulling on a pair of sweats and a tank top. She smiled warmly at him and he handed her the test. She took it and disappeared into the bathroom, locking the door so he could not follow. He sat down on the bed and waited.

Fatima ripped open the box and took a deep breath before using it. She sat it on the counter and paced back and forth, chewing at her lower lip. When the time was up she picked it up and couldn’t stop the grin that spread across her face. She unlocked and opened the door and he came to his feet. She sprang into his arms and then held the test up for him to see.

“Say hello to baby number one.” She said happily.

Lombard sat back down quickly, almost falling. He hugged Fatima tightly, ready to cry with how happy he was. He felt so much relief. All the worry about her leaving him over a baby left his mind and was replaced by pure joy. Fatima tried to get out of his arms to set the test down but he wouldn’t let her go. “Lombard I only want to set the test down” she said with laughter in her tone. He stood with her and leaned over the small table bu the bed so she could set it down without him having to let her go.

Lombard got on the bed leaning against the headboard then kissed her. Fatima could feel how happy and relieved he was. She felt his lips slightly quiver and she realized he was holding back tears. “awe Lombard”

“I can’t believe I actually got you pregnant” he said as one tear escaped from each eye. “I knew we would have a baby. I’m so happy and excited”

“Me too” Lombard said as he held his wife close again. “I can’t wait to know if it’s a boy or girl so we can start on their room.” Fatima said with excitement in her tone. Lombards heart was now threatening to burst with all the happiness he felt getting intensified by the sound of Fatimas excitement over their baby. Lombard hoped to give her many more children but couldn’t be more grateful that he could give her atleast one baby. Fatima just started going on and on about all the possibilities for the future if it were a boy or girl. It was easy for Fatima to go on about a subject without realizing it since Lombard loved to listen to her. There was no other conversation he enjoyed more than the one she was having with him right now.

Lomabrd had never seen such joy in Fatimas face and tone. He knew how much she loved children and that she wanted them but he hadn’t realized how much until they found out she was pregnant. He was glad he didn’t know or he would have been more depressed before. They sat there letting the day pass them by talking excitedly over their baby.

~ The End ~

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