Lombard & Fatima 3

Chapter One

“Fatima please just stay home this time.” Lombard begged as she pulled her shoulder holster on and slipped her gun into it. “I can take care of this on my own.”

Fatima sighed and grabbed his face in her hands, giving him a soft kiss. “Stop worrying. It’s just a couple of zombies wandering around at an old steel mill.”

“But what if one hurts you or knocks you down or something?”

“You’re going to be there too, so just watch my back and make sure nothing gets to me.”

He ran his fingers frustratedly through his hair. It had grown longer, failing even further past his waist. He had taken to keeping it down unless they were hunting since Fatima thought he looked to formal with it up. He grabbed his shotgun and slung it over his shoulder, getting a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach. He had her quickly braid his hair then followed her down to the car where Keith was waiting. He kept glancing at her and finally had to place a hand protectively on her rounded stomach. She was six months pregnant with their first baby, a little boy that they had decided to name Corbin. He was very excited to be a father and considered this child and any child after, a miracle.

“Everything is going to be fine love.” Fatima said and rested her hand on top of his.

“You don’t know that. Anything could go wrong. Just promise me that no matter what happens that you will survive, that you will stay on your feet and keep pushing forward. If we get separated or anything.”

“What do you expect to happen?”

“I don’t know, but just promise me.”

“I promise. I won’t stop until we are back together.” It would have to do for now, but it did nothing to ease his mind. He was terrified of losing her and this baby. She had wanted to be a mother so bad and now that she finally had it, he would do anything to keep it that way.

Fatima laid her head on Lombards shoulder and he wrapped his arms around her. This baby would be the scariest for him. He didn’t know just how much of a miracle this was. If she lost their little boy he didn’t know if it was actually possible to give her another and he couldn’t handle disappointing her in that way, not knowing how badly she had always wanted children. Helping to raise Fatima he knew everything that meant the most to her and nothing topped having children. It was why he had just wanted her home, where she would be safe from any harm befalling her or their unborn little one. They had already completed his room. Somtimes in the morning when Fatima would still be sleeping he would go in and imagine her sitting in the rocking chair with him or them both up late nights taking care of their screaming newborn.

These were the things most new parents dreaded but he was excited about everything simply because he was going to share it with Fatima. He was more passionate about her than he had ever been about a woman. Fatima was truly perfect for him which was only further pressed into his mind each day he spent with her. Lombard smiled when Fatimas was resting against his arm. Lombard kissed her head “rest while you can my love”

Lombard gazed out the window, pleading with the world to let his gut feeling be wrong. He pleaded that this would go smoothly and he coudl quickly return home with Fatima and Corbin. This job was quite a ways away but Lombard was grateful it was one they could drive to instead of flying there. He really didn’t want Fatima on a plane this far along. Not that he didn’t worry about car accidents but he felt more secure in the car.

When they got there Fatima checked her gun again and Lombard checked his. “I’m going in first this time, no arguing.” He said as he pumped a round into his shotgun.

“Alright, if it’ll make you feel better.” Fatima replied and kissed his cheek before following him to the door of the old mill. He grasped the door handle and yanked it open, moving quietly with his gun up. Fatima was close behind, watching their backs and listening. The tell tale moans of the undead came to them as they made it to the center of the room. The door suddenly slammed and bright white light filled the darkness, blinding them. Fatima felt someone slam into her back and Lombard turned and pulled the person off of her. They were suddenly overwhelmed, the people jumping on them far to fast to be zombies. The bright lights shut off and dimmer lights were turned on.

“We were beginning to think you two wouldn’t show up. Leave it to a Hicks to never back down from anything.”

Fatima knew that voice and she struggled against the men pinning her down. Teagan Rogers stepped out of the shadows, making Lombard growl as he fought to throw the other vampires off his back. “You fucking son of a bitch.” Lombard said angrily. Rogers walked over and kicked him in the side of the head, making his vision swim.

“How did you get out of prison you piece of garbage?” Fatima asked.

“There are dirty people everywhere, all you have to do is promise them the right amount of money and you’re free. I knew you would come here as soon as someone put in a call about zombies.”

“I’m going to kill you.” She was angry and hormonal. She froze, she was pregnant. Her heart slammed fearfully against her chest. She wondered if he had noticed.

“Tie her up and take her to my cabin. I’ve had a room built just for you, you little bitch. Do what you want with the zombie.” Fatima was dragged away kicking and screaming, Rogers laughing the whole way out. Lombard was terrified for her and angry at these men.

“What should we do with him?” One of the vampires asked.

“We could make him into one of our pets.” Another voice said.

“Should we even be doing this?”

“Shut up Maddox, you’re only here because Usher told Teagan you were useful.” Bingo, Lomabrd thought to himself. He bit one of the vampires who let him go with a cry of shock and pain. He elbowed another in the face and threw the other two off. He shot and killed two then broke the neck of the one he had bit. All that was left was Maddox. He needed this one.

Fatima felt her baby kicking and she knew she needed to calm down. Stress was especially bad this far along and she couldn’t let anything happen to her little boy. She fought in vain as she was drug across the dirt and grass. They didn’t even have the decency to carry her over the three steps up onto the porch. She was just tugged up which was hell on her already aching back from carrying her baby. Fatima was just grateful she wasn’t being dragged on her stomach. She didn’t care how much pain she had to go through as long as her baby came out of this alright.

Maddox wasn’t very brave atall. He shook with terrified eyes as the enraged Lombard approached him. The already very intimidating man coming at him with eyes that shot daggers and a walk that very much portrayed his angry. He resisted the urge to wring Maddox’s neck and simply held him tightly by it “what is going on?” Lombards words coming out as deep, bone chilling growls. Maddox would give anything to run far away and cower in his bedroom.

“I” he tried to begin speaking but his voice box and lungs didn’t seem to be abel to function while they rattled in his body. “speak god damnnit or I’ll just kill you right now” Lombard growled again, somhow managing to make his voice frightening. That did nothing to help him will words out of his mouth but he didn’t doubt Lombard was aboslutely serious about killing him. He had just seen him, by himself, kill every other vampire in the room. That was somthing he thought to never see a zombie do.

“I didn’t want to, I told them no, but Teagan made me. It’s supposed to be some kind of revenge for what you two did to him. Usher said he lost a lot of money when he didn’t come through with the zombies. He’s going to torture her.” He broke down, crying uncontrollably.

“Torture how?”

“He had this room built in his basement that lets in sunlight if he pushes a button or if the occupant tries to leave without the door code being put in.”

“That bastard.” Lombard glared at him again and Maddox snapped his mouth shut. He didn’t want to die, he just wanted to go home and pretend he never even met this man. “Where is his cabin?” He tightened his grip a little and Maddox swallowed.

“I can show you, but it’s a long drive and he has all those men. He’ll also just run before we get close to him.” Lombard dropped him on the ground and Maddox just sat there looking at his hands. He was afraid if he looked into those eyes willingly he would see his impending death.

“This is what’s going to happen. You are going to take me and a few others to the cabin. If Fatima is alive when we get there then you will go free, but if she is dead then I will make your death the most agonizing death in the history of man. Understand?” He nodded and Lombard pulled out his phone and called Rick.

“Hey man what’s up?” Rick asked as he answered.

“Fatima has been kidnapped.” He was sure he heard Rick come quickly to his feet.

“Who took her?”

“Teagan Rogers. The fucking steel mill zombies were a trap. He took her. I need you to grab your son and a couple of the others and come to the mill. I have one of his men. We’ve made a deal and he’s willing to help.” Lombard explained.

“We’ll be there soon and abide by whatever deal you have made.”

“Hurry and get here.” He hung up and began to worry again. He hoped Fatima wasn’t doing anything reckless. He knew she would angry. He hoped and prayed that their child would be okay, that she would not suffer.

Rick arrived as quickly as he could manage with his son and all the zombie hunters he could get on the phone and could be ready within that moments notice. He called Lombard back and said “We’re about there”

“Just follow us. I’m riding with Maddox”

“You aren’t letting him drive are you?”

“No, I’m just using his car. He will be in the passenger seat guiding me on where to go.”

“good” Lombard grabbed Maddox by the back of the neck and carried him that way to the car. He slammed Maddox into the chair, hurting the mans back and neck but Lombard neither noticed or cared. Lombard got into the drivers seat, turning his angry and threatening eyes on Maddox “give me your keys” His voice wasn’t growling but the sound coming out of Lombards mouth was still petrifying all the same. The keys jingled in the shaky hands of Maddox as he passed them to Lombard. Lombard forcefully shoved the keys into the ignition. Once Ricks car pulled up Lombard began to drive. Rick left little room between the cars so another car wouldn’t get between them.

Maddox heart was now in pain from the constant state of fright he was in as he gave Lombard directions. Not only was the man scaring him but also the way he was driving. Maddox didn’t have the nerve to dare say a thing about it though. He just sat there silently, praying there would be a chance to run away from this man and his friends before he was skinned alive or any of the other things he could picture The enregy in the car only seemed to get darker as they drove. Maddox coudl tell Lombard was impatient to get there but Maddox didn’t have a faster way.

Fatima was secured to a table in the room they had for her. Teagan laughed at her as she tried with all her might to break free. “You wont be abel to escapse Fatima. You might as well stop wasting your energy. I am going to get myself a snack realy quick. It[‘s in your best interest to be a good little bitch until I come back. If you aren’t, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Fatima glared angrily at the metal door then struggled against her restraints even harder. She was going to kill Teagan when she got out. She finally stopped to catch her breath, feeling exhausted. Her son kicked her ribs and she felt an incredible sadness wash over her. She couldn’t lose this baby. Lombard had been so happy when he found out she was pregnant. He had cried at the first ultrasound, at seeing that little fluttering heart beat. He had cried even harder when they were told they were having a little boy. She was willing to do anything to keep their baby alive. She was glad Teagan had not noticed she was pregnant. She had taken to wearing looser clothes though for comfort and Lombard had insisted she wear a jacket.

“Let me out of here you piece of shit.” She screamed and started wrenching at her restraints again. She felt the cool metal biting into her flesh as she yanked. It hurt and she was sure she would have bruises, but at least they would heal fairly quickly.

“If you don’t stop fighting, I will have to punish you.” Teagan’s voice came out over an intercom in the wall next to the door.

“Fuck you.” She felt her arm slip loose and wished she could jump for joy. Vertical slats in the wall to her right started to open. Each time one opened more and more sunlight was let in. She started to panic, pulling at the other wrist restraint. She managed to get her other wrist free and gripped onto the ones at her ankles. The light was getting closer. “Stop, please.” She screamed.

“Quit trying to get loose.”

“Okay, I’ll stop just please, no more.” She hated begging and it made him laugh. She was so angry and on the verge of tears.

“Good girl.”

“Fuck you, go to hell you piece of shit.” She would try again later when he went to get something else to eat or if he went to sleep.

She worried what his plans may be and also thought that’s why he was leaving her alone for now. He probably wanted ehr pondering to torture herself more but she couldn’t help but wonder. She didn’t know if he planned to rape her or let the sun cook her to death or whatever else. She worried how this may escalate if he figured out she was carrying a baby. She just hoped he had enough of a soul not to harm a baby. Only a true heartless monster could harm a baby so she just held on to hope he had enough humanity to not hurt the life growing within her.

Lomabrd spoke again in an icy tone “This is taking a long time. You better be leading me to my wife you disgusting low life”

“I swear I am, I told you it was far”

“How much longer?”

“A half hour I think, it’s hard to tell precisely…I’ve never really minded the time going. I haven’t been to the cabin that many times” Maddox said as he pushed himself against the passenger door as much as he could. Lombard could still reach him, he was well aware of that but he couldn’t resist the urge to stay as far away from Lomabrd as possible. If Maddox wasn’t sure Lombard would slam on breaks and punish him for trying to flee he would jump out of the door and make his best escape attempt but as much as he was a coward, he was not that stupid.

“If we aren’t there within the hour you will regret it” Lombard said as he clenched the steering wheel tighter. Maddox could see Lombards knuckles go white and shakily said “I swear we will be, that much I’m sure of. Please don’t hurt me”

“stop sniveling, it only makes you more annoying. Talk like a fucking man”

“sorry” Maddox tried his best for a clear voice but still came up short.

“Tell me what he plans to do to her? Is he going to kill her?”

“Usher said he wants to play with her like a cat does with a mouse before killing it. He said Teagan would torment her with the idea of being burned alive then maybe beat her and other things before killing her. He wants her to beg for forgiveness.”

“She won’t, she’s to stubborn. No man has ever mastered her.”

“What about…”

“Not even me.” He passed another car, making the driver honk and Maddox yelp.

Fatima waited in silence for an hour just staring at the wall. She had to pee and Corbin’s kicking was making it worse. She had found that there were two bolts holding the top of the table on and had been using her wedding ring as a makeshift wrench to get them loose. She had a plan and would probably get burned in the process, but if it worked it would be worth it. She made sure both bolts were nice and loose before pulling at her restraints again.

“What did I tell you about fighting?” Teagan’s voice sounded like he was reprimanding a child. It pissed her off to no end. She pulled one leg restraint open as the sun made it to her. It hit her hands, making her scream, but she kept pulling. She had tears streaming down her eyes as the bright light traveled up her arms. She finally got the last restraint open as the sun touched her face. She rolled off the table, taking the top with her and backing into a corner. The table top shielded her and she sat there in agony, her son kicking and punching in what she was sure was fear. She pulled her knees up to her chin and wrapped her arms around them. All she had to do was wait for Lombard. He would come for her.

Half an hour seemed to drag on, making Lombard angrier and angrier. He was glancing at the clock every five seconds which wasn’t helping. Maddox directed him to turn off onto a dirt road to their right and Lombard barely slowed, fish tailing the car and kicking up dirt. Maddox was shivering in fear and prayed Fatima was still alive.

“Just up here” Maddox said so softly it was near a whisper. Lombard didn’t respond, his angry gaze still on the road ahead. Teagan angrily came into the room “you stupid bitch!” The light was closed out again as he stomped hastily over to her. Fatima hit him hard with the piece of table she held only pissing him off more. He kicked her legs out from under her making her fall. Fatima was off her game due to needing to pee. Being pregnant had also thrown her a bit off balance. She caught herself before she hit. She didn’t have time to be relieved she hadn’t fallen on her baby as she had to continue to fight with Teagan.  A few other men came down to help Teagan get her back on the table.

Fatima fought as hard as she could but since it was four vampires against one, especially when she was concerned about her baby surviving this they managed to handcuff her hands and chain her feet together. Fatima was near the point of wetting herself as she was once again helpless and being laughed at by Teagan and his lackies. She glared at them and Teagan said “I guess you have to be punished again.” He walked out with the lackies that had come to help him as she screamed “you’re such a sick, fucking evil coward! Four men against one girl, you’re really something!”

Teagan simply laughed “I don’t give a shit what you think Fatima” was all he said before the door was shut again and the windows began to slowly open. Fatima was terrified and near tears “No, I’m sorry” she begged for her child. If she burnt up so would her little boy. Fatima never begged, but for her baby she would do it. She couldn’t let it suffer the pain of burning.

Lombard came to a stop when the house came into view. “Stay here, it will only be worse if I have to chase you down. Understand?” Maddox nodded and sat frozen in his seat. Lombard popped the trunk and got out, grabbing his shotgun and making sure there was a round in the chamber. Rick, his son Otto and the others came up behind him.

“What’s the plan?” Rick asked.

“Kill anything that moves.”

They headed toward the house, Lombard on the lead. Fatima started screaming when the light was almost on her. She knew the shock would kill her child. She cried, tears streaming into her hair. She struggled against her cuffs, so exhausted and absolutely terrified. The sound of gunfire caught her attention and her heart gave a leap of hope. The room door opened and she was un cuffed and dragged out of the room.

“We can’t have your husband getting you so soon.” Teagan said and had her dragged out the back door and into the woods. He followed close behind, leaving the rest of his men.

Lombard killed vampire after vampire. There were a lot more in the cabin than he had first thought. When he was out of rounds he killed them with his hands. He grabbed one by his shirt and pulled him close. “Where is she?” He growled and the man just about wet himself. “Tell me now.”

“Out back, he took her out back.” Lombard broke his neck and grabbed the handgun strapped to the man’s belt.

“Make sure there are none left Rick.” He ordered and headed out the back door.

“You should get out of here boss.” One of Teagan’s men said. “We can take care of this bitch and her little pet.”

“Hold her here and wait for him. I’m going to the boathouse.” Teagan said and gripped Fatima by her hair. “I’m almost sad I won’t be the one to kill you.”

Chapter Two

Rick, Otto and the other people that came to Fatimas aid quickly killed every vampire they could find inside. They didn’t want a single bastard that had helped with this to be set free in the world. The satisfaction of them all laying dead was short lived while they still worried for Fatima. Rick decided to go ahead and call the law to report what happened. Rick doubted in Lombards haste and worry that he had taken a second to report what Teagan and his allies had done. Rick didn’t think Teagan was going to be left alive but he thought it better to report this instead of letting cops eventually stumble upon this massacre.

It would look really bad on all of them if they didn’t call and let law enforcement know. Rick also asked for them to bring an ambulance incase Fatima was hurt. Once he knew the police and an ambulance was on its way Rick hungup. “One more check of the house then we see if Lombard needs help” Rick said more loudly than he needed to. They walked around and confirmed that not a single man or woman was left living. They all headed out the back just as Lombard had done when he left.

They ran as fast as they could since obviously Teagan had many vampires following his whims. It baffled him how sheepish people were. You would have to be a blind dumbass, willing to follow anything to listen to Teagan. He especially thought these people were despicable for kidnapping a pregnant woman. They would be murdering an innocent child along with Fatima. No matter what Teagan had convinced them of Fatima, there wasn’t anything he could pin on an unborn child to justify this.

Fatima found herself unable to hold it anymore and wound up peeing. She cried out of embarrassment, just wanting to go home and curl up in bed with Lombard. The two vampires wrinkled their noses in disgust and even went so far as to let her go. The shade from the trees protected them from the sunlight as they waited in the woods eerie silence. Neither of them heard a sound as Lombard burst through the woods and jumped on the vampire to her right. They were both shocked and startled. He broke the neck of the first one then turned his rage filled aquamarine gaze to the second. The vampire who was obviously young and stupid grabbed a switchblade out of his back pocket and attacked Lombard. They grappled with each other and the man managed to stab him in the shoulder.

Lombard head butted him in the face then took his knife and stabbed it into his throat, severing his jugular. The vampire collapsed, making gurgling noises that sent a chill up Fatima’s spine. She held out her arms and Lombard dropped down on his knees, hugging her tightly to him. “You’re hurt.” He said angrily. She could feel him shaking.

“Teagan is getting away.” She replied.

“We’ll get him later. I’m sure Rick has alerted the authorities and requested an ambulance. I want you safe at the hospital before I go after that monster.”

“I don’t want you to carry me.”

“Why?” He pulled back to look at her face which was red on one side from the sun.

She started crying again and said, “I couldn’t hold it anymore and peed my pants.” He kissed her cheek and lifted her off the ground. He didn’t care, all that mattered was she and Corbin were checked by a doctor. He knew she healed fast and that probably meant their son did as well, but for his peace of mind he needed someone to tell him they were okay. He carried her back to the cabin, rushing inside to keep her out of the sun and waiting at the front door. Rick found a blanket and put it over her so she could be carried out to the ambulance.

“Where is that piece of shit who took her?” Rick asked.

“He got away, you should take your men and search the area after you give your report.”

“If we don’t find him today, you can be sure that we will not stop until he is apprehended.”

Fatima didn’t even want the medic in the back of the ambulance to take a first look at her because she was so embarrassed that she wet herself. “It would be better if you let me tend to your burns miss” Fatima just cried more and the man frowned, feeling bad for making her more upset. “I’m sorry, why don’t you want me to help you?” Lombard decided to answer for her “She wet herself and is embarrassed. It’s not you.”

“Oh, that’s nothing to be embarrassed about. From what I was told coming in you’re pregnant. When my girlfriend was pregnant with our daughter she had to pee and we hit a speed bump when I was pulling into the store parking lot. She wet herself right there. It’s hard holding it when you’re pregnant, especially in a situation like that. I’m sure you’re baby wasn’t helping atall. That is nothing to be embarrassed over. My girlfriend laughs about wetting herself now.” Fatima wiped her eyes “how old is your daughter?” Luis smiled “two, you’ll be laughing aswell when your baby is two. I promise, can I please make sure you’re ok?” Fatima nodded and Lombard smiled, grateful to the man for helping Fatima feel better.

When they got to the hospital and Lombard pulled the blanket over his wife again then went inside with her. One of the doctors that went to take Fatima back remembered Lombard from their last trip and knew it was pointless to try and tell him he couldn’t come so went ahead and let him follow. The nurses gave the doctor a quizacle look but he just moved his head telling them to come.

Lombard stood to the side while they helped her out of her clothes and gave her a sponge bath. Once they had her dry and in bed, he grabbed her hand and she squeezed it. They tended to her burns, rubbing some cream on them and giving her some pain medication that was safe for the baby. One of the nurses turned to him and he just stared at her.

“You’ve been stabbed, do you want stitches?” He looked at his shoulder, noticing for the first time that he had blood on his shirt.

“Sure.” He pulled his shirt off and let her clean and stitch him. He tugged his shirt back on. He would call Keith later and have him deliver some clothes for both of them.

“Will you lay with me please?” Fatima asked softly and he pulled off his shoes and climbed in next to her, making sure not to get caught on her IV. He stroked her hair and kissed her forehead. All the fear he had been feeling finally rushed through him and he started shaking. She kissed his cheek and they just held each other in silence. “Can we watch something?” She finally asked.

“Sure we can.” He found the controller and switched on the TV. He flipped through the channels until he found cartoons. He thought they both needed a laugh right then. He wanted to see her beautiful smile and hear her musical laugh. He was instantly rewarded with both and their son kicked happily against his hip. “I want them to do an ultrasound.” He said and tipped her head back.

“I’ll ask them to when the nurse comes to check on me.”

“Good.” He kissed her softly, sliding his fingers into her soft hair. He felt tears in his eyes and they slid down his cheeks.

“Don’t cry Lombard, I’m okay now.” Fatima said and wiped his tears away.

“I was so scared. I love you and Corbin so much. It would have broken me if I had lost either of you.”

“I know baby, I was scared too, but I knew you would survive and come for me. I bent my wedding ring all to hell. We’re going to have to get a replacement.”

“It’s just a ring, all that matters is that you are alive and we still have our little miracle.”

Fatima smiled “I would like another one as soon as possible though.” Lombard kissed her head “as soon as your burns are healed.”

“You’re really wonderful, It was sweet of you to carry me even though I was disgusting when you found me”

“You were not disgusting Fatima, I could never think you were disgusting. You are pregnant and it couldn’t be helped. Don’t fret about that anymore baby” They watched cartoons until a nurse came in “How’re you doing sweetheart” The elderly nurse asked “I’m fine but I was hoping they would do an ultrasound”

“They are already planning one but I can go see when it is so you know.”

“That would be wonderful, thank you so much”

“Oh, it’s no problem dear” She walked out and came back a few moments later “It’s in an hour. They couldn’t get it any sooner”

“That’s fine, thanks again”

“You sure you don’t need anything?”

“I’m sure” Fatima normally felt horrible seeing elderly men and women work but this nurse seemed so happy. Her expression and voice seemed as if she adored her job. A little over an hour later a pediatrics nurse came in with a portable ultrasound machine and asked Lombard to get up. He quickly did as he was told and grabbed Fatimas hand. The nurse spread the cool gel over Fatimas stomach and soon they could see their little boy. Lombard felt weight lift off his shoulders already even though the nurse hadn’t said anything yet. Fatima was still anxious. The nurse smiled “he’s doing great. Don’t worry mom and dad”

“Thank you”

“No problem, you just rest easy. Do you have your prenatal vitamins with you?”


“I’ll go get you some since I’m usre you’ll be here for atleast tonight”

“Thank you” Lombard answered and Fatima smiled. When the nurse was gone Lombard got back in the bed “You’re already such a good dad Lombard”

“I love you and this baby so much Fatima, I really do”

“I know”

A nurse came in again when her blood bag was empty and hooked her up to a new one. She then checked her burns and told Fatima she was sure the doctor would let her go home sometime during the night. “I’m going to call Keith.” Lombard said and pulled out his cell. He called their driver and asked him to bring clean clothes for both of them.

“I’ll be there in about thirty minutes.” Keith said.

“Thank you.” Just as he hung up his phone rang. He answered when he saw Rick’s name flash on the screen. “What’s going on?”

“That bastard managed to evade us. He was heading across this lake just as we got there, but we’re still looking. Make sure to keep Fatima close. Wouldn’t want to lose my number one.” Rick meant it as a joke, but Lombard frowned. Fatima took the phone from him.

“Funny Rick, you guys be careful. He’s a coniving psychopath.”

“How are you feeling sugar face?”

“Better, just watch your backs.”

“Yes boss.” They hung up and she handed the phone to her husband who put it back in his pocket.

“He’s going to come after you again.” Lombard said worriedly.

“I know baby and we’ll be waiting for him. He’s not taking me again and I’m going to kick his ass when he tries.”

“I don’t want you anywhere near him.”

“I’ll be fine baby, you’ll be there with me.”

Lombard just held Fatima tightly until Keith came with their clothes. A nurse took Fatimas IV out then they both got dressed while they were getting discharged. Lombard didn’t want to leave when they got their papers and were told could leave but he knew they couldn’t hide in the hospital forever. Since it was dark outside Fatima could just walk out which she loved. Lombard kept a tight hold on Fatimas hand and walked as near to her as possible. Once they were in the car Lombard pulled her against him and held tightly. “we’re going to be ok Lombard” Fatima said softly.

“I won’t let him have you or our son”

“I know you wont. I wont let him have us again either.” Fatima could hear her husbands frantic heart beat and felt sad for him. He wasn’t even the one in danger and he was more terrified than she was. When they made it back to the house Lombard sighed, not wanting to be in the open with his wife and child again. “could I carry you inside? I know you like walking outside at night but I’ll feel better”

“Ok” They both got out then Lombard picked her up and carried her inside. They grabbed two of their guns and loaded them before going up to their room. They slid them both under the bed and made sure they could be easily reached but not seen at any entrance of the room. Once they were sure of that they both took their shoes off and crawled in bed together. Lombards heart was going even faster and Fatima worried for him. “baby, calm down”

“I can’t” Fatima kissed him “you can, we’re ready and we can do this.”

In the quietness of the house Lombard heard the sound of a window sliding open. He checked the clock. It was midnight and everyone should be asleep. Fatima had fallen into a deep sleep and her head rested on his shoulder. “Fatima.” He whispered and she slowly opened her eyes. He pressed a finger against his lips to indicate she should be quiet. They both slid out of bed and grabbed their guns. Fatima ducked down on the other side of the bed, her elbows resting on the mattress as she pointed the gun at the door. Lombard hid next to the door.

They waited in strained silence, time seemed to move sluggishly slow. The door suddenly opened, clicking as the knob turned. It was pushed slowly open and someone stepped in. With her night vision she could see that it was Teagan. She stayed still, knowing if she moved he would see her too. The bedroom lights came on as Lombard flipped the switch, catching Teagan off guard and surprising him. He turned to attack Lombard and Fatima squeezed off a round, catching him in the shoulder. Lombard punched him in the jaw, sending him spinning and falling.

Fatima jumped over the bed and onto his back, wrenching his gun free of his hand and pinning his arms behind his back.

“I bet you thought you were being sneaky.” Fatima said as Lombard checked him for more weapons. “I bet you thought I’d be to weak to do anything and Lombard would be so stressed he’d get careless.”

“Fuck you.”

“Call the cops. This time I’ll make sure you never get out of prison. I have friends in high places here.”

“We should kill him Fatima.” Lombard glared at the man.

“That’s not how we work love. I know it’s tempting, but we can’t.” Lombard growled and left the room to call the cops. He was right outside the door, but he was afraid if he looked at Teagan any longer he would snap his neck.

Lombard impatiently waited on the cops. Once they arrived Teagan was quickly handcuffed and taken away cursing and swearing he would find his way out again. The last thing Teagan swore as he was taken out is that he wouldn’t waste time killing Fatima the next chance he got. “You should have let me kill him”

“We only kill when we have to Lombard. We aren’t much better than him if we kill and it isn’t necessary” Lombard hugged Fatima and buried his face in her hair before he spoke any more and made his wife think of him as a monster. He didn’t care if it put him on Teagans level to kill the man. He was so scared of Teagan keeping his word and coming after Fatima and Corbin. He didn’t know what he would do without them, where he could go in life. It was something too painful to think on so he began to cry again. “sh” Fatima said as she rubbed her husbands back. “Lets get back in bed Lombard” Lombard nodded and they both undressed this time, knowing they wouldn’t have any more visitors during the night. Fatima placed a quick call to Rick so they would quit hunting Teagan.

When she hung up she moved into the security of Lombards arms. He wrapped them as tightly around her as he could while she was pregnant. He kissed her head and she soon was back to resting peacefully. Lombard was left awake, Teagans last words still clung to his thoughts and he couldn’t wrench them free. He would be putting in a lot of calls in the morning to make sure that Teagan was never realeased again. That monster would never touch his wife or child. He would do anything to ensure that. Eventually his eyes grew too heavy to keep open and sleep took him away from his whirlwind of thoughts.

Lombard woke around ten the next morning to see his wife still sleeping soundly. He gently removed his arms and kissed her head before finding his phone and leaving the room. He placed the calls he promised himself the night before. Once he was assured by the promises of others Teagan was locked away for life he returned to his bedroom and retangled himself with Fatima. His heart and mind were at peace now and was soon back asleep since he didn’t get much sleep last night. He knew after everything Fatima had gone through she would probably sleep atleast a few more hours so he would enjoy being one with her in rest until he could enjoy her beautiful smile and chatter when she awoke.

~ The End ~

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