Lombard & Fatima 4

Chapter One

“I wonder where Finnigan went?” Lombard said as he walked around the living room pretending like he couldn’t hear his four year old son’s muffled giggles. “Is he behind here?” He looked behind the couch and the giggling got louder. “Or how about in here?” He pulled open a closet. He moved slowly over to the curtains. “Or maybe he’s here.” He pulled back the curtain and Finnigan let out a shriek. He grabbed his son and lifted him above his head. “Gotcha.”

“Toss me, toss me.” Finnigan said excitedly.

“Alright.” Lombard lowered him then tossed him in the air, catching him with ease and grinning at his son’s joy. He did it again, making him laugh harder.

“Now I remember a certain daddy saying he was getting a certain beautiful little boy for bed.”

“Oh come on Fatima, we’re just having fun.” The both pouted at her and she laughed.

“My goodness, look at you two trying to manipulate me.” She held out her hands and Finnigan reached for her. “Come on sweet little man, it’s bedtime. Mommy and daddy have a benefit to attend tonight. Uncle Donnie’s going to be here in a few minutes.”

“Can he read to me?”

“I’m sure he’s like that, but you have to sleep after story time. Okay?”

“Okay.” She took him upstairs and there was a knock on the front door. Lombard answered and smiled when he saw Donnie. He moved aside for him to come in then closed the door.

“The little man wants a story from you tonight.”

“If that’s what he wants then that’s what he’ll get.” Donnie replied with a smile.

Fatima came downstairs and hugged Donnie, smiling happily at him. “Thank you so much for doing this, we’ll try not to come back to late.”

“Stay out as late as you want.”

“Alright, if you need anything please call.”

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine. So get.”

They left the house, Fatima getting a sudden chill. She had a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach, but she attributed it to being away from Finnigan. She didn’t notice the strange scent that had surrounded their home, the scent of Cade Davidson finally come for his revenge.
Donnie went up to Finnigans room where he received a hug “hey buddy, get back in bed and I’ll read to you” Finnigan quickly obeyed and settled into his bed excitedly. Donnie smiled as he grabbed a book off Finnigans small bookshelf then walked over to sit on the bed and read him to sleep. On the way to the benefit Lombard had one arm over Fatimas shoulders while his other hand held hers. He gave her a kiss on the side of her head “I love you and that precious little boy you gave me.”

“I love you too Lombard. I hate leaving him tonight”


“Just worried even though I know Donnie is very capable”

“Its normal for mothers to feel like that. He’ll be right there waiting on us when we get home Fatima”

“I know”

‘Besides, just as when you were in danger. If sombody dares touch our child they will pay and I’ll get him back” Fatima smiled, feeling a little better. “You have always been my protector.”

“I always will be though somtimes you become mine when we go on jobs” She sighed and tried to remove worry from her mind. Everything was going to be alright and she would ruin the evening by worrying.
Donnie sat reading in the living room while Finnigan slept soundly in his room. Cade made sure his gun’s safety was off as he propped the ladder against the side of the house. He climbed up slowly, wanting to stay as quiet as possible as he moved towards the little boys room. He slid the window open and put one leg through, the floor creaking beneath him. Donnie froze, waiting. He heard more movement upstairs and could tell by the weight of the steps that it wasn’t Finnigan. He dropped his book and hurried upstairs. He threw the door open and the explosive pop of a gun going off woke Finnigan as the bullet hit Donnie in the left side of the chest. Cade fired off another bullet then another and Donnie went down.

Finnigan screamed and tried running to his godfather, but Cade grabbed him, hauling him back. “Shut up you little shit.” He snapped. Finnigan bit his leg, drawing blood, and Cade hit him with the gun, knocking him unconscious. He threw Finnigan over his shoulder and ran out of the room and downstairs instead of going out the window. Donnie coughed up blood and groaned in agony as he lay there on the floor. He was losing a lot of blood. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. His hands shook as he speed dialed Fatima.

Fatima jumped when her phone vibrated and pulled it quickly out of her purse. “Hello?”


Her heart slammed against her chest. “Donnie, what happened?”

“Cade.” Was all he said and she heard his phone hit the floor.

“Donnie? Donnie? Donnie answer me.”

“What happened?” Lombard asked.

“He said it was Cade, we have to get home.”
They left in a hurry, only pausing so they wouldn’t take the car and leave their driver.On the way Fatima tried calling Donnie back a few times but it kept going to voicemail which terrified her even more. The two barely waited for the car to stop before they jumped out and ran into their house, only now noticing the off scent since they were looking for one. “Donnie!” Fatima exclaimed when she saw him laying there. She pulled her phone out to call 911 as Lombard checked their sons room. Lombard let out a loud rageful cry when their son wasn’t there and he noticed the ladder against the wall.

Through tears she told the operator everything that was happening then hungup. Fatima could hear the pulse that was just barely there but she didn’t know if he would live to see the ambulance. It was growing only softer and Fatima didn’t know what to do to help the man that meant so much to their family.

“Fatima, baby, think about this scent, whose is it?” Fatima swallowed then wiped at her face. She took in the scent that didn’t belong in their home and became even angrier “Cade”
“He came in through the window and took Finnigan.”

“Don’t you dare die Donnie, you didn’t survive a bad heart just to die from blood loss.”

Lombard dropped down beside her and helped put pressure on the wounds. At least one had gone out his back. He was barely hanging on when the ambulance arrived and Lombard ran downstairs to let the EMTs and police officers in. Donnie was taken quickly away and Lombard explained to the police that Cade had done this. “We know he lost everything after he went to prison. We didn’t even know he was out.” Fatima said.

“You think someone would have contacted us. That psychopath tried to rape my wife and now he has my son.”

“We’ll find him sir.”

“No, we’ll find him. You go tell the police chief he’s ours and get someone to clean that blood out of my son’s room.”

The officer swallowed fearfully and nodded, not wanting to argue with Lombard. “He better not hurt our boy or I’ll rip him to shreds.”

“We”l get him back Fatima, I promise.” He wiped away the tears on her face and gave her a quick kiss. “Lets get ready for the hunt.”

“I’ll call Rick then and have him find all of Cade’s properties.”
“ok” Fatima dialed Rick, having to call him twice for an answer “sorry, whats up?” She explained while keeping her tears at bay. This wasn’t any time for hysterics. “now I am really sorry for not answering quickly. I’ll call you right back Fatima, I promise”

“Thank you” he hungup and Fatima hugged Lombard ‘Our baby. He’s only four”

“It’ll be ok, he’s a tough boy. If he has nightmares we’ll be right there for him. If any part of this hurts him Cade is going to fucking pay and we’ll be there to help our son through it. We can get through anything as a family Fatima”

‘I know, it just kills me he’s going through somthing like this at such a young age. He isn’t supposed to know things like this yet” Rick called back as quickly as possible and gave them a list of all the property Cade could have gone to. Fatima thanked him and turned down his offer for help but asked to stay near his phone incase she needed him again.
Cade was becoming more and more irritated as Fatima’s son screamed in the room he had been locked in and banged on the door. “I want my mommy, I want my mommy.” Finnigan screamed over and over, his little fists banging against the bedroom door. Cade stomped to the door and jerked it open.

“Shut up you little brat.” He snapped.

“No, no, I want my mommy now.”

He back handed Finnigan across the face so he fell to the floor. “Shut up.”

“I hate you, I hate you, I want my mommy and daddy.”

“Well too bad you stupid little brat.” He slammed the door and went back into the living room of the twoo bedroom cottage he had bought. Finnigan started screaming again and he paced back and forth. He couldn’t wait until he had Fatima and Lombard in his grasp, then he could kill them all.

The first property they visited was a storage shed, but it had nothing but Cade’s old furniture and boxes. They didn’t find anything else and even looked for any trap doors that might lead below it, but there were none. They were both terrified for their son and enraged by the fact that Cade would do something like this. “We’ll find him Fatima.” Lombard said.

“I just want him back. I want him in my arms. I want Donnie to be okay.”

“Both Finnigan and Donnie are tough, they’re fighters.”
They checked the next nearest place only to be disappointed. Fatima was becoming increasingly stressed while Lombard grew increasingly pissed. They were at the fourth location when Rick called. Fatima answered ‘yes?”

“I just wanted you to know that it looks like Donnie will be ok. I just thought it would be nice if you had one last thing stressing you. Thank goodness he’s a vampire”

“Thank you for calling”

“Still checking out locations?’

“Yeah, no luck. i have to go so we can keep looking. You just watch after Donnie” They hungup “Rick says Donnie is doing ok and I shouldn’t worry, atleast about that” Lombard kissed her cheek “good, lets head to the next place” hey rushed back to the car and drove on, hoping that the fifth place would be the end of their search.
Cade gave a sigh of relief when Finnigan finally screamed himself into exhaustion. His head was throbbing from the constant assault on his ears. He went into his room and emptied out the chest at the foot of his bed. He carried it across the hall and put it down so he could open the door. He carried the chest into the room and slowly lifted Finnigan into it then shut the lid and locked it. He pushed the trunk into the closet and shut the door. That would at least muffle his screams when he woke up again. He took a deep breath, needing to prepare for Fatima and her zombie husband. It still angered him he had been rejected because of some half alive freak. He would show her, he would teach her a lesson before killing her. The first thing he would have to do was incapacitate Lombard.

Lombard and Fatima couldn’t believe how far out this last place was from the city. It was isolated and quiet and that had them worried. That meant no one would be able to hear the pleas of a child who just wanted to go home. Every time Fatima thought about that fact, she couldn’t help but imagine the worst. “Please let him be okay, please let him be okay.” She said under her breath and Lombard grabbed her hand in his, giving it a reassuring squeeze. “We can’t lose him Lombard, I would die. He’s our little miracle and we can’t lose him.”

“I know baby.” He kissed her fingers. He had to keep holding it together for Fatima’s sake. He was shaken to the core at having his little boy taken from him. He had never felt so much terror in his life.

Chapter Two

Lombard kept his wifes hand, wishing somebody would have thought to call and say “hey, your wifes attempted rapist is out of jail” They would have made sure there was much more protection for their son instead of just Donnie if they even did decide to leave him alone. He wondered if maybe Fatimas influence from her family name could make it to where it was mandatory that families get a call when someone who had hurt one of their loved ones was on the loose. He didn’t understand why that wasn’t a thing now.

She may be a Ross now but people still respected her as if she were a Hicks. Sure she didn’t live up to the family name but people still listened to her. Plus a lot had gotten over the fact she hunted zombies, married her butler and hardly acted like a lady in any setting she didn’t need to be one for. Fatima was fun, sweet and the most amazing woman in Lombards opinion and many others had gotten over wanting her to be somthing she wasn’t.
Cade heard Finnigan yelling from the closet as he finished covering the house in gasoline. He headed inside, spreading some in each room before going and pulling the trunk out of the closet. He carried it to the basement then headed back up and shut and locked the door. He made sure he had his lighter and his gun and waited. He knew they would have been looking for their son and would be around soon. When they came inside he was going to set the place alight. He knew with Fatima’s temper she would want him for herself and Lombard would be forced to look for their little boy. All he had to do was lead Fatima away.

Lombard was glad when the dirt road to Cade’s cottage finally came into view. Lombard drove as quickly as he dared up the bumpy road, his fingers gripping tightly to the steering wheel the closer they got. He felt that anger bubbling up, that rage that broke through when those he loved were in danger. The small house came into view and Lombard slowed down. The lights were on inside and Cade’s car was parked out front. He came to a stop and grabbed his shotgun before climbing out.

The smell of gasoline hit Fatima’s nose before they even made their way onto the porch. It made her head hurt and her stomach lurch. Normally she didn’t mind the smell, but this was awful. Lombard kicked the door open and they stepped inside. Cade was standing there grinning, a gun pointed at them in one hand and in the other hand a lighter. “Where is Finnigan, where is our son?” Fatima screamed.

“I’m afraid I can’t tell you that, you’ll just have to find him.” He flicked the lighter and tossed it on the couch, the cottage immediately catching fire as he ran out the back door.
Enraged Fatima chased Cade just as he knew she would. Lombard started frantically looking for their son as she knew he would. Fatima didn’t want Cade to get away but wouldn’t have run out of that cottage if she didn’t know Lombard was looking for their baby. He would find their little one and get him somehwere safe. Since the cottage was so small Lombard soon deduced their son wasn’t up there so he ran down into the basement. Finnigan was screaming as loudly as he could so Lombard knew he was in the trunk.

Lombard knew it would scare his son and had the chance of hurting him a little but with how fast this fire was spreading he had no time to look for a key. He broke the box then scooped his terrified little boy into his arms. Lombard ran back up the stairs and through the flames, some catching him. He rolled once they were outside to put them out as he son clung tightly.

Now he checked on their little boy “are you ok?”


“are you sure?”

“Where’s mommy?” Now it registered that his wife was after Cade on her own. “she’s chasing the horrible man who did this. I need to help her but I dont want to leave you by yourself. Let me call Rick.” Lombard put Finnigan on his hip and called Rick who said he was coming right away.
Cade turned when they made it to the lake behind the cottage and Fatima tackled him with a growl. They hit the water and he rolled her beneath him. “You stupid bitch.” He shoved her head under the water and she struggled, clawing at his hand. He let her come back up for air and she gasped. “You ruined everything.” He shoved her head back under. He lifted her head again and hit her in the temple with his gun. Her vision spun and Cade go to his feet, pulling her up by her hair and dragging her out of the water. He dropped her on the bank and kicked her in the stomach. He straddled her hips and wrapped his hands around her throat. She slammed the heel of her hand into his nose and he let go, reflexively grabbing his face and trying to stem the flow of blood. She punched him in the ribs twice, her strength breaking one of his ribs.

She shoved him off and started to crawl away, but he grabbed her ankle and hauled her back. “Let me go.” She screamed. She kicked out at him and caught him in the chest, making him release her.

“You fucking whore.” He found his gun and pointed it at her, cocking it and squeezing off a round that went wide because his vision was blurred. He shot again and this one clipped her shoulder.

The sound of gunfire terrified Lombard as he raced up the path that lead to the lake. He had hated leaving Finnigan, but knew Rick would keep him safe and that Fatima could be seriously injured. He knew she was tough, but he hated seeing her in pain. When he saw Cade pointing his gun at Fatima his vision turned red and he growled like some wild animal. He flipped his shotgun around and hit Cade in the side of the head with it. Instead of shooting him he jumped on him and started punching him. No one touched his Fatima or his son, no one hurt his friends. Cade tried protecting his face by bringing his arms up and Lombard bit him.

“Lombard, that’s enough.” Fatima said as she grabbed him and pulled him off of Cade. “That’s enough baby.”

“He hit you, your head is bleeding.”

“I’m okay, where’s Finnigan?”

“He’s with Rick, he’s safe.”

“Thank goodness.”

Lombard held tightly to her, keeping himself between her and Cade. The sound of sirens reached their ears and Cade lay on the ground groaning in agony. Lombard lifted Fatima off the ground when the police officers and EMTs showed up. Two officers pulled Cade to his feet and Lombard said, “He’s been infected so he’ll probably change soon.” The officers nodded as the hauled Cade off.
The EMTs wanted to tend to Fatimas shoulder but Lombard refused to let them until she got a chance to see their son. She hugged her four year old tightly the second he was within reach. Fatima knew it would shut itself so ignored further urging. Lombard gave their statement to the police before they all drove off. With everyone gone aside from people Finnigan was close to he asked ‘what about Donnie? Is he ok?”

Fatima looked at Rick “yeah, he’s ok buddy. They are still watching him though” He turned his attention the them “need me for anything else?”

“No, thank you so much”

“Can’t believe that crazy bastard burnt that cottage down” Rick said indicating what little was left of the cottage after the firemen took care of it. “I’m actually glad Lombard turned him. he’ll never be allowed free again” Fatima said, hating all this for her son. Now accompanying the relief was worry about this effecting her son badly. Four was no age to be exposed to all of this.
Lombard gave a sigh of relief when they were finally in the car and heading home. He took Fatima’s hand in his as he drove and glanced in the mirror to see Finnigan had fallen immediately asleep. “Poor little man.” He said and Fatima looked in the back seat.

“Do you think he’ll be okay?”

“He’s tough like you, he’ll pull through.”

She pressed a kiss onto the back of his hand. “We should try for more.”

“Knowing that I can actually get you pregnant will make it a lot less stressful than before.”

“So is that a yes?”

“That’s a definite yes.”

That lifted both of their spirits and Fatima wore a smile the whole way home. When they pulled into the driveway, Lombard grabbed Finnigan while Fatima went and unlocked the front door. They headed slowly, and silently upstairs and Lombard put Finnigan in bed. Fatima got a rag and gently wiped away the dirt and soot on his face. She then kissed his forehead and followed Lombard out of his room. She left his door open and the hall light on. “He’ll be okay Fatima, our room is right down the hall.” Lombard reassured her.
“I know, I just cant help but worry a little” He smiled at his wife and took her hand, pulling Fatima to their bedroom. “want to shower or collapse in bed?”

“we should shower” They walked into the bathroom and adjusted the water before getting in and washing eachother. Lombard kissed where her bullet wound had previously been “I am so glad we aren’t mortal. I couldn’t imagine having to look at that wound”

“You’re so sweet” he kissed her shoulder again “because i adore you and that amazing little boy we have”

“when do you want to try for another?”

“Lets give him a week to be sure he wont have nightmares or anything. i don’t want us to be tired from sex if he needs us or be in the process if he runs in here out of fear” Fatima smiled “I’m really excited” Lombard shut the water off so they could get out and dry themselves. They pulled on pajamas then spooned in their bed. Fatima was glad Finnigan had been sleeping for so long with no trouble. He truly was a tough little boy and it did seem he was going to be just fine. Fatima faded to sleep in her husbands loving embrace, only waking the next morning when her son wanted breakfast.
Lombard carried him downstairs on his shoulders while Fatima followed. She went into the kitchen and their new chef smiled at her. “Already have breakfast ready Fatima.”

“Thank you, Finnigan’s starving.”

“I’ll have one of the girls bring it out.”

Fatima smiled and headed to the dining room where she heard Finnigan laughing as Lombard tickled him. “Food will be here soon boys.”

Finnigan jumped up and hugged his mother. “I love you mom.”

“I love you too baby.” She took her place next to Lombard and Finnigan sat on her other side. “Did you have a good night sweetie?”


“Any bad dreams?”

“No, had one about a banana though.”

“A banana?” Lombard asked.

“It said don’t make a shake out of me.”

“And what did you say?”

“But I like bananas.”
Both Fatima and Lombard chuckled. It made them feel secure in the fact he was really going to be ok. Fatima even considered over breakfast starting on that second child tonight if Lombard was up to it. When their plates were being cleared Finnigan asked “can we check on Donnie? Please”

“Of course, I was thinking the same thing” Lombard answered then continued “you need a shower before we head over though. Run up, get clean and we’ll leave” Finnigan ran upstairs followed by his mother so she could get the water running for him. Lombard helped finish clearing the table then walked into the living room to wait on his wife to return. Sh came down and hugged him. He smiled and kissed her hair. Fatima spoke softly “He seem slike he’s fully ok. Want to start on that baby tonight?”

“I would love that Fatima.” They waited for their son downstairs since he was capable of dressing himself. They didn’t even have to worry about Finnigan mismatching his clothing. He came down excitedly, sporting a batman shirt and some black jeans. “lets go” Fatima heard the water still running and got up “You left the water on”


“its ok, remember next time” She shut it off for her son then they all went out to the car.
If Finnigan had not been in a car seat when they made it to the hospital, he would have bolted from the car. He was excited and impatient to see Donnie. Fatima let him out and he grabbed her hand as they walked across the parking lot. They asked the receptionist where Donnie’s was and she looked it up for them and then gave them directions to his room. They rode the elevator up to the second floor since he had been removed from the ICU to a regular room and quickly found him.

“Hey guys.” Donnie said with a big smile.

“Uncle Donnie.” Finnigan exclaimed and released his mother’s hand to run to the bed. “Can I come up?”

“Sure you can.”

Lombard lifted him onto the bed and he curled up next to Donnie. “Are you okay?” Finnigan asked.

“Of course I am buddy, I’m tough.”

Fatima walked around to his other side and grabbed his hand. “You scared the hell out of me Donnie, I thought I was going to lose you.”

“I’m too stubborn to die, besides who would run your business if I was gone.”

“He has a point love.” Lombard said as he took her other hand. “Thank you for protecting our boy. If you had not been there we might have never known who took Finnigan. You’re our hero.”

“I’m just glad the little man is okay.” Donnie gave Finnigan a squeeze.

“So when are they letting you go?” Lombard asked.

“They said tonight if everything checks out. I nearly walked out of here after I woke up, but they threatened to chain me to the bed.”
They laughed and stayed with him up until they allowed him to leave. They dropped Donnie off at home then went home themselves. Finnigan seemed even better now that Donnie was better and home safe. Fatima and Lombard were proud of how Finnigan was handling everything. They wouldn’t have blamed him for being scared or having trouble but it was impressive he could have such a situation at his age. Though, as a half vampire, half zombie he was nowhere near a normal boy. Fatima took Lombards hand happily, hoping all the children they had in their future were as strong as Finnigan.

~ The End ~

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