Losna & Erebus

Chapter One

Snow fell around her car so thick it was nearly impossible to see through. It blanketed the old dirt road and the thick woods on either side of her. The moon reflected off of it, making her nearly snow blind so it was slow going. After Losna’s grandmother’s passing, her old home had been willed to her and she was just now getting around to looking at the place. Her grandmother had been a sweet, loving woman who always had a warm smile on her wrinkled face. Losna missed her with all her heart. She was so engrossed in her thoughts that a large animal darting out in front of her startled her and caused her to slam on her breaks and veer off the road and into the ditch. Her heart was racing and she quickly got out of her car to make sure she had not hit whatever it was. She saw no damage to the front of her car, no fur or feathers clinging to the bumper and thank god she had not killed an innocent animal.

She took a deep breath, trying to calm her heart and the shaking. She knew she was stuck and that by herself there was no way she was getting her car out of that ditch so she pulled her keys out of the ignition then locked and closed her door. She sighed, not liking the idea of walking through the cold and snow, but she had no service out here so she had no choice. She pulled the hood up on her jacket and started walking. She had forgotten how long the walk was was to her grandmother’s house and before she knew it her extremities started to go painfully numb. She tried rubbing her hands together to warm them, cursing herself for not bringing gloves. She tripped and fell face first into the snow. “Damn snow.” She said as she pushed herself onto her knees.

“It’s not the snow’s fault.” She jerked her head up, surprised to see a man standing there. His eyes glittered like bright blue sapphires and blonde hair fell a little past his ears. For a moment she was sure she was hallucinating and just sat there staring at him. “Are you alright Miss?”

“Sorry, you’re real right?”

He arched an eyebrow. “Of course I am. What are you doing out here in the snow?”

She glared at him. “I’m going to my grandma’s house, it’s at the end of this road.”

“You must be Losna, now I see it, you have her eyes.” He walked over to her, lifting her out of the snow before she had a chance to protest. “My name is Erebus, I was a boarder at MayBelle’s house, a sort of handyman. I’ll take you there, you still have quite a ways to go.”
“Erebus, I think she mentioned you a few times” He smiled “She mentioned you countless times.”

“If you lived with her how have I never met you?’

“I would leave when she had company. I was welcome to stay of course but I wanted to give her alone time with her family and friends”

“That was thoughtful”

“Just courtesy” Losna was too cold to talk any longer until they were finally in MayBelles home. Erebus didn’t need any heat but the cat did so the house was comfortably warm. Erbus, who had grabbed Losnas bag before they started the walk guided her to a bedroom “will this one do?”

“Yes, thank you for carrying my bag and helping me get here”

“MayBelle was a kind woman and I heard nothing but wonderful things about you. Any family of hers is mine. Now that you own the house I hope I’m still welcome to stay”

“Of course, please do. I wouldn’t think of kicking you out. That would be like an insult to my grandmother for me to just come here and kick you out when she had given you a home”

“I’m sure you know this house well but if you need refreshing on anything just let me know and I’ll help you”

“Thanks, for now I just need a hot shower and then some soup. Do you like soup?”

“Oh yes, I’ll start it while you shower”

“Thanks, thats really sweet”

“You look happy but I can sense the sadness hiding underneath. You are still struggling with MayBelles death as I am. She was like a mother to me”

“I dont think anybody ever met her that didn’t like her” Losna said with a small smile.
Losna watched as Ebrus exited the room and she gently shut the door. She started digging through her bag for her robe and shower stuff when she heard a knock at the door and ebrus’s deep voice sounded on the other side. “Is chicken noodle ok? I haver had time to go do the shopping. “It sounds delicious” losna opened the door in her fluffy robe holding a towel and bottle of shampoo. She smiled warmly at him as she brushed past him across to the bathroom.
Erebus went quickly down to the kitchen while Losna locked the bathroom door and let her robe slide gently down her body. It fell in a lump on the small white rug in front of the sink. Not having been to this house in many years it took her a second to remaster how to get the water to the right temperature. Once it was nice and warm she stepped inside. The heat cascading down Losna sent a pleasant feeling through her body. She took a long shower just to enjoy such comfort after freezing so badly outside.

After she had finally convinced herself to do some real washing she finished up, dried, wrapped her soft robe around her curvy body then went back to her bedroom. Losna pulled on a sweater and then a nice pair of jeans before fixing her hair. She hadn’t remembered to bring all her hair products but the joy of having short hair was it didn’t really make that big of a difference.

When Losna came down Erebus turned the stove back on and heated up her soup “I wanted to make you homemade but I didnt have enough ingredients for it”

“That’s alright, I intended to go shopping anyway. I don’t know what we’re going to do about my car”

“I’ll take care of that for you. The cold doesn’t bother me”

“I saw that”
“I’ll take MayBelle’s truck and pull it out of that ditch. I’m really glad you didn’t get hurt.” He knew she didn’t understand the weight of his words. It was his fault she had wrecked. He had been out running in the snow and hadn’t expected there to be a car at that time. By the time he had returned home to get dressed and went back out to the scene of the accident she had been gone.

“My knight in shining armor, I’m so glad you came for me.”

“You’re MayBelle’s granddaughter, it would not have been good of me to leave you in the snow.”

“So, you were with my grandmother a lot, what did you think of her?”

“She was sweet, funny, incredibly outspoken, and she loved nature. She would go out hiking and I would join her because I was so afraid she might fall or something and have no one there to carry her back. I’ve never met an elderly woman with so much life in her step.”

Losna laughed. “I’ve been told I’m a lot like her. When I was a kid she would take me out and tell me the names of all the plants and animals. She had this amazing ability to call animals to her. I go to hold a bear cub once while my grandma conversed with the mother.” Her eyes started to fill with tears so Erebus moved around to her side of the table and hugged her.

“She was a very special lady.” She hugged him back and he rubbed her back. “I think she’d be very happy that you came here.”

She let him go and wiped her face. “Sorry I’m crying on you.”

“It’s okay, really. Look, I’m going to go out and get your car, just eat and relax. Go ahead and go to sleep if you get tired.”
“Ok, thank you so much” He gave her a guilty smile “you’re welcome” he was already feeling guilty though she wasn’t hurt and he knew he’d have to tell her. He just hoped she wouldn’t think he was crazy or get freaked out if he showed her his animal form. Even if he didn’t feel guilty he would have to show her at sompoint if they were going to live together. She was a young human and had many years to find out his secret. He knew it would be less mind blowing and weird if he told her himself.

Losna ate her soup slowly, hoping it didn’t take Erebus long to get back. It was incredibly to her that he didn’t even take a jacket with him when he headed out. She knew she could never be anywhere near that comfortable with cold. Losna was glad there was someone living here that cared about her grandmother and seemed willing to be there to offer comfort. She wished she had met him before this so she wouldn’t be such a wreck.
Erebus sighed when he finally came to a stop next Losna’s car. He turned the truck around then got out and grabbed the rope out of the bed of the truck. He hooked it to the underside of her car and then back to the trailer hitch of MayBelle’s truck. He got back in the truck and slowly pulled the car out of the ditch. It would be slow going, but he could get the car back to the house if he was careful. He thought about ways to make it up to her as he pulled her car through the snow. He knew revealing his true nature was only going to make it worse so it had to be something good.

Losna’s eyelids drooped and she blinked her eyes. She had wanted to wait up for Erebus to make sure he made it back safe, but she was so tired. She got to her feet and put her bowl in the kitchen sink then headed upstairs. She went to her grandmother’s room since she was sure Erebus had been given the guest room and flopped down on the bed. Everything around her brought back so many amazing memories of her grandmother that she started crying before she could stop herself. She missed her grandmother more than anything and there were times she still couldn’t believe she was gone. She would give anything just for one more ginger bread man or one more bedtime story. She cried herself to sleep, her arms wrapped around one of MayBelle’s pillows.
When he arrived back he checked out the car to make sure nothing was damaged. Erebus would hate for her to get in a bad accident. She had escaped once without injury, Erebus didn’t plan to tempt fate with a second accident. When he was sure no damage was done he went inside “Losna?” He called. He guessed she had went ahead to bed as he told her to. His bedroom was passed MayBelles so he noticed the door open and Losna sleeping on the bed. He walked in curiously and could tell from her face she had cried herself to sleep. He deeply frowned before pulling the sides of the blanket up and laying them over Losna so that she was covered.

Erebus felt so guilty that he decided to go ahead and do some shopping tonight so he could make her a good breakfast in the morning. He truly didn’t have anything there since he always shifted into a snow leopard when he was hungry. Just incase Losna woke Erebus wrote a note explaining he would be right back and to not go outside by herself. He didn’t want an actual wild animal harming her. He pondered where to leave it before settling on pinning it to the fridge with a magnet.

Erebus found his key and made sure the house was locked before driving off into town to buy breakfast food. Erebus knew precisely what he wanted to make Losna so he had no problem doing this all quickly. He was happy to find Losna still sleeping after he put the groceries away. That happiness soon faded as he really saw that sad look again. He wanted to hold her and make that frown go away but she didn’t need some man she had just met crawling in bed with her.

Chapter Two

He crossed over to her quietly and gently lifted her so he could pull the covers from beneath her. He pulled them up to her chin then leaned down and kissed her temple. “Sweet dreams Losna.” He whispered then left the room as quietly as he had entered. He went to his room, pulled off his clothes and crawled under the blankets. Luna came into his room and jumped up on the bed and curled up behind his legs. “Good night Luna, lets try and make Losna happy tomorrow. Being here has to be hard on her.”

The next morning Erebus woke as the sun was rising above the horizon, his internal clock waking him. He stretched then got out of bed and headed downstairs to the kitchen. He remembered MayBelle saying Losna’s favorite breakfast was orange pecan french toast. He remembered days he would come back after Losna’s visits and the house smelled so good. He pulled out all of the ingredients and started making breakfast, wanting to see Losna smiling and happy. A sweet familiar scent woke Losna from her sleep and she slowly sat up, wondering if she was dreaming. She rubbed her eyes and looked around, now remembering she was in her grandmother’s home. She inhaled that smell again, recognizing it for her grandmother’s french toast and knowing Erebus had to be downstairs making it for her. She got up and moved slowly down the hall, just savoring the smell of her favorite breakfast food.

“That smell so…” she froze in the kitchen door way then covered her eyes, not believing Erebus was standing there cooking in the nude.

“Good morning Losna.” He said, his voice sounding happy.

“Um Erebus, why are you naked?” Her face was hot from her blush.

Erebus looked down and then back up at her. “Oh, I’m so sorry, let me just make your plate real quick.” He put her toast on a plate, poured her a glass of milk and sat them on the table. He gently grabbed her shoulders and helped her sit. “Please forgive me, I’ll be right back.”
When she heard Erebus leave the room she uncovered her eyes. Her face still felt hot from blushing as she took her first bite. It was when she had the taste in her mouth that her blush subsided. It tasted so amazing and brought back so many memories. “I’m really sorry” Erebus said again when he entered the room with clothes on “it’s alright, you’ve been alone here for awhile. This is delicious” He smiled at her praise. “Thank you, I wanted to make breakfast special so when you fell asleep last night I went shopping for what i need to make this. We’ll do the rest of the shopping together”

“That was incredibly thoughtful Erebus”

“Tomorrow I’ll try to remember clothes before coming out.”

“It wasn’t that big of a deal. I don’t think you were trying to flash me.” Erebus made himself a plate then enjoyed breakfast with Losna. When they were done they put on shoes then headed to the store. “what do you like eating?” Losna asked to make conversation on the way. “Oh, just about anything with meat in it. I’ll eat other things too but you just can’t go wrong with good meat.” Losna giggled “you sound like an animal”


“The way you talk about meat like an addict talks about crack”

“Aren’t we all animals?”

“Yeah” Losna said with a smile. Erebus went silent. Driving to the store was no time to tell her what he was and now he felt awkward. Losna just looked out the window. She was too sad to try and think up any more conversation to pass the drive. Things stayed silent between them as they pulled up to the store and walked inside. It wasn’t until Erebus grabbed a buggy there were words again “I’m just going to follow you” He said with a smile.
She smiled back and started through the store, grabbing groceries and tossing them in the cart. “How long are you staying?” Erebus asked.

Losna shrugged. “Don’t know, I was going to school to be a midwife and working as a bartender to help pay for things. I guess I’ll go back when I’m ready. My boss is nice enough and I’m good at making up my school work.”

“MayBelle said she was leaving you almost everything, you could always transfer schools. The clinic here only has one midwife, I’m sure she’d love the help.”

“Why so keen to get me to move?”

“Well, I think it would be nice having you around and the house is way too quiet now that MayBelle is gone, it’s just me and Luna.”

Losna smiled. “I’ll think about it as long as you promise to at least wear underwear while cooking breakfast.”

He chuckled. “I promise, I’m just not very worried about nudity. MayBelle had to remind me a couple of times.”

“I’m surprised she didn’t throw something at you.”

“She threatened too.”

Losna laughed and they continued shopping until they had everything they needed then went to check out. They paid and carried the groceries out to the car, her feeling more light and him no longer worried about accidentally flashing her. They went back to MayBelle’s house and he insisted she wait out of the cold while he brought the groceries in. She sat on the couch and he came in with the first load, smiling warmly at her as he took the groceries into the kitchen. He went back out and she got up, putting the groceries away.

“That’s everything.” He said as he sat the last of the bags on the floor.
“Thanks for letting me wait in here”

“Well you get a head start on putting away and I don’t mind cold so it’s perfect.”Erebus helped Losna put everything in their places then they gathered the grocery bags for recycling. MayBelle was a dedicated recycler and Losna wouldnt disrespect Maybelles house by not carrying on with it. “You are going to recycle like MayBelle?”

“Yep, this is her home even though it’s been given to me. I’d just feel bad not doing it in her home.” After a very small pause Losna asked ‘what do you do around here?”

“I like to stay outside mostly”

“well, don’t let me stop you. Go enjoy yourself”

“But I’d like to get to know you”

“Then want some hot chocolate? We can sit on the couch with some nice hot drinks and talk”

“I’ll just have warm milk”

“Ok” Erebus followed Losna in the kitchen to keep talking to her while she heated their drinks. “Do you have any friends?” Losna asked. “No, MayBelle was my only one. Do you have friends?’

“I wouldn’t say I have a lot but the few I do have are really good friends”

“I bet they’d like to visit you here” Erebus said causing Losna to laugh “I’m considering it Erebus.” He smiled and sat on the counter. When the drinks were ready they went into the living room and sat on the couch. “do you still listen to music a lot?’ Erebus asked. “Yes”

“MayBelle said as a teenager you always had music going”

“Music helps me think. It helps me with everything”

“I like the music nature has to offer most but as far as man made music goes I list instrumental. I don’t enjoy people singing”

“Might not want to live with me then” He smiled ‘well there’s a first for everything. I might enjoy your singing.”

“If you dont enjoy professionals what makes you think you’ll enjoy me?” he shrugged “I liked MayBelles humming and you are related to her. “I guess that could be a logical way of thinking of it”

“Why don’t you sing now for me so we know”

“I don’t know what I would sing”

“anything you think suits your voice”

“Let me look through my Ipod to decide” Losna set her drink down and ran to her room. She retrieved her Ipod then walked back down to search through it and decide on a song to sing.
“Did you find anything?”

“Yeah, it’s called Salvation by Gabrielle Aplin.”

“Sing it for me, please.”

She took a deep breath. “You are the avalanche, one world away. My make believing, while I’m wide awake. Just a trick of light, to bring me back around again. Those wild eyes, a psychedelic silhouette. I never meant to fall for you, but I was buried underneath and all that I could see was white. My salvation, my my, my salvation, my my.”

He let out a happy sigh at her beautiful voice and rested his chin in his hands, a smile crossing his face. “You are the snowstorm, I’m purified. The darkest fairytale, in the dead of night. Let the band play out, as I’m making my way home again. Glorious we transcend, into a psychedelic silhouette. I never meant to fall for you, but I was buried underneath and all that I could see was white. My salvation, my my, my salvation, my my.”

Losna stopped singing and blushed when she saw the adoring way he was looking at her. She cleared her throat and looked at her hands. “That was a beautiful song.” Erebus said softly.


“I love your voice, you’ll have to sing for me all the time if you decide to stay.”
“I enjoy singing so I will as long as you don’t look at me like that”

‘I can’t help it. That was so relaxing and beautiful. I can listen to words in songs as long as you’re singing”

“you’re overdoing it” he laughed “Its the truth. i just want to make sure you know” They just got to know eachother until Losna stood “lets make somthing to eat” She walked to the kitchen and started pulling out what she needed for Thit Bo Xao Dau. “could I help? I helped MayBelle all the time”

“Of course, cut up the sirloin we bought into small pieces until you have a pound of it. I’m sure you know where the kitchens meat weigher is and how to store whats left of the meat and everything when you’re done”

“Yeah, nothing needs explaining. I’ve become good at cooking with MayBelle as a teacher” Erebus handled that while Losna did the rest. He slid the meat in with everything else when Losna asked “you really can’t help with much more. Thank you”

“What’s this?’

“Thit Bo Xao Dau”

“what?’ He asked and Losna laughed “I made a Vietnamese friend recently and she’s been teaching me her favorite dishes. A single girl has to know how to cook so she doesnt end up on take out all the time. Hope you’ll like it”
“I’m sure I’ll like whatever you make. I ate a lot of new things living with MayBelle and she told me to never be picky and always be thankful so I eat whatever is on my plate, even vegetables.”

She smiled. “You don’t like vegetables?”

“I didn’t until I met your grandmother, she had a way of making them that made them taste delicious. I’m sure your cooking will be the same.”

“You’re too sweet.”

“I’m just honest.”

He sat down at the kitchen table and watched her cook. She blushed, wanting to tell him to stop, but not wanting to hurt his feelings since he had been so nice. “So do you have any siblings?” She asked.

“I have a half brother that my dad had with his first ma…wife. She died giving birth to Crane. He’s six years older than me.”

“Sounds like you admire him.”

“I do, he’s always been there for me. I haven’t seen him in awhile though, he lives out of the country.”

“Where does he live?”

“Nepal, he really likes it there. Have you ever been out of the country?”

“No, but I’d like to go somewhere some time.”

“I’ll take you someday, anywhere you want to go.”

“You barely even know me, going out of the country together is a little crazy.”

“It’s not so bad doing crazy things and besides I know enough thanks to MayBelle. She showed me all your pictures.”

Chapter Three

“I keep forgetting she told you so much about me and showed you pictures.”

“so will you? It’ll be fun”

“I haven’t decided if I’m going to live here and change school yet”

“as much as I’d like you to do that we can still travel somwhere together if you don’t live here. Nothing says we couldn’t still be friends”

“That does sound fun and I have been wanting to travel” Losna finished cooking under Erebus’s constant stare. As she served them plates he poured them glasses of water and grabbed silverware. Now it was Losna who was watching Erebus when he took his first bite. He charmingly smiled “just as i thought. Very good”
“I’m glad you think so.” He watched her as they ate, smiling every time she glanced at him. “Is there something on my face?” She finally asked.

“No, there’s just something special about you.”

“Oh.” She felt her cheeks getting hot and she ate faster. She choked on a piece of food and starting coughing. He was on his feet in an instant and getting her a glass of water.

“Here, drink.” She drank the water and he rubbed her back. A little dribbled down her chin as she put her glass down and he used his shirt to wipe it away. He stared down into her eyes and moved his thumb over her chin. “There really is something about you.” He moved back to his seat before he kissed her, not wanting to scare her away. His leopard purred at her presence and urged him to get closer to her.

“So what does your brother do?” She wanted to get back on a safer topic.

“He’s a biologist and he’s in Nepal because he’s studying leopards.”

“I love cats, so did my grandma, but I guess you knew that already.”

He just nodded. MayBelle had known what he was and he had spent many a night curled up at her feet while she knitted or read him a story. He had enjoyed the short time he had got with MayBelle and would cherish the memories he had made always. “So what made you want to be a midwife?”

“I’ve always loved babies and the thought of being pregnant. It’s such a beautiful thing, well to me anyway. I’m sure I’ll change my mind once I get pregnant.”

He actually had to keep himself from growling. “Do you have a boyfriend?”

“No, but I’d like to get married some day and have kids.”
He untensed “I do too, Hopefully things with my first wife will last”

“Half of all marriages last forever” she said optimistically. His inner cat wanted to purr again and draw closer “want to sit on the couch?” he asked softly. “Um, sure. Lets clear the table first though” Losna answered nervously under his adoring stare. They scrapped the dishes then set them in the sink before heading back over to the couch. This time Erebus sat much closer to Losna. She was blushing and he found it to be incredibly adorable. “I don’t mean to make you so nervous”

“I’m not nervous” His smile widened “liar” He was tempted to kiss her but he still hadn’t told her the truth about him. He didn’t know how she’d even feel about a kiss let alone finding out after a kiss that he was an animal and the very one that caused her to swerve off the road when she first arrived. He just still didn’t know the best way to go about it but he did know he probably wasn’t going to be able to find a perfect way.

“Yeah.” He leaned in and kissed her, making her heart leap in her chest. Her eyes fluttered closed and she kissed him back, her arms going around his neck. His tongue slipped into her mouth and she jerked back in surprise when it felt rough. “What was that? Your tongue it felt strange.”

He swallowed and gently removed her arms from around his neck. “It’s always like that, it a uh cat tongue.”

“What do you mean, cat tongue?”

He sighed. “I’m not your normal every day human, I’m not human at all. Look, when your grandmother found me I was out in the snow, naked, with a broken leg. I had fallen down a cliff after slipping on some hidden ice. She said she could tell I wasn’t normal, but knew I wasn’t dangerous. She brought me here, fed me, nursed me back to health and gave me a home. I was living out in the woods.”

“I still don’t understand.”

“I’m a snow leopard.”

“What?” She gave a small laugh. “Please tell me you’re joking.” He shook his head and she moved away from him.

“Please don’t run Losna, it would break my heart if you ran.” She stopped moving. “Close your eyes, just trust me.”

She was even more nervous, but she did as he asked. Erebus stood up and pulled his clothes off then allowed himself to shift shape. He rubbed his face against her hands and she opened her eyes. She tried to get off the couch, but he moved so his paws were on either side of her head and she was pinned against the couch with his face right in front of hers. “Erebus?” He licked her face then shifted back to his human form. “Oh my god, you’re a…you’re a leopard.”

“Yes as are my brother and my father and my mother, we’re all leopards. Your grandmother knew and now you know. Please don’t run away.” He pressed his forehead against hers and she jumped. “No, no please don’t be afraid. I’m sorry.”

She reached up, her hands shaking, and grabbed his face in her hands. “This is just so strange, like a dream. I feel faint, I need some water.”
“Ok, I’ll get you some. He jumped up and hastily went into the kitchen. Losna saw his clothes on the flood and blushed. When he came back he handed her the water and began to pull his clothes on to hopefully make her more comfortable. She was a little shakey as she drank her water but managed not to spill it everywhere. “How? Can all animals be humans?’ Losna asked after setting her glass down. “no but a lot can.”

“why were you kissing me..can you be with me?” His frown deepened “of course i can Losna. I can be in this form or the other as much as I want or you want. There’s somthing that draws me to you Losna. Please don’t be afraid. You’re scaring me. I don’t want you to get in your car and drive away. I need you as my mate. Please” Even his eyes were pleading. “Mate?”

“Animals call their lovers mates. I want you to be my girlfriend. Maybe i shouldn’t have kissed you before telling you but I didn’t know how Losna”

“I’ve felt drawn to you too. You just need to let me breath a second. I’m not going anywhere Erebus” He took her hand, relieved when she didn’t jump at his touch again. After she had a moment Losna looked back at Erebus who had been staring at her. “I’ll stay and I’ll be your mate but I think with the shock of things we should take things slow”

“Slows fine, slows perfect with me Losna. Could I kiss you again?”

“I’d like that”

“Is my tongue ok?”

He held her face gently in his hands as he brought their lips together. He tugged at her bottom lip with his teeth and she opened her mouth to let his tongue slip inside. She had to admit she liked the roughness of his tongue, it gave her goosebumps and felt oddly good. She blushed when she thought about how it might feel on the rest of her, her heart beating faster as the prospect. “I love the taste of your lips.” He said softly as he pulled back, leaving her utterly breathless.

“You’re a really good kisser.”

He smiled and gave her another quick kiss. “I plan on spending every day kissing you.” He brushed his fingers through her hair, his eyes taking on that admiring look that made her heart leap with excitement.

“So what does it mean to be mates?”

“Lots of flirting, cuddling, playing, sex, maybe having a couple of little cubs. So basically like your normal human relationship, but my nose lets me know what you’re feeling and we live a really long time.”

“I thought cats never settle down?”

“My dad did it twice. I guess it just depends on your love for a person. Some leopards never settle down, they mate and move on, but there are some who want more in life.”

“Were you ever the mate and move on type?”

“No and some leopards think I’m weird for it, but I wanted happiness like my dad has. He loved Crane’s mother and he loves mine. I want someone to love and who love me in return.”
“I can see myself falling madly in love with you Erebus” He smiled and gave her another soft kiss before saying “me too Losna. You should call about changing schools or do whatever it is you need to do to stay here.”

“Ok” Losna picked up her phone and started the process of switching school, leaving her job and giving her apartment notice. She’d still have to pay three months rent but it said in her lease when she signed it they required three months notice to move out. For school she had to make a number of calls and then had to connect her laptop to her cellular internet so she could send some emails. At this point Erebus was back in leopard form rubbing against Losna. His fur was so soft and he was doing it so sweetly that it kept a smile on her face.

When she was finally done with everything she had to do she stroked her hand over Erebus who purred. “all done, Im glad my boss was as understanding as I thought she’d be” Erebus shifted right there, pushing Losna down on the bed so she blushed. “That too far too long”

“Erebus, your clothes” she said nervously. He smiled then licked up her neck slowly. She let out a gentle moan that made her blush profusely. “I was exciting you with my kisses before. Can’t I have you beautiful?” he whispered into her ear. “No cubs yet” he laughed and got off of her. “I don’t have any condoms. You still on the pill?” she blushed “jesus, she told you that?’


“No, I reacted badly to them all”

“Then let me dress and we’ll make love another time”

“You sure?”

“You don’t want cubs with me yet so I’m sure”

“well, you could pull out” she said looking away from him.

He grabbed her chin and tipped her head back. “Are you sure?” She nodded and he pushed her back down onto the couch. His hands pulled at her clothes, his lips moving hungrily against hers. She blushed from head to toe as his lips and tongue moved down her neck to her breasts. She moaned, her fingers tangling in his hair, the roughness of his tongue against her skin giving her goosebumps. He pushed her legs open, his fingers moving against and then in her, finding her most sensitive spot.

“Hurry.” She said between moans and wrapped her legs around him. He gripped her hips and slammed into her, making her let out a surprised cry.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, don’t stop, it’s just been awhile.”

He kissed her as he withdrew and thrust again, his movements slow and hard as he pushed as deep as he could. Her back arched off the couch, her insides quivering and clenching around him. He picked up the pace, pushing her over the edge again before grabbing his shirt and pulling out, his lips moving against hers as he found his release. “No regrets okay? I know we just met, but please don’t regret this.”

“I wanted you just as much as you wanted me, there’s nothing too regret.”

“Take a shower with me?”

“Sure.” He moved off of her, gathering their clothes and throwing them in the washing machine before following her up to the bathroom. She had the water started and soon they were standing under the warm spray of the shower wrapped in each others arms. “That was really amazing.” She said softly.

“I’ll definitely be doing it again.” He grinned and kissed her.

She blushed and he chuckled. “Oh stop.”

“I’m sorry, I just enjoy your reactions.” He suddenly frowned. “You said it had been awhile, you’ve had a lover before me.”

It was her turn to laugh. “Are you jealous of someone you’ve never even met?”


“Erebus, it was six years ago, I was about to graduate high school. We broke up when I got into college because we weren’t into the long distance relationship thing and he told me he didn’t know if he could stay faithful. We’re still friends, just friends. Don’t be jealous. Besides, I’m sure you’ve had lovers.”

“Yeah, just three so I guess I shouldn’t be such a territorial male, sorry.”
“it’s sweet, just don’t be mean to my male friends. Do you still have contact with your exs?”

“No, not that any of the breakups were really bad. Just didn’t talk to them once we broke up. I wanted to have somthing meaningful and you’re the first woman who I’ve been with that wanted that too.”

“I’m your first human woman?”

“Yes and you’ll be my only. You wont be getting rid of me now that you’ve said yes to being my mate” Losna laughed “Uh huh”

“I’m serious. You are special to me, very much so. believe it or not I’ve never made love to a woman that son after meeting her and it’s never felt so wonderful. I felt truly happy”

“My grandmother should have introduced us”

“she probably would have slapped me with a shoe if I flirted with you” Losna laughed again. It was a sound Erebus hoped he would hear a lot. “she probably would have. I’m glad this is so serious to you” she said as she hugged Erebus again. He sighed happily “I’m just glad you didn’t run away. You really scared me”

“That was mind blowing”

“I understand, it was why i was so afraid”

“Well thats over now and we’re eachothers.”

“Always” Erebus said buoyantly.

~ The End ~

~Stacy Meyer contributed to this story.

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